American Defense Party, by JB Campbell

“Recent history has shown that America is a presidential dictatorship, abetted by a cowardly Congress and graced by a corrupt Supreme Court. It has masqueraded as a democracy and as a republic and as a nation guided by “the rule of law.” But the law is only for us, the people, to obey and be controlled. The lawmakers and law enforcers make and enforce the law on the orders of our deadly enemies. The law is a weapon in the hands of our enemies. We are actually under the law of the gun…”
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  1. Comments were ‘closed’ on JB’s article. That will not garner support. Please tell him, if you know him.

    1. Apparently, Pat, monitoring these websites is no easy chore – or cheap – and it is my impression that he may not have the patience or the assistance to do it. (Besides, the Montecristos and the Darkmoons and the Skippings present a colorful and entertaining forum, here; and they give Campbell good coverage, besides posting Lasha’s own, very worthy articles.)

  2. I like JB Campbell but I almost never agree with him. Still, I think that things have degraded under neo-con rule and I agree with most of the tenants of his party although I would want more freedom of choice. I am not taking any more vaccines–ever–but I don’t think they should be outlawed because some people want that choice, which for me is an easy decision–seriously the chickenpox or a heavy dose of genetically modified DNA mixed with heavy metals, or the measles vaccines that destroy the intestines for a lifetime as opposed to a two week illness in bed with the blinds closed–seriously, or the flu vaccine with narcolepsy or two weeks with a cold, you gotta be kidding me. No just turn the whole mess back over to the courts and let big pharm battle it out in the courts. We really do have a workable system if we had our country back.

    They cannot controll the country–that is, those blundering creeps. I love that Obama didn’t go to war with Iran even though I didn’t vote for him and even though I know he has a past that stretches half way to Iran itself–unbelievable. I listened to the rumor that he sits up there in some room in the White House smoking cocaine and cigarettes and is all dismal. Cheer up, Obama, I love you for not going to war with Iran, seriously. You stood up to those… no words can describe what I think of them. Good for you.. no matter what. It took something, courage. Good for JB Campbell, too, for caring…

  3. No longer interested in discussing the jewish issue.

    I do HATE jews (stop being afraid to say it, truthers who say they do not hate jews but rather wish they would behave are liars) for what they have done throughout history.

    I want EVERY jew DEAD no matter what age. If we do not deal with their children as well it will come back to haunt us, our childrens lives will be destroyed for not dealing with jewish children. (stop being afraid to admit this).

    I want REVENGE The this point and so should you. Frankly, how can you not?. NO mercy no matter how much some may beg for it.

    This is the hard ugly reality and we all know it.

    If you do not reach this point in your understanding you do not truly know the jew.

    It is simply time.

  4. “Invited to speak on the Mike Harris show today on the Republic Broadcasting Network, presumably owned by John Stadtmiller, I made the remarks below. The show reportedly had the highest ratings ever, a record, said Harris later. Despite this, I received a telephone call from Stadtmiller in which he said that he didn’t know how I got on his station but no matter who invited me in the future, I would not be allowed on any program of RBN.

    I responded, “That’s what I would expect from you,” and hung up.”

    John Stadtmiller has proven to be a spineless closet Jew who pretends to be a patriot.

  5. JB Campbell makes too much sense and is a courageous man which can frighten spineless men who do only the big talk. JB Campbell makes them feel small which is who they are really. Anytime someone shows real courage there are fake patriots like John Stadtmiller who tries to silence them. Dr Rebecca Carley was one of them who lost her show on RBN (the channel that panders to Jews). Another could be John Kaminski. John S. even shut down his comment section because “there was too much Jew bashing”. Such was John Stadtmiller’s courage.

    He is always begging money “to expand”. People should spend their money wisely. Just think about it: what good it will do to the truth movement when what John S. really does is suppress the truth. Who is going to benefit his “expansion”?

    We want JB Campbell to expand his operations.

    Why was his comment section closed?

    Comment section is apparently open in the case of this controlled opposition agent who continues to deceive people in the truth movement while even calling White men “idiots”.

  6. America’s General Smedley Butler is telling us what all the Jewish wars have been about if only true Americans listened instead of listening to criminal Jews.

    “It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to do so. I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a memeber of our country’s most agile military force — the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent more of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for captialism.” — Marine Major General Smedley Butler

    1. As much as he exposed, he did not use the word ‘jew’. He saw what happened to Ford. Butler wanted to be Commandant of the Corps, and knew his limits. He was compromised by his ambition. He never made it, anyway.

  7. Jewish wars have led to the murder of millions of innocent people as well as death, destruction, suicide, mental illness, traumatic head injuries, loss of limbs etc in soldiers. How many Jews were in battle during all these wars?

    Death of a Soldier
    Posted on December 6th, 2013
    Dr. Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.
    “The tragic death of Michael McNeil of the Canadian Armed Forces has raised many questions. According to the news reports Warrant officer Michael McNeil who suffered from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) had committed suicide at the Canadian Forces Base Petawawa in Ontario. He was one of three Canadian soldiers to commit suicide this week.

    McNeil had a distinguished military career. He joined the Canadian forces in October 1994 and served in Bosnia in 1998, Kosovo in 1999 and Afghanistan in 2009. His death is a tragedy that filled with irreplaceable void.

    Annually a significant numbers of soldiers commit suicide. Sadly Warrant officer Michael McNeil became another victim of combat related PTSD.”

    Read more:

  8. “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.”

    – Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast

  9. Harriet,

    Agreed, John Stadtmiller is a complete piece of garbage. I think its time for some serious payback for people like him, Alex Jones and a long list of of these alt. media personalities for their treasonous acts. These people have done an incalculable amount of damage to those looking for the real truth.

    Frankly, both of these men need to pay the ultimate price for their choices. They can very easily be dealt with and its an important message to send.

    JB Campbell is hardcore. He’s the real man for those who need guidance. If a person is serious about knowing the real truth and what to do about the jewish issue you owe it to yourself to read every word of his and listen to every interview.

    John Kaminski is another man I respect greatly. Glad to see him coming around in realizing the only way out of this is to hang em all. He’s finally saying this in just about every essay and interview now.

  10. Lonnie,

    John Stadtmiller, Alex Jones and countless other frauds want us to believe that they are real patriots when most of what they are doing is to pander to criminal Jews. Some of them are even Zionist agents who are spying on the people in the truth movement. This particular Zionist operative has installed his PayPal buttons on other people’s websites as well not just on his website. He intruded into the USS Liberty movement as an activist to sabotage it, mistreated two survivors which I learned from their emails to me, calls White men “idiots” on his radio program and blog despite all of which there are 4 foolish White men building him up.

    These men are being destroyed by this ruthless man who hates White people. This man is a higher level Zionist operative.

  11. In answering Pat:

    Yes many people get compromised because of their ambition or they fear the criminal Jews so much that they avoid naming them which is a huge mistake.

    Zionist Communist Jews are the foremost criminals the world continues to have.

    “…on a sidewalk in Amman, a team of Israeli assassins unsuccessfully tried to kill Hamas political bureau director Khalid Mishal, by injecting poison in his ear.

    The poison used on Mishal was slow working and almost impossible to detect. The plan was for Mishal to receive the poison in what was to appear to be an accidental encounter with a man on the street.” – says Jim Wall of Wall Writings whose article was published here:

    Read more about the criminals in the following article:

    “The Real Terrorists: “Israel’s Kill List”

    “The real terrorists in the world today are the Zionist secret service Mossad, who, according to a leading Israeli journalist, have a “kill list” through which they are steadily working to literally murder anyone who opposes their state.

    In an article titled “Israel’s Kill List”, published in the well-known Foreign Policy magazine this week, Israeli daily newspaper journalist and contributing writer for the New York Times magazine, Ronen Bergman, boasted about the Israeli killing machine.

    Starting off with a reference to the recent assassination of Hezbollah commander Hassan Lakkis, Bergman said that his murder “is yet another in the latest in a long series of assassinations of leading figures in what Israeli intelligence calls the ‘Radical Front,’ which comprises two countries — Syria and Iran — and three organizations: Hezbollah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hamas.”

    According to Bergman, these countries and organizations are targeted because the Zionists believe they are trying to build atom bombs.

    This claim has, of course, been thoroughly disproved and is dismissed as a gross exaggeration by every single Western intelligence agency.

    Nevertheless, the mere fact that the Israelis believe these self-made lies, is good enough in their eyes to sanction their murderous campaign, confident that their co-religionists who control the mass media, will always cover up and hide their activity from the broad pubic.

    “Back in 2004, the Mossad began identifying various key figures within this Radical Front—those with advanced operational, organizational, and technological capabilities,” Berman continues.

    “Israeli intelligence drew up a list of these men…The list was headed by two men: Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah’s supreme military commander, and Gen. Muhammad Suleiman, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s head of secret special projects . . . After them came Gen. Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, head of missile development for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the export of missiles to Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad; Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the Hamas official in charge of tactical ties with Iran; and Hassan Lakkis.

    “Mughniyeh was killed by a bomb in his car in Damascus in February 2008; Suleiman was shot dead by a sniper on a beach in Syria in August of the same year; Mabhouh was strangled and poisoned in a Dubai hotel room in January 2010; Moghaddam was blown sky high along with 16 of his personnel in an explosion at a missile depot near Tehran on Nov. 12, 2011. And on Tuesday night, two unidentified masked men cut Lakkis down in the parking garage of his apartment building in a suburb of Beirut,” Bergman boastfully continued.

    Quoting and Israeli intelligence officer, Bergman concluded that all these assassination victims are “all together” now (i.e. dead).

    “Then he recited words from the Jewish religious blessing that’s meant to be said on hearing that someone has died: ‘Blessed be the Judge of the Truth.’ But sometimes it’s better to let the Judge—and History—take its take own course,” Bergman concluded.”

    Read more:

  12. Israelis and criminal Jews who have hijacked America and who own and control almost everything also use wireless and microwave type radiation via satellite transmission and through cell phone towers planted in close proximity to the target to murder people Zionists perceive as their enemies, among all different other methods to kill and destroy lives.

    They killed President Hugo Chavez and gave cancer to many others through these methods and are trying to kill me as well.

    Fortunately these things don’t scare me because it is the quality of the life you lead that matters and we need to do all that we can to expose these arch criminals to protect the future of the planet for the human family yet to come.

  13. Israelis and Zionist communist Jews are the trouble creators of the world. Zionist criminals commit crime and never get punished and most of the world looks the other way for a variety of reasons one being the fear of being murdered. Decent White men like David Duke get tormented for no reason.

    “Allegations against Dr David Duke are “Crazy” Lies Perpetrated by Ultimate Racists”

    The recent slanderous allegations against Dr. David Duke about his intentions in Europe are nothing but “crazy lies” told by the ultimate racists on earth, the Zionist Supremacists who just use emotional language without providing any sort of proof for their claims.

    Speaking on his daily radio show, Dr. Duke said that the recent attacks upon him in Europe were the result of mere “emotional associations” which Zionist Supremacists use to vilify anyone who exposes their racism.

    “They love to defame people by calling them names rather than arguing the facts,” Dr Duke said. “They call [their opponents] ‘Nazis’ even though they don’t speak for Nazism, they just call [their] critics anything they want.

    “I read some reports this week that yours truly was ‘trying to set up an organization to [quote] ‘exterminate all blacks and Jews’[unquote].

    1. @ Harriet

      We’ve had the same trolls practicing vilification on this website. For example, neither Lasha Darkmoon nor Montecristo have ever preached mass extermination of the Jews nor have they ever recommended “Hitler adoration”. Not once. That did not stop Gabreal Jones, now thankfully banned from this website, from accusing them of doing just that.

      These sonofabitches don’t need evidence. They just use the smear.

      1. BTW, Gabreal Jones is a great propagandist for Transcendental Meditation. He is a very poor advertisement, it seems to me, for the Maharishi’s high-powered system of self-improvement.

        Interestingly enough, TM is the “secular religion” in Israel. More people per capita practice TM in Israel, I believe, than anywhere else in the world.

        Draw your own conclusions from this.

        1. like people who never wash hands helping themselves to the banquet spread, they defile it for everybody else.

          sickular religion.

  14. Sardonicus,

    All these so called New Age practices were methods created to replace the real religions namely Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism. Maharishi and his TM and countless other “Gurus” were Jew created aimed at robing our faith.

    Jesus Christ and Gautam Buddha and the Islam Prophet Mohmmud I believe taught the world everything they needed to know to live a clean life on earth as well as to save one’s soul the real purpose of which is to end the endless cycles of re-birth and death which most Christians fail to understand despite all the hours of Christ’s teachings because the Christian pastors have had limited ability to comprehend the true meaning of spirituality as it relates to what Jesus Christ said and did.

    Most Jews are like children and their constant cry is for more money and more earthly fun which is unrelated to one’s true spirituality because the real purpose of earthly life is to overcome desire for earthly treasures and pleasures and not to have attachment to wealth, power and fame etc and the development of compassion for humanity and other life and not to engage in hating, lying, thievery, murder and other forms of harm and to forgive all enemies and I forgive all the criminal Jews and their friends the Dravidian Tamil tribe and Maronite Catholics and all agents like the Christian pastors and the MSM who enable Jewish crime.

    1. I agree with most of what you say, Harriet, but I find it hard to be so forgiving as you. I see that you are moved by a righteous moral indignation in almost all of your posts, only too conscious of the evil you see being perpetrated all around you. Lobro too has your moral indignation, but I don’t think he is quite so ready to forgive the evildoers. Nor am I. You are a passionate idealist at heart, it seems. A rare combination. I wish there were more women around like you. Not complimenting you, Harriet. Just stating the facts.

    2. forgiving evildoers who never even asked for forgiveness is to become an accessory to evil.
      why should they stop?
      why would you all of a sudden withhold forgiveness, having once granted it without strings attached, it would be quite unfair and arbitrary.

      i have a hard time coming to grips with this concept, somebody please explain it to me.

  15. Every country needs defense from the Jew tribe. JB Campbel’s idea about a Defense Party is brilliant.

    In Argentina Jews bombed a Jewish center killing many Jews while pointing the blame at Iran.

    Following is an article that gives details about the Argentina bombing.

    “Zionist Jew Responsible for Bombing Argentinian Jewish Center”

    “Editor’s note: to gain sympathy for the Zionist cause as well as to gain a greater grip of control over the South American continent a filthy Jew, Carlos Vladmir Corach, orchestratede the bombing of a Jewish Center through a bribe. It was no minor fee. Rather, it was $400,000 dollars in the year 1994, which is a massive amount of money for that time, equivalent to well over $2 million today.”

    Read more:

  16. You and Lobro are real good people Sardonicus in the sense you would not want to cause the world any harm. Forgiving criminals is not an easy thing because you see the destruction they have caused to the entire world and continue to do. I find it easy to forgive only because I spend a lot of time in prayer and meditation and because my foremost and utmost love is for God, Jesus Christ and Buddha and because I am detached from earthly life (remember what Jesus Christ said about being in the world and not of the world) while having compassion for all of humanity and sharing universal love for all beings by loving the spirit within all.

    So you and Lobro some day will be like me because I was like both of you about 20 years ago when it was not easy for me to forgive criminals. And if I can do it anyone can do it and it’s a matter of time.

    About 20 years ago I also used to get very angry often when people did unreasonable things. Now I seldom really feel angry in my heart although I am quite stern when I write about criminal Jews. Few times I have felt angry in the last few years it didn’t last too long but I have used very strong language (may be twice) much worse than the way I write about Zionist, communist criminal Jews and one of those times it was against a man (in the “Truth Movement”) who I thought was very mean to few White folks meaning White men who were friendly to him. One thing I don’t feel is hate (despite the words I may use) I cannot bear any grudge even if any one harms my very life like the Jews are doing now by radiating me. I believe more in the life beyond and I have no fear to leave here.

    I want to see more people having courage to criticize Jews who commit crime and to call them out like you and Lobro are doing.

    1. Harriet,

      Wow! What can I say? You surprise me. I guess it takes all types to make a world. You have obviously arrived at a state of spiritual wisdom — indeed, of saintliness — that few of us lesser mortals can even aspire to.

      Still, the world needs its fighters. Its JB Campbells and Lobros. Maybe the Catholic Church provided a more effective antidote to Jewish malignancy when it was the Church Militant. What use is it now, emasculated and effete and cringing under the heel of organized Jewry?

      Consider Gandhian passive resistance: the Christian philosophy of turning the other cheek. To a large extent, this worked on the Brits in British India. The Indians would lie down on the railway tracks. “Run us over if you dare!” they chanted. The tender-hearted Brits, schooled to nobility and marked by the kindness of Christianity, simpy couldn’t do it. That’s why they eventually had to leave India.

      None of this works on the Jew. The Jew is a different kettle of fish altogether. Rachel Corrie found that out. She lay down in front of the bulldozer. Those heartless Jews didn’t think twice. They experienced not a pang of conscience as they ran her over. To this day, they not only justify this cruel murder — they actually rejoice in it and refer to Rachel scornfully as “Saint Pancake”. Read Darkmoon’s moving article on Rachel if you have the time:


      The more one considers the death of Rachel Corrie and the cruel atrocities visited upon the Palestinian people in the Gaza war, the more one realizes that the Jews understand no human language — even the language of the sword.

      Christianity certainly ennobles the Christian but alas! unless it is a militant Christianity it plays into the hands of the Jews. They tread all over you and turn you into mincemeat.

      I’ll say that for Islam. It’s the one religion that has not yet capitulated to Jewish machinations. It still offers resistance to evil. Which is why it is vilified in the Jew-controlled West as a breeding ground for “terrorists”.

  17. Sardonicus,

    The story of the cold-blooded murder of Rachel Corrie is heartbreaking and thank you for the link to Lasha’s excellent article.

    I am so glad the Indians who lied down on the railway tracks escaped unharmed thanks to the Christian British men.

    I agree with you on many things and your assessment of the Jewish heartlessness is 100% correct and the world definitely needs millions of JB Campbells and Lobros and people like you to confront the evil dark forces which Israel and organized Jewry are and that sort of courage is admirable. I don’t believe in pushing my perspective on others because it may not be what God wants them to do. The inner change of attitude in me happened without realizing because meditation and prayer were done without any particular goal other than to feel peace and mental stillness. It was more or less a quiet journey into the inner world and the outcome surprised me.

    I wish Rachel didn’t take the risk with her life by lying down in front of the bulldozer.
    Jewish criminals using wireless energy through satellite radiation or cell phone towers to kill their enemies or poisoning the food or sending Mossad to murder could be different but taking a risk voluntarily like Rachel did was quite unfortunate.

    Islam it appears to me is the only religion that can discipline the cruel Jew. Buddhism cannot do it and organized Christianity is too corrupt to do any good for the world leave alone effectively dealing with the Jew. Christians are better off leaving the church and Jesus Christ did even say that there will be a time you can worship God anywhere. And that time has come. It is now. The relationship with God is a personal one and no one needs a pastor to do that.

    What Buddhists in countries like Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand etc can do is to get along with Muslims in their respective countries without allowing Jews, Dravidian Tamils or Maronite Catholics to cause a rift between them.

    Christian missionaries should be prohibited from converting Buddhists or Muslims in these countries as well. They should be actually banned all together because most of them have been found to be engaged in spying for Jews or Tamils or some other illegal and useless activities.

    These things coming from a Christian can surprise many people.

    1. You are prety unique, Harriet. A rare combination of elements. If there were more people like you and Lobro in the world, it would be a better place. Not that Lobro is in any way like you. Maybe he’s the other side of the same coin. Let me tell you this. You already know it. You are the result of meditation and the grace that flows from it.

  18. Islamophobia which the cruel Jew has perpetrated is such a foolish agitation, an injustice against an entire civilization of people robbing their opportunities and their very life.

    Muslim people have contributed to the richness of the Indian cinema in addition to a multitude of their other contributions in a variety of fields extending from engineering to medicine to research and science in India and most other countries west and the east.

    In the late 1940s to 1960s Muslims dominated the Indian cinema and the movies were well done with inspiring and most beautiful scenery as well as music because of them being talented actors, directors, musicians, singers etc.

    When Muslims dominated the Indian Cinema there was no vulgarity like in most movies that were made in the last several decades and the Urdu (language spoken by the Muslims in India and Pakistan) songs were written by Sufi poets. By the time there were fewer Muslims in the movie industry things became quite different and the beauty vanished.

    There was a beautiful movie called Kohinoor (meaning the light in Persian language) made in 1960 where the 2 main actors Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari were Muslims, the singer Mohamod Rafi was a Muslim and the music director Noushad Ali was a Muslim and to have all these beautiful and amazingly talented people in one movie was a rare treat.

    It is not true that Muslims have made no contribution to the world. These are Jewish lies.

    Dilip Kumar is the most loved among all actors and no one can replace him.

    Mohamod Rafi’s voice and Noushad Ali’s music can never be replaced either.

    There would never be another like Dilip Kumar, Mohamod Rafi or Noushad Ali.

    Dilip Kumar is the number one man in Bollywood and today 12/11/13 is his 91st Birth Day.

    Happy Birth Day to Superstar of Superstars: Dilip Kumar!

    1. Harriet,

      I enjoy reading your posts. I’d be interested to learn how you know so much about the Indian cinema. Were you born in India by any chance? And have you lived there and watched lots of Indian movies?

  19. What is Hindi-Urdu spoken by about 240 million people?

    The Indo-Aryan or Indic languages are the dominant language family of the Indian subcontinent, spoken largely by Indo-Aryan people. They constitute a branch of the Indo-Iranian languages, itself a branch of the Indo-European language family. Indo-Aryan speakers form about one half of all Indo-European speakers (approx 1.5 of 3 billion) and more than half of Indo-European languages recognized by Ethnologue.

    The largest in terms of native speakers are Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu, about 240 million), Bengali (about 230 million), Punjabi (about 110 million),[1] Marathi (about 70 million), Gujarati (about 45 million), Bhojpuri (about 40 million), Oriya (about 30 million), Sindhi (about 20 million), Nepali (about 14 million), Chittagonian (about 14 million), Sinhala (about 16 million), and Assamese (about 13 million) with a total number of native speakers of more than 900 million.

    1. I wonder if people who speak Hindi would also be able to understand Urdu? I hear that there are great similarities in vocabulary, though I could be wrong. Isn’t “pani” the same in both languages, i.e., “water”?

  20. Every country needs a Defense Party to defend the country from Jews like JB Campbell has started in America.

    The Jew menace is everywhere and this is the curse the world has today and had in the past. Zionist communist Jew is the evil force on earth only serving his tribe. The Dravidian Tamil is another troublesome tribe who behave in the same way and the two tribes are friends helping each other to commit crime on people across the entire planet. Jews also have Maronite Catholics who are their enablers and of course the corrupt Christian Church that aids and abets them as well. These are the criminals we need to watch NOT THE MUSLIMS and NOT THE BUDDHISTS.

    There is a lot of trouble between Muslims and other ethnic people (not caused by the Muslims), and in Myanmar between Buddhists and Muslims, and this trouble is created by the Jew, NOT THE MUSLIMS and NOT THE BUDDHISTS.

    Jew is trying to own Myanmar, India (thousands of Jews have lived in India for centuries causing trouble of course but were not trying to own the place which is a new development) and Sri Lanka in fact they are after the entire area of the Bengali Bay (just be on the look out for tsunamis, tornadoes, heavy floods and other man-made weather disasters in the Bengali Bay) because it is rich in natural resources and the Jew wants it.

    After destroying the Middle East and Western countries Jew needs a new home and this area is being targeted. So why not get the Muslims out of Myanmar as refuges in other countries to make people in those countries get angry with them which can further help the Jewish hoax we call the “War on terror”.

    Jew is instigating the Buddhists in Myanmar against innocent Muslims. Jew is also creating troubles in Sri Lanka and India. (Some time ago a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk was beaten by Tamil Nadu Tamils in India. Was there Jew involvement here too?)

    Can any one believe that there are Jews living in Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka? What are the politicians in these countries doing allowing these criminals to harm innocent people in these third world countries? Now that these criminal have destroyed the Western nations and the Middle East they will try to take over countries in new areas.

    I hope China and Russia are watching!


  21. while i entirely sympathize with jb campbell’s direct method of defense, i fear that jews anticipate it and have prepared so thoroughly that they in fact encourage the frontal confrontation.
    its all in the protocols, since long ago.
    the foreign wars, occupations, repressions, “regime changes”, drone assassinations, it is all a milk run for what is to come against their enemy number 1 – the home populations.
    the home militias with their pitchforks have no chance whatever against the hyper-weaponized police repression mechanism with its enormous data centers, sat comm real time response capability, so that the puny response plays into their hands and justifies the use of “counter-terror” tactics involving targeted assassinations, tactical nukes, weird biochemical weapons, poisoning the wells and food supply, chemtrail based crowd control and so on.

    but there is a way.
    the entire jew power is localized in the minds of the slaves.
    the slave is a slave because a) he is unaware of it, and b) even if aware, doesn’t know how to shake the rabbinical yoke.
    meanwhile, all he has to do is walk away from the jew, the parasite dries up in the sunlight of the truth, deprived of life syrup that he sucks out of the willing and unaware slave.
    recognize jew for the diabolical device he is and keep him at a stick’s length, mentally, emotionally and economically.
    jew has no economical prowess, only ability to lie and spin illusions, make tons of noise.
    recognize the jew noise and plug your ears to it, like odysseus and the sirens, and evade the perils of scylla and charybdis, the central banking and the media.

    ultimately, it is the war against the cosmic evil that would extinguish all traces of sentient, independent thought.
    therefore our best weapon is the very feature that the evil seeks to disable forever, our minds.
    use it or lose it.
    jew is merely the tool of evil, its human faced enabler, just like shabbos goys are tools and enablers of jews.
    chosen, indeed.

    1. wow. some deep thinking here. you seem to see “Jews” as some kind of cosmic evil. are they genetically wired that way? or can there be exceptions? a simple david icke type thesis would explain all: jew is merely ALIEN masquerading in HUMAN FORM.

      1. i doubt it, isis.

        i do however believe in a cosmic evil that has captured this tribe eons ago and is riding them like a beast of burden to bring down the rest of humanity and wage war on the creative force of truth by proxy.
        thus, they are chosen and for all that must be pitied but at the same time brought under control, sort of like vampire bats, they do what they are compelled to do through demonic possession.

        some in fact break free and are among the most valued members of humanity on account of their heroic escape.
        examples: benjamin freedman, roi tov, israel shahak, ariel toaff or yossi gurwitz.

        not quite convinced about gilad atzmon, need more evidence.

        then there are numerous fakes like uri avnery and seymour hersh and their likes, they are dyed-in-wool mob members.

  22. Isis,

    When I was in my teens I was fascinated by Urdu and German and thought someday I would learn these two languages. Later in life I bought tapes of Urdu songs and began to listen and really liked Urdu music (much more than even listening to Engelburt Humperdinck, Cliff Richard or Jim Reeves who were my favorites) but didn’t take any language lessons so I couldn’t understand the words. Instead I learned German for a short while and also went to Germany but decided not to stay there too long and over the years I have forgotten all of it due to lack of practice. Even if I learned Urdu probably the same thing would have happened .

    Decades ago when I lived and worked in England I met doctors from several other countries and one of them who worked in the same hospital wing had copies of this magazine called Filmfare which he used to buy regularly and bring to work which I was able to read. This magazine was all about Indian movies and movie stars and that is how I got to learn about Indian cinema and I also have seen few Indian movies and read a lot about them in the Wikipedia.

    If you want names of few nice movies these are the ones: Andaz 1949, Kohinoor 1960, Mere Mehboob 1963, Arzoo 1965. There are few more which I can give later if you are interested.

  23. Isis,

    About Urdu and Hindi I found the following:

    Hindustani (Hindustani: हिन्दुस्तानी, ہندوستانی[a][6]), historically also known as Hindavi, Dehlvi, Urdu, and Rekhta, is the lingua franca of North India and most of Pakistan.[7][8] It is an Indo-Aryan language, deriving primarily from the Khariboli dialect of Delhi, and incorporates a large amount of vocabulary from Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit and Chagatai.[9][10] It is a pluricentric language, with two official forms, Modern Standard Hindi and Modern Standard Urdu,[11] which are its standardised registers, and which may be called Hindi-Urdu when taken together. The colloquial languages are all but indistinguishable, and even though the official standards are nearly identical in grammar, they differ in literary conventions and in academic and technical vocabulary, with Urdu retaining stronger Persian, Central Asian and Arabic influences, and Hindi relying more heavily on Sanskrit.[12][13] Before the Partition of India, the terms Hindustani, Urdu, and Hindi were synonymous; all covered what would be called Urdu and Hindi today.[14] The term Hindustani is still used for the colloquial language and lingua franca of North India and Pakistan, for example for the language of Bollywood films, as well as for several quite different varieties of Hindi spoken outside the Subcontinent, such as Fiji Hindi and the Caribbean Hindustani of Suriname and Trinidad.

    Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and an officially recognized regional language of India. It is also an official language in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, National Capital Territory of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal which have significant Muslim populations.

    Standard Hindi, one of the official languages of India, is based on the Khariboli dialect of the Delhi region and differs from Urdu in that it is usually written in the indigenous Devanagari script of India and exhibits less Persian influence than Urdu. Many scholars today employ a Sanskritised form of Hindi developed primarily in Varanasi, the Hindu holy city, which is based on the Eastern Hindi dialect of that region and thus a separate language from official Standard Hindi.[citation needed] It has a literature of 500 years, with prose, poetry, religion & philosophy, under the Bahmani Kings and later on Khutab Shahi Adil Shahi etc. It is a living language, still prevalent all over the Deccan Plateau. Note that the term “Hindustani” has generally fallen out of common usage in modern India, except to refer to “Indian” as a nationality[23] and a style of Indian classical music prevalent in northern India. The term used to refer to the language is “Hindi” or “Urdu”, depending on the religion of the speaker, and regardless of the mix of Persian or Sanskrit words used by the speaker. One could conceive of a wide spectrum of dialects and registers, with the highly Persianized Urdu at one end of the spectrum and a heavily Sanskrit-based dialect, spoken in the region around Varanasi, at the other end of the spectrum. In common usage in India, the term “Hindi” includes all these dialects except those at the Urdu end of the spectrum. Thus, the different meanings of the word “Hindi” include, among others:

    While, at the spoken level, Urdu and Hindi are considered registers of a single language, they differ vastly in literary and formal vocabulary; where literary Urdu draws heavily on Persian and Arabic, literary Hindi draws heavily on Sanskrit and to a lesser extent Prakrit. The grammar and base vocabulary (most pronouns, verbs, adpositions, etc.) of both Urdu and Hindi, however, are the same and derive from a Prakritic base, and both have a heavy Persian influence.

    The standardised registers Urdu and Hindi are collectively known as “Hindi-Urdu”. Hindustani is perhaps the lingua franca of the west and north of the Indian
    subcontinent, though it is understood fairly well in other regions also, especially in the urban areas. A common vernacular sharing characteristics with Urdu, Sanskritised Hindi, and regional Hindi, Hindustani is more commonly used as a vernacular than highly Arabicized/Persianized Urdu or highly Sanskritised Hindi.

    This can be seen in the popular culture of Bollywood or, more generally, the vernacular of Pakistanis and North Indians which generally employs a lexicon common to both “Urdu” and “Hindi” speakers. Minor subtleties in region will also affect the ‘brand’ of Hindustani, sometimes pushing the Hindustani closer to Urdu or to Hindi. One might reasonably assume that the language spoken in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (known for its usage of Urdu) and Varanasi (a holy city for Hindus and thus using highly Sanskritised Hindi) is somewhat different.

    For more:

  24. Lobro has a very good understanding of the Jewish problem and I agree with many things he wrote. He has looked into many aspects of this evil and probably share my fears for JB Cambell’s life in the event of any physical confrontation with criminal Jews who have the entire DHS funded by the American tax payers to fight any number of patriots. This is the group the criminal Jew hates and this is the group he is very much after.

    I admire JB and agree with having a Defense Party but advise caution about any attempt to engage in a physical fight with these arch criminals and the worst assassins in the world. JB and people like him are the most precious people we have and not the countless cowards who portray themselves as patriots and we just cannot afford to lose a single one out of JB’s group.

    Lobro’s plan appears to be a real good one which many can participate in for a successful outcome. JB and other patriots should gather all of their strengths related to all aspects (mind, body and spirit) in preparation to give a good fight (in retaliation) in the final stages if it comes to that in case Lobro’s plan has not led to the desired outcome or if the Jew were to attack first.

    I feel that the war (which is actually a spiritual one which Lobro quite aptly described as a “cosmic evil” ) despite all our efforts to deal with it in an earthly fashion where the world has to fight with the evil dark forces of Zionism and Communism coming from Israel and Organized Jewry, is best fought via the basic approach of waking up masses of people – which can only be done through simple language instead of scholarly publications. Nevertheless scholarly articles written by authors who are sincere and honest who do not belong to the category of people who try to please both sides of the isle can be useful and mind stimulating material.

    As Lobro pointed out it is a time “to use the mind” instead of losing it. With it’s vast potential man has the ability to overcome any problem in life including the Jewish yoke.

    Mind is also the instrument to advance one’s soul through prayer and meditation. So it is also necessary to go into the closet, be silent while only talking to the “Father” which Jesus Christ taught. And all you need is willingness and determination, personal sacrifice and faith and a Bible to learn about what Jesus Christ said and did.

    No one needs a missionary coming to his country to convert him or a pastor to pray for or with him.

    Buddhists and Muslims ought to practice their faith as they have been taught by Goutama Buddha (not the CIA asset Dalai Lama) and Islam Prophet Mohammud respectively.

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