A Simple Plan, by JB Campbell

Here is a three-part plan to dismantle the police state and prevent martial law:
First part: Neighborhood Watch;
Second part: civilian police review boards;
Third part: bring the military into the resistance.

We know that the brutal American police state is operating on orders from above and that those order-givers must be eliminated. But the order-givers depend on traitors in the police and military to do their dirty work, and the former, the police, are the ones with whom we are confronted daily. The police have been deliberately militarized to transition us into actual martial law so that when it’s declared we won’t be able to see the difference – at first.

This website has recommended that we all form Neighborhood Watch patrols, not so much to deter street crime – which they do – but to demonstrate that we can and will take care of ourselves and assume total responsibility for everything. The real purpose is local intelligence, to be able to prowl around at all hours and discover any preparation or staging for a police or federal attack on us or our neighbors. This requires, as we have done here in our valley, an oath to each other to come to the immediate armed aid of each and every NW member in the event of a home invasion or highway abduction of any of us. This also requires that each family in Neighborhood Watch have radios on a common frequency so as not to depend on telephones, which can be switched off by the enforcers. It’s Neighborhood Watch with a difference – an early warning of police and federal treachery.

NW must also be concerned with more pro-active forms of resistance to acts of martial law such as roadblocks, gun-grab home invasions and round-ups of civilians. As iterated in other essays on this website, all of these and any other aggression by the military or militarized police must be crushed with overwhelming defense measures.

The second part of the plan is civilian police review boards to take control of rogue police departments that indulge in brutality and other forms of corruption. These boards were resisted by conservatives back in the ‘60s due to the fear that liberals would weaken the police and prevent them from enforcing the law. Just the opposite thing happened when the liberals were in charge of the police, as we see in the exaggerated example of the US Justice Department, the IRS, FBI and NSA, etc, under Barack Obama.

Police departments all over the country are allowing officers to execute citizens with virtually or literally no punishment. The first step to abolishing corrupt police departments is for the local civilians to take control of them by constant agitation against corruption and the eventual seizing of the city and town power structure so as to have the authority to fire and/or jail the corrupt enforcers and replace them with honest people. This is done by establishing civilian police review boards, an interim measure on the way to overthrowing the entire federalized police system that has seized the legal control of this country.

The main value of review boards is to show that the people are the boss, not these federalized and militarized cops, who need to be disarmed and their military equipment taken from them. The logical goal of civilian review boards will be the realization that we really don’t need police – just an armed citizenry. Everyone on the review board would of course be armed and ready to fight angry, corrupt cops.

Just today, we have reports of a female prisoner being repeatedly raped by a prison guard and the female warden tells her to get on birth control. Another report: a cop enters a workplace and orders a woman to get naked and when she refuses and runs to her office, he follows her and shoots her with a taser. Obviously such criminals must be shot on sight, not disciplined by a review board. But these and hundreds of horror stories demand that the police be brought under control.

Part three is the most proactive and aggressive (peaceful) action we can take, definitely the most radical idea I’ve presented.

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  1. Campbell is spot-on about the mindset of many in our military. They have become increasingly aware of the true intent and agenda of the (civilian) politico bosses, here, in the once united States. Many are, also, acutely aware of the methods of propaganda utilized by mass media minions.

    In 1993, a Marine colonel shared a letter with me which came from none other than POTUS. The letter was directed to all full colonels, and above (I verified this with a general officer friend), and it pointedly stated that any [of those] officers who disagreed with subordinating American command to UN command could go ahead and resign, with full pensions. Period. (Guess what?? [I believe] A LOT of soldiers stayed mute, just to stay in place to resist.) (The downside to that, of course, is that by now most of those guys are gone, anyway.) It appears that preparations have been being made overtly, for decades, now.

    While I would not dare counsel anyone on any sure-fire tactic, I would certainly recommend considering (as Campbell infers) that our military and police may, indeed, be composed of many who are aware, and willing to resist. For a long time, the plan has been to maneuver National Guard soldiers AWAY from their native grounds (like, for instance, situating Indiana Guard among North Carolina populations, and vice-versa, etc.). That may not be as effective for the enemy as it once was.

    Whatever the myriad possibilities, always remember: The Enemy is ALREADY within. We are, already, engaged. Prepare to elevate to the next level, soon.

    Many thanks, Mr. Campbell (and, of course, Darkmoon).

    1. Btw, too – It might behoove some of you to find and read a certain essay written by one Louis Beahm, called ‘Leaderless Resistance’. I cannot provide a link, but you probably now how to look it up. (I’ve had it in hard-copy for a long time, before computers and cell phones became so pervasive.)

  2. very good … people need to take ownership of the military/police and join with it against the jewish overlords

    the military/police need to understand … jews are gonna try to trick them to kill their own friends and family … that they will be moved to a different state to the dirty work on another family, just means some other troops will be assigned to their state

  3. Neighborhood Watch should be a constitutionally compilable Peace Officer Force (which will approach all activities with peaceful resolution vice brutal force – via law of the land not law of the sea) – to counter the corporate-revenue collector thugs (operating under corporate law, law of the sea, and not law of the land i.e. for USA – the Constitutional law), a.k.a. police.

    All persons of all USA localities must demand total accountability of all foreign-agents acting (with diplomatic immunity for some, if not all, e.g. Israhelli mossad, MI6, Australian, British, Canadian, but most importantly the Israhelli mossad). Accountability, at a minimum, must included registering with local authorities, e.g. a Constitutional Peace Officer Force. This will end things like false-flag shootings occurring more and more frequently – most likely perpetrated by such agents with assistance from deviants of the so-called government of the USA (a corporation – which abides by its own laws and not those of the framework of the US Constitution).

    Along with this – establish US Constitutional courts – which can put on trial the corporate thugs – from any and all levels (corporate revenue-collector thugs, a.k.a. police, politicians any and all, corporations, banks etc. which violate US Constitutional – i.e. Law of the Land).

    Simultaneously, the constitutionally compatible economic and financial systems of the USA must be re-established – in order to regain a stable economy/financial system -the current one, by jewish design- is not stable and will lead again to massive destruction in so-called global warfare. All persons wishing to abide by Constitutional, law of the land must therefore demand an end to the jewish so-called money system (which is reality is a debt system. with instruments of deby – i.e. the paper mistakenly called dollars/money), via the privately owned (jewish) bank known as the Federal Reserve, imposed upon the USA by deviants of so-called US government via blackmail, cohesion, threat of violence -small and large scale, by the global jewish mafia. Taking away the ability for the global jewish mafia to create unlimited “money” will remove its ability to purchase political power (and that which follows political power – most, if not all real wealth -including human resources – your carcass).

    Just for starters…

  4. Police state is a pretty wimpy way of avoiding Jews. Anyone who preaches about the destruction of the jews and then claims it is the police or the militar, bankers etc. is truly an amateur in the jew subject or of course a jew him or herself.

    Hey JB its not too late to say its the white man, we kilt all the Injuns you knooow? Gordon Duff wants you back over at Vetrans Today even though you aint one.

  5. Police state is a pretty wimpy way of avoiding Jews. Anyone who preaches about the destruction of the jews and then claims it is the police or the militar, bankers etc. is truly an amateur in the jew subject or of course a jew him or herself.

    Hey JB its not too late to say its the white man, we kilt all the Injuns you knooow? Gordon Duff wants you back over at Vetrans Today even though you aint one.

    Another post down the Darkmoon toilet.

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