How Six Million Jews Died, compiled by Toshiro

236 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement.
The erudite internet writer known as “Toshiro” has compiled a list of 236 references found in newspapers, magazines and books — spanning 45 years, from 1900 to 1945 — in which Jews have claimed that SIX MILLION Jews were (a) about to be killed, (b) were in the process of being killed, or (c) had been killed.
The words have been repeated like a mantra, a numerological litany from which there is no escape. As there is naturally much repitition, we select here only a handful of these references just to give the reader an idea of the intense process of mass hypnosis that started roughly in 1900 and has been continuing relentlessly for over a hundred years.
Reader, don’t skip.
Read every word — and prepare to be mesmerized:

1900 – Stephen S. Wise, New York Times, June 11, 1900
“There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.”

1902 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10th Edition, Vol. 25, 1902, page 482
“While there are in Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

1903 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 18th, 1903, page 6
“… six million downtrodden brethren.”

1911 – Max Nordeau, The Jewish Chronicle (London), August 18th, 1911, page 14
“… the downfall of six million creatures … for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives.”

1911 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 25th, 1911
“… six million Jews are still groaning under the most terrible yoke.”

1915 – New York Times, January 14th, 1915, page 3
“In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow … “

1915 – The Sun (NY), June 6, 1915, section 5, page 1
“Six million Jews, one-half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted, hounded, humiliated, tortured, starved. … six million Jews in Russia … are being tortured so mercilessly.”

1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), June 25th, 1915
“The annihilation of the six million Jews now congregated in the Russian domains goes on in a well defined and systematic manner.

1915 – New York Tribune, October 14th, 1915
“What the Turks are doing to Armenians is child’s play compared to what Russia is doing to six million Jews, her own subjects.”

1915 – The Mercury, December 4th, 1915
“… six millions of Russian and Polish Jews are to-day the most pitiable victims of that race hatred and that race fanaticism which have been the creed of Germany … “

1916 – The Jews in the Eastern War Zone, The American Jewish Committee, 1916
“… where six million human beings guilty only of adherence to the Jewish faith are compelled to live out their lives in squalor and misery, in constant terror of massacre … estimated at six million or more … of these six million people … a kind of prison with six million inmates … The persons most affected, the six million Jews of Russia … The Jews are loyal and brave, and it is most inadvisable to pursue a policy which might convert six million subjects into enemies. … the six million Jews of Russia still continued … nearly three of the six million …”

1916 – New York Times, February 28th, 1916
“Nearly six million Jews are ruined in the greatest moral and material misery; millions of them are refugees, dependent upon the good will of their brethren.”

1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 3rd, 1916
“Nearly six million Jews are ruined.”

1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 31st, 1916, page 6
“Position of the Jews in Russia. The Jews in Russia, numbering about six million, are denied full political and civil rights and are economically oppressed.”

1918 – The Columbus Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1918, page 1
“Claims Palestine Has Room For Six Million … “It is quite possible for Palestine to find room for five to six millions… 800,000 hectares will suffice to produce the food of six millions of people,”

1918 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 5th, 1918
“… Russia, where the bulk of the Jewish people to the number of well over six million still dwell, is a land of blood and midnight darkness.”

1919 – San Antonio Express, April 9th, 1919, page 12
“At no other time in the history of the Jewish people has the need been so great as now. Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying of starvation. The entire race is threatened with extinction.”

1919 – San Francisco Chronicle, October 19th, 1919, page 18
“6,000,000 JEWS IN BREAD LINE, STRAUS WRITES. More Than Third of Entire Race in World Reduced to Despair in Europe. … Six million Jews, out of the 16,000,000 in the world … “

1919 – The American Hebrew, October 31st, 1919, page 582
“The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop! From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help … Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings…. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand. Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life […] bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life in the name of the humanity of Moses to six million famished men and women. Six million men and women are dying … six million Jewish men and women are starring across the seas …”

1919 – Gouvernur Free Press, November 12th, 1919
“Six Million Men and Women Are Dying… Won’t You Help Them? … From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help … in six million human beings … In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate … Six million men and women are dying … Six million men and women are dying … Because of this war for Democracy six million Jewish men and women are starving across the seas … Six million men and women of the race that helped do the greatest of the world’s work are falling into the grave! … six million famished men and women now turn mute eyes of appeal … “

1936 – Chaim Weizmann: Reden und Aufsatze 1901-1936. jud. Bucherverlag Erwin Lowe, Berlin 1937, page 272-4
“It is no exaggeration to say that six million Jews are sentenced to be imprisoned in this part of the world, where they are unwanted, and for whom the countries are divided into those, where they are unwanted, and those, where they are not admitted. … It is ultimately the fate of six million people!”

1937 – Jewish Western Bulletin, December 31st, 1937
“The number six million is often used to describe the Jewish population of Central and Eastern Europe.”

1938 – New York Times, January 9th, 1938, page 12
“PERSECUTED JEWS SEEN ON INCREASE. 6,000,000 VICTIMS NOTED. … Five to six million in all are today the victims of governmental anti-Semitism … “

1938 – New York Times, February 23rd, 1938, page 23
“A depressing picture of 6,000,000 Jews in Central Europe deprived of protection or economic opportunities, slowly dying of starvation, all hope gone … Now anti-Semitism has spread to thirteen European nations, and threatens the very existence of millions of Jews.”

1938 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), April 1st, 1938, page 15
“I shall not comment upon the first except to remind you that six million Jews in Europe are struggling between life and death.”

1938 – The Guardian, April 4th, 1938, page 11
“Six million Jews at this moment are trapped like rats … “

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 7th, 1939, page 4
“Not in Hitler’s Hands, In Yours … The Fate Of Six Million European Jews”

1939 – The Niagara Falls Gazette, May 1st, 1939, page 15
“ITHACA RABBI SAYS FREE JEWS MUST AID HARASSED BRETHREN Six Million Jews Are Refugees, Members of B’nai B’rith Lodges Told. Three-eights of the world’s Jewish population of 16,000,000 persons, or approximately 6,000,000 persons, are potential refugees. … Rabbis Fischoff declared that the 6,000,000 Jews or Christians of Jewish extraction are in real of imminent danger due to the spread of totalitarianism in the world.”

1940 – New York Times, June 25th, 1940, page 4
“Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction, if the victory of Nazis should be final. … The chances for mass emigration and resettlement of European Jewry seems to be remote, and European Jews face the danger of physical annihilation. Even the 4,000,000 Jews under Soviet rule, although free from racial discrimination, are not safe in the event of a final Nazi victory.”

1940 – Joplin News Herald (Missouri), June 25th, 1940, page 3
“Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction.”

1940 – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1940, page 1
“The lives of six million Jews have been uprooted by the psychopathic, political ambitions of totalitarian leaders.”

1942 – New York Times, December 13th, 1942, page 21
“Rabbi Israel Goldstein in Temple B’nai Jeshurun, Eighty-eighth Street, near Broadway, declared: “Authenticated reports point to 2,000,000 Jews who have already been slain by all manner of satanic barbarism, and plans for the total extermination of all Jews upon whom the Nazis can lay their hands. The slaughter of a third of the Jewish population in Hitler’s domain and the threatened slaughter of all is a holocaust without parallel.”

1942 – The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), December 19th, 1942
“GERMAN HORROR CRIMES; ALLIES PROMISE JUSTICE. Statements issued simultaneously in London, Washington and Moscow, told at German barbarity and of proof of the Nazi determination to exterminate Jews. … Hitler’s decision to exterminate the Jews … It is estimated that there are between five and six million Jews in Occupied Europe … Nazi Slaughter House. … Hitler’s oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe.”

1942 – Barrier Miner (Australia), December 23rd, 1942
“Mr. Silverman suggested that Australia and Canada could each absorb 6,000,000 Jews. … MOST ARE DOOMED … The Jewish Congress declares that 2,000,000 Jews have been exterminated so far.”

1942 – The Massacre of a People: What the Democracies Can Do, 1943.
The following article is an except from “Let My People Go,” a pamphlet written on Christmas Day, 1942, in London. “Of the six million Jews or so who were living at the outbreak of the war in what is at present Nazi-occupied Europe, a high proportion—between one and two million—have been deliberately murdered by the Nazis and their satellites. … Unless something effective is done, within a very few months these six million Jews will all be dead,”

1943 – Toledo Blade, August 27th, 1943
“3,000,000 Jews Left In Europe – 5,300,000 Reported To Have Perished. Europe’s Jewish population has been reduced from 8,300,000 to 3,000,000 during the 10 years the Nazis have been in power, says the Institute of Jewish Affairs.”

1944 – The Leader, November 28th, 1944
“Russian “Black Book” lists German crimes. The first volume of a five-volume Russian “black book” recording the documentary form of the German massacre of approximately 6,000,000 European Jews has been completed by the Soviet state publishing house … The five-volume work is under the general editorship of Ilya Ehrenburg, noted Soviet writer and war correspondent, with an editorial board that includes poet-playwright Kanstantin [Konstantin] Simonov, writer Vsevold [Vsevolod] Ivanov and poetess Vera Imber. Editors of the work -which will be published in both Russian and English in press runs of hundreds of thousands of copies- estimate from data now available that the Germans killed between 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 Jews in Russia, Poland and western Europe. They believe an additional 500,000 now are being murdered in Hungary.”

1944 – Ilya Ehrenburg, Soviet War News, December 22nd, 1944
“In the regions they seized, Germans killed all Jews, from the old folks to infants in arms. Ask any German prisoners why his fellow countrymen annihilated six million innocent people … “

1945 – New York Times, January 8th, 1945
“6,000,000 JEWS DEAD. The Jewish population in Europe has been reduced from 9,500,000 in 1939 to 3,500,000. Of the 6,000,000 European Jews who have died, 5,000,000 had lived in the countries under Hitler’s occupation.”

1945 – Joseph Thon, president of the National Organization of Polish Jews in America, March 22nd, 1945:
“I accuse the whole German people that in the years 1939 to 1945 they slaughtered upward of 15,000,000 men, among which there were 6,000,000 Jews. … The German people murdered, in cold blood, in excess of 6,000,000 European Jews, among them over 3,000,000 Polish Jews.”

1945 – Ilya Ehrenburg, The Advertiser, March 27th, 1945
“… the Germans tortured the last handful of Jews. The Germans killed six million Jews -all the Jews of Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Byelo-Russia, West Europe and of course Germany.”

1945 – Army News (Darwin, Australia), April 11th, 1945
“NAZIS HAVE MURDERED SIX MILLION JEWS. Of a population of 16 million Jews in the world before the war, more than six million had been murdered by the Nazis.”

1945 – The Observer, October 14th, 1945, page 5
“At the entrance to its office, a large poster asks the searching question: Six million Jews have been murdered-world, where is thy conscience?”

1945 – The Observer, November 2nd, 1945, page 10
“The horror of the Middle Ages with all forms of torture was brought down upon European Israel with the result that six millions of Jews perished.”

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  1. thanks six million times toshiro, a great effort, must have been fun though.

    well, a lie repeated six million times becomes truth, no?

    because of the insensate greed of the jew that now demands that there be not six million exterminated jews but six million death camps, we can expect the reparation claims to balloon beyond the net worth of this impoverished, be-jewed planet to at least the limits of the solar system.

    line up little green men and grovel before the throne of all-seeing talmud!

    pour out the weird crystals, spice and bondaged offspring and present orifices for inspection, you exterrestrial goys!

  2. All a prelude to immanent discovery of Dead Sea of Tranquility scrolls (on the Moon).

    Iron oxide clad proof the Jews really were and are the legendary ancient astronauts who having blessed the universe with 6 million colonial points of light, now await their final recognition and appropriate recompense .
    (i knew that)

  3. BEFORE the first concentration camp was “reported” for American public consumption, the most heavily jew-populated country in Europe was Poland. In the year 1938, that population was reported (1938 census) at 500,000. Look it up in hard copy (don’t trust a lot of Internet sources anymore) if you are truly interested.

    That information begs the question….. WHERE did the other millions come from, and HOW were any left later to breed???

    A great, straightforward case is built by Toshiro’s article.

    1. ahem, obviously unrelated to the topic, but can anyone here supply me with a suitable illustration of the phrase “too good to be true“?

      … helping my nephew write an essay on the subject.

    2. Absolutely ridiculous. Warsaw itself had a total population of approx over 1,300,000;
      30% of that alone was Jewish. Perhaps this was the figure you got rounding up from your source or collectively in a single province,
      BTW about 130,000 (Jews) served in the Polish armed forces at the time of the Nazi invasion. To address Toshiba or whatever his name is –
      1) His argument is ad hominen and thus irrelevant.
      2) Yad Vashem has collected approx. 2/3 of the names of the estimated 6 million
      3) From Wiki:
      Since 1945, the most commonly cited figure for the total number of Jews killed has been six million. The Yad Vashem Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem, writes that there is no precise figure for the number of Jews killed. The figure most commonly used is the six million attributed to Adolf Eichmann, a senior SS official.[276] Early calculations range from about 4.2 to 4.5 million in The Final Solution (1953) by Gerald Reitlinger (arguing against higher Russian estimates),[277] and 5.1 million from Raul Hilberg, to 5.95 million from Jacob Lestschinsky. Yisrael Gutman and Robert Rozett in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust estimate 5.59–5.86 million.[278] A study led by Wolfgang Benz of the Technical University of Berlin suggests 5.29–6.2 million.[279][280] Yad Vashem writes that the main sources for these statistics are comparisons of prewar and postwar censuses and population estimates, and Nazi documentation on deportations and murders.[279] Its Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names currently holds close to 3 million names of Holocaust victims, all accessible online. Yad Vashem continues its project of collecting names of Jewish victims from historical documents and individual memories.[281]
      Entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1945

      Hilberg’s estimate of 5.1 million, in the third edition of The Destruction of the European Jews, includes over 800,000 who died from “ghettoization and general privation”; 1,400,000 killed in open-air shootings; and up to 2,900,000 who perished in camps. Hilberg estimates the death toll of Jews in Poland as up to 3,000,000.[282] Hilberg’s numbers are generally considered to be a conservative estimate, as they typically include only those deaths for which records are available, avoiding statistical adjustment.[283]

      British historian Martin Gilbert arrived at a “minimum estimate” of over 5.75 million Jewish victims.[284] Lucy S. Dawidowicz used pre-war census figures to estimate that 5.934 million Jews died (see table below).[285]

      —- It is amazing to see that seemingly intelligent people succumb to their most ignorant impulses by conducting this misguided and libelous witch hunt,

      The expression by the way is Jewish (adj) Population and not Jew(noun) Population. Elementary English grammar might be a good place to start before tackling European history of the period 1938-1945

      1. Hmmm… an authoritative quote from Wikipedia… that should silence the deniers!

      2. British historian Martin Gilbert

        The expression by the way is Jewish (adj) historian and not British historian. Elementary TRUTH might be a good place to start before tackling European history of the period 1938-1945.

        as for the rest of your “sources”, they go like this:
        jew 1 Yad Vashem
        jew 2 Gerald Reitlinger
        jew 3 Raul Hilberg
        jew 4 Jacob Lestschinsky
        jew 5 Yisrael Gutman
        jew 6 Robert Rozett
        jew 7 Wolfgang Benz (possibly a typically servile german shabbas goy, another example, richard warman in canada)
        jew 8 Not-British historian Martin Gilbert
        jew 9 Lucy S. Dawidowicz

        is there one among them who didn’t say kol nidre at every yom kippur?

        why use “Jew” instead of “Jews” or “Jewish”?
        to express the monolithic singularity of evil, as evident in kol nidre and all their (his) works, unencumbered by any strictures of ethics, decency or conscience, who run from truth in freaking panic like vampires from sunlight.

        besides, don’t the rabbis proclaim that g*d is in fact identical with jew nation, they are just different facets of the same d*ity presented for goy’s bafflement and confusion.

        i will return to some of these claims, including hilbert’s shameful performance at ernst zundel’s trial when he was caught either tongue-tied or lying by late doug christie during cross examination, the result being that the auschwitz plaque was overnight changed from 4.5 million victims to 1.5 million, without a single peep from your “righteous” nine sources above, and the kabbalist number 6 million forever inviolable.

        lookit here jewjon: if yad vashem contains names of 2/3 of 6 million (i.e., 4 million dead-jew names), but 3 million (4.5 – 1.5) disappered from auschwitz (where yad vashem had them penned, name by fake name), where did the dangling +1 million go?
        i mean, like any good, wondering jew, if a dead jew is evicted from auschwitz, he must change his cadaverian address to someplace else and register for the reparation paychecks, right? e.g., the hamptons, sobibor, palm beach, manhattan, long island, palisades …

        did not raul-the-ghoul hilberg admit on the witness stand that there was never a single document, nor tiniest scrap of paper whereby hitler or any nazi officials verbalized an order for extermination of the jew (6 million or one what’s the diff to a kolnidrist like you).
        did he not publicly state that there was never a single gas chamber for purpose of killing jews (or humans) in any of the german territories?
        i believe that deborah lipstadt acknowledged the same.

        1. The fact that he omits to mention that Martin Gilbert is Jewish can be ascribed to one of three reasons: (1) he doesn’t know that Marticn Gilbert is Jewish; (2) he knows, but regards Gilbert’s Jewish ethnicity as “irrelevant”; (3) he knows, but he is so politically correct that he cannot bear to mention it.

          No. 3 is probably the reason.

          After all, no mainstream newspaper ever mentions the Jewish ethnicity of these dodgy Jews with ideological axes to grind. (Like Gilbert) The only time they tell you someone is Jewish is if he’s won the Nobel Prize!

          1. nope, not quite.
            use your psychoanalytical prowess, baltahza:-), you are being undeservedly kind to him.

            in the long list of purportedly honest brokers, his is the only name not obviously jew(ish), so he wants to score some cheap cred off the seemingly anglo name, british sense of fair play and all.

            all hail rabbi lionheart and rebbe braveheart as they ride into battle at the forefront of their fearless, loyal troops, let’s hear another st. crispen’s day motivational speech

            and you few-jew, you chosen few, you lying band of criminals …

        2. “Jew” was short for Judean In 458 B C the Levite priest hood which controlled the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah, produced a racial creed, the disruptive effects of which, on subsequent human affairs, has exceeded explosives and epidemics This is when the theory of the master race was set up as the Law (Torah),. The Levites wrote the Torah; the Pharisees wrote the Talmud.
          The U.S. is a host nation of the Zionists who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation from inside and out: 9-11 was Mossad. (shortly before 9-11, Larry Silverstein bought the asbestos-filled WTC for $55million less that the next bidder, and made $4.5 Billion from the in-surance.) Shortly before Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe began, Goldman Sachs sold 27% of its BP stock. A few weeks before Fukushima nuclear disaster,
          Japan came out in favor of a Palestinian State. Connect the dots…

          1. See my other post today.

            The letters “j” followed by “e” followed “w” did not appear in print till 1775 AD. Argue with Oxford, not me.

            Therefor, Scripture, having all been penned seventeen C prior, can not be employed in any way to support any meaning to a word that did not appear till seventeen C later.

            Here is an analogy: suppose a new word first appears in print in the year 3800 AD (I doubt we’ll make it that far…the jews will annihilate the planet before we get there). Employing Scripture to define the word “jew” would be like employing something written today 2013 to define a word first appeared in 3800 AD.

            Sorry, can’t do that!

        3. Several interesting jew-dominated Hollywood homages to jews:

          Reference to “six million innocent dead” Vulcans in the first Star Wars pre-quel movie.

          Usually, German accent persons are attached to the most intense evil: see the Sherlock Holmes movie circa 2007.

          In rabbi-sycophant/cryptic Rabbi Stephen Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, the high point of the move is when the jew gives Schindler the token with alleged Talmud quote, “If you save one life you save the whole world.” Spielberg one awards even for including this quote. One little problem is the original Talmud quote goes like this: “If you save one Jewish life, you save the whole world.”

          Another cryptic Rabbi Rob Reiner’s acclaimed movie Stand By Me: Rob relishes every opportunity (about 100x in this movie) to curse Jesus. Then the climax of Rob’s Jesus hatred is the very end. First jew actor Richard Dreyfuss verbally and gleefully and loudly curses the name Christ. This is not nearly enough for Christ hater/Christ crucifier Reiner. Now he must curse Christ in print on Dreyfuss’ computer monitor while typing.

          Then, about 3-5 minutes later, the end of the credits, in which clearly appears the disclaimer that everything and every person depicted in this movie is false and does not exist in the real word. And that would apparently include who? Yes, the name of Christ who Reiner just gleefully cursed 100x, and the last name mentioned (in curse) in the movie. Christ does not exist.

          Only in the jew run universe is such hatred of a person not considered hate speech. But disbelieve the holocaust, go straight to prison in Canada and 17 EU nations.

      3. want some census figures (the unscrupulous jew’s last stand, since hard forensic evidence, e.g., bodies, dna, gas chambers, etc, unavailable)?
        World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population- 15,319,359
        World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population- 15,713,638
        World Almanac, 1996, pg. 646: World Jewish Population- 14,117,000

        got that?
        1940: 15,319,359
        6,000,000 sadistically, perfidiously murdered by demonic nazis
        1949: 15,713,638
        some quick+sick+lovely jew math:
        9,319,359 survivor jews (most of them from slave camps) replicated another 6,394,279 progeny jews in just 9 years to hit the 1949 figure
        listen, if jews in trouble can breed this fast, why are they crying today that israeli passport holding palestinians will soon be in majority, thus endangering their knesset control … go on, breed like rats, you’ve shown us before how it is done, beat the ayrabs at their game.

        National Council of Churches 1930 – 15,600 ,000
        American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 – 15,600,000
        World Almanac USA 1946 – 15,690,000
        Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 – 15,300,000

        and this, these figures above, are absolutely the best evidence you have for holocaust, jonathan (or jew nathan, whatever).

        go on, dispute the 1930 figure of 15,600,000 jews by Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council.

        be a Denier, a g*damn revisionist, i dare you.

      4. It must be uncomfortable for some Jews and Jew sycophants like yourself when confronted with Oxford’s Dictionary of the English Language, which states that the word “Jew” did not exist in written form on earth prior to 1775 AD.

        Yes, as strange and as uncomfortable as it is for Jew-land, it is true, that Christ was not a Jew and no such word existed on earth in the 1st CAD.

        The first occurrence on earth in written form of the word “Jew” is in Sheridan’s 1775 AD comedy play The Rivals: “…she hath the skin of a mummy and the beard of Jew…”

        In Greek Scripture, the word “Ioudaios” is normally (and wrongly IMO) translated “Jew.” That I claim this is a wrong translation is irrelevant. What is of critical and utmost relevance, is that the word “Jew” is unknown to OT and NT authors, because it did not exist.

        What this means is that regardless one’s current meaning attached to Scriptural Gk word “Ioudaios,” Scripture can not be employed to support one’s claim to translate “Ioudaios” to the modern word “Jew” which first appeared in print seventeen centuries later.

        Bible readers like to stay that OT prophets were saved by the same thing that saves modern so-called “Christians,” which is belief in and reliance on God. In the OT Scripture labels the saved Hebrews as “remnant,” separate from the unsaved general Hebrews.

        The difference between the OT and NT is that God’s form is revealed in Christ, whose specific name was unknown in the OT.

        So if Abraham and Moses were saved by believing on God, and if the NT is a “better covenant” that fully reveals God’s nature through Christ, then certainly it is much more correct to call Moses a “Christian-Hebrew” (now since we live in a post-Temple NT era) than it is to call believers “Judeo-Christian.”

        Judeo-Christian is an utterly false lie and myth. A “Jew” in FDR’s State Dept. made us this term in order to brain wash stupid goyim to die in support of WW2, whose purpose was to create the current apostate state of Israel we now have in the ME.

  4. Please correct “complied” in the title of this article into “compiled”.

    And yes, Jews are masters in the Big Lie technique, as already Hitler observed. You have to be absolutely shameless for that and that is no problem for this people of chutzpah

    It is remarkable how they always succeed in cheating the goyim and get away with it. Six million gassed Jews cannot be proven? Never mind, it now appears that twenty million were killed in 42,000 concentration camps! No weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq? Never mind, there are now nuclear weapons in Iran and chemical weapons in Syria. Good for two more wars! Goyim of this world, follow the Jew!

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Yes, I agree there is great cause for concern over the latest propaganda coup scored by the Zionists in attempting to inflate the Holocaust figures.

      Let’s clarify the situation briefly.

      You write: “Six million gassed Jews cannot be proven? Never mind, it now appears that twenty million were killed in 42,000 concentration camps!”

      This is not what they are saying, Franklin, but it is the false impression they are giving the vast masses of the ignorant public who are totally unacquainted with Holocaust revisionism.

      An ignoramus, when confronted now by a revisionist like yourself who points out to him that the six million figure is bogus, will reply: “Heck, I heard on TV that twenty million Jews were killed by the Nazis, so how can you say that six million is a bogus figure? The figures are far higher than we thought before!”

      This is what the Zionist disinfo agents want the gullible masses to think, Franklin: that 20 million Jews were bumped off by the Nazis, even though anyone with an ounce of intelligence is aware that the total Jewish population of the world during WW-2 was not even 15 million — with only 6 million Jews living in the whole of Europe.

      (I’m not absolutely sure about these figures… I’m quoting from memory… I think they are roughly correct.)

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      The actual new “findings” are as follows:

      Up until now, the Holocaust is generally thought to have consumed between five to six million Jews, with an estimated further 6 million non-Jews “murdered by the Nazis”, bringing the previous grand total to a maximum of 12 million non-combatants killed by the Nazis. This 12 million figure has now been revised upward to 15-20 million.

      In other words, a minimum of 3 million and a maximum of 8 million people (Jewish and non-Jewish) have been added on to the previous 12 million figure, giving a grand total now of 15-20 million.

      The 15-20 million figure, in other words, refers to Jews AND non-Jews killed, but the uninformed masses will be given to believe that this new figure applies to Jews only.

      The Holocaust, after all, is popularly thought to be a specifically Jewish thing. The staggering losses suffered by the non-Jewish world barely feature in the equation. World War Two, indeed the whole of history, is now being portrayed as the History of Jewish Suffering.

      The new propaganda coup was carefully planned. It has been incubating for 13 years, starting in 2000, when the Holocaust Museum in Washington, under the directorship of Geoffrey Megargee, began to search for “evidence” of more camps and ghettos in which Jews were killed. They have finally come up with the phenomenal number of 42,400 camps. More will be found in time, believe me. These figures can be massaged upward with the greatest of ease by our skilled Jewish statisticians. If you can invent a figure of six million and get away with it for all these years, why not refine and elaborate the hoax?

      Note that the Jewish hasbara agents state that all their research is based on detailed reports drawn up by 400 anonymous academics, all of them intent on searching for evidence of more Jews killed in a greater proliferation of camps.

      We are not supposed to ask who these 400 nameless “academics” are, or whether they are predominantly Jewish. Nor are we are meant to ask why their “findings” should be regarded as academically sound and proven. No, that would be anti-Semitic! So we must take their findings on trust, just as we have been previously dragooned and coerced into believing that 6 million Jews were systematically murdered in gas ovens on the explicit order of Hitler and his “evil gang of Nazi mass murderers.”

      What will be the consequences of the new 15-20 million propaganda coup? I speculate that the two immediate consequences will be as follows:

      (1) A staggering psychological blow to the Revisionist movement. The highly questionable SIX million figure now becomes easier to defend. “Ah, but we underestimated before!” Revisionists will face even harsher persecutions, with “Holcaust denial” being eventually criminalized in all countries where Jews hold sway.

      (2) An increase in extortionate reparations demands. Nations like Hungary which have recently been refusing to pay reparations without substantial proof of Jews being killed will now have to cough up. An increase in all-round intimidation seems more than likely.

      The people we are dealing with are highly dangerous — there’s no doubt about that — and they will not rest until the entire world becomes their slave colony.

      1. Since the Jews have no modesty, their only way out when their lies are falling apart is “bluffing forward”. If I remember correctly, there were only 3 million Jews living in Nazi occupied Europe. Of those 3 million, 6 million were murdered while 3 million survived…(hence are entitled to pensions for the rest of their lives, while the idea of “second generation victims” is in the making). Now they want to up the ante by asserting that not only more Jews were killed than who lived in Europe at that time but more than who lived in the entire world! And we gullible goyim are supposed to swallow that too!
        Part of their trick is to call any place where Jews lived (even a single house) a “ghetto”, hence a “concentration camp”, hence a “death camp”. Thus they arrive at their 42,000 number. But even so each “camp” would contain only a few hundred inmates at most. Not a very efficient way to murder millions of people on an industrial scale!
        It’s about time to end this charade and say that the emperor is naked.

        1. Franklin,

          Nice to see you dropping in here occasionally. What’s happened to all the other posters on the Occidental Observer now that Comments have been shut down there? Have they migrated en masse to some other site?

          Are there any other comparable sites?

          If so, can you recommend one or two of the better ones that allow a free and easy discussion of the matters that are of importance to you?

          1. Where most commenters of TOO have gone, I can’t say. Some are here. As for other sites of interest where you can comment, here is a short list :
            WN :
            Total Fascism.
            John Friend’s Blog.
            Age of Treason.
            The White Network (radio programs).
            Counter Currents.
            British Resistance.

            NWO :
            Veterans Today.
            Northern Truthseeker.
            Mami’s Shit (various radio programs).
            The Ugly Truth.

            Highbrow discussions however are only found on Counter Currents and are beginning to appear on The White Network. TOO was unique in this respect. I still don’t understand why comments have been closed.

            I hope this is of some use.


  5. Arthur R. Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century—The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry 3rd, revised and expanded edition

    In 502 pages of penetrating study and lucid commentary, Dr. Butz gives the reader a graduate course on the subject of the Jews of World War Two Europe – concluding not only that they were not virtually wiped out, but what’s more, that no evidence exists to date to confi rm that there was ever any Hitler attempt to do so.

    End of the holosoap era.

    CIA O

  6. Obviously the six million is a bullshit occultic number. Not long ago a film by the name of “Symphony Of Six Million” (1932) caught my attention. Not five million. Not seven million. Funny how that six million always comes up, years before WWII. Yep, the film is about jews and their suffering. Wake up to the six million lies.

  7. wonder how many christian boys undert he age of 8 will be ritually slaughtered tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s cannibalistic passover feast?

    bleed little sheepies, eyes glued to the boob tube while the kosher catheter snakes out of your arm down into mordor (where the shadows lie, you know?).

      1. yes bye bye ruth. the end game for you then ‘erased forever’ you was right. you was chosen for the dustbin. no hebrew to the ‘DREAM’
        YOU WAS ‘WARNED’!

  8. popped into a convenience storet to grab some mexican calories, now reading label off a small can of yogurt (nestle): sugar, modified starch, artificial flavoring, potassiums orbate, pectin, calcium chloride, rennet, “rojo allura ac” (couldn’t translate that one)

    it strikes me that these are the exact ingredients used by judaic media to make their brand of swill-to-the-goys palatable.

    just remembered how a friend once told me of a visit to a yogurt manufacturing plant and said he couldn’t stop puking.

    yummy, strawberry colored stuff.

    1. Animal rennet should be illegal and the cretins who sneak it in the cheese disguised as “enzymes,” should be whipped for their subverting the vegetarian ideal farsighted people hold very very dearly.

      SOP in 21st century societies of cheaters and the cheated.

      Sacred is spelled with an $

      1. well, the additives and subtractives of jewrnalism are even worse, that was my point.

        add some toxikolnidre, a whack of cyanohasbara, a dash of black ops for color, neoliberal dose of propaganda, remove all traces of truth and it is ready to be gobbled up by the unwary.

        and no labeling to expose the lying media … rennet, kristol, friedman, animals all.

        ummm, what’s roasting this pesach, what beady eyed beast is loping with typical slouching gait, toward betlehem to be born?

      2. haha lobro you are a funny guy … dont think ive ever met anyone with the wisdom of a 300 year old and the playfulness of a 2 year old

        let me return some comedy to you … if you look at the joe spear williams article about hitler, youll see lots of odd grammatically misshapen statements … obviously intentional because they are not on the same place on the keyboard … one which is holohoax … which the jewish author cant even bring himself to write … so he writes holohaux

        1. I got this from visdibles blog it is funny and usable all the time till it gets known. “how do you make an asshole wait? I’ll tell you later. hahaha foonie no?

  9. This unveiling of the magic six million number will be devastating to Jews and their demonic creation of Israhell.

    This is so damaging to them they went into emergency spin control and announced “42,000 concentration camps!”. 42 must be another magic number used to obscure the 6 million number. Multiply the magic number 6 by the magic number 7 and then amplify it by a 1,000 times and you get 42,000.

    The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42

    Just remember that nothing they say is true, the entire construct of Judaism is a big fat chutzpah lie. Richard Dawkins takes on the god meme in his best seller “The God Delusion”, quote:

    “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

    Their biggest lie of all time is not the Jesus fiction, it is not their god Jehovah, a war god having trouble loving humanity, no their biggest lie of all time, a lie that totally negates all of creation is:

    The Jews got the gentle peoples to worship their evil and believe that their evil god was love!

    Yahweh is an evil monster yet they got you to worship it, they convinced you that their judgmental god was a god of love. Christians willingly kill for this god, now that is a real good trick, getting humans to kill in the name of love. But their god(s) are not real, so what is really going on? They made themselves your god, when you worship the Jesus/Yahweh god you send your energy to the Jews, you voluntarily submit your being to the death cult script, their vindictive law, their usury money systems.

    That is the power of a spell, the 6 million number is a grand spell on the mass mind and its revelation to our consciousness undoes that spell and frees you from Jewish treachery and deceit.

    1. You don’t understand zip about Christianity. While I will not bother articulating your misunderstandings on the subject, I will say I am CHRISTIAN, American, and willing to terminate any who violate my republic, my people, my family, and my faith.

      That stands OK with God – no matter what you drivel. No apologies.

      The reason America is failing so fast is because she chose sides with the wrong people since 1861, and God obviously does not approve.

      1. Well said, Gilbert! The slimy Jew thinks he can destroy Christianity by telling you it was invented by the Jews as a confidence trick to dupe the gullible goyim.

        Only a stupid goy with no understanding of the healing touch of Chrisianity will buy that.

        How could a set of cunning Jew con artists invent a noble religion like Christianity or write the Sermon on the Mount? They haven’t even got the talent to invent a plausible Holocaust, so how can they invent a religion that actually works and is still around 2000 years later?

        Let’s see if their con trick of the Holcaust lasts 2000 years!

        Makes you wonder, will they still be claiming “reparations payments” from Germany and Switzerland 2000 years from now…?

        1. Probably. Thanks for understanding, B. I know ONE thing – the bastards have already looted THIS boy for the last time, if I can help it. I am doing my best to stay apart from the damn jew-babylonian-digit system, while keeping in touch enough to exact some of my own revenge when the time comes, Lord willing.

          I think HE has certain plans for certain of us to remain to participate in exacting His judgement in a most amplified and obvious manner. These bastards will know WHO is sending the lightening when their asses
          BURN! I am looking forward…. And I don’t have much patience with the limp-wristed who are always bleating the mantra of “no God”; or that Jesus is some Jew fiction.

      2. Really? God doesn’t approve of our government? How can that be because your faith requires you to believe that god puts those in authority, god is in charge according to the Bible.
        Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

        God made the planet and instituted government and we must OBEY, that is THE LAW according to Bible believing Christians. No matter what the government does or demands you must obey, right? That includes turning in your guns to Obama, if you disobey then you are not only breaking the law you are disobeying god.

        The police, literally, are working for god according to Peace Officers for Christ International and they also say:
        “Authority is the lawful right to enforce obedience.”

        What I am saying the authorities are using religion to get you to submit. I do not believe in government or the law because I am free and do not believe in the Bible nor do I think the Bible is holy or good. I especially do not think any other man has the right to tell me how to behave or force my obedience to the state. Who is it that has authority over me? No one.!

  10. not a few repeat the lies, having not only not studied History, but hating the Truth the Messiah proclaimed….how shortsighted and small minded some are…

    Jesus admonished to “Know the Truth”…
    ….and to be a “Jewish” one must Hate the Truth…

    ….that is the BAD FAITH “religion” and their unholy book for “Proselytes” has nothing to do with the Heriatge of the Children of Israel except to stand in complete contradiction to the Law of the Eternal Creator …and common sense.

  11. Dammit, lobro! Here I sit at around half past four in the morning, having my Wheaties, and you’ve got me laughing!

  12. ummm yea … 6 million jews died, even though there werent 6 millions jews in central europe … i guess jews travelled from around the world to germany to be holocausted

    then 4 million jews resurrected to receive reparations for going through the experience of being murdered

    does anyone still believe these lies?

  13. moreover, this lie covers up the bigger lies

    the jews holocausted russia (gulags), ukraine (famine), armenia, estonia, lithuania, poland (katyn), germany (dresden) … and probably more places i am unaware of

    if germany “invaded” poland, how come they didnt kill polish leaders … it was the bolshevik jews that rounded up the polish leaders and butchered them in katyn

    the holocaust did happen … though, the people who we’ve been taught were holocausted, were actually the people that created it

    1. does anyone still believe these lies?

      Most people do, flying cossack. If even 1% of the world’s 7 billion people doubted the Holocaust, that would be a significant achievement.

      More that 80% of the world, mostly in Asia and Africa, don’t even know what the Holocaust IS.

      Over 95% of Americans and Europeans can’t even give you the dates of World War II, or who fought whom, and they believe implicitly what Hollywood and their TVs have told them: that 6 million Jews died at the hands of the “evil Nazis”.

      Even 95% of those with a college education believe in the Holocaust.

      The only people who doubt the Holocaust are a minute fraction of the population with internet access — and most people with internet access, I would remind you, are more likely to be on porn sites and on Facebook than getting clued up about the Holocaust.

      Truth is a rare pearl. Very few have access to it. Most people are fed on the junk food of lies.

      1. you mean that porn and holocaust are two different things?

        i learn something every day … , like holocaust, six million whores sound too good to be true.

  14. Don’t forget the “Six Million Dollar Man” (Steve Austen, ne Ostenstein). That’s one dollar for every mythical jew. So they managed to fit two of their favorite subjects in one title. Six million, and dollars. How kikeful. Then they came out with the bionic shiksa, whose cost was never expressed in dollars nor was it explained why they needed a bionic vagina. Equality or something. The last thing they’d make today would be a white man and white woman because they’d have to be queer and mixed race.

    Ten times six million babies have been aborted in America since 1973. Happy Holocaust! Thanks, jews.

    Let’s talk about how many millions of jews will burn in hell. Every last one of them. Many more than six million.

    1. pretty sure they already are in hell

      every once in millions of years, they get an incarnation or opportunity in human form … to demonstrate they are no longer evil and join the healthier parts of god

      you see, once evil consumes all the ignorant and the cowards, there is only evil left to consume … evil starves … it is during this starvation that some evil realize, hmmm this evil thing doesnt work … it only works where there are ignorant and cowards … but what if we were in a place without ignorant or cowards … evil starves … it cannot exist there, thats why it exists here

      after this lifetime, its back to millions of years as a cockroach or blade of grass … to be eaten, shit on, pissed on … then to eat the shit … and love it

      for every human being, there are billions of blades of grass and insects … it is neither reward nor punishment … its choice

      1. six million dead cockroaches!?

        a tragedy of crunching proportions, a roachicide to be commemorated with weeping displays of public lamentations, yahweh, judith, esther, crying for lost offspring, lovingly laid eggs and larvae wasted, white house, congress, crocodile tears freshly imported from africa and s.e. asia in sealed buckets, hey navy band, strike up la cucaracha but real sad and slow, ok?

    2. Don’t forget the “Six Million Dollar Man” (Steve Austen, ne Ostenstein).

      The original Six Million Dollar Man was Lee Majors. I don’t watch TV nor Jewish Hollywood’s latest movies, so I presume you are talking about a remake of the 1970s TV show starring Steve Austin.


  15. Israel’s former (as in deceased) mob boss Berezovsky’s ex-good buddies and their turncoat helpers had better start finding God or their crappy equivalent, real quick. Israel or no Israel, Russia isn’t Putin up with these miscreants, any more.

    What optimistic prophesy! Eh?

  16. hallo, a great collection by Winston Smith. It must be of cabbalistic origins these numbers. Also they may want to hide the Bolshevic mass murders? but the number was there earlier in the evil NYT. there was the link (just after Maxim Gorki in Berlin 1906 – Dr.Paul Nathan’s View of Russian massacres) -pdf:
    dont know if it works. But on the other hand, I’d think cabbalistic speculation shouldn’t distract decent people from thoughts around Easter. So, while weather here is still cold, whishing best, Lasha, hp and lobro

    1. Are you the same Fritz from xymphora? If so, welcome! I remember you well from the past. How things have changed since then! Hopefully, we have made a little progress toward the truth in these intervening years. Nevertheless, speaking for myself, I still find myself wandering in darkness through a labyrinth of lies.

      1. Fritz, are you still feeding the neighbors cat?
        Best wishes to you for a wonderful inspiring Easter!

        Xymphora sure was a couple of the best blog years, ever!

        Has Smekhovo ever returned?
        I always suspected he was Xymphora.

        1. No, Xymphora was not Smekhovo. I know this for a near certainty. I am 95% certain that Xymphora posted under the name of “US Taxpayer”.

          1. This is wrong. US tax, I pray that he yet lives, was a far better man than Xymph.
            Xan, you never seem to stop pushing.
            I’m glad you’re there as a vehicle for Lobro et al. What a pity that you never learnt to speak or think “posh”.
            Best wishes to your pleasure domes … one of my best, I thought.

          2. grets, what a fine surprise.
            i too, like hp thought you’d pulled el cid on us.
            hope it is not the horse posting under your name.

            as for vehicle for lobro, alas, this is not the case.

            lobro is very pedestrian these days, the cookie jar he covets is out of his midgety reach, the only escape in drink, cigars and pretending he is more profound than everyone else.

            failing which, i can always be more profane than everyone else.

    2. best of Easter to you herr fritz.

      while i am not distracted by cabbalistic speculation, it is the cannibalistic speculation that gives me night sweats, namely that a bunch of red bearded jews killed and ate some christian innocents somewhere.

      i find it hard to believe that such stuff can go on in this day and age but ruth (-the-truth) assures me that it is all true.

      1. good Easter to you too, lobro. As I wrote already, where I used to live, we did have one modern pastor, who was preaching on Good Friday that the Romans murdered Jesus, not the Jews, and that Jews had always been victims of the Christians (and Germans). Then I found an explanation in this article by Shamir, exactly what it is:
        (also lobro’s remark about cannibalism .. Toaff and his fate described there too)
        a little down under the picture:
        In 1965, the Roman Catholic Church entered a perestroika[i]. These were the halcyon days of the Vatican II when the modernizers uprooted the foundations of tradition hoping to update the faith and to fit it into the new Jewish-friendly narrative of modernity; in plain prose, the bishops wanted to be loved by the liberal press.  ” and following sentences
        So this pastor was Protestant, and proud to be working on a “Bible in just language” or something (to mention what John is saying some comments further down here). Myself would wish to stay more on traditional ways, but how many things are subverted from under the tiles.. or they try to, if you watch tv, which I don’t do. It is a new religion, holo, singular victims , only that that isn’a religion.
        No- have heard nothing from grettir and his dwarfs lately.

  17. What better cover than that, X? A Russian US taxpayer. Such a rare bird.

    Or should I call you..

  18. good day and thank You. Meanwhile there is much to read in german blogs, and many have done some things against the lie-machinery regarding history of the 20th century and ongoing things like Syria.. One can say, the mainstream newspapers have lost a good part of their readers, but TV is THE entertainment still, probably, because I haven’t found more real people to talk about history, to be more exact almost no one out there.
    The neighbor’s cat has left to the other world some years ago and myself moved to a village not so far but cheaper. Have not heard anything from smekhovo, no, and with xymph it was always a puzzle vfor me, who he could be, he never answered much himself, but recently he was very sick, he wrote.
    The impression I can get is, that in these days most are afraid or worried about the financial tyranny in EUdSSR. “Russian taxpayer” was a good one regarding Cyprus now. There can be a parallel to the raised debts of the bankers that the Jew now has discovered 42thousand concentration camps. Corresponding tubes or zeros perhaps.

    1. Thanks Fritz, happy to hear you are staying dry!
      You need two cats and a staffy, then you’ll be just fine!
      I check in now and then to read at Xymphora but never comment for some strange reason.. Old and cranky maybe.

      Speaking of old and cranky, if you hear from grettir, please remind him to visit Rowan @ Niqnaq. (haha) I remember grettir appearing out of nowhere after a long time but I forget where it was. About a year or so ago.
      How could I forget remember laughing out loud like that!
      Big bad Grettir. I though maybe he died, you know. He sure was low down on his last legs and all last I remember proper. Then again, maybe I just imagined the whole thing.

      Yes, I’m right as rain, like you.

      1. “I remember grettir appearing out of nowhere after a long time but I forget where it was. About a year or so ago.”

        Grettir posted here about 1-2 years ago. Just once. A very brief comment.

  19. @ Yukon –

    Read your bible a bit more thoroughly. Christians are under no obligation to obey a ruler who is not a Godly man and does not govern in accordance with the Law of God. We are governed by antiChrist(s) and are under not just obliged to ignore them, we are instructed to …

  20. John, the bible is a disparate conglomoration of vignettes written by jews. Gentiles don’t take it seriously..

  21. The 6 million shoa card is passe. Nice try, bauerrotschild. Game over. The house of the zionide jew banksters and their personnel is a tumbling house of cards.

    From an older post of BF of 1 november 2011 titled the ‘Rothschild banking monopoly finally dismantled’

    “Th.e IMF and the World Bank existed to force the Rothschild banking system on the countries of the world,” is how an extremely senior Chinese official explained the situation. “Our goal is to reboot the system, to start over and set all the parameters in a fair way so that all countries benefit from the pooled assets of the people of the world and not just Europe and North America,” he continued.

    Bloomberg writes, 3-26-2013:
    BRICS Nations Plan New Bank to Bypass World Bank, IMF

    “There’s a shift in power from the traditional to the emerging world. There is a lot of geo-political concern about this shift in the western world.”

    Today is the end of the BRICS conference in South Africa. In the Vedic calendar today is the day of Holi. The Victory of the Good Forces.

    The Good Forces functioning from Restful Alertness, naturally remain vigilant.

    CIA O


    Published time: March 26, 2013 12:44
    Edited time: March 28, 2013 11:31

    The Russian lower house has received a new bill suggesting up to five years in prison for publicly denying the Holocaust or portraying Nazis as heroes…

    The sponsor of the bill is Boris Shpigel, an Upper House member…

    Boris S. is of course jewish, which means all options are open. Is BRICS what it seems?

    To get the omlet, you have to break the ego eggs. The ever expanding universe. Between your legs.

    No problem. Truth Always Triumphs. Unmoved, It moves on.

    CIA O

  23. 236 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement. Currently there are 236 illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank. What a coincidence

    1. Benjamin Fulford himself a Jew. Here are two Christallclear messages in which he adresses himself directly to them:

      Message to the Jews: You have been kicked out of over 100 countries in the past 2000 years:

      So, you must stop pretending you were always just innocent victims. It is time to stop thinking in terms of “us” (Jews) and “them” (Goyim), and start behaving like a civilized people all from the same human race. The Jews are like a beautiful woman (the decent and honorable majority) with syphilis (the gangsters hiding in their midst). If the Jewish people do not remove the criminals from the top of their own leadership, they may once again suffer collective punishment for the actions of a tiny criminal minority. Fortunately, there are signs of just such an internal purge (…)

      From BF’s weekly news d.d. August 13, 2012 Pentagon informs Netanyahu there will be no greater Khazarian empire.


      The recent Sandy Hook murder of children is one glaring example starting us in our faces. The official account is such a mess of contradictions that only the aspartame stoned couch potatoes actually believe that a single autistic child could have carried out all those murders. Early news reports quote a principle who is later listed as “killed,” describe multiple gun-men etc. The dead children are never shown and the bodies vanish to God knows where. There has been so much good research done on this false flag killing by others that this murderous incident is not going to be buried.
      This is where real Jews need to get involved. They need to renounce the child murderers who have been hiding in their midst or else risk being prosecuted as accomplices to mass murder. In the tale of Ruth the Jews did not hesitate to kill Moabites, even as they forgave Ruth. This is what needs to be done. Otherwise, prepare for the pogrom to end all pogroms.

      CIA O

  24. The parable in Matthew 25:14-30 tells of a master who was leaving his home to travel, and before going entrusted his property to his servants (property worth 8 talents, where a talent was a large unit of money, as discussed below). One servant receives five talents, the second two talents, and the third one talent, according to their respective abilities.
    Returning after a long absence, the master asks his servants for an accounting. The first two servants explain that they have each put their money to work and doubled the value of the property they were entrusted with, and so they are each rewarded:

    His lord said to him, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things, I will set you over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”
    — Matthew 25:23, World English Bible

    The third servant, however, has merely hidden his talent in a hole in the ground, and is punished:

    He also who had received the one talent came and said, “Lord, I knew you that you are a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter. I was afraid, and went away and hid your talent in the earth. Behold, you have what is yours.”

    But his lord answered him, “You wicked and slothful servant. You knew that I reap where I didn’t sow, and gather where I didn’t scatter. You ought therefore to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received back my own with interest. Take away therefore the talent from him, and give it to him who has the ten talents. For to everyone who has will be given, and he will have abundance, but from him who doesn’t have, even that which he has will be taken away. Throw out the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
    — Matthew 25:24–30, World English Bible

    Parable of the Minas
    The similar parable in Luke 19:12-27, the Parable of the Minas, is generally similar, but differences include the inclusion of the motif of a king obtaining a kingdom,[2] and the entrusting of the servants with equal amounts, measured in minas rather than talents (1 talent = 60 mina). Additionally, Luke includes at the beginning an account of citizens sending a message after the Master to say that they don’t want him as their ruler, and at the end Luke adds that the Master instructs that his opponents should be brought to him and then be slain.
    The parallels between the Lukan material (the Gospel of Luke, and Book of Acts) and Josephus’ writings have long been noted.[3][4][5][6] The core idea, of a man traveling to a far country being related to a kingdom, has vague similarities to Herod Archelaus traveling to Rome in order to be given his kingdom; although this similarity is not in itself significant, Josephus’ account also contains details which are echoed by features of the Lukan parable.[7] Josephus describes Jews sending an embassy to Augustus, while Archelaus is travelling to Rome, to complain that they do not want Archelaus as their ruler;[8][9] when Archelaus returns, he arranged for 3000 of his enemies to be brought to him at the Temple in Jerusalem, where he had them slaughtered.[8]

    1. World English Bible, eh?

      The cheeky chutzpah of these chronic chroniclers!

      Repeat after me, and watch the watch:

      “Bankers are good for you. Bankers are good for you. Bankers are good for you.”

    2. Zyklonize further the true messages of Moses and Christ.

      Normalize it to the hypnotized sleeping goyim.

      Satanization of the World continues apace.

  25. @Brownhawak

    Nuked Radio Special: 2 year Anniversary of Fukushima w/ LeurenMoret

    Part 6: How do we fix it? > vid counter 17.00: ….the only way we can become aware of them is by sharing this info with each other and act upon it…..
    ….yes this is a disaster but I like to remind everyone that the Chinese use the same character for disaster and opportunity.

    And La Moret on Who did it?!: the Gangsters in Tiara: Bad Elisa II & Beatricks together with their bilderberg bankster bed buddies.

    Yesterday I wondered how LM came to this concluZion.

    In a site of nocancerfoundation the following stunning answer of the Dutch former Philips engineer Ad van Rooij on a site called ‘bilderberghostage’ > next comment slide please…:

  26. La Moret points out that the real big economy still run by the pscychoelite is
    Dope Inc.

    (…) Global Drug Trafficking by and for financing the NWO (…)

    People like Bilderberg member (video), Prince Friso van Oranje joins URENCO
    (grandson of Nazi Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld), operate nuclear plants in Germany,
    the Netherlands, the UK and the US, using URENCO’s world-leading centrifuge technology to enrich uranium for the use as nuclear fuel for (civil) power generation.

    A company that is also located in Almelo (Nazi Netherlands) what once more is
    very disturbing. Friso van Oranje began his career at McKinsey in Amsterdam, then joined Goldman Sachs in London (video) as a Vice President working in the firm’s Investment Banking Division (communications, media and technology) (video1/2) in the Principal Investment Area for Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.
    Subsequently, he became a Partner at Logispring, a supply chain and technology-focused venture capital firm based in Geneva, Switzerland until 2006 before joining Wolfensohn, that is founded by James Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank, where he was a Managing Director. Mr van Oranje has an MSc in aeronautical engineering from Delft Technical University and in economics from Erasmus University in the Netherlands, where Virologist Develops Highly Contagious and Lethal Strain of H5N1 Bird Flu Virus.

    He also has an MBA and is a member of the the Skull and Bones (video) like the Bushes are (video1/2). His wife is the controversial Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau, who had a relationship with the Bosnia Mohammed Sacirbey (video), and the Dutch Klaas Bruinsma, the biggest drug lord Europe has even seen (video).

    Bring these Gangsters In Tiara & their zionide jewbanksterbilderbergbedfellows their Modus Operandi to G.I.T.MO.

    BTW the tricksgj encounter last year I did not know she went in her car to the Raad van State a the highest govt. advisory council that she as queen presides for a new sub-President. Ad van Rooij the Philipsengineer had applied as a candidate pro forma.

    CIA O

  27. Only one thing on this nocancerfoundation of Ad van Rooij; raised my eyebrows while stumbling upon him 1-2 years ago. Alex J. is a zionide shill but does have some ok issues. While glimpsing through this recent bilderberghostage vid. > Webster T. : The elites plan for Global extermination. Webster T. Never mentions the j-word. Webster T. Absolutely the wrong cup of tea.

    The US bankster ( comes close.

    The vid of JFK at the very beginning with the subtitle of its uploader: Speech JFK on secret societies ( = central bank / rothschild )

    The good old bad&bloody jewbanksters who fouded israhell.

    CIA O

  28. Nukes (nuclear weapons) are a hoax, another very successful Jewish fraud.

    I think the plan was to phase them out, along with ‘nuclear power’, and replace with the new scare of global warming; they may have had plans to run it for decades, just as with ‘communism’, the holohoax, 9/11…

  29. A letter from an African American friend:
    We don’t have to be ruled by anyone but ourselves. The problem that I have is, we don’t think for ourselves. We hate people because of what “others” program us to do. I read Mein Kampf authored by Adolph Hitler at the first AFB that I was assigned to in 1980. It wasn’t filled with talks about the African race. I found myself in agreement with some of the things he said. He was a fervent anti-Communist. Which the US military was at that time (maybe that is why the book was in the Base library) The people who manipulate societies tell us who to love and who to hate. Just like in every presidential election they tell us that the candidate we shouldn’t support is a “racist.” When in truth the candidate they want us to support (before Obama) has the same racial views about us as the other candidate. I have read a few books by Germans who were part of the German Army or leadership during the Nazi era. They didn’t spend all of their time (unlike our European American brethren of the past) trying to figure out ways to keep the “Negro” in his place. They were doing what they thought best to stem the tide of world-wide Communism (a philosophy that was promoted and led by our Jewish brethren). I do not want to be part of the herd that keeps saying, “the Nazis were brutal racists, and the Caucasians from Europe and American were wonderful human beings.” What was done to the Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast of America and the dropping of atomic bombs on non military targets in Japan were the greatest racist acts of WWII. One America general responsible for the bombings of Japanese cities before the atomic bombs were dropped was reported by one of his junior officers as saying, “if we lose this war we will be tried for war crimes.” He said that because he knew that they were primarily bombing Japanese civilians and not military targets. So all this talk, only about the “evil Nazis,” is getting old

    1. Agreed! From another Black Sister. I’m not sure why people have the notion that Europeans are a saving grace ( Ive read numerous times of people Saying WHITE CHRISTIANS ARE THE TRUE JEWS, something to that extent @Joe) and have been the most persecuted people throughout history but its dangerously exaggerated. If anyone knows anything about the Native indain 1st Nations peoples and the trials, tribulations and GENOCIDE they faced (Im talking about the real Genocide, the entire truth not what our American, European and Canadian counterparts trivialized and watered down) Jews and Zionists in my opinion are the real enemy that are behind perpetrating the conditioning and the genocide of the Human race in general ( Especially us “Blacks”. A mental genocide is what I refer to as well as a literal sense) but we must remember that these Jews were almost always of Euopean desent (Confusing to me. Jews are Europeans I’m not sure why the hell they think they have a Historical right to Isreal?! Then why not the Natives to North America? The Arabs to Spain? Etc) and had a very European way of thinking. Throughout history there has always been a sense of superiority with respect to Europeans aka Euro trash, an illusion of superiority and they have done everything in their power to keep visible minorities economically, mentally, physically and socially inferior and as @Chiniquy mentioned “In their place”. Let’s be real. Please don’t take offence to my sensibilities as I’ve had more incidents with racist and unpleasant Europeans then I care to remember and it has had a serious impact on how I see myself and Identify with other cultures. Smh Waaaay off topic but had to say it
      Anyhoooo, I wish that Hitler had been successful in his extermination of the Bloodsuckers of the universe: The JEW!!!! In order for us to rise above the Synagogues of Satan we must all come together, teach, learn and deconstruct the social constructs we have been conditioned to see as a way of life and as the “Truth”. We must spread the word of God and live our lives the way he sees fit.

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