Selections from the Bhagavad-Gita: [2] Man Perfected

Translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood


Man Perfected

He knows bliss in the Atman
And wants nothing else.
Cravings torment the heart:
He renounces cravings.
I call him illumined.

Not shaken by adversity,
Not hankering after happiness:
Free from fear, free from anger,
Free from the things of desire.
I call him a seer, and illumined.

The bonds of his flesh
Are broken.
He is lucky, and does not rejoice:
He is unlucky, and does not weep.
I call him illumined.

The tortoise
Can draw in its legs:
The seer
Can draw in his senses.
I call him illumined.

— From Book 2, The Yoga of Knowledge


18 thoughts to “Selections from the Bhagavad-Gita: [2] Man Perfected”

  1. I bet Ruth Bernstein Luvs this latest Darkmoon piece to lizard-snack-bits-and-snake-treats. We’re being encouraged to forget about all the problems in the world, sit around and do nothing, just stare out into space, do nothing about all the problems we face — including the massively profound problems her jew tribe inflicts on the world. Just do nothing. Think nothing. Feel nothing. Zone out and shut up.

    I bet Ruthie “truthsie-truthsie”, our very own real “cutsie cutsie”, lives for such articles. Articles encouraging us to go back to sleep — under the guise of “religion/spirituality”. Unlike the mainstream media, which encourages us to go back to sleep under the guise of Existentialist “do your own thing”.

  2. Gee. I hope Gilbert doesn’t take this latest piece to-heart. He’ll spend all the rest of his days on the range cross-legged and zoned out, a total zombie.

    Next thing you know, his cattle herd will start getting ideas of their own, start doing their own thing, and next thing you know his cattle herd will go a-stampedin’ through Dodge, stampedin’ over Sheriff Matt and Kitty, and her can-can-gurls. It would be like a total disaster if Gilbert goes hindu on us.

    Plus, even worse than all the cattle stampedin’ through Dodge running over the can-can gurls, Kitty, Sheriff Dillon, and rippin’-up the train tracks while totally leveling the train station and The Saloon, Gilbert will be too busy sitting cross-legged entirely zoned-out and he’ll never write any poetry anymore, and like totally lose any chance of ever getting a job at Hallmark stringing together tired old clichés for old-fart 50th-wedding-anniversary-cards.

    1. Shit, Joe – you killjoy! Just as I was a-zonin’ n’ moanin’ my Hindu mantras, here you go an’ make me feel GUILTY about it! Now I have to git up, hitch up my britches, pull on my boots n’ strap on my six-gun and go out n’ find some brown ass to kick! Shit.

  3. That’a a picture of “Babaji”, the Himalayan sage said to have lived several thousand years. Apparently he’s still knocking around somewhere in the high Himalayas, though he hasn’t been seen for about 60 years…

    Darkmoon has written a whole article about this guy and explains the mechanism of extreme longevity by control of body temperature…

    1. It is, really, an interesting thought to be able to turn-off conventional emotion in order to feel another level – or not. I wonder: If one becomes accustomed to being able to indulge that circumstance, will he/she ever be able to reacquaint with reality? Obviously, there are some who try…. (Of course, the question arises – What is ‘reality’?) 🙂

      1. (Of course, the question arises – What is ‘reality’?)

        You shouldn’t ask this question since you are not real. I have no proof of your existence. For all I know, you could be a computer.

        1. What difference should that make to you, Ruthie? This blog site simply serves the milieu of informal discussions which serve to illuminate occasional important issues. In the case of Darkmoon, the inevitable refocusing is toward the exposition of certain elements which have canted social circumstances into the direction they now bend. Like the sphere of Earth, it goes ’round. Today, it’s the Jews… Tomorrow, maybe the reptoids; then the mongoloids; then, the Original Joes – who KNOWS??!!! 🙂
          Try not to get your panties in a wad over it.

        1. ‘Reality’ is almost totally subjective, lobro. One’s joyful reality could be another’s complete nightmare, and so on.
          Likewise, all ‘Truth’ is, simply, That-Which-Is-Not-A-Lie.

          A lot of times, we find ourselves doing things simply because it’s convenient FOR US AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME (like being here, on this site). Thankfully, for all of us, we have other things to do, before and after. We have a choice – and I petition that we should all rejoice in the choice! 🙂

          (There’s your poetry, Joe!)

        2. ‘Reality’ is almost totally subjective

          lobro does not disagree, in fact, questions the content of almost totally.
          can we isolate the part which is stubbornly objective (apart from the fact that hitler was the greatest statesman in history :-))?

          can we further this concept to say that unless something is not subjective, it is not real?

          sorry for acting like a fox in a chicken coup but that is my specialty.

        3. so, if you reread my post, you will see that what i am saying is that for many people (almost totality :-)), iraq’s wmd’s are reality by reason of subjectivity.

    2. Two ‘thousand words’ pictures (the picture of Mahavatar Babaji is a painting drawn in conclave with Yogananda)

      Yogananda age 26, 1919 (came to the West in 1920) photo[email protected]/4526746219

      Lahiri Mahasaya- undoctered- photo

      CIA O

  4. I’m effectively side-lined from this thread of commentary ’cause I have NO idea how to attach “smiley-faces” to my posts. I really don’t. Anyone want to tell me how it’s done, I would appreciate it. After all, you’re all real “smart”. Real “smarties”.

  5. Type colon [:] followed immediately by closed bracket [)]

    : + ) = smiley face

    Leave no space between : and )


    1. 🙂

      Thank You very much, Lucy Skipping. I’m sitting on-top-of-the-world right now. Going to try and enjoy it, at least until lobro, Gilbert, and Ruth Bernstein come around to knock me off my pedestal, 🙁

      But for now, I’m 🙂

      1. @Joe

        Joe, I have NO intention to knock you off your (fence) post! In fact, I am surprised others have not tried to do so, by this time….
        For my part, I just got in from the farm (if you believe I am NOT a ‘computer’, as Ruthie may accuse), and I have been WORKING on fence rows, to clear them of some fallen trees. Alone, I cut-up a Red Oak about 14 inches in diameter; split it, and threw it on a wagon for the stove in the farm shop. ( Besides being a ‘milksop’ poet – as Lasha may fantasize – I am a pretty strong man. Being ‘sensitive’ is NOT a condition to fairyhood!)

        People need to get back in touch with the land. No matter where you may be, it is important that you realize the basics of whence we all came. Knowing that is how we come to realize the basics of how we got to THIS DAMN PLACE, in the first place!


        Me (The Computer) 🙂

        1. Well, bully !! And I just bought a cord of fire wood for my fireplace for the autumn season. They’re delivering the wood tomorrow. Does that count? I shall go out and rake-up the fallen leaves in my front yard tomorrow as I await the delivery. Just to make sure I’m doing my part getting back to nature . After all 🙂 :

          ~ we are stardust, we are golden, got to get back to the land said my soul, yea ~

          Most Cordially Back At ‘Ya , Gilbert,

          Me ( The Monitored Computer) 🙁


    Well, the Real Self of everyone, Atma, is immortal for the simple reason it is never born.

    Atma, being formless, is colourless.

    Yet in this article Yogananda reminds his fellow mortals that the historic JC had no blond eyes and blue hair:

    (…) It amuses me when I hear my Western brothers say “Do you believe in Christ?” I always say “Jesus Christ.” And I picture Him in my mind as He really was—Oriental Christ. Many painters have tried to give Him blue eyes and light hair, but He was a pure Oriental. And you of the West have taken from an enslaved nation Jesus Christ as your Preceptor, and the greatest gift of all, spiritual freedom, taught by this great Oriental (…)

    CIA O

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