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Who are the FEMA camps for and what is their purpose? Will they one day be turned into concentration camps for Jews?

” . . . Lasha Darkmoon presents two different scenarios. You decide which is the more plausible.”  —  Rixon Stewart

Part 1: The Coming of the Concentration Camps


Today I learned from a number of different correspondents that the first American concentration camps will soon be going into operation in America.

I found this hard to believe at first. I’m still hoping it isn’t true. However, I will begin with an extended quote from a trustworthy source, political commentator RE Sutherland. This is what Sutherland has to say in an email forwarded to multiple correspondents:

Local people are reporting today that in South Carolina the FEMA camps have opened for business. This information is not hearsay. There are names with faces reporting these events.

FACT: People who lose their homes for a variety of reasons, and thereby become homeless, are being told they have a choice: (1) Get a job or (2) Move into the closest FEMA camp.

They are not allowed to survive on the streets.

Once they are inside these facilities, the rules dictate that they cannot leave. They can make an appointment, but they are escorted to that appointment and then returned to the facility. They are prisoners by every definition of the word.

The public needs to know the following:

[1]  The new Obama “healthcare” program is designed to increase the number of homeless people. The IRS has the power to seize people’s homes when they do not pay the fine for failure to sign up for the new federal healthcare program — a program which they cannot access, in any case, because it simply isn’t  functioning.

[2] Small business owners are not hiring people, because they have no path forward concerning the federal healthcare issue. Today they were told there will be another delay before they understand what to do. Hence, there are no jobs for homeless people.

[3]  Large companies are shutting down jobs. In Aiken, the largest employer in the state has laid off thousands of workers, and has furloughed hundreds more.

[4] The media is not reporting the full impact of what is happening at the local levels.

This type of government behavior has a name: COMMUNISM. The fact is, Congress has voted to make this happen. Our elected officials — local, state, and federal — are totally responsible for this horrendous new development.

The FEMA camps have been a long time in the planning and construction.

Under Homeland Security, which is completely under Jewish control, these mysterious camps have mushroomed all over America, in the same way as the concentration camps sprung up in Nazi Germany and Poland.

You can’t build such vast structures and keep them hidden for long, though many are tucked away in inconspicuous rural locations. They are built for occupancy.

You can't build such vast structures and keep them hidden for long. . . .They are built for occupancy.
You can’t build such vast structures and keep them hidden for long. . . .They are built for occupancy.

In essence, these camps are to be gulags for a vast number of homeless and unemployed Americans, including state pensioners and veterans now being forcibly disarmed under the pretext that they are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Instead of receiving pensions, welfare payments and food stamps — which the bankrupt government can no longer afford — these American citizens will from now on be forced to live in Soviet-style “work camps”  in exchange for a roof over their heads and sustenance.

Thanks to a financially irresponsible and corrupt US government that prefers spending borrowed money on foreign wars for elite organized Jewry than on basic amenities for the American  people, these Communist slave camps have become the only viable option.

Solzhenitsyn wrote about these work camps in The Gulag Archipelago. We have all been under the false impression that this was a Soviet aberration, initiated by Communist Jews after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and that it could only happen in a backward and barbarous Asiatic country — never in America, a light unto the nations.

It has now happened in America.

The scenario I am about to describe is highly speculative, but it comes to me from a trusted source. The only snag is that this source, a former literary collaborator, insists on anonymity. I will therefore leave it to my readers to exercise a healthy skepticism and make up their own minds. Doubt these futuristic extrapolations by all means, but consider: this could be the shape of things to come.

Here, according to my source, in these pullulating colonies of forced labor known as the FEMA camps, homeless and unemployed Americans will be housed in vast dormitories where no privacy will be allowed. The sexes will in all probability be segregated, as in prisons, in order to avoid the possibility of sexual intercourse even between husband and wife, lest any unwanted pregnancies occur.

Once they enter the camp, these unhappy individuals will there for life, unable to leave without a work permit. In every sense, they will be prisoners. Though they have committed no crimes, they will find themselves incarcerated in work camps. This arrangement is designed not only to keep the unemployed and homeless off the streets, but to keep them in productive forced labor, working for a mere pittance for an oppressive elite receiving its instructions from Israel.

According to my source, a bell will awaken the occupants at 5 a.m. every morning. After a high-fat breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages and potato chips, the camp inmates will be set to work in one of the factories where they will be expected to work a 12-hour day without remuneration.

Lunch will consist of things like hot dogs made from reconstituted beef from Brazil and Romania, garnished with unlimited supplies of potato chips, all washed down with coca cola or other high-sugar drinks. Dinner will provide extra protein in the form of mechanically retrieved turkey and chicken scraps with pork gristles and gratings, garnished again with unlimited supplies of potato chips and copious amounts of carbonated sugary drinks.

Chocolates, ice cream and candy will be provided all day and laced with tranquillizing medications which will  of course be compulsory. Not to be seen eating all day, munching away contentedly like overweight cows, will be seen as antisocial.

The meals mentioned above, I am told, are simply offered as specimens; nor is there is any suggestion that the menu each day will consist of exactly these same items. There will be a wide variety of junk foods to choose from, but all will have one thing in common: there will be an enormous intake of calories each day derived mainly from fats and sugars.

The object of the camp diet will be to produce chronic and irreversible obesity
“The object of the camp diet will be to produce chronic and irreversible obesity.”

“The object of the camp diet will be to produce chronic and irreversible obesity,” my informant insisted. “The camp diet is calculated to make the occupants of the camp not only docile and manageable but also quickly disposable. The sooner they die off, the better. Longevity is the last thing we want in our American concentration camps.”

At this point I ought to mention that my informant promised to supply me with documentary evidence in support of her above comments. So far she has been unable to do so.

For more on the bizarre “planned obesity” of the future concentration camps, see Part 2: The Camps Reconsidered. This offers a critical revaluation of Part 1 and rejects some of the ideas outlined above as untenable — indeed, as absurd “conspiracy theories”.

We can be reasonably certain, as in the Soviet Union under Stalin and his gang of cheka Jews, that the American concentration camps will be entirely under Jewish control.  The same race who tyrannized over Russian Christians, killing 66 million of them and working them to death in the Siberian gulags — according to Nobel prizewinning novelist Solzhenitsyn — will be responsible for the running of the American FEMA camps.

If history is anything to go on, American Jews — many with Israeli dual citizenship — will almost certainly be the American FEMA camp commandants: remote and frightening background figures like Lazar Kaganovitch in the Soviet Union.

The bulk of the camp personnel, however, will be non-Jewish. Jews do not like doing menial jobs or getting their hands dirty. They like giving the orders, not carrying them out. The camps themselves will probably be policed by muscular taser-wielding Blacks and trusty truncheon-bearing Hispanics — not to mention the usual White trash dead-enders unable to find a decent job in “the outside world”.

As for the victims of this organized violence in the new American gulags, they will for the most part be White Americans who have committed no crimes whatever: the vast masses of middle and working class white Americans made homeless and unemployed by  globalization, their jobs exported to China and India and other Asiatic countries.

Meanwhile, the greedy Wall Street speculators, the predatory banksters, the rapacious money-lending classes, the house confiscators, the job exporters — all these will be the totalitarian oppressors, living high on the hog and presiding over the systematic enslavement of the American people.

"Here you will find all the usual trouble makers..."
“Here you will find all the usual trouble makers…”

The new concentration camps will not only suck in the homeless and unemployed, they will also be the natural destination of all those who threaten the status quo and question the validity of imprisoning large numbers of people and turning them into work slaves.

Here you will find incarcerated all the usual troublemakers: mutinous White nationalists, anti-immigrant critics of multiculturalism and globalization, dissident white professors, Israel bashers, 9/11 conspiracy theorists, Holocaust revisionists, critics of foreign wars fought for organized Jewry, and, finally, all avid readers of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

In one of his recent articles, attorney and political commentator Michael Snyder talks of the move to “transform America into a giant prison”. He adds chillingly:

At this point we are little more than inmates inside a gigantic Big Brother surveillance grid….The authorities believe that the world has become such a dangerous place that the only way to keep us all safe is to watch what everyone does all the time….America is being transformed into an Orwellian prison camp right in front of our eyes. (See here)

An Orwellian prison camp. That says it all. What better way to “watch what everyone does all the time” than to herd the volatile masses into concentration camps where they can be kept under constant surveillance?


Part 2: The Camps Reconsidered


Shortly after writing Part 1 of this essay, I decided to get a second opinion on these matters from a respected academic, twenty years my senior, who had once been my college tutor. He is now semi-retired, but manages to live on in his old bachelor apartments at the ancient university where I had taken my own degree. I asked him what he thought of the scenario outlined above.

The following dialogue is reconstructed from detailed notes taken immediately after our conversation.

“Are these things likely to be?” I asked, ensconced in a comfortable armchair in his book-lined study. “Is this the future?”

“GB” — for those are his initials — steepled his fingertips under his chin and gave me a long, gloomy look, as if he were seriously concerned for my sanity.

“Most unlikely! I’m afraid these extrapolations belong in a futuristic novel,” he replied disdainfully. “They bear no relation to reality. Worse still, they bring genuine ‘conspiracy theories’ into disrepute. And needless to say,” he added with a sigh, “they are profoundly  anti-American as well as distastefully anti-Semitic.”

I was naturally disappointed to hear this. I knew my informant would be too. GB went on to explain that the whole idea of planned obesity for the occupants of the camps — fattening them up so that they died off soon — made no sense at all and bordered on lunacy.

“Listen, these are meant to be work camps, right? Slave labor! Twelve hours a day being worked to the bone for peanuts! Tell me, how can you have an efficient work force if all the workers are obese, unhealthy, snacking all day, and taking time off by being medically unfit for work? It makes no sense at all!”

I bit my lip. My old tutor had a point. The futuristic scenario my informant had outlined above in such detail began to collapse before my eyes like a house of cards.

“Okay, I guess you’re right about the obesity issue. Scrap that. But what about the rest? These camps are being built. They exist. We know that for a fact. They are intended for people — obviously for vast numbers of people after martial law has has been declared.”

“That’s true,” GB conceded. “But why think worse of the American government for having the foresight to take precautionary measures for a future crisis they see as not only likely but inevitable? People can’t go on living in the ‘Outside World’, as you call it, with all these unemployed and homeless people adding to crime in the streets. We can’t have the productive members of society living in gated communities, under the threat of constant attack by drug addicts and mentally deranged idlers and society’s dead-enders and down-and-outs. We can’t have the law-abiding minority, the good salary earners and the tax payers, living in a human jungle, can we? The FEMA camps are a laudable attempt to stop the country morphing into a madhouse.”

“That’s one way of looking at it,” I admitted reluctantly.

"Coercion will be necessary to keep these people off the streets..."
“Coercion will be necessary to keep these people off the streets…”

“Yes, we can expect the FEMA camps to be used as work camps. The occupants will have to earn their keep by working. These camps will in fact be work prisons, because I can’t see how belonging to the camps can be a voluntary affair. Coercion will be necessary to keep these people off the streets, wandering around with nothing to do all day but make trouble for the productive and law-abiding members of society.

When you have too many wild dogs, what do you do?  You either shoot them or keep them in enclosures behind barbed wire. It’s the same with people. For the good of society — by which I mean the law-abiding folk on the Outside —  you will have to keep the vast majority of people locked up in future.”

“This is even more frightening than the earlier scenario outlined above,” I pointed out. “The one you said was anti-American and anti-Semitic.”

GB made no comment for a long time. He got up and stared out of the high window into the quadrangle below. Students with their books and files scurried to and fro in the gathering gloom, like intellectual ants in search of enlightenment.

“Many would regard the next thing I have to say as anti-Semitic,” my old tutor sighed, turning from the window and giving me a lugubrious look. “I foresee a day in the not too distant future — maybe 30-40 years from now — when America will be at war with Israel. American Jews, like the Japanese in WW2, will then acquire the status of enemy aliens. They will have to be interned en masse.”

“You think so?”

“Absolutely. History has shown that the Jews have always been revolutionaries, at the forefront of terrorist activity. Think of Tsarist Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution. Think of Palestine under the British Mandate. Think of the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

Think of the numerous murders of public figures both in Europe and America, like the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881, which was followed by retaliatory pogroms and persecutions against the instigators of the violence in Russia — i.e., the Jews. The Jews were always there in the background somewhere, pulling the trigger or setting the fuse.”

“Tsar Alexander II was killed by Jews, was he?”

“Of course. Who else? The murder had been planned at the house of the Jewess Hesia Helfmann. Three attempts had been made on the Tsar’s life by Jews. The third time they got him — blew his legs off in front of his own son.”

“He must have been a bad guy for the Jews to blow his legs off,” I mused.

“On the contrary, he was a great guy! He initiated the most spectacular reforms. Benjamin Disraeli, the English Prime Minister who was himself a Jew, was pretty lavish in his praise of Tsar Alexander II. He describes him as ‘the most benevolent prince that ever ruled Russia.’”

GB went on to relate many other cases involving Jewish assassination of public figures: of men who, far from persecuting the Jews, were their kindest benefactors. He mentioned  Russian Premier Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin who had initiated the most far-reaching reforms, helping to free over six million peasant familes and also alleviate the lot of the Jews. The Jews bombed his home in 1906. In September 1911, Stolypin was gunned down in cold blood at the theater. The man who blew his brains out with a pistol was Dimitry Mordecai Bogrov, a Jewish terrorist.

“And then there was Tsar Nicholas II,” I said. “Assassinated in July 1918, along with his entire family, by six Jewish assassins on the orders of Lenin — who was himself  one-quarter Jew and considered himself Jewish.”

GB nodded. “Jews have always been in the forefront of revolutionary activity. The entire Russian Revolution itself was financed by a Jew from New York, Jacob Schiff, to the tune of $20 million. If ever there’s a terrorist plot afoot somewhere, cherchez le Juif.”

“And then of course there’s 9/11,” I ventured timidly. “Weren’t the Jews behind that?”

GB’s entire manner suddenly changed. It became furtive and guarded. I realized I had crossed a red line and was now on forbidden territory.

“We’ve no proof that Jews were behind 9/11!” he replied in an unnaturally high voice, flicking his eyes round the room nervously, as if hidden microphones could be recording our conversation. “Let’s not get bogged down in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, okay?”

I decided to change the subject, bringing it back to its original focus: the FEMA camps.

“So you think that the FEMA camps, originally intended for unemployed and homeless Americans, could one day serve an entirely different purpose? They will become concentration camps for the Jews?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I think.” GB said. “I am not saying the FEMA camps have been built with Jews in mind. Remember that Jews call the shots in America right now, and they have undoubtedly been behind the planning and organization of these camps. These camps have been built for no particular ethnic groups. Anyone who is a problem will be put in the camps. And they will be work camps primarily, efficiently run business corporations. It will be in everyone’s interest to treat the occupants of the camps in a kindly and humane way. However, the camps will be prisons in all but name, because everyone in there will there under duress.”

I thought about this for a moment and it seemed to make sense to me.

“So there is no anti-Semitic intent in building the camps? And Jews were mostly likely involved in the planning and setting up of the camps?”

“Of course. I cannot stress how important it is to state the obvious and avoid any attempt to add to the number of absurd conspiracy theories. Let me  summarize:

[1]  The FEMA camps have been built for a valid purpose, which is to prevent the ‘Outside World’ — America Externa — deteriorating into a human jungle.

[2]  They have been built with the full consent and knowledge of American Jewry who constitute an integral part of America’s political and administrative establishment. Without Jewish knowledge, these camps could not have been built.

[3]  It follows from this that at no time was there any idea that the camps would one day come in handy as concentration camps for Jews.

[4]  In the eventuality of a final showdown between Israel and America — which I regard as a certainty in the foreseeable future — the FEMA camps will be utilized as internment camps for Jews. American Jews will then become the principal occupants of these camps.”

"We're not talking of a Final Solution ... Americans don't do mass extermination."
“We’re not talking of a Final Solution … Americans don’t do mass extermination.”

“I think I get the picture,” I said. “The scenario you’ve just outlined makes sense. I guess it would be totally irresponsible to regard these camps as extermination camps for the Jews?”

“That’s a reasonable assumption,” my friend replied with a smile, taking his place behind his desk once again. “We’re not talking of a Final Solution here. Americans don’t do mass extermination.”

I was relieved to hear this.

After a few more minutes of desultory conversation, I got up and left. On my way out, in the hallway, I took a quick peek in the broom cupboard to see if anyone was hiding there. There was no one.

I returned to my own lodgings with a springy step, glad to be relatively young and still alive.

108 thoughts to “CONCENTRATION CAMP AMERICA, by Lasha Darkmoon”

  1. Don’t get too used to that ‘springy’ step, Miss Lasha! (though it is pleasant to envision you happy about something – and encouraging! Lol)

    Thought-provoking dialogue, here, yes indeedy…. My initial comment would be to the effect that perhaps there’d be some sort of variation of your own – not GB’s scenario. The general public of America hasn’t enough resolve or grit for the GB prospect. Remember: America is ‘browning-up’. A great portion of Americans HAVE NO IDEA of their racial or cultural heritage; even less so the ability to discern the crimes of Talmudic Jewry against the Anglo-American people who caused their land to flourish.

    Yes, the FEMA camps will, most likely, become some variation of death camps, for a season. But ‘Who’ the administrators will ultimately be is still just as speculative as your conversation with GB. Both of you are right, and both of you are wrong… There will, undoubtedly, be enough very smart people responding to your conversation, here, to refine all our opinions!

    Thank you for your sharing your mind, Princess.

    1. This article, originally published on Veterans Today on Wednesday where it received a very positive response, was republished yesterday on The Truthseeker:

      I wrote to Rixon Stewart, the editor of the Truthseeker, this morning. This is one of my favorite websites and always has been. In order to clarify the situation and the circumstances under which this particular article was written, I will quote my email to Rixon in full:

      Hi Rixon,

      Just to thank you for publishing my latest article “Concentration Camp America” and to let you know I’ve quoted you at the top of my page by way of introduction: “. . . Lasha Darkmoon presents two different scenarios. You decide which is the more plausible.” —Rixon Stewart.

      That was a very astute introduction and I wish I’d thought of it myself! Though most of my readers have reacted positively to the article, a significant minority have failed to understand that there are two different scenarios to choose from. And they think I am plugging BOTH scenarios. Hence quite a lot of confusion and some pretty vitriolic abuse of me personally in the Comments section — which we do our best not to censor.

      This article was admittedly a departure from my previous work in that it contained very little in the way of documentation, supportive quotes, and hyperlinks to reliable sources. I did however warn readers that the article was “highly speculative” and urged them to “exercise a healthy skepticism and make up their own minds.”

      This is the first article I’ve ever written (and hopefully the last) under the influence of a raging toothache. Thankfully, the toothache is now under control. So I hope to return to my usual style of writing — sober and academic! — in future articles.

      Kind regards,


      1. In other words, I reject many of the extravagant ideas put forth in Part 1 of this article. This is based on information received from an anonymous informant. I actually pointed out that this informant had failed to provide me with reliable documentation as promised. I also advised the reader to exercise a “healthy skepticism”.

        To a large extent, my own ideas correspond to the ideas put forth in Part 2 of the article, “The Camps Reconsidered.”

        In my view, there is nothing extravagant or implausible about these ideas. They are current all over the internet.

        * * *

        As for the bizarre idea of planned obesity for the concentration camp inmates, I have rejected this idea as implausible in Part 2 of the article. I have even quoted my old college tutor (“GB”) as saying that the whole idea of planned obesity “borders on lunacy”.

        There is nothing “conspiracy theorist”, however, about the idea that the US and Israel — 30-40 years from now — will be at war with each other.

        Many political commentators predict this as inevitable, including Mark Glenn.

        I think this is likely if the Jews get too pushy and start treading on too many American toes.

        There is a breaking point for Americans, and it may soon be reached. The FEMA camps will then be utilized as an internment camps for American Jews. Who will be regarded as enemy aliens.

        Anyone who maintains that this is a bizarre “conspiracy theory” simply isn’t paying attention.

        1. Maybe the “prison camps” part was metaphorical.
          As for “planned obesity”, 90% of the prime positions at the majority of supermarket aisle ends are for deeply discounted sugary drinks, salty snacks, sugary coated cereals, lollies, chocolates and chocolate biscuits.

          Aside: The other 10% usually includes toilet paper.

    2. @ Lasha Darkmoon

      I had to write in to express my appreciation for your concentration camp story. Very entertaining!

      Does David Dees know that you’re using his art work?

      The concentration camp story was a well-crafted way of delivering the truth. Many people here in the American colonies really believe in the existence of concentration camps. I first heard about them in 1999. They were just called concentration camps back then.

      The “fear sites” on the web all declared that there are 600 of them scattered across the US. Now that FEMA is a part of our reality, the concentration camps are known as FEMA camps and the word on the ‘net’ is that there are 850 of them.

  2. Retire early and escape the rat race with a one way ticket to of our trusty gated community on the outskirts of Fat City.
    It all makes perfect sense. Trauma farming is the way of the future.

  3. While we’re having fun speculating on the gulag play book, let’s not forget jewish intellectuals “imprisoned” for their strident devotion to democracy and naturally segregated from the general prison population in private apartments because of rampant antiSemitism. These high profile jews will provide a convenient soapbox for organized Jewry and its MSM to claim that the jews responsible for the gulag are its major victims.

    1. Outstanding article. I think you are onto a new trend here, the complete exposure of Talmudic Khazarian “fake Judaics”.

      There are plenty of innocent Judaics who are secular and anti-zionist too and I hope they are not blamed for the evil of the zio crime syndicate members, the dual citizens, the Aipac and ADL members (zio agents of espionage), and the NeoCons who are probably going to be singled out and eventually blamed for the 9/11 attacks, setting up the phony war on terror, manipulating America into the phony illegal Mideast wars, creating DHS and the TSA to sexual grope and harass airline passengers, and trying to turn America into Gaza II. It is these folks who must be brought to justice not the innocent Judaic anti-zios who have helped expose the evils of world zionism.

      1. “Evil” Hitler, contrary to Jewish propaganda, was against the, (A ford put it), “International Jews”, not all. There were upwards of 150,000 Jews in his army and his chauffer and (I believe), his cook were also Ashkenazi. If the United States of Israel had been blessed with honorable men, (Lindberghs et al excepted), this would all be a moot point. The national Socialist party under the headship of Hitler would have freed the Russian people along with all of Eastern Europe, saved nearly 100 million Christian/Muslim lives, made all Central Banks exist only in horror stories and history books. The world would be free of the treachery, evil that is Talmudic Jewry. Alas, the U.S. has never, nor will it ever be an honorable country until they free themselves of the elusion of “the chosen”.

    2. “Who are your sources? Cowardly sources are not credible.”

      Anonymous sources by definition cannot be named. Anonymous informants require protection. Check out any article in the New York Times or Washington Post and you will read “A government official said…” or “A top aide at the Pentagon who wishes to remain anonymous disclosed…”

      Why do you demand more from Darkmoon than you do from the New York Times? Are you Jewish? Are only Jews allowed to cite anonymous sources in the Jew-owned media?

      1. Good point. Let’s see how “logic” runs in the mind of the run-of-the-mill U.S. citizen.

        Snowden…..Manning et al ruined their lives trying to shake the denizens of “Bizarro World” awake while the fools ignore the Bush swine that “outed” the CIA lackey, Valerie Playne, (sic), is convicted, sentenced, (ridiculous length), then “acquitted” by the filth that is Bush within literally a few weeks.

        “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

        – H.L. Mencken

        1. Thanks… your Mencken quote is most apt. He lived in the days when it was still possible to speak the truth about the Jews.

          “The case against the Jews is long and damning; it would justify ten thousand times as many pogroms as now go on in the world.”

          — HL Mencken, Introduction to Nietzsche’s The Antichrist, 1918.

  4. This tells me there is a lot of fiction in the story:

    “At this point I ought to mention that my informant promised to supply me with documentary evidence in support of her above comments. So far she has been unable to do so.”

    1. The way it looks from here, going back on who did what and suggested what to Bush and etc and before that.

      It looks to many of us the ZIONISTS have reached their final revenge on all non Zionists who tortured them and made them so rich they bought off the world and any one in it.

      So, thanks for the news but the USA has been turned into a FEMA camp already.

      The Jews can escape to Israel.

    1. Not a nice thing to think about but it’s worth the consideration. Camp Grayling is only 60 miles from where I live and right now there are 100 MRAP armored vehicles parked next door in a gravel pit, hidden from outside view.

      Something is brewing and it ain’t beer.

      I am at this time considering liquidating all that I do not absolutely need, which is mostly hobby stuff, kits, finished planes and equipment and then getting the HELL OUT OF HERE! Where…I don’t quite know yet but if I stick around here I know where I’ll end up and my plan is not to live out the rest of my life in a f*****g FEMA camp.

      I have no family of my own as I won’t be leaving anybody behind.
      Now some may consider this to be unpatriotic but…..consider all those who fled or attempted to flee the communist Soviet Union or where ever other murderous regimes took power. It has nothing to do with patriotism to want to survive in freedom. After all, many, many Europeans fled to this country to be free from either religious persecution or to be free from a tyrant.

      Just where to go is another thing to consider.

      This of course is only one of several options I am considering including that which I will not speak of but many of us here also consider.

      What really concerns me is that so many Americans cannot see what’s coming at them. They don’t have a god damn clue.

    2. I appreciated how Lasha Darkmoon went from amazingly out-of-this-world satire (in Part 1) to a focused real world subject (in Part 2) that will affect every one of us in some form or another,at some time in the future.

      The Jews work the dual citizenship scam to their advantage, unlike any other people, and it is always focused to their advantage. However,when that dual citizenship is used against the US, then there needs to be a revocation of those dualities.Pollard is but the frosting on the cheesecake and the tentacles of organized Jewry steals us blind in ways which the common person has no idea about.

      US citizens,with no other passport, should be able to hold office at the state and federal level at the least.When people like Rep.Cantor can basically mandate that our congress pledge allegiance to Israel,we have treason on our hands and we as citizens need to recall every one of those bastards that did so. That action alone will take back our country and Congress will once again represent us rather than foreign interests.

    3. Lasha,

      Excellent article The food thing is tricky though; food has always been used as a weapon, and always will be. A real human weakness, is having to be fed frequently to stay alive. The controllers all know this and exploit it. Unfortunately, in America, the current generation has always had food available. Just try and tell somebody in America that they need to worry about having enough food; most people (my family included) just look at you like you are crazy – and avoid you.

      I have been arguing for years that America is being starved by stealth. The controllers have figured out our taste buds and can make anything taste good now – real good. The fast food stores and grocery stores now sell “what they call” manufactured meat products. It may have a little real meat in it; but is mostly non-food poison additives. The water is poisoned with sodium fluoride, and now the air is poisoned continuously with chemtrails. Yes, we are being killed slowly.

      The numbers that I have heard that the globalist contollers have planned for a future America is 20 million; that is practically total extermination in this country.

      Another point you did not mention, is that many of the people that will be herded into these camps will be elderly. I have heard that the globalists consider anyone over 50 years old as useless eaters, to be eliminated asap. You can be sure that the camps will have ways to quickly eliminate anyone who is not usefull to them as a slave laborer.

  5. This is how these matters always begin, grains of truth covered over by shovel-loads of bullshit to discount the grains and obfuscate truth. The camps are real, but the camp diet rates right up there with alien abduction, planet Nirubu and “planes never hit the trade towers” litany of “alternative” BS. Remember, Jews always have something for everyone. They provide countless distractions for those so inclined to follow such misdirection. Ironically, I just wrote this yesterday about another sign of a dramatic shift in American policy:

    Another clue? Here’s a big one, the new Fed “Vice Chairman” is a native Zambian Jew and a dual Israeli citizen – as are all Jews by birth. Pay close attention to his vitae. Spend a few minutes to look look up present day Zambia and its half sister Zimbabwe and you can see exactly what Jews do to a country where they have installed Negro “leadership.” Only the most delusional individuals think America will be different. While Janet Yellen is a Jewess, she is the merely a female figurehead that puts a soft, motherly slant on the situation, but beneath her glove of velvet is a gold-plated fist of iron. In fact she will take her orders from lower level male “administrators” like Fischer, who receive their orders directly from the Rothschilds.* From the most ancient times, Jews have been a patriarchal society. The primary controllers of the House of Rothschild are, and have always been, male; nothing has changed but the widow dressing. What does this change in the Fed’s lower level administration actually mean? It means Americans can expect a sea change in the economy. The Fed owners are installing their personal administrators with unquestionable loyalty in anticipation of the economic carnage that will destroy America and bring it fully into a third world status of misery and hunger. Then the FEMA camps will open their doors for business and all those billions of hollow point rounds ordered by the DHS will be put to use in the same manner as the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 Russia Using naked power generated by vast wealth of resources stolen from the gullible goyim, Jews have done this to Russia, Europe and throughout western civilization as well as Africa and now countries throughout the Middle East. Only a fool would expect America to be granted mercy by the race of psychopaths who have no emotions – especially those that might engender any mercy.

    From the Protocols

    *”The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisers,
    specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world. As is well known to you, these specialists of ours have been drawing to fit them for rule the information they need from our political plans from the lessons of history, from observations made of the events of every moment as it passes.”

    1. Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.

      Wasnt kingpin Dick Cheney the mastermind of the Fema camps?

      A great boost for Halliburton…imagine how many people got work to built this camps.

      The jubilation by the stuff of Northrop Grumman will be like a permanent xmas party. A new paradise for pedophiles, schoolgirl hunters, organ trafficking…a hughe spare parts store. You dont need to go to Thailand, Philippines to buy a same sex husband…you can have them next door. You dont have to watch movies for your exitment…you can fight real in syria and rape and kill defenseless woman and children and get even paid for it. All with the blessing of the united states of America and their interests.

      Imagine the hope for the whole world when Dick Cheney has a new heart from a Goj.

      And dont worry that the camps get too full…Saudi Arabia is now specialized to buy inmates from prisons to fight the holy jihad…or sexual jihad…everywhere, where this successful new form of diplomacy is needed.

    2. I am interested in your “planes never hit the Towers” remark. Aside from the fact that even if planes did hit the Towers, they would certainly be unable to bring them down; and if they hit the Towers, then did one also hit the Pentagon; or was one shot down in Pennsylvania without leaving any wreckage behind; aside from all these major criticisms of your viewpoint, there is some new light recently discovered.
      This is most remarkable in its implications.
      The essential truth adduced by this rabbi; of all people; who has, dare I say it, restored my faith in this specific example of the species ( he even says that rabbis only “symbolically” release all liability for debt in the sabbath year – I assume he means “the Jubilee Year”, as mandated by the Lord God ); is that 9-11 and the stock market crash of 2008 ( note, exactly seven years later ) were harbingers, as he describes it, of a divine judgement prefigured at Isaiah ch 9 verse 10.
      His essential message however, unstated but implied, is that the major judgement of God upon Babylon will occur in 2015, presumably in the September of that year.
      Thus, any considerations of who might be the eventual inhabitants of the FEMA camps, or what will be the culinary arrangements thereof, is somewhat moot.

  6. (1) The camps were built. The contract to build them was publicized at the time, it was in the newspaper, that Halliburton got the contract, and the amount of money. The government itself published a description of the program, called Project: Endgame.

    This was in 2003. And, you might speculate that it was a psy-op, to intimidate the left, as G.W. Bush launched his second war. That, and pork barrel politics.

    (2) But, the camps were built, and the “Deep Underground Military Bases” have been covertly built, over a longer period of time. We cannot expect this government to suddenly develop a conscience and NOT use those camps, when the expected crisis occurs.

    We have prison labor now. The camps are not for prison labor. Food is expensive, and withholding it is a way to control people. The camps are not going to make anybody fat.

    The camps are not for mass murder. Nobody transports millions across continents to kill them, when hunger and cold will kill them where they are.
    That was the “Hunger Plan” of the Nazis, remember.

    The camps may be used as “black prisons,” to hold people without charges, and possibly as a source of tissue/organs for transplant as in China.

  7. I just got a sense or feeling of dread which will prohibit me from feeling free as a bird for at least a day, and I DO deserve to feel free as a bird. It is from being reminded that these FEMA camps were constructed by stunted genetic slag given to ambitions exclusive to the realm of unnatural acts. Lt. Colonel(ret.) Michael Aquino would be a great person to interview and see what wondrous glee he believes is being brought to us by sponsoring and coveting the souls to be lost to hell itself in these camps. Mother Nature has a way of telling us where we belong, which is most likely why these defects built these camps, for themselves.

  8. Stanlet Fischer, ex governor of Bank of Israel put 2nd in charge of the Fed behind Janet Yellen.

    Robert Creamer is now credited for writing 628 pages of Obamacare while he was in prison. Creamer is a senior Democratic operative who defrauded banks in order to keep his Marxist/Communist community organization afloat by engaging in 16 counts of bank and tax fraud. Creamer is the husband of Marxist Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat who demands a “single payer” healthcare delivery system. Creamer’s book calls for the “democratization of wealth”, and the “progressive control of governments around the world.”

    Timothy Massad becomes new regulator of the trillion dollar U.S. derivatievs market:

    And Rothschild exposed in controlled opposition in the gold market. Is anybody really surprised?

  9. Adolf Hitler had only very small camps used to hold political opponents ( read Jew Marxist Terrorists ) . The inmates were never mistreated and were well fed and given good medical care . You cannot say the same for American prisons today . The larger camps built during the war were used to house openly declared enemies of the Reich and to engage them in working to help the war effort , the enemies within didn’t like that one bit , hence the term ; slave labor . Whatever these camps ( over 800 of them ) are used for really depends on who is in power . You do understand who that is right now don’t you ?

  10. too many lies and propaganda. Jews will never be in the camp. check Russia or any other communist country. they need not fatten anybody. when you are working 16 hours (yes it will be 16 hours min) then you will die early anyway.

    and you will NOT be given any food you mentioned. most likely it will be bowl of boiled corn three times a day 365 days a year just like cows.

    work is not the only thing. inmates will be used like lab rats for new drugs.

    child birth will be tolerated as long as pedophiles can get get good supplies. yes, most of your controllers are also pedophiles. most of the time these camps will just provide ego boost for controlling party. work most likely be non-critical ones like sewing, mining etc with hefty health issues. of course you will not be provided health care. too expensive.

    I just feel that dead inmates might be fed to other inmates for special meat treat days, as they did in Russia under the Bolshevik Jews (1017-1953).

  11. I wrote this on my blog a couple of years ago:

    “Our grandchildren will all live in a high rise. They will take the elevator down to the main level and work as cashiers, shelve stockers, floor sweepers, run out to the parking lot and gather carts from the parking area for Bmers, Mercs and Bentleys of the super rich. If they get sick, they go to the clinic in the basement and get an aspirin or have their stomach pumped out. Their pay check will be direct deposited in the WalMart bank and costs for living, health care, clothes and food cooked in the WalMart kitchen will be deducted from their account leaving nothing left so they need to work another week. After work, they will go back upstairs and watch golf on WalMart satellite TV with Williams shoving a pitching wedge up Tigers black butt. When they croak, the body will be dumped in the WalMart incinerator, making room for the next generation of WalMart employees.”

  12. Posted from North Carolina:

    This is a painting to put more scare and fear into many Americans who are not aware of the atrocities that go on in these places and in many other prisons, but are coming to light about the brutalities being committed in such places the guards, and prison staff who are now under indictment. Some already have been given stiff prison sentences.

    While our freedom of speech is under attack by Hate Crime Laws which are biasing and inhibits impartial judgment by the courts. Hopefully, Truth, our only weapon, is beginning to seep through, not in the manner we would like to see, but it is coming around. For which deserving thanks should be given to you.

    Nietzsche, the German Philosopher-(1844-1900) said: History is the belief in falsehood. History rarely records reality, hidden behind it is the arcane, or true history which is not exposed to the public or being taught in colleges and universities. The simplicities of government, if it were followed by the Constitution, would not be the complicated, misinforming institution it has become.

    In the 15th century, the Sanhedrin, the highest judicial and ecclesiastical council of the ancient Jewish nation, comprised of 70-72 members told the people to infiltrate, destroy, and take control of the hierarchy in religion and in the successive ranks of government and industries. The Talmud teaches the Jews to take what they want; as it already belongs to them. Then there are the writers and orators espousing their beliefs—including patriotic groups and committees fighting their “patriotic pet cause”–all, not wanting a response except for a large donation so they can continue their false and misleading information.

    As in Judaism, Buddhism, Islamism, all being used by those who do not want to believe or accept the existence of the one Supreme Being as the true God, they want the people to follow their “enlightenment” by giving critical knowledge to be accepted as true doctrines. Their desire is to crush Christianity. To destroy the existence of the one true God from whom our freedoms come.

    God knew all this, and had His Son deliver his Commandments and Laws to Moses, which led to Christianity that brought man out of the dark ages of slavery and gave him human dignity, and the freedoms handed down through the centuries to the present. Sadly the work of evil is taking over.

    Government did not give our Freedoms to us. No nation ever began with the recognition of God or with Truths exposed so clearly as it is in the Declaration of Independence, written by men who believed that our rights including rights of property, and freedoms come from God, no place else. No government, or group can take it away without force. Consequently no other religious groups or movements, either, have the right to take them away. If one looks back over history, should be able to recognize the Truth and learn that freedom was uncommon, most of the people then, who walked the earth have lived a life amounting to slavery under a ruler or a dictatorial governing body. However,If any form of government can give freedom, it can also take it away.

    This can’t happen if the people understand and preserve the wisdom expounded by the Founding Fathers who understood that our rights and freedoms were handed down from God, and that governments are formed primarily to protect those rights which are not theirs to give or take, but to protect the people and the country from outside invasion, or internal traitors out to conquer the world.

    Americanism unlike Judaism, Buddhism, Islamism, Zionism, Communism, does have a definition–it starts off with a belief in God. But the Americans are being brainwashed and taught to disbelieve. Schools, churches, and higher education, cannot teach Americanism without teaching about God, and so it is not being taught, if rarely. The result is that the Americans have forgotten their own heritage, and if we permit these principles of our nation to be wiped out of existence, it will never return again.

    It took nearly Six Thousand years of recorded truth ( now hard to find) to bring about the Constitution that gave America and its people more freedoms than any other people who have ever walked this earth, until Christianity. We owe to ourselves and to the generations yet unborn this is how are freedoms began.

    Freedom is not free, its price is eternal vigilance. Many do not understand the lust for power or quite understand its destruction of our way of life; some feel that they are entitled to rule, to control others. Those who have this evil desire are the causes for most of the wars, human misery and slavery in the world throughout history. The power they seek is through manipulated authority, intrigue and subversion–gained by those who used these rights and freedoms they enjoyed to freely seek their wealth, and gains to control and consolidate the world to their goal for the “New World Order”, which is a one-global government that will send people back to the dark ages of slavery.

    We can see its beginnings as the US government, and a few other Free nations, use the working classes taxes to send Billions of money to other nations as foreign aid, and now the influx of illegal immigration into these free, and richer nations, are taking more of their earned tax money to give the illegal immigrants welfare and entitlements they did not work for.

    The US Congress is in a disgraceful situation trying to balance the nation’s deficit spending budget in all the wrong places, where no consideration is being given to the real causes of their obscene and out-of-control budget by not striking out the Billions going to other nations as “foreign aid, or to bring home the Military scattered around the world costing more Trillions, and to use our own Troops to guard our borders and nation, at much less cost and give great reduction to the deficit.

    Congress can and should take control of the Federal Reserve System, where it belongs, not with International Bankers who control our money supply then collect Interest on it–would save more Millions of dollars. Congress should also rescind the $13,000.00 yearly raise it gave itself several years ago, cutting more Millions off the deficit.

    From the time of the French Revolution, to the American Revolution, the Civil War, and then the Reconstruction Period –which began to integrate unity between the races in a natural manner, was foiled only to create a more internal division among the nation to bring on consolidation.

    Distributing the wealth of the middle class, the Billionaires and Trillionaires, while living in luxury, use it to control their puppets who they have selected to sit in the thrones of rule and do their biddings, that will send the masses back to those dark ages of slavery while those in total power put all other individuals back in slavery.

    It was said, many years ago, that those who lived through the Roosevelt administrations, and those born thereafter, will never know true meaning of Freedom and Liberty, or understand their heritage. Stop and reflect on that, and then ask: Where do we get our rights and right to own property? Only the Constitution guarantees that right to the people, until government usurped that right through taxes that endlessly grows corruption and more corruption and greed. This will eventually set up the nation for a dictator because the decisions of the Supreme Court have become unjust.

    The future of totalitarianism makes deadly and total power to government that is destructive to Freedom which has to be controlled by rules and laws, not by man.

    Voltaire, the ancient philosopher, went about to disprove God existed. He became a believer, and said there is a God, a one Supreme Being, for man cannot worship man.

    Sincerely submitted,


  13. Good grief, Lasha, why don’t you stay away from such crap as this and attach yourself to efforts to accomplish something for Whites.

    “Speculative” indeed. It’s crap like this that paralyzes those who might do at least a little something for our race otherwise. Doubtless you don’t realize the harm that you and other fear-mongers do.

  14. I changed my mind, Lasha. Continue the “good work.” All the do-nothing detritus in the White movement will collect here to do nothing.

    Listen to Joe Webb above. His posts at TOO were always eminently sane and sensible.

    1. @Harumphty Dumpty

      Well, why don’t you quit dawdling, here, and get your ass out there and DO SOMETHING???!! 🙂

      1. I do plenty. I use Obama’s million watt megaphone on the FIRST of every month to broadcast STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes and phrases to Whites worldwide.

        With just a few mouse clicks on the FIRST of each month, other pro-Whites can help, but crap like this article makes many of you afraid you’ll be shipped to the “Petition Signers FEMA Camp.”

        If you’re “brave” enough to use just two initials (try it) to register at the We the People site at the White House, and then click those two initials onto “petitions” like the two December ones below on the FIRST of every month, then click on this link and become a STALWART:

        Save the white-tailed deer!

        The environmentally different valleys of the Great Smokey Mtns have produced different varieties of white-tailed deer.

        If those different varieties are mixed together to live in the same area, they’ll interbreed to eventually become just one single “variety” of white-tailed deer.

        The same result will occur if humans are all mixed together.

        The promotion of diversity everywhere in the world will end diversity.

        But wait! Anti-whites are massively mixing the world’s races together ONLY IN WHITE COUNTRIES!

        We urge the President to use his power and influence to save both the white-tailed deer and the White race!

        Anti-whites who are carrying out the present White Genocide say they’re anti-racist. What they are is ANTI-WHITE.

        Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

        Are Tibetans who oppose their genocide “Tibetan Supremacists”?

        Millions of Chinese are pouring into Tibet and forcing the Tibetans to integrate with them so that the Tibetans will “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

        Are Tibetans who oppose this genocide “Tibetan supremacists”?

        ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with millions of non-whites, and Whites are forced to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

        But if I call for open discussion of this genocide of my race, the White race, I’m called a “White supremacist.”

        Please issue a statement that “White supremacist” is a hate word that anti-whites hide behind to carry out White Genocide!

        They say they’re anti-racist, but what they are is anti-white!

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  15. Well, what a contrived piece of nonsense. Even if contrived nonsense is your speciality, I still offer no kudos.

  16. I read recently that some California cities were considering getting rid of their “homeless” like other “places” and I hope that these people aren’t being shipped off to FEMA camps. Many of the homeless are veterans, many of the homeless are black men, many of the homeless are drug addicts and the mentally ill. In California Governor Ronald Reagan closed the mental hospitals and since then the mentally ill live on the street. Some of the homeless men are made poor because their X wives took them “to the cleaners.” There are many, many homeless and displaced men. I would imagine that in the future the homeless will be the millions of vaccine injured (autistic) youth who are either lost or can no longer be kept by their families.

    The question is how sinister are the ruling elite, how heartless, how sadistic? I am thinking of Mayor Bloomberg who is Jewish for sure but also some kind of fanatic control freak. He wants all pre-schoolers and kindergarten children vaccinated against the flu so they don’t spread disease, I also think he got rid of the homeless. How nuts is he? Why do these creeps have so much power over people’s lives?

    I also read that Obamacare doesn’t want churches to distribute food–why I can’t imagine.

    So… I guess I half believe in the FEMA camps because the U.S. government is actually that BAD, and that DELUDED. A lot of these ruling elite are Jewish but I am not sure there is any Jewish plot like the Neocons and the wars in the middle east. I’m trying to imagine the mentally ill, the drug addicts, the PTSD veterans, and misplaced economic classes all working together (plus getting fat and drugged and no doubt serving as experimental populations for vaccine manufacturers). The creepiness of it is beyond comprehension.

    1. Kapoore,

      Thank you for your brilliant post. You take the words out of my mouth. The US government is run by Jews and there is no limit to their malignant heartlessness.

      What we’re going to have in America, I fear, is another Jew-created Holocaust that will make the Jew-created Holocaust in the Soveit Union, under Stalin and his cheka Jews, look like a children’s picnic.

    2. “I read recently that…”

      I read long time ago that Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep. Get over it!

      “The question is how sinister are…”

      No, the question is when are the pro-Whites on all the do-nothing sites like this one going to realize that you’re mired in a sub-culture that pretends that discussion is action.

      “Why do these creeps have so much power over people’s lives?”

      Because most pro-whites sit around and do nothing but discuss such questions endlessly because they IMAGINE that they have no power to act themselves.

      I’ve given you something extremely easy that you can do to inject pro-White memes and phrases into the national discourse and begin to change that discourse.

      Will you do it?

      The several times I’ve visited this site before, the commentariat here has never shown the slightest interest in doing anything at all except commenting.

      What bends my brain the most is when people commend me for my work while ignoring that my work is to get THEM to DO something for a few minutes on the FIRST of each month!

      Pro-whitism as represented on most pro-White websites is a very sick sub-culture.

  17. what a load of fucking shit for too many reaons to mention. what a fucking moron you must be – or a low IQ shill. cunt

    1. @jay binman

      What a rude little shit you are. (Were you offended because Lasha used a photo of your cake-eating sister in the article??? Hmm?)

      Do try to expand that double-digit IQ of yours, and experiment with more graceful language in your critiques.

      1. “Jay Binman” is a Jewish name. You can expect this negative response and foul language from mentally deranged people like this.

  18. the problem of homelessness has been ignored for way too long. actually, every county should have a complex where its destitute can be sheltered, cared for medically, educated, trained with a skill, lined up with a job and relocated back into society. if that’s what the fema camps are really for – then ok. but i doubt it. probably by half they came into to existence merely as make-work deals for big insider government contractors. now that they’re here they have to be put to some kind of use. since the bolsheviks took over all civil defense under dhs i have to guess the camps will be put to a much more sinister purpose. i know one thing. i’m not going there.

  19. Peace be with those who read this message.

    This article has has merit in that it exposes the projection that has been a regular occurrence in these articles. Blaming the Jews for all that is wrong with this world.
    Pure fantasy, in this regard GB is correct.

    GB ‘s scenario also has some merit , however, he also has some misconceptions.
    1) The real reason for the FEMA camps, is that they will serve as prison camps during the great division(world crisis), which is already in progress. It will not succeed.
    2) True.
    3) False, if we interpret “Jews”, as born again individuals.
    4) The real show down will be between us(Believers), and them(Infidels)

    The faithful witness.

    1. As expected, the knee jerk reaction follows, led by “kapoore”.
      The “Jews”(born again individuals) are the scapegoat,
      the cause of all the problems in the world.

      ” They shall put you out of the synagogues;
      yea, the time cometh,
      that whosoever killeth you
      will think that he doeth God service. ”

      ” But the natural man receiveth not
      the things of the Spirit of God,
      for they are foolishness unto him. ”

      The faithful witness

  20. Thanks Sardonicus… Also an afterthought.

    I live in Southern California which is the homeless capital of the U.S. There are thousands of volunteers who work to feed, clothe, and provide justice for the homeless. I frankly don’t know much about the homeless population (which is in the 10s of thousands) but I know people (Jewish) who have had mentally ill children on the streets. These are people are quasi homeless, that is, they have families who know roughly where they are and how to get in touch with them. It would be so unproductive to rip all these people out of their homeless havens and ship them off somewhere because while some might be better off many would become not just homeless but missing persons.

    Plus… even though it could be so called “Jewish control” (that is Jewish power elite) it still is the U.S. and sooner or later some whipper snapper Congressman is going to get the brilliant idea of getting rid of all the FEMA camps to save the taxpayer money. Then they will dump out the FEMA camps, close the doors, and there will be hords of homeless, displaced people and the thousands of good hearted people who have fed, clothed, and provided justice will no longer be mobilized and the problem will be much, much worse–just like Ronald Reagan did with closing the mental institutions. But I still wouldn’t be surprised if some idiot (who might well be Jewish) isn’t dreaming up this ridiculous plan and thinking the taxpayer is going to go for it–dream on. I have already heard groans that Homeland Security is a huge waste of taxpayer money and needs to go. Yes, it certainly NEEDS TO GO. NOW

  21. Clearly the solution is to get rid of FEMA and turn the emergency control back over to the states and the cities. We already have the largest incarcerated population in the world we don’t need more. This whole scheme could just be the power elite wanting to live in certain cities that now have the annoyance of the homeless and their solution is for the American taxpayer to provide a permanent place for them and thus the super rich can live downtown without skid row. We are ruled by Scrooge only their is no hope for redemption.

    1. @ kapoore

      In the old days, the Jews would become circus artists. And at night, after the entertainment, they would climb up unclimbable walls, and into rooms, in palaces and steal things, and be gone.

      If ever the pharisees wanted it, they could go in and kill, and be gone.

      When they became so good at “artistic” entertainment, it was natural they would move into the movies, when that became possible. But they could still climb walls, and still kill and steal. And they did.

      And as their skills developed, they took over profitable crime gangs, and became so rich as to be able to move into politics. But they could still still, still steal, still entertain.

      Suddenly, some time in the not to recent and not too distant past, they became so successful, that they became NOTICEABLE.

      They had avariciously taken over entertainment, politics, crime, and large percentages of all profitable businesses. Then suddenly, people around the world, who shared similar interests, could talk, and share evidence, and even rumours.

      And all the evidence, and all the rumours, pointed toward the JEWS, and they were exposed.

      And then someone shouted: “They should pay reparations to the Germans for what they did to the Germans — for their mass murder of Germans after WW2 and for their Holohoax lies!”

      * * *

      THAT DAY WILL COME . . . !

  22. It’s important to know that the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” make it clear that the elite ‘Jews’ (satanists) consider the majority of Jewish people to be their “lesser brethren” who they use to hide behind, and later as scapegoats. Most Jews have nothing to do with the NWO elite (ie: the House of Rothschild and associated ‘Jewish’ families). Repeatedly through history the elite Jews use the majority of Jewish people, who then suffer from persecution, displacement, or worse. Blaming the NWO on Jews in general is EXACTLY what the elite ‘Jews’ want you to do! Furthermore, most of the best anti-Zionist researchers are themselves Jewish. Please read the “Protocols of Zion” if you haven’t already, because they are true and make it clear that the majority of Jewish people are being USED. Being Jewish is not racial, ethnic or religious, but a ‘tribal’ mentality. Most (90+%) do not practice Judaism, they are non-religious, athiest, or converts to other religions in some cases. People are so confused about what a Jew is, as I was for many years, so hopefully my short explanation here will help some people. Once again: blaming Jews in general is just what the ‘Jewish’ (satanic) NWO wants you to do, so please reconsider if you have hated and blamed all Jewish people in the past.

    1. If rank and file jews are being ‘used’, which I totally disagree, it is still no excuse for their participation as jewish tribalists in the destruction of Whites and their countries. For people who understand that jews are orchestrating our demise, there is nothing to be confused about. Jews conspire as a group to subvert and destroy all other groups. Jews that have come out and actually exposed their own is one of the shortest lists of names you’ll ever see, though there are handful, out of millions. You can count the ‘good’ jews on your fingers and those sparse few are not from one generation, but from over many generations. So therefore, the lesser, silent, ordinary jews, are willingly complicit and ARE responsible, but perhaps not to the same degree as the jews actually manipulating it all, the elite jews, who are actively working to enslave and genocide the White Race.

      1. IMO the common jews make a conscious decision not to question their privileged existence for risk of losing it. This makes them complicit. There is plenty of information about the Rothschilds etc. for them to question zionism if they wanted to… a few do.

  23. Well, sic semper ANY society which manifests is growing insanity by putting Negroes in power. I can think of some handy references—the Mandelas (don’t forget Winnie and her “pragmatic” necklaces), any member of the ANC, the United Ststes of Obamica, etc. ad nauseum. The important thing to remember—always—is that society has always been a cocktail of contrasts. Humans sort by any number of factors: IQ, drive, determination, etc. After the inevitable sorting occurs (the socio-economic “pyramid” will ALWAYS take shape), the “have-nots” realize they are the majority. The politics of envy enters the picture. In democratic republics, the dragging-down of the productive classes is slowed by participation of all classes. In revolutions, it is accelerated. Whichever occurs, there is always an episode where a coalition between lower-class crazies and upper-echelon cowards joins to suppress the Great Unwashed.

    As I have said before on numerous occasions, as a secondary school teacher, I watched the Lefties (mostly Jews) utterly destroy the last vestigial remnants of knowledge of our history. Textbooks by such communist pustules as Howard Zinn extolled the virtues of black women and hid those of the great white founders of American exceptionalism. Compare Harriet Tubman to George Washington in sheer terms of pages-dedicated-to in virtually any hah skew history text. Appalling!

    The new class of ignorami can’t miss things about which they know nothing. That’s why Obamacare, concocted by elite individuals and foisted upon us victims is, in fact, a blessing in disguise. Young Americans are discovering all the “merits” of the Welfare Nanny Dictatorship. We may yet be saved by our youth.

    They may come to realize, as do we, that the Porch-Monkey-in-Chief is merely the paradigmatic puppet of the Jewish-Liberal Leaders. Around it goes, but in this case, we DO know “where it stops”—it stops when this country takes its deserved (according to the Libtards) place among the meek and meager nations of this sorry world. Not until we resemble India, will the Termites’ work be done!!

    1. @Fearless Freddie
      @Harumphty Dumpty

      Articles like this bring out the good white men. Like you. Except for disparaging Lasha Darkmoon to any degree, I am with you two 100%. Sometimes, I post on here under another name, but I am neither he, nor me (as such instant). You wouldn’t know me, but I have been in this controversy for a long time – at least since the mid-eighties. (It costs a lot of pain and property, as you two undoubtedly know.)

      Darkmoon brings out such very good opinions and posters that I am always encouraged and edifyied when I check into this site. Another poster, here, talked about the ‘elite’ Jews vs the non-such. That, too, is a very good point to always consider. (But it’s always good to keep an eye on them. 🙂 )

      Though Darkmoon is perhaps milder than either of us in her rants (face it – she’s far more well-educated than, at least, I…), there is no doubt in my mind she makes an effort to disclose Truth.

      She’s on our side.

  24. Anyone who wants to actually DO something, and it’s very little, just a few mouse clicks on the first of each month, can refer to my longer post above that has boldfacing and links in it.

      1. That is for sure Balthaza.

        Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
        Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
        All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
        Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

        The faithful witness

  25. The Jewish Filfth Column Death Camps!
    The Russian Empire in 1900, was experiencing traumatic social change brought on by rapid industrialization and its concomitant– urbanization. It was the Patriotic Okhrana who kept an eye on: political malcontents, radicals, nihilists, Marxists etc. They were not a bunch of democracy loving liberal Angels nor were they mass murdering psychopaths. In just 20 years this all changed! After the New York jew financed Revolution, the CHEKA replaced the Okhrana in December. Between 1917 and 1920, the Bolshevik jew commandeered the transport infrastructure and thus monopolised and controlled the movement of people and distribution of food within Soviet Union; once they achieved this, they were given carte blanche to slaughter millions of white Christians. This is what is behind the 2001 Patriot Act; it is all about, the centralization and consolidation of power by a treacherous jewish Filfth Column; criminally detached and politically unaccountable to the American people. The United States today, thanks to the jewish Frankfurt School, possesses the most highly dysfunctional and atomised society on the planet; millions of lonely, innocent inmates, could ‘permanently disappear’ and nobody on the outside of the FEMA camps would ever know or to be honest, really care. This is what is terrifying!

    1. Paul,

      This is brilliantly perceptive comment. You have said more here in a single paragraph than I have read in an entire article elsewhere.

      I recommend that you expand this comment into a full-length article (2000-3000 words), complete and hyperlinks giving source references, and submit it to the editor of this blog. You could also submit it elsewhere of course.

  26. Maybe Jesus will come to the rescue?

    Waddya think?

    I know he wasn’t available for the 1-2 million Irish starved to death by the Judeo-English government in the 1850s (Rothschild’s Bank of England, anyone?) in the Irish genocide. (yes, there was plenty of other food in Ireland during the time of the potato crop failure, but English troops were sent to make sure the Irish could not access it. And who controlled the English government at the time?);

    and I know he wasn’t available for the million or so Armenians starved to death by the Judeo-Young Turks a century ago in the Armenian genocide;

    and I know he wasn’t available for the tens of millions of Russians starved to death by the Judeo-Bolsheviks following their 1917 coup in the Christian Russia genocide;

    and I know he wasn’t available for the 6 to 8 million Ukrainians starved to death by the Judeo-Bolsheviks in the Holdomor genocide;

    and I know he wasn’t available for the unknown millions of Germans starved to death by the Judeo-Allies during and after the Good War, World War II;

    In fact, he was unfortunately also busy elsewhere while a few million Americans starved to death following the Judeo-Depression of 1929 (Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Bank, anyone?). Americans!!! Good Lord!

    But, all that aside, I’m sure that THIS time around he won’t be letting his loyal American devotees down. Just look at all the billions they have donated since 1948 so his Self-Chosen tribe could ethnically cleanse his home town of most of those pesky Palestinians (not to mention Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.). He’s gotta be grateful for that!

    So, relax. It’s Jesus to the rescue any old day now. Unless he’s just another one of those Orientals from the Levant that don’t particularly like Whites……..

    p.s. I think “concentration camp” is incorrect. They are Gulags of course; a product of the Judeo-American government, just as the original Gulags were a product of the Judeo-Soviet government – REAL extermination camps.

    Enjoy your Judeo-diet, America. It certainly slimmed down the Irish, Armenians, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans…

      1. Yes, Duke, maybe. Maybe it will be one of these 10 Jesuses . . .

        Eight Jesuses Were Jewish
        (An answer to the article “Was Jesus Jewish” in the June issue)

        The Hebrew name which is vocalized as Yēhōshūa (= Joshua) and means “God is riches” (or, in more up-to-date English, “God is money”), was colloquially contracted (as our “William” is contracted to “Bill”), especially in the dialect of Aramaic, to Yēshūa, for which the Latin equivalent is Iēsūs, but in the general ignorance of the Roman decadence, when the Christian cult became popular, this was corrupted to Jēsūs, whence the English “Jesus.”

        The name was extremely common among Jews. The more civilized ones replaced it with genuinely Greek or Roman names to affect participation in the culture of the time, much as Jews in this country often assume English names. Other individuals bearing that name could be distinguished from one another only by adding the name of the father or the place of origin, if either was known, and, obviously, even with such additions a great deal of confusion was possible and even likely.

        There were quite a number of agitators named Jesus whose careers could have contributed elements to the various Christian legends. Among them:

        (1) A Jewish rabble-rouser who adopted the Greek name, Chrestus, and whose real name may have been Jesus. He is mentioned by Suetonius, who tells us only that around A.D. 30 he incited Jewish outbreaks in Rome so serious that they had to be put down by troops. He may have escaped from Rome at that time to incite trouble elsewhere, possibly in Palestine. He is mentioned first because he would account for the fact that when the Christians first appear in history, around A.D. 112, they were known as Chrestiani, and it took them a century to get their name changed to the spelling now in use.

        (2) Jesus, son on Ananias, who prophesied in A.D. 62 that the temple in Jerusalem would soon be destroyed. According to Josephus, the Sanhedrin tried to persuade the Roman procurator to crucify this Jesus, but the Roman thought him merely insane and so released him. He was eventually killed by a Roman missile during the siege of Jerusalem.

        (3) A Jew from Egypt, name unknown but identified in the Talmud as Jesus of Nazareth, who tried to start an insurrection in Jerusalem by posing as a “prophet of God,” intending to pillage the city with a mob that he assembled on the Mount of Olives. According to Josephus, the Roman procurator naturally sent out the cavalry, killed four hundred of the crazed fanatics and captured two hundred more, dispersing the rest. The agitator naturally took care of his own skin, eluded pursuit, and high-tailed it back to Egypt. He must have been glib, if, as Josephus says, he acquired in Judaea a following of 30,000 before he made his foolish attempt to attack Jerusalem. His career would account for the odd association of the Christian hero with Egypt in many legends.

        (4) Jesus, son of Sapphias, who started a revolt in Tiberias, where he burned the palace and massacred the Greek inhabitants. He escaped from the region, according to Josephus, who tells us no more.

        (5) Jesus of Galilee, who went to Jerusalem with a private army of 600 men and tried to infiltrate the city, but was betrayed by one of his confederates, Jesus, son of Gamalas. Josephus does not tell us what happened to him, but if the Romans caught him, they probably sliced off his head or nailed him to a cross.

        (6) The Jesus, son of Gamalas, just mentioned, who, although a Man of God according to Josephus, was assassinated by the Zealots while the Romans under Titus were besieging Jerusalem.

        (7) A thaumaturgist named Jesus (paternity unstated), who, according to Josephus, was called a messiah, attracted quite a following, and was crucified. The passage in Josephus’s Antiquitates is generally regarded as a Christian interpolation, on the grounds that a Jew would not speak well of a Christian messiah, but that argument is grossly anachronistic since it supposes a difference between Jews and “Christians” at a date when the “Christians” were just another one of the many sects of Jewish malcontents and fanatics in Palestine. According to Josephus, this man had a brother named Jacob (James), whom the Sanhedrin, putting something over in the interval between the departure of one procurator and the arrival of another, had stoned to death. If this group had a considerable popular following, Josephus may well have wanted to curry favor with that party of Jews. He wrote, for popular consumption by his fellow Jews, a version of his work in Aramaic, now lost but probably the basis of a Slavonic version in which it is said that this Jesus was the legitimate King of the Jews, but did not reign because he was crucified by the prosperous Jews, who feared that his projected revolt would fail and get them in trouble with the Romans. Of course, one cannot be sure of the authenticity of either passage.

        (8) Quite a number of Jews who jostled others out of the post of High Priest and were later jostled out themselves were named Jesus. One such, who assumed the Greek name of Jason, was thrown out by his brother, Onias, who called himself Menelaus. Jason-Jesus started riots to regain his holy office and may have been killed or executed. His brother, Menelaus, remained High Priest until his intrigues got him into trouble and he was seized and executed (mode of execution not stated) by Antiochus Epiphanes.

        – Instauration, September 1979

        — — — — —

        This list of some of the Jesuses claiming to be Messiahs (christs) “did not include either Jesus ben Sirch ben Jesus (who wrote Ecclesiasticus) or Jesus ben Pandera! The latter deserves some notice, since he may be the prototype about whom the varied stories coalesced, perhaps including some about christs who bore less common Jewish names.”

        – Against The Grain, Revilo Oliver, page 190

  27. Maybe Jesus will come to the rescue? Waddya think?

    Somehow I don’t think so, Skinny. I like the rest of your post though. It’s thought-provoking.

    1. No Balthaza, I don’t think so either.

      After studying Professor Revilo Oliver’s writings in AGAINST THE GRAIN Volume 1 (available on Amazon), I am certain none of the various Jesus’s will be coming to the rescue, nor their Big Daddy, or the Holy Smoke!; not even the Magic Virgin Woman Up In The Sky that white male eunuchs have been kneeling down in salvation shops and praying to for help, for centuries…

      I agree with Professor Oliver: christianity is the spiritual syphilis injected into Indo-Europeans 14 centuries ago, that has finally reached the tertiary stage in the Indo-European remnant and driven us insane, as syphilis does.

      And yet, even now, as we face effective extinction this century, trying to explain to whites how the pious poison of a ludicrous Oriental salvation superstition about a mythical dead Oriental Jew stapled to a stick, who magically pops up outta the ground three days later, has destroyed us – is impossible. The infection has gone too deep. Too many vested interests depend on whites continuing to buy that Oriental salvation slop right to the bitter end. And they will. Interesting to note that the Orientals who dreamed up that drivel and sold it to us, (Sermon on the Mount – love your enemies, turn the other cheek, we’s all equal, etc, blah blah) absolutely do not follow it, apartheid Palestine being just one example.

      If you can handle truth and facts I recommend Professor Oliver’s works – all of them you can get your hands on. You’ll never again look at Saint Benny Hinn and Haggee and the rest of the dying western world’s corporate christianity the same.

      A very good follow-up is WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN by William Gayley Simpson. But it’s not for faint hearted feminized white male eunuchs basking in the delusion of holy hokum.

      Correa Moylan Walsh’s trilogy from 1917, CLIMAX OF CIVILIZATION; FEMINISM; SOCIALISM was prophetic, not that anyone was interested.

  28. Thought provoking article yet again LD. Thank you for your works. While reading the comments it occurred to me that this idea, putting the homeless and criminals into work camps, is a trial balloon. The idea didn’t originate here and I don’t know where it originated but it makes sense that those in charge of placing certain segments of society within the confines of such a camp would want to know how the public at large will view and/or react to implementation thereof. There appears to be a portion of the population who view placing the homeless or criminals in a ‘camp’ situation is akin to an adult day-care. Where they will be ‘cared for’ and not have to deal with the rigors of life on a mean city street somewhere. Yeah, they might have to work but that’s good for the soul right? Apparently some people believe this and agree that it is a good thing. This kind of attitude is what those ‘handlers’ are going to want to know. How to most effectively spin the camps as being for the ‘good’ of society.
    Another phase of populating the camps will be the ‘voluntary’ aspect of ‘enrollment’. This will be instituted as a government program whereby individuals who just cannot find work will be allowed to ‘enroll’ in the nearest camp and have all their and their family’s needs provided and only until such time as their situation gets better. Of course that will never happen and after a time, a human being adjusts to their circumstances and are loathe to change them. A good source for the ‘voluntary’ aspect of dealing with the government is Alfred Adask, a brilliant law analyst who used to publish the ‘‘ magazine. Remember how ‘voluntary’ the filing of income taxes are.
    Once the camps have been in place for a time, people will get used to the idea of the poor and the homeless having a place to go to be ‘cared for’, only then will the government begin to slowly use force to send people and even families to the camps. Remember, at first there will be a voluntary enrollment. Then it will be involuntary and eventually, compulsory.
    It is not going to a picnic here in America. But the sad part of it, the truly sad part of it is how many Americans will embrace the camps as a ‘humanitarian’ venture. How benevolent the government is to build these camps for the health and welfare of the population as a whole. A couple of feel good movies from Holy-wood, an appearance or two by Oprah or Miley at the first FEMA camp and before you know it, business will be booming.
    I wonder if I invest in FEMA camps will they allow me to spend my money inside?

    1. @ Strawman

      Thanks for this extremely pereceptive and in-depth comment in which you make many points I wish I had made myself. This could almost be a supplement or appendix to my article.

      Another point I wish I had considered more fully is this:

      I had put forward the idea in Part 2 (through my interlocutor “GB”) that America and Israel would probably be at war 30-40 years from now and that the camps would therefore become internment camps for American Jews who would be regarded as high-risk “enemy aliens”.

      This idea ought to have received more attention. Indeed, it forms the subject for another article.

      In 30-40 years from now America could have become so thoroughly Israelified that it would no longer be a question of who was the boss: of whether the dog wagged the tail or the tail the dog. Everyone would know by then (possibly) that the Jews ran America and that Jewish Americans were the American mandarinate. Israelis would then have automatic American citizenship and own large chunks of America.

      In such circumstances, the FEMA camps would be run as gulags by Jews for a predominantly non-Jewish population. I doubt that a single Jew would be found among the camp inmates. It would be a repitition of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago: Jewish oppressors in charge, and non-Jewish victims cowering under the Jewish whip.

      Should this scenario comes to the fore, as it well might, the Jews will become the new People Farmers in those days, regarding the goyim as their cattle — to be treated according to the most enlightened principles of animal husbandry.

      The goyim will be fed and watered like animals and injected with all the requisite hormones and vaccines. When they fall ill, they will be treated by vets — veterinary surgons — not doctors. And putting them down humanely, by lethal injections, will be regarded as more economical than expensive medical treatments.

      Needless to say, the organs of the concentration camp inmates — their livers, kidneys and hearts — will provide an endless supply of transplants for their Jewish masters. The hapless inmates won’t be asked to “donate” their organs. Their organs will be taken from them by force — whether they like it or not.

      The totalitarian dystopia of a world under these Jewish overlords will be a dystopia that would have brought a shudder even to Orwell.

      This is the stuff of nightmares.

      1. Thank you for your kind words and supplemental thoughts on this subject.
        I agree with you in your reply that it seems highly doubtful in my opinion that the governments of America and ISR will ever be at war with each other. As to whether American citizens will be at war with ISR is yet another question and I think that is a distinct possibility. At least with certain segments of society. One segment that concerns me though are the Christians. Particularly the evangelicals who believe it is their duty to worship and accept anything and everything spewing out of ISR as being the modern word of God. Hagee comes to mind here. I’m sure Camp Commandant would suit him well as the prisoners lined up in the cold on Sundays to hear his sermons.
        These are the ones who are tailor made by the Jews to be the camp guards and the ‘shepherds’ tasked with going around and gathering the ‘flock’.
        This is indeed scary LD, but for those of us who have an ear, let them hear. Remember always, there are worse things than death. I’m not sure who said “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knee’s” but it is appropriate to this day and age.

  29. Totalitarian societies don’t last because it is too hard to control everyone and this seems to be a law of nature that the power freaks don’t get. It’s like a perfect anything–a perfectly clean house, a perfectly prepared meal, a perfect day… you name it–something always comes in and creates a complication. And the reason for the disruption and complexity has to do with chaos theory, which essentially means that there are too many cycles going at once to predict outcome. For example, global warming predicts that the climate will heat up based on human carbon emissions, except the climate is cooled by volcanic eruptions to say nothing of the sun cycle and ocean currents, etc. etc. When the power elite try to establish total control they will end up establishing partial control and that could be extremely messy for them and us. My guess is that more and more people will opt out and not go like good sheeple to the gulags which will require force and those laws to enforce compliance are in place under the provisions for “emergency management” as keeps cropping up here and there in the mainstream news. The Huffington Post noted that California does have a law for emergency management in place that might be applicable to the homeless situation. And somewhere else I read that states of emergency might require forced medical procedures (vaccination) , and so on. (My City already is offering free flu shots in the emergency practice sessions.)

    Basically I think Darkmoon is correct that trouble is brewing and it could be very bad, and yet I don’t think they will succeed because no one has succeeded yet in ruling the world. Totalitarian rulers failed in the past and they will fail in the future. It won’t be that Jews will be forced to go to the gulags, but Jews might lose affiliation en mass, as happened in medieval Europe. Who in America will want to claim the religion of Judaism after all the dirty laundry gets aired… let’s see– the USS Liberty, the lies about the Holocaust, Jewish Bolshevism, 9 11 complicity, the wars in the Middle East that we were lied into, and so on. With 50% of Jews already intermarrying fewer will choose the Jewish side or give a hoot about Israel. It’s already happening, much to the horror of the Israeli leaders. And for all those Jewish settlers and Israelis who might be contemplating establishing new colonies elsewhere: beware that the door might slam shut, and maybe not just in the U.S. but everywhere. Already countries are boycotting and it could eventually become more than that–so I would hope that the Jewish power elite would wake up a bit on their own and realize they will fail at this power grab, and worse yet, they risk losing everything. Judaism might go the way of Nestorianism that became over identified with a failed Mongolian Empire (at first the Mongolians succeeded–remember the end of classical Islam and the destruction of Bagdad–and then they failed when the plague came–never know what kink is going to screw up the power elite. In Rome it was the lead in the aquaduct)

    1. History shows that the Jew’s fail time after time after time yet they keep trying. They have been expelled from country after country only to be let back in and the cycle starts all over. If the rest of humanity doesn’t learn the lesson that even if they fail in the foreseeable future, they will be back in another place to try yet again. They are the agitators. They are the usurpers. It is in their nature and there is no negotiating a lasting peaceful outcome with them. They retreat only to regroup and revise their plans for yet another assault.
      What we are faced with, I believe, is the very real possibility that they have brought together so many links of the chains that they feel they are ready to begin attaching them to the necks of the American people and the world. The military hierarchy is under their control and to that extent a certain percentage of the enlisted ‘front line’ soldiers will follow their orders. A certain percentage will not but if those identified as non-conformists are overseas on yet another ISR inspired mission, they will do the citizens here no good what-so-ever.
      The police departments in this country have been given the green light to assault the public with impunity. We are seeing a steady stream of police gassing citizens en masse, tasering grandmothers, children, paraplegics, etc with very little protest. Police now routinely kick in doors and shoot the residents or their pets even if the police are at the wrong address they aren’t held accountable by judges who are only appointed if they pass and agree to the Jew test. No one is appointed to any position without being approved by a higher up. Don’t believe that? Ask yourself how people that we all agree with on certain issues can’t get elected? If you cannot get an American Constitutionalist elected, you can never get one appointed to any position of the government. Infiltrating the government as a remedy is an avenue that is and has been closed for some time.
      In my opinion there is only to be one outcome in all of this and one might do well to remember the old saying that the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’. No matter how much you may disdain certain peoples or philosophies, sometimes they are in a better position to fight your enemy than you are.
      I pray that good fortune shines upon us all.

  30. Superb commentary above by Strawman and Kapoore. This site is beginning to attract some star posters now that a purge has been carried out against the Zionist trolls, Satanists, Christ bashers, and Hitler maniacs.

      1. Hey, you’re one of the star posters I ought to have mentioned! Glad to see you haven’t abandoned us. You’ve been keeping a low profile recently. I can honestly say I have missed your posts.

        1. i missed my posts too.

          was bouncing around some backwaters and am now ready to start charting the course of the universe and making sure the ships don’t go bump in the night.

        2. yes, to mr. jesus christ, a Happy Birthday #2013, wherever you are and come back soon.

          i don’t need a facebook reminder for your birthday, besides facebook never did give me a heads up … let me guess why not.

          there are rebellions and mutinies waiting to detonate inside and outside fema camps.

        3. wellcome back, in the virtual place of letters, lobro, have a good time, even if it may be cold over there across the sea, here we are above 0 Celsius for most of the days yet. Not anything going on, but we had two beautiful concerts, they were singing songs of advent, in the next village in an old monastrery- church from around 1300 AD. To think about old days personally, with a stove of wood or coal.

  31. as one beginns thinking about concentration camp US.Inc, Palestinian Gulags are on the mind, especially around Christmas. Wasn’t it 2008/9 when the jewish satanists bombed Gaza with phosphorous?

  32. I think posting this sort of thing, nonsense really, no matter what your intent, is distracting and counterproductive.

    If I might suggest: look at just how many Jews are running federal agencies having to do with banking or finance. No cry of ‘canard’ can dispel what is an obvious, and remarkable over-representation.

    For example, the Fed has now had 3 Jewish chairs in a row. The powerful CFTC has had 2 or 3 in a row. Look at treasury – Jewish head, of course, but the deputy is Jewish and so is at least 2, and maybe all 3 of the undersecs. Anything having to do with the middle east in State has got a lot of Jews – but almost no Muslims. Add to the Fed and treasury and CFTC the IRS, the CBO, the Council of Economic Advisors, until recently the SEC and OMB, add to these also the FDIC, the FTC, and on and on.

    Take a stroll through
    and be amazed….

    Do you think Americans know the extent of this over-representation? What if 30 or 40 people went about the MSM news cites informing people of this. The *facts* of this power, and juxtaposing them with the accusations of “canard” – Truth versus Hasbara.

    wikipedia has a ‘list of federal agencies’ that is a good place to start.

    Were my magick stronger, I’d try to create the circumstances where someone, a better writer than myself, puts together a list of the Jewish heads of these agencies, plus, say, the top 10 newspapers, and record labels, and television news networks, and hammers home the question: Canard, or Conspiracy? Anti-Semitic, or just the truth?

    “truth” needs to become juxtaposed with “anti-Semitism” in the hive mind. Happily, the use of the latter term is most often a red herring – either a distraction, or an outright lie meant to preserve and/or hide Jewish power.

    Lastly, I wish people would stop saying ‘Zionist’ when they are speaking of Jews per se. Jewish tribal behavior goes back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who recorded similar complaints as did the early 20th century Germans.

    When those wizard wave their wand of ‘antisemitism’ at the ancient Greeks and Egyptians – the response is – was it blind hate, or were they seeing Truth??

    It is not the people – not genetics. It is their belief system. Judaism is poison. Judaism created Zionism.

    Worry less about Zionism and more about Talmudism.

    1. correct in all respects.

      additionally, i am bothered by squid ink when people say “yeah, but they are not real jews, the real jews were hebrews/judeans, etc, these are idumeans, canaanites” or whatever garbage they dug out of old testament which in itself is poisonous junk.

      or jews are a people, jews are a religious sect, jews are a business network, just many bolt holes for one rat.

      arguing about semantics while the demon smirks …

      the obvious problem is a logistical one; how to organize such a database (wikijew) where non-trolls can contribute and access information.

      as you know, the prophets of holocaustic doom will go into high gear and mobilize all the government agencies at their call (is there one that is not in their bondage?)

      it would have to be hosted in an independent country like iran or malasia, mirrored internationally and pretty much run along the wikipedic model.

      but a solid try, just facts ma’am, names and statistics.

    2. Yes, Judaism created Zionism.

      The bad news is, Judaism also created Christianity.

      Professor Revilo P. Oliver, Against The Grain Vol. 1 (Amazon)- recommended reading for those who do not follow the Christian’s Creed of: “Don’t think, just believe.”

      Study the book. It reveals their purpose behind suckering us into the Christian cult. Nothing will change, of course – the 600 million (and declining) Indo-European whites among 6.4 Billion non-whites still will not survive this century, but you will have taken in some big chunks of truth, if you can handle it, and you will see how we have been destroyed.

      Appropriate right now, as the Indo-European remnant celebrates the birthday of the Communist myth that has utterly destroyed them.

      1. @ Skinny

        This is not a Christ-bashing website, Skinny, and you won’t find many admirers here for your opinion that “Christianity is a Jewish con trick.” If it were, the Jews wouldn’t have spent the last 2000 years trying to destroy it!

        You are preaching an anti-Christian message, Skinny, that the Jews just love to hear. Aren’t you aware of that?

        More fool you, for playing the Jews’ unpaid agent!

      2. In any case, why should we accept the inflated opinions of the verbose “Professor” Revilo P. Oliver?

        Nietzsche attacked Christianity in a far more effective way in his Antichrist.

        If we can take Nietzsche with a pinch of salt and dismiss his anti-Christian diatribes in the Antichrist as the ravings of a lunatic — and he did go mad soon after writing that book! — why should we listen respectfully to the pompous prattlings of Revilo Oliver?

        1. Thanks for the reply, Sardonicus.

          I have no idea who the readers of this site are, nor how many of them are susceptible to superstition and Oriental Communist subversion, though perhaps there are many who read without posting comments.

          Some readers may purchase Against The Grain from Amazon and form their own opinion of what Professor Oliver’s research reveals, others may be swayed by your denigration of “Professor” Oliver.

          You denigrated Nietzsche as well; I would suggest people read him and form their own opinion and not just take your view of the man as being unbiased and correct.

          One of Professor Oliver’s essays contained in Against The Grain is titled The Jews Love Christianity, that chapter alone justifies purchase of the book.

          Will studying Against The Grain save us from the Orientals’ FEMA Gulags? No. After all, the West fought two World Wars to achieve the ruin which now surrounds us. There’s no going back, there’s no avoiding the consequences, however there may be a few who would like to know precisely how the West was induced into committing suicide. Not you, Sardonicus, but you are not everyone.

        2. @ Skinny

          Thanks for your thoughtful reply. You make many good points. But your Christ-bashing is counterproductive and won’t work on this website. You will have few takers here. This is because we know, whether you are aware of it or not, that you are doing the Jews’ dirty work by spitting in Christ’s face.

          Christianity is the one thing the Jews hate and fear more than anything else. Had you studied your history a bit more, you would have realized (a) that the Catholic Church, representing Christ, has stood up to Big Jewry for centuries; and (b) that the Jews hate Christ, as the Talmud shows, even more than they hate Hitler.

          So why do you bash Christ? Tell me. I’ll tell you why. It probably has something to do sex. 🙂

        3. Looks as though we shall agree to disagree, Sardonicus.

          I used to comment frequently around the “awake and aware” web, years ago.

          When I first realized, thanks to the web, the world absolutely did not operate in the way my telezombie mind had for decades been led to believe, I developed the hope that “Everyone is gonna wake up! Hooray!” That may be a common phenomenon for the few who do come to their senses via research of suppressed information and history. After a couple of years of painstaking research my erroneous belief passed. Now, some years further on from that time, I firmly believe there is no hope for the Indo-European remnant’s survival (sound of self-congratulatory applause and cheering from our Oriental owners), in fact I doubt they will see mid-century, and most certainly not the end of this century.

          As George Carlin said, “. . . and nobody seems to notice; nobody seems to care.” I find that so odd; perhaps it’s down to our fatal gullibility for Big Lies and willingness to place our faith in ludicrous Oriental savior/redemption superstitions. The Communistic Sermon on the Mount being one example of many false beliefs that have poisoned us.

          Others, of course, still have hope. Professor Kevin MacDonald has said on Occidental Observer that he believes “the resistance will begin in Europe.” Maybe it will, but Professor MacDonald, as an American, should be well aware that even were that to occur, the Orientals will simply send their American attack dogs back to Europe to bomb any resistance into submission, again.

          I share the belief held by some that the last hope of the West died in a bunker in Berlin. Murdered, actually, by the rest of the West in what is laughingly named the Good War, a.k.a. the Suicide of the West, when we made the world safe for Oriental Communism. Complain about open borders? That’s what we fought for. Complain about financial rape by the Orientals? We fought for that, too. Complain about them controlling all of our elected traitors, all the propaganda media, all the mis-education system, etc, etc? We fought for all that too. Makes no difference that perhaps most had no idea what/who they were really fighting for. Now we are “enjoying” the consequences of the Orientals’ victory in their Good War. And there can be no doubt it was certainly a war good for their interests. They do like their little inside jokes at our expense.

          JB Campbell has hopes of a solution coming from Americans holding some millions of firearms in private ownership. Well, Americans had guns when they were betrayed in 1860, they still had them when they were betrayed again in 1913, and again in 1917, and in 1929, and 1933, and 1941, and they still had them when they were betrayed again as recently as September 11, 2001. Result of Americans having guns when they are betrayed? Nil.

          The available evidence points to the atrophied synapses of Americans being in even worse shape now than they were in all the examples listed above.

          I recently read a hopeful comment in the Occidental Observer comments section from a year ago by John Thames, undoubtedly the best reviewer of books favorable to White awakening/survival that I have read at the Amazon books website.

          Les Visible has hopes of some celestial super-being from up there in the sky arriving any ol’ day now to give the Orientals what they deserve. Les will be waiting a long, long time for that.

          I would prefer that Professor MacDonald and Mr Campbell and Mr Thames, even Visible, were correct in their hopes. History, however, does not lend any weight to their hopes; in fact, the reverse. Some wit once said, “The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.” I believe that is correct; our past behavior has doomed us and we have repeated it over and over and over.

          So why have I bothered posting these few comments here at Lasha’s site, when I am convinced that the fate of the Indo-European remnant is sealed? Occasionally the thought comes to mind that a few Whites, relatively new to research not censored by our book-burning Oriental owners, may find reading Professor Oliver personally beneficial; and William Gayley Simpson, and Correa Moylan Walsh, and Francis Parker Yockey, and Lawrence R. Brown, and Oswald Spengler (even Nietzsche, Sardonicus, lol).

          If any do read this and take note, I strongly suggest starting with Professor Oliver’s writings, particularly The Jews Love Christianty in his book Against The Grain, followed by Which Way Western Man by Simpson.

          One of my favorite quotes is from Correa Moylan Walsh’s trilogy, Climax of Civilization; Feminism; Socialism, published 1917 – “The great effiminization of men will not be compensated for by the masculinization of women . . .” There’s more; it’s worth reading. And how right he was.

          As for the rest of sex, Sardonicus, I believe the Oriental pervert, Freud, covered all that. Let’s leave it with him and his kind.

        4. “Looks as though we shall agree to disagree, Sardonicus.”

          Only on this one point, dear Skinny: i.e., Christ-bashing. I really do believe it is counterproductive and unnecessary to do this. Christianity is not the disease, believe me. Get rid of Christianity and the disease that eats away at mankind, far from disappearing, would fester and immiserate millions.

          The problem is not Christianity. It is Christians. If you can agree with me on this one point, we have made considerable progress.

          How can the Christian Zionists be called “Christians”? They are a travesty of Christianity. They betray everything Christ stood for.

        5. However, in regard to your Christ-bashing … you do this in such a civilized way, and the rest of your observations are so pertinent and perceptive, that I have no altenative but to acknowledge your formidable intellect and your superiority to the average poster.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if you had once been a regular poster on the Occidental Observer, since you mention it in your post.

          I don’t remember the name “Skinny” though, so I guess you posted there under another name. A brilliant site, TOO, with an incomparable commentariat. A pity KMac had to shut down the Comments section. Wonder why he did it…?

          You remind me of a poster on TOO called “Anglo-Saxon”. I agreed with most of what this guy said, a brilliant poster, but he had this one weakness — a chink in his armor — he was a confirmed Christ-basher!

          Anyway, Skinny, hope you had a Merry Christmas!

          A Happy New Year to you!

        6. Thank you for your kind words, Sardonicus.

          This will be my final comment, though I have enjoyed our exchange of views.

          I am too old and too tired to devote much of my limited time and energy to these matters these days. Also, when contemplating the fatal mess we have put ourselves in, I have to again consider my share of the responsibility for close on a lifetime of telezombiedom, intellectual sloth and woeful gullibility; not something I relish. The TV, however, was consigned to its rightful home in the dumpster years ago.

          If I have given the impression I point a disdainful finger at any of my race still stuck in that same bog, it has not been my intention; I was once just as sincerely deluded as they still are. I commend to any readers a statement made by Fredrick Toben (a German who has the temerity to publicly doubt the veracity of the holy holocaust’s “gas chambers” and extermination tales; for such heresy he has of course been duly persecuted, by the powerless). Mr Toben said, as close as I can recall, “Don’t blame the Jews; blame those who bend to Jewish pressure.” Admirable words from a courageous man, and wise advice. Professor Oliver said something similar, “Hatred of the Jews would be counter productive,” I think it was. I agree with that and steer clear of it; as can be observed of some of the Orientals: hating makes the hater sick.

          A very long time ago I was warned within my family to never argue over politics or religion; good advice which, however, I was not always capable of following. So, briefly, my own limited religious understanding: I can’t definitively say there is no God; how could I.

          I have undertaken limited research into the religions of my Indo-European ancestors. It seems to me they recognized the only ‘god’ that holds effective sway on this planet; a god with immutable laws, and particularly the Law of Survival of the Fittest. Each time a species, or sub-species, transgress that law the consequences are inevitable. I believe that is where the Indo-European remnant now is. We can send fat checks off to Jim and Tammy-Faye, Oral, Billy and Benny; build a Crystal Cathedral for every professional salvation salesman on the planet and Nature takes no notice; unmoved, impartial. Either a species/sub-species is healthy and fit enough to survive (including in our case, sanity), or not. End of story.

          On that point I agree with Les Visible. We of the West are now living in a gigantic open air insane asylum. Due, in part, to the Orientals’ anti-Midas touch: Everything they touch they turn to shit.

          But what about our superior intellect; all the amazing inventions of our race? Well, the Orientals have used our technology, our food production methods, our medical science, our industry, our jobs, our money, to feed and breed our racial competitors at an exponential rate (on a very small and finite planet), while each year our numbers dwindle. It has been reported that last year, for the first time, more white Americans died than were born, by more than 12,000; I see no reason why that trend will not continue, and in fact accelerate in America and the rest of the formerly White nations our ancestors built; just one more statistic of many such stastics, written on the wall.

          No one seems to notice; no one seems to care. Perhaps that’s as it should be, after all the only god I can be aware of, pertinent to organic life on this planet, does not notice, nor care, either. Why should fools be saved from the consequences of their folly? We are close to being just another failed sub-species consigned to the dustbin of history; not remembered, nor lamented. Ironic indeed that our Oriental owners’ mastery of Big Lies and exemplary racial solidarity has made them excellent survivors through the Millennia.

          I understand that, through belief in a “life after death,” individuals gain respite from their fear of the inevitable and inescapable pit beneath their feet. I cannot definitively say that life after death is not the case, just as I cannot say with certainty there is no beneficent being overseeing all. I do, however, draw the line at an Oriental superstition which inserts an Oriental mommy bearing an indestructible son via incredibly resilient plumbing. Strikingly similar to a number of other Oriental superstitions, pre-dating the one cobbled together and injected into our race 1400 years ago, which also contain the Oriental mommy, the indestructible son, and her incredible plumbing. I also reject the mythical Oriental son’s poisonous liberal “Social Gospel, ” scribbled by the usual suspects.

          If my opinion is incorrect, I suppose Yahweh & Son, Inc. (who love me) will roast me slowly over the coals for a very, very long time, or perhaps worse yet, subject me to an Eternity of watching re-runs of Dancing With The Has-beens, hosted by Benny Hinn!

          Also, one day you may have the opportunity to read Major D.V. Clerkin’s response to Professor Oliver’s essay, “The Jews Love Christianity.” Major Clerkin was a committed American Christian and a defender of our race. The correspondence between Major Clerkin and Professor Oliver, reproduced in Against The Grain, makes for poignant reading.

          Finally, Sardonicus, I wish you and yours a Happy New Year and hope you and they fare well during the unavoidable unpleasantness ahead; as I do any others reading this, Occidental or Oriental.

        7. Skinny,

          I wish you didn’t have to go. This post is brilliant and the prose is perfect. You have so much to contribute. Please reconsider your decision to let the above post be your last contribution.

  33. For thousands of years Jews have clearly laid out their terms – it’s either you or us. Their saying “never forget, never forgive,” loudly proclaims they will never change. Millennia of religious/cultural programming by their ancient sacrificial system is too strong to overcome. They will not stop until they are stopped – permanently. Fantasy massacres, like the Holocaust, are merely their projection of the only possible solution. They say it quite clearly in their Holocaust myth – the only solution to us is a “final solution.” Thus the only real solution to their predation upon the world is total elimination. The goyim are simply too ignorant to understand their message and unlike the psychopathic, bloodthirsty Jew, too queasy to address the problem in such a forthright manner. Ultimately, if the Jew is not eliminated, they will in time eliminate every other culture they dominate. That means every white western culture/nation on the planet. What remains will be enslaved in the same manner as they enslave non-Jewish women and children within the confines of their criminal state called Israel. One only needs to examine the present situation in the Middle East today to see the Jew’s genocidal, final solution at work. Consider for a moment the fact that the very term “genocide” was invented by the Jew. It is the same with all organisms, no matter the scale, either the parasite kills the host body or the host body kills the parasite. There are no other options. Point of fact, throughout history every attempt at isolating this particular parasitical organism has failed. How many more clues are needed?

    1. You have diagnosed the problem and provided the solution…but it’s implementing the solution that everyone shies away from. Not only is the solution you put forward verboten, but even to suggest the idea is the ultimate no-no.

      Let’s face it, Arch, even Hitler didn’t go this far. The Jews of course maintain that he did and that he issued orders for their mass extermination in the so-called “Final Solution”. Needless to say, they have no evidence for this.

      The point is: who is going to take the FIRST STEP? How can it be done if even the thought of it is unthinkable to 99.99% of the population?

      Anyone who seriously contemplates the mass extermination of the Jews as a solution to all the world’s problems is in a very, very small minority. Even so, it remains at best a a pipe dream, an exterminationist fantasy. And even the fantasists baulk at putting the theory into practice.

      1. You miss my point entirely, this is not my solution, this is the Jew’s solution. They are simply telegraphing their own solution to their presence in the form of genocidal myths even as they employ the concept against others. The Jew’s are clearly telling us “we will never stop until we are no more.” It’s how the gullible goyim choose to address their challenge that will make the difference. There seems to be some unwritten, universal law that the Jews must tell non-Jews their intent before carrying out their plans. They know to do so openly is suicide, so the messages are couched in fictional historical accounts, movies and books. The message is there, but one must look beyond the fiction before they can understand the true intent of the message or story.

      2. I guess the best example that sums up the situation is that of the psychopathic serial killer who leaves the same message at the scene of every murder, “Stop me before I kill again.”

        1. Yes, I get your point now. I missed it before. A very subtle and psychologically fascinating point. Kudos to you for thinking it out and formulating it for us!

          The point is, Arch, the serial killer who longs to get caught always does get caught. He wangles it so that he gets caught in the end. The serial killer Heirens once scrawled in lipstick on a mirror in one of his victim’s rooms the terse message: “CATCH ME QUICK.”

          And soon after that he let himself be caught.

          According to your theory, it seems to me, the Jews are inviting mass extermination.

          “Please put us out of our misery,” they are saying, “before we do any more damage!”


  34. What is Jewish DHS up to?

    DHS Insider: “Preparations Have Been Finalized to Respond to a Crisis of Unprecedented Magnitude Within the United States”

    “Under the cover and amid the distraction of the Christmas bustle, I had my last “official” contact with a source inside the Department of Homeland Security known as “Rosebud” in my writings. My source is leaving his position, retiring along with numerous others choosing to leave this bureaucratic monstrosity. For this contact, my source took unprecedented measures to be certain that our contact was far off the radar of prying government eyes and ears. I was stunned at the lengths he employed, and even found myself somewhat annoyed by the inconvenience that his cloak-and-dagger approach caused. It was necessary, according to my source, because all department heads under FEMA and DHS are under orders to identify anyone disclosing any information for termination and potential criminal prosecution.

    “DHS is like a prison environment, complete with prison snitches,” he said, referring to the search for leaks and leakers. And the warden is obsessed. Ask anyone in DHS. No one trusts anyone else and whatever sources might be left are shutting up. The threats that have been made far exceed anything I’ve ever seen. Good people are afraid for their lives and the lives of their families. We’ve all been threatened. They see the writing on the wall and are leaving. It’s not a joke and not hype.”

    The following is a narrative from my source, prefaced with the instructions to “take it or leave it,” and “disregard it at your own peril.” He added that it’s now up to each American to act on the information themselves or suffer the consequences. “I’ve resigned myself to the fact that most [Americans] will never be convinced of the reality that is taking place right in front of them.”

    Read more:

  35. Very much enjoyed the exchanges between ‘Skinny’ and ‘Sardonicus’. Enlightening and educational.
    Sardonicus, I would also encourage you to seek out and examine Oliver P. Revilo. His works were very relative to ‘the problem’. Also I got a great deal from William G. Simpson’s ‘Which Way Western Man?’. There are many, many men and women who have tilled this soil for many years preceding these current day outward signs. To them we all owe a debt of gratitude. They saw the problem way back when but even fewer listened then than are listening now yet they toiled on.
    As I stated in one of my earlier posts, perhaps on a different thread, it isn’t Christianity per se, it is the Christians who will be a bigger enemy to the people than anyone else simply due to the fact that as they are configured now, under the tutelage of Hagee for just one example, more apt to worship and unquestioningly follow the dictates coming from Israel. In their addled, warped view any dictate coming from Israel will be interpreted as Gods own word and will be followed without question.
    I can easily see how they will be used as the Shepherds to bring the sheep into the pens for conversion or death. They are being tailored to just this eventuality in my opinion.
    The subjugation of the continent will come in waves. The powers that be won’t or can’t just come out with a military solution at first as that would alert and alarm too many at one time. We should know by how they approach us whether it is to be extermination or labor camps. If it is to be death, look for an out front military solution. If it is to be labor it will be slow, not unlike the frog and the boiling water parable. At first, the camps will be to ‘help’ the homeless. Then to ‘help’ the chronically unemployed. After the people have become accustomed to the on the ground fact of camps and a few feel good media stories of how well people are doing and feeling in the brightly colored and showcased camps, people will be given the opportunity to stop the struggle of hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck living and join a camp voluntarily.
    This I believe will cull the lower echelons of society out of the way for the next step which would be clearing certain zones outside of urban areas. Maybe the Department of Agriculture needs a certain amount of land or some such in order to grow food for the burgeoning camp populations. This is where forced labor comes in as labor will be needed to tend to the fields, etc. And on and on. Until the remaining few who are living in the forested areas or are refusing to conform to a camp/kibbutz lifestyle will be forced to join or die.
    The problem really is in how many will be able to see the earliest stages? The more we can reach the more we may be able to conscript to our side.
    Pray for us all.

    1. “Sardonicus, I would also encourage you to seek out and examine Oliver P. Revilo.”

      Thank you for the advice, Strawman, and for the rest of your very illuminating comment. This site, having recently been “purged” of its worst elements — the Zionist trolls and the moronic timewasters — is gradually beginning to attract quite a few intelligent posters. I hope the trend continues.

  36. If this is true then it is only matter of time before this happens and it is not as if the jew has it coming
    they have not learnt from the european experience.

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