Our End … and Then? by Darrell Wright [*POEM*]

“The last act is bloody, however fine the rest of the play. They throw earth over your head and it is finished for ever.”  — Pascal, Pensées

Mother brought us forth at birth
astride a yawning grave,
to teach us that we have
a soul—just one!—to save;
immortal—forever—or never—
one soul: our own.

Recall this when your chains—
self-forged—daily make you groan.
When scratching scabs of lust
upon your sordid bed,
remember you were made from dust—
and soon you will be dead.


Darrell Wright  has written several poems for this site. They may be read  here.

31 thoughts to “Our End … and Then? by Darrell Wright [*POEM*]”

  1. Well done, Darrell! Glad to see you back in harness, churning out the masterpieces! Keep up the good work!

  2. The Gloomy Philosopher strikes again! Our Roman Catholic Heraclitus, Darrell Wright, is here to entertain us again with doleful reflections on “scabs of lust” and crumbling to dust for the delight of the Avid All-Devouring Worm! 🙂

    Thanks for cheering us up, Darrell!

    Talking of which, I would like to draw the reader’s attention to this exquisitely translated Baudelaire poem on a similar theme. This belongs, too, to that special genre that can be called “Cemetery Verse.” Graves, worms, coffins, mossy tombs, and corpses feature large in these poems.

    Here is Darkmoon at her best as a translator of the decadent Baudelaire — who is, I was astonished to learn a few weeks ago through the grapevine, her remote ancestor:


  3. It seems that both Wright’s poem – and Baudelaire’s poem (thanks for the note about Lasha and her translation, Sardonicus) are eloquent descriptions of the universal futility of perfection (help me here, I’m sinking!). I mean, even if we could compose a sequel to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, our fate would be the same as any other’s. To me, the message is clear: “Do your duty, dammit!”. In the face of certain death, it is the measure of a man, or woman.

    Whatever substantiates our Faith can only be realized AFTER that end – whatever our faith may be. If all we have to look forward to is “scratching scabs of lust upon [our] sordid beds” (eloquent, Darrell!), we might as well just enjoy our fornications and create a better class of “scab”.

    None of us here, I believe, choose to resign ourselves to that. The poet gave us something profound to consider. Good work, Darrell Wright!

  4. This poem reeks of Christianity and the human deathwish. It spells the doom of the White race. I am against these sickly imaginings and all they portend. The author should cheer up and seek comfort in paganism and the pleasures of the flesh. A little fornication and adultery would cure him of his taste for morbid verse. What next…? Ode to a Coffin Worm? Pshaw!

    1. So like a Jew! you want the “Goyim” to be so occupied with the “pleasures of the flesh” so we won’t notice the crimes of your odious race. I think that what you dislike about Darrell is that he reminds you that no one, not even a Jew, is immortal and that you can’t face.

  5. @ Gilbert Huntley

    Mr Huntley, pipe down! You are every bit as depraved and monstrous in your imaginings as the unspeakable Mr Wright. Get a life, will you.

    I would challenge both you poetasters you to a duel if I had sword or pistol. I have neither. Just as well. For I would hate to kill you.

    Begone, scoundrels!

    1. Ha-ha, Seymour Zak. I suppose you have become accustomed to a defensive posture, given your alleged lot in life. That is to be expected. At least, you are colorful about it! You certainly give us something to consider 🙂

      It is admirable for you to admit you have neither “sword nor pistol”. I DO like both; but I am also fond of fists, knives, sticks, and rifles. Take your pick!

      1. Seymour, I think you have inspired me! I believe I will endeavor to compose a piece about what is expected of a good little goy! I would so much enjoy the prospect of your approval! (If it is worthy of Lasha’s or Montecristo’s consideration, you may have that opportunity as early as this week!) (I have other things I must do, but I beg a little time in order that I might postpone my termination at the hands of your displeasure, sir…)

  6. Mr Zak, why would you hate to kill me if you say you’d like to challenge me to a duel with swords or pistols? Is it that you’d rather see me suffer than see me die? Anyway, I agree with Socrates who said it is better to be killed than to kill (when it is a matter of unjust killing), better to suffer injustice than to commit it. For suffering injustice does our soul no harm, and can even be a source of great grace and can help us grow in virtue, can purify our soul. May God grant you the peace of soul you so much need, my dear friend, and show you the way to happiness.

  7. @ Seymour Zak

    Seymour, you should be ashamed of yourself. You bring discredit on our ancient race, our noble race. At this rate, many people here will jump to the hasty conclusion that some Jews are actually bad.

    This must not be allowed to happen.

    1. You go, Ruth!! It is good of you to keep your unruly brethren in line! (Seymour might even be serious…. I am afraid!)

  8. Darrell, you are a saint. Accept my humble prostrations. Continue to enlighten us with your uplifting verse. Regard the vile comments of Seymour Zak as the off-scourings of envy.

  9. Gilbert darling, accept form this half-crazed Jewess a chaste kiss on your noble brow. Mind you, it is a chaste kiss, since I am incapable of infidelity to my beloved husband — a man done to death by an African lion seven years ago while we were on safari.

    1. Ruth, you do credit to your sweet gender and nobility! Would that we all had wives so true! (If you will be my Rebekkah, I will be your Ivanhoe!)

    2. can i have one too, ruth?
      oh? never mind, my girlfriend is at the door
      saved by the bell

  10. Ruth, thanks for your moral support. I’m far from being a saint, though, unless being a sorry sinner makes one a saint. And I cringe at the thought of anyone prostrating themselves before me, but if you do so to God you’ll be doing much better.

  11. Fornication and adultery is NOT going to save the white race. There’s been nothing but massive fornication and adultery since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. The white Caucasian race has been greatly weakened by it all. There’s hardly any loyalty to family anymore. It’s very easy to rule over an incontinent people ( to paraphrase Plato). That’s why the sexual revolution was planned from the top, Tavistock, Frankfurt School, the CIA ( Gloria Steinem was CIA, for example ).
    Seymour Zak sounds alot more like an old tired hippy from San Francisco than an old-fashioned gallant gentleman who has to duel to save his “honor”. Laughing online at Zak’s bullshit.

  12. Here’s the “Ode to a Coffin Worm” you were expecting from me, Mr Zak:

    O Coffin Worm, I give you praise
    for all you do throughout your days,
    Consuming corpses day and night,
    Thus serving God with all your might.

    I wish I did my job as well,
    so as to miss the fires of hell,
    For if I did my job, like you,
    Then I would please our Savior too.

    1. You are very talented, Darrell! I have been outside tending a little brush fire, thinking about what good goys ought to be doing, while you were actually making poetic response to our severe critic Seymour. You have done well, and I hope it may assuage his wrath for awhile…. ( Our Lady Lasha will not suffer these diversions for long, either!)

      Good nite, all.

  13. I am sorry to tell this to you, Darrell, but I didn’t really like it. 🙁

    Recall this when your chains—
    self-forged—daily make you groan.
    When scratching scabs of lust
    upon your sordid bed,
    remember you were made from dust—
    and soon you will be dead

    I can understand your message but really don’t buy on culture of death. Even graceful one. So called “decadent”. ‘Fin du siecle”. It is still death. Still in favor of our enemy. And may be very much sometimes – look to period of end of XIX start of XX centuries. However, maybe I didn’t understand something in your text. Otherwise it is somewhat nice. I would say:…”nice enough”, Darrell, but it is not sufficient for poetry. Sorry, nothing personal 🙂

    1. Naughty, naughty! You are not allowed to express such original opinions! Go back to Russia! 🙂

      1. I know, Ruth, you may be funny from time to time, but…
        should the opinions of “this half-crazed Jewess” as you call yourself, be taken seriously? 🙂

  14. Asthor, what I was trying to say in the poem is that almost all of us don’t think enough about the uncomfortable reality of our own inevitable and quickly approaching death and the extremely uncomfortable reality of our soul’s impending judgment by God. Also, what an eternity of hell would be like, and likewise an eternity of heaven, and whether sin, even if it should provide us the whole world and all its pleasures and riches, is ever really worth it.

    It’s OK that you don’t like the poem – de gustibus non disputandum – but I feel honored that Lasha, Lucy, and Montechristo like it enough to post it here. Do you like my Ode to a Coffin Worm better? If not, maybe you’d like it more if I were more precise and said “my Savior” not “our Savior”, since God made worms and they fulfill his plan but Christ didn’t die for them like he did for us sinners.

  15. (…)Are we as nations to go on like rats trapped in a conditioning cage, reacting the same way decade after decade? Or shall we step out of the cage into the transcendental level of our own consciousness and grow up into enlightened human beings, rather than continuing to resort to destroying and killing? This is the choice we have right now (…)


    The military in Mozambique used this strategy to end its civil war in the 1990s

    (…)The military in Mozambique used this strategy to end its civil war in the 1990s. Today, many Latin American countries are successfully implementing this approach in military and education settings. In the Middle East, responsible people from any country in any sector of society, public or private, could create peace-keeping groups in the military, in prisons, among retirees, or wherever such groups are practical.
    Modern unified field theory supports the perennial philosophy of all major cultural traditions that there exists a transcendental field at the most fundamental level of natural law, which can be directly accessed as the silent transcendental level of the human mind. Hundreds of studies have shown that experience of transcendental consciousness breaks the chain of conditioned reflexes coming on from past behavior, as seen in reduced addictive behaviors of all kinds, decreased prison recidivism, and reduced behavioral problems in inner-city children.

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    David Leffler, Ph.D., a United States Air Force veteran, received his doctoral degree in Consciousness-Based Military Defense from The Union Institute & University. He served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. Dr. Leffler has published articles in over 400 locations worldwide about the strategic military advantages of applying the TM technique and its advanced practices. Currently, he is the Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS). (…)

    CIA O

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgzX2dtdeGE

    Maharishi reads his poem Love (1967) (…) Abundance of Love is the Goal of All Destiny (…)

    Listen to it with eyes closed You Are The Goal.

    LOVE and GOD

    Love is the sweet expression of life. It is the supreme content of life. Love is the force of life, powerful and sublime. The flower of life blooms in love and radiates love all around.

    Life expresses itself through love. The stream of life is a wave on the ocean of love. Life is expressed in the waves of love, and the ocean of love flows in the waves of life. What a comfort love brings to the heart. The heart tickles with the thought of love, and waves of life begin to roll on the ocean of love. Every wave of life is full with the ocean of love. Yes, such a life is worth living.

    Every wave of life, full with the ocean of love. Such a life is life, such a life is worth living. And who lives such a life of all love, of bliss, of power, and of peace? The fortunate ones, and the fortune is open to all to design their destiny and begin to live life in all love and joy. The fortunate one uses the instrument of deep meditation, and probes deep into his heart,. Then the waves of love gain the depth of the ocean, and the ocean of love fills the heart and fills every particle of being. Every wave of life then flows in the fullness of love, in the fullness of divine glory, in the fullness of grace, in bliss and peace. The stream of life then flows on the tidal waves of bliss, and the ocean of love permeates every wave of life. Love is highly sensitive.

    It is the most delicate power of life. And life is a most dynamic expression of love. Love is delicate, and at the same time, it is most vital and strong. A tiny, tender wave of love rocks the boat of life. Love takes life from the pangs of separation, to the bliss of eternal union. From the insurmountable pangs of separation, to the unlimited joy of eternal union, swings a tiny, tender wave of love. What a miracle God has created in love. Let us live it. Let us be in love, and live in love with one another, and say to ourselves, quietly, let thy will be done.

    A soft impulse of love is the sole life of a melting heart. A tiny hope of love brings the light of dawn through the darkness of the lengthy night. And love, even as a twinkling of the faintest star, keeps the light at the altar shining. And in that faintest light of love, someday the individual finds his way, and creeps on in silence, in quietness, drawn by the tiny, tiny love which kept the door open in the hope of fulfillment. In the hope of fulfillment that someday, and sometime, the darkness of the night would give way to the brightness of the midday sun in a clear sky.

    The catch of love, though tender is firm and strong. The glory of tenderness and strength is the glory of love. One wants to remain tender in the strength of love. The strength of love makes one tender and firm. Makes one weak in wrong, and powerful in right. Brings forgiveness in authority, and grace in all fields of life. And this is the destiny of the fortunate.

    Love is the fortune of the fortunate. Abundance of love is the goal of all destiny. Fortunate are those whose hearts flows in love. A loving heart, a heart full of love, is the precious essence of human life. And that, when it flows in unbounded tidal waves of bliss, it is the glory of the supreme, the blessing of mother divine, and the grace of God.

    A wave of love flows over the whole range of life. It sweeps over the whole range of creation. The power of love pilots the plane of life, here there and everywhere. Love takes life from home to hill, from hill to hill, from home to home. Love is desperately seeking.

    It keeps the path alive and warms the goal. The silent force of love knows no barrier. It takes the life from the ruggedness of mountains, to the roughness of the sea, and there, in silence of wilderness, and even so in the noisy horizon of the sea, the vast expansion of the unbounded love from a distance brings a breeze cool and fresh to cool the heart and soothe the pangs of separation.

    The delicate and kind hand of love takes life from the prick of thorns, to the softness and tenderness of a rose. On the softness of the cradle of love, the life swings from the loneliness of a desperate quest, to the rich planes of fulfillment. A tender spark of love lights the light in loneliness. It burns alive the pangs of the bygone past, and spreads the light of hope and joy and fulfillment. And a tiny spark of love does it. Love is the most precious gift of God to us, let us use it for all good.

    Let our life be full with love, let us love and be loving and spread grace around us. Let not the din of the world, and the thick and thin of life disturb the fullness of love in us. Let us be full of grace, and full of light. And in the fullness of love, let us be up and awake to serve the will of God and rise to be of real service to ourselves and to our fellow men. Let the glory of the divine dawn in love.

    Let the bliss of the divine effulgence, and the light of love permeate our life, and transform our life to the eternal life of the divine being. Let lovingness spring as the light of the divine. For, the divine is all love in its essential nature, and love is all divine in its truthful expression.

    The divine is fullness of love, and love is fullness of the divine. Love is the light of divinity. It presents the divine in man. Love is the divine life in man. Love in our hearts is the divine in heaven. The divinity of the heaven dwells in our hearts as love. Love in the heart of man is the shrine of God on Earth. Blessed are those who carry the shrine of God in fullness of love in their hearts. And when the drops of love trickle down the melting heart, the angels in heaven run down to count and keep a record. No drop of precious love is ever wasted.

    For every drop of love flows the unbounded ocean of bliss. And the ocean of bliss unfolds the love divine and fills the heart. Then the eyes lift to God, and God raises his arms and extends his heart. And then the reality dawns. The stream of man’s love finds the ocean of God’s love and flows into it. And this is the glory of love.

    The man and God unite in the eternal ocean of love. Let us bring to our life the glory of this love, which brings the heavens in life on Earth. “Love of God”, someone said, “is an abstract concept”. Yes it is abstract. It takes the experience of life to make it concrete. Love of God is abstract in its infancy, but let us not forget that it begins to be concrete from the very beginning of life and imperceptivity grows, and grows to become concrete, and overtakes our life in full.

    In its most infant state, love finds an expression on the lap of mother. In the sweetness of the mother’s eye. It grows in toys and playfields, in the sweetness of friends and folks of society. It grows in the sweetness of husband and wife. With age and experience, the tree of love grows. It grows with the growth of life and evolution, and finds its fulfillment in the eternal love of the omnipresent God, which fills the heart and overthrows the darkness of ignorance.

    And then, in the illumination of universal love, the abstract love of God finds concrete expression in everything. All becomes divine radiance of eternal love. Life finds its meaning in the living presence of God. Every phase of life then saturated with love breathes the living presence of God. Here, there, and everywhere, in this, that, and everything. Nothing but love and living presence of God. This is how, gradually, the personal love naturally moves on to gain the status of universal love. And universal love moves on to find its expression in personal love.

    There is time in life for everything. Life is progressive on the steps of love. And there is a time significant for every step in love. Every plane of love brings fulfillment to the corresponding plane of evolution. All love, in every phase of every drop of it is significant to life. Love is the supreme blessing of life. The sun shines, and it shines forever in fullness.

    It may be that the clouds are gathered. Let them come and go. They go as they come. Take no notice of their coming. You go your way, make your way through the clouds, if they lie on the way. Do not try to dispel them, do not be held by them, they will go the way they have come. They are never found stationary. But, if you would like to pause to see them wither away, wait for a while…the wind is blowing anyway.

    It is to clear the clouds from your way. Just wait to see the clouds wither away, and the sun, the same old sun of love will shine again in fullness of its glory. When night comes, all appears to be dark, but darkness does not last. The light of the dawn comes on and spreads the love and charm of life. So we shall not mind if the darkness of the night sets in for a while. For the light of love can, for certain, not be gone forever.

    So we live in love, and we wait in love to grow in life, and gain fulfillment in love eternal. Love as love is universal. Personal love is concentrated universal love. Ahh, my heart flows when I say personal love is concentrated universal love. The ocean of universal love flows in the stream of individual love. What a blessing in life. The heart in whom the universal consciousness has dawned, is able to have the force of the unbounded ocean of universal love even in the stream of personal love. Those who are restricted in their ability to love. Those whose love flows only in restricted channels of isolated objects or individuals. Those who can only like this or that. Those who have no awareness of universal consciousness in their hearts, are like small ponds where the love can flow only as ripples and not as waves of the sea. Such is the love of most of us. We love today, and rise to fight tomorrow.

    Let us not bring shame to love. Let us rise to love forever more and more. When an ocean flows in love, it flows in peace within. When a shallow pond moves to rise high in waves of the ocean, it only stirs the mud at the bottom. And the whole serenity of the pond is spoiled. When a heart, shallow as a pond, seeks to rise high in waves of love, it creates a muddle and brings out the mud that was so far gracefully hidden underneath. To enjoy the ocean of love, we have to improve the magnitude of our hearts and gain the depth of an ocean, unfathomable and full.

    Let us give this status of an ocean to our heart before we let loose of our love to be tossed about by the blowing winds. And having gained the status of the deep, let us open the heart for the ocean of love to flow, and let it flow in fullness. The mighty waves of love will rise in grace and hail the glory of the multiple creation with the bliss of the unity and peace within.

    And how do we improve the depth of our heart? By probing deep into the purity of our being. By exploring the finer regions of the impulse of love that murmurs in the silent chamber of our heart. By diving deep into the stillness of the unbounded, unfathomable ocean of love present within our hearts. By a simple technique of self exploration, or by what is commonly known as the transcendental deep meditation. It is easy for every one of us to fathom the unfathomable magnitude of the ocean of love present within, and forever enjoy the fullness of heart, in the fullness of life.

    Love is fullness. It is all embracing. Love binds. It is the unifying force of life. It extends us unity. It binds, yet binds in freedom. It holds together the bonds of freedom. It knows no discord. Disunity is foreign to love. Discord is foreign to love. Disharmony is foreign to love. Love is purity. Love is innocence. Love is fullness, oneness and bliss. It brings fulfillment.

    Love unifies the scattered ends of life, and brings them all together into an integrated whole. Love is the symbol of life. Lack of love denotes lack of life content. And the show of love without genuine love is a shame to life. Simple, innocent, natural, normal state of love, without inhibitions, is a divine quality, which is the natural quality of graceful life. The divine grace lies in the fullness of infant love.

    And in the abundance of love lies the love of God and love of God’s creation. And when the lover of life finds himself in the unbounded love of cosmic consciousness, he whispers to his God within himself, “My Lord, in the temple of my heart, on the altar of thy glory, my God, my love is full, and thy love is treasured safely. My love for thee is safe, and full in freshness, and purity at the glory of thy altar. My Lord, thy lordship is secured in the shrine of my heart. And when my love flows it spreads the glory in thy creation.”

    In love of God, the lover of life finds expression of the inexpressible. Cosmic life gains expression in its activity; the thought of cosmic life materialized in the process of thinking. His eyes behold the purpose of creation. His ears hear the music of cosmic life. His hands hold on to cosmic intentions. His feet set the cosmic life in motion. He walks on Earth, yet walks in the destiny of heaven. Angels enjoy his being on Earth. This is the glory of unity born of love.

    Let us be in love with all around us. Let us be in love. Let us in love resolve to be in love. For, love is life. And certainly we do not want to step out of life. So let us in love resolve to remain in love, and let us never step out of the boundaries of lovingness. For in love dwells the power of creation, wisdom of life, and strength of all good. Certainly, our life has to be all in love.

    The thread of love has woven the garment of our life. We shall keep it spotlessly clean and pure. Life is a sacred gift of God to us in love. We shall not defy love, and shall not spoil this sacred gift of life. Love shall be pure in our life. It will help our evolution and cosmic purpose of creation. It will maintain us on high levels of grace and glory of life. Love shall save us from wrong, and guide our part in life. Love shall forever shine on our way, and the light will guide our steps whether we go slow or fast. The light of love shall forever be with us on our way. Love shall forever be the anchor of our life. We shall be in love, and love shall be in us. We shall live in love, shall grow in love, and shall find fulfillment in love eternal.

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Recorded in1967)

  17. Srila Prabhupada..

    You cannot serve Krsna (God) with these blunt material senses. Krsna cannot be served with matter—only with spirit.

    There are so many impediments to worshiping the demigods, but there is no impediment to worshiping Krsna. You simply have to offer Him love. In the material world people are always speaking about love, but there is no love in the material world. People are simply under the control of lust and are trying to satisfy their senses. But love is different.

    Love is the satisfaction of Krsna’s (God’s) senses.”

    1. @hp

      You (like every other sentient being) as Transcendental Being are the Goal of All Destiny a line of this Poem of this Enlightened Vedic Sage Poem ON lOVE.
      In Being all the 5 senses are with the seperative body/mind sense are fully surrendered to Me, KRSNA, the Self of all.

      Google: Maharishi and the 7 states of consciousness, to get get at least a better
      inttellectual understandind about what Dr David Orme Johnson means.

      Btw Oprah started TM….. but she still has to find out about Elie Wiesel…..so…

      CIA O

  18. The last act is to bury all of the Jews and rid the planet of the Jewish plague once and for all, once the shooting starts there will be no intermission or mercy.

    Jews: its time to make peace with your real creator Satan.

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