Shaping us into robots, by John Kaminski



 By John Kaminski
[email protected]

Three behavior-shaping events — the sorry sagas of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning — are all meant to condition us into passive acceptance of what we are told to do. They have brought a dystopic future into the present moment, in which patriotism is rewarded by torture, and it is now a crime to be honest.

These very public passion plays, all involving the staged dramas of seemingly ordinary people who blow the whistle on the creeping tyranny of government corruption, have imbued in our minds that profound penalties await us should we vary from the mandatory public narrative and attempt to contradict what the government commands us to do.

Each event has reinforced the idea that doing the right thing is a crime. They have positioned honesty and integrity beyond the range of acceptable human behavior. And they have done something even worse.

By their apparently stunning disclosures of revealing ostensibly secret information to an ignorant public — information was well known to the people keeping track of the subterranean motives of current events — they have eliminated from the spectrum of acceptable public thought any mention of the suspicious nature of the hoaxes that have been played on the public for more than a century. I’m talking about the world wars, the public assassinations, and the false flag terror events.

Snowden, of course, is the subject of current worldwide media hoopla, careening around the world, fleeing the tyranny of secrets with his supposedly classified data (which are not really secrets to anybody who has been keeping track of the deceptions).

Assange has been confined to a single building in London — the Ecuadorean embassy — for the same activity, revealing government secrets that to the more astute among us, were not secrets at all. And Manning, a diminutive and abused Army private, faces life in prison for abetting the same scheme.

The chilling effect produced by these high-profile public persecutions has significantly limited the range of acts we are allowed to question, and delegitimized objections to all the suspicious events that have been covered up for so long they are now mostly forgotten by the general public amid the mindless din of white noise.

But more than that, the lingering questions about of the actions of all three whistleblowers do not erase the creeping suspicion that these were all staged events concocted by the puppetmasters to convince us that this is the right way to fight for freedom — usually guaranteeing life in prison or covert assassination — when it clearly is not.

In particular, the behavior of Assange, in supporting the official government fiction about the 9/11 event, delegitimizes the motive for his much publicized effort to publish reams of government data on his Wikileaks website. How could any bonafide whistleblower endorse the biggest lie of our times?

Coincidentally, this is also the case with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who also supports the 9/11 lie. Despite current cosmetic differences over peripheral issues, how bogus is the alternative offered by a supposedly new Russia when its leader spouts the same kind of evil fiction that comes out of the mouths of George Bush and Barack Obama.

No, my friend, the ordeals of Snowden, Assange and Manning are not examples of public spirited citizens working for the higher good. They are actors in a play devised by the same puppet masters who gave us world wars against local heroes turned into evil dictators in order to steal resources, destroy the infrastructure and then resell the plundered territory to a new round of dumbed down patsies too brainwashed to see the repetitive nature of the scam.

One thing is certain. None of these three alleged martyrs for candor ever revealed anything that the sharpest observers among us did not already know.

And yet, amplified by disingenuous media hysteria, the oblivious public reacted with astonishment, and eagerly ate up the hubbub generated by the media shills. They made it into a big deal while obscuring the far more important issues of glyphosate, methane, Corexit and all the rest of the poisons now raining down upon us — or oozing up among us — that these superficial sideshows were meant to conceal.

Some of us have known for a long time that all governments depend on the approval of the ignorant, the deluded and the corrupt. In this way does the future proceed toward its own destruction.

Honesty is now beyond the reach of everyone. In order to participate in this twisted version of artificial reality, you must acknowledge the lies as truth merely to get your two cents worth into the public debate. You must tell yourself that elections are honest and politicians are working for our best interests. Only then will you be allowed to address the masses through the heavily filtered medium of the Jewish public relations machine.

In order to do so, you must tell yourself that genetically modified foods are suitable nutrition for your children, that poison pills will cure your ills, and that those those artificial string bean clouds in the sky are really saving us from global warming, when in reality they are clogging up our lungs and dragging us toward premature extinction.

And God help you if choose to become a public official, because then you must accept the demonic reality that one shitty little country is above the law in all cases, and may commit all sorts of hellacious crimes against anyone because the people who have declared this behavior legal and acceptable have gotten fabulously wealthy by doing so, while also committing the same kind of crimes American cops learn when they go to Israel for “training”.

The parables of Snowden, Assange and Manning reinforce the Borg philosophy, that resistance is futile, and collaboration — immersing yourself in the world of perversion (which vastly shortens your lifespan) — is the only way to get ahead.

Your must not acknowledge that life on this planet is being exterminated, terraformed into the technological singularity where all souls are erased and nobility and loyalty are quaint but obsolete traditions.

Today to gain public traction, personal gratification of momentary impulses — the more perverse the better — is the new holy grail, even as our children are seduced by gay teachers who lure defenseless innocents into the slimy sins of Sodom, the same children who are polluted from birth by Frankenstein doctors who criminalize our efforts to be healthy and pour poisons down our throats.

Just as the object of the flagrant promotion of homosexuality is meant to destroy the family system in order to place everyone under the control of Big Brother Shlomo (who of course goes by the Anglicized pseudonym of Lance Thruster, cousin of Wolf Blitzer), so the promotion of harassed heroes like Snowden, Assange and Manning is really meant to eliminate troubling subjects like 9/11 from the public lexicon while everyone is left braying enthusiastically over peripheral issues that do nothing to identify the criminals who have hijacked the world with their clever media strategies masking their homicidal intent.

And the brainwrecked public, titillated by their trivial addictions, compulsions and desires, eagerly follows credulously along behind the poisoned pied piper on the ever-shortening road to their doom.

While you munch on your favorite snack as you read this, you might ask: What is glyphosate?


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

26 thoughts to “Shaping us into robots, by John Kaminski”

      1. Well, too bad to you Brenda, we don’t deserve this. We were promised low interest loans , and we were promised plenty of $$$ to have a place in Cabos, and a 10,ooo sq ft MacMansion in a gated-community, and a country club membership, thank you very much, and we were promised the sun the moon and the stars if we only we would support the Jew-Zionist agenda. AND we did. We supported it to the hilt.

        Look at us now. We don’t deserve this I tell you.

  1. Kaminski in fine form as usual. He has his finger on the pulse of events. Thanks for posting this, Lasha.

  2. No one (except maybe Lasha Darkmoon…) tells it as well as does John Kaminski.

    I was wondering about Putin (maybe too good to be true???), and JK has now articulated it for me. It reminds me to re-read an obscure book I have by one Anatoli Golytsyn, entitled ‘New Lies For Old’. Many of you, here, have likely heard of it. I KNOW it is credible – and if you doubt it, take a look at the publication date and compare it to subsequent events.

    1. Well John, one thing is for 100% sure – “we all got it coming, kid.”

      And Hey! If a Helen Keller could predict some rotten one size fits all future, its variegated progressive progression of perverse demons highlighted 24/7 by 3-D, jock strap sizes, entourages (electric shock optional), with one hand tied behind her back, I reckon you and me and even Gilbert could do it too. Eh?
      I admired Grettir’s graceful hello, a bit back. I for one was a little stunned and admittedly relieved. Who wouldn’t be, ‘ceptin’ the usual suspects?

      Gilbert, when you ask “too good to be true?” as per Putin, are you asking will he ultimately launch the nukes? Or what else? Jesus miracle maybe?
      Admitted to the world wide public for all to hear, like it or not. THAT would be news!
      Proclaimed to the ends of the universe, passionately like a Russian.
      Prayed for like a Priest. No small things, the greatest perfections.

      BTW, me and Solzhenitsyn have the same birthday! Yee-haw!!! (Margashirsha!!)

      And P. S. Even a Heller Keller could predict some rotten one size fits all future
      with one hand tied behind her back. So could you, me, anyone..

      If anyone wants to know about the Russians; past, present and future, I’d only suggest asking the Germans their opinions. (duh!) Equations spilling over forever.. haha
      I hope it helps.
      It really can’t hurt.

  3. He has the look of an honest man. One who has learned the truth of what his country is doing, and is telling it, which makes him a brave man. This is what it’s come to.

    Any one who thinks he’s a phony needs to listen to his words and look at his eyes to see that he’s not. He told the truth and proved his integrity. And if we claim to be people of conscience we cannot choose to be silent either.

  4. C’mon. 9/11 is a political hand grenade with your fingers on the pin. And who of these World leaders is gonna show their hand? That Putin spouts the party line is how the game is played, and it’s not like Putin can do a Hitler before the atomic age. You can’t mount a good old-fashioned assault like in the old days.

    But it still boils down to the “tried and true” geopolitical game of posturing and making territorial moves when its time comes.

    The road to Damascus is leading towards the final battle.

    1. Maybe, Brownhawk; but what he (Putin) is doing, in essence, just buys time for the Jew-know-whos to sink their talons into China and dominate its ultimate military power. From what I have ascertained from men who would certainly know (by way of being privy to their conversations), China is doable for that.

      I LIKE Putin, from what I have seen. But that’s not much, either. What I HAVE seen is a continual succession of lying heads of state, here and abroad, who have progressively ‘spouted the party line’, as you say; and plunged us ever more
      deeply down the rabbit hole. An old black man once advised me ‘Boy, don’t believe NOTHIN you hear, and HALF of what you see, and you’ll git along jest fine in dis world.’. He was right most of the time.

      1. @GH

        Yeah. I like Putin too, as sort of a left-handed compliment as you implied. Even if the dynamics were different (i.e.; in a time before it was possible to blow the World into smithereens thousands of times over) Putin wouldn’t prove to have the missionary zeal of Hitler; ultimately he’s just another power broker playing in a game of the highest stakes. Although the role he seems to be playing is certainly an intriguing one.

        The pieces are arranging on the board and soon the fur will fly.

  5. Gordon Duff was interviewed by Mike Harris (26 Jun) and weighs in Snowden and Assange saying that neither has provided us with any real useful intelligence.


    NSA collects signals, all signals, and always has. Why all of sudden this demonization of the NSA? Could it be that Israel is running a huge spy operation within the United States and is concerned about what the NSA has on Jewish criminal activity?

    Has anyone mentioned that the NSA has all the data on who actually did 911?

    As always, the real politic escapes us.

    1. couple of points, ares.
      first, i trust neither duff nor harris, one is a jew and admitted liar and the other not too bright, imo.
      secondly, and more importantly, cui bono does not favor this thesis, if true then it backfired greatly because the snowden effect seems to have aroused big chunks of previously disinterested society, happily snoring in zombieland.
      even the run of the mill nozzleheads are starting to pay attention to the 3-card monty.
      an excerpt from here:
      Congress is the chief culprit here, because it has enacted laws that have lowered the constitutional bar the feds must meet for judges to issue search warrants. And it has commanded that this be done in secret.

      And I mean secret.

      The judges of the FISA court – the court empowered by Congress to issue search warrants on far less than probable cause, and without describing the places to be searched or the persons or things to be seized – are not permitted to retain any records of their work. They cannot use their own writing materials or carry BlackBerries or iPhones in their own courtrooms, chambers or conference rooms. They cannot retain copies of any documents they’ve signed. Only National Security Agency staffers can keep these records.

      right down to stalin’s script, he never shipped off anyone to hulag or before a firing squad without “due” judicial process.

      and now, putin is playing the game for what’s it worth:
      Snowden asked to brief Russian parliament on US espionage

      on the final note if nsa was truly such a steadfast protector of american values, unsullied by the touch of talmud, why don’t the blow the lid off 9/11?
      they could have leaked stuff just like snowden did and could still do it if they wanted to push back against jews who are supposedly trying to undermine it.

      my guess is that as in all other forms of government, the jew got his vulture claws in it and calls its tune.
      if not, let them prove their independence and patriotism, now is the time.

  6. John writes, “Honesty is now beyond the reach of everyone. In order to participate in this twisted version of artificial reality, you must acknowledge the lies as truth merely to get your two cents worth into the public debate.”

    This can never be a true statement for everyone or else it would negate all that makes life tenable and true. What it is really is just another form of challenge to truth-seekers to stand firm and remain resolute in the face of endless deception. If we know what is truth and right and we express our innermost, intuitive sense of how we perceive political reality then we will keep the flame of Light, Love and Truth alive as has been done now throughout recorded history.

    We must continue to expose the lies of the demonic force that is now omnipresent throughout our communication systems and never cease from telling others what is going on. Otherwise all will be for naught.

  7. Two russian jews have bought the finnish icehockey-club “Jokerit”. “The Hartwall Areena” (Their icehall) is going to be owned by the russians too.

    The two billionaire oligarchs are friends of Putin and they were friend soon as a child (!!!). They do sports together. On the list of the richiest of the world they are 412. and 1031. richiest.

    Boris Rotenberg junior is a football player:

    In july 2008 Ligat ha’Alin Hapoel Petah Tikva was interested and tried to buy him because in Israel they would not have counted him as a foreigner (because he is jewish).

    Are there any oligarchs in Russia that are not jewish? Why has everybody told us that Putin has matched the jewish oligarchs or the oligarchs? Deripaska, Lewiew (or what the hell was his name), Abramowich, Spigel and how many more are jewish and still alive and well.

    1. The jewish brothers are also the owners of the SMP-bank and the SMP-Group, which is the builder of the Gazprom.

    2. Some Jewish Russian oligarchs are more equal than others, Papy.

      Abramowich owns Chelsea soccer club and likes Wlad Putin, which makes him OK. That exiled oligarch, Berezowsky?, just sat around whining about Wlad Putin, and then died abruptly.

  8. While Kaminski paints an appropriately grim picture of things as they are, I don’t agree with his premise suggesting that Opposition is controlled EVERY step of the way. Sometimes the cat actually gets out of the bag, although of course the great spin machine is always right there in efforts of maintaining a flaccid populace. One that holds fast to the ignorant and dangerous position which says, ” If you’ve got nothing to hide, you hide nothing.”

    Call me crazy, but even though it’s hard to quantify the positive effects that would come from the occasional ‘chink in the armor’, especially because the chinks are immediately filled up, it has to count for SOMETHING favorable in the name of mitigating this transformation phenomenon moving through the World.

  9. OMG!!!! Big news! Not only does the Reverend Chuck Baldwin (prominent Southern Baptist minister) give the war monger John Hagee the scalding he so richly deserves, but he points an accusatory finger at, (gasp), Hagee’s Israeli/Zionist handlers.

    Yes, Baldwin is finally willing to say publicly what thinking people have known for years—-Hagee is just another well paid whore for the Israeli/Zionist war machine.

    There are now 23 military personnel commiting suicide EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    The nation is financially and militarily ruined. We are now on the verge of open military conflict with the Russians and probably the Chinese. And worst of all, over two million mostly innocent people have been killed IN OUR NAME in these serial wars for Israel.

    As Pastor Baldwin puts it: “For what?”

    This article should be read and circulated by everyone in the USA, especially the mindless flag waving armchair patriots and evangelical nutcases who have willingly allowed themselves to be duped by the devil himself.

    “Americans are so stupid you can spit in their face and then convince them it is dew.” — Nikita Kruschev

  10. Regarding the Snowden quote to the left of the picture, did not Cardinal Richelieu once say that, if given six lines of a man’s handwriting, he could contrive a reason to hang that man? Nothing new under the sun.

  11. Yes, robots are a great diversion today for Texe Marrs and John Kaminski. Robots have replaced talk about Jews controlling our media (including Mike Rivero and other internet Jews). God forbid these mental midget fable tellers allow you to dicuss what a Jew is, however. Was Herod a Jew? Was Caiaphus a Jew? Yoe see liars can build truth upon lies if you accept the previous lies told, but why not discuss them and not the usual ET on the handlebars BS we hear from Marrs and Kaminsky?

    I’ll tell you why, because they are shadow warriors that cant be confronted by anyone but Geoffrey Rense and Deanna Schitzgola. You know exactly what I mean people.

    Make them tell the truth!

    1. That’s right! The priests of baal introduce themselves with patronizing clichés about the enemies of God, but the bulk of their work is convincing suckers of the power of baal. So, now they’re parading overwhelming might of the robots baal has, are they? I knew they would get around to it.

      It’s a magician’s trick and a dateline presentation. I wrote a program in assembly for a college class and that program took 45 pages of code to calculate the area and perimeter of a rectangle. Wanna program that function into the hardware? It would weigh 5000 pounds. They have to make a robot to make a microchip. You can’t order a circuit in a microchip at Radio Shack.

      Their ways are subtle. Know them by their fruit. They’re tricky little fuckers, but taking advantage of the ignorance of the unwashed masses has been their MO since their beginning. If they had their way, we would still be sacrificing the children to mithra , on Christmas, to stop the sun from disappearing over the southern horizon.

      There’s just no limit to the fakes that can be presented in the stead of the ONE TRUE.

      “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. ‘And, subsequently, by their own consent, I would add.

  12. the black community knows the jews did 911 … we will unite with the whites to overthrow the jewish mafia and government

  13. Melgibstein, are you the fellow who wrote an article a few years ago that jews are the only people (aside from a few other primitive tribes) who never developed a dog? I first realized that when an adolescent, so your article, if it was you, struck a nerve.

  14. I seem to be missing the point of the government spying on us. My finger went through the toilet paper years ago and I can’t be the only person that burbs and farts and gets drunk and says and does the most ridiculous things. Not only that but I began life in diapers and like most people – yes, you too – I might even end my life in diapers. And the government wants to take pictures of that!!! And the government expects us to take them seriously? We’re doomed.

    1. Eventually things end up like the book/movie “Minority Report”. This program is so boring and lame. I’m just here for some karmic bitch-slap, I’m sure.

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