Putin says ‘No’ to US over Snowden


“Yes, he’s at a Moscow airport, and no, you can’t have him.”

AP, Moscow —  Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the first official acknowledgment of the whereabouts of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden on Tuesday and promptly rejected U.S. pleas to turn him over.

Snowden, who is charged with violating American espionage laws, fled Hong Kong over the weekend, touching off a global guessing game over where he went and frustrating U.S. efforts to bring him to justice.

Putin said Snowden is in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport and has not passed through Russian immigration, meaning he technically is not in Russia and thus is free to travel wherever he wants.

After arriving Sunday on a flight from Hong Kong, Snowden registered for a Havana-bound flight Monday en route to Venezuela and then possible asylum in Ecuador, but he didn’t board the plane.

Speculation has been rife that Russian security services have been talking to Snowden and might want to keep him in Russia for a more thorough debriefing, but Putin denied that.

“Our special services never worked with Mr. Snowden and aren’t working with him today,” Putin said at a news conference during a visit to Finland.

Because Moscow has no extradition agreement with Washington, it cannot meet the U.S. request, he said.

“Mr. Snowden is a free man, and the sooner he chooses his final destination the better it is for us and for him,” Putin said. “I hope it will not affect the businesslike character of our relations with the U.S. and I hope that our partners will understand that.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that the U.S. wants Russia to show respect for the rule of law and comply with common practices when it comes to fugitives from justice.



“The US wants Russia to show respect for the rule of law.”
— US Secretary of State John Kerry

Putin’s staunch refusal to consider deportation shows his readiness to further challenge Washington at a time when U.S.-Russian relations are already strained over Syria and other issues, including a Russian ban on adoptions by Americans.

Despite Putin’s denial, security experts believe Russia’s special services wouldn’t miss the chance to question a man who is believed to hold reams of classified U.S. documents and could shed light on how the U.S. intelligence agencies collect information.

Igor Korotchenko, director of the Center for Global Arms Trade and editor of National Defense Magazine, said Snowden would be of particular interest because little is known about digital espionage.

“The security services would be happy to enter into contact with Mr. Snowden,” Korotchenko said.

Russia also has relished using Snowden’s revelations to turn the tables on the U.S. over its criticism of Russia’s rights record.

Putin compared Snowden to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been given asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, saying that both men were labeled criminals but consider themselves rights activists and champions of freedom of information.

“Ask yourself a question: Should people like that be extradited so that they put them in prison?” he said. “In any case, I would prefer not to deal with such issues. It’s like shearing a piglet: a lot of squealing and little wool.”

In an apparent reference to claims that Russia could have played a role in Snowden’s exit from Hong Kong, Putin said his arrival in Moscow was a “complete surprise” and dismissed such accusations as “ravings and sheer nonsense.”

“He doesn’t need a visa or any other documents, and as a transit passenger he has the right to buy a ticket and fly wherever he wants,” Putin said.

Snowden, 30, is a former CIA employee who later was hired as a contractor for the NSA. In that job, he gained access to documents that he gave to newspapers the Guardian and The Washington Post to expose what he contends are privacy violations by an authoritarian government.

Snowden also told the South China Morning Post newspaper in Hong Kong that “the NSA does all kinds of things like hack Chinese cellphone companies to steal all of your SMS data.” He is believed to have more than 200 additional sensitive documents in laptops he is carrying.

Russian news media had reported that Snowden remained in a transit zone at the airport, which is separate from regular departure areas. He has not been seen by any of the journalists who have been roaming Sheremetyevo in search of him, furthering speculation that he had been secreted away.

The Interfax news agency, citing an unidentified airport official, said Snowden could be staying in a room in the transit zone normally reserved for flight crews and other personnel.

Legally, an arriving air passenger only crosses the border after clearing Russian immigration checks.

Earlier Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rejected the U.S. push to turn over Snowden, but he wouldn’t specify his whereabouts, saying only that he hadn’t crossed the Russian border.

Kerry called for “calm and reasonableness.”

“We would hope that Russia would not side with someone who is a fugitive from justice,” Kerry said at a news conference in Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. has revoked Snowden’s passport.

A representative of WikiLeaks has been traveling with Snowden, and the secret-spilling organization is believed to be assisting him in arranging asylum. Assange, the group’s founder, said Monday that Snowden was only passing through Russia and had applied for asylum in Ecuador, Iceland and possibly other countries.

A high-ranking Ecuadorean official told The Associated Press that Russia and Ecuador were discussing where Snowden could go, saying the process could take days. He also said Ecuador’s ambassador to Moscow had not seen or spoken to Snowden. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

The Kremlin has previously said Russia would be ready to consider Snowden’s request for asylum.

Some observers said Snowden’s revelations have provided the Kremlin with propaganda arguments to counter the U.S. criticism of Russia’s crackdown on opposition and civil activists under Putin.

“They would use Snowden to demonstrate that the U.S. government doesn’t sympathize with the ideals of freedom of information, conceals key information from the public and stands ready to open criminal proceedings against those who oppose it,” Konstantin Remchukov, the editor of independent daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, said on Ekho Moskvy radio.

Putin has accused the U.S. State Department of instigating protests in Moscow against his re-election for a third term in March and has taken an anti-American posture that plays well with his core support base of industrial workers and state employees.


25 thoughts to “Putin says ‘No’ to US over Snowden”

  1. well, well, well … how about putin being a zionist patsy now?

    i said and maintain that he is the defender of white christendom against the protocols juggernaut of antichrist.
    the final battle will be fought on those terms.

    his childhood spent in close proximity of the vile tribe was a lesson learned well, he understands their ways and can follow their moves and intentions.

    it seems that even dumb erdogan caught onto the game rules belatedly, insha’allah that turkey swings the BRICS way.
    it is dawning on him that he is getting the color treatment previously meted out to ukraine, russia, iran, libya, brazil, venezuela, syria and georgia, as rabbinical punishment for failing to go noahide (in his cae, into full war against syria).

    1. Through Russia the next human ‘evolutionary’ leap of Consciousness will come?

  2. I think Snowden is geniune, but I don’t think that the U.S. agents really wants him because they don’t want to have to put him on trial for treason with 50% of the American public thinking of him as a hero. So, he really did take them down a notch but they are going to let him slip through the cracks because it isn’t worth the bad publicity. Americans may just decide they don’t want to fund the NSA anymore. Still, the goon squad might try to kill him in one way or another. He’ll be running his whole life, but on the other hand if the U.S. agents had gotten a hold of him he probably would have been accidentally dead as happens so often these days to people who they don’t want to go to trial but they want to declare guilty without trial.

    Putin is definitely a better man than any leader we have had in so many moons I can’t count them. I hope and pray that he can keep us out of a war. America has had a coup–no doubt about that. And I have no doubt either who did the coup on us and it’s the same bunch of self-absorbed psychopaths that did it to Russia. Very hard not to develop real prejudice against them, isn’t it? I do try, though, given the generally ignorant and clueless “J” people en mass who are hard wired into being permanently deceived. That might be the biggest lie of all–that is, that this group has some kind of high I.Q.
    ( Just an aside. For some reason my whole town is full of Israelis (Hebrew more common than English on the street) and I have to wonder–OK they got their Holy Land, they got their Temple Wailing Wall, they got their American paid for lifestyles, and their Jews only society. So, why are they coming here? Hope it isn’t because holy h#ll is about to break loose over there in the holy land. )

      1. @GJ

        Kapoore is right. Snowden is genuine.

        Keep this quote in mind when trying to read true intent:

        “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell – 1984

        Sometimes it’s just simply the truth.

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    1 of 2 Maharishi is asked in Switzerland by Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr Brian Josephson about the Nature of the Absolute, 28 july 1979

    Vid part 1 (8.34)

    MMY on Pu and Pra (the Silent and simultaneous Dynamic nature of the Absolute)
    Maharishi gives a fantastic answer and graphically shows the “Nature of the Absolute” on paper. And he talks about the difference between Purusha and Prakriti.

    (7.30) MMY: (…) It is very interesting it comes out that way. P. is a very liquid kind of sound. When we say pra (there is some kind of activity in that. And when we say PU………..(…)

    CIA O

  4. http://press-conference.globalgoodnews.com/archive/july/02.07.10.html

    10 July 2002 MMY Press Conference Highlights:

    They (Bush, Blair & tout Bilderberg etc., gj) can take destruction, but after life, is what? Straight open door to hell

    (…) Ask the invader (Bush, Blair etc., gj) : has he created an ideal society in his country? Ask the invader: has he created an ideal society in his country? On the basis of that he is pouncing on the other to create a better society. The whole thing is fraudulent. The whole thing is stupidity. The whole thing is labeled as sin, and sin will have hell as the destination.

    ‘My effort is to prevent the warmongers from going into hell. They can take destruction, but after life, is what? Straight open door to hell. Sin, sinning is crime. Criminal are the countries who are waging war, and this is because the lack of some better sense of law, better sense of law (…)

    CIA O

  5. sorry for duplicate post. didnt see 1st.

    certainly worth 2 and more readings

  6. Gabreal Jones, Snowden is geniune. I realize a lot of people think it is too obvious that the U.S. agencies aren’t going after him like they could but just letting him go–for the time being anyway–and therefore this is part of a secret plan. I don’t think, though, that the NSA has that much to gain by this supposed self-inflicted wound. I know people say it is to distract everyone from something else, but what exactly. What if Congress just gets mad enough to cut the funding, which they might. How does that help the NSA?

    Not everyone is focused on the Israeli angle of 9 11. Some have other fish to fry, such as the destruction of the Constitution. Also, it is a minority of people even within the 9 11 truth movement who put the blame for 9 11 on Israel. For many people the Israeli issue is a huge yawn, especially if they are employed by the govenment and working big hours. I know many young people who “ho hum” the Israeli aspect of the political scene but then flip out over the idea that someone might be reading their e-mail or tuning into their conversations.

    Let’s face it: most people have wiped Israel off the map of their minds a long time ago. I mean how many phony peace plans, and much ado about nothing and more nothing can you go through and still not fall asleep.

    Then there are those of us that have something like an allergic reaction to Israel and so we do pay attention like an asthma sufferer does to pollen. So.. Snowden might be vague about 9 11 Israeli connection because he really doesn’t care about Israel. Or maybe he has to pick and choose his battles carefully and he does seem to have gotten himself in enough trouble without even mentioning Israel/9 11–which actually might discredit him and his cause. Maybe wikileaks made those same choices, and even Alex Jones. I would love to never think about Israel again either, if that were possible.

    1. Gordon Duff, editor in chief of Veterans Today, raised an important point about the Snowden NSA case. Israel has a huge spy ongoing operation in the United States. The NSA is a continuation of the Army Signals Corp, they collect signals and always have including every signal including all of the Zionist mafia communication within the USA. As you can guess, the NSA is a threat to Jewish domination.

      Can you imagine the information the NSA has collected? They could easily provide evidence to hang every senator and congressman and every Jewish mafia crime syndicate. The NSA has all of the data to hang every real perp of 911. How about those missing trillions from the Federal Reserve?

  7. We’re glad and we’re very very relieved Darkmoon is not discussing The Protocols anymore. We’re glad Darkmoon is leaving that in the past. I don’t know what would become of us if Jewish power crumbles. We shudder to think. A nightmare.

    From : Concerned Freemasons and Shriners of America

  8. I have no idea about Snowden’s real intentions but he fled the United States after exposing the criminal Jew run government and the Jews are steaming mad. Take a look who is making public statements:


    “What’s really infuriating is Prime Minister [Vladimir] Putin of Russia aiding and abetting Snowden’s escape,” said Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    Jew Senator Chuck Schumer, who aids and abet a known terrorist state, Israel, every day; who helped coverup 911, the worst terrorist act in world history is really pissed that some low level employee outs Jewish criminality.

    Schumer is a traitor and one of the primary Jewish architects dismantling the Constitution and is “infuriated” about Snowden’s escape to Russia. Lol. Schumer should be arrested by the US Army for treason, courts martialed, put up against the wall and shot dead. He is a god damn traitor that supports Rothschild central banking usury via the Federal Reserve. Senator Schumer aids and abets terrorists everyday, he’s an arrogant Jew who’s time is up.

    Once again Putin saves the day. I hope Russia has every Jewish asset in the USA targeted with nukes, especially that cesspool of Jewish supremacy New York City and its Jewish temples of doom.

    1. Brother Nathanael Kapner weighs in on this today:


      “He violated the oath. It’s treason!” said Dianne Feinstein with regard to Edward Snowden upon his revealing how the US Stasi State spies on its citizens.

      “I don’t look at this as being a whistleblower, I think it’s an act of treason,” the Jewish chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee told reporters in early June 2013.

      BUT the REAL traitor is Feinstein herself who has perpetrated COUNTLESS acts of treachery against the Christian taxpayers of America.”

      I agree with him and it is far worse than giving her husband Richard Blum lots of government contracts. Feinstein is one of the leaders trying to completely disarm Americans, because as a leader in the Jewish supremacist movement, she doesn’t want you to have any ability to resist Jewish despotism.

      Feinstein only thinks one way, the way of a parasite and as a parasite that engorges itself on the former American Republic she fears reprisals from those she victimized. She is a heinous Jewish criminal mastermind and must be arrested for treason and executed along with all those that assisted her.

  9. Who is promoting the Snowden the most. Corbit a jew, Greenwald a jew, Alex Jones a jew patsy, Rand Paul a zionist, the whole msm especially faux jews, Napolotano, a jew and all of the truther websites and blogs who are covering up for jews. Who is the biggest spy network and communications data organization in the world?Israel does.Remember AMDOC who monitors all phone communications even before 911.
    So what do Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have in common? Neither one ever mentions jews or Israel only the American government and no names of the top people in charge.The same thing with BradleyManning.
    If someone was to come out with leaks that included all the Israeli spies working within the NSA, CIA, FBI, New York Police and all through the network of US Government organizations he wouldn’t see the light of day, never mind get all the msm publicity.Snowden never revealed anything new that hasn’t already been exposed on the internet.Gee the NSA taps phomecalls and monitirs the internet?Breaking News?
    One thing for sure the jews will benefit from this distraction and as in all the other “Truther” movements the jews and Israel will be ignored.

  10. Kaminski on the Snowden Affair

    I received this email from John Kaminski this morning which throws a new light on the Snowden affair:

    “Extremely difficult to figure out the Snowden puzzle. I’ve been saying that 90 percent of the opposition is controlled by Jews. All the sources in this story — Tarpley, Wolf, Greenwald — are Jewish. Both Greenwald and Assange back the official 9/11 story. Assange poses as a Snowden ally. Tarpley notes Assange and Wikileaks are a CIA front. What Snowden revealed was already widely known. This whole thing in a Jewish drama meant to establish Jews as champions of the opposition, though they have revealed nothing. The heavy play in mainstream media gives it away. The gullible goyim swallow it up and regard the Jewish reporters as heroes, though they have revealed nothing, except to the idiots who watch mainstream media. These dolts regard the whole thing as an important story. It is not. Glyphosate is an important story. Everybody in the world has already been fatally poisoned.”

    1. “What Snowden revealed was already widely known.”

      Or, maybe many of us are playing chess over a checkerboard. If 90% of the “Opposition” is controlled by jews then that would have to include many of us in trying to figure things out.

      Maybe Snowden is simply an earnest whistleblower whose leaked info has traitorous scum like Feinstein shaking in their cloven hooves. Of COURSE the control mechanisms are gonna pounce on something like this like white on rice. Keeping track of all the lies is a 24/7 occupation for them.

      Having said that, I’d be interested in hearing about this glyphosate story.

  11. BAH!

    Snowden worked at Booz, Allen Hamilton in Hawaii. Constantijn a son of Bilderberg Beatricks did a big job there. (‘BAH!’ in Dutch: ugh!yuck!)

    by Micha Kat and Jurriaan Maessen: (…)As the royal families own website reports, from 2001 to 2003 prince Constantijn worked as a strategic policy consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton operating out of London, England………….. When the queen selected the ‘prestigious’ firm as an employer for her son, she must have known that you can’t get more New World Order than Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Or can you? (…)

    BHA (Act I) (in Sanskrit: ‘Glory’)
    MMY meeting the US press in Washington DC january 1985:
    (…) Such frivolous values as politics and economics, you know…mmm Big huge publicity of US meeting Russia, what is going to come out of that? Both the parties know that all the political compromises, political assurances or signing political alliances, they don’t last more than a few hours. Everyone knows. All these things have no value. But then a big huge thing in the press….knowing that they don’t have value. History has shown. All these political alliances have absolutely no value…Not even no value. They have minus value. Because they are so deceptive.
    You sign a treaty here, yes today here….at the same time what you are doing in your country is a different thing(…)

    BHA (Act II)
    Esp . Read here the e-book Pointers from Nisargadatta by retired Bombay banker Ramesh Balsekar

    CIA O

  12. I basically disagree. I do think that Snowden is an example for the people who still work at NSA to not cross the line because this is what will happen to you. But I don’t think Snowden is part of a staged event. And I think that ultimately his revelations may put pressure on Congress to strip the NSA of some of its power. I remember when no one even knew what the NSA was, or at least thought it was some benign agency working for the public good–not so now. It is waking up the public to the realization that their liberties are being stripped away. The spotlight is on the NSA as evil, an agency that worked better in the stealth of obscurity. Of course, maybe there is another agency that is going to take over the function of the NSA–who knows?

    I don’t think that 9 11 is a litmus test (for example, you dismiss Putin because he doesn’t question 9 11) . Not even Ron Paul admitted to 9 11 being an inside job, at least not in public. There are certain truths like Holocaust revisionism, and the Israeli connection to 9 11 that might never become mainstream. It is now 2013 and in 2002 we were fed the phony intelligence that brought the U.S. into the Iraq War; and people who played a role in the lies that led to the war should be in jail, or at least ashamed to show their faces in public. Among the literate public the fact we were lied into the war is now becoming more or less common place–seeping through the smoke screen, so to speak. The problem is that if someone were paying attention they probably knew this in 2003. What I am saying is that you can’t judge whether a person is sincere based on their having knowledge that is simply not available to most people, or is part of a taboo subject. And anything that might implicate Israel or Jewish people is strictly taboo.

    1. @kapoore

      I am very reluctant to beg to differ with you about Putin, because you are one of the most common-sensical (is that a word??) posters on this site. BUT, it seems to me that Mr. Putin should CERTAINLY be tuned-in to the 9/11 Truth issue in reflection of his serious posture on the ME situation. What say you?

  13. America’s long-standing pro-Israel Jewish lawmaker, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has blasted Russian president Vladimir Putin for allowing Snowden to land in Moscow.

    “The bottom line is very simple: allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways and Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye on United States, whether it’s Syria, Iran and now of course Snowden,” The New York Times quoted Schumer on Sunday.

    Another, Israeli poodle, Sen. Lindsey Graham, told Fox News that Russia should “hold this fellow and send him back here for justice”.

    Mike Rogers, chairman of House Committee on Intelligence, told the NBC ‘Meet the Press’: “Putin has been planting a thorn in the world’s side in Syria. We think they may not be playing honest with respect to nuclear treaty. They’re very aggressive around the world. I’m sure they would love to have a little bit of coffee and some conversation with Mr. Snowden“.

    On Saturday, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (with Jewish family roots) was booed by a crowd during a speech at activist meeting Netroots Nation, when she claimed that Snowden had broken the US law. What about over 50 American Jewish lobby groups who work for the interests of Israel instead of United States?

    So why all this Snowden bashing by the Israel-Firsters? Is it to build credibility for Snowden being anti-US and anti-Israel, as was done in case of Assange? Was it because Snowden exposed NSA helped Israeli espionage network against Americans?


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