Did you know that Big Brother was not only watching you from both sides of the Atlantic but also from Tel Aviv?

NSA eye

Part 1:  What Big Brother Wants

Mass surveillance is the new norm. Big Brother is watching you and listening to you always. With the help of microscopic cameras and wireless concealable microphones and precise location tracking devices, he is keeping his tabs on you twenty-four hours a day.

He is randomly searching you on trains. He is groping you at airports.  He is flagging you down in remote country locations and ordering you to open up the trunk of your car so that he can inspect it for drugs, missing children, and human heads in plastic bags.

If you’re a woman, he can taser you and rape you and then put you in handcuffs for resisting arrest.

Orwell never imagined it could be quite so bad.

According to whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now have “the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history”.

NSA official William Binney, who resigned from the agency in protest over its systematic violation of privacy laws, has revealed that the US government has “assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about US citizens. The data that’s being assembled is about everybody. From that data, they can target anyone they want.”

Guardian correspondent Glenn Greenwald  confirms this. “No human communication can be allowed to take place without the scrutinizing eye of the US government,” he tells us. “This is the animating principle of the US Surveillance State. Mass surveillance is the hallmark of a tyrannical political culture.”

Another famous whistleblower, Thomas Drake, is equally candid. “There is no constraint,” he points out grimly. “The United States is now a surveillance state. “This is the new normal.”

No digital or electronic communication you make is secure. Many of your secrets are already known to someone. Your private life is subject to the minutest and most persistent scrutiny. You may be interested to know that Snowden is so paranoid about his privacy that wherever he is—in airports, hotels, libraries—“he puts a large red hood over his head and laptop when entering his passwords to prevent any hidden cameras from detecting them.”

All your emails—past, present and future—are there for someone to read. Every day the NSA records trillions of emails and phone calls. Your calls are not only being recorded but sophisticated voice recognition devices enable some geek in a cubicle to pluck your voice out of a million other similar-sounding voices. Your online chats, your calls over Google Voice, Skype, and other voice-over-internet  systems, are all on record. Every website you visit, someone knows you’ve been there and how long you’ve lingered on each item.

Did you know that the Internet giants who said to you, “Trust us, we will never betray your secrets to anyone!” have deceived you and let you down? Did you know that Google has betrayed you to Big Brother? That Microsoft has betrayed you, that Verizon has betrayed you, that AT&T has betrayed you, that Facebook and Apple have betrayed you?

Yes, all these police state informants have handed over your emails and phone data to Big Brother, ostensibly to prevent the remote possibility that you’re planning another terrorist attack on America.

Big Bother has assured us that in the last 12 years, thanks to his indefatigable surveillance, he has disrupted over 50 terrorist attacks. Of course, you know he’s lying. He knows he’s lying himself. If the spooks had foiled 50 terrorist attacks, why haven’t there been 50 spectacular court cases to prove it? After all, it would be in their own interests to trumpet their successes to the world, if only to drive home the point that mass surveillance has huge advantages. Instead, the FBI have been forced to resort to a series of pathetic sting operations against various mentally disturbed nonenties in a desperate bid to chalk up a few convictions.

The suspicion that Big Brother might have orchestrated 9-11 himself, with the help of his creepy pals in Tel Aviv, cannot of course be mentioned.

How is most of your personal data gathered?  Well, it passes under the oceans through fiber-optic cables which Big Brother has learned to tap. The tiny filaments inside the cables utilize pulsating flashes of light to transmit up to 100 billion bits of data per second.

If Big Bother is based in America, Big Sister hangs out in the UK. The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is located in Cheltenham, England. It is now commonly acknowledged that Britain is the world’s intelligence superpower. This is partly due to Britain’s advantageous  Atlantic location between the US and Europe.

“The UK has a huge dog in this fight,” Snowden told the Guardian recently. “They [GCHQ] are worse than the US.” By ‘worse’ he means better at invading the privacy of people without any moral qualms or legal constraints.

We learned recently that GCHQ was tapping into 600 million telephone calls each day. A huge number of these, being transatlantic calls, are naturally of intense interest to the Americans. These calls are accessed by tapping into more than 200 fiber-optic cables that snake their way across the Atlantic like slimy, seaweed clad serpents. Each of the cables carries data at a rate of 10 gigabits per second. This works out to roughly 21 petabytes a day – “equivalent to sending all the information in all the books in the British Library 192 times every 24 hours.”

According to this writer’s calculations, if a reader set out to read all the books in the British Library at the rate of one book a day—that means getting through 13,950,000 books—it would take him roughly 6.5 million years to complete his task.

GCHQThe Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the British equivalent of America’s National Security Agency (NSA). Founded in 1919 as a code and cypher school, GCHQ today employs 6000 specialists in espionage. It is now commonly acknowledged that the US, with its 850,000 NSA agents with full access to GCHQ classified intelligence, are heavily indebted to their British cousins for much of their information.

Vacuuming up all the secrets of the world every day is clearly an impossible task, even if the entire population of the world were engaged in full-time snooping.

Out of the vast “haystack” of data, it is necessary only to find the “needles”. It’s like casting a net into the sea and catching every single fish for storage purposes, but then picking out only the biggest and most edible fish for “special treatment”. The spooks are not interested in the minnows, only in the sharks and killer fish—i.e., the “terrorists”. So they keep telling us.

Naturally, we shouldn’t believe them, since they lie to us on principle.

Understand this: everyone, no matter how insignificant, is of potential interest to Big Brother and the criminal syndicate that has its world headquarters in Tel Aviv. Anyone who has a guilty secret and can be blackmailed is of interest to these world class criminals. The more they know about you, the easier it is to silence you, coerce you, manipulate you, subjugate you, enslave you.

Listen to Orwell who knew all about these neo-Bolsheviks who have now wrapped their tentacles all over America—a once free and democratic country that now faces a new Red Terror which will make the old one look like a nun’s picnic:

The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred…. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power…. Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. (Here)

Big Brother“The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.”

Yes, that’s the New World Order for you: hatred, persecution, torture, power for power’s sake. So this is what Big Brother wants. He wants power. Omnipotence. One of the prerequisites of omnipotence is omniscience.

And this is why Big Brother wants to know everything about you.

We were talking about mass surveillance. Let’s get back to the point. The neo-Bolsheviks in power say they’re only interested in catching the Big Fish, i.e., the “terrorists” they claim were behind 9-11 and 50 other terrorist plots they tell you they have foiled recently but whose details they refuse to discuss with you. They say they are not interested in your private life, your sordid little affairs, your telephone flirtations, your Skype romances, your amorous emails. Things like that don’t interest them. False! The Petraeus affair, which we will discuss soon, proves the contrary. They are interested in everything they can use against you—everything that has blackmail potential.

If you have ever looked at pornography, you have made yourself a potential blackmail victim. Your complete browsing history is a saleable product. It can be handed over to your spouse or employer, and even published on the internet to shame you, unless you pay the owner of your browsing history a regular fee for withholding it. What we have here is a protection racket. Your privacy will now be guaranteed only if you pay for it.

A potential blackmailer who buys your internet browsing history from a rogue Israeli source—like the Judeo-Russian mafia, for example, which now has a stranglehold over America—can charge you a monthly fee of $100 for “security”, i.e., for doing no more than NOT revealing your browsing history to the world. Your blackmailer has managed to acquire the browsing histories (let’s say) of 100 guilt-ridden internet users for a flat payment of $10,000. Not bad. He can recoup his entire investment in one month and then earn $10,000 a month thereafter.

Four out of ten internet users view porn sites regularly. Given that there are currently 2.4 billion internet users worldwide, this gives a blackmailer a pool of 960 million potential victims to choose from. That’s more than three times the entire population of America.

Don’t panic! This is not going on yet. It remains a crime of the future.

We mentioned General Petraeus above. We offered the Petraeus affair as proof that blackmail was the Bolsheviks’ game. Let’s get back to this point.

The Bolsheviks tell you that you have nothing to fear. Not if you’re an upstanding and honorable citizen. Did they tell that to General Petraeus, a pillar of the community? If they can spy on Petraeus and bring him toppling down for a mere peccadillo, don’t you think they can do the same to you if you cross them in the slightest way or get on their nerves?

Remember this: Petraeus was careful. Super careful not to be caught. All he was guilty of was a little extramarital affair. He didn’t even send his inamorata any emails. He kept them hidden in his drafts folder, hundreds of them, so that pretty Paula, his official biographer, could access them there through a password. The general thought he was being smart, playing the old “draft folder trick”, letting Paula read his unsent emails before deleting them.

In spite of all these precautions, Big Brother hacked into his computer and sniffed out his secret love life, forcing him to resign.

General Petraeus and Paula BroadwellGeneral Petraeus and his biographer Paula Broadwell

General Petraeus was not engaged in terrorism. He was not planning a military coup or an attack on the White House, the headquarters of Big Brother’s most conspicuous puppet. He was not thinking of bombing Dimona or the Israeli Knesset. All he was doing was sending billets-doux to his mistress Paula Broadwell, saying “I love you.” And for this he was ruined and forced to resign.

Petraeus had been critical of Israel. And so the people on Israel’s payroll went into attack mode. Many Zionist Jews were delighted at his downfall.

eric-cantor-119x150Foremost among General Petraeus’s enemies, his chief nemesis, was US Representative Eric Cantor, highest-ranking Jewish member of Congress in its history, and, incidentally, a cosponsor of legislation to cut off all US taxpayer aid to the Palestinians. Within the last week there has been a military coup in Egypt. The Egyptian army, according to the latest figures, has shot 51 peaceful demonstrators to death and injured a further 431. What does Mr Cantor think of this? “The Egyptian military has long been a key partner of the United States and a stabilizing force in the region,” he babbles fatuously. “Democracy is about more than elections.”

That’s interesting. Here is a man who approves of the massacre of peaceful Egyptians protesting at the ouster of their democratically elected president, Mohamad Morsi. As we might have expected, AIPAC has given Cantor its full support. People who have no strong objections to the coldblooded murder of Muslims in Palestine are unlikely to shed tears for Muslims massacred in Egypt.

But to get back to General Petraeus. It was into the hands of this arch-Zionist and Islamophobe, Eric Cantor, that General Petraeus’s private emails fell. Allegedly, they had been passed on to him by an FBI whistleblower.

Even if true, the question that still needs to be asked is this: how did the private emails of an American general seen as hostile to Israel fall into the hands of  the highest-ranking Jew in Congress, a man who is crazy about Israel and would do anything to get hold of those compromising emails?

Given that President Obama himself knew nothing about Petraeus’s emails, it is more than surprising that this intimate correspondence should end up on the computer of an American Jew with close ties to Israel.

Was the fall of Petraeus a Jewish plot? Undoubtedly. The entire Petraeus affair is a cautionary tale whose moral is: DON’T CROSS THE JEWS.

The Petraeus affair demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that even our sex lives are of interest to Big Brother. And Big Jewry. Assuming that Big Brother and Big Jewry are separate entities. The details of our sex life, as we shall see in Part 2 of this essay, eventually find their way to Israel by a back door marked ‘Verint’ and ‘Narus’. All this furnishes proof that the main purpose of mass surveillance is not to combat terrorism but to discover people’s weak points, their guilty secrets, and then use this knowledge to control them: to silence them, intimidate them, manipulate them, put pressure on them to do something or stop doing it: in short, to blackmail them.

Can we expect trouble in the near future? Yes, we can. Signs of the gathering storm grow apace. We can see them all around us, the dark clouds and distant thunder of an approaching tempest.

Sooner or later the camel’s back will break. All we are waiting for now is the last straw.

 Continued in Part 2: The Red Terror to Come


Dr Lasha Darkmoon is an academic with higher degrees in Classics. She is also a poet and translator. Her articles have been published here and here; her poems, translations and various other  pieces  here.

84 thoughts to “MASS SURVEILLANCE IN THE ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE (Part 1), by Dr Lasha Darkmoon”

  1. Fantastic piece, only could have come from Dr Darkmoon. Waiting for the 2nd instalment. What I like in Dr Darkmoon’s writing is the perfect balance of facts, analysis and emotions. Each ingredient just perfect, playing their parts in complete synergy to produce a great harmonic effect. Much like each spice being just right in yummy-est beef curry, Indian style.

    There is a need to educate people about how to be a bit more careful online. Someone with ample knowledge of internet security might come forward, please.

    1. cannot but agree completely with your assessment.
      there is nothing on internet like our good doctor darkmoon.

      and the curry analogy is right too 🙂

  2. All this furnishes proof that the main purpose of mass surveillance is not to combat terrorism but to discover people’s weak points, their guilty secrets, and then use this knowledge to control them: to silence them, intimidate them, manipulate them, put pressure on them to do something or stop doing it: in short, to blackmail them.

    lash, it so happens that i had the same idea couple of days ago, while wondering whether we are snowed by snowden.

    this is why jews are so freaked out by jesus christ, because he is so pure that they can’t get their grappling hooks onto him.

    too smooth, even after all these centuries of trying their damnest to pollute his memory, through blasphemy of purim and passover cannibalism down to present day sarah silvermans and other comedian sluts like the one on israeli tv crucifying a monkey to uproarious cackling of that “fun-loving” swarm (another prime example of jewish comedy was inglorious basterds).

    how can the truth lose? except they are too blinded by greed and perversion to understand this simple fact.

    1. Yes, I agree with you entirely. It’s all about blackmail. This whole point was argued most convincingly by Darkmoon, with her usual lucidity and crispness of style, especially the bit about the 50 terrorist plots the government is supposed to have foiled:

      Big Bother has assured us that in the last 12 years, thanks to his indefatigable surveillance, he has disrupted over 50 terrorist attacks. Of course, you know he’s lying. He knows he’s lying himself. If the spooks had foiled 50 terrorist attacks, why haven’t there been 50 spectacular court cases to prove it? After all, it would be in their own interests to trumpet their successes to the world, if only to drive home the point that mass surveillance has huge advantages. Instead, the FBI have been forced to resort to a series of pathetic sting operations against various mentally disturbed nonenties in a desperate bid to chalk up a few convictions.

      The suspicion that Big Brother might have orchestrated 9-11 himself, with the help of his creepy pals in Tel Aviv, cannot of course be mentioned.

      This is good. Not a word wasted. And expressed with a certain trenchant irony and understatement which is so very English.

  3. … the US government has “assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about US citizens

    hm, divide 20 trillion by 300 million (us pop.) and you get a curious number.
    66,666 transactions/head.

  4. Well, we’re here, at Lasha’s site with our 2-bit pseudonyms.

    Great article, jury appears in on the verdict that the Internet is a honeypot.

    Reminds me of that noir thing in Ellroy, “Big Pete wants a woman. Extortion experience preferred, but not essential”.

    I doubt there will be any real publicised internet blackmail crimes, as the perps will be hastily apprehended – by the incumbent Mafiosi monopolists, and either offered jobs or “the alternative”.

  5. Dr. Darkmoon’s thesis confirms Voltaire’s adage of :-

    “To learn who rules you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

    America’s msm has yet to mention what the Israeli media reported….

    “What was the Israeli involvement in collecting U.S. communications intel for NSA?
    Israeli high-tech firms Verint and Narus have had connections with U.S. companies and Israeli intelligence in the past, and ties between the countries’ intelligence agencies remain strong.”
    By TheMarker, Haaretz, The Associated Press and Reuters | Jun.08, 2013 | 12:41 PM

    So Israeli governmental agencies have and still do spy on American citizens.

  6. @ Faiz: “Fantastic piece, only could have come from Dr Darkmoon.”

    @ lobro: “Cannot but agree completely with your assessment. there is nothing on internet like our good doctor darkmoon.”

    What planet are you guys living on? I disagree with your assesment of this article entirely. It cannot be compared to a fine Indian curry, nicely spiced and nutritious as you both foolishly claim. On the contrary, it’s more like a dish of rotten meat laced with deadly poison and left out in the sun to poison foolish dogs who don’t know better when to stay away.

    This article is subversive nonsense. Snowden is a terrorist, a traitor to America, and he deserves execution. And so, in her own way, does Darkmoon for corrupting the minds and morals of impressionable young people.

    As for no one having privacy nowadays, what do you need privacy for? There’s too much talk of “privacy”, as if it’s something we all had a right to. Do parrots have a right to privacy? Can a peacock say, “Hey, don’t keep looking at my tail, it’s private!” Of course not. They know damn well they don’t have any right to privacy. Nor do you goyim trash — you being only one step up from the goddamn primates., unlike certain other superior species.

    If you’re living a good life, you don’t need secrets. More transparency is needed! Sorry, I don’t like this article at all. I disapprove of its antisocial tone. It’s clearly written by a very neurotic and maladjusted woman.

    1. Your anger is so justified Zak, when one sees from your point of view. The naked king would have been and being too angry when he is called naked, loudly and boldly on his face.
      What you presented is what you think, with no fact or data to corroborate. That is not surprising as it would have been too difficult to logically justify your claims. Anybody standing for truth must be silenced, that is your motto, aint it mate?

      I will stick to my appreciation for Dr Darkmoon and this site, despite of your vengeful and disgusting attack on her at a personal level. This site is dedicated to unmasking you and your mates, and it is fulfilling the promises amazingly well.

      I am glad there are a few people like Dr Darkmoon who still have the courage to call it a shovel. Without this last defense, humanity is doomed. Glad to be a part of this last line of defense.

    2. haha typical ethnocentric jew behavior , sticking up for the tribe no matter what, my only gripe with the article is that it leaves out some critical information on the subject ,1st of all paula broadwell aka paula broadwell KRANTS is a jewess , the same as monica jewinsky ,the daughter of a member of AIPAC ,the same as rael hunter aka lisa DRUCK , israel is not only spying and being put in charge of all the surveillance and computer security in jewnited states via companies likie verint ,narus comverse and amdocs, by their fellow dual US/israeli citizen tribe members they are putting their esthers, their jewess whores into these people lives to seduce them in the 1st place, the jews abhorrent kiniving controlling scheming behavior has not changed since the days of the old testament it seems

      1. You make some excellent points. If Paula Broadwell is a Jewess, as you claim, and used her position as a “honeypot” to compromise and lure General Petraeus into a trap, this puts a wholly different complexion on the matter.

        However, it also reinforces Darkmoon’s point that the internet is being used by Big Jewry as an instrument of blackmail.

        The Jews have infiltrated the NSA through Narus and Verint and the stupid Yanks have let them do it.

    3. I’m amazed people STILL reply to Seymour quite frankly. He’s a wind up and laughing all the way to wherever at seeing people rant and rave to his pushing all of their buttons. I spotted he was wind-up-merchant when I first started posting here. I laugh when I see that those who reply to him can’t see that he’s playing with them. Here’s some advice:


    4. In the pits of Hell the phallus of Satan awaits the tender, devoted, adoring lips of jew sayanim psychos, so typified by the likes of seymour zak.

  7. Here is a good one for you!
    The new Boeing Dreamliner is clearly unfit for service.
    However in the face of overwhelmiing evidence that it is a mass slaughter waiting to happen the FAA bends all the rules and says it is OK.
    It is an inexplicable decision but one that Boeing is desperate to have.
    One Washington desperately needs.
    Once we would have looked at the FAA and wondered what was going on?
    Today we should have a look at the FAA and work out who has the guilty little secrets – so bad that they risk the lives of potentially millions of people to keep.
    This scenario, if true and it is merely speculation of course, could be going to become the norm if this article is correct.
    It is a classic example of the potential.

  8. … Keep in mind:
    Petraeus New Job Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P.

    Published: June 28, 2013 By Staff

    Petraeus New Job Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus will take a new job with investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. as he attempts to rebuild his reputation after an extramarital affair with a biographer triggered his resignation as CIA director last fall.

    Petraeus, 60, will serve as chairman of the New York firm’s newly created KKR Global Institute. He was CIA director from September 2011 until last November. Before that, Petraeus served more than 37 years in the U.S. Army, where he rose to the rank of four-star general.

    Petraeus served as commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and also commanded forces in Iraq in 2007 and 2008, when violence in that country dropped following a surge in military forces.

    KKR said Thursday that Petraeus will support its investment teams and portfolio companies when studying new investments, especially in new locations. The company did not detail terms of its agreement with Petraeus, but a spokeswoman said he will serve in a consultant’s role.

  9. Soon the government will reach a paranoid critical mass just as Stalin did and turn in on itself. The NSA already has whistle blowers blowing the whistle on the whistle blowers. It’s just a matter of time before it all implodes.

  10. My 2 cents on this. The government is a parasite, Israel is a parasite, in order for parasites to exist they must control the host. Also a parasite or thief must take a supremacist attitude in order to do what they do. Someone who steals for a living (ie Israeli state) they must rationalize the theft, the rationalization must be institutionalized. When its an entire country thieving they must have a set of memes that rationalizes their actions. Israel can only exist by bleeding other nations.

    In the case of the Jews they have this set of memes, and it is called the Torah, later editions like the Talmud are more specific. They can steal and rape or even kill and they have God’s blessing when they do so. They must take on a supremacist attitude in order to play this game in their mind. It goes like this: I can steal from you because God chose me and I am better than you, God made you my slave and my cow, a cow gives milk and I can milk you by fees or taxes.

    So if you pay attention, those in power (meaning political power or the monopoly use of force) are always very serious about their right to take what is yours. They make up crisis and in order to solve these crisis they must levy a tax, order you to war, stop you from doing something, regulate your activities, etc. They are ALWAYS deadly serious. Often they are also comical because this behavior to use force attracts the lowest common denominator. In many jurisdictions cops are required to have substandard IQ’s. Those directing the use of force don’t want their attack dogs thinking about what they are doing. Cops and judges get infuriated when you question their authority.

    So is their a chosen class of people appointed by God? Religion teaches this meme. Is the state necessary? Christianity teaches that those in authority are appointed by God and the state is HIS creation. If you believe this then you voluntarily give your authority away to something else. This is a big mistake as we are witnessing what happens when those in authority start using it indiscriminately.

    I would like to point out why their are so many Jews in government, including the legal system. Religious Jews are trained that using force is the way it is, and Jews are smart, so a system set up to use force, i.e. the state, requires those willing to use force and the brains to direct it. Thus the Jews are a natural allies and servants of the state. The state is an extension of a supremacist mentality, if you already have this mentality then is it a wonder why the apparatus of the state is infested with Jews and that over time the state takes on more and more of a Jewish mentality?

    We live in hell, and the nature of this hell is the mind matrix of the Jewish thinking. Anything goes because anything is justified in order to maintain supremacy. Spying on your every move is exactly what a parasite must do, it doesn’t trust you because it knows its position within you is unjustified. At any time those being bled can oust the parasite and history is full of examples. The Jew knows this and is building a prison-police state before you react to its control. It will do anything in order to survive, including the complete genocide of North America.

    1. Please desist from promulgating the notion that Torah and Talmud are early and late versions of the same thing. They are entirely dissimilar. One is written by God and the other by man. The Torah contains the explicit written statement of God’s will, ie the Ten Commandments. And as the Lord Jesus Christ stated, Moses spoke of Him; Torah is thus the unadulterated Word of God. Those disputing this certain fact might like to visit the website by Vernon Jenkins entitled “The Other Bible Code” for a dramatic and powerful demonstration of this fact.
      Lest you have forgotten, the Ten Commandments prohibit lying, stealing, murder, adultery, disrespect to parents, etc. Rape is punishable with death. “One law and one manner shall serve, both for you and for the stranger that dwelleth with you”, so no separate Noahide Law for the goyim is sanctioned.
      The Talmud, however, is the codification of something which never existed, ie the revelation of His will orally to the 70 elders of Israel. Ezekiel informs us what kinds of wickedness these blasphemers got up to underground beneath the Temple, surrounded by “all the idols of the house of Israel”.
      Any jew who imagines that “God chose him, so he can do what he likes to the Gentiles” is severely deluded. God repeatedly states that He chose the jews as His Chosen People, initially at least, until they showed the depths of their depravity, because He had sworn to Abraham to make of him a great nation; not because of anything that the jew was inherently deserving of. Eventually, He grew exhausted with their unregenerate natures, and exiled them to Assyria and to Babylon.
      They remain in those places; the frauds who infest the land of Israel today are largely non-semitic Khazars from Europe, as most of us already know.

      1. All holy books are written by man, every word. The Talmud is a logical extension of the Torah which is all about “god” telling the “Jews” to steal, rape, pillage.

        1. In all honesty, God would not be so stupid as to write such horrible, traumatizing and abusive teachings as in the Talmud and the Torah. I can’t see anything divine in these scriptures but utter ignorance of the true nature of human beings, which when cultivated brings out the best in them. It sure is the most horrible and vile scripture ever written as far as I know – and I rather don’t know – it is too disgusting all the dishonesty, the lies, the using advices of humans as cattle is nothing but sick… I am so done with these abusive writings – and believe that some perverted religious constructs are worth only for one single thing – the trash can of time will swallow it too. Religion and spirituality seem fundamentally in opposition but in the context of the larger consciousness there is space for everything, even the worst ignorance is not in contrast with spaciousness – there is enough space for every idiot out there and their petty beliefs. Ultimately, there is nothing in contrast here – just we have preferences, and some sure need to stay out of the way of things which harm beings and life. That which reduces suffering is worthy of cultivation.

          In any case, perhaps we all shall admit our shortcomings when the time comes, if they can be found. Those pure people clear of everything enjoyable in life should throw the first stone. What they punish here is even something as human as mere “temptation.” Even that they wish to suppress and blackmail you with. Ignorance seem to be contagious in some backward religions. Best is to forget them – they are worthless for the realization of God consciousness and the cultivation of true happiness – anandam – eternal bliss in God’s consciousness.

          Once we admit to our small mistakes we can get back to work and service and reduce the suffering of humanity.

          I mean what can those mistakes be: i drank too much, I was on web cam when I was lonely, I cheated on my wife over the net, she lied to her friends via e-mail, blah blahh blahhhhh Whatever… it is – isn’t it all so petty and small. So many of us do 99% good deeds and when we fail – these spying perverts make out of a fly an elephant. Isn’t that indeed disgusting? Let them…. We all need to learn to become our own best friend anyway. What’s the deal here? Yeah, perhaps we are exposed. Nothing much really happens with 99% of humanity most of the time but mall temptations and mistakes should destroy their service to the World? How stupid can they be?

          “Holy Madness: The Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools and Rascal Gurus” be Feuerstein is a good read to learn how to cope with these spying pervees.

          These controlling perverts should not be allowed to degrade any of us. Let’s just start a new day: HERE and NOW. People should get away from working for these cruel and cunning idiots. They are disgusting in their small minded pettiness.

          Forget about the bad intention of those people who follow anti-human sentiments calling it religion (grade F=worthless junk). Start a fresh day and when your friend gets degraded, ignore the story and uplift – know that this is the plan all along. It’s our duty almost to help our friends to keep their dignity. Nobody is perfect – whatever that may mean.

          Religion as I get to know it seems to be the lowest of all spiritual teachings… not that there is high low… we explore according to preferences. That which harms beings clearly cannot be of God. Forget the story and sink into your own being. We don’t need dogmatic false religion to be with the Beloved spacious God consciousness which is always with us wherever we are.

      2. “Please desist from promulgating the notion that Torah and Talmud are early and late versions of the same thing. They are entirely dissimilar. One is written by God and the other by man.”

        I agree with you, but I have only one question. By “Torah” do you mean only the first five books of the Old Testament or do you mean the entire Old Testament.

        If you mean the entire Old Testament, then I agree with you absolutely that the Talmud cannot be regarded as as extension or evolution of this. The Talmud is a corruption of this in that it took the idea of “chosenness” found in the Torah and distorted it to mean that the JEWS, ethnic Jews, are God’s favorites and that God prefers ethnic Jews to gentiles.

        This idea of the intrinsic superiority of the ethnic Jew — of Jewish racial supremacism — is NOT found in the Old Testament. Anyone who lives by the Ten Comandments and lives righteously is living the life of Torah and is dear to God. One doesn’t have to be an ethnic Jew to be dear to God. All one needs to do is to keep his commandments and live righteously. You see, anyone who is perfect and lives honorably is “chosen”. For how can God reject a perfect person?

        I see Christianity as neo-Judaism, as Judaism’s culmination and evolution. As Judaism perfected.

        The Talmud is not only a rejection of Christianity, which it hates with a savage hatred, it is also a rejection of Torah and the values of the Old Testament.

        This is my current viewpoint, though it could change with correction.

        1. torah (old testament) is a psycho’s instruction manual.

          it sanctions serial slaughter, slavery, ethnic purges, cruelty, child sacrifice, polygamy, incest, betrayal, lying, cheating, rape … someone who read it end to end can fill in the rest.

          and of course, it wasn’t bad enough for jews so they invented talmud, yahweh was too smurfy for them.

          1. Yes, but try and remember that the Old Testament is made up several books and that some of them are works of genius, particularly the Book of Ecclesiastes — which is in every way similar to the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam with the wine left out — and the Book of Job which tackles the problem of pain and to which Jung devoted a whole work called Answer to Job.

            I assure you that neither the Book of Ecclesiastes nor the Book of Job sanction serial slaughter or advocate slavery, ethnic purges, cruelty, child sacrifice, polygamy, incest, betrayal, lying, cheating, or rape. Nor, for that matter, does the Song of Solomon or Proverbs.

            So, why throw the baby out with the bath water?

            If someone gives you a picnic hamper with three or four rotten items in it, do you throw away the whole basket?

            Don’t you keep the good, nutritious food and throw away only the rotten items?

          2. matter of taste, berenice.

            it is within the realm of possible, though unlikely that some traditional jewish food might taste ok to a neutral palate, but not to mine.
            once i spot the kosher stamp, the stomach heaves, bucks and chucks.

            same with old testament.
            too much moral diversity for my palate to be able to pick and choose, chew and spit, good jews, bad jews, all that stuff.

          3. didn’t solomonder keep a bunch of wives?
            and slaves, concubines and such?

            so he composes some shiksa poems and he is such mellow romantic, just like his equally nauseating descendant leonard cohen.

            back as freshman, i broke up with a girlfriend because (among other things) she practically worshiped him and wouldn’t quit playing his music.
            i guess even then my hackles stood up before i knew what a jew is.
            except that they nag constantly in bleating voices, are shifty eyed and their food stinks.

            wonder if she also likes the songs of shlomo …

          4. Since we are old friends, I refuse to quarrel with you over our divergent literary tastes. I am not under any obligation to like the same dishes that you like or dislike the same books that you regard as detestable.

            I would have more respect for you opinion here if it followed the rules of logic and was not the result of sheer hatred for anything “kosher”, i.e., whatsoever produced by a Jew.

            If you took the trouble to reread the Book of Ecclesiastes, you would see that there is nothing particular “Jewish” about it. It is not a religious treatise that belongs to Judaism. It is a philosophical poem that transcends ethnicity. It is no different in this respect to the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam which I understand you admire greatly. Its sentiments are in many ways identical to those of the Rubaiyat.

            So tell me: why do you admire the Rubaiyat so much and sneer at Ecclesiastes? I’ll tell you why: because you happen to know that the second was written by a Jew. If you hadn’t known that, you wouldn’t have hated it. Because it has no identifiable “kosher” stamp. It could easily have been written by Omar Khayyam.

            Herein lies your lack of logic, dear lobro. If you were a good reasoner you would, like a good chess player, admit defeat. But you don’t, blinded by your virulent anti-Semitism that tells you that ANYTHING produced by a Jew is ipso facto horrible and atrocious.

            You write: “torah (old testament) is a psycho’s instruction manual. it sanctions serial slaughter, slavery, ethnic purges, cruelty, child sacrifice, polygamy, incest, betrayal, lying, cheating, rape … someone who read it end to end can fill in the rest.”

            I have challenged you to produce any evidence that Ecclesiastes contains any of the above evil qualities you associate with the Old Testament, i.e., serial slaughter, child sacrifice, incest etc. etc.

            You can’t do that.

            Ergo: you have no rational basis for condemning the entire Old Testament — though you may well have a rational basis for condeming parts of it.

            I am not saying you have no right to behave like an irrational man. You have such a right. So by all means continue to take a pride in your irrationality.

            As for me, I hope you will permit me to go on exercising my reason and behaving like a rational human being.

            Many thanks for this stimulating argument. 🙂

          5. “didn’t solomonder keep a bunch of wives?
            and slaves, concubines and such?

            Good point. You have a rational basis for disliking the Song of Solomon. Why? Because it condones slavery and polygamy.

            Unfortunately, however rational your argument is, it is also weak. Why? Because there is nothing particular “kosher” or Jewish about slavery or polygamy. You will find that non-Jewish societies throughout history been equally well-disposed toward slavery and polygamy.

            Do you hate Muslims and Mormons because they practice polygamy? Jews have at least stopped practicing this! In any case, there’s nothing particularly “evil” about polygamy or polyandry. A moral case could be made out for both of them. One could imagine a future society in which this might even become desirable: for example, a society in which war had diminished the ranks of men so that there were only one man left to every 10 women.

            As for slavery, I agree this is bad. And Jews were behind the save trade, I admit. A black mark for the Jews there.

            But try and understand this: the Old Testament is not to be singled out as uniquely evil for condoning slavery. Slavery was condoned and practiced everywhere in the ancient world. It was condoned and practiced in India, China, ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It is mentioned in the Qur’an without condemnation. Not once did Christ in the New Testament speak out against slavery. It was the social norm.

            My point? My point is that the Song of Solomon cannot be condemned for its “Jewish” or “kosher” values just because Solomon had lots of slaves and wives.

            This is because, as I have shown, both slavery and polygamy were practiced throughout the ancient world and were universal norms.

            Finally, slavery was also the norm throughout the Middle Ages in Christian Europe.

            If you want to condemn the Jews for slavery, you must also condemn the Christians for having slaves.

          6. call me antisemite all you want, berenice, like water off the duck’s back.
            but choosing logic as your debating weapon is a double-edged proposition.
            ecclesiates, ecclesaites, khayyam, khayyam …
            ok, let’s deal with that.
            either ecclesiates is part and parcel of old testament (torah) or it was artificially inseminated into it.

            in the latter case, you should refuse to prostitute it by using it as a shield for torah, since it shares none of its genuine sentiment of gratuitous carnage, etc.

            in the former case, it is just sweettalking its way out of the swamp of the same torah that praises a genocidal father jepthah’s sacrfice of own daughter to celebrate a complete wipeout of an enemy tribe.

            … the case of Jephthah, an Israelite judge whose ill-conceived oath led him to sacrifice his only child as a burnt-offering to Yahweh. The story is recorded in Judges 11:29-40. During a territorial dispute with the Ammonites, Jephthah made a vow to Yahweh prior to battle: “If You will indeed deliver the people of Ammon into my hands, then it will be that whatever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the People of Ammon, shall surely be Yahweh’s, and I will offer it up as a burnt offering” (vs:30-31). Needless to say, with Yahweh on his side, Jephthah defeated the Ammonites “with a very great slaughter” (v:33). Of course, it just couldn’t have been a Yahwistic victory without a “very great slaughter.”

            On his return home, however, Jephthah was greeted at his house by his daughter who came out to meet him “with timbrels and dancing”, etc.

            so what do we have here berenice, fish or cut bait?
            jepthah was so eager to have ammonites delivered into his hands (note the language, not just to defeat them or even execute the survivors but the phrase smacks of a sadistic anticipation of terminal torture) that he figured that one good slaughter deserves another, even from his own household.

            it pleases yahweh, it pleases jepthah, it pleases jews as the prinicipal consumers of torah.

            so shove in some khayyam, sorry, ecclesiastes to deodorize the deal, is that it?

            if khayyam had been ok with that, i would pitch his book into the nearest trashcan and i suggest you do the same with the ecclesiastes – if they support the torah.

            do you see the inherent fallacy?
            are ecclesiastes part of torah’s dna, in which case i soundly reject them and so should you or are they a foreign body inserted unfairly and therefore should lead to bilateral rejection as foreign grafts are laible to be rejected.

            otherwise stick mein kampf into torah and demand that i reject it on that basis.

          7. in general terms, you find a segment of a broader entity, said segment presenting a positive aspect and use this to exonerate the whole.

            i take the opposite route and say that unless it can be taken on standalone basis, it is itself corrupted by the global entity.

          8. Well, I agree with you that there’s a lot in the Old Testament that is objectionable, including the passage from Judges that you quoted. I see the Old Testament as an anthology. Which is what it surely is. Just as an anthology of English poetry is made of hundreds of different poems, some better than others, the Bible is made up of different books, some of them objectionable and some of them pretty good.

            If you wish to condemn the entire Old Testament just because it has a lot of objectionable books in it, I can’t stop you. But tell me, would you apply the same logic to an anthology of English poetry? Would you condemn the entire anthology because of its bad poems? Would you say of the good poems in the book: “These poems are prostituting themselves by being in this anthology and giving it an appearance of respectability?”

            I guess you could do that. But I can’t. I can’t condemn the entire anthology because of the bad poems in it, any more than I can condemn the entire menu in a restaurant just because of the bad dishes on the menu.

          9. These are the Old Testament books that are truly inspired and bear a resemblance to anything written by the Persian mystics or the Oriental sages: Ecclesiastes, Job, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Psalms, Isaiah.

            The 150 Psalms of David form the basis of the liturgy of the Catholic Church. Every single day these psalms are chanted in the seven divine offices (starting with matins in the early morning and ending with compline late in the evening) and you will know these as Gregorian chant.

            How can anyone reasonable find evil in Gregorian chant?

            If you have blanket condemnation for the Old Testament, then you must logically regard Gregorian chant as fundamentally evil.

        2. Berenice,

          I’m fully with lobro on the Old Testament. To quote from Douglas Reed’s ‘Controversy of Zion’, the book that got him blacklisted:

          “By the time the West, and Christianity, were nineteen and a half centuries old, the political leaders there, being much in awe of the central sect of Judaism, had begun to speak with pious awe of the Old Testament, as if it were the better half of the Book by which they professed to live. Nevertheless it was, as it always had been, the Law of their peoples’ destruction and enslavement, and all their deeds, under the servitude which they accepted, led towards that end.”

          The Old Testament is the bluprint for the enslavement of all gentiles. It is full of hypocrisy and contradiction, fabrication, murder, infantacide, genocide, sacrifice and control.

          I find it disturbing that gentiles proclaim to live their lives by it. New Testament, perfectly understandable. Old? Nope. I don’t think you can really separate it. It comes as one and has but one purpose – to brainwash non Jews into believing Jews are their masters.

          And lobro doesn’t like Jews and? What’s the big deal? Ask yourself when and by whom did the freedom to not like whomever, for whatever reason become wrong within society? Jews throughout history, from rebuking the Samaritans when they welcomed them back from Babylon; as child sacrificers; as money lenders; as murderers in Bolshevism and pressers of buttons behind the curtain have always given people enough rope to hang them throughout history. I’ve learned that when authority tells you you shouldn’t do something, you should! LOL

          The more I learn of Jews, the more my stomach turns. Why should a minority of non integrating, agent provocateurs, ghetto formers and power seekers be given special status above ANYONE? From what I’m learning, it seems that humanity has a choice; remove Jews from all positions of influence or don’t complain when the NWO is 100% fully operational, the Temple has been rebuilt and the world emperor crowned to rule all.

          1. Good Lord Almighty! This “Berenice” lady simply proposes the beauty of some of the OT books, and you guys have a fit and essentially claim she is promoting Judaism because of it! Come ON!!

            The learned Dr. Darkmoon has given us an EXCELLENT introduction into the fact of mass surveillance over ALL of us (jew and gentile, alike), and you turn it into a jew-bashing contest. Shame on you.

            (Protocol Nine)

            You often act like a bunch of unreasonable ninnies – and are fodder for the Pietri Dish.

          2. Dr Pepper,

            “……you guys have a fit and essentially claim she is promoting Judaism”


            Fits? Promoting Judaism? Should you care to RE-READ what I’ve written you’ll find nothing written whatsoever to what you imply. I merely quoted Douglas Reed, gave my opinion of what the OT really is and why it was written.

            You really need to learn to accept honest debate but even moreso, to not put words into other people’s mouths. It’s rude and wrong to do so.

    1. because they are controlled opposition and I’m disappointed with this sites blindness here, unless, it too, is controlled opposition! 😉

  11. there’s no way to call the usa a free country anymore. under this kind of surveillance the word democracy just doesn’t apply, if it ever did. the surveillance and data storage capability now gives the state, or the cabal in control of it, more power than has ever been imagined. and they will use their power to remake the world into the perfect end product of the perfect surveillance state. right now they’re cooking up a list of stuff that will get you on the wrong side of the crunch, when ts really does htf. everyone is being classified. the new and improved power pyramid will have no use whatsoever for critical thinkers among the lower classes. it will require an utterly brutal and completely unaccountable militarized police force to protect the higher levels. 100 years from now the police will be more like robots than people, if it takes that long. but it won’t matter much, because the intellect will have been removed from all hive mind subjects in the lower classes. the greatest inroads on this are being made in china now, where work is indentured slavery. you can bet the higher-ups at the british communications center are all sworn to the ashkenazi german jew queen, who operates usacorp, for the pope who owns it. they’re both zionists. check the painting of elizabeth 1, with the eyes all over the gown. the catholic church, which started all this with its confessional, is perhaps the most grand of jewish conspiracies. all you circumcised catholics out there – you’re fake jews, slaves to the zionist mind control psy-op. all you dreadlock rastamans out there preaching your lion of zion dogma, you’re fake jamaicans. it won’t save you, not from anything other than some slave job status as an underling worker of some kind, what you are now. as long as you keep making the sign of the slave and preaching the jesus fantasy they will probably let you live. at least until they get around to reducing the population by 90% or so. the jew mormons have keeping track of bloodlines for at least 100 years in the usa. you notice where the big nsa center is. that will determine who survives the big population wipeout.

    1. A bleak vision. But a couple of corrections; the US was originally supposed to be a republic, not a democracy, ie it was characterized by Institutions and Offices of State, and the separation of those institutions, rather than a homogenous body politic structured around a horde of equal individuals. In actuality, of course, it is a Corporation, with a counterfeit rule book described as The Constitution of the United States, instead of The Constitution for the united states, as it was originally formulated, and subsequently subverted, with the establishment of the parallel corporatist Federal Government in Feb 1871, whose power is supposedly limited to only the 10 sq. miles of the DC area. But as a prima facie Representative Democracy today, the key word is representative; ie a very few individuals all treasonously working together to bring about the same Plan have stripped power from the demos via the “voting” scam; not that the demos ever had power anywhere other than 5th C BC Athens for a brief period anyway, until it was realised what mob rule actually implies.
      WSC opined that democracy was the worst form of government, apart from all the others.
      But your vision.
      It is bleak because it sees no change from the process of brutal enslavement which is the driving force behind all present-day political activity.
      I must agree with you that this vision will be fulfilled, but only for a mercifully brief period.
      There is a divine dimension to our presence here on earth which the Word of God tells us is invisible to most. “The spirit of truth, which the world cannot receive, because the world seeth him not, neither knoweth him”.
      And again, “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, because they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”.
      Thus, and unbelievably to most, there will shortly be manifested a new heaven and a new earth, as repeatedly stated by God, pre-eminently in Isaiah, eg ch 66 v 22-4. The new earth, whose capital is to be the New Jerusalem, will be a world of peace, righteousness, and joy. It is inconceivable that it could be any other way, as we know that our God is characterized by lovingkindness, judgement and righteousness. ( Jer. 9, 24.)
      I do not expect you to believe this, however, it is the simple truth. But faith is the greatest gift of God, and marks out those who are the real Chosen People, “chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world”.
      You can join us, and I urge you to do so.
      “Ask, and ye shall receive, seek, and ye shall find.”

      1. The much bragged about Founding Fathers practically to a man detested the idea of democracy because they weren’t complete idiots and had actually read a little Greek stuff.

        Unfortunately they also felt the same way about a King.

  12. Ashkenazi Jews have won & they rule the US Superpower —– their slam dunk.
    Their CEO the Rothschild Financial Empire set about World domination in about 1800.
    with his declaration “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
    1844 .-Benjamin Disraeli (a Jew who would go on to become British Prime Minister twice) publishes Coningsby, in which he characterises Nathan Mayer Rothschild as,
    “the Lord and Master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually Lord and Master of everything else with Monarchs and Ministers of all countries courting his advice and guided by his suggestions.”
    In his 1911 book “Jews and Modern Capitalism “Werner Sombart concluded that from 1820 on, it was the, “Age of the Rothschild,” and that there was, “Only one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild.”
    Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-line speech to the US Congress which received 29 standing ovations confirmed the domination of the US ,the world’s ONLY superpower.
    The Rothschild Financial Empire has been estimated at $500 Trillion.
    They “own” the Bank of England & the US Federal Reserve & much much more.


  13. Peace be with the reader.

    Yes even worse than Orwell could have imagined.
    Get the latest info and updates from @judgmenttime

    The faithful witness

  14. “Hear O Israel, you are to cross the Jordan, enter in and dispossess nations greater and stronger than yourselves.” Deuteronomy 9:1. The U.S. is a host nation for the Zionists who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation from the inside. America, Europe, are colonies of Israel, continental concentration camps. Each cell has television. Goyim athletes are paid $millions to distract us (Lebron’s agent is an Orthodox scribe). Shabbath Goyim carry out the megillah— yet, even they will be betrayed. If “a million Arab lives aren’t worth one Jewish fingernail” (Ben-Gurion) how much are millions of American Goyim worth?

  15. Do only so called Zionist Jews cause havoc? How is it that Idumeans and Turko Mongolians can take Biblical words and change them to their liking? Can Jews change words written in the Bible? If a Jew is someone from the House of Judah racially all Jews must be liars. This good Jew, Zionist Jew BS is for amateurs and obvious that is used to forestall thought and pilpilize what has already been pilpilized. Im all for Jews returning to their homeland, wherever the hell that is, but they are still here and eventually they will return as they always do by force (whether they are so called Zionists or not).

    1. wherever the HELL

      the answer is right there, jews true homeland, where they will all return.

  16. We have known about NSA/GCHQ operations for years. Personally, I don`t care what they do, because most people are sheeple and its not going to change. The alternative media/conspiracy site have utterly failed to dent the sheeple masses from their slumbers. Alex Jones is almost main stream and much of his sites output is full of disinformation. Rense also colours the truth. I have always held the view that that the Dark Forces were reading everything I post or send via email. Knowing this, I post whatever is in my mind and I post it as this is what I know and believe, even if I don`t have absolute facts. This tells the dark forces that I am not controlled. I think all the major conspiracy/truth sites are controlled, or infected with disinformation jockies. Most of what Snowden has said is off the mark, or just plain wrong. I don`t think I`ve ever read a Wikileak, because its a load of rubbish. Wikileaks hasn`t said anything that I didn`t already know or suspect in my own mind.

    Sure, there were people warning about the coming economic collapse and I was one of them. I was posting about the coming DESIGNED financial collapse on the BBC Today forums in 2001/2/3!! Forget about the NSA/GCHQ nutters…don`t waste a moment of your time concerning their activities. The more they know about your free higher thinking, the more worried they will become. If you are reading this far down my comment, then you are half way there. You need to prepare for what is coming…its going to be many times worse that 9/11, sham war on terror, a few fake wars and the first stage of the designed economic collapse. The future is going to be big time bleak, for those who survive.

    1. I read parts from the link….what am I supposed to make of it? 9/11 was a false flag!! I`ve been banned from two sites. I was banned by propagandamatrix for questioning/debunking their theory of nano-thermite. I am not saying thermite was not used, it just didn`t bring down the WTC/No7. Tony Gosling runs a 9/11 truth site, he banned me for pointing out that many posters (gov shills) were reposting very old information as if it were new. One purpose of these sites is to guide as many people into a railway siding of thought. Think about it. They are collecting so much information and have the silicone capacity to analyse, that they could catch most criminals and pre-crime many murder`s as they are conspiracies. In theory, committing acts of terror should be impossible!!lol

  17. Someone asked me recently how to get a secure email account. I said I never bothered trying because I have assumed for years that anyone worth monitoring is already completely surrounded.

  18. berenice, my reply disappeared.
    rather than risk clogging the thread with multiple postings (the new one would be just a variant on the lost one), i will wait some time and see whether it surfaces at some point.

    suffice it to say that logic can be like one of rakes that cartoon characters step on and get smacked in face.

    1. *Sigh.* This is happening to me also. My post disappears but then reappears in a few minutes. Did your post show up eventually? I saw two post of yours above…

      1. yep, it did show up.
        i think your sister is suspicious of us both.

        it struck me that in my last blurb i misused the term “EXONERATE”.
        it is unfair, because you never attempted to exonerate the whole of torah.
        better it would have been to have used “SOFTEN” or “ENNOBLE”.
        of course, being an inveterate you-know-what, i would have had a problem with that too :-).

        maybe wayne gacy enjoyed the smell of flowers, it doesn’t buy him an upgrade in hell.

  19. Spying is just a part of the bigger picture.. I fear that the global repression of we goyim will take some defeating, protest, and you wind up in jail, or dead..

  20. Mass-surveillance comes with the progress of technology of course, as McLuhan would say, but it is politics as Orwell described before. In Europe, the puppet- masters are more difficult to investigate. First it was in GB with all these TV-cameras, they installed, as they participated in the “war on terror” directly and on Iraq. But it seems the marionettes imitate politics from the US now in all of Europe (Atlantic Bridge) and so as with the Neocons one has to study the origin there and the role of Aipac and Wallstreet combined, not to forget the city of London. The same can be said about the media: since 1945 in Germany they are franchise shops of the Allied media, which again made the war-propaganda against us and in the end against the Anglo-Saxon countries also.
    It is all about getting the power to rule the world or to ruin traditional peoples into the multicult-morass and then stirr it up to get it bubbling.

    1. to add, if hp reads it : the indian religion and philosophy I wouldn’t include in the term: “Multicult”, which can be regarded as a more artificial concept of the media: “the melting pot”. One can see Indian culture as a relative or even near to the origins of germanic culture, as some say about the Sumerians.

    2. Yes fritz, it’s real life to them.
      As you infer, at its core is a helplessness, a marionette duty.
      Very sad, and quite demeaning..

      For human beings, anyhow.

  21. Quote:The neo-Bolsheviks in power .
    Wrong! It should be the Trotskyist in power! They are the same genocidal psychopathic maniacs, like their idol Leonid Bronstein!
    BTW Someone should nominate Ramon Mercader for a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize!

  22. once again my post gets the invisibility cloak.
    i will wait couple of hours before reposting, now is 0806 or 1406, depending on my whereabouts (when you are invisible, who cares?)

  23. repost man …
    berenice sent me down this road for the better or for the worse.

    deconstructing jepthabrabahomet

    i am fascinated with own-child sacrifices by abraham and jepthah because they touch on the following fundamental jewish traits: cruelty, total inability to love anyone, including own offspring, superstition, selfishness, blind obedience/lack of introspection, essential non-spirituality of the breed/dealmaking with deity (i serve you/you serve me/you are powerful but dumb/i am weak but smart).

    it does not bother them one bit to accept a yahweh who is clueless about notions of justice, equality and balance, even though he is supposedly the universal god, creator of all things.
    you just play by the rules and he will respond in predictive manner, like a lion tamer entering the cage with a chair and a whip.
    so, if yahweh asks for sacrifice of abraham’s firstborn, he is instantly ready in a strident, unemotional way, like doing dishes, not something one looks forward to but of necessity. it never enters abraham’s mind to question, rebel or grieve, he will surely have the favor repaid so he doesn’t quibble.

    jepthah is so eager to have some fun and torture with ammonites (“deliver them into my hand”, heh-heh) that he promises burnt offerings to the hyena god in return.
    imagine the kind of father that would unquestioningly stoop to murdering his little daughter who welcomes him happily dancing with bells and tumbrels, daddy is home!

    how many fathers would instantly offer themselves instead?
    most gentile ones that i know, that’s for sure.

    yahweh is nothing but an all-powerful golem to jew, you make deals like you would with the devil (someone point out the difference to me), just be careful and check the fine print is what the story of japthah seems to indicate.
    you don’t cheat devil and he won’t cheat you, the only deal in town, the rest is all kol nidre.

    1. Instead of taking such stories as historical facts and basing all kinds of theories upon them, you should consider the possibility of them having been invented for a certain purpose. At that time the peoples of Canaan and environments practised child sacrifices to their god Moloch on a grand scale. The Israelites were repeatedly tempted to imitate the religious practices of their neighbors, as testified in the O.T. Child sacrifices however are explicitly forbidden in Leviticus 18: 21, 20: 2-5 and Deuteronomy 12 : 29-31, 18:10.

      The story of Abraham in Genesis 22: 2-19, describing how he was instructed to sacrifice his son Isaac, then being prevented to do so by an angel, who provided a ram instead, was clearly invented to teach the Israelites that Yahweh needs no human sacrifices and and that sacrificing a ram is enough.

      The story of Yephtah in Judges 11 : 30-40 was probably invented to teach the danger of making poorly thought out vows. The whole story is depicted as a drama, not as something recommendable.

      The Bible is not a book of history, but of ideology in the form of stories. Some of those stories are real, some are distorted and some are wholly invented.

      1. i know damn well that whatever a jew says is by no means the truth, more likely a lie unblemished by truth.

        but the fact is that they themselves harp on the virtues of total annihilation of enemies and zealotry behind mindless, unquestioning obedience of yahweh’s demands.

        the story of the king who was severely penalized for sparing just one single amalek for later public sacrifice is repeated at each yom kippur all over the world.

        or how esther and her uncle betrayed the host nation of persia and persuaded the idiot king to put 75,000 of his subjects to sword.
        they rave about it with delirious pleasure over 2,000 years since.
        and on and on and on, all the betrayals by jewish sluts who worked their way into the pants of the powerful goy leaders, right down to monica lewinsky and paula broadwell today.
        they are heroes of judea, no less than esther and judith (who decapitated sleeping drunk holofernes after sex).
        is there another nation with such tendencies and proud of it?

        that’s my point f.r., not what a nice guy yahweh is.

        do i care whether the story is true or not?
        the psychology as i laid it out is true, the story is just a window dressing.

    1. that guy bruce willis or whatshisname sure packs an audio wallop.
      thanks for posting.

      snowden was lobbed at the bric countries like a live grenade.
      do they dump him back at the us and appear as appeasers or keep him and strengthen the charade, giving it undeserved gravitas?

      1. You’re welcome lobro. Yes this guy who ever he is has a way of getting your attention with his deep voice and way of conveying the message.

        It’s hard to know what to make of Snowden. He is tossed back and forth like a hot potato by the powers that be. In Russia there are different opinions also. Israel Shamir just wrote a piece about him from Moscow. Sorry I can’t give you a link from the shamir-readers group, but he should have the article up on his website soon.

        On an unrelated note, do you or any of the readers here know anything about this browser;

        1. without any pretense to expertise, siljan, tor is an ip anonymizer.
          normally, when you connect to darkmoon site, there is a communication vector that shows your ip address and that of darkmoon’s, so it is easy to infer that siljan has a mojo for darmoon type thought.
          tor bounces your site request through a bunch of random ip’s so that by the time the connection is established, it is quite difficult to track its progress.
          and that connection chain may be dynamically altered as well, i don’t know for sure.
          sort of like matt damon trying to shake off shadowing cars in bourne series.
          the downside is the same as jason bourne’s, namely the trip takes a long time.

          or you could pay for security and subscribe to a vpn provider (virtual private network).

          1. well written and argued but the niggling doubt remains.

            for one thing shamir cites nuremberg ruling in support of snowden, notwithstanding that nurember was the history’s most despicable kangaroonian court and anything linked to it is automatically discredited.

            moreover, the lack of any leaked information implicating mossad and other tentacles of world judaism is hugely telling.
            are we to understand that nsa has no data on that angle?

            i always liked and respected shamir but he needs to get his head out of the hole through which his own credibility may leak out.

  24. Actually, General Petraeus’ father was Dutch Jewish.
    (This copy was taken from an original website, )

    An owner of stopped to update his website last two years ago due to harassment and intimidation by someone, who was presumably sent by ADL (Anti-Defamation League). He was one of the best people on Internet at exposing and identifing Jews.

  25. Nothing amazes me any more. Nothing. Three weeks ago, I heard a very faint high-pitched buzzing on my phone while talking to an antique gun dealer. Now I am a retired Naval gunnery officer, so I chalked it up to that. I excused myself, hung up and went to my in-laws’ house and dialed again. No buzzing. As soon as I mentioned two military-surplus weapons I had purchased decades ago (no evidcence of purchase), the faint whistle strted again. Back home (a mile away), I dialed again. Same thing. Nothing until the word “rifles” came up, then the little whisper. Now I am not the type of guy who looks at a football team’s huddle and assumes they’re talking about me :-D, but it sure was more than concedental. My spose said to time it, and I told her I had. I purposefully filled the third call with verbal dross, and it was only just after the mention of unregistered guns, that the little whistle started. Oh joy. Orwell indeed.

  26. I am not missing an eye (but my “concedental” above sure is). Also my key-board inserts letters where I do not want them and it’s capable of just stopping, or even cutting words up and repasting them incorrectly. H-m-m-mm. See if I can do that weird y. Nope. It’s bigger than a capital and has a line th®ø¨© it. (How ’bout the previous “through”? I will check when this gets inserted…).

  27. The one thing that i remember the most clearly over the past 40 years of my school days at Brandeis University in 1970’s are my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his grand parents and parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”
    Later in life I learned that the exact translation of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”..
    I remember him recalling what his father told him when he was growing up in Eastern Europe. One of them being that when his father was in high school he and a group of friends would skip school early on Fridays and go over to his friend’s father’s butcher shop. That they would buy at cost any cows , that had not been butchered by the end of the day on Friday before the start of Shabat . They would take the cow home and wash it and then the boys would procede to “beat the udders of the cows so that they would swell up and turn pink” so as to sell them to the “GOYISHE KUP” as milk producing cows.
    The part that I remember him asking me if the East Europeans are so “naive, so gullible and so stupid” to buy an old “non milk producing cows” from a bunch of young Jewish Boys.
    So re-thinking of it now I agree with the Jewish saying that the “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that a Bunch of Arab Moslem Kids who were not able to Fly a Cessna Airplane took it upon themselves to FLY a Jumbo 747 and outwitted the US Militaryand Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960’s is still alive and well has been put to good use by Larry Silverstein in putting 15 million down and comming out with 7 billion dollars for buidings that no one wanted to buy because it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos from. Then on top of that the people in America actually believe that they actually decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted and makes a difference in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.,,,

    Oy Veh, I agree that the American Non-Jews are indeed “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!

    1. @ edwinelowes

      A word of advice. If you post more than three links at once, your post will be held up automatically for monitoring. Also, please don’t post the identical comment six times. Once is enough.

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