The Liberation of the Death Camps

Source: The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies, by Theodore J. O’Keefe
Presented with pictures, captions and extensive commentary by Lasha Darkmoon

Why is it illegal in 16 countries to doubt the gas chambers when not a single gas chamber has ever been found?

Buchenwald_Victims_04508Nothing has been more effective in establishing the authenticity of the Holocaust story in the minds of Americans than the terrible scenes that US troops discovered when they entered German concentration camps at the close of World War II. Read More

Töben tells Zundel why he doubts the Holocaust: Video talk introduced by Lasha Darkmoon

Toben 1Famous “Holocaust denier” Ernst Zundel is here seen interviewing his fellow revisionist Dr Fredrick Töben (left) in this 100-minute cult classic video. Zundel questions Dr Töben about his early life and the evolution of his ideas. The interview throws a fascinating light on the genesis of a “Holocaust denier” and raises the important question: how does one break free from the prevailing mass hypnosis practiced on the public through the Jew-owned mass media and finally come to realize the shocking truth—that what is now purported to be the central feature of WW2, the Holocaust, is in fact the most spectacular hoax of all time?  Read More


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“The decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German degradation—coincided exactly with the height of Jewish power in Germany.”  — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question. [1]
Otto Dix, Metropolis (1928). Berlin in the heyday of the Weimar Republic: a hedonistic hellpit of sexual depravity.
Otto Dix, Metropolis (1928).
Berlin in the heyday of the Weimar Republic: a hedonistic hellpit of sexual depravity.

No account of the Jewish Question in Germany can be complete without some mention of the tidal wave of sexual immorality that was to engulf the country during the period of the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) following World War One. This also happened to be the apogee of Jewish power in Germany. Every single sphere of major influence had now fallen under Jewish control. Read More



Take refuge in Me
for I am the end
and purpose of you.
Find sanctuary
in me, your friend.
My name
is Weirdissimo.

Sink into Me
for I am the deep
mystery behind
everything you see.
I am the Great Sleep
and you
the dream in my mind.

Rest easy therefore
and give thanks. Rejoice
that all is just so.
Be glad I am your
light in darkness,
and that you
know not what I know.

Heroic Measures, by JB Campbell

ChessboardThe Hungarians have done it again. As this writer likes to recount whenever he can, those tough people were the ones who, in October, 1956, had finally had enough of Jews terrorizing, torturing and murdering them. As we can relive in David Irving’s Uprising, they stormed the buildings housing their Jewish overlords in the secret police and other departments of Communist terror. The freedom fighters dragged their Jewish tormentors into the streets and killed them. They shot them and lynched them by the hundreds. Trees and lampposts had Jews swinging from them all around Budapest. It must have been glorious.

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Bin Laden’s Curse — ‘Death to America!’ by Lasha Darkmoon

Editor’s note: This article marks the 12th anniversary of 9/11. As it also marks Lasha’s Darkmoon’s debut as a columnist on Veterans Today, readers are recommended to read the article in its entirety on VT where they will be able to enjoy the beautiful Islamic art and full pictorial content supplied by writer-editor Jim W. Dean. A shocking maledictory poem, allegedly composed by Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9-11, forms the central feature of the article; this poem is omitted here for technical reasons but can be read on Veterans Today. The rest of the article is found below, but without its full complement of pictures. — John Scott Montecristo

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maidanek3Di Theodore J. O’Keefe
Fonte: The Liberation of the Camps

Tratto da: The Journal of Historical Review
Luglio-Agosto 1995 (Vol. 15, N° 4) pag. 18-23

Niente ha avuto più effetto, nello stabilire l’autenticità della storia dell’Olocausto nella mente degli americani, delle terribili scene scoperte dalle truppe americane quando entrarono nei campi di concentramento tedeschi verso la fine della Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Read More


Data: 14 Giugno 2013
(Edizione curata e leggermente ridotta, con foto e sottotitoli di Lasha Darkmoon)


“Chiunque sia stato vittima degli Ebrei non deve rimanere sconosciuto. E chiunque sia stato vittima degli Ebrei non rimarrà invendicato.” — Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins descrive la sua vittimizzazione per mano degli ebrei e la sua stretta e personale amicizia col poeta perseguitato Ezra Pound. Read More

When Satan Rules, edited by Lasha Darkmoon

Has the Prince of Darkness taken over the world?

5339082038a10416626799l.jpg  -  1WHEN  SATAN  RULES

This dialogue is based on a review by James B. Phillips of Hugh Akins’ book Synagogue Rising and various comments in response to that review. Lasha Darkmoon has edited and abridged this dialogue by intercutting selected comments in a creative collage—so as the give the impression of a live debate. To read the original article, click here.  — John Scott Montecristo, Editor Read More

Mass Surveillance in the Orwellian Police State, Part 1, translation.

MASS SURVEILLANCE IN THE ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE. Part 1: What Big Brother Wants, by Dr Lasha Darkmoon

Știați Ca Big Brother-un Fost Nu NUMAI cu Ochii pe tine de pe ambele maluri ale Atlanticului, Dar, de asemenea, de la Tel Aviv?

NSA ochi

Supravegherea version MASA Este Noua NORMA. Big Brother Este cu Ochii pe tine si SA TE ascult mereu. Cu ajutorul camerelor de luat vederi microscopice si Microfoane fara fir si dispozitive escamotabile precis de localizare si urmărire, el Este păstrarea file pe tine douăzeci SI Patru ORA pe zi. Read More