European Jews are not “Semites”, by Rehmat


(Slightly edited by Lasha Darkmoon)

Dr Eran Elhaik, controversial Israeli geneticist, says that most Jews are not “Semitic”.

The result of a new genetic study published in the British journal Genome Biology and Evolution claims that European Jews (Ashkenazim) don’t belong to the 12 (Semitic) tribes of Israel. They’re a mix of genetic ancestries. Far more than previously thought, they appear to originate in tribes from the Caucasus region that sits between Eastern Europe and Asia Minor—the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Ashkenazi ancestry comes from Slav, Bulgar, Iranian and Turkic tribes which established the Khazar empire in that region – which at its peak stretched from Kiev in the West to the Aral Sea in the Southeast.

Khazaria, country of the Khazars, where the ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews came from

The study we are referring to is called “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses.” This was authored by Dr Eran Elhaik, a geneticist at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland.

Elhaik compared the genomes of  1,287 unrelated individuals who hail from eight Jewish and 74 non-Jewish populations. Among the European Jews, Elhaik found ancestral signatures that pointed clearly to the Caucasus. And also, but to a much smaller degree, to the Middle East, where the Israelite or Hebrew tribes had originated.

It is a significant but generally little known fact that over 90% of the world’s 12.7 million Jewish population is Ashkenazi.

The so-called “Rhineland hypothesis” is based on the Zionist misconception—or  lie, if you prefer—that Jews migrated to Europe when Arab Muslims captured the city of Jerusalem in 638 CE.

This false concept has been debunked by British academic, Dr Karen Armstrong, renowned author, historian and a religious authority on Judeo-Christianity who was once a Roman Catholic nun.

In an article published by the Jewish-owned Time Magazine (April 16, 2001), this is what Dr Karen Armstrong says:

When Caliph Umar, one of Muhammad’s successors, conquered the Jerusalem of the Christian Byzantines in 638, he insisted that the three faiths of Abraham coexist. He refused to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher when he was escorted around the city by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch. Had he done so, he explained, the Muslims would have wanted to build a mosque there to commemorate the first Islamic prayer in Jerusalem.
The Jews found their new Muslim rulers far more congenial than the Byzantines. The Christians had never allowed the Jews to reside permanently in the city, whereas Umar invited 70 Jewish families back. The Byzantines had left the Jewish Temple in ruins and had even begun to use the Temple Mount as a garbage dump. Umar, according to a variety of accounts, was horrified to see this desecration. He helped clear it with his own hands, reconsecrated the platform and built a simple wooden mosque on the southern end, site of al-Aqsa Mosque today.
Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, built by Caliph Abd al-Malik in 691, was the first great building to be constructed in the Islamic world. It symbolizes the ascent that all Muslims must make to God, whose perfection and eternity are represented by the circle of the great golden dome. Other Islamic shrines on the Temple Mount, which Muslims call al-Haram al-Sharif, the Most Noble Sanctuary, were devoted to David, Solomon and Jesus.

When the Muslim-Arab army invaded Christian Spain in 711 CE, the local Jewish community which was treated as serfs (or slaves) welcomed Muslims as their liberators. American journalist and author, Rose Wilder Lane, wrote that within fifty years of Muslim rule, the former Jewish slaves became part of the middle and upper classes. Some of them even joined the royal court and rose to become commanders in the army.

According to Rose Lane: “When Granada fell, the Saracen (Muslim) troops retreated to Africa, and on their heels came Isabella’s and Ferdinand’s troops, driving out hundreds of thousands of Jews. There would be no more religious freedom in Spain.”

According to some Arab and European historians, between  3-5 million Muslims were slaughtered by the Crusaders between  1492 and 1550.

The conversion of the Khazars to the Jewish religion began in the 8th century. It was led by the empire’s wealthy merchants. Some Jews from Mesopotamia and the dying Christian Byzantium empire also emigrated to the Khazar region.

“We conclude,” Dr Elhaik states, “that the genome of European Jews is a tapestry of ancient populations including Judaised Khazars, Greco-Roman Jews, Mesopotamian Jews and Judeans. Their population structure was formed in the Caucasus and the banks of the Volga, with roots stretching to Canaan and the banks of the Jordan.”

In other words, 90 percent of the world’s Jewish population, comprising Ashkenazi Jews, did not originate in the Holy Land. Their ancestors did not come from Palestine. As such, they can have no possible Biblical claim to the Palestinian territories.

The state of Israel is built on stolen Arab land.

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  1. There’re a lot of Jews in every Middle Eastern country. Always have been — from time immemorial. Lots of Jews in Israel from all the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. And lots of Jews still in all the Middle Eastern countries and the North African countries — the Jews who didn’t immigrate to Israel. The Jews in the Middle East and North Africa are Semites. Always have been Semites. Always will be Semites.

    1. “…There’s a lot of Jews in every Middle Eastern country…”

      Besides Turkey (17,400) and Iran (10,200) there are no more than 15,000 Jews in the countries from Morocco to Afghanistan (which itself has only one Jew left).

      1. @Ryckaert

        Well, excuse me. Then the Middle Eastern Semite Jews are in NYC, Florida, and California. Excuse me.

      2. Sorry to burst your Jewish baloon Ryckaert – but according to Israeli sources – there are 130,000 Jews in Turkey, 25,000 Jews in Iran, 200 in Syria, 1500 in Tunisia, 30,000 in Morocco, 100 in Yemen, 30,000 in Azerbaijan, 500 in Algeria, 200 in Egypt, 20 in Lebanon, 15,000 in Nigeria, 1000 in Kyrgyzstan, 5 in Pakistan – and the list goes on and on.

        However, one thing is for sure – Jewish population is shrinking. It’s shrinking – not because of the so-called “anti-Semitism” or due to the fear of ”future Holocaust” pinned on Iranian president Ahmadinejad – but because more and more born-Jews are leaving their religion as result of being disgusted by the water-down Judaism.

        1. one other factor is the TRUTH….

          since there were never any YIDDISH speaking GOG & MAGOG “JEWS” in the Old Testament with a copy of the TALMUD and being insanely “JEWISH” there is no real need for anyone on Earth to be a “JEW” today !

          unless one is a certified cult member of the stool sculpture deity cult compound and seriously looks forward to the eternal bliss of JEWTOPIA….

          knowing the TRUTH is the exit strategy from the stool sculpture deity cult compound…

          TALMUDIA where BAD FAITH ooozes from…

    2. The Arabic Jews are indeed Semites while the majority of Jews in Israel are Europeans and have little to no Semitic heritage and thus no genetic claim to Israel.

  2. I like the Edgar Cayce definition of the ancient Israelites. He says an Israelite is one who follows and seeks the light in opposition of others who choose the darkness.

    That makes it pretty darn simple. He predicts the end of this age and the coming of the new fifth world, a big confrontation between those of the light and those of the darkness.

  3. did cayce with some hindsight find out if the light seekers found any light?

    seems his definition is simply a clean up job for the eternal darkies.

  4. Not a clean up job. More like a wobbly event horizon around a black hole, repairs are in order, out of order. It is ironic that those playing god are overqualified, those that know nothing are replacements, tension seems to result.

    That is mostly gangsters, that territorial stuff can be kind of discouraging. Migration is not so bad, just the engine of creation, not popular with those with something to lose.

  5. So what if the State of Israel is built on stolen land ? Most countries are built on stolen land, one way or another. The Arab countries were built on stolen land too — when the desert tribes of Saudia Arabia made war throughout the ME and North Africa in the name of their allah– and invaded Spain and made war on the Iberian peninsula to try o take it over for themselves — to take over as much land as they could.

    The Arabs were constantly trying to invade Europe throughout history. The Crusades were a response to the incessant Arab attacks upon Europe.

    Even the precious American Indians– ” noble savages” — were constantly warring with one another over land.

    1. Yes, Moshe – Muslim Arabs did invade Spain which benefited the local Jewish slave (Serf) communities the most – but like Europe’s unwanted Jews – never exterminated the local Christian majority. The result is that even after ruling Spain for 850 year – there is hardly any native Muslim community exist in Spain.

      Similarly, Afghan and Iranian Muslim kings ruled Indian subcontinent for nearly 1,000 years – but Muslims still make a minority in Hindu India.

      The so-called Crusades and Franks invasions of Muslim Arab world were mostly funded rich Jews who had long infiltrated the Vatican.

      The most Muslim populace areas, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other south-east Asian countries were never invaded by Muslim soldiers.

      Israel, The US, Australia and Newzealand are the only nations established on the stolen lands in the modern history. And interestingly, all four of them are ruled by Jews and their Christian Zionist poodles.

      Islam is certainly not a “Religion of Peace” as defined by the Zionist facists. To them, a total submission of Muslims to foreign domination would only make their religion “peaceful”. History read from objective sources tells us that it were Muslim countries where the western Jews took refuge to escape centuries-old Christian persecution. It was Israeli professor Israel Shahak who said that Jewish religious literature is the most racist, hateful and war-mongering among the world religions.

      1. “…The so-called Crusades and Franks invasions of (the) Muslim Arab world were mostly funded (by) rich Jews who had (since) long infiltrated the Vatican…”

        Nonsense, it was exactly during the Crusades that the Jews were intensively persecuted by the Christians. If the Jews really were so powerful at that time, they surely would have prevented that.

        SE Asia was indeed converted peacefully to Islam by Muslim traders, but you cannot deny that the “religion of peace” reached its greatest expansion from Spain to the borders of China by the sword, and Allah’s sword was sharp indeed for the “unbelievers”!

  6. The White Nationalists, the Nazis, the Dasein existentialists, and all the other various existentialists of all stripes, who comment here shouldn’t really have a problem with Israel being built on stolen land.

    All the above believe in Darwinian “survival of the fittest” ; Including Fr. John who constantly “regales” his readers of the glory days of the White Race when the white race had the whole world colonized. Fr. John is a Nazi sufi-existentialist posing as a Christian at any rate { a jew-nazi-jew, too boot } .

    And the other various Nazis who post here who miss the glory days of the Third Reich when Hitler’s army was on the march all over Eastern Europe — and slaughtering Catholics en-masse up-and-down eastern Europe. Now you’re all crying because Israel “was built on stolen land”. Crocodile tears. I don’t buy it.

    1. Joe, at least have the decency to insult me over on my own blog.

      Oh wait, you do, sometimes with four and five ‘comments’ every day, that are as widely varying as the most schizophrenic mind off his meds, I have ever met!

      And to paint with such a broad brush? I am no nazi, but I don’t fear them either. Which is the sort of person a jew-lover like you, cannot control. Unlike your wop antecedeants, who elected a Mussolini, my Celtic forebears never fell for all this NatSoc Near East magic crap.

      The Celts DID fall for the Papal lies, and the dismembering of the Body of the Risen Christ (i.e., “Sacred Heart,” “Immaculate Heart,” etc.) as objects of veneration- which you, as a pseudo-romanist, do to this very day… or else your own definition of who you are, is itself, a lie! But, while they were still sane, at least the British Anglicans kept that sort of thing, ‘under wraps.’

      I truly pity you, Joe. You have been banned from at least three websites, for your wanderings, your ad hominem attacks, when no one gives you credence, and the strange (but slightly flattering, nevertheless) attention you pay to those (like myself) who can dismiss you utterly, and yet leave you to the attendants in the psych ward, you seem to escape from, on a daily basis.

      1. He has not escaped his psychiatric ward. The staff was so stupid as to allow its inmates access to the Internet. Now this monkey spends all day (and night) typing on the keyboard! He has been banned from many websites already, but boy is the web big!

  7. Noah had three sons – Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Shem’s descendants are Shemites (contraction, “Semites” – or so I have been told). Makes sense, since Shem is an ancestor of the ISRAELITE, Abraham – father of Issac, grandfather of Jacob. Ergo, it is not precise to call (most) Jews “Semites”.

    1. Prophet Abraham was NOT Israelite or Jewish. He was son of the high-priest of a Pagan cult. Israelites or Hebrew tribes are the offsprings of prophet Yakub’s aka Jacob and Israel twelve sons.

      However, according to some Christian historians, Jacob’s fourth son Judah had sex with his widow daughter-in-law, who produced two sons. These two sons became the forefathers of the Jewish people.

      According to Jewish historian, Benjamin H. Freedman, even Jesus was NOT Jewish.

      1. @Rehmat

        Since I can’t post at your blog (‘Israeli Lobby and Dutch Muslims’) the following small echo on Ayaan Hirschi Ali:

        (…) Ayan Hirschi Ali- sympathized in her youth in Somali with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, and wore a hijab together with her school uniform, which was unusual at the time but gradually became more common. She agreed with the fatwa against British writer Salman Rushdie that was declared in reaction to the publication of his controversial novel The Satanic Verses >wikipedia (…)

        Dropped Islam and sexed herself into the Dutch Parliament- is now living together-and has a boy- with British historian Niall Fergusson, who hails the Rothschilds scum from Frankfurt in a biography. Change, Yes We Can. Amen.

        CIA O

        1. from dr maxtor re the female elie weasel,

          Ayaan Hirsi Ali is exposed as a L I A R

          What a shocker. Turns out that Ali (real name : Ayaan Hirsi Magan) lied her way into the Netherlands. Remember that sob story about being forced into marriage with a cousin? Bogus. How about the part where she was in Somalia during the civil war? Fiction. The novelty of being anti-immigrant illegal immigrant is amusing to say the least, if not a reflection of the extreme lengths European racists are willing to go to find token colored mascots to bash minorities, particularly Muslims.
          Hirsi is not only a liar, but a pathetic hypocrite like all other rent-a-reformer(s) running around these days plugging crappy third rate books and cashing in on fashionable Islamophobia. Now she’s coming to America to set up shop under the wing of the “American Enterprise Institute,”the neocon septic incubator which gave us the like of Wolfowitz and Perle. Pull out a fresh roll of extra absorbent toilet paper for this cash cow.

          could be computer i borrow. anybody else having problems with the comment section not available?

          1. @5 dancing schlomos

            You’re not the only one unable to get to comment sections. Apparently we need to change browsers. But for whatever reason, lately I’ve only had this problem with Kaminski’s last 2-articles.

          2. @5 dancing shlomos

            It is common practice amongst asylumseekers to fake their names in order to get a visum. But this Hirschi Ali- a former Muslima- is a cheap golddigging bitch in the ‘free’ West.

            CIA O

      2. Yes, and the ‘son of the slave will not inherit with the son of the freeborn maid.’ – St. Paul, Apostle.

        So, take your philo-allahuakbarbarianism someplace else, and stop denigrating the very book your adherents say they worship, but don’t!

        1. It’s true : Jesus was NOT a Jew. Neither was Jesus a Mormon. Jesus was NOT a Mormon. Fr. John pushes Mormonism — albeit in an under-handed way. Fr. John always steers his readers to John deNugent, the Mormon Nazi who hates Christianity.

          Fr. John is an existentialist [ Mormonism is existentialism, as is Sufi-Islam, as is Aryanism/Nazism].

      3. @ Rehmat,

        “…However, according to some Christian historians, Jacob’s fourth son Judah had sex with his widow daughter-in-law, who produced two sons. These two sons became the forefathers of the Jewish people…”

        Not “according to some Christian historians”, it is according to a story in the Old Testament (“Taurat”) itself, to wit : Genesis 38 : 1-30. Read it yourself.

        Khuda hafiz.

  8. We might be getting a bit carried away with Noah. In the Sumerian Epic of creation, which is quite older than Constantine’s book, there is no Noah mentioned. The man who was saved was Utnapishtim. In the translations it seems Sitchin just assumes that Utnapishtim is Noah.

    After Constantine’s penmanship, remember his boys still thought the the world was flat for another 2000 years.

    Indian had a guy named Manu who saved the world from the flood 2 billion years before Utnapishtim/Noah.

    Now it is interesting that the original Brahman was named Manu. Why is this? Well the Sumerian Epic of creation as outlined in the Earth Chronicles also refer to an entity known as Anu, very much like the entity Manu wouldn’t you say? Anu was referred to as the Lord of the Universe in the clay tablets we are now uncovering in Babylon. The 50 sons of Manu sounds a lot like the 49 sons of Anu we find in the Sumerian Epic.

    Mahabharata says: “And Manu was imbued with great wisdom and devoted to virtue. And he became the progenitor of a line. And in Manu’s race have been born all human beings, who have, therefore, been called Manavas. And it is of Manu that all men including Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, and others have been descended, and are, therefore, all called Manavas. Subsequently, O monarch, the Brahmanas became united with the Kshatriyas. And those sons of Manu that were Brahmanas devoted themselves to the study of the Vedas. “The ten sons of Manu are known as Vena, Dhrishnu, Narishyan, Nabhaga, Ikshvaku, Karusha, Saryati, the eighth, a daughter named Ila, Prishadhru the ninth, and Nabhagarishta, the tenth. They all betook themselves to the practices of Kshatriyas. Besides these, Manu had fifty other sons on Earth. But we heard that they all perished, quarrelling with one another.”[1]

    1. Yes, I have no reason to dispute either of you – nor can I pretend to match your obvious superior educations; but…but what I believe most people ignore or overlook about the Bible is that it is the story (“his story”/history) of Israel – NOT “the world” at large. By that mistake, alone, we have resultant confusion vended concerning Earth’s age, itself (some preachers say it’s only six thousand years old)(!!); and New-Agers and the mentally mongrolized masses believe it’s all-the-same for white girls to breed with Hottentots, etc., ad nauseum…. Just from that premise, alone.

      I consider my own pedigree, for instance, and I perceive no evidence of Asian, Indian, or otherwise than Britainic or Germanic stock. So I wonder: “WHO are
      we, then?”. There is an answer, of course; but it seems logical to train our hounds to a certain prey/answer, or we will be chasing them all over the plantation without benefit of running the answer to ground. Endless confusion.

        1. A doubled-minded man is indeed unstable. One of the most effective strategies of the destruction of Israel by the Jew is to agitate confusion.

          The effort is obviously very effective.

          1. To combat this trend, we need first understand that “Israel” and “Jew” are not synonymous, as I see even some of the most articulate people seem to imply. Confusion.

            One cannot really blame the Jew for using what he is given to use, in order to survive. Many of our own kind have been rather shitty to him in bygone days, e.g., the Eviction Edicts of King John. But we have been deceived into believing that, somehow, a sacrifice of our own race is just compensation for the acts of a few. It isn’t. Too many blessings to all mankind have been realized through the creativity of Israel – just as God promised Abraham would happen from a particular branch of his progeny.

            It is our part to be kind – while remaining separate. That would not be difficult if we were not so damn “double-minded”! The white people seem to be always apologizing for the wrong thing, in the wrong way. They need to start apologizing to each other – and to their God – for allowing the progress of such deceit.

      1. Gilbert- Don’t confuse:

        a) Biblical, Orthodox conciliar Christianity (i.e., the ‘catholic’ wing) with either-
        b) Dispensational premillenialism- that heresy that is rampant among American ‘Evanjelliculls’ or
        c)philo-Talmudism, which often (but is not always) conjoined to ‘B’, above.

        Both ‘b’ and ‘c’ are heresies, errors that both Historic Prots and Trad RC’s count as such. [Of course, the Orthodox counts it ALL as heresy, but then, they never had/needed a ‘Reformation, so, one should at least give them some slack- they’ve been fighting the Hagarenes on our back doorstep, for the last 1500 years!)

    2. @Dublinmick

      Very good point that you bring up here. So every one hooked on the 3 Abrahmic Mono rails can stretch their chrono dogmas a bit.

      The Veda’s are the Blueprint of Creation, (MMY). And the infinite (re)cycling of G-O-D Generating Operating and Dissolving of Creation goes on and on and has gone on and on ad Infinitum.

      Life is joke told by an Idiot on coke, perhapz, some scientists say.

      CIA O

  9. This weeks Benjamin Fulford geopolitical news from Tokyo about: ……AXUM……

    (see: gj comment at Darkmoon ”We Are All Russians Now”
    June 1, 2013 at 1:54 pm @Dublinmick )

    (…) There are also 11 members of the One People’s Public Trust, the people behind the so-called galactics pushing for their version of a new financial systemon the run from both hitmen and law enforcement agents in Ethiopia, according to a CIA source.
    A senior Italian P2 Lodge member says the people in Ethiopia are there in an effort to find the “original Ark of the Covenant.” At least both sides agree that there is some form of high level intrigue going on in Ethiopia of all places. We will try to find out more next week (…)

    Google: eclinik benjamin fulford updates


    I have one tip for the P2. The place is guarded by police/military and the Church where the Arc is supposed to be has only one inhabitant a Priest who guards all his life over this top relic. Don’t force yourself in (Italy is not anymore under Italiasn occupation). It will protect itself anyway.

    The bottomline is: Every man born on Earth is the Arc of Convenant. It is not a matter of faith!

    AXUM ….AUM….X…..

    A=waking U=dreaming M=sleep , the 3 ”relative” states of consciousness that any man has. This according to ancient Vedic Wisdom and supported by modern physiology.

    Turiya, is the fourth major state of consciousness, the basis of the 3. vThe pure Self alone, Atma. Clearer than the clearest waking state yet more restful than the deepest rest in deep sleep.

    Turiya- teeta is beyond the fourth.

    MMY distinguishes 2-3 more refined higher states.
    Google: Maharishi 7 states of consciousness. A lecture in LA, 1967

    All the suffering (mental/physical-enivironmental) is due to absence of the experience Self-referal consciousness, Consciousness without an object, pure conscioiusness, no body, no mind, pure wakefulness) the 4th, Turiya, litt. the 4th and beyond….

    MMY travelled around the globe for thirty years. In 1973 he met Haile Selassie and taught him TM. A picture:

    CIA O

    CIA O

    1. Italy is not anymore under Italian occupation, a geopolitical typo. Should have been Eth. is not anymore under It. occupation.
      Yet the typo describesd the true situation of the moment. Italy (as is the whole EU/SA etc) is under Bilderberg occupation. It should be restored under Italian occupation.

      CIA O

      CIA O

    2. Your knowledge of the rules of sandhi of the Sanskrit language is deficient. Turiya-teeta should be broken down into turiya-atita.
      The last ‘a’ of turiya is then merged with the first ‘a’ of atita into a long a. Atita of course is also a case of sandhi : ati (“beyond”) + ita (perfect participle of the verb i, meaning “to go”(cf. Latin ire, “to go”). Therefore that ‘i’ is also long.
      It goes without saying that the word turiya(“fourth”) is actually a contraction of chaturiya (from chatur, “four”).

      1. @ poor Ryckaert

        Business as usual: you’are wrong. Turiya-teeta. Beyond the fourth. A is not pronounced nor written twice.

        I’ll be generous to you this time.

        Visit this Absolute Wisdom site:

        And click any item.

        The 4 chapters of the Yogas Aphorisms of Maharshi Patanjali are in the 4 lobes of every ones brain. Every sutra (of course in Sanskrit) coorersponds with all the wires, fibres etc.

        Also (or should I say, even) in your macaroni pan.

        The entire Veda’s structuring the human physiology. Man is made in the image of God, substantiated by Lebanese Neurophysiologist Dr. Tony Nader aka Rajaram Adiraj Maharaj.
        under the Divine Guidance of MMY: (…) Ved is not in the books, it is in the Transcendental field of everyones own Pure Consciousness, Atma (…)

        Drop the dictionaries, learn TM, find the richness of your own Inner Nature, FR!

        CIA O

        1. A Harp Named Desire

          Lebanese Neuroscientist Dr. Tony Nader who blissfully lives with wife and children in Paris- crowned by MMY as his successor, 7 october 2000- in his 12 january speech 2013 from his Gurudev’s House in Holland said that he consulted a dictionary to find other meanings of ‘smritti’. The one he was familiar with was ‘memory’.

          MMY explains: Creation start from Un-manifest Nothingness via memory -‘as it was before’ > the ‘shruttis’, the Vedic Sounds come up, structuring the individual and the entire cosmic body.

          The other meaning that Nader found of ‘smritti’ :
          kala-desire, wish.

          No One (none)>I am One> I want to become Many

          Btw 12 january is MMY birthday.

          The Haiti HAARP concert of 2010 12 january, coincidence, mais non, but he banksters etc. will go to Gitmo, if We Want It.

          A Harp Named Desire

          CIA O

          1. In your public relations with the sheople use this recent hard fact to wake them up:

            Italian Supreme Court President Blames Bilderberg For Terrorist Attacks

            Paul Joseph Watson
            April 11, 2013

            Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy and former Senior Investigative Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, the man who prosecuted the case involving the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II, has sensationally accused the Bilderberg Group of being behind terrorist attacks in Europe.

            CIA O

          2. 911sraeldidit!!

            is another hard fact of course that Alex J. and his crew don’t buy and sell.

            CIA O

          3. Here is another solid weapon to use to in battle against the (still) ignorant:


            (…) Posted on June 8, 2013by Jean

            The history behind the Global Collateral Accounts is vast and complex, and reaches back some 250 years. For the purposes of this brief overview, we will focus on two key elements which are now headlining stories around the world: debt, and gold (…)

            By Micheal Henry Dunn
            (the right hand of Neil Keenan)

            CIA O


      Netherlands: Dr John Hagelin to present a workshop on Neurophysiology of Enlightenment at conference in Doorn, 30 May

      I am happy Hagelin is talking since a year or two on this SAND (Science and non duality) conference. Two years ago the organizer of this Conference who is a filmer based in LA asked me about David Lynch. Looking at the list of Speakers I THOUGHT Hagelin should be there. Voila.

      Higher consciousness corresponds with real measurable physical changes in brainwaves, skin resistance etc. It is not just a talk.

      It is the walk in and as the Goal, the birthright of every wo/man.
      (unfresh john included, but as far as I can see – and interested- will take quite a lot (absolutely guaranteed) more rounds of the Wheel).

      Blind dog barking bs dogmas,

      Enfin, that other great Indian Yoga Teacher who spend a longtime in the Land of the Red Man (USA) must have said about the carpenters son: God made Jesus an Asian, to unite the East and the West.

      Let your brainwaves be measured unfresh john, I am sure the machine will explode.

      CIA O

      Wholenes on the Move.
      CIA O

      1. The Bible on which you base yourself is doctored by people like you long after JC dropped his mortal frame.

        JC never died on the cross. He was brought by his inner circle to Kashmir.

        There is at least one pope who openly admitted the story of JC as told by Rome is a lie.

        His grave btw is in Kashmir. Moses mortal remains are there too. All this is not really essential. Even if JC would be entirely a story than still the truth for everyone (whether you need a solarium or not) gee you are you..

        Who/what are you, answer that …king question.

        JC talked about the truth (of Higher Consciousness) that would
        set the one with opened eyes and ears free.

        Enough. No more pearls in this pig/mentally disturbed unfresh john- of the dept. blind leading the blind.

        CIA O

      2. Netherlands is totally controlled by the Zionist lobby and Mossad. These groups always fan anti-Muslim feelings among the native Dutch people. However, there are few exceptions too. For example, on November 8, 2012, Dutch daily Telegraaf quoted former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt as saying that Jews should have been given a safe homeland in Germany instead of Palestine – as Palestinians had nothing to do with the Nazi Holocaust….


    (…) Why the Pope Resigned – Arrest Warrant. This is the REAL reason Pope Benedict resigned. No games. He was facing criminal charges by the People’s Common Law for crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Vatican church. Slaughter of innocent Native children in Canada, poisoning of populations, human trafficking, child torture, and many more things. Someone finally had the courage to stand up. Thank you Kevin Annett. ITCCS.ORG (…)

    Bad Elisa II (who is btw Head of the Anglican Church) is in the same child abuse torture and murder boat. She can’t lieave the British Isle any more or else get handcuffs as crown jewls.

    Bilderberg Beatricks will get the same treatment as soon as Demmink gate breaks loose.

    JC is a real historical Master (btw in the comment above I meant Yogananda).

    But morbid and perfidious churchleaders have crucified him again and again. But that time is getting over now.

    More and more people experience the un-bounded S.O.W.L.= Sea Of White Light of their own consciousness.

    CIA O

      (Click on ‘keyfigures’ and read what Yogananda says about JC in India)

      A lot of info here on the lost Biblical tribes that were/are to be found in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Similar Biblical names all over the place.

      (…)there is a genetic link between Lemba tribesmen in southern Africa, Jews from Yemen, and now the Bene Israel (near Bombay, gj). The finding, says researcher Parfitt, validates Islamic sources about the Jews’ path into Africa and could revise the history of ancient Jewish commerce across the Indian Ocean.” (…)

      Google: jesus moses tombs kashmir

      Good article by Kaminski (‘Begging to be holocausted’)-comment section closed- but to dump all of the OT/NT as myth what John and others do is crucifying the facts.

      @Dublinmick, great vid that you send to Noor, the revenge of the N-thals

      CIA O

  11. (…) Kenneth Arnold Pickar of Caltech who has close ties to Israel and worked at the Technion in the 1970s, is on the President’s Advisory Board of JPL, the agency running the Mars mission (…)

    Bollyn sees through another jew joke: Americas multibillion dollar Mars mission by showing a photo of a ‘chinchalla’ (a white-tailed antelope squirrel) on Mars published by the Mars mission.

    His son emailed Bollyn, better remove the pic ‘cause you’re losing your credibility.

    Believe it or not…

    CIA O

  12. Are you referring to Alex Jonesteintown of zion who after realizing the Arabs don’t run Hollywood now believes it to be the Chinese? I wouldn’t be surprised to soon find out he is related to Churchill, Hilter and the rest of the Rothschilds.

  13. I have never heard such a lot of rot emanating from article.
    The majority of Jews from the Roman conquered land of Judea were dispersed all over the Roman Empire, some joining other Jews long established in north Africa, others to Roman Europe, others joining their brethren in long establish communities all over the Middle East. genetic testing has found that the DNA between Jews from Poland for example matched between Jews of Iraq irrespective of the long separation between the two peoples. The genetic testing between Iraqi Jews and Gentiles proved negative, the genetic testing between Polish Jews and Gentiles also proved negative. many Jews originating from the Rhineland since Roman times moved to the East ie. Poland and Russia including the Baltic States. around 95% of all Jews are Semitic and if it was good enough for 6,000,000 Jews to perish under the Nazis during World War Two then it is also good enough for them to be declared Jews and Semitic. It would seem that when some people desire on a whim that not all Jews should be declared a Semitic people because they have declared the Jews have claimed by default a Homeland which they never deserved, however the very same people then declare when they feel in the mood that Jews are evil and should be annihilated. All this nonsense of jews not being Semitic just feeds the minds of the Jew-hating slime.


  14. The “stolen” arab lands were actually legally bought from absent eygptian landlords. The nomadic arabs that lived there you could consider apartment rentors, they live in it, but don’t own it. When the “building” (land) was bought by someone else they can do what they want with the building. yes it would displace many people, but it is the owner’s decision. That is how Israel didn’t steal land they legally bought it, and the only true stealing is when the palestinians try to claim lands that they did not even own in the first place.

    1. Come on mr/mrs AP, you are playing the devil’s advocate here. Most probably you are a ‘decent’ one of them.

      Eretz Israel Iraq has been turned into a new Palestine without applying the ‘legal’ construction that you raise. So is Afghanistan. So is Libya.
      Next: Syria, Iran they don’t have a Rothschild (jew-bilderbergbanksters) central bank yet. The pic is known.

      America (USA=jewSA) was stolen land from the very start. It came about after Dutch king William- who married Mary Suart of England- and Cromwell let the jew(bankster)s back in.

      EU is founded by Nazis. Mullin’s NA/ZI. EU is another Rothschild project.

      I just notice that the sites of>nocancerfoundation< which describes in concrete detail the Nazi roots of the EU and the pact of Hitler's Nazi party in the prelude to WWII with the the zionide jewwalstreet banksters is no longer easily traceable. They don't want you to know. Visit the Dublinmicks site for it.

      Found the book via an update d.d. 10 november 2013 on the Nazi roots of the EU here:

      Eretz Israel is au fond jwo=nwo. These psychopaths will make this whole world into a giant Gaza strip.

      We have to Lynch them. Not anymore in David's way!

      CIA O


        Site is Back on track.

        The ex-Philips van Rooy who is the central man of this org. is Dutch.

        Geert Wilders is israel junkie and is strongly opposing the EU together with the daughter of extreme right Le Pen from France. Wants to finish the euro and back to the former Dutch Gulden.

        Although he is a zionide puppit, funded by American zionide jews. Interesting schizo game going on.

        CIA O

    2. @ anonymous person

      The “stolen” arab lands were actually legally bought from absent eygptian landlords…. That is how Israel didn’t steal land they legally bought it, and the only true stealing is when the palestinians try to claim lands that they did not even own in the first place.”

      Good try, anonymous person! If you had the slightest evidence for this statement you would have provided a documentary source. Your failure even to come up with a link makes your claim worthless.

      In fact, the well-respected Israeli historian Avi Shlaim reveals in his book “The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World” that the Jews had managed to buy up only 6 percent of Palestine by early 1948. The rest of the country was legally owned by the Arabs.

      The Jews did not therefore “acquire” the rest of the land by buying it up peacefully from the Arabs for the simple reason that they invaded Palestinian lands in the War of Independence of 1948, driving out 750,000 Arabs and taking possession of 78 percent of Palestine — BY FORCE, i.e. BY MILITARY CONQUEST.

      1. The Jews have now stolen even more Arab land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. All Israeli settlements in the Occupied territories are illegal according to international law. One day they will have to be dismantled and returned to the rightful owners.

        The Jewish landgrabbers will hopefully be severely punished one day for their systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.


        In fact, Ben Gurion admitted it.

  15. The arguments made here that most Jews today are not Semites is certainly interesting historically but somewhat more irrelevant than you seem to think. Do you think Hitler really cared had he been informed in the 1930s that the Jews were really descendants of European whites who converted to Judaism 1300 years ago rather than descendants of the Semites? What you seem to ignore is that ethnicity, like a great deal of other human realities, is PSYCHOLOGICAL in nature. If anti-Semites BELIEVE Jews to be scum of ancient Hebrew origin that is all the matters. If people are racist against Jews it is because they are racist against those they BELIEVE to be of inferior lineage or constitution. An attempt to correct the historical record will not detract them in any way. There are, after all, no biological reasons to justify any claims of inferiority or superiority of any ethnicity anyway, so if you attempt to correct a misperception historically about who is a Semite as you are doing above, you are just as guilty as the racists of reifying distinctions which are entirely psychological to begin with. We have to be members of a “tribe” mentally (culturally) first to actually be a member of that tribe. I am obviously not saying there are no physical distinctions conferred by tribal identity. Rather, it is the MEANINGS conferred by others about those distinctions that are important, not the precise historical origins. Surely the vast majority of Christians are Christians in name only. Few actually practise the nonviolent philosophy that is attributed to Jesus (except the Quakers). Each of the thousands of Christian sects merely BELIEVE they are interpreting the holy writ correctly. It is the set of cultural and religious beliefs that characterize Jews and if they BELIEVE they descend from the Semites, that is really all that matters. However, the implications of peoples believing they are descends from Semites who may not be are rather interesting. Especially as so much of their Bible involves struggles between ethnic groups and a God that drowned and killed the innocent. The idea that a whole group of people believe they are descendants of one of these tribes when they are not is a potent reminder of the problems with over identifying with tribal groups in this day and age, especially for the narcissism, ignorance, name-calling, and violence it engenders.

  16. I just looked this up on Wikipedia in the section Semitic People. There several scientific studies are quoted which debunk the article above, claiming that no DNA from the samples studied had populations originating in the Caucasus, though some intermixing with northern fertile crescent did appear. Thus, the article on this page does not seem accurate.

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