It’s time to kill the Zionist vampire, by Jim W. Dean

"Here's lookin' at ya"
“Here’s looking at ya.”
“If you see a snake, just kill it – you don’t appoint a committee on snakes.” –  Ross Perot

 … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … with  Press TV, Tehran

It's that time of year again — vampire season.
It’s that time of year again — vampire season.

Americans are finally starting to wake up to the stark reality. The Israeli regime must be erased from the sands of time.

If the US really wants peace and security it is time to throw away what is left of the NecCon’s mini-World War they had engaged in after 911 and concentrate on one threat…Israel.

But this will not be easy. Like cancer can start in one place and then spread itself throughout the body to overwhelm its defenses, Israeli espionage has used a similar tact. Poisonous spider bites work similarly. I know, as two years ago I got a brown recluse spider bite, and a year later another by a black widow.

The brown recluse bite, at the beginning of the third day when I finally realized it was worse than a red ant bite I thought it was, my heavily swollen right hand was beginning to go into paralysis.

When I picked up my car keys they slipped out of my hand onto the floor. And when I picked them up they slipped out again. The light came on that I was in a serious situation with a major poison spider bite.

Fortunately my Afghanistani doctor down the street was very experienced in these bites. They told me that if I had waited one more day I would have been hospitalized and kissing away a lot of money. He explained that after the poison formed a red spot and a pimple at the bite, it spreads throughout the whole body so your white blood cells were running all over trying to fight it.

A brown recluse bite – left untreated for too long – Drs. are shocked that people do not come in until gangrene sets in.
A brown recluse bite – left untreated for too long – Drs. are shocked that people do not come in until gangrene sets in.

The bite area was then left undefended and the flesh there would just begin to die and rot with gangrene.

Americans live under an analogous attack with Israeli espionage and terrorism here. Sure, they have certain key targets that they strike, like with military and nuclear espionage. But their political espionage spreads far and wide so they are everywhere. I can give you one shocking example of how bad it has been.

The peak of Israeli espionage was in the 1980’s when they began their big push to build their own military industrial complex to be able to export high value items, and actually compete with America. Israel has no real port and is unsuited for any kind of regular major industry. So one of its major exports is death and mayhem.

At the peak of their offensive in the ’80’s, 50% of the FBI’s counter intelligence resources are occupied in ‘blocking’ Israeli military espionage as they were stealing everything here they could get their hands on. This even projects in early development which they then tried to bring to market sooner, or with a better version. Think miniaturization of nuclear weapons to get my drift here.

Mind you, this was still right in the middle of the Cold War days where the FBI had their hands full with traditional counter espionage concerns. Part of the disaster here, like the brown recluse spider bite, while the FBI’s resources were overstretched, Jonathan Pollard was able to destroy a whole generation of American Intelligence effort and expenditures.

Jonathan Pollard . . . did you know that this traitor has a street named after him in Israel and is regarded as a national hero?
Jonathan Pollard — then and now

Pollard was tasked by the Israelis to get first strike capability for the Russians by compromising our nuclear force, along with as much damage to our overseas spy networks. He turned in a stellar performance. He was able to penetrate the navy’s nuclear submarine codes, and defeat the ground based missiles. That left only the B-52’s as a deterrent, something much easier for the Soviets to contend with it they could concentrate all of their resources against them.

Pollard has also killed our Eastern European spy networks. Over a 1000 CIA agents and assets were arrested and many executed. Why did Israel do this? They were playing a double game on us with the Russians. They wanted a million Soviet pretend-a-Jews to be allowed to immigrate to Israel so the Zios could kick a corresponding number of Palestinian low level workers out of those job slots, and also help stem the changing birth demographics. Now you know why the Pollard file is still classified and why the Intel community has fought his release so hard whenever it came up.

But you also saw how deep the political espionage has run when you look as the Who’s Who of the American political establishment who have signed on to the Free Pollard movement, including the likes of Hillary Clinton and even ex-CIA director James Woolsey, who knows what the Israelis really did to us.
Treason in support of Israel, to date. does not hurt your political career at all.
Treason in support of Israel, to date. does not hurt your political career at all.

The Zios gave the Soviets the best first strike opportunity they had ever had. And such Intel is never sought to put up on the shelf to use for a rainy day. They knew that codes would eventually be changed and new security measures put in place. They had to use it, or lose it…so we must assume they were planning a first strike, and Israel was cut in on the deal.

To defeat Israeli espionage in America, all of their dual citizen and political assets have to be rooted out and destroyed. The problem there is they are so substantial that the country would be shocked beyond belief at the depth of the betrayal. For quite a while now the main justification (other than shame) for keeping the lid on all this is that the shock to public trust in government would be so deep as to actually be deemed a major national security threat. Imagine that!

That is the wall of silence this has all been hidden behind, and why our government has never warned the American people about the constant attack we have always been under by the Israel’s and their traitor helpers here. This lack of warning, and concern by even the mainline veterans orgs, has kept Americans dumb and happy (or unhappy) about this national security disaster.

But fortunately the tide is turning. When AIPAC deployed its 250 man A-team in its much publicized raid on Congress to make them tow the line on supporting Obama’s Syria strike, they found that Americans had gotten there ahead of them with their huge outpouring of contempt at what they felt was another staged intervention event. AIPAC got crushed, but their media buddies kept the extent of the rebuff off the front page news.
AIPAC’s Michael Kassan with Netanyahu
AIPAC’s Michael Kassan with Netanyahu

Reeling from that defeat, and in a panic to put something on the table to show that AIPAC was still feared on Mid East issues, we saw their expected pivot away from Syria and shift to bring Iran back onto the bogeyman threat table. But there was only one problem. The ‘bomb, bomb Iran’ hoax had already been beaten to death with a long history of crying wolf about their ‘having a bomb in six months’.

American Intel was watching their initial moves, a push to have a strike option put into a UN resolution, and even getting Obama to say so stupidly on a Sunday night that he was still willing to use military force to ‘succeed’ with Iran, only to announce on the following Wednesday that he was open to a diplomatic solution. Mr Nobel Peace prize was ‘open to it’ only after he had been forced to be.

In a last ditch effort the Zios bet the farm on a big UN move, and they picked last year’s cartoon character, Bibi the Bungler, to put on another comic attack as he took four flat tires off the Zio-Con mobile and replaced them with four more flat tires. The Intel community was shocked at the stupidity and even Israelis were publicly condemning the dead end strategy of the Likud gang.

The plan to rekindle the Iranians as holocaust deniers and nuclear extortionists went down in flames, but with a different after effect than we have seen in the past. There is a different tone in the air, where a light has come on and people are now asking:

Why do we ALLOW the Zios to do this to us? Rather than being reactive to their moves, why shouldn’t we start getting proactive and begin shutting them down.
AIPAC’s army – what is called in the Intel trade…”front door espionage”.
AIPAC’s army – what is called in the Intel trade…”front door espionage”.

This is a huge shift in thinking, but one many of us have been pushing for a long time.

The only part of America’s regime change foreign policy that we really need, the biggest threat we must eliminate, is the militant Zionist regime in Israel and the army they have forward deployed in the US. It should be our number one national security priority but that will not be easy.

We already see some smoke and mirrors attempts in Congress to play good guys on issues like the NSA massive domestic data gathering. This week they played two cards, a bill to stop the NSA from collecting such data, and an ‘independent investigation’ of all NSA’s spying activities.

Richard Clarke – when he was on the inside
Richard Clarke – when he was on the inside

Right at the top of their ‘independent’ list was suspected Israeli spy Richard Clarke of Bush (43) fame. While at the Pentagon, and involved in 911 and regime change planning he was under investigation by the FBI for spying for Israel. In a typical move, the Bush regime quickly transferred him over to the White House where FBI agents could no longer interview him without the President’s permission. How is that for a little quick obstruction of justice, and all perfectly legal?

This really angered the loyal FBI people so they turned to what they have had to do in the past to stay on top of spies who have very high political protection. Although they could never use the information they gathered in court because it would be inadmissible, they put a ‘watch’ on Clarke through communications surveillance and even had some White House people wear wires to get the good stuff. Loyal Secret Service people have helped out in the god awful situations when there are protected traitors at the top.

By the way, Jonathan Pollard’s real handler was not in the Israeli embassy as reported for cover. He was in the White House, guiding him as to what documents to get, what their names were and how they were filed. Pollard never would have known what existed and where it was without someone steering him.
These things could come in handy – you might want to pick up a half dozen or so.  I use a rubber mallet.
These things could come in handy – you might want to pick up a half dozen or so. I use a rubber mallet.

The key person to run such an operation would have been someone like a high National Security Council official. We have never heard an actual name mentioned, yet. Such infiltrator people are groomed for years to maneuver into such a position. Our sources are solid on this, including one of the people who wore a wire.

I share this with you today as it has already been revealed at Veterans Today past articles, but I ask you to sharpen your wooden stakes because we now have the momentum to take the fight to the Zionists…and terminate it. And as I have covered above they have a significant political human shield protecting them up to now which has really been impenetrable.

But the past fears of the Zionist Lobby here are now crumbling before our eyes, and it is the duty of all loyal Americans and institutions to support those who had stuck their necks out to get us to this point.

We have to get the weed killer out and get on with the business that needs to be done, and maybe we can then recover some of the lost pride of being an American again because of these traitors.


Jim W. Dean comes from an old military family dating back to the American Revolution. His father was a WWII P-40 and later P-51 Mustang fighter pilot. Jim’s mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers. He has appeared on PBS most recently on the Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates and lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. His current writing focus is on national security, intelligence, black and psyops, military/Intel history including personal video archives, and the current wars. Jim Dean is the managing editor of Veterans Today.
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56 thoughts on “It’s time to kill the Zionist vampire, by Jim W. Dean

  1. Yesterday, diplomats at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) watch the disgusting replay of the drama from Book of Esther. Benjamin Netanyahu played the part of Haman, the former Jewish prime minister of Persia. He called for the new Holocaust of Iranian people. Over 2,000 years ago, Haman committed the murder of 72,000 non-Jewish Iranian subjects of King Ahasuerus.

    Netanyahu repeated his 2012 anti-Iran speech less the ‘Red-Line Cartoon’. He dedicated almost 100% of his speech calling upon the US and Israel’s western allies to use military force to kill Iran’s nuclear program before the country achieves a nuclear bomb or its capability.

    He began his speech by whining that “a nuclear-armed Iran seeks our destruction”. The he went after Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani by claiming, “Rouhani thinks he can have his yellowcake and eat it too”. He evoked the usual mantra of Holocaust and Antisemitism. Netanyahu’s rant was so full of lying and whining that even Barak Ravid called it “tired, bothersome and boring” in daily Haaretz.

    Netanyahu had a warning for Palestinians. He demanded that they recognize Israel as “a Jewish state” before they expect Israel to make “an offer Mahmoud Abbas cannot refuse”.

    Unfortunately, when Netanyahu cited North Korean example as a warning of what happens if the West is not keeping military option on the table against the nations which are pursuing for nuclear capability – the North Korean envoy, Sin Son-ho, could not take Netanyahu’s whining anymore. He stood up and told Netanyahu: “Israel is a cancer in the Middle East. It’s disturbing the peace and security, shifting blame to all other countries in the region“. Read my earlier posts on North Korea here and here.

    North Korean envoy is not the first person to call Israel “a cancer”. In October 2012, Irish TV3 broadcaster, Vincent Browne was quoted saying: “Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs. It polarises the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world. Unless you deal with the problem of Israel and Palestinians in that part of the world, there is going to be conflict and disharmony. It’s a massive injustice – (Jews) they stole the land from Arabs“.

    Naturally, the Jewish Lobby demanded an apology from Browne. “What I resent is the suggestion that because you’re critical of Israel, you’re automatically antisemitic. I don’t think that’s acceptable,” he responded to his Jewish critics.

    On February 25, 2013, British MP George Galloway, also called aparthied Israel a cancer on Facebook. “Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east. Only it’s replacement by a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea will cure this. That is what I am fighting for,” wrote Galloway.

    1. Thanks for republishing this article, Lasha. I notice you’ve published Jim Dean’s pieces before a few times, and that’s a good thing. He gives it to us straight. No fancy language from Jim! I think he has the benefit of inside knowledge, being a military man from a military family.

      One thing is clear: he is an anti-Zionist through and through and there’s no mistaking that. Which makes the negative attitude of certain people in the anti-Zionist movement toward Veterans Today (where Jim is a senior editor) even harder to understand.

      What more do these guys want? Do they want Gordon Duff to start shouting for Netanyahu’s head on a platter? Well, for all I know he may already have done that. Jim certainly has!

      Time to kill the vampire! Wow, you can’t get a get a more cutting image than that…

      1. Ed, The negative attitude toward VT by the so called ‘anti-Zionist’ comes prinarily from those working for the Israelis. The movement is heavily penetrated, as most are, simple because it is so easy to do. We all know they want to be everywhere and it a position to ‘steer’ attitudes. And they have an army of internet trolls.

        We found during the Libyan war we had under estimated the extent of their internet group penetration when they deployed all of them to support Gaddafi. You had the rad Left standing shoulder to shoulder with the NeoCons and Rudy Guiliani. A Libyan defector crossed over from their media division bringing the list of their ‘helpers’. A huge surprise is what they were being paid, $500 for even a pro-Gaddafi blog post, and $2000 for any major publication or online platform. It was Santa come to the starving blogesphere.

        So we tracked their histories and found a profile to expose them. While they were ‘anti-Zionist’ in terms of being pro Palestinian and supporting things like BDS, they NEVER touched any red line issues, on Israel’s WMD, involvement in 911, or the industrial scale espionage they run in the US and everywhere else, etc. They never were anti-Israel in a critical area.

        Hunting infiltrators is something we have a good bit of experience at. It is an occupation necessity for longevity.

  2. Iranians … holocaust deniers and nuclear extortionists

    Jews … nuclear deniers and holocaust extortionists

    1. alan,

      My answer would be either the Rothschilds, or a collective body of Jewish International bankers, headed by the Rothschild family. They are the world’s wealthiest and most powerful family out there, far wealthier and far more powerful than any monarchy whatsoever. In fact they infiltrated most European monarchies anyway, so they’re all in it together.

      The Rothschilds were the driving force behind the creation of the state of Israel.

      1. P.S.

        The Rothschild wealth is so unbelievably massive, that it was believed that around the end of the 19th century, their fortune was about 75% of the world’s wealth.
        Whereas you might take your partner out for a romantic meal down town, these people would jump in their private jet and pick a restaurant anywhere in the world. A $500,000 bill to them is like a $10 bill to you and I. If they liked the meal that much, they’d buy the restaurant there and then and bring it into yet another of their many businesses.

        The bankers created Israel and there was no bigger banker than the Red Shield Banking extortionist family.

  3. Thanks Harbinger,
    I’ve thought of making a bumper sticker that says:

    “Everyone’s comming to the same conclusions”

    1. alan,

      I’d like to be as optimistic as you but I’m a realist. What an optimist sees as a pessimist. I can’t see everyone as how you see everyone.

      There are very few truth sites in the world that ask the questions and tell the answers like this website and those who associate with it directly and indirectly. It is so because it looks at the catalysts that completely changed the world for tye worse.
      When you compare the collective group of people within this site and those associated with it and the whole ‘true’ truth movement, it’s like comparing a couple of thousand grains of sand on a stretch of beach.

      Sadly everyone ISN’T coming to the same conclusion.

      Most see the Rothschilds as the epitome of the British aristocracy. The overwhelming majority clueless to their history. Total and complete gangsters above and beyond the law.

      Everybody doesn’t want to come to the same coclusion because quite simply, and I really hate to say it, but the majority want to be wrapped in nappies, controlled by a powerful, authoritarian state and will be happy slaves as long as they have their entertainment, technology and the illusion of happiness.

      It is the true truthers who want freedom, liberty, no chains, no servitude and the right to exist as nature intended them – natural human beings looking after themselves.

      Maybe you should do a bumper sticker saying:

      Too few are coming to the same conclusions to make a dent in the bigger picture of things.

      1. I agree with you. What you wrote, about where the orders come from, is similar to what I might have written, or perhaps a naughty mouser, kennysideshow, Pound, Mullins, dublinmick, john friend, Les visible, Salbuchi, Bradford Smith, and various other commenters might have written. I know it’s a not everyone, but I think it gets more significant every day. We are talking about the head of the snake.

      2. Remember we don’t want everyone flocking over here! We don’t have to convince everyone. We want the SMART ones ~ the rest can be persuaded to follow in time. That is always why the intelligent or thinking people are among the first to be killed off during times of war and/or imperial pressure.

      3. Noor,

        I don’t quite follow when you say “We don’t want everyone flocking over here”. Do you mean over to Lasha’s site or your country? I’m presuming you mean Lasha’s site, but the more people seeing and talking about what Lasha and others have to say is surely a good thing, no?
        The more people engage in debate the more chance they have of understanding the bigger picture. They may leave a debate still sticking to their guns but they’ve been shown new possibilities and situations that they wouldn’t have seen had they stayed away.

        You can’t awaken people. They awake themselves, at their own time. You can guide them by disproving their theories and beliefs with simply common sense logic and above all truths. I wish the whole population of the west looked at sites like Lasha’s et all and switched off their TV’s, radios, put down their newspapers, glossy magazines and waved goodbye to Hollywood and other brain laundry media/academia outlets. Don’t you?

      4. Noor,

        I don’t quite follow when you say “We don’t want everyone flocking over here”. Do you mean over to Lasha’s site or your country? I’m presuming you mean Lasha’s site…

        She doesn’t mean Lasha’s site. Noor and Lasha get on very well together. She means North America and the West in general. She doesn’t want our countries to be flooded with Israeli refugees after Dimona is demolished. We have enough Jews here already. As you can gather, Jews are not exactly Noor’s favorite dish of the day!

      5. Thanks Lucy,

        No one wants Jews in their lands because of the obvious. They’re just disliked. But how would you stop the continuing migration of them? They’ll just lie of course, giving goyim names.

        Best case scenario is wall them all up in old Khazaria. Putin could keep his eyes on them. Don’t let them out. Keep them secure and away from non Jews where they can’t cause mischief.

      6. after the jewish coup d’ etat of catholicism, at the second vatican council of 1965, paul vi removed simon from the calendar of saints in 1965.

        simon of trent does not appear in the new roman martyrology of 2000, nor on any modern catholic calendar.

        hey waiter (paul vi), there is a fly in my simon liver pate.
        sorry sir, we’ll bring you another one and the meal is on the house.

      7. Lobro,

        Thanks for that. I didn’t know of St. Simon of Trent but knew of Little St. Hugh of Lincoln.

  4. .

    Never forget that Netanyahu implicated in nuclear smuggling from U.S.
    There are so many crimes that Netanyahoo needs to answer for especially 911 and fukushima along with his past crimes against the Palestinians that it would be easy to just overlook some of them. His crimes as well as Obama’s are too serious to just let get swept under the rug anymore. the illegal wars the theft of resources and mass genocides that need to be accdounted for.
    We need a Nationalistic law enforcement agency made up of the already loyal Americans working for the ones already set up to weed out the criminals. Everyone wearing a uniform whether it be police, intelligence agency, military of any government employee having to do with enforcemant need to organize and redirect America to become a reliable honest and forthright Nation bent on improving the World situation. No more wars especially for Israel.

    1. “We need a Nationalistic law enforcement agency made up of the already loyal Americans working for the ones already set up to weed out the criminals.”

      This won’t happen. In order to change the situation from within, you have to get within first. As soon as they see anyone exposing them, they’re out and shouted down, ironically as a whistleblower. Then comes the threats of breaking official secrets etc etc and court procedures promised.

      This is a prime example of being removed from within the system for exposing it:

      World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World

      It’s the same here in the UK and no doubt every other European nation. Here out police, government and judiciary all swear allegiance to the crown of England. The crown is a corporation owned by the private bankers as in the articles above. They are unelected by the people yet dominate. The politicians are immune to prosecution and the police work for the politicians, not the people. It has been proved that the Queen has broken every oath sworn in on her coronation, yet is still where she is. The police, the government, the judiciary and the monarchy are all corrupt, all in it together and all watching out for one another.

      The only way you stop this is simply by stopping their funding. This means everyone stops paying any taxation. You starve the beast. However, they have an answer to this – more immigration. People from shitholes in this world will be happy to come to the UK/USA/West and get free health care, social security and a job, so they won’t rock the boat. It’s the way the elites have always worked. If they see a problem brewing within the local populous that jeopardises their power base, then they open up the flood gates and then instituate race laws (acts) to stop the people protesting. It’s a wickedly, insidious example of how the elites maintain their control.

      This is why nationalists have been under attack, heavily, for the last 70 years.

      I believe that the only way to win this back, is to stop paying taxes, as I stated, and find nationalists, who are financially able to create police stations up and down the length of the country to compete with the current system. What the people then do is become the new police and arrest the old police. Once the police are behind bars, we then move into the banks and the corporations and arrest them, now their police protection is removed. This also means going into government and arresting everyone of the bastards as well, imprisoning them immediately, with no release until trial date, again in a court of law, made up of the people, by the people, for the people.

      In essence, what I’m saying is, the people have to make a duplicate system to the current system, run by them. It’s utterly futile to enter the system and try and change it from within. It’s inherently corrupt and cannot be saved. It HAS to be utterly obliterated.

  5. @alan

    Recorded Earlier. This vid was linked by Etna Joe 2 days ago on ‘My Struggle against the Jews, by Eustace Mullins’ posted by MC, June 14 2013.

    Important to bring this up here in october since Kaminski is (still) a main dish at LD. But I definitely don’t buy J.’s denoumcing of LD.

    Eustace Mullins disses, actually mobs the floor with John Kaminski:

    14.30 ( …) The internet is wide open. They got people like Kaminski on it, who are playing both sides, infiltrators. Kaminski even send two Mossad agents to my house to do away with me (….).

    Have definite doubts about DBS since keeps spreading disinfo about 9/11 truth Capo C. Bollyn for no good reason. Yet ‘iamthewitness’ still links a lot of solid anti zio info.

    CIA O

  6. Bibi is foaming at the mouth. He is dangerous. Today I heard a prediction from a very skilled analyst who has proven himself right time and time again over the years. This time he says Bibi is being allowed free rein and is definitely a danger, but that his replacement will be MUCH more dangerous. Peace will be his banner. He will come in on a wave of false messianic love, use a different dialogue, but will be in reality much more deceptive. I shudder to think of what will finally be done to bring about this war Israel so demands.

    Check out Jonathan Azaziah’s show earlier today at The Ugly Truth. He hails it.

    I mean, look what a facelift in the eyes of the world has done for Iran. That successful strategy was the brainchild of the Ayatollah, Ahmadinejad and Rouhani.

    1. “This time he says Bibi is being allowed free rein and is definitely a danger, but that his replacement will be MUCH more dangerous.”

      Anyone particular in mind? After all, it has to be someone already in the public eye if he is to succeed Netanyahu shortly.

    2. BTW, I adore your website. Have been one of your biggest fans for years. Keep up the good work.

  7. another circumstantial credibility buttress for putin, i am glad to report.

    in the continuing string of anti-berlusconi broadsides, sulzberger times proclaims in recent op-ed: Mutiny Halts Italian Gambit by Berlusconi

    Berlusconi is a very close political ally and personal friend of the hated Vladimir Putin. He also openly sympathizes with the Palestinians, enjoyed good relations with the since murdered Libyan leader Qaddafi, and has even awarded Syrian President Assad (another enemy of the Globo-Zionists) with a medal representing Italy’s highest Honor (The Knight Grand Cross with Collar of The Order of Merit). Berlsuconi’s successor, Tri-lateral Commission & Bildeberger big shot Mario Monti, would later repeal the honor that Berlusconi bestowed upon Assad.

    putin-gaddafi-assad-palestinians-berlusconi … no kidding.

    repeal … an interesting concept.

    could other things be repealed too, not just the mickey mouse hardware known as nobel peace prize or presidential medal of freedom, strictly reserved for jews and shabbos goyim but also presidential pardons meted out to scooter libby and marc rich?
    how about immunity awarded by george bush to israeli iccs/huntleigh in charge of security for airports involved in 9/11?
    and many others, like uss liberty, london tube, jfk assassination, vatican II, the list is legion.

    yes, REPEAL, a lovely concept.

  8. jews, come out of zion … leave the insect kingdom behind

    tell the truth and work off your mistakes

  9. Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin Author: Dietrich Eckart at is somewhat outdated- from 1924, but may describe quite accurate, what to expect for the the future that is often named as NWO. It can also be called ToysRUs but the real face would be that of Palestine, Westbank and Gaza behind the concrete “security”-wall and barbed wire-checkpoints. It is a scandal for the conscience of civilized people to have to hear a person? (reminds me of the same sort of Jews at the Eichmann.trial in tv) and the designer of ” the war on terror” call for more war again and again.

    1. Someone, I think Harbinger, already mentioned this idea: free man on the land. Here is some thing about it:
      “Under the doctrine of Parens Patriae, “Government As Parent”, as a result of the manipulated bankruptcy of the United States of America in 1930, ALL the assets of the American people, their person, and of our country itself are held by the Depository Trust Corporation at 55 Water Street, NY, NY, secured by UCC Commercial Liens, which are then monetized as “debt money” by the Federal Reserve. ” similar happened to other states in Europe, with Germany in 1945 anyways, but why do they follow the orders of International finance so obedient (except Island) and why this hurry to create an EU bolshevic state in Brussels? if they know about the coming Euro-crash.

  10. Excellent article from Jim Dean!

    I wish Zionists wanted peace at least for themselves and quit warmongering once and for all.

    What is the quality of life for Israelis when their political leaders get together with American Jews to set fire to the whole world?

    America’s worst enemies are the Jews who support AIPAC, ADL, SPLC and countless other Jewish organizations.

    Here is some very interesting information and NoDisinfo is a great site!

  11. Jim Dean’s spirit shines through the words of his article.

    His brilliant solution to the Zionist problem should be all over the internet and US troops must see it.

    Jews are spying on me and monitoring my activities which they have been doing for quite sometime.

    It is time for all Americans to say “No More Wars for you Israel” and the label “anti-Semite” will no longer be an effective tool.

    Joe Cortina is another favorite of mine whose articles I enjoy reading.

    1. October 1, 2013 / Netanyahu the Terrorist & the US Shutdown:
      (…)The U.S. National Debt has nearly tripled since 9-11, much of it due to the fraudulent “War on Terror” and increased defense spending (…)

      October 4, 2013, CNN: Jesse Ventura (…) “Let’s Cut Defense Spending! Stay Out Of These Wars! And We’ll Have Plenty Of Money!” (…)

      CIA O

    2. People are waking up. And AIPAC was shutdown on Capitol Hill when sent up to muscle support for the Syrian strike. Why? Because the American people go there before them with the huge outpouring of direct contact, and chewing their reps out over involvement in stupid foreign military involvement. Congress gave AIPAC the bad news, that the public’s number far outweighed their influence. We have been telling the public for years that one of the reasons the Pols roll over for the Zios is that they pay zero political price for it, and that it would never changed until they do.

      And they they deployed all of their media assets again, with AIPAC to try to seed American minds before Bibi bombed at the UN again with his cartoonish performance. I have new article up on Press TV with new revelations.

  12. “As I wrote before, Israelists worked behind the scenes to block me from speaking in South Dakota during a visit to the state last week. They got the local World Affairs Council to pull its sponsorship of one talk, tried unsuccessfully to scare off other hosts, and pressured media not to cover my events. And they may have headed off other invitations, as some events fell through in the planning stage. But we fought back with the best weapon against censorship — exposure.”

    –Writes Alison Weir of “If Americans”

    This is what these meddling Jews do to people who stand to oppose their cruelty toward fellow human beings.

    Alison Weir’s has shown outstanding courage and thank you for sharing the information about Alison’s speaking tours (details of which are found in the article below) as well as on her website

    The entire world can benefit from the efforts of astute people like Jim Dean and Alison Weir.

  13. time to turn zionist vampire into soap?

    Simon Wiesenthal, perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the Holocaust arena, wrote in 1946 in a series of articles for an Austrian Jewish paper, about boxes of Jewish soap:
    “On the boxes were the initials “R.I.F.” ( pure Jewish fat). These boxes were destined for the Waffen-SS. The wrapping paper revealed with complete cynical objectively, that the soap was manufactured from Jewish bodies. The civilized world may not believe the joy with which the Nazis and their women and the general government thought of this soap.
    In each piece of soap they saw a Jew who had been magically put there and had thus been prevented from growing into a second Freud, Erlich or Einstein.”

    oy vey where have all our einsteins gone?

    In 1981, professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust expert Deborah Lipstadt wrote in a letter to the Los Angeles Times that
    “the fact is, the Nazis never used the bodies of Jews, or for that matter, anyone else, for the production of soap. The soap rumor was prevalent both during and after the war. It may have had its origin in the cadaver factory atrocity story that came out of World War I. The soap rumor was thoroughly investigated after the war and proved to be untrue.”

    And Shmuel Krakowski, Director of Archives of Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, confirmed in a Chicago Tribune article titled, “A Holocaust Belief Cleared Up” that:
    “historians have concluded that soap was not made from human fat.”

    just don’t call st. simon wiesenthal a liar, you antisemite.
    call him a jew.

    1. lipstadt puts it down to a rumor that deluded poor innocents such as wiesenthal.

      once again, observe what wiesenthal said:
      On the boxes were the initials “R.I.F.” ( pure Jewish fat). These boxes were destined for the Waffen-SS. The wrapping paper revealed with complete cynical objectively, that the soap was manufactured from Jewish bodies.

      doesn’t sound like rumor to me.
      sounds like complete cynical objectivity.

    2. it’s the old story of 3-card monty or maybe 5 dancing shmuels who sacrificed this heartwarming story for salvation of the grander lie.

      When so many people deny the Holocaust ever happened, why give them something to use against the truth?
      (in hebrew, the word for “lie” is “truth”, which makes the children of g*d a tribe of honest liars – “i swear on this bar of soap that i never said kol nidre”)

  14. Zionists have orchestrated several bombing attacks in Mumbai.

    “India’s 9/11. Who was behind the Mumbai attacks?”

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsk

    Zionist orchestrated the Mumbai terror attacks to falsely blame Muslims and the country Pakistan to get Indian people to hate Muslims in India and Pakistan while also framing a Bollywood movie director and actor named Sanjay Dutt on false charges for a number of reasons.

    Just like the American lawyer and activist Edgar Steele, Bollywood actor/director Sanjay Dutt is serving a prison sentence based on Zionist lies.

    Zionists are able to do these things in various countries because they operate on all continents.

    Zionists don’t care about destroying any human being to achieve their goals whether these goals are to rob other people’s lands and resources or merely to kill millions of people to inherit the earth for themselves based on their foolish fantasy.

  15. enjoyed VT for a while. till the murderous war against libya.

    VT and al jazeera proved to be disinformation.

    stopped reading both.

  16. “concentrate on one threat…Israel”

    That’s a good start, but it’s time to halt all the sources of the problem. The main problem is this vampire’s life blood – that is the money (actually debt, ponzi scheme accepted as money). Time to get rid of the privately owned, Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve (which spun out the IMF, World Bank, etc.), a.k.a. the Jewish global debt system (largely mistaken for a money system).

    The wealth transfer made possible by this scam has provided funding for “revolutions” (Russian East, South Europe, Korea, Vietnam, China, Cuba, etc. i.e. so-called communism (a.k.a. talmudic law)), world wars – in which the vast majority of non-Jewish somehow are convinced that they must kill as many as possible of their own kind while destroying their lands (both of which are nothing but talmudic robberies, destruction, mass murder, crimes against humanity); the take overs of mass media, nearly globally; the control largely by bribery and extortion of many governments around the world (including the UN, much of the lobbying efforts around the world), and not last, but least – the creation of the illegal nation of Israel.

    So it’s far past time to pull the plug on the Jewish debt scam (passing for money) i.e. their so-called central banks – the true heart of the problem. Then Israel, the endless Jewish psyop against humanity via its various medias, near total control of global governments will be seriously hindered and maybe even ended.

  17. “Its time to kill the Zionist vampire” –well said Jim Dean and thanks to people like Jim Dean, Dr Alan Sabrosky, Dr Philip Giraldi, Dr Kaasem Khaleel, Christopher Bollyn, radio hosts Rick Adams, Deanna Spingola and Michael Rivero, certain authors on Veterans Today and few others on other sites like My Cat Bird Seat, Real Jew News the world is waking up to the truth about criminal Israel and those who support this criminal entity.

    “Wise Old Man Proves Muslims Did Not Do 9-11”

    “There is no proof that the Muslims had anything to do with 9-11. Rather, they are the dire victims of this false flag attack. In their venom for total global control and the creation of their ultimate goal, Greater Israel, the Zionist Jews perpetrated this attack, a fact which is undeniable and which they would never refute.”

  18. If Americans Knew Receives Death Threat

    “After debating on “How Can Peace Be Achieved Between Israelis and Palestinians?” Thursday, October 2nd, 2003, Alison Weir and If Americans Knew received a voicemail message saying: “On Monday, at 2 PM, you better not be in your office. Because me and my buddies, who were trained in the Israeli Army, will come and kill every single one of you…”

    Alison Weir: History of the US-Israel Relationship, Part I

    (Alison Weir is the Executive Director of If Americans Knew and president of The Council for National Interest).

    “While many people are led to believe that US support for Israel is driven by the American establishment and U.S. national interests, the facts don’t support this theory. The reality is that for decades U.S. experts opposed Israel and its founding movement. They were simply outmaneuvered and eventually replaced.­”

    “Like many American policies, U.S. Middle East policies are driven by a special interest lobby. However, the Israel Lobby, as it is called today in the U.S.[1], consists of vastly more than what most people envision in the word “lobby.”

    “As this article will demonstrate, it is considerably more powerful and pervasive than other lobbies. Components of it, both individuals and groups, have worked underground, secretly and even illegally throughout its history, as documented by scholars and participants. And even though the movement for Israel has been operating in the U.S. for over a hundred years, most Americans are completely unaware of this movement and its attendant ideology – a measure of its unique power over public knowledge.

    The success of this movement to achieve its goals, partly due to the hidden nature of much of its activity, has been staggering. It has also been at almost unimaginable cost.
    It has led to massive tragedy in the Middle East: a hundred-year war of violence and loss; sacred land soaked in sorrow.

    Read more:

  19. Was a Living Princess Diana Assassinated by the Mossad?

    “Only a few days after Diana’s death the National Journal referred to Palestine as a motive for Mossad to kill Diana (see analysis above). Six years later experts support this assumption:”Journalist and author Nicholas Davies describes the motive for Diana’s murder as follows: Following her successful actions against landmines the princess had bigger plans yet. She wanted to become an icon for all the refugees of this world. Davis: ‘She intended to start a campaign in a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza or the West Bank.’ Diana: ‘This misery must come to an end, these children must no longer live under such conditions’, was to be her message.” (ZDF, Frontal 21, German TV, Documentary on Diana, 28.10.2003)”

    “MOSSAD’s business is spying and killing. MOSSAD does that in the USA just as freely as in Great Britain, France or Germany”, writes the editor of the renowned daily “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” in his book “BND Classified” (“Verschlußsache BND”, Munich 1997, page 70)

    MOSSAD is behind bombattacks in Europe and the USA. In Germany houses of Turkish families were burned down and people were killed. It is in the interest of Israel that the German youth will always be reminded of their “killing nature” (Goldhagen) with this kind of incidents. An ever lasting guilt complex of the German people is very much in the interest of the Jewish state. The MOSSAD assassinated US-President Kennedy and so many other non-obedient Western leaders.

    1. If you are talking to Jim Dean, he is unlikely to read your comment on this website. How come your email didn’t get through to the people you addressed it to? That’s a bit strange…

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