The real terror is the law, by John Kaminski

Hear the chant of the mindless monster — “USA! USA!”


By John Kaminski

[email protected]


One thing is certain. It is the cops who are committing the crimes.

In the name of terror, they brutalize the public with concocted fantasies and real episodes of self-destructive social sadism.

And in the name of national security, they mislead everyone into believing that crimes are being committed when in reality the cops are creating the crimes themselves, staging “drills” that turn into live events, hiring “crisis actors” to pose as victims, and feeding false information to media maggots ever eager to fan the flames of fear.

Now you can be executed — as we have just learned — for merely being a suspect — with no evidence, no trial, and no finding of guilt, but only by the hysteria generated by the false testimony of the cops amplified and spread throughout the world by corrupt media.

This is how the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act works in real time.

The cops can commit constant perjury and remain immune from prosecution because the legal system, totally awash in corruption, protects them, while the gullible public, believing what they hear on TV, puts their hands across their hearts and chants “USA USA” without ever really comprehending the deeper reality of what is going on.

This is the new anthem signifying uncritical endorsement of fear and criminal behavior wherever it is heard — “USA! USA!”

It is a blood libel against all of humanity. No one is safe from it, not even the people practicing it for a paycheck nor the social strategists inventing it for purposes of control.

The cops are supposed to protect us, but their mission has curdled. They have turned the law into a weapon of mass murder.

Now, everyone is a criminal and you’re guilty until proven innocent. Babies are being snatched from their parents for not submitting their newborns to poisoned vaccinations. The new Gov. Cuomo in New York has just signed a law that all psychiatric records are now the property of the government.

There is no longer any such thing as doctor-patient confidentiality, which means your life is no longer your own.

Now, they’re creating crimes rather than fighting them, just as doctors now create diseases rather than eliminating them. Can you say “swine flu shot” without choking on the phrase?

Now, when you go to a doctor, you are committing a crime against yourself, by jeopardizing your own freedom by challenging new laws that spawn the real terror in the world. Our demonic President Obama has pontificated that he can kill anyone he wants without a trial at any time for any reason. The day has already arrived when people, especially parents, are being put in jail for refusing vaccines. How much worse can it get?

Be certain that it will.

Some people don’t care. Others are simply not capable of understanding.

The rest of us who are aware to one degree or another endlessly troll the Internet for each new depravity, wondering in astonishment how we could have sunk so far so fast, how we could have permitted all these evil actions and trends to flourish, and grow progressively worse with each passing day.

It’s no exaggeration to say the future of America and the world hangs in the balance. It is the people who don’t care who control the fate of the world.

Those who will decide whether we all live or die are people who really don’t want to know the truth, who don’t care whether the government is killing its own citizens, who just want to be left alone with their addictions, compulsions, and delusions, with their favorite TV shows and self-destructive jobs.

Those who just want to watch football, go shopping, and eat pizza.

Preaching to the choir doesn’t work. It only sinks those of us who are aware more deeply into depression and frustration. Too many of us now realize it is the people who don’t care who matter most. It is up to us to convince them, and we haven’t.

Convince them of what?

That the information they receive shapes their lives, and prejudices every decision they make in their lives with deliberately falsified facts.

The question of freedom in the minds of Americans hangs on the question of whether or not the U.S. government is killing its own citizens to achieve total control of everyone’s mind, thereby eliminating the possibility of dissent. TV news is shaped to the same purpose.

The notion of freedom in America precariously teeters on the question of whether the government is deliberately killing its own citizens to achieve the goals of the rich power brokers.

People who stock up on guns, bulk food and ham radios are just fooling themselves. You can’t win a firefight with the American war machine. And you can’t survive with any degree of health amid a society that has gone totally rancid.

The lady who lost her legs on Boylston Street doesn’t know about Waco. But no lady lost her legs in the staged Boston Marathon massacre. IT WAS A DRILL. She was an amputee hired as a crisis actor, and she did her job well. What a thrill it must be to know she helped the cops make everybody more afraid.

(surprisingly cheerful for one who has just lost her legs)

What a sick society. This is the ultimate outcome of not paying attention to the forces who control our lives. This is what happens when we let someone else usurp responsibility for our own lives.

Reality has separated into two parts. It has bifurcated into two levels of consciousness, one that thinks and one that doesn’t. One that reacts to made-up terror dramas and cringes in fear, and one that gathers real facts and ineffectually rails against injustice.

The one thing that is never mentioned is the real cause of all the problems. Because it is against the law to be mentioned, the problems never get solved. The problems only get worse. And the true cause is never identified openly.

For the last two decades, terrorist incidents like blown-up buildings and mass shootings at schools have proliferated. These are what has caused the need for “terror drills” in the first place.

In recent days, after alleged mass shootings at Aurora and Sandy Hook, plus the Boston Marathon bombing, numerous courageous writers have diligently uncovered the scams, pointed out the inconsistencies, and chronicled the shifting cover stories.

But, again, conspicuous by its absence has been any mention of the real cause: the Jewish penetration and subversion of reality.

(I notice with fear and loathing that Jewish writers have pretty much taken over the opposition, providing Jewish solutions to problems created by Jews in the first place.)

Few people have actually noticed that ever since the assassination of President William McKinley way back in the year 1900, the real cause of all these tragic public events throughout the 20th century — the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the Great Depression, both World Wars, Vietnam, Oklahoma City, 9/11 and the endless succession of terror bombings, the constant attacks and obliteration of the Muslim countries, and most recently the Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon sideshows — have all been devised and carried out by the same evil source — cops trained in Israel and soldiers who act without thinking about their immortal souls.

But this source of endless terror is never mentioned, because this same source controls virtually all public media in the world, controls every aspect of it, in ways we still haven’t completely perceived, such as gangsta rap, free sex and the legalization of drugs.

That source is the Jewish mafia, which has perverted our schools, lobotomized our media, perverted our social institutions through non-profit think tanks, and prostituted our children with poisoned drugs and depraved subversive trends masquerading as personal liberation.

And if you do mention it, you probably don’t get published, unless you’re reading discontented sites like this one, hard to find, marginalized, and ridiculed by people who don’t really know what they’re talking about, yet who insist they do, because they got their information from sources who never mention the magic word.

Lawyers collude against their clients, doctors poison their own patients, teachers fill their students’ minds with crap they know is false — this suicidal course was all created by the Jews, just like the erudite commentators who continue to insist Muslims blew up the Twin Towers, white people have plundered the world and deserve to be offed, and you can live a happy life is you just take this bribe, or take this drug, and forget about the rest of it, because there’s nothing you can do about anyway.

Please notice how all the presidential assistants are Jews, how all the lawyers and doctors who craft new laws that threaten our lives are Jews, and how all elected officials are in thrall to the Jews because that’s the only way they can acquire the loans to get themselves elected.

Please notice how all the people on Wall Street who have stolen trillions from the American people are Jews, who read the news on TV and justify government oppression are Jews, and who draw enormous salaries from the government for jobs that don’t really need to exist are Jews or Jew slaves.

Please notice how any news source that forbids the use of the word “Jew” should never be trusted, because it means they are spouting propaganda that has been screened by the Jews, or at least, by not mentioning them, are generally speaking in fear of the Jews.

And most importantly, please notice how any news source that speaks of terrorists as a genuine entity— and specifically the fictional creation known as Al-Qaeda — is simply vomiting Jewish propaganda, because Al-Qaeda is the false flag creation of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Mossad, and the CIA, and is now successfully spreading to every corner of the world as EITHER the reason for the need for military action by armies that the Jews control, or as allies against countries that the Jews want to destroy.

Such convenient terrorists they are, used to fight EITHER for us or against us, depending on what the situation demands. In Afghanistan, they were the targets of our bombs; but in Libya, they were the deliverers of our bombs.

It’s the people who don’t care who matter most now, because they are the ones who uncritically believe the hip but misleading jargon they hear on TV and give the government the excuse it needs to continue its slick deceptions that sicken the general public and spread profit-making diseases across the planet.

It’s the people who don’t care who control the fate of the world, and it’s up to us who do care to convince them that they must care, that the real terror is the law, and that the real criminals are our leaders, and the cops who follow their criminal orders. Without the people who don’t care realizing their indifference is leading to our destruction, we are unquestionably doomed to a painful and diseased oblivion.

So if you understand this message, get to work, because only numbers — and I’m talking tens of millions of people demanding the trial and execution of all these killer millionaires who fix elections and avoid paying taxes with overseas bank accounts — can at this late date hope to save our world and our lives.

Get the Jews out of government, out of schools, out of our minds. As Ben Franklin predicted so long ago, our children will curse us in our graves if we let the Jews sabotage and destroy our country, which they have already pretty much accomplished.

But as long as we don’t give up our guns, stop going to doctors, and never trust the Jewish-dominated mainstream media, it’s not too late to stop them.

The key is getting the people who don’t care to understand that the future of humanity — the whole shooting match — depends on them waking up to the sorry fact that they are being systematically robbed and killed by organizations that are supposed to protect them and make them healthy, but are doing exactly the opposite.

Given the debauched and debilitated condition of the gullible boobs who populate the United States, I concede this is a tall order. Unfortunately, the only alternative is the Jewish program of mass deception and extermination that is already well under way, and has been for at least a hundred years.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

85 thoughts to “The real terror is the law, by John Kaminski”

  1. It’s our 1% against their 1% …

    Right now the kikejews and jewthinkers have the upper hand, but the tide is turning …

    We need somewhere around 15-20% to wake up … most who do so will be on our side.

    One big problem is the kicking, scratching, biting, back-stabbing etc. that goes on within our 1% (this should be encouraged in their 1%) …

    Having posited that, the future can only be bright for those who are right …

    But for now … RESIST !!!

  2. “We need somewhere around 15-20% to wake up … most who do so will be on our side.”

    Long way to go in that case. I doubt if even 0.5% of the population are aware of what the Jews are up to. Svengali has mesmerized the masses. They are all sleepwalkers in a mist.

  3. The law. The Jews. The Jews took over the government and are subverting the law into a weapon of terror. What should we do?

    False flags: 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing. All fake yet the state pretends they are real then changes the law and represses freedom and our rights. What should we do?

    The Bible. Plagiarized, phony, false but most of still believe the fairy tale of hell and devils and gods and salvation. What should we do about these mind memes on our brain hard drives? Should we ditch Christianity and throw the Jew baby out with the Jew bath water? Who do we really need to be saved from? The Jews. What did the Jews invent? God. What do we need to saved from? The Jewish God memetic virus that has been installed on our brain hard drive.

    Money. The gold is gone, the Jews stole it, we have yet to realize that. What should we buy, is it hyperinflation or deflation collapse? Hoard dollars or hoard gold? Maybe we should buy a gold mine and move in and start prepping.

    Sanity. We long for it yet it remains elusive. How did it all go wrong? How did the lunatics take over the asylum? Every leader a psychopath, both parties the same party, all third parties failing.

    All these questions are descriptions of what John Kaminski has been writing about for years, all of our problems are caused by one group, he names them, he is a hero and only a few remote outposts of sanity will publish his work. Thank you Lasha Darkmoon.

    We need to laugh and make light of this incredible problem like Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff in this latest interview (click on 04/24/2013 link):

    These guys are great, please listen, the cavalry is coming, but they are still trying to mount the horse, lol.

    We are going to prevail, there is no doubt about that, what we are doing right now is identifying the problem, naming the enemy, figuring out who the paid shills are (like Alex Jones), and working toward a solution. If we apply ourselves we will eventually win. We have to apply ourselves otherwise we are looking at nation state and cultural suicide.

    The problem isn’t just with the Jews, we all bought into this idea of the state, we gave our personal authority to a supra-individualistic organization. This organization is only human but it has been taken over by the psychopaths, opportunistic individuals who saw the fortune in managing sheep by using the authority of god and law.

    Authority. Who has authority over you? Another human? Really. Go talk to the person next to you right now. Do they have the authority to tell you how to live? Arrest you? Murder you? Well? The state is run by people, people exactly like you and me and if you don’t have authority neither do they.

  4. Have you ever wondered why the Jews took over the state without a sweat? The number of Jews working us over, those active in politics, is miniscule compared to the size of the population. I have an idea how and why it happened.

    First they took the memetic invention of god (they stole the god idea from let’s say the Egyptians) and made it their own. I doubt that Yahwey was an original Jewish god, but whatever they made it their god, they got a monopoly on the god meme. They seem to be good at this, take the Holocaust, they have a monopoly on the causalities of World War 2.

    Once they had this god meme they taught it to you via that huge monolithic Catholic Church. Think about it, you have to be indoctrinated about god and hell and devils and salvation because it really isn’t observable or measurable. They got you because if you believe in this war god and they own the book then they own you. It’s a spell, this god only exists in the book and in your mind of those infected. The Jewish god is a war god, this war god was absorbed by Europeans because Europe was a long bloody battlefield. Warriors love a war god, the Jews made their god your god and warriors everywhere forgot their own culture and gods. Every Christian knows the story of David but nothing of their own origin.

    So lets continue. This god also establishes authority. I’m sure lots of Bibletards can quote the Bible and state the words and phrases and the memetic codes that make you believe that god has established the state over the individual and that you have to obey the authorities because god put them there and to disobey the state is akin to disobeying god. But that line of thought is patently false because the authority is thoroughly corrupt and debauched and running out of control and taking our entire society over the cliff. The justice of the just god has taken a vacation, no perpetrator of any false flag like 911 has even been charged.

    Obviously we have a problem with the killer in chief who is executing anyone he wants with flying robot drones named Predator that launches Hellfire onto unsuspecting wedding parties or Waco fertilizer plants. So are you going to obey when crazy says he wants your guns? We are in an existential crisis, the way out is to figure out what assumptions we made that got us into this bind.

    Since the Jews are a parasitic tribe/race/religion they are naturals to infiltrate, run, subvert any nation state. Not just America, they are infesting France (the home of a revolution about liberty) they also control England, Australia, Germany and Canada just to name a few. Jews are running the state wherever there are lots of Christians. Until recently, mightily few Christians could see the Jew as subverters because in their mind the Jews are god’s chosen ones. Christians turned a blind eye to the Jewish takeover until it was to late.

    Gentiles (a slur used to describe gentle peoples) for the most part do not care or pay attention to government activities. They possess creativity, they are busy with their lives and loves and productivity. The Jews seem to lack creativity and thus have to expropriate everything, so through guile they manuever into positions of control. Jews look around at their opportunities and gravitate into the state where they can control and shear the sheep. Money, finance, medicine. How many Jews are engineers? Just about zero. How many Jews are lawyers and judges? 70% yet they are only 1.7% of the population. What percent of Hollywood, Wall Street, and big Pharma are run by Jews? What about the advertizing industry? Madison Avenue?

    What role does advertizing play in making war? Here’s an excellent film made by those bad North Koreans who hate our freedoms, outsiders to our wonderful way of life:

    We are living in a matrix of the Jewish mind, what we imagine is what we make real. Our magic is our ability to create what we believe and if what we believe is the mentality of the Jew and his god then we live in a Jewish hell matrix. John Kaminski has pointed out that America is the new Palestine, this seems correct, we are creating a perfect mirror of the rubble over there because that is our program. Our society is like a body and the Jews are our brains, they control us, they control the state and the laws. So we become the drug addict, the war addict, the sex addict. We become the religious zealot, the crusader like Paul, the sacrificed man on the cross. We have become the Jew and we need to regain our selves by taking back our minds.

    How do we regain sanity? We remove the parasite from our brain then we remove the parasite from our bodies, then remove the parasite from our state. That is the only way back to a tranquil state of being. We do what Hitler did, we identify the problem, we come up with a plan of action, we take center stage and act on what we know to be true. That battle plan is being hammered out everyday at Mami’s Shit (

  5. what a unique blend of examples of attempting to describe the elephant with blindfolds on…

    Government for Americans has never been defined as a global “JEWISH” crime syndicate {economic terrorists}….but there it is…. {1984}

    There were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament…

    Stupid will never change true…

    stupid defined is spiritual blindness…STUPOR !!!

    refining the LANGUAGE is necessary to confront the ISSUE and the Truth is….
    … more than 90% of so-called “Jews” are – *** PROSELYTES *** –
    ….to Talmudic Judaism ….FACT !

    ….Jesus admonished to Know the Truth, and Love your neighbor….there is no other proscription for a peaceful “homeland” than following the admonitions of the Messiah for the Children of Israel….who have never been and are not now “JEWISH”.

    All so-called “Jews” are manifested from the Talmud…an anti-Israel so-called “Religion” that HATES Jesus {TRUTH} !

    No One on Earth – HAS – to be a “JEWISH”…. [Obadiah]

    Jesus declared that his messengers would round up the TARES {workers of iniquity} and put them in THE OVENS…of TRUTH….!!!

    read the History of “Western Civilization” again…and see if any where you find the words ….SERVE AND WORSHIP THE “JEWISH” ECONOMIC TERRORISTS OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN… the moneychangers & “Pharisees”…


    1. @Natasha @ Ares

      Is not all jew in the satanic nwo, that has to be tackled!

      Tomorrow, 30th of april, Bilderberg Beatricks is abdicating. This ‘royal’ family has an awful lot of skeletons in the cupboard. Her mother Juliana was adopted after 4 miscarriages of Wilhelmina (B’s ‘grandmother’), who had syphilis.

      30 april is Walpurgis night*. It is the birthday of Juliana (manipulated, since J. got adopted). 30 april is to satanists a major ‘holy’ day. 30 april is also the day that Hitler is supposed to have killed himself in 45 in his bunker.

      Remember the father of Beatricks , Bernhard is the founder of Bilderberg had close ties to Hitler. You know the story of Hitlers exit to Argentina.

      A lady lawyer has a reliable shocking story about Beatricks her son Goldman Sachs/ Skull&Bones Friso and a lot of known Dutch govt. officials including Geert Wilders, Mark Rutte (present PM) Balkenende (former PM), Joris Demmink. All (50-60 of them) were present in a hidden theater in the woods how children were heavily abused and killed in a horrific way.

      This horror is not at all jew related and I am not playing the advocate of Chertoff c.s. here.

      *it is also a pre-christian holiday in many northern European countries

      CIA O

    2. Good clarification, Anthony Clifton!

      For some of these posters to be so seemingly knowledgeable and astute, it does not relate that they apparently know so little of Scripture – and would yet style themselves “educated”. Here’s a good one; pertinent:


      Seems to me like Jesus was anything BUT the hero of the (anti-Christ) jews…..

  6. there is one fly in protocols ointment and its name is internet.

    the amount of truthful information that wasn’t available 20 years ago makes preceding years look positively paleolithic, which suited the jew perfectly, due to advantage of a close knit international den of diseased parasites who spoke a secret code (yiddish) and diseminated secret information while their host wallowed in ignorance, largely unaware of the eternal corrosive war on its mind, society, culture and economy, growing cretinously obese on daily sludge of shiny package of lies.

    there is an enormous apparatus to foist this ignorance on contemporary generations of mindless youth but at the same time the brightest goy strata are getting increasingly and rapidly educated.
    this is a grave threat to yhwh’s subterrenean cohorts because their victory is false, the victory over brain dead.

    once one is weaned off the toxic kosher tit, one never goes back, it is forever and such people are apt to liberate others, still comatose.

    1. Yes, I agree with 99% of what you say. It’s the other 1% I’m concerned with. Your whole argument hinges on the liberating force of the internet and how shocking truths are now available to the masses that were never available before — truths that rip the mask from the face of the Jew and prove that we have been lied to in all important respects. Once the general public realize that the Holocaust was a hoax and that the Jews were behind 9/11, it will be curtains for the Jews. So you argue.

      I wish I could be as sanguine as you about the internet’s ability to liberate the minds of the masses and make them wise up to Jewish lies and propaganda. Unfortunately, the Jews view the internet another way:

      (1) “We will take over the internet just as we have taken over the mass media. We will get control of servers and pass legislation that criminalizes all thoughts and ideas we disapprove of. No Jew-bashing alllowed! Respect for Israel compulsory! Holocaust deniers to be dealt with severely! Anti-Jewish websites to be shut down! Bloggers and commenters who say bad things about Jews to be tracked down and harshly punished!”

      (2) Distraction, deliberate mininformation, and the proliferation of innumerable conspiracy theories — each more bizarre than the previous one — will create such confusion in the minds of the masses that they will not be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you have a THOUSAND articles seeking your attention and only ONE tells the truth, will you have time to read the other 999 before you get to the truth? And if and when you do, how will you know it is the truth?

      (3) Only a VERY small percentage of people are interested in JEWS and bother to find out about the subjects you and I consider important. Maybe 1%. The other 99% are in search of trivia and I hear that 40-50% spend most of their time on porn sites — porn, the ultimate distraction, demoralizer and mind destroyer.

      In other words: if I were a Jew, I don’t think I’d be too worried about the magical properties of the internet. Even if hundreds of thousands wise up to the Jews, so what? Knowing the truth is not in itself a weapon against our Enemy, unless the multitudes rise up and unite in armed rebellion.

      Philosophers and academics don’t win wars. Fighters do. One gun is worth a million words.

      1. let’s not debate in closed circles but rather in open spirals.

        no one is going to grab a gun, pitchfork or baseball bat and go after the culprits of our misery unless the cauae and origin are clearly identified.

        and yes, i will not go down meekly.

        call me an antisemite and even knowning what a misnomer it is, i wear it with pride.

        but every action must be guided by some principle of awareness, otherwise we are back to bolshevism.

        1. “Going after the culprits” could be seen as a metaphor of EXPOSING them as such to enough who would see.

          We need that 100th monkey in the worst way.

      2. Yes, fighters certainly win wars, but the peace must also be won, and we do that with political or community movements.

        The Amerikan experiment is dead. Most readers visiting intelligent websites like this one already know this; at least subconsciously they do. All references to “Multiculturalism” needs to be squashed and consigned to the dustbin (trashcan) of history.

        It is essential that all ethno-Europeans (wherever they are) now organize themselves into groups based on their geographic (i.e., local) location. I know how much Amerikan’s love the idea of individualism, but that need not contradict the forming of mutual defence groups. That way, you will escape the Internet paradox. Eyeball to eyeball, and a genuine sense of community is the only way forward.

        It is essential that Christianity not be used as the binding agent. Christianity is a hoax religion that for over 1500 years has given avenues for so-called ‘Jews’ to exploit.

        Many of you might like to consider forming/joining a religious fraternity based around Europe’s original spirituality: ASATRU. You can find more info by searching on the Internet, using this engine: RETURN TO YOUR ROOTS.

        Reject totally, anything and everything with a ‘Jewish’ taint. Stop buying kosher approved, processed foods that carry a (U) in a circle, else you will pay a hidden tax to the New York or Chicago scum in your grocery bill.

        Ethno-Europeans should meet in secret if necessary. Tests of sincerity and loyalty must be created in order to minimize infiltration by Zionist Agents and/or Federal Agents acting for the British Crown. Groups should meet on an ad-hoc basis with rotating agendas and safe-houses as fall-back. Assign camouflaged sentries while meetings are being convened to watch over you all. If your local police can be trusted, then keep the senior officers informed both of your agenda, and of their constitutional duties.

        To communicate, dream up some passwords + other secret identification protocols, and then utilize this communication method to maintain local group communication.

        All non ethno-Europeans should be barred from attending your functions, and also barred from membership. No ethnic Indian, or Mexican, or Honduran is going to come to the rescue of any ‘white’ Amerikan. Get real. In any case, the whole concept of Amerika and being “Amerikan” is in reality one giant Plantation with the bulk of its citizens as ‘unofficial’ slaves. Understand the bankruptcy of 1934 and what changes were brought, in consequence, to your Birth Certificates! Your body and energy were monetized as collateral to the Jewish Banksters.

        So, either you re-identify exclusively, with your racial origins or you will be killed by those who’ve already found the sense and maturity to do so. Stay friendly with Amerikan Blacks, as they have been victimized and manipulated by the Zionist/Jewish Dog almost as much as you have. But they will still have to organize themselves separately as their DNA is clearly not ethno-European.

        Treat your traitors very harshly. And I mean, very harshly. This is already a life & death issue. Zero tolerance with traitors (including may I say … silly young, white-American females with their typically loud mouths).

        For those who still don’t get it, then I suggest they read the early history of the NSDAP who in the early days met, mostly in beer halls or taverns. These are very different times, and we are acting in different countries, so it would be foolish to try and emulate the growth of the NSDAP. But, the basic strategies they followed can certainly be used as powerful templates, or as intellectual inspiration … just as the US Dept of Homeland Security is using the Bolshevik/Soviet era (and its murderous apparatus) as a template to achieve their insane nirvana.

        Either you form race-based defence groups capable of organizing vigilantes (if the worst ever came to the worst) or you will get picked off, one by one.

        Copy and spread this message.

        1. @Anglo Saxon

          “No ethnic Indian, or Mexican or Honduran is going to come to the rescue of any ‘white’ Amerikan.”

          What if you’re both, like me?

          This war isn’t about the white race – not exclusively anyway. It’s a war for the survival of the HUMAN race. And don’t underestimate the indigenous contribution of informing about the non-human component in all of this.

          Remember, it was Hitler himself who spoke of meeting who he referred to as the “new man”. One who frightened him. I’d like to believe that he was frightened of no human, having taken the measure of the most scurri-louse among them. Or that this was some mere hallucination conjured up from the concoctions of drugs administered by the strange Dr. Morell.

          1. The strongest bond is the bond of blood and shared DNA.

            I have absolutely nothing against people of your background, but ethno-Europeans have been singled out by Khazar-Zionism for elimination. Therefore, they must in turn learn to rely on each other for long-term survival … and to eventually work out a way to go on the offensive.

            If you are sincere, then your ethno-European neighbours will find a way to reach out to you. Anyway, such group meetings cannot be dictated to from the outside. I am just trying to get people to think more viscerally. Local groups will have to come to their own arrangements, which may mean the inclusion of people of your mixed background.

            And please, Brownhawk (great moniker!), there is no such thing as “the human race”. This is another Jew York inspired piece of Apple Pie nonsense. What we have is HUMANITY as the umbrella, under which the different races co-exist … and happily co-exist … but only when the ‘Jews’ aren’t cooking up another bank heist, false flag event, narcotics, or some slavery deal.

            And as JB Campbell has written on this website, those Khazar-Jews may not even be fully human. The Jury is still out on that one.

            What I am trying to do is promote PRACTICAL and realistic responses to a growing and menacing threat, outside of the Internet and the so-called Social Media.

            All the best.

        2. Follow-on info related to my original comment.

          Suggest you read this recent article over at the Activist Post website

          Contains essential tips for all euro-ethnic Americans still living under AIPAC policy decisions, Dept of Homeland Security control and/or monitoring, TSA molestation, Google-type surveillance, and incessant ADL profiling.

          And for good measure, listen to this righteous Jew and now Orthodox Monk who has more b*lls than a township of average US ‘citizens’. He also needs and deserves donations, via his own website.

          1. @Anglo Saxon

            Thanks for that correction. Which is ironic because I NEVER use the term “human race”. I wrote a book, and it’s always “humanity”.

            Just a minor faux pas in my following up on the term “white race”.

            And insofar as the jury being out on whether or not the Khazar-Jews are fully human, from my own understanding they most certainly are not. As I’ve mentioned in other threads, the old native stories tell of them being a malevolent non-human race whose first landing on this planet was in the area of present-day Mongolia thousands of years ago. From there they migrated west, and over the course of time eventually inhabited the area in Southern Russia which of course became known as Khazaria. Suffice it to say, their part-human status is due to their breeding with humans along the way, initially enslaving and raping human women.

    2. what the jews fear most is people uniting against them … hence the exploitation of the prisoner’s dilemma and of every possible division between people

      the most important article on this site, the one about slavemasters being mostly jewish, might be the most important article the world has ever seen … it would unite people against the evil … yet this article saw only 2-3 days on the front page … it was drowned by an inconsequential hitler debate … the slavemaster article should be the frontpage/frontlist article on this site full time

  7. Here is a picture that is worth a thousand words, a picture of an armed government thug onto of a HumVee in Boston on a typical city street aiming his automatic weapon and threatening a taxpaying citizen photographing the police raid. Gun threats are a serious crime, aiming a loaded weapon at another human is at least a misdemeanor, locking down citizens in their own homes during a staged terror event is also a crime:

    Has anyone consider the effect of this insanity on the real estate values of Boston, MA? What is your stick frame home worth in a major east coast city when these terror events are commonplace? How many Bostonians are packing up right now and heading for the country? Detroit level pricing is going to spread everywhere.

    Detroit homes sell for $1 amid mortgage and car industry crisis

    “A third of the population are unemployed. Property prices have fallen 80% or more in large parts of Detroit over the last three years. The average price of a home sold in the city last year has been put at $7,500”

    1. One day this guy will be looking down the barrel of the new equalizer; RPG.
      Not for long though.

      In the old days the great equalizer was the Colt .45
      Now it’s RPG. Especially RPG-29
      Ask any combat veteran. Nothing short of an M1A1 can hold up to these actually quite light and easily carried by a single person game changers.

      Did you know the launcher is legal to buy, sell, own in the USA?
      The grenade is not, of course, but it’s a lot easier to move only the grenades across the borders by the tens of thousands than the whole weapon.

      That guy in the armored (haha) tin can might as well baste himself in butter before he gets in there and closes the hatch.

        1. A couple nights ago my brother scared off a bear in the back yard with a bottle rocket, much less an RPG!

          The bear pulled down our woodpecker feeders, again, and just for good measure took a big dump in the back yard under the spruce trees.
          Yeah, I had to clean it up.

      1. Dressed in a business suit in Manhattan, at times, I was still just a Southern country boy who would as soon go without clothes than to be unarmed. (It is my nature.) A most satisfactory weapon at close range – in urban areas where one is not expected to be armed – is a compact, high-quality water gun filled with ammonia.
        It is very discombobulating to a pensive assault, and gives a fairly well-trained would-be victim time to gain distinct advantage.

      2. what if everyone in the world wore a suicide bomber suit?

        instant universal respect.

        i saw that the first time i traveled in afghanistan some 40 years ago, where every man, a pashtun walked around heavily armed and extremely polite while expecting like in return.
        or else.

        1. Lobro, as you no doubt know more so than I, the really GOOD fighters (i.e., deadliest opponents) often appear innocuous. No burrs under their saddles, no chips on their shoulders…

          It is so much more pleasant just to be nice and friendly to each other – as long as one is able!

          1. yes i have known many of them, welterweights and smaller, who go around smiling and wearing glasses.
            even back in school, i had couple of friends like that, one was on a year long probation who nearly killed a rock concert bouncer who tried to beat him up.

            in fact, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a bully win a fight against an outraged ‘victim’.

            jews are going to find out the price of planetary bullying, the wages of their generational sin will be amply repaid, their vile yahweh banished back to hell where he came from.

          2. @ lobro

            Wishful thinking is no more than a survival mechanism.

            There is no basis for your optimism, which consists of little more than the froth of rhetoric.

            The rise of Jewry to the apex of world power appears to be an unstoppable process. It is based on the Darwinian principle of the Survival of the Fittest. We are at the elite, the darlings of creation, in accordance with an inexorable law of nature: we are the best.

            The cream always rises to the top.

          3. Your fallacy consists in believing that because we are “evil” and you are “good” — an assumption I would question anyway — that you are bound to win in the end.

            Good will triumph over evil. — Here lies the root of your fallacious thinking. It is not axiomatic or self-evident that good will triumph over evil. If you care to look at history, you will see immumerable instances in which evil has triumphed over good.

            Take a look at nature, my deluded friend. Is nature “good”? Nature red in tooth and claw? Is it fair on the prey that the predataor always wins and enjoys his bloody feast?

            Consider the great sharks and the little fishes they eat: is this the triumph of good over evil?

            Face the bitter truth, be a realist and realize that Evil has won.

            Satan rules.

            Consider the US government, under the hegemony of the Jews. Is this not a textbook case of the triumph of evil?

            We are the world’s oppressors, and we are winning new victories every day. Boston was only the latest. Our victims are to be found everywhere — wherever drones can fly and the Jew can set his world-conquering foot.

  8. If real terror is the law and the Bible the source of the law then the real terror is the Bible.

    Here’s what Peace Officers for Christ says about police authority:

    Romans 13:1-7

    “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.”

    Does God respect government authority?

    “It is clear that there is no authority except from God, and that God establishes government for His purpose (vs1). Think about it, being a law enforcement officer means that you are working for God.”

    How does God’s view of government apply to law enforcement?
    Can law enforcement use force?

    “The Bible has established that lawful force to exercise authority, up to and including deadly force is acceptable.”

  9. @Seymour Zaq

    OK Zaqi, I’ll play along with your Devil’s Advocate shtick by saying that what we are in the midst of at this time, and in this place (Earth) is, as I’ve posted before, the latest “end-time” in this latest round of good vs. evil.

    But herein lies the analogous rub: Think of the present time as being akin to 1918. The Germans had for all intents and purposes won the war. All appearances indicated this until the fateful “stab in the back.”

    Turnabout is fair play, but this time it will be a “bullet through the heart”, or a “fist in the face”. Point being, eyeball to eyeball – man to man. Not the coward’s way of sneaking up from behind.

  10. @zak

    no zakie, jewish comedian (are you REALLY jewish, i wonder, but definitely funnier and more original than the uproariously ‘funny’ sarahs, silverman and bernhard), it is your thinking that is fallacious.
    because, you see, i don’t necessarily believe in the final victory of good over evil, i like new testament but it is neither my playbook nor organizing principle.

    that’s the crux of it, you get it now?
    because his undergirding principles are based on LIE (kol nidre), he is unable to recognize the truth and in making up his own reality he will drown in the excrement of his own hubris.
    jew prospered for one reason only, for riding on the coattails of superior civilization of european whose mortal mistake was to have felt sorry for the poor, filthy ghetto bound jew, a mistake that will not be repeated.
    trust me on that, because i am an example of such a european, of that superior stock who years ago did foolishly sympathize with ‘kind, suffering, downtrodden’ jew.

    well, no more.
    in my humble yet realistic and truthful (i know that the concept of truth has no meaning for you until it hands you your lying ass on a bloody platter) opinion, jew has not suffered nor been downtrodden nearly enough.

    and look around you and soil your tefilin, because the best and the brightest share my opinion.

    and we count, not the blind morons hollering USA, USA.

    so keep your talmudic glasses on and enjoy while you can, it won’t be long.

    for example, why can’t one turn talmud on its head and quote from it … let’s call the new document dumtal:
    the best of talmudists should be killed.
    huh? is it hate speech?
    then why doesn’t anyone arrest the talmudists themselves (and execute them on spot for self incriminating sociopathy, so you see how your circular logic harpoons you in your smug ass).
    and what’s sauce for talmudist is sauce for the antisemite, as the old saying goes.

    so you see, i don’t go by new testament to fight you, i pay due homage to talmud.

    1. another favorite quote from dumtal:
      anne frank is boiled for eternity in a vat of excrement
      (of course, hollywood is always ready with an inexhaustible suppy lest the creative fire subside)

  11. @ Ruth Bernstein

    Why don’t you back me up, you bitch? I can’t do this on my own. I’ve read a few of your comments. They are very strange comments coming from a Jew. Are you a self-hater by any chance? Have you been in therapy? How old are you? Are you good-looking? Would you consider yourself sexually desirable? What is your height and weight and skin color? I hope you don’t mind me asking these seemingly personal questions, but I need to know where I stand.

  12. Thank you John Kaminski and Lasha Darkmoon for another good article on these confusing events. As Paul Craig Roberts said on the Kevin Barrett show, “We are the 20%.” And in this world of quantity the powers that be assume assume the other 80% are in a completely different category, which they are not entirely.

    I would like to mention again the documentary “James Steele: America’s Mystery Man in Iraq” because it shows a dirty war and I believe this is what has come to America. James Steele, a veteran of Vietnam, was the most powerful person in Central America during those years when the U.S. was fighting the insurgents there. He trained the police, or whatever they were called, to fight the insurgents with dirty war tactics and death squads. More recently when Bush was at risk of losing the election over Iraq, Cheney/Rumsfeld sent in Colonel James Steele ( this time a civilian) to train the Iraqi police force to speed things up, resulting in dirty war and death squads. All of this was hidden from the American public, and so naturally when the police turn against us and it looks a lot like a dirty war out of Central America or Iraq no one connects the dots. I say hidden because in the case of Iraq Rumsfeld lied to reporters who asked about our involvement in torture and death squads.

    It was also in Central America that Israel and the U.S. began to share everything. I would recommend reading the book, Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn. Ironically it does seem that the Neo-cons were impressed with what was going on in Central America and they were probably eager to “fix” the Middle East with some of the dirty war tactics. Now, it seems that America needs to get “fixed” too because the same style people are here–not James Steele who is out to pasture in Texas–but I’m sure they have replacements, maybe even Israelis or a combined team of Israelis and Americans. Who really knows. My point is that there are similarities between Central America, Iraq, and Boston and Newton, such as the police and military becoming indistinquishable.

    I can’t even imagine what the “end game” is here, maybe the Department of Homeland Security is softening up the American public for going after the militias. It does seem to be in the works. They are using the gloves on approach at the moment but watch that documentary and you’ll see what happens when the gloves come off.

  13. “I long ago (starting in Hebrew school when I was 12) came to the conclusion that most if not all of Jewish “history” is mytho-history – not just the stories in Genesis et all, which were lifted from various cultures in and around the Fertile Crescent – from Uruk, Babylon, Assyria, Ninevah etc. mostly – but up to and including what just happened yesterday. I studied at Temple Emeth (Truth), an irony not entirely lost on me at the time,” Roger Tucker, an American Jewish blogger, April 30, 2013.

    1. Thanks for putting up that Zengardner link, AS.

      Zen has his finger on the present pulse of things as sagacious as any. His stuff is highly recommended, very invigorating, and I like to think I had a hand in the crafting of his observations seeing that he’s read several chapters of my manuscript.

      There are many of the ‘indigenous mindset’ who try to stay true to the ways of the ‘natural’ order, and inherent in that has been a monitoring of goings-on ‘behind the scenes, and inter-dimensionally. You wouldn’t believe how much non-human activity there is on the planet now. It ranges from the highly benevolent to the lowest malevolence. To say we are in the midst of a great spiritual war is almost an understatement, if that’s possible.


        1. The Khazar has almost completed its graduation from a hypothesis, to accepted fact. So your attempt to muddy the waters SCG is doomed.

          I took part in the TOO debate you linked to: infected as it was by the usual paid trolls, with some adhering to a timeline in synch with Tel Aviv. Mossad just happens to be head-quartered just north of Tel Aviv.

          Many, if not most, of the leading Jews in the 20th century have facial features reminiscent of Asiatics and/or Turks. Such DNA has its origins only in one place: Central Asia. This is where Khazaria was located: but mostly in that land between the Caspian and Black Seas. Hitler’s insistence they did not belong on Germanic soil was entirely correct and justified.

          Khazaria was known to the Byzantines, and they traded extensively. The geographic entity “Khazaria” is (i.e., was) real. The capital city was Itil. Their later conversion to a warped, Babylonian form of Judaism is attested. Hitherto, they had worshipped the phallus.

          1. Yes, they have those features, you are right. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have Mizrahi DNA. DNA tests prove otherwise. Khazar theory says that they don’t have any Semitic blood.

            Are you a Christian Identity whacko, by the way?

          2. @SCG
            No, I am not a “Christian Identity whacko” … whatever that means.

            You are confused. Facial features (large hooked nose, thick and drooping lower lip, deranged eyes) always help to reveal the underlying DNA of a person, and without fail.

            There is no such thing as “Semitic” blood! The word Semitic classifies a group of languages: nothing more. If it wasn’t for stupid and big-mouthed Amerikans beholden to Jew York City, this worshipping of “Semitic” nonsense would never have gained traction in the West. There has never been a country called “Semite”, and never a people called “Semites”.

            I’d wager you haven’t got a clue about the true history of the region we now call the Middle East, and Arabia. So, if you haven’t got a clue then all this denunciation of the Khazar ‘theory’ is just grandstanding.

            For many years I lived and worked in that region. Have you? Therefore, I know what I am talking about.

            I hope I don’t sound rude, but I won’t abide by people posting claptrap, especially at this late stage in the game. Do your homework (as I have done) then come back and we’ll see if you can then make sense.

            NOTE: Most of the DNA research centres (especially in America) and the academic research into this topic are owned or sponsored by Jewish (i.e., predominantly Khazar) groups or organizations. So, the compliant media and universities have disseminated the DNA results that advance the Jewish globalist agenda … nothing more.

          3. NOTE: Most of the DNA research centres (especially in America) and the academic research into this topic are owned or sponsored by Jewish (i.e., predominantly Khazar) groups or organizations. So, the compliant media and universities have disseminated the DNA results that advance the Jewish globalist agenda … nothing more.

            I agree with you 100% on this, as does my friend Lobro who is more clued up on this subject than I am. (He has a useful link from the Guardian on this subject which I hope he will share with you).

            The one disquieting factor for me is the fact that Kevin MacDonald, a man I respect and whose sincerity I do not doubt, is so adamantly opposed to the Khazarian thesis of Koestler and Prof. Shlomo Sand.

            He states categorically: “Modern population genetic studies show conclusively that Jews are indeed an ethnic entity and that widely dispersed Jewish groups are more similar to each other than to the peoples they have lived among for hundreds or thousands of years.”


            He adds in a comment to the above article:

            “Those who support the Khazar hypothesis must deal with the population genetic evidence. From what I have seen, they simply ignore it, and this is certainly true of Atzmon. The fact is that the Khazar hypothesis has always been motivated by ideology far more than data…”

            To this a commenter called KhazarCretin replies:

            “The assertion by KM that Jews are a race/ethnic group going all the way back to ancient Palestine… and not a religious gang with some neanderthal genes is the weak point in his otherwise bulletproof analysis. If I were in his shoes I would revise it to be more in line with the J Bruce Campbell/Benjamin Freedman/Jewish Encyclopedia/Shlomo Sand thesis. Michael Bradley has written extensively about the neanderthal genes being responsible for the Khazars behavior and his analysis lines up with the previously mentioned sources. I’m tempted to say that KM wishes to maintain that they are a separate biological semitic unit so that he can argue that they should remain in Zionist occupied Palestine as the answer to so-called Jewish Question.”

            To this Kevin MacDonald replies:

            “The reason I reject the Khazar theory is that there is no evidence to indicate that is where the Ashkenazi population came from [i.e., Khazaria] – linguistically (Yiddish is a German dialect), genetically, or their own historical memory.

            I have never doubted the conversion story – that the Khazars converted to Judaism. It’s just that it’s a long ways from that to supposing that the Khazars are the ancestors of the Ashkenazim.

            The reason people like Atzmon buy the Khazar hypothesis is that they think it de-legitimizes Israel – a political motive. But one need not support Israel even if one acknowledges the ethnic coherence of Judaism, and certainly there is no need to think the US should support Israel unconditionally just because Jews are an ethnic entity. The first thing is to be honest about what we believe. Creating theories that masquerade as science in order to serve political interests is the main theme of Culture of Critique. We have to avoid that.”

            MacDonald rejects the view that the Ashkenazi Jews are in any way connected with Khazaria and the Asiatic race that inhabited it in the 8th century A.D. The Khazars, he maintains, are not the ancestors of the Ashkenazis. Both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, he believes, originated in Palestine. Which gives them, I guess, some kind of Biblical claim to the Holy Land — because they can now say, “Our ancestors came from this land.”

            According to this view, the Ashkenazis migrated north (from Palestine after 70 A.D. with the diaspora) and intermarried with various European races they came into contact with. That’s how they became progressively “white”. Because they interbred with the white races of Europe.

          4. All Jews today are not Khazars. Khazars, in my opinion, are a mix of Turkic and Mizrahi blood. The sorry state of our planet cannot just be attributed to the “Khazars”, who are supposedly fake Jews. It doesn’t matter anyway, because as people have previously mentioned the Jews are corrupt, and we may never find the real truth.

            The think the supposed independent Khazars would never be able to practice Judaism if the Mizrahi (Arab) Jews didn’t take them in. Those Mizrahi Jews probably intermarried with those Khazars, which is why Jews around the world share more DNA similarities with each other than those of their host countries. I should also note that I personally know people in Turkey that look like they are Sephardi or Mizrahi Jews, so if those supposed Khazars are Mongol-Turk, it doesn’t quite make sense when there are those types of Semites in Turkey. A Mongol-Turk would just be a Turk, which would include the Asiatic looking Turks that resemble Kazakhs.

            Take your pompous attitude and shove it, Anglo-Saxon.

        2. The crux of MacDonald’s argument is that the latest genetic studies support his view that the Khazarian thesis is nonsense. I don’t think he is prepared to accept the view that the scientific evidence has been cooked up by fraudulent Jews who have gained control of the scientific journals and infiltrated the various science departments that do the genetic research.

          That is one “conspiracy theory” far too extreme for a sober academic like MacDonald to consider. 🙂

          No disrespect, Professor, if you happen to read this. (I am one of your fans, believe me). But this is what is now being said: that Jewish geneticists have falsified the scientific data. Their control over the laboratories and the scientific publications gives them carte blanche to cheat.

          I’m afraid these people belong to a race in which cheating is an innate genetic trait.They can’t help it. If the data doesn’t accord with their ideology, they fudge the data.

    2. i am weary of the zengardner site … when you post articles like “the face of pernicious evil” and paste several pictures of reptiles on it, who are you fooling? … the perpetual lendman articles and the obama obaamaa obamunism tripe … as if the puppet matters … obama is being setup as a fallguy like stalin … stalin didnt go door to door murdering 40 million russians – a large group of jews accomplished this … obama is the fallguy for the great american cannibal adventure that is planned

      also, there is a preponderance of spiritual battle articles … but what exactly is this … perhaps it really means choosing uncomfortable freedom rather than comfortable servitude to the murderers-liars-thieves (jews) … though you wont hear zengardner say the word jew … he avoids it as if he was a jew … zengardner would have you chasing reptiles, obama, and demons all day long … he will put a target on everything but the jews

      also, zengardner’s attack on religion, the same attack you are propagating anglo saxon, is not relevant to world peace or overcoming jewry … it is only relevant to the demoralization process … if religion doesnt matter, then why even talk about it … in fact, christianity can still be used to unite the world against jewry — and thats what the jews dont want … what the jews want is for you to lump in christianity with the vatican, to tie the good values to the garbage … funny how the jews attack religion but dont attack the vatican (their own)

      i too dont believe this khazaria theory … england has been jewified ideologically and racially for a thousand years … central and eastern europe have not been so terrorized … hence the need for the cullings in the 20th century … even today there are villages and larger pockets of peoples, from croatia to the carpathian mountains, where the average male is 6’3-6’4 and female 5’9-5’10 … these areas are completely untouched by jewish blood … im unaware of such pockets in great britain … the british empire is a natural progression from the roman empire … imperialism, slavery, cultural amalgamation and assimilation, are jewish ideas, not italian or greek … it is easier to believe the jews ran rome than the khazar theory

      im not sure where jews came from … its likely that parasites are not semitic to any place … we dont need to understand history to understand the present, though it helps to figure the future … when israel is ‘given’ to islam, and the world celebrates the end of ‘khazaria’ — completely the opposite will have happened … jewish world power will be complete and jewish takeover of islam will be complete

      1. @ flying cossack

        Your short assessment of Britain (particularly England) is mostly correct. The Normans carried the ‘Jews’ in with them (CE 1066). The Bank of England established in 1694; a short period after Cromwell’s deal with the ‘Jews’ of Amsterdam.

        It matters not whether YOU believe in the Khazar theory or not. Those people who really matter do believe in its credibility, and work with it to good effect.

        You have likely not researched the topic properly or deeply enough, preferring instead to be bounced around, piecemeal, by those posting comments at intelligent websites like this one, at Prof. McDonald’s TOO, and a few others.

        also, zengardner’s attack on religion, the same attack you are propagating anglo saxon, is not relevant to world peace or overcoming jewry … it is only relevant to the demoralization process … if religion doesnt matter, then why even talk about it … in fact, christianity can still be used to unite the world against jewry — and thats what the jews dont want … what the jews want is for you to lump in christianity with the vatican, to tie the good values to the garbage … funny how the jews attack religion but dont attack the vatican (their own)

        It is my view zengardner is attacking “organized religion” (which as you point out is predominantly contaminated by Jewish lobbyists and subversives) and not the importance of religion per se. Indeed, I have seen zengardner advance the importance of religion and spirituality on many, many occasions. You can check his archives for proof.

        Christianity was the creation of a Roman Emperor and is therefore not predominantly concerned with your or my spiritual health (as a religion should be) … nor does it protect or maintain our ethnic/national identity. These inherent omissions have rendered us weaker in the face of the onslaught from Pharisaic Judaism.

        What you seek to preserve (Christianity) has already been debauched and subverted to the Nth degree and has no further practical use in the defence of the Germanic peoples, worldwide.

        But, the authentic teachings of Jesus are quite another matter. Many of us could certainly rally around his example (except for the notion of “turning the other cheek”). But, you really need to realize, much of our original form of Western Christianity was predicated upon the spirituality of those Germanic tribes that overran Italy following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Therefore, the resurgence and growing popularity of Asatru is not an attack on Christianity … as Christianity originally was.

        The only authentic form of Christianity now in existence is the Eastern Orthodox Church. If you don’t belong to that denomination, then you are not a Christian; only a child of Jewry.

        So-called “Christianity” in the USA and Britain is little more than a Marxist refuge for sodomites, feminists, and butt-kissing lovers of Is(is)-Ra-El.

        1. It is hard to distinguish whether you bear more animosity toward people who style themselves “Christian” – or those who are Jews, or “Khazars”. (btw, the Roman emporer Constantine did not “create” Christianity; he simply recognized it for political expediency.)

          ANYTHING can be correlated to have similarities – especially spiritual beliefs (simply by way of their other-dimensional claims) – but “Christianity” is the only one I can think of which focuses on a specific Being Who resurrected from the dead. Simply stated, it is just a faith that He existed, and that His teachings are true and valid.
          Why anyone would have such fear or aversion to that condition is a bit mysterious.

          1. It is hard to distinguish whether you bear more animosity toward people who style themselves “Christian” – or those who are Jews, or “Khazars”. (btw, the Roman emporer Constantine did not “create” Christianity; he simply recognized it for political expediency.)

            Do I really have animosity to those who are “Christian”? Where so? Or are you just mischievously employing spin and/or misinterpreting what I have written more than just a bit?

            Yes, Constantine did not “create” what has come to be known as Christianity; but he was its primary sponsor, and helped oversee the fixing of the diverse books that would later comprise the Hebrew Bible.

            The origins of the “Resurection” actually derives from long-existent, Ancient Egyptian (or pre-Egyptian) beliefs regarding the movement of the dog star (Sirius) in the observed sky. Other established ‘religions’ also assert the role of a resurrection, not just Christians.

            ‘Belief’ and ‘understanding’ are two very different, and often-times contradictory conditions. Be careful you don’t confuse the two.

      2. @flying cossack

        It seems to me that the key word in your argument is the word “pockets”.

        “…villages and larger pockets from Croatia to the Carpathian Mts.”

        This really does nothing towards disproving a Khazaria theory. You have to consider the particulars of their would-be migration that takes into account any geo-political scenario at whatever given time. So sure, there are bound to be pockets which were at least temporarily spared from the inevitably encroaching scourge, given the premise.

        I would suggest a similarity in South America, where the Indians of present-day Ecuador were overlooked by the Spanish (jew-sponsored) Conquistadores in their bloodthirsty rampage wiping out the vast majority of the rest of the natives on that Continent. The inhabitants of that area at the time had the natural protection of a rugged mountainous terrain in their favor, perhaps similar to the Carpathians.

        But given all that, you yourself indicated that the killers eventually got around to those previously neglected regions of Central and Eastern Europe with “…the need for the cullings in the 20th Century.”

        Ah yes, eventually they “get around to it.” A dark harbinger for these times if ever there was one.

      3. if england was proliferated by jewry before eastern europe, then jewry didnt spawn from eastern europe

        if you want me to believe the impossible instead of the rational, then demonstrate how its possible instead of pulling rank … pulling rank tells me you have no argument

        the zengardner site gave me the same treatment in one of their reptilian/demon spirit articles … even if third party or malevolent spirits are above the jews, how does this absolve all the murder and theft by the jews … instead of defending their irrational stance, they chose to pull rank too, saying i just dont understand

        also, if there is good effect to this khazar theory, i would appreciate an idea on this too, instead of just declaring it true … gaining palestinian land back to palestine is small apples … the jewish problem will not be solved with israel, though thats what this whole game is building up towards … i see the khazar theory as an empty shell to blame all jewish terrors on

        if you are gonna pull rank, do it like a champion

        let him who can hear, let him hear

        1. I don’t see where it’s being suggested that a view of malevolent non-humans being above the jews absolves them from their crimes of murder and theft. It is simply conjectured that jews comprise the majority of minions doing their dirty work – they being inclined to do so per a genetic connection.

          And insofar as England being proliferated earlier by jewry, therefore concluding that it didn’t spawn from Eastern Europe, who can say? As I already indicated, the movements of history can sometimes be ‘all over the map’, so to speak. More like hopscotch than a steady ‘western march’ down the field. From the present-day British Isles it became possible to use the Sea to conceive of and develop what would become a World dominating empire. It wouldn’t take much of a leap to picture opportunistic jews and their off-world (or under the world) overseers to be lecherously rubbing their hands (and claws) with glee in anticipation of all the new territories and people to plunder, kill and conquer.

          1. I neglected to add that perhaps Eastern Europe could wait in accordance with their big picture schematic. Not that it could ever be rendered moot in their deviated eyes. Because as you said, flying cossack, “…hence the need for the cullings in the 20th Century.”

          2. jews are never mentioned in hundreds of articles … so the logic that they are being conjectured is asinine … atleast your asinine logic is consistently applied … demon spirits and reptilians are to be fought … this view is compounded by the fact that even if we were to isolate and solve the unknown, we are still left with the known … jewish mass-murderers and thieves still mass-murdering and stealing

            what you neglected to add is whether you are really this stupid or just pretending? or is someone paying you a salary for this garbage dump

  14. Benjamin Fulford from Tokyo puts it this way: (…)The various bombs going off around the world are (Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Syria etc.) are best seen as the death throes of the dying Zionist terror machine and are part of a failing campaign to maintain control through fear. It is they who should be afraid because they are going down and going down hard (…)

    I guess Boston can be seen in this light too.

    (…)the US military is not going to go along with Zionist schemes any longer.
    It is also clear that a big showdown has secretly taken place in the US and the Zionists have blinked first and are now in a state of fear and submission. The evidence for this can be seen in many places.

    One clear example is the situation in Syria where attempts to start a greater war are being dialed back. The Israeli psy-ops of accusing Syria of using chemical weapons in order to fool the US into invading that country for them, for example, has failed. The Israeli government has also become the laughing stock of the world for having repeated for well over 20 years now that “Iran is one or two months away from getting a nuclear bomb.” (…)

    (…) Instead, the world’s military and intelligence community has finally figured out that “Islamic fundamentalist terror” is run by Zionists and not Muslims. The crypto-Jewish Saudi regime is also now under severe attack for its role in financing mayhem and murder (…)

    (…)In any case, Zionist attempts to start World War 3 are failing on all fronts (…)
    (…) It is also clear that the Zionists are no longer supported by the vast majority of Europeans and Americans, including the Jews. Instead people are waking up to their plans to create a one world “New World Order” totalitarian dictatorship (…)

    (…) There are also signs the Zionists are beginning to lose control of their magic money printing machines known as the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank. Last week arch financial criminal Henry Paulson (Goldman Sachs, US Treasury etc.) and war criminal Henry Kissinger appeared on Xinhua news meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese government sources say they were on a begging mission but were sent away empty handed (…)

    Last but not least we will have to face Fukushima (caused by the zionides) and let the experts find a way to stop it.

    Btw geoscientist/nuclear radiation expert Leuren Moret is pointing to the satanic ‘’gangsters in tiara” Bad Elisa II and Bilderberg Beatricks as the main perps behind Fukushima (and their jew banksterbuddies of course)

    CIA O

    1. Haaretz newspaper confirms Israeli company was in charge of ‘security’ at Fukushima before and during the March 2011 disaster.

      NOTE: This constitutes the exact same security scenario as existed at the NYC World Trade Centre (9-11), at all the US Airports where “19 Arabs with Box-Cutters” allegedly boarded their flights, on the London Underground (7/7), in Madrid Train Station (unconfirmed but probably!), at Paris Charles DeGaulle Airport when the Shoe-Bomber boarded, at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport when the Underwear-Bomber boarded … and at most other major airports throughout western Europe today.

      Most CCTV Security Systems are designed and supplied by Israeli companies, and they also configure the software to manage these systems.

      Israel is best seen as an international Organized Crime Hub financed by the Western Banking System (under the auspices of the Rothschilds + Schiffs + Warburgs, etc.) pretending to be a country. Therefore Germany, the Netherlands, England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, et al have faux-governments that are actually little more than fronts for organized crime syndicates with links to Tel Aviv (and Dimona).

  15. Maybe the Khazar theory undermines the justification for the state of Israel as the homeland for Jews, but it doesn’t really explain the rise of the police state. Personally I don’t think most American Jews could care less if they are Khazar or descendents of Abraham. Israel is payback for the years of ghetto life and being marginalized from the mainstream culture of Western Civilization. Israel exists to assure that Jews survive. Period. It has almost nothing to do with the Biblical return, which seems to be more a Christian Zionist thing.

    The bigger question for me is why do educated and literate people continue to believe the nonsense written in the 9 11 Report. I saw a news clip where Rachel Maddow was touting the 9 11 Report as if it were one of the better novels written in the last twenty years. She praises this reader friendly book for explaining how office fires and jet fuel could make 110 story buildings turn to dust in about 10 seconds, and proving that terrorist living in caves with nothing but cell phones could cleverly dismantle the military industrial security state in order to ram planes into buildings–planes the terrorists had never flown before.

    Possibly the Khazar theory will make Christian Zionists think twice about supporting Israel. I don’t know any Christian Zionists. I do know a lot of people, though, who buy the “official story” and basically are supporting the military industrial complex to go after these terrorists, even if it means getting rid of the Constitution. It reminds me of Louis XIV who created this intricate court system of manners in order to control the society through class structure. He made his court the defining social achievement and so the upper classes wanted to be there, and the classes right below them followed the mannerism and mimiced the upper classes, etc. down the line. Believing in these idiotic conspiracy theories may be similar to wearing a powdered wig. Everyone thinks it’s fashionable and wonderful and no one notices how absurd everyone looks.

    The ghettos of Europe are to the Jews what the wagon trains are to sons and daughters of the pioneers. It’s still there in Yiddish phrases and in the rock solid loyalty to the survival of the Jewish people, justified multiple times by the experience of the Holocaust (that is kept alive by the media). Both Jews and gentiles believe in Holocaustianity, and terrorism is like that–it makes no sense but well look at how strange the Holocaust was. Of course, the Holocaust was strange because that story is about as twisted as the Islamic terrorist story. Yet everyone believes it or faces social ostracism. Jews these days are hanging out with those in the same economic class. (They visit the synagogue once a year, if that. ) And class does not depend on ethnicity but on economic success. It’s a Jewish culture like it was Louis XIV’s royal court, and no one wants to be caught not agreeing with the prevailing fashion. Everyone watches TV sports, everyone watches the same TV dramas, everyone believes in terrorism.

    But suddenly into this TV dream state we see something quite remarkable: armoured tanks on American streets, police shooting many rounds of bullets against the unarmed teen-age Muslim suspect. Rachel Maddow has assured us that conspiracy theorists are bad but also anyone who truly hates Muslims–that is so Republican she says in her sarcastic drawl. At this point the upper and middle classes probably switched channels to the game, which isn’t going as well as it should–maybe the season won’t turn out so great. At least Rachel Maddow has summarized it pretty well, that is, the whole reason and necessity for the parade of military equipment and combat troups, boots on the ground of Boston phenomena. Khazar? What’s that, a restaurant. And by the way isn’t Chechen in old Khazria, right? No one has written an article on that yet.

  16. @kapoore

    (…) The bigger question for me is why do educated and literate people continue to believe the nonsense written in the 9 11 Report (…)

    That’s because there is a true satanic force behind it. Even so called intellectuals, well educated, fall for the official 911 nonsense. Like in he Netherlands with the orange festivities. Also the better educated they get the orange flu. She is ‘our queen’.
    Even the so called educated forget to be more excact, they don’t even see it this way: she is our ‘vampire’ queen. Withe the austerity policy everybody loses, although that policy has loosened up a bit, but she as Big Oil mamma wins. Her son works for the genocidal Agenda 21. Even the socalled educated are not educated about something like this Agenda 21 at their universities. Education is also controlled.

    Nevertheless there are enough scientists and engineers who question the official version of 911. But will they get a msm platform?

    Imo it will happen when globally the cabal forces are losing, which seems to be happening now. Someone like BF brings this news. Only he- while living in Japan- underestimates the Fukushima fall out.

    You will not see this kind of analysis on the tube. And then the educated Zombians from whatever university will wake up too.

    CIA O

  17. The British National Archives released last week, contains an intelligence report dated April 30, 1948 – two weeks before David Ben Gurion unilaterally declared the establishment of Israel. In the report, Sir Alan Cunningham, the last High Commissionar of the British Mandate authority in Palestine, wrote to his superiors that the Jewish militant groups (Irgun, Stern Gang, Haganah, Lehi and others) terrorizing the native Palestinian population, “their broadcasts, both in content and in manner of delivery, are remarkably like those of Nazi Germany“.

    In another report, Cunningham wrote that the European Jews were ready to declare a state over Arab land and “all-out offenseive” with “all the equipment of a totalitarian regime”. The papers include mention of Jewish attacks against British and Arabs, together with frequent references to Jewish “terrorists”.

    One week before the British forces suddenly departed from Palestine, Cunningham wrote: “All the ingredients of a successful truce were present”. However, like today, Zionist Jews never wanted to live in peace with the native Muslims and Christians.

    In one dispatch, an account is given of the massacre at the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. In it, Cunningham wrote that 250 people were killed, with the attack “accompanied by every circumstance of savagery. Women and children were stripped, lined up, photographed and then slaughtered.”

    Archives claims that armed Jewish militias expelled Arabs using home demolitions, massacres, rape, beatings, bombings and widespread threats of terror. Some 300,000 were expelled before Israel declared itself an independent state in May 1948. Another 400,000 Palestinians were driven out or simply fled in the fighting that ensued. There are approximately 9 million Palestinians today, with 5 million still living as refugees in neighboring Arab countries as well as in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territories. After 65 years of dead-end peace initiatives, the native Palestinians are frustrated and don’t see Israelis accepting an independent and sovereign Palestinian state over pre-1967 borders………

  18. @flying cossack

    The garbage dump is in your inability to put what I wrote in total context, numbnuts.

    OK, maybe my use of the word “conjecture” was inappropriate, but you’re going to take that one word and run with it to the point of calling me stupid or in the employ of Zionists? Seems you have an axe to grind. That, or the stupid tag belongs on YOUR head.

    One more thing – Don’t think for a second that the non-human’s intent isn’t to do away with virtually ALL humans, including those jews who have served them so well through the ages. This has always been their operative m.o. – use them up and kill ’em off.

    1. precisely that which you accuse me of is what you are guilty of … people can look at your comments and my comments and judge for themselves who is responding to language and who is responding to ideas

      jews are not mentioned in any of zengardner site articles … does this imply they are guilty (your view) or innocent (my view) … i am being generous … more than innocent, their omission implies they dont exist

      instead of exposing the mass murders and thefts by the jews, that site chooses to focus on the unknown … much like you are doing with malevolent non-humans … this is stupid because why should we target the unknown when we have not yet dealt with the known … the aim is deliberately nowhere to get you running in circles

      1. Don’t get me wrong. Along with most who frequent this website I feel the frustration of this predicament. Sometimes I think alot of us are still in mourning and lamenting the loss of the 3rd Reich 68 years ago this Wednesday.

        The jew mind has become so entrenched now in their assimilation everywhere, that it seems as though people like you and me have at least as good a chance of convincing people of these alien orchestrators as it is of the jews and others doing their bidding.

        But isn’t the bottom line always about that “100th monkey”? Humanity waking up means understanding that our having been played for thousands 0f years runs in tandem with our complicity in terms of how far we’ve strayed from honoring our spiritual responsibilities.

  19. For whatever reason I can’t get to the comment section of Kaminski’s latest article.

    Any help out there?

  20. That makes two of us Brownhawk. The comment section will not come up on Kaminski’s “False Flag Terror…” article for some reason.

  21. @ Brownhawk
    @ siljan

    Sorry to hear you are having these problems reaching the most recent thread.

    Can you please post a comment on ANY back thread — the word “TESTING” will do.

    If you can reach any of the back threads apart from the most recent Kaminski thread, this will tell us that the problem is not a general one but related only to this specific thread. In theory, therefore, the problem ought to resolve itself automatically when we post a new article.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  22. The title of this essay is: “The real terror is the law”. John Kaminski aptly points out that the legal system is being used to terrorize us. But how did that come to be, how does voting play into the hands of the state?

    Youtube: Voting Is An Act of Violence

    This video starts with the statement: “Voting is the most violent act someone can commit in their lifetime”.

    If that startles you then please watch that video. Voting is the act which legitimizes the state, a state is an entity that has the monopolistic use of force in a geographic area. America is by far a Christian nation, Christians normally don’t initiate force at a personal level but universally accept it at the national level. With the vote the state says it represents the people, and with the vote the state can exercise the law, laws which are written by special interests.

    Israel is a special interest, it is interested in dominating the world, to do so it must first dominate the United States. This was easy, Jews having money and connections and most with law degrees have infiltrated the state. ALL OF THE GUN LAWS ARE PUT FORTH BY JEWS. Google that to learn more. Currently the Jews own the Congress.

    Many Americans who are mostly Christians own guns and are horrified by a gun ban, they know what will happen if the government takes the guns. The 20th Century is full of examples, hundreds of millions of innocent people put to death by roving government death squads. But Christian America made a mistake, they accepted the principle of the state then allow the Jews to take it. The state is now run by a puppet Marxist who is planning on a Bolshevik style takedown. It is not an exaggeration to predict using other recent historical examples of Mao and Stalin that a minimum of a hundred million Americans could be butchered, we know that the DHS is purchasing almost 2 billion rounds of mostly hollow point ammo.

    The state was created to protect our property and our lives but now seeks to terminate those two specifically. The state is now a monster, the monster is a Jewish run government that acts in behest of Israel and Jewish interests, especially the Jewish religious interest of domination. These Jews in power are insane psychopaths, just look at the TV (Talmudic Vision) for daily confirmation. The situation doesn’t look good, it looks terminal.

    Voting was used as justification to grow the state into a behemoth, now voting makes no difference. The big mistake was creating a state without sufficient safegaurds that would of prevented a takeover from within. But it has happened, now America is going to be terminated with extreme Talmudic prejudice unless we find a way out of this predicament. Any ideas?

    1. With the government buying up all the ammo, one idea would be for gunowners to save what they have (I’m sure most of us are proficient enough already and have no need for more target practice. And how ’bout we leave the poor animals alone – they’re in this mess no less than a suffering humanity)

      Other than that, a worthy endeavor may be to take up gunsmithing. Fashioning weaponry independent of the major purveyors. You’d be amazed at how inventive you can get with some high-powered armaments.

      If push comes to shove, then bring it on.

      When push comes to shove we’ll see

      1. Longbows are formidable weapons – even against Kevlar for a t-bone strike (depending on the arrowhead). They are light, too; and silent. Like kendo, though, there is a certain discipline required to become adequate with one.

  23. The PTB and all of their tremendous intel assets would rather almost anything be discussed than methane hydrate leaking from the earth depths. All of the so called alternative sites will not touch this one.

    What did Hitler say about the end of an age anyway? You must have a plan right?

    Intel ops can justify almost anything, GMO to reduce the population while we go undergound, this will be less rioting, less mouths to feed, never admit anything to the helpless cattle, don’t want them looking around. Get bullets for when the methane hydrate turns them into zombies before we can reach the underground facilities. They can shoot each other when lack of oxygen causes them to go insane and eat their faces off.

    I have news for you sports fans, every age ends with almost total destruction, this one maybe can even surpass it. No problem the earth is expanding, maybe everything will die. At some point in the future the nefilim/Gods will return and place a better than man here with better DNA. You won’t have to wait that long for another human body, unless …………… unless you are the total scum of the earth.

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