How the Jews Have Made America the Greatest Nation on Earth, by Isabella Fanfani

Darkmoon6.png I WANT YOU TO DIE FOR ISRAEL!Vice President Joe Biden has no doubt whatever that America is the greatest nation on earth. He recognizes that America’s greatness is a Jewish achievement. Without Jewish influence, America would be nothing. The Jews have made America what it is: a colossus, a god among lesser mortals, a paragon of exceptional virtues.

“Jewish heritage has shaped who we are–all of us–as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years,” Biden recently enthused before a gathering of Jewish leaders in Washington, DC. “The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage.”

Biden went on to trumpet the virtues of the Jews in ringing terms.

“I bet you 85 percent that all those changes are a consequence of Jewish leaders,” he gushed. “The influence is immense. And I might add, it is all to the good.”

Note those words, my friends: ALL TO THE GOOD. Nothing the Jews have done in America, from Jonathan Pollard onwards, has done America anything but good!

If you want to find out more about how Jewish values have shaped America and made it into the greatest nation on earth, exceptional in every way:

click HERE!

117 thoughts to “How the Jews Have Made America the Greatest Nation on Earth, by Isabella Fanfani”

  1. Joe Biden … would that be our joe?
    say it ain’t true, joe.
    I always thought that our joe is a lot more sensible.

    1. @ lobro

      “It ain’t true” lobro. U wanted me to say it. There, I said it. I’m having my morning coffee here in sunny Fukushima-radiated Kalifornia, and I’m too groggy, still a bit sleepy, too old, too tired, too over it, to write an anti-ZOG tome-post to prove my anti-ZOG/anti-NWO bona-fides. Who can be bothered, as they say in my childhood home town of New York City. Yes–I’m originally from NYC. No, it does NOT necessarily follow one is a Jew if one is from NYC.

      If you don’t care I’m from NYC originally, that ain’t my problem. I had nothing to do with it anyway. Go blame my parents [ I do ]. I had no say in the matter. I escaped NYC first chance I could, if that helps any.

      I prefer to dwell on the beautiful things of life, like my morning coffee, looking out my window out onto my peaceful English perennial garden, hanging out with my dog, and reading Gilbert’s touching poetry. The last thing one could label me is a ZOG aficionado ; And even if that was the last thing anyone labeled me, that one would still be seriously off-target and totally wrong : Downright wrong, in fact, so surely & indeedie-do, “it ain’t true” lobro. Yes, I’m “sensible” ; Sensible enough to be the curmudgeonly misanthrope I truly am.

      But thank you, kinda-sorta, for thinking of me.

      1. no prob, joe.
        i guess when it comes to you, my hate bag is empty, none left for our joe.

        lots for joe biden, though.
        and drink the coffee (joe) bitter, no cream and sugar, it makes everything seem nicer by contrast.

        and yes, gilbert’s poetry is actually getting better or maybe he’s got me trained to appreciate it more by now.
        someone’s gotta pick up the slack now that lasha’s all but given up, getting all political and steely-eyed.

        1. Lasha has written lots of poetry she dare not publish. Some of it had to be removed from this website after protests from several people. Some of her best poems are not to be found on this website.

        2. aw berenice, you might as well tell me that the best of lasha’s poems are “not for your reading lobro, but let me tell you, they are phenomenal, nyah, nyah, nyah”.

          and you know what, joe and i are dumbing down our input on purpose to keep this site entertained but the real insightful stuff is reserved for secret sites accessible only to adepts.
          how would you take that?

    2. So why didn’t you put up my post in reply to lobro? Why did you delete it? What EXACTLY is the “problem” now ? You DM webMasters/editors/CENSORS have a lot of mental issues/mental problems. I notice. Lasha has a lot of issues, that’s for sure. So does everyone who works in the Darkmoon office. All sundry kinds of jew mental problems and “concerns”.

      Always some kind of bullshit “problem”. What’s “the concern” today about the post I sent in reply to lobro’s comment about me?

      1. Too bad you make a fool of yourself as soon as they give you liberty to speak. I’m not surprised you’re in permanent monitoring. Most other websites ban paranoid schizophrenics outright.

  2. Truly, A Blight Unto Nations.
    Viewed from space, humanity parade is led by a giant yarmulked turd, dripping with malice and disease.

  3. Thanks for introducing us to Tomato Bubble — a great site which I recommend to all readers. The Forbidden History section is particularly valuable. It shows the hidden hand of Big Jewry everywhere.

    These dirty lttle bastards have f***ed up the entire world.

    A damned good thing there’s no interplanetary travel, that’s all I can say. If there were, they’d f*** up the whole galaxy. The entire cosmos.

  4. I remember Lasha stating that the number of Jews in the USA could be far higher than the 1% we’re always told. It could be 10, 15 or even 20%!

    That said there’s bound to be even more in Europe.

    My biggest fear is they don’t just want Israel, but EVERY land and the 500 million maximum earth population being promoted in Agenda 21 and Georgia guidestones, looks like it would be made up of 90% Jews with the remaining 10% goyim to work the fields and industries as chattel to them.

    It’s the only plausible explanation I’m afraid to say.

    1. @ Harbinger

      “I remember Lasha stating that the number of Jews in the USA could be far higher than the 1% we’re always told.”

      Just for the record, Lasha never said that the number of Jews could be “far higher than the 1% we’re told.” She said they were “likely to be higher than the official 2%”, and she gave 10% as an upper limit.

      Lucy Skipping
      (Lasha’s sister and research assistant)

      1. The official figure today ranges between 2% and 2.5 percent.

        In an as yet unpublished article of LD’s, she says that Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion on 16 August, 1963, when the official Jewish population of America was 5.6 million, had stated that “the total number [of Jews in America] would not be estimated too high at 9,000,000.”

        We can be absolutely certain that the official 2% figure is far too low, but I don’t think Lasha has ever said that the figure could be as high as 20%. Most people would regard that figure as unrealistically high.

        10% is a reasonable guess, given the huge number of half-Jews, quarter-Jews, and one-eighth Jews — not to mention crypto-Jews who conceal their Jewishness and succeed in passing themselves off as goyim.

        Many of these have infiltrated the Catholic Church and swollen the ranks of the Christian Zionists. Lasha calls them the “neo-Marranos.”

        1. I didn’t say Lasha said as high as 20%. I said:

          “I remember Lasha stating that the number of Jews in the USA could be far higher than the 1% we’re always told.”

          I then added it could be 10, 15 or even 20%.
          With migration, false names, deception and infiltration it could very well be far higher than your estimate of 10%.

          How would you know when they are adept at lying?

        2. “With migration, false names, deception and infiltration it could very well be far higher than your estimate of 10%.”

          It certainly could be higher than 10%. Your guess is as good as mine. Personally, I prefer the lower and more conservative figure.

  5. Joe Biden, the most pathetic on his knees Jew whore, slavishly licking the boots of Jewish supremacism, is Barry Sotero’s greatest insurance policy.

    Would Joe Biden suck donkey dong for Israel? He’d be first in line.

    1. And Joe -supposedly – is a good Katlick to boot…….WTF is all that Jew ass licking about Joe?

  6. Further thoughts on perfidy.
    Shlugging Isaac (refer to Hoffman’s article on kaparot):
    so the jew whips a chicken 9 times around the head “to subdue supernal severities” and spills its blood to “sweeten severities”. The man sacrifices a white rooster, the woman a white hen. So here we have the central idea of jews escaping the justice/karma by killing an innocent being whose purpose in life is to soak up jew’s sin. Essence of Abraham’s murder of Isaac, an early kaparot (expiation), paying off one’s vice with someone’s virtue. Someone pure but weak enables the jew to continue being jew. Blood libel? Oh noooo …
    But get this: a pregnant jewess kills 3 chickens, 2 hens and 1 rooster, because the contents of her unclean belly are unknown. Which means that the extra chickens are ATONING (kaparoting) for the future evil of the little jewies festering in the womb, since they haven’t yet had a chance to defile the world.
    Forward thinking Jude, no?
    Picture the Ewige Jude jumping and screaming, Get me 3 March contracts of virtue, at Chicago Futures Exchange.

    1. An interesting problem, anyone knows Talmud?
      A jewess conceives right after yom kippur and only shluggs one chicken.
      When the kid is spawned, is he constrained to being a Good Jew?
      Checking the birth records may reveal that no jews are born between May and September because they would have been conceived chickenless.

  7. Time for John and some of the boys to go ahead and have those lightning bolt tattoos removed!

    There is the widespread notion that Hitler was fighting the Money Power and that he was a problem for the Bankers because he created a Usury free economy. But there was no Usury free Third Reich economy. The German taxpayer continued to pay interest over the substantial national debt and commercial banking received interest for its fractional reserve banking based loans, which to a large extent financed the war.

    Where does Hitler’s reputation for anti-Usury activism come from? It was more Nazi propaganda to get him to power than his actual policies after he did

    But as we shall see, Hitler did not implement any serious monetary reform after he came to power. He did make finance completely subservient to the State and, more specifically, rearmament. But he did not nationalize any banks and the Reichsbank was already nationalized by the Weimar Republic by the time he came to power. He did not end interest payments to ‘the issuing houses’, who must have made an uncanny fortune throughout the war. He did nothing to decouple the Stock Exchange from the economy.

    There was no nationalization of banks. In fact: some banks that the Weimar republic had nationalized during the early days of the depression, were again privatized. Private banks played a crucial role in financing the rearmament effort

    Hitler was heavily indebted to Feder’s anti-Usury stance in coming to power. But early on during his reign he got rid of Feder and relied on Schacht for the financing of his war plans.

    Schacht was born in 1877 as the son of an aristocratic family. He joined Dresdner Bank in 1903 and already in 1905 was meeting people like JP Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt. He studied Hebrew to advance his career. In 1908 he joined Freemasonry

    The myth of Nazi anti-Usury activism is damaging, not only because of its mythological character, but because it allows the Money Power to defame anti-Usury activism through ‘guilt by association’. In fact, many Austrians and Mainstreamers, call usury-free monetary reform programs ‘fascist’

    Even today, the main culprits like the Thyssen family, Krupp and the Goebbels step-children owning BMW are among the richest people in Germany. The same banks that financed the Reich’s war are now among the biggest in the world.

  8. Dublinmick’s hour of broadcasting fables and untrue statements cooked up by the hordes if wall-street speculators about the German leader, who is being lied about and hated by almost all of the Jews on a daily basis – ensuring them a sort of collective post-modern identity, so that no one remembers their sacrificing chickens (e.g.) to soak up their sins past and future as in Kol Nidre ceremony even without chickens.

    To the article:
    Jews think they made the USA great, and also Sowjet Bolshewism ( but that they don’t claim in public).

    1. don’t be swayed fritz by dublinmick’s arguments.
      The myth of Nazi anti-Usury activism is damaging, not only because of its mythological character, but because it allows the Money Power to defame anti-Usury activism through ‘guilt by association’. In fact, many Austrians and Mainstreamers, call usury-free monetary reform programs ‘fascist’

      in other words dublinmick is pro-usury, to be otherwise is “damaging”.
      damaging to whom?

      i guess had hitler supported usury to the hilt, it would have been the proof of his NOT being in rotschilds pocket, the argument runs.

      this is starting to sound like the rerun of joe’s anti-hitler ranting of couple months ago GOOGLE: HITLER WAS A LURIANIC RABBI!!!.

      one shuts up, another one picks up the tune, like playing whack-a-mole.

      1. the exact same argument applies to assad because by not caving in to zio-interests, american military pavlov dog will attack and grind it into rubble with tens or hundreds of thousands civilian casualties and the blame will be laid at the door of assad (a secret rabbi, didn’t you know, just like gaddafi was according to israeli ha’aretz, the paper of record).

        proof that assad is a rothschild agent.

      2. Also…. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and lastly Iran were all part of the seven countries in five years plan devised by Rumsfeld and his Neo-con cronies who did not have a Rothshite Bank in situ.

  9. What don’t you understand about this Fritz?

    “The myth of Nazi anti-Usury activism is damaging, not only because of its mythological character, but because it allows the Money Power to defame anti-Usury activism through ‘guilt by association’. In fact, many Austrians and Mainstreamers, call usury-free monetary reform programs ‘fascist’”

    Are you one of those Germans Der Fuhrer was speaking of when he said you have to tell them big lies they can figure out the small ones?

    Your boy got 30 million Germans killed, the country partitioned, Israel founded as a nation in Palestine) , (that is including the ones he euthanized, you know granny and the slow learners in kinder) Germans are still paying off the war loans, still sending subs to Israel, afraid to stick their arm straight out as it might be interpreted as the roman salute. Yeah catholic allies and planners were doing that long before your boy.

    Then yes of course Germany was placed under Nato and the crown, they have fixed them right up, soon there will be a Germany with no Germans. But Hitler’s daughter Angie who is running the place now has (for the time being) United Europe under the EU.

    Of course this talk of having the big balls keeps all talk of any nationalistic movement in Germany from getting any traction that is not controlled by the red shield. It helps to keep track of of the boys with thunder bolt tattoos so the state can track them easily and it helps keep the rest of the sheeple trembling.

    Fritz I would call you the type German who allows such atrocities to be laid on the German people, but that would be just too kind. You are just a troll and not a very good one at that.

    1. further more…all so-called Neo-Nazi’s are “Props”…

      in the ongoing “Yiddish” theatre….STAGE PLAY.

      why waste all that time on inconsequential facts that avoid the ISSUE

      how many actual Israelites live in Talmudia…

      and why would Khazars stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
      after finding out that they are not from the Tribe of Judah…which is
      point in FACT : Stupid will never change true…

    2. @ Dublinmick

      “Your boy [ = HITLER] got 30 million Germans killed, the country partitioned, Israel founded as a nation in Palestine) , (that is including the ones he euthanized, you know granny and the slow learners in kinder) Germans are still paying off the war loans, still sending subs to Israel, afraid to stick their arm straight out as it might be interpreted as the roman salute. Yeah catholic allies and planners were doing that long before your boy.

      Fritz I would call you the type of German who allows such atrocities to be laid on the German people [ i.e., NAZI], but that would be just too kind. You are just a troll and not a very good one at that.”

      I am beginning to suspect that Vlad Lobro is right and that “Dublinmick” is the new Poster Joe. He has all the qualities one associates with a Zionist troll: anti-Catholic, anti-Hitler, pro-usury, pro-bankster, “Hitler-was a Jew who set out to destroy Germany deliberately and helped to found the state of Israel.”

      In a post below, our Jew Troll Dublinmick suggests, without the slightest evidence, that Hitler, this evil Nazi “Jew” who killed 6 million Jews and lots of disabled people in gas chambers, then went on to help found the state of Israel and managed to escape death in the bunker — a rescue wangled for him by Churchill and Roosevelt who helped to spirit him away to some South American bolthole.


      Pay no attention to this fool. He’s deceiving no one. We’ve seen through him. Not easy navigating one’s way between the Jew bashers, the Christ bashers, the Hitler bashers, the Muslim bashers, the usury bashers, the self bashers.

      1. their math works out like this:
        antijesus+antihitler==>antitalmudist, and conversely,

        so what are all these jews celebrating the crucifixion with pesach child sacrifice?
        anti-talmudist … wow, what an eyeopener.

        enjoy your well deserved hamantaschen, you sure are thorn in israel side.

        i will boycott christmas this year to show my resistance to talmudist project.
        instead, i will go for drinks with adam gadahn, the jewish spokesman for al-qaeda and fearless jew fighter (his grandfather was president of b’nai b’rith, definitely antinazi and a jesus hater, thus his credentials are impeccable).
        hey, why not, we’ll send the invite to other freedom fighters against jewish oppression, like elie wiesel and my best brother-in-arms, bernard henri-levy.
        and all you jesus haters and hitler haters out there, why not, join the grand resistance party.

        are we not all brüderlein-in-arms?
        Trink, trink, Brüderlein trink!

        1. “like elie wiesel and my best brother-in-arms, bernard henri-levy.”

          I read somewhere that Bernard Henri-Levy is a special advisor to the warmonger French Prime Minister Hollande. Henri-Levi has worked himself up into a froth of rage about Syria and wants it completely destroyed. That figures.

          He wears nice shirts though, open at the neck, showing off his manly chest . . . so I am told by a certain Jewish lady I know. 🙂

        2. oh c’mon, it wouldn’t be ruth rubenstein or whatever her name was?

          i thought she liked me … maybe with a bit of makeup i can fake it too: “hitler is responsible for gassing 6 million syrian children, the world (judea) must declare war on him”.

          g*dam behrrny-henry-levy, beats me to the punch every time, the dreidle is loaded, victors chosen.

    3. Dublinmick,

      “Your boy got 30 million Germans killed, the country partitioned, Israel founded as a nation in Palestine) , (that is including the ones he euthanized, you know granny and the slow learners in kinder) Germans are still paying off the war loans, still sending subs to Israel, afraid to stick their arm straight out as it might be interpreted as the roman salute.”

      I’m trying to ascertain how Hitler got 30 million of his countrymen killed when Britain, France and America declared war on Germany? It seems incredibly odd and more importantly unfair to blame a man who pulled his country and fellow countrymen out of an ongoing depression, courtesy of the Treaty of Versailles. What’s more is that up until he booted out the Rothschild banking empire, he was the pin up boy of the west, making the cover of Time magazine. He was lauded for pulling his economy from zero into a hero one in a matter of years. He made the German people love themselves once and again and have pride in their culture and nation, an age old culture and traditions dating back thousands of years.

      He never got his country partitioned into West and East Germany, it was the very same banking families who had partitioned Germany in WWI who did that. As for creating the state of Israel…please….It was Balfour who did all that back in WWI for goodness sake.

      And for the reparations to Israel, tell me, are the Scots, Irish and Welsh getting reparations from the English for centuries of persecution, murder and colonisation under the English? Tell me, are the native Americans getting reparations from the Americans for centuries of persecution, murder and colonisation of their lands? Tell me, are the Europeans (Solutreans) getting reparations from the Native Americans, for centuries of persecution, murder and colonisation of their lands? Tell me, are the European peoples getting reparations from the Italians for crimes under the Roman Empire? etc etc etc
      Why, therefore, should Germany give reparations to Israel? (The question is a hypothetical one that all know the answer to).

      Shills like Henry Makow will not allow me to publish the German side of WW2 on his website and has told me to go to Hitler loving websites where I can. This proves where he stands on the whole situation – another Gatekeeper for world Jewry. He likes to promote (as do you) that Hitler was an agent of the west (Tavistock Institute) and worked with the ‘Lucifarian Cabal of Zionist elites’ to bring Germany into WW2 and the destruction of the German people. What I find interesting about this is that Hitler’s damned if does and damned if he doesn’t. If he brings his economy up from nothing to a major force he’s getting backing from the Zionist bankers in the process. If he let his country fall into chaos, he’s doing the will of the Zionist bankers. If he kicks out the bankers, he’s doing the will of the bankers, because he’s acting as a double agent to make people think he loves his fellow Germans when he doesn’t. If he leaves the bankers in then he’s working with the Zionists to destroy Germany…..

      Do you not see how preposterous this whole story is?

      What next I wonder Dublinmick? Was William Wallace secretly working for Edward ‘Longshanks-The Hammer of the Scots’ Plantaganet and purposefully brought his fellow countrymen into wars to kill them? Was El Cid Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar working for the Moors and purposefully led his fellow Spaniards into a war against the Moors? Was Joan of Arc, secretly working for the British and bringing her fellow countrymen to the slaughter too?

      It’s all rubbish to say the least. It was the Churchill’s, the Roosevelts, the de Gaulles and the Stalins who were working for the Zionists and leading their people into wars in order to cull their population.

      1. Shills like Henry Makow will not allow me to publish the German side of WW2 on his website and has told me to go to Hitler loving websites where I can.

        glad you said this, harbinger.
        i wondered about this makow guy but said to myself, give him a chance, don’t slag him just because he is a jew.
        well, he is done for me.

        i think there are these gatekeeper sites stealthily leaking their toxic discharge into the honest discourse.
        of course there are, what would judea come to if that wasn’t the case?

        1. lobro,

          Makow really is the epitome of the disinformation agent, the gatekeeper so to speak. It’s sad because he’s written some excellent articles on the homosexualisation of the young, Feminism, cultural Marxism & Communism, the msm & academia agenda, School of Frankfurt etc etc, but he won’t have any debate on Hitler or the holocaust, preferring to demonise Hitler and promote the 6million myth.

          It’s this reason I fell foul of him, simply because he’s far too partial and this is his downfall although as a Jew speaking out which is a good thing.

          There are many people (Jews) out there who do speak out however having got into a debate with someone about how the sephardim aren’t to blame etc etc, my opponent fails to see that although the overwhelming number of Jews in the west are Ashkenazi, the Sephardi remain silent on their crimes making them guilty by default.

        2. i don’t like to accuse people of being jew shills just because they disagree with me on any particular subject because that in itself is a sign of mental instability.

          i do have to wonder about some when they hyperventilate beyond all reasonable bounds on a basically unknowable and certainly unproven subject like how hitler was begotten by unholy union of leviathan and behemoth on the ides of march, the conception presided by rothschild and montefiore, in order to ensnare gullible krauts into a war that would, like any other war, enrich the zio-masonic league and how upon completing his task, hitler withdrew to a talmudic monastery or yeshiva in patagonia to pursue development of micronukes that with aid of holograms brought down twin towers.

          so i say to those guys, you are either crazy or a disinfo agent because for one thing, even if you were right, there is no way that the lords of darkness, who for millennia operated behind impregnably tight curtains of secrecy would have told you (of all the people) their most obscure machinations and secrets.
          so slap back a handful of pills and meditate on that.

          NOBODY knows how they were conceived, was it in a drive-in movie or back alley or whorehouse and who cares anyway.

          these stories that ooze out of makowites are just so much bitter bullshit, cooked up in the exact same factory that brought you the heartwarming tale of holocaust.
          not a shred of evidence.
          not a shred of a shred, apart from some self referring bloviating.

          at least when you hear some weird stuff like “miracle of fatima”, there were literally thousands of people who truly believe they spotted something, even if it is a mass spell.
          it is honest, although quite possibly mistaken.

          these guys are kolnidrean liars, pure and simple, they know they are perfectly full of shit but it doesn’t bother them a bit, they just laugh it off.

          in any war, one side loses (or rather, one side loses more than the other).
          does that mean that the leaders of the losing side are automatically rothschild’s agents because they sacrificed lives of many thousands of their compatriots?

          writes hitler under pseudonym of ilya ehrenburg, during his secret psy-op course in london.
          then he runs back to munich and postures that the german nation has right to live free of judaic shackles …
          dublinmick considers this an ironbound proof, open and shut case.

          ughh, i better stop, feel the breakfast retracing route, “et evadere ad auras” …

        3. @ lobro

          Zionist Trolls: 10 Characteristics

          In a way, I am grateful that allows Zionist trolls to invade this site, making no attempt to block them. As a result, I’ve managed to formulate a list of the characteristics which all these Jew trolls share. Dublinmick and Mad Joe, though superficially quite different, are clearly on the same side and batting for the same Jewish Masters.

          Here are ten characteristics to look for in spotting a Zionist troll.

          1. Much use of abusive anti-Semitic epithets, especially “kike” and “yid”. (This is meant to dupe their audience into believing that they are gentiles with an ax to grind against Jews.)

          2. Using the word “Jew” as a smear word for any genuine critic of Jewry whose reputation they want to damage.

          (Thus Mad Joe uses the word “Jew” to smear Darkmoon, Kaminski, John Friend, Mark Glenn and just about every other good writer who is blowing the lid on organized Jewry and showing up their dirty agenda.)

          3. The troll’s failure to blame the Jews for 9/11. (Trolls keep quiet about this).

          4. The troll’s failure to say anything negative about the Holocaust. (They never question the magic 6 million figure or the gas ovens — complete silence on this topic.)

          5. The huge number of links (esp. YouTube links) these trolls give in order to “prove” their point. In 99% of cases, the links are inserted as pure distractions and have no bearing on the subject being discussed.

          (A technique used by ‘Mad Joe’ whose links are almost always irrelevant distractions intended to derail meaningful discussion.)

          6. Hitler demonization. A technique shared by both Mad Joe and Dublinmick. What ethnic group gains most by Hitler demonization? No need to answer that question: the Jews.

          7. Frequent use of the term “Nazi” as a pejorative term, as a term of abuse. Again, cui bono? Only Jews gain by reinforcing the idea that ‘NAZI’ = lowest form of human life.

          8. Attacks on Christianity, especially the notion that Christianity is a “Jewish conspiracy” — a hoax religion invented by Jews to make the stupid Christian masses their eternal slaves. Again, you need to ask yourself: what ethnic group gains most by the destruction of Christrianity? The answer: the Jews.

          Remember it was the (mostly Jewish) Frankfurt School philosophers or Cultural Marxists who went out of their way to create a “culture of pessimism” (Walter Benjamin) and “a world abandoned by God” (Lukacs) in order to undermine the morale of the goyim and create an atmosphere of despair.

          9. The encouragement of every single religious cult, especially Oriental religions involving sexual excess (like Tibetan Buddhism which promotes pedarasty)… except ONE religion: Christianity. ALSO: the promotion of neo-paganism and Satanism.

          (e.g., the self-admitted Satanist John Sholtes who said “I spit on Christ” on this website and then went on to accuse Darkmoon of being a “Jew” for not allowing him sufficient “freedom of speech” to promote Christ-hatred and Satanism on this website.)

          10. The construction of elaborate conspiracy theories based on one or two worthless cults books containing “secret information”. This is a technique employed by Dublinmick and his Tavistock Institute garbage. No point telling this troll that not a single reputable WW2 historian — and this includes respected Holocaust JEWISH historians like Raul Hilberg — have ever said a single word about Hitler’s alleged bizarre sexual practices. For the simple reason that all these stories are WW2 anti-Hitler wartime propaganda fabrications. Like the story that Hitler liked to have women straddle his chest and shit on him. I guess this is the type of story that Mad Joe and Dublinmick would like to propagate in their attempt to demonize Hitler for their Jewish masters.

      2. @ Harbinger

        “Shills like Henry Makow will not allow me to publish the German side of WW2 on his website and has told me to go to Hitler loving websites where I can.”

        Your views of the German side of WW2 would not be banned on this website. Be sure of that.

        So what does this make Lasha? A neo-Nazi?

        1. In Henry’s eyes, it probably would Sardonicis. Regardless when discussing WW2 with people, they always like to call me a nazi even though I’m not, nor ever been a socialist.

  10. Don’t worry Fritz nobody is going to tell the Germans what happened to them, they will get more Deutsch Wella, it is against the law for them to read much else. They reparations payments will keep coming and they will never know the guy which a handful of them thought was a hero is the one who cut their legs out from under them.

    You know the guy who got away, Scotland yard has order all of talk of what was in the bunker sealed for 100 years, even you can figure out what that usually means huh Fritz.

    1. @ Dublinmick

      “You know the guy who got away, Scotland yard has order all of talk of what was in the bunker sealed for 100 years, even you can figure out what that usually means huh Fritz.”

      “The guy who got away”….

      Who are you referring to? Houdini? Jack the Ripper? Or could it be Adolf?

      Yes, it’s obviously Adolf. Since I don’t think Houdini or Jack the Ripper had anything to do with bunkers.

      So where did Adolf end up? Do tell! Buckingham Palace? The Vatican? A kibbutz in Israel?

      Oh, I know. He shaved off his mustache, got himself plastic surgery, and was suddenly transformed into — wait for it — David ben Gurion!!!

      1. thanks Harbinger, you describe it better than myself could . There is a certain logic in history, when the facts are proven enough. What Dublinmick does, is twisting and turning around. In 1933 Hitler expressed what Germans had experienced in the republic of Weimar (Versailles- republic) and led them to a life and work with idealism for the Volksgemeinschaft (the common peoples interest, community, not an egoistic usury) – and history shows how the people found this the right attitude. Jewish psychology, sociology, usurious banking, lying journalism had shown, where that had led to, disaster and depression.
        Why today everywhere is argued against these facts, is because the situation is similar to the end of the 1920 and not only in Germany, Everyone on the street knows, where unlimited speculation and usury (rescuing the banks) has led the western world.. and again the propaganda is telling, the only way out, would be war.. maybe Putin is talking about the situation as it is, and will be able to stop this, if he doesn’t give in, will see..

        1. Your welcome fritz and thankyou. I’m tired of the Germans being demonised, moreso I know it wasn’t in their very ethos to behave as we’ve been told. The Jews on the other hand……one need only look at Russia after the revolution.

          And yes, you are most correct. People in the west are noticing history, for their nations (dying) are experiencing what happened in the Weimar republic after WW1. The Jews don’t have enough cloth to cover up the eyes and ears of people joining the dots.

        2. Well said, Harbie. Fritz is an old hand. He knows his history and he witnesses to the truth of what the German people have had to endure in the 20th century.

          The Germans were the real victims, not the Jews.

          And they are still the victims, paying endless reparations for a crime that was never committed.

        3. Of course the Germans were the real victims, that is the way it was designed when both Adolph Rothschild and Stalin received their British training at Tavistock.

  11. Trading with the Enemy: the Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949
    by Charles Higham

    (…) This perennial classic of political literature remains the only book to document the trading of the American financial establishment with Hitler’s Germany in World War II, from Pearl Harbor to V-E Day. Ford supplied tanks to Hitler, the Chase Bank financed the Nazis in Paris, ITT built rocket bombs for Goering and Standard Oil fueled U-boats in the Atlantic (…)

    Hitler changed his sex, became Adolphine, fled to Argentina and became Tango instructress there. Is now a dolphin. Recently spotted in the Red Sea….

    …..most people of the world see Hitler as a white who did to other whites what whites did before to non-whites.

    Enfin. I sit behind a keyboard in the OBA. Public Library of Amsterdam. A big piece of textile hangs in the hall with the text: ten years OBA 10 millionth visitor
    20 April 2013.

    CIA O

    CIA O

  12. I hope the trolls working these sites are Jews, because anyone who studies their history, culture and law knows that shabbat goy working for a kosher check will ultimately be treated exactly the same as those standing in opposition. “Even the best of the gentiles should be killed”- Abodah Zara 26b. Once again this type of message has been telegraphed in a Jew movie script, “The Lord of War”. The main character narrates the following at the end of the movie. “I’m not a fool. I know just because they need me that day, didn’t mean they wouldn’t make me a scape goat me the next.” Those trolling for a kosher check are fools or as the Jews call them “useful idiots”. Then again, I certainly hope these non-chosen trolls aren’t actually stupid enough to support the Jewish agenda without being paid. Remember, “That’s the secret to survival, never go to war – especially with yourself”.

  13. Later after 1933, i think, Hitler explaining his reasons for removing the jewish influence from the german people (one can understand that mistakenly, about genocide, but he says removing from european peoples.!) This was a consequence of the experiences in the Reich of the Kaiser, when Jews were given equal rights, and how they grabbed power, influence, in the following democratic republic.. compare with Benjamin Freedman’s speech 1962 (?)- if you put the following title:
    Adolf Hitler – Judaism is a satanic power
    into the search at youtube. (may be (several) examples from historic speeches)

  14. Homeless Trolls In Rolls Royces or whatever. We all live in a socalled Information Age. Everybody is fingering/jerking off with her/his electronic clay tablet, lap dog etc.

    It is all beside the …king point. In this ‘free western world’ on sites like these (a good site btw) many are busy with ‘is s/he a paid agent of the jews….’ Disappear in your family grave right now!!!

    You probably know the saying ‘ich habe es nicht gewusst’ which the Germans came up with after they got knowledge/confronted with a modern day mass murder- ‘gassings’ that never ever happened.

    Well the killingfields since Korea and Vietnam etc., the killing and dying of the mostly Yanks for the jews is real (ass)holistic shit that did happen and happens (Ghouta: bankimoon and obama are murderous uncle toms completely buried under the snow of the jew(hite) avalanche, they have forgotten completely they don’t need a solarium. Murderous lackeys for the jewbanksters, btw the latter are whites in the eyes of most of the humans on this planet).

    And of course recoreded earlier Dzeghis Khan etc. were not white etc.

    When the euros still were chasing rabbits there were higher non-white cultures elsewhere on earth which went also in decay. The Sinatra effect, what goes up must come down or maybe the Gadhi Effect: Spinning Wheels…

    The USA has been jew/SA from day one. George Washington was a freemason. As you will know freemasonry is judaism for goyim/gentiles. Just take a look at all the monuments starting with the Statue of Liberty. Liberty for whom. The Redskins?

    USA is from day one a succefull genocidal take over under the Godless guiding ‘light’ of the ot ceo’s, the luCiFeRian jews.

    Other chocolate you can’t make of it (litt. typical Dutch, the language in I happen to be born into…)

    CIA O

        1. Read the comments Fritz old chap. In fact that is where I picked this up at.

          Hitler’s Psychiatric Condition

          Neurotics have the ability to harm themselves. Psychotics have the ability to harm others. Hitler did both, but as a British military agent, he was trained to harm others en masse and to harm himself with a cocktail of drugs and perverse sexuality.

          In 1911, the Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler invented the term ‘Schizophrenia’ for the condition of having a split mind. The following year Hitler began his British Military Psych-Ops training (February–November 1912). Hitler had defensive and self-important postures because he was living a fantasy given to him by others in order to change the times.

          Hitler was part neurotic, psychotic, paranoid and schizophrenic. This was the basis of his deconstruction, which although developed, was always in the experimental phase. That is, it was always being tested and improved upon.

          This work continues in Tavistock today. It includes the deconstruction of all age groups within Britain, including pre-school, school children, teenagers, young adults, working adults, and the elderly. It works the media, education and politics towards a predetermined plan. In the centre is the main military deconstruction building. It is surrounded by buildings, which specialise in more publicly acceptable forms of deconstruction with names like the ‘Tavistock Institute for Human Relations’.

          For total control over a person, the record of an embarrassing sexual history is essential. From this, neurosis, psychosis, paranoia and schizophrenia are developed and continually built upon. The avoidance of shame becomes a personal motivation.

          A sense of persecution and self-importance are characteristic of paranoiacs – the ability to harm oneself. When the war schools look for their new protagonists they always look for paranoiacs with a personal history of persecution and self-importance. This gives the maximum gap in the subconscious for deconstruction to take place – the gap between persecution and self-importance.”

          Now back to the regular scheduled Hitlerian fest! LOL

        2. “In 1911, the Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler invented the term ‘Schizophrenia’ for the condition of having a split mind. The following year Hitler began his British Military Psych-Ops training (February–November 1912).”

          Rubbish! There’s no evidence for this. In 1912 Hitler was living a hand-to-mouth existence in Vienna.

        3. Greg Hallett and his infamous book – there are kilometers of defamation and lies, continued war-propaganda of Tavistock and who did dominate the wartime propaganda? there are several investigations about the falsifications of them, also socalled revisionists have written books. The question would be, why do interested circles continue to distribute wartime propaganda, do they fear Adolf Hitler? which is not unthinkable.

        4. No evidence sardonicus says! This is unparalled documentation. Please lead us to a book you have written on this subject.

          Hitler was a British Agent exposes for the first time Operation WINNIE THE POOH – Ian Fleming’s removal of Adolf Hitler out of Berlin 2 May 1945.

          The search for Hitler became an excuse for worldwide surveillance and the precursor to the Cold War.

          Hitler’s missing year in Britain is uncovered, as is his psychological deconstruction to perform as an agent for the British war machine.

          It confirms his sex with men and his bizarre sexual habits with women, including hands-on murders made to look like suicides.

          This book covers Hess and his body doubles’ simultaneous flight to Britain, the Duke of Kent’s faked death, Anthony Blunt’s conception by a royal, Wallis Simpson’s sexual practices with King Edward VIII, and how Wallis leaked the King’s British military secrets to Hitler.

          Hitler was a British Agent exposes the training of top level double agents, the repeated faking of their deaths and their very real escapes … making this something of an illusion-buster.

          Everything that happens now, happens because of 1945.

          Former MI-6 Chief: “This book was written by a genius”.

          James Bond III: “A brilliant analysis of the deception of war”.

          Two Intelligence agencies have regularly stolen this book and “It has been read at the highest levels” during the final phases of writing.

          As quickly as it was written, it was stolen, and in August 2005 word got back that they would let it out.

          This came with further inside information, Hitler’s British passport marked ‘Jew’, and at least one historical act.



          1. Living Libraries

          2. Adolf Hitler – The Incestuous Catholic Jew

          3. Adolf Hitler in Britain

          4. Hitler’s Sexuality

          5. Hitler’s Psychiatric Condition

          6. Hitler’s Deconstruction

          7. Body Doubles

          8. Hess and Hess Fly to Britain

          9. Crashing the Duke of Kent

          10. Dunkirk

          11. James Bond

          12. Pearl Harbor

          13. Dieppe

          14. Anthony Blunt

          15. Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

          16. Operation JAMES BOND

          17. Operation WINNIE THE POOH

          18. Lost Leaders

          19. Churchill, Hitler and Stalin Work Together

  15. Gabe I wouldn’t be too hard on Ghenghis Khan. When Alexander tried to surround the khazars, Ghenghis routed them further on the silk road and they ended up in Japan also. Yup where they continued to be allied with Adolph Rothschild in WWII. Well they pitched in at nanking also to overthrow the last emperor along with Jewish betar soldiers from Germany.

    Yep they were

  16. I know it must be embarrassing when you have been a member of the love my fuhrer/Kaminski youth corp for so long, when new information develops. It must be like Fanon describes.

    “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” -Frantz Fanon”

    1. “And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

      And how curious that this tendency to resist the scary truth — and protect the erroneous “core belief” — would seem to apply to everyone except yourself!

  17. “One doesn’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist,” said Joe Biden about himself. If Joe was talknig about higher education among the American Jewish minority – then the dude was right.

    On April 17, 1967, the result of a survey published by the New York Times stated that about 40% of student at Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania were Jewish. At Yale, Harvard and Cornell the Jewish students were between 20 and 25%, while between 13 and 20% students at Dartmouth, Princeton and Brown were believed to be Jewish.

    Mind you, the Jewish population of the United States is less than 2%.

    The Toronto-born Islamophobe Jewish writer, author and former speechwriter for Dubya Bush, David Frum, admitted in an article published in pro-Israel Jewish magazine The Beast on February 13, 2013 that Jewish students are overrepresented in the Ivy League institutions.

  18. I’ll agree with Dublinmick on this. What there is to admire about a leader that waged war on white Christian neighbors?
    Ask a Pole who lived through it, Germans were pricks and murderers, Austrians were slightly less ‘murder by the book’. Germans and Russians had the same play book- they arrived with lists of names, it was lists of intellectuals, professors, doctors,leaders,people with brains the BOURGEOISIE and they just shot them. Who’s agenda was that? Why would Russians and Germans behave the same way? What kind of idiot would kill a doctor in wartime? When you wipe out the above groups, you are killing the next generation of smart successful people, leaders and those would resist the regime. Germans were absolute dupes because someone told them they were the master race and they were stupid enough to believe it .The neonazis can’t explain:
    If Shitler was so great why would he send his own boys to the meat grinder? The neonazis are quick to say the holocaust was a hoax, so please explain why Shitler couldn’t pull it off, why could he kill millions of Germans and allies but killing Jews was just too hard.
    Germans were the original dupes of the century.

    1. “the truth” obviously you know nothing but the propaganda you have been fed with, not the things from the Polish side, their atrocities that pushed the German chancellor to shoot back, nothing about the unconditional British guarantee, (read Pat Buchanan) backed by Roosevelt , Baruch, Morgenthau, not how Pearl Harbor really was put in scene, nothing about Stalin’s military build up to aggression (since Lenin and world-revolutionary plans)(read Suvorov), nothing about Holodomor in Ucraine and Russia and so on ?? Polish history is a book of lies, the upper class wasn’t shot, at least not by the Germans as did the Bolshevics e.g. at Kattyn.

      1. “… to shoot back” ..after Hitler had presented at least 7 or 8 very moderate peace offers to the Poles, that were ignored and in GB and the US these peace offers were hidden from the public. In total over 50 peace proposals were made, also from the Vatican and Sweden (Birger Dalerus) that the war-party and the press did not tell the English and American people about.

  19. The Israel-lobby has forced America into neverending “war against terror” even by arming and paying Al Quaeda-terrorists in Libya and Syria (again) as before in Afghanistan and in Iraq, wasn’t Saddam supported against Iran even with deliveries of poison-gas.. most of the Jews supported the wars, the Neo-con-Trotzkists made the propaganda and plans (Odet Yinon, a clean break, Pnac). If the american Jews didn’t support the wars directly they were working for the destruction of the economy by Wall-Street bankers and speculators or occupying key positions in the media, movie industry and education distributing liberal and false psychology against nature e.g. gender mainstreaming, social engineering, mass immigration, buying up genetic engineered food industry — just to return to the topic of the article.
    The system as it is, is against nature and threatening to destroy the planet by making finance more important than the natural basis of life and that can be explained by the conceit of being chosen above other life-forms.

    1. Don’t even bother with them, fritz. They’re jews, all of ’em — including the webmasters of Darkmoon — and Lasha’s Darkmoon office staff and her cast of characters who “act” in her Darkmoon stage “drama” ; All purposely and very strained, contrived , contrived jew “drama” meant to achieve and accomplish NOTHING. Like the Ouroboros snake, the jews eternally slither around & around in circles with its’ head eternally up-its’-snake-asshole : ALL of em’ are jews, fritz, and jews are obsessed with Hitler.

      ” Hitler Was A Jew Himself”

      ” Jews And Schizophrenia”

      They will NEVER stop being obsessed with their jew hitler. Leave the kikes in their misery, psychosis, and schizophrenia, and leave them their obsessions.

      Their misery runs deep in their jew blood. They can’t help themselves, even if they wanted to : They’re too far lost in their jew schizophrenia. Their inherent and innate schizophrenia permeates each and every one of their jew blood cells that flow through their jew hearts, brains, minds — their jew spirit, for the spirit is in the blood, is saturated and permeated with a deep profound sickness.

      I just laugh at them in complete, perfect contempt, scorn, and disdain.

      1. @ Mad Joe

        Genuine critics of organized Jewry and Zionism never use the word “kike” to make a cheap point. They leave that to Jews pretending to be rabid anti-Semites in order to give anti-Semitism a bad name.

        Your troll status, Mad Joe, becomes more glaringly obvious by the day.

        Bear in mind that most instances of anti-Semitic graffiti — from swastikas scrawled on walls to gravestones defaced — are almost always done by Jews to whip up sympathy for themselves.×150.jpg

  20. “I bet you 85 percent that all those changes are a consequence of Jewish leaders,” he gushed. “The influence is immense.”
    If you want to find out more about how Jewish values have shaped America and made it into the greatest nation on earth, exceptional in every way:

    went to tomato bubble to check out exceptional achievements.
    biden is if anything, underestimating jewish influence on exceptional american achievements.
    the influence is clearly 100%.
    at least.

    i charge biden with antisemitism for failing to recognize this reality.
    jewsa! jewsa!

  21. couple of differences i notice between america and europe, jews still haven’t achieved complete homogenization, soon though.

    in murrika, nearly impossible to locate food on shelves that doesn’t bear noahide kosher stamp of some sweaty rabbinical greaseball having jerked off onto.
    the few holdouts are viewed with suspicion, why? must be some nazi element embedded in the manufacturing process, department of judaic compliance should duly investigate.

    in europe, i have yet to see jew-defiled food items.

    in europe, church bells peal to mark the progression of hours.

    when did you last hear church bells in umurrika?
    completely not kosher, even at christmas.
    stabs jew ears, like sight of daylight or crucifix gives them 3rd degree burns, camp-tattooed skin sizzling, flaking, peeling, agonized cries, wasted lampshades.

    but as i said, the protocols are on the march, this year many parts of berlin will forbid public celebration of christmas outright.
    verbotten, why not go to a museum instead and see some fine art by georg grosz or “piss christ”?
    (what do we do, blame it on hitler or congratulate our satan worshipers on good taste?
    while we are at it, let’s blame hitler for kosherization of america too, why not, it makes just as much sense as everything else laid at his door)

  22. Sardinicus has taken reasoning to a new level, if you are sure Der Fuhrer was a jew then you must be a jew yourself, jah that is the ticket!

    He must have received mirrors, electric shock, strobe lights and meth at an early age. Either that or just a software program from Haifa.

    Here is some more of those evil eastern concepts for you, try not to come unhinged.

    1. Dublinmick,

      Your Zionist troll status is only too apparent. How can one guess that? Because no matter what the topic being discussed on this website, you always manage to bring it round to Hitler. And with one intent only, it seems: Hitler demonization.

      You have no other theme.

      Cui bono? Who benefits most from Hitler demonization? The Jews. So in specializing in Hitler demonization, you clearly demonstrate that the Jews are the masters you serve.

  23. @ sardonicus

    right on the money, sard, right on the money.
    and the final telling point, if you will is that when everything is considered as a single pile, all these garbage vectors completely cancel each other and a gullible reader is left with a head full of confusing junk, nothing seems to work synergystically.

    cui bono invariably points to the talmudic cave of parasitical lowlifes and that (cui bono) is always my go-to indicator.

  24. as the goys progress through stages of realization of what it is all about, the enemy tactics change from outright invective and accusations of antisemitism, fascism, nazism, racism and everlasting whining about eternal persecution of the poor jew x6 million plus, the essential kindness of the children of g*d, the light unto nations, elder brothers and all that sludge, to a subtler scheme, whereas it is ok to hate jews, the more viscerally and passionately the better, so long as goys don’t actually learn anything useful, be it the jews strategy and tactics to useful countermeasures.

    and guess who read them the most profoundly and devised the most logical tactics in their entire polluted history?
    if you can’t figure it out, ask (who else) the jews, because they do keep their eye on the bouncing ball and know where the greatest threat lies.
    who do jews hate the most?
    1. jesus christ, (indicator: just about all their holidays are christ hate-fests, etc)
    2. hitler (indicator: a huge proportion of hollywood’s disinfo effort is directed against him).

    mein kampf is priceless in its typically teutonic thoroughness and clarity, hitler has read the jew substitute for soul right to its slimy underpinnings.
    jesus has enunciated the way to deal with them, through relentless pursuit of truth and light, of fearless facing down their vile threats and machinations, they were absolutely transparent to him, he did not see need to mince the words.

    therefore, the marching orders for the shills are to stoke all the hatred against jews they can because this will come in useful when they eventually claim damages such as antisemitism and racial hate.
    but just make sure that the transcendental enemies of judaism are slagged and impugned at every opportunity by all means possible.
    and because means fair and truthful are counterproductive, let’s go with exotic lies, the more bizarre the better because they are more difficult to dispel logically.

    just like there is a subculture of saboteurs within 911-truth movement who constantly spin out inane theories about haarp, extraterrestrials, antimatter, holograms (easy, just replace “caust” by “gram” and recycle babi yar gushing geysers of jew blood and similar hallucinations accordingly).
    if you can’t fight them directly, muddy the waters because the swamp is jew’s natural environment.

    1. jews luv shitler to kibble-and-bits, lobro. Who are u kidding? Not me, that’s 4 sure. ” Hitler Was A Jew Himself ” .

  25. Hey lobro!!! How do you say “GoDaddy” in Yiddish? I hope he’s paying U well. U do work so hard being a Janus-faced, two-faced troll, with your posts dripping with double-meanings, disambiguation and cognitive dissonance. What an earnest jew boi you truly are.

    1. @ Montecristo

      If this is Mad Joe, as I suspect, I don’t think it is right that you should allow him to confuse the reader with all these sockpuppets. If he writes under any other name in future except his own name (‘Joe’), I think you should delete the post. Not to do so is to collude with him in deceiving the reader.

      1. ed, as a psychologist you should understand that there are many joes inside joe.
        the joys of joe …

        and because they are all sock puppets, including the puppeteer, what’s to do but sit back and laugh, i cannot bring myself to be truly angry at him.

        and lasha is right, he doesn’t lack literary talent, what he lacks is safe anchorage in a storm tossed psychic environment.

        so let him jump up and down and rail, shake the bars of his 1000 words/day cage.
        if he really has a dog and enjoys morning coffee as he says, that is a good sign.

        because, hitler, hey joe, are you listening? was also a gentle soul, a vegetarian who loved animals, especially dogs.

        1. i think the single creepiest poster ever was this aubrey smith character who spent couple of weeks responding to each post questioning the nist/chertoff version of 9-11.

          he went at it in an organized military fashion like a cyborg, never budging an inch, just spewing incessant stream of bullshit but all properly referenced back to his idf sources.
          that’s a real troll.

        2. @lobro

          I’m listening lobro. Though listening to and agreeing with isn’t always the same thing. I am not the least bit favorably impressed with your Hitler, nor will I ever be.

          And NO people, it Does NOT necessarily follow one is a Jew, a Jew troll — or if the person in question doesn’t admire Hitler is White, Caucasian, as I am — It Does NOT necessarily follow I hate my White Race because I am not the least bit favorably impressed with Hitler.

          For I am neither a Jew — [ Jews are downright obsessed with Hitler, hence the billions and billons of “Hitler” articles in cyber-universe, 24/7/365 Hitler. Hitler, Hitler — ” Hitler Was A Jew Himself” ] ; Neither am I a high-ranking Mormon, or any kind of Mormon period, nor am I a high-ranking Shriner, or any kind of Shriner period. Nor am I a meth-head.

          Nor am I in any way deluded or bamboozled from the mainstream narrative concerning Hitler. Hitler’s real goal wasn’t getting rid of Jews, as the mainstream “narrative” tells us ; Hitler’s main and ultimate goal was the complete destruction of Catholicism and Catholic culture and heritage. The very Catholicism that built Western Civilization in the first place.

          The Real Holocaust of Nazi Germany was the destruction of Catholic/Christian Civilization, culture, heritage, in other words, the destruction of Western Civilization. World Jewry was even stronger and more powerful AFTER WW2, which is saying a lot, and Catholic Europe was ruined and destroyed. So ruined and destroyed, the Church was totally usurped a mere 13 years after WW2. 13 years on the historical time-line is like 3 seconds. The usurpation of the Catholic Church in 1958 being The Direct Consequence of WW2.

          The Catholic Church always historically stood as a vanguard AGAINST Nazism, Communism and Islam, protecting Europe — or trying to — from all 3. The Church had to be destroyed. Hitler was one major devices used by the high powers in this world to destroy the Catholic Church and Catholic culture and heritage –to destroy the very foundation of Western Civilization.

          Go tell it to Aleister Crowley, lobro. He’ll luv U for it.

          How the Jews do love Hitler. He served them well.

          Jews are obsessed with Hitler. I know the Jews luv Hitler because the Jews have a tight alliance with the Mormons — and the Mormons “baptized” Hitler into the Mormon “fold”. So I know the Jews hate Hitler, because the Jews luv the Mormons who “baptized” Hitler into “the fold” to kibbles-and-bits, and Hitler himself is a Mormon, in addition to being a Noir-Juif. LOL.

          I was born in Tuscany, Italy to a long line of devout Catholics. My family was in Italy during WW2. No one anywhere, anyhow, anyway, can convince me Hitler was a “gentle soul”.

          Go tell it to Savitri Devi, lobro, she’ll love U for it ; For the neo-Nazi gal, just like Hitler, was a vegetarian and loved animals, and just like Hitler, she Luved massive human sacrifice to Satan — in other words, she Luved and worshipped WAR, war being massive human sacrifice to Satan :

          “The Lightning And The Sun PDF”

          ” Hitler’s Priestess PDF”

          ” Just Another Inside Job Blogspot + Adolph Hitler Mass-Murdering Jew”

          ” Just Another Inside Job Blogspot + Nazis or Zionists”

          [ Answer : Jews]

          I’m a Tuscan Italian, Catholic, White Guelph. I’m too civilized and too cultured in my blood to be taken-in and fooled by any kind of Nazi, any kind of jew-Nazi-jews, Islamo-Fascist Nazis , Jew habirus and/or Arab habirus, Hindu-Nazis, New-Age “age of aquarius” Nazis [ i.e. CIA O] , or otherwise, or any kind of Nazi period.

          I’ll never be favorably impressed with your Hitler, lobro. Deal with it. Deal with it the best you can. Or, go tell it to Frank Collins — the Nazi Oakie from Skokie :

          ” Frank Collins + Jew + Skokie Nazis”

          Maybe he’ll score you some meth, to go with all that Turkish coffee you luv so. Or, go tell it to John Conyers, Mitt Romney, Hagee, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, AIPAC, and Chechar — poor Chechar :

          Algerian arab-ju reduced to living with the poor spics in Mejico City. LOL. Or, go to Stumble Inn in Ghana and tell it to “Fr, John”, the “other” algerian arab-ju who luvs the spics so, his very own boifriend who fucks the pilpul “preacher” up-his-snake-asshole is the spic-ju mischlinge mulagnan “fips”. They tryst at Stumble Inn, Ghana. Go tell it to them.

          Or, and I’m very sure, the jewess “holly” –“Dixiegirl ” — from the crypto- ju Hunter’s Golden- Jerk-Off- Circle has the patience for your Hitler fascination. I can’t be bothered:

          ” Who Owned IG Farben During World War Two”

          [ “OH NO, not again, NOT THAT : “THE” Infamous Search Term, please NO, please go easy on ‘us’ “, LOL ]

          I can’t be bothered lobro. I’m way too busy enjoying my morning coffee– Italian espresso, NOT Turkish coffee — and hanging out with my dog. Hitler would LUV my dog 2 kibble-and-bits. Teddy is a Wheaton Terrier. Wheaton is another word for blonde. My friend Teddy has “blonde” fur. Teddy is A Blondie. My Teddy is an Aryan from Thule.

          I named my present day blonde Wheaton furred Teddy in honor of another Teddy I once knew and greatly loved : A Norwegian Elkhound I had when I was a kid growing up. How Teddy #1 luved the winter, the snow, the ice.

          I mention this so when you Nazis come to power in Washington, perhaps you’ll go easy on me, perhaps U all won’t throw me into a Jew-Wall -Street- owned-and-operated- Zionist- Donmeh-Jew-Nazi-Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Jew-Owned slave labor extermination camp [like the IG Farben camps of WW2, for example] , for Nazis LUV dogs, as lobro was considerate enough to point out, and my dogs are always ALL about The Far North Thule– farther North than Santa’s workshop even.

        3. Gee. I LUV my dog and I eat all my veggies like my mother wants me to, just like Hitler and lobro LUV dogs, and just like lobro and Hitler luv their veggies. Does that mean I can be a Nazi tu? Am I eligible now to be a top leading Nazi Party official commandant in your Darkmoon shining, glistening, and golden, Fourth Reich ? Like Colonel Klinck ? Klinck was kewl.

          If I promise to be nicey-nice to my dog , Boo, and give him a lot of delicious doggie treats and doggie toys and eat all the tons of spinach my mommy dumps on my dinner plate every evening, can I join The Nazi Party tu? Nazi uniforms are real neat, and I want to drive real fast on the autobahn tu.

        4. if you think i am selling you hitler or his running of the third reich, you are wrong, you overrate the worth of your support.

          all i am asking, and i suspect numerous others is that you stop voiding loose bowels onto the neighbors lawn, attaboy joe, good dog.

          we are all aware of your sentiments and the shoddy quality of what you consider evidence against hitler, which can be summed up as: “germany suffered in the aftermath of ww2, jews prospered”.
          but you can just as easily swap ww2 for ww1 or furthermore, ANY WAR since the guelphs and ghibbelins (the latter were the true nobility of the sword, joe, while the guelphs were merchant banker cryptos, do some research before bragging about your roots) was enormously profitable for jews – so what you do is blame hitler for all the destruction from the crusades which wiped out the byzantine empire onward – jawohl, blame hitler.
          but keep it yourself, you’ve made your sentiments known, have nothing new (or old) by way of evidence, so leave it at that.

          because if you can’t keep your diaper on leak-proof, i will add my voice to ed sallis and sardonicus and all the rest who want to put you on permanent moderation.

          or call it cyber-euthanasia for better understanding.
          because i am getting kind of fatigued of saying, hey, leave joe alone, he no bad dude, he mean well.

          leave hitler out of it and stop insulting lasha who also has never done anything to you but stood in your corner when everyone dumped you.
          think of another track, i am sure that there is more to life than how much you hate hitler and lasha, go chase some squirrels.

        5. @ lobro

          Lesson 1: Don’t speak to the troll. Because every word you speak to him you’ll get 1000 jabberwocky words in reply. He has absolutely nothing to contribute.

          @ Montecristo

          Pull the plug on this maniac. Quick. Or you won’t have any posters left.

  26. I am afraid I just had to ban Guiseppe, same routine. Guiseppe, Salvatore, valero, foghornleghorn, Ruggiero and Holly all show up at about the same time and sound like they just escaped from a mental asylum. The schtick seems to be … paint the particular site as a bunch of kooks.

  27. well, I clicker where he told me to click and found out the writer was a conservative whose pictures exclusively bashed dems. I am not a dem but consider this site to be above left-right bullshit. Also, much of “cultural marxism: I don’t have a problem with, nor am I for segregating the races.What I don’t like is manipulation of these devises to create turmoil and promote the JWO

  28. putin launches direct attack on core jewish values

    We have been able to see many Euro-Atlantic countries effectively embark on a path of renouncing their roots, including Christian values, which underlie Western civilization. That involves the negation of moral principles and any traditional identity, national, cultural, religious, or even sexual. Policies are pursued that put large families and same-sex partnerships in the same category, belief in God and belief in Satan. Excesses of political correctness reach the point where there are serious discussions on the registration of parties that have propaganda of pedophilia as their objective. People in many European countries are ashamed and afraid of speaking about their religion, holidays are abolished or given other names, names that shyly conceal the nature of those holidays, and aggressive attempts are made to force this model on the rest of the world.

    1. That is true, löbro, i get the same impression that Putin is defending our traditional values, while here in EUdSSR they are erodet at a fast pace that actually is so fast it doesn’t even xome to the consciousness of most people. The same with pushing mass-immigration the last 20 years. First the Green party was propagandizing those near communist “values”, but by now the whole of the media-theatre and the “conservative” “christian” parties are about to destroy tradional morale and throw all under the tyranny of finance.
      That is a good point for Putin.
      There are other opinions, also from Russia that accuse him of following a hidden bolshevic agenda, or that his has arranged himself with many oligarchs and Lubavitchers and would play the good policeman for the NWO. Myself cannot decide which is real, only read very little directly translated from Russia.
      But thanks for your reply to “Joe” or this bureau of trolls, whatever (Hitler was certainly not destroying the catholic church at that time, only diminished their political influence perhaps – but what was that compared with what happened in Bolshevism), — re- “Ghibbelins” “Guelfs” and Frederic Redbeard (Friedrich Barbarossa) and Frederic II., because I was and am interested in medieval history – in the past 20 years we had visited all the remains and ruins of castles around here on hills, in forests and on sandstone rocks in the Southwest near Elsass (Alsace).

      1. to add, I didn’t think about the meaning of “Ghibbelins” and “Guelfs” in that time, that was an interesting angle to read more about. The medieval age was constant struggle and fight between Kaiser and the Vatican but then the Italian cities and merchants also played a role that is often overlooked.

    2. Thanks for the post lobro.

      Most people have been deceived into thinking that Jews do not proselytize. Of course they don’t try to convert us, but they accomplish it by convincing us to give up our ethnic and religious identity. And it looks like the entire West has gladly taken up the idea.

      While I am very happy to read what Mr. Putin has said, I must confess that it scares me at the same time. Because it is becoming apparent to me that Putin will be portrayed as the real “next Hitler” that the West has in its sites. When Putin talks sense, and with the West broke and in moral suicide mode, throw in a broken banking system that still wants to rule, and you have quite the recipe for World War III starting.

      Iran and Syria are starting to look like a sideshow to me. A mere warm up act and/or perhaps a means towards the big one.

      Everything is truly upside down now. Russia is making sense while here in the US we are crowning Transgendered Homecoming Queens. And we’re proud of it.

      1. Yes to everything you said Rich.
        It truly looks like Putin may end up as the next Hitler and Iran and Syria are a mere sideshow as you put it. In fact, I have had this sense for the past few years and all the developments point that way.
        Insha’allah that Putin and his inner circle have learned from whatever miscalculations Germans made. In particular, two things look hopeful:
        the Jew-infected West is considerably weaker economically and morally, so that when the US loses initial steam, other countries tethered to it will bail quickly.
        Secondly, the way to fight the next world war is to go after snake’s head with drones, death squads, ie, the extreme prejudice.
        Watch them cry uncle.

  29. I realize that the EU was put on Europeans in the middle of the night and behind close doors so forget the EU part. Still, in traveling through Germany it seems like a space age country compared to the U.S. They lost the war but when they rebuilt they did it with intelligence. The roads are beautiful; the countryside is beautiful; the cities have multiple modes of getting around like a subway, a light rail, in addition to streets; the German airports are like modern marvels that put U.S. airports to shame. I can’t imagine what a German must think when arriving for a vacation in the U.S.–no public transportation, road construction that leads nowhere, incredibly rude airport personnel that treat the public like criminals ( I was once almost arrested for stopping my car for three minutes in a white zone). The food in German restaurants is actually better than home. How many times do you go out to a restaurant in the U.S. just to avoid doing the dishes because the food is rarely good. Plus there always seems to be some loud mouth blowhard whose conversation dominates the room, and after awhile you just get dragged as an observer into the conversation. The hotels are staffed with polite and pleasant people. I noticed that even the Hilton at the airport was beautiful because if they treated Germans like they treat Americans no one would ever stay there. Germans had to reconstruct most of their cities due to American bombing but they did it–amazing. In addition they were paying reparations to Israel and the Holocaust survivors while suffering through a distorted history of the war portrayed in American movies. I could go on. Germany is impressive, and America is depressive. And Germany is one of those countries that doesn’t have any Jews to speak of–I guess recently more Jews are moving back–but for decades Jews wouldn’t even travel there. Hmmm check a point for Lobro.

    Well we won the war and we got the Frankfurt School of German Jews who immigrated to American universities and brought us the drug culture, the sexual revolution, the destruction of our religion and the destruction of the family. I know I lived through the Frankfurt School, which followed a plan to recreate America culturally as the Neocons have wanted to recreate the Middle East politically–that is, break it apart so that it can’t hold together. Break it into a thousand pieces so that Marxism could come in and they did this through “identity politics.” Of course, now identity politics are beginning to revert onto the Jews themselves who are more and more called Jews and not in a good way. Of course, they could have been individuals because they are individuals first but they wanted to be Jews first and so the story goes. A lot of things could have been that aren’t. The one thing we share with the Germans is Holocaustianity, but even that idea that Jewish history is infallible as are the Jews who are the only infallible people on earth was manufactured in America and shipped overseas.

    Poor Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, Catholics who would rather not be Catholics. Joe just can’t keep his foot out of his mouth no matter how hard he tries. When he gives a speech in front of the Blacks is he going to talk about how great the blues are or maybe he’ll just go on more about the Jews. When he talks in front of the Chinese is he going to go on about how great the Jews are–probably. That’s what he does best.

  30. Hey Joe, none of my business, true, but you should take your talents to other sites. This site was dying a deserved death, then you come along and breathe life into its quivering jewish corpse. Dio la benedica

  31. I’m glad I found this website. I understand it’s a small, family-run enterprise, without any pretentions. A statistical check reveals that it’s shot up as many as 2 million points in the last few months.

    I guess a reason for its increasing popularity is that it’s one of the few sites that allows an above-average amount of free speech.

    Take the previous comment from “Karen”, for example. This would DEFINITELY have been deleted on Veterans Today, the Occidental Observer, the Ugly Truth, or Real Jew News — or indeed from any other similar site that I know of.

    Here, refreshingly, it’s allowed to stand.

    The website owners either don’t read the comments or they couldn’t care less that bitter, twisted people with personality problems should use this site as a substitute for masturbation.

  32. from the hearts-and-minds department: vlad putin scores a home run

    tho i am still not 100% convinced of his sincerity, he is inching up on my trust scale.
    so far my hunches have been right, i might brag, starting with argument with dalton, years ago at xymphora about the ukrainian orange revolution and the jewish deceit in offering them recognition of holodomor as micro-holocaust in return for wholesale submission to the iron rod of talmud.
    of course, in their blind, misdirected hatred of russians, the idiots jumped on the kol nidre wagon and … wiped out.

    and now, the whole world, including american conservatives are flocking under the last christian banner standing.
    long may it run.

    @ dr. green,
    glad you took the words out of my mouth, i’ve been saying this exact thing for some time.

    this karen poster is a perverted dyke that seems to have a burning hatred for lasha, she will only post to squirt her venom, no other function in life.

    1. I hope you’re right about Putin. If you’re wrong, I’ll have no alternative but to recommend mass suicide. It’s that bad.

    2. the straw that i am grasping is that if putin was secretly working for the cabal, for example as erdogan seemed to have been when throwing a staged temper tantrum at shimon perez at the davos bj-fest, then just as you perceive, the ultimate obstacle to their undisguised world dominion would have been removed at it would be planet gaza right now. Or worse.
      which it isn’t.

    3. As for this karen poster you speak of, this is the first I’ve been on this site, so I’m unaware of her previous “squirts” of “venom” — wow, you have a gift for words that I envy!

      Hope she doesn’t read what you say about her.

      Actually, I feel sorry for her. She’s not a well-balanced person. She’s more a compendium of symptoms. Can’t be nice being married to her.

      1. As a medical psychologist, I’ll say this. There are a lot of mentally sick people around and the Jewish milieu we live in doesn’t help one little bit. Intense hatred and frustration caused by Jewish crimes erode the frontal lobes and actually damage brain cells. I learned more about this facinating subject, incidentally, by reading Ms Darkmoon’s 2-part article “Pornography’s Effect on the Brain”. I have now made this brilliant article required reading for my students.

        The thrust of that article, quoting numerous neurologists whose work I happen to know quite well personally, is that compulsive masturbation to pornography over a long period of time produces frontal lobe damage. Ms Darkmoon however fails to develop the corollary thesis that what works for prolonged lust also applies to prolonged hatred.

        Hatred, too, destroys the frontal lobes — not the occasional temper tantrum, but long-term, seething hatred as one gets in Gaza.

        The Palestinians are a traumatized population. Many of them have severe mental problems now. Their brains have literally been “eaten away” with hatred. All sorts of chemicals are involved, particularly a cocktail of surplus adrenalin and testosterone.

        You’ve heard of an “adrenalin rush”. Well, the brain can cope with an adrenalin rush maybe one or twice a day, but it can’t cope with an adrenalin rush once or twice every hour. Brain damage is inevitable.

        1. holee … !
          you are onto something, big time.

          i need to urgently check my own mental deterioration, because not only do i believe you are right but i fear for my own sanity, because i’ve been living with this bitterness directed at jews for some time now.
          reversible or not, i should at least try to stem the ebb.

          so, this theory would also apply to jews, whose hatred toward the rest of the universe is stoked from the moment of birth/circumcision or even conception since mother’s mental issues are transferred to a large extent to the fetus, no?

          insatiable cruelty and blood lust not only produce brain damage but are result of it, a feedback mechanism.
          i don’t normally pay much heed to psychology but this definitely grabs my attention.

          THANKS, Dr Green.

          (i was recently berating lasha for not writing more poetry and she told me that she is too busy with her political work … did you hear this lasha, our foreheads are getting concave from cerebral implosion … only a half-smirk-smiley here :-/))

        2. so, this theory would also apply to jews, whose hatred toward the rest of the universe is stoked from the moment of birth/circumcision or even conception since mother’s mental issues are transferred to a large extent to the fetus, no?

          insatiable cruelty and blood lust not only produce brain damage but are result of it, a feedback mechanism.

          Exactly! You couldn’t have put it better! But I don’t think your own brain cells have been extensively damaged, given the lucidity of your writing style and your ability to catch on at once to what I’m saying! 🙂

          No, you probably have relaxing moments when you listen to music and spend time socially with people whose company you enjoy. All that acts as a counterpoise.

          It would be a different matter if you were in state of effervescent rage 24/7 like the Palestinians.

    4. I absolutely luv coming to lasha’s darkmoon lilith-goddess blog every day — I absolutely luv lasha’s darkmoon. I always luved the moonlight anyhow. I’m very romantic that way. I luv to read all the very informative and, my gosh, all the intelligent comments so many very smart people have to say. Why, I never thought there were so many smart people in the world. We’re not urbane and sophisticated down here in the hollow, down by the lower 40 acres. Most folks ’round here don’t have a lick of sense. Yes sirre, I’m getting myself a real bona-fide edumacation here at lasha’s lilith goddess darkmoon blog.

      Plus, we don’t travel much. We have to stay around here to make sure the boll weavels don’t eat all of our cash crops. They’re insatiable little critters, yes sirre.I was in Hog Gulch once. We stopped at the gas station for some soda pop.

      I luv darkmoon because the time clock is from the West Coast of Africa. My word. So exotic. I luv coming to darkmoon every day ’cause it’s like I’m traveling to someplace exotic and mysterious. Like a magical vacation of some sort, filled with adventure and spanking new experiences. My word. West Coast of Africa. So exotic.

      I daydream of being an sexy belly-dancer like Lasha. I still have a good figure, I must say. Not like my neighbor, Elma Mae Lou, the fat heifer. Elma is a fundamentalist type. Very close-minded and negative towards foreigners. I tried my darndest to get Elma to read darkmoon every day like I do, but she said she wasn’t interested. She says belly-dancers are too habiru-ish for her liking. What does habiru mean? My word. Everyone here is so smart. Except that Karen. She reminds me of Elma Mae, the fat heifer. I don’t pay either one no mind.

      Lasha has encouraged me to take up belly-dancing. My husband said I was being ridiculous. He says there’s nothing about me he finds exotic. He’s another goddamned fundamentalist around here. If my husband don’t like it, tough shit. I’ll leave him and go to New Orleans and be a belly-dancer on Bourbon Street. Now that’s exotic. Darkmoon gives me the jitter bugs.

      1. @lobro

        Yes, I noticed lately — actually for quite some time now — you suffer from mental deterioration. Doesn’t GoDaddy give you israeli trolls vacation time? Maybe GoDaddy will throw you some extra bucks, and give you some time off. Maybe go to Eilat and relax on the beach for a week or two. That might help restore your mental vigor. Though I’m not a M.D., and you may wish to consult a psychiatrist for professional assistance concerning your mental deterioration and decrepitude.

        Or, if a vacation is out of the question. I know you habiru trolls have a lot of work — quotas ya’ gotta fill to keep the Big Mishpukas happy. Do you get paid by the hour, by the day, by the week, or do you paid per post you write? You write so many, U busy bee, u.

        Maybe you shouldn’t concentrate on Jews so much. Give it a rest every once in a while. One can always bash the Mormons and/or the Shriners you know. That’s what I do, and my mental stamina, intellectual agility, prowess, alertness, and mental vigor is in top form. Then again, I’m not a ju-habiru like U, so I don’t suffer from any type of schizophrenia.

  33. @ ” I Wanna Be Exotic Like Lasha Darkmoon”, loved your post but in actuality I look Jane Hathaway in the old Beverly Hillbillys series, with more than a touch of Granny.

  34. @Desmond & Molly, that’s beautiful but suppose the people you encounter on that dark urban street don’t feel your LOVE and simply want to take your wallet and kill you because they see you as a “white oppressor”.

  35. The ego-games and self-importance on these sites (like we have any importance in the view/ plans of the 1 or 2 %? who wield the whip, to them we’re cattle) is ludicrous. God help us.

  36. @ montecristo,

    i now add my voice to ed sallis, sardonicus and others who would like to see the jokaren tag team euthanized.
    while i held out hope that joe had some entertainment value, given his verbal pyrotechnics fueled by whatever mental disease energizes him, i now fully believe that he is nothing but a troll, getting painfully repetitive, having run through his bag of tricks, the only thing replenishing itself daily being his spittle.

    karen was and is nothing but giftless harpy whose single focus in life is to hound and persecute lasha.
    why? beats me but quite possibly due to lasha’s talent and karen’s existential envy.
    which, given karen’s intellectual dungeon is quite understandable.

    anyway, not important, i don’t have time nor inclination to analyze those two.
    assign a spam filter to their ip’s and let’s be done with it.

    because you are no doubt losing bona fide posters who will drift to sites that have consigned these two to the well deserved place of honor in the trash bin.

    1. Re Joe and Karen

      “i now add my voice to ed sallis, sardonicus and others who would like to see the joe-karen tag team euthanized…. assign a spam filter to their ip’s and let’s be done with it… consign these two… to the trash bin.”

      Well said, lobro. I couldn’t agree with you more for agreeing with me! The psychology of these two individuals, Joe and Karen, is of great interest. Big question: what makes them tick?

      1. What possible satisfaction can there be for Joe, with his numerous sock puppets all sounding alike and instantly identifiable as “Joe”, to sit forever in the limbo of PERMANENT MONITORING…? with maybe only one in ten of his longwinded posts being published?

      How can he keep writing all those interminable posts, only to see them deleted?

      Answer: he has to be an obsessive-compulsive nutter.

      No one else will let him onto their sites. He’s universally banned. Darkmoon is his only place of refuge. And he lurks here forever in the sub-basement: the Thing in the Cellar… a kind of human cockroach skulking under the floorboards.

      2. As for Karen, her psychology is of even greater interest. What drives her spite? What makes her hate Lasha so much? Is it literary envy as you suggest? Is Lasha all that she cannot be? Is Karen eaten up with a kind of psychotic jealousy, as you suggest?

      She’s been on this site before, as you know. And never once has she had a kind word to say about Lasha. Nope, Lasha’s an evil Jew and this is a filthy Jew site. Period. No evidence for this absurd opinion is ever produced. It’s just abuse for abuse’s sake.

      The thing is, I know exactly who this female viper is. I outed her in previous posts, several months ago, only to have all my posts deleted. I know her full name. Where she lives. What job she does. Her place of work. Amazing to think she has the audacity to slither back here and spit her venom at the very people who have protected her identity and done her a big favor by letting her continue to post here.

      Here we have a bizarre psychological paradox: a woman consumed with bitter hatred for the very people who have shown her kindness and allowed her to attack them.

      Wonders will never cease.

    2. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lasha and Montecristo are also nutcases. They’ve got to be, to put up with all this shit. Maybe they’re masochists.

  37. Sard, monty and lasha are to be commended rather than committed for their kindness and tolerance of abuse.
    Now if jokaren kept it down to an occasional squawk of abuse, I’d say fine, easy to ignore and enjoy the rest of the site. But this interminable vulgar stream plugs the thread like a busted flush.
    We all know full well jokaren’s kind sentiments and need no further convincing.
    Good bye, deposit your plague elsewhere.

  38. There was no problem in ancient Nordic Cultures with this sort of perversion. Family units were tight and relatives of women and young girls were protective of their clans. So many people relate family values with christianity but this was never the case. As Jesus said If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, and the onslaught of this jewish religion broke many family units apart. It evolved into even totally converted families would differ in the type of christianity leading to separated family units.
    When families are united as in a clan they would never let anyone outside the family molest or degrade one of their clan. What were the brothers and parents of these women who were being exploited? We need to have coalitions and groups who seek out the perpetrators and do something.
    I used to have a website where I documented many cases of child molestation, murders and kidnapping by CPS in Hawaii. It is a big problem here and the schools, government officials, police and agencies are all in on it. They send girls to planned parenthood clinics to be given condoms,and birth control and along with that they prescribe SSRI drugs.
    But despite my efforts I could never organize an coallition and too many people are scared to but the system. Then there those who believe in resist not evil which is another cop out that they got from their jewish faith.

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