What does the Judeo-Russian mafia got to do with the Boston Marathon bombing and the planned destruction of Syria and Iran? Read on to find out…

Is America being blackmailed into new Middle East wars on behalf of Israel?

The Russian mafia, known also as the Red Mafiya or the “Red Octopus”, is really the Jewish mafia in disguise.

It has secret links to Mossad, the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Bank, and to powerful Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL.

The activities of the Russian mafia range from the back streets of Moscow to the sex dens of Budapest and Tel Aviv, from the diamond mines of Sierra Leone to the jewelry workshops of Antwerp, from the plush casinos of Vegas and Atlantic City to the multimillion dollar gated mansions of Fisher Island, Miami, from the coke and heroin dives of Odessa and the Black Sea ports to the child porn parlors and underground brothels of Oregon. In the United States, the Russian mafia’s ground zero is Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, right slapbang in the center of America’s most Jewish community.

“As of 2009,” Wikipedia reports, “Russian mafia groups have been said to reach over 50 countries and, as of 2010, have up to 300,000 members.”

Laura Radanko, herself Jewish, carried out some important research on the Russian mafia and lifted the lid on some of their most grisly secrets. She writes:

During the detente days of the early 1970s, when Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev had agreed to allow the limited emigration of Soviet Jews, thousands of hard-core criminals, many of them released from Soviet Gulags by the KGB, took advantage of their nominal Jewish status to swarm into the United States….

In the 1970s, more than forty thousand Russian Jews settled in Brighton Beach. It was under the shadow of the elevated subway tracks on Brighton Beach Avenue, bustling with Russian meat markets, vegetable pushcarts, and bakeries, that the Russian gangsters resumed their careers as professional killers, thieves, and scoundrels….

— Laura Radanko, “The Superpower of Crime.

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, also known as “Little Odessa” or “Little Russia by the Sea”, has now become the American headquarters of the Red Mafiya, ranked as the world’s most powerful criminal gang.

Though the “Russian” gangs of the former Soviet Union  include Georgians, Armenians, Chechens and various other ethnic groups, the kingpins of the Russian mafia are all Jewish—in the same way as the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish, though their underlings were not. All the big guns of the Russian mafia—Semion Mogilevich, Monya Elson, Marat Balagula, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Vladimir Ginsberg, Ludwig Fainberg—are Jewish.

In Russia’s post-perestroika years (1990s), thousands of Russian thugs slipped into America with the greatest of ease. “The understaffed and ill-equipped Immigration Service,” Robert Friedman reveals, “seemed helpless to stop them.

Hundreds of former Soviets athletes and Special Forces veterans of the Afghanistan wars, including many retired KGB agents, swarmed into America. (There are now between 500,000 to 750,000 Russian Jews here).  Many Russian criminals ended up at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, where they were to join the combat brigades of the Red Mafiya. They were at once put on retainers of $20,000 a month. No jobs as janitors or road sweepers for them!  Like ducks to water, they took to sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, drug running, loan sharking, stock market scams, arson, burglary, bank and jewelry frauds, counterfeiting, vote rigging, arms sales, extortion and murder.

The first four rules of the Jewish Russian mafia are these: never have emotions, reject your parents and closest relatives, screw as many women as possible, never work in a legitimate job.

The merciless cruelty of these psychopathic killers is so extreme that it is often said “they will shoot people just to see if their guns work.”

The investigative reporter Robert I. Friedman (1951-2002) revealed in his book Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America that the “Russian” mafia was in fact more Jewish than Russian.

Dr M. Raphael Johnson is even more specific in his details about the Jewishness of the Russian mafia. Having established themselves in Tel Aviv after the mass emigration of Russian Jews to Israel in the 1990s, the Russian mafia began to call itself the Israeli or Jewish mafia:

The roots of Jewish organized crime go far back into tsarist times. Organized crime syndicates assisted Lenin’s gangs in bank robberies and the creation of general mayhem. During the so-called revolution, it was difficult, sometimes impossible, to distinguish between Bolshevik ideologues and Jewish organized crime syndicates. They acted in nearly an identical manner….

The state of Israel is a major factor in the rise and power of the Jewish mafia. Jewish drug dealers, child porn pushers and slave traders are free from prosecution in Israel. Israel does not consider these to be crimes, so long as the victims are non-Jews. The Israeli state will not extradite its citizens to non-Jewish countries, and, therefore, Jewish murderers can quite easily escape punishment in Israel.

     Dr M. Raphael Johnson, The Judeo-Russian Mafia: From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion

Described by the CIA as a “grave threat” to global security and by Robert I. Friedman as the “world’s most dangerous man”, step forward Semion Mogilevich, arch-criminal extraordinaire and head honcho of the Red Mafiya— first in line of the rottweiler pack of Russian criminals unleashed on the world by the dissolution of the Soviet Union. With his headquarters in Budapest, the 67-year-old Mogilevich is behind most of the white slave trafficking of Russian and Eastern European girls to Israel.

The power of this Russian Jew is well-nigh legendary. He is the ideal villain for a James Bond movie. Not only does he own the armaments industry in Hungary, but he is said to control the entire vodka trade in Russia and Central Europe. He possesses his own army, artillery, mechanized infantry, anti-aircraft guns and missiles of all types. Furthermore, he is reported to have his own nuclear weapons, relics left over from the former Warsaw Pact countries. NATO has said he is a “threat to the stability of Europe,” though his name remains little known to the general public in view of the fact that his co-ethnics control the media.

With extensive holdings in Israel, Semion Mogilevich, “single-handedly controls the brothels in Israel, where Ukrainian and Russian girls are forced into sexual slavery.”

Every year, “hundreds of women from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are smuggled into Israel. The traffic is linked to the Russian mafia taking root in Israel as a byproduct of mass immigration from the former Soviet Union.” (Sex Trade Flourishing in Holy Land, CBS, February 24, 2003).

With activities in countries ranging from Malaysia to Great Britain, Russian mobsters now operate in more than fifty nations. They smuggle heroin from Southeast Asia with the help and cooperation of the CIA. They traffic in weapons. And they have a special knack for large-scale extortion.

When the Judeo-Russian mafia and the Rothschild-controlled banksters, who are ultimately behind this vast criminal organization, want the American government to do something which the government is hesitant to do—for example, to bomb Iran—it will give the government a sign of its displeasure by staging a terrorist event.

Such as the Boston Marathon massacre.

The government will then get the message: Unless we bomb Iran, these Bolshevik Jews will continue to terrorize America. As they once terrorized Tsarist Russia. They will make us look impotent fools, because obviously we can’t control them. So we’d better do as they say—we’d better bomb Iran.

In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, you will point out correctly, it was the Chechen mafia that was involved. Indirectly. Not the Judeo-Russian mafia. Save your breath. It’s well-known that the Chechen mafia is simply one of the many tributaries of the Judeo-Russian mafia. We know for a fact that Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky gave his financial backing to the Chechen mafia in return for favors. He was the Big Jew behind the Chechen mafia, secretly pulling its strings and dictating its policies.

Berezovsky’s secret links to the Chechen mafia were first revealed by a Russian-American investigative reporter for Forbes magazine, Paul Klebnikov, in his chilling exposé Godfather of the Kremlin: Boris Berezovsky and the looting of Russia (2000). “No man profited more from Russia’s slide into the abyss,” Klebnikov noted.  As a result of his explosive revelations, a contract was taken out on Klebnikov’s life. In 2004, the courageous reporter was gunned down in the streets of Moscow. (See here

In a recent edition of Forbes magazine (24 March, 2013), we read this:

“Paul [Klebnikov] was gathering string for future articles that linked Nukhayev and other Chechen warlords with Berezovsky….Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Last summer, Berezovsky’s Chechen links came to the surface in a $6.5 billion London lawsuit that he had brought (and lost) against Roman Abramovich, a rival Russian oligarch….

Klebnikov was the first American reporter to be murdered in Russia, and with his silencing the world lost one of its foremost experts on the vast and murky crossroads of Russian organized crime, Kremlin politics, Chechen terrorists, billionaire oligarchs, and the spread of Russian mafia conglomerates around the world.” (See here)

It is through the Chechen mafia that international Jewry continues its secret war against Putin’s Russia.

Boris Berezovsky, Jewish Russian oligarch (1946-2013), died in mysterious  circumstances on 23 March this year at his home in Ascot, England, age 67. According to the official version of events, he was suffering from depression, so he locked himself in his bathroom and hanged himself. One of his oldest friends, Nikolai Glushkov, said: “Boris was strangled.” Berezovsky’s close links with the Chechen mafia clearly indicate that Big Jewry probably had a hand in the Boston Marathon bombing. See Chechnya and the Boston bombing: link, if established, would be unprecedented.

Right now, the Chechen mafia has Moscow within its iron tentacles. But the Chechen mafia is itself controlled, as we now know, by the Jewish mafia—and by organized Jewry which helps it to money launder its vast illegal profits through the Jewish-controlled central banks of the world. This is not rocket science. The Jews control everyone by controlling the world’s money supply. Wasn’t it a Rothschild who said that? Sure, it was a Rothschild who said that. “Give me control of a nation’s money,” Mayer Amschel Rothschild famously said, “and I care not who makes its laws.”

So the Jews help to money launder the loot of the Chechen mafia: and in this way they control the Chechen mafia, just like they control the American government.

The Judeo-Russian mafia and the Chechen mafia are not competitors in America. They are cronies. They have carved out their separate kingdoms. Like friendly lions, they share the spoils, eating from different sides of the same carcase. The carcase is America.

How much does a contract murder cost?  How much would it cost Mossad to outsource the Boston Marathon bombing to the Chechen mafia, assuming it decided to carry out such a terrorist act in the interests of Israel? Is $10 million too little? How about $100 million? That’s peanuts. Israel gets $8.2 million a day from the American taxpayer. It could buy a Chechen mafia massacre by sacrificing its pocket money for two days—or two weeks at the most—depending on the price.

Google the word “Israelification”. You’ll get “Israelification of American airports”. “Israelification of American domestic security”. “Israelification of US police”. “Israelification of America”.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Do American cops really need to hop on a plane to Tel Aviv to learn how to taser their fellow citizens?

How come all the airports that failed so suspiciously to stop alleged Al Qaeda terrorists from carrying out the 9/11 attack—how come all these airports were policed by ONE private security company, ICTS, owned by Israeli Jew Ezra Harel? “One company had automatic inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11,” one reads with eyepopping incredulity. “An Israeli company. One that Mossad agents could easily find employment with.” (See “All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company.”)

It looks like the Jewish mafia in America is not only running a protection racket called “Israeli Security”, it’s running a protection racket that doesn’t even work.

It is naïve to assume that all these terrorist attacks upon America are being carried out by amateurish Muslim organizations armed with little more than box cutters and pressure cooker bombs filled with nails and shrapnel. It is equally naïve to believe that the government is itself invariably complicit in these attacks and is orchestrating them for no other reason than that it needs an excuse to confiscate guns and usher in a spooky Orwellian police state.

No, it is far more plausible to regard these attacks upon America as Jewish mafia strong-arm tactics to coerce America into doing the will of Israel and in fighting its wars for it. If the administration refuses to do the dirty work of bombing Iran for Israel, then it will have to be taught a lesson. If American politicians cannot be persuaded by all the carrots provided by AIPAC, then maybe it is time to give them a taste of Mossad’s big stick.

The carrot and the stick. That’s how it works. This is how Jewish influence is exerted. AIPAC offers the carrots, Mossad wields the big stick.

The Judeo-Russian mafia or Red Mafiya—call it the “Jewish mafia” if you prefer— is now Mossad’s secret army in America. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s an intellectually defensible thesis for which there is now more than enough evidence. He that has eyes to see, let him see.           

This is what I read today in an authoritative source, and it chills my blood when I read it:

US intelligence officials worry that Russian gangsters will acquire weapons of mass destruction such as fissionable material or deadly, easily concealed pathogens such as the smallpox virus—all too readily available from poorly guarded military bases or scientific labs—and sell these deadly wares to any number of terrorist groups or renegade states.

In North America alone, there are now thirty Russian crime syndicates operating in at least seventeen US cities, most notably New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver.

Mafiya groups that have flourished in post-perestroika Russia, they have something La Cosa Nostra can only dream about: their own country. The Russian mob virtually controls their nuclear-tipped former superpower, which provides them with vast financial assets and a truly global reach. Russian President Boris Yeltsin wasn’t exaggerating when he described Russia as “the biggest Mafia state in the world”.

In 1993, a high-ranking Russian immigration official in Moscow told US investigators that there were five million dangerous criminals in the former USSR who would be allowed to emigrate to the West.

Laura Radanko, The Russian Mafia in America

Guess what? They’re here! Right now.

Five million dangerous Russian criminals, former inhabitants of the gulags. Mossad’s American army. Five million Bolshevik terrorists, come to batten on America like bloodsucking vampires.

These guys aren’t listed in official statistics. Many of them are Israelis, part of the Israeli mafia, free to fly in and out of America without visas. Like they did around 9/11, casing the joint, clicking their cameras, doing high fives, and dancing as the Twin Towers came toppling down. 

Never forget the Bolshevik Revolution. Sixty-six million dead Russian Christians put to death by cheka Jews. The descendants of these Bolshevik revolutionaries are now here! Like a pack of ravenous wolves moving in for the kill…



Adolf Hitler once described America as the Jews’ “new hunting grounds”. With remarkable prescience, he saw that the state of Israel would one day develop into organized Jewry’s international crime base from which it would plunder other countries, including America, with impunity:

It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.”  — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 11

Never forget what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Jonathan Pollard on exiting the spy’s  prison cell after a friendly visit in 2002: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States it can dry up and blow away.”

America lies bleeding.

The carrion are feeding on its corpse right now.


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (email her) is an academic with higher degrees in Classics. She is also a poet and translator. Many of her articles have been published here and here; her poems, translations, and various other articles here.

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  1. In addition they funnel in something like $50 billion (low estimate) from the USA into “Israel” each year.

    1. Is it that the Jews are so clever or that the Goyim are so stupid ?
      Do not forget the extra $$$ Billions sent to Israel from the USA are all “charitable” & Tax deductible…
      The god people & the RAPTURE & “union with Jesus & the Virgin Mary ?
      “We want it all & we want it now”?

    2. It is good to see someone puttin inverted comma around “israel” I also just call it “the Jewish state”.
      The ancient Isrealite Kingdom (destroyed utterly and completely by the Syrians when Ahab (whose wife was Jezebel) annoyed the mighty Syrians in some way) had absolutely nothing to do with any such people as the Habiru or Hebrews, and they kept a tight border against Judea because it was invested with thieves and robbers.

      I wonder why these Ashkenaze Jews so deceitfully called their artificial state “Israel.” ?

      1. Isis-Ra-El. Isis is Esther, Easter, the morning star. Ra is the Sun. El is saturn.

      2. After the death of king Solomon (928), his kingdom was divided amongst his two sons. One son kept the name Judea, but the other son changeed Samara to ‘Israel’. Assyrian destroyed the kingdom of Israel in 721 BC. Kingdom of Judah was destroyed by Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC, who took over 25,000 Israelites as slaves to Babylon and demolished the Temple of Solomon. Persians conquered Babylonia in 539 BC and allowed Israelites to return and construct a new temple. In 63 BC, Palestine was incorporated into the Roman Empire. Roman Emperor Titus demolished the second temple in 70 CE. During 330-638 CE, Palestine came under Christian Byzantine rule. Islam’s second Khalifa Omar ibn al-Khattaab took control of Jerusalem and ended the Byzantine rule in 638 CE. Palestine remained under the rule of Muslim Umayyad Khalifas in Damascus, who constructed the Dome of the Rock (‘Abd al-Malik, 685-705) and Al-Aqsa in its current shape (al-Walid, 705-715). From 750-1258 CE, Palestine was administered from Baghdad by Muslim Abbasid Khalifas. The Mamluks succeeded the Ayyubis in 1260 CE. Palestine was incorporated into the Ottoman state and administered from Istanbul from 1516-1917 CE.

        The Zionist Jews have coined similar lie about their “Holy Wailing Wall”.

  2. This article is extraordianry, Lasha. I was reading “The Jewish Cerntury” last year, and that fine book is much more dedicated to the peaceful, lawful and yet still sinister effects of superior Jewish intellects lording it over bovine Goy consumerist morons. THIS article cuts right through the obfuscatory stuff to the ultimate underlayment of America’s demise. Americans created themselves on the positivist, optimist and consumerist model. Emma Lazurus (herself a Jew!) had it right, as did the Puritan fathers: if we built a shining city upon a hill, the miserable victims of conniviners through the millenia would flock here from decadent and cruel Europe.

    Sadly, naifs do not a wise country make. We have not educated ourselves to the omnipresent wolves amongst us. What the Jews lacked in individual physical strength, they made up in wisdom, numbers, strategy, etc. Above all, there underlay a highly vibrant hatred of the Goyim. Americans specialize in producing people who are, in many ways, like ravenous, schooling fish. Show us something shiny, or even something we don’t, at the present, possess, and we become nearly blind in our drive to acquire it. Never sensing the bigger picture, always believing the best of our fellow man, we step right into the pit.

    My father, by far and away one of the kindest, most brilliant men I have ever known, had this blind spot. He could never believe that his business partners were out to deprive him and his ilk of their rightful share. He finally partnered with a Jew, and it was like going to the Met Museum for the first time. The Jew saved him from any number and variety of malicious schemes built into contracts or monetary provisions. He became a fast friend of our family’s because we could point to the commencement of our “good times” with his joining my father’s investment business.

    His name was Karl—(“no relation to Marx”, he would joke)—-and his most memorable line, uttered within earshot of my sister and I was: “Never, EVER trust a Jew—and always, ALWAYS partner up with one! We hate Goys, but we hate our more evil selves MORE!!!”.

    Now THAT was an instructive admission! Having read your article I now know why Karl despised Jews.

    1. Frankly: You are correct that this is a stellar piece! It succinctly exposes the underbelly and the missing pieces of such things as the Boston Bombing. This will go in my CRUCIAL INFO folder, and I will be passing it on ad nauseum.

      I wanted to also say that your comment, sir, was elegant and articulate as well! If you have a blog, I would certainly enjoy reading it. And the last tidbit of your comment was MOST illuminating! Such pitiful people they are, really.

      Kudos, Frankly

      1. Well, Lisle—I’d love to have a blog, but am, computerly speaking, a Luddite. I’m actually (from time to time), an artist, and what got me so interested in Lasha and this site was her vibrant complaint about the Jews taking over the economics of art-sales (through galleries, etc.) and running it into the(ir) gutter. Many has been the time I have tried to sell my (purely representational or realistic) canvasses, only to be told by some Jewess in charge of a gallery that “THAT type of painting doesn’t sell”). The paradigmatic example or pinnacle of this destruction of fine painting is, of course, the Guggenheim Museum and/or the “MOMART”. Only a few artists were able to buck this tide—notable the Wyeths in PA and ME. I have a little place in Maine and that may be where I have to finish my art career.
        My dad used to call “modern jazz” “Jew-music”…..and so it is! 😀 All the Dadaist, Cubist and similar trash, plus architectural Brutalism and stark modern Gropius-inspired boxes, was Jew- inspired because they themselves wanted to see the reduction and destruction of the soaring elegance of western art and architecture. It existed as a deathless taunt to their artless selves. Music was their only triumph (and only as performers of the existing masterworks), but they failed miserably in the other arts, and so they attacked them—very effectively, as it turned out.

        There was, way back at the founding of Plein Air magazine, an editorial by its founder/editor which EXCORIATED this trend toward monopolization, debasing and purposeful destruction of realistic (and REAL!) painterly art. He all but laid it on the doorstep of the Jews.

        I wrote an earlier response here where I tried to explain my view of how the johnny-come-lately, non-assimilating. endogamic Jews lusted for the destruction of every society which ever made the monumental error of hosting them. Note that certain rapacious bioforms consume “host” organisms.

        Having said all that, I have had in my life, as cited earlier on this site, many Jews who have saved me from medical and other disasters. Therefore, I am ambivalent and perhaps lack the vehemence of Lasha’s Legions. Nonetheless, I am not blind to the ageless and incessant war that the Jews have waged on Western civilization. Ironically, that very civilization which has channeled their innate genius and rendered them rich beyond our wildest aspirations. The Jews are, beyond all other considerations, an unhealthily INTENSE people.

        I once asked a Jewish friend why he was so neurotic and he answered “angst”—fear, worry, etc. And I asked him why his people were so afflicted with this. His answer? “Guilt”. Guilt for what the Jews have done to their well-meaning neighbors and hosts.

  3. This article appears to be well-written. It has no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, but it is factually unsound. The Jewish mafia, if it exists, has never been a threat to America. This is the first time I’ve heard these absurd allegations made.

    1. As soon as I read “Seymour Zak”, I effortlessly scrolled past your concomitant diatribes. You, sir, are losing your desired effect.


    2. Seymour Zak : “…The Jewish Mafia, if it exists…”

      The Jewish people collectively is an ethnic Mafia. What is called “the Jewish Mafia” is only an intensification of an already existing ethnic reality.
      Jews were criminals already from Abraham onwards.

    3. The Jewish Bankster MAFIA exists over the top of ALL organized crime and ties them together with money. A small group with endless money controls via the countries leaders and threats to their children.

      This has little to do with the Jewish MAFIAs discussed here other than the former owns the latter via access to great wealth.

  4. The people Darkmoon mentions as being Jewish, such as Semion Mogilevich, are neither Jewish nor Israeli. Mogilevich is a Roman Catholic Christian masquerading as a Hungarian Jew so as to bring Jews into disrepute. This is basically a papal plot to make Jews look bad. As a Roman Catholic Christian, Darkmoon is part of this anti-Semitic conspiracy. She is obviously a member of Opus Dei, a Catholic terrorist organization determined to produce another Holocaust.

    Readers must not be misled by Darkmoon’s pleasing literary style and veneer of classical erudition. Underneath the glitzy surface, we see a profoundly disturbed individual lurking, a person definitely in need of psychiatric treatment.

    1. Roman Catholic Christian my foot! One look at SEMion’s ugly mug is enough to convince any body that he is Jewy Jew.
      The Jews need no outside help bringing themselves into “disrepute”. They do an excellent job all by themselves.

    2. “Another” holoHOAX???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The ONLY way for peace on Earth is to EXTERMINATE this VIRUS like a healthy immune system does. NO HALF MEASURES!!!

      1. Indeed, the paracite can’t help being a paracite.

        This is what denotes the “chosen people” and their inhuman practice of infant circumcision perpetuates their lack of empathy. This cuts (pun intended) the child/man off from the develping adult hormones that a mature individual benefits from, what makes a true man a man.

    3. Go away, Moron.
      Any DNA test would prove his Khazar J E W roots.
      Making J E Ws look bad? As if they extra needed help in so doing.

      This is the story no one hears..tht the Mafia IS Jewish, always has been.
      But J E Ws go into deflect mode and make ‘Godfather’ and ‘Goodfellas’ and other Hollyweird damage control films to fool the Goyim. The Internet has now changed all of this, history is being accurately written and recorded.

      Israel is the world capital of Organized Crime, says our FBI.
      White Slavery, Arms trafficking, organ trafficking, Drug dealing, Espionage et al.
      You studied Eric Phelps book.manual, iin reality he is married to a Jewess and his company buys diamonds direct from Tel Aviv, he was outed.
      You have as well.

      1. he IS a comic, i determined that some time ago.

        no need to overreact to our resident zaqui.

    4. In regards to seymour – remember everybody – Israel employs people through the JIDL (Jewish Internet Defense League) to peruse websites and “bash” articles or comments which they deem inappropriate or which put Israel in a negative light. Let’s all blow this guy love and send him our compassion because he is obviously lacking in both.

      Let us also remember that it is the ZIONISTS who masquerade as Jewish and in effect sell out the actual Jewish people who fight against the Zionist regime. Zionism is a political movement and is at the heart of all the seemingly “Jewish” propaganda, negativity, hate and reprise. Do not turn on the Jewish people who are AGAINST Israel (Rothschild Zionist Land) and all that it stands for. After all, at the end of the day, your either on the side of good and Love or your not, period.

    5. @see more butts
      Try again $chlomo!Symeo Moghilevitch is born in Ukraine from $evi$h parents,etc.Want more?

    6. Spoken like a true Bolshevik Jew! (Recall that was how Russian Jews ‘diagnosed’ Christians who happened upon the Jewish genocide and reported it in horror.)
      “person definitely in need of psychiatric treatment.”

  5. The Boston Marathon bombing is simply what the authorities say it is: an act of pure terrorism carried out by two unspeakably vile Muslms who prove that murder is on the mind of every Muslim in America, if not in the world. The Koran teaches murder and hatred of Jews. It is an evil book like the Protocols of Zion and it should be banned.

    I am sick and tired of lecturing the people on this site.

    Go to your local Holocaust museum and see what atrocities the German did. Then try and realize that, deep down in your soul, you are no better. If you are a non-Jew, you have murder marinating in your heart. “The world wants to wipe out jews,” Cynthia Ozick once said. “The world has always wanted to wipe out Jews.” (See “All the World Wants the Jews Dead,” (Esquire magazine, November 1974).

    These sentiments are echoed by the great Elie Wiesel who said of Auschwitz that it represented “the failure of two thousand years of Christian civilization.”

    Truly, my friends, you people here need senstivity training.

    Consider the noble words of Abraham Foxman and weep — he wrote these words in 1994 in his article Schindler’s List — the Meaning of Spielberg’s Film: “The Holocaust is not simply one example of genocide but a nearly successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself.”

    Yes, this is what Mr Foxman says, and I for one agree with him: the attempted genocide of God’s chosen people was an attempt by the goyim to assasinate God himself.

    It’s a good thing the goyim failed. As they are doomed to do if they should try again. Which I would not advise.

    Depart from me into everlasting fire, ye goyim scum, may ye perish in your abominations and in the vile secretions of your suppurating sores!

    1. I have forever tried to explain to Holocaust-doubters that it did, indeed, occur. However, my old history-department head—himself a strident Jew—-DEMANDED that I teach, nay, EMPHASIZE, the Holocaust in my teaching. You want someone to do something, you’d best not DEMAND that they do it. I would mildy query: “Which holocaust, the smaller Nazi one, or the COLOSSAL one, foisted upon millions by COMMUNISM.

      You Jews on this site MUST come to grips with several truths. Jews have been, on balance, arrayed against the canons of western brilliance, be it in art, music, architecture, political philosophy or engineering.

      What my father considered the iconoclastic weapons in the Jews’ repetoire were several “isms”—socialism, communism, modernism, liberalism and Freudianism. Each one of these has had a tremendous erosive impact on what has stood as a marvelous civilization, people and material/artistic legacy.

      So, if you are willing to look at Marx and Engels and what they foisted upon us—look at the stupifying numerical superiority of the communist holocausts, before you start Weiselian shaming of us goys.

      I have no idea why modern Jews jump so lustily into the politics of oppression, but they certainly do so with the intention of “change”. Of course they ALWAYS want to change the Goy status quo—they attack it relentlessly—even as it ironically enriches them.

      I had Barney Frank as a dean in my dormitory at college. I used to sit nearby, aghast, as he forklifted mouthful after mouthful of food into his mouth, which, as if by some miracle, never stopped bleating out those “truths” he felt constituted the only hope of mankind—-i.e. state socialistic control of money, freedom, freewill, what have you. If there ever was a perfect label to lay upon modern Jewish-inspired socialistic liberalism, it would be “hypocrisy”. Michael Moore isn’t Jewish but he’s perhaps the archtype of this disgusting dual personality.

      Yes, the holocaust did occur, but I’ve demoted it to a lower-case name, because the REAL Holocaust was the one that communism dealt to its citizens. Six million v.s. a few HUNDRED MILLION. And never doubt that the collectivist impulse, the totalitarian drive and its murderous suppression of any heterodoxical viewpoint or action can be ulitmately laid upon the doorstop of the Jews and their unthinking accolytes.

      Beware the Utopians, they will kill us all……….

      1. @frankly speaking, just 3 words….”GO FUCK YOURSELF!”
        U R A JEW-LOVING PIECE OF DOGSHIT! And probably a KIKE yourself.
        The HOLLOWHOAX has been PROVEN a LIE time and time again.

        1. Oh, and I should have added that your resorting to ad hominem insults shows just how shallow you are. If it were only possible, I’d have you come to my home, stand before me and render the same childish retoric and insults. Were you, by some miracle, to survive my fully justified physical response, you MIGHT gain some wisdom—especially referent to sassing your betters. Although, given your apparent miniscule IQ, I doubt it. As said in the ancient texts: esadmf…..


      2. frankly speaking,

        I enjoyed your first reply as did lisle. You sound as though you’re an intelligent individual but I must correct you on your belief that there was a holocaust of jews in WW2. There wasn’t. It was nothing but a fabricated lie, promoted by the jewish owned and controlled main stream media. There are many articles widely available to peruse on the internet utterly demolishing the ‘holocaust’. I implore you to read them.

        The facts do not weigh up. For example, during the period of WW2, Auschwitz imported some 3,500 tons of coke for disposal of bodies. This was information discovered by the Russians when they liberated it. They also found diaries of deaths. In it were some 70,000 names and cause of death. The Germans were meticulous to the last detail. When one does the maths, it takes 50kg to dispose of a human cadaver. Therefore the maximum number of people cremated was between 70-75 thousand. There were no mass graves proving six million or remains. Moreso, they’d still be cremating them today.

        The above is just one ‘fact’ of many to disprove the six million myth.

        However there WERE holocausts in WW2, not by the communists but by Britain (Dresden bombing among others) and America (Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

        No one denies that jews weren’t rounded up and interned inside camps. No one denies jews never died. What we do deny are the grossly exaggerated death tolls. Many also despise the hate campaign waged against our brethren – the German people.

        As for your father and ‘isms’, he is most correct. I strongly suggest reading about the Frankfurt school of Marxist critical theorists.

        And finally, as for Zak, ignore him/her. He/she’s a wind up merchant, most probably in the employ of a jewish disinfo, propaganda outlet.

      3. and he was referring to the Boston’s bombing as a muslim polt! which is certainly untrue!
        Islam has nothing to do with your dark agendas mr jew! if you were pointing out the two lil bros! then I’d also refer you to the chechan mafia. Alqaeada with all of its offshoots and its styles of intertpreting the Qur’an is and was formed some time in the 19th century by the british colonialism in the region of the arabian peninsula! and it serves now the agendas of the zionists there! it has never and will never shoot a bullet towards the occupied lands.

        1. Good website to learn about present day “terrorism”.

          Yes, “terrorism” was started at very high levels of government — both the governments in the West [Israel, US, UK mostly], and also Arab governments [Saudia Arabia is the epitome of a an Arab “Zionist” government ] There’re a lot of Arab “Zionists” . The Arab jihadist serve Zionism — whether they realize it or not. Those who are the top leaders of The Muslim Brotherhood know it fully well.

          That’s why the Israelis are scared shit of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is NOT a Zionist-owned-funded-controlled army, true patriots for their people ; And that’s why the Israelis are scared shit of Iran — Iran is not Zionist occupied.

          1. and Hizbu-Allah politically is allied with many christians in Lebanon and outside. The have no sectarian agendas. The even call for reducing or shutting down any rabid voices within the shia community.

        2. See video “Boston Bombing 2 kabbalah rituals”.

          Last time I checked qabala, kabbalah, or original cabal-a, is a distinctly kosher discipline!

          What’s interesting on Boston is the Eastern connection along with their special number “8” for infinity or nirvana. (2+6=8)

    2. Why does Mr. ZaK persist in referring to “Holocaust” rather than “Holocausts?” In Jewish religious lore there have been countless “Holocausts” since Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego passed unscathed through King Nebuchadnezzar ‘s fiery furnaces. In addition to the “Holocaust” of World War II, the New York Times and other Jewish publications reported at least two other “Holocausts” of six million in the 20th Century, for a total of at least18 million murdered Jews. See the New York Times 11 June 1900, page 7 and NYT 12 Nov 1919, p. 7. For the True Believer, the idea that 18 million Jews could be murdered without decreasing world Jewish population is apparently proof of divine favor…

    3. As soon as I see “great” or “noble” teamed up with names like Weisel or Fauxman I know someone is very very confused. These words just should not be uttered in the same breath!

      You come here obviously to taunt and be persecuted. Goes with the mindset of course. Your every word is beyond silly. Nuff said…

      1. Well said, Noor. Love your website! So does Lasha. She says it’s “required reading.”

    4. The projection of the Holocaust fantasy onto Germany and Hitler is collective Jewish guilt, they know at a deep psychological level that they are doing great harm to the gentle peoples with their parasitic scams. The meme ‘final solution’ is what Jewry know is coming, they know it deep in their hardened hearts, fear it yet are compelled to manifest their fate.

      After all anyone can abandoned their unholy book of lies and get a real job and be productive and join the rest of humanity being creative beings. But many won’t and can’t and are trapped in their traditions. I feel sorry for anyone who feels compelled to wear a particular hat from a long forgotten yesteryear. All people have free choice to choose to be an individual over a cog in a death machine of exploitation. The Jews are not even “allowed” to change the color of their headgear.

      The real reason the Jews have trapped the Palestinians in the Gaza cage is to force humanity to deal with their parasitic dysfunction. The Palestinians and Gitmo captives are being forced to play along with Jewry insanity. The world watches in horror as the Jews torture people based on some insane ideology of choseness or terror war that they invented.

      1. The world watches in horror as the Jews torture people based on some insane ideology of choseness or terror war that they invented.

        I have never known a Jew torture anyone. You have to be joking. This entire post is in very poor taste.

        At the end of Schindler’s List, this quotation from the Talmud appears on the screen as an epigraph: “Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world.”

        Given that compassionate attitude to G-d’s creatures, it’s hard to see how Jews could ever indulge in torture.

        1. you sure are a smooth one, aren’t you?

          as a jewess determined to defend and promote jew interests on this blog, you are 100% aware that in talmud, “human” means “jewish”, while “goy” means “gentile/cattle/nonjewish”.
          therefore, what talmud is literally saying at the end of that lying, kol nidre saturated flick is that whoever saves a single JEWISH life saves the world.

          and who exactly are g-d’s creatures by the way, g-d’s CHOSEN creatures?
          sure, not a good idea to torture them, meanwhile it is open season on all the rest of them.

          keep dissimulating in your nice, civilized classroom manner, we are all just a bunch of contented mooing cattle here, you know.

          1. Actually, Lobs, it’s not so much that she’s a “smooth one”. She probably just been taken in like millions of other people. What we have here is even worse: a deliberately falsified quote by Stephen Spielberg from the Talmud.

            This is what you will read in the opening paragraphs of Irmin Vinson’s essay, Holocaust Commemoration:

            “Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List concludes with a sentimental epigraph, labeled as a quotation from the Talmud: “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” This declaration of humane universalism is appealing to many, and it became part of the publicity campaign for the film, but it is not genuinely Jewish.

            As historian Peter Novick reports, in his informative The Holocaust in American Life, “the traditional version, the one taught in all Orthodox yeshivot, speaks of ‘whoever saves one life of Israel.’” The traditional Talmudic text thus stands in stark contrast to Spielberg’s epigraph. To save one Jewish life (“one life of Israel”) is to save the entire world, because in Jehovah’s eyes Jewish lives are infinitely precious and non-Jewish lives are not.

            Far from teaching the brotherhood of man, the Talmud teaches a Jewish supremacy so absolute that a single Jewish life is deemed as valuable as the totality of all other lives.

            The Talmud, Judaism’s most sacred document, exists in two major recensions. The apparently universalist text that Schindler’s List quotes appears in the Jerusalem Talmud, [but] the strikingly ethnocentric text [is found] in the authoritative Babylonian Talmud.

            The latter, the real Talmud, contains the definitive text taught in all Orthodox religious schools and memorized by generations of studious young Jews, but less than a moment’s reflection will disclose the practical impossibility of including, in a film addressed to a non-Jewish audience, a Talmudic aphorism that so markedly depreciates non-Jewish lives.

            Spielberg prudently chose instead to present Judaism as a universalist faith with an extravagant notion of the value of each individual life, a Semitic brand of Christianity. He was not teaching a Jewish moral lesson but rather an exaggerated piece of Christian humanism, Talmudic tribal wisdom turned on its head for the educational benefit of non-Jews, reflecting their religious traditions, not his own.

            The chasm between genuine Talmudic ethnocentrism and Spielberg’s bogus Talmudic universalism reveals some significant issues in the marketing of the Jewish Holocaust,” Irmin Vinson concludes.

            In other words, Spielberg was falsifying the quote, because the real quote in the Babylonian Talmud says: “Whoever saves one life IN ISRAEL (i.e., one JEWISH life), saves the entire world.”

            See here:


          2. ooomg nooo … (putting the “o” back in “g-d”)

            there you go josephine, what do you say now to the class standing at atten-shut!!

            that we went off topic?

            xanadu and lobro off to the corners for being insufferable goy-antisemite-nazi-haters-deniers?

          3. @ Xanadu

            “Actually, Lobs, it’s not so much that she’s a “smooth one”. She probably just been taken in like millions of other people. What we have here is even worse: a deliberately falsified quote by Stephen Spielberg from the Talmud.!”

            I don’t understand the point you are making, but I am glad to see you don’t agree with the unpleasant poster known as “lobro” who has defamed me by calling me a “smooth one”, thus implying that I am devious and dishonest.

            I suspect that “lobro” is one those intellectually challenged antisemites who seem to infest this website and lower its tone.

            The posters Anglo-Saxon, Harbinger, Sardonicus and their like all seem to belong to a conspiracy club clique. Their ideas are basically wrong. Politically subversive in a way that is totally unacceptable nowadays. They are a throwback to the Nazi era.

            I will have to leave this site unless it is more carefully monitored to exclude individuals peddling hate speech. I give the Editor warning. I will not tolerate hate speech.

        2. Josephine,

          Lobro and Xanadu are both correct in what the Talmud states. From Michael Hoffman’s critical review of Schindler’s List he writes the following:

          “Toward the end of the movie, Schindler is shown being presented with an inscribed gold ring by the Jews he rescued. We are told that the inscription is from the Talmud, “He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.” (This quotation also appears on posters advertising Schindler’s List in video stores and schools, apparently having been selected as the film’s motto by its promoters).

          The saying has a nice, warm, humanistic tenor, but there’s just one problem: that’s not what the Talmud says. The actual Talmud verse states, “Whosoever preserves a single soul of Israel, Scripture ascribes to him as if he had preserved a complete world” (Tractate Sanhedrin 37a). The Talmud only praises the saving of Jewish lives. In Spielberg’s non-stop deception, even the documented contents of Jewish books are falsified.”

          Hoffman’s recently finished a mammoth book on the Talmud which portrays it as it truly is – “Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit”

          No rabbi will debate with Hoffman because they know he knows, that Jews are deceptive individuals who like a conman who keeps two ledgers of sales; one false account for the taxman and one true for themselves, their life is a charade in what they think about the goy and what they really think about the goy.

          To understand the Talmud one has to read the ‘non watered’ down version (the one the rabbi keeps hidden) not the one rabbis today like to use to defend with against attacks from goyim who join the dots. After all, the reason why the goy must be killed for reading the talmud is because Jews know that in them doing so would be volatile to their very existence, as they would understand the hatred of jewish hatred of non jews and their desire to be rulers of the world with the non jews their servants to with as they please.

          1. I should add that I BELIEVE no rabbi will engage in debate with Michael Hoffman, purely because he is without a doubt the leading figure amongst the goyim on the Babylonian Talmud and Judaism itself. He is a man clearly awake to the New World Order and the ‘grand conspiracy’ involving the many secret societies. He is an impressive theologian and his knowledge of the Talmud is equaled with the Bible and Christianity. He’s also a historical revisionist and has written numerous articles on the holocaust and the witch hunt against those who question the ‘official’ story.

            I would very much like to see an open debate with Hoffman, rabbis and other knowledgeable individuals, not just on the hatred and authoritarianism within the Babylonian Talmud but on WW2, the holocaust and the New World Order. However I truly doubt any rabbi would take up the challenge, for their Talmud would be exposed for what it truly is along with Judaism itself.

          2. @ Josephine Scheckel

            I enjoy Jewish jokes. What do you think of this one? It’s apparently a joke Monica Lewinsky told Bill Clinton.

            QUESTION: Why do Jewish men like to watch porno movies backwards?

            ANSWER: So that they can watch the prostitutes give the money back.

          3. thanks, harbinger for schooling the schoolteacher.

            josephine, you are lucky to receive so much quality, free education, i hope you are as good a student as you are a strict teacher.

    5. Excuse me mr. seymore zak but have you read the Quran?Have you read the Talmud?I personally have read both!JESUS is the most quoted profit in the Quran!The talmud says it is O.K. to sodomize an infant child so long as it is a Goya child.The Quran is written in plane words so the average man can understand where as the talmud is written in legal terms in order to confuse the Goya.Which book do you think would be more trustworthy the one written in plain every day language or the one written in a legal tong?
      The only thing i’m trying to say is shut off the STUPID BOX (television) and READ!!!
      I’m lesdixic (dyslexic) and even i can read what is your reasoning for refusing to do so???

      1. welcum bruther!… i-2 am dislecksick. my frend lobro will confurm that.

        buy 4 now!

        jessel meyer
        (age 15)

        1. nice 2 have uther dislecksick pursons on this site. i think darkmoon shud incorrage moor dislecksick peepul 2 post hear. dislecksick peepul r a pursecuted minoritee like jews.

          thank 2 for reeding my post, evry-1

          buy 4 now,

          jessel meyer
          (onely 15, a lost sole in this horribul antisemtick wurld)

          1. Go away, silly girl, you are making a fool of yourself. If you are a genuine dyslexic, as you claim, you should be in a remedial class for spellers. Not here on this website. Your comments are not only a disgrace to lovers of the English language, they are also completely off-topic.

    6. Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut (died 2012), former president of Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and Chief Rabbi at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple, died last month. In his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘, Plaut wrote that Frankist Jews were responsible for the Holocaust. The book’s ‘Foreward’ was written by no other than Elie Weisel, the father of ‘holocaust culture’. Weisel did not disagree with Rabbi Plaut. The book is biography of Polish Rabbi Ya’akov Frank (1726-1791), who claimed being the biblical Messiah of Jews and thus part of Trinity.

      1. never take rabbi’s word for granted, rehmat, they don’t have much training nor experience with truth.

        first of all, you know and i know that there was no holocaust, just another humonguos hasbara lie.

        secondly, i heard somewhere that talmudists hate jacob frank because he was a convert to christianity, which would make him a fitting scapegoat for pseudocaust that “happened” 300 years later.

        if you need an indicator of truth, look 180 degrees away from elie wiesel.

  6. That picture above is highly suspect, the one of “Brighton Beach”. It looks more like a backstreet in Shanghai, or another city in that part of China. Note the pedi-cart with someone selling goods from it. This is very, very Chinese, and not at all American-looking. Likewise the shape of signage, and the rooflines. I seriously doubt that this is a photo of a part of NYC.

    This is not a critique of the content and thrust of the article, though. If I’m correct, it doesn’t help the credibility of the article to use a photo of a Chinese street scene, and say it’s Brighton Beach.

    1. “If I’m correct, it doesn’t help the credibility of the article to use a photo of a Chinese street scene, and say it’s Brighton Beach.”

      It IS Brighton Beach, Brooklyn — but it’s the Chinese quarter of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn!

      There were several other pictures Lasha could have chosen of Brighton Beach, but none of them had what she was looking for: a busy street scene with lots of people in it.

      Lucy Skipping
      (Lasha’s sister)

      1. Sorry Lucy – Frankie’s correct. I’ve lived in China – and that shot is definitely NOT Brooklyn. There are too many giveaways in the shot that say China – including the complete lack of English signage. If it was NY, most of that stuff wouldn’t be there because of City Regulations. Road signage has to be in English. Buildings would not be that close to the curb, and the overhang is very typical of China – giving pedestrian traffic some shelter from the elements. Did you ever see that in North American cities?
        If you insist that it’s Brighton Beach, then give us the Google street view co-ordinates.

      2. The YELLOW HORDE has invaded every country in the world also. Once the KIKES have been dealt with, we need to ship these LOCUSTS back to GOOKVILLE!

  7. Very interesting article, Darkmoon. While I was reading this article I thought how important it is to not jump to conclusions about these “terrorist events,” but to do the research and make the right connections. I am old enough to remember the coming of the Russian Jews to my own metropolitan area. It would probably be a mistake to assume that all Russian Jews are directly connected to the Russian mafia but rather are connected by degrees of separation. The first hint of this I heard in my own area was the Jewish Orthodox connection to the ecstasy drug trade.

    Anyway, it would be a mistake for Congress to pass this law that Barbara Boxer is sponsoring that would allow Israelis to come into the country without VISAs or something like that–not sure. And our government has got to stop sub-contracting police and security operations to Israeli companies. The whole idea of the Israelis getting these jobs in the U.S. makes my blood freeze.

    If Seymour is a real, deal Jewish American then his views express the naive attitude of most Jews and probably most Americans to the Jewish mafia. I’ve tried and can’t figure it out. Probably a lot of Jewish Americans and upper and upper- middle class Americans benefit from the current crime wave indirectly–the stock market is sky high due to “quantitative easing” for example. It could be that the whole structure is based on crime and would come tumbling down if the crimes stopped.

  8. An interesting thesis, that the Boston Marathon terrorist event was organised by the Jewish Mafia as a warning and prod to the US government to attack Iran. However, this doesn’t explain why (a) it would be necessary if the Jews hold the casting vote in Washington in any case and (b) it was such a poorly staged farce, brimming with such obvious anomalies that might risk upturning the cart.

    It is nice to think there are hidden “white hats” in influential positions struggling away to thwart the machinations of the Zionist scourge and its robot minions before the end zone, the prime directive to prevent at all costs the order issuing for massive Iranian strike with extreme prejudice. I’m more inclined to think it makes a good narrative for a video game, but that the actual situation is somewhat more dire.

    1. Barry, the sheer amateurishness of the Boston Marathon bombing is exactly what the Jews would want to deflect attention from themselves. “Ah, if the Jews had been behind this,” you are saying, “it would have been a damn sight more sophisticated!”

      Good point, but there’s a flaw in your logic.

      How does a smart murderer commit the “perfect murder”? He makes it look as if the murder were committed by a bungler. No one would dream a genius was behind the murder precisely because he has made it look like only a fool could have done it.

      If Mossad were behind the Boston bombing, for example, the last thing they would wish is to give is to give it a sophisticated Mossad “signature”. They’d try and make it look amateurish. The work of two no-hoper patsies.

  9. Well, this article certainly puts a new light on the whole “conspiracy theory” angle. Americans assume all too easily that terrorist acts like the Boston Marathon bombing are acts of revenge by disgruntled Muslims for America’s pro-Israel foreign policy.

    Darkmoon has come up with a new idea: these terrorist acts are what the Jewish mafia does when it runs a “protection racket”. If you don’t give them a whole lot of money on a regular basis, they destroy your property. If you pay up, only then are you safe and they pretend to “protect” you.

    It’s exactly the same with Big Jewry, the Jewish neocons who call the shots in America: if you DON’T bomb Iran, if you REFUSE to do what they say and attack Syria, they make sure the government understands how angry they are and they arrange for a nice little false flag attack. Like on the blood-drenched streets of Boston.

    Such terrorist attacks send a message to the Obama government. They are a veiled threat. BOMB IRAN — OR ELSE!

    The neocons are outsourching their violence to the Judeo-Russian mafia, which in turn is hiding behind the Chechen mafia. No matter what happens, the Jews come out looking squeaky clean.

    Ask yourself: who has a MOTIVE for these attacks on America? Only the Jews. Unless they get their war in Iran, there will be more bloodshed on the streets of American cities. Darkmoon’s caption to the Boston Marathon pic is spot-on:


    Lasha, thanks for joining the dots for us. You have spotted something we all should have seen. This is the best account I’ve read explaining the connection between the Boston Marathon bombing and the planned destruction of Syria and Iran.

    1. im sorry i dont buy it,the problem is much much more dire i am afraid as someone eluded to above ,i live here in boston and it is not some shadowy group of russian jew mafia figures trying to intimidate the system, they are the system,
      lly 100% entrenched in medai government finance wall st, obama top donors are all jewish billionaires from chicago ,jews are totally in charege of all our financial regulatory agencies ,our state department ,they write the policy in their think tanks like the PNAC they dont have to use petty crap like this to intimidate these people ,this makes it seem like a small group subverting things, to me it is way beyond that ,these people dont need to be threatened they are ideologically subverted 100% through media money etc ,they are already on board with whatever their jewish masters have planned for them to do
      im not sure the whole thing is not staged event with amputee crisis actors with full complicity of the authorities
      look into uncle ruslans ties to CIA he was married to the daughter of top CIA official gharam fuller
      look into “strategic operation” website, look into urban shield these people are all fucking psychopaths jews have an uncanny talent for finding the lowest piece of dog shit on the fucking planet and elevating to the highest positions of power to do their bidding, and to the lower positions too now it seems
      ,i know 1st hand what pieces of shit they are ,criminals and pedophiles every one of them they are all compromised individuals if they are not jews themselves

      1. bullseye, boston50.

        it is not the question of good jews and bad jews but simply the jews.

        the mythical good jews don’t exist because they have long ago stopped calling themselves jews and escaped into humanity.

        (and i am not saying there aren’t any, historically the most feared and damaging opponents of judaism have been ex-jew denouncers who stared down rabbis in debates, theobald of cambridge, torquemada, brother nathaniel, benjamin friedman, etc.,)

        judaism is the stink of hell and there is neither deodorant (nor antiperspirant) that can suppress it and make it smell rosy.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Cruces Spem Meam ;

        I hold vigil for Christ in His Garden of Sorrows as the white race rejects Him for Nietzsche and Heidegger and “do your own thing”.

        I stand next to The Cross in these days of the Zionist New World Order ; A NWO most Non-Jewish whites support, some actively, others through their own immoral behavior — immoral behavior of all kinds — “do your own thing” .

        Most whites are existentialists, and most are so stupid they don’t even know it, or if they do know it, don’t know — nor do they care in the least bit — from where Existentialism originates, and the true purpose, the true eschatology, of Existentialism. Nor do they care in the least bit about the ontology of Existentialism. They only care about the metaphysics of Existentialism : “do your own thing”, “do what thou wilt”.

        While I care about my Race, on the other hand, I realize we’re not saved through Race. I see clearly the overwhelming number of whites reject the Very Faith that United Europe and the White Race in the very first place ; The Very Faith that was the very strength of the White Race. There’s only so much one man can do to talk sense to Whites.

        When the White Race was predominately Christian, the White Race reigned supreme. After the great renouncement of true Christianity , and the great acceptance and love for Existentialism, the White Race is now being attacked on all sides by our racial/spiritual enemies — and on all sides the White Race is losing.

        The White Race will continue to lose as long as the White Race rejects Christ. The silent genocide of the White Race will continue. Ultimately, only Christ saves ;
        And Only Christ can Unite the White Race as well, but most whites are too brain dead and/or selfish to realize it .

        The white race, in general, as a collective whole, has rejected Redemption and Salvation, Grace– The Light of The Holy Spirit : Christ. There’s only so much one can do to get through to them.

        So yes, Ryckaert, there is still some hope for me ; In fact, there’s nothing but Hope for me, because I place my trust on The Cross — on Christ — NOT my fellow whites, especially the “do your own thing” whites. Race is NOT my religion ; Ultimately, Christ is my Faith : Mr. Frankin Ryckaert — wisenheimer that you most certainly are.

  10. The Holocaust is real, 6 million died, anyone who says 6 million is a magic number of the Jews is a shill and hater. The Boston Bombings was by Muslims, they hate our freedoms, the Jews love our freedoms, if you think otherwise then you are antisemitic. Anyone who says crisis actors were in on the Boston Bombing false flag are liars. Abe Foxman is a greatest Jewish leader, the Holocaust was an attempt to assassinate God because the Jews are God. It is about time that all the readers of Lasha Darkmoon to realize that the Jews are God and to stop complaining about the Jews and get on their knees and beg forgiveness to the superior chosen ones.

      1. мафия-
        мы мафии, вы дебилы думаю, что мы не знаем, кто вы, что и может сообщение Ya лежит и анти semtic тона, в России они боятся нас, евреев вооруженных евреев, которые для вас carelittle анти semtic сволочи, мы вырезали ваши сердца русского кормить их, чтобы наши собаки, пришли в Одессу мудак, мы даем UA ГУЛАГ приветствую я никогда не забываю,
        Малой России, от Москвы до Лондона Telaviv, мы не боимся Ю. Pussys мальчиков задницы коровы даже кубинцы и итальянцы есть понимание, как и Нью-Йорке полиция, –


        1. TRANSLATION:
          We mafia, you morons think that we do not know who you are, and may post Ya lies and anti semtic tone, in Russia they are afraid of us, Jews armed Jews who for you carelittle anti semtic bastards, we cut out your hearts to feed the Russian them to our dogs, came to Odessa asshole, we give UA Gulag welcome I never forget,
          Little Russia, from Moscow to London Telaviv, we are not afraid Yu Pussys boys ass cow even the Cubans and Italians have an understanding of how and New York police –

          Only fools are “not afraid”. Thus they live a violent but short life.

        2. You are as much Russian as I am a Jew. You can’t even write properly.

          Listen here jew: The current year in Russia is 7521. Your time in Russia has come to an end. The true Russian history is emerging, healing many people from Talmudic poison. And all those people are getting very eager to force-feed your lot with Zyclon-B.

          You are not welcomed in Russia, not even as fertilizer. That’s why you are hiding your jewish ass somewhere in US or Israel.

          And remember this, jew, – no one is afraid of your jewish filth here in Russia. You jews is just a bunch of dastardly, cowardly parasites – you are not a warriors. Hell, you are not even a humans.

          And no real Russian or Ukranian can stand a Jew. You are too filthy. Forget about Big Russia or Little Russia – it is NOT YOUR HOME and NEVER
          WILL BE.

          P.S. About your “jewish home”:
          Long time ago (964 a.d.) Knyaz Svetoslav has destroyed your little jewish kaganat called Khazaria, and it looks like we need to finish your current one
          called Israel. You have no HOME on this planet, jew. Get lost filth.

          Никто тебя не боится, обрезанный урод. Закрой свою вонючую пасть и
          пиздуй к своим ублюдкам в жидовию. На Руси вас всех ждёт смерть.
          Хотя… и в Израиле тоже. Сдохни сволочь.

  11. Fellows, the Pseudo Republic of the United States is a Zionist fabrication creation project. You should know by now they control everything there. EVERYTHING. What the hell, they founded the place by fully eliminating the English UK element and that fiasco of the so called 13 Colonies Revolution. Remember that Talmudic Club in the 18th century passing as Freemasons. Sure you know their names. These Khazars started looking around in the second half of the 17th century. The completion of the Criminal Business Corporation known as the USA was consolidated fully in 1871. Look for Lisa Giulani’s article at Peter Meyer’s website She got it all hands down on that piece. Yes fellows, the USA is not a country, not a nation, don’t make me laugh Empires disappeared centuries ago. What we have today are territories founded as corporate businesses. That’s what the USA is: A Corporation manufactured by ZION.

  12. “When the Judeo-Russian mafia and the Rothschild-controlled banksters, who are ultimately behind this vast criminal organization, want the American government to do something which the government is hesitant to do—for example, to bomb Iran—it will give the government a sign of its displeasure by staging a terrorist event. Such as the Boston Marathon massacre.”

    I disagree. The Jews have far greater control over the US government then might be required by this kind of subterfuge. One needs only to review the facts. The Rothschilds passed the Federal Reserve act of 1913 that put the banks under their control and did so with almost no opposition. Jews got America into WWI putting Woodrow Wilson up for election and then splitting the vote with Teddy Roosevelt to assure an obvious victory. They have been using this type of close/split vote chicanery ever since to convince the American sheeple the voting system works. Most recently they used it with Ross Perot and again with Ron Paul. As with Roosevelt, both times the split vote candidate simply disappeared from the election after the vote was effectively split. Wilson was elected as a patsy that would get Amercia into WWI. Later they forced Amercia into WWII using the election victory of Roosevelt over the assassination of Huey Long. Now they have managed to elect minority president for two terms to govern a majority white population. One only needs look again at the photograph of the jew administrator Rham Emanuel whispering in the golden Negro’s ear to confirm where the real power behind the presidency lies. The Protocols make it quite clear that rule by administration is preferred to direct leadership. Jews view white societies as a psychopathic scientist might view a Petri dish. We are their experiment. They take great delight applying their murderous stimulus to see how we react. The moment I saw Waco, I realized these events were tests to measure the quantitative and qualitative effects of acts of terror. Until now, the trick has been to convince the American sheeple that it is the will of the people so as not to expose the Jew’s machinations. However the single most debilitating weakness of the jew is their unbelievable Chutzpa. In their arrogance, they are beginning to disregard any need to carefully stage these events, believing the American sheeple will accept whatever version of a story their media tells them and rightly so. Jews don’t use events like the Boston Massacre to manipulate the government, but to measure the effects and success of their programming. To say these terrorist events are jewish efforts to force the American government to act is to mislead people from the truth.

    1. Just like the ubiquitous magazine questionnaires, and Agony Aunts, from the 1970s and early 1980s. Constantly looking for feedback from the sheeple, in order to facilitate adjustments to “the Petri Dish” on the fly.

      Yep, I’m impressed by your thesis Arch Stanton.

      1. Except for the Ron Paul splitting the vote part.

        He never was close to being nominated by Repubs nor did he run as an Independant like Perot did.

        If Paul would have been allowed to be nominated, he would have done more than split the vote. 90% of youngsters would enlist and vote for him, among others like true antiwar folks, including a whole lot of women. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters and girlfriends of future deployed soldiers.

        I myself would have registered and voted for the first time since 1972 because Paul was the only single solitary candidate not promising premeditated mass murder of Iran.

        1. Yet he did effectively split the Republican vote. Same trick but the new “angle” is to spare the expense of running a full campaign. When the jews figured out he had done enough damage, they had him quietly withdraw from the elections. Note that he has disappeared into the woodwork just like other vote splitters after their function was completed. While serving to take the public’s pulse, people like Paul, Limbaugh, Beck and others serve as a safety valve. Instead of doing something people sit back to bitch and agree with these shills.

          1. And Senator RAND Paul is certainly Monsanto’s lackey, now. Proof of your suppositions, Mr. Stanton.

          2. No he didn’t.
            They robbed Paul blind, Arch.
            Right in front of God and everyone.
            It’s in living color on tape and live TV, several instances of blatant law/rule breaking.

            That the M$M and the Republicans didn’t make a fuss or even really want to hear it speaks volumes about them. No need to conjure nefarious manipulators there.

            The miscreants at times must enjoy their day off laughing as the boobs self censor and stifle themselves – AKA – sometimes apathy and self censoring behavior is just that.

    2. @Arch Stanton

      Whatever they use it for, it certainly DOES “measure the success and effects of their programming” !!! The stupidity of Boobus Americanus never ceases to amaze….

      Well said!

    3. i agree they all have to go every last one these people ,the entire system and their families down to their pet goldfish been to be rounded up and exterminated bolshevick style fight fire with even hotter fire ,bankers ,police ,media politicians jews , burn the whole lot of em,start today
      nothing will get rid of these parasites short of something drastic like armed revolution and or a global strike ,or at least a national strike , stop working for at least a month and stop paying taxes , if they still refuse to get out start shooting

  13. For those who still believe the most monstrous lie in history, i.e. the Hollowhoax, I urge you to do your homework. Watch these videos and then see how many points you can rebut with fact. Of course for the Jewish trolls, class is dismissed.

  14. The state of Israhell will do anything to bring down one country at a time in the Middle East! This was proven 9-11-01 and daily in Palestine! Know this, we are ALL Palestinian to them!
    Meet the Woman Who Stopped War Against Iran (Excellent Video Documentary)
    Press TV’s documentary program “Untold Truths” reveals documentary film about the life and experiences of former White House Middle East policy adviser, Gwenyth Todd, who has escaped to Australia to keep safe from FBI prosecution and death.

  15. This article is more darkmoon fear mongering with little facts, crap sources and doesn’t make it’s main point at all.

    How does this make sense:

    ‘Unless we bomb Iran, these Bolshevik Jews will continue to terrorize America. As they once terrorized Tsarist Russia. They will make us look impotent fools, because obviously we can’t control them. So we’d better do as they say—we’d better bomb Iran.’

    Yeah, that’s unbeatable logic, ok…

    The Russian mob are so ruthless, they STAGE killings? How stupid.

    You don’t show any evidence linking the russian mob to Boston. What a waste of time.

    But thats an amazing article, wow! You even quote jews, amazing! You are just the best, such a great writer blah blah, who writes this rubbish?

    Like Kaminski, you are all style and no substance. But you make people feel something, so you are a great writer, yawn.

    Get a job in hollywood, if you don’t already have one.

  16. @Spoonfed:
    You missed the point.
    There was a drill going on at the Boston Marathon – just the same as on WTC 9-11 and London 7-7. One of the bombs was relatively harmless and was where all the staged actors were assembled. The second bomb was the real one, planted by one of the middle-eastern looking guys dressed as a Craft operative. His black backpack had disappeared in a second pic taken after the explosion. The Tsarnaev brothers had been part of the drill, and therefore had no reason to be nervous about anything – until it became clear that they were being set up to take the fall a few days later.

    The fact that Uncle Ruslan immediately dissed them as losers should have raised some suspicions. His CIA connections with Graham Fuller raised a huge red flag – and yet the MSM ignores this. I wonder how Ruslan felt about his nephew Tamarlan marrying an infidel woman – outside of the social and religious confines of the family? I know of a Punjabi Sikh who married a white Canadian against his family’s wishes. One of their wedding gifts was an electric kettle containing semtex. The kettle was plugged in with predictable results.

    Meanwhile, the Israelis have used a nuclear warhead on the Syrians – and no-one in the MSM is saying anything about it.
    One good bombing deserves another – right?

  17. With extensive holdings in Israel, Semion Mogilevich, “single-handedly controls the brothels in Israel, where Ukrainian and Russian girls are forced into sexual slavery.”

    looking at his kindly visage, he reminds me of my grandfather, surely he is death camp survivor.
    he survived for two reasons only: he was thousands of miles from the nearest one and there weren’t any to start with besides.
    how lucky he was, to have escaped by skin of his dentures.
    but it left a lasting trauma on poor, sensitive semyon and he had to take it out in form of sexual perversions, like the midnight porter guy.

    don’t be too quick to judge him, just because he abuses thousands of underage sex slaves and owns a bunch of nuclear weapons, he is a humble bruiser underneath, goes to synagogue, stuffs himself on hamantaschen every purim, like a regular josef.

    yes, there are good jews out there, virginia, tons of them.

  18. Jews are already in complete control of the U.S. government and have been for a long time. The Jews did 9/11 to overthrow the rule of law. (After all, what good is it to control the U.S. government if a system of constitutional “checks and balances” prevents you from doing what you want with it?

    So the Jews did 9/11; and that, and the subsequent fraudulent “War on Terror” were the pretext to trash the Constitution, consolidate unaccountable power in the executive branch, erect a domestic police state, and then proceed to use U.S. military, economic and political power to beat the independent world into submission.

    Basically the Jews have launched a race war against the non-Jewish balance of humanity, for control of the world. (They’re creating a geopolitical seat of power – preparing a place – for their “king”; i.e., the so-called “anti-Christ”.)

    Anyway, you obviously cannot run the world from any kind of political platform remotely resembling a “constitutional republic”, thus we no longer have one.

    As the pursuit of the Jewish agenda for global governance (or bust) not only becomes more obvious, but continues to destroy us morally, economically, politically and even physically, our Masters will need to abolish the 2nd amendment (just like the rest of the document) and minimize our ability to fight back – once we hit the tipping point where people realize they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting back.

    Basically they are attempting to disarm and weaken us (physically and psychologically) in a manner analogous to the way in which they weaken their international victims by way of internal destabilization and “sanctions”.

    Clearly, the “Boston Marathon bombing”, just like the staged “Sandy Hook Massacre” was merely another false-flag act of terrorism and the Tsarnaev brothers were patsies.

    We’ve seen the same pattern, over and over again so many times that it should be obvious by now: For example, the alleged anthrax killer Bruce Ivins (LOL!) makes military grade anthrax, but instead of deploying it, say, in the ventilation system of a large government office building (like a “real” “terrorist” would have) he uses it in an almost benign, childish manner; killing only a few people rather than the few hundred or few thousand people he could’ve, with thoughtful deployment.

    Likewise with the plane (or missile or whatever it was) that hit the Pentagon. The plane does some acrobatic maneuvers that experienced pilots would have trouble doing…just so it could hit the building in precisely the spot that would cause the fewest casualties? Yeah, right.

    Then there’s the so-called “underwear bomber” (who somehow manages to board an international flight with neither a passport nor a security check) who somehow got himself some PETN – a powerful and relatively easy to detonate high explosive, yet he can’t bring the plane down because he has no (easily made) detonator?

    The Tsarnaev brothers allegedly used a sophisticated remote control detonator in their “bomb”, yet they chose to use what was perhaps the most expensive, least effective, most technically risky explosive, i.e., “black powder” when they could’ve easily used ammonium nitrate or chlorate based explosives. See a pattern here?

    A “real” terrorist attack would’ve used a real bomb with a real explosive, not a Hollywood type flash/bang pyrotechnic device using “black powder”.

    The Boston Marathon bombing was another staged act of terror with patsies and was just another in a long line of such attacks, part of the incrementalist methodology being employed to disarm us psychologically and physically.

    1. Why DIDN’T they go for big numbers in any of these latest operations?

      BTW, the prima facie obvious controlled demolition of WTC-7 is the smoking gun which reveals the basis of not just 9/11, but of every false-flag psyop the kikejews have ever pulled.

      Folks should stay on point with this fact!

      1. Why DIDN’T they go for big numbers in any of these latest operations?

        Simply put … it is because ‘they’ know it is not necessary.

        The American public are the most easily spooked populace on planet earth. A clear majority are way too attached to living a closeted life … devoid of reality … fogged by the illusion of plenty.

        I came to this conclusion, independently, way back in the 1980s.

        Why? Well there are several reasons.

        To begin with, Amerika is entirely dominated by its womenfolk, and those manipulating that political entity from the outside, know this.

        The mean or average Amerikan male is brought-up to appear superficially strong (plenty of beefsteak in the diet to give extra height and bulk) but look under the skin and what you’ll find most of is jelly.

        Only a nation of jellybeans could have tolerated the political rise of monsters (and mentally deranged beauties) like Hillary Clinton. I refer to her as a “beauty” because back in the late 70s and early 80s she was a beauty (IMHO) … I always had a ‘boner’ when looking at her.

        Any entity dominated by its women is rendered hyper-emotional. When you are hyper-emotional, you can be “played” like a harp.

        To put an end to this morass, something far more radical has to be attempted. There is no other way. The US Congress is dead, so voting is a complete waste of time. In fact, it has been that way ever since JFK had his brains blown out in public view.

        1. Most American women one encounters nowadays are just closet whores. There is no loyalty among most of them, and they are always demanding an unreasoning “equality” as a right – not an earned priviledge. Ergo, with the help of the courts and strong-armed constabulary, they have succeeded in their quest to “control” modern American society. Their Jew feminist mentors have maneuvered them into quite an untenable position – and they’re really, really pissed about it! Of course, they have been assisted by a largely mealy-mouthed male counterpart, and HE is getting what he deserves, too. Pussies!

          No escape for America from facing its Day of Reckoning. (I call it Judgement, from an angry God. See Deuteronomy 28, which applies to true Israel.)

        2. i like your thinking, anglo-saxon, cannot find any fault in it.

          good to know that i am not a lone nut out on the tangent imagining stuff.

      2. (1) They don’t go for big numbers because they apparently feel they don’t need to. (Why take the extra risk if it’s unnecessary for the accomplishment of your goals)? And it seems they’re correct. Generally speaking, “Americans” are
        mentally-and-morally-defective-dumbed-down fools, who are simply incapable of drawing a rational conclusion from a set of unambiguous facts.

        (2) As I see it, the most obvious “smoking gun” of 9/11 was the appearance of Hymie Brown on National TV, on 9/11, who was falsely introduced as the “architect” and the “project engineer” of the WTC towers…when in reality he had nothing to do with their design and construction. Hymie then went on to make a series of demonstrably false statements about the design and construction of the towers, of course in support of the “official” Kosher version of events (i.e., according to Jew physics). In taking the risk to put imposter Hymie all over their media, the Jews apparently underestimated Goy gullibility, and took an unnecessary risk. The Hymie Brown affair, by itself, is conclusively damning, as there is simply no legitimate explanation for it.

        (3) Everything I said was “on point”.

        1. re: (2) and (3) … What is it you do not understand about prima facie?

          The obvious controlled demolition of WTC-7 is shown via multiple visual proofs (there are many perspectives). All other aspects of 9/11 can and do lead to argumentation — including yours. This is why kikejews will always direct away from WTC-7 into any other facet of 9/11, even going so far as to occasionally tell some of the truth — knowing that obfuscation through argumentation will follow.

          There is no argumentation with WTC-7 … You either see it or you don’t. Usually those who don’t are not being honest at some level.

    1. Israel is not a geographic location, hp. Israel is a people. A “nation”.

      Nowhere in the Bible (KJV or NAS) is “Israel” interchanged with “Jew”. (“Jew” is not even noted until 2nd Kings – only then in context with a completely separate nation of peoples.). You guys who purport to be so knowledgeable and toot about your religious/spiritual acumen actually demonstrate your shortcomings of formal education by not knowing much about the most widely-published book(s) in the world…. You seem to be rather more beguiled by some emaciated “guru” contemplating his belly-button while perceiving his next-of-kin to be some skinny, sacred milk cow….

      There IS a “true” Israel, and you are probably one of us. You should be happy about that.

      1. Just asking, Gilbert.

        “There IS a “true” Israel, and you are probably one of us.”

        Now I’m even more confused. I admit it.
        How about you?

  19. The HoloHoax was a hoax but 13 million Germans WERE holocausted by Jew controlled Allied military during and after WWII. See eg:
    Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. See:

    Official Red Cross Records Show Holocaust Was a Fraud? See:

    236 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement. See:

    WORLD WAR II The JEWS Declared War – AGAINST Germany! NOT the Other Way Around! See:—AGAINST-Germany-NOT-the-Other-Way-Around.shtml

    The Incredible Jewish ‘Holocaust’ Facts And Opinions Raise Serious Issues See:

    HOLOHOAX: Not mentioned by Churchill, Eisenhower or De Gaulle’s Memoirs. See:

    What do Holocaust Deniers believe? See:
    Dachau – The fraudulent stories of “extermination” and “homicidal gas chambers”. See:

    The Decalogue of Inconvenient Facts about the World War II Holocaust. See:

    Bergen-Belsen Camp: The suppressed story. See:


    The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany. See:

    A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945:

    The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes. See:

    Allied War Crimes 1941-1950. See:

    War Crimes: USA Part 1. See:

    War Crimes: USA Part 2. See:

    11 Million Germans murdered AFTER WW2.See:

    The Deliberate Starvation of Germany. See:

    Did the Allies Starve Millions of Germans? See:

    Documents on Real History: Col (retd) Gerhart Schirmer. See:

    Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans. See:

    Historical Facts About Hitler’s Germany Ignored By US And British Commonwealth Media. See:

    Did Adolf Hitler Save Europe From Communism? See:

    The Anne Frank Diary Fraud typifies the HoloHoax fraud. See:

    Jewish Lies about the German Nation: Fraudulent Nazi Quotations. See:

    Did Hitler Want War? See:

    A Last Appeal to Reason. See:

    Rethinking Hitler & National Socialism. See:

    Churchill On Jews And Hitler:

    Winston Churchill Was the Bankers’ Go’fe. See:

    England Instigated World War Two. See:

    Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude. See:

    Behind the Holocaust: What was Hitler’s unforgivable sin? See:

    Hitler’s freedom from International Debt Slavery. See:

    Germany’s Declaration of War Against the United States: Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of December 11, 194. See:

    Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2. See:

    There Was No Need For World War II. See:

    Rudolf Hess: The Führer’s Deputy. See:

    And there’s plenty more where these references came from.

  20. Great Piece Lasha,

    Ignore all the idiot Jews in the thread above. There is an enormous and ongoing documentation that Jewish gangsters across all continents coordinate crime sprees against their Gentile hosts. It is simply their nature:

    Just Jews acting like criminal Jews. Without Christ… there is only Jew lies, scams and crimes.

    1. CSR! The one and only. I miss you, brother. I hope everything is going well with you. God Bless.

  21. @Joe
    This is a bit late, and not as important as what is being discussed in this article, but the Latin saying is not “Cruces Spem Meam” but “Crux Spes Mea” (“The Cross [is] my hope”)

  22. This well-thought-out article brings to realization that America’s government has been just about completely transformed into a vehicle of organized crime. The enormity of that circumstance is very sobering, indeed. Like it or not, it certainly fits the profile of a “Divine judgement”: demon-possessed torment. A plague. A disease. A rotting corpse. Every act seems aimed at destruction….

    1. Thank you for a very informative article. It is mostly true except that the Boston Marathon bombing was a drill and that the “victims” were actors, fake amputees, fake blood and fake dead people. The US administration planned it along the Jewish mafia.

  23. @Darrell

    I’m glad you’re an expert on Latin — then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    All my posts/comments have been germane to the discussion, by the way, Darrell, weisenheimer you most certainly are.

  24. This is the authorized version of Mein Kampf​Hitler-MeinKampf-FordTrans.pdf
    Because the CI movement has plagarized it and inserted the quote

    And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.” Which does not appear anywhere except from the wikipedia version used by CI and John Friend on his blog to use Adolf Hitler to promote their christian filth This proves that John Friend is a liar and a fraud and has to be shunned by the National Socialist movement.

    1. “CI” is nothing more than an unintended result of observing Scripture for what it actually reads, rather than what some “professional pastor” (26USC501(c)(3))
      tells one it reads… What I perceive from it is that CI (Christian Identity) people confuse the roots of being Israelite with being “Christian”. The two do not necessarily coincide. To explain further requires voluminous effort, so will be foregone, here. However, if you take the time to ponder it in the first place, you likely understand my brief effort at articulating the difference.:)

    2. @ Protocols of Christianity

      I am getting a 404 Error when following that URL.

    3. @ Protocols of Christianity

      “And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

      I’ve lost count of all the alleged “fake” quotes by Jews as well as non-Jews. How do we know this Hitler quote is a fake quote? Just because you don’t like it, it becomes inauthentic, right?

      Take this paragraph by Darkmoon right at the end of her article:

      Never forget what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Jonathan Pollard on exiting the spy’s prison cell after a friendly visit in 2002: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States it can dry up and blow away.”

      Well, that’s another quote whose authenticity has been questioned. It’s a damn embarrassing quote which shows the Jews in a very poor light, so it naturally becomes a “fake” quote — something Netanyahu never said. According to Jews, that is.

      Lasha is well aware that the authenticity of this quote has been questioned—this is perhaps the second or third time she’s quoted it—and each time she provides a link leading to multiple sources rather than one specific source.

      So many Hitler quotes are said to be fakes. Who knows the truth? How can anyone decide which the “authentic” version of Mein Kampf is? Who has the final say on this matter — David Irving or Abe Foxman?

  25. Would somebody wipe these filth off the map and existence itself.

    In retrospect, Hitler did a favor to mother Russia (and Europe) by cleaning it from these refuse.

    1. I wouldn’t like to think you are being serious. Your reservations about Jews would carry more weight if expressed with greater delicacy.

      1. you should provide an example of what you mean, e.g.,

        haman’s ears (hamantaschen) are a famous jewish delicacy.

    2. One further reflection, I think you must be joking. So I retract my criticism. A word of advice though. The sense of humor is to be used more wisely lest it give needless offense. Let your jesting delight, not disgust, your audience.

        1. Josephine Scheckel is absolutely correct in her advice above.

          Those who want to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth are those who never seem to ever give any thought to how there are so many Non-Jews who love the Jewish agenda .

          Plenty of Non-Jews around who are unscrupulous. Maybe they’re not as intense as those Jews who are causing trouble, nonetheless, such immoral, unscrupulous Non-Jews aid and abet the Jewish trouble-makers : Very much so.

          Romney and Hagee– just two example out of millions — are just as war-mongering as any of the war-mongering Jews.

          All the ‘Christian” pastors who threw out their old bibles in the garbage, for example, for the Jew Zionist’s Scofield bible, knew Exactly what they were doing. They were NOT duped. They knew fully well what they were doing.

          All the “Christian” lawmakers who signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Knew Exactly what they were doing. They were NOT duped.

          We’re all given free will and volition. Lots of Non-Jews who love the Jewish-Zionist agenda. That’s the Real problem : all the Non-Jews who aid and abet the Jewish trouble-makers.

          1. Congratulations for making a sensible post for once. I’m also glad to see that you are posting less often and giving other people a chance to be heard. For your own sake and for others on this serious website, please try to be less of a disruptive attention seeker. Thank you.

  26. @Josephine

    Elvis is dead but holocaust revisionist David Cole is still alive!

    Found this news of his ‘resurrection’ at:

    (…) Hollywood conservative unmasked as notorious Holocaust revisionist

    Republican Party Animals operator David Stein says he is really David Cole, and that he still holds controversial views (…)

    (…) Stein was not who he claimed. His real name can be revealed for the first time publicly – a close circle of confidants only found out the truth recently – as David Cole. And under that name he was once a reviled Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. He changed identities in January 1998.

    “That was when David Cole officially expired,” he told the Guardian in an interview this week. “That was the end of Cole. Or so I thought. That was when David Stein was brought into this world.

    For 15 years I have been David Stein. Now the genie is out of the bottle. I’m done. I am not trying to remain as David Stein (…)

    (…) The recanting was fake, he said. Cole today still challenges established Holocaust scholarship, including the certainty about Nazi gas chambers (…)

    As Stein, however, he shielded his views, not least during the next stage of his career odyssey: the maker of respectable, conventional Holocaust documentaries. He knew the subject, needed an income and US schools and universities had budgets to commission such projects. He said: “I gave mainstream audiences what they wanted.” (…)

    @frankly Speaking google: David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary

    Would like to hear this Stein speak, a human voice will not alter much over the years.

    CIA O

    1. (….) Born in 1968 in Los Angeles to liberal, secular-minded Jewish parents, Cole’s father, Leon, was a doctor who became controversial for introducing Elvis Presley to Demerol. “He was accused of hooking Elvis on drugs, of killing Elvis.” (…) > The Guardian article of 3 may

      Btw : Elvis was jewish
      (…) Elvis was a student of Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship, and became a friend of its then worldwide head, Sri Daya Mata, whom he affectionately referred to as ‘Ma’ (…)

      So, enough off topic.

      CIA O

      1. You are forgiven for going off topic occasionally. The only criterion for a post should be: is it interesting? An interesting off-topic post is certainly better than a boring on-topic one.

        1. Cole=Stein

          I remain as proud to be associated with the Republican Party Animals as I am to be a member of the Jewish faith. It is David Cole’s own fault that he betrayed both of those great gifts bestowed upon him.

          Read more:

          It could open up the whole holosoap industry in the nationwide in the USA.

          CIA O

  27. CANADA – YOU ARE FORGETTING CANADA, a country which has also been totally hijacked from within.

    1. Darkmoon was dealing with the stranglehold that the Judeo-Russian mafia has in America, not in Canada. Sure, Canada is under the thumb of the Jews also. No denying that. But are they mafia Jews from Russia? I’m not so sure about that.

      Huge numbers of these Russian Jews gravitated to one place in America: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. From there they spread to other areas, particularly Miami and Denver.

      The Chechen mafia, with which the Jewish Russian mafia has close links, has its fiefdom in Boston and Oregon, where they run most of the brothels. As Darkmoon indicated in her article, these brothels lie underground.

      1. parts of greater toronto are under occupation by russian jews, aurora, richmond hill, concord, vaughan township, etc.

        over 20 years ago i met one newly arrived from odessa, who within month or so was running a manufacturing plant filled by work orders from the us department of defense.

        1. Well, well, the problem is far worse than we thought then. Looks like a plague of locusts hitting the north American continent en masse.

  28. from the “more or less related” department:
    the top five drugs provoking the most litigation are antidepressants.
    does anyone have any idea who or what causes such pandemic levels of depression and who profits the most?

    on a whim, i looked up the manufacturer of two of them, celexa and lexapro, Forest Laboratories and who are the major owners.
    one is carl icahn, with over $1.5 billion worth of stock, and the biggest is WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT CO LLP (look up nasdaq institutional portfolio) owned mostly by other drug manufacturers, merck, pfizer, eli lily, j&j, united health group …

    health, i mean, illness is business, which is to say that health is bad for business and therefore unamerican.

    healthy people should be targeted by patriot act and investigated by homeland security/chertoff associates.

    sir, it has come to our notice that you are not depressed and we would like to ask you some questions in that regard,
    sorry, i was only smiling because i watched some jewish comedian last night,
    oh, in that case you are in clear

  29. Interesting article. I think that some of the comments are a bit harsh. We should look at the deeds that people do, not at the colour of the T shirt, or focus our eyes on the logo. All natural creatures would get on well together if left alone. Peace. Love

  30. A Surinam maroon friend of mine who knew Klaas Bruinsma -the Dutch drugbaron, shot in 1991 who was together with Mabel Wisse Smit, presently wife to coma Friso- went to Israel with jew maffia friends. He told me the israeli police said to the jew mafiosi at the policestation:

    OK , do all crime abroad, not in Israel. They were serious. No jewjoke.

    CIA O

  31. @ Berenice (speaking to Gabreal Jones)

    “You are forgiven for going off topic occasionally. The only criterion for a post should be: is it interesting? An interesting off-topic post is certainly better than a boring on-topic one.”

    I beg to differ. People shouldn’t be allowed to go off-topic just because you happen to think that what they say is “interesting”. To a person of my intellect and education, irrelevancy is a severe disorder, and it can never be redeemed by saying “that’s interesting”.

    In one of my classes on biology once, while I was in the midst of explaining Darwin’s theory of evolution, a student interrupted me by saying, “God made the sun and the rain and he made all the species too.”

    I was so disgusted with that student that I ordered him to leave the room at once. I will not tolerate such irrelevant observations in my classes. They threatren discipline and reverse the natural order of teacher and student, superior and subordinate. They are a threat to the value system based on hierarchy.

      1. Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to say. I know nothing about sewing.

        1. @sardonutcase says: May 15, 2013 at 11:09 am

          (…) I enjoy jewish jokes (..)….

          @Josephine Scheckel & Hide

          The ‘biologist teacher’ JS does not understand niente, nothing, nada, that’s clear.

          Only a nit like sardonutcase would dip his pen in this ‘academic’ deformed slit .

          h.a.n.d. have a nice day

          CIA O

  32. The problem with Nazis en Zio’s , I prefer to cal them zionides, since they are Nazis in playing a victim role (the holosoap and we have been sent out of all the fucking classrooms). The Nazi’s are plain/straightforward Ubermenschen.

    Both are caught in the sm hierarchy, slave-master, sado masochitic gameplayers.

    To them life is a gaschamber, no orgasm in the gaschamber.

    Smash the door, open fresh air, CS Central Station, CS Caring Sharing.

    James, a coup détat in the USA please. Thank you.

    CIA O

    cia o

    1. Old news Gabber! Core of our problem must lie at the root: AshkeNAZIs.

      The NSDAP (National Socialists) never called themselves “Nazis”.

      We should not tolerate any longer, anyone seeking to diminish or slander the great German, Germanic, and Nordic peoples of this world.

  33. Everyone should know by now that That America is owned by Israel. They have infiltrated every aspect of Gov. here. Local, State and Fed. As well as complete control of media and banks. This country has been “brainwashed” over the last hundred yrs to think , act and consume our ways to ruin.whether that be financially, morally or spiritually .. and now Americans have gotten to the point where they believe good is bad and bad is good..totally backasswards. And our Nation has been deceived and has devolved to a point where we are now in too much debt to get out of. Israel owns this country and doing a very good job at running it down to the ground like they have always planned to do. And not just us..EU, Russia and many more countries as well until there is a one world gov. which will be run by a Jew (antichrist?) and Jews in general. He who has the most $$$ wins. And it’s not US.

  34. Amazing and detailed story Lasha! It’s not just those we know who are behind the tyranny in America, but those we don’t know about.

    Need to read this thriller book about why decent Americans no longer trust their government & take a stand against federal tyranny (congress controlled by others) so I recommend it. ( ). It’s a must read.

    After AP press being spied on by our government and opponents being targeted by the IRS I am seeing an awaking of Americans of a strong discontent.

  35. I understand completely you must “moderate” my posts — as I can very quickly take over the whole website as I did the other day [ it was Saturday, I believe] with my intelligence, my wide and deep range of knowledge, my stinging rebuttals to all the trouble-makers and lovers of didactic incitement, those who simply love and cling to the Hegelian Dialect handed down to us from the ruling-class of the world.

    So, I understand fully why you moderate my posts — and only put a few posts up here-and-there, as it suits your over-all agenda. Still, my posts today in No way interfere with your agenda of didactic incitement and keeping the Hegelian Dialect status-quo.

    If anything, my posts today would add some spice to the over-all didactic incitement Darkmoon is famous for , not that didactic incitement is my objective — it most certainly is not ; That’s exactly why you’re not letting my posts through — because I don’t play the Hegelian Dialectic game. Very unfair of the webmaster, I think.

    It’s not my fault I am so intelligent I can take over your website in about an hour if given free reign, so I understand the “moderation” of my posts. Today, however, you’re going over-board with the refusal to post my comments — my comments today in NO way interfere with your over-all agenda ; Though I do freely admit my posts Saturday — all the ones you deleted — were meant to undermine Darkmoon’s agenda.

    So, I understand. Still, today you all are going over-board with the “moderation” thing.

    1. @ Joe

      We have no objection to the content of your posts, what we object to is their obsessive frequency. On Saturday, every single comment listed on the homepage was by “Joe”. TEN consecutive comments! You had chased everyone else way.

      Don’t think for a moment that the posters here are impressed by your “cleverness”. Or that they are madly jealous of your towering genius. They see you as no more than an obsessive attention seeker.

      People come here to discuss politics, not you. Take a back seat and learn self-effacement. Or we’ll be forced to pull the plug on you.

      Lucy Skipping,
      Assistant Edtor

    2. The fact is “Joe” … you have serious mental problems. What you write is likely ignored by most sensible visitors to

      Just as soon as I’d read your third screed, you were ‘tagged’ irrelevant.

      I’d suggest you are having zero intellectual effect. You have only succeeded in turning yourself into a moronic nuisance. If I was the moderator, I’d leave you shell-shocked.

    3. @Joe,

      “…with my intelligence, my wide and deep range of knowledge, my stinging rebuttals to all trouble-makers (sic) and lovers of didactic incitement…”

      “…It’s not my fault I am so intelligent I can take over your website in about one hour if given free reign…”

      Joe dear, are you living in an institution where some of the inmates think they are “God” and others think they are “Napoleon”? If so, please tell your guardians that we consider it bad policy of their institution to let their patients have access to computers.

      You are causing trouble all over the Internet and you have been banned from many sites already, and still you continue. I don’t know how to call your disorder, but perhaps Obsessive-Compulsive Internetosis would be an apposite term.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        It’s true — I’ve been “banned” from a lot of websites [for my truthful posts] but yesterday I made the Big Time — Henry Makow likes me. I made the Big Time.

        Nazis and Southern Secessionists hate me, though. I know too much about the role of Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews in building the “Aryan” Third Reich, starting with the Muslim Brotherhood, what happened to Catholics in Poland, etc.

        So I get banned. I don’t lose any sleep over it.

        I still think less articles about Jews and more articles about Mormons, Shriners, Alzafars, and other various types of Freemasons, would be a lot more fun than talking about Jews 24/7.

        1. Sure, it’s more “fun” talking about the Eskimos. Let’s leave the Jews out of it. I bet Makow loved you referring to the Jews as “Freemasons” and “Illuminati”.

          Best not to mention the J-word, right?

          1. you have no sense of fun, sardonicus, even the best goyim should be killed, don’t you get it, bwahaha.

            what about the time when a kraut mennonite stepped on the rake and it whacks him on the nuts while islamofascist gestapo illuminati roll on das floor laffink, herr doktor mengele goes “oy-vey, now du vill remain un hunchbak forrevah” (scratch “oy-vey”, replace by “insha’allah”) .

            ya, so much more fun dan talmud, immer gotterdammerung talmud i yam so zick of it.

        2. The idea that “Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews” have built the Third Reich is one of your most ridiculous thoughts. But I’m sure Henry Makow will like you for that. According to him it is only a small group of Jewish bankers (“illuminati”), ultimately derived from the Sabbateans, who are the cause of most of the world’s problems, while the rest of the Jews are all innocent (how convenient). So if you two can work together you can form a follie a deux and save the Jews in the process. Mazzel tov!

          1. Where’re all the posts I wrote today? How come I’m not “allowed” to defend myself — present my case, and make my argument fair and square?

          2. indeed … there are thousands of lying agencies employing hundreds-of-thousands of jews … consider, worldwide, all the newspapers, tv stations, publications companies, educational texts, and now internet ziotroll divisions … the numbers may be closer to tens-of-thousands of lying agencies employing millions of jews

            are they all rothschilds?

          3. @ flying cossack,

            Exactly. It is not only the elite Jews that are the problem, the whole tribe is. They work together as one coordinated criminal organization, that’s why I call them an ethnic Mafia. If a Jew is personally not engaged in subversive activities, then at least he is willing to lend a helping hand as one of the sayanim. Thus it makes sense to talk about collective Jewish guilt.

          4. “They work together as one coordinated criminal organization, that’s why I call them an ethnic Mafia…. Thus it makes sense to talk about collective Jewish guilt.”

            Very well put. I agree with most of what you say, but I confess I have a problem with this sweeping condemnation of ALL Jews as being essentially evil.

            I’m forced to ask the same old boring question: are there no exceptions?

            What about guys like Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shahak? What about Jews who convert to Christianity and completely reject the Talmudic worldview of Jewish supremacy?

            Did you know that St John of the Cross and St Teresa of Avila, two of the greatest Catholic saints, were Christian converts from Judaism?

          5. @ Joe

            Where’re all the posts I wrote today? How come I’m not “allowed” to defend myself — present my case, and make my argument fair and square?

            If you look at the serious discussion going on right now between Franklin Ryckaert and Sardonicus, and other genuine posters here like Lobro and Anglo-Saxon, you will see that your own posts are not only disruptive and irrelevant but just plain silly.

            You made TWELVE consecutive posts the other day in which you jabbered on about nothing, making it clear to us that you were no more than an obsessive attention seeker.

            You’ve driven one of our best posters away: Sazzy. You pissed her off so thoroughly she blamed us for letting you post here, and so she left in a huff. We’re not going to let you drive our other posters away. This is why you are being carefully monitored. Not banned. Monitored.

            If there wasn’t something seriously wrong with you, why have you been banned by every other site?

            Good luck with Makow!

            Lucy Skipping
            (Assistant Editor)

          6. @ Sardonicus,

            “…I have a problem with this sweeping condemnation of ALL Jews as being essentially evil…”

            I can understand that. Neither do I condemn ALL Jews individually, but I think collectively their influence is on balance negative, especially when you are talking about JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS. Have you noticed that most negative developments in the US have been overwhelmingly supported by nearly ALL Jewish organizations? To name a few : abortion, gay marriage, open borders, “immigration reform”, gun control… All Jewish organizations also plead for amnesty for mega-spy Jonathan Pollard (revered as a “hero” in Israel)and insist on a war with Iran (which may lead to a catastrophic Third World War). These organizations are lavishly funded by Jewish citizens. Not all Jews are criminals, but Jewish criminals can always count on support from the Jewish community at large (in Israel they are not extradited). Successful Jewish criminals in their turn donate generously to Jewish charities, even synagogues, which accept such money without scruples. Most Jews who are themselves not engaged in criminal or subversive behavior will deny any wrongdoing of Jews in general. They will accuse you of “anti-Semitism” if you dare to suggest that.
            Jews who criticize criminal Jewish behavior do exist ( the “good Jews”), but they are a small minority. Mostly they will be expelled from the Jewish community or leave of their own accord. They cannot change the overall behavior of their fellow Jews. And yes, sometimes Jews can even produce a saint, but that is even more rare than the proverbial “good Jew”.

          7. @ Franklin Ryckaert

            Well, I can’t find fault with anything you say. You’re basically saying, “Not all Jews are bad, but most of them are a problem.”

            I’ve just been reading an old article of Darkmoon’s which discusses this problem rather well. Allow me to quote:

            A supporter writes this to Darkmoon in an email: “They [the Jews] are destroyers — trained for destruction like killer dogs — determined to create a hell on Earth! I don’t think I have ever heard a better description of the basic core of the issue before….”

            To this Darkmoon replies:

            [BEGIN QUOTE]

            Thanks for these kind words of encouragement. I need to remind you, however, that when I speak of the “Jews”, I mean organized Jewry — not ordinary Jews. It’s necessary to bear this distinction in mind. There are four possible statements we can make about Jews: (1) All Jews are hostile to the people and the culture of the West. (2) No Jews are hostile to the people and the culture of the West. (3) Some Jews are hostile to the people and the culture of the West. (4) Most Jews are hostile to the people and the culture of the West.

            To say that no Jews have these negative attitudes is as absurd as saying that all Jews have them. We are therefore left with a choice. Either we say that some Jews have these attitudes or that most Jews do. To say that some Jews are bad is pretty safe; most Jews would agree with that, although they would probably deny that these Jews have much influence. But just try saying that most Jews have these attitudes, and that such Jews are a critical force in creating a culture hostile to traditional Western mores and values, and you’re in deep trouble.

            Someone sent me an email the other day that said: “If Jews act hatefully, isn’t it only natural to hate them? If they make it clear they’re out to destroy you and your cherished values, doesn’t it make sense to destroy them first? In such circumstances, isn’t there a case for anti-Semitism?”

            Frankly, I didn’t know what to say. I’d never heard it put like that before.

            [END OF QUOTE]


      1. i think an even more fascinating and hotly contested list would be of the world’s poorest people and how they live.

        we live in a democracy, right? subjects to a universal god, right?
        (well, maybe not, i get confused on this point, need josephine to straighten me out on whether i am a g-d’s creature or not)

        i am sure that particular forbes issue would empty the newsstands in a minute.

        egalite, fraternite, kolnidre!

  36. Elvis wasn’t a Jew exactly. He was a mischlinge. I think he was very confused by it. I feel bad for him.

    Whatever he was, I think he had a good heart. I think his manager was evil. Elvis was too confused to put up any kind of strong resistance to his evil manager and the baneful influences of Hollywood and Vegas — Still, I think Elvis was a good person at-heart, just confused. It’s very easy to get confused and lost in this crazy world, whatever one’s background, whatever one’s genetics.

    Elvis was confused and lost, but he was a good person at-heart, struggling as we all do one way or another :

  37. The America’s are built on bloodshed, on genocide. Especially the USA.

    Let there no doubt about it, to quote Bush 2.

    (…) the European and white American destruction of the native peoples of the Americas was the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world (…)
    as historian David E. Stannard argues in this stunning- 1993 Oxford University press book.

    Where are the museums covering this – very real – holocaust?

    (…) George Washington is called the “village burner” in Mohawk because of all the villages he ordered burnt. Villages would be surrounded. As the people came running out, they would be shot, stabbed, women, children and elders alike. In one campaign alone “hundreds of thousand died, from New York across Pennsylvania, West Virgina and into Ohio”. His name graces the capital of the United States.

    The smell of death in their own backyard does not seem to bother North Americans. This is obscene (…) North American Indian Holocaust Kahentinetha Horn

    So any bloodshed to come would be the turning of the Karmic Wheel.

    (…) What’s happening here is coming to the rest of the country soon. It’s just a matter of time (…) Lakota Elder Vincent Black Feather, Pine Ridge Res. 1996.

    Jew Spielberg presides over the filmfestival of Cannes, beginning today. I would like you all to watch this doc. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won the Stanley Kubrick Award at the 2006 Traverse City Film Festival

    CIA O

    1. Yeah, George Wahington, the “Great White Father” wasn’t so great to the natives. His actions in the French – Indian War got him the gig as Commander of the Continental Army. And after he was made the 1st President, he didn’t really prove to be a friend of liberty, which was reserved for people like Paine, Franklin and Jefferson.

      And to say the blood may run cold again may indeed come to pass

      A summary:

      When Columbus got his sailing orders in 1492, its mission coincided with the original protocols in the plan to conquer 2 Continents – North and South America. They were both devised in the same year.

      The 1st order of business was to wipe out the natives, whose dirty deed was all but accomplished between the ravaging Conquistadores in the South, and virulent diseases introduced there, and East of the Mississippi in the North. The 16th Century in the Americas can be summed up as being one long, vast killing field to prepare for the next round of implementing the protocols

      The 17th Century could be called the Century of the slave. Literally and figuratively harnessing these woe-begotten human beings for the task of creating and maintaining the infrastructure in working towards the goal of an early implementation of what is now referred to as a new world order – in the so-called “New World”.

      So as the jew slave traders were busy with this physical task, the European settlers would be lured to settle in as the money-power jews furthered the plan for the enslavement of ALL, at the behest of their demonic masters.

      By the time the mid 18th Century rolled around, the final phase of these original protocols was ready to commence. This would come in the form of squelching any notions of breaking free from English (i.e.; jewish) rule by inciting the American colonists into a war. They would give them their comeuppance by soundly thrashing them on the fields of battle, and that would be the end of that.

      But a funny thing happened on the way to the fetid forum. The American “rabble” army shocked the world by defeating the “invincible” British army and the best laid plans of rats and finks, in the works for over 300 years were dashed. It would be back to the drawing board with the need for re-visiting the protocols. This galled them no end, and these American upstarts would be put down once and for all. But it wouldn’t be easy thanks to that God-Send called the Bill of Rights; a true beacon of freedom for mankind.

      The hope of course for the World was to be free once and for all from these ‘Divine and righteously chosen’ psychopaths. But the revised protocols would be highlighted by a new approach in the take-down of America – infiltrate it from within to the point of it taking down itself. No need to recant here how that has all come to pass.

      Fast forward to 2013 and where exactly do things stand? What is the would-be ‘saving grace’ for humanity?

      Darkmoon has an interesting take on what the Boston bombing may portend, yet getting into the sick mind of these controllers is a challenging one for the purpose to ‘remote view’ what the particulars of the agenda may be, let alone the timing.

      Earlier today I was watchin birds flying from tree to tree and singing to each other, and I said, yeah, I can see myself mimicing those birds, but without the predatory nature we have on this planet as it is presently constituted. I’m imagining this in the midst of pondering the totality of what it means to be in the World but not of it.

      We should be projecting the kinds of visions we want to become our reality with our words, thoughts and actions as we watch for the sights and listen to the sounds of evil destroying evil.

    1. @ Rehmat

      I have visited your Blog several times and would say you are doing very good work. Your sane and moderate ‘Islamic’ viewpoint is (inputs are) very valuable to “the debate”.

      I have occasionally attempted to post a comment but “the system” (presumably WordPress) is asking me to log-in. As I am unable to log-in, I am left thwarted. I have therefore abandoned a few draft comments under such circumstances.

      Nevertheless, I believe you are wise to control access to the means to post comments at your Blog. I would also say you do deserve more reader traffic.

      Keep at it!

      1. @Anglo Saxon

        Thanks for your encouraging words. As I understands, WordProcess asks everycommentator to log-in. On some blogs, it has failed to recognize me too. I would appreciate if you try again and comment some of my posts. I always appreciate sensible dialogue.

        Best wishes – Rehmat

  38. Reviews of David E. Stannards American Holocaust

    •”A splendid antidote to those many books on American Indian policy that tend to ignore the realities of the subject.”–Journal of American Ethnic History
    •”Superb scholarship and compellingly accessible presentation.”–Professor Benjamin R. Tong, Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies
    •”American Holocaust isa substantial addition to the library of injustice toward American Natives….From an ethical standpoint, works such as Stannard’s are necessary to counterbalance the ethnocentricities of past historical works on Natives. From an academic standpoint, the book is an interdisciplinary monument. The author has taken an incredible amount of data and applied contemporary anthropological, demographic, and historical techniques to synthesize a comprehensive piece of scholarship. American Holocaust will provide a desireble textbook for students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Finally, scholars of Indian-white relations from various disciplines will find the book a valuable resource in terms of method and content.”–Samuel R. Cook, American Indian Quarterly.”
    •”An important work that will have [Stannard] canonized by some and pillored by
    • others by the end of the Quincentennial Year. It is the product of massive reading in the important sources, years of pondering, and fury at what Europe hath wrought in America….His convincing claim is that what happened was the worst demographic disaster in the history of our species, that Old World diseases and Old World brutality reduced the number of Indians enormously and drove away many Native American peoples over the brink of extinction. How convincing are his evidence and reasoning? Very, I am unhappy to say….Nothing can be done to improve the past, but we can at least face it. David Stannard insists that we do.”–Alfred Crosby, The Boston Sunday Globe
    •”Offers a much-needed counterbalance to centuries of romantic confabulation about the explorer.”–The Los Angeles Times
    •”Honest, factual, painful, powerful, inspiring!”–Zaher Wahab, Lewis and Clark College
    • and relentless, combining a formidable array of primary sources with meticulous analysis–a devastating reassessment of the Conquest as nothing less than a holy war.”–Kirkus Reviews
    •”We need to be reminded, again and again, of what Stannard speaks of as ‘the treasure of a single life.’ Stannard
    • gives us a fine review of recent literature and a rousing, effective call to define our terms,’racism,’ ‘genocide,’ and use them to describe what happened and still happens.”–Ellen Nore, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
    •”A fascinating book, enormously impressive in its research and
    • engaging in its style….Puts the Columbus story in philosophical and historical perspective. Further, it makes connections with our own time which are unsettling and profoundly important.”–Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States
    •”A shattering realization is brought home:
    • the German holocaust was not unique in history. There is a holocaust in our American past. We owe it to its victims, and to our own future, to reflect on Stannard’s merciless book.”–Hans Koning, author of Columbus: His Enterprise
    •”In a thoroughly documented narrative, David Stannard demolishes
    • a score of historical myths, and turns American Holocaust into a searing account of what happened in the Americas after the arrival of Columbus. It is a stirring and troubling book “–Dee Brown, author of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
    •”A landmark of necessary remembering, American Holocaust
    • acutely dissects the demons driving the European invaders and presents the most compelling answer yet to the horrifying question of what it was like to be ‘discovered.'”–Richard Drinnon, author of Facing West: The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating and Empire-Building
    •”The book to read to understand
    • the last five hundred years. Stannard has courageously documented the initial and continuing genocide of natives of the western hemisphere in an irrefutable and convincing manner.”–Vine Deloria, Jr., author of God is Red and Custer Died for Your Sins
    •”A scholarly assemblage of articulate,
    • absorbing facts.”–KLIATT
    •”The book offers an outstanding synthesis of pre-Columbian Indian history and demographics across the Americas. Students should find genocide thesis to be provocative.”–Vincent Z. C. de Baea, Metropolitan State College
    •”A much needed corrective to the centuries of
    • heroizing regarding the impact of European expansion and colonization on the New World. No one can read this book and not be ashamed of the Janus face of the West’s cultural and religious roots!”–Dr. Thomas B. Andersen, St. Michael’s College
    •”Good! Makes the students think about terms such as
    • genocide, ethnocide, etc.”–Clare McKanna, San Diego State University

    CIA O

  39. all you have to do, too become free of the jews do what Hitler did he showed the way in 1933 read how he broke the bankers back and broke their power siegf

  40. joe, there is a definitive way to prove you are the smartest person in the world … and thats to solve the world’s biggest problem

    get all the accumulators to give everything back and tell the truth … its a lot cheaper to pay your debts in the 80 than in the infinite

  41. sard,

    if you bother to reread your post you will see that you have answered your own question.

    the definition of a good jew is an ex-jew, who can no longer identify himself with the tribe, i.e., who has intentionally unchosen himself, rejected and repudiated the whole inhuman program of the cave god yhwh.

    ich bin ein ex-jude, to paraphrase jfk.

    otherwise might as well search for good, honest, kindly demons of hell, lest you be accused of demon-hatemongering.

    1. The word JEW did not enter the English vocabulary till the mid 1750’s in a play. The first 5 books of the Old Testament do not mention the word JEW !
      The JEW’s in Israel are not God’s chosen people, they are Ashkenazi, Only the Tribe of Benjamin and Judah were in Israel at the time of the death of Jesus Christ and were driven out after 70 AD, to meet up with the 10 tribes who were scattered abroad.

  42. Google: A World Run by Monsters, Pimps and Prostitutes

    Esp. the last 2 paragraphs of part I. (…) Sure it was Sephardic and Askenazi that…….(…) and gives a rather correct bird’s eye view of the predator….

    But you cannot blame it all on the jews, since (…) it is always equally greedy and psychopathic “Christians” who are making those Jewish crimes possible by providing them with the necessary legal, political and military support (…)

    With that in mind, take note of and let it run in your skull macaroni, Kahentinetha Horn blasts the ghetto of truth marchers:
    (…) The smell of death in their own backyard does not seem to bother North Americans. This is obscene (…)

    Horn and the Lakota Elder translated: shrugging white posters (including the bounties: brown skin/ white mind, the Uncle Tom types) are ‘deaf’ impostors . White man whitewashing the bloodbath in which he drowned the Red man, a lousy laundry!

    No not that happened so long ago- btw collective karma is in the genes- it is still happening this very day: As you sow so shall you reap. What goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch.

    In writing this I alert you all here to avert ‘ the bloodbath to come’ this must be taken into account in a healthy discussion, et surtout:

    The Good News is this vid: Time To Wake Up We Are All One

    The prominent American Quantum scientist John Hagelin and TM exponent- (@Brownhawk, it is you who loses all credibility if you don’t yet know what MMY is all about) is realistic enough to say it will take a generation for ears to hear.

    CIA O

    1. @GJ

      My only problem with TM has to do with how the “New Age” mentality has glommed onto it. It should come with a caveat telling to beware of ‘blissing out’ in a state which says that everything in the external world of the 5-senses is only illusion, which it IS, but problems arise when “illusion” in this context is a euphemism for being dismissive of everything.

      Don’t get me wrong. The bliss you find when you turn off all the chatter and simply hone in on the pure silence of your Being is very real. I’m just mindful of always keeping a healthy perspective that knows there are those out there who relish in psychopathic thoughts of slaughtering us.

      I have a line in my book: “For its preservation, joy must carry a sword of discernment to have the edge it needs to slash away at the tendency of its blissfulness to be ignorant.”

  43. When you try to claim that ALL Jews are part of a vast conspiracy you run into the problem of explaining how hundreds of thousands of Jews got thrown under the bus in Nazi Germany by the Warburgs and Rothschilds. Not to mention whistleblower Jews, such as, Benjamin Freedman and Myron Fagan.

  44. I notice lobro hasn’t posted anything at Xymphora for a long time. He used to post there everyday. Did lobro get banned from Xymphora for being the sayanim that he truly is?

    1. Sayanim, like Goyim, is a Hebrew plural. The singular is sayan, meaning “helper”.

        1. oh-oh, somebody tipped his hand.

          so, was the use of “sayanim” in singular due to real or fake hebrew inadequacy?

          just trying to separate weed from the chaff, goyim from the chosenim, if i get it right moshe promised me a promotion, so i can post at xymphora again.

        2. Ken, yesh lecha shiga’on rosh!

          You have now been fired now from the International Jewish Troll Brigade for blowing your cover.


  45. it is a form of compliment to see that mossad online research department is keeping tabs on where i post and how often.

    also nice of them to have kept you in your cage for a while, i see that you post fewer than 400 comments per day, each one in the same breath extolling your galactic iq and how hitler is a jew and let’s stop looking at jews because joe has better things on mind, in fact he wants to have some “fun”.
    it must be bothersome because only you understand the connection between frequent posting and high iq, namely, they are one and the same, because in your case quantity equals quality.

    i think that when you did your iq test where you achieved such an astronomical score, they gave you the same question 300 times
    multiple choice of 2:
    a) hitler is a jew
    b) every jew is hitler.

    it got you so excited that they had to take your pencil away by force before you jab yourself in the eye by mistake and they lose their best, ahem, busiest poster.

    and, miracle of miracles, you got it wrong every single time, a feat of intellect never achieved before.

    1. Well, I don’t suffer from the “Flynn Effect”, as so many Israelis do, if that’s what you mean.

  46. I have read about how jews got control of retail and wholesale in Hungary. A group of merchants would subsdize on to move to a town. He his prices would be 99-cent store level. Naturally everyone would buy from the jewish store.

    Within a few years the other stores would be driven out of business. Then the jewish organization would move in and wham bang high prices, shoddy goods and of course credit offered at 400 percent interest rates.

    They did the same with wholesale. One by by one they picked off the butcher, produce market, grocery, fabric and sewing supplies, hardware store, etc etc.

  47. I have to disagree here – LD, the “Chechen mafia” did NOT carry out any terrorist attacks in America. Those kids weren’t part of any mob. The Mossad did and blamed it on devoted Chechen Muslims. Please, don’t make up lies. It was a jewish hit from A to Z.

    Go to and see for yourself the countless proofs that Auroro, Boston, Sandy Hook, and possibly London’s “beheading” as well was all staged…

    1. Yes, Absolutely Salman,,,, there is some good info in this piece, but agreed on the Chechen Mafia,,,and that these other events were “staged” ….. pointing to the Boston HOAX has called into question much of the rest of this article.

    2. You do know that there are Chechen Jews right, that work with the Judeo – Russian jews at times. All of which work with mossad and the CIA to destroy America right?? Now, it very well could have been staged, but by these pukes, get it, they were working with mossad and the CIA, you see, you need fall guys, and the intelligence agencies won’t risk being exposed for who they really are…criminals, murderers, pedophilers, drug dealers, you name it, they are it! The jewish mafia is of many different ancestries, none of which are GOD’s children, but rather children of the weak satan who controls this world, using criminal thugs like this. Understand, there is no difference between the jewish mafia and the CIA, or FBI or mossad…they are all one in the same…murdering criminals who need to wiped from OUR EARTH! They have control over the US govn’t and most others, Japan was warned by a nuclear missile from Israel’s jewish mafia to let their banksters in, and they refused so BOOM! And they called it a natural disaster, and so many fools didn’t even question it becaue they heard it on TV , the lying, bought and owned by jewish mafia media! Israel’s mossad/jewish mafia ATTACKED FUKUSHIMA and are still demanding more money…find out more of the truth here:

  48. “The Russian mafia, known also as the Red Mafiya or the “Red Octopus”, is really the Jewish mafia in disguise. It has secret links to Mossad, the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Bank, and to powerful Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL.”

    “Adolf Hitler once described America as the Jews’ “new hunting grounds”. With remarkable prescience, he saw that the state of Israel would one day develop into organized Jewry’s international crime base from which it would plunder other countries, including America, with impunity”:

    It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 11

    This is an excellent article and thanks.

    We can all understand why Hitler was so hated by Jewry

  49. Hitler said a lot of things, I wouldn’t have expected him to write a book announcing he wished to create the state of Israel for the family. He did manage however to have Germany was bombed back into the stone age by attacking Russia, Poland and France. He did it with what rational military people today say was a woeful and underwhelming armed force which could not possibly have succeeded in accomplishing what he aspired to do. He set up Germany.

    He did not do too well fighting off communism, in fact they took almost half of Germany. He escaped, Germany did not and they are still paying reparations. France in fact took part of Germany the Strausberg area and they still have it. They received virtually no bombing and just sat back and watched the play. (Maginot line and all that you know.)

    Nobody bombed the camps, red cross was on hand doncha known. German civilians were bombed and pretty well. Grandma was euthanized, millions of German Jews ended up in Israel. The check is still in the mail as a matter for fact. The banks and governments of the west, want you to keep thinking he is a hero, Jews are oh lord the victim, the money keeps flowing as well as the tears. Every intel agency in the west wants you to hold that thought.

    Hitler was a Rothschild

  50. And by the way, brother Nathaniel wears that circus hat to make anyone who even discusses the subject, look as foolish as he does. 75% truth/25%clown.

  51. $70 billion dollar Putin plays all sides of the conflict. He and his cronies collect the cash and property their investment banks Fannie & Freddie swindled us out of, and if we buy into the scam, in exchange we get slavery, a debtor nation of renters with no livelihoods, no private pensions, electronic currency and obamacare. They are the expropriators who expropriate. They are the red mafiya…the red dragon of atheistic communism posing as vulture capitalists who spy, rob, extort, burn down, terrorize, seize and steal what they have already stolen. The only thing they fear are the Nazis hiding within America posing as everyday Americans. That’s why the want our bullets.

  52. this is one hell of an article… it’s complete crap but still one hell of an article. this is A… B… Z… logic. Like a schizophrenic hearing a noise in the house. no one is in the house except him and the fish… but fishes don’t make noise. what makes noise? knives make noise. the fish has a knife. the fish is trying to kill him. oh God you people… ya I said it! you people need to get a fucking life and stop your racial purity blah blah blah… btw if this is all true how the fuck can you fuck boys really think you’re the perfect apex race? clearly the Jew is kicking the fucking shit outta you bitches. don’t try to reply to me I’m leaving a fake email etc… I want nothing to do with you fucking morons. btw i’m a Jew and I’m going to eat your children!

    1. I’m not Jewish. But I gotta agree. Blaming the Jewish Mafia for the Boston Marathon bombing is loony-tunes.

      Premise: Russian Mafia is Jewish
      Premise: Chechen Mafia is subsidiary to Russian Mafia.
      Conclusion: the Tsarnaev boys were working for the Jewish Mafia.

      Huh? Is there something missing in that logic?

      You may do a good job of gathering facts. I don’t know. But you need some work on the conclusions you draw. There are a few gaps here & there.

  53. Watch for a massive scale false flag from the Jewish mob in the Mossad, DHS, FEMA, FBI, CIA etc now that other things of a smaller scale have not worked too well.

    “The Next Event: Destruction on a Massive Scale”

    “The Weakening of the False Flag: A false flag is an attack that is meant to deceive the public into believing that it was carried out by a person or group other than those who are actually responsible. The purpose is to gain support from the public against those who are blamed for the attack to justify action against them. Those truly responsible for false flags are a topic heavily debated but I will refer to them as the elite.

    In the past, when the vast majority of the public used the MSM as their sole source of information, a false flag was extremely effective. However, people now have access to more sources of information and have become increasingly skeptical. This has been underscored by the most recent lack of American support for military action in the Middle East, along with an unprecedented amount of skepticism regarding the shooting in Aurora, Co and the Boston Marathon bombing.”

  54. The Slakhtal ain’t homo Sapien!
    Lasha Darkmoon is a wonderful writer. She impresses the sweet aromatic alphabet– lethal letter by ink drenched letter onto our muzzy eyes. Where she is hopelessly wrong and she is in good company, along with Goebbels and Hitler; is in her understandable mis-understanding of the jew. As to inhuman jewish psychology; to attempt to comprehend their disgusting behaviour; what only makes some rational sense; is primarily, their Caucasus/troglodyte origins not their repulsive physiognomy–That is!–It is what they do and not what they say they do which counts. They were born to: lie, cheat and murder. It’s in em! Critics of bloodthirsty jewish Bolshevism are often non-plussed as to the evil of allegedly Georgian Christian Stalin and Beria. It is true, that they were both not jewish by religion but this counts for nothing, because they were pure Slakhtal by race. It is no coincidence that Stalin shacked up with three hook nosed Slakhtals; meanwhile Teutonic Vidkun Quisling married two Russians. Seagulls do no fly with crows. As for the Slakhtal shrike! You just stay away.

  55. crazy russian famely of Sadomskiy’s tretened Alex Krypnik to kill him and rub his bank account specialy Evgen Sadomskiy he seid Krypnik dead Sadomskiys needs to be arested

  56. Sure the russian and jewish mafia exist but the rest of this is crazy talk. You really lost me with Hitlers Mein Kamfp quote. You are clearly a Jew Hater. In doing so you misrepresent your own people. You should be ashamed of this dribble!

  57. russian immegrants lake vladimir Sadomskiy Bronya Sadomskaya and Evgeniy they ware tretened by some black gays from the hood they living in they broke also to Krypnik’s famely they wona robe you Sadomskiy’s in meny problems

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  59. Make no mistake, the OT is the hebrews own “Mein Kampf” in their war against the gentile. There is no compromise or respect, there is only extermination of gentiles on the OT.

    There is no recommendation or tolerance for the gentile anywhere in the OT. There is no reason to expect that to change.

    The OT need not be true or factual in order for the NT to be valid or legitimate.

  60. This whole website is lying hateful venomous nonsense. It is the biggest piece of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Take this propaganda and stuff it up your ass you moron.

  61. @Brownhawk (& allothers)–
    How beautiful to be in the world but not of it!

    I always suppose there to have been at least 10-20 colonists who were of the activist strand and who asked GW: wtf? Whatever became of those?

    Recently, in the midst of abundant bloodshed in Vietnam, John and Yoko proposed giving peace a chance Here’s an excerpt about what’s needed more than ever to promote peace…

    As John Lennon explained, “we thought, the other side has war on every day, not only on the news but on the old John Wayne movies and every damn movie you see: war, war, war, war, kill, kill, kill, kill. We said, let’s get some peace, peace, peace, peace on the headlines, just for a change. We thought it highly amusing that a lot of the world’s headlines on March 25th 1969 were ‘honeymoon couple in bed’. Whoopee! Isn’t that great news?…

    taken from–>

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