The Sexual Subversion of America (Part 2 )

An edited abridgement of E. Michael Jones’ 2003 essay, Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma: Torah v. Ethnos, presented with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon

der sturmer

Anti-Jewish cartoon from a German school book for children (c. 1935) alleging  the sexual exploitation of German women by Jewish men. 

8.  The sexually corrupted have now become the corrupters

The impression one gets by reading Rabbi Dresner’s book—Can Families Survive in Pagan America?—is that over the course of the twentieth century in America the Jews have suffered one of the greatest defeats in their history.

Dresner blames this defeat on assimilation, but the irony is that the Jews were corrupting America’s morals at the same time that they were undergoing moral corruption themselves by assimilating so successfully in America.

Assimilation means the adoption of pagan sexual mores of the sort that nearly destroyed the Israelites at the time of the Book of Kings. The Jews who came to America, who arrived from the Polish shtetls, arrived to find a ruling class more interested in Darwin than in Christ. They adopted the worst aspects of modernity and became both the corrupted and—because of their influence in the media—the corrupters simultaneously.

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  1. Dear Lasha,

    Thank you for your reply and I hope it really originated from you.

    I never said that I was Les Visible and I find that in hindsight I was absolutely erroneous in presuming that you read his blogs regularly and were familiar with the current context. I wrongly relied upon the prominance being received for your link in Visible’s website and your woderful writings that generally resonate with the common context and the common cause.

    Please accept my sincere appologies for not having been extra explicit and for having caused a lot of headache not to mention……. heartache, however trivial it may be.

    I am not Les Visible but rather the character alluded to or sometimes referred to in his writings as being Mr Apocalypse.

    I hoped you could help Les Visible receive my private contact information [1 Forest Glen Cherrybrook NSW 2126 | 0418474755 | 02-9484 8800] which was printed in fine print on the PDF file I sent to you. DID YOU RECEIVE THAT PDF FILE? (Is it now rhetorical?) I am re-attaching the PDF file here.

    Can you please confirm (explicitly) this communication including my personal details as given, by return email (not very reliable) AND on your website by way of an exact word-to-word reproduction(somewhat more reliable) then try to get Les Visible to see it. Not only that I am going to paste a copy of this email on to your comment section of your website as an extra verification (even this is not 100% reliable).

    Just for your personal wisdom, Les Visible’s (and my) emails are intercepted, (and so may be yours) by people you should know who. Not only that everything on Visible’s website is sensored by the same people. So, poor Les Visible cannot prove anything to you. Please forgive him as he has nothing to do with removing your links or whatever other past issues. If you need anybody to assign blame for the current issue, it has to be me and me only.

    Everything in the preceding poem still stands….Dear Lasha, my Bright Venus (If I may call you as such)

    Again I apologise for all the trouble I have caused you. And I know that no amount of apologies suffices for what you have to experience.


    1. Neil W
      1 Forest Glen Cherrybrook NSW 2126
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      Suite 5 Level 10 | 423 Pennant Hills Road Pennant Hills NSW 2120

      Finally, some interesting things have happened in Visible’s Block: Smoking Mirrors
      Anonymous said… 17
      Les Visible,
      You seem to be in a good mood getting a cue from your descriptive comments.
      You previously occupied with Nazgal or NazGurl or NiceGirl….
      Did you figure out it was a reference to Lasha….
      Neil W ……..Tuesday, January 22, 2013 7:20:00 PM
      Question is: Will he visit here?
      Oh, Lasha, my Bright Venus, how can I repay you…
      Cheer up, face up……

  2. @ Invisible

    I simply don’t know what you’re talking about, except to say that you have caused a great deal of unnecessary confusion by passing yourself off as Les Visible or as a sub-personality of Les Visible. You did this by referring to yourself as “Lord Visible” in the poem you sent me and also by using an email address that gives the distinct impression that it is one of Les Visible’s alternative email addresses.

    As you know very well, Les Visible must have all your pdf. details since the email I addressed to him was sent also to you at the same time. I am sure he will get in touch with you if he wishes.

    In order to clarify the situation and prevent any further misunderstandings, I hope you don’t mind if I copy and paste the poem you sent me yesterday pretending to be Les Visible — or, at any rate, giving me the distinct impression that you were Les Visible.

    I will copy and paste your poem in my next email.

  3. Here is Invisible’s poem to me giving me the impression that he was Les Visible. He managed to give me this false impression not only by referring to himself as “Lord Visible” and by using an email address that looked like an alternative email address of Les Visible’s, but also by attaching a pdf file with the title: LesVisible.pdf

    How very confusing! No wonder I was taken in! Here is his poem:

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    HELP Lord Visible! my Bright Venus

    Oh, Lasha my Love
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  4. @ Invisible

    I am not angry with you. I can take a joke like anyone else. So relax. I just feel a bit sad that you have caused all this confusion and got me into a very embarrassing situation with Les Visible. Please be more careful in future.

    1. Dear Lasha,
      I sent you an email originated from the email address given in THIS comment, asking for a favor, subtitled “FIRST THINGS FIRST”.

      Can you at least confirm if you received the email. Nothing seems to be what it appears these days….

      1. Dear Lasha,
        I have emailed you a short poem In Strictest Confidence titled
        “……………..Sour Code”

        Remember ….they are all connected…

        Could you please confirm whether you received it?

        Thank you….

        1. I’ll have to check. I told you I’m having serious computer problems. Maybe my email went astray…

          You are welcome to post your poem here if you think it will amuse us. There is absolutely no reason to send me a poem “in strictest confidence”.

          1. @ Xanadu

            As strange as it sounds, you are a stranger to me.
            The poem is for Lasha only and is not certainly for amusement. If Lasha has computer problems I may be able to set up a temporary one for her only if she wishes of course.

            What can I say? Everything seems strange!

          2. @ Invisible

            If you have written a poem only for Lasha’s eyes — and “in strictest confidence” — the mind boggles to think what kind of poem it might be! 🙂

            Lasha has invited you to post your poem here. Please do so. Be open. It does not bode well that you should be so secretive!

            Frankly, you sound a bit of a weirdo to me. First of all you come on here impersonating Les Visible. Now you are talking about top secret poems only for Lasha’s consumption.

            What’s your game?

          3. @Xanadu,

            See you were impersonating? One more chance and be quick!! what year was Lasha born?

          4. @ Xanadu,
            How do I know you are Lasha? Prove it!

            xanadu, easy to prove: publish the poem :-).
            he asked for it … being invisible, he shouldn’t cringe at the blown confidence.

          5. @ Invisible

            Xanadu doesn’t need to prove she is Lasha. This is common knowledge to everyone who has posted on this website. Lasha has posted under the name “Xanadu” since time immemorial — not only on this website but on the Occidental Observer and on Xymphora before that.

            If you too ignorant to know this, you have no business addressing silly love poems to Lasha — like the one above — calling her “Lasha my love” and asking her “Can I trust you my Love?”

            Pack it in, will you?

          6. @ Invisible

            Lasha has already told you that her computer is malfunctioning badly. The kind of hot material you have been sending her has obviously been intercepted or lost in transit.

            If you have anything to say to her, say it here in the Comments section. This is still up and running, as you can see, though her Microsoft Outlook has been badly damaged. Lasha has invited you to be up front. She has no secrets. Nor should you.

            Frankly, you sound like a stalker.

            Perhaps Les Visible will be kind enough to tell us something about you since you claim to be a frequent poster on his website. You write above:

            “I am not Les Visible but rather the character alluded to in his writings as being Mr Apocalypse.

            So what do want with Lasha, Mr Apocalypse? And why are you dragging Les Visible into this sordid affair?

            Are you trying to damage Les Visible’s reputation by implicating him in your stalking activities?

          7. Well…I was being little more sensitive about how Lasha might like it …well when I realize it was Lasha who publish the first poem on the presumed permission.

            What the heck? I should at least live upto the reputation alluded to by Les Visible! Am I right, Lasha?

            My Sweet Heart and Sour Source

            If you can imagine, dear Masha
            Zenith, Zion, Zeroth and Zebra
            Zenith as pyramid’s peak haha

            Good with codes as hearts you’re
            My bright Venus I know you’re
            Has keys to the KINGDOM of Maya

            Heroin fighting the Self-Chosen haha
            My Goddess, my only CHOICE, you’re
            May all dreams come true, SEE Ya!

            ….NSW In Strictest Confidence…..

        2. I am not writing these poems to some other one. I know you wouldn’t doubt that! Trying again…

          If you can imagine, dear Lasha
          Zenith, Zion, Zeroth and Zebra
          Zenith as pyramid’s peak haha

          Good with codes as hearts you’re
          My bright Venus I know you’re
          Has keys to the KINGDOM of Maya

          Heroin fighting the Self-Chosen haha
          My Goddess, my only CHOICE, you’re
          May all dreams come true, SEE Ya!

          ….NSW In Strictest Confidence…..

          1. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that poem. So why send it to Lasha “in strictest confidence”? You are obviously nor a “stalker” in the traditional sense, so I apologize to you for my previous remarks. Sincerely.

            As one close to Lasha, I just want to say three things to you. Listen carefully:

            (1) Lasha’s computer is not working properly right now and so she may not have received this poem of yours if you emailed it to her separately. This includes other emails you might or might not have sent her. A great deal of material has been lost.

            (2) Lasha has been called away on urgent business and may not return to her desk for some time. In any case, this website does not belong to her, as most people here know. It is run by her cousin John Scott Montecristo. So if you have any problems or queries, you might wish to get in touch with Montecristo at this address:

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            (3) Finally, and most importantly, Lasha is a normal and well-balanced young woman and, as such, does not seek irregular online relationships with internet strangers. Please leave her alone.

          2. [email protected] with not so Humility

            Oh, my Clarity, with such honesty
            Been asking for poems so persistently
            Now, Sending poems so consistently
            You’re suppressing it so dan willingly!

            So what’s the problem, dear Clarity?
            You are outrageously JEALOUS Righty!
            It could’ve been YOU, if you pushed subtly?
            Unless, it’s Yes, Yes, Yes – Prove it mighty!!!

          3. Invisible,

            Don’t go away. I like your poetry. But do try a bit harder to stay on-topic!

            What are your view on the article posted by Lasha Darkmoon, The Sexual Subversion of America? You are obviously a sensitive and intelligent person and so I canvas your views. Put poetry aside for a moment and give us your views on sexual politics and the Jews.

            I am sure Lasha would appreciate your input when she comes back from wherever she has gone. Out if interest, have you read her other articles? Which do you think the best?

            Personally, I think she is a bit immature and intense. Maybe in ten years time she will mellow a bit and be a bit tolerant about human sexuality. I wish so weren’t so prim and proper — I almost said nunnish.

          4. @ Ms. K,
            Don’t worry! I am not going anywhere!!
            Key to my views? Show face!
            I don’t scratch lunar surface.
            I like the core!!
            Clear enough?
            Please don’t go away!

          5. @ Ms. K
            Have you suddenly gone away?
            I like your curiosity. What happened?
            I hope I did not make you feel overly threatened!
            Are you a mentor, a handler, a peer, a sister, or a troller? Or none of the above?

            Come on! What are you afraid of?

            I hope curiosity won’t kill the cat? Who is the Cat?
            Love you Ms. K or Mr. K or Dr. K whatever! and YOU, dear Lasha.

          6. I asked you a straightforward question and requested you to remain on-topic. It seems you are not interested in discussing the subject matter of the essay. Ergo, you are a troll.

          7. @ Ms. K,
            You said:
            I asked you a straightforward question and requested you to remain on-topic.

            I said:
            I don’t scratch lunar surface. I like the core!!
            (It is straight forward and on topic to the extent of your perceptiveness)

            You said:
            It seems you are not interested in discussing the subject matter of the essay.

            I said:
            Key to my views? Show face! (I am interested if you identify yourself)

            You said:
            Ergo, you are a troll.

            I say:
            I am proud to be the only troll on earth who has published the home address, two phone numbers, private email address and full initials)
            What does that say about me?
            Well I will tell you what?
            If you google the address, (if you haven’t done so already) you will realise it is too lonely for a one person. I think it is ideally suited for a young, bright, congenial couple with higher degrees, say in second quartile of thirties, with a view to adding …shshshsh..)
            Only problem is the house in front (Chripto Jewish) has a son in twenties who has a blonde gentile gilfriend who together seem to invite friends to conduct sex parties during night) which makes my blood warmer than what it should be)

            There you are.
            (descriptive and confining to the question and to the article topic)

            Now I asked a lot of specific questions and you ingnored them entirely.

            What does that make you? A Heroin!

          8. @ Ms K,

            You asked:
            Is “heroin” a typo or spelling mistake?

            I say:
            Neither! Surprised?
            It’s a deliberate device for measuring degree of brightness!
            You want the score? Face UP?

          9. @ Invisible

            You write to Lasha in your first long comment above (Comment 1):

            “I hoped you could help Les Visible receive my private contact information [1 Forest Glen Cherrybrook NSW 2126 | 0418474755 | 02-9484 8800]

            So why not write to Les Visible directly if you wish to contact him? If you don’t know his email address, you can contact him easily enough by placing a comment on his site, can’t you? I don’t understand why you need Lasha to act as your intermediary. Seems a bit strange.

            Also, you say you are looking for someone to share your house in NSW because it is too big for one person. Is that New South Wales you are referring to? Are you an Australian in search of your soulmate?

            Who exactly are you after? Lasha or Les Visible? And what gender are you, if I may ask a rather personal question.

            If you are Invisible, it’s hard to know what sex you are!

          10. @Sardonicus,
            Are you acting on Lasha’s behalf? Or are insuting her?
            Althought you don’t realize, you are being exposed to Lasha as a highly probable Zio-Troll
            Be careful?
            I can assure you that Lasha has a lot of questions concerning me but GENDER is not one of them.
            You are insulting her!
            You are warned!!
            By the way, can I assume in the context that it was you who organized Lasha’s Links @ LesVisible to be restored today?

          11. By the way, can I assume in the context that it was you who organized Lasha’s Links @ LesVisible to be restored today?

            I can more or less understand the rest of your comment, but the sentence above makes no sense to me. What on earth are you talking about? I’ve never posted on any Les Visible site or had anything to do with him, though I am familiar with his articles of course. Quite an original writer, Les, with a unique sense of humor.

            Another thing I find it hard to understand is why you think I am “insulting” Lasha. In what way? Can you explain?

            I’ve beeen posting on this site for a couple of years now and no one has ever accused me of insulting Lasha before.

          12. @Sardonicus
            Oh, what a defence!
            Let me be brief:
            I know exactly how Lasha feels and she knows I deeply care for her becuase I explicitly and honestly expresed how I feel.
            I know what you are doing too.
            So Lasha has my contact numbers and if she wishes, using her free will, I hope she would get in touch with me.
            If any troll (not you of course) tries to interfere with her she would recognise it too just the way Les Visible and In Visible know who nose what?
            Now we have team of THREE!
            Les Visible, In Visible and Lasha Darkmoon.
            Together we will save the humanity from the Zionists and JUICE. No one can interfere with that.
            I have really nothing more to add.

          13. What do you think about lions? I would appreciate a frank answer. My husband was killed by a lion in Africa while we were on our safari honeymoon. I’ve never been the same since then. I am now a lion-hating widow.

          14. Dear Ms. K,

            Sorry for being not living unto your assessment of me in respect of sensitivity.

            By the way tell Lasha, “Help is on the Way” by LesVisible is transcendent, timely and timeless.

            Is Lasha working from home or something? I guess on a borrowed computer?
            Tell her also that she can read emails from any device these days!
            Because unless she takes some demonstrable action to read my emails (by fixing the computer or some other way), I got some news for her!
            One of my invisible friends is happy to provide me Lasha’s home address, and I will come and knock on the door!!
            Who would you think is going to be embarrassed?
            Love you Ms. K or D or whatever.

          15. Is Lasha working from home or something? I guess on a borrowed computer?

            How should I know?

            Tell her also that she can read emails from any device these days!

            Why don’t you tell her yourself? I’m a new poster and have never corresponded with Lasha.

          16. Because unless she takes some demonstrable action to read my emails (by fixing the computer or some other way), I got some news for her!
            One of my invisible friends is happy to provide me Lasha’s home address, and I will come and knock on the door!!

            Are you threatening Lasha? Why say this this in an email to me? Are you crazy or something?

        3. @ Ms. K the new poster,

          Her Courage is Encouraging!

          BUT She is:

          Ms. Informed by way of being Intercepted and/or Interfered AND
          Ms. Intends cuased by resulting Illusion.

          So what do you do?

          Koo Koo Cachoo? or
          Rational and Critical thinking?

          Everyone has a FREE WILL.

          So do you Dr Darkmoon?

          1. Hey, lion -hating widow, I thought you get over it by now!

            I am still wondering if your marriage did get consummated before the African lion devoured your husband on your safari honeymoon?

  5. @ Lasha

    I don’t think you need to worry. Les Visible is a sensible sort of guy and, above all, he has a sense of humor. He’s not going to hold it against you that this guy who calls himself “Invisible” has gone about trying to impersonate him.

    1. If anyone’s reputation has been damaged here, it is not Lasha’s. She has received a love poem from a character called “Invisible” who gave her the distinct impression that he was Les Visible. Especially by enclosing the pdf attachment with the title: lesvisible.pdf.

      If I had gotten this message, I would have thought at once that Les Visible was the sender.

      I think this guy “Invisible” is a dangerous character and the less you have to do with him the better.

      1. @lobro, you expressed my exact sentiment about the invisibel dude.
        @Lucy Skipping, this dude is not only a stalker, he strikes me as datelss and disperate. He’ll have better odds getting hooked up at I think the screen name “sexually frustrated” suite him much better.

  6. The result of a new genetic study published in the British journal Genome Biology and Evolution claims that European Jews (Ashkenazi) don’t belong to the 12 (Semite) tribes of Israel. They’re a mix of genetic ancestries, far more of which than previously thought originating in tribes from the Caucasus – a region that sits between Eastern Europe and Asia Minor. Ashkenazi ancestry comes from Slav, Bulgar, Iranian and Turkic tribes which established the Khazar empire in that region – which at its peak stretched from Kiev in the West to the Aral Sea in the Southeast.

    The study, titled ‘The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses’, was conducted by Dr. Eran Elhaik, a geneticist at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland. Elhaik compared the genomes of 1,287 unrelated individuals who hail from eight Jewish and 74 non-Jewish populations.

      1. i gave you that link couple of months ago, lash.

        it is all true.

        the chosen are all khazaroids.

  7. Oh my god, are you people all in denial? “The sexually corrupted have now become the corrupters.” None of you have any idea of what is actually going on, that statement should be reworded as “the liberated have become the liberators”.

    If there was one thing that was inevitable about the experiment in freedom called America it would be sexual liberation from Judeo-Christianity. Since Christians are the sheep and the Jews the wolves, it was inevitable that the Jews would lead. The fact is nearly all of Christiandoom secretly enjoys porn. So if you all want to pretend that those damn Jews have corrupted us, then go ahead, but lets go a little deeper and explore what is really going on.

    Do you have any idea about what Christianity really is? On one level Christianity is a program for goyim to worship the fictional Jewish sun god. Jesus the god is fiction, no one needs to be saved from the angry Jewish father god who judges and sends people to hell, that is very bad fear based myth, Jehovah or Yahwey is fiction. Hell is fiction. Judgement is fiction. Getting saved by a dead Jew on a cross is fiction. Yet you blindly believe because you are not evolved. You even worship this god, why, are you insane?

    Yes, which is why you are all sex crazed. Wild sex is how we humans undo the spell and binding of bad myth.

    Jews took advantage of the western world’s spiritual immaturity, now they own the world, way to go Christians! Dumbasses! The Jews own you because you fell for the dead Jew on the stick trick. Stop being fooled. The Holy Bible isn’t. Sex is holy, not Jew fiction.

    When Christians worship the Jew god all that energy goes to god, but since that god is fiction then that psychic energy is really going to the Jews. Christianity is a mindspell, a giant black magic spell on mankind. This spell is why the Jews appear to be so powerful, Christians are empowering the tribe with continuous mass worship. But even that is a joke because modern Christianity is really whoreshipping Jewish power and money. Welcome to Babylon, welcome to end times apostate Christianity.

    The end times is a very good thing, its the end of Christianity and thus Jewish subversion of humanity. Christianity is the bedrock of Jewish power, a top secret that Christians wish I would not be mentioned.

    Christianity, and many other religions, are also about another very bad thing, sexual repression. The church wants power, it wants your power for itself, the way it gets this is by channeling your energy to the organization. A soldier of Christ should not be getting it on with lustful sex, a soldier of Christ is taught to not have sex except for procreation. A soldier of Christ is literally a goyim cow, only to have sex for breeding and production of additional slaves. The church still teaches that, it has to because it is a parasite.

    This program went on for nearly two thousand years, but lustful Nature would not be fooled, humans cheated on “god” and “his rules”. Generations of naughty people had secret sex, the had sex with animals, priests and Rabbis had sex with little boys, warriors had sex with wenches, kings had harems, etc. The Catholic Church even had long lists of penances for priests having sex with different types of animals and children. Rabbis scribed in the Talmud that sex with goy children was kosher so long as the child was of a certain age.

    Judeo-Christianity has a long history of sexual perversion, have you ever wondered why? If you are not spellbound by the myth it is obvious why, Judeo-Christianity is a perversion against creation, against Nature, against life. You have a sex drive, whoa to those that deny it, whoa to those that try to suppress it, perversion is the result. Sex is how humans procreate, it is how the species survives, it is a law of our nature.

    The sexual revolution is a healthy thing, it is our liberation from primitive myth and superstition. Our life is about living in the now, we are not here being tested for an unproven afterlife, we exist as an expression of the Universe. Religion perverted us, turned us into monsters, made us into godly slaves that Jews exploited. Freedom is inevitable, crazy wild sex is how many of us undid the gospel godspell.

    1. “The sexual revolution is a healthy thing, it is our liberation from primitive myth and superstition. Our life is about living in the now, we are not here being tested for an unproven afterlife, we exist as an expression of the Universe. Religion perverted us, turned us into monsters, made us into godly slaves that Jews exploited. Freedom is inevitable, crazy wild sex is how many of us undid the gospel godspell.

      Great! So tell me, if I jerk off to porn all night, is that okay? Will that set me free from my sickly Christian inhibitions which whisper in my ear, “Thou shalt not!”

      Do you think my attempts to restrain my sexual impulses are damaging my health and causing me needless stress?

      Your honest advice on this point would be appreciated. Speak freely. I need some wise counseling.

      1. Am I promoting masturbation or sexual licentious? No. Am I saying you should masturbate all night? No. Do I want you to go run out and have sex with anyone you find? No. I am not promoting nor do I subscribe to free unrestrained sex. I think you should be a decent, I think you should choose a partner carefully, I think you should practice self restraint just as you do when do anything else.

        Do I condemn you if you go out and have sex until your eyeballs pop? No. As a thinker and writer I am examining our cultures obsession with sex and porn. I want to know why. I have traveled the world and can tell you that America has a problem with sex and it is no great leap to figure out that it also has something to do religion, because Americans are obsessed with Christianity and war like no other nation.

        Connect the dots, repression leads to porn and war. America is a Jew hell hole because of Christianity, it is not our salvation like its apologists and proponents wish. It was the cause of our decline, how many Christian churches spoke out against the wars or Israel? Almost none.

        Christians are in bed with Jewry, that is the big secret about America.

  8. I want to quote Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche in support of my argument that Judeo-Christianity is a perversion against life itself, rampant porn is proof. What you hold dear is what is killing you, the Holy Bible is what separated you from Nature, the Bible separated you from your nature. Your nature is to have sex.

    “Throughout his work, particularly in The Antichrist, Nietzsche writes scathingly about Christianity, arguing that it is fundamentally opposed to life. In Christian morality, Nietzsche sees an attempt to deny all those characteristics that he associates with healthy life. The concept of sin makes us ashamed of our instincts and our sexuality, the concept of faith discourages our curiosity and natural skepticism, and the concept of pity encourages us to value and cherish weakness. Furthermore, Christian morality is based on the promise of an afterlife, leading Christians to devalue this life in favor of the beyond. Nietzsche argues that Christianity springs from resentment for life and those who enjoy it, and it seeks to overthrow health and strength with its life-denying ethic. As such, Nietzsche considers Christianity to be the hated enemy of life.”

    1. Friedrich Nietzsche (d. 1900) was an athiest German philosopher and author. He was a White supremacist. Nietzsche while praised Jews for their ’racial purity’, also warned that no more Jews be allowed into Germany because they were a threat to Germany. Adolph Hitler, a White Nationalist, too, had similar views about the Jews.

      In his 1888 book The Anitchrist, Nietzsche while scathing polemic against his Christian faith, did praised Islam in certain ways.

      “One needs but read any of the Christian agitators, for example, St. Augustine, in order to realize, in order to smell, what filthy fellows came to the top …… Christianity destroyed for us the whole harvest of ancient civilization, and later it also destroyed for us the whole harvest of Mohammedan civilization. The wonderful culture of the Moors in Spain, which was fundamentally nearer to us and appealed more to our senses and tastes than that of Rome and Greece, was trampled down…. Let us put aside our prejudices! The crusades were a higher form of piracy, nothing more! The German nobility, which is fundamentally a Viking nobility, was in its element there: the church knew only too well how the German nobility was to be won . . . The German noble, always the “Swiss guard” of the church, always in the service of every bad instinct of the church–but well paid…..“

      1. Rehmat, thanks for these well-chosen quotations from Nietzsche. But don’t think for a moment that Nietzsche was an anti-Semite. In denouncing Christianity, he was doing the Jews’ dirty work.

        It was the Jews who later adopted Nietzsche as their patron saint. They made him one of the centerpieces of the Frankfurt School movement with his doctrine of “the transvaluation of all values”, i.e., the demolition of traditional values such as sexual decency.

        As for the the Jewish Bolshevik commies, they adored his slogan “GOD IS DEAD.” This suited the Frankfurters just fine.
        Hungarian Jewish philosopher Georg Lukács, one of the founders of the Frankfurt School, couldn’t praise Nietzsche enough. Nietzsche, without perhaps knowing it, became a patron saint of the Jews. “I want a culture of pessimism, a world abandoned by God,” Lukacs said, echoing Nietzsche.

        A Godless world: this is what Big Jewry wants.

        Nietzsche was repelled by anti-Semitism and said so on several occasions. He broke with Wagner because he disapproved strongly of Wagner’s anti-Semitism. And here he is putting in a good word for the Jews:

        “Every nation, every man has disagreeable, even dangerous characteristics; it is cruel to demand that the Jew should be an exception.” — Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human, section 475

        In other words: good and bad found in every race, Jews no worse than anyone else — so let’s be nice to the traditional Enemy who is trying to destroy Christianity, traditional moral values, and Western civilization and culture.

        1. i never could understand the fuss about nietzsche, a muddled mediocrity who spouted fancy slogans without any analytical depth or perception.

          which is exactly the jewish way and the reason they elevated him to the status of their noahide banner bearer.

          “it is cruel to jew not to let him be evil”, hah fred, what a profound insight indeed.
          “but i just wanna kill tens of millions of christians” whines the unfairly oppressed jewboy, tears streaking down his filthy face.

        2. “As for the the Jewish Bolshevik commies”

          All that’s needed to be said, indeed.

          Despite the many adjectives, theories, sciences, etc., those three words are all that’s needed.
          It’s also why they’re rarely uttered, let alone enunciated in perfect English.

          Very quickly this truth of (“Jewish Bolsheviks”) morphed permanently into just plain old “Bolsheviks.”

          Not the same thing, by any stretch.

  9. You are so confused, Ares!

    In my opinion, of course 🙂

    But you know, Ares, may be you are not confused at all, and indeed have all the reasons of the world, because you are speaking about so called “american “zionist” christianity” and I do have in my mind the true Christianity of first centuries after the Christ.

    But let me speak about the topic from my point of view and forgive me misunderstandings 🙂

    In my opinion, you are so confused by means of jewish propaganda, of course 🙂

    First of all there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity.

    During last two thousand and thirteen years

    the jews are collective anti-Christ,

    so “Judeo-Christianity” means “anti-Christian-Christianity” and it is an oxymoron, nonsense, utterly inverted term of jewish propaganda.

    The deceitful word , similar to the word “gay” that originally meant “merry, joyful, cheerful, joyous, happy and innocent” and was converted now to mean “most filthy, foul, feculent, perverted and repugnant’ act and way of life.

    Your reasoning about “program for goyim to worship the fictional Jewish sun god” might have some sly logic at first sight, but it completely disappears (in my opinion) when you read the New Testament.

    The New Testament clarifies it all.

    This is the Christianity – words and deeds of Christ Himself
    as St. John, St. Luke, St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Jude, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Jacob and St. James witnessed, understood and wrote it.

    We, the Christians are followers of Jesus Christ who told us that
    “there is no greatest love you can have than to give your life for your friends”
    and we, the Christians are His friends indeed
    and are the God’s New People, who were not just invited (as the old jews – and who didn’t come) but accepted the invitation and thus became His newly chosen people.

    We, the Christians are now the People Chosen by God Himself, the People who hear His Word and accepts it and are accepted the God as well vs. the people who rejected the God, betrayed Him and crucified Him. We are the God chosen People, New Spiritual Israel against old, passed away, carnal israel, against the stiff-necked, stubborn people who rejected the God and murdered His Son. I know that for too many so called “modern people”, conditioned by jewish mass-media propaganda, these words may seems strange, radical and fundamentalists, but it is here where the ultimate truth lies.

    Now, your ideas about “another very bad thing, sexual repression”, “sexual liberation” and “the sexual revolution” as “a healthy thing” – are quintessentially jewish ideas of life-time masturbator, pitiful creature of Wilhelm Reich, who died half-crazy, – or may be completely insane, in a federal penitentiary.
    And these ideas were almost certainly instilled in you, since childhood, by jewish propaganda in mass media, because those ideas were (and are) their weapons of mass destructions of societies during the last 90 years. These deadly ideas of “sexual freedom”, by the way strictly prohibited for the jews by talmud, were already attempted to implement in some way in early Soviet Russia and Weimar Germany during 1920’s. The results? – Sweeping massive diseases, infertility, decay and death among at least hundreds of thousands of most unprotected, youngest persons, almost children frequently. Catastrophic decline of the nation. And the coming to power of Stalin and Hitler (so hated by jews worldwide, – forever and ever) as a direct results of the resistance of these nations to these deadly infections. As Stalin told to his daughter Svetlana “history of our party (Communists) is the history of the struggle against jews”. I even don’t mention the words of Adolf Hitler here.

    And, finally, my dear Ares, Christianity is not about the afterlife – it is about this very life that will last after the corporal death. All the cultures of humanity, from China to India to Mexico teach about it in some way.
    We must to know it and not to be blind and confused, even by most refined of the modern lies.
    Because the Truth is always the One and the lies are many.
    So lets not forget it and not to loose “the Way and the Truth and the Life”, because the stacks are really high in this case.
    I believe in your good intentions, Ares, but sometimes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. May we never choose this dangerous road.

    I wish you all my best,


    P.S. I have traveled the world as well, Ares and did it very much, may be too much, as I guess sometimes.

    And I can clearly see that America (and American people, unfortunately, as I am personally very sympathetic to American people) are not at all obsessed by Christianity and “by the war”as you described it but rather are disastrously possessed by talmudism ,- that you permanently confused with so called “Zionist” christianity.
    Indeed, Ares, all you passages about “Christianity”in my opinion should be written as “so called zionist-christianity” as you have it present in the USA and as consequences by its spirit of fear, aggression, constant war (remember by the way Leon Trotzky (Bronstein) – friend of Rothschild and follower of rabbis’ grandchildren Marx), and his concept of “permanent war that converts in permanent worldwide (jewish) revolution”), and debauchery, filth and pornography. Regrettably , the American mind during many years is thoughtfully penetrated by spirit of talmudism.
    Indeed, the American society now, is the society of triumphant talmudism starting from its bureaucracy and wall-streets usury, courts and prisons, federal judges and gruesome punishment, repressions and debauchery, filth and pornography, fear and aggression, obsession with arms, wars and murder. I sincerely hope that formerly great American nation of pioneers and discoverers is still holding the vital forces to eliminate this talmudic infectious spirit of unlimited craving, gluttony and selfishness and will be able to cure itself from this contamination and get back to life.

    And I can understand you, Ares, when you tell that “Connect the dots, repression leads to porn and war. America is a Jew hell hole because of “Zionist” (my quote ) Christianity, it is not our salvation like its apologists and proponents wish. It was the cause of our decline, how many ” Zionist” (my quote again) Christian churches spoke out against the wars or Israel? Almost none.
    Christians are in bed with Jewry, that is the big secret about America.”

    You are quite right, Ares.

    But detail is …. you are not speaking indeed about true European Christianity, but about so called american “christianity” as you know it, about indeed “zionist christianity”, that is in reality is form of talmudism. So our enemy is talmudism, not Christianity, lets us not to be confuse about it.

  10. to me, that nazi children’s textbook says it all, more clearly and completely than even the article itself and all the subsequent comments, many straying far off topic.

    it is an excellent picture in composition and content, about the perversion of innocence by a drooling monster, purposely deviant in every way possible, aglow with lust and intent to corrupt and drain the essential goodness and purity of this shining race.

    the girl glances with guilt and longing sideways into some dear and dwindling distance, as if divining her fall from grace of her fatherland, home and hearth, heimat, the german idyll and garden of eden, her hands limply and helplessly by her side, with perplexed children wondering at her perdition brought on by the talmudist demon.

    and that’s the story of fall.

    1. Hey, Lobro, brilliant comment! You have excelled yourself there. I couldn’t have put it better myself if I’d tried a million years..

      1. I bet you could Sard, but you need to try a bit longer than a million years! I gave up after the first thousand! 🙂

      2. lobro is a wordsmith extraordinaire. I have some of his better ones saved in a special file in my computer.

    2. I’ll say once again, my father told me he never fought any Nazis, never knew any Nazis. He killed many soldiers. Men and one woman.

      All the soldiers feared and greatly respected the German soldiers, especially the Waffen SS, who did indeed shoot holes in him..

      Real history it was I heard because he was there and also other places in Germany accomplishing cavalry recon. Several work camps, Stalag #13 among them. Pennemunde too. It’s incredible what he told us four boys.
      He was called to be a witness at Nuremberg. Never called to testify. (Duh!)

      The horror and trauma of the innocent refugees never left him. His affection for children was pronounced and they enjoyed him very much.
      An all American small town farm boy, strong and active and gentle like the proper Christian mien of the time asked. Like Huck Finn..

      Time, place, circumstance explains a lot, if not most struggles..

      He suffered so much, his death incredibly hard and gruesome from 50 years of sour mash, Camels and bullet holes. We had to unplug him at the end, his heart was so strong to live when he could not live anymore.. wow..

      That’s what we did, lucky us, and we’d do again, I’m sure. He was 70.
      Such a smart quick Dutchman. Such a strong heart.

      We celebrated him lasting to 70! Wow!
      Amazing and amusing! His sendoff was a very dear time. One or two remaining friends appeared and we all testified and we all laughed and cried and just smiled because we liked him.

      So there.

  11. Observations:

    1. Invisible has the earmarks of a sociopath.

    2. Ares is like so many other commenters, a talmudist shill. Nobody can be that naive. “Judeo-Christianity”. Only talmudists, their shills, and the terminally ignorant use that phrase anymore, lol.

    3. The illustration at the top does look like Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. :~)

    Thanks, Lasha, for the excellent articles.


    1. Correct on all points. And praises to Lasha for putting up this brilliant article by Dr E. Michael Jones whose original essay, running to 15,000-words, Lasha has managed to cut down to roughly one-third that length.

      The original is rich in detail and deserves to be read thoroughly if you have the time:

      Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma: Torah v. Ethnos, by E. Michael Jones

  12. “We, the Christians are now the People Chosen by God Himself”

    Same rotten movie, same lousy acting, same bad ending.

    Two thumbs down.

    (you’re an expert alright)

  13. @ Asthor

    Thank you for the long measured response,


    “First of all there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. ”

    “Judeo-Christianity” means “anti-Christian-Christianity” and it is an oxymoron, nonsense, utterly inverted term of jewish propaganda. ”

    I knew I would be attacked for using that phrase, I think the consensus on that word refers to the Abrahamic origin of Christianity. You tip your hand by saying the phrase “Judeo-Christianity” is Jewish propaganda, it might be used by Zionists as propaganda but the original origin predates Zionism and is recognition that Christianity is based on Judaism.

    I use often to remind Christian white racists of their faith’s Jewish origin, they hate those Talmudic Jews while they firmly clutch the Jewish written Holy Bible with both hands while covering their heart chakra with “God’s word”. LOL

    Christianties basis is Judaism, it can never escape this fact, it can only fight it with propaganda, this is a big problem and will probably be the prime reason for the death of the Christian cult. Those Christians who become “Jew wise” and aware of Jewish treachery have a big problem, they can never escape the Jew if they stay in the Christian faith. The solution to the conundrum is to ditch Christianity and start a journey of authentic spirituality. But their inner racist won’t let them, a Christian is a gentile converted to Judaism.

    It’s a dirty little secret that no Christian will ever admit, that deep inside as they love their brother they secretly hold dear the racist principles of exclusionism and superiority. The Jew says he’s god’s chosen, the Christian says he’s saved.

    I refer all of you to theologian and radio host Charles Giulani on Oracle Broadcasting.

  14. What is wrong with naked humans and sex? Nothing!

    What is wrong with Jews selling porn? Everything!

    Why do Christians love porn? Because Christians have been sex starved by the Jewish book. First the Jews caused sex starvation with their anti-sex Jesus cult then they sell you sex with pornography, which is a cheap knockoff of actually having sex with a real person.

    What is the solution to this societal problem. Stop reading the Holy Bible, stop using the Holy Bible as the exclusive basis for your life, move on to higher ground, lose the fear of the power mad Jewish god. God doesn’t have any rules for you, heaven doesn’t await the sex abstainer, no matter what you do is ok with god, it might not be ok with other humans.

    Heaven is an abstraction created by those that wanted to channel your energy into their organization.

  15. quote: “And, finally, my dear Ares, Christianity is not about the afterlife – it is about this very life that will last after the corporal death.”

    Let’s assume for a moment that religion is right about there being an afterlife, do you think that a life of abstention is going to get you better rewards up there? The Mormons believe so, they believe you’ll be serving them. LOL

    No one has ever proven the afterlife, but science has proven that your DNA survives through reproduction. The Christian tells me “what if I’m wrong”, turning life into a crapshoot of being a Judified gentile vs. a sinner going to hell. But what if the Christian is wrong and never has sex and reproduces? They die out.

    So Christianity and abortion have the same goal, a way for Jews to cull the herd. Does that sound like a nefarious thing a Jew would plot? Why yes.

    I think that when we die that there is a really good chance nothing happens, we just die but we believe in the afterlife because of our fear of death caused by self awareness. We are aware that we are alive, so we created the meme of heaven to deal with this problem.

    If the Hindus are right and our soul is incarnating again and again, then what does it matter what we do in this life? We are bound to return in thousands of lives.

    As many sages have pointed out, since none of this stuff can be proven, it all boils down to whether you are ruled by fear or love.

    1. “Let’s assume for a moment that religion is right about there being an afterlife”
      Ares—January 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm
      Yeah ? great start to make a point ? — NOT.
      Think about the sickening sadness I feel as I see MOST people making the “sign of the cross” in Catholic Countries.
      Acknowledging or bowing to their Jewish God who they accept , sent his “only begotten son” to save us — NOT chosen people — with our sinful souls ????
      The “perpetual way” for Jews to be superior & control the stupid Goyim.
      “Onward Christian Soldiers” unknowingly in the service of the “chosen ones”


  16. Sri Jaiva-dharma (The Universal Religion)

    Vrajanatha: Are persons born in upper-class families in varnasrama the only persons eligible to engage in devotional service?

    Babaji: Simply by being a human being one is eligible to engage in devotional service.

    Whew… That didn’t take long.

  17. “I almost said nunnish.”

    What a superlative English word!

    What a beyond superlative person, excused from class/caste dharma.

  18. @ invisible

    quit making veiled threats to lasha, hanging around with flashlight under your chin, going “woo-hoo”.
    none of those whom she would trust with her home address would ever be so crazy as to divulge it to you.

  19. How can one summarize this problem?

    Porn was the antidote to the anti-sex cult called Christianity.

    Once cured of Christianity, who needs porn?

    Healthy people have sex. Dis-eased people abstain.

    Never allow Jewish literature into your brain, never read the Bible again, never look at porn again.

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