Communist America, by JB Campbell

“America is Communist because America is run by Jews…”

barack obama 42This writer and the Obama gang want violent revolution. On that goal we are agreed. Obama wants it because he’s a Communist. I want it because I’m an anti-Communist. Only violence will determine anything because Communists and anti-Communists cannot co-exist. One must kill the other or be killed by the other. We saw that in Russia and we saw it in Germany and we saw it in China, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. I saw it in Rhodesia. The Communists defeated the anti-Communists everywhere because America was on the Communist side. America is Communist and has to be destroyed by American anti-Communists.
Don’t worry – there are plenty of us to do this.

America is Communist because America is run by Jews. When this became legal and official in 1913, the communistic tendency of Jews was revealed. Our entire system of currency and government borrowing was put in Jewish hands. The license to print our currency was given to Jews, who were also given a monopoly on the lending of “credit” to the US government. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 technically created Jewish Rule over America.

Jewish Rule, in case you haven’t noticed, leads to perpetual war. Why is that? It’s because war is so expensive that it must be paid for with Jewish credit. There’s not enough real money to pay for one airplane, let alone a whole war.

Kevin Baron in Defense One writes that the cost of keeping one soldier in Afghanistan, including bringing him home, is $2.1 million. There are 54,000 of them now, down from 66,000 in April. That comes out to $113,400,000,000, just to have all these guys running around in harm’s way, committing countless war crimes. That doesn’t include all the high-tech equipment.

Bush’s two wars have so far cost more than four trillion dollars – an incomprehensible figure. It has all been “paid for” by credit from the Jewish syndicate we know as the Federal Reserve System. The Fed has happily “credited” the government with these unrepayable trillions, which cost the Fed nothing, but we Americans must pay the interest. It is all based on Jewish fraud, which is the most sophisticated sort of fraud. It is only in 2013, the final year of the Fed’s one hundred year charter, that people are finally beginning to understand the staggering size of the fraud.

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39 thoughts to “Communist America, by JB Campbell”

  1. jews understand well that controlling the military/police lets them control the currency and information

    where a jew cant buy his way, there will be murder (goes an old ukrainian saying) … the mafia is and always was jewish … no honest state needs a secret police

    keep this information flowing through the police and military … even their wives and family … the fact that many officers are getting dismissed is a good sign … the truth is reaching the most important places

  2. get crafty, hide your guns, play stupid, they red tape you – red tape them back … write them letters, hire a lawyer … say you lost your guns and are trying to locate them

    but never give up your guns … and never underestimate a jew’s immorality … their game is murder game at its core

    be ready to daja, defend against jewish aggression


    “…there’s so many pushing ISLAM on us here in the West…”

    “…the Jews are now pushing ISLAM on us. ISLAM and SHARIAH LAW…That’s why Jews prefer ISLAM… ”

    “Jews are fostering the spread of ISLAM in the West because ISLAM serves their Jew Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Communist New World Order… so they’re now pushing ISLAM on us.”

    “ISLAM + Communism”

    “Jews Foster The Spread Of ISLAM To Divide And Overthrow The Goyim”

    “Black Terror, White Soldiers, ISLAM, Fascism, and the New Age”

    “…so many online Jews pushing/proselytizing for ISLAM these days …ISLAM serves the Jew Communist NWO… SHARIAH LAW fits together perfectly… Jews singing praises to…ISLAM.”

    “ISLAM is INIMICAL to traditional White Christian Western Civilization…Jews are proselytizing for ISLAM.”

    * * *

    Islam is NOT the topic being discused here! JB Campbell didn’t mention the word “Islam” ONCE in his essay! Please go away and post your obsessive irrelevancies elsewhere — preferably on a Zionist site that specializes in Islamophobia and advocates the mass murder of the Palestinians! That’s where you belong!

    1. im going to play devil’s advocate here … my client, originaljoe, is innocent of your charges

      while the article is not about islam, nor is it about communism … communism doesnt exist – when have rich people shared their money with the poor … also, no jew is a communist – when have jews shared their money with the poor … that money is taken from the working class and given to the poor is irrelevant, because a much larger sum is given to the rich … this is stealing, not communism

      so what is the purpose of my client’s post? … by spamming islam hundreds of times, he is hoping to thought associate … islam= religion … jew=religion … yes, he is trying to put a target on arabs as well … but mind control (jews are not a race) is racing in the backround … however, no one here at darkmoon, save the ziotroupe, can be brainwashed … my client’s objective is futile

      and since he makes no objective point, we plead insanity your honor … with request that his future posts be allowed (but with his 2nd 3rd 4th repetitions deleted) … this is a lot of work and seems like a difficult request, but dont the handicapped deserve extra care?

      king of the jews
      advocat for eternal victim originaljoe

      1. @ king of the jews

        Well, I’m not surprised in the least you’re the “king of the jews”.

        Suppressio veri, expressio falsi.

        Lex rejicit superflua, pugnatia, incrongrua.

        Who, exactly, hired you to “represent” me? I could name all the possible suspects, but the list would be very long. Not sure if Monte has that much bandwidth. I won’t risk it.

        In a sense, as concerns my experiences vis-à-vis the online “alternative” media, I guess I could consider myself an “eternal victim”, but not being a Jew, I’ll pass on that. It’s an overwrought and tedious concept.

        Suffice to say, with a such a ” honest, truth-loving, truth-seeking, truth-telling ‘alternative'” online media such as it is , who needs the mainstream media? I refer to the online “alternative” media as, The Ouroboros.

        Being the “king of the jews” you are, I’m certain you know all about The Ouroboros and it’s origin somewhere in Mesopotamia. The Land Between Two Rivers. One river, we call it, “Habiru”. The other, “Sagiz”.

        ” Eustace Mullins The Biological Jew PDF”

        Hostium munera, non munera.

        1. that which i figure out myself, is what i will believe … i like this game, always play along

          but the question is, who is the puzzle maker, and who is the game … maybe one game’s player is another player’s game

      2. see, we got you writing poetry and you stopped repeating yourself … we arent so bad … you arent so bad

        the moment you start working to fix a mistake, the mistake is gone … the tribe should try it

        gentiles dont care who the king is … most dont care to think what a king is … (the king wears the workboots and the jester wears the crown) … jews, on the other hand, are offended by another person’s confidence … they are kings … god forbid someone is king over them … the name ‘king of the jews’ has a desired effect … it makes their blood boil … the cockroaches scurry faster and are easier to see … now i didnt invent this idea, did i

      1. It’s easy to see what’s right in front on one’s nose — that’s easy. It’s a constant struggle to see, to intuit — really, one can only intuit in this matter — It’s a constant struggle to intuit as to what gets CENSORED here at darkmoon, that’s the real struggle, the real challenge.

        1. Yes, lobro, yes, yes, of course, lobro.

          Then there’s those others who never see past their Lily Pad cubicle offices. Afraid to take a day off, afraid even to take a walk over to the water cooler to take a break, even for a minute or two, living in fear of their Mishpuka-gurl bosses, afraid of not meeting the troll-post Quota of habiru troll comments/posts their yenta bosses Order them they Must write — Must shoot off into the “American section”” of cyber-universe : “We” Must confuse “the American goyim”. “We” Must Control “The Narrative” : Must do it, Must do it now. Or else you’re going back home.

          “We” will see to it you serve another 2 years in the IDF. “We” will send you to the West Bank to serve for another 2 years — no weekend leaves to Tel Aviv and Eilat, or anywhere else — “see how you like those apples”, or perhaps the Mishpuka-gurl-bosses say, in keeping with their jooish heritage, “see how you like those matzoh balls”. Better make The Quota or else ;

          Yes, those so afraid to leave their tiny, confining, claustrophobic cubicle office, afraid to leave their ZOG-issued computer, even for a minute or two to go the water cooler, afraid to leave their USrael Lily Pad base to see the glorious sights of the dark continent, explore the marvels and beauty of nature, experience the excitement of the safari :

          The herds of striped zebras making their way across the Serengeti, the giraffes, tall and graceful, munching the leaves on top of the trees, the majestic elephants, the baby elephants following in the footsteps of their wise old parent and grandparent elephant elders, as they make their way across the seemingly endless African plain, lumbering to their ancient sacred watering hole, paying homage to their elephant ancestors long gone, the lioness teaching her cubs the intricacies and subtleties of the hunt, the hapless wildebeest doing the best they can surrounded as they are by so many who see they them as a delicacy, the rhinos bathing in the river, the crocodiles circling and circling the murky waters :

          All this and so much more, those so afraid of their Mishpuka gurl bosses never see, never experience ; To never behold the wonders of nature of the dark continent — for it is way more important to do everything “we” can to “confuse” the naive “goyim” so “we” will never lose control of “The Narrative”. Afraid to not meet The Quota for the day.
          g-d forbid. Never that.

          “We” will not tolerate slackers. “We” don’t care for the lackadaisical. U will meet The Quota or else “we” will fix your wagon. Sure as the viper slithers its’ way amongst the hapless herd of wildebeest, U will meet The Quota. Sure as the rattlesnake takes little snake turd dumps as it slithers and slinkers its’ way across the dark continent, U will never fail to meet The Quota.

        2. struggled at first to see the connection, i mean, we were talking about noses, nose perception, nose jobs, orwell’s nose and here comes joe with a moving tale of elephants and crocs and scorpions, like what gives, joe, how’s life in the left field?

          but now i get it:
          Nose of Kilimanjaro
          by Joe Schemingway

    1. “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” — George Orwell.

      Especially if you have a Jewish nose.

      1. Yes, lobro, yes, yes, of course, lobro :

        Of course I’m “out in left field” lobro.

        I live in California, what else can you expect? I’ve been out here way too long. I’m losing my New York edge. I can feel it slipping away from me. The tension. The Edge. Back home in the hometown of my youth, the city so nice, they named it twice, we always say what we have to say in the briefest and most succinct way possible. Extremely succinct, if you know what I mean.

        Out of politeness and decorum — and now being a laid-back kewl Californian — I will refrain from being NY succinct with you — and Babe Ruth Bernstein for that matter –at this present moment at least. Until such time I regain that certain New York Edge. It does come in handy from time to time. I need more coffee.

        For now, all I have to say is “it’s all good dudes”. A ubiquitous “out in left field” California expression. One hears it everywhere one goes in California. I hope you find the expression as annoying and irritating as I do.

        I guess I’m just happy to be out of the soviet Siberian slave-labor concentration camp in jewlag, Siberia. Speaking of the horrors of jew talmudic noahide Communism. I’m “afraid” if I get too NY “succinct” with U — and the Babe Ruth for that matter — I’ll be sent back to “the camp”. ‘Ya know what I mean?

  4. As usual, I have great appreciation for J. B. Campbell’s content and style! He writes like a man should write. The more of his stuff I read, the more convinced I am that most of what he proposes is actually what is necessary. There isn’t much use putting it off, if you happen to have lived past the half of a natural life. Resolve to confront personal assault by this regime with an act of lethal reposte. If an IRS lackey comes to intimidate, don’t hesitate to intimidate back – take it to the next requisite level to make them leave your space. I shouldn’t need to draw a picture. I, for one, am NOT hiding guns, like a scared rabbit. I INTEND to give them AMMO FIRST – always an option. (The only reason to hide guns is if you just have too many for you and your friends to use at one time.) The more Americans who acquire that resolve, the more cost the thieves and scalawag (Jew agents, etc.) muggers will endure. Just say NO. We must. Do not wait until you’re sitting in a cell or FEMA camp, unarmed, wishing you HAD.
    The warnings of others are timeless history lessons we should never ignore. We all know what those lessons teach.

    Everyone is appointed a time to die. Try not to die regretting you lived to let these things pass without hard opposition.

    Keep encouraging people, J.B. Campbell!

    1. Great points, Gilbert. Been meaning to say the same things about hiding guns.

      Be on (The Blitzkrieg Broadcast) tomorrow 8 PM Eastern. I’ll be offering a three-part plan, among other things.


    2. @ Gilbert Huntley

      Well said, Gilbert. Spoken like a man! You are clearly no namby-pamby milksop, it would appear, anxious to exchange unctuous pleasantries with the likes of Dianne Feinstein!

      Still, I must say, these sanguinary sentiments of yours are hardly what I would expect from a romantic and tender-hearted poet!

        1. Ah, you quote my favorite OT book, the incomparable Ecclesiastes!

          “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

          This could just as easily be the New Testament — apart from one word: “Fear”. The NT would have substituted the word “Love”.

        2. my favorite high school lunch hangout was called susie q (sadly burned down many years ago, yonge+montgomery).
          they served fabulous chocolate ecclasiastes.

  5. communism is about as real as democrat, republican, the big show, and bam bam bigelow

    if you are chasing the mask, you are chasing ghosts

    blaming obama and communism is a deflection from blaming jews … dont get sucked into this wordplay

    1. “blaming obama and communism is a deflection from blaming jews … dont get sucked into this wordplay.”

      The only wordplay here is yours, flying cossack. JB Campbell can hardly be blamed for deflecting attention from Jews to Obama and Communism, as your inordinately silly post seems to suggest. One of the first things he says is: “America is Communist because America is run by Jews…”

      1. america is a unicorn because america is run by jews

        communism is as real as unicorns … it has never been practiced, only written about, like unicorns … economic communism will never be practiced because it promotes laziness … social communism would only be practiced in an evolved society where people care about their neighbours

        jb campbell mentions communism about 20 times … now if someone says unicorns 20 times, im going to look at it funny … and i even believe in unicorns, just not here and now

        i am not in conflict with jb cambpell … just trying to pull up his socks

  6. jews like nothing better than gung-ho retards killing other retards … for it will be gentile killing gentile

    small-minded conflagrations should be avoid at all cost (but life, and that which sustains it) … try to teach the pawns instead of killing them … even if you cant convince them, seeding the truth in them for later reinforcement will give them confidence

    1. “jews like nothing better than gung-ho retards killing other retards … for it will be gentile killing gentile. small-minded conflagrations should be avoided at all cost…”

      If you are suggesting that JB Campbell is a “gung-ho retard” who advocates the killing of other retards, mostly gentile, why don’t you have the guts to say so? If not, what is the point of your comment?

      So you are against “small-scale conflagrations”, eh? Good for you! So when are you planning the next Bolshevik Revolution?

      flyingcossack as the new Lenin — that’ll be the day! 🙂

      1. easy on cossack sard, he is only saying “keep the eye on the big game”.
        no dispute here.

        without jews, the shabbos would just swell the ranks of unemployed busboys and kitchen bitches.

      2. small-scaled? … small-minded

        like gilbert huntly over there, you took 2 words and took them completely out of context … now i forgive huntly, because he is emotionally scorned from my reaction to his poem

        but you sardonicus, are you misrepresenting me because you are jewish or just stupid … if its the latter, i forgive you

        and shouldnt you be following around your illogical logician to give his illogical logic artificial value

  7. the longer conflict is avoided, the further truth reaches

    you are what you do … one should build their esteem from the function of their labor, rather than from the agreement of it

  8. LOL… back to the tried and true “where do jews come from” distraction technique in response to my above extremely on-target post. A post you have, as of yet, to put on the commentary board. I notice clearly you have acknowledged my post, though, and haven’t actually ignore it, not really. You acknowledge my post by your deflection and distraction ploy, in your usual tried and true manner. I take it as a compliment of sorts, as I know, and you know, and I know you know, my above post is The Truth. Hence you must distract and deflect away from it — “where the do the jews come from” distraction/waste-of-time/waste-of-energy technique. How played out, but I guess it works for you “somehow”.

    The distraction ploy : A type of compliment to me, as you know my above post is the truth. Darkmoon is afraid of real truth — afraid of the whole truth. The distraction ploy : A disservice, however — and you fully well know it — a disservice to your readers. More lies of omission by the Masteress- of Lies-of-Omission : Darkmoon lilth/lasha/lucy/and your putrid skankminski tu.

    1. I just knew it. LOL. So typical . So In-Keeping With Lasha/Lucy’s M.O “signature”. So expected. LOL. I just knew you would Delete/Censor the first post I sent you today about Kaminski/Campbell being two heads on the same hydra-skank-snake. LOL. I just knew it. LOL. U jews are a fuckin hoot. So predictable tu. LOL.

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