Life’s Little Picnic

. . .  by Lasha Darkmoon



When fish forget to swim
and birds to fly
that will be the time
to roll up the sky.
When girls forget to skip
and dogs to bound
that will be the time
to go to ground.
When your love betrays you
and kills the green life
that will be the time
to buy a wicked knife.
That will be the time
in the dead of night
to steal into his room
and snuff out his light.
Jump up on the chair then
and fasten the rope,
tighten the noose and—
to hell with all hope!
Cry no more, darling!
Come, take your last leap
into blackest darkness
and endless sleep.

40 thoughts to “Life’s Little Picnic”

  1. Darkmoon in melancholy mode. Beautiful mood music. Elegantly written. Could almost be Yeats or AE Housman.

  2. I agree that the poem is beautifully written. And obviously it comes from the heart. But is it autobiographical? Has Lasha just lost the love of her life and is she thinking of hanging herself?

    I hope not.

    C’mon Lasha, cheer up!

    1. I wish she would hang herself instead of just talking about it. She’s all mouth and no macaroni.

      1. I’m breaking a tradition again, but Zak, were Lasha to ‘pop her clogs’ where on earth would you be able to advertise your nonsense? Lol

  3. @ Sardonicus

    “C’mon Lasha, cheer up!”

    Lasha doesn’t need cheering up. She’s quite a happy person. This poem is not in any way autobiographical. She jotted it down in 10 minutes on the back of an envelope while waiting at a bus stop.

    The bus was late, she tells me. If it had been on time, she wouldn’t have written the poem.

    Like all her poems, it was spontaneous and unplanned. The poem just wrote itself. Yes, it does have a certain mood music and is definitely Housmanesque.

  4. A sad mood captured like a fish on a hook.
    To be thrown back quickly, painlessly,
    into its own dark depth of home.

        1. No, I didn’t. But I note in her poems the influence of Indian thought… a very prominent streak of Vedantic mysticism. I love India myself and its spiritual legacy to the world. I live in Sri Lanka, by the way, so I pop across to India once or twice a year to visit friends…

  5. that is a luminous painting by the way, entirely in agreement with the poem.

    i have a friend in havana who possesses two of botero’s works, they are quite small but as soon as i entered the house, my eyes latched onto them.

  6. probably just the strength of her soul shining … this world is no picnic for the righteous

  7. If I were capable of writing such bad poetry, I would be too ashamed to publish it. Fortunately, I have better things to do with my time. Darkmoon, take up knitting.

    1. C’mon Karen! Surely all girls can knit and (among other things) write some really bad poetry and with one or two hands tied behind their backs!

      And I really do love women.

  8. I understand. You are so eloquent, and witty. Thanks for sharing with me. Sorry you feel so bad. Is there anything I can do?

  9. Tsk tsk, it used to be that antisemites could produce at least some good art (Wagner, T.S. Eliot) but it seems this has become an impossibility as well.

    After reading various writings on this site I have come to fully understand the meaning of, “If the Jew did not exist the antisemite would invent him.”

    1. After reading various writings on this site I have come to fully understand the meaning of, “If the Jew did not exist the antisemite would invent him.”

      How perceptive of you. Any idea why Jews have been expelled from 109 countries since the year AD250? Jews spotlessly innocent 109 times, huh?

    2. if the jew did not exist.
      what an interesting thought experiment.

      if the jew did not exist;
      –justice would prevail in courts,
      — truth would prevail in media,
      –independent thinking would prevail in education, providing incentive for acquisition of true knowledge rather than hasbara vomit,
      –wars would cease to be replaced by cooperation and/or healthy competition,
      –racial and ethnic strife would be minimized,
      –culture would flourish like in the days of old instead of psychotic numbing of the mind through today’s pop “culture”, music and so on,
      –relentless spread of pornographic disease would be replaced by healthy appreciation of human contact,
      –philosophy and spirituality would replace mindless consumerism,
      –slavery would disappear,
      –merciless human exploitation would be brought under control

      … to name just a few tragic shortcomings of a world without jews.

      such a tragedy, were jew to disappear, sucked back into the alien interstellar space from where the devil spores originate.

      1. –genocides would become thing of the past,
        –usury would disappear,
        –parasitism would be brought to an infinitesimally tiny fraction of todays,
        –child sacrifice would lose its imprimatur,
        –right of privacy would be respected,
        –right of free speech would be respected,
        –torture would be banned,
        –organ theft and trafficking would disappear,
        –human trafficking would not just disappear but would not make any sense anymore due to equitable redistribution of economic opportunity,
        –lying (kol nidre) would be criminalized,
        –medicine would become tool for betterment of people’s health instead of weapon of population control,
        –drug industry, both pharmaceutical and illicit would be brought under control,
        –lawyers would have to retrain for something useful,
        –middle class would occupy at least 95% of the wealth pie,

        … okay, enough, you get the flavor.

        yes wandering nikolai, you really put your finger on a potential tragedy of cosmic proportions, bahomet would cry rivers.

      2. “… sucked back into the alien interstellar space from where the devil spores originate.”

        Brilliant phrase, you have a way with words! But do you really think that? or are you just speaking figuratively?

        1. food for thought, isn’t it sard?

          at this juncture, i could argue either side of the coin toss equally well.

  10. being a mossad agent
    is the same as being kidnapped
    if you dont realize that is silly
    then i have you trapped

    jews are not a race
    yet their book is a disgrace
    nothing is more racist
    but you wont figure it out, ace

    a group involved in one genocide
    is more to blame
    than a group involved in many
    yet i pretend to be sane

    it is better to hold the gun
    than to be on the ground
    yet im here to convince you
    the evil one is digging his mound

    yes i am the voice of reason
    an ordinary joe
    a village hick, a scottish mick
    the harbinger of your woe

    1. @ harbinger of your woe, the ordinary joe

      Well, I see you’re all ready for Halloween. I finally figured out what I want to go as to the Halloween costume party I was invited to. One has to wear a costume or you won’t be allowed in The Front Door.

      Goin’ to throw a schmatta on my head and go as a mohammedan-on-jihad. My name will be “Rehmat”. I will tell everyone to call me, Rehmat, I will tell them. I told my girlfriend to get herself a burqa and go as “Boor”. I told her to tell everyone at the party her name is “Boor”. Tell everyone you’re a gurl Boor, I told her.

      Boor -n- Rehmat, Rehmat-n-Boor, we will go as, in a burqa and a schmatta, Boor -n- Rehmat, Rehmat-n-Boor go, we go to The Masquerade.

      Certainly not the caliber of Masquerade Festivity “an ordinary joe” such as you would ever be invited to attend. I assure you.

    2. i once went to a jewish party
      i felt like a side of bacon in a cockroach nest
      still, it wouldve been nice to be invited
      even if in jest

      id much rather play soccer or hockey
      in the cold canadian air
      than play pretend with the animals
      masquerading as innocent hares

  11. I once went to a disco party,
    THE PLACE to be Seen,
    I was slick, I was kewl,
    I tried to look mean,
    I mean really,
    Everyone who looked mean was gettin’ in,
    But no one noticed me,
    it does very much seem,
    In my very own hometown of New York Shitty,
    I was treated like a tourist,
    a hillbilly farmer Mr. Green Jeans,
    I think I am a failure,
    at lookin’ hip, kewl, lean & mean,
    I stood on line 4 hours,
    West 54th Street,
    In the cold, in the snow, in the ice, and the sleet,
    The chosen ones sashayed by me as if I didn’t exist,
    4 hours I watched the fortunate ones get chosen,
    The “royal” ones breezed-in in an endless stream,
    making their way to their au-courant scene,
    I stood on line 4 hours,
    Never made it in,
    I’m not a chosen one,
    They wouldn’t let me in,
    And all the time I thought,
    I looked hip and like The Happening Thing,
    After standing all night in the February blizzard freeze out in the street,
    The next morning I woke up with the pneumonia,
    My mother got scared,
    turned it into a big deal,
    and then an ambulance arrived,
    to pick me up,
    5 days and 4 nights,
    I was bed-ridden,
    in that damn hospital.

      1. Thank you Ruth, thank you king-of-the-jews.

        Lasha and Gilbert have inspired me to take up poetry as a hobby. I got more poems here. More “Joe” poems coming down the pike pretty soon.

        I’m glad Lasha and Gilbert have inspired me to take up poetry. It’s an excellent hobby to have. Especially for times when lobro hogs up the whole commentary board — now I just compose poems as lobro goes on and on and…..and hogs up the whole commentary board — “high-jacking” the discussions.

        Now I don’t pay lobro any attention — I got a hobby now. Now I write poems as lobro goes on and on and….. I guess I should thank lobro also for inspiring me to take up poetry, it’s an excellent hobby to have to distract from those who feel they are so important they have some kind of inherent right to be high -jackers.

        I actually like lobro. I don’t dislike lobro. My major beef with lobro is he doesn’t use his 5 Dancing Shlomos handle enough. They’re a hoot. A lot of fun. He seems to have moth-balled his 5 Dancing Shlomos handle : That’s what pisses me off about lobro. He doesn’t use his 5 Dancing Shlomos handle enough.

        Other than that, there are times I actually even appreciate his lobro handle. What I mean is, what I mean I appreciate his handle on, his grip, his mastery of, of all the various topics discussed here at Darkmoon. He’s quite the master at getting a handle on all matters. Never ceases to amaze. Nu?

  12. ‘you want poetry ?
    you can’t handle poetry’

    let me tell you something, a bit about my self
    i was riding shotgun with a midget and an elf

    i was feeling lonely, had no one my equal
    met a man along the road, his name it was ezekiel

    said to me in baited breath, ‘what do you do for a livin’ ?
    back to him in my fullest voice, ‘i’m all about into givin’

    well that was it, he turned on a dime, as if i was his foe
    i said that’s fine and kicked his shin,and then i turned to go

    i learned my lesson, i shan’t forget, no man can ever wonder
    you seek the truth, inside your heart, no one can nary plunder

    just messin’ with ya > ha

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