Israel behind Kennedy’s assassination: Mark Glenn

American political commentator Mark Glenn says Israel was behind the assassination of then US President John F. Kennedy fifty years ago.


To see this short video (1.36 mins)
of Mark Glenn speaking on PressTV,
click HERE

Here is a brief transcript of the talk:

“The strong circumstantial evidence points to Israel being the culprit in there of course even the fact that the Israeli lobby has such luck not only on Congress and on the executive branch of the US government but as well within the intelligence services,” Glenn told Press TV on Friday.

Assassination“It’s easy to see then why there would be very powerful, very interested parties here who want to make sure that the American people never find out about this particular aspect of President Kennedy’s foreign policy objectives,” he explained.

On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was killed by sniper Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. He was shot as he rode in an open car through the city.

Although official inquiries have determined former Marine Corps veteran Oswald was responsible for the assassination, Kennedy’s murder is still shrouded in mystery.

“Undoubtedly, there are elements within the United States government who assisted in this terrible act that took place,” Glenn said.


“They robbed the American people of probably the last real president that we’ve had at least in this century, who was willing to look out for American interests,” he added.

“The amount of evidence suggesting that Israel was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy points as well to the assassination of his brother Robert Kennedy,” according to Glenn.

Kennedy was the fourth US president to be killed in office. Many refuse to believe the assassination could be the act of a single man.

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  1. Thank you for this, Lasha. I hear you cut your teeth on Mark Glenn’s site and that he helped you to get you started as a writer. I have great respect for Mark Glenn and wish him good luck. His balance and consistency, the rightness of his instincts, are among his most notable features. I particularly admire his complete lack of Islamophobia, an ugly characteristic of many White Nationalist websites.

    I congratulate Ms Darkmoon, too, for her sympathy and empathy for Islam — an attribute she shares with Mark Glenn.

    1. Incidentally, the poster who is presently plaguing this website so much — The RealOriginalJoe — used to post on Mark Glenn’s website at one time, so I am told. MG had to boot him off. I believe the same pest has been slung off just about every other website he has posted on.

      It remains to be seen how much longer he will be allowed to create havoc on this site.

      In my honest opinion, he is not the only one who needs eviction. This website is suffering from a veritable plague of psychopaths.


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    1. Well, I guess the honeymoon had to end some time, Joe. Sadly, I have no hestitation in saying that this website has had no alternative but to put a block on all your future posts. Go in peace. At least they taught you to post smiley faces here! 🙂

  5. A just-published book (Novmeber 6, 2013) by doctors who attended to JF Kennedy on the day the talmudics had him assassinated.

    “We Were There: Revelations from the Dallas Doctors Who Attended to JFK on November 22, 1963”

    I have only read an interview with one or more of the doctors and not the book. Hopefully they stick to their interview story in the book, which is essentially: there was more than one shooter (which common sense would indicate to anyone, but now it can be confirmed by experts with first hand observations).

    Both Kennedy victims of the talmudics’ assassinations were engaged in battle against the beast on multiple fronts – not only regarding keeping nuclear weapons out of the talmudics’ hands, but also regarding their intelligence/criminal-ring activities going on inside the USA – by people disguised as lobby group members. Robert Kennedy wanted the lobbyists to register as agents of a foreign power (leading to a typical judaic, attention re-direct side-step move, with creation of AIPAC circa 1962/63).

    Most detrimental to the judaic-vampire parasites was JFK’s move to shut down the their life-blood – unlimited free money, made from nothing, by their Federal Reserve.

  6. Let’s look at the original autopsy report on JFK….. Oops, it got burned.

    Anyone who has a fair knowledge of shooting rifles will tell you it’s impossible to get off 3 shots into a moving target in less than six seconds. It would take one at least that long just to focus in on your target thru the scope, per shot.

  7. the only thing an incoming potus could do is quietly assemble an all-american team in charge of dod, justice and fbi and floor the zog with a single blow.
    martial law, seal the borders and hunt down the traitors before they can slither out.
    then comes the justice part: open archival evidence, independent citizen led investigations and grand juries, trials and verdicts, roll back the lies, demand reparations for all the damage.
    the international jew must repay and disappear from power.

    the truth about judaism to be a mandatory subject in schools instead of lies about judaism.
    put realblatheringjoe in an institution and treat him kindly, a big plastic unplugged keyboard with smileys instead of qwerty.

  8. At the time JFK was murdered, it needs be remembered that the fruition of State Israel becoming a facilitator for vast enrichment of the military/industrial interests was just being realized. Remember, too, that State Israel was a conception and realization of banking interests before Jack Kennedy was even born. He obviously had to understand that, given his background and come-uppance.

    I know from one who was there that the United States/POTUS had already deployed bombers which were enroute to nuke parts of the Soviet Union when Kruschev backed-down (the ‘Cuban Missle Crisis’). The President was a bit tipsy, and danced-a-jig on the
    war room table. His ‘stability’ seemed to ‘concern’ some present. (the bombers were intercepted by fighter jets which gave visual communication to abort the mission; otherwise they would have been shot down, because STRICT radio silence was previously ordered. It was a VERY serious time. )

    Jack Kennedy was no president to toy with. He was a very decent man, soldier, and patriot (though some might say he wasn’t just because he was quite a womanizer :)).
    I believe that his having to take unwarranted heat for Bay of Pigs (for which he was fed bad intel)(it was CIA’s deal, primarily), made him more determined to cut out the basic tumor that was the root of the problem. In so doing, his focus on the private banking cartel placed him in the sights of many others of their beneficiaries. It will be IMPOSSIBLE for us to know, in this lifetime, just WHO to name for responsibility.

    But we can make very educated guesses….

    1. Bobby Kennedy was probably murdered by the same ilk because he vowed to expose them if he, himself, became President.

      Their little brother likely became such the ass he was because he wanted to save his own neck.

    2. “(though some might say he wasn’t just because he was quite a womanizer 🙂 ”

      I now view all the stories about Kennedy’s “womanizing” as nothing but brainwashing to destroy any good Kennedy did/might have done. The ultimate goal is to implant into minds the notion that Kennedy was an immoral type, thereby making it “acceptable” that he was done in…

      Just another aspect of the many war-fronts (psychological, physical destruction/harm, economic…) the enemy projects against us. This one as perfect example of their propaganda organization via media, controlled then as it is now, by the same deviants who assassinated the Kennedys.

      Nearly all of the history of the 20th century requires extensive revision, i.e. replacement by truthful accounts instead of the judaic mythology the world now chokes upon.

  9. Thank you RealOriginalJoe! I came to the same conclusions a good while back, and as I don’t watch tv, found these JDL yid sites entertaining. On last thing, would you people stop using my ‘Karen’ handle, especially as you’re making me/her sound sympathetic to jews which is frankly embarrassing and degrading.

  10. “One last thing, would you people stop using my ‘Karen’ handle, especially as you’re making me/her sound sympathetic to jews which is frankly embarrassing and degrading.”

    I don’t suppose it’s occurred to you that there’s another “Karen” on this site? We can hardly stop her posting under her own name.

    In any case, you are known as “Reader”.

    So there’s no way of confusing the two of you.

    1. Name duplication happens quite frequently. We have three “Joes” on this site. And two “Daves”. And we have also had two “Cassandras”.

  11. @ Reader

    i had no idea ‘Karen’ was your ‘handle’. i thought you were ‘Reader’. how many ‘handles’ do you have?

    if you want to use the name ‘Karen’, feel free.

    i will then use the name ‘karen’ (with a small ‘k’). see above.

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  14. Tinkerbellinthenight, checked out the site. Dream on. Hitlers been dead over 50 years now, why don’t you all, meaning jews, neo-nazis, fanboys, assorted freaks and braindead losers let the man rest in peace.

  15. @ Reader / Karen

    “… why don’t you all, meaning jews, neo-nazis, fanboys, assorted freaks and braindead losers let the man [Hitler] rest in peace.”

    You are the person who revealed in a previous post to Paul Maleski that you are a “female” Reader. In a subsequent post, you further let the cat out of the bag by revealing that that your name is “Karen”.

    If you remember, you objected to another poster using the name “Karen”. You claimed that the name Karen was your “handle” and that the Other Karen had no right to use your name.

    Yet here you are now sneaking back under the name “Reader”.


    May I ask why you continue to inflict your unwanted presence on this site, since you have never had a good word to say about it, and have never lost an opportunity to make some bitchy and defamatory comment about Lasha Darkmoon?

    If you really believe that everyone posting on this site is a “Jew”, a “neo-Nazi”, a “Hitler fan”, a “freak”, and a “braindead loser”, why post on this site at all? What keeps bringing you back here?

    You have called this site “pathetic”. So why keep clicking on the site? Why not just stay away?

    I really feel sorry for Zionist trolls like you, Karen, sad little Jewess that you probably are. At least The RealOriginalJoe had wit and literary talent. You, his replacement, have neither. Just spite and bitter bile.

    You remind me of a hissing serpent. I bet you’re ugly, too, and can’t get a man. Which is why you’re probably here.

    Too bad Joe didn’t give you his email address! 🙂

  16. You guys seem to be Muslim so let me ask me you a question, are the majority of the Muslims fully aware of the Jewish problem. It might seem like a strange question to ask but it’s my opinion that most people can’t quite grasp the insane alien thinking of the Jew

  17. The problem is “what is good for the Jews” is not necessarily good for the non-Jews. I leave the second phrase out of quotes because it is not a question that non-Jew would ask. Judaism came out of Babylon around the 4th Century BC transformed from the pre-Babylonian experience. Gone were the high priests on the hill to be replaced by a peoplehood. Christianity probably came out of the remnent of first Temple Judaism that stayed behind and retains much of the old Temple salvational religion where a high priest interprets the blueprint of heaven and acts as a conduit to the divine. Christians may ask ‘what is good for my soul’ but not necessarily what is good for all the Christians–hence the disconnect.

    Usually I really resent the blindness that comes out of “what is good for the Jews” because it is such a near sighted view of the world. But recently I have read Michael Parenti’s essay on Buddhism and watched the short film “Dalai Lama is not all he is cracked up to be” and since the Jewish problem was on my mind I made the comparison between Buddhism and Judaism and definitely Judaism wins hands down because I don’t think the Dalai Lama cares a hoot what happens to the Tibetans. At least Judaism cares about its own people.

    In the mid-nineties when book store Buddhism was at its peak of popularity I went to the Indian part of Tibet super excited to see the culture and the religion that was going to save the world. If I hadn’t been so excited I might not have been so disappointed but oh well. I discovered a very down trodden people who scurried around with their eyes focused on the dirt like slave labor. There didn’t seem to be any height in vision: not much art, science, literature, intellectual tradition, music etc. Groups of little boys huddled in damp, freezing monastaries breathing in smoke from burning butter. The village Buddhist children had no shoes and ran along polluted streams. The women were beasts of burden with panic stricken faces because the winter had cut off cooking oil from getting up from the south, and food was hard to come by. In contrast the Muslims who were taking over economically lived in nice houses and made sure their children had shoes. They owned the hotels and married the pretty Tibetan girls. It was a relief to return to the sub-continent part of India which despite all its problems has a vibrant and interesting culture and a sense of people breaking free.

    The Dalai Lama with his insipid opinions makes such a great prop for the world’s leaders–here is the Dalai Lama with George Bush and he in fact seems to endorse the invasion of Iraq. There is the Dalia Lama encouraging everyone to get their polio vaccine, etc. In the meantime his people are recovering from one of the worst forms of feudalism the world has ever known that he hopes one day to reinstate.

    So… despite all the problems with “what is good for the Jews” they at least serve as a model for how to take care of ones own.

    1. yes kapoore, i saw gangtok too and it is long ways from shangri-la, if ever such place existed outside hollywood’s pipe fantasy smoked by likewise shallow, preening non-entities like richard gere and martin scorcese who promote themselves as profound thinkers.

      dalai lama is a mediocrity, a fraud, depth and wisdom of emoticon.
      and a heartless sellout traitor to boot.

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