My Struggle against the Jews, by Eustace Mullins

In which Eustace Mullins describes his victimization at the hands of the Jews and his close personal friendship with the persecuted poet Ezra Pound.

Edited and abbreviated slightly, with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon.

“No one who has been martyred by the Jews should remain unknown.
And no one who has been martyred by the Jews will remain unavenged.”
— Eustace Mullins

My life will be judged worthwhile to the extent that it is of use to others. For this reason, I wish to tell of the things which have happened to me in my struggle against the forces of darkness. It is my hope that others will be forewarned of what to expect in this fight.

During the past thirty years of this struggle, many of the great patriots who gave me, instinctively, their valuable guidance and inspiration, were themselves heavily immobilized by the machinations of international Jewry. They considered their personal losses relatively unimportant, however, compared to the sufferings of the Gentile people who have been enslaved by the Jews.

In the same way, it might seem idle carping for me to mention the murder of my parents by government agents working for the Jews, who wanted revenge against me for my work; not when we consider that sixty-six million Christians have been killed in Russian concentration camps since 1917, all of them murdered by the Jewish Communists who built and operated these camps.

These millions lie nameless and unmourned. But they were no less the victims of the Jews than my parents were — or many other Americans whose sacrifices have gone unrecorded by those who are next on the death list.

No one who has been martyred by the Jews should remain unknown. And no one who has been martyred by the Jews will remain unavenged.

I became the object of the Jews hatred by events which moved in a straight line. Successively, I became the protégé of George Stimpson, the most respected journalist in Washington, who founded the National Press; and of Ezra Pound, the world-famous poet; and of H. L. Hunt, one of the world’s richest men.

Of the three, only Ezra Pound fought the Jews openly. And he suffered grievously as a consequence, spending thirteen years in a hideous, urine-soaked madhouse in Washington D.C.

George Stimpson passed on to me many of the secrets of Washington, including the fact that Felix Frankfurter founded the Harold Ware Cell of Communists and the nature of the Jewish control over J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. H.L. Hunt fought valiantly to preserve the values of Christian civilization. But he was unable to deploy his money effectively in a battle which was outside of his experience.

I was to visit Ezra Pound several times in the cell in which he was held as a political prisoner and which he aptly termed “the hellhole.”

“Ezra Pound fought the Jews openly.
And he suffered grievously as a consequence,
spending thirteen years in a hideous, urine-soaked madhouse…”

In 1942, when I joined the United States Army Air Force, I had no thought that thirty-six years later, I would still be engaged in a life-or-death struggle with a tenacious and relentless enemy.

I regarded World War II as an unavoidable hiatus in my chosen career as an artist and writer. The war would be over in a couple of years, and I would resume the writing of books which I had already begun. I had no personal desire to ‘slap the Jap,’ or ‘stun the Hun,’ or any of the ‘Tin Pan Alley’ slogans which the Jews had conjured up to herd the Gentile cattle to the slaughter.

Like many of my fellow soldiers, I sensed that the enemy was not really overseas, but was more likely entrenched here on the home front. But also like my fellow soldiers, I knew there was little I could do about it. Almost a year later, I read some material which gave me enlightenment.

Although it seems unbelievable now, during the height of World War II, there was more widespread dissemination of patriotic material on the Jewish conspiracy than there is today. Many dedicated patriots turned out small papers which printed the hard facts. They had long since learned how to survive the daily harassment by FBI agents, ADL agents, and hordes of other ‘home front’ guardians. They were frequently denounced by the paid press.

After reading one of these hysterical attacks, I sent Gerald L. K. Smith twenty-five dollars for some material. This was a large sum at that time, as my pay was only fifty dollars a month. By return mail, I received a large box containing several hundred copies of ‘The Cross and the Flag.’

Theis was the first material I had ever encountered on the Jewish problem. It contained many astounding revelations.

I realized at once that this was not the type of material to be quoted in the usual barracks discussions. Several soldiers had commented that there were informers in the barracks. Although I did not then make the connection, there was to be found in almost every barracks, a particularly obnoxious Jew, usually with a Brooklyn accent. It never occurred to me that these Jews were being as obnoxious as possible in order to goad the other soldiers into making an anti-Semitic remark. Nor did it occur to me that these Brooklyn Jews often had college degrees.

At that time, everyone with college background was ordered to try out for the Officer Candidate School. I did not realize that these Brooklyn Jews remained with the enlisted men for surreptitious reasons. This type of political supervision of the troops is axiomatic in Communist strategy. It was meticulously observed in the American Armed Forces during World War II. In combat zones, officers and enlisted men who had previously voiced doubts about the wisdom of Roosevelt’s crusade to save Communism, were shot in the back by these same intelligence agents who had followed them into the front lines.

While General Eisenhower was cosily tucked away with his British Secret Service ‘Chauffeur’, Kay Summersby, the real decisions were made by his Liaison Officer, Captain Warburg of the Kuhn, Loeb Banking house — a Jewish concern.

The Communist control over the United States Army surfaced during World War II with the selection of General George C. Marshall as Chief of Staff. As Senator Joseph McCarthy later pointed out, Marshall was under Communist Party discipline at all times. This did not interfere with his direction of our war effort, since the goals of the Washington Marxists were the same, the total defeat of the German anti-Communist forces. In the Korean and Vietnam wars, Communists direction of our Armed Forces remained unchanged, even though we were then fighting against ‘Communist’ forces. When General Douglas McArthur tried to oppose this Communist betrayal of our men, he was fired by David Niles, the Jewish Communist who was President Truman’s ‘Aide.’

The Communist recognized that final political control always resided in the military. In Moscow and in Washington, every officer is absolutely responsive to the current ideological line, regardless of any military consideration. This was recently demonstrated when every officer on active duty was ordered to support the giveaway of the Panama Canal, while many retired officers openly opposed it. The most stringent measures are carried out to ensure that no officer is able to form a group to discuss and possibly take action against the high treason of his superiors. When Commander George Lincoln Rockwell surfaced at the Pentagon, there was consternation throughout the high command. At the least sign of any independence or patriotic speech from any officer, the Jewish controlled media immediately raises a hue and cry about ‘Fascism’ and the offender is quickly neutralized.

After receiving the supply of Smith’s magazine, I distributed them in the day rooms to see who would read them. The next day, I toured the day rooms to see if anyone was reading them, and perhaps, to strike up a conversation. Every issue had disappeared. Not once did I see a copy while I remained on the base.

Apparently, I had been followed, and the papers picked up as fast as I had left them.

During my remaining years of military service, I encountered no one with strong political views. My own opinions were those of any young man of the period, hardly committed to any strong ideology. After the war, I enrolled at Washington and Lee University, intending to study law. After two years, I decided I should go to art school, and enrolled at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Washington, D.C. The school had the usual mongrel types in its student body and a number of ardent Communists on the staff. But it attracted many of the leading writers as speakers. Like others among the ten million veterans, my main concern was in getting on with my career, and I had little concern with politics.

Over night my lack of concern changed.

One of the teachers at the Institute had been visiting Ezra Pound. He suggested I accompany him one afternoon, an offer which rather disturbed me. I thought it unlikely that the man who had edited T. S. Eliot and Ernest Hemingway would be interested in talking to me. But I went along.

The moment I entered the gloom of the insane ward, my former complaisance vanished, never to return.

I suddenly realized that a great writer had been punished by being confined in a madhouse, solely for his political views. In an instant, Pound filled the ideological gap in my life. Never again would I remain silent in the face of injustice.

The famous American poet had been convicted of treason for revealing in radio broadcasts that World War Two had been started by International Jewry to further its own ends of world domination. He was kept thirteen years in a lunatic asylum in a urine-soaked cell, originally in solitary confinement and forced to wear a straitjacket. Only much later was he allowed to receive visitors such as Mullins.

Pound apparently considered me a kindred spirit, and offered to give me ‘my own day.’ That is, an afternoon to visit him alone each week. I accepted. And by the time the next week rolled around, he was waiting for me with food, assignments for research, and errands to run.

Shortly afterwards, he brought up the Federal Reserve System, which I had never heard of. From that day, my work was cut out for me. His concern for his country had been aptly expressed by Charles Dickens in his American Notes, written a century earlier: “I do fear that the heaviest blow ever dealt at liberty, will be dealt by this country, in the failure of its example to the earth.”

The loss of liberty in America, which is occurring before our eyes, means the autocracy will be enthroned throughout the world, and that the freedom which was ours at our birth will never be known by future generations. Olga Ivinskaya, a Russian writer, writes of her years in a Soviet prison camp:

“Sanagian (a fellow inmate) had put down the story of her life in her awkward, uneven handwriting. She came from a working class family and her father—long since dead—had taken part in the Revolution in 1917, for this she heaped curses on his memory.”

In the usual hogwash about aristocrats, we never stop to think that it was the working people of Russia, not aristocrats, who were enslaved by the Communist Revolution. Similarly, in this country, it is the Jewish intellectuals, bankers, and industrialists who are in the forefront of the battle to enslave all Americans and take away their freedom forever. Should we allow this, future generations in the concentration camps will begin their days not with prayers, but with curses on our memory.

I soon began to visit Ezra Pound every day, a routine which I kept up for three years. During this time, I was thoroughly grounded in every aspect of the International Communist conspiracy. Pound said to me: “I am telling you things I didn’t know until I was fifty. You are twenty-five, which means you are getting an extra twenty-five years to do something about it.”

When I went to New York, bankers on Wall Street told me:– “I was here during the crash, but I didn’t know what was going on until I read your book.” I explained that I had had the benefit of Pound’s experience, and his access to much information in Europe which had already been banned in the United States.

To support myself while writing the history of the Federal Reserve System, I obtained a job at the Library of Congress as a stack attendant. This was the same job J. Edgar Hoover had held for several years while he completed his law studies at George Washington University night school.

A few weeks later, because I had done advanced photographic studies at the Institute, I was promoted to the Photography Department. In the next several months, I received two more promotions, as I had studied with one of the finest Japanese photographers. During these months, I was able to see Pound only on weekends, and he suggested I send some of my writings to ‘The Social Creditor,’ a small weekly published in England. I sent them some articles, which they printed, sending me enthusiastic comments.

One day, while going into the National Press Club for my daily luncheon with George Stimpson, a man was handing out copies of ‘Common Sense’ at the front door. I showed it to Pound, an issue containing the Hermann Goering Testament. He suggested I send them articles, and they printed some excerpts from the Federal Reserve research.

One afternoon, a Jew came to the Library of Congress, asking for me. I was called out of the darkroom to see a Jew who was a caricature out of Der Stürmer. He immediately began to cross question me, saying he had been sent from ‘Common Sense,’ and he asked, ‘Who is giving you your material? Where is this information coming from?’

Not wishing to involve Pound, who always faced the possibility of having his daily visitors turned away and being held incommunicado, I explained that I was doing research at the Library of Congress. It was obvious that he didn’t believe me. A gawky small town boy could hardly be privy to the machinations of the worlds most powerful and secretive bankers!

A team of FBI agents was now sent to the Library of Congress to question everyone who had worked with me.

Senator Herbert Lehman, of the Lehman Brothers Banking house, and National Chairman of the Anti-Defamation League, had sent a demand to Luther Evans, Librarian of Congress, that I be fired because of an article I had written for the Social Creditor.

The demand, written on ADL stationery, had been drawn up by the ADL operator, Edelstein, and signed by Lehman without reading it, as he accepted anything which Edelstein brought to him. The article exposed the fact that one Katz, Marshall Plan Administrator, presided over the most of the Marshall Plan material to Communist countries, instead of sending it to the non-Communist countries for which Congress had designated it.

LD: In other words, because of Jewish machinations, money intended by Congress to help non-Communist countries, was secretly diverted to Communist countries where the sole beneficiaries were international Jewry. This was of course fraud and peculation on an unimaginable scale — comparable to the mysterious disappearance of $3 trillion when Rabbi Dov Zakheim was in charge of financial affairs at the Pentagon in 2001.

However, neither of them dared to publicly argue the point, as it would have exposed the fact that Marshall Plan Aid was going to the Communists.

Although I as yet knew nothing of the ADL order that I be fired, I had had a previous contact with Senator Lehman. Pound had noticed an advertisement in the Washington Post that Lehman would be speaking at Howard University on behalf of ‘home rule,’ a plan to wrest control of the District of Columbia from a group of White businessmen and turn it over to the Negroes. Howard University was the Communist training school for Ralph Bunche and many other Negro Marxists. Through the dogged influence of Eleanor Roosevelt, it was the only college in the United States whose entire budget was provided by the Federal Government.

Pound mentioned that Lehman, a typical Jewish degenerate, had a nervous tic, and suggested it would be amusing to see it in action.

When Dave Horton and I arrived at the Howard University auditorium, we found a group of Negroes, eight or ten, the entire audience for the August Senator. Rather put out by the poor attendance, Lehman, a short squat ole clothes dealer type, made a short speech about home rule and opened the floor to questions.

Immediately, Horton and I were on our feet.

“Would Lehman Brothers consider the District of Columbia a safe investment?”—asked Horton. “Will you support Alger Hiss as the first mayor of Washington?”—I asked. Lehman, a rather stupid Jew, was completely bewildered by our questions.

We continued to fire questions at him, as his aides, two young city College Jews, shook their fists at us.

The famed Lehman tic now made its appearance. It was not merely a tic of the eye, the entire left side of his face was twitching steadily and violently.

The audience of Negroes was glaring at us, muttering, ‘Shame,’ as Lehman’s aides rushed him away.



A few days after our Howard University evening, I was handed a letter of dismissal from the Library of Congress. The FBI interrogations had turned up nothing which could be used against me, and had caused considerable angry comment among the other employees. The letter stated I was being dismissed because I had written an article for the Social Creditor. I was given the option of making a personal appeal to the Librarian, which I did. In Evans office, he asked me, ‘Did you write this article?’

‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘Can you show me one false statement in it?’

‘I’m not competent to do that.’ said Evans. ‘This is not out of my hands. Your dismissal stands.’

‘But I am not a member of any political group.’ I protested. ‘I’ve never voted in my life. You have many staff members who are activist members of militant racial organizations. You have two staff members who do nothing but go through the stacks writing numbers bets all day. Why am I being singled out?’

Evans, who never once looked at me in the eye, jerked open the bottom drawer of his desk, where I glimpsed a half empty bottle of Country Gentleman bourbon. He looked longingly at it, turned to me, and said, ‘Well, that’s all.’

The Library of Congress
where Eustace Mullins was employed briefly as a shelf stacker

MY NEXT JOB: At the Chicago Motor Club, I became editor of Motor News, with a circulation of 250,000. During the next two years, I willingly took on additional duties as editor of the ‘Industrial Editors News Service,’ public relations counselor, and special events organizer. I had been at the club two years and one week with a drawer full of memoranda from my superior, James E. Bulger, praising my work, and thanking me for my new programs, when one sultry August afternoon, two well dressed men strode by Bulger’s secretary, and went into his office and closed the door.

His secretary who was a close friend, turned to me and said, ‘I wonder what that’s all about?

‘I never saw them before.’ I replied.

The men stayed with Bulger for about an hour, and I could hear them arguing with him, but their voices were kept low. Finally, he buzzed for his secretary. She went in, and came back out immediately, and handed me a folded note. I opened it and read, ‘You are allowed five minutes to get your things and get out of the office.’

‘What’s going on?’ the secretary asked me.

I saw the tears were streaming down her face. I showed her the note.

‘I know what’s in it,’ she said, ‘but what’s going on? Mr. Bulger is sick, we’ve got to help him—those men—’. She turned and ran to the restroom.

I put some personal memoranda into an envelope and left the office.

That evening, Bulger’s secretary called me at home. She told me that the two men were FBI agents and that when they demanded I be fired, Bulger flatly refused. This was understandable as I was doing the work of four people. They then threatened him for nearly an hour. He had had five heart attacks in the past several years, and he began to writhe with pain. He begged them to let him call his doctor.

‘Certainly,’ one of the men replied, ‘as soon as you fire Mullins.’

Bulger was then forced to write the note.

After I left the office, the FBI agents accompanied Bulger to the doctor, and then took him to his home, after warning him not to tell me what had happened or to give me my job back.

Being fired from the Chicago Motor Club was the greatest shock of my life. Certainly this was the goal of the FBI harassment. At the age of thirty-five, I had been one of the most active public relations counselors in Chicago, lunching at the best restaurants with the city’s leading executives. Now I was on the street with no prospects.

Even so, I supposed that with my contacts, I would be able to get another public relations job. In the next few weeks, I was surprised that after each interview, I heard nothing more about a job. Friends at the Motor Club then told me that because of pressure from the Club’s Jewish members, Bulger was telling everyone who inquired about references that I was a notorious criminal who was wanted in several states. He never put this into writing, giving out the slander on the phone, after instructions from the Jew who was the Club’s legal counsel. Since I was fired from the Chicago Motor Club in August, 1958, I have never again been able to get a professional job.

After several weeks, I realized it as unlikely that I would get any work in Chicago. I began work on a book about Friedrich Nietzsche, and while doing research at the Newberry Library, I found a great deal of material on Ezra Pound’s career. I wrote him suggesting that I do his biography. He immediately replied that he had been waiting for me to do this, and that I was to be his only authorized biographer.

I then asked Henry Regnery if he could give me an advance on this book. He replied that he could not — though he owned the largest window shade factory in the world, a bank, and other holdings, worth eighty million dollars.

He suggested, however,  that H. L. Hunt needed someone to edit a book. I called Hunt and he agreed to pay me a hundred dollars a week. I said that I couldn’t live on that. In fact, I was living on thirty-five dollars a week. Hunt now offered to let me live in his home. At that time, Hunt’s income was ten million dollars a week, and he had accumulated a fortune of three billion dollars.


I arrived at Hunt’s home in Dallas with one battered suitcase and an old Plymouth, purchased a year before for one hundred dollars, with the entire front end smashed in.

Hunt and I immediately established complete rapport, as he had lived for years out of a suitcase, traveling in the back-country picking up the oil leases which were the basis of his fortune. I resided in his best guest room, one which had always been occupied previously by Senator Joseph McCarthy when he came to Dallas. Hunt and I settled down to work on the book ‘Alpaca.’

After several months of intensive work,the book was completed and I became restless. By this time, Hunt had installed me in an office next to his own, and whenever someone called him, he would say, ‘Why don’t you check with Mullins on that?’ I realized he was only using me for a buffer, but it was a flattering situation for a penniless writer to be referred to as the confidential assistant of the world’s richest man. However, I remained a penniless writer, and he remained the world’s richest man.

I began to realize I should be getting back to work on the Pound biography, and one afternoon, I told him I had to return to Chicago. He was completely surprised, and I saw that he was hurt and disappointed by my decision. Nevertheless, I have always thought of him with affection and admiration, and he seemed well disposed toward me on later occasions when I talked to him in Dallas and in New York.

Although I knew nothing of it at the time, my association with H. L. Hunt had driven the Jews into a furious campaign of ‘harassment’ against my parents. The conspirators were terrified that Hunt might finance my publications or a political organization, although at the time I had no organization to which he might donate money.

I knew that my father had had a serious coronary attack in 1956, but I was not told until years later that the attack had been brought on by a series of vicious interrogations by Army Counter Intelligence Corps agents. My mother later told me they were determined to make my father reveal the names of persons financially supporting my travels and writings. Since no one had ever given me a cent, there was nothing he could tell them, but they refused to believe him.

Knowing he had Wednesday afternoons off from the store in which he worked, two agents waited for him in his car. They forced him into the car, drove him to the top of a nearby mountain, and interrogated him for several hours, telling him they were going to throw him off the mountain. At one point, he tried to escape from the car. They knocked him unconscious, drove him back to the store, and left him in the parked car. He finally came to, and drove home. The next day, he had a severe coronary attack, from which he never completely recovered.

My parents did not dare tell me these details, out of a desire to protect me, as they knew I would kill someone for these atrocities. Nevertheless, I knew they had been interrogated and I wrote to the Secretary of Defense. I received an answer, admitting that my father had been interrogated, and giving the names of the two men who had interrogated him. Some weeks later, I tried to contact these men in Washington. I was told they had been sent on a mission to Guam, and that the plane had crashed with all aboard being killed. The letter with the men’s names has since disappeared from my files.

While I was with H. L. Hunt in Dallas, the FBI began to visit my parents. Their telephone was tapped, and they received harassing telephone calls during the night. The harassment and brutality of this campaign was intended solely to provoke me into some drastic action. I come from mountain people, and we never forget an injury, even if it takes fifty years to wreak our revenge. My temper remained under control only because my parents refused to let me know what was happening to them, and the ADL-FBI provocation failed.

Their campaign was intensified, however, and one evening in 1961, my father, whose heart conditions had steadily gotten worse during this harassment, received a telephone call from a known FBI provocateur, ‘We’ve just sent out a national alert to pick your son up.’

My father dropped the phone. “They’ve finally got him’ he said to my mother, as he collapsed.

He was taken to the hospital where he died of massive heart failure.

More than three years went by before my mother told me what had happened.

Of course, there had never been an alert, as I have never been arrested by anyone.

In ‘My Life in Christ,’ I openly accused Lyndon Johnson, who was then President of America, of murdering my father, although he had only been acting for Herbert Lehman,  the Jew who had been supporting his bid for the Presidency.

The only outcome of all this was that during Johnson’s Presidency, every copy of my book that I mailed out was destroyed by the Post Office — until I began insuring each copy.

Christian Vanguard, 1978

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  1. Mullins’ story is told in A Writ For Martyrs, which shows his redacted FBI file. The terrorist organization also murdered his sister. His file reveals that J. Edgar Hoover plotted to arrest Mullins and put him in an insane asylum outside of Chicago but the US attorney got cold feet when the FBI flubbed the arrest. Hoover feared that Mullins would reveal his homosexuality and racial background. Hoover enlisted killers from the US Army’s CIO to attack Mullins’ family.

    1. Thanks for this valuable piece of information.

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    2. Eustace Mullins is on youtube, a channel that features his interviews:

      My favorite quote of his is how he describes how the Jew ruins everything good. Mullins made an outstanding observation about the nature of the parasite, they are in our shit and under our skin always probing and looking for a weakness or way to bring us down. They are not content to let us be, they must always be meddling in our affairs because that is how a parasite behaves.

      Have you ever noticed that Jews seem to be everywhere, as if being directed by a Jew greater mind? The Jews are everywhere in the matrix positioned to enforce the Jewish mentality on everybody and everything, I have a hunch that Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field theory is correct.

      They say the legal system is an extension of the Crown, that attorneys are licensed by the Queen. Have you noticed that one of the primary ways wealth is extracted is through the law, fines, taxes, lawsuits, etc. Most trial lawyers are Jewish, but in the engineering fields almost none. I’ve talked to many engineers and some of them have never met a Jewish engineer but the head of the corporations they work for are almost always Jewish. The Jew inhabits the region of money extraction or concentration, not in production, assembly, creating new useful products, almost no Jews in nursing:

      What about economics? How often do you see a Jew enumerating economic theory or what the Fed should do next? Have you ever noticed the Jews are always lecturing us on economic theory? Could it be that parasite economics doesn’t work and as they work us over with the latest Jewish economic exploitation model they have to cover for their crime?

      The Jews wreck economies and nation states and then we see a Jewish talking head on the Jewtube spouting some bullshit why there are no jobs. There are no jobs because the nation is infested with Jews making decisions and passing laws that restrict activity so it benefits the Jews who own. Jews destroy productivity with their schemes, the classic example is Communism. Jewish economic theories will never work because a parasite is writing the theory.

      The natural state of affairs is abundance, for instance a fruit trees produce abundant fruit. Yes Virginia, food grows for free. The Jew gets involved in the fruit “business” and the next thing you know the apple is poisoned with pesticides, is of high cost, doesn’t taste right, and picked by someone that doesn’t speak your language. The commercialized fruit is now sold by a soulless corporation only interested in profit, bums sift through trash cans trying to get a bite of this fruit.

      As we are poisoned by Jewish fruit we are told Jewish Bible stories of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Plenty but because of that bitch Eve we were all thrown out and must suffer forever and ever. When are we going to learn that we suffer only because we tolerate the Jew and his bullshit stories about god and creation and how we got to the lack of abundance?

      Adam and Eve Cartoon what”If Man Obeyed God”:

      Do you want to live in a world with abundance? Ditch all Jewish economic theories and toss all Jewish economic books into the Marianas Trench and humans will grow all the fruit and prosperity that we no longer imagine.

    3. When he dressed as a woman, was it true the alter ego was Mary Hoover. Heard that one long time ago.

    4. Removing comments again I see. Not only did you remove my comment, but the people who agreed with me. What differs you from Fox News?

  2. Wow! I had read in Douglas Reed’s book – ‘The Controversy of Zion’ that the Red Army had two armies; the regular conscripts and the NKVD bringing up the rear to machine gun any slackers from the front. To learn that the US Forces had a more subtle system of dealing with ‘anti-semites’ is very enlightening.
    Kudos to Eustace and all fellow like minded souls who fight this satanic demonology.

    1. Yes, everyone must read THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION, by Douglas Reed.
      Then start connecting the dots, seeing the patterns of deception. The Jews are the smartest, most creative, ethnic group on the planet. And they don’t seek converts– shabbat goyim, yes, but they too will be betrayed. Judaism (i.e. Talmudism) is the counter-force to the Primal Will to Good. “Hear O Israel, you are to cross the Jordan, enter in and dispossess nations greater and stronger than yourselves”.– Deuteronomy 9:1

      1. @wilson

        So you mean actually ”destructive” in stead of creative.

        In the coming years, I am sure, this ‘jesus-moses-tomb-kashmir’
        fact will get more airplay. Fact, I say, this is not some foolish Dan Brown fiction. But it pushes ‘whites’ off because it is a
        ‘brown’ story. There goes their ‘white mans burden’ up in flames.

        India, China the whole East has a history older than the Judeo-Christia-Muslim cultures.

        Jesus, Moses are all linked up with India. (Probably also Mohammed, but he links directly with Jesus and Mohammed)

        CIA O

        1. All biblical prophets were born in the region now called the Middle East. Therefore, they could’t be White folks.

          A Hindu historian even claimed that the first man and woman, Adam and Eve were lowered onto world highest spot, Mount Everest (India), even though there was no “India” till the 10th century when Muslim invaders from Afghanistan united over 5,000 Hindu princely states in the so-called “Indian continent”.

          The “Jesus lived and died” myth was coined by Andreas Faber Kaiser and other anti-Muslim western armchair historians, to establish a Jewish historic link to the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley, like they did in case of Palestine.

          1. Andreas Faber Kaiser researched things in Kashmir and published his findings.

            ‘The other Great Yogi Yogananda talked about Jesus times in India. Don’t know if he mentions this Rosa Bal.

            You talk about India as a geographical whole as it is now. I talk about Vedic India, a different map but included part of western Pakistan.

            Anyway fact is the Muslims were aggressivwe invaders and destroyed much of the richness of the Vedic culture that was alrerady in decline.

            They found in India the ZERO and much of the other Mathematics principles.

            India is much older than the Judiac Christian Muslim cultures. Facts don’t bite if you are open to them. Do your homework my dear Rehmat.

            TM comes from the most ancient (aeons…) Tradition of the Human Race and it is wise if
            (a)theists take notice of that simple ‘trick’ that will give them instant entrance to Kingdom of Allah within.


            28 January 2013

            The Amazing Story of Mozambique’s ‘Meditating President’.
            From: Out Of The Darkness, by Steve Taylor.
            Psychology Today
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            CIA O

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            Let yahoo help us a little with our homework

            Why Muslims have destroyed Hindu temples in india?

            Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb demolished all temples in Mathura, said to number 1,000. During their reign, Muslim rulers destroy roughly 60,000 Hindu temples throughout India, constructing mosques on 3,000 sites.

            In the seven centuries of Muslim rule in India, they did not build one great school or hospital. All they did was to build palaces and gardens for their enjoyment, tombs to perpetuate their memory and forts for their security

            Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

            There is no other country in the world from east to west, faces the agony that the Hindus in India have faced. There is no country in the world has been so ravaged and raped by outside forces as India has been down the centuries: Not Japan, not China, not Russia, none of the European countries, neither the Arab nations and certainly not the United States of America. Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire did not send his forces to Portugal to tear down churches, use force to convert Christians to Hinduism and indulge in religious terrorism.

            Prithviraj Chauhan did not invade Afghanistan nor Central Asia and raise temples. No Chola, Chera or Pandya (Indian) rulers sent a fleet to Saudi Arabia to tear down the Ka’aba and build a temple to Meenakshi on its ruins.No blood has been shed for religion in India except by its invaders.

            Why muslims have destroyed the Hindu temples in india:

            Muslim invaders from the west began pouring in large numbers one after the other. For the Muslim invaders, from Mahmood of Gazni in the eleventh century to the Moghuls in the sixteenth century,the Punjab was always the gateway of India.

            All these Muslim invaders massacred men, women and children without mercy, plundered their homes, desecrated and demolished their temples and robbed the wealth of these temples.

            The Hindus were converted to Islam at the point of the sword. For building mosques and converting hindus into muslims, and for establishing muslim raj, the hindu temple truesures are used.

            To rob the temple treasures the muslims destroyed the hindu temples.

            The very first Muslim attack on India in Sindh in the year 715 A.D by Arabs khaliffa led by Mohammad Bin Qasim. The next invasion was by Turk Sabuktagin. He had established himself in Khorasan and extended his kingdom extended to Kabul and Ghazni. In 986 AD he came into conflict with Raja Jaipal of Bathinda. In 991 A.D. Raja Jaipal allied with other Hindu king including Rajyapala the Prathira king of Kannauj and Dhanga the ruler of the distant Chandela kingdom but they too were defeated.

            Mahmud of Ghazni : The elder son-in-law of Sabuktagin, Mahmud of Ghazni assumed the throne in 997 AD.

            He was very conscious of the wealth he could achieve from further conquests into India. He was also a religious fanatic who aimed to spread Islam.

            Mahmud is said to have invaded India seventeen times between 1001 -1027 AD. King Jaipal and later his son Anandpal resisted Mahmud but were defeated.

            Between 1009 A.D and 1026 A.D he invaded Kangra, Thaneshwar, Kanauj, Mathura, Gwalior, Kashmir and Punjab.

            In 1025AD Mahmud invaded Somnath and looted its temple on the coast of Saurashtra or Kathiwar. Enormous treasure of the fortified temple was looted.

            His last invasion was in about 1027 AD.
            He died in 1030AD.

            CIA O

  3. Seems to me Darkmoon shares the same Exact disdain and scorn for Christianity — especially Catholicism — as you say the Jews have for Christianity– especially Catholicism.

    1. Rubbish! Lasha is a strong supporter of Christianity, though not of Churchianity. “Faith does not look for evidence. The heart has its reasons,” she once told me, quoting a famous line of Pascal’s.

      Unlike most other Roman Catholic Christians, Lasha has also been deeply influenced by the great Oriental religions — by Indian mysticism, Buddhism and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Islam.

      However, atheists and agnostics are welcome on this site also and no attempts made to exclude them. Their godlessness and rage against God, Lasha thinks, is symptomatic of their condition and is part of their spiritual process. Lasha was herself once an atheist and a passionate anti-Christian … and that lasted for several years … but, to quote her again, “the tunnel of darkness finally led into the Blinding Light.”

      1. ” Hitler’s Priestess PDF”

        Savitri was kinda hindu, kinda islamic/sufist also.

    2. Catholicism has nothing to do with Jesus. It is simply one of 3 city states underpinning the NWO. It is a separate state with it’s own laws and police force which handles religious propaganda, the Pentagon handles the military aspect and London handles the finance.

  4. re. rich rag dealer lehman placing cigarette in the mouth of virgin’s statue, this kind of sacrilege is nothing new.

    this painting by buonisegna of the virgin’s burial shows st. peter striking a jew who attempts to defile the corpse with instant paralysis.

    may the filthy jew lehman pay for his trespasses against morality and decency.

    and yes, it again demonstrates the insane hatred jews have for eons harbored against christ.
    any idea why?

  5. Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound are two of our greatest minds that fully realized the effect of the Jew on our culture. It is good to see that we are picking up the slack and making ourselves completely aware of the trickery and predation of the Jew.

    We will do this and must do this for our survival. I believe that the human race is threatened with extinction because of the Jew, his central banks, usury, obsession with dominance and control over others. The Jews are maneuvering the world into a literal Apocalypse, we are in it as we speak, on every level, the GMO food, the sprayed air, the wars for profit, and even art, literature and our very morality as humans. The Jew has taught us their god, an evil judgmental, wrathful god that we view as good. Even love has been overturned by the Jew, “God so loved the world he killed his only begotten son…”.

    The biggest crime of the Jews might be their books, but maybe its that they used their intellects not to better mankind but to cynically bully the rest of us into submission with their books, invented stories of their greatness. They made themselves god claiming them the chosen ones, representatives of god. It is up to us to overcome this programming and set ourselves free of the god meme. The Jews do not represent a creator god for they destroy creation like no other entity. Only the Jew would think to blot out the sun with chemtrails or claim the state owns the rain water. Native Americans look at us, the lost white brother, and wonder what the hell went wrong. White man is infected with Jewish thinking, he has ditched his heart and installed the Bible.

    The typical Western Christian knows every detail about the fictional characters in the Bible, they pride themselves by naming their children David or John or Matthew. Some even name their children Jesus no different than black slaves named themselves Washington. That’s it, name yourself after your slave master and adopt his religion.

    The modern improved versions of the parasite tribe are the corporation and state. The tribe is collection of individuals banded together that acts in its self interest. A corporation and nation state are also select groups of people that act like a tribe. If a corporation is licensed by a state to maximize profit then how long will be before the Jew takes the reigns of said entity and change the policies from within to the Jewish parasitic model? The gentiles are productive and creative, they invent all kind new things in which all benefit, the Jew uses his control of money to buy our successful businesses then turns them into predatory version of a previously productive corporation. For example, a gentile invents Quaker Oats, consistent high quality oatmeal, the Jew takes this product and pollutes it with chemical additives so that the consumer is addicted and thus the Jew is using trickery in order to increase profits. Gentile kindness subverted into the Jewish predation model. Never let a Jew own your stock or let one in your corporation, and for that matter never let a Jew within your nation. Not one, because if you do you have opened the door to total ruination.

    The Jew thinks a certain way, the way of the parasite, worming its way in and then feasting on creation, yours or the creator. Mullins wrote “The Biological Jew”:

    1. If you praise the name Of Eustace Mullins to Abraham Foxman, he would no doubt turn red like he was choking on a chicken bone, he’d become infuriated, his face contorted, sweating, barely able to hold back his rage and psychopathic tendencies. Why? Because Mullins describes the Jewish parasite without mincing words, read a few of these quotes from “The Biological Jew” by Eustace Mullins to see what I mean, Mullins nails the Jew to the cross of reality:


      “This we find that a parasite is one who is disliked, who feeds at the
      expense of another, and who lives in or upon another organism which is called the host. We also find that the term can be applied to a person whose life follows the classic life pattern of the parasite.

      Now, in the study of mankind, we find that there is one group or classification of persons who appear persistently in the records of the great civilizations. They are always disliked, yet they remain in the midst of the people who dislike them, and if they are driven out, they insist upon returning, no matter at what cost to themselves. We also find that they always manage to live at the expense of others. ”

      “The parasite in nature often finds it convenient to disguise itself and its aims, and to convince others that it is something else, in order to carry out its parasitic mission. Also, the parasite is not a species, but a form of life, which preys upon many other different species. In this regard, the Jew as a biological species is not so much a race, as it is a type which preys upon all other races. ”

      “We find, too, that the parasitic group is cont
      inually denounced by the more moral elements
      among the host people, because the parasitic group
      indulges in every known type of degeneracy.
      The reasons for this are obvious. As the Encycl
      opaedia Britannica article points out, a parasitic
      existence leads to degeneracy. Since the parasite
      does not have to trouble himself with the active
      procurement of food, he has plenty of time and
      energy to devote himself to the vilest pursuits,
      and to the debauching of members of the host people. ”

      “Because of its total dependence upon the gentile host, the Jewish parasite develops a deep hatred and a contempt for the animals which provide it with food and shelter. This hatred is a protective frame which acts as a shield for the Jewish community, and prevents it from accepting the life and goals of the host people for its own.”

    2. Here are some more quotes from “The Biological Jew”, Eustace Mullins compares the Jew to a biological parasite, and as Lasha’s readers might figure, such information is highly damaging because a parasite can not exist unless it remains camouflaged.

      Once you become conscious of the Jew bloodsucker you can remove it from your being and toss it aside on the hot pavement and let it wither and die. This is why even in this comment section those infected by the parasite insist that Jesus is not a Jew. They struggle to keep the lamprey fully attached to your juglar. Jesus is not even real but this fictional character is 100% Jewish according to the New Testament.

      I was raised Christian like nearly everyone here, but there comes a time to fully awake and realize there’s no judgement and no eternal torture in hell and no need of salvation because the Jewish war god did a magic trick fixing man’s separation by killing his son in a blood ritual. No one needs to be saved EXCEPT FROM THE PREDATION OF THE JEW.


      “Thus we find that here once more the parasite violates a fundamental law of nature. It is a law of nature that the stronger survives at the expense of the weaker, the survival of the fittest, as the weaker is eaten to provide nourishment for the strong. In the phenomenon of the parasite, however, we find that the weaker survives at the expense of the stronger, the least fitted to survive becomes the victor, and the stronger is vanquished. ”

      “This too is a fundamental aspect of the life cycle of the biological Jew. Throughout history, he has always been smaller and weaker than his gentile host, yet he has often managed to subdue him. The puny weakling, as celebrated by the Jewish comedian Charlie Chaplin, always manages to outwit and to defeat his larger and stronger gentile opponent. We find that this celebration is a fundamental approach in all Jewish humor, literature and art. The small David is shown defeating the larger Goliath, the cunning Mordecai is shown defeating the stronger gentile official, Haman. David, of course, is the small parasite, and Goliath is the large host, who is struck down from afar, before he has a chance to use his superior strength against the weakling challenger.”

      “One of the specialized modifications of the Jew is his ability to such the blood of the gentile host without alarming his victim, weakening it without being discovered, through the highly sophisticated and refined instruments and techniques which the Jew has developed over a period of centuries for these specific purposes, and which have no counterpart in any other species.”

      And how true is this?

      “Because of its parasitic mode of existence, the Jewish community made no effort to develop a nation or an independent state during thousands of years of recorded history. This meant that the Jew had no standing army for his defense against enemies. When a Jewish state, Israel, was finally established, the nations budget identified it as an extension of the parasitic community, …”

      U.S. Jewish NGOs to get 97% of Homeland Security’s defense grant in 2012

    3. Next let’s examine the predicament we are in. Have you heard the rumors of foreign troops in the USA? How about the Israeli death squads assassinating American citizens? Or the Congress completely whored to the Jews? Mullins informs us the game. The Jews have America in a stranglehold.


      In a short time, the aliens know every secret of the peoples’ leaders, and they have established holds over them. The colony of aliens multiplies rapidly, and soon a once healthy people finds itself helpless, because their native virtues of strength, courage and honor, which have made them great, are of no avail against the newcomers. The host does not understand the parasite, which is like a creature from another planet, because they do not have the same goals, nor do they respond to the same stimuli, as the host people. They even seem to have different nerve patterns. As the pernicious influence grows, the army is demoralized, the native leaders are murdered or exiled, and the wealth of the nation swiftly passes into the hands of the aliens. The people are plundered of everything, and most of all of their self-respect. No member of a host people is allowed to preserve his self-respect or his privacy, once the parasite has taken”

      1. @Ares

        You’re right. It is all very heavy in the US of A now.

        A coup d état by the awakened (911sraeldidit!!) supported by militias is the only way out. A short interim military rule and then back to the democratic model (perhaps for the first time since 1913, the way I see it since 1776).

        But there is hope US is not alone on Terra..: .Japan broke away from the debt/death grip of the jewbanksterscabal this week.

        And there is hope in the US: adopt the scientifically validated Hagelin/MMY solution to neutralise enemies within and abroad.

        CIA O

  6. Jesus was NOT a Jew. Search Term :

    “Over Lords Of Chaos + Jesus Was NOT A Jew”

    Even some Jews [ the honest ones] will tell you the same exact thing:

    ” Benjamin Freedman + Jesus Was NOT A Jew”

      1. Eustace Mullins would not agree with you. I knew him. Jesus was NOT a Jew. Quit being so stubbornly shallow. You know better.

        1. Yes, Jews secretly hate Christians, but they are their biggest allies. Jews need Christians. It does not matter if Jesus was a White man, Christianity is undeniably a Jewish religion. Also, if Jesus was a part Palestinian then he would be part Mizrahi Jew. The Palestinians are Semites too.

          “When Jesus therefore was born in Bethlehem of Juda, in the days of King Herod, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to adore him”. (Matt 2:1-2)

          1. What’s a “Mizrahi” Jew? I never heard that term before ; It’s all so confusing : Ashkenazis, Sabbateans, Donmehs, Sephardics, Talmuds, Torahs, Kabbalahs, Semites, Khazars, Hasidics, etc.

            Gessh. It’s not easy being a shabbos goy drop-out. One is always left wondering.

      2. Their own talmud will tell you He was the “son of a Roman Gentile Palestinian foot soldier and a whore”.

        1. @ Ruth Bernstein

          I just added “Mizrahi” to my list of words to study and memorize. Gosh. I hope your tribe doesn’t fall to pieces because I never heard of “Mizrahi” until just today.

          The Jews worry over every little thing. The funny thing is : About 10 months ago Kissinger said, “Israel Only Has 1o Years Left” , and there’s been nothing but deafening silence amongst Jews concerning this pronouncement from the banking Sanhedrin mouthpiece.

          If I were a Jew — especially an Israeli Jew — I would demand a public discussion about this. One would think the Jews would be up in arms about Kissinger’s statement, and talking about it all the time. yet, nothing but silence. Very strange to me.


        (…) The first thing to be understood about a man like Jesus, is that whatsoever the church, that is bound to grow around such a man, says about him, it is bound to be wrong. What the Christian church says about Christ cannot be true. In fact the Christian priest does not represent Christ at all. He is the same old rabbi in new garments. The same old rabbi who was responsible for Jesus crucifixion (…)

        Actually this quote ends with Jesus’ murder. But if you have read the link posteD earlier by gj, you’ll know O. is in ‘the camp of the Jesus tomb in Kashmir’. That would make J. in O’s eyes a Jew. But Jew or not. Absolutely beside the point if not absolutely nonsense:

        (…) I know Jesus, because I know meditation. My knowing of Jesus is not through the Bible, it is not Christian theology. I know Jesus directly. I know Jesus ’cause I know myself. That’s my way of knowing all the buddhas…(…)

        You are all too anti-jew (understandably, since many if not most of you are raised in Christianity). But buddhahood, enlightenment is beyound such superficial wave (‘lenghts’) it about the (one) underlying Ocean.

        MMY pointed directly at That in dec. 1992.

        CIA O

        1. If you take the Person of Jesus as the Only Way, well, then God would be very cruel, in the Infinity of Time He only showed up once. And only those who believe in (the story about) JC will be saved, whatever that may be. Actually a very selfchosen jew story.

          The person (which comes and goes) Jesus spoke (fully realised, fully identified with the the everpresent (never coming, never be-coming, never going) Principle of Being.

          And gues what, your essence too, That Principle.

          To put it as Damascus Paul, die daily, take a dive within.

          CIA O

  7. Kudos to you, Lasha, on yet another scintillating article!

    Kudos, also to Mr. Mullins.

    Interestingly enough, as a long-time resident of coastal Maine, I came across references to Ezra Pound’s short stay at Bowdoin College (in Brunswick, Maine) and as a resident of Long Island, at the mouth of the fabled Kennebec River. Decades ago, a book was published called “Gilbert Head” and it recounted the real, yet unsolved, murder which occured in an old Georgian house (which still stands, as of last year!) on the southernmost tip of Long Island. In this book, Pound was mentioned and there is even an allusion to his possible guilt in commiting or at least facilitating, the murder of the house-owner’s wife.

    In any case, I may have the facts garbled, but I think most of the above is true to the book.

    As to the snuffing of all potential Jewish control of the military, I should mention that I was a weapons officer in the Navy, and as such, was conversant with one survivor of the USS Liberty, which was knowingly attacked by Israel. The Johnson administration swept that under the rug as quickly as possible. One need only read “The Attack on the USS Liberty” to understand the outrageous extent of the Jews’ and liberals’ control of our government and military. Further reading might include the writings of the late and great Admiral Thomas Moorer, my CNO and a irreplacable man.

    That death-grip on the US government and military has been amplified today, in the wake of 9/11 (which we brought upon ourselves by helping Israel commit atrocities and imperialistic land-theft in the Levant! Is there no reaction to the US letting its fine young citizens fight and die in the Middle East, just so that Israel does NOT have to?

    As for the nefarious intentions and successes of the Jews, it would be appalling if someone could research and publish the demographics of what per centage of America’s population is actually Jewish and THEN what per centage of our industry, media, publication and government institutions are run by this miniscule Jewish population.

    As I recounted earlier on this site, both Lasha and I are artists, and both of us were, at some time or another, “stone-walled” by the Jewish domination of art galleries and publications. I was never allowed to hang my paintings here on Cape Cod, simply because, as one honest (!) gallery owner told me—“My representional paintings wouldn’t sell, AND I did not fit the image (of a starving, liberal Goy artist)”!

    One last broadside—“If America Knew” is a marvelous site—showing Israel’s filthy nature and deeds.

    1. 1)If you are interested to know to what extent the Jews control America, go to :

      Who Controls America?, thezog.

      There are special chapters about Banking/Finance, Mass Media, Government/Politics, Social Engeneering, and New World Order. The factors of overrepresentation are given. The Jewish population of the US is taken as 2%.

      2) Since you still believe 9/11 was only “blow back” for US policy in the Middle East in favor of Israel, I can recommend you :

      Israel did 9/11 – all the proof in the world,

      3) You can learn from your rejection as an artist by the Jews that in a Jewish controlled world only the corrupt make it to the top. That is true for all spheres of life, including art.

    1. Simple, Barbara. They control the media. So they tell the sheeple what to think, from the Holocaust to 9/11. That’s “how they get away with everything.” Because human nature is credulous and what people read in the papers or see on TV is at once believed.

      Consider just two questions:

      1. How many people are aware that Jews (2% of the American population) control 96% of the world’s media? I’m only guessing, but I’d say not even one in a thousand people (0.01%).

      2. Even assuming that lots of people suddenly found out that Jews control the media, what difference would it make? None. Most people in America think the Jews are just great and they back Israel to the hilt, so if you told them that Jews control the media and have lied to them about virtually everything — including the Holocaust and 9/11 — they wouldn’t believe you. Or they’d scream, “Anti-Semite!”

      This is mistake Numero Uno: letting the Jews buy up the media. Without the media in their hands, their power would evaporate almost at once.

      1. @Xanadu

        (…) This is mistake Numero Uno: letting the Jews buy up the media. Without the media in their hands, their power would evaporate almost at once (…)

        Letting the jews print the money (1913)

        That’s mistake numero UNO.

        That gave them the power to start WWI + II >UNO/ISRAHELL (1948)………>>911>>>War of Terror etc.

        2013: The Go(o)d News is: Japan stepped this week out of the debt claws of them jewz. (recorded earlier) as reported by Fulford (indeed, not reported by the jew msm)


        CIA O

        1. “Letting the jews print the money (1913). That’s mistake numero UNO.”

          Okay, I grant you that. Maybe letting the Jews buy up the media is mistake numero secundo. However, I see these two things as closely interrelated. Without the media in their hands, they couldn’t deceive entire populations and keep them docile and in line. To maintain their supremacy, they need both these things. One without the other would not be sufficient. Agreed?

          1. YES.

            Pecunia the top of the apex
            Press (msm) & Politics the other angles.

            And we are in a process of putting this
            ppp-apex down

            CIA O

    2. The real reason they get away with it all, Barbara … is “Christianity”. Pure and simple.

      A race [the ethno-Europeans] who believe in fairy stories (i.e., wrapped up in the Tanakh re. Old, and Gospels re. New), and who base their spirituality upon an allegorical alien icon, conceived in far away lands having totally different traditions and history, are ripe for being led by the nose by the unscrupulous.

      Those who argue a stronger or rejuvenated belief in Christianity (and Jesus) will somehow save us, are seriously deluded. I’d go as far as stating they are infantile, perhaps even dangerous. It was Christianity that got White South Africans to give away all their political power to the more numerous “Bush People” of South Africa … who even the Zulus had total contempt for. Now, those same White South Africans are left shell-shocked as the (black) South African government openly encourages policies that will facilitate the gradual genocide of the very same (white) people who first arrived in South Africa around 400 years ago … when that huge territory was essentially uninhabited.

      That is just one example of why we must jettison Christianity.

      1. @Anglo S.

        What you say is simply not true. South Africa was inhabited by socalled Khoikhoi (people people, real people). So the first Whites that sailed by to find a new way to the richness of the East did their job according to ‘their’ OT. These people lived there already since the 5th century. That the Zulu (who lived there of course also for ages) as you say felt contempt for them does not give the white passersby to finish these Khoikhoi off.

        The only way to do away with Judaism, Christianity and Islam is Selfknowledge based on Selfrealisation by rational individuals
        living in todays Information Age of Science.

        Everybody is born naked not only physically but also mentally.
        The ”religious” upbringing is ballast leading to the six o’clock news of the world we live in.

        To conjure up new forms of man made -ism’s is not infantality but another form of rape of the Cosmic Potential of every child born on earth.

        The essence of these 3 socalled monotheistic religions find their fulfillment in VED.


        MMY: Now whether someone calls himself a Christian or a Mohammedan or an atheist or anyone–or Chinese or Japanese or anyone–his brain physiology has Shiva, physical structure of Shiva in his human brain, physical structure of Vishnu in his human brain. It’s not a faith, it’s not a faith, it’s not a faith, it’s not a faith. It’s the physical reality. You find out in the anatomy books, in the physiological books of research that have been made; and you have the figures there: Vishnu, Shiva, Ganapati, and this and this and this. All the Devatas are there. So this account of the Devata is not a myth. Otherwise, every physical expression has to become a myth.

        The British people, English people–not knowing the whole reality of the physiology, not knowing that thing–they came and said ‘Oh, it’s a mythology, it’s a mythology.’ What is myth in the human brain?! Is human brain a myth?! Not knowing that thing.

        But, thanks to the great physiologist of this scientific age–who is now the first Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, His Majesty Rāja Rām–thanks to his research, he has shown all the Devatas, all these Vedic Devatas physiologically present in every human body. He has shown human body is the expression of consciousness. Human body is the expression of consciousness. It’s not a myth; it’s not a faith. It’s a tangible reality. It’s a tangible, physical reality.

        -from a Press Conference, 12. Feb. 2003

        CIA O

        1. VED is the Great-Great Grandfather of these three ”Lost Sons” who were only monotheistic in name till now.

          See gj interpretation/reading of AXUM (recorded earlier here at Darkmoon and at The Ugly Truth. 2012-2013)

          CIA O

          1. VED is the real richness of the India. During the aggresive Muslim and Judaic Christian holidays already in decline, not to say lost.

            But now fully restored by MMY: Nader/Hagelin>Fagan and many more truly Awake brilliant scientists of todays world are his heirs.

            Google: maharishi vedic pandits world peace project in india


            CIA O

        2. @ Gabreal

          What you say is simply not true. South Africa was inhabited by socalled Khoikhoi (people people, real people). So the first Whites that sailed by to find a new way to the richness of the East did their job according to ‘their’ OT. These people lived there already since the 5th century. That the Zulu (who lived there of course also for ages) as you say felt contempt for them does not give the white passersby to finish these Khoikhoi off.

          Really? Or maybe it is you who has things just a little “arse about face”? Kindly refrain from irresponsibly feeding us with Wikipedia gumph. Don’t pretend to be intellectually clever … by making use of copy & paste techniques. It won’t wash.

          The Khoi-Khoi were inhabitants of South West Africa, and NOT South Africa as you wrongly claim. Their remnants are to be found today in Namibia (whose coast line faces west the last time I checked).

          It was the advancing Bantu who forced the Khoi-Khoi from their ancestral homes, and not White Settlers!

          Normally, when a land is inhabited only by nomads (hunter gatherers) then it is considered “uninhabited” vis-a-vis emigre settlement. Those who contradict or oppose this designation tend to adhere to the Jewish Social Sciences model of the Universe; the same one championed by that bisexual murderess known as Hillary Rodham Clinton (see her “world as a village” commo-ideology).

          I did not say the Zulu had contempt for the Khoi-Khoi. I implied that they had contempt for the Bantu groups. Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki are Xhosa, who speak a Bantu dialect. Today’s South Africa is mostly an Xhosa republic. Within the white Republic of South Africa, the Zulu had their own country and King. They were happy, content, and not antagonistic towards the Boer. They were not Communists. Under the guidance (or supervision) of a small band of well known Jewish agitators, the Xhosa leadership was.

          South African Whites have a stronger legal case for owning South Africa — especially the entire Orange Free State / Oranje-Vrijstaat Afrikaans — simply because they built the place from the ground up. Do you know what it is like to farm 1,200 hectares? The only farms Black Africans (especially the Xhosa) can successfully maintain, unassisted, are small subsistence plots about the size of an idealized English rear-garden. Recent political events in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) have confirmed this.

          In 1900, after British forces Rothschild/De-Beers sponsored British mercenaries had occupied Bloemfontein, the Orange Free State was annexed by Britain as the Orange River Colony. The proud and resourceful White Boers were hated simply because they had managed to successfully extract themselves from the first ‘Jewish’ Colony on European soil: the Netherlands.

          I suggest you (GJ) be more careful next time you accuse someone of lacking truth.

          1. @ ASs

            Come on ‘intelectual’ ASs all this SA talk of yours at this FEMA hour is out of place: Your white house is on fire and you as wasp (p?) (remember your language is based on Sanskrit the root of all Indo Germanic languages) talk about a house of some centuries ago in a all black zone which was possibly uninhibited, how infantile can you get?

            I always ‘feliciteer’ when I ‘citeer’. I always congratulate (mention the source) when I ‘quote’. In the hurry of things this time not.
            The way it was planned.

            ‘Infantile’ is when whites like you whitewash their killingfields of the last 500 yrs. up to Damascus now with the argument it is them …king jewz.

            White Americans are too Zombian to shake them off till now. The US is a Jew colony at least since 1913!

            Btw these khoikhoi are in the ‘Out of Africa theory’ the ancestors of the whole human race,
            (making us all more or less bleached niggaz) if I am not mistaken.

            Iam interested in solutions

            Read my pointers: MMY/Nader/Hagelin/Fagan
            Read my pointers to BF

            Esp. the one in which MMY talks about when the English your tribe organised their holidays in India. Also this invasion is whitEwashed by whites here by saying it is them jewz. Jews like Sassoon were the financing ceo’s, sure, but most of their personnel were knowing and willing white anglosaxons like you.

            I quote Boobie Brugsma a Dutch journalist who once interviewed Beatricks years ago. I did not read any of the interview in the magazine found in the train. But my eyes fell on this statement of him: The Majority of the people on this planet see Hitler as a white doing to other whites what whites before did to non-whites.

            In an instant I thought of Dzenghis Khan.

            Waiter, a coup d’état aux Etats Unis, dammit!!!

            Remember ASs, you are the waiter.

            CIA O

          2. @ Gabreal Jones …

            Frankly, you are way too infantile to debate with. You also write in a language I don’t recognize. I can write in Arabic for you if that would make it any easier for you. Or perhaps Yiddish is your lingua franca?

            And to post here (twice) that you are “going to the loo” also suggests you are a filthy minded woman. Assuming, that is, you are of the gender you claim to be …

          3. @ASssss

            I am a man (as far as my body is concerned) and you sure have no balls.

            America will get more harmony when they (the majority is still white) have the balls recognise the American Native genocide.

            If not, the wheels of Karma turn anyway. Remember Karma is not vengeance (my or anyone elses it is a basic law of the uni-verse).

            uni silence / verse action-re-action

            CIA O

          4. Boobie Brugsma the (white) Dutch Journalist I quoted, he has balls,

            He was in a Japanese ‘concentration camp’ in Indonesia during WWII and was put to heavy slave labour at the Burmese Railway.

            He felt no revenge, grudge about it as the majority of Dutch still do in their yearly memory of WWII (Dutch East Indies edition).

            He was aware of what Dutch did there 3-4 centuries after they sailed around (‘your’, hahaha) Cape Horn hunting for the Treasures of the East. The East (large parts of them) was the more developped world in almost all ways.
            Almost: The euro’s and their jew bosses had cannons etc. The take over began.

            Neil Keenans- who is in Jakarta- Trillion Dollar Law Suit is still going strong.

            Google: green hilton agreement sukarno kennedy

            The circle is round. With the stepping out of the debt/death jewasp circle last week as reported by Jap-Jew Benjamin Fulford the righteous (that means not you silly ASsss!, back to your basket) will win.

            gabReal Jones

            CIA O

      2. The Jews took control of the West by stepping on the rock of Christ. In other words the tiny Jewish minority could only have taken over if they had convinced the vast majority of white Europeans of Jewish supremacism through extensive indoctrination into the cult of Christianity.

        Even unto this day the typical Christian is unable to grasp that the subversion of their culture is Jewish in nature. How can the Christian accuse the Jew of treason when the Christian is convinced that the Jews are god’s chosen people? This website is where very few minds assemble and psychically overcome the Jew.

        The failure of Christianity to recognize the parasite means several things. First of all if Jesus is real, a real living god, then he is absent of duty in informing his flock about reality. The complete collapse of the west into total Jewish debauchery has convinced me that Jesus is 100% fiction. As the Jews ready the DHS to slaughter American Christians Bolshevik style, ask yourself, where is Jesus?

        Christianity has also been exposed as a spell, not a religion. It is not a spiritual practice so much as it is slave indoctrination, how to be successful in a world owned by Jews. Turn the other cheek (as the Jew abuses you) and pay your taxes (with Jew money to the Jew tax collector). The Christian army is really the duped Jewish slaves army sacrificing themselves for the expansion of Jewish legal control and usury. The Christian sheep are the infamous sheeple everyone talks about, an appropriate metaphor as farm sheep are also sheared and slaughtered.

        I would also point out the obvious conclusion of exposing Jesus as a fraudulent god, where is all the Christian worship energy going? Who then is really Jehovah? Are the Christians whoreshipping the Jews as god? I think so. How many peoples have been tortured and killed, worse than the fictional Jesus on the cross, as Christians advance Jewish ideals?

        1. Another great post by Ares! You pretty much summed up why Christianity has been such a lethal ideology for the world and Christians themselves. Christianity as a doctrine to defeat the Jew is doomed, because it is undeniably linked to the Torah (Old Testament) and most Gentiles cannot escape the brainwashing that was given to them concerning the Jews. As you also pointed out, the behaviors that are held up as virtuous in the New Testament add up to being a wimpy, limp wristed slave. Then, acting out this “advice”, you end up being eaten by the ravenous beasts known as Jews.

  8. Although I knew Eustace Mullins only slightly, I was deeply saddened by his passing. For me, this was a very enlightening article; Toshiyori will certainly contrive to make reference to it in a forthcoming Leaf of the Organ. Thanks, and best wishes!

  9. The Jews get away with their evil because Christians do not beleive what Jesus said about the Jews. He said that Jews are “liars, deceivers, hypcrites, murderers and the very children of the Devil.” Do Christians beleive Jesus? No! Christians believe the lying Jews who claim that they are “God’s Chosen People.”

    Jesus and Hitler told the truth about the Jews; the Jews are devils. All of them.

  10. Jews make up a lot more than 2% of the world’s population, and a lot more than 2% of the US population. Jews probably make up 25% of the population of the US. At least.

    The 2% figure is yet another lie.

    1. Neither Franklin Ryckaert nor Xanadu claimed that the Jews made up 2% of the world’s population. In fact, they make up only 0.2% of the world’s population. They make of 2% of the American population.

      I agree with you, however, that this 2% is probably a gross underestimate. There must be vast numbers of crypto-Jews and people who are partly Jewish in America who pass themselves off as non-Jews.

      20% is of course a ridiculous exaggeration and I’m sure you know that, but as a mischievous troll you would not be too concerned about accuracy.

    2. @ Joe … I would agree with your basic assumption, although I would say 25% is too high.

      The true percentage of Jews in Amerika (predominantly Khazar/Ashkenazi) probably lies somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the total population: with special concentrations in New York/New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Florida generally.

  11. Anti-American

    Posted on June 14, 2013 by Stop Chasing Ghosts — Leave a comment ↓

    by JB Campbell

    The leakers are being called “anti-American.”

    What decent person, anywhere in the world today, is not anti-American? Is there anyone more dangerous than our typical ignorant, arrogant American “citizen,” who very likely couldn’t find America on a marked map of the world? Well, yes: the American military man, who is the most dangerous son of a bitch on the planet. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

    I’m anti-American. I really wasn’t until I returned to Rhodesia in January, ’73 to join up and help in their struggle against Communist terrorists. I’d been down there in ’71 for discussions with the government on bringing Americans and others wanting to be part of a new country project based on a book by my boss, Michael Oliver, called A New Constitution for a New Country. The plan was to have a minimum of a hundred square miles with no taxes and no draft, replacing the former tax-haven in Freeport, Bahamas.

    Thousands of productive Americans and others were ready to relocate.

    Mike’s real name was Olitsky and he was a Lithuanian Jew who’d fled into Germany to escape Stalin’s Red Army. He wound up in Dachau for four years. He introduced me to Holocaust Revisionism when I ventured to ask him about his experience. He shrugged and said, “It was a factory. We worked during the day and stayed in a dormitory at night.”

    “But what about the, uh, the—“
    “The what?”
    “You know, the killings.”
    “I never saw any of that.”

    Four years in Dachau, never saw any of that. Okay. He did see the US Army “liberate” the camp in April, ’45. The SS and Alpine troops recuperating there had negotiated a surrender to the Americans, who entered the camp and started shooting the guys who thought they were surrendering. Then the Americans marched the surviving soldiers (all the prison guards had fled days earlier) up to a wall near the hospital and set up a machine gun. Three hundred forty-six German soldiers on R&R were slaughtered in a few minutes, five hundred twenty in all that morning. George Patton handled the cover-up and protected the war criminals.

    The army doctor on the scene, Col. Howard Buechner, described it in his book, Dachau: Hour of the Avenger. Of the 32,000 inmates freed, about 1,200 were Jews, including Mike.

    My new country project discussions were with the Rhodesian minister of internal affairs, Jack Howman. He rather indignantly turned us down. Nevertheless, I did return and take part in their war against Communist terror. I suppose it was during those two years that I became reluctantly anti-American. Our country, the good old USA, supported the Communist war of terror against the Rhodesian people, black and white. Our country put Robert Mugabe in power, just as it put Nelson Mandela in power a few years later. Mandela was Member Number One of the South African Communist Party. America put every Communist party in power in every single Communist country since 1917. That includes Lenin & Trotsky, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il-sung, Ho Chi Minh, Tito, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro. Our government kept Stalin in power from 1924 until his death in ’53. It went to war in ’41 to rescue Stalin from well-deserved German destruction. Billions (trillions in today’s worthless money) were given by America to save Soviet Communism.

    An itinerant writer named Robert K. Brown came to Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1974 to interview me. He said he was freelancing for Esquire Magazine and Guns Magazine. He wanted to know what would make a Californian such as I come over to this little country in southern Africa and fight terrorism? The interview eventually appeared in the first issue (Summer ’75) of a strange magazine called “Soldier of Fortune.” I took Brown up to Mt. Darwin and introduced him to my farmer friends who were on the front lines of terrorism every day and night of their lives. I asked him not to quote me because I could be prosecuted for “mercenary activities” by the State Department. He quoted the hell out of me but changed my name to “Mitchell McNair.” But the point of this is that he told me what he did for the CIA back in the ‘50s… Brown was in the CIA’s Special Forces and was part of the assassination team that murdered Rafael Trujillo in ’61. But in ’58 and ’59, Brown ran guns to Fidel Castro to assist in his coup against Fulgencio Batista. Once Castro came to power, the CIA pretended to be against Castro to justify its gigantic power-grab of the government.

    But Castro, along with every other Communist leader in the world, was put in power by the US government. Then our government exploited the “threat” presented by Communism to justify “defense spending” and lucrative no-win wars. Today, the Chicoms, those ultimate Communists, are our business partners and we have arranged for the anti-Communist Moslems to be our new worst enemies.

    Brown’s magazine was funded by the CIA and was immediately put to use in recruiting mercenaries for their ludicrous operation in Angola. I called Brown in Boulder at one point to ask why the hell he was recruiting for the foul Angolan terrorist, Holden Roberto? He said lamely, “Well, the CIA likes him.” Any questions so far?

    The more I studied US history over the next few years, the more I came to hate everything this country stands for, or pretends to stand for. American history turns out to be one gigantic lie, as phony as a Hollywood movie. In fact, all we have come to believe about ourselves has pretty much come from Hollywood. This is no exaggeration. The American myth was created by a few Russian Jews who ripped off Tom Edison’s film process in New Jersey and split for the coast to avoid prosecution. Neal Gabler wrote a book entitled An Empire of Their Own, How the Jews Invented Hollywood. The inescapable fact is that not only did they invent Hollywood, but the entire myth of America as the promised land.

    For Russian Jews, it was. America was the land of milk, honey and suckers by the millions. Our self-image as Americans is a Jewish image. The slaughter and rip-off and exile of American Indians to Bantustans we call “reservations” was glamorized (authorized) by Hollywood Jews. The reality of this genocide makes American condemnation of Zionist genocide of Palestinians meaningless. That is, it would be meaningless if any American politician condemned Israel, which hasn’t happened yet. If we had some bacon we could have bacon and eggs, if we had some eggs.

    The whole American experience is based on mass murder and land-grabs and lies (broken treaties). Not one treaty made by the US Army with the Indians was left unbroken. Maybe the one with the Yakimas, but I’m not sure about that. Up in this country where we live, you see the slogan once in a while, “Custer Had It Coming.” When you investigate what all he did to the Lakota, Cheyenne and others, such as mass murdering women and children, for no reason other than ethnic cleansing, you have to conclude that he and his war criminals definitely had it coming.

    Custer worked for Phil Sheridan and Bill Sherman, both of whom are in the War Crimes Hall of Fame. Their crimes against the Southern people and the Indian people will turn your hair white with shock. American (Yankee) war of aggression and genocide are the bases of all modern total war. The buffalo were exterminated just to cripple the Plains Indians. To punish the Nez Perce for resisting another broken treaty, the army slaughtered thousands of their Appaloosa horses. The army put the Nez Perce in boxcars in the winter of ’77 and shipped them to Ft. Leavenworth. This is the actual American way.

    I’ll skip over our genocidal adventures in the Philippines and our Jewish-engineered role in the Great War and go right to the World War, or rather its aftermath in Europe. Our mopping-up method is described above with the Dachau massacre of surrendered troops. Such sadistic butchery was encouraged by a 1941 book “highly recommended” to the troops by Franklin Roosevelt, a book by an obscure Jew in advertising named Theodore Kaufman, entitled “Germany Must Perish!” It was the basis for what became known as the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, which called for the extermination of a large percentage of Germans, the forced sterilization of the rest and the destruction of all industry or its removal to the Soviet Union, flooding all mines and turning Germany into a goat pasture. Henry Morgenthau was FDR’s Jewish treasury secretary.

    George Patton writes in his memoirs that Eisenhower gave Morgenthau his plan, which was eventually drafted by another Jew named Weiss (Harry Dexter “White”). Upon war’s end, Eisenhower put the plan into effect with his order to starve to death all captured German PoWs. This is documented in James Bacque’s Other Losses. Over a million German prisoners died eating grass and bugs out in open fields in the American starvation program from May to December, 1945.

    Then, Ike starved millions more German civilians throughout that period ‘til 1947, when the Cold War started and America needed Germany to pretend to fight our erstwhile ally, Stalin. This merciless starvation program is documented also by Bacque in his Crimes & Mercies. Naïve people have doubted this crime against humanity and asked, “Why didn’t the Germans complain, if what you say is true?” Answer: For one thing, the Germans are not a complaining people, the way Jews are. This is not a good thing, but it’s the way they are. They shut up and take it. But the real point is, to whom could they complain if they were complaining people? The Americans? The British, the Soviets, the French, all of whom were participants in the American genocide program? Bacque estimates that between nine and thirteen million Germans were slaughtered in Eisenhower’s starvation and forced exposure operation in two years.

    Then there was the Eisenhower program officially called by the army, Operation Keelhaul. If you still think that being an American is a good thing, consider this one… During the war, millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Cossacks and others escaped from Soviet slave-terror into Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia and other countries.

    Many of them were Red Army soldiers captured by the German army at Stalingrad, Leningrad, Kursk and countless other battles and sent to PoW camps in Germany and Poland and Italy. The hysterical beast, Josef Stalin, who fled Moscow at the approach of the German army, gave the order that any Red Army soldier who surrendered was to be shot when the war was over. This was well-known. Nevertheless, Dwight Eisenhower broke all international laws regarding treatment of captured enemy forces and ordered the rounding up and handing over of these men and their families. Approximately five million of them were forced into boxcars by US Army soldiers at bayonet point and sent east to Hungary, where they were taken off the trains and either shot by the tracks or sent to the Gulag Archipelago to be worked to death over the next year. This was documented also by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his monumental record of Soviet/American bestiality. I have interviewed veterans who participated in this unimaginable betrayal of humanity.

    Reportedly, the only photo on Ike’s Oval Office desk was one of Josef Stalin—autographed.

    In 1956, our President Eisenhower encouraged the Hungarians to rise up and kick the Soviets out of Budapest, promising them American help if they showed they deserved it. So the Hungarians rose up and seized all the Jews that Khrushchev and Stalin had installed over them, hanging and shooting many hundreds, and forced the Soviets out of Budapest. Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that he waited a couple of weeks for Eisenhower to follow through on his promise of aid, but it never came. So he ordered the tanks back in and the wiping out of the freedom fighters.

    This is the actual American way, administered by respectable political pukes such as Dwight David Eisenhower, nicknamed in the 1915 West Point yearbook as “The Terrible Swedish Jew.”

    We are just now learning what the army and air force did to the Koreans during the Korean War. Millions were slaughtered. We Americans wonder why the crazy North Koreans are so paranoid and ready to fight? We wonder because we don’t know what the hell our government did to those people in the 1950s. We have no idea that our government approved the Soviet occupation of North Korea in 1945, making it Communist in ‘48. Then we drew an arbitrary line across the 38th parallel and created “South Korea” and prepared to go to war against “North Korea” when everyone was ready in 1950. War made to order with unbelievable profits to the bankers and “defense contractors.” 34,000 Americans killed – for what?

    Viet Nam. Did you know that Ho Chi Minh was a US intelligence agent during World War II? He made his reports to the OSS at the Texaco office in Hanoi. Did you know that the American OSS installed Ho Chi Minh in power in the northern half of Indochina in 1945? An arbitrary line was drawn across the 17th parallel in ’54 and our northern puppet started the war against our southern puppet in ’59, which we of course lost in ’75. Another war made to order with unbelievable profits to the bankers and “defense contractors.” Millions of Vietnamese slaughtered by our wonderful boys, 58,000 of whom were also slaughtered – for what?

    The United Nations is a US front. It was devised by American traitors in the Council on Foreign Relations in 1945 and has always been housed in New York. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. donated the sixteen acres in Manhattan and built the edifice in 1951. Its first crime against humanity was the creation of the Israeli nation of parasites in 1948, while the UN was still headquartered on Long Island. The UN waged war against Rhodesia and South Africa throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, always subsidized by American taxpayers. Most Americans don’t know or remember that the Korean War was fought by American soldiers under the blue and white flag of the United Nations.

    And now, our wonderful boys are fighting for Israel against Moslems in Iraq and Afghanistan and secretly killing thousands in Pakistan and Yemen. These wars are based on Israeli lies stemming from their massacre of 9/11. Even though the American FBI director, Mueller, admitted there was no evidence of Moslem hijackers, we invaded Afghanistan. Americans don’t know that the Taliban were our guys until they objected to a Unocal pipeline being constructed across their country. Richard Armitage told them they could either have a carpet of gold (if they went along with the pipeline) or a carpet of bombs if they didn’t cooperate.

    They didn’t cooperate and virtually overnight, the Americans categorized them as the enemy, showering our gold on a rival group, the Northern Alliance. Our former friends, the Taliban, are kicking our butts, which is only fair. You invade someone’s country based on your own lies, you deserve to have your butt kicked.

    Football star and millionaire Pat Tillman fell for the 9/11 legend and joined the Army Rangers to hunt down Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. But then he and his brother were sent to Iraq, which puzzled them both.

    Why Iraq? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 (but neither did Osama or Afghanistan). Pat Tillman signed his own death warrant with his questions and complaints about invading Iraq. So he was sent back to Afghanistan to be silenced. In one of the dumbest excuses for a skirmish I’ve ever heard of, he was sent forward to engage with some non-existent enemy fighters. Then he was shot at by his own guys behind him.

    The odd thing is that his forehead had three .22 caliber bullet holes in it. The M-4 rifle shoots a .22, of course, but it’s a high-power, high-velocity .223 that does serious damage. The fact that his forehead had three .22 holes and wasn’t obliterated means he was executed with three low-powered .22LR bullets from a pistol. The general in charge of the official heroic lies about enemy action and then “friendly fire” was Stanley McChrystal, an infamous black ops leader of The Secret Team and organizer of many, many assassinations.

    And so, I’m anti-American. I suspect that if Pat Tillman were alive he’d be just as anti-American. Real patriots can get that way quickly when they realize they’ve been hustled.

    Don’t start about the Constitution. Don’t tell me that if we just stuck to the Constitution we’d be in good shape. I’ve found that people who go on about the Constitution have never read it. They don’t understand that it’s just a seven-part plan for running the government. They don’t understand that it was crafted by Freemasons using Masonic lodge rules of order as a template. They don’t know or forgot that the founders sneaked the Constitution on us when they were supposed to modify the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the States.

    The Bill of Rights was our friend and it was added by Patrick Henry and truly patriotic friends to protect us from the Constitutional government. But George Bush and his PATRIOT Act destroyed the Bill of Rights. Obama is a foreign-born CIA asset so he has no understanding of the Bill of Rights. Apparently both he and his strange wife lost their law licenses several years ago anyway and I suspect they missed Bill of Rights day in law school.

    I’m not sure what it is about America that we’re expected to love. The government? The Federal Reserve? The IRS? Our banking system? Wall Street? How about our schools? The way we conduct our foreign policy? How about the CIA and sanctioned kidnapping, torture and false imprisonment and killing Israel’s enemies with our cowardly Predator flying death machines? Maybe the FBI, America’s number one terrorist organization?

    Tell me, what is there to love? Our farms and Monsanto suicide seeds and all our fake food? Our labor unions that don’t try to protect American jobs? How about NAFTA that was jammed down our throats by Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh? You don’t remember that 1994 tag-team?

    Maybe we should love Wal-Mart and all the Chinese junk inside. How about our great industries? Wait a minute—we don’t have any industries. They’re all in China.

    Should we love our cities? How about the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. We really need a War on Warmongers and Profiteers. I won’t even ask if we’re supposed to love our politicians, our judges and our news media. Our ranches are nice, except the cattle are full of growth hormones and antibiotics.

    Nope. Sorry. Nothing here to love, if we’re honest. Maybe if we brought our occupation forces home from the 120 countries they’re occupying, this country wouldn’t be so hateful. But there’s a gene in us that makes us extremely dangerous and destructive. We have been conditioned to view ourselves as exceptional—better than other people—and deserving of whatever other people have, such as land, gold, oil, water, whatever.

    You can see this gene metastasizing in the leaked videos of Americans slaughtering Iraqi civilians from our multi-million dollar attack helicopters. I say they’re ours because we’re on the hook for them.

    Somebody is going to say, Well partner, you better love your right to shoot your mouth off and you can thank a veteran for that right. Uh, huh. You mean the guy over in Iraq, blowing away a family that misunderstood orders in a foreign language to stop at this goddamned roadblock (that wasn’t here yesterday)? You think I owe my free-speech right to a guy who spent the war spraying Agent Orange on foreign civilians? Do you think any of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights was reinforced by the crew of the Enola Gay? My old man was a marine in the first World War. I said to him, Man, you made the world safe for Democracy! He just looked at me, like, very funny.

    It is not safe to shoot your mouth off these days and hasn’t been for a long time. The military is not making it any safer, in fact, just the opposite. The US military is breaking the law wholesale by acting as “law enforcement,” in complete violation of the law (Posse Comitatus). But shut my mouth, because there is no law anymore. We’re under the law of the gun, or Deuteronomy, which is the same thing.

    Most people today are afraid even to READ my material, let alone comment on it. Let alone write something along these lines. Why do you suppose there’s so much fear in this country since 9/11? Is the military relieving this fear or reinforcing it? What about the reports that the military will be rounding up dissidents?

    Don’t believe them? They’re already illegally working as cops. The military does not protect ANYONE’s rights. The military kills people and destroys property. No American is safer because our military is killing Moslems in Iraq or Afghanistan—just the opposite. Not only is the military killing the world with depleted uranium munitions, but it is causing a blinding hatred of us. Just imagine armed thugs breaking into your house or your relative’s house and what it would do to your mind, assuming they didn’t blow you away because of the look of resentment on your face.

    I discovered myself, years ago, that the FEMA camps are staffed by the 300th Military Police POW Command headquartered in Inkster, Michigan.

    An honest American has to admit that he hates this country, not just the government. The government is a reflection of the people who pay for it. This country isn’t what you thought it was and it never has been. We’ve been conditioned to pledge allegiance to the flag and to the nation for which it stands, but what it stands for isn’t what Hollywood has had us believing since we were little kids.

    All leaks are good, as long as they’re the real deal, not redacted or altered to make us support Israel. The only way we can survive is to know the truth about what government and the corporations have been secretly doing to us and others. The truth may be anti-American, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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    1. you sound like a jew trying to sell a russia-america, east-west war

      the enemy is not america … the enemy is jews

      i love americans and will help them solve their problems after ive solved my own

      1. @flyingcossack.

        The late commentator on politics in America stated the following in one of commentaries…..

        “History is replete with the lesson that a country in which the Jews get the upper hand is in danger.”

        1. there are a lot of sites that give good information and false conclusions … associating the truth with terms like extremist and anti-american is propagating jewish propaganda … though ive been guilty of this myself, im trying to stay away from such terms that suggest assumed conclusions … like anti-semite … and nazi in a derogatory sense … it is one of the easiest ways to spot a ziotroll hasbara sayanim – they like to uphold these assumed false conclusions

          anti-america and anti-military is a dangerous game … the military is precisely what americans need to win over … jews would like nothing better than to see citizen militia and military in a bloody confrontation

          ive read some more of JB’s articles and his intentions seem good … the thesis and conclusion of this article dont match its body, as such i was confused

    2. @Commander Z

      Sir, that is one of the BEST “rants” I have ever read! Though I am loyal to my home turf to a huge degree (for it is MY country, insofar as I have at least two ancestors who signed The Declaration of Independence, as well as others who fought for its independence)(or maybe just THOUGHT they did 🙂 ), I have to say that EVERYTHING you mentioned therein has the ring-of-truth – if not simply STRAIT TALK. My congratulations, and empathy.

      It happens to have been my circumstance in life’s journey that I have been well-acquainted with some who were very close to key figures and mechanations of some of the historic misconceptions you mentioned in your comments, here. The more I consider my life and experiences among them (myself being a naive, give-me-a-job-and-I’ll-get-her-done young man, once-upon-a-time), the more I know you are shooting very, very close to the actual TRUTH.

      Anyone to whom it is a PAINFUL truth is in danger of being a Good American – something worth aspiring toward. You are one.

      1. the trouble is with all the ancestors who signed the Declaration of Dependence, they are in the shabbos majority.

        1. Yes, the declaration of dependence is an appropriate name for the body of the U.S. Constitution (sans the Bill of Rights). I’m almost certain THAT is the document of which you speak, lobro (??) …..

        2. yes gilbert and even that miserable document has been trashed and gutted by the current crop of soulless vampires.

          spineless constitution = declaration of bondage

          at least cheney was out and out evil but biden is worse, a cartoonish study in writhing, grimacing cowardice that positively makes me retch, no bucket of kosher excrement is too filling for his eager gullet.

        3. the one little thing that gives me the creeps is where some state legislature (or is it the us congress) put up a plaque acknowledging the primacy of noahide laws.

          why not just say: “we are zion’s infernal whores” and be done with it?

          see here:
          What is halachic implications of a Noahide pledge or oath before a Beis Din?
          שאלה: מהן המשמעויות ההלכתיות של ההצהרה שמצהירים בני נח בפני בית דין יהודי לאמור שהם מקבלים עליהם את שבע מצוות בני נח?
          Answer. To achieve formal status, a non-Jew today has to make a declaration before a Beit Din of Jews. According to many authorities, there is value to the declaration of a person before a rabbinical court – beis din – that he or she accept and takes upon himself or herself the mitzvos of Bnei Noah. Therefore it is incumbent upon the beis din to accept such declarations from almost anyone who wants to make them.

          Rv:13:16: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

          Rv:13:17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name

          once you got the mark of the beast, the rewarding world of finance and commerce is open to you, yee-haw!!!

    3. JB Campbell’s words are devastating yet he speaks the truth. America is totally damned, its Jewish government does represent its Christian people. The murdering genocidal policies of America have been going on since its inception in a large part due to Biblical indoctrination.

      The Jews managed to incorporate their superiority ideas into the typical American, even non Christians. Americans view themselves as chosen ones, in a land favored by god, America became the New Israel.

      Manifest Destiny art:

      It is painful to wake up to our actual history.

      1. There have been 3 major events in the last 2,000 years that have attempted to eradicate the parasite, all in their own way.
        The coming of Christ, whose stern warning, if heeded would have nipped the parasite in its leeching bud. Then the American Revolution, which “bought time”, and finally the 3rdReich, whose downfall accelerated the infectious spread. Now the parasite has insinuated itself to the point where any conventional means of removing it seems impracticable.

        But to be considered a host infers the presence, and therefore ensuing action of the parasite. So the question I arrive at asks (and feel free to ruminate on it out there):

        How might it come to be that that which constitutes the “host” could no longer be characterized as such, thus rendering the characterization moot; irrelevant? So there’s no longer a possibility of being held host-age? The end of host-ilities?

        What will finally doom the life-drainer to wither and die on that hot pavement?

        1. @ Brownhawk …

          Please refer back to my earlier comment.

          “Jesus” (assuming for a moment that he once existed as you naively envision him) did NOT author Christianity. Christianity was in fact authored by Rome, under the auspices of the Flavians.

          The so-called “Messiah” was in reality Titus, when as commander of Rome’s army in Judea.

          They (Rome’s intelligentsia) created the Gospels in order to take the p*ss (to mock, or make joke of) the Jewish Messianic sect that had been giving the Roman Empire severe problems for some decades hitherto.

          Christianity was designed for Slaves and/or to encourage a slave mentality amongst its followers. Ergo, our continued belief in this nonsense has emasculated the bulk of us. Collectively, we have little sap running through our veins. It is this epicene condition that renders us weak in the face of ‘Talmudic-Jewish’ machinations.

          Joe Biden (a nobody until paired with the Empty Suit member of the Chicago Bathhouse, “Man’s Country”) has made himself a legitimate target for citizen “takedown”. Just as Tony Blair, and Henry Kissinger have already done. Wanted … Ded or Alive. You have the guts to pull the trigger if hypothetically given the chance?

          1. @AS

            I have NEVER, not once, suggested that Jesus authorized Christianity. And my “vision” of him is far from being naive.

            It is evident to me that you have a total misreading of my words. Which is understandable because after all, they are only words – their misconstruction not just possible, but probable for most.

          2. Calm down Brownhawk. Using the word “total” sounds unnecessarily melodramatic. Be assured I always interpret your posts faithfully. As regards Christianity, I was prodding you in the direction of Joseph Atwill.

  12. @Salvatore

    Dr. Savitri Devi was French-born Christian Maximine Portaz, a White suremacist. She joined Nazi party due to Hitler racial purity theory. Later she was attracted to Hinduism for the same reason.

    While living in Calcutta in 1940, she married Dr. Asit Krishna Mukherji, a Bengali Brahmin who edited the pro-German newspaper New Mercury and fully embraced National Socialism. (Although Mukherji apparently married her only to prevent her from being deported and remained chaste, Savitri reportedly was sexually-liberated, having many affairs with both men and women). Savitri was also in close touch Indian nationalists, most notably Subhash Chandra Bose (also known as ‘Netaji’) who later received help from Nazi Germany…

    1. Bose received help from the Japanese, and not from Germany … certainly no material help. Bose was actually financed by the Japanese. Re-check your sources Rehmat.

    1. yes, its funny how they brand him a traitor … nowhere does eustace mullins pledge allegiance to jews

  13. Obviously Eustace Mullins loves being a victim, adores being a masochist. This is why he interprets events the way we read in this piece. Give Eustace 3 to 4 years of psichoanalysis with a very good psychoanalist and we´ll be reading a very different story. A story based on REALITY, not idiotic and false claims the gullible Eustace believes in at the moment.

    1. What Eustace Mullins believes “at this moment” we are unable to know since he died in 2010. And what you call “masochism”, we (non-Jews) call the search for truth and justice in a Jew infested world.
      Besides, the “difficult” words psichoanalysis and psychoanalist are correctly written as : psychoanalysis and psychoanalyst.

      1. P.S. To ascribe Gentile criticism of Jewish misconduct to a psychological disturbance – in urgent need of (Jewish) psychoanalysis of course! – is a typical Jewish reaction.
        Have you not yet learned to hide your identity?

    2. @ Angry Portugese Person

      Eustace passed away in 2010. He did not need to be a “victim”, anyway, so perish the thought. His mother’s family was very well-off; and his uncle, Franklin Muse, was a founding senior partner of the largest corporate law firm in Virginia. Eustace was headed that way, but got side-tracked by his own honesty, integrity, and love of Truth. I met him in the early 1990s, and became a frequent visitor, along with some of my friends. He was always the gentleman, and no damn crybaby.

    3. what do we have here, another talmudic shrink?
      just look at what they did to ezra pound and would gladly have done to dostoevsky had they been able to get their scrabbly ratpaws on him.

      you’re in good company here:
      Any gentile who questions Jewish Supremacist behaviour suffers from an “abnormal psychology,” according to well-known Zionist fanatic Allan Dershowitz.

      some of the likely patients and candidates for mossad electroshock therapy include h. l. mencken, george bernard shaw, henry adams, h.g. wells, edgar degas, denis diderot, theodore dreiser, t. s. eliot, immanuel kant, tacitus, cicero, aleksander pushkin, pierre renoir, thomas edison, henry ford, richard wagner, benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson, voltaire, martin luther and george washington.
      count me in, my kind of inmates to share a gulag camp with.

      1. Yes… The victuals will be less than gourmet – but the conversations around the campfire will be profound! 🙂

  14. @Alberto Portugeis

    First of all good point Crazy theories !!!!! Killing One’s Own People

    But Mullins already went to the Eternal Hunting Fields. And Psychoanalysis is esp. in the USA in schwung, but it is is a jew Frankfurt School’s very limited therefore very dangerous way of ‘knowledge’ about the human psyche. To put it simply, no amount of analysing by the learned Committe of darkness helps, till the cleaner entered the dark room and turned on the light.

    To give ‘Crazy Theories’ a little twist:

    Here is a thread I recall roughly of the Cosmic Mind of MMY: …..I die for my country. Fine, you die for your country. Then, where are you and where is your country? Completely wrong philosophy of life…..

    CIA O

  15. As everyone at Darkmoon knows already, not all Jews are liars. Benjamin Freedman, Henry Makow, Brother Kapner, Rabbi Antelman, Israel Shahak, the list goes on and on.

    I think it’s time we examine the role of the Shabbos goy helpers & enablers to the, Oh, let us say, the Mischpuka agenda [ the Zionist New World Order]. Not all Jews support the Zionist New World Order. Some of us are scared of the Zionist NWO because — just as what happened in Nazi Germany — we are afraid it may happen again. The banking Sanhedrin has a long history of working with the gentiles to attack us peace-loving Jews who don’t bother anyone, and just want to be left alone.

    ” Israel Shahak + The Weight Of Three-Thousand Years PDF”

    While those of us Jews are opposed to the NWO, we notice how many non-Jews [Shabbos-goys we call them] who support the Zionist NWO passionately.

    Why does Darkmoon always pick on us Jews ? Why do we always get singled out as Zionism is more than just Jews ?

    Zionists consist of Jews [ yes, I admit it] But, Zionists also consist of Zionist Christians, Islamic jihadists, Arab oil sheikhs, Turkish politicians, Texas Oil Companies, International Corporations [ many are owned by non-Jews] Mormons, Shriners, Alfazars Shriners, and Freemasons of all kinds. Mormons, for example, love Zionism to kibble-and-bits. Mormons love the CIA just as much as the Mischpukas love the CIA. Mormons make ardent CIA/FBI agents for the Mischpukas. I never see any articles about 501C3 Christian Zionists. I never see any articles about the Mormons. I never see any articles about the Shriners. I never see any articles about Freemasonry.

    Plenty of dishonest non-Jews around. Plenty of Non-Jewish Zionists. When is Darkmoon going to start writing articles about the non-Jewish Zionists? Articles about the Mormons, just to give one example.

    The readers of Darkmoon are given a very one-sided, and very distorted analysis of history, and a distorted analysis of the world situation today. If one only read Darkmoon — if Darkmoon was one’s only source of information — one would think Jews are the only ones around with character flaws, and that the Non-Jews in the world are totally innocent of any wrong-doing. That’s hardly the case.

    1. Does listening to the music from Schindler’s List bring tears to your eyes, Rabbi?

      1. actually,it must be said, Benjamin Freedman and others converted to Christian belief.

    2. Makow is a crypto. He is a liar and a nazi-basher. Kapner is a putinist. He smells like the russian jewry.

    3. I figure some of you may be surprised here knowing the nature of my posts, but I must agree with the Rabbi. Fellows after 8 centuries of Zionism. FYI: the Knights Templar created that thing creature or whatever it was to become eventually around the 13th century CE, after taking over Godfrey de Boullion place that he named “The Abbey of Our Lady of Mt. Zion”. NTBC with the Priory of Zion. The priory thing is crap. Dan Brown got only one thing right. Yes ,Templars were right on it. The thing that is fact for certain and I have mentioned it here and in other forums like this one. Zionism the movement as it is now, its levels of Socio-psychopathy has reached ones never seen before since its 8 centuries of existence. In my opinion the way it is moving like a monster on its own. I think I made here an analogy of Mary Shelley’s novel where her crazy alchemist character manufactured a creature and those who have read the novel(most films don’t show the true essence of the book)know how Viktor ended. The way Zionism is moving now as we speak, is beyond any ethnicities, in fact is beyond anything. So disregard Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Mizrahim, Asian, African, European, Hispanic, Red, Yellow, Pale or Dark for this creature is on its own and without control. Has got even worse to what Dr. Frankenstein created in that fictional account by Percy’s wife. But remember this one is not fiction. Very real and in my opinion the authentic big problem that’s going on the Planet. After almost 19 years of doing research on that creature, came to the conclusion recently, as I said before, this thing is on its own devices. Thru these years I have spoken to Judaizants of the Torah(both ethnic branches Ashkenaz & Sepharad)and in fact they are appalled by this creature, which as I said has gone over everything and with the most flagrant impunity. Viktor could not fight his creation, but this other one, we can and we will. We got to get together regardless genetics, the color coat of your dermis, or religions, and beat the crap out of this monster. The faster the better. The Monster knows it’s not the way it was, when he began 8 centuries ago. Things have changed tremendously and he knows that. One example. Where we are now: The World Wide Web. Back then he had no idea this was to come. Today he has tried to battle it, but to no avail. Be certain he won’t ever. Talking about the Internet visit here: & here & here and also here Yes fellows after all these 19 years of research, I came to realize, it is beyond Genetics. Take care anti-zionists of the world.

    4. Rabbi,

      I often mention two things on this site: 1) there are plenty of good, helpful and wonderful Jews, and 2) there are also plenty of ludicrous, idiotic, masochistic and moronic Goyim. The prime example of the latter, in the context of Zionism, was that group of “Christian Zionists” dancing around a bonfire in Israel, as shown on “Sixty Minutes” a few years back. I know at least two Anti-Zionist Jews—-and they have many of the same sentiments and thoughts as do you.

      1. Do you really think a REAL Rabbi would post on this site? You are addressing a fake rabbi. Grow up, and don’t be so damn naive!

  16. @ Wilson jews are not smart, merely clever and lacking wisdom which is the heart of intelligence, and as G Jones pointed out they are not creative, but destructive.

  17. Mormons are just another block in the pyramid. They were triangle underwear. What about the mormon defectors who claim satanic ritual ceremonies in the basements of Mormon churches? The donating of young women to Mormon leaders who are jewish at the top layer, for social advancement?

    Most lower level mormons have no idea what is going on at the top. They think they are being “saved.”

    1. OK , wrong impression (or maybe not) that it is Joe in the cloak of Rabbi A.
      But the heart of the matter is. Tora (OT) is full of pointers, verses to Jews only to steal, lie, kill. Heavy texts. Yet it is Talmud Light.

      They may be against Zion, ’cause their Messiah has not yet come. What if he comes, then the rest of the human race has to look up to them as the Self Chosen Cohans (priests) Then again: of what kind of ”God”? Vindictive jahwe?

      That’s why (in my view not perhaps) why Almighty Nature coughed up from current humanity LEBANESE Neurophysiologist Dr. Tony Abu Nader as MMY’s successor.

      CIA O

      Christians are (Chosen people) carbon copies of the OT in their wrong rerading of the words ascribed to JC.

      Muslims are the third version of it.

      Look at the fruits of these 3: invading, killing (in that way Rabbi Ab is right)

      Soulution (no typo) Con-verse. Let the minds attention transcends its own activity and come to rest in its Source.

      This is no abstract philiosophy. This is Real re-ligion. Re linking to the omnipresent Source of all action. Those who have contempt for it are simply deluded by the workings of their own mental mechanism.

      If you don’t do it for whatever reason. No problem there will be enough people wise enough (or infantile enough as blind Anglo S. states) who will do it.

      CIA O

      1. @Rehmat

        Muslims should not duck away for their past killingfields, for example- in India for 7 centuries. Like Christians should not wash away the killingfields orchestrated by them by blaming it all on them jewz.

        CIA O

  18. Why do people keep bringing up religion? People will believe what they want to believe and nothing will change that. Keep it to yourself. Spiritual beliefs should be private. Religious fighting like racial fighting is a divide & conquer strategy. I’ve always found it interesting that whenever the subject is jew subversion the comments are shortly circumvented into religious diversions.

  19. Rabbi Abramovitz, zionism like communism like capitalism like any ism is just another ism. The problem is the jew.

  20. It’s a time waster and degrading to be commenting on this jew infested site, The jews are clueless, wrapped up in their superiority cloak they’re blind to anything but themselves.j

      1. Jews may be clueless, still I think Abramowitz made some good solid points. The Jewish troublemakers seem to have a lot of non-Jew enablers who love to do their dirty work for the Jew troublemakers. Romney would be the perfect example. Hagee, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, so many more. One could write a whole set of encyclopedias to list all the “shabbos goy” names.

        @ Gabreal Jones [ CIA O]

        About your “j.>joe ?” : I assume you mean “j” =”Jew” . How coy. How brilliantly coy !!

        It should be blatantly obvious by now I’m a Roman Catholic, especially obvious to you CIA O –> CIA O > a regular reader and commentator at Darkmoon.

        I’m Italian Catholic, if you don’t mind. I was even born in Italy — Tuscany– to a very long line of Italian Tuscan Catholics, if you don’t mind.

        My name — “Joe” — is spelled with a capital “J” , by the way, in case you never noticed. We capitalize names in The English Language. To Not capitalize someone’s name is disrespectful, and shows bad faith. Learn some respect. The Rabbi has the correct view about that also, however clueless some may think the Rabbi is — he’s correct about being respectful when addressing other commentators.

        1. @Joe

          Respect, ok. But show it first of all to the Native Americans, to Whose Land you migrated, j(!)oe.

          But OT/NT religionists Jews/Christians/Muslims have to admit that a lot of respect is lacking in the texts of their telephone books which keeps todays world still in its grip.

          BTW you read the guy named Palermo on Indian casinos?

          “Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination – by starvation and uneven combat – of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity.”

          – P. 202, “Adolph Hitler” by John Toland

          CIA O

          1. @joe @fr @ all other american indian genocide deniers (wherever they are in this info age)

            Sag mir wo die flowers (uh, Red Skins, gj) sind, wo sind sie geblieben (Marlene Dietrich)


            (…) The extent to which a Nation denies the genocide it has commited is a measure of that Nation’s social conscience. The social conscience of the United States is infected with numerous rationalisations that keep the dark light from shining (…)

            (…) Federal and state institutions are named after mass murderers. The land tells a story of massacres and atrocities that occurred. But the truth is not forgotten, it is denied (…)

            (…) Rationalise the deaths as the result of tribal conflict, coming to the victims out of the inevitability of their history of relationships (…)

            This is the trap types like joe (no more gas for you, too), fr fall into.


            A good vid, unfortunately Elie tattoo Wiesel is quoted at the end, but the rest of the vid can’t be erased therefore. gj will leave a comment in their territory to unweasel them.

            CIA O

        2. RESPECT

          (…) Chief Pontiac name and image are now a trademark owned by the white people whose ancestors he fought.
          Is this not blasphemy or posthumous disrespect? (…)

          Native American Genocide (08.51)

          2.22 The genocide of Native Americans was a systematic, institutionalized process. This process repeats itself to this day, like in Israel.

          3.54 – 4.05 They came with a Bible and their religion. Stole our Lands. Crushed our Spirit. And now tell us to thank the Lord that we are saved. Chief Pontiac Indian Chieftain (1769)

          Chief Pontiac name and image are now a trademark owned by the white people whose ancestors he fought.
          Is this not blasphemy or posthumous disrespect?

          5.06-5.11 The west was invaded and occupied much like Palestine since Native Americans were already settled on the land.

          (btw the words ‘ancestors of the white people’ are wrongly placed in this in itself clear vid. As if the devil is playing with the producers)

          CIA O

  21. @ Reader

    I find your misspelling of my name to be highly insulting. I shall not debate you. I made my points I wanted to make. My words stand on their own merits. I do not debate with rude people.

    It’s grossly insulting to have one’s name misspelled [ especially when it’s intentional]. It’s not fair to do that to a Christian, it’s not fair to do that to a Muslim [ someone did that to a Muslim the other day. I was appalled]. It’s not fair to do that to the Jews. Learn some respect.

    1. You offered the olive branch, rabbi. Very civil of you. It is all one can do.

  22. @ Gabreal Jones – It’s not easy to enlighten a brainwashed bigot.

    Muslim kings united and ruled India for nearly 1,000 years starting at 711 CE from the southern city of Deebal (currently Karachi, Pakistan). During that time, there existed over 5,000 Hindu princely states on the Indian subcontinent.

    How the Muslim rulers treated their non-Muslim subjects? India’s first prime minister Pandit Nehru wrote: “Muslim rulers, with a few exceptions, were very fair to their Hindu subjects”. US-Canadian journalist and author, Eric Margolis, wrote in his book, “War on top of world” that when India was home to world’s greated civilization (under Mughal Empire), London was home to 15,000 UNWASHED Englishmen.

    Most bigots don’t know that all Mughal emperors after Emperor Akbar, were children of a Hindu princess, Jodha Bai.

    One of the most loved Muslim state ruler by Matama Gandhi, was Sultan Tipu (incidently, I named my son after him). Gandhi wrote in Young India (January 23, 1930): “Fateh Ali Tipu Sultan is represented by foreign historians as a fanatic who oppressed his Hindu subjects and converted them to Islam by force. But he was nothing of the kind. On the other hand his relations with his Hindu subjects were of a perfectly cordial nature. The Archeaological Department of Mysore State is in possession of over thirty letters by Tipu to the Shankaracharya of Shringeri Math. These letters are written in the Kannada characters. ln one of the letters written to the Shankaracharya in 1793 Tipu acknowledges receipt of the Shankaracharya’s letter and requests him to perform TAFAS (i.e., to undergo self – purificatory discipline) and to offer prayers for the welfare and prosperity of his own realm as for that of the whole universe. And finaly he asks the Shankaracharya to return to Mysore, for the presence of good men in a country brings down rain and makes for good cultivations and plenty. This letter deserves to be printed in letters of gold in every history of India. Tipu made lavish gifts of land and other things to Hindu temples and temples dedicated to Shri Venkataramanna, Shrinivas and Shri Ranganath and located in the vicinity of Tipu’s palaces still bear testimony to his broad-minded toleration, and indicate that great martyr at any rate for a real martyr he was in the cause of liberty was not disturbed in his prayers by the Hindu bells calling people to worship the same Allah whose devotee he was.”

    1. @Rehmat

      You pick one person out of this letter. And come up with Gandhi, Nehru. These puppits on the political stage don’t mean much to me. They may get the credit by the ignorant (like you) It is the Master of MMY: Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, a Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math who organised a Maha Yagya which had not been done before. Thus ended the WW II and thus India gained its independence from the anglosaxon personnel ruled by their jew ceo’s.

      Fact remains the majority of Muslim invaders had a Talmud like holiday of 6-7 centuries in what is now known as India. They were not actually spreading the Salaam of Islam.

      For you the same hint: read Nader/Hageli/Fagan
      And for the latest positive geopolitical changes: Benjamin Fulford’s news of Japan breaking out from the clutches of the OT money lenders.

      Tomorrow more.

      I have to go to the Loo.

      CIA O

      1. @ Gabreal Jones

        I give as much hoot to your views about Islam and Muslims – as told Muslim-hating Jewish Dr. Daniel Pipes.

        Gandhi, Nehru or Eric Margolis could not be as much of Jewish puppets as you and your 65 million Christian evangelists are.

        Enjoy a latest gaffe from your spiritual leader, Pastor John Hagee…..

        1. @Rehmat

          I lost my ID card a few months ago. This morning I reported it to the police.

          Me no US citizen. As far as I know. And ‘born again’ Hagee is certainly not my cup of coffee. You in your superficiality mistake John Hagelin for John Hagee.

          John Hagee is (still) as ignorant about the nature of life (his own true nature) as you apparently are, dear Rehmat. Thought you were smarter than that.

          Google John Hagelin, a prominent Quantum physicist who is exponent of MMY’s Vedic Science. Let HAGELIN”s science validated info sink in, digest it and then take it or leave it.

          But sooner or later everybody will take up this practical application of the most fundamental level of Nature’s functioning and we’ll leave the world as a better place for the next generations.

          Compare it with electricity, it is a day to day thing now.

          (…) Physics calls it Ground State. We call it Mother Divine (…) MMY, Mallorca (Spain, winter 1972)

          A last thread from another yahoo answer (just stumbled upon this yahoo machine and there is certain value in it:

          (…) The Hindu Vedic letter in Sanskrit “OM” if seen in a mirror one can see the Arabic numbers 786 and this is the most sacred number for Muslims and copies of the Arabic Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them. In their ignorance simply they do not realize that this special number is nothing more than the holiest of Vedic symbols misread and none of the Arabic scholar has been able to determine how they chose 786 as the sacred for them. In short muslims are also going around Siva Lingam at Kaaba, seven times as Hindus go around it seven times (…)

          I don’t say it is true, it could very well be…..

          Check it out R.

          Salaam, May Palestine (and thus the World)
          Be Liberated from the zionides.

          CIA O

          1. @GJ

            I don’t know of a possible parallel, but what came to mind with the #786 breaks it down numerologically to be: 7&8&6=21. “21” in certain esoteric understandings corresponds to the world of matter, or more precisely the CLOAK of what we REFER to as “matter”, where the experience of Life is contained within a matrix of physical exclusivity.

            This is where a consideration of physicists like Hagelin come into play. The emerging understanding of the quantum observers could be expressed by saying that “21” is moving to “22”. A ‘breakthrough’, so to speak where “22” signifies a ‘leap in human evolution’, or perhaps a better term would be an ‘unveiling’ to higher Consciousness. To me this is a better term, because I’ve sensed all along that what has been our experience as signified by “21” represents more of a DE-volution from being in a state where those ‘leaps in human evolution’ can be realized.

            At any rate, call it a transition from a wordly, so-called ‘natural’ existence to a true preternatural one. For those who are readying themselves to it, that is.

          2. @Gabreal Jones

            As I said before, making sense out of bigots like you – is not my cup of tea.

            The “786” or any other math. letters don’t appear in Holy Quran – just like “666” doesn’t mean Henry Kissinger in the Bible.

            When one add up numerals for “Bismillah Ur-Rehman Nera Him” (I begin with the name of Allah), it adds up to 786.

            As I said before, I don’t give a damn whether you’re follower of Hagee, David Weiss or Monica Lewinski – I post the historic truth for the readers in general.

            “Serve Jews and receive your Christian Salvation,” Rev. Pat Robertson.


            Shalom – I’m Chai Muslim.

          3. @ false rehmathematician

            If you post historic truths for the readers in general than you should post the truth about the massacres of the muslim invaders in Bharat
            (the Vedic name for India) and elsewhere.

            As a Muslim, go to Palestine like some courageous Westerners as K. O’ Neil do. Spare the people in general your false historic truth. Arm chair chats, ‘jihad’ idiot.

            I feel pity for the toilet flushin you through it.

            CIA O

    2. @ Rehmat,

      Your argument is that Muslim rulers united a hopelessly divided India and that they were mostly fair to their Hindu subjects and as an example you cite the case of Tipu Sultan. You say there were “over 5,000 Hindu princely states” on the Indian subcontinent during the first Muslim invasion.

      Well that seems extremely exaggerated to me. I see on my historical map of India in 640 AD in the North dynasties of Gurjaras, Harsha’s Empire, in Central India the Chalukyas, and in the South kingdoms of Pallavas, Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas. This picture of 5 to at most 15 states on the subcontinent is consistent throughout its history, which is understandable if we keep in mind that we are talking here about an area as big as Europe without Russia. The Indians did need Muslim “bringers of unity” as little as did the Europeans. Besides, the Mulims themselves were often divided and fought each other. The fact that Rajputs, Sikhs and Marathas fought for independence from from the Muslims shows that all Indians were not particularly happy with Muslim rule.

      Gandhi and Nehru said positive things about Muslims because they originally wanted a united Muslim-Hindu India. When that was no more possible there still was a considerable Muslim minority in India to keep at peace. Saying positive things about Muslims is now officially “politically correct” in India but it doesn’t correspond with the facts. Fact is that Islam is an aggressive imperialistic theocratic movement, hence it is always “at war” with the rest of the world.
      Muslims accusing others of “imperialism” is the height of hypocrisy.

          1. @FR

            You are right on JC. I doubt that Islam’s Prophet actually was a Warlord either. Neither was Moses.


            But look what the followers of these historic personalities of these monorails have done and still do.

            The OT/NT contain Truth (gj says this based on his own experience of meditation=introspection no speculations) but are for a great deal doctored. At best they are maps, but followers take it to be the territory. At best they are fingers pointing to the moon.

            There is a Fully God Realized Master in India a weaver Kabir who was revered by Hindus and Muslims. From this Enlightened this verse:

            Seek Truth in Meditation
            Not in mouldy books
            Look in the Sky To Find The Moon
            Not in the pond

            CIA O

          2. Medititation is introspection, going beyond the speculating mind- your ‘own’ as well as ‘others’.

            Here are some reports of fellow mortals with a Muslim background practicing TM and its advanced techniques.


            (…)I am a veiled Muslim that practices Transcendental Meditation (TM) and I cannot ever forget the first time I prayed after my first meditation. I learned the TM technique in December of 2006: I was speechless and cannot explain this state of complete serenity, contentment and gratitude for God. TM increased my level of acceptance and appreciation for my faith and strengthened my beliefs.

            For example, reading from the Qur’an is becoming more enjoyable and comforting at the same time, as now I can better link its teachings with everything around me: my level of comprehension of its meanings are increasing on a daily basis. It is clear to me that the more I practice TM and the TM¬Sidhi programs, (the TM-Sidhi program is a set of advanced techniques based upon TM), the more deeply I realize different aspects of my religion and my mission in life (…)

            CIA O

  23. Being a host implies that there is food for a parasite to feed off. So what exactly may be the ‘enabling food’? And if there were none, what then does the “host” become, or morph into? What would be the new characterization, given the premise?

    Could it be that ‘way back when’, the 1st order of business for the would-be parasite was to wipe out the indigenous peoples, or perhaps more precisely, the indigenous mindset? According to ancient legends, if you go back far enough in this manufactured abode of time, all Beings on this planet were “indigenous” at the time of the parasite’s invasion. But even here there had to be a certain condition, in keeping with an exclusively physical mode of existence that ENABLED the parasite to do its thing. And herein lies the rub.

    This is the key for me. That physical exclusivity, which I’ve commented about in earlier posts, is the condition which makes for a vulnerability that goes a long way towards defining the “host”. This is the foundation for it, exacerbated by our perpetuation of its ways – those ways of being OF the World. This foundation is the one which the most perspicacious of the ‘indigenous’ mind is always aware of – the one that for everything and everyone has constituted the state of existence in this physical matrix.

    Think of it as a ‘cloak’, a superimposition of matter over spirit if you will.

    In the ‘mean’ time (like GJ I enjoy playing with words) I ‘slap the bear’ and sting like a butterfly, float like a bee.

    1. DOH! What a dope. Of course that’s supposed to read: “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

  24. If Reader thinks it’s “degrading” to post comments here at Darkmoon, then why did he post comments here, if he thought he was going to be “degrading” himself by sharing his comments with us ? Not very intelligent. It was somewhat “degrading” to be subject to his comments, I must say. It’s preferable if he would go comment on some other website. “Reader” seems more suited for “”, considering how misinformed he sounds.

    @ Papy

    I’m not a Communist, just a concerned American who is horrified and appalled by what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinian people. They never did anything to us here in the US, or to the Israelis. The Jewish Zionists are pushing them off their land. The Palestinians have been in Palestine since the time of Christ.

    As it is, the left-wing Christians are speaking up against this injustice. The right-wing Christians support Zionism, as we all know. If you know any NON left-wing group of Christians against Zionism, please let me know, Papy. I’ll consider joining any Non-Zionist Christian group. The “left” aspect of it is secondary to me . Justice is the main focus here — not petty partisan politics.

    Excuse me. I lost my “Windows” guide to typing accent marks properly and correctly. I don’t know how to place two accent marks over your name without my Window guide. I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

    I respectfully, yet adamantly, disagree with your assertion, however.

  25. Megan, you ‘re for justice? Look back at the past 150 years , at the lives destroyed , the blood spilled. From the Cherokee to the Russians to the Vietnamese to the …you get my drift. You come across as simple-minded, a parrot of the media. We need a new paradagim, a shift in consciousness.

  26. @ Reader

    If you have the kind of special power to go back into history 150 years and put an end to the injustices that took place 150 years ago — more power to you. I don’t have a time machine. I don’t know anyone who does.

    For a “shift of consciousness” , Go To ;

    ” The Coalition Of Jews Christians Muslims For Peace” :

    @ Reader : Being the advanced soul that you are [ or feign to be], you may be disappointed and dismayed with the above group I linked to because they don’t have a time machine either, nor are they shape-shifting, time-traveling beings of light traversing the universe unencumbered by earthly time constraints and human limitations.

    I don’t know why you’re hassling me. You must have some kind of personal issues you’re afraid to face honestly and bravely. I say that because I never said anything to hurt you or anyone else who posts at Darkmoon, so you don’t really have any good reason to hassle me.

    If you have the answers to the world problems, I would greatly appreciate it if you share the answers with me — with the world, really. The world is looking for solutions.

    Ad-hominem slurs, by the way, are NOT the solution to the world’s problems, “Reader”.

    1. Megan,

      “Reader” is obviously an educated person of high intelligence. Your failure to see this places you at a disadvantage. You should learn to accept guidance from your intellectual superiors.

  27. @ Sardonicus

    You’re defending a person who thinks you’re “degraded” by the very fact you post comments at Darkmoon. “Reader” thinks it’s “degrading” to post comments here at Darkmoon. He thinks you and I are “degraded” because we post comments to Darkmoon. It logically follows “Reader” considers himself “degraded” as well, because “Reader” also posts comments here at Darkmoon.

    If he considers himself “degraded” because he posts comments here at Darkmoon, I’m not going to argue with him about it. He knows himself better than I do. So far, he hasn’t said anything even vaguely intelligent. All he said so far is that he considers it “degrading” to post comments here, yet he continues to post comments. I don’t do cognitive dissonance. There’s more important matters at-hand, like the Palestinian issue. Did you even read any of the information I linked to?

    “Sardonicus” thinks he and his friend “Reader” are intellectually superior to me because of their male gender. It’s because of the male gender we have so much war in the world in the first place, and it’s because of the male gender we are on the verge of WW3. In addition, the so-called “intellectually superior Reader” suffers from cognitive dissonance , and has even labeled himself “degraded”. I’m only repeating what he himself told us. In this case, I’ll take “Reader’s” word for his condition, not your word, Sardonicus.

  28. @ Reader

    Yes, yes of course, in the real world we would be friends. I think it’s important to add I would also consider Megan to be a friend as well. In my book, Megan is a mentsh, as she wants peace for everyone.

    I think you should be more respectful to those of us who post here at Darkmoon, and not label us as “degraded” [ in other words, don’t call us “drecks” ]. I don’t see this as a major issue, just something you may want to re-consider and refrain from in the future.

    ” Peace, peace to the distant and the close”

    [ Isaiah 57:19]

    1. ok, mr. abramowitz, you seem well mannered and possibly a decent person.
      however, i cannot get past the thought that a
      decent rabbi
      is a contradiction in terms.
      i say that without any disrespect, intended or not, only to express my puzzlement at your situation.

      even were you to disown talmud and kol nidre, from which you seem to distance yourself (or do you), the question remains of how would a person of decency be in position of preaching the twisted logic of torah, with its bloodthirsty, cruel god, the inherent iniquity of chosenness, of everyone not chosen as nothing more than butcher’s cuts, the virtue of slavery, cheating and looting of egyptians, the amalek, etc., etc.

      how do you do it in clear conscience without irreconcilable internal conflict with your apparent decency and culture?

      and don’t tell me about all the venal, rapacious, false clergy of christianity, past and present.
      because they were indeed venal, rapacious, false and deserving of penalty that hopefully was divinely ordained on them (the emphasis on false, i.e., not in accordance with the teaching of christ, they betrayed him as surely as judas did).
      because most of the major religions do not renounce the idea of justice but in fact support it strongly, in word if not in practice, whereas judaism disowns it openly and totally in favor of deception, cruelty, lies and betrayal.

      so set me straight, good rabbi.

  29. Slappin the bear. Yeah, young Indian braves used to track bears, sneak up on them and slap them upside the head. Then run like hell! A test of bravery (or stupidity if you see it that way) with the obvious risk of having it maul you to death if it ever caught up to you. And bears are fast. I’ve seen personally just how fast. Don’t outrun em and it’s say an instant hello to the happy hunting grounds.

    But this game served as an allegory. The bear represents the contrived danger that would have you fear it. Going up and slapping it shows that you are standing up to fear itself, and dispelling its reality with your courage.

    This is the kind of thing a young man might try, needless to say. When you get older your tracking and confrontations take on a different order when testing your mettle

    1. Good link. 2-things came to mind.

      Another “slappin the bear” equivalent comes from Camus “The Plague”, the scene of the people dancing amongst the plague victims laying strewn on the ground.

      The other concerns a chapter from my book. The chapter’s title is “End of the Beginning” – excerpts from which I’ll share down the road. (Another chapter is titled “Fear Itself”. Churchill and Roosevelt got nothin on me)

      The common theme in both examples gets into the guts of what might be meant when referring to everything as illusion. I.e.; the specifics of illusions; qualifying them.

  30. @ lobro

    Thank you for the link. Very informative. The thing is : Government agents online — each with a plethora of “handles” and going around the net trying to “shape” opinions under various guises– has been going on ever since the internet started. It’s Not a new program.

  31. ” The Coalition Of Jews Christians Muslims For Peace”

    Well golly gee, they are just like me, wanting nothing but peace. Who’d a thunk it?

  32. Nobody would have “thunk it” —> because no one was giving you any thought in the first place. This thread of commentary is NOT about you Dublinmick.

  33. Differences make the world.

    Without the Living Experience of the Onenesss of Being
    Differences create conflicts, wars and all the rest of the 6 o’clock news.

    CIA O

  34. Dear Lasha,

    Thanks for publishing more additional information on Eustice Mullins. I will add this to my other works which I already have posted at What’s interesting is that the Jews here in Canada are using Mullin’s “The Biological Jew” as one of their best examples they could come up with of a “hate crime” against the Jews in order to arrest me using sec. 319(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code. Another article they chose was Elizabeth Dilling’s “The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today”. Both these books are posted on my sidebar along with Reed’s book and the Protocols, etc.

    This additional information on Mullin’s life and work will only piss them off that much more so thanks for posting it.

  35. Well, good luck Arthur…. The Canadian government would be acting very foolishly if they put you in prison. That would give you cult status at once. You’d become Canada’s second great martyr. (First one was Zundel).

    1. Dear Lasha – As a Canadian myself for the last 43 years, I can assure you: “Canada is an Israeli colony”.

      On May 10-11, 2013, the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, held a conference of the “like-minded” Canadian-Iranian leaders to bash Iranian government on behalf of the Zionist entity. The conference was presided-over by Munk School founding director, Dr. Janice Gross Stein, a Zionist Jew, who in 2012 received an honorary doctorate of philiosophy from Israel’s Hebrew University.

      1. Israeli colonies can be easily located on a world map of Jewish populations:

        As you can see it is no coincidence that any state where Jews infest is now and Israeli colony with the exception of Russia in which the Jewish population has decreased dramatically, down over 90% to 205,000 in 2010.

        1939 map of European Jewish populations:

        After a century of Jewish economic theory of Communism greedy money hungry Jews left the starved carcass of Russia for easier feeding elsewhere. So I might observe the benefit of economic collapse, the Jews will flee for better pickings and free loading elsewhere.

        Grow in Jewish population in America chart:

        After pillaging America for a century the Jews are cashing out to gold and leaving, thank god. Have you noticed all those cash for gold stores across America? Wonder why they just popped up out of nowhere? I figure they are collecting all of the gold before they leave.

        With the creation of DHS, Bolshevik Chertoff group are planning on killing millions of Americans as a final parting shot. You have to hand it to them, they had the balls to create a central bank for the express purpose of looting an entire industrial nation, they did and pulled it off, and most of the North American inhabitants are still clueless only concerned about their EBT or mall shopping.

        1. Have you noticed all those cash for gold stores across America? Wonder why they just popped up out of nowhere? I figure they are collecting all of the gold before they leave.

          now that is a good observation.
          the rug is about to be pulled from under the worthless dollar, to be exposed for what it is, a financial golem made of hasbara held together with kosher saliva.

          and of course, they will blame the usual judas goats, the loyal lickspittles and shabbos goys, leave them to twist in the wind and absorb the brunt of popular anger.

  36. Syria: Putin backs Assad and berates west over proposal to arm rebels

    Russian president says backing ‘those who kill their enemies and eat their organs’ flouts Europe’s humanitarian values

    (…) In icy exchanges at a press conference, Putin said: “You will not deny that one does not really need to support the people who not only kill their enemies, but open up their bodies, eat their intestines in front of the public and cameras. Are these the people you want to support? Is it them who you want to supply with weapons? Then this probably has little relation to humanitarian values that have been preached in Europe for hundreds of years.” (…)

    Not Bad, Wlad……

    CIA O

    1. What makes Putin politick in the present position of
      the worlds geopolitical chessboard.

      Benjamin Fulford explains:

      (…) Also, please note the G8 meeting has also been dominated to a large extent by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. There is a reason for that. What many of the people at the meeting may not have realized is that the pentagon and the Chinese have reached a deal with the Russians, according to senior Russian sources.

      In that deal, the US will no longer intervene in Europe and the Middle East to help Western European powers. That means there will be no US troops to fight the Russians in Syria and that in turn means the Europeans will not be able to end their dependence on Russian gas by importing gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar via Syria.

      If the Europeans want to avoid an overly aggressive Russian bear hug, they might consider getting their gas from Canada or the US instead.

      The Russians have also offered to protect Israel since the pentagon has made it clear they are no longer willing to shed American lives on behalf of that country (…)

      CIA O

  37. I am glad Eustace Mullins wrote this article about his “struggle against the Jews” which Montecristo posted with pictures and captions by Dr Larsha Darkmoon (one of my favorite artists) and I thank them all.

    God bless the souls of Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound, H L Hunt and all others who were tormented by the Jews when they were in the world.

    I am speaking against Jewish crime and I am confronting these Jewish criminals openly because it is important for the survival of the human race. And I fully agree with Eustace Mullins. There is a price to pay.

    I live with my family member who is not participating in my activist’s work because this person has other interests being an activist against the “smart-meters”. But the Jewish assault on me by way of radiating me through a satellite and/or smart-meters also affect the health and well-being of this innocent person.

    As a MD I have a lot of knowledge about symptoms of disease and this deadly radiation is producing multiple symptoms related to different bodily systems through its effects on the body’s electrical system.

    They are aiming to cause a stroke or a heart attack in me so that I will not be an activist any longer because a Mossad murder will be too obvious as a means of eliminating me.

    I get head ache, tightness in the scalp, hip and back muscles and a feeling of pressure in the brain, numbness and tingling in the back and extremities, low energy, symptoms of bowel inflammation etc. Long term effects in addition to brain, heart and bowel symptoms can be cancer.

    Several South American politicians have suffered from cancer. In fact late President Hugo Chavez openly said that America gave him cancer in addition to openly criticizing Jews and Israel for their crime.

    Jews are a wicked tribe. This does not mean 100% of them are evil because there is a certain percentage of nice people among them but this number is too small.

    If I get a heart attack, stroke or cancer or if my family member has any health problem Jews are the culprits.

    We take good care of our health and eat wisely and have been very healthy till these wicked Jews started attacking our health.

    Brother Nathanael from is getting a lot of death threats from Jews.

    Dr Khaleel, a researcher from has been threatened also.

    We need to send the message to Jews that our spirits don’t die and that we will continue to expose Jewish crime to protect humanity from these criminals despite death threats or assault by radiation.

    Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and legendary actor Dilip Kumar have also been targeted by the Jews.

    How did Imran Khan of Pakistan become the subject of Jewish hate and who is responsible for his accident?

    It is not the Muslims but the wicked Jews.
    , irrtation heavs suffer has other

      1. So, nazeer, you think Harriet’s description of persecution sounds like “paranoia”? I have a suggestion for you. Leave several comments all over youtube, criticizing the Jews for their thievery via their GoldmanSachs-owned Federal Reserve Bank and add comments exposing how Jews own Congress. Put your comments on websites, such as Alex Jones’ “prison planet.”

        Then wait…. and you’ll find out all about “paranoia.”

      2. And you sound like a JEW….
        It’s not paranoia that is what the jews are suffering from, think ADL, only jews need this….people should ask WHY are the jews so hated that they need a watchdog and propaganda agency like ADL.

  38. @ Gabreal Jones

    Re our recent exchange about the relative importance of two factors that helped to explain Jewish power: (1) Jewish control of the money supply. (2) Jewish control of the media. Here is a quotation that touches on this matter:

    “Jew control of money has given them immense power, but it is their control of information [media] that has maintained their control. If that control slipped in any significant way and a large enough percentage of the population learned about the true nature of this vile parasitic life-form and what it has done to our planet, then all their money wouldn’t save them.”

    — ‘Brian Boru’

    I think this is the point I was trying to make when I said that allowing the Jews to gain control of the media was mistake numero uno. Without media control, in short, “all their money wouldn’t save them.”

    In this way, as you can see, media control is of primary importance.

  39. Maybe one of you erudite scholars out there can help with this.

    I wanna say that the Hebrew alphabet contains 21 known letters, and the 21st and last one when translated into English is called the letter “sin”, or “syn” – whichever.

    In the interest of putting together some esoteric pieces to Life’s puzzle, Im seeing this as corresponding to one of my earlier posts associating “21” with the world of matter – the cloak. When referring to Sanskrit, the root of the word “sin” is the verb “to be”. And when combining these 2-things the intrigue broadens – the plot thickens.

    The way I read this offers an interpretation of Christ when he said, “WE are all sinners”. I would suggest that what he was saying reminds us of the need to ‘re-calibrate’ a definition of “sin” for the purpose of expanding its basic meaning of “wrong-doing”

    Connecting these dots would further suggest that just being, or HAVING one’s Being in the illusory constitution of matter is ‘wrong’ in and of itself. That what we call the “World” as it has been constituted in its state of physical exclusivity reflects that something went wrong. (“Celestial Error”. “Fall from Grace”. “Original Sin”.)

    Be IN it not OF it.
    Right the wrong

    1. @Brownhawk


      My first book a colledtion of poems is called (1983, Haarlem). I met the publisher/editor via organisatori lines 5 May 1983 (Dutch ‘liberation day from the Gerry’s’) while I was living (glued to) Amsterdam. is a rendering of my real last name. I mean, I use the nick Gabreal Jones to not have too close the foul breath of the you know who in my neck. But ”they” know who gj is anyway.

      In 1981 I discovered numerology. My real first and last name happen to be only socalled masternumbers 11/22/33.

      22 july 2013 is this years Guru Purnima (the Day of the SatGuru, under Whose Protective Umbrella I do my part of the job) in the Vedic Calendar

      I will, Inshallah, Deo Volente, Si Dieu Le Veut, Godwilling, tell you more, then.

      CIA O

    2. You “mystical speculation” is based on ignorance, stupidity and illusion.
      (and therefore of course applauded by such types as Gabreal Jones).

      1) The Hebrew alphabet contains not 21 but 22 letters, the last of which is taw (‘t’).
      2) The 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called “shin” (pronounced like “sheen”), though a variant “sin” (pronounced like “seen”) also exists.
      3) Of course there is no relation whatsoever between the Hebrew letter shin/sin and the English word “sin”, therefore speculations on a “mystical connection” are nonsense.
      4) ” When referring to Sanskrit, the root of the word “sin” is the verb “to be”.
      Rubbish! The verb “to be” in Sanskrit is as (akin to Greek and Latin es).

      5) “And when combining these 2 things, the intrigue broadens – the plot thickens.”
      Yes, in your own muddled mind.

      1. Whoever it is writing under the moniker “Gabreal Jones” certainly appears to be swallowing some very strong LSD medication.

        I trust I am not the only one to have noticed that this ‘person’ is a raving lunatic. To be honest, I am always astonished (even at myself) when people actually bother to reply to ‘its’ ubiquitous, gobbledegook prose.

        I suspect psychological and material disruption are the goals of this CIA O w*nker. They must be getting desperate. Website moderator on holiday?

        1. He’s not on LSD, he’s on a mantra of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Now he thinks he “knows it all”.

          1. @poor Ryckaert

            That’s the part you yourself play and I am your butcher (for free!), that”s what you know.

            I know only one thing for sure: we (I) can never know a(ny)thing. It is all mental/verbal labelling and people who are academically misformed are the greatest victims of this labeling business.

            I am a wondering wanderer and it feels good.

            CIA O

            You can never know what a thing really is.

        2. @ ASs

          You are a pathetic poster here who tries to be ”intellectual”.

          Good Old Helen Thomas said jews should get the hell out of Palestine. You should get the hell to your solarium wasi, white anglo saxon impostor, sue the jew anc, hopefully you win and live in ‘your’ white South Africa.

          Like Dali said, I don’t take LSD, I AM LSD.

          Life’s Silent Dynamism

          You are the lazy waiter and you are not even a Negro, no problem, Putin shuffled along.

          CIA O

          1. Well, Mr. “Life’s Silent Dynamism”, when will you become at last silent?

          2. Hmm … GJ is een pittige tante met haar op haar … tanden …hmmm … daar hou ik wel van ja hihi

          3. @FR
            I am silent all the way. But you don’t yet hear it.

            Gab/real is 100% male

            CIA O

      2. You are devoid of imagination, FR. You’re so hung up on some empty notion of precision that it disables you from having an intuitive feel for things.

        When we use words, with the letters that comprise them to communicate our thoughts, if your interested at all in their “philological portent” (i.e.; potentially gleaning some truth in understanding Life’s mysteries), then you’d realize that breaking them down using the precision of your alleged scholarly intellectual superiority (i.e.; a know it all) gets you effectively nowhere.

        Your problem is that you don’t let go of your methodical inclinations and let your mind wander. At least just a little. Admit to a premise that sees that we’re all “stuck in the mud”

        Muddled mind indeed!

        1. You use sophisticated language to express utterly nonsensical ideas based on ignorance that could easily be remedied by some elementary knowledge. The Hebrew alphabet has not 21 but 22 letters. Period. There is no “mystical relation” between the Hebrew letter called shin/sin and the English word “sin”. To think that is childish. By chance every language in the world will have some words that sound the same as words in some other language. Unless those languages are related that is meaningless. Your quasi profundity is nothing but folly.

  40. I notice one can say whatever one wants about the Jews here at Darkmoon. Heck, one can even call for a Holocaust against Jews, and that gets put up on the board. There are even articles here at Darkmoon about how we should holocaust the Jews [ see Kaminski’s articles]. But, say one little negative thing about Mormons, then one is very quickly side-lined and “shunned”.

    This policy of Darkmoon puts a big crimp in my style because it’s a lot more fun for me to rip into the shabbos-goys. Mormons being the very epitome of shabbos goys.

    I notice one can say very negative things about Jews, and one can say very negative things about Christians — especially Catholics, especially devout Catholics — But , one is Not to say anything negative about Mormonism, Native Americans [ Indians], Islam, Nazism, or Hinduism. I notice this, and I’m curious about this dynamic.

    1. in any event one would have to be a moron to put your self in the mormon view and belief system.

      1. Yes, ironically one of the main figures of Mormon belief is the angel MORONI, who reportedly directed Joseph Smith to the golden plates of the Book of Mormon. You have to be a moron to believe in Moroni.

        1. Read the book(!). I’ve never read even such MORONIC fantasy in National Lampoon! 🙂

  41. Speaking of sin, is there such a thing as “sin” as a Christian concept? The Bible teaches it, but the Bible has been thoroughly discredited by science and archeology. Sin is an idea used to establish guilt in the mind of the targeted victim, you. With the concept of sin the unproductive priest can build a cathedral with the squandered coin of starving peasants. With sin the priest sold you Jesus because without sin there is no need of Jesus. The same for hell and judgement. These are all negative concepts, you are guilty and going to hell because you are bad, a bad human cursed from the garden because of original sin.

    I don’t believe in sin because sin is a meme used to hook you in begging for forgiveness from the priest who has a line to god. Sin keeps you out of heaven, sin is automatic and is a free ticket to hell according to the Evangelicals. But is it real or is it a memetic hook, a way for the virus to lodge itself in your mind?

    Sin should be viewed as a mistake, as you make choices in life sometimes you make a poor choice, thus sin is simply a consequence of actions performed by you, they do not carry over to the next life because if they did we would never graduate from the earth hell realm. Sin has nothing to do with god, in fact nothing can keep you from the all pervading consciousness that we mistakenly call god. How can anything keep you from “god” when you and god are all part of the same quantum thing called the Universe? Looks like physics has destroyed yet another religious sacred cow.

    Dr. Quantum explains electron entanglement:

    Sin is a meme used to gain control of your mind, that’s all it is.

    1. @Ares

      Sin is, simply, a transgression of the Law. Yes, I know you’ll say [the Law] is not valid – or scientific – but just try breaking each one and you’ll find it less than beneficial, whether you ‘believe’, or not.

      Consider the dietary laws found in Deuteronomy 14. Nutrition findings have pretty much established the consequences of continuous deviation therefrom. And if you doubt the validity of the biggees – The Ten Commandments – just take a gander around the wonderful state of affairs of our modern society….

      Seeing is believing.

    2. @Ares

      (…) Sin is a meme used to gain control of your mind, that’s all it is (…)

      You (everyone has) have a mind. But you are not your mind.
      You have a body. But you are not your body.
      You have a dog or for that matter a god (or God) but you are not that dog etc.

      You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free is a saying ascribed to (historic) JC.

      That’s what he meant. That’s all it is. Don’t believe but BE.

      CIA O

  42. The Jews idea of the Virgin Mary is a Jewess. Herod wasnt an Israelite and Caiaphus the High Priest (the new Cohanim) wasnt an Israelite so who were they and why were they in control of Judea and the so called Jew religion at the time?

    That is what Jews never want you to know.

    Very sad Eustace, with all of his Jew skills never actually obviously figured out what a Jew or a Gentile really is.

    I once fell in the icy water in the middle of winter trying to retrieve a hockey puck. I thought I was going to freeze to death and finally got out and watched a brother of mine shoot the puck back into the lake. “All fer nuthin” he replied.

    Dont make it all fer nuthin folks. Learn what Jew and Gentile means. Dont keep slapping those words around and freeze in the cold Jew water.

    1. I never use gentile thats their word non jew is to jew it is a good description as everyone knows it well not everyone “knows” it.yes it just means from judea well isnt that where dem jooz cum frum?. lol.

    2. A Jew is anybody who considers himself a Jew and is accepted as such by other Jews. One can become a Jew by conversion. The first convert to Judaism was Ruth the Moabite who became the great-grandmother of King David. King Herod belonged to the Edomites, who were forced to convert to Judaism by the Maccabeans, but were not fully accepted by the Jews. There is in reality no sharp boundary between Jews and non-Jews. It is more a matter of mentality rather than ethnicity.

      1. Ruth was an Israelite living in the land of Moab. If you read the book it tells you the tribe of Benjamin lived in the land of Moab, it didnt make them Moabites. The land of Israel doesnt make Jews (Judeans) Israelites. Its a geographical/racial circus they play with your head. One is a land mass and the other is an ethnic group by blood. If you use your eyes you can see or maybe not. Some refuse to see.

        Snap out of it.

        1. If Ruth was really a Benjaminite and not a Moabite as you say, then why did she say “…thy people shall be my people, thy God shall be my God…” (Ruth 1: 16)?
          Many famous rabbis such as Rabbi Akiva were converts.

          Your idea about Jews is that their wickedness is genetic and therefore you can’t accept the idea that there is no sharp boundary between Jews and non-Jews. In reality Jews have throughout their history mixed their blood with others, either by intermarriage or by the acceptance of converts. Need I mention the case of the Khazars? And please explain the following : African Jews of the Lemba tribe look like Africans. Ethiopian Jews look like Ethiopians. Yemenite Jews look like Yemenites. Indian Jews look like Indians. Chinese Jews look like Chinese. And of how many European Jews is it visible that they are Jews?
          Though some groups of Jews practised endogamy for centuries, their existence is far too short to have become a “race”. Jews are not a race. Jews are an ethnic group of mixed racial origin. Their wickedness is in their mind, not in their blood.

          1. Because she didnt know she was an Israelite like so many still dont and didnt. Im not sure what book you are reading, but God made his covenants with the House of Israel- period. You find one line out of the entire Bible and turn it into a contradiction for everything else written.

            But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

            He didnt say “Moab” or do you have a story for that one too? Dont tell me, you are going to say he came for the “spiritual” 12 tribes.

            No, Im sorry, unacceptable. Jews arent Israelites, get over it.

          2. Your debate was based on the fact that Israelites or Benjaminites didnt live in the land of Moab and that only racially pure Moabites (whatever that is) lived in Moab. We have now moved past that when we now know (you now know) that the TRIBE of Benjamin lived in the land of Moab (I lived in Angola once myself). This is racial/geographical gibberish that Jews have been getting away for eons. Why dont the Sephardic Jews look like Ashkenazi Jews? Why do Greek whites look no different from Irish whites? Geography has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you actually read the Bible instead of repeating Jewish nonsense over and over and over again like a tape recorded infomercial you might learn something.

          1. Im glad you have nothing else to argue about because Im a Badminton player myself. I use little birdies like you for breakfast.

      2. Let me get into your corrupting head for one second.
        1. You say anyone can be a jew through conversion
        2. You claim Ruth was a Moabite by race

        Which is important to you or to the Bible, the religion of the Jews or the House of Israel aka Israelites?

        If Jesus sought “the lost sheep or exiled sheep of the House of Israel” was he referring to Talmudic Jews or the racial ethnic House of Israel?
        You need to unfurl your head out of your back side.

        Nobody has any trouble calling Germans a people or the Irish a people, but they are the same people with different geographic land masses. Dont try to strudel me with both because I may spit them back out at you right on your loafers. Better stick to the kids in the park.

        1. The above has to be the most boring and tiresome conversation/debate in history, ever. I’m so out of here.

          1. I’m with you, Megan. It sounds like Ivory Tower dwellers having their little, oh so important debates, and who deign to include the rest of us unwashed ignorant masses in their tedious minutiae.

            Franklin reminds me of a history teacher I had in High School who had this smug way about him that rankled most of his class. When turning his back to write on the blackboard he would be assaulted with an intense fusilade of spitballs and other assorted armaments aimed at the easy target of his fat head.

            Ah the memories

        2. I think you have ideas like the Christian Identity people, i.e. that Europeans (or only Germanics or only Anglo-Saxons) are the “real Israelites”. I have discussed this delusion on the Internet before and have come to the conclusion that it is useless to do so with “true believers” of this cult. I will say only one thing : All European peoples are thousands of years older than the year 722 BC when the ten tribes of Israel, their supposed ancestors according to CI, were deported from Palestine by the Assyrians. The whole idea of CI is therefore impossible for chronological reasons , let alone for racial, linguistic and cultural reasons. The wish to belong to a “chosen people” coupled with historical ignorance lays at the basis of this cult. And a cult it is.

          1. I just saw a short film on the Hasidic Jews on and JEWS were talking about being told that “Gentiles” were ot to kill them.

            What do the refer the House of Israel as? The two houses divided, but both the House of Judah (not Jews) and the House of Israel were all Israelites. So what do Jews believe happened to the House of Israel and why do they call them Gentiles? Because the House of Israel ARE Gentiles and the House of Judah are their relatives (kin folk) not Jews. Jews prove to you that the 12 tribes of Israel that dispersed were The Gentiles because the Judeans were Edomites (Herod, Caiaphus, etc). Why didnt Herod want to kill Edomites who had taken over the laws of Judea? Because he was an Edomite himself.
            The word “Jew” is as much a lie as Jews themselves. Thats what they do. Why would you ever trust them on anything? They are the name/identity changers of the world since the beginning.
            Break that Jew yoke from your back and quit following nerds who never read the Bible and dont know what a Jew even is. Those people will never be confronted no matter how much you hear them on radio shows or see their ugly faces all over the internet. The truth is they cant handle the truth and help the Jews cover up their biggest lie of all. Dont let them build a house of lies on sand, get them back to the root of the word Jew or tell them to take a Jew hike.

          2. Who do you get your chronological timeline from, Einstein? Post it.

            The Bible isnt about Jews, it starts with Adam not his great great great great great…. grandson, understand?
            The Bible isnt about Jews and most certainly not about a word that didnt even exist to this day. The word Jew and Jewish is a complete wad of Jew pilpilism and hypocrisy. Look for the hypocrisy in your Jew timeline or ignore it, up to you, but if you dont seek the truth continuously you are whooped!
            You aint gonna get the truth from Tea time with the Jews and Deanna, trust me.

        3. Knowing what a Jew and a Gentile is boring TO YOU JEWS (Judeans) enough for you to comment on it too. Anyone who uses these terms and dont know what they mean or refuse to learn what they mean are simply not of the truth.
          You can say Jew Jew Jew all day long every day, but if I ever hear you say it in public Im going to prove you dont know what it is. That goes for everyone!

          You love free speech, but you hate the truth. You cant have it both ways. Wherever you go I will be waiting to put a wet bagel in your mouth and just to warn you, a lot of other people will too now. So you better stick to your controlled radio shows like Diana Spunkgola’s show.

      3. This just isn’t true. There is a VERY VERY STRONG RACIALIST concept within Judaism. You cannot live in Israel unless you can prove you have ‘Jewish DNA.’ Jewish supremacism is based not on religion, but on RACE. Converts do NOT have the status of Jews, not even close. Listen to Bro Nathanael on youtube about this – and read Dr. David Duke’s My Awakening – you can listen to it, also. Here is the link: USA Today recently ran an article entitled something like, ‘Is it Necessary to Believe in God if you are Jewish?’ Interviews, etc. showed that a large % of Jews are not religious and go to temple for the feeling of solidarity with race and custom. Often, those who have attended services who are non-Jews report, business is discussed.

  43. Incidently, Imran Khan did marry to British Lord James Gladsmith’s daughter Jemima Marcelle. Billionaire Jewish Goldsmith was the third largest British doner to the Zionist entity. Jemima Marcelle Khan and Imran have two sons but they’re divorced now. Jemima Marcelle Khan is the Associate Editor of the New Statesman and European editor-at-large for Vanity Fair.

    For more on Imran Khan, read the link.

    1. @ Rehmat,

      From your website :

      “Like myself, Imran Khan too, believe(s) that it’s Muslims who need ‘reformation’ and not Islam.”

      That idea is based on the “Islam-is-perfect” illusion which is common to all Muslims. But on closer inspection Islam is not “perfect” at all. The prophet Muhammad was not perfect, and therefore the Hadith is not perfect. The Qur’an is not perfect, and therefore Allah, the supposed “revealer” of the Qur’an is not perfect.
      Should I mention all the crimes of war-lord Muhammad? Should I mention all Allah’s blunders in the Qur’an?

      Well, let me mention one : Sura 57,4 :

      “It is He who created the heavens and earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne.”

      This is the typical naive cosmology and cosmogony of the flat earth below and the dome-heaven above. And of course “Allah” sits on a throne “above in the heavens”. And don’t get me started on the “six days” in which this naive universe would have been created. But you 1,6 billion Muslims are too stupid to see through this childish projection.

      For the rest, I agree that Imran Khan would be a good leader of Pakistan and I hope that all drone attacks on that country should stop as should its cooperation with America in the fraudulent “war on terror”.


      Franklin Ryckaert
      (Amir al-Kafirun)

      1. Holy Qur’an is the only unaltered Divine revelation. On the other hand, according to Dr. Robbert Funk, an international authority on Bible, both OT and NT have long been corrupted by human hands.

        Ijtahad (reformation) means – search for the truth behind Quranic commands – as long as the results don’t deviate from the five pillars of Islam. The early Muslim scholars carried out the Ijtahad and gave the Western barbarians the taste of Islamic knowledge and civilization which they never dreamed under Judeo-Christianity. For example, in Spain, Sicily and Bosnia. But that’s not the world history Zionist creeps like you, wants to recognize.

  44. Thank you for posting this personal account by Eustace Mullins. Now I have a different view of H.L. Hunt and Ezra Pound. It’s hard to see, though, how elite Jewish control can continue without a lot of help from non-Jews. I think the fatal mistake made was this mass vaccination campaign that is still going on and which most Jews follow. There is now an epidemic of autism, autoimmune diseases, and soft tissue cancers that are depleting the Jewish community of talent and man power at a time of low birth rates. Where is the ADL going to get its membership numbers if half of the Jewish men in their fifties are dying, or are in and out of hospital beds from chemo? A generation of Jewish males has been “capped” from autism spectrum. The rate of “bowel disease” in the Jewish community is very high–probably due to vaccines and overuse of antibiotics. Jews worship doctors and rush off to the doctor for every little thing and are big consumers of drugs and antibiotics as well as getting every vaccination available.

    I read the blogs on people fighting the vaccine related diseases because I had a child with an injury. I have noticed that this blogosphere is slowly gaining more of a Jewish voice with Jewish doctors jumping on board, and rhetoric that compares the vaccinators to Nazis and the loss of health to a Holocaust. Of course, I don’t have any real numbers on any of this because these are just my observations, but I think this was an accident with huge consequences. More Jewish people will be lost to vaccine injury related diseases then were ever lost in the WWII Holocaust. The older generation of Jews (living way into their nineties) were super healthy and now they are watching their children and grandchildren sicken and die before their eyes.

    1. You seem to be concerned only for the health of Jews. Why is that? Are you a Jew yourself?

      1. Do I care more about the Jews than other groups? No, but I do feel sorry for any person who is chronically ill, especially from poor medical decisions. I’m not Jewish yet closely connected to the Jewish world and I don’t see what Eustice Mullins was describing– I don’t see those ADL affiliations. It’s possible that I am more excluded then I realize because I am not Jewish. I think, though, there are epidemic levels of autoimmune diseases and soft tissue cancers and ethnic Jews might be more genetically vulnerable. From my perspective this is not the robust and aggressive political force of 40 years ago. Look at the people carrying the torch these days? It’s an old man’s club.
        (A rich old man’s club which does carry clout) Disease does drive the course of history, and we might be seeing the end of the line when it comes to Jewish rule. Wiped out from the medically induced modern plagues? If you don’t think disease creates history think of the reduction in American Indians from European’s just breathing on them….

        1. Genetically vulnerable? Of course they are.

          “jewish” is both a genetic AND mental disease. They go hand in hand. This seems a no-brainer. The mental part of it is what rubs off onto the “gentiles”.

          I was taught to always study words in quotations carefully and examine them for writer’s intent. It’s underrated, and has to take into consideration the need to understand where the writer is coming from with what he writes. It’s easy to assign to it our OWN interpretation without knowing how the writer thinks.

    2. well arent they a blight on humanity? a religion codified into a criminal organization? I wonder what would happen if they dealt with them the way they did the thuggees in inja?dem jooz be way worse den dem thuggees.

      1. Yes, the British solved the Thug problem by incarcerating the whole tribe in a concentration camp while separating the men from the women. Thus the tribe died out in one generation. An elegant “final solution” that Alex Linder also proposes for the Jews.

  45. Am I censored or is the comment machine out of order? Many comments of others and my reaction on them disappeared.

    So it wil be the first option, ……

    H.A.N.D. Have A Nice Day

    CIA O

    1. Yet I miss an important comment that I gave to this Rehmat type who is already 43 yrs in Canada and does not know the difference between John Hagee and John Hagelin and reacts with ‘I don’t give a hoot’. He said in his ”wisdom” something like …. I give here only true history for the people. … or something.

      This foolish blind fundamentalist trying to lead the blind does not know me.

      It evaporated, vanished. Black magic? No! It is simply moderated out of the comment section.

      @false remathemathician, I adressed him. And that he is. This ‘true historian’ is ducking away for the massacres caused by the Muslim invaders in India and elsewhere, during 7 centuries

      I am not obnoxious when I pity the toilet through which I flush a type like this! Come on!! He is (posing as a) a scribe without any real content. Just reading map and never made the journey.

      I also miss a short vid of a western Muslim saying that the Prophet of Islam is not a Warlors as FR states.

      And missing as well is a Muslima who practices TM and has deeper experiences during prayer and reading her Koran.

      This really is bad fot the Free Speech calibre of your site LDJMC.

      Don’t protect this false rehmathemathician like the jew ADL does with their fake tribe. Bad, bad vibe!!!!

      CIA O

      1. Well, Muslim mystics of the Sufi order do practice a kind of mantra-meditation which is called dhikr (literally “remembering”). This can vary from short pious formulas to the name of Allah with the only three vowels of the Arabic language attached : Allaha, Allahi, Allahu. Finally only Allahu is repeated which is then shortened to Hu. To this Hu are then all kinds of mystical qualities ascribed similar to the Hindu Aum.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          I am so glad to see you and Anglo-Saxon posting on this site. Your comments are among the best here. I hope you will continue to honor us with your presence and not be discouraged by the rudeness and obsessive religiosity of posters such as Gabreal Jones.

          If this man had acquired any benefit from his religious practices, such as TM, it would surely have revealed itself in his humility and kindness — which are always, I am told, the fruits of a religious awakening.

          My advice to you and Anglo-Saxon is to ignore this exasperating individual. He will cease to vex you if you pretend he does not exist.

          1. @LD/Balthaza

            I am humble to the Omnipresent Source.

            I AM RUDRA to people who pretend to be Lightbearers like ASs, Fake Remathematician and to a lesser degree FR.

            About the p-apex: the printing of money is the top. Use your logic. If I print all the pecunia than I (can) buy all the Press (media, msm and put any amount of infiltrators in the the alternative m. ).
            If I print all the pecunia. I (can) buy all the politicians.

            That’s what the founding father of the Bauerrothschild said.

            The jewFED cats way: If I print the money than I am not rich. Than I pay the piper and I call the tune.

            The VED, Consciousness alone can and will abolish the FED.

            Kabir a Mystic of India who had Hindu and Muslim disciples:

            Seek Truth in Meditation
            Not in Mouldy Books (mails)
            Look in the Sky to Find the Moon (!)
            Not in the pond.

            CIA O

          2. @ FR

            Don’t listen to this choir chick Balthasa that accusaes gj of religiosity she is not (yet) out of her mind.

            Nirvana Eintritt nur allein fur Verruckte

            CIA O

          3. @balthasa

            Deja vu. We have been here before. I am merely responding to ‘real obsessive religionists’ ot/nt/koran prisoners, but do’nt deny the historic reality of the prophets of these books. These texts are doctored for a great deal by the priesthood of these respective cults and have kept this world to this very day in a state of war.

            Why? Followers of these beliefs lack direct experience, communion with the Divine Being within. Yet posters like fr, the fake rehmathematician and others are in the business of selling manual of cars without engine. Just look at the very content of this and other blogs: fake OT tribe of selfchosen shitbags letting christian yanks and euros do the killing and dying for them in WWI+II > and in the extended version of the War on Terra muslims are targeted in the death drama.


            the solution for all this crap.

            CIA O

            CIA O

        2. Former President Wahid of Indonesia, Leader of a big Suficlub who started the practice of MMY’s TM. He did not succeed to turn on his followers to TM and form a square root of 1% of the population group.

          I am told by insiders that he visited MMY but he did not get to speak with him. Unlike Chissano of Mozambique, who created the TM groups and thereby ended the 16 years of bloody civil war. He got a honarary Doctor award of MUM (Maharishi University of Management) and was welcomed as their champ.

          Chissano btw is Catholic.

          CIA O

        3. @poor ryckaert

          You talk from books. I talk from experience. Experience is open to all, xs4alll: MMY’s TM

          Easy to learn. Easy to practice.

          Aum is not in the books. It can be heard on Its own level when the mind/body is transcended. It is the fundamental Hum of the uni-verse. From (and with more practice, in) which the mental and the total environ-mental movie takes place.

          The church bell or (any other ritual instrument, or human voice calling to prayer etc.) is a call (has a tiny similarity to it) to let this ever labelling mind sink into the Self. To con-verse. Turn the attention within.
          Stop any and all conversation for a while. Surtout one’s
          Inner Monologue.

          Laat troebel water staan en het zal weer helder worden.
          Leave muddy waters for awhile, and they get clear again. (Lao Tse)

          CIA O

        4. @ Franklin Ryckaert June 18, 2013 at 5:58 pm

          See: Gabreal Jones says: June 19, 2013 at 1:41 pm

          Met je vingertje van Amsterdam naar Rotterdam gaan
          hep (juist gespeld!) geen zin……

          You stand blindfolded with a book about water on the diving board, jump!, No fear, there is water in the swimming pool. I filled it up.

          CIA O

      2. @ Gabreal Jones

        “This really is bad fot the Free Speech calibre of your site LDJMC.”

        If you’re suggesting that we’re blocking or deleting your comments, you are mistaken. We have no time to monitor each comment. All comments, when you click on “Post Comment”, appear at once automatically.

        If your comment goes astray and does not get posted, this is not our fault. It is a computer glitch. You need to try again.

  46. The painting of Mother Mary dragging on a cigarette is quite provocative. Meek and humble Mary, mother of Christ, portrayed as a sexual misbehaving tart. What do we know about Mary and why would the Jews wish to denigrate her?

    Well first of all we know nothing (real) about Mary because if Christ is fiction then so is his Holy Spirit impregnated mother. It is pure myth, no human comes into this realm except via sexual reproduction and god doesn’t violate his own laws. Sex is, human denigration of sex is what religious cults love to do, they are trying to gain control of its victims by cutting them off from sex or whatever. (Most cults prohibited or limit sexual behavior because they are channeling that energy into the organization.)

    Mother of Jesus wasn’t married to Joseph, so some have suggested an immaculate conception as a way to portray the savior’s arrival in a favorable light, you simply can’t have god coming to earth from promiscuity when you live in a theocracy. This should be named the Immaculate Deception theory.

    If Jesus was a Jew (according to the New Testament he went through normal progression of temple events) then Mary was a Jew by definition. But her portrayal is anything but as a typical Jewess. Humble and meek, a woman dedicated to God and holy things. That must enrage the modern Jewess feminist, or one who has no use for man and uses men for sexual gratification only. A modern liberated woman, is simply, a whore by Bible definitions. Mary is one of the icons of femininity of all of the woman portrayed in the Bible.

    In the painting Mary has heavy lipstick, lashes and eyebrows, a woman of the town, dragging on a cigarette, her sacred heart torn by her many sexually escapades. She is feminine but has to work for a living, barely able to afford her flat. Mary is a modern woman who caved in to societal pressures, she smokes, hates her job, her feminine side in taters as she copes with modern slavery under the Rothschild banking system of exploitation.

    So why would a modern Jewess hate Mary and portray her as a harlot? She represents those feelings deep within, those divine feminine qualities suppressed by modern life and the aggressiveness of the dominant Jew male.

    1. Good comment Ares.

      But I just wanted to say that if Jesus WENT through a progression of temple events, he could have GONE through the motions of participating in their instructions. i.e.; he was fakin’ it. So maybe he was just a jew in ‘name’ only.

      I went through Protestant church events. But it’s instruction was lost on me. I was mostly lookin’ at chicks. I am Christian in name only.

    2. You’re lucky you’re not in front of me or I would Punched You Right In The Face for saying that. By the way MOSES WAS GAY!

  47. JB Campbell said that J Edgar Hoover was afraid Eustace Mullins would reveal Hoover’s racial background. What was J Edgar Hoover’s racial background? What’s there to reveal? Wasn’t Hoover white Caucasian?

    1. Hoover was slightly mulatto and he was a crossdressing homosexual. At his time both were an embarrassment.

    2. Hoover was slightly mulatto and he was a crossdressing homosexual. At his time both things were an embarrassment.

  48. Here is a link to Jeff Rense’s interviews with Eustace, this is what Jeff said about him after he passed away:

    “He was absolutely BRILLIANT in his research, writing and verbal presentations, and as honest a man and scholar as our country has ever produced. In all the interviews I had the great honor of doing with Eustace, he never ceased to amaze me…and to teach all of us critically-important truths about our world and the evil, satanic group that is and has been dominating it for far too long. HIs knowledge and wisdom about the controllers was simply astonishing.”

    1. you’re a stupid redneck moron who is married to a cousin, never finished high school and has no teeth because you love crystal meth

  49. Here’s a 11:12 minute youtube video of John Kaminski being interviewed by Rick Adams about Eustace Mullins on 1/17/2011:

    Should we study Mullins writings? Kaminski writes:

    “Eustace Mullins is the most blacklisted, suppressed and harassed writer in American history”

    We should study every detail of the blacklisted, suppressed and harassed writers because they must be on to the real power structure.

    1. you’re a stupid redneck moron who is married to a cousin, never finished high school and has no teeth because you love crystal meth

  50. Brother Nat shouldn’t have any problems, he is a Jew. Maybe people are getting irritated over the circus hat?

    You have been hoodwinked.

    Disclaimer: with Henry it is one step foward and two steps back but take what you can use, in this case yes John Dees and Francis Bacon cooked up the King James Bible. It is dominionist, subdue the earth, subdue the goyim, etc etc yada yada.

    1. you’re a stupid redneck moron who is married to a cousin, never finished high school and has no teeth because you love crystal meth



    1. @editor

      I thought the same thing but eventually realized that they were simply temporarily lost. I kept looking and they reappeared.

    2. Having read a number of the posts on this blog, I was initially heartened to read of the exposes of some of the great power struggles between the righteous in Christendom, and the unrighteous ‘goyim’ (using the enemy’s own words against them).

      But then, I began to read the comments. Dr. D, Mr. Montechristo, for the continued existence of this blog, PLEASE screen the comments. Gabe-Unreal-Jones, Joe(w), and a host of others are both idiots, and blasphemous turds, when it comes to cogent commentary, honest critique, and intelligent discourse. These erstwhile residents of Bedlam both astound by the number, and the utter trash value, of their comments.

      There are also, clearly ADL/FEDGOV ‘plants’ on this blog, who both encourage the ‘whack job’ types (see above) as well as inflame those few of us, (who would read the articles and learn from them -I learned a lot about Mr. Mullins from this article), but are turned away from further visits to this blog, by the clearly insane drivel coming from the psychotropic drug users online in the comments section.

      God bless your work. Just remove the detritus from the blog

      1. you’re a stupid redneck moron who is married to a cousin, never finished high school and has no teeth because you love crystal meth

  52. Odd they, whoever they are, didnt delete Bruce Campbell’s comment (the most dangerous man in da voild I hear).

    No, Mel Gibsteins was deleted.

  53. My comments are here, then not here, back again and gone again. Bruce Campbells are always here.


  54. Actually, you would probably get more readers if you were to totally censor CIA O’s posts. He sounds like a tired old hippie. He sounds like his brain cells have been fried from listening to way too much Pink Floyd, back in the Glory Days.

    1. @ Ra(bbi)t Rabbinowitz


      David Lynch interviews Paul McCartney about Meditation and Maharishi
      (a 3 minutes vid)

      I differ from these two honorable gentlemen in my direct take on ”the jewbanksters etc.” which brings me in the company of rabbirats like you. DL and PM and other TM celebs also don’t touch this open nerve. Politically they are as flat and below sea level as Holland.

      Unlike MMY who resided the last 18 years of his life in the South of the Netherlands. He compared in 2002-2003 in his weekly internet press conferences Bush with Hitler.

      He denounced the UN already in 1983 in advertisements in the world’s major newspapers. (including World Bank/IMF etc.). Banned his Teachings in the land of Blair because England’s support of the war in Iraq. (My Teaching is for Peace and Harmony. We don’t feed the scorpion. In a Guardian article this headline Guru says Go Levitate Yourself.

      The Headquarters of his Natural Law Party of England was in Mentmore Towers ( a former Rothschild mansion!)

      MMY predicted in a teleconference from Holland with Mentmore in april 1999 the 911 attack on the Twin Towers:

      What is Happening In
      Yugoslavia Can Happen To
      Any Nation At Any Time
      Can you imagine if bombs began
      to fall on Washington, D.C., and
      to destroy the high-rises of the
      money markets of New York?
      Will NATO be able to prevent
      this? When this happens it will
      be beyond the power even of the
      wealthy to save the situation.

      These conference tapes are unedited and show the ‘Get the hell out of the Temple Moneychangers’ side of this Great One. MMY RAW.

      On my own I broadcasted them on the Rotterdam cable tv network every week for a whole year. Insane for 50-60 euro’s per week the Dutch TM org. clowns could have done it themselves. Excellent pr, no editing needed, The Master’s voice direct. The reason why they did not do it was immediately obvious to me. Their Guru, Spiritual Father was actually ”attacking” their country and the whole culture of greed and hypocrisy etc.

      It all falls in line with MMY’s firm stand against the medical mafia and against genetic manipulation US Molecular Biologist Raja John Fagan, is one of the prominent pioneers in this field as you might know by now . Also now they hide these tapes under the bushel. When I get acces to them I will trow them on jew tube.

      Enfin, kosherrabbit- are you still there?- your messiah will come when also jews will realize PF’s line: after all we are all just ordinary men.

      And as GOHT Good Old Helen Thomas said:


      CIA O

      1. We’ll get the hell out of Palestine when the Mormons get the hell out of Utah ! and the Shriners get the hell out of Texas !

        1. and when jews get out of nations where they are loathed.

          luciferistan welcomes them with open arms and pits.

          a fitting reward for loyal service is that they can never sleep because of their cotribalists stealing each others organs.

          1. you’re a stupid redneck moron who is married to a cousin, never finished high school and has no teeth because you love crystal meth

      2. you’re a stupid redneck moron who is married to a cousin, never finished high school and has no teeth because you love crystal meth

  55. GabReal Jones is so far ahead of some here they don’t even know what he is talking about.

    When it comes to Yoga/Buddhism/Hinduism the need for books is slight. Most of the gains result from Tantrayana …. the Kama Sutra. You don’t books for that, only the natural energies of the universe and yes all women contain the energy of creation.

    Of course instructional books can be helpful, diet, the role of minerals that effect the pineal gland etc. It is not prophet oriented, but geared the natural world, something not held in very high regard these days.

  56. Seems to me a lot of the world’s problems stem from belief systems. At last count, how many religions are there? How many different gods? Religions are/were, in the time of their primacy, PRE-scientific ways of explaining otherwise inexplicable phenomena. It’s a simple as that. Then along came the Greeks, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and a whole trainload of objective, rational and inquisitive philosophies and quests for explanations of things no longer explained very well by the Church. The latter’s entrenched positions and punishment for non-believers simply acted as catalysts for science. As a side-note, how many of you people marvel at fundamentalist Christians, avid rejecters of Darwin and Mendel, who nonetheless practice eugenics in animal-breeding?

    Religious schisms fed the fires of free thought. Free thought sewed doubt and the cycle began, in which the Church became more and more ridiculous in its defenses of its teachings and its rejection of science. It is interesting that the leap away from Church dogma occured in Europe, or the West. In the East, religions held sway almost through the 20th century. Ignorance empowered the priests, as Dame Edith Hamilton stated in “East and West”. Ignorance empowers politicians now.

    All that is beside the point, however, since my main argument is that religions persist in causing myriad woes, wars, genocide, etc. Science may in fact help humans impose their religions on others, also (via weaponry). In fact, science may itself be a form of religion. Having said all that, I would describe myself as an atheist of the first stripe—-BUT, I believe that the best atheists leave others and their belief systems alone. No proselytizer here. It would doubtless be a good thing if religions would follow the example of passive atheists. On top of that list of religions’ obligations would be to cease such destructive statements as “the Chosen People”, or the “infidels”, etc. Once again, religions don’t seem to solve the problems of humanity as much as they exacerbate them. This site bears witness to the power of religion to do evil, instigate arguments, etc. Many of the arguments are very good examples of enlightened thinking, objective analyses, etc. and, as such are both brilliant and informative. Nonetheless, they constitute evidence of the powers of religion to divide. Though I am not willing to forgive people like Charlemagne, the Jews’ melding of their beliefs and their politics and economics is (and has) been murdering non-Jewish societies for milennia.

    1. Religions are human creations and as such cannot be the “cause” of human behaviour. They are instruments or weapons in the hand of man, who is himself responsible for its use. It is an illusion to think that if only religions would disappear peace and harmony would reign on earth. The use of such secular ideologies as nationalism, communism or nazism proves otherwise.

      1. Actually, I didn’t claim that the disappearence of religions would supply peace to the world. It is not in the human make-up to leave others alone, and it is most assuredly so, re others who think differently. Strife, murder, idealogical domination, immorality, hypocrisy, malice, etc. are all part of the “human condition”. All I was saying is that a diminishment of illogical religious activity would be a step in the right direction. Then, we could turn our attention to the other group-think evils. Never going to deliver ourselves from human folly, though.

  57. So where’s my post about Eustace Mullins and Kaminski already? How long does it take? Oy gevalt. How long they make me wait. Oy vey.

  58. Im waiting for Yonnie Kaminski to tell us what a “biological Jew” is and how Jews stole his name. He doesnt seem to be angry at that. Yonnie is Polish, but not one of those Christian Polish. Which side is he on folks? All of those Catholic Poles at Katyn and not a word from Yonnie. Yonnie loves history, but not that history book that is the origin of 80% of the words he uses.
    Let me take you down cause Im goingk to, Strawberry Fields. Nothingk is real and nothingk to get turned into a lampshade about. Strawberry Fields Forevah.

  59. Your site, this article and its comments are FANTASTIC. I am doing what I can to spread knowledge of it. THANK YOU !!!!!

    1. you’re a stupid redneck moron who is married to a cousin, never finished high school and has no teeth because you love crystal meth

      1. look who’s talking, a hunchback tribesman who prides himself on generations of inbreeding.

        and while at it, explain why a khazar hides behind a gentile name?
        not that we don’t know why.

        by deception you wage the war and deception is coming to an end.
        so draw your own conclusions or leave the thinking to your idf rabbi as usual.

  60. there was no need to show the picture of the Bless Virgin Mary smoking just to show hatred for her. It is totally uncalled for.

  61. You people are nuts. No one needs to try to harm you. You will hang yourselves with the rope we give you.

  62. Eustace Mullins had to struggle with Jews. There were many others who were victimized by vicious ones in the tribe.

    Israel, Jewish organizations that include ADL, SPLC etc and Zionist Jews in the US Congress and the US Government see no bounds in orchestrating crimes on America and rest of the world.

    Here is a heartbreaking story about Israel targeting US War Veterans.

    Here is the first Snordster-Dufster VT special where you will hear the details of how Israel targets US War veterans:

  63. The JEWS are going for a NEW Genocide World record.
    The ILLEGAL WAR against SYRIA.
    WHY all these fancy words????????????????????
    Insurgents = JEW & USA PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    Foreign Backed Insurgents = JEW & USA PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    Proxies = JEW & USA PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    Militants = JEW & USA PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    Rebel forces = JEW & USA PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    Free Syria Troops = JEW & USA PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    This is NOT a CIVIL WAR.
    The ILLEGAL WAR against SYRIA is an ILLEGAL JEW COMMUNIST New World Order WAR against a Sovereign Country.
    ALL “REGIME CHANGES” are planned, financed and orchestrated by the JEW COMMUNIST New World Order to install a New World Order “PUPPET GOVERNMENT”.
    I mean “ALL”.
    The long term plan all working towards the JEW COMMUNIST New World Order ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, One World Bank, Military Dictatorship etc.
    There is NO VOTING in a JEW COMMUNIST New World Order, One World Government.
    There is NO DEMOCRACY in a JEW COMMUNIST New World Order, One World Government.
    There is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH in a JEW COMMUNIST New World Order, One World Government.
    There is NO PROPERTY OWNERSHIP in a JEW COMMUNIST New World Order, One World Government.
    There is NO FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM in a JEW COMMUNIST New World Order, One World Government.
    This will be a JEW COMMUNIST, ATHEIST, Military Dictatorship.
    We will ALL be SLAVES.
    Millions possibly Billions are going to be MURDERED in the biggest GENOCIDE in World History.
    The JEW COMMUNISTS already hold the World Record for the biggest GENOCIDE in history, the JEW COMMUNIST Bolshevik GENOCIDE of between 62 to 100 MILLION White Christians in RUSSIA.
    Forcing COMMUNISM on the Russian People.
    Never forget that the JEWS murdered, EXECUTED everyone caught reading or owning the “Book of the Century” The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
    The JEWS are going for a NEW Genocide World record.
    President Morsi was obviously NOT cooperating with the JEW COMMUNIST New World Order so they got rid of him.
    The JEW COMMUNIST New World Order has done exactly that in every WHITE BUILT, WHITE OWNED Country, World Wide including Rhodesia and South Africa.
    Almost Every country in Africa and every country in the Middle East is at WAR WHY?
    The JEW COMMUNIST New World Order is doing the very same all over to install a JEW COMMUNIST New World Order “PUPPET GOVERNMENT”.
    Every time you see WAR or unrest start digging and you will see the same people are planning it. JEWS + Mossad, CIA and JEW controlled Government USA.
    The JEW COMMUNIST New World Order took down Libya MURDERED Qaddafi and they are at present doing their best to take down Syria.
    Planned the Attack on Libya, Orchestrated, Financed, Supplied the Arms, Paid the Al Qaeda Mercenary’s to MURDER President Muammar Qaddafi
    The War in Libya was NOT a CIVIL WAR it was a War planned by the JEW COMMUNIST New World Order
    The JEW COMMUNIST New World Order are supplying all the arms and ammunition the so called rebels.
    JEW & USA PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    The War in Syria is NOT a CIVIL WAR it is a War planned by the JEW COMMUNIST New World Order
    They have already HIJACKED Palestine and the USA; they are now working on HIJACKING the World.
    US ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt’: Report
    By ANI | ANI – Wed 30 Jan, 2013
    London, Jan 30 (ANI): The JEW Obama administration gave green signal to a chemical weapons attack plan in Syria that could be blamed on President Bashar al Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country, leaked documents have shown.
    A new report, that contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence, showed a scheme ‘approved by Washington’.
    As per the scheme ‘Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to usechemical weapons,’ the Daily Mail reports.
    JEW Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.
    According to, the December 25 email was sent from Britam’s Business Development Director David Goulding to company founder Philip Doughty.
    The emails were released by a Malaysian hacker who also obtained senior executives resumes and copies of passports via an unprotected company server, according to Cyber War News.
    According to the paper, the JEW U.S. State Department has declined to comment on the matter. (ANI)
    Every time you see WAR or unrest, start digging and you will see the same people are planning it. JEWS + Mossad, CIA and JEW controlled Government USA.
    JEW PAID Al Qaeda Mercenary’s.
    The Army illegal COUP in Egypt was planned, financed and orchestrated by the JEW COMMUNIST New World Order to install a New World Order “PUPPET GOVERNMENT”.
    Never forget that the JEWS DID 9-11.
    Never forget that the JEWS Assassinated JFK.
    Never forget that Jerusalem in the Capital of PALESTINE.
    The American “PEOPLE” have gone from the most LOVED in the World to the most HATED in the World as a direct result of the WAR MONGERING JEWS.
    There is only ONE group of “TERRORISTS” in the World today and they are the WAR MONGERING JEWS.
    The JEWISH CRIMINAL MAFIA has HIJACKED the American Government.
    THANK YOU President Vladimir Putin.

    Putin warns against foreign military intervention in Syria

    Caught, Israel orchestrating world war
    The Israeli “security publication,” DEBKA, a key part of their “war through deception” campaign against the world, has now made it inexorably clear, Israel is putting into motion their “final solution,” a campaign to pit nation against nation.

    FREEDOM FIGHTERS World Wide it’s time to UNITE.
    SEE PHOTO Attached.
    Please Forward.
    Snowy Smith
    Sniper1Freedom Fighter
    Better to DIE on your feet than to live on your KNEES.

  64. DHS in addition to creating hoaxes through the use of crisis actors and drills is also trying to incite violence on White people by inciting minorities against them.

    This is what Jew controlled DHS and State Department and Jewish organizations like the ADL, SPLC etc are about. It is the Jewry that is behind the race war of Black people and Hispanic people and Muslims etc against White people. I have seen different aspects of this.

    Black people and Hispanic people and Muslims and all other minorities and nationals need to realize who the real enemy is and that it is not White people. The enemies of humanity are the Zionist Jews.

    “FREEDOM FIGHTERS World Wide it’s time to UNITE.” as Snowy Smith South Africa says

    “Dept Of Hate – DHS Manager: In order For Black People To Survive ”

  65. From Debbie Menon of My Cat Bird Seat

    The Rosenthal Interview

    Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, age 29, the Administrative Assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits of New York (who was since defeated in the 1980 election) was killed, a month after giving this recorded interview, in an ‘alleged’ sky-jacking attempt on an Israeli airliner in Istanbul, Turkey, August 12, 1976. Did it have anything to do with his revealing sensitive Jewish programs? God knows.

    In a highly confidential interview with a Jewish administrative assistant to one of this nation’s ranking senators, he said, “It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every JEW out of this country.” The Jew, Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, made this statement after admitting Jewish dominance in all significant national programs. He said, “We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands. While the naive Americans wait for Khrushchev to bury them, we have taught them to submit to our every demand.” Asked how a nation could be captured without their knowing it, Mr. Rosenthal attributed this victory to absolute control of the media. He boasted of Jewish control of ALL NEWS. Any newspaper which refused to acquiesce to controlled news was brought to its knees by withdrawing advertising. Failing in this, the Jews stop the supply of news print and ink. “It’s a very simple matter,” he stated. Asked about men in high political office, Mr. Rosenthal said that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. “Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man.” In a discussion about George Wallace, Mr. Rosenthal smiled and suggested that we note where Wallace stands today.

    When the U.S. foreign policy was mentioned, the bedroom confidence of the interview was all but set aside. With disdain and mockery he sneered at the American stupidity in failing to see through the entire scope of Kissinger’s foreign policy. “It is Zionist-Communist policy from beginning to end. Yet the citizens think this Jewish policy will benefit America.” He cited “detente” and Angola as examples of Jewish diplomacy. The credulous nature of Americans drew only contempt from him.

    The interview continued on an almost omniscient plane. “We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.”

    As the conversation went on into the late hours, one could sense that perhaps America deserves the reign of terror being planned for her. The Jewish mind pits every ethnic group against the other. “The blood of the masses will flow as we wait for our day of world victory,” Mr. Rosenthal said coldly.

    For hours after this incredible discussion, a sense of inadequacy prevailed. Is it possible that another group of “human being” could be so treacherous in spirit, so evil in intent? Yet, the words heard and the evidence at hand are real. Is it possible that the American people can remain docile, even while their life’s blood is being drained from them? It seems so.

    Also read the following article by former CIA Dr Philip Giraldi:

  66. Americans are totally jewed-out, overwhelmingly. There’s no hope for the USA. At this point, I don’t care anymore what happens to this country. I’m totally over it.

    I get banned from a lot of websites, but I don’t pay that any mind. It doesn’t bother me. It really doesn’t matter. The great bulk of Americans don’t want to hear the truth anyway. They love the lies the jews feed them. They want to eat shit, that’s their business. F*ck ’em.

    In the meantime, I continue to shoot off posts around cyber-universe just to annoy the jew webmasters posing as “truth-tellers”. The great bulk of jews are liars extraordinaire, and the great bulk of Americans feast on the jew lies extraordinaire. Americans want to be lied to, and they fully well know they’re being lied to, they prefer things this way, so F them. The jew mendacity and bullshit has been going on for a very long time. I’m totally over my “fellow” Americans.

    The great majority of Americans will follow the jews anywhere, even into the pits of hell, which is where anyone who loves jew mendacity goes when they drop dead, along with the jews. The jews worry too much about their lies coming to light. All the jew lies are in The Light anyway– always have been, even long before the internet — hardly anyone pays attention.

    They want darkness, the jews will give it to them, are giving it to them, and are giving it to them in unending abundance of mendacity and darkness and immorality and unending war, and more mendacity, and more darkness, including the darkness of turning the USA into a third world shithole and communist police state– the great majority of Americans — are on-board with the communist jew agenda, to one degree or another. The jew webmasters who ban me worry too much. Jews worry too much. it’s some kind of innate jew thing to worry too much.

    I’m grateful I’m neither a jew nor a jewed-out American. F*ck ’em both. The two deserve one another. The jews tell ’em to flush their Western heritage, culture, and Spiritual Patrimony down-the-toilet, and they run to their toilet bowls to do as the jews say. As if they can’t wait for someone to give them the “permission” to flush their heritage, culture, and history, down-the-toilet. If they want to treat their very own heritage, culture, and spiritual patrimony as shit, which they must certainly do, and take up jew lies as the basis, the ontology, of their culture, they deserve what they get.

    I’m surrounded by Americans whose families can be called “founding stock”. ALL of them are totally indifferent to the destruction of the USA. ALL of them. ALL of them voted for Obama and ALL of them love the jews to no end. I wasn’t born in the USA. I was born in Italy. I sometimes, well, really many times, have to wonder why I care more about the USA than my neighbors. I get disdainful and fed-up with my “founding stock” American neighbors. At this point, I’m totally over them. Now, I stay online just to annoy the jew webmasters who feign to be “truth-tellers”. It’s fun to do.

  67. Note from sub-monitor Lucy Skipping: Joe does not give up. Having just deleted several posts of interminable length from this Tel Aviv troll or psychiatric nutcase, we’ve decided to let him have his say in this relatively short comment:

    Thank U Lasha 4 NOT telling your readers I’m not the “truth teller” I play- pretend to be. Thank U Lasha 4 NOT telling your “goyim” readers I’m one of the fuckin kikes who hassled Eustace Mullins in the fuckin very first place. Thank U Lasha 4 NOT telling your “goy” readers I was one of the fuckin putrid piece-of-shit- jew-hebes Eustace Mullins “Struggled Against”.

    No good reason 4 the “goyims” to know I’m REALLY NOT the “truth teller” I pretend to be. Lol. You’re doing a GREAT job fooling “them” Lasha!!! Thank U Lasha for covering up 4 me, and keeping the deception — our beloved talmudic kaballah kike “religious” deception — Thank U kabbalah jew gurl 4 keeping our putrid hebe deception going 24/7/365. I Luv U !!! Thank U for being yet another lying mendacious ju tu.

    ” Eustace Mullins On John Kaminski”

    ” John Kaminski Infiltrator”

    ” Kaminski + Snake Shit + Lasha + Darkmoon + Snake Puke”

    ” Darkmoon + lilith + jew satanic ‘goddess’ ”

    ” Darkmoon + kike snake-shit pit of jew snake puke”

  68. @JohnSnakemenski

    Well Joe zisis a great pizza that you are delivering with the right pepperoni amego:

    Eustace Mullins on John Kaminski and other infiltrants

    14.31 (…) They got people like Kaminski on it who are plaing both sides and infiltrators. Kaminski had sent 2 mossad agents to my house to do away with me (…)

    Eyeopener by EM on JK d.d. 14 sept. 2006. JC denier Kaminski Heil is still on the earthplane. so he could comment on it…..

    CIA O

  69. The Crimes of Israel – Eustace Mullins

    “Zionist plot to destroy us all” is the discussion in the above video between late Eustace Mullins and his host and American aid to Israel has helped this Zionist onslaught.

    It is time for more people to get to know honest organizations like the council for national and financially support their efforts instead of wasting their money on the so called charities most of which are fraudulent organizations that do things to undermine America. Most charities have been subverted by the same culprits who have destroyed all aspects of the American life.

  70. I came on this site by happenstance. After reading some and skimming others, it did not take me long to realize that it is way past time for you all to take responsibility for your own lives. It is so easy to blame the Jews for all your ills. They (Jews) preventing me from succeeding. They control the world, so I can’t succeed. Amazing that the Jews are only 1% of the world’s population and you are so envious and frightened of them. Rather pathetic actually.

    You all must have Mein Kampf next to your beds. So you can carry on the work of Hitler and the Nazi Party. You are all sick…very sick!

    1. Amazing that the Jews are only 1% of the world’s population and you are so envious and frightened of them. Rather pathetic actually.

      A typically Jewish comment of course: the idea that the basis for antisemitism is envy for the Jew’s alleged superiority in all fields. Believe me, there in little to envy in the Jew — a race of moral and spiritual decadents who act like a virus in the body politic.

      In any case, you are an ignoramus and your opinion of the Jew’s superiority is therefore worthless. Jews makes up only 0.2% of the world’s population, not 1%, as you mistakenly state.

  71. Jews are anti-Christs. To know that is enough.
    There are more smart Gentiles than smart Jews just because of total population numbers but there are probably fewer stupid Jews.
    The difference in effectiveness is in networking/nepotism, ethnocentrism, racism raised to the level of religion and the Jews’ lack of moral compunctions.

  72. >> Truth >> Excalibur >> Scroll

    We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religions destroy morals, and our banks destroy the economy.

    When subjected to universal deceit the strong will revolt

    1. quite true and awesome picture of the surf.

      less sure about the aramaic stuff but then i am no bible engineer.

  73. Some of your comments are blinded—even so–If i were Eustace, after what they had done to his father and mother not to mention himself I would not like Jews either—but you nearly all of you–make one big mistake—even though the bankster Jews finance all side in war (and they do) there are nonetheless millions yes millions of ‘poor’ Jews—and —hundreds of thousands of impoverished Jews in America and elsewhere just like many others who are also poor and impoverished —Mullins hatred is for zionism (AS HE HIMSELF HAS POINTED OUT), not for Jews per se! because that would be just plain stupid!

  74. Please let me know if you’re looking for a article author for your site.
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