Police State America (1)


Watch this 8-minute video showing how the American police have become a law unto themselves. Remember, these guys are trained in Israel, and every step they take is carefully monitored and approved by their Masters in Israel. Their supervisors are flown out to Israel on free junkets and issued there with detailed instructions on how to police America and make it a jungle of police lawlessness and brutality.

Here is Abby Martin talking to well-known survivalist and firefighter Fernando Salguero who was targeted last week by the New Jersey police. Why? Because they didn’t like his “survivalist lifestyle”. This apparently runs counter to the wishes of Tel Aviv which would like to see all Americans disarmed in conformity with the wishes of the Bolshevik Jews who now run America.

To watch this thought-provoking 8-minite video, click HERE

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Lasha Darkmoon

5 thoughts to “Police State America (1)”

  1. The so-called “Jewish” state is not Israel.


    unfortunetly the language police are not armed with drones and laser beams…

    seriously, ….The Pre-Purim Laugh Track is a sure NOT TO MISS….

    dig this chutzpah – “The Essence of Judaism” – eau d’turd…

    Purim is the day of “nahafoch hu” (Esther 9:1) – the day when everything is the opposite of what it seems, the day when we don’t fancy-dress to recognise that the rest of the year everything can be make-believe….in the stool sclpture deity cult compound.


    the Talmud is not printed until 500AD, Khazars are made “Proselytes” in 740AD…


    do the math.



    Quarantine…DNA TEST – Matthew 13

  2. Now this site has gone to the jews like ZCF Total Fascism John Friend and the rest of the anti Gentile anti National Socialist crowd. First you put uo the same old rehashed Jewisn Made poster of a SS looking hellmeted police force terrorizing the public which they never did. Then you play a Russian Communist TV Video where a jew accuses New Jersey is a Nazi controlled State.
    Go bow down get on your knees and grovel before your jew king.

  3. What strikes me about this video is the way the police targeted this man for his political views and then used these trumped up laws against him. It’s scary how the poor and the more vulnerable are the ones that pay the price while the people who can afford big lawyers don’t get bothered. Potential lawsuits are a form of protection. Still, anyone who questions the government or maybe has opinions that slightly conflict with certain powers is scrutinized for possible crimes. I think that is why the government elites are now so interested in gun laws because then it will give them the right to go after some people that are already on their list. Maybe we’ll get lucky, though, and the police might begin to balk at the things the ruling elite demand of them. This will happen when the police become enemy number I. You see the government doesn’t have the manpower to fight everyone, and the military is occuppied elsewhere and supposedly can’t be used against U.S. citizens. The police can’t even get guns out of the hands of criminals. We’ll probably get complete lawless anarchy before we get a real police state. The police like to go after good and harmless people. Just like the police like to give out driving tickets in rich suburban areas, while speeding and lawlessness are the rule in the poorer areas.

  4. If you really think that jews attack the christian church just watch Le Sea boadcasting. A friend of mine who joined the militry was asked What denomination he belonged to and he said Pagan and they refused to let him join as a Pagan so wrote nondenominationl. The claim that Paganism is compatable with christianity is totally bogus. Christian parents force circumcize their children when they are just infants and sell their souls to the jew by baptizing them without permission.
    We are at war with you and we do not forgive. You are worse than jews.

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    It is your goal to kill all Gentiles and become martyrs for your jew king under the jew world order.
    Ka – boom! – All gone
    “I will sweep away everything
    from the face of the earth,”
    declares the LORD.
    I will sweep away both man and beast;
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    Pope Benedict XVI’s Jewish Ancestry

    Grave Of Adolf Hitlers Parents Desecrated By Priest
    Varg Vikernes on Christianity


    Because you have sold your soul to the jews you are no longer a Gentile and are now the worse kind of jew.

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