Inventors of Evil Things, by Texe Marrs

Inventors of Evil Things

largeWhat evil cult created Illuminism, Communism, Satanism, Witchcraft, and the New Age Movement? . . . And what are they up to now?

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind… Being filled with all unrighteousness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, deceit, malignity…haters of God…inventors of evil things…”  — Romans 1: 28-30

“Judaism is one of the oldest living esoteric traditions in the world. Virtually every form of Western mysticism and spiritualism known today draws upon Jewish mythic and occult teachings—magic, angelology, alchemy, numerology, astral projection, astrology, amulets, altered states of consciousness, alternate healing and rituals of power—all have roots in the Jewish occult.” — Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis, Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism (2007)

Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, once wrote that they are a “remarkable people” responsible for both the bloody crimes of the Illuminati in revolutionary France and the Communist genocide in Soviet Russia. Jesus Christ said they were “serpents” and “vipers.” He accused them of serving their father the Devil, and said they are guilty of “all the righteous blood shed on the face of planet earth” since the day when Cain murdered his innocent brother, Abel (Matthew 23: 31-35).

My own files here at Power of Prophecy document that this same evil cult is responsible for murders and horrors unparalleled by any other group in the annals of history.

I’m speaking, of course, of the Jews.

Throughout the centuries, this sinister, racist cult has massacred so many innocents and instigated so many pogroms, wars, tortures, and killings that it boggles the imagination.

How can such a small band of miscreants and misfits—totaling no more than nineteen million across the globe—wreak so much havoc and be responsible for so much mayhem and terror?

(Note: Not every Jew is a member of this racial cult, but most Jews enthusiastically support its agenda, having been brainwashed into believing that they, the Jews, are “God’s Chosen” and superior to Gentiles.)

1Barack Obama speaks at AIPACPresident Barack Obama is a project of Britain’s Lord Rothschild, billionaire George Soros, and the Chicago Jewish Mafia. Here he speaks at the annual convention of the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most powerful lobby group in Washington, D.C. The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz (November 13, 2009) reported that Obama is being called “America’s first Jewish president” by influential Jews.

Rome’s Nero, a Jewish Convert, Persecuted Christians

The Apostle Paul, in the New Testament, reported that it was the Jews who stirred up the Romans and incited such fierce animosity of nations against the Christian Church. Historians record that Emperor Nero, after marrying a Jewess, converted to Judaism and swiftly became a persecutor of Christians. Darkly inspired by his newfound Jewish faith, the mad Nero fed many Christians to the lions at the Colosseum, sawed others in half, and sentenced many others to be crucified.

Like the fanatical rabbis of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, who demanded the crucifixion of Jesus, Nero was an “inventor of evil things,” a ruthless persecutor of the righteous. But Nero and the Jews of his era were only imitating the deviltry carried out by leaders of this same cult since the founding of Judea. Centuries before Nero’s crimes, the Jewish Queen Esther and her wicked, power grabbing cousin, Mordecai, persuaded the King of Persia to massacre 75,000 “enemies” of the Jews. Esther, a whorish consort who influenced the monarch by her feminine wiles and physical beauty, even had the ten sons of Haman hung.

Torquemada Was a Jew

Spaniard and Jew Tomás de Torquemada tortured and murdered countless victims during the Catholic Inquisition.
Spaniard and Jew Tomás de Torquemada tortured and murdered countless victims during the Catholic Inquisition.

According to encyclopedias, the ravages of the Catholic Inquisition, in which thousands of innocents were slain and tortured, suffering the most cruel of fates, being branded, painfully wracked by ghoulish devices and instruments, and finally burned at the stake, were overseen by a Jewish convert to the papacy—Tomás de Torquemada (1420-1498). The Jewish-born Torquemada must have been filled with glee at the opportunity to so fiendishly torment true Christian believers. Among his victims were many women and children.

Weishaupt Was a Jew

Adam Weishaupt, who founded the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, was a Jew who became a Jesuit professor and, later, a Mason.
Adam Weishaupt, who founded the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, was a Jew who became a Jesuit professor and, later, a Mason.

In more recent history, we find that the Jewish cult is responsible not only for the crimes of Illuminism and Communism, but also for such unholy political, social, and religious movements as Freemasonry, Witchcraft, Satanism, and the New Age heresy.

The founder of the Order of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, proves to have been yet another Jew. His father and mother supposedly converted to Catholicism. Their son Adam, became a Jesuit professor and a Freemason. The French Revolution, which he and his Illuminist cronies authored, focused on the destruction of the Christian Church. Priests, pastors, and layman alike were guillotined, bayoneted, shot, drowned and otherwise slaughtered; churches were torched and ruined, and a religion of “Reason,” worshipping a sexual “Goddess of Liberty,” was celebrated. Jesus was cursed everywhere by the Illuminist mobs who scathingly referred to Him as “The Wretch.”

By the time Napoleon seized the French crown and the Illuminati’s revolution had subsided, millions had perished. But the bloodlust of the Jews and Freemasons behind the carnage was not yet satiated. History shows that the conspirators’ intent was to put to death a full three-fourths of the entire population. The genocide was necessary, they reasoned, to bring humanity into “balance with nature.”

This is the same nonsensical “sustainable earth” theory that today motivates the bloodthirsty fiends who founded and manage the Environmental Movement. And once again, when we dig into the journals of history, we discover that Jews are its authors and drivers.

Karl Marx Was a Jew

Karl Marx, giving a Masonic hand sign (see Texe Marrs’ book, Codex Magica), was a satanic Jew whose ultimate goal was the obliteration of planet earth and the end of all living things.
Karl Marx, giving a Masonic hand sign (see Texe Marrs’ book, Codex Magica), was a satanic Jew whose ultimate goal was the obliteration of planet earth and the end of all living things.

Illuminism eventually metamorphosed into Communism, thanks to Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, and other Jewish bankers who financed both Theodore Herzl’s 1890s Zionist Movement and Karl Marx’s lunatic ravings (The Communist Manifesto). Marx was, of course, a Jew, and his grandfather had been a rabbi. Marx was, moreover, a satanist and his writings give evidence of his devotion to Lucifer and the dark forces (see Wurmbrand’s Marx and Satan).

Lenin and Trotsky Were Jews

Lenin was actually only one-quarter Jewish but considered himself Jewish . . . in the same way as one who is one-quarter black considers himself black. (LD)

Marx’s unworkable doctrines were put into action in 1917 as the Russian Empire fell to Communist conspirators Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, two Jews who had the backing of Jewish bankers in Germany, Britain, and France. Their Jewish bloodline was kept secret from the Russian and Soviet people, but is today admitted by historians. The Lenin Museum, in Moscow, Russia, now openly lists Lenin as a Jew.

Frank L. Britton, in the eye-opening book, Behind Communism, reports that virtually the entire leadership of the Communist U.S.S.R. were Jews. Noted historian and Nobel Peace Prize winning writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, (Gulag Archipelago) reported that two-thirds of the commandants of Soviet Gulags (concentration camps) were Jews, and many of these monsters were Jewish rabbis. It is, therefore, not an accident that most of the sixty-six million victims who perished in these dreadful camps were Christians.

Jews and Witchcraft

The Holy Bible demonstrates that witchcraft has long been prevalent among the Jews—a prime example being the witch of Endor, who was consulted by Israel’s King Saul and conjured up a dead prophet at his request. Jewish historians and rabbinical authorities document the witchcraft of Jewish women—and even of rabbis—throughout history. Today, perhaps the world’s best known witch is Miriam Starhawk, whose real surname is the Jewish “Simos.” Another Jewess, Margot Adler, is author of the bestselling witches’ classic, Drawing Down the Moon.

Anton LaVey Was a Jew

The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by a Jew, Anton Szandor LaVey. LaVey’s antics as a high priest of Satan earned him and his church the slavish devotion of singer Sammy Davis, Jr., buxom actress Jayne Mansfield, Beatle John Lennon, and rock star Marilyn Manson. Davis, a black man, even converted to Judaism.

Freemasonry is Jewish

There can be little doubt that Freemasonry is a satanic secret society begun by Jewish haters of Christ. In Morals and Dogma, his classic guide to the 33 rituals of the Scottish Rite Lodge, Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander, admitted that the Jewish Kabbalah (or Cabala) is the “true philosophy” and “the basis” on which Masonry was founded. Eliphas Levi, satanist, black magician, and fellow Mason, confirmed this Jewish connection as did satanist Aleister Crowley (who bragged of being “the most wicked man on earth”) and Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Mason who was honored by the Scottish Rite Journal as the “20th Century’s greatest Masonic scholar.”

New Age Movement Inspired by Jews

Dr. Helen Schucman, a Jewish psychologist and professor from New York, authored the popular New Age "bible," A Course in Miracles. She claimed a spirit dictated the book to her. "It said it was Jesus," Schucman related. In her book, Schucman says that Jesus and Lucifer are "brothers."
Dr. Helen Schucman, a Jewish psychologist and professor from New York, authored the popular New Age “bible,” A Course in Miracles. She claimed a spirit dictated the book to her. “It said it was Jesus,” Schucman related. In her book, Schucman says that Jesus and Lucifer are “brothers.”

Christian Heresies Spun by Jews


Opra Winfrey Talk show host Oprah Winfrey enthusiastically endorses Dr. Schucman’s New Age satanic hoax, A Course In Miracles.
Opra Winfrey
Talk show host Oprah Winfrey enthusiastically endorses Dr. Schucman’s New Age satanic hoax, A Course In Miracles.

Many New Age cults and “Christian” heresies were founded by Jews, including the group Est, whose founder, Werner Erhard (a pseudonym), is actually “Jack Rosenberg.” Moses Berg, who inspired his cult, The Family, to engage in prostitution and incest, was also a Jew, as is Tony Alamo, a “Christian” preacher convicted in 2009 of raping young girls. (Alamo’s real name is the Jewish “Bernard LaZar Hoffman”)

More Bloodshed is Planned

Freemasonry…Illuminism…Communism…Witchcraft…Satanism…truly this small band of perverted disciples of Satan is the world’s all-time leader in genocide, mass murder, and terror. This awful truth is kept from us by our controlled media, but is laid out for all to hear in my newest exposé, Inventors of Evil Things (Available on Tape or CD). This frightening truth must be made known to the whole world because, quite frankly, the demon-possessed leadership of this last days racial cult, the Jews, is not finished with its gory and gruesome works of death.

Even now, its leaders are crafting the most monumental plan of bloodshed and Red Terror ever conceived. Unless we stop them—and God willing, we will—this planet and every single one of its inhabitants will someday soon be ritually sacrificed to their damnable god. His name, as Vladimir Lenin, Albert Pike, and Anton LaVey well knew, is Lucifer, also called Satan, and by Masons, known as the Grand Architect and Jahbulon.

Karl Marx, demonstrably one of Satan’s most fervent disciples, clearly set forth the ultimate aim of the Jewish cult that now has gripped America and the people of earth by the throat. In one of Marx’s peculiarly wicked writings (Oulanem, p. 68), the Father of Communism unabashedly wrote:

“The world…I will smash it to pieces with my enduring curses! Embracing me, the world will dumbly pass away. And then sink down to utter nothingness, perished. With no existence. That would be really living!”

49 thoughts to “Inventors of Evil Things, by Texe Marrs”

  1. Julius Caesar, or so we were told, was murdered by fellow Romans for wanting to be Emperor of the Roman Empire, but in reality, it was because Julius had broken up the Jew’s monopoly on money lending, especially the money making Jew racket of usury and for that bit of sanity, he was condemned by the Jew money grabbers.

    2,000 years later a president by the name of JFK would also feel the Jew’s wrath over attempting to bust up their money lending scheme known as the Federal Reserve.

    1. Agreed. And I pray that if it is not too late already, that when we throw off the shackles very nearly lashing us down, we solve the problem for all time and never allow it to happen again! What a happy, enlightening and fulfilling time that will be!

    2. Now I wonder who could have concocted such a tale about Julius Caesars demise….? It is amazing how History has been corrupted to favor a certain ‘Tribe.’

  2. The first “satanist”, Cain, changed his name to Sargon and began the
    first mass murder. His grandson Jubal was given the power music and song
    to beguile and seduce the weak minded and the unwary.
    Another grandson, Tubal was given the arts of making weapons of war.

    Carnage has ensued ever since.

  3. It’s really a tragedy to see how the Jew’s critics never read Karl Marx. If they did, they’ll know that Marx presented how the Jew economic system — capitalism — works and how it explores and oppress the workers… and all the people. I cannot understand why you say that Marx have a connection to Satan — he gave us a great gift by denouncing how the Jews have conquered the world’s economy. More: Communism IS NOT what took place in the former Soviet Union. There, there was a State capitalism, not Communism.
    Besides, Illuminism and Frenc Revolution were movements thinkers and workers made for freedom. They are not “Jewish” inventions. They are legitimate movements people made towards a world where justice and freedom prevailed. Please, stop saying that all good things in this world are “evil plans” by Jews.
    Try to read and to study history and philosophy before telling such boobs.

    1. @ Anonymous Woman

      “It’s really a tragedy to see how the Jew’s critics never read Karl Marx. If they did, they’ll know that Marx presented how the Jew economic system — capitalism — works and how it explores and oppress the workers… and all the people. I cannot understand why you say that Marx have a connection to Satan — he gave us a great gift by denouncing how the Jews have conquered the world’s economy.”

      Good point. Who would quarrel with it? Rapacious capitalism is bad; it exploits and oppresses the workers. Kudos to Karl Marx for pointing out what bastards these bloodsuckers are, including the Jewish moneylending variety.


      . . . maybe Marx was playing a double game. He was anti-God, remember. “Religion is the opium of the people,” he chanted. He wanted to help he workers by assassinating their God. And putting what in its place?

      Answer: Jewish nihilism. The cultivated “despair” of the Frankfurt School advocated by Lukacs (Jew). In short, a form of Satanism.

      Maybe your hero Marx knew that Marxism, which would morph into Communism, was a good con trick that would help the Jews grab hold of all the wealth of the goyim.

      This they did after the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), supposedly engineered on behalf of Marx’s cruelly exploited workers. Were the workers who helped that Revolution to take place helped in any way by that Revolution? No, they they were not! The peasants were slaughted in their millions by these evil little Comie Jews, led by Lenin and Trotsky, and their farms were confiscated by collectivization.

      This was Marx’s legacy.

      * * *

      Then there is Cultural Marxism, a pestilential evil. You ignore this. This is the philosophy of the Frankfurt School: a heady mix of Marx and Freud consisting of nihilism and sexual degeneracy. A movement designed to destroy Christianity and traditional values.

      Are you for the destruction of Christianity and traditional values, Anonymous Woman? If so, I can understand your advocacy of Marx. I’m afraid you’ve been conned by Marx and the Jews into your pro-Marxian attitude.

      We are all for fairness and the reasonable distribution of wealth. Many have preached these Utopian ideals before. You fail to appreciate that Marx’s legacy was essentially an evil one. It led from Marxism to Communism and finally, by a cunning twist of the knife, to the super-Capitalism of a globalist New World Order in which the kingpins are the Jews — now fabulously rich and fat on the spoils of everyone else’s confiscated wealth.

      Remember Orwell’s classic slogan from Animal Farm: “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS!”

      That’s what Marxism leads to: a supposed equality for everyone, with Jews somehow right at the top of the heap.

      Revise your opinions, dear Anonymous Lady, and forbear from further condescension.

    2. “Besides, Illuminism and French Revolution were movements thinkers and workers made for freedom. They are not “Jewish” inventions. They are legitimate movements people made towards a world where justice and freedom prevailed.”

      Tut tut, how superficial! The Jews were the hidden architects behind the French Revolution. They profited most from it. The were behind the Revolution and helped to finance it. They gained their emancipation (1791) in France, the very first country to grant them emancipation.

      Of course, the Jews always mount revolutions for the noblest of ideals! — alleged ideals, let it be said — in this case, for liberty, equality and fraternity.

      Their idea of “fraternity” was a rather strange one: it involved the invention of the guillotine and the chopping off of hundreds of thousands of innocent heads.

      I am too weary to pursue this subject with you.

      I wish Lobro or or Harriet or Strawman would take up the cudgel on my behalf. They probably knows more about the the French Revolution, and the Jewsish architects behind it, than I do.

      Bye for now, Anonymous Lady.

    3. lobro is somewhat awake but currently indisposed to emptily bloviate into emptiness, a sinful waste of vocalories.
      basically, i have nothing much to say of interest to wider public and if my goal was to bore people, i’d run into stiff and better qualified competition.
      so, let the cerebral fish broth simmer for a while longer, maybe/hopefully the end (oratio) justifies the means (silentium).

      of marx, i always found him insufferably boring and pompous, and moreover, having attempted to work through a bit of that oulanem verse, he is a supremely giftless poet, not worthy of further critique.
      the quoted bit may not necessarily express his personal conviction but that of the poem’s protagonist, not that i care much either way.
      i simply don’t understand why people ever paid much attention to marx, if i ran into him at a dinner party, i’d soon end up snoring face first in my rice bowl.

      back to chewing cud …

      happy everything to everybody, yes, very good to have you back homer.

      1. Tsk, tsk, why all gloomy this talk about “bloviating into emptiness” and “sinful waste of vocalories”? What’s this: New Years Blues or Globetrotters Dumps…?

        Cheer up! . . . 2014 looms with promise of better things!

        BTW, “vocalories” is a damn good coinage.

      2. struck by virus of insipidness, lasha.

        i am sure the world is on seat’s edge to see how the drama unfolds.

  4. I just wonder why you start off quoting ‘Paul’ saint or otherwise -(mostl likely “otherwise”) as Paul/Saul, was actually a Pharisee and Priest of the vile Jerusalem Temple, as was his family. His “road to Damascus” story was a lie, swallowed, hook, line and sinker, by the masses.

    Paul / Saul, was in the same class as Torquemada, “St.” Teresa of Avila, and Loyola (Founder of the jesuits), being, so-called “Converts” to xtianity. I call them “Marranos”- false, two-faced, liars. The Sp. Inquisition was the outward showing of the ingrained corruption, Black, stinking corpse of sexuality of the jews.(an example, is that the “witche’s teat” they searched and found in every single woman prisoner, was actually, the Clitoris).

    The Teacher, Yeshua ben Joseph, taught “The Way” – a way of living, from the Ancient Egyptians , but Paul/Saul, TWISTED it, making it a U-TURN right back to Pharasiism, into a rigid religion, the same ole same ole!

    1. Can you provide me with a link (or any documentary evidence) that a witch’s teat meant the clitoris? I’ve never heard this before. I was under the impression that a witch’s teat meant a “supernumerary breast”, i.e., an additional or third breast.

      Three-breasted women are rare, but they can be found. In the Middle Ages such women were regarded as freaks. Such a woman, when identified, would find herself denounced as a witch in past times.

      Here is an example:

    2. I have never heard that. More than hearsay would make it more valid not that it is not possible this was the case. However, I was under the impression that the witch’s teat was a third nipple. Even Wikipedia, horrendous source that it is says:
      The witches’ teat is associated with the feeding of witches’ imps or familiars; the witch’s familiar supposedly aided the witch in her magic in exchange for nourishment (blood) from sacrificial animals or from the witch’s teat. It is also where the devil supposedly suckles when he comes at night to bed his faithful servants, sometimes impregnating them with his seed

      1. Yes, the “witch’s teat” is certainly a “third nipple”, as you say. But the nipple is found on a third breast.

        The third breast was actually referred to as a “supernumerary breast” (= additional breast).

        I’ve read this in more than one book on witchcraft and even seen illustrations (in woodcuts) in the same books.

        However, I can find no such images in “Google images” for some reason.

  5. Karl Marx, the Father of Communism, was a Crypto Jew. His grandparents were Rabbi.

    Both Capitalism and Communism doctrines are Anit-Christ.

    In 2011, Eric Sapp, in an article, entitled ‘GOP Must Choose: Ayan Rand Or Jesus’, published in The American Value Network, a Christian Right Group, on May 27, 2011 – had called upon American Christians that they must choose between Jesus and Ayan Rand. He quoted Rand saying “she is out to destroy the Church and Judeo-Christian morality. She argued that people had to choose between following her teachings or those of Christianity and other religious traditions. Rand said religion was “evil,” called the message of John 3:16 “monstrous,” argued that the weak are beyond love and undeserving of it, that loving your neighbor was immoral and impossible and that she was out to undermine the idea that charity was a moral duty and virtue“. Watch a video below.

  6. Judaism probably began with the Babylonian exile and return. Rulers of the ancient world would often transplant the ruling class in order to take control and so the story of the exile fits that ancient practice. The return from Babylon was the beginning of the 2nd Temple and the writing ( or re-writing of older scriptures) of the Hebrew Bible to more or less what it is today. But when the ruling class were transplanted the rest of the population remained and so those who remained continued to practice 1st Temple Judaism, which involved a priesthood, and a mountain top revelation (Moses was the archetype of that ancient practice although was probably not a real person). It’s possible that the structure of the mass, the altar that mimics a mountain top with the steps upward and the transmitting of divine grace through the “high priest” came out of the 1st Temple remnent that stayed behind. Supposedly the high priesthood was corrupted, thus the reformers (the Babylonian returnees) replaced the “high priest” with a “holy people.” As Christians know we call Christ our “High Priest” and possibly the source of conflict between the takeover returners and the people of the 1st Temple was of a scriptural and religious nature. Maybe the original high priesthood was corrupted, but there are problems as well with the “chosen people” idea, which replaced the high priest.

    Fast forward to the French Revolution where a ruling elite take control of the money supply (dare I say modern Temple) and decide for the rest of us what type of government we are to have and who is to control it–end the ancient regime of Kings and Church and establish the modern state. At the time of the French Revolution books such as The Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinsim by Augustin Barruel (1743-1820) document how the French Revolution came out of the combined force of the philosophes, the French Masonic Lodge and the German Illuminists, who published pamplets (propaganda) that justified what was called a revolution but probably was more like a coup (a modern scripture of sorts to replace the outdated scripture). This same secret society maneuver was used in the so called Russian Revolution which was not really a revolution either but a coup. The goal of both revolutions was to replace the ruling aristocracy and clergy with a secular based oligarchy under the heading equality, liberty, brotherhood. The problem was that those words never translated into anything close to reality as blood ran in the streets. Nesta Webster in her book Secret Socieities and Subversive Movements documents the relationship between the occult societies and revolution. Christina Stodder who wrote under the name “Inquire Within” was a member of the secret society “The Golden Dawn” and wrote as a kind of “Turn of the Century” whistle blower on how that society was controlled by an elite that were supposedly immaterial but she suspected were probably earthly Jews. Even the occultist Eliphas Levi has some interesting things to say about Jewish rule of occult societies, but you have to wade into those swampy waters to retrieve the material.

    So, basically I do believe that the modern revolutionary movements and the new age movement and the occult revivals were all intertwined with the rise of a Jewish ruling class. Now we approach the end game when the method is revealed.

    The thorny problem is that the ruling elite did not create anything new but merely refashioned Renaissance ideas that they liked so now those of us who love Renaissance humanism find it is contaminated with this foreign agent (Frankism) that has wormed its way into the very DNA of Western cultures highest religious symbols. Instead of an exalted hierarchy of angels we have an upside down hierarchy of demons (pyramid symbol). Instead of Divine Providence we have the Egyptian Isis and the Eye of Horus. The language itself is perverted and suspect. Everything needs to be exposed and so that the veil is ripped open and we see behind into their sordid little occult chambers–debauched with not religious virtues but disgusting vices.

    1. Marx’ aim was to aggreviate social conflicts, to enjoy watching proletarians being empoverished so that they would follow revolutionary agitators (jews) and would overthrow the heads of a people and liquidate the middle class, the educated gojim. This was so often said, e.g. how Rosa Luxemburg welcomed the bloody bolshevic coup in Russia.
      Another question if the aristocrats behaved good or bad, but after the overthrow in Russia, the comittees were dominated by Jews. It was all about getting power to rule and to destroy culture. (see Frankfurt school). Besides that, Marx wrote endless volumes of nonsense about economy, as he himself said in his letters to Engels.
      Always the same revolutionary strategies. In Germany after the first worldwar, Hungaria, Bavaria, also in China and Cambodia….

      1. with China it may be another history, but who run the East India Company, at least by finance, and the role of e.g. the Sassoons and Delanos who forced the opium on the Chinese, made the whole people addicted, took huge profits from that.. finally Mao was a Marxist and Jews may not have ruled China directly but it was turned into a labor camp not in absence of international finance.

        1. Jews ruled china directly-like they ruled russia directly.
          Jews are blackmailers.
          Both countries China and Russia were directly ruled by jewAmerica via food and money.
          The fed pumped billions of billions $$$ into both countries. They fed both countries with grain supplies as they were incompetent to feed them self’s.
          Both countries were bankrupt.
          The only collateral that a country like China & Russia had was? Its own recources.
          As both countries were bankrupt and only had recources in exchange for their dept-their unparalleled labor force became the free slave labor that worked until death arrived for free.
          It had to be free labor as there was no money to pay the man power.
          As there was also not enough food-China experienced probably the most gigantic holocaust in world history.
          The state dept. Had numbers of 64/million dead in 1964.
          The reds came into power 1949.
          To kill 64/million in only 14/15 years by starvation warfare and ethnic cleansing is unparalelled.. After commies win a civil war the country is destroyed.
          What these destroyed countries only can offer is:
          Free labor and free recources in exchange for ruling the poor subjects that the red jews love to torture-those countries which they are not able to control by destroying their entire red non jew supporters/military intelligence/religious intelligence/civilian intelligence and for that making these countries not operational.
          The jew capitalist with non jew capitalist collaboraters went in and got free labor without resistance of that labor.
          A capitalist jew paradise-total slavery.
          If the jew faction in both countries mock up-the jew capital in the west will pressure with stoping food stamp program-or will hold money investments back.
          The jew capitalist did that not only once but several times.
          All countries that became commie in asia/africa/latin america had a more or less genocide going on fully supported by jewAmerica.
          These civil wars and red dictatorships destroyed the organized/planed skilled capacity and potential of self rule-and for that dictated jewAmericas hegemony over every communist country.
          Slowly jewAmerica will throw his cloaking device (capitalism) off and show its RED true color.
          The world revolution didnt happen the way lenin said it would.

    1. best wishes for the new year, hp, although it may be the old one again or continued, as river Ganges there continues.

    1. fire, this is actually important, and more importantly, useful.

      it provides a quantifiable glimpse into the size, power and influence of the liberation movement, globally and regionally, is it a radar blip, a mere speed bump for talmudic steamroller or is it a groundswell leading to an eruption.

      i am sure that jews are studying it very carefully and we should too.

  7. “the demon-possessed leadership of this last days racial cult, the Jews, is not finished with its gory and gruesome works of death. Even now, its leaders are crafting the most monumental plan of bloodshed and Red Terror ever conceived. Unless we stop them—and God willing, we will—this planet and every single one of its inhabitants will someday soon be ritually sacrificed to their damnable god. His name, as Vladimir Lenin, Albert Pike, and Anton LaVey well knew, is Lucifer, also called Satan”

    A Call to Arms!

    It is time to engage the Enemy.

    The unseen darkness, the powers, the principalities of this World.

    Onward to Victory for the sake of humanity is at stake.

  8. The neo-Jews are imposters. Of this most everyone agrees. Is the formulation of the West’s building blocks also counterfeit?
    The Jews are for all intent and purposes, gone. These are demons; period and the
    West, in its own floundering way has done a bang up job simulating the demon’s modi operandi. Some would say they’re mentally and spiritually ill.

    “No independent India would be born of Sanskrit knowledge. The British goal, stated and unstated, was to eradicate any notions that India had knowledge in remote antiquity.” Bad Sons

    <a href= Quantum Founders

    The Jews?

    Jew-Yadav Connection

      1. Wow, this article is an eye opener! For a long time I’ve wanted to read something about the link between Vedanta and Quantum physics. And this is it!

        Haven’t had time to read it properly yet… just skimmed it… but I’m sure it will provide a useful introduction to the subject.

        Take this picture below. What does it mean? I’d love to have a few interpretations on its exact meaning.

        1. Niels Bohr.. “We can admittedly find nothing in physics or chemistry that has even a remote bearing on consciousness. Yet all of us know there is such a thing as consciousness, simply because we have it ourselves. Hence consciousness must be part of nature, or, more generally, of reality, which means that quite apart from the laws of physics and chemistry, as laid down in quantum theory, we must also consider laws of quite a different kind.” Such laws might well include the laws of reincarnation, which govern the passage of consciousness from one physical body into another.

          Coming Back

        2. Thanks, Homer. I think your interpretation of the picture is correct — if not obvious. It’s about reincarnation.

        3. i have indeed.
          if you look at the ground under a magnifying glass, you will see a bunch of hook nosed cockroaches scurrying around in ever tightening spirals, the infinity sign decomposes into zeros.

        4. that infinity sign is interesting in this context, where the two horizontal ellipses meet is the magical sausage factory in which the rancid meat and spirit are refreshed and recombined in a new form.

          i think that this is the quantum crucible that heisenberg, bohr and schroedinger talked about.
          the swami made a few factual errors, including exclusion of max planck, but on the whole seems to present the conjunction of vedanta (which i know almost nothing about) and quantum mechanics theory (which i used to know a bit about) pretty well.

          keep in mind that einstein is a dumb fake, impostor and shameless plagiarizer and that should be apparent even to a layman after hearing some of the hilarious nonsense he spouts on subjects of theology and metaphysics where he is as ignorant as in mathematics.
          oppenheimer, another jew, is a real deal though and truth be told, einstein did have moments of moral lucidity at times.

    1. Vedic Quantun Founders

      Have now had time to read and digest this article which you linked above. I can honestly say this is the most exciting article I’ve read for several years. I’d always suspected that quantum physics had been anticipated and prefigured by Vedic thought, but I’d been under the impression that the link was pretty vague and tangential.

      This article corrects that false impression.

      It came to me as a surprise to learn that the three great pioneers of quantum physics — Heisenberg, Niels Bohr and Schrodinger — were absolutely steeped in Vedantic thought.

      All their principal discoveries in physics, it seems, were to be found in embryonic form in the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita. They were all avid readers of the Indian spiritual classics from which they derived their inspiration. Schrodinger even taught himself Sanskrit in order to read the Gita in the original.

      Then of course there was Schopenhauer, whom you have mentioned often enough before, who was deeply indebted to the Upanishads and read it in a Latin version in the early 19th century. The result of his delvings into Vedanta gave us The World as Will and Idea.

      “Quantum theory will not look ridiculous,” Heisenberg once said, “to people who have studied Vedanta.”

      Schrodinger perhaps comes the nearest (among modern scientists) in summing up the Vedantic world view when he says: “Vedanta teaches that consciousness is singular, all happenings are played out in one universal consciousness [Bhahman] and there is no multiplicity of selves.”

      He himself says he subscribes to this view: that All is One — TAT TVAM ASI, That thou art.

      And of course he was a firm believer in karma and reincarnation…

      1. If you think about it, Homer: there can be no such thing as a Holocaust denier in quantum physics.

        If Schrodinger’s cat is alive in one universe, and dead in a parallel universe, it follows that Hitler won World War II in another universe — though in this one he lost it.

        The corollary follows: that the Holocaust definitely occurred in one universe, and it definitely did not occur in another.

        Whether it actually occurred in our particular universe is of course a debatable point. 🙂

      2. some random thoughts on the subject (the oneness principle).
        it follows naturally if you consider the question of whether the material universe could exist without any consciousness.
        the whole idea of existence, the physical laws, etc becomes an absurdity and impossible to define.
        matter cannot exist on its own, nor the laws governing how a bunch of rocks crash together without a discerning mind to perceive it.
        to me, it is obvious past the need for discussion.

        furthermore, this oneness contradicts the claim that hinduism is kind of superior to christianity or islam (judaism is quite something else and will be mentioned separately).
        after all, the infinity sign has two dangling components and this duality reflects pairs of opposing qualities, existence/nonexistence, good/evil, creative/destructive, life/death and many others (including wise/dense 🙂 ).

        principally, i am talking about existence of this destructive spirit that strives to counteract and annihilate the creative one, the consciousness and thus the unified cosmos itself.
        call it evil, devil, whatever but it pervades the cosmos just as thoroughly as the spirit of consciousness itself.
        it manifests itself in many forms, materially (the struggle of the species, the inescapable urge of organisms to predate on and devour others in order to maintain their own existence, the bloodlust and parasitism) and spiritually, the glorification of destruction.
        jews are its highest (or lowest might be the preferred term) human manifestation.
        this is enshrined in all their texts, from torah to talmud to kabbalah to the protocols to the clean break and so on.

        it seems to be part and parcel of the system design and dynamics of karmic formula.

        it is well and fine to squat on the mountaintop and reflect on the oneness of spirit and matter but not so well when the jew is strip mining the mountain foundation.
        thus, they need to be fought and prevented from destroying (enslaving, same thing) consciousness and thus the universe itself, unless there are other worlds inhabited by thinking organisms, making the human race expendable.

        1. I’m still reflecting on those(haha)decomposing zeroes!

          Also the quandry of why ‘you can’t have one without the other’

      3. And even nearer than that..

        “… all knowledge relates to the spirit, or more properly, exists in it, and that is the sole reason for our interest in any field of knowledge whatsoever.” – Erwin Schrödinger

  9. Two ways karma enforces reincarnation/transmigration.
    1) Accepting another gross physical body. (an offer you can’t refuse)
    2) The next body depends on how you act this life. (reap what you sow)

    The ultimate irony is everyone gets what they want, forever..

    Barbara: So do we know what type of body we will get?
    Śrīla Prabhupāda: Yes, provided you are qualified. Otherwise nature will arrange for it. Those who know—they know what is there. But for those who do not know, nature will arrange things. If you do not know, this means you have not prepared your life, so accidentally, at the time of death, your mentality will create another body, and nature will supply it.

    Srila Prabhupada: So who cares what a rascal believes or disbelieves? For instance, a child may receive some factual information and say, “I don’t believe.” His mother will say, “You are a rascal. Go to your room.”
    So rascals may believe or not believe that they will have a next life and they must not slaughter animals. They believe or disbelieve. What is the difference? The next life is part of nature’s law. Those who do not believe are mudhas, asses. And in their next life they will go to their room — Mother Nature will confine them in hog, dog, ass bodies.

    Srila Prabhupada: Yes, this is our traditional system: to live simply, treat all the Lord’s creatures kindly, and then, at life’s end, go back to the spiritual world. And what is the modern rascals’ system? To live lavishly, treat animals and unborn babies cruelly, and then go to hell. Their system is not practical for us. We cannot follow their system.

    Like Begets Like

  10. I find it interesting that so many of these comments seek to denigrate the Catholic church. This is the same Church who has suffered so greatly under the communist dictatorships in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and elsewhere. It is also the one that the Masonic Governments of France, Mexico, Italy and others have relentlessly tried to break and destroy.

    You must also document for me the “millions” of people who were killed by the inquisition, Spanish or otherwise. They do not exist. And you only have to go to Wikipedia (certainly a hive of Ultramonanists and Papist quislings) to see that it was not the Catholic Church that burned witches at the stake, but rather the feverish protestants whose imaginations led them to such levels of barbarity.

    And somebody’s “opinion” regarding Sts. Paul, Theresa of Avila, and Ignatius Loyola, are mere opinions and are remarkable only to the extent that they are uninformed.


    1. I forgot to add that it was the Jews who persecuted Catholics in Christ’s time, through the centuries, and today.

      But somehow, they’re on the same side, right?


      anybody there?

      1. @ Paul

        Believe me, we have many intelligent people on this site who are sympathetic to Catholicism. Including Lasha Darkmoon, who posts above as “Xanadu”. She has called herself a “practicing Catholic”, though she admits she would be regarded as a pretty poor specimen of a Catholic because of her unorthodox views, i.e., her insistence that one does not need to be a Catholic — or even a Christian — to find salvation.

        I myself subscribe to this view: that Christianity is a good religion, that it works. But so do the other religions. Excluding Talmudic Judaism, of course, which is a racist cult disguised as a religion.

  11. I find it interesting that no one has mentioned the relationship between Alex Jones and Texe Marra, in light of this article. Could it be they’ve had a schism??

    It seems that no matter what Alex has to do to stay as widely-broadcast as he is, there are always those who criticize his adamant refusal to ‘name the jews’. This VERY good article by Marrs implicitly reveals that so many are misled as to TYPE of, and ORIGIN of, the varieties of Jews/jews.

    One of Alex’s frequent – and honored – guests is Gerald Celente (known, I’m sure, to many of you), a prognosticator. He has his little fits about those who point fingers at Jewry for the financial woes from which we suffer. Yet, his forecasts seem fairly on-target, much of the time… He is just one example. There are many.

    The gist is: No matter WHO one points his finger at, there is enough blame to go ALL around. Glean out of each entity the wheat, and discard the chaff. Don’t throw the baby out with the dirty bath water! (I know as many good people who are Catholic as I know good people who are Protestant, or otherwise.)

    Some real SHITS, too! 🙂

  12. Im surprised Tex didnt say the Bible was Jewish or the Constitution was Jewish. The truth is Texe talks like the wizard of oz behind some curtain who hasnt a clue what the Bible says. He doesnt know what a Jew or a Gentile is and it appears nobody will ever ask him what he bases his definitions of those words on- ever.

    Plucking paragraphs out of the Bible doesnt mean any point is made except the one intended and in order to do that you have to read the whole thing. One question for Texe- where did the House of Israel go? Who was James speaking to in verse one chapter one of his epistle. He wont ever say folks.

    Its a one way street and its his way or no way. There is a reason for that. If someone isnt willing to discuss a particular subject by debate its called propaganda. All of these talkers are just talkers and thats why we have the word ecclesia. You cant talk about a Pope while being a Pope (thou shalt not judge).

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