America Plans Unprovoked Nuclear Attack on China, edited and abridged from various sources by Lasha Darkmoon

If America launches a nuclear attack on China,
the Chinese will strike back at American cities.

new-vegasNuclear apocalypse

This is an edited abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon of Professor Amitai Etzioni’s ground-breaking article in the Yale Journal of International affairs, Who Authorized Preparations for War with China? It is followed by extracts from Paul Craig Roberts’ impassioned response to the same article. Additional comments by Dick Eastman and Lasha Darkmoon. This important material has been condensed to roughly one-fifth of its original length.

etzioni-webAMITAI ETZIONI:   The Pentagon has concluded that the time has come to prepare for war with China. It is a momentous conclusion, a momentous decision that so far has failed to receive a thorough review from elected officials, namely the White House and Congress. This important change in the United States’ posture toward China has largely been driven by the Pentagon.

The decision at hand stands out even more prominently because (a) the change in military posture may well lead to an arms race with China, which could culminate in a nuclear war; and (b) the economic condition of the United States requires a reduction in military spending, not a new arms race.

Have the White House and Congress properly reviewed the Pentagon’s approach—and found its threat assessment of China convincing? If not, what are the United States’ overarching short- and long-term political strategies for dealing with an economically and militarily rising China?

Since the Second World War the United States has maintained a power-projection military, built upon forward deployed forces with uninhibited access to the global commons—air, sea, and space. For over six decades the maritime security of the Western Pacific has been underwritten by the unrivaled naval and air power of the United States. Starting in the early 1990s, however, Chinese investments in sophisticated, but low-cost, weapons—including anti-ship missiles, short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, stealth submarines, and cyber and space arms—began to challenge the military superiority of the United States, especially in China’s littoral waters.

These “asymmetric arms” threaten two key elements of the United States’ force projection strategy: its fixed bases, such as those in Japan and Guam, and aircraft carriers. These Chinese arms are viewed by some in the Pentagon as raising the human and economic cost of the United States’ military role in the region to prohibitive levels. To demonstrate what this new environment means for regional security, military officials point out that, in 1996, when China conducted a series of missile tests and military exercises in the Strait of Taiwan, the United States responded by sending two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea, a credible display of force that reminded all parties of its commitment to maintaining the status quo in the region.

However, these analysts point out, if in the near future China decided to forcefully integrate Taiwan, the same U.S. aircraft carriers that are said to have once deterred Chinese aggression could be denied access to the sea by PLA anti-ship missiles. Thus, the U.S.’s interests in the region, to the extent that they are undergirded by superior military force, are increasingly vulnerable.

Two influential American military strategists, Andrew Marshall and his protégé Andrew Krepinevich, have been raising the alarm about China’s new capabilities and aggressive designs since the early 1990s.

 LD:  By China’s “aggressive designs”, he means China’s decision to defend itself against American aggression. The mere fact that American ships are patrolling the Chinese coast, and not Chinese ships patrolling the American coast, makes it quite clear who the real aggressor is.

Building on hundreds of war games played out over the past two decades, they gained a renewed hearing for their concerns following Pacific Vision, a war game conducted by the U.S. Air Force in October 2008.

With Marshall’s guidance, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates instructed the Chiefs of Staff to begin work on the AirSea Battle (ASB) project and, in September of 2009 . . . a classified Memorandum of Agreement was signed allowing the US “to counter growing challenges to US freedom of action.”

In late 2011 Gates’ successor, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, also signed off on the ASB and formed the new Multi-Service Office to Advance AirSea Battle. Thus, ASB was conceived, born, and began to grow.

AirSea Battle calls for a campaign to reestablish power projection capabilities by launching a “blinding attack” against Chinese anti-access facilities, including land and sea-based missile launchers, surveillance and communication platforms, satellite and anti-satellite weapons, and command and control nodes.

US forces could then enter contested zones and conclude the conflict by bringing to bear the full force of their material military advantage.

One defense think tank report, “AirSea Battle: A Point-of-Departure Operational Concept”, suggests that China is likely to respond to what is effectively a major direct attack on its mainland with all the military means at its disposal—including its stockpile of nuclear arms.

Although the Chinese nuclear force is much smaller than that of the United States, China nonetheless has the capacity to destroy American cities. According to leading Australian military strategist Hugh White, “We can be sure that China will place a very high priority indeed on maintaining its capacity to strike the United States, and that it will succeed in this.”

203828_image_largeRUINED  CITY

Joshua Rovner of the U.S. Naval War College notes that deep inland strikes could be mistakenly perceived by the Chinese as preemptive attempts to take out its nuclear weapons, thus cornering them into “a terrible use-it-or-lose-it dilemma.”

LD: “Mistakenly perceived” is disingenuous. Why should the Chinese be “mistaken” in their belief that America would like to destroy their nuclear facilties? The Americans can hardly be perceived as benevolent aggressors.

Several defense analysts in the United States and abroad, not least in China, see AirSea Battle as being highly provocative. Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General James Cartwright stated in 2012 that, “AirSea Battle is demonizing China. That’s not in anybody’s interest.” An internal assessment of ASB by the Marine Corps commandant cautions that “an Air-Sea Battle-focused Navy and Air Force would be preposterously expensive to build in peace time” and if used in a war against China would cause “incalculable human and economic destruction.”

As I see it, the implied strategy is clear: ASB planners aim to make the United States so clearly powerful that not only would China lose if it engaged militarily, but it would not consider engaging because the United States would be sure to win.

In the past, first strike nuclear strategies were foresworn and steps were taken to avoid a war precipitated by miscommunications, accidents, or miscalculations. In contrast, AirSea Basttle requires that the United States be able to take the war to the mainland with the goal of defeating China, which quite likely would require striking first. Such a strategy is nothing short of a hegemonic intervention.

When Andrew Krepinevich suggested that ASB is simply seeking to maintain stability in the Asia-Pacific, he was asked if this “stability” really meant continued US hegemony in the area. He chuckled and responded, “Well, the nations in the area have a choice: either we are number one or China is—and they prefer us!”

Actually, most of the nations in the area prefer playing the big powers against each other rather than joining a particular camp.

LD: Etzioni now analyses four recent books on military politics and states that all these arrive at the same conclusion: that at no time has the Obama administration formulated “a coherent, consistent, proactive China strategy” and that its policies were “primarily reactive”. In other words, the saber-rattling against China is proceeding from the Pentagon, or more likely from rogue elements within it, and not from the Obama administration itself. Obama appears to be a controlled puppet—the last one to be informed when war is declared against China.

A December 11, 2012 search of Google brings up 15,800,000 hits for “U.S. drone strikes”; a search for “AirSea Battle”: less than 200,000. In Googlish, this amounts to being unknown, and suggests this significant military shift is simply not on the wider public’s radar. In November 2012, during the only presidential election debate dedicated to foreign policy, no reference was made to preparations for a war with China.

LD: The general public is evidently being kept in the dark by the mainstream media that a nuclear first strike against China is being contemplated by rogue elements within the Pentagon.

The military modernization of China often provokes concerns that it is ‘catching up.’ China shows little interest in managing global affairs or imposing its ideology on other nations. Instead, China has shown a strong interest in securing the flow of raw materials and energy on which its economy depends.

In conclusion, it is widely agreed that the United States can no longer afford to fight two major wars. The most urgent threats to US security are to be found in the Middle East—not the Far East.

Amitai Etzioni is Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University. He has served as a Senior Advisor to the White House and has taught at Columbia, Harvard and Berkeley.

911-Paul-Craig-Roberts27aug06PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS:  Amitai Etzioni has raised an important question: “Who authorized preparations for war with China?” We are confronted with a neoconized US military out of control endangering Americans and the rest of the world.

Etzioni is correct that this is a momentous decision made by a neoconized military. If the Chinese government is realistic, it is aware that Washington is planning a pre-emptive nuclear attack against China. No other kind of war makes any sense from Washington’s standpoint. The “superpower” was never able to occupy Baghdad, and after 11 years of war has been defeated in Afghanistan by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban. It would be curtains for Washington to get into a conventional war with China.

The Pentagon’s war plan for China is called “AirSea Battle.” It is clear that if the Washington morons get a war going, the only way Washington can prevail is with nuclear weapons. The radiation, of course, will kill Americans as well.

During the Cold War nuclear weapons had a defensive purpose. The purpose was to prevent nuclear war by the US and USSR each having sufficient retaliatory power to ensure “mutually assured destruction.” MAD, as it was known, meant that nuclear weapons had no offensive advantage for either side.

The Soviet collapse and China’s focus on its economy instead of its military have resulted in Washington’s advantage in nuclear weaponry, giving it first-strike capability. Neither Russia nor China would be in any position to retaliate to Washington’s first strike. To ensure Russia’s inability to retaliate, Washington is placing anti-ballistic missiles on Russia’s borders in violation of the US-USSR agreement.

Because the American press is a corrupt government propaganda ministry, the American people have no idea that neoconized Washington is planning nuclear war. Americans are no more aware of this than they are of former President Jimmy Carter’s recent statement, reported only in Germany, that the United States no longer has a functioning democracy.

Polls from all over the world consistently show that Israel and the US are regarded as the two greatest threats to peace and to life on earth. Yet, these two utterly lawless governments prance around pretending to be the “world’s greatest democracies.”

Neither government accepts any accountability whatsoever to international law, to human rights, to the Geneva Conventions, or to their own statutory law.

For the past 68 years, most military aggression can be sourced to the US and Israel. Yet, these two originators of wars pretend to be the victims of aggression.

It is Israel that has a nuclear arsenal that is illegal, unacknowledged, and unaccountable. It is Washington that has drafted a war plan based on nuclear first strike. The rest of the world is correct to view these two rogue unaccountable governments as direct threats to life on earth.

DICK EASTMAN (Rense columnist, edited comments from a circulated email): According to all these writers, the US is the guilty party. They are wrong! This is the Rothschild plot unfolding. It is a conspiracy of long standing. The money power calls the shots, dictates foreign policy, and makes war.

The plan of overthrowing the US was originally hatched by Trotsky but further developed by Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Perle and various neoconservative Jews with an atavistic hatred of America. This included the drug assault, the financial assault, the education sabotage assault, and the continuous wars and depressions that have weakened us so badly and now have our forces scattered all over the map with no money or industry to back them. 

Who is really running US military operations?  Answer: Mossad and the CIA, as arms of international organized crime.  The US has been infiltrated at the top. The idea is to maneuver the US into doing self-destructive things and commit atrocities in the wars it has been sucked into by its implacable enemies. The 9-11 false flag attack is the most obvious example of such a malevolent manipulation. 

Where does authorization for a war against China come from?  Obama is a foreign born son of a Communist who was put into the Oval Office even though he is unqualified according to exact stipulations of the Constitution—he is an infiltrated agent—and Congress is controlled by blackmail. All hold office there at the sufferance of AIPAC.  The Israel Lobby is the master they serve. Congressional staffs are almost all headed by dual-citizenship Jews. 

The US is an interface for Israel, because the people running Israel and the people running the US are the same people. Who rules America and calls the shots? Ultimately, it’s the Rothschilds—with the help of Mossad and the Jewish mafia. 

I have an educated premonition that Americans are soon likely to be holocausted by the Chinese, North Koreans and Vietnamese—the three biggest land armies in the world. And when they do it, they will be every bit as sure they are ridding the world of vermin as the Americans were when they doing the same things to the Japanese and the Germans almost 70 years ago.

LASHA DARKMOON:  Well, there you have it. World War Three being hatched in Washington by the usual culprits in their quest for world domination. The American Puppet President, Obama, blissfully unaware of the bloodbath to come. And the sheeple still going about their business like Hieronymus Bosch phantoms in a bad dream—all whirled round on the wheel of birth, copulation and death. It ain’t pretty.

5bb2088cb7“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”
— TS Eliot, The Hollow Men

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  2. Beautifully edited and presented. Another stunning article! But how come this hasn’t been reported in the mainstream media? I mean, an imminent nuclear war with China is a BIG EVENT! It’s pretty sensational! So why isn’t everyone talking about it? This is the first whiff I’ve had of this news, out here in the back of beyond … where all I hear is the sound of temple bells in the distance.

    Ed Sallis,
    Sri Lanka

      1. Another attempt by the christian to shift the creation of the Illuminate from the jews to Satan. The Illuminate is a total jewish creation and Satan has nothing to do with it. It has always been a tactic of the jews to shift the blame from themselves and use Satanism created by jews to divert attention from themselves. Since even Kaminski buys into this jewish propaganda and is another bible quoting jewish progagandist who fully believes in the bible he is nothing but a worshiper of the blood drinking cannibal cultists started by the jesus myth.
        You link to another scrawney brawney video and he fully justifies the killing of all Gentiles meaning non jews in order to fufill the “Prophesies” of the jew book. It is you Believers who generate the jewish genocide of non jews and just the name christian means bondservant of christ. which means slaves to the jewish people. the INRI on the stolen Celtic cross stands for the jewish people and when you pray to the crucifix you are sending your occult powers to the jews. Why do you think that just 2% of the population has control over the rest of the population. It is because of Christianity.

        1. @Satan boy

          “Christianity ” has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, who accurately referred to the jews as worshippers at the synagogue of Satan.

          Do the math.

          1. Your ficticious Nazarine was a creation of the jews to destroy the Roman Empire and it continues today in destroying all of Western civilization. It is the christians who advocate open borders, breeding the non whites and imposing their communist doctrine all over the world.
            The jews have been using occult powers for centuries and have been heaping the blame on Satan and Satanists, as with everything they do, they shift the blame onto Gentiles. This creates plenty of confusion, and also serves as a major distraction. Their source of power is the xian religion, the bible and the muslims, of which all tie into the energy necessary for them to carry out their agenda. For example, all of the characters of the judeo/xian bible are jewish archetypes. By tying into, and even worse, honoring and worshipping this vile filth, this creates the necessary connection for the jews to use the energy, as with jewish ritual murder, to accomplish their goals.

          2. @ Defender of Satan

            You are mis-identifying Satan, just as you continue to mis-identify Jesus. The jews circumvented the true Christ and fashioned the bogusness called Christianity – a Satanic subterfuge if ever there was one.

            And as far as your wrong take on Satan, the irony is that you may be closer to being a proponent of the real JC than any affiliation with the real Satan.

            Seems it’s only the monikers that get in the way.

  3. @ Ed Sallis

    Every word you speak is a LIE, a MISCONCEPTION, and reveals your STUPIDITY!

    Beautifully edited and presented. Another stunning article!

    Rubbish! I’ve never read such garbage in my life! That’s why I follow his site. To keep tabs on the latest conspiracy theories and try to understand the deluded fantasies of the goyim.

    How come this hasn’t been reported in the mainstream media? I mean, an imminent nuclear war with China is a BIG EVENT! It’s pretty sensational! So why isn’t everyone talking about it?

    I’ll tell you why no one’s talking about it, idjit. Cause it ain’t gonna happen! America can’t afford another war right now. Especially a war with China. We’ll deal with the Chinks when the time comes. Kill the filthy dog eaters and take over the Chinese restaurants. And screw their dinky little slant-eyed women, the pretty pouters in their lampshade hats standin in the rice paddies. I got a yen for Lil Mini He He…

    This is the first whiff I’ve had of this news, out here in the back of beyond … where all I hear is the sound of temple bells in the distance.

    Temple bells? Gimme a break! This is an irreligious website where everyone knocks God and sings hymns to Satan. So don’t talk about temple bells and Buddhist crap. There ain’t no G-d in Buddhism. Just the Void. The Empty Void.

    1. The only thing I like about this website are the pictures. And the fact that I’m not banned.

      1. You are a comedian, Zak! I have to get a chuckle out of the way you say it – but I have to agree you’re right about any imminent war, too.

        It is good Dr. Darkmoon added the Dick Eastman comment at the end of this article, because I was wondering how she could have missed the obvious. She didn’t. There is NO WAY the financiers of all wars are going to allow the Sinos and Neos to have-at-it in an all-out war. Even the simplest simpleton knows NO ONE can ‘win’ that contest.

        ALWAYS, the ultimate goal is global government. THAT can only be achieved by way of terrifying the respective nationalities into compliance with whatever they are convinced will be their salvage. In the process, they lose all sovereignty incrementally. It is as the T.S. Eliot quote at the finis: A whimper.

        Be it nuclear holocaust, space alien invasion, or some bubonic bug – the same old group of megalomaniacs is piloting the ship!

        1. But I must add, too, that POPULATION REDUCTION is an ever-present consideration at their planning table.

            This wonderful idea is finally getting attention.
            Most of the problems we face in this world could be mitigated by having fewer people.
            Our growth as a species has finally gone exponential but nobody gives it any attention.

            This wonderful idea is finally getting attention.”

            “Wonderful idea” ????
            Just when can the extermination of 94% of the world’s population be considered wonderful?
            Who’s side are you on Dr? I’d hate you to be my physician. You’d probably want me dead.

            Look at the size of Europe. It roughly makes up 4% of the world’s population and is white. Whites make up 8% of the world’s population. It was more but they were murdered in Jew wars in the last century.

            Here’s something to consisder – a population should only survive depending on total food output within their land. No importing of food should occur. If so too many people. Then again, on this premise, what about man’s tampering with nature, via spraying and HAARP technology, creating droughts and earthquakes? Then there are wars that destroy self sustaining infrastructure? Moreso, everytime the msm promotes overpopulation, it’s the same video/pictures of crowded Asian cities NOT the open expanses of the country.

            I’m beginning to think you’re ‘one of them’ promoting the NWO, nothing but a disinfo agent.

            If you do believe in depopulation, then start with your own family, or do you you think their lives are worth more than Asians and Africans?

            Depopulation promoters disgust me!

    2. What a stupid shekel counting Shylock. The Nukes are already paid for and in the warehouses. Actually they need to be used before their expiration dates. Once they launch …… there will fortunes to be made
      (1) Looting China.
      (2) Rebuilding at their expense.
      (3) NOT HAVING TO REPAY at least $3+ TRILLION in IOUs.

    3. …you have no idea of what you speak…or you are a paid shill by the corrupt government and it’s lackey’s….how embarrassing for you…to be you…and have to express yourself in such an embarrassing manner…do you know nothing of history….of economics…of government corruption?

      It is because of the idiots like you…that we have not been able to find a common cause to fight back…I hope it is not too late….and I hope you get yourself some help for the bigotry and racism that you display…it is very sad that creatures like yourself still exist in today’s world…

      Impeach the entire Bush Criminal Cabal going back forty years…impeach all of them…all of the members of the corrupt Congresses for the last forty years… …charge them all with treason…and start hanging them…now….including idiots such as yourself…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    4. The “void” is not empty even though it is Emptiness. It is full. It is Infinity.
      It is Infinite Compassion, Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Power.
      The poor benighted Jews will never understand that because they are mired in, as if in cement – (SO heavy) – materialism.
      They will never understand the teachings of the KRST either!

      1. Re. the apologia for Buddhism.
        I note the references to power, wisdom, and compassion. I would counsel anyone who might believe this frontispiece for the religion, to look behind the front cover, and to observe the appearance of those gods who populate its paragraphs and chapters. I remind you also of the symbol of this satanic religion, which is the well-known yin-yang sign; this sign carries within itself the idea that all things are part of creation; thus the opposites of its headline attributes must also be acknowledged.
        So, infinite insouciance, hatred, and neglect; folly, and powerlessness.
        Such is the Way of Gautama. But it is primarily the Way of Satan, who would have all to believe that good and evil are merely the coexisting attributes of god. It is an idea directly traceable to the g*d of the jews, who is acknowledged by them to be Lucifer. It is the way of the moral relativism which has eaten out the heart of America and the rest of the world.
        Such is the way of all who oppose the one true way, the Way of the Lord Jesus Christ, creator of the world and all things in it, both visible and invisible.
        “In Him is no darkness at all”.

        It is very clear that the world’s history will not play out, initially at least, with nuclear war.
        The sign of the end will be the appearance of the Son of Perdition, who places himself in the Temple of God. Interestingly, this appellation was also applied to Judas Iscariot. We must assume that the temple referred to is a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, in itself a blasphemous creation, as befits its future builders.
        Then we have the arrival of a white horse, and a king who carries a bow, but no arrows.
        Thus, the world will appear to be united under a benevolent entity known as the NWO, with a single leader. You may have heard of it; but not yet, perhaps, of him.
        Following, a red horse, and global carnage. There may be an allusion to nuclear weapons here, but somehow I doubt it.
        But famine following, riding upon a black horse, exacerbated infinitely by the GMO poisons which are designed, not to feed the world, but to decimate its population, in accordance with the long-standing policies of our blessed leaders.
        A pale, or as it is in the Greek, a yellow-green horse, the harbinger of the diseases which always follow starvation. Overall, one-quarter of the world to die. So far, so according to the elite illuminist plan.
        The threat of war is always used as a tactical tool by the Rotschilds to soak the taxpayer; thus the Cold War, which benefited the MI complexes, and clearly, those who own them, of both prima facie antagonistic socialist-communist states which played out the charade , but no-one else. This soaking of taxpayers must be rendered credible by the creation of golems to terrify; the Chinese are simply the latest incarnation of this shadow-puppet.
        Fear not, the jew will not destroy the world he relies upon to feed and clothe him, and which he fully intends to keep alive and to parasitize to the end.
        Following the colourful Horsemen; the real agenda is revealed, the Fifth Seal, which all the world will stand behind; this is the murder of God’s people on earth, and the establishment of satan’s kingdom in what little remains of the Garden of Eden.
        This agenda is easily carried forward by requiring everyone to worship the Beast, and to take his mark. Clearly, no Christian will do this, and so they will be unresistingly fed into the guillotines which are already in place, and controlled by the sanhedrin under the aegis of satan’s Noahide laws, recently signed into effect by the yarmulke-clad Bush crime family.
        “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”.
        I end with a challenge to all reasonable men. The above reference, ie Revelation 13. v 8, seems mysterious. Surely the Lamb was slain at Calvary? A long time after the foundation of the world?
        The first word of the Bible, translated “in the beginning”, is a single word in Hebrew, “Barasheet”. Hebrew is interesting inasmuch as its individual letters each have an intrinsic meaning; thus aleph is seen as power, fatherhood, the first principle, etc.
        This word, when read as a short six-letter story, and entirely uncontroversially, using the principle alluded to, states
        “The Son of God shall die by His own hand on a cross”.
        Herein the revelation of God’s wisdom, and power, and infinite compassion, demonstrated to us through the death of His Son, and prophesied in His very first word to us, before ever mention was made of our first father Adam, or his charming wife.

    5. You claim that Gimme a break! This is an irreligious website where everyone knocks God and sings hymns to Satan. This is hardly the case and I am the only one who sticks up for the Advocary of the jews. If you want to know about Satan goto and read up. Then when you mentioned hymns to Satan I wondered if there were any. As I suspected the results I got were all made by jews and christians. Singing about the jew lies created about Satan and referring to sacrificing goats to Satan. Like Crowley the demented christian angry at his mother and Le Vay the jew athiest almost every video or article or church of Satan is another jew creation or some offshoot of the christian propaganda about him. joyofsatan is the only authentic site on Satan and every other is fraudulent jew or jew depicgtions based on what the biggest lie and hoax of all time the bible said.
      It is the christards who do the hymn singing not Satanists. We only concentrate on the eradication of the jewish problem and defending Satan’s creation from the World destroyers, animal and human sacrificers, and nature hating jews and christians. Almost every poster on this site uses quotes from the jewbook and I am the only one who speaks up for the Advocery of the jews.

    6. @ seymour zak you are a fucking racist cunt, i hope your entire family dies of car fire and your children die of leukemia. worthless piece of shit

  4. Wasnt Paul ehhh Craig ehhh Mr Roberts a financial guy? Wasnt he knee deep in Federal Reserve Jews and kept his hole corked? Does he call the Jews of the Federal Reserve “Neocons” too? Why cant we just call them what they are or aren’t in this case? They trash everything they touch and we still cant call them Jews.

    Some will say Miltie Kapner isnt a Jew because he doesnt practice Judaism (Judaism isnt the religion of the Bible it’s a Vaudeville act that you love to watch it seems). For the uncteenth time you cant trust them. Once they get you on the bus you’re going over the cliff. If we keep dancing around issues calling them Neocons or any of the plethora of words we all know are bogus we are letting Jews get away with destroying our planet. All of these writers fear calling Jews Jews because they are psychotic nutjobs and we all know it. It’s time we all said it and backed up our own people instead of allowing them to divide us. Just make sure they are our own people.

    Jews are ****ing up everything in this world and it appears that it’s all they have ever done. “It’s time to talk about Jews”, they are without a doubt nutjobs walking around amongst our women and children and the men of this world need to do what they were put here to do. Identify the problem, say who it is and who it always is, let the chips fall where they may and remove them from our society.
    Everyone here knows what the problem is. You know it so say it. If you cant say it go with the Jews.

    1. And you are saying a lot of our own WHITE boys and girls are NOT as crazy as shithouse rats, melgibstein????

    2. “Why cant we just call them [Jews] what they are? They trash everything they touch and we still can’t call them Jews.”

      Paul Craig Roberts is trying his best to keep a foot in both camps, Mel. He’s knocking the Jews without calling them Jews in a bid to remain “respectable”. So he calls them “neocons”.

      Note that you must NEVER call a Jew a “Jew”. That is regarded as an insult. You must use the circumlocution “Jewish person”.

      Some years ago John Updike used the phrase “rich Jew” in a New York Times book review and got savagely attacked for “anti-Semitic” hate speech! Firstly, the word “Jew” was verboten. Secondly, the word “rich” was abusive and derogatory when linked with the word “Jew”, because it suggested that all Jews were obsessed with money.

      1. Hi Lasha, been a while.

        I believe it’s China; have for some time.

        The international parasites have been industrializing and militarizing China with our industry, our military tech for decades, for a reason. What do Mr and Ms Telezombie ‘think’ (inside joke) China does? Make throw-away garbage for Walmart, of course. Well now they are building their first aircraft carrier. What other military equipment have they been manufacturing and squirreling away over there? My guess – plenty. And just what/who are those Chinese “Ghost Cities” intended for?

        Research will turn up the names of Mao’s international parasite “advisers.” That is where the idea of One Child Policy originated. Due to well known Chinese tradition of desire for male heir the policy has created exactly what the international parasites intended – tens of millions of military age Chinese males. Can’t you just see the all new American G.I. Jane’s taking them on in the front lines.

        China will be the new international parasite host after the demise of the US; England was dead and buried after the first of their world wars; America will not survive their third. It is only fitting really that China be their new host, as the Asiatic international parasites will feel right at home with their Oriental cousins.

        One of their tribe said many decades ago they would require three world wars to take open control of the world – translated that means elimination of the European people. They kicked off their third on September 11, 2001. We can make guesses but only they know how and when it will be ramped up, and the remainder of our European people left over from two fratricidal world wars will march off to destruction by China, cheered on by the braying of media whore donkeys and “our” elected traitors in government. Gotta do something with our unemployed, after all, now Asia has the jobs that used to be ours. Reminiscent of the 1929 unemployment pool who came in so useful a decade later.

        Russia will follow the script written for them. As mentioned here the only two countries left with central banks not controlled by the international parasites are Iran and Syria. Soon to be one. If V. Putin was not in their pocket he would already have had the equivalent of a ride down Dealey Plaza in the back of the Presidential limo, and a date with Boris Sirhan Oswald.

        The war’s details and window dressings are open to conjecture, possibly limited use of nukes, (all of which the international parasites control thanks to controlling all the central banks and elected traitors, and therefore the military hierarchy), but bullets, bombs and starvation are their preferred and time tested methods of mass murder. Oh yes, and gulags, lots and lots of gulags.

        The big picture is goodbye America, goodbye European people as a threat to the international parasites. I can’t see anything stopping them. May be a negative opinion, but realistic. Mr and Ms Telezombie will be glued to their lying television God (the only “real” God they have in their meaningless lives) right to the bitter end.

        BS Hollywood happy endings ONLY happen in BS Hollywood, the international parasites’ fantasy factory for fools.

        It will be 100 years this December since the international parasites used their dupe Wilson to steal America. Could be an important date.

        As always, good luck in the coming hostilities.

        1. Observer,

          You’ve said it all. Nothing I can add. Brilliant observations! But a bit scary…

          The idea that there could be a Bolshevik-style genocide in America, with millions tortured and put to death in the new American gulags, appears to be gathering ground.

          JB Campbell mentions this scenario in his latest article, abridged on this website recently, “It could be us soon”. And Lasha Darkmoon (my mad sister) paints the same grim picture in Part 2 of her article on Mass Surveillance, “The Red Terror to Come”, also published here recently.

          (See RECENT ARTICLES, right-hand column).

          However, it’s possible that the Jews have learned from experience and no longer feel the need to compass their aims by mass murder. Maybe, this time, they will be content with mass enslavement brought about by social engineering as outlined in this far-seeing comment by Aldous Huxley:

          “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

          — Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

          1. Lasha, this fellow clearly saw it coming a century ago:

            “A return will set in of the re-active pressure of nature upon mankind. Mankind will again be restive under it. . . . But woe to that people which has not men that will stand up and fight without flinching.

            “Those countries where the moral decay shall have gone deepest, where the proved stock shall have died out and given way to poor stock, where the great effeminisation of men shall have taken place (for the masculinisation of women will be no compensation), where the strong and the wise and the shrewd shall gain no more of wealth, power and influence than the weak, silly, and incompetent, all being equal, — those will go to the wall.

            “And when this fate shall have overtaken most of our western white men’s countries, our cycle of civilisation will be completed.”

            – Correa Moylan Walsh, The Climax Of Civilization (1917)

            I believe we are, right now, in the final stage of our cycle of civilization.

          2. @ Observer

            “Lasha, this fellow clearly saw it coming a century ago…”

            By the way, my name is Lalara. I am Lasha’s sister.

          3. I agree with the quotation by Correa Moylan Walsh. Sounds like an Irish name to me. I wonder if “Correa” is a male or female name…?


            “Many, many others have been imprisoned during last several years for the sole ‘crime’ of being publicly active Russian Nationalists. Here I briefly describe the history of the latest unlawful persecution of Russian Nationalists and Russian Nationalist organizations in the Russian Federation. The names and events described in this article are by no means comprehensive; they include only the most publicized instances of political persecution, in which – importantly – the accused did not confess and refused to collaborate with the prosecution.

            “An approximate number of Russian Nationalists imprisoned during the last decade is around two thousand. Most of them are young Russians, convicted under the notorious Article 282 of the Penal Code (“incitement to racial hatred,” also colloquially known as the ‘Russian Article’ or ‘hatespeech’), usually in aftermath of conflicts with Central Asians or Caucasians.”

            Those waiting for V. Putin to ride to the rescue will be waiting a long, long time.

        2. “Russia will follow the script written for them”

          Or maybe Putin is lyin’ in the weeds and not showing his cards, with no intention of playing it according to the script. Maybe he’ll pull a fast one and throw a monkey wrench in the game plan when the time comes. Who can say with any certainty?

          It could be that he’s the kind of national leader who’s learned the lesson of Dealey Plaza.

          The best laid plans and all.

          1. I for one don’t see Putin, or any other National leader as “riding to the rescue”. But also, that’s not to say I don’t see Russia playing some sort of crucial role in procuring a positive aftermath upon everything having played out in this World. Actions that were set in motion long, long ago have to run their course, and the course is running through some pretty strange terrain now.

            I’m struck by a curious parallel that seems to indicate a dynamic of moving towards this state referred to as “Oneness”. There are two dichotomous forces (good and evil) whose intent is to fulfill their own version of it. And here is where I’ll say that I have a problem with the term “All is One”. It may seem innocuous, but I don’t underestimate the power of certain words, phrases, numbers, symbols, etc. used in certain contexts. The power of Kaballah is no trifling matter with regard to the impact of its black magic intentions (the star of David comes immediately to mind).

            Think about it. What “All” could be applied here in the forms of the “Ones”? ONE-World govt. ONE-World army ONE-World currency. ONE-World leader (Anti-Christ) For what it’s worth, I prefer “One is All”, where each ONE of us is a power unto ourselves. The “one” extending to all true Light Beings of singularity as expressions of the Divine. The overall power is distributed into an infinite array of “Alls”, and not concentrated with the emphasis on “One”.

            Let’s call it “Allness” instead, as perhaps an antidote to its Cabalistic counterpart.

            What does this have to do with Russia you ask? I’m not sure. Maybe it has something to do with “All’s well that ends well”.

        3. HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! certainly the most hilarious content I ever read its true though those ricepickers need a serious bugspray which kills these annoying grasshoppers and turtleheads but also you honkys are no better as you are illegal in all places of the world as non whites were in Europe before whites as your jesus Christ lord is made up bs . as the lords true name is Yeshua ha messiach not jesus Christ and whites killed the lord as it was the roman soldiers and Pontius pilates. whites are turds on the planet with theft as their middle name just as fishheads are land thieves and argue 5 cents! 5cents!

      2. The barbaric attack on Gaza known as ‘Operation Cast Lead’
        was carried out by an Army , Air force & Navy whose tanks , planes , ships exhibited Jewish Emblems & and insignia.
        All those soldiers , air men & sailors were 99.9 % Jewish all wore uniforms supporting Jewish insignia & historical Jewish activity etc.
        Yet none dare call them Jews.


    3. People are often forced to make use of euphemisms for the word “Jew” because they dread being smeared as “anti-Semites”. Here are a few more of these euphemisms. I’ve made a collection of these. Readers, please feel free to add your own preferred selection of these weasel words.

      My short list of alternatives (or euphemisms) for the J-word, culled from various sources over the years:

      * Zionist
      * Israeli; Israelites
      * Israel Firsters
      * Judaics
      * The Tribe
      * Neoconservative, neocon
      * Hebrew, Hebraic
      * “Yiddish influence”
      * Illuminati
      * Talmudist
      * Khazars, Ashkenazim
      * “Elite interests” (or “elite media”)
      * Philosemites
      * Kabbalists
      * “Hostile elite”
      * Ziocentrics
      * “New Masters”
      * Financial elite
      * Banksters
      * Organized Jewry
      * The “organized Jewish community”
      * Big Jewry
      * Bolsheviks; neo-Bolsheviks
      * Marxists; Trotskyites; Communists
      * Predatory classes
      * Parasitical elements
      * The “landgrabbers”
      * The Lizard Folk

      More suggestions welcome!

      1. “Dual-citizens” (if it applies).
        In the Soviet Union of Stalin “rootless cosmopilitans” was popular, which is perhaps one of the most accurate descriptions.

          1. Two more :
            “non-Arabic Semites”

            BTW, “Jew” in Chinese is Yutai, in Japanese it is Yudaya.

      2. From Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)

        “I’m not a Roman mum, and I never will be. I’m a kike,
        a jid, a heebe, a hooknose! I’m kosher, mum! I’m a red-sea pedestrian and proud of it!”

        1. That’s a good quote. Add to list:

          * Kosher tribe
          * Red Sea pedestrians [hilarious]

          1. “Usual culprits” is too definitive, mostly the term “usual suspects” is used. (but of course at the end of the day those “suspects” always appear to be “culprits”).

          2. It is a good one Sardonicus. However the Monty Python team did make a huge historical cockup. The Yiddish language didn’t appear until ten centuries after the time period of the film. No sephardim knew what a kikel was, let alone a jid as the language hadn’t evolved yet along with the Ashkenazi.

    4. ““It’s time to talk about Jews”, they are without a doubt nutjobs walking around amongst our women and children and the men of this world need to do what they were put here to do. Identify the problem, say who it is and who it always is, let the chips fall where they may and remove them from our society.”

      And why do you think the feminist movement (second wave USA) was predominantly a Jewish, misandrist affair? It was to emasculate the male so that when people put the pieces together of the puzzle, there would be opposition from the fairer sex, who would think emotively to that of the male’s logically and nothing, therefore would be done.

      Just as massive immigration was a Jewish plan for self protection (destroy the majority indigenous in order to not be exiled AGAIN), so too was feminism (destruction of family, masculisation of the female, competition in the work place etc etc). In the past, any wrongdoing by a member of a tribe would have been dealt with the elder (a male) and with logic. Little if any compassion would be given and what was beneficial to the clan overall would be proposed. This is exactly how the Jewish structure within society works and why they dominate. Unlike the gentiles, the men still control.

      Are there women amongst the Jewish elders or priesthood for that matter? Are there homosexuals (there are paedophiles) amongst the Jewish elders and priesthood? The answer is NO. What has happened is classic Jewish demolition hypocrisy. They have kept Judaism patriarchal while turning everything else matriarchal. In doing so they have removed our defense capability to destroy the invader.

      So there’s no point in talking about getting the men to do what they were put here to do because we no longer live in a patriarchy. You will never, ever remove a danger when you allow emotion to play a part in any outcome. And moreso, men today have not just been emasculated but feminized. Women’s emancipation has come but at a heavy cost to men and ironically women’s freedom also. The destruction of the family unit is the worst. It is family that binds community and thus society. Many women now oppose the natural way of mothering in order to have a career, to chase the green manalishi, lapse into alcoholism and stress. So they have thrown away motherhood, the natural way of life, they believed a ball and chain, to replace it with mortgages, taxes and undue stress leading to heart complaints – and of course cui bono? You’ve got it, the man who counts all the money.

      Matriarchal societies crumble against patriarchal ones. It’s why Islamic nations still remain strong while western ones weaken. Christianity WAS a patriarchal religion, but not any more. Judaism is and always will be. And this is our downfall. We have swapped patriarchy for matriarchy.

      1. Harbinger I agree with everything you say except that Judaism is a patriarchy.
        Why do you think they have Jewishnessness go through the mother?
        Jewish women are super aggressive. Through the horrifying conditioning they go through they are always tense, always aggressive, always hostile, always pushy and always amazingly self important. I wonder why they like Buddhism so, especially Tibetan Buddhism? Is it just because they always have to be wherever there is something apparently important going on – and they just have to be the centre of it?
        It would not surprise me much at all if I heard, any day now, that it was announced (by the Jewish media) that it has been discovered that the Buddha was a Jew.
        The have managed to con the entire World that Jesus was a Jew!

        Anyway – I think that Jewish women are incredibly tough, hard, brittle and aggressive and their men are self effacing and weak – their children are obnoxious brats, loud and rude,and that is the reason there are so many homosexuals among Jews. They do not have proper fathers; manly men to teach them how to be men.
        I am not sure if MOST Jews are not more or less homosexual!
        They seem so to me.

        1. Astrea,

          Thank you for your reply but I still stand by Judaism being a patriarchy.

          My points made about the priesthood and no women within cements this. Remember, exoterically, within the public eye, Jewish women of the feminist movement openly ranted their hatred. However, esoterically, behind closed doors in secret, the Jewish men colluded with one another in private to Gentile detriment.

          From watching videos of Ashkenazi, Israeli settler women, they were aggressive, brash, arrogant, obnoxious and quite vile, however I, as said in other posts, cannot pigeonhole all Jews as one. For example, while in London, I hit hard times and a Jewish woman on my current computer course, couldn’t do enough to help me. She had no malice within her whatsoever and epitomised the ‘love your neighbour’ saying.

          It’s too easy to stigmatise a whole people when putting together the jigsaw of current hidden conspiracy. I am to blame also, for in my past I believed the anti Islamic, Jewish controlled msm and for a time had a deep dislike towards Islam, but thankfully I had a reality check and remembered Muslims I knew who were beautiful individuals, ready to fight by my side regardless.

          Anyway, I digress….

          Zionism decrees the mother passes on Judaism. I say bollox. Christian mothers don’t pass on Christianity. One is baptized. However I see your point but do not attribute that to matriarchy. It’s merely Zionism. The women may be tough, intelligent and outspoken but Jewish women know man rules the roost. Of course I’m certainly not speaking of the feminists, lesbians and misandrists as they have their own agenda, again as part of Jewish demolition of indigenous culture.

          In all western history, the women have ALWAYS ruled the home. Remember the saying – “The man builds the house the woman the home.” Just because a woman has some authority doesn’t mean they live in a matriarchy. On the contrary, look at the uprisings led by the Celtic Boudicca and French Joan of Arc? Both powerful women living within patriarchies.

          Had you gone back to the UK at the turn of the 20th century, no women were in positions of power, in any establishment, same for the rest of Europe and the USA. Britain, by plan HAD to remain strong and thus a patriarchy. Once the Rothschilds moved the seat of power over to America, the castration of Britain began. The suffragettes were campaigning, the 1st world war brought women into the workplace and the rest is history.

          Finally, there are many homosexuals amongst Jewry, as amongst Gentiles, but then many Jews oppose it also. It’s too easy to look for fault and lambast. One has to be careful and moreso honest.

          1. Truth is, the sun never sets on the crimes of the phony Christian British Empire.
            Or the phony Christian American Empire.

            Not saying of course there aren’t a handful of Christians who really are Christian.
            Possibly even two handfuls..
            (they really are excused)

            As for the masses of deluded innocents and arrogant speculators/conjurers/opportunists who spend their days and nights greasing their downhill slide ala their real and apparent animalistic propensities (lives), I guess ‘the Jews made us do it’ does have the perfect ring to it..

            Perhaps karma (justice) can be fooled a little bit by intermittent displays of epiphanous emotions, or even better be excused relative to an individual’s love and devotion to the Lord?

            Either way, no one, no other person is going to ‘face the music’ for anyone else no matter how many times you chant this mantra or how deeply you believe you’re excused because ‘someone’ you don’t in truth have faith in or in reality even have the barely time of day for, volunteered to take a bullet for you.

            That’s insane.

        2. @ Astraea

          I wonder why they [the Jews] like Buddhism so, especially Tibetan Buddhism? Is it just because they always have to be wherever there is something apparently important going on – and they just have to be the centre of it?

          I once asked Darkmoon this identical question — why the Jews liked Buddhism so much, especially Tibetan Buddhism. This was because she is very interested in comparative religion and once wrote an obscure article called “Buddhism and the Jews” which few people appear to have read:

          Well, she gave me the answer in one word: SEX!

          Tibetan Buddhism, she explained, is steeped in tantric practices to do with the kundalini and the sex chakras. Followers of tantric Buddhism pursue what is known as the “Left Hand Path.” This is one form of religion that Aleister Crowley would have loved and which many Jews find excitingly exotic.

          It involves masturbatory fantasies, tulpa creation (= the creation of materialized fantasy apparitions, e.g., sexy female wraiths or succubi), and a whole lot of other kinky practices.

          The nearest thing to it in the West is Judaic sex Kaballa, especially the “salvation through sin” doctrine of Jewish false messiah Sabbatai Zevi and his disciple Jacob Frank. The natural outcome of all these “religions” offering their devotees kinky sex as a way to salvation, is, of course, Satanism.

          I am merely repeating, to the best of my ability, what I was told in an email by Darkmoon. If she wants to comment here, she is free to do so.

          1. jews like buddhism same reason like atheism.
            can still be jews, attack christians, muslims, yet claim to be not jew.

          2. A couple of things which show the flaws of Judaism and Buddhism:

            A lithmus test to see how much Jewishness has infiltrated one’s mind asks this question, worded exactly like this:

            “Do you think it’s POSSIBLE (the key word here) for this Life to be all there is?” An answer of “yes”, that it’s POSSIBLE, is a dead giveaway that the jew worm has infested itself in the answering host.

            As for Buddhism, another test question for the purpose of exposing fraudulence asks, “Do you think it’s possible (again-the key word) that both good and evil are necessary components within the Divine Plan in reaching enlightenment?” Again, an answer of “yes” indicates that the answerer has been hoodwinked by a lie.

            Both of these examples of deception reflects how the con game is perpetuated, ad infinitum.

            No wonder maintaining control through fear is a piece of cake for the Great Deceiver.

    5. Jew. Nigger. Queer. Let;s see if I’m censored. Like I was on Joseph Farah’s website.

      1. seems talmudvision is all about the concerns of “JEWS” …QUEERS {Sodomites} & Niggers….now why would that be ?

        societies are different from Nations…Nations exist as an outflow boundaries of strong families…tribes…Nations, a
        manifestation of the laws of inheritance…

        Talmudic Judaism is diametrically opposed to truth…and the

        WHITE PEOPLE NATIONS…who are Israelites.

        check out Isaiah 3. –

        Wayne Martin informed the Zionist Terrorist psychophant LARRY LYNCH on the Waco 911 tapes…”Larry, when you reject truth you place yourself in judgment.”

        Jesus admonished to KNOW the Truth.

        that is why to be a “JEW” one must hate Jesus…and adhere to the teachings of the stool sculpture deity cult leaders and their


    6. Paul Craig Roberts can be placed in the exact same category as Alex Judas Jones, who is appropriately excoriated and deservedly eviscerated by ‘Yukon
      Jack’ on Veterans Today at the following link:

      Roberts harps on ‘brown shirts’ and on long dead and decomposed ‘Nazis’ almost with the same fervor as does Alex Judas Jones. And, Yukon Jack’s final paragraph nails both of these treasonous disinfo agents:

      “Any patriot not talking about Jewish subversion of the American culture is aiding and abetting the downfall of America. Anyone who defends the official 911 story or the official Holocaust story is a dupe or intentionally selling you out. Americans are willing participants in this game because they have been indoctrinated into the Jewish way of thinking. Americans are willing to die in Jewish wars of conquest because of Bible indoctrination. This a huge tragedy and I am tired of these media cons that refuse to talk about the real situation. Alex Jones has proven himself as a disinformationist and should not be trusted. It’s not the Nazis Mr. Jones, it’s the Zionists.”

      1. Paul Craig Roberts is a gentleman, an old fashioned gentleman.
        He is so very helpful to us, telling us the truth.
        He could hardly be less like Alex Jones!
        Remember, in his day it was simply considered vulgar to be so outspoken.
        He does make it very clear, very often, that the false and artificial place of squatters they like to call “israel” is the problem.

        1. Paul Craig Robert’s many articles are directed, point blank, against thieving banksters and the new world order they represent. His insightful articles are in total conflict with the mainstream agenda and the government tyranny we are currently living under. PCR is well respected and has been around longer than many of us have been alive. He’s made his bones in many ways but most importantly, he speaks the truth and has the credentials as a financial expert over a long period of time. He is a truth seeker, and though previously an executive in the Reagan administration, he is no longer a friend of the establishment, but a friend of the people. And though a former Secretary of the US Treasury, you’ll never see him invited to speak on jewsmedia. He articulates issues the jewsmedia loathes to discuss. His articles represent exposure of the powers that be, though he may not specifically demonize jews as jews, he does vociferously criticize Israel and it’s influence in the US Government. To compare him to some Hitler smear merchants is totally wrong and uncalled for. Many who have come to understand jew perfidy still have not studied the topic of Hitler and the Third Reich. Hopefully, PCR will someday awaken to those colossal lies about AH.

  5. “The US is an interface for Israel, because the people running Israel and the people running the US are the same people. Who rules America and calls the shots? Ultimately, it’s the Rothschilds—with the help of Mossad and the Jewish mafia.”

    I would also have added the UK to Israel and the USA. The power the Rothschilds have is immense. They are an untouchable elite. Their wealth makes sheiks look like paupers and Israel, after all, is their baby. Remember also the three ‘sees’. All are city states and nation states (nations within nations). The financial see is the city of London, the military see is Washington DC and the religious see is the Vatican City. All have masonic obelisks within, are freemason strongholds and completely controlled by the Jews. One could almost call them Ghettos.
    Although the Rothschilds are internationalists, holding no allegiance to any nation (other than Israel I suppose) it would be safe to say their base of operations is in the UK. They have masqueraded as Englishmen since the late 18th century and one listening to them today with their ‘posh’ accents would believe so, but they are, as many know, Khazars via Bavaria.

    What I am somewhat amazed about is this ‘rogue element’ within the Pentagon wanting to bomb China. It seems that the west has been building up China to be the world’s manufacturing base for the last 30 or so years. There is a heck of alot of investment there and a war with China would ultimately bring in Russia, those remaining non west controlled Muslim nations and Europe. It’s a no win situation and I can only think the desire for WW3 would be a hastening of Agenda 21’s depopulation plan. WW3 would ultimately leave Israel vulnerable to attack from surrounding Muslim nations, so the Rothschilds would be against this, unless it’s a plan to have the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosques destroyed so they can rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

    It’s completely insane to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on China.

    1. 1) The global elite, which is not immediately equal to the world’s Judentum, built up China not to favor Chine (or even themselves) but to fully illuminate the West and Western civilization.
      2) Their goal is a massive depopulation and a non industrial agrarian society only for very view of us (mainly them).

      These two reasons support the mentioned war drums that roar for a WW III, right?

      1. Hi vonhammerdonder……..

        I don’t know if I agree with point one and the illumination of the west, that is illumination via de-industrialisation, as self sustainability demolition destroys a nation. If you also look at the situation after point 2 has been achieved then it’s also unfeasable as the Jews will still need the goy to ‘work the fields and factories’.

        I do agree in point 2 and the rapid depopulation agenda. Nothing kills more people than war. However, the future rulers of the world (Jews) won’t have an agrarian society, for they will still eat meat. The goy however won’t.

        1. since english is not my native tongue one should read
          “eliminate” (sorry for that one)

          1. Hi vonhammerdonder……..

            We are in agreement then and yes, the de-industrialisation of the west is the Jewish plan for its ultimate annihilation.
            I remember reading Bertrand Russell (or was it Charles Galton Darwin in “The Next Million Years”?) who said that the Chinese epitomise what the future human should be (a non questioning, obedient slave). So this war will result not in China’s destruction but the west, thus installing China as the next ‘Empire’ to take over from America which itself continued on from Britain.

            America and the west are singing their swan song. America’s last verse will be the destruction of Islam, before it falls under the control of China.

          2. And the belief that China will replace the U.S. would support the massive transfer of physical gold from the West to the East as a basis for the yuan as the new world reserve currency when the U.S. dollar gets buried under a pile of printed ,000,000,000’s.

            and the international bankers are already there…

    2. A fine and logical summary sir, I was unfazed until the last line.

      “Completely insane” is really el ultimo territory for them to conquer – it hunkers, beckoning them provactively. Of course the only psychopaths who’d be ready to do it would be a few extreme conditioned goys in high-ranking positions.

      On the other hand, doesn’t China already have a Rothschild central bank infrastructure from the old Cultural Rev days? Might postpone complete insanity for a little while longer.

      1. Thank you Redux.

        I say completely insane at the prospect of massive loss of life. Completely insane to you, me and the rest of the goy, but not so to the Jewish nation demolishers who will of course benefit.

        And yes, China is controlled by the Rothschild bank. In fact I would presume the Rothschilds put their bank in after the Opium Wars, that was when they demanded the British army protect their opium interests and attack China for refusing to be turned into drug addled zombies.

        The only countries not under a Rothschild bank are Syria and Iran. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were also not under the Rothschild bank, that was until the west bombed them into the stone age and took them over.

      2. @Redux

        Yes! Those ‘extreme conditioned goys in high-ranking positions’ are the WILD CARD. They DO exist. They are the real crazies – and the only ones who might make a nuclear Amegeddon a nightmare-come-true. I am hoping that the Jew/financial elite/banksters/New Masters – whatever – keep just enough $ away from them to deprive them of executing their madness. Having more time is the only reasonable hope. And the better part of what it takes for us to acquire more common sense!

    3. Correction:

      “All are city states and nation states (nations within nations).”

      should read:

      ‘All are city states and nations within nations.’

  6. since english is not my native tongue one should read
    “eliminate” (sorry for that one)

  7. Sincere apologies to posters who are having problems posting their comments. They are not being blocked or censored by us. They are just undergoing a delay before appearing in 20-30 minutes.

    1. @editor

      To all out there still having problems with getting at articles and/or comment sections, I solved my own problem by simply going to the firefox browser.

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much over this scenario. Why? Because we will all probably be dead from the chemtrail geoengineering. There is an arctic methane emergency cause the arctic sea ice is melting fast releasing the methane hydrates on the sea floor. This in turn is turning the oceans into an acidic nightmare of death and filling the atmosphere with methane. The chemtrailing is also shredding the ozone layer quite quickly. As I write the harmful UVB rays that previously did not reach the earth are now here scorching everything. We are now on the fast track to the Venus syndrome with earth reaching some 900 degrees. See for more details. The jew scum have wrecked the planet and we know that is what they do best.

    1. Total Balderdash! This thread/post has nothing to do with ‘Climate Change’ so why bring it up? Anyone purporting that we would possibly suffer a Venus ‘syndrome’ has no idea what they are talking about. Go hug a tree.

  9. The US cannot afford a war with Iran. That is why in spite of the immense pressure of the Jewish lobby it has not happened. A war with China would be even more catastrophic for America. Unless we believe the military leadership of the US is totally insane, that will not happen. From the fact that they have resisted the Jewish pressure for a war with Iran we can safely conclude that they are not insane.

    When we hear about socalled “plans for a war with China” we are dealing here with theoretical war scenarios which are always constructed by strategists of super powers. They are both of the defensive and offensive kind. They are not serious plans, they are thought experiments.

    As for China being a “danger” to the US (or “the whole world”), that is a classical case of psychological projection. The US has developed into a country for which unlimited capitalistic expansion has become the major motive. It thinks it can only achieve this objective by ruling the world. It cannot imagine a country wanting to grow economically without wanting to dominate the world. And yet that is the case with China. China is only interested in its own economical development. It has no imperialistic ambitions, hence it is not dangerous, hence no war scenarios with it have to be constructed – even of the purely theoretical kind.

  10. I realize that Amitai Etzioni probably has to be mindful of political correctness, lest he not have any papers published and probably lose his job, but when he makes a gratuitous statement like:

    “The most urgent threats to US security are to be found in the Middle East…”

    Especially when made without any kind of qualifying remarks, he comes across in the real world as being naive or dishonest. For starters, I would ask the author to define “US security”.

    And why the emphasis on “the Pentagon”? How is that actually significant? The “U.S.” “government” (if you can still call it that) has long ago coagulated into a homogeneous tyrannical, ruling mass, presided over by bloodthirsty Jewish supremacist madmen. There’s “them”, i.e., our ruling Jewish elite, who’ve launched a race war against the non-Jewish balance of humanity, and there’s “us”, the victims, who will ultimately be killed or enslaved.

    As a practical matter, how is it of any significance which particular organizational element of the “government” spawned which particular piece of Judeo-fascist nonsense? If it didn’t originate in the “Pentagon”, it would’ve originated in some other Jew-controlled hellhole.

    With regard to the war planning against China, the author states: “It is a momentous conclusion, a momentous decision that so far has failed to receive a thorough review from elected officials, namely the White House and Congress.”

    LOL! As if these institutions were something other than non-functional props, presided over by traitorous political puppets.

    With total destruction looming, it’s long past time for anyone in any position of influence, in the academe or elsewhere, to dispense with the politically correct rhetoric and start talking reality.

    1. HEEB ALERT – AMITAI ETZIONI: IS A FUCKING KIKE – that’s why he’s saying that America faces a security threat from the Middle East – only kikes and yids think that way!

  11. This looks ominous. The US is planning to shut down many of its embassies in the Middle East over “security concerns”. Why now?

    The reason is obvious. They are expecting their embassies to be attacked. And why should they expect an attack on their embassies unless they are planning to take some particularly provocative action designed to piss off the Arab street?

    Like an attack on Syria or Iran.

    Or even, perhaps, the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — something being canvassed in Congress right now by the Red Sea pedestrians and their scummy Shabbat goy ass lickers.

    1. what’s even more ominous is the collection of souls we have on the planet now

      everyone that fought international jewry in the last 200 years is dead … everyone that is alive now is alive because their ancestors were cowards and ran, or were too stupid to figure what’s what and the jews left them alive for slavery … we are all sons and daughters of the stupid and the cowardly

      besides extremely few exceptions, everyone on this planet is either evil or cowardly or ignorant … and many are all three … its almost as if these souls have collected, not to be judged, but because they have been

      if this world doesnt change around … and quickly … i surmise a cleansing beyond our scope of understanding … it needs to start with jews giving everything back and telling the truth, or this will be ugly for everyone

      1. “if this world doesnt change around … and quickly … i surmise a cleansing beyond our scope of understanding … it needs to start with jews giving everything back and telling the truth, or this will be ugly for everyone”

        But you are presuming people (or enough) will waken and smell the coffee. What if society merely continues to get dumber as has been happening, courtesy of the indoctrination by the msm and academia? Why therefore would the Jews have to give everything back and start telling the truth when the massive majority believe the Jews HAVEN’T taken anything and ARE telling the truth?

        Our society relies on the msm for its opinion. It relies on it to tell itself what to do, what to wear, what to eat and drink, what to like and dislike etc etc. Therefore the only way people will learn the truth is when they’re told the truth by the msm and academia and I can’t fathom out how to take them back from the hands of Jewry.

        I hate to sound negative, but I’m a realist and envision the future to be a cross between Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Huxleys ‘Brave New World’.

        The writings on the wall that Mossad and the CIA were behind 9/11 that resulted in the invasion of the middle east. There’s clear evidence there but what’s happening? Where are all the arrests? Nothing’s happening because msm and academia tell people to go back to sleep while the corrupt police force, corrupt judiciary, corrupt politicians and corrupt security services do nothing. If 9/11 can be covered up, just like all previous false flags, what does that tell you? It tells me people simply don’t care. It shows a selfish society above all else.

        1. After reading all the comments and commentary I have concluded your to be the most direct, succinct and straight to the point. I have studied the down fall and have been in the fight agaist it for the last forty years of my life. And the only warning or advice I give now is to those awake enough to see where this is all leading and to make a plan to survive it. The Jews are destroyers,they always have been and have a long and inglorious past of deception and betrayal. there will be a time to deal with them and that will be the mop up after the nuclear purging that will surly come. As I have been telling those who will listen most all of what you have presented here,is to get out of the ant colonies (the big cities) if you wish to survive to engage in the reckoning against the most vile and reprehensible enemy known to humanity,THE PARASITIC SATANIC JEW!

          1. Thank you Gary.

            Full respect to your 40 year traversing down the rabbit hole. I’ve been at it for about 15 years, a pup to you.


            I agree. I don’t think anything will be done to avert the ‘apocalypse’ as nuclear war will happen. I also tell people to learn how to survive in the wild. As for the ‘mop up’ well, I’m not so sure. Many will change their names when the shit hits the fan and blend in with the rest of the gentiles. However catastrophe does have a habit of very quickly waking people up. It may also be the window needed to wrestle control of the msm, academia, politics and banking away from international Jewry.

        2. More spot on nutshells, Harbinger. The fight is out of most Americans, if it was even there in the 1st place. After all, even during the times of the Revolution there were maybe 25%, at the most, of the population who saw the handwriting on the wall and acted as true Patriots. The rest were either indifferent or outright Tories.

          That percentage is way lower today as most people are just too damn comfortable in their numbness to take much notice of it. You can’t even say they’re whistlin’ past the graveyard, as that would imply a level of awareness which can’t be ascribed to them.

          There’s a native-american shaman named Red Elk who has an interesting metaphysical take on the whole thing, as you may imagine. He suggests that on some level humanity is bringing all this on and playing the role of the ‘cheese’, positioned in a mousetrap (or more accurately a RAT trap) luring the evil elements to it with the result of springing the bar on the trap that kills the rat.

          Intriguing, eh?

          1. Thanks Brownhawk and quite so.

            A small handful of Americans fought the revolution but a much larger overall percentage of their population cared, unlike today. And I speak for ALL of the west.

            Of course you are correct. People are too comfortable in their daily lives. Sure, austerity is steamrolling in. Just yesterday I noticed a 175% increase on the cost of a packet of noodles. So people should be feeling the pinch big time. This is when they act but it will be too late. While they’ve sat around watching football, friends, celebrity, munching on pizzas and MacD’s the total surveillance society has been created to their willing ignorance. “If you have nothing to hide then you’ve nothing to fear” is their mantra and the people lap it all up. Quite simply, had this surveillance society been around when William Wallace was around he’d have been removed before any thought of battle had crossed his mind. Had it been around in America in the late 18th century, there would have been no revolution. The tyrants wet dream is fully in place.

            As for native American shaman’s ideology, anything’s possible, however, I’m just looking at who’s pulling the strings here – Jews controlling the MSM, Academia, Art & Hollywood, Politics, the Judiciary, Banking, ROYALTY………If anything, the Gentile’s are the rat and the Jews the piece of cheese with their system (the OT, Talmud and today’s network society) the mousetrap.

            The future looks pretty grim Brownhawk.

        3. No, not at all. People are not lazy or slovenly once they get the facts. In fact, they will be hugely hostile at the yids and our fat bellied neocons, and they will cause hell to break loose. The problem, of course, is they are effectively blocked from getting the facts by shitty TV, horrid movies, perverted schooling, etc.

          Once they know, trust me. Hell breaks loose and if you have a spit curl over your ear, your ass will be grass.

          1. bahmi,

            How long have people been warning of the Jews? And you think, somehow believe that the fat, lazy, ignorant, bud drinking, pizza munching, sport & celebrity obsessed, braindead automatons, whose next generation is even dumber than the last are going to SOMEHOW get the facts and wake up?????

            Are you really so naive? You put a great deal of faith in your fellow westerners who find Kim Kardishan’s tits a much more interesting topic to discuss than the fact western forces are flattening the middle east and killing the indigenous.

            I am supposed to live in a Christian nation (UK) yet it is run by the very followers of those who hate Christ, spitting on the ground on hearing his name and following a book that sees him bubbling in hot poo in hell. What does that therefore say about the people here? It’s no different in the rest of Europe, North, Central and South Americas either.

            Our liberties are being taken daily and people aren’t the slightest concerned. All I see now in company are adults transfixed on their mobile phones and in conversation – “are you on facebook” the new mantra and I’m talking about people in their 60’s+.

            People are growing DOWN now, not up.

            The total control network is in place. A mouse can’t fart anywhere without being picked up by a sattelite and you think people will suddenly start attacking Jews, free to do so and wise to the problem?

            I don’t believe people who say trust me, especially when they write wild assertions as you just have. Excuse my pessimism, and forgive me for not riding with you on this one but IF society does decide to go on a killing spree, it won’t be against Jewry. Oh no. For you see generations of gentiles have been brainwashed by Hollywood Holohoax movies which have made the Jews an untouchable, persecuted minority.

            If blood will be spilled on the street it will be gentile against gentile, while the Jews high five each other at the delight of fooling the dumb, ignorant goyim for the Xth time again in three millenia or so.

  12. hmmm where are all the ziotrolls today … i guess they dont work on saturdays … dances with ziotrolls was lookin to dance today

    1. Not only this man facial features. A somewhat likeness to Mr. Melvin James Kaminsky. Yes, putrid DNA behaves that way. His last name says it all. Remove the first two letters and the last one. Just another scumbag of the many within their tribe.

  13. Very high levels of suffering in the United States now among the poor and homeless and and the sick and elderly, though mostly invisible, constitutes accommodation for the very rich as they live on the backs of those experiencing tremendous suffering. Labor is stolen every day from the poor, whose low wages condemn them to homelessness and near starvation. Unscrupulous doctors and pharmaceutical companies leach off patients with cancer, heart disease, and other organ failure. Many teachers subject their students to lessons in indoctrination and possess little cognitive ability to discern the difference between that which is real and that which is unreal. Unsuspecting students/children are being set up for major losses relative to spirituality; they are as such being condemned to spiritual emptiness and even their material things and money, which have become their true God, will be subject to devastation and destruction, the ultimate consequence of spiritlessness. To that end, America already suffers mightily from spiritual death. Any physical death, or death of towns, cities, and people, caused by nuclear weapons, may destroy that which remains after spiritual death, and of course the physical is simply the lowest aspect of our humanity. The most important aspect of our humanity, the spirit, has already undergone substantial destruction and it of course continues to this day.

    1. And “when all is said and done” that’s exactly what they want – your spirit, your will. This is the true test of these times.

  14. Thank you to Lasha Darkmoon for alerting us to another nightmare plot by the crazies in the military industrial deep state who probably are like Dick Eastman says trying to prevent the collapse of their world order and their monetary system controlled by the Rothchild banking system among others. It isn’t always clear to see what is going on but absolutely everyone says that the Fed can’t keep printing money in order to fund the wars that prop up the criminal state of Israel, and also it seems the U.S. that now is run by the same cabal. We need courageous hearts and minds to follow Paul Craig Roberts, Amitai Etzion, Dick Eastman, and Lasha Darkmoon into foiling this ugly plot. We need to be saved from ourselves. We need Congressmen to stand up to the blackmailers. At least Obama shows some restraint that I fear Chris Christie or Hillary Clinton might not. Let’s face it, Hillary Clinton has some kind of brain disorder and she laugha like a maniac over atrocities like the invasion of Libya. Chris Christie has a temper and seems to be a war monger. I don’t think the Coup’s Elite Election Squad (just made that up so don’t go looking for it) will let anyone with any other ideas into the presidential race. How can the insanity be stopped? We need a shadow anti-government and maybe there is one–a group that in the background is foiling the idiots. All they have is money and no brains. I mean they can have no brains to think up a brain dead idea like this one.

    1. Christie is a puke. Hillary is straight from the bowels of hell.

      Listening to the remarks of Lindsay (the Cracker) Graham is a lesson in self torture. The ol’ peckerwood said that “we shore have learnt our lessons from the bad luck we had at Benghazi”……Lindsay is checkmated by the Mossad/CIA and he’s locked into a corner, mortally fearing that something about him will come out and ruin him. Pray tell what that might be, boys and girls.

      Yeah, Lindsay, we learnt our lessons and we ain’t gonna do crazy stuff no more. But, you and crazy John McKain will show us time and time again just how neutralized you guys have become. They got you by the cojones and you are checkmated, plain to see.

  15. All Americas wars since Vietnam have been designed to destroy America itself and its people.
    There is no sense to it and there isn’t meant to be. America is controlled by a small group of demon worshippers who worship destruction and wish to overthrow all existing order and civilization. The only antidote is prayer to the Christian God and this why is aetheism has been carefully insinuated into the American conciousness over the past 50 years, so that they can be the principal instruments of their own destruction.

    1. “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever………nothing the Gentiles do will meet our needs, our demands. We need a World of our own.”
      Maurice Samuel, 9or Samuel Maurice – forgotten!) who wrote a book called “The Gentiles.”

      IUSA the KRST was born on the 25th December of a Virgin called IsisMery.
      He taught in the Temple at age 12 and was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser – who was beheaded,
      He had 12 companions.
      He walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead.
      He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock.
      He was resurrected – naturally.

      That is from Egyptian scripture.
      KRST meant “anointed” in Egyptian script.

      Christianity was the religion of the Egyptians and had nothing to do with any “Jews” or Hebrews. I think the Habiru, or Hebrews, probably made Constantine agree to making it the state religion and announcing that IUSA the KRST was a Jew . Constantine probably needed money – as these rulers do, and as they almost seem to do, they go to the Jews for it. The Habiru who have been trading and inposing USURY for five thousand years or so! And slavery was and is their invention. First they used slaves, created by the wars they arranged, in the silver mines they owned, and now they just get as much of mankind into debt as possible through their their fiat “money” system to enslave many more!
      And nowadays the Jews do not even have to hand over gold or silver – they just create phantom “money” out of thin air, on their keyboards – and charge huge interest on it. Which can never be paid back!
      Please go to Ellen Brown’s website and learn about how we could get out of this mess –

      I would like to recommend “The Venetian Conspiracy.” which is a transcript of a most interesting lecture given in Germany some years ago. Many people are suspicious of Tarpley – but do not miss this! Those Venetians were simply the Phoenicians – and their descendents are none other than “The Crown” in “The Square Mile” also known as “The City.” The Queen of Britain is a member. Tarpley says that she not the most important member, just the public face – The Doge. It seems that the Rothschilds are the supreme power in “The Crown”. And it amazes me how very much like Jacob Rothschild Princess Ann is. Amazing!
      Jezebel, that Horror of a woman, was a Phoenician “princess.”

      The Venetians brought the World to disaster in the mid thirteen hundreds or so.
      They did what they always do and just what they are doing now – they stripped Europe of silver, which was the money or currency of the time, so that a terrible deflation set in. They had fleets of ships taking the silver they extracted from Europe and shipped via Egypt to Ghengis Kahn who proceeded to destroy China – and brought the Black Plague into the World – not just China.

      So you see – there is the Khazar connection again!
      I think it is high time all this history was brought to light! It is not only the Horror of the Bolshevicks we need to become aware of – and quickly – it goes back about five thousand years and started with some very insignificant dusty traders with laden donkeys.

      And they never did conquer Canaan, by the way. The Old Testament is the mythology of the different cultures of the time – stolen by these Habiru who had no spiritual tradition at all!

      The story of Abraham was a hero myth of the Syrians. The story of “Moses” was stolen from the hero myth of Sargon the Great who was placed in a basket which was sealed with pitch and sailed down the River Tigris until his basket came to rest in the reeds at the bottom of the garden of thepalace and the baby Sargon was rescued and brought up inthe palace – and he became Sargon 1st. and the rest is actual history.

      There was no “Moses” – unless they meant to say Akenaten but forgot to mention that – and there was no Solomon – that was Amenhotep 3rd. – and there was NO temple except for a DESCRIPTION of an EGYPTIAN
      to be found in the Old Testament!
      And there waws never any king called David either. There may have been a petty chief or rather robber with his gang infesting the Judean hills – but no sign anywhere in any of the records of the various of the surrounding powers of any King David!

      It is amazing. The Jews not only have been lying for millenia, about everything, but they like to believe their pathetic lies. Have you seen pictures of them bobbing away at what the like to call “the Wailing Wall”? It was built by Muslims for Heavens sake!”

      The Song of Songs they like to call “The Song og Solomon”! It was actually the love song of a priestess of ancient Sumeria, to her King!

      Please watch a mind opening video posted on Youtube by Julian Schoeman called “The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down,” John McCarthy made it after being released from captivity as a hostage in Beirut.
      Don’t miss it – or Israel Finkelstein’s book “The Bible Unearthed.” dont bother with the film of the same name – he pussyfoots too much in that.

    1. Add:

      — The traditional Enemy (term used by David Irving)
      — Transnationalist usurers
      — Organized thuggery
      — Russian mafia
      — Judeo-Russian mafia (term used by Darkmoon)
      — Christ killers
      — Deicides
      — Christophobes

  16. Amitai Etzioni, the author of this rubbish, btw is an obvious zionist propagandist whose piece is merely a sick attempt to keep the US engaged in the destruction of the Middle
    East for his and his cronies religious pleasure. As obvious a Mossad shill as there ever was. So obvious it would be embarrassing, but this type do not know the meaning of embarrassment. However his groups real plan is worldwide destruction and they are using the Middle East to bring it about.

  17. It occurs to me China has burgeoned since 1999 when H.Kong was repatriated. I have heard H.Kong was largely run by Scotsmen prior to that. Is it possible China made a Devil’s Bargain with Scottish Rite Freemasonry to enjoy the fruits of Capitalism? This without challenging the Communist Ruling Elite? Why would a Masonic Pentagram want to attack a Masonic Orient? I don’t even want to think about it.

    1. The Jews have been in China for a long time. It seems they control not only the US Congress – and The Crown in London – the Rothschilds that is – and France and Italy and Greece and South Africa – and Cuba (it is said that Castro is Jewish) and and and. I hope they do not control Russia as well, but who knows? Putin may be playing a clever game, but he seems to be very good to the Jews.

      But the piint is that the Jews are in control of Amerika AND China. hey will do what they always do, and have done for the last five thousand years or so, create wars.

      Read the amazing “The Babylon Woe.” by David Astle. It is available on line 0 free, or can be obtained at, or look into John Kaminsky’ website where you will find it.

      It is about the people known as the Habiru – or Apiru. They were traders who travelled with donkey caravans between the city states of Sumeria and ancient Iraq and all over the known World. Scholars think that they probably originated in the Indus Valley.

      They were not only of no fixed abode, but they seem to have had no spiritual tradition either, unlike the cultures they through. They were so lacking in morality that they even stole from graves.

      It was they who invented USURY- and slavery!

      1. I forgot to mention that the so called “royal” family of Britain is apparently Jewish.
        They have some sort of a special rabbi go to the palace to circumcise all baby boys.
        This latest birth took place in the JEWISH wing of St. Mary’ Hospital in London.
        Princess Diana was Jewish through her Mother .
        When these two married in the great medieval Cathedral of Westminster William broke a glass underfoot, apparently a Jewish wedding ritual – and in the cathedral voices rang out with “MUZZELTOF” !! This in an ancient and most beautiful English cathedral which has been the scene of so much English history.
        It is a shameful tragedy and there aeem to be so few real Englishmen left who would or even could care about their precious heritage being so denigrated.
        It IS supposed to be a Christian Cathedral!

        1. Astrea, if you go further back you’ll find Queen Victoria is believed to be a Rothschild. The Royal Family are Saxe-Cohburg Gotha. There’s no doubt Jewish blood in there from way back. However yes, the Royal Wedding was a very ‘Jewish affair’. The Royalty aren’t just parasites upon the indigenous, but part of the parasitic tribe upon humanity (gentiles).

  18. OMT (sorry folks). If you want to really know how all this came about, simply listen to a radio-play by Firesign Theater. It is called “The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra.” If you want to solve a problem, first understand the problem.
    It is on Youtube if your’re too cheap to buy a copy. Enjoy.

  19. Maybe Alex Jones is a shill. In the meantime, he has NEVER deleted any of my posts or in any way tried to censor me , ever, not even once — unlike the “honest” Lasha and “honest” “Mount of Christ”. And my posts are many times more anti-Jewish New World Order, very anti-Mormon — the Mormons are tied in big-time with the Jew World Order Jews .

    If the Chinks do nuke the USA, may the nukes land on Kaminski and Kapner. And may the two detestable slithering creatures be visiting Salt Lake City at the time of the USA apocalypse. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Kapner and Kaminski are in Israel with Lasha and the “Mount of Christ” ; Or, perhaps it’s more correct to say you’re all on some Jew/Mormon CIA lily pad on the West Coast of Africa, as per what your “darkmoon” time clock* would indicate : Ex Africa semper aliquid novi.

    1. You sound suspiciously like “Joe”. Constant reference to “Mormons” and fake Latin quotes. How come they let you out of permanent monitoring? Why don’t you grow up, Joe? Do you have emotional problems? Are you on medication? This is the only site, it seems to me, that hasn’t banned you outright. So you should be grateful to them for allowing you to let off steam now and then.

  20. A very well known Evangelical channel in the US promotes war against Russia!

    There are lunatics out there in the US who think they can win a nuclear war!

  21. “ASB” is Israel’s plan for world domination. It is destined to fail because it assumes the Russians would sit on their hands and simply watch as USA annihilates China. The Kremlin is fully aware of “America’s” Zionist foreign policy intentions, and knows that — whether the Pentagram attacks Syria, Iran, North Korea, or China — Russia dare not remain neutral. The classic Jewish “divide and rule” policy works only where their opponents are unaware of it. Now, however, a “preventive war” against China would result in immediate retaliation by Russia and North Korea, as also quite possibly by Pakistan, Iran, and others. The only “good” which could come of such a war might be the conversion of Israel into a self-illuminated glass parking lot.

  22. @ Sardonicus

    White Eagle Snake Hunter and I are spiritual-philosophical-soul-mates, if you don’t mind, if it’s any of your business, which it most certainly is Not any of your business — I grant you the liberty to know , nonetheless, out of the goodness and honesty in my heart ; If you don’t mind, and even if you do mind, I don’t care, not in the least bit do I care if you do happen to mind.

  23. “A very well known Evangelical channel in the US promotes war against Russia!
    There are lunatics out there in the US who think they can win a nuclear war!”
    Yeah, and there have been lots of them thru all the last decades. Remember the Pershings and Cruise Missiles that were to be put into WEst Germany, during early 1980s, which made millions of my German people go out to the streets and shout NO!

    Why all that outdated “it is the who do it all ” crap, here and in whole WWW?

    Sounds like the infamous 1920´s Hugenberg press campaign aginst as Exploiters and Enemies of Humankind

    which was the first step to put into power

    that primitive and psychopathic MACHO

    (this is for the antifeminists here among the commenters) ,

    Adolf Hitler,

    and his CABAL

    (this is for those who act and write as if only and Freemasons are good at lying / intriguing – what an insane notion, open up your eyes folks and see what´s going on within your own Protestant Parish, or your own Real Estate Selling company! Read Sinclair Lewis ´ “Babbitt” again – this classical story documents very well that “normal white American Christians” are, and always were, SO good at intriguing if they could earn some money or fame by such means that even the Snake from Paradise must have some envy to them for this gift)

    Why still think that “legal gangsterhood” as practised by the big bank and investment companies is a Jewish thing? It is a trait inherent to handling large sums of money, and I also think it is inherent to the Money system itself; people of any race, religion, ideology, or descent can learn and do this dirty business. Jesus often stressed that handling money and getting rich leads the soul away from God´s Kingdom and from His Righteousness. Every soul, not only souls inhabiting Israelite bodies. Remember folks that the Supreme Chief of that multinational robbery company, Deutsche Bank, no doubt a Bankster of first rank, is a full-blown Aryan White German named Joseph Ackermann and not a Jew.


    1. You really need to look into the truth about WW2 – and WW1 actually.
      Neither was the fault of Germany – or Hitler.

  24. Addendum:
    I mentioned Sinclair Lewis to remind you American folks of your own tradition of Reason, of Common Sense. Read good books to learn to use your own Reason.

    I mentioned Hugenberg press in 1920´s Germany as the opposite of good reading stuff. Hugenberg was a press tycoon who was closely associated to General Ludendorff who ordered Germany´s surrender in First World War but made a newly elected Social Democratic Chancelor, Friedrich Ebert, sign it – to throw the burden of guilt for this surrender, and the following peace contract of Versailles that was very humiliating, upon “the Socialists” instead of having the Emperor and himself shoulder the responsibility.
    Ludendorff, Hugenberg and some other powerful people in early 1900s Germany – all “Aryans”, no Jews – were members of an evil Pagan and Racist Cabal, called the Alldeutschen – who were the driving, propagandizing, and financing power behind Hitler and NSDAP.
    And Hugenberg´s newspapers were full of articles and stories about Jewish cabals, Jewish fraud, Jewish greed, and so on. In reality, more and bigger cabals, frauds, and greed crimes have been done by “normal Germans” in 1920s Germany. But these events were not, or reluctantly, published by Hugenberg Press. But if some minor event of corruption or fraud was committed by a Jew, all newspapers cried out about it like mad.
    And of course the Jews, and the Socialists, were guilty of having made Germany lose the war – in fact it had lost the war for lack of troops and resources, having been starved by four years of war blockage and bled out by years of Grabenkrieg in Verdun, at the Somme and so on, and Jews as well as “normal Germans” and Socialists as well as Conservatives had fought bravely side by side till the unavoidable end.

    This was the reading stuff consumed by average German minds at that time. This was how they were taught to think.
    The result was masses of votes for Nazi party ending up in a State run by robbers and murderers, and a Second World war begun by them, and millions of soldiers and civilians slaughtered world-wide,
    and that well-known abominable mass murder of not only Jews
    (the Zionist politicians today boast with 6 million (?) dead Jews in a very undignified way, as if they had been the only ones who suffered in WW II)
    but also Socialists, Witnesses of Jehovah, faithful Christians, Gypsies, Homosexuals, mentally Retarded, mentally Ill, and many many people who only were relatives of someone who had opposed the Nazis, or stood in the way of some criminal plan made by some greedy Nazi Kreisleiter.

    In my country, Germany, it is verboten to slander the Jews as being innately evil. Many comments here would be banished by the Webmaster for being anti-Semitic, to keep his site running without official intervention, I think.
    This is a righteous law (!!!!!), for it is based on Common Sense and on the Wisdom of the Gospel. Jews, Gypsies, Turks, Chinks… are no more evil inside than anyone of us “Christians”. Everyone can be talked into evil deeds by a wrong ideology, by wrong informations, as this mega-liar Hugenberg did to Germans during the 1920s. And everyone can be made evil by promising him riches, powers or fame if the promise is big enough – as Hitler and his criminal Cabal did in the 1930´s, talking Germans into accepting robbery and murder towards their own neighbors and even gladly taking their share of the prey, only because their names were not Ackermann and Hallhuber but Rosenthal and Finkelstein.

    Some good reading stuff for the reasonable ones reading my comment here
    (hope there are some),
    a lesson how to do Resistance against a criminal tyrant for the sake of Righteousness and Common Sense:
    Hans Fallada “Alone in Berlin”
    – original German title (those who can read German should prefer the original) : “Jeder stirbt für sich allein”.

    THINK! Don´t keep repeating old lies!

    1. Again the same tactics, to try to divert to “the evil Germans and Hitler”, when the strategies of the jewish powergrabbers are uncovered: It was about China and the Pentagram wars. To bring light into the deceptions about German history there is Benjamin Freedman’s speech, who was an original witness also overseas.
      To me it is problematic to assume these tendencies were with Jews installed by or before birth. but their leading cabal is at grabbing power, and almost no Jews are protesting against Zionism or War on Terror. It is as can be studied in their big experiment, Bolshevism and world revolution. Only that revolutions today are pushed in the Near East and in the West and Goldman gambling house already have politics and media under their thump. Waters flowing Eastward and Nesta Webster, on archive, the first with a good investigation in the description there.

  25. Sorry for interrupting the preceding conversation, this is an after thought.

    I wish that those who plan mass destruction in wars be required to visit the place they have charted for bombing. The map is not the territory as they say and this is particularly true when it comes to war. They (those who plan such things) talk about the realities “on the ground” because they look at it as a concept and in most cases people who talk about “on the ground” never walk the ground or don’t walk on it enough. ( I see them arriving in a plane, walking to a limo that drives them to a generic hotel room that looks identical in every place in the world)

    I live in L.A. which is routinely vaporized in movies and in people’s imaginations. It is the place that is going to “fall into the ocean” at some point. Yet L.A. is surrounded by 10,000 peaks on the east and in the west the coastal range of 3,000 feet. It’s not entirely bedrock but mostly. I have often tried to imagine how this huge mass of peaks, vallies, bedrock, and alluvial vallies of over 800 feet above sea level is going to just slip into the ocean like a sand dune. L.A. as a landscape of the imagination can slip into the ocean but short of being hit by a massive meteor I can’t see that happening on the ground.

    They say the entire country of Israel is about the size of L.A. County. I don’t want to go to Israel because I have this resentment, but I try to keep in mind that Israel is not just a map–shrinking or expanding or redefining itself–but also a territory with features both geological and social. I am sure as they (the elite Zionists, the banksters) make the entire world into a featureless concept–one world–we are without geography on the ground. Shouldn’t we pass some kind of law (since Augustine’s concept of just war has disappeared with pre-emptive war) that the Pentagon planners need to travel to China and get out of their limos and take a hike. Here is your bottle of water, here your hiking shoes, a hat, and a map so you don’t get lost—good luck.

  26. HEEB ALERT – AMITAI ETZIONI: IS A FUCKING KIKE – that’s why he’s saying that America faces a security threat from the Middle East – only kikes and yids think that way!

    1. because his name doesn’t end with -stein, Etzionistein, but it conatains zioni and that is clear also with his near warmongering against Middle East you’re right. hai, Salman, still around. best to you.

  27. Salman Hossain is scaring me and giving me the heebie-jeebies.

    * Jesus was NOT a Jew, by the way.

  28. So the same people who sold all our assets to the Chinese now want to make war with them? Ho hum, just another staged war amongst bloodline families. It must be taking too long for them to eliminate the 80% through their “quiet weapons”. Time for a “hot war”?

  29. Bertrand Russell described, in a private letter, .. In the Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (Peter Myers)
    To Ottoline Morell
    Hotel Continental Stockholm 25th June 1920
    …” Bolshevism is a close tyrannical bureaucracy, with a spy system more elaborate and terrible than the Tsar’s, and an aristocracy as insolent and unfeeling, composed of Americanised Jews. No vestige of liberty remains, in thought or speech or action. I was stifled and oppressed by the weight of the machine as by a cope of lead. Yet I think it is the right government for Russia at this moment. If you ask yourself how Dostoevsky’s characters should be governed, you will understand. Yet it is terrible….”

    1. bertrand russell was unfortunately an early prototype shabbas goy, or liberal retard suduced by frankfurt yiddish sirens.

      a seriously dazed and confused man despite all his talent for logic.

      good to see both you and salman in this neighborhood.

      1. How dare you insult Bertrand Russell without any back up.
        Arguably all non Jews are shabbas goys .

        1. Mr.Dr-Matthew, first I read something of B.Russell, it was the Vietnam tribunal. This was not so wrong. But if get into his and A.G.Well’s other aspirations about one-world-gvtm – first his tendecy to bolshevism:
          “Russell saw the situation first-hand when he visited Russia shortly after the Revolution.”Then he mentioned the reole of Jews in his letter 1920 (above) ” Yet in his book about the new regime, The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism, published in 1920 soon after his visit to Russia, he makes no mention of the Jewish connection; in the Preface of that book he even wrote, “The Russian Revolution is one of the great heroic events of the world’s history” (Unwin paperback, London 1962, p. 7).
          Why omit the Jewish connection?
          Because he was basically sympathetic to Marxism – he wanted it to work.”
          wrote Peter Myers

          “Bertrand Russell and H. G. Wells were activists in the World Government movement. The movement was pro-Lenin and Trotsky but anti-Stalin; that is why it later gave the impression of being anti-Communist. ”
          Russell and Wells imagined that they were leading the movement for World Government; but behind the scenes were Rothschild and other minders.
          Rothschild assiduously kept contact with the key organizers so that his involvement always seemed natural.
          “Correspondence with Russell in early 1955 was typical:
          “Dear Russell, I would like to present the manuscript of your recent broadcast dealing with the Hydrogen Bomb to Trinity. Can you suggest any way in which I might acquire it? Yours Sincerely, Rothschild”
          (today they have plenty). The quotes Peter Myers has extracted are interesting. Today there is this one-world gvtm and it is the tyranny of over all. And who dominates it and the media? If they start a big war against China or go on devastating the world piece by piece, has the same results. The liberal Bertrand Russel would not have foreseen this. But one-world has so many parallels to jewish Bolshewism: disappropriating nations and persons, internal espionage, ruined legal system internal and international, despotism, gangs of murderering terrorists paid by Nato, lying Neocon-media as in 1984 (about Trotzky).

          1. haha, Rothschild meant the manuscript, not the hydrogen bomb, that he already had with the Fed.

        2. “How dare you insult Bertrand Russell without any back up.”

          Excuse us?
          Bertrand Russell was one of the key players in the NWO for goodness sake! How on earth can you defend him? This website isn’t just about detailing and exposing Jewish supremacy and perfidy, but also people behind the NWO – the demolition of indigenous culture, tradition, family values, nationhood, sovereignty, individualism, liberty and freedom.

          I truly hope you are not a fan of Russell. If so there’s really not much difference to your views and those creating the current world chaos – Jew or not.

        3. Arguably all humans are “goys”, which would render “shabbas” as a feint. While select jews may be his chief minions, Satan has no favorites. No loyalties. He is the quintessential psychopath who never met a human being for whom he has no qualms about destroying after their service to him is no longer of any use.

        4. all the backup i need is right here:
          Yet I think it is the right government for Russia at this moment. If you ask yourself how Dostoevsky’s characters should be governed, you will understand.
          (right after stating that the bolsheviks are nothing but a pack of jews imported from america … oligarchs anyone?)

          i didn’t insult russell, he insulted himself.

          and no, not all non-jews are shabbas goys.
          only the shabbas goys are shabbas goys.

          finally … how dare russell insult dostoevsky, an intellect obviously beyond russell’s comprehension?

      2. yes homeboy… long time no see or hear…

        what do u think …

        if i started breeding with a jewess, they’d let me continue hating on jews in canada?

          1. oy vey…

            I want to carry out infanticide then…

            to my legally and racially and religiously jewish offspring…

            if I breed with a jewess and eat my jewish kids after delivery or during an abortion…would that be allowed in the halakah or their various cults?

            just wondering….

            would a goy like me eating sacrificed jewish kids be kosher?

        1. Salman wants to breed with Jewish women. Great! Just what the world needs…

          1. lol…

            I wasn’t really thinking about it….

            but from what I’ve seen about jewish women…

            they’re not that pretty….

            just average to hideous looking….

            just my take…

            but who knows….I may be wrong…

            I prefer European chicks any day over Jewesses

          2. just wondering….

            would a goy like me eating my own mischling jewish kids … would that be kosher?

            surely if the jews can eat us non-jews …

            wouldn’t it be halal, err I mean Kosher… to eat jews as well?

        2. crossbreeding with jewesses against rules of engagement.

          this is one area where i agree with rabbis.
          i am all for keeping their spawn pure and inbred.

          1. oy vey…

            I want to carry out infanticide then…

            to my legally and racially and religiously jewish offspring…

            if I breed with a jewess and eat my jewish kids after delivery or during an abortion…would that be allowed in the halakah or their various cults?

            just wondering….

            would a goy like me eating sacrificed jewish kids be kosher?

            that is…my OWN sacrificed jewish kids!

          2. would a goy like me eating sacrificed jewish kids be kosher? that is…my OWN sacrificed jewish kids!

            I am saddened by your flippant attitude to life in which you reveal not only your all-too-obvious anti-Semitism but your readiness to cannibalize your own children. You are beyond the pale.

            And to think that degenerates like you were not only responsible for the genocide of six million Jews in Nazi Germany but that you and your kind are still making mischief and terrorizing Greater Israel, persecuting my people and refusing to vacate the Holy Land God gave us.

            You should be banned from posting on this website, you monster in human form.

    2. @ Fritz

      This quote from a Lasha Darkmoon article is probably relevant to what you are saying:


      Bertrand Russell was to join the Frankfurt School in their efforts at mass social engineering. He spilled the beans in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society. He wrote:

      “The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity.
      But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.

      When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

      LD: The irony is unmistakable, but that is beside the point. Russell was all for turning the world upside down and ushering in Brave New World: atheism, feminism, and “sexual liberation” i.e., the green light to promiscuity, perversion, and abortion on demand.

      Scroll down to section headed: “Indoctrination of Children through Education.”

      1. Interesting aspect, thank You. As a Liberal, Russel must have some ideas of freedom and fairness too, but was not so consequent. With the One-world-ideas, one can call him a shabbas-goy with much justification, if we compare, who dominated Bolshevism or the Illuminati and their relation to the French revolution. Always build on destruction of ethnic, cultural tradition.

  30. Thanks for this informative article. Of course the Pentagon has plans to attack China as well as every other nation except Israel, but it is unlikely they will do so as long as the Sino – Russian defense pact remains in force. Otherwise they would have attacked China during the Korean War. Washington does not attack countries that are in a position to retaliate…

  31. Bless you Lasha for your merciful brevity and clear sight. But telling people the truth will not empower them to displace the satanic societies’ hegemony over government. Only awakening and nagging the frantic moral majority to invade, gut and clean the vile but intact Republican Party can achieve that.

  32. Why do we always have to knock the czar? I though he and Gregori had it going. Well I should say the czar should have have listened to Rasputin and stayed out of the war.

    Now would you say a man like the czar with British agents all over St. Petersburg, Lenins cousins walking up and down the streets 24/7 did not need a good spy system? In fact it was Usapov who shot Rasputin and he was the queens cousin. As Rasputin predicted, if he were killed by a royal Russia would fall under tyranny and the royal family would all die within two months. He told them he would be killed but if the common people did it, Russia would prosper and we know the rest of the story.

  33. The jews are just playing on our fears, again. Just like they did to us during the cold war as the THE UNITED STATES corporate de facto government took orders and led the charge. We paid for it then and we’re paying for any phony sea war propaganda. Edward Bernays was an expert @ propaganda and he and his uncle Freud were jews. We shouldn’t be falling for this line-of-crap war with china and concentrate on a solution to the jew problem. Of course this will include the christiantards. The christiantards are just as dangerous as they carry out the orders. Hell they’re so effective @ their propaganda they know they can pull off using a jew like AMITAI ETZIONI to confuse the Goyim. It worked as we’re arguing on whether this is plausible. I agree PCR needs to write the “jew” word as he is just confusing any unjew wise person. The likelihood of an unjew wise person reading his articles are probably pretty slim. Hey PCR! We know know it’s the jews so write about a jew solution! Have a contest and offer five million to anyone who comes up with a jew solution. Just my take. It’s time to take down their propaganda machine!

  34. would eating my own jewish kids be halal, or kosher?

    just been pondering….

  35. @Zaqie

    As always, thanks for the comic relief. My only wish for you is to keep your material fresh. Heaven forbid it should go stale and you end up with the worst of all fates – becoming boring.

    Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

  36. I can relate to the topic of Americans just sitting around eating, drinking, and making merry. Watching sports on large screens, playing video games, and salivating over the next bimbo on “Keeping with the Kardashians”. All this while America is coming apart at the seams, rampart crime, foreclosures, high unemployment, and endless wars overseas.

    Years ago my niece called for help with moving due to rising flood waters fast approaching. While we were moving furniture with a sense of urgency and tripping over each other, my nephew just sat on a couch drinking a beer. He grabbed a beer for me and I drank it, but quickly got back to moving. He just sat there and seemed calmly overwhelmed. He just sat with his beer and did nothing while we were moving his belongings. Either he was in major denial or just plain lazy and didn’t care. I don’t know.

    Sure enough, the flood waters came two hours later. They were homeless for weeks and their house was damaged.

    If Americans are anything like my nephew was, we are in trouble. No matter how hard we screamed to get him to move, he just sat there.

    It’s as if we (America) lost all hope and gave up.

    It seems the only voice left in this world is the Internet. The Internet is that lonely voice crying in the wind and we Bloggers are the Messengers.

    1. Well aren’t “we” too wonderful for words.

      “We” are stardust and we are golden…..

  37. We think perhaps Harriet may have missed one or two commentary threads under ALL the Darkmoon articles ever written, as she made yet another one of her onslaught of information/links under countless articles on countless commentary threads. Like a blitzkrieg almost. She always does that, we notice. There is such a thing as over-kill you know. If anyone knows about over-kill, we do.

    1. Yes, of course, yes, yes, zilio ;

      And a hardy farm breakfast every morning is better than starving to death in a jew communist slave labor camp. wongilmigiggley.

  38. Hello every one i want to share my testimony on how i belong to illuminati member, a friend of mine that always give me money…cos he was very rich, one day he said he is not going to give me fish that he is going to teach me how to fish, so i was very happy, i never new he was a member of illuminati all my life will spend together! so i was initiated to the illuminati world and few days i was awarded a contract worth of millions of Dollars, in my business i am doing very well right now,i am now the one that give money out before it was heard, if you want to belong to us email us on our email address [email protected]

    1. brother uminati,

      never realized just how ill uminati can get, vomiting should alleviate symptoms but doesn’t cure the disease.

      seek medical help before it is too late, church can wait.

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