The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Nesta Webster



Contrary to the assertions of certain writers, I have never affirmed my belief in the authenticity of the Protocols, but have always treated it as an entirely open question.

The only opinion to which I have committed myself is that, whether genuine or not, the Protocols do represent the programme of world revolution, and that in view of their prophetic nature and of their extraordinary resemblance to the protocols of certain secret societies in the past, they were either the work of some such society or of someone profoundly versed in the lore of secret societies who was able to reproduce their ideas and phraseology.

The so-called refutation of the Protocols which appeared in the Times of August 1922, tends to confirm this opinion. According to these articles the Protocols were largely copied from the book of Maurice Joly, Dialogues aux Enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu, published in 1864. Let it be said at once that the resemblance between the two works could not be accidental, not only are whole paragraphs almost identical, but the various points in the programme follow each other in precisely the same order.

But whether Nilus copied from Joly or from the same source whence Joly derived his ideas is another question.

It will be noticed that Joly in his preface never claimed to have originated the scheme described in his book; on the contrary he distinctly states that it “personifies in particular a political system which has not varied for a single day in its application since the disastrous and alas! too far-off date of its enthronement.”

Could this refer only to the government of Napoleon III, established twelve years earlier? Or might it not be taken to signify a Machiavellian system of government of which Napoleon III was suspected by Joly at this moment of being the exponent?

We have already seen that this system is said by M. de Mazères, in his book De Machiavel et de l’influence de sa doctrine sur les opinions, les moeurs et la politique de la France pendant la Révolution, published in 1816, to have been inaugurated by the French Revolution, and to have been carried on by Napoleon I against whom he brings precisely the same accusations of Machiavellism that Joly brings against Napoleon III. “The author of The Prince,” he writes, “was always his guide,” and he goes on to describe the “parrot cries placed in the mouths of the people,” the “hired writers, salaried newspapers, mercenary poets and corrupt ministers employed to mislead our vanity methodically”—all this being carried on by “the scholars of Machiavelli under the orders of his cleverest disciple.” We have already traced the course of these methods from the Illuminati onwards.

Now precisely at the moment when Joly published his Dialogues aux Enfers the secret societies were particularly active, and since by this date a number of Jews had penetrated into their ranks a whole crop of literary efforts directed against Jews and secret societies marked the decade.

Eckert with his work on Freemasonry in 1852 had given the incentive; Crétineau Joly followed in 1859 with L’Eglise Romaine en face de la Révolution, reproducing the documents of the Haute Vente Romaine; in 1868 came the book of the German anti-Semite Goedsche, and in the following year on a higher plane the work of Gougenot Des Mousseaux, Le Juif, le Judaïsme, et la Judaïsation des Peuples Chrétiens. Meanwhile in 1860 the Alliance Israëlite Universelle had arisen, having for its ultimate object “the great work of humanity, the annihilation of error and fanaticism, the union of human society in a faithful and solid fraternity”—a formula singularly reminiscent of Grand Orient philosophy; in 1864 Karl Marx obtained control of the two-year-old “International Working Men’s Association,” by which a number of secret societies became absorbed, and in the same year Bakunin founded his Alliance Sociale Démocratique on the exact lines of Weishaupt’s Illuminism, and in 1869 wrote his Polémique contre les Juifs (or Etude sur les Juifs allemands) mainly directed against the Jews of the Internationale. The sixties of the last century therefore mark an important era in the history of the secret societies, and it was right in the middle of this period that Maurice Joly published his book.

Now it will be remembered that amongst the sets of parallels to the Protocols quoted by me in World Revolution, two were taken from the sources above quoted—the documents of the Haute Vente Romaine and the programme of Bakunin’s secret society, the Alliance Sociale Démocratique. Meanwhile Mr. Lucien Wolf had found another parallel to the Protocols in Goedsche’s book. “The Protocols,” Mr. Wolf had no hesitation in asserting, “are, in short, an amplified imitation of Goedsche’s handiwork” and he went on to show that “Nilus followed this pamphlet very closely.” The Protocols were then declared by Mr. Wolf and his friends to have been completely and finally refuted.

But alas for Mr. Wolfe’s discernment! The Times articles came and abolished the whole of his carefully constructed theory. They did not, however, demolish mine; on the contrary, they supplied another and a very curious link in the chain of evidence. For is it not remarkable that one of the sets of parallels quoted by me appeared in the same year as Joly’s book, and that within the space of nine years no less than four parallels to the Protocols should have been discovered? Let us recapitulate the events of this decade in the form of a table and the proximity of dates will then be more apparent:

1859. Crétineau Joly’s book published containing documents of Haute Vente Romaine (parallels quoted by me).

1860. Alliance Israëlite Universelle founded.

1864. 1st Internationale taken over by Karl Marx.
†   Alliance Sociale Démocratique of Bakunin founded (parallels quoted by me).
†   Maurice Joly’s Dialogue aux Enfers published (parallels quoted by Times).

1866. 1st Congress of Internationale at Geneva.

1868. Goedsche’s Biarritz (parallels quoted by Mr. Lucien Wolf).

1869. Gougenot Des Mousseaux’s Le Juif, etc.
†   Bakunin’s Polémique contre les Juifs.

It will be seen, then, that at the moment when Maurice Joly wrote his Dialogues, the ideas they embodied were current in many different circles.

It is interesting, moreover, to notice that the authors of the last two works referred to above, the Catholic and Royalist Des Mousseaux and the Anarchist Bakunin, between whom it is impossible to imagine any connexion, both in the same year denounced the growing power of the Jews whom Bakunin described as “the most formidable sect” in Europe, and again asserted that a leakage of information had taken place in the secret societies.

Thus in 1870 Bakunin explains that his secret society has been broken up because its secrets have been given away, and that his colleague Netchaïeff has arrived at the conclusion that “in order to found a serious and indestructible society one must take for a basis the policy of Machiavelli.” Meanwhile Gougenot Des Mousseaux had related in Le Juif, that in December 1865 he had received a letter from a German statesman saying:

Since the revolutionary recrudescence of 1848, I have had relations with a Jew who, from vanity, betrayed the secret of the secret societies with which he had been associated, and who warned me eight or ten days beforehand of all the revolutions which were about to break out at any point of Europe. I owe to him the unshakeable conviction that all these movements of “oppressed peoples,” etc., etc., are devised by half a dozen individuals, who give their orders to the secret societies of all Europe. The ground is absolutely mined beneath our feet, and the Jews provide a large contingent of these miners….

These words were written in the year after the Dialogues aux Enfers were published.

It is further important to notice that Joly’s work is dated from Geneva, the meeting-place for all the revolutionaries of Europe, including Bakunin, who was there in the same year, and where the first Congress of the Internationale led by Karl Marx was held two years later.

Already the revolutionary camp was divided into warring factions, and the rivalry between Marx and Mazzini had been superseded by the struggle between Marx and Bakunin. And all these men were members of secret societies.

It is by no means improbable then that Joly, himself a revolutionary, should during his stay in Geneva have come into touch with the members of some secret organization, who may have betrayed to him their own secret or those of a rival organization they had reason to suspect of working under the cover of revolutionary doctrines for an ulterior end. Thus the protocols of a secret society modelled on the lines of the Illuminati or the Haute Vente Romaine may have passed into his hands and been utilized by him as an attack on Napoleon who, owing to his known connexion with the Carbonari, might have appeared to Joly as the chief exponent of the Machiavellian art of duping the people and using them as the lever to power which the secret societies had reduced to a system.

This would explain Maurice Joly’s mysterious reference to the “political system which has not varied for a single day in its application since the disastrous and alas! too far-off date of its enthronement.” Moreover, it would explain the resemblance between all the parallels to the Protocols from the writings of the Illuminati and Mirabeau’s Projet de Révolution of 1789 onwards. For if the system had never varied, the code on which it was founded must have remained substantially the same. Further, if it had never varied up to the time when Joly wrote, why should it have varied since that date? The rules of lawn tennis drawn up in 1880 would probably bear a strong resemblance to those of 1920, and would also probably follow each other in the same sequence. The differences would occur where modern improvements had been added.

Might not the same process of evolution have taken place between the dates at which the works of Joly and Nilus were published?

I do not agree with the opinion of the Morning Post that “the author of the Protocols must have had the Dialogues of Joly before him.”

It is possible, but not proven.

Indeed, I find it difficult to imagine that anyone embarking on such an elaborate imposture should not have possessed the wit to avoid quoting passages verbatim—without even troubling to arrange them in a different sequence—from a book which might at any moment be produced as evidence against him.

For contrary to the assertions of the Times the Dialogues of Joly is by no means a rare book, not only was it to be found at the British Museum but at the London Library and recently I was able to buy a copy for the modest sum of 15 francs.

There was therefore every possibility of Nilus being suddenly confronted with the source of his plagiarism.

Further, is it conceivable that a plagiarist so unskilful and so unimaginative would have been capable of improving on the original? For the Protocols are a vast improvement on the Dialogues of Joly.

The most striking passages they contain are not to be found in the earlier work, nor, which is more remarkable, are several of the amazing prophecies concerning the future which time has realized.

It is this latter fact which presents the most insuperable obstacle to the Times solution of the problem.

To sum up then, the Protocols are either a mere plagiarism of Maurice Joly’s work, in which case the prophetic passages added by Nilus or another remain unexplained, or they are a revised edition of the plan communicated to Joly in 1864, brought up to date and supplemented so as to suit modern conditions by the continuers of the plot.

Whether in this case the authors of the Protocols were Jews, or whether the Jewish portions have been interpolated by the people into whose hands they fell, is another question.

Here we must admit the absence of any direct evidence. An International circle of world revolutionaries working on the lines of the Illuminati, of which the existence has already been indicated, offers a perfectly possible alternative to the “Learned Elders of Zion.”

It would be easier, however to absolve the Jews from all suspicion of complicity if they and their friends had adopted a more straightforward course from the time the Protocols appeared.

When some years ago a work of the same kind was directed against the Jesuits, containing what purported to be a “Secret Plan” of revolution closely resembling the Protocols, the Jesuits indulged in no invectives, made no appeal that the book should be burnt by the common hangman, resorted to no fantastic explanations, but quietly pronounced the charge to be a fabrication.

Thus the matter ended.

But from the moment the Protocols were published the Jews and their friends had recourse to every tortuous method of defence, brought pressure to bear on the publishers—succeeded, in fact, in temporarily stopping the sales—appealed to the Home Secretary to order their suppression, concocted one clinching refutation after another, all mutually exclusive of each other, so that by the time the solution now pronounced to be the correct one appeared, we had already been assured half a dozen times that the Protocols had been completely and finally refuted.

And when at last a really plausible explanation had been discovered, why was it not presented in a convincing manner? All that was necessary was to state that the origin of the Protocols had been found in the work of Maurice Joly, giving parallels in support of this assertion.

What need to envelop a good case in a web of obvious romance?

Why all this parade of confidential sources of information, the pretence that Joly’s book was so rare as to be almost unfindable when a search in the libraries would have proved the contrary?

Why these allusions to Constantinople as the place “to find the key to dark secrets,” to the mysterious Mr. X. who does not wish his real name to be known, and to the anonymous ex-officer of the Okhrana from whom by mere chance he bought the very copy of the Dialogues used for the fabrication of the Protocols by the Okhrana itself, although this fact was unknown to the officer in question?

Why, further, should Mr. X., if he were a Russian landowner, Orthodox by religion and a Constitutional Monarchist, be so anxious to discredit his fellow Monarchists by making the outrageous assertion that “the only occult Masonic organization such as the Protocols speak of”—that is to say, a Machiavellian system of an abominable kind—which he had been able to discover in Southern Russia “was a Monarchist one”?

It is evident then that the complete story of the Protocols has not yet been told, and that much yet remains to be discovered concerning this mysterious affair.

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  1. A careful reading of the Old Testament’s Pentateuch, will reveal much the same form as the protocols, albeit in a more primitive form. These stories describe the methods of extortion and terrorism used by ancients to plunder the wealth of other cultures, most notably the Egyptians. The Protocols of Zion is naught more than an update of Biblical methods and techniques used by an ancient criminal priesthood that still exists today in secular form.

    1. @Arch Stanton

      OT/Talmud/Protocols same story.

      Good news from this weeks battlefield:

      Gabreal Jones says: June 22, 2013 at 1:35 pm

      Watergate on steroids, rolling Bilderbergheads?

      Two former prison directors have drawn up a before a notary against Joris Demmink. They want a new independent investigation in the child abuse allegation case against JD who was the powerful and influential Head of the Dutch Justice department.

      It is the first time that high employees of Justice come out. During a work visit to London in 1992 a female secretary of Joris D. said after dinner at a bar to them ‘she had to arrange by telephone boys esp. Thais, for her boss’…’to her outcry’. All of the names of the Justice employees in the trip involved were mentioned and: ‘many higher officials must have been in the know of it for all these years. Nobody dared to talk about it. That would be professional suicide’.

      The two former prison directors were irritated about the decades of protection that JD obviously had by the Dept. of Justice and that ‘Joris D. had become a member of the Dutch Helsinki committee, that helps countries with the construction of a constitutional state and the application of human rights’

      See this vid* how the D66 (Democraten 66 or Demmink666?) Alexander Pechtold reacts when a JDTV reporter asks about this case. Pechtold btw visited Bilderberg 2012.

      Recently the Volkskrant – Bilderberg founder and Nazi prince Bernhard gave his latest interview in this paper- had for the first time two articles about Bilderberg. With disdain they wrote about ‘conspiracy theorists’ . They ignored the 4/11/2013 news of former Supreme Court President of Italy Ferdinando Imposimato who found documents that proved that Bilderberg was behind terror attacks in Europe.

      Demmink played the Claus card (Beatricks late husband) who was pedo pur sang, like their family lawyer Frits Salomonson and many well- known Dutch politicians).

      If Demmink falls, Bilderberg (Beatricks) falls. Watergate on steroids?

      The sound of Bilderbergheads rolling…….

      *can’t find the vid with the english subtitles. But the MP Pechtold does not comment- which is not his style- when the JDTVreporter asks: Did you read the Demmink article of today in the Volkskrant?

      CIA O

  2. Catholic author, Hugh Akins, in his book ‘Snagogue Rising‘, has claimed that “Zionism seeks nothing less than a Universal Satanic Republic under Talmudic rule. It’s supported by organized Jewry and Freemasonry, but the New World Order (NWO) is really the brainchild of Sabbatean-Frankist bankers and Cabbalists“.

    What Atkins claims in the ‘Synagogue Rising’ include the athenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – Jewish holy Talmud as the ultimate hate literature – Zionism thrives on Holocaust – Israel’s fingerprints all over the 9/11 crime scene – Israeli lobby dictates US policy – trillions for Israel, more debt and bodybags for Americans – the Vatican II sell out to Judaism – Communism a Jewish creation – and many more political wrong statements.

    Atkins has claimed that he is not antisemite because he doesn’t blame all Jews for the actions of “Talmudic-inspired anti-Christian Jewish psychopaths,” who were behind both World Wars, Russian Revolution, Holocaust, creation of State of Israel, 9/11 and phony “War on Terror”.

    Atkins book confirms my post, entitled ‘Church are controlled by Israel.

    1. As jews control 96% of the worlds media this includes the internet the blaming of Satan for the traditional religion of jews and christians all based on human and animal sacrafice, poisonong of rivers and wells. murder of the firstborne, plunder rape and pillage, raiding the treasuries of every contry they invade of infest, turning everything around into blaming your enemies for what is your attributes, basing your scriptures on disported stolen Pagan legacies legends and allegory, and creating your own so called Satanists secret societies and synagogues consisting of members of your won jewdao cults, everything you claim as Satanist is of your won making.If your searh Satan on jewgle you get thousands of videos websites,blogs and articles all written and produced by jews and christians.Hollywood jew and christian made movies on Satan all of which project your won perverted creations.
      As a Satanist i can assure that we have absolutely nothing to do with jews and christians (Bondservants of the jew) the ones that jews refer to as slaves.We are not slaves andSatanists do not even subject themselves to Satan.Knowledge the mortal sin, the the taboo in your blood drinking cannibal cult based on human sacrafice is the gift that Satan gave us to rely on our own spirit not that of a dead jew a ghost nor some make believe jew father in the sky.
      We create our won reality and continuously combat the collective will or focus of jews and christians who seek to destroy Our palnet. We curse all who abuse animals and pollute the environment.We are focusing on a Golden Age, not the End of the World.Last I heard jesus was shot down when tring to return.His stolen horse was rescued.If you see him I have a great hammer and spikes and a fresh pole to nail jis jewish ass on.

      1. “…the taboo in your blood drinking cannibal cult based on human sacrifice is the gift that Satan gave us to rely on our own spirit…”

        You are one twisted individual, Satanist, and to unravel the knots of your convolution would be a torturous exercise in futility.

        You serve your master well as one of the more useful of his idiots.

  3. I think the few men who give the orders to all of the organizations are the owners of the central banks that are located in every Western nation.

    The Rothschilds and other jew families who own the banks like the Fed.

    So why, why, why do not our leaders arm their killer drones and take out America’s actual enemies?

    Why are our death squads not sent to take out every single Rothschild on the face of the Earth? Why do our members of Congress not stick together and stand up against this plague and order our military to take them out? This is what i don’t understand. It doesn’t matter that jew media has the people fooled, our members of Congress know what is going on and they do NOTHING.

    I would like to recommend that you read “The Secret Speech” by Tom Rob Smith. This is a terrific book to read if you like thrillers and it reveals how the jews could never have done what they did to Russia and the other nations in the Soviet Union if not for the aid and support of millions of Russians. These traitorous Russians went around arresting people for no good reason, following orders of Stalin and the jews. They these hapless innocent people were then tortured and killed or sent to the gulags.

    What a lesson about America today and the traitors who help the jews destroy us. Alexander Solzhenitsyn also wrote about the craziness of society after the crazy jew got control. What kind of mind creates such societies? Why would anyone wish to destroy civilization so they can control all the Earth’s resources and turn the world into hell on Earth? Only the jew.

    Before I was thrown off of TOO’s forum I stated that I don’t think you can separate intellect from race. No matter how high a jew IQ is, nothing but evil comes from their sick minds. Recently I read at VDare an article about White intelligence being a happy medium. The article stated that jews may be smarter but they also suffer higher incidences of mental illness. Tell us about it! They’re all crazy creeps and freaks.

    Its the same as Whites being in the middle between brawny low IQ blacks and low sex drive but higher intelligence Asians. We are a happy medium, a place that works best for us.

    But if our leaders don’t wake up and start Operation Once, For All and Forever: World War jew, the world will miss us when we’re gone.

    1. “…Why do our members of Congress not stick together and stand up against the plague and order our military to take them out?…”

      Are you really that naive? The Jews control the government, only their puppets make it into high office. Those are people who are already totally corrupt and who are blackmailable. Should anyone with an anti-Jewish agenda threaten to achieve real power then he will die in an “accident”. It is a closed system that cannot be penetrated.

    2. It will never happen because American military is Christian, totally subservient to the jew. Even the survivors of the Liberty are against anti semitism.The Marines let Juba the sniper go who killed 400 Marines in Iraq.They still grovel at the feet of the jew. Europe is going back to European Paganism and will back out of America’s zionist wars.

  4. @ Barbara

    “Recently I read at VDare an article about White intelligence being a happy medium. The article stated that jews may be smarter but they also suffer higher incidences of mental illness. Tell us about it!”

    Nesta Webster, author of the above article, has this to say:

    “The Jews provide a high average of cleverness, but have they ever during the last two thousand years produced one mighty genius? Moreover, against this high average of intelligence must be set an equally high average of mental derangement. On this point we have the evidence of the Jewish Encyclopædia:

    The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical.

    Tobler claims that all the Jewish women in Palestine are hysterical; and Raymond says that in Warsaw, Poland, hysteria is very frequently met with among both Jewish men and Jewish women. The Jewish population of that city alone is almost exclusively the inexhaustible source for the supply of hysterical males for the clinics of the whole Continent. The same neurotic taint of the Jews has been emphasized by Krafft-Ebing. In New York, it has been shown by Collins that among 333 cases of neurasthenia which came under his observation, more than 40 per cent were of Jewish extraction.


  5. She goes on to quote an American neuro-psychiatrist on the tendency of Jews to be anarchists, stating that most anarchists are basically insane

    “Anarchists have been developed largely from the criminal classes, and a belief in anarchy, per se, is a psychopathic manifestation…. Some anarchists are actually insane, while others show marked psychological deficiencies. Under our laws as they are now framed, they cannot be restrained unless they commit acts of violence.

    As it is, our asylums are filled with this class, and that introduces another phase of the matter. Our asylum insane are largely recruited from the Jewish race, at least recruited in tremendous disproportion to their number in the population.The fact that the revolutionary movement is so largely made up of Jewish elements furnishes an interesting confirmation of what I have said.

    ” . . . it is curious to notice that the two symptoms recognized in the first stages of “general paralysis of the insane,” the mania that one is the object of persecution and “exalted ideas” (known in France as the folie des grandeurs), are the two obsessions that the Talmud and the Cabala with their dreams of world-domination under an avenging Messiah have inculcated in the mind of the Jew.

    “But whatever are the causes of this neurosis, it is surely undesirable that a race which exhibits it should be allowed to control the destinies of the British Empire or indeed of any country.

    “If ‘all the Jewish women in Palestine are hysterical’, presumably many of their menkind suffer from the same disability, which certainly does not promise well for the luckless Arab who is to live beneath their sway. How much of the trouble that has occurred already in Palestine may be attributed to this cause it is impossible to know.”


    1. Xanadu – that is pretty shocking. But even more shocking is the reaction of the rest of the world that we allow them to dominate our lives.

      They kill millions and millions of people and do nothing but cause extreme trouble for everyone on the planet and they’ve been doing so for hundreds of years and we still haven’t found a solution!

      If we didn’t want to just kill them outright we could at least make them all sterile or something. We could put something in their bagels.

      Why are none of our great minds dealing with this issue? There are Nesta Websters that pop up from time to time but none of these people ever tell us what we can do about jews.

      What do you think would be a solution? Remembering of course that the NSA is listening. A big shout out to all the jews and their ring kissers at the NSA, burn in hell.

      1. “What do you think would be a solution?

        Funny you should ask that. I’ve just finished reading Eustace Mullins’ old article The Biological Jew in which he says that Ezra Pound had given him the answer to this question.

        “The answer to the Jewish problem,” Pound said. “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

        Personally, I don’t think that’s enough. The number one priority is to take the media out of their hands.

        1. The media (“the press”) seems to be the most emphasized component of plans, if one reads The Protocols. One need only observe current affairs and trends – and compare them to [this] blueprint, i.e., The Protocols, for clarity.

          Nothing has worldwide effect WITHOUT complicity of the media – except weather and war – and even the effects of those two events are a matter of PERCEPTION to those who are not immediately contingent.

          No matter ‘Who’ composed The Protocols of Zion, the proverbial proof is “in the pudding” of [their] authenticity.

          1. Yes – absolutely – control of the media IS their most important and coveted asset.

          2. @ld&gh

            Without their moneypress they would not be able to buy the newspapers and other media and the politics. Otherwise others would and could have refused their media take over.

            But if you think diferently about it, allez vou-y, but you are wrong: Trotsky did not go with newspapers to Russia but with the millions of jewwalstreetbanksters and yes he was running a newspaper, but the money of the jewwalstreet banksters was the gun that shot the Czar and his family.

            Like Amschel Bauer said I don’t care who makes the laws as long as they don’t step on my blue suede shoes, uh, my money press.

            When the Fed falls darkness is over rise and shine will be the tune.

            The Fed is falling, is in a free fall. Bernanke is printing the US of A to the level of Zombia.

            It is always darkest (FEMA etc) before dawn.

            The selfpurifying mechanism of US collective consciousness due to more people experiencing the VED will wash off the fed.

            Read BF Japan freed itself of the banksters like tiny Iceland. EU/SA should follow their footsteps.

            h.a.n.d. have a nice day

            CIA O


            (…)…Turkey has now clearly sided with the White Dragon alliance against the Sabbatean (Zionist) mafia and has stopped the flow of weapons to Sabbatean mercenaries in Syria. The mercenary terrorist armies in Syria are now doomed (…)

            (…)….the real key battle for the planet earth remains the one of getting control of the central bank money printing presses. To this end, big secret moves are being made (…)

            CIA O

        2. Xanadu – I read The Biological jew too. I love to find references to books like this. I downloaded it onto Kindle and the great thing is that is was free. I wonder how many other people read these wonderful books?

          It certainly showed how the jew is nothing but a parasite. Mullins said that archeologists seek information to show evidence of where jews have lived but there has never been anything found. The jew produces nothing.

          Maybe the place to look for their historical record is in the causes of lost civilizations. That’s where you’ll find archeological evidence of the jew. They tear down and destroy only. More evidence of their lunacy and more justification for anything we might do to them.

          We’ve got media too if we could get it into the hands of all the people. Perhaps the way to do this is to make movies of all these books. I think “Hold Back This Day” would make a great movie. We need a movie industry. Can’t you just imagine one movie after another that tells the true legacy of the jew.

          I’d love to see a movie showing the greatness of Hitler and the German people. They are truly the greatest people who ever lived which is of course why the jew had to get us to kill them.

          1. “I’d love to see a movie showing the greatness of Hitler and the German people. They are truly the greatest people who ever lived which is of course why the jew had to get us to kill them.”

            I guess this comment of yours, dear Barbara, has been stored in NSA files and there is a nice little dossier on you by now!

            Maybe we’d better continue this discussion at the FEMA camp… 🙂

    2. The Jewish parody of anarchy may be insane, but the political movement is quite sane. While Jewish anarchist, like other Jewish revolutionaries, are typically rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth zealots with bombs hidden under their long black frock coats, the political movement, like that of the Spanish anarchist, are simply against all forms of centralized, hierarchical government with formalized leadership. This makes perfect sense, as the more centralized a government, the easier it is to exert totalitarian control. Buying off a bunch of representatives or a leader is quite simple compared to dealing with a myriad of consensus building commissions run by common people. Hence, the more totalitarian the government, the smaller the centralized leadership. This situation is visibly evident in American history over the last fifty years. A few wealthy elite desire totally hegemony, so they consolidate and centralize every aspect of government. This was also the case for the Jewish communist of the Soviet Union. Jews could never gain control, or rule, by consensus, so they must forcibly take over the organs of government and then micromanage the results. True anarchy may be the only hope for mankind as all forms of centralized leadership have time and again proven disastrous for the common citizen. In the past, leadership like that of the monarch or dictator has resulted in the destruction of large portions of the male populations engaged in wars for power and resources. However, with the advent of modern warfare, especially with the advent of nuclear warfare, centralized, psychopathic leadership will eventually result in the destruction of at the very least, civilization as we know it and more likely mankind itself. If the present personality cult of centralized leadership continues to pervade western civilization, then we can expect such leadership to continue indulging itself in every horrible fantasy imaginable. However, if the sheeple awaken to the reality of the danger presented by these personality cults supporting centralized leadership by manufactured cult heroes, then humanity may have a chance. One must eventually realize that the gods of power are actually no better than the common man on the street. The only real difference is the cult leadership’s psychopathic lust for power used to lord over others, while enriching itself at the expense of the masses. Anarchy is the one movement ALL governments fear. Like any organism, opposing governments will ally themselves with an enemy to defeat a common enemy presenting a larger threat. And that dear friends, is exactly what happened to Spanish anarchist in 1936.

  6. @Xanadu

    A study conducted by Dr. Arnold A. Hutchnecker, a New York psychiatrist, for the American Psychiatric Association and published on October 25, 1972. Dr. Arnold Hutchnecker’s patients included US President Richard Nixon (d. 1974). The study was published under the title, Mental Illness: The Jewish Discease and concluded that “although all Jews are not not metally ill, mental illness is highly contagious and Jews are the principal sources of infection”.

  7. It would be easier, however to absolve the Jews from all suspicion of complicity if they and their friends had adopted a more straightforward course from the time the Protocols appeared.

    can a snake adopt a straightforward course?
    unlikely but maybe possible over short distances, say 3-4 microns.
    jews have a harder time, watch david frum mince and dodge his way thru an interview.
    snakes, maggots and jews were either biologically designed to forever twist and turn or it is the inevitable consequence of their propensity for lying, of sacred devotion to kol nidre, of frenzied hatred for truth.
    their hyperventilated reaction to truth is the best indicator, the truth is their mortal enemy, their nemesis and they go apeshit in its presence, like rats before a hawk.

    thus they stoop, shuffle, hop and wag their heads feverishly before the wailing wall, promising to forever be wicked.

  8. Protocols authentic or not it is a valid blueprint they are following, the shoe fits. What I would like to inject here is that they are a logical progression of Jewish thinking. As time progressed the depravity of Jewish supremacism reached new lows with each new version of their parasitic viewpoint.

    Torah –> Talmud –> Protocols –> kill or enslave every living thing

    The Jews are killers of life, they steal, rape, pillage and parasitise on that outside of itself. Why in god’s name does everyone assume validity to their claim to be representatives of the Creator? God damn it people, the Jews destroy creation!

    A tree is not a tree to a Jew, a tree is a thing to profit by or somehow use to the disadvantage of others. If you need a tree to build a bridge or a house, a Jew will try to prevent you from using it. This is what Obama the Jew tool is doing with energy policies, he is using the global warming meme to shut down power plants in the name of the environment. The Jew doesn’t give a damn about the environment, they blow it up every chance they get with their wars.

    Do you think a Jew czar or Jewish controlled Congress will every fix any problem? A logical leader like Hitler connected people with homes. Not the Jew, in America their are millions of vacant homes now owned by the government and those homes are not being put to use to give 2 million homeless Vets a roof. This is criminal, and it is the way the Jew thinks. Damn them! I would like to personally send every Jew back to hell for what they do to us everyday.

    The Jew delights in your suffering. The Jew is the wrench in the machinery of civilization, with every turn things are more screwed up. Just look at America, infested by Jews the most powerful industrial nation has ground to a halt except for the war machine. The Jews screwed America and now its our turn to screw them back for their crimes against us. World revolution is the solution to Jewish control and insane policies.

    1. It is so true what you say that our country has ground to a halt except for its war machine. But, sadly, many goyim, including my own family, cannot wrap their head around the evil that exists, no matter what. They cannot see that the Israeli Mossad was behind the Boston Bombing even though it WAS ON THE NEWS that Israeli security was present in Boston and on the scene the very day it happened!! It is pathetic that the jews know we are so stupid that they didn’t even need to hide that fact. And if I bothered to point out to my friends and family that just as I predicted some jew owned security firms are now getting an ADDITIONAL sixteen billion dollars of our tax money in light of the bombing, they still wouldn’t get it.

  9. Thank you for publishing this article by Nesta Webster. It is the accumulation of evidence that makes the pattern of take over ever more clear. Another good book is Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina where he writes about the way that secret societies were used by the Jewish Bolsheviks to orchestrate the coup that was called the Communist Revolution. Christina Stoddard who writes under the name Inquire Within gives an intriquing insider view of the Secret Society of the Golden Dawn, which wasn’t really a revolutionary organization but more of a research/ archival/ study group, and yet it did have this aspect called the “Secret Chiefs, ” which may have been real people rather than entities from the astral plane as was the story. And that organization somehow morphed into the hidious New Age Movement.

    Throughout occult literature of the turn of the Century there is casual reference to the “rebuilding of the Temple,” “order out of chaos.” and other phrases that now have developed a more potent meaning. For example, here is a long quote from the occult writer who used the name Eliphas Levi:

    “In the Sepher-Toldos-Jeschu, an anti-christian rabinical compilation, there occurs a singular parable. Jeschu, says the rabbinical author of the legend, was travelling with Simon Barjona and Judas Iscariot. Late and weary they came to a lonely house, and, being very hungry, could find nothing to eat except an exceedingly lean gosling. It was insufficient for three persons, and to divide it would be to sharpen without satisfying hunger. They agreed to draw lots, but as they were heavy with sleep, “Let us first of all slumber, ” said Jeschu, “whilst the supper is preparing; when we wake we will tell our dreams, and he who has had the most beautiful dream shall have the whole gosling to his own share.” So it was arranged; they slept and they woke. As for me, said St. Peter, I dreamed that I was the vicar of God. And I, said Jeschu, that I was God himself. For me said Judas hypocritically, I dreamed that, being in somnambulism, I arose, went softly downstairs, took the gosling from the spit, and ate it. Thereupon they also went down, but the gosling had completely vanished.”

    Levi continues, “….This legend is a protest of Jewish positivism against Christian mysticism. As a fact, while the faithful surrendered themselves to magnificent dreams, the …Judas of the Christian civilization worked, sold, intrigued, became rich, possessed himself of this life’s realities, so that he became in a position to advance the means of existence to the very forms of worship which had so long outlawed him…The ancient adorers of the ark true to the cultus of the strong box, the exchange is now their temple, and thence they govern the Christian world. The laugh is indeed with Judas, who can congratulate himself upon not having slept like St. Peter.”

    Still, I am not ready to concede the last laugh. Because what allowed the Judas to rise was a powerful will and discipline that I am not so sure exists today with many fat cats sitting around watching sports on TV. I like the story, though, because it shows how little the Jewish world view understands of Christian civilization or mysticism, which is a hunger for deep truths–knock and the door will open, ask and you will receive. Truth is the highest reality not mere material existence, material gain or outrageous fortunes. For this too shall pass, and just like old cypher manuscripts the code is being deciphered and discussed and now everyone will know the forbidden secrets. How much money does it take to possess the Temple (ask the Rothchilds), but more to the point how much does it take to keep it? And what happens when the order doesn’t come out of chaos but the chaos just engulfs all, and who will survive in that case? And seriously, as some one else already said, in the end what was their contribution other than bankrupt ideology– art (?) , no music (?), literature (porn?)… forgotten in a heap of used up words. They’ll be remembered like their relatives the Mongol invaders for their destruction not what they created.

    1. “….how much does it take to keep it?”

      Right. To keep what? Which goes directly to those who can’t see beyond a materialistic framework, and so contributing to the perpetuation of its malaise.

      It’s only a sandcastle, and the chaos of an omnipotent and inexorable ocean will wash it all away in the “end”.

      1. Kapoore – whoever the person – has a surplus of good sense! And the “sandcastle” of which Brownhawk speaks CAN ONLY BE PRIMARILY MAINTAINED BY MEDIA CONTROL/deception. Amschel’s control of money has given way to media control, to the point of asking “What came first: the chicken or the egg!?”

    2. mongols were better.

      they never harmed any artists, craftsmen, masons but took them back to build magnificent cities like samarkhand, whose urban layout and architecture have yet to be surpassed.

      my memory may fail but i think i read somewhere that genghis khan outlawed torture … i guess the list goes on, like they treated mongoloids kindly (which was good news for khazars).

      1. the golden horde was wise

        skulls piled sky high belonged to advertising, public relations, marketing agents



    1. Very interesting site GabReal Jones, I have made note of it.

      We all know the elimination of the European is high on the agenda. We must also bear in mind the European was a tool of the elimination of the Native Americans and other nationalities. Black Buffalo soldiers were paid to exterminate the buffalo. When you see images of Kate Upton flittering around on pages, you have to wonder if the European has any hope of surviving. She portrays the impression of sheer stupidity, and it seems that people find this entertaining. I find it very sad.

      At least to me, the key is not buying into the idea of hating everyone who is not like you however. Everyone is going to be needed when it comes to restoring sanity to this planet before it is too late. And by too late I mean before earth changes begin destroying and melting down more nuclear power plants. When that begins, any debate anyone is involved in at the time will seem insignificant.

      There is a site which shows indians in Siberia that are hardly distinguishable from native Americans.

      Just in the case of the Mayans, whom Rios Monte tried to exterminate under Reagan, people have a tendency to view them as of no value, I assume because they cannot make telephones, televisions, coffee makers etc. It may well be they do not want or need these things and were engaged in one of the higher forms of science, watching the heavens and trying to determine what the changes of planetary alignment would mean for earth the those who populate it. Needless to say, if many others on the planet had adopted their life style, the earth would not be a contaminated nuclear cesspool at this point.

  10. How does the Jew enslave the population. By manipulation of the price level vs. money available. Take home prices, in 1965 a typical home cost only $12,000.

    Home prices vs. wages, United States 1966 to 2009:

    Then the Jew ratchets up the debt, people play along because they can use inflation of prices to offset the rising mortgage cost. Home prices go up and up and up, but wages remain flat and now they are declining. The lying Jew media says home “values” are increasing even as the value is reduced by inflationary cheapening of materials and aging. The currency is being cheapened, the population is being enslaved by debt and the Jew media lies about it. The Jew uses control of the media to hide what he is doing, the criminality of Jewish predation is hidden behind a plethora of pleasant sounding phraseology. Reading the Protocols helps you wrap your mind around the problem you are facing, a death cult is throwing a wrench in the machinery of production, it is done by stealth because as a veil of evil being pulled over your eyes.

    In the meantime, as home prices are inflating from the debt bubble, property taxes are surging filling coffers of local governments which are happy to purchase new cops and equipment. County fiefdoms grow everywhere. The county sheriff drives a brand new vehicle with every new gadget while citizens struggle to make home payments and drive beaters. Jews import every kind of illicit drug, the society descends into chaos, jails are filled to capacity. Everyone suffers except the Jewish courts and Jewish lawyers which rack up record “sales”. The parasite gorges itself on the nation.

    What you have understand is that the Jew and state are the same thing. You are under the gun of Jewish law, Jewish thinking, Jewish holy book rules, Jewish wars, Jewish taxation, and Jewish usury and debt enslavement. We live in a Jewish hell matrix where the entire nation is enslaved and the end game is to kill the citizens or have them rot in FEMA camps. No futuristic writer could imagine how bad it has already gotten. Just look at what they are doing right now and it can only get worse until the Jewish run state is overthrown and freedom returned and that can only happen if the Jewish run Federal Reserve is nationalized and sound money reinstituted.

    We are in a nightmare, literally in a Jewish hell creation called Jewish thinking. The Jews define reality and what you see in waking reality is Jewish thinking made manifest. This is why no Jew can be allowed to vote or hold public office. No Jew will ever be allowed to report the news. They are a plague on society, their thinking is pure evil. Most people would scratch their heads in bewilderment if they learned about this plot the first time, they are fully immersed in the simulacrum of the Jewish economic reality. Turn on the Jewtube and you will see Paul Krugman or some Jew PhD explaining how the economy works and why we have a crisis. Its always a crisis, ever notice the explanation or solution make no sense at all? The debts can never be repaid, it was designed that way to enslave you.

    We are at the point of revolution, the American people must rise up and destroy the parasite. The Jew senses your discomfort but will not disengage its control, it is building a huge DHS army to crush any resistance to its achievements. The Jew has reached new glory in the American system, most of the inhabitants are still going to church and reading the Jew holy books and listening to the talking heads on FOX News or the POTUS reading his script from the teleprompter. Most Americans have no clue but that is changing, reading the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is an important step in waking up to the Jewish problem.

    1. The new “Anti-New York Times” takes on the Jew lies:

      issue 1:

      issue 2:

      NY Times: Obama Readying Emissions Limits on Power Plants


      The move would be the most consequential climate policy step he could take and one sure to provoke legal challenges from Republicans and some industries.

      REBUTTAL by the Anti-New York Times

      Nowhere in this article is the dubious dogma of “Global Warming” / “Climate Change” even questioned! In spite of the hard fact (which even “warmists” now acknowledge) that there has been zero warming over the past 16 years, Obama, with the support of The Times, intends to further cripple and control American industry with new “emissions standards.”

    2. @Ares

      You about hit the nail on the head! (except I still cannot agree with your assessment of the Bible; but, hey – to each his own).

      Around the time I was a freshman in high school, I read a book entitled “Captains and The Kings”, by Taylor Caldwell. Without boring detail, I can tell you that it is about the most engaging book of Protocol strategy ever written into novel form. I have, subsequently, read it another, more recent time. But from that first time, the world presented itself very differently to my psyche, and I began looking for motives and reasons beyond which were apparent to the typical country bumpkin like myself. Of course, all that led me to finally read The Protocols – which I made the move to do around the late eighties when I was knee-deep in business and politics. Wow! Since then, I have often referred to them, and think of them whenever I am sorting out some significant event in
      my head.

      YES! It should be required reading for all students of history; and life, in general. More than anything, it has helped me understand that things I have witnessed are not so much a world-gone-crazy, but a world GUIDED by nefarious hands. The more who understand this, the quicker will come its termination.

      I am so glad Darkmoon posted this article. It brings forth “most very serious” considerations!

  11. Oy vey. Everything is so mehugganah these days. It’s very nerve-wracking. I’m nervous I tell you ;

    ” Death Rays For The Enemies Of Israel” :

    The goyim are writing in making their goyish comments. I don’t know what to do. I’m nervous I tell you. Oy gevalt.

    1. word dog … thats the way to relieve your boiling head! … tell the truth … without telling the truth

      you remind me of another super sayan … sing with me now rabbi, “throw transport down the well so my country can be free … “

  12. According to Henry Makow, there’s a lot of Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews around causing a lot of trouble for everyone — even causing a lot of trouble for us Jews who are against the Zionist New World Order. I worry about this. It’s troublesome. Who knows what can happen next? Who knows? I worry, what can I do? It’s something to worry about. We should all be worrying.

  13. And then we see the European model such as Miley Cyrus. Every time I see her, my first thought is, when is somebody going to spank her and send her to her room?

    I don’t doubt that Rothschild wrote the protocols. When it comes to an explanation of them my take is, show me a part of them that is not unfolding exactly how it was written. You cannot. If you someone can I am most happy to listen.

  14. This trial in Bern, Switzerland, 19is another station in revealing the circumstances around the Protocols: The Fleischhauer-Gutachten, (Fleischhauer report) in the 1930s – but haven’t found it in Engl.; here is an older text, that says, the jews are obsessed to rule the world if by their Phariseeism, or later Marxism, Capitalism, Hollyvoodooism and blame that on others: e.g. Josef Goebbels, Saddam, Colonel Gaddafi and so on:
    Conquest of the World by the Jews (1878) Author: Osman Bey (pseud.)
    Since the (falsified) Protocols were read in the Greek parliament by the New Dawn party I guess, it is of great merit to bring those evil (falsified) plans to our attention also.

    1. The New World Order is no order at all for anything good, but destruction, immorality, deceit. fraud, cheating for the bankers – it is proven that those Protocols must be falsifications.

  15. I just want to alert all WN about this book, The Great South African Land Scandal by Dr. Philip Du Toit – can be read online for free here

    this is the work of the international jew – the same thing that is being done to White people everywhere. They will stir up the blacks and other races against us just as is being done in SA today.

    I am only beginning to read this but I wanted everyone to read it and I hope you will tell as many people as you can about it.

  16. Israeli Jewish worshipper gets ten bullets for shouting “Allahu Akbar”!!!

    On Friday, an Israeli guard pumped ten bullets into body of Doron Ben-Shalush, 46, a Jewish warshipper at the Jewish Holy Wailing Wall. According to the Jewish security guard, he mistook the guy as Muslim militant for shouting Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest, in Arabic).

    The incident shows how Israeli guards get paranoid listening to Islamic statements – because they’re raised on hatred toward Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

    However, this is not the first time an Israeli Jew killed a fellow Jew. A 2003 Israeli documentary 100,000 Radiations revealed how the Zionist regime murdered 100,000 Sephardi youths, by mass radiation poisoning on behalf of the US government. For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli government 300,000 Israeli liras a year. The entire Health budget was 60,000 liras. The money paid by the Americans is equivalent to billions of dollars today.

    In 2007, Professor Daniel Bar-Tal (Tel Aviv University) released findings of Israeli educational textbooks investigations.

    “The early textbooks tended to describe acts of Arabs as hostile, deviant, cruel, immoral, unfair, with the intention to hurt Jews and to annihilate the State of Israel. Within this frame of reference, Arabs were delegitimized by the use of such labels as ‘robbers,’ ‘bloodthirsty,’ and ‘killers”.

    Another Israeli academic, Professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), daughter of Israel’s 1967 War hero, Gen. Peled, had come to the same conclusion in her study of Israeli school textbooks.

    One Israeli textbook, we are told, acknowledges that most of the Palestinians killed by Zionist forces in the village of Deir Yassin, near Jerusalem, in 1948 were women, children or elderly. Yet the book cites claims that the victims died because they refused to leave their homes and that the massacre “still serves as an excuse for Arab propaganda against Israel.”

    This excuse bears a chilling similarity to the one used by the Zionist regime when it subjected Gaza to a three-week bombing campaign in late 2008 and early 2009. And this excuse is not confined to one work. The 2009 book Israeli Nationalism and Nation: Building a State in the Middle East – by Eyal Naveh, Naomi Vered and David Shahar – stated that the residents of Deir Yassin failed to evacuate their village because the loud-speaker from which they were supposed to receive a warning was not functioning properly.

    American archaeologist and author, Professor Dr. Ernest L. Martin (1932-2002), in his 1999 book, ‘The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot’, has proved that the Dome of Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Wailing Wall are all part of an ancient Roman fortress built by Emperor Herold.

  17. Oy. I work so hard, I spend so much time, I put so much work into, so much energy, writing a truthful post, and my post gets thrown into the cyber-space trash bin like what I have to say is garbage. Oy gevalt.

    “Blessed is he who seeks knowledge and wisdom”, it says in the Torah.

    1. “Damned is he who has knowledge and pursues its folly”, says its practitioners who’ve corrupted the Light with its evil shoot.

  18. Rehmat – at Amazon that book sells for 101 dollars.

    Re the jews killing each other – how could we get them to continue this?

  19. it is instructive to observe how jews (supposedly bright and logical) and goys (supposedly dumb and irrational) go about denouncing suspected forgeries, namely the protocols and the holocaust.

    what jew says about protocols: forgery!!! antisemitism!!! hate speech!!! age old canard!!! eeeek!!! arrgh!!! (high pitched screaming, 24/7)

    what goy says about protocols: maybe forgery but eerily, unerringly prescient in its predictions and explanation of organized jewry’s behavior.

    what jew says about holocaust: any questioning or delving into facts and details proof of antisemitism, racial hate, punishable by wrecking career, incarceration or worse, endless stream of inane tearjerk movies and books, eeeek!!! arrgh!!! (high pitched screaming, 24/7)

    what goy says about holocaust: apart from many outlandish lies (some courtesy of elie wiesel), inherent contradictions, inconsistencies and unanswered questions almost too numerous to list.

    the official line adopted by media, justice systems and politicians: protocols-false, holocaust-true.

    1. Ezra Pound on the protocols;

      “If or when one mentions the Protocols alleged to be of the Elders of Zion, one is frequently met with the reply: Oh, but they are a forgery.

      Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever. And no one can qualify as a historian of this half century without having examined the Protocols. Alleged, if you like, to have been translated from the Russian, from a manuscript to be consulted in the British Museum, where some such document may or may not exist.”

      continue here:

      1. Ezra Pound on the protocols: (from your own link)

        “And for the historian two decades later, when the program contained in them has so crushingly gone into effect up to a point, or down to a squalor.”

        seems lobro and ezra pound have the same thesis … there is a document and it is being put into effect

        so what is the point of posting this beside lobro … is it to support his view? … because youve presented only the first part in such a way that it seems you got fixated on the word ‘forgery’ and lost the plot in thinking that ezra’s words are a counterpoint

        1. I think we can all agree on one point: that it is in the interests of the Jews to discredit the Protocols and that they hate the book passionately and would like to destroy it. This alone amounts to a ringing endorsement of the book’s authenticity.

          1. If the Protocols had been a “forgery” cooked up by the Okhrana or Russian secret police, as the Jews keep telling us, this would obviously have been known to Tsar Nicholas II who was the ruler of Russia at that time (i.e., in 1903 when the Protocols was first published). The Tsar, in other words, would have been a party to the scam.

            The facts speak quite otherwise:

            (1) If the Protocols had been a forgery, the Tsar would not have read it with such avidity and left copious marginal notes in his copy of the book — comments such as this: “What depth of thought! What foresight! What precision in the realization of the programme! …. Everywhere one sees the directing and destroying hand of Judaism.”

            (2) If the book had been a fake, the Tsarina would have been told this by the Tsar and she would then have hardly regarded the Protocols as a precious bedside book — which she clearly did. After the murder of the Tsar and his family at Ekaterinburg by the Jew Jacob Yurovsky on July 17, 1918, three books were found in the murdered Tsarina’s room, the only books she took with her to her last resting place and to which she obviously attached great value. These three books were the Russian Bible, a copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

            * Note. The Protocols were part of a larger book by Nilus called “The Great and the Small.”


        2. @flyingcossack

          Sorry for not making myself clear. I meant to focus on the line: “Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity.” Maybe Pound meant that it was an even more terrifying original copy somewhere and what he had seen was only a ‘watered down’ version.

          I line up right behind lobro and Ezra Pound. You are right, if you read on you understand they have the same thesis.

          Wasn’t it Henry Ford who once said:
          “…they fit in with what’s going on…”
          That was true then, it is even more true today.

  20. Let’s search for a simple explanation for the problem with the Jew, according to wikipedia, Occam’s Razor: “the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected. In other words, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.”

    I have spent decades studying the problem with the world, trying to understand the situation and wrapping my mind around the problem, here is my “Parable of the Jew Thief” or “How the Jew Became a Supremacist”. lol

    Thieving is completely natural consequence of having to expend energy to make something useful. Some produce and some become envious. Some men are able to produce wealth, others are jealous and lazy take the easy road to riches by simply taking the productive work of others. The later we term parasites because if the thieving is continuous it is like a tapeworm entrenched in your intestines, it is always feeding. Government is a giant parasite and now is dominant, the current Jewish run state is a threat to any naturally Abel body.

    The parasite who is plotting and stealing must be very clever because the producers will try to prevent theft of their hard earned efforts. Conservation of energy. So how does the thief rationalize its existence? Simple. The thief demonizes the other, the thief MUST TAKE ON A SUPREMACIST ATTITUDE in order to exist. The thief rationalizes his existence with a superior philosophy. This, in my opinion, is how Judaism was born. Judaism is the philosophy of gypsy thief. Haggle, dicker, and jip are lesser forms of this philosophy but perfectly natural attributes of this mentality.

    Judaism simplified: I can steal from you because God says so.

    Writing down this attitude is how it is institutionalized, the authors needed a way to maintain this philosophy and way of life, and thus the greatest scam in the history of literature is born, the Jew claims an extraordinary link to God. God chose the Jew sayeth the Jewish book. This is no coincidence, the Jew must maintain a supremacist position in order to maintain his position and this is why many Jews are not doing real work and filling every government position or administration.

    For example do you have a right to raise children and home educate them? Not so says the Jewish social worker. The Jew has trumped your parental rights by claiming some superior philosophy. Same for DHS, the Jew says you can’t have a gun because guns are a safety issue. All gun control legislation is written by the Jew because the Jew can not stand you having any ability to defend yourself against its predation, its not about your safety, the Jew is intending on killing you after it gets your guns. The tapeworm is preventing its removal, the parasite is worried about its safety, not yours. Its that simple.

    All of these laws and rules and regulations and scams from Sandy Hook to Global Warming are cooked up by the Jewish parasites as it maintains it supremacy over those that actually work and produce. When the parasite is figured out and real leadership arise the Jew flees its host nation and moves on carting every ounce of gold he can. The Jew fears real leadership, a man that actually represents the people is denigrated as a populist or nationalist.

    And now you can understand why the greatest man in modern history, Hitler, is completely vilified by the Jewish media. Hitler was a natural leader, a populist, a man of the people loved by his people, someone that vocalized the problem, who stood in front of the world and said the problem is the Jew. Thus the Jew must have an anti defamation organization that prevents any real leadership from emerging, anyone that actually talks about fixing the problem is a labeled a radical or an antisemite. Thus when the economic collapse comes the people panic and riot, they were unable to correct the problem with voting of with legislation.

    The Jew knows the world hates the them because they know what they really are, thieves and liars, and when they are found out they have no choice but to ratchet up the fear and control and try to take the guns. I have to laugh when I think about the inner most collective Jewish fear, the work camp. lol Hitler put Jews in camps that said “arbeit macht frei” meaning labor makes you free. No wonder they hate him.

    1. Yes, Jews are arch parasites who fear nothing more than doing honest labor. Have you ever wondered what the true meaning of the story of the fall from paradise in the book of Genesis is? Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise because they “ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. Hence they were condemned to “eat bread in the sweat of their face”. What does that mean? It means that doing hard work is seen as a curse, but eating fruits without working is seen as “paradise”. But how can you “eat fruits” without working? Only as a parasite. So to live from parasitism is paradise. However you run the risk to be expelled from such a paradise if you “eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”. This is of course a symbolic expression for “having a moral conscience”. So the true meaning of this myth is : “If you want to live in the “paradise” of parasitism, don’t be moral”.
      And the Jews have followed this suggestion of Yahweh ever since!

      1. That analysis is ingenious, I never thought of it that way. Paradise to the Jew is endless fruits for doing nothing, no wonder they created the Federal Reserve.

        I think it is clear that Yahweh was created in the image and likeness of the authors, author Richard Dawkins sums up the Bible god as:

        “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

        Over a long period of time Yahweh came into focus, the Torah God is wishful thinking of the Rabbis, a god who destroys their enemies. They have manifested this “god” in the form of the modern nation state, the United States of America. The USA is the new god, he smotes Jewish enemies and provides endless honey to Jewish parasites.

        Every detail of god description describes to a tee the US-Israel team and none of it would be possible if 100,000,000 Evangelicals weren’t on board singing hosanna in the highest to Israel.

    2. Just how completely insane is the parasite? The latest Hollywood zombie movie illustrates the lengths the Jews will go to to justify their actions. World War Z is really about the upcoming world war against Zion, not Zombies, but as Jews like to do, they invert reality and make Israel the heroic last stand of humanity against the zombie hordes.

      “The Times of Israel may be only slightly exaggerating when it calls this “the greatest piece of cinematic propaganda for Israel since Otto Preminger’s “Exodus.” Not only is Israel’s fanatical Wall Building proven to be justified, against the hordes of undead invaders, and not only are Jewish victimizations paraded to justify the aggrandizement of Israeli military prowess, but it’s Israel’s supposed humanism, and multicultural inclusiveness, which in the end weakens the fragile post-apocalyptic state and allows the zombies to overrun everything.”

      I suggest that this site run an article on this movie, as it illustrates so many things about how the Jews propagandize the world with their movie industry. The Jewish race is parasitic, the world is on to them, so how do they respond? They preempt the upcoming war against them by painting themselves as the last of humanity fighting zombies which are in actuality their goyim victims.

      I must restate the obvious, the Jews as parasites must demonize their victims, you are no longer goyim cattle in need of milking , you are now cast as part of zombie horde that might overrun Israel’s apartheid walls in need of killing with endless machine gun bursts. Pure paranoia and inversion of reality. Thousands of Jews are fleeing Israel because they see the writing on the wall.

      Furthermore, were does this zombie meme originate? Are not the mindless zombified shopping hordes addicted to television and corporate junk and junk food not the products of Jewish run businesses and state? Jewry created the zombie hordes with their parasitic policies that dehumanized people, they feed them shit in movies and fast food chain restaurants, dumbed them down in schools, took away their individual responsibility with the nanny welfare state and bankrupted an entire industrial country with their debt money and wars and now they see that the world is on to them and coming to get them.

      You, my friends, are being typecast as zombies; dehumanized further because the parasite is unable to come to grips with its own behavior.

  21. The time for Worldly solutions to the problem of evil appears to be over. But it can never be completely solved by the ways of the World. Ultimately of course, those can only be temporal in nature. ‘Buyin’ time as it were. The best we can do is mitigate the fall-out. ‘Final solutions’ will not come of this World.

    Our entire existence in this World as it is materially constituted has been one of captivity. A trick is what it is. The only way evil acts are enabled and committed is when Life is in a fixed state of containment – what we call “matter”. The ‘game of Life’ is fixed. The fix is in. But this is not the doing of the Divine Love. This can’t be what it had in mind for manifestation.

    The sandcastle is not just ON this World. It IS the World in and of itself. And those who devised the Protocols know this. They know it intimately. So called ‘Occult’ knowledge that they hide from the unsuspecting.

    When Satan tempted Christ by telling him he could make him King of the World, first of all, Jesus knew he was lyin’ his sorry ass off. As if the Devil would share it, he at that level of megalomaniacal self-aggrandizement. But more importantly, Christ knows what a sandcastle it really is; this illusory house of cards. It was just too easy NOT to fall for a feint like that.

    We are now at a point where it’s a war of spirit vs. matter, which isn’t to be dismissive of our experience in this physical abode. What’s being called into question is the ‘aegis’* of that experience.

    * meaning the sponsor, as in “brought to you by…” It’s what engineers this condition of “physical exclusivity”.

    1. ‘Final solutions’ will not come of this World.
      This is all you need to hear from brownshanks.
      He is one of the End of the Wrold christards who cannot wait for the Armegeddon nuclear war they have programmed into the minds of the gullible goyum for the last 2,00 years.
      This world is not the problem.Satan’s planet is fine it is these jesus freaks who orchastrate the mass genocides of the Gentiles in service to the jews that are the problem.The final solution is to isolate all of the Abrahamic jew tribes christians, muslims, and christians from Aryan communities and let them go up in the sky to be with their jew gawd in a holy war amongst themselves.But keep them far away from civilization.I suggest Ethiopia because that is where their arch of the covenant is and Brown shanks are everywhere there because all niggers have brown shanks.

      1. This is how you interpret my words, Satan-boy?

        Who and what do you suppose is programming the “goy” in the first place? Who and what have been working towards THEIR final solution of rounding them up?

        You’re a fool, pal. Your esteemed ‘master’ will throw you under the exterminating bus just as sure as the rest of the goy (i.e.; humans)

        They don’t call him the great deceiver for nothing. And you are yet another idiot who’s fallen for the hook, line and sinker.

        Running the fool’s errand. Hoisted on your own petard.

  22. This is played-out. We all know about the protocols by now. What’s next on the agenda? How horrible was jew communism? How wonderful was “junden-free” “Aryan” Nazi Germany? How wonderful islam is? Let’s move on to something else, this article is old news.

    1. lead the way, joe, what’s next on agenda.

      maybe a seminar on the curative properties of cosmetic products made from dead sea mud and other forms of dead-juden-soap followed by a pyramid scheme for door-to-door sales partnered with urban moving systems who provide free transport.

      let’s all get rich, my brain is already judenfried.

    2. whats next is the jews are gonna give everything back and write full confessions in every newspaper and tv station across the world

    1. yea, whoever gets trolled into killing innocent people already lost the war

      “the devil finds work for idle hands” … might be better if read, “the devil finds ambition for empty souls” … puts it into an eternal context … and puts the purpose of this world into context as well

      of course, maybe (the eternal context) is how a lot of these things were meant to be understood

    2. war is a losing proposition for all participants

      the only people that win in war, are those that dont participate … but trolled other people to

      and so, the enemy is those that create wars … that write lies in newspapers, tv to falsify others … practice usury to make being a soldier your best way out of a tough economic situation

      perpetual trauma is the way the slavemasters get slaves to work despite seeing the slavemasters not work

  23. I’m sure “Satanist” is very happy these days :

    @ lobro

    As far as I know, “joe” spells his name with a capital “J” : As in “J”oe = Joe, no? Let’s be respectful to everyone’s handles and names, please.

    1. Lobro writes all his comments without using capitals. He even writes his own name with a lower case ‘l’.

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