UGLY EMPIRE, by John Kaminski

Edited and presented with pictures, captions and inserted comments by Lasha Darkmoon. 


U G L Y    E M P I R E

“The people of North America and Europe now accept a level of ugliness in their daily lives which is almost without precedent in the history of Western civilization. Most of us have become so inured, that the death of millions from starvation and disease draws from us no more than a sigh, or a murmur of protest. Our own city streets, home to legions of the homeless, are ruled by Dope Inc., the largest industry in the world, and on those streets Americans now murder each other at a rate not seen since the Dark Ages.”

— Michael Minnicino, The New Dark Age

It seems too late to reverse course now. We get up each morning and tell ourselves nothing has changed, go to work, and get lost in the details of the day. Of course it’s a lie. Because everything has changed.

Russian troops wearing US uniforms patrol the highways in Tennessee. Much of the Arctic Ocean is open water in the dead of winter. The president can kill anyone he wants to at any time in any place.

Our lives are not the same as we remember them in our dreams. Righteous writers construct plans to fix the problems. Then, if you’re old enough, you remember that once something goes away, it’s gone, never to return. Extinction is forever. There is never any going back, only forward.

“Forward” today looks like FEMA camps for political dissidents. Anyone with a still functioning brain is a dissident these days.

“Forward” today looks like certain cancer, if not from the food you eat, then from the medicine they prescribe for you and the very air you breathe.

“At the same time, a thousand smaller horrors are so commonplace as to go unnoticed. Our children spend as much time sitting in front of television sets as they do in school, watching with glee, scenes of torture and death which might have shocked an audience in the Roman Coliseum.”

—  Michael Minnicino, The New Dark Age

It seems we had a chance to fix things. For years we thought we were in control of our own lives. But perhaps we never were in control. In any case, we are no longer in control.

People who raise profound objections to the status quo simply disappear. They are  never seen again. The lucky ones only lose their jobs — and their ability to feed their families.

How this all came to pass is no mystery. Everyone is still doing the same thing today that got us into this mess in the first place. The things we rated as important kept us from perceiving what was actually happening. In many cases, made dizzy by addictions that we told ourselves were merely personal preferences, entertainment, gluttony, and recreational sex became our top priorities.

Freedom sunk to the bottom of the list, below even housework, not to mention honor and dignity and duty.

So when you contemplate how most of society—at least in pampered, deluded America—acts today, you realize that while everything has changed politically,  freedom to say and do what you want now incurs profound penalties.

The behavioral characteristics of most Americans have not changed one little bit.

Rather than doing things for themselves, Americans want everything done for them. And the government has been only too happy to oblige.

Which is why it’s too late to reverse course.

Dependent as we have become on government systems, we no longer have the ability to fend for ourselves, never mind survive in the wild when the supermarkets are closed for good.

The past, in which we at least thought our choices were free and unencumbered, is long gone. And the present is terminally ominous.

You see it in the opposition to these terrible trends. “Oh, I’ll make it to the protest if my entertainment needs don’t get in the way…” People’s preferences toward trivia, to which they have become so addicted, have taken precedence over the very systems that help to keep them alive.

Among the very few who have broken through the layers of deception and identified the chief culprits in the increasing robotization of the world, even those few prefer trivia over substance. This is what they have been taught is important. Reinforced in their delusions by the attitudes of their peers, they are unable  to see the larger picture. Their myopia costs them their lives.

Lately this has been illustrated by the incessant infighting among people who have the same objective. They allow their trivial differences to get in the way of achieving their common purpose. It is a classic case of style over substance. The world is thus convulsed in disorder, roiled in chaos.

I’m not talking about the brain dead idiots who still think Muslims did  9/11. Or who believe that it’s okay to consume the poisoned swill doled out at fast food joints. I’m not even talking of the superficial dolts who think that petitioning their corrupt legislators will somehow slow down our downward slide into societal extinction.

No, I’m talking about the ones who have a clear picture of who the real criminals  are: these designers of our misery who laugh at their poisoned victims as they steal the last dollars of the poor: the helpless widows and widowers, the distraught pensioners, the homeless ones huddled under bridges, the endless legions of the dispossessed . . . and those who throw themselves from high windows after mortgage foreclosures and the confiscation of their life savings by Jewish bankers.


“. . . Music is everywhere, almost unavoidable—but it does not uplift, nor even tranquilize—it claws at the ears, sometimes spitting out an obscenity. Our plastic arts are ugly, our architecture is ugly, our clothes are ugly. There have certainly been periods in history where mankind has lived through similar kinds of brutishness, but our time is crucially different. Our post-World War II era is the first in history in which these horrors are completely avoidable. Our time is the first to have the technology and resources to feed, house, educate, and humanely employ every person on earth, no matter what the growth of population. Yet, when shown the ideas and proven technologies that can solve the most horrendous problems, most people retreat into implacable passivity. We have become not only ugly, but impotent.”

—  Michael Minnicino, The New Dark Age

How anyone in these toxic times can fail to see the Jewish fingerprints over all these atrocities is beyond me: the theft of trillions of dollars from mostly-now-unemployed Americans to fund wars that benefit no one but the very rich, the worthless drugs prescribed by pill-pushing doctors, the bogus curricula designed by cynical educators, the perverse proclivities of lawyers who work for each other instead of their clients.

To see all these things and refuse to see the obvious—the hidden hand of Big Jewry stirring the witch’s cauldron and frothing the deadly brew—is beyond human understanding. I am baffled and perplexed. Truly, I am poleaxed.

This disease of cutthroat selfishness extends even to some of the brightest critics who see the problems, can diagnose them accurately, yet let themselves be derailed from courses of effective action by their stupid and delusional belief systems.

These schisms prevent the emergence of an effective opposition to this sinister kosher force that is—no exaggeration—methodically exterminating all natural life on this planet and replacing it with synthetic, counterfeit versions of the same items.

The bare facts are as follows: the Jews promised, in their Holy Book, the Talmud, to kill or enslave everyone in the world who is not Jewish. This is not just some quaint ethnic ritual performed only on the Sabbath or at obscure social functions. It is not an allegory or figure of speech. It is genuine. It is for real. It is a philosophy of distilled hatred. It is, quite literally, planning our collective death.

Nearly three thousand years of this very same antisocial  behavior—based on the principle “The goyim are cattle and deserve to be killed”—has been prevented from leaking into your consciousness. This is because the Jews, for at least the past two hundred years, have owned or controlled most of the world’s media. They decide what is allowed into your minds.

Failure to see all this has made most of us unwitting accomplices in the destruction the Jews have wreaked on ordinary people in every country they have infected with their uncontrolled rapacity.

The total annihilation we now face, the destruction of the environment which now has reputable scientists predicting the end of all life on this planet within the foreseeable future—all this we must place at the door of the traditional Enemy of Mankind. They are to blame. And we are to blame for letting them lead us to the edge of the abys.

The answer to these impending catastrophes is not to try to counteract them by quibbling on the finer points of theology, but to put aside our differences and confront the common enemy of the human race. With all the force we can muster, we must do this. Not for our own sakes alone, but on behalf of our children.

Will we do it?  History says we won’t.

In which case, the future of humanity will be ruled by these conscienceless robots who have no idea of the meaning of beauty: of the higher virtues and the nobler aspirations  that make life worthwhile and elevate us above the level of mere beasts.

This is America under Jewish domination . . . and it’s going to get worse . . . 

How “great” is America now that it has become a Jewish slave colony? If you want to know the answer to this question, click HERE

This 3-minute video will shatter all your illusions…

John Kaminski  (email him) is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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    (…) The Samavartataka From the Brahma Vaivarta Purana – Krishna said to Ganga, Gangamata, the Ganges personified as a Goddess:

    “Five thousand years from this date, within the span of Kali Yuga, there will be respite from this terrible age. There will be a golden age of
    10,000 years.”

    Jyotishis have calculated that it will come in February 2013 and call it the Samavartaka Fire, a solar cleansing of the earth. Both the Mayan Calendar and the Samavartaka Fire predictions were done at least 5,000 years ago, but there is some dispute about the accuracy of the Mayan calendar end-date. These predictions were done on opposite sides of the earth at he same time. The time in between ages is called Pralaya where there is often a time of strife. Someone on Purusha asked Maharishi about the Mayan calendar end-date, and he said, “It’s a little off.” (…)

    PS It is darkest before dawn, John

    CIA O

    1. Rule 1 of blog etiquette: don’t post irrelevant, off-topic comments right at the beginning of the thread. Keep them for later if you find it hard to say anything relevant to the topic being discussed. This artice is about the decline of America. It is not about Krishna and the Kali Yuga.

      You have wasted our time by posting FOUR off-topic comments right at the beginning of the thread.

      Don’t do it again.

        1. I don’t mind your largely irrelevant, off-topic posts. I just think they should be kept till later. Not in the beginning of the thread where they create a bad impression.

          However much you may desire to drag in Krishna, the Kali Yuga and the Maharishi, you ought to learn the art self-effacement and humility by allowing other posters to speak first who have something important to say that is ON-TOPIC and RELEVANT.

          It was Christ who said “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” I say the same thing to you in different words. What is the point of doing TM and assuming high spiritual airs on this site if you are too proud to accept well-meant criticism?

          What have you learned from the spiritual process if you have not learned humility? It is all worthless, is it not?

          1. What have you learned from TM if your response to kindly criticism is the catchphrase WTFU? (= Wake the Fuck up). Does Krishna speak like this? Or is this the kind of language they teach you in the red-light district of Rotterdam?

          2. @sardo (go, go through the bardo, keep to the right, follow the light)

            What you don”t see ”artist” sardo that gojk (good old john kaminski) is posting this article while he is like phishna, sholtes you name them thoroughly convinced that JC is a jew fabricated myth.

            Fallen this Zeitgeist ditch he has therefore lost all credit in the eyes of any one who has his eyes open.

            Btw in Rotterdam there is no red light district anymore, only ”cultural events”, festivals trying to bring people together and all that Absolutely killing. The whole 9/11 jew job story is completely a no go zone as everywhere in any ZIONATO country.

            CIA O

        2. Well, good luck, friend. This website wouldn’t be the same without you. I’m glad to hear Rotterdam has no red light district.

          I believe that Holland is one of the most philosemitic countries in the world. It was the second country in Europe to give the Jews their emancipation, shortly after France did in 1791.

          It was also Dutch Jews in Amsterdam who financed the English Revolution of the 1640s, giving Oliver Cromwell the financial backing to stage a Revolution: to chop off the head of King Charles I and let the Jews back into England after several centuries of banishment. England was never the same again. As soon as the Jews returned to England, sexual license came with them.

          1. @sardo

            As I said before Rotterdam was for years the biggest harbour of this world thanks to the Gerry”s and thanks to AH’s reconstruction project of 14 May 1940 it is getting Manhattanian appearance).

            But any big city should have a zone where 24/7
            all that the Big Father/Mother has forbidden
            takes place. If the jews are said to have brought this juice with them at least they brought something good.

            Then again if Martin van Creveld Rotterdam born jew, military expert from israhell gets his way, the nukes from there will fall also here, if they don”t get their grossere Lebensraum,
            Eretz Israel.

            But the evil jews will be squeezed out, before that could take place. That’s my take on it.
            We all agree on that point, I suppose. Usin the pen as a sword.

            Yet I find it hard to surpress Bader Meinhoff trendz in me psychee.

            CIA O

          2. “Yet I find it hard to surpress Bader Meinhoff trendz in me psychee.

            Why suppress it? 🙂

          3. @sardo

            And Holland had the largest percentage of deported jews in WWII, so….

            CIA O

      1. Excuse me, all knowing one, but I found Gabreal Jones’ comments about the Krisna and the Kali Yuga VERY relevant. The work of John Kaminski is now unknown to me. I posted his work in my own online book Meditopia (Chapter 3) . And the surrealistic circumstances in which we currently find ourselves globally dovetail quite amazingly with the predictions you’ll find not only in Mayan, Aztec, Vedic, and other ancient belief systems, but in a host of more modern predictive systems — some used by the world’s intelligence agencies — which include remote viewing, Yellow Cube project, etc.

        The manifestation of your ignorance is part of the very thing that Kaminski rails against in his work. It isn’t something you should so proudly and insouciantly flaunt.

      1. Non sense. A good wheatherman knows what the wheather will be, just his expertise.

        CIA O


    Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge *Full* (30 min.)

    Voltaire > (…) Everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges (…)

    Carl Sagan > (…) Vedic Cosmology is the only one in which the timescales corresponds to those of modern scientific cosmology (…)

    CIA O

    1. Just a thought here. It might have appeared that the comments about the Samavartataka From the Brahma Vaivarta Purana were off subject, but I took it a bit differently. The writer might be, just like the rest of us, looking for a better age, a regeneration, a shaking & sifting. Perhaps what we need to fix America is to find ourselves first. With that in mind I’d like for the readers here to consider this comment more closely –
      “Voltaire > (…) Everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges (…)”
      “Carl Sagan > (…) Vedic Cosmology is the only one in which the timescales corresponds to those of modern scientific cosmology (…)”

      Now read the book, THE ARCTIC HOME OF THE VEDAS. Are we just coming full circle – right back to ourselves and regenerating?
      Jack’s War

      1. Problem is that “modern scientific cosmology” is just as much a load of bollocks as Genesis.

    2. Dwarka, India – 12,000 Year Old City of Lord Krishna Found – *Full*

      video counter 44.04: Eyeopener Graham Hancock is shown the profiles of the cities massive foundation. He usually dives himself but at the end of 2001 no permission was given by the Indian govt. He created a computer simulation of the citadel.

      (…) Carbon dating of objects that were dredged from the underwater sites showed an age of 7.500 BC that’s 4.500 yrs before the cities of Mesopotamia and Egypt (…)

      CIA O

  3. John Hagelin, Ph.D., is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace.

    Dr. Hagelin has conducted pioneering research at CERN the European Center for Particle Physics) and SLAC the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Author of more than 70 papers published in journals such as Physics Letters, Nuclear Physics, and the Physical Review, his scientific contributions in the fields of electroweak unification, grand unification, supersymmetry, and cosmology include some of the most cited references in the physical sciences. He is responsible for the development of a highly successful grand unified field theory based on the superstring—a theory that was featured in a cover story of Discover magazine.

    Dr. Hagelin is therefore at the pinnacle of achievement among the elite cadre of physicists who have fulfilled Einstein’s dream of a “theory of everything” through their mathematical formulation of the unified field—the most advanced scientific knowledge of our time.

    But Dr. Hagelin is unique among scientists in being the first to apply this most advanced knowledge for the practical benefit of humankind. He has pioneered the use of unified field–based technologies proven to reduce crime, violence, terrorism, and war and to promote peace throughout society—technologies derived from the ancient Vedic science of consciousness. He has published groundbreaking research establishing the existence of long-range “field effects” of consciousness generated through collective meditation, and has shown that large meditating groups can effectively defuse acute societal stress—thereby preventing violence and social conflict, and providing a practical foundation for permanent world peace (…)

    Steven Landman had yesterday a good critical article about his fellow Chicago citizen Oprah who is into TM now. Hopefully it will clear her mind about Elie- where is your tattoo- Wiesel.

    CIA O

    1. A field full of vegetables endures without “violence”, too, Mr. Jones. But they will always be vegetables, until they are no more. If that is all you want, you can have it anytime you want. Just sit down and meditate it thusly. The rest of mankind does not necessarily have to follow. Sam Adams did not. Patrick Henry did not. Thomas Jefferson did not. Henry Ford did not. Adolf Hitler did not (to throw in a favorite of this site). They – and so many others men and women of action – afforded you the very time and leisure to contemplate your naval with those others who produced almost nothing, but relied for their sustenance on the very people they disdain.

      What Kaminski is addressing here is the reality of a very real existence threatening mankind in the worst, non-vegetable way. For me, I do not necessarily believe that ALL Jews are the problem, because I do not believe all Jews are any more disposed to Talmudic doctrine than all Christians are rabid “Pentacostals” or otherwise fundamentalists. Sme of you do believe that to be so.

      In any event, the circumstance will require a lot more than TM to combat. There is “wheat” and there are “tares”. If my Jesus is correct, “never the twain shall meet”. (I think He and Rudyard Kipling had that one pretty well-nailed.)

      1. According to Yogananda Jesus as the carpenter son of 2000 nails ago wasa Eaterner. Made by God this way to bring the East and West closer at the Roulette table.

        My main point is: GOJK (capitals intentioned) should reconsider his Jesus is jew fiction point. If not he really contributes to destruction of Christian Western civilisation.
        And read Yogananda (yes that brownskinned man of the Lanza Sandy Hook Avenue who live for decades in the USA teaching Yoga) and what he revealed about the historic authenticity of JC.

        CIA O

        1. My apologies, Mr. Jones, if I insinuated that Easterners were necessarily all “tares”. Yes, it seems I did just that. But, no, I just like that emphatic Kipling line, which to me well illustrates the futility of considering everyone of equal mindset.

      2. That’s “navel”, smarty-pants, not naval. Pentecostal has an “e” not an “a.” Could be typos, but I don’t think so.

        1. Yes sir! Henceforth, it shall be NAVEL! Thanks for the correction. Truly, it is a typo – but the misspelling of Pentecostal is my own ignorance.

      3. Armless Combat Soldier Provides Inspirational Message,7340,L-4354219,00.html

        One of the participants at the AIPAC conference was Izzy Ezagui, a combat soldier who lost his arm in a mortar shell explosion.

        notice the ads….

        can I get an amen

        the curious thing is the world today does have a “Jewish” state called Israel where no actual Israelites live, and America is getting ZERO blessings for “BLESSING” the stool sculpture deity cult compound….

        and only the Talmud makes a “Jew”…a “Jewish”.

    2. Hindu propaganda about ‘everything in the Vedas’ . A lot of it is projected by Zionist collaboration with Indian mischief makers meant to undermine monotheistic morality with their erotic postures , dances and body damaging yoga. From M.K. Gandhi to Maharishi, all fraud and hypocrisy.

      1. @Nazeer Probably a muslim name? Joe vulcano who posted here had a good pointer (this forum is meant for communication, so read it at least, you sound very bad informedabout that what you write about in one line):

        We live in a scientific age an information age> visit: hagelin org
        Esp his unified field diagram might clarify.

        Btw erotic postures? How did your body came about btw ?

        CIA O

        1. Nazeer probably just recognizes your religion as an excuse for cowardice among many of its vocal proponents. Not all – but MANY.

          1. Nazeer, his name in Dutch meens after-pain.

            All religion is a way to not to face the music: the moment that your mother coughed you up after your father hang his thing in her you are
            busy accompaniyng yourself to your grave.

            Real (religion, or what) is just to face that naked fact. You can try to hunt anything but you”ll end up being someone else’s turkey.

            CIA O

      2. although hardcore hindus party has been running the political show in india for some time now and they brown nose jews to the point of veneration, it is not right to blame it on religion because these are just ziohindu sellouts, parallel to ziochristians in the us, canada, australia, nz and europe.

        i have spoken to some educated hindus who are well aware of the true state of things, besides just look at what gandhi’s attitude to hitler and national socialists was as well as to the palestine question.
        he is widely and officially ignored today, a non-entity, again equivalent to the official posture towards the constitution and founding fathers like jefferson, franklin and others in the united states of ignorant (with apologies to those who aren’t, as a canadian escapee, i got no bragging rights).

        1. I have had a lot of contact with Americans who identify with Eastern religions (but not Eastern philosophies – there are subtle differences in the terms).

          My last serious romantic relationship was with a woman to whom I was “engaged” (!) for five years. (hey – she hunted me down and soon whined for a ring – so what is a gentleman supposed to do but string-it-along???!)(hell, I might have married her, so I had to have time to CONSIDER…). Anyhow, she was very disposed toward Eastern RELIGIONS, and often hosted seminars at her hobby farm for dabblers in such. Many came from foreign countries (those were pretty real), but most of the Americans, there, were just rich kids looking for another high. There weren’t a lot of what I would call THE REAL THING there.

          My fiancée, an undergraduate of Princeton, and a graduate of Johns Hopkins, was also a master yogi (gorgeous, delectable body). She was what most would call “educated”, but a real dingbat in matters practical. Worse, she really did not have any true convictions or affinities to any spiritual disciplines – she just mechanized through whatever seemed “trendy” and convenient. (She now has a wonderful “healing” website – BUT IS MARRIED TO SOME ASSHOLE YANKEE SCIENTIST WHO HELPS MONSANTO GENETICALLY MODIFY OUR SEEDS AND LIVESTOCK! (she always maintained to ME that she wanted a “southern man”)(which is what I am).

          Ergo, I have a real hard time accepting credibility amongst noveaux “Easterners”. (She really tweaked me when she bought real, dried camel shit to ritually burn outside at vegetable planting time – supposedly to “enhance” growth!)

          1. (Some crafty jew probably found a great market niche drying cowshit and vending it as camel dung to the gullible, rich goy.)

  4. This is disgraceful article that has left me in a state bordering on toxic rage. The article itself, with its antisemitic stereotypes and canards, is bad enough, but what I find particularly inflammatory is Darkmoon’s pictures, captions, and the hateful video she had tagged on at the end which defames America and makes out it is a third class country.

    This is unpatriotic and is a violation of the Patriot Act which makes patriotism compulsory.

    Also if you read the original article written by Kaminski (see SOURCE mentioned above), you will see that in many ways it is quite a different article to the article presented here. Darkmoon has “sexed it up” and made it even more inflammatory than it was before.

    This insufferable woman deserves to be horsewhipped.

    The article mentions that the President of America, Barack Obama, is an evil man who is free to assassinate anyone he wants, anywhere in the world. This is not true. If it was true, Darkmoon and Kaminski would have been bumped off long ago.

    Both these individuals are a threat to America and Jewish civilization and values.

    1. Zakky, you have misspelled a word:

      You wrote “This insufferable woman deserves to be horsewhipped.” I am sure you meant “This insufferable woman deserves to be worshipped” for the great work that she does in exposing perfidious creatures such as yourself.

        1. Still passing that one around the blogs. That is the ones the moderators allow (not many sadly).

    2. Oh Seymour,

      You do make me laugh…..

      …..which defames America and makes out it is a third class country.

      America was a first class country until the Jews took full control of it at the turn of the 20th century. Federal Reserve springs to mind……

      This is unpatriotic and is a violation of the Patriot Act which makes patriotism compulsory.

      No Seymour, there’s nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act and even I, a Scotsman know this. It should be called the ‘Tyranny’ Act.

      The article mentions that the President of America, Barack Obama, is an evil man who is free to assassinate anyone he wants, anywhere in the world. This is not true.

      Oh but it is Seymour, oh but it is. Obama is killing those whom his Jewish handlers deem a threat to world Jewry via drones (and black ops).

  5. “How anyone in these toxic times can fail to see the Jewish fingerprints over all these atrocities is beyond me:”

    Oh how I waited for that line. I thought maybe we needed Alan Sabrosky or Gilad to make a special appearance to deliver that line (as is everywhere else). The goyim dont know whether to toss Jews out or turn on Seinfeld. As long as you make the goyim laugh you can steal their shorts.

    Look everybody…at my sign.
    “Israel did 9/11 ask Alan Sabrosky a US Marine” (I didnt want to say Jewish US Marine because Israel ehh ehh is full of Jews). Might be a bit schizo, but a Marine nonetheless. Im ready to hit the street now. Wish me luck and if you see me just pretend I wasnt there because it is counter productive anyways.

  6. “How anyone in these toxic times can fail to see the Jewish fingerprints over all these atrocities is beyond me: the theft of trillions of dollars from mostly-now-unemployed Americans to fund wars that benefit no one but the very rich, the worthless drugs prescribed by pill-pushing doctors, the bogus curricula designed by cynical educators, the perverse proclivities of lawyers who work for each other instead of their clients.

    To see all these things and refuse to see the obvious—the hidden hand of Big Jewry stirring the witch’s cauldron and frothing the deadly brew—is beyond human understanding. I am baffled and perplexed. Truly, I am poleaxed.”

    Nothing more to be said after that. Excellent piece.

  7. Kaminsky’s article is excellent: the elephant in the room is the jew. Lasha’s inserted pics and captions hit the nail on the head. Well done, yet again.

  8. (…) Since the 1980s, ownership of the U.S. media has become consolidated in such a way that only 5 Zionist-controlled corporations own a majority of the media outlets. When Murdoch’s News Corporation is factored in this majority is greatly increased. The only voice being heard by American consumers of mass media is that of militant Zionist extremism. This is the main reason why so few Americans have the anti-war worldview of the Viet Nam War era. Waging criminal wars has become acceptable to most Americans. (Source: Mind Control Theories and Techniques Used by Mass Media) (…)

    In the worldwide press there is a big treachery going on. All the news that comes is filtered. (MMY at a weekly internet pressconference 20 OKT. 2004)

    Note how this essential remark of MAHARISHI about the press is exactly in sync with the data about the number of corporations that control a majority of the US media.

    The graph shows 2004 as the year of the total zionification of the US media, which came to be known- at least in the msm-as an established fact much later.

    CIA O

    1. Good try, Gabreal, but why drag the Maharishi into it? Are you an agent for TM by any chance? One day, if you keep on trying hard, you will say something intelligent without mentioning the Maharishi, the Kali Yuga, or Krishna. I look forward to that day! 🙂

      1. @pimprose

        I AM.

        And shall I say you something dirty, you can say that too!

        CIA O

  9. yet another beautiful Jewish psyops piece, by Dasha Piddlespoon …

    “The Jews have won!, the Jews have won!!! Shhhh! let’s not let it leak out … ‘The goyem are our cattle, us Jews we are their farmers. Our nostrils are flared, the time for the harvest of blood approaches. Our breakfast matza bread needs its salt. So shhh! Dasha, dasha, let’s not shout it out in italics just yet. The Jews have won! Americans are ugly, clueless and stupid goyem. The Jews have won!”

    Once again the bedwetting teenage shiksha, Ms. Piddlespoon, goes to yet another Jewish source, spewing with deep darkmoon dung and other endless cultural pessimism, which “she” presents with all the blessings of her dark fame and crawling credibility (?) …

    How quaint it is that she chose as her excuse, as her smokescreen, to wet her Jewish bed yet again, an article by Minnnicino. Who he? Sometimes even Jews need to leak out the truth to maintain their cover … the Schiller Institute … a Helga Zepp-LaRouche operation … a Pentagon backdoor operation controlled 100% by Bolshevik Jews (some of whom are admittedly clever enough to try to hide under the skirts of priests, popes and other pedophile Jewish gentlemen who run the Catholic church — the Catholic Church being the remnant of an early psyops smokescreen of horrors (including rape of both minds and bodies of european children from antiquity) that was financed by none other than that Pentagon operation of antiquity, sometimes remembered as Venetian-Delphic bankers … aka the JEWS. Soon it will be the blood of Chinaman who will sweeten their breakfast matza breads.

    The tail does not wag the dog. Israel is evil, to its core. Judaism itself is evil to its core as well, for sake of its deep philosophical misogyny. Such beautiful literature, the Torah, where women are cursed unless they are prostitutes of the excretory and/or political kinds. But as evil as Israel might be, and as evil as misogyny is in Jewish religious literature (and as bad literature goes, it is pure evil), they hardly add up to so much as even a dingleberry compared to that rabbid Jewish maddog known as the Pentagon. The latter being a bureaucracy with 1.000 times the budget of the former. The former being little more than a little red herring. The real enclave of serial child sexual mutilators, misogynists, rapists and pedophile homosexuals is the Pentagon itself.

    Well done, Ms. Piddlespoon! The Jews are winning! The Jews are winning. The white european goyem are your blood and cattle. May the blood-salt of your breakfast matza bread always be sweet. But is it wise to leak it out in italics?

    1. “yet another beautiful Jewish psyops piece, by Dasha Piddlespoon …”

      Lasha didn’t write this article, Mr Molecule. So there’s no need to join our Zionist commenter Seymour Zak in pissing all over her. The fact that she quoted from the Minnicino article is beautifully apt. That’s one of the best articles on the Frankfurt School I’ve read — after this article put out by Lasha on this site a few weeks ago:


      Molecule, You also know precious little about the LaRouche situation. LaRouche was cruelly defamed and falsely imprisoned because he knew too much and dared to challenge the power of the evil cabal (mostly Jewish) that runs America and threatens to destroy it.

      John Kaminski, brilliant article! Lasha, praise to you for publishing it and placing your unique signature on it by the editorial improvements you have made to the original and the pictures, captions and comments you have added!

      Above all, praise to you for giving Seymour Zak and Molecule the freedom of speech to mock and ridicule you on this site. That shows a magnanimous nature I have seldom found in a woman before.

      1. @Ed — Frankfurt School is a good place to start. And Schiller is good at that. But they refuse to look deeper, and that is the clue. The roots of the Frankfurt School are buried deep within the early psyops literature of Judaism itself. Setting aside the gynocological connotations, misogyny is actually a deep hatred for anything that is pure, chaste, innocent, decent, beautiful. It is deep hatred of dignity, especially of the unloved unprotected female. It is the acorn of Judism. It is bad literature.

        Translated to modern “economic miracles,” there is everywhere a jewish-Marxist tendency to substite the collective glory of a ham sandwich, as in free burgers and t-shirts for everyone, at the cost of benighting our individual dignity.

        LaRouche, as a man, who you will observe no one is ever allowed to talk to but for a few hovering insider Jews, is an ok guy for his generation … his viewpoint is flawed in ways that are characteristic of his entire generation. There is way too much faith in the “top down” solution. This predicament will require more emphasis on the grassroots solution. It has to begin from there no matter how ugly it has to get. And it will get ugly … after the existentialists gnash their teeth and bedwet themselves over the orgies of bloodletting soon to come, they will be eliminated. Or humanity will cease to exist. The next crystal nacht will not be a sacrifice-a-few to pity-the-Jew fraud. LaRouche the man is held out as an untouchable figurehead, by another LaRouche-within-LaRouche identity. He is completely surrounded by layer after layer of hard-core east-european crypto-Bolshevik activist. They profess to bow and scrape at his every whimper while they take everything he says and twist it ever so gently towards a globalist direction. He was setup by FBI-Jewish Bolshevik activists who had penetrated his organization. He is way too trusting. The Jews who surround him took advantage of that and turned him into the first victim of a Jewish cult that took over his own name. Before he went to prison, they successfully penetrated his organization. After he went to prison, they took it over, nuts to bolts. He came back as editorial consultant of his own newspaper. His innocence and dignity, is used as a smokescreen by boomer LaRouchie Jews. They are existentialists … deal makers … a ham sandwich for your dignity is always a better deal. They are parasites who like the crippled FDR convert the hope of a principle of general welfare into an opportunity for treason … special welfare for the Jews … two for me and none for you … ok, we the Bolshevik Quota Committee will let you goyem have what you need. You surrender dignity to government, and we give you a ham sandwich. That’s the top down solution. There’s a big push for a fantasy of unbuildable uncontrollable infrastructure on a gargantuan scale. Agriculture is 1.000 hectare monoculture with 8-wheeled tractors and 2 employees. Always to be in short supply, infrastructure, wealth and abundance is NEVER to be controlled locally. Infrastructure, especially water and power, is always to be owned and controlled by a global uber-national elite. That’s how you spot the faud of the LaRouche boomer. Then, there is the x-gen LaRouchies. The kids. Most of them see right though the treasonous switch that the LaRouche boomers try to pull, and are trying to nourish the grassroots for the survival of the principle DIGNITY of their following generations. The principle of the Jewish ham sandwich is ALWAYS lie.

        The essence of the Frankfurt School was cultural pessimism. The essence of cultural pessimism of the Frankfurt School is that the real solution, the grass-roots solution, always remains hidden. When someone comes to your door, and offers you a deal for a ham sandwich, cut off his head, and then eat his liver. Use other parts of his body to feed your chickens and dogs, grind his bones into fertilizer for your vegetable garden. What the Jews did to LaRouche is what they intend to do to you … turn the principle of general welfare into that peculiar jewish joy, called treason.

        1. @molecule

          “the next crystal nacht will not be a sacrifice-a-few-to pity the jew” fraud

          Have you been talking to J. Speer Williams aka “Joe”? Here we go again with that whole “Hitler was a Zionist Stooge” again.

          Der Fuhrer made their cloven hooves quiver with the Holy Terror he was bringing. He was making the pestilent rats scurry for their sorry-ass lives by the time 1938 rolled around.

          And no, I’m not talking about the jewish shopkeepers, etc. who felt the wrath of krystallnacht, but the Zionist higher-ups who were realizing that this was no mere upstart Corporal from the 1st World War they were dealing with here, but a titanic force of nature who was bringing an incredible power to bear on their diseased existence. Your belittling of him with your stooge inference exposes you as the feeble-minded fool you are.

          That it took that paraplegic puke FDR to rally a thoroughly hoodwinked America to defeat him causes a rage in me I didn’t think was possible, as an American myself.

          It was the jew traitor Rooseveldt who made Pearl Harbor possible that emboldened the American people to fight “the good War”. First with the cynically disingenuous lend-leases to Great Britain and the Soviet Union, and then with the multitudinous American Army. An army my 89-year old father was a part of. You think I can actually tell him any of this without him thinking me a complete idiot? It breaks my heart and infuriates my mind that I can’t.

      1. Maitreya,

        Scottish rite freemasonry came from France. The Knight Templar are believed to have established it in Scotland. That’s one theory anyway.

  10. Kaminski is a bit too blatantly milque-toast for his writings to actually effect any postive change in the situation that he laments.

    “Which is why it’s too late to reverse course,” is his total contribution to actually doing anything for the good. With an attitude like that, how can his writings be any better than the moaning morning JewsPapers? Yes, he names the Jew in his polite and non-offensive manner, but leaves us with: “Which is why it’s too late to reverse course”.

    But Zakky the Kike, in the above thread, talks about horsewhipping Lasha Darkmoon as if this perfidious Jew and his circumcised wonderfulness counts for anything more than oven scum.

    The Jews are criminals and frauds. Every story in the Old Testament is a lie. God never did any of the things that they claim that He did. And who else tells lies about god other than the devil? The Jews — each and every one of them — are demoniacal enemies of Mankind. when people understand this, and when they see EVERY Jew as a devil and an enemy, then the people of the world will take care of the Jews as they deserve and all of the problems that the Jews have created will disappear.

    You see, the problems that Kaminsky bemoans are fixable. But you must not only identify the Jews are the perpetrators but also WHY they are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. Why? Because the Jews are devils.

    1. A good post, Banjo Billy, until the final sentence: “Because the Jews are devils.” You go too far there, dear Banjo. I asure you I am a celestial creature, positively angelic, and in no way diabolical. 🙂

        1. Never mind what I am. That is irrelevant. The important thing is to distinguish between elite organized Jewry and ordinary Jews, as Lasha always does.

          One must not make the mistake of regarding all Jews as irredeemably evil.

          When you get to that point, you can be certain that your antisemitism has started to rot your brain. Hatred, like lust, destroys the frontal lobes.

          I have no idea how the Jewish problem will be solved. It is a metaphysical problem. But I tell you this: it will not be solved by impotent rage.

          1. It is important to the Jews that we differentiate between “elite organized Jewry and ordinary Jews” so that at least some of them escape their just desserts. “Leaving a remnant” has always been a Jewish goal so that they can continue to ravage the world. This is always a mistake. All Jews are devils. Who would know Jews better than Jesus? He said that the Jews are “liars, deceivers, hypoocrites, murderers and the very children of the devil.” Unfortunately, Christians don’t beleive Jesus, they beleive the lying Jews (who, by the way, all claim to be celestial angels).

            If a Christian sees a fellow Christian rape, steal from, and murder a woman, should he hide the crime because the perp was a Christian? Of course not! But that’s what you Jews do. The Big Jews commit all manner of atrocities upon Mankind and the little Jews deny the facts and hide the criminals from prosecution. That makes all of you guilty.

            As for you attempted slanders, I have a saying that I will tell you: “I am prejudiced against skunks and rattlesnakes and Jews because of their innate characteristics, not because of any character flaw of my own. Their characteristics, is the problem, not my prejudice.”

            Anti-Semitism is another Jewish lie. No people are earth are anti-Jewish until they meet Jews. It is the Jew who carries anti-Semitism like a bad flu and gives it to the Gentiles.

          2. You make some good points. But you can’t say all swans are white. Because sooner or later you’ll see a black one. Similarly, if you look long enough, you will find a good Jew.

          3. Right. There are good jews and bad jews. Unfortunately, the bad ones are in control.

          4. If there were any good jews they would have decided long ago to form their own nation and stop following the “organized jews” in their destructive forays into other people’s nations.

          5. @ annis

            it takes at least 2.3 people to form a nation, i would think even more and while i recognize existence of good jews at least theoretically, we need to be realistic.
            logistics do not allow creation of a “goodjew” state.

            let’s not get carried away by pro-jew enthusiasm.

          6. Ruth,

            The only way you will ever find a good Jew is by taking the newborn from a Jew and bring it up a non Jew, never knowing its biological family or knowing it’s infact a Jew. Then, in essence it wouldn’t be a Jew.

            Many may say Henry Makow, Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon are good Jews but although all three are anti Zionists, they still promote the holocaust myth. Why when they are clearly intelligent and no doubt having come across facts that destroy the 6million myth do they still perpetuate the lie? Well, they’re Jews, part of the tribe and will always see themselves as Jews and others non Jews.

            If there were good Jews they’d be attacking the NWO and the people behind the promotion of mass migration destroying Europe. They won’t because not only is the NWO a Jewish NWO but the destruction of majority non Jewish majority blocks stops Jewish eviction from that land as happened in the past. Therefore Jews will benefit from both.

            Good Jew is like hot ice or good demon. It’s an oxymoron. I wish no ill on Jews but I find that Jews form a parasitism over non Jews wherever they are instead of a symbiotic relationship. Sadly what’s good for Jews is bad for the goyim. It means that Jews are unable to live in harmony with non Jews, Ashkenazim that is as before the creation of Israel, the sephardim lived in relative peace witheir Muslim and Christian neighbours.

            Therefore the west has to ‘kick-the-kike’ in order to survive I’m sorry to say.

          7. We will take a leaf out of Titus’ diary, and burn all Synagogues to the ground, before digging out their foundations. We’ll give you more than enough “Wailing Walls” to lewdly thrust your pelvises at.

            All graves containing Jewish luminaries from the past (even those of bankers and wealthy merchants) will be dug up and their contents dumped into the deepest parts of the mid Atlantic. No European land will be polluted with ‘Jewish’ remains. Similarly, all statues in honour of so-called ‘Jews’ from the past (such as Disraeli and Winston Churchill) will be smashed and the debris used as road fill.

            All copies of the Talmud will be burned. The ashes dumped as fertilizer for pig feed. The Christian ‘bible’ will be fully revised and all contributions from Pharisees shall be exorcised. The Pentauch will be proscribed and the entire Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) torn out of all existent Bibles. So-called Christianity will be entirely purged of its Jewish references, such that it is remade. The Catholic Church of Rome closed down and its Cathedrals turned into museums of folly.

            Whatever remains of that Roman Empire inspired folly can be converted into a sect that at least permits the continued honouring of the wise teachings of the mythological ‘prophet’ Jesus.

            Meanwhile, all ethno-Europeans will be encouraged to return to their pre-Christian roots, which fools falsely call “Paganism”.

            In truth, Asatru (pre-Christian European spirituality) is the oldest belief system known to man that is still existent. Asatru is even older than Hinduism … and also superior due to its simplicity.

            So-called ‘Jews’ will be banned from the teaching profession, from banking, from practising law, and from politics. No Jew shall put himself or herself forward for elected office. If any attempt to do so, then an automatic 3 year jail term shall await them. No ‘Jew’ will be allowed to employ a Goyim Maid who is aged under the age of 36.

            Any ‘Jew’ holding assets in excess of $5 million will be automatically assumed to have used deceit, theft, and knavery to acquire the wealth. In which case, all funds/assets over $5 million shall be confiscated and re-distributed amongst the needy of North America, Europe, and Russia (via a special fund established for such purposes).

            All Holocaust museums shall be closed down with immediate effect, and their contents burned and/or smashed to smithereens. The Auschwitz hoax death camp shall be bulldozed and erased from the pages of history. Nothing shall remain of Auschwitz and all other similarly worshipped concentration camps.

            From the outset of this campaign to re-inject sanity and probity back into human affairs, all Jewish financiers and the heads of all Jewish banking families shall have missiles targeted at their homes, as an insurance policy. If Israel launches any nuclear warhead (or any kind of WMD) against any target, anywhere, then these missiles shall be unleashed, causing the instant extermination of all Jewish financiers/bankers. Of course, as part of the same response, Israel will be made to feel the heat of ten, 50 Mt thermonuclear warheads, which should be enough to put a total end to that cesspit of non-human trash. I acknowledge this would result in the loss of many innocent lives, but this is the price we must pay to thwart any further missile launches by the IDF under the direction of Mossad.

            All Khazarian escapees from Israel will be hunted down like dogs, wherever they attempt to run to … even to Patagonia. The worst of them will be assassinated using the most brutal methods possible. Garrotting might be the best way to ritually rid ourselves of the most troublesome Khazarian bloodline ‘Jews’.

            Whoever is head of the Federal Reserve at the time of this campaign shall be arrested, charged, and hanged from a public lampost on the edge of the Hudson River. The event broadcast globally. Similar ends will be effected upon the heads of Goldman Sachs and the Rockefeller empire.

            The United Nations building in Manhattan shall be closed down and an informal organization operating out of Spain or Southern India shall be put in its place. All laws pertaining to Agenda 21 shall be revoked. All named accomplices and co-conspirators connected with the 9-11 Criminal Heist shall be arrested and placed in a holding camp, pending court proceedings and summary execution.

            In these ways, and others, the Khazarian ‘Jewish’ problem will be eradicated, once and for all.

            Ruth Bernstein and Seymour Zak … have I made myself clearly understood? Give my regards to the ADL.


            Now quickly run along and tell your brethren that their own vices, inhumanity, calculated mass murdering, and habitual lying has invited the wrath of Thor himself.

          8. “No ‘Jew’ will be allowed to employ a Goyim Maid who is aged under the age of 36.

            Don’t ever become a dictator, sweetie, or there’ll be trouble for older women. Why are you discriminating against women of over 36? You’re making out that women over 36 can safely be employed by Jews as maidservants, thereby implying that they’re too old to be desirable.

            If you want goy maidservants to be safe from the clutches of Jewish employers, you should specify that the women in question they should be over 80.

            Knowing what Jews are like, I think any woman younger than that is at high risk!

          9. @ Anglo-Saxon

            I see you are given to fantasies of omnipotence and being dictator of the world. You would make Stalin look like Mother Teresa. Shame on you, sir! You need psychotherapy and the companionship of a good woman, preferably under 80.

        2. “He said that the Jews are “liars, deceivers, hypoocrites, murderers and the very children of the devil.”

          Can you provide the full quotation? I’m pretty sure it says pharisees, sadducees, scribes, or some other more accurate term. Jesus was a judean {a judahite} but I refuse to call Him a “jew” because it is NOW too vauge a label to accommodate accurate communication. You are projecting your own lack of clarity onto Him.

          At any rate, we should avoid a term that has too many definitions, if we are interested in being understood. Why would you use a term that encompasses so {too} much while describing so little?

          What is wrong with calling a liar a liar, or in calling a deceiver, a hypocrite or a murderer what they are? Why must we collectivise, and thus obfiscate the nomenclature? It is what it is. But if you insist on using ambiguous terms, you should expect people to argue with you.

          Contriwise if you want to keep people arguing, make huge over-generalizations with inprecise easily misinterprated labels which anyone not afflicted with terminal heart bitterness must reject. Let’s not try too prove too much.

          After trying to make Kaminski aware of these things, he called me a “jew”. Go figger…

      1. there can be no good Jews … the reason is judaism itself … first DNA cannot determine “Jewishness,” but over centuries of hatred the DNA of the Jew is corrupted by the psychic meme of hatred for women and children, and its love of material things and deceptions … when that meme of Jewish hatred is spontaneously exterminated the Jewish DNA will disappear along with it … Judaism is a psycho religious meme that has as its core philosophy an endlessly deep hatred of anything feminine … such as principle of innocence, etc. An example of this misogyny is genital mutilation of infant boys for limbic imprinting and mind control for religious politial war machine purposes (M.Kult.Ra)

        In sanskrit Maitreya means three mothers … this will be tripple powers of innocence, and it will stamp out all hatred of the principle of innocence. At time, the Jewish hatred of mothers, of young women, innocence of children will be over. Because there is no good or kindly form of deep Jewish hatred for women, children, innocence and beauty, there is no such thing as a good Jew.

        Every Jew gets its Jewishness from its mother’s uterus. To be Jewish, it’s mother’s uterus must be Certified Jewish Uterus Nationale Terribilus, and her vaginal opening will have a blue star of david with CJUNT number. That uterus will have a umbilical which goes back to its mother’s uterus, which will have a CJUNT number and an umbilical which goes back to its mother and so on. Trace it back far enough and every Jew is forced to proclaim either the 10th wife of the 8th century mongoloid freak, the Great Khagan Bulan, who purchased a patent from Pope Constantine for the title of “Jew,” or the chain of maternal umbilicals must end up in the belly of the Great Whore of Babylon, whose uterus is TRULY the uterus of orgin for the tribe of Jews. IF you cannot openly lay claim to your Jewishness through these numbered and rabbinically certified CJUNTs, then from when do you claim your uterus of Jewish origination for your chain of maternal umbilicals?

        The Jewish religion, Judaism, is a meme. It is hatred of purity and powers of innocence it is sexual mutilation of children, hatred of strength of moral women, and dignity of humankind. After it is removed from this Earth, the religious meme of Jewish hatred for innocence will still spend eternity floating helplessly in a gigantic vat of boiling excrements from dancing pigs … snott, semen, urine and feces. I quote from your own beloved Talmud.

    2. Banjo Billy,

      Each soldier has his place in the ranks. John Kaminski is one very eloquent writer who is brave enough to articulate the really dark side of the matters, and get the rest of us stirred-up enough to recognize the plight we’re in. No, I do not honestly believe every person with a Jewish name or Jewish blood is a devil -because jews are the ONLY people on on earth who can identify with a race OR a religion. (Face it, if any one of us were constantly equated with all the evil in the world, we would likely become as violently defensive as any jew we could name!)(Certainly I, myself, am fed-up with milk-toast whites giving-in to and shamed by negro accusations and demands for “reparations”.)(Which, of course, may very well be jew-inspired!)

      As men, we just have to face it as it comes. Most of the whites we encounter nowadays are cowards, anyway (note the video Lasha attached); and I find satisfaction in God’s assertion (see Revelation 21:8) that I will not have to share a cloud with those bastards, either.

          1. If the Out of Africa theory is correct we are all more or less bleached niggaz.
            Your kinfolk mr. Huntley?

            The Mossad knows how I look like and till now has not stopped me breaking their glass.

            CIA O

      1. gilbert, you make some strong points.

        i don’t know what jews are but neither are they the product of the same dice roll as the rest of the world, where people turn as they do, some good, some bad, mostly weak and almost all stupid.

        nor can i place my trust in various written works just because they bear some stamp of ill-defined authority, common consent, if you will.

        i judge things by how they look at closer inspection and i judge people by their works.

        but looking closely at the jews, i cannot help but discern the hand of highly intelligent, conscious malice, a bottomless evil and depravity.

        whence that filth, if jews are born of the same dna as the rest of us, who or what power first enslaved them and bent them to its malevolent will?

        some jews will no doubt escape this indenture and they will be strengthened by it, just as many more gentiles will fall prey to its material charms, kind of like the great tale of pinochio, except that unlike its happy ending there will not be many occasions of redemption.

        i believe, i truly do, that the material world is ruled by this ill-meaning power, intent on destruction of all freedom and happiness.
        i call it the Devil, he is here, among us.

        and there are even commenters here, his tireless advocates.

        and if they disagree and insist that their Satan is something different, a force for the good, a means of defense against Devil, let them spell it out clearly instead of blaspheming Christ, who can only be accused of not preaching violence and submission to profane power.
        this is a very valid accusation that i also struggle with.

        yet it seems to me that if every gentile followed his program faithfully, the jew’s power would vanish in a heartbeat – just embargo them, on personal and communal level, don’t sell out.

        1. Thanks, lobro. Your summation is so very apt. Let us be men who love mercy, act justly, and walk humbly before our God. (Micah 6:8). That is the all of the matter, if we are to set ourselves any spiritual standards. (Yes, I know it is Old Testament, but didn’t Jesus Himself assert that He came NOT to destroy the Law, but to FULFILL it??)

          My first emphatic Bible lesson was to read a chapter in Proverbs every day. I was about ten years of age. NEVER do I recall any subsequent time of my life when the truths Solomon scribed therein have not held true (not that I have always remembered them before I did some stupid abuse of body or spirit!), but I have learned to take my chastisement – and be more considerate of my actions. Recognize the reasons for suffering, and they almost always point back to self. You “cannot cheat an honest man”; and, specifically, Judaism has no hold over those who don’t allow it.

          Individual battles.

          Please tell Sardonicus I will submit a poem to Lasha. She does not like martial poetry (much of mine is so), so I will find a love poem for her – or write one. It is up to her cousin John to find it worthy of display.

          Gotta go tack-up my horse, now…..

    3. I was with you until you introduced the Jewish tribal totem whom you call “God”. It never cease to amaze me how the gullible can sometime get as far as seeing the Jews for they are but can’t let go of the biggest Jewish mindfuck of them all. What a fucking loser you in fact are!

          1. That said, fear is a killer. So is envy. I suggest each of you dispense with both.

  11. Coincidentally I am now re reading The Sumerian Swindle and emailed it to a friend to read. I highly recommend it.

    For generations the jew has been working on biological weapons of mass destruction. Only the Devil would open such a door. But we had our nuclear weapons as deterrents and now that the door is open to bio weapons, we must walk through.

    If I were the leader of Russia I would have Russian scientists working on a biological weapon targeting Ashkanazi DNA. The only enemies Russia has are jews.

    Given what the jew did to the people in the Soviet bloc called the Holodomer and their claims that the Earth is overcrowded, if I were the leaders of China I would put all of China’s new wealth and resources to finding a biological weapon targeting jew DNA.

    If I were an Arab with tons of petro dollars what would I consider to be the most urgent need for the Arab world? I would put those petro dollars to work finding a biological weapon targeting jew DNA that did not also target Arab Semitic DNA and I wouldn’t waste a moment.

    If I were a retired United States military commander or someone who retired rather than use our military to serve the interests of the criminal, troublemaking, podunk israel, I would use all my knowledge and experience to put together a team to create a biological weapon targeting jew DNA.

    I would join other White elites who know what is going on and who love their people and Western civilization enough to take drastic action to save Nordic White people and the rest of the world from jews.

    We have done far too much talking about the problems these creeps and freaks cause. There is even an article in the Magna Carta, 1215, attempting to find solutions to the problems they cause. Enough talk. jews have nothing but enemies and surely someone will emerge as the hero the world needs.

    1. You ought to watch the latest Planet of the Apes movie (Rising of the Apes) to get an idea of what bio-weapons can do. It’s no joke, a single weaponized bacteria or virus is potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons. So, you idea of offing the kikes is not as good one. Open Pandora’s Box and what’s inside will eat you.

    2. Committing genocide on the Jews would make you no different to them in their evil ways. You would lose the war for humanity. Evil has to exist in order to be a benchmark for defining good.

      Put them on an island. Guard it from outside with patrolling ships, aircraft and satellite monitoring. Do not allow them communications with the outside world and let no one out EVER. With any luck they’ll turn on themselves but killing them is wrong, even though they seek our extermination. If they are not in any position to influence and thus control non Jews THEY ARE A THREAT TO NO ONE. I wouldn’t like to have the conscience of the extermination of a group of people on my mind, let alone even one.

      1. @ Harbinger

        Good doesn’t need a reality of evil to exist to provide its definition. This is the greatest deception of them all.

        Evil is evil because for some inexplicable reason it doesn’t understand that the Divine’s (love’s)Intention is for expressions of Itself to manifest into forms of Creation – this is goodness. “And God created and saw that it was “good”.

        So in a manner of speaking, most “good” remained good, but the “good” that didn’t get it that they were expressions of love paid the price of that in the form of becoming heartless. This is where all the trouble started.

        This is a simple definition of the so-called “celestial error”, or “fall from grace”.

        My intuition suggests that we are on the verge of an absolution, or resolution for this. Call it a Divine “forgiveness”. In other words, all this Kali Yuga related stuff heralds a time when the Divine power of Creation corrects an error by “taking back” what was given (for-given) – those forms of “man” (manifestation) which became corrupted (evil).

        Call it a cosmic do-over (“forgive them father, they know not what they do”)

  12. How anyone in these toxic times can fail to see the Jewish fingerprints over all these atrocities is beyond me……

    Not really John. Look at Plato’s cave? Those within were mesmerised by the shadows on the walls, the silhouettes of themselves cast from the fire. It took one within, an adventurous soul to leave and tell them all that there’s a world of wonders outside. And they never believed him.

    The western goyim remains ignorant to the evils of world Jewry and their genocide upon them because they control the means of education and warning through academia and the msm. They also control any form of action against them with politics. The next UK primeminister is a Zionist Jew whose father was a communist.
    If you take a group of infants, lead them away from society and teach them fire is cold, water is hot, snow is black and coal is white, they will only know this to be. This is just what’s happened to society through over 80 years of generational indoctrination.

    They all therefore fail to see the Jewish fingerprints over reality because their reality is one created by Jews who absolve themselves of crime courtesy of the holohoax and continuing lies, not forgetting the slur of anti-semite upon any who should blow away the smoke and smash the mirrors.

    The only action that will save the goyim is the complete removal of Judaism to a WALLED UP Birodbijan. Strip them of all their finances and assets and put them in a Plato’s cave of their own, no longer with the ability to cause mischief. Simply continue what western society did to the Khazar immigrants of the past millennium. Do not allow them the freedom to become the natural totalitarians they are.
    This is the solution most certainly but implementing it is the problem as it’s a catch-22 situation – in order to educate the goy of the danger of Judaism you must take back the means of education under the control of world Jewry. In order to do this, enough people in power have to have the education.

    1. The Jews themselves have told us what to do with them by inventing the story of the ‘Holocaust’. Couldn’t be plainer.

      1. This is a shocking comment. I am deeply shocked that any human being is capable of voicing such a sentiment. There are 6 million reasons why you should not say such things.

        1. Seymour,

          This is not a shocking comment. The only logical answer against a tribe who seek the removal (genocide) of 95% of the world’s population is their own extinction, especially when they are the massive minority.

          I, however would resist logic in this case and allow them to live, under constant supervision, in an enclosed area, to get on with their daily lives, just not being allowed interaction with non Jews, where they would ultimately lapse into their ethnocentric and totalitarian behaviour.

          I simply see reality and being a peaceful man see that no matter how odious, damaging to others a species is, it also has the right to be.

          Jews cannot be trusted to live amongst non Jews for said reasons. Our crumbling and dying western civilisation is testament to it. In fact the horrors committed upon Africa and Asia are also testament to Jews diregard for the goyim.

          You are a deadly species to non Jews and should be walled up in a large enclosure of land, your own little world, with no means of contact and escape to the land of the goy. Extreme? Maybe but not quite as extreme as the goy, currently living in a prison, created and ruled over by the Jews.

          1. Correction last sentence. Should read –

            Maybe but not quite as extreme as the hell experienced by the goy (and far worse still to come), currently living in a prison, created and ruled over by the Jews.

            The Ashkenazim are a deadly tribe of non semitic converts to Judaism, far more deadly than the sephardim of the middle east (although they too are a threat to the freedom of the goy).

          2. It has no right to be. All its be-INGS need for their “singularities of Consciousness” to be obliterated and its collective entity returned to the primordial One.

        2. Six million lies, is no reason whatsoever. Look the tons of physical and documented proof that the Holohoax did not occur and put it all on one side of a balance. And on the other side what do you have? Nothing but the word of the lying Jews. And since they control the media, their lies far outweigh actual proof. If the Nazis had burned or buried six million kikenvermin, where are the ashes, where are the bodies? Those ovens would still be burning them today. The mountains of ash would not be easy to miss. The Jews — all of them — are liars.

    2. @Harbinger

      I’ll give you, e.g.; Makow’s denial about the holocaust myth. but he clearly identifies the NWO players and attacks them accordingly.

      So does this prove the existence of a “good jew”?

      Had Hitler or Christ succeeded in their missions, this would have been the problem in sorting through the mess in the name of eliminating the “corrupting shoot” of Creation.

  13. Oh my, oh my! John & Lasha have upset a few small-thinking ones, but this is expected here in the Kali Yuga. And, forget about “Jesus” saving you. That is, at best, a composite character who doesn’t exist except in the Jewish Bible, created to deceive and delude. Anyone who looks closely at all can see what is going on and who is behind it and ahead of it plotting and planning even more mischief and mayhem. Read the Talmud and you will have no doubts. As to the non-Semitic Khazarian perpetrators, check out this brief video created by Mark Glenn and others. before it is deleted and expunged —
    I have said enough. Those of us who practice Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Faith, know that Kalki, the final avatar, will eventually come and sweep away all the filth and create the Maha Yuga, a great New Age of beauty and truth, but we are not there yet, not at all. Hence the truth must be spoken as it is in this article. Share it and the video I mentioned with others because both speak powerfully, directly, truthfully and without hesitation. Blessings upon you John and Lasha. Namaste. Harrell

    1. I saw that video earlier this week, Dr. Rhome. What bothers me about it is that it asserts ALL Israel is almond-eyed and dark-haired and of darker skin. Leaves me out, I reckon, ’cause I am blue-eyed and blondish. Also, I am Christian.

      A friend and I have your magazine all the way back to the first issue. Wonderful pursuit, sir! It comes to an office in a large town. I shall have to pick it up, again, and re-examine the writers’ wares.

    2. @ Harrell

      Well said, Harrell. Always nice to hear from you. But I cannot accept your thesis that Jesus is a fictional or composite character.

      In order to invent such a noble character and put such sublime words into his mouth — I refer to the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospel of St John — one would have to be more than a literary genius. One would have to be a sublime mystic and sage, for the words of Jesus are as sublime — if not more sublime — than any of the words of Gautama Buddha or the Vedic sages who produced he Gita and the Upanishads.

      The idea that some gang of evil Talmudic rabbis sat down and created the character of Jesus and put these noble sentiments into his mouth is manifestly absurd. This is because Talmudic fraudsters would not have the spiritual resources to think up the sublimities of the New Testament.

      To create sublime literature one needs to BE sublime, Harrell, just as to create great science one needs to BE clever. A bunch of fraudsters are no more capable of concocting Newton’s Laws of Motion than a bunch of fraudsters is of producing the New Testament.

      1. The teachings of Jesus are for a different world than the one we live in. If you practiced the religion of Jesus you could not survive on this planet.

      2. Jesus is a fictional character, created by Roman emperors and Jews working for them, including Josephus. That is well laid out in the book “Caesar’s Messiah” by Joseph Atwill. Google it. Jesus was created at the time of the Jewish revolts around 80AD, to provide a religious movement to pacify the Jews.
        That’s where “Render unto Caesar” came from.

        As to the sublime nature of passages in the New Testament, the authors had access to centuries of writings regarding the ancient Mysteries. “Jesus” ended up pacifying Christians ever since.

        1. Yet another know-it-all who has been given the real dope on the Jesus myth story

          So glad you came around to bequeath this wisdom from a wise old fart, er I mean man.

          But overall, I think you’re just another poor traveler wandering in the spiritual wilderness.

          Zan, you are the man!

      3. AMEN! Just because it is demonstrably true that religions, including supposedly Christian institutions, have been used and abused for various frauds and political manipulations, it does NOT mean the person of Jesus Christ is a fiction. The forces of evil will always create multiple confusing scenarios to obscure and denigrate a truth that cannot be eliminated, like the chaff warplanes use to obscure their presence on radar. Too many have experienced Christ in their lives to discount Jesus as merely a religous fable, found the Lord’s teachings to be far too logical and edifying to be the product of Talmudic or Roman hoaxers, his prophecies unfolding just as they were told. I will stand with Jesus Christ forever, unto death! There is no better!

      4. Bravo Sardonicus!

        A most excellent statement. And I will go one further and say that not only were the words of Christ more sublime than any other that came before or since, but as he said himself, they were not mere words reflecting his sublimity but a FORCE OF ACTION that produces the spiritual power inherent in the Divine light he brought to the World.

        To say he was a “composite character” is a woefully ignorant and spiritually impotent mis-characterization.

        1. We all wander in darkness, Brownhawk. Most of us are blind or half-blind as we stumble through the shadows. The half-blind lead the blind.

          Unfortunately, those who make it to the White House and to similar seats of power are not only stone blind but also stoned. 🙂

    3. It’s always interesting to hear from someone with an enormous brain pinned between his ears. Us small thinking ones are in awe of you. While you are at it, while claiming to deny the historicity of Jesus and simultaniously extolling the Talmud for its veracity, you might read the numerous passages in the Talmud given over to claiming that Jesus is in hell boiling in vats of semen and shit, or read where the rabbis brag about stealing his body from the tomb and using it to stuff a break in an irrigation ditch, as well as the many other passages where the Jews have nothing to say but evil for Jesus and for Christians.

      And then ask your mighty brain this question: If Jesus never existed, then why do the Jews brag about killing and abusing him? And why would the original 12 Apostles preach the Gosple to the entire known world, stretching from India to Britain, and suffer all manner of torturous deaths, if they hadn’t seen something with their own eyes that was amazing?

      Please, oh great and brilliant thinker, us small minded ones wish to know. What is your answer to these questions?

      1. Banjo,

        I really don’t bother with people who deny tye existence of Christ. I laugh at the Zeitgeisters who promote the Blavatsky, humanist theosophy. One does wonder that if Christ never existed, why is it Christians are under heavy attack? Even the Muslims note the existence of Christ, a holy prophet and Jews are trying to wipe them off the map too. lol

        No point like I said debating with them. Atheism & nihilism are both creations of Talmudism, in order to destroy humanity and drop it into the abyss Marx spoke of. All people’s, throughout time, believed in the existence of a much higher power than they.

        1. I will reply to three people who noticed my post about the non historicity of “Jesus:” David McElroy, Banjo Billy and Harbinger. None of you referred to the work of Joseph Atwill, his book “Caesar’s Messaih.” Maybe someone reading this who is not still believing what they heard in Sunday School will look into it and be enlightened. Josephus’s history of the Roman war on the Jews matches incidents in the New Testament, in the same order……How long would a “Roman lover” like this “Jesus” have been allowed to live by the raging Jewish rebels of “his” time?

          1. “How long would a “Roman lover” like this “Jesus” have been allowed to live by the raging Jewish rebels of “his” time?”

            About three and a half years.

    4. “Dr.” Rhome deigns to lower his excellence to the unwashed masses of “small thinking ones”. How benevolent of you, oh good doctor.

      Now go peddle your “composite character” claptrap to some fellow new-age hubris gatherers and leave this site to real human beings you pontificated priss.

  14. The Video insert does not one time name the JEWS as the enemy.
    Those who do not name the enemy by name are complicit in their crimes.
    Jews are the problem but the worse problem is the Gentile who has been dumbed down by a blood lust Jew meme Christian religion. The one hope of Christians that is totally destroyed is that in the words of Robert G. Ingersoll: “The concept that God wants blood is at the botom of the Atonement and rests upon the most barbaric savagery.” This is a fraud and it is not enhanced by the pseudocannibalistic act of eating the body and blood of Christ.
    All religion is conman fraud. Until you see all churches, Synagogues and Mosques and temples burned to the ground you will not have man with the capacity to want to be free from the Jews.
    Now go back to sleep.

    1. You have obviously been raised and educated in a Jewish-dominated education system where knowledge of God is claimed to be a superstition.

      One cannot deal with the Jews without understanding God and religion. And why? Because the two-legged monster of Judaism stands with one leg on god and the other on money while his mouth speaks nothing but lies.

      A man without knowledge of God is missing the truly greatness of Life.

      1. Show me god. If “God” exists then it is an Atheist. If you claim to be Unity with God then you are an Atheist by default.
        Everything you experience you have created. You are the only creator you will ever know. All time is now and space does not exist.

        1. “Only the fool says there is no God.”. You illustrate the assertion well.

          1. Well said, Gilbert. Let’s have another poem from you.

            Maitreya, you can take a hike. Your monosyllabic vocabulary consisting 4-letter words will not be missed.

          2. Charming, I’m sure! As they say in your country.

            You must be getting on to use an outdated word like “arsehole”. Most of the younger generation in Britain now say “asshole”.

            Which is so much nicer, don’t you think?

        2. Maitreya is the next incarnation of Buddha. So, before you sully your Mind with the poisons of hatred and anger, know well the teaching of karma and reincarnation.

          In his karma, Gautama Buddha died by eatting poison mushrooms. That was his karma. And why? It had to do with a poison in his mouth, that is, his claim that there is no god but only the existenceless Void. Obviously, Maitreya, you are not ready for your incarnation, yet, because you have not Realized that there is no such reality as an existenceless Void.

          The Buddha gave his followers the idea that there is only a Void and that God does not exist. No name can be put on these things because a name gives an idea. And for something as enormously incredible as God, words can only misdirect and not direct. So, the words that the Buddha used, misdirected millions from an understanding of God. It is not that Buddhism is not wonderful, but that it is still incomplete.

          So, the Buddha ate poison mushrooms. That was his karma because the Reality of the Universe decreed that the Buddha had told enough lies about there being no God. If you cannot peceive God, that is your own problem. Solve it.

          1. Nice one Banjo.

            My take is that a big example of the incompleteness of the Buddha has to do with what he said about reincarnation.

            He would have you believe that it is a necessary requirement to experience a multitude of incarnations before reaching a state of enlightenment that breaks the cycling returns. And yet on the other hand he would have you believe that Maya is illusion suggesting that a return to it expresses an act which lends credibility to an illusive action

            No wonder confusion reigns in this World.

    2. The concept of God demanding blood sacrifice is a perversion of the truth, the dark side of the coin, so to speak. The point of Christ’s death was that Jesus was willing to give his all, his very life and all his energy and thought, to serving the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In carrying his cross, under the bloody Mosaic Covenant, or Old Testament, Jesus rightfully earned and claimed the right to judge the Earth and all humanity due to his wholly holy and righteous life. Christ is glorified as the eternal Son of God, our Messiah. He is not dead. He encourages us to live with him in truth, justice, and liberty. But religious charlatans and deluded believers make Christianity a terrible regime of repression and oppression. Christ made it clear God requires no more bloodshed, just loving hearts in a respectful society which honors TRUTH and their eternally holy conscientous Creator of Heaven & Earth.

  15. I enjoy Darkmoon’s articles and the many comments, even the ones I disagree with. May God bless you, as well as the other gods conceived by man. Personally, I am more in agreement with Vedic concepts.

  16. “Thou art God.” Separation is a concept of religion to control and make money off of suckers.
    Evolution of your individual consciousness takes 10s of millions of years. You don’t pay your pew rent and get saved. Heaven is not filled with a multitude of ignorant naked Christian Joe Sixpacks. What would you do? Even nonstop eternal orgasms with goddesses would get boring after a while. God is a gestalt. What you experience is a distortion of a singularity. Until you to evolve back to that point through your own efforts you will not know “God.”

  17. jews are able to get control of our government and media by first stealing us blind. How can we get rid of the kosher tax? for a start.

    1. The Federal Reserve gets all your Tax Monies and then allocates (loans) them to your Goverment, with a nice interest rate included. Win – Win…..ain’t life grandy – dandy for the ‘chosen few’?

  18. I grew up in the same era as John Kaminski and so I can remember what is was like when Americans were more self-sufficient, community minded, and family oriented. When one of my children became sick from a vaccine injury I tried the medical establishment route but when they couldn’t cure her I cured her myself through diet and supplements, despite having to buck criticism from everyone that I was making her psychologically dependent. I still had a strong sense of self-sufficiency having grown up that way. The interdependency of a healthy family and community undermines dependency on government, doesn’t it? Hence there is a powerful message that we should not help our children with education, or their health, etc. Do the opposite of what they say: help your children with their homework, teach them what you know, and trust your own instincts.

    Sooner or later we all learn that for the most part the answers are not with drugs and doctors, and we have to take responsibility for our own health. Sometimes I’m shocked that despite huge amounts of information that is out there the medical establishment is still pushing the same old solutions they did 20 years ago. For example, research shows that inflammation causes disease, and yet doctors continue to peddle inflammatory drugs. They are not changing. It’s hard to imagine even for me but I think we are quickly approaching a time when doctors will not be the first choice for health care, but more supplemental. So the evil empire does have a stranglehold on big pharm and big medicine. They are killing more people than they are curing.

    And the same could be said for other areas of life as well. It’s hard to imagine now but there once was a time not too long ago when Americans did all their own home repairs, painted their own houses, cleaned their own houses, cooked their own food, and even ate food that they somehow got themselves. I grew up on deer meat and fish. I didn’t think anything of cleaning a fish or seeing a deer hung in our garage. So times have changed. Now we are an urban people without the suvival skills of even 40 generation ago.

    Still, none of that really is too worrisome because people are adaptable and will learn what they need to learn to survive. All of us somehow learned how to become relatively efficient in the use of new technologies, etc. But what is worrisome is the concentration of power, the constant propaganda, the usurping of the rule of law and our Constitution by some “unnamed power structure” that seems to exist in the shadow. And if you believe in the “shadow government” then you are a conspiracy theorist and so most of us stay quiet.

    If there was one thing I wish I could make magically disappear it would be these nuclear power plants and nuclear armaments. We are not going to ruin the planet because we have forgotten how to sew our own clothes, but we could ruin the planet with more of these nuclear meltdowns. And the problem with the “shadow overlords” is not that they are power hungry creeps with an agenda that comes out of some secret society lunatic script, but that they so muddle our policies that we expend our resources on their lunatic ideas–like wars in the Middle East or confiscating certain types of guns and ammunition. So, the nuclear power plant 50 miles down the road might really meltdown and poison millions of people and contaminate whole sections of the country; but at least they got those crazy semi-automatic rifles out of the hands of this person or that person. That’s why people call them reptilians because they don’t seem to process reality very well and they have all the power.

    We as individuals or even as organized communities can’t combat this type of insanity and that is the problem.

  19. Interesting article. There is no hope for us, the few who can see. The sheep are in control, the jews made sure of this.

    Interesting how the Times of the Epics, the Krishna and the Hindi of old are seen through such rose colored lenses….
    Aren’t these guys the ones who set off the original nuclear weapons and had the planets only nuclear exchange???
    And I bet in this ancient height tech society there was a tribe who has an agency it called the mossad….. :O

  20. Allow me to paraphrase Lenin and point out that it is not helpful to blame the Jews every time a bird falls out of its nest.
    Whatever kind of revolution you envision, you would do well to read “What Is to Be Done?”

  21. I agree with some of the posters here that we are long on education and short on solutions. If you are interested in DOING something, you might want to check out JB Campbell’s site: Extremism Online.

  22. Wasn’t Christianity a heresy of Judaism? Didn’t the 20th century teach the patient just to submit, don’t fight the disease, it only grips harder? Is the Star of David not an emblem declaring the enduring truth of the divisive function and purpose?

    Yes, the solution’s simple in principle, and it’s probably some common ground for the Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and non-Davidian Jews(?). Greed and materialism have to go, desires ultimately rooted in fear in having no food or shelter tomorrow. Until we can resolve our personal fears through faith and goodwill, methinks we’ll stay hooked on, in, up and around.

    But we cant let the baby wash down the sink. It is very simple, for instance, to resolve the exploitation of currency, but ideologically many miles away from the upswell needed. All it needs is to maintain a 1 to 1 to 1 relationship between volume of currency in circulation, pool of property, and remaining value of that property. See Mike Montagne’s work at

    Humanity will always need a medium of exchange, but now we have to rent our own money from someone else at interest, creating the conditions for the worst kind of depravity, slavery, ignorance and destruction. These are the core issues which need to be taken to the streets, the media, courts, govt, any institution, whether official or not.

    What does it help identifying the perpetrators in such a generalised way and mooning over the advanced state of decrepitude? This thing needs to be brought into focus, and at its root are personal ethics and resolution of the currency.

  23. So, what is to be done? Every person can do the small part that adds up to the total solution. All of Western history can be boiled down to just one all-encompassing phrase. Use this phrase in your letters, blogs, emails and conversations. Make it a slogan for your daily work, and that is:

    “Jesus and Hitler both told the truth about the Jews.”

    That is all that is necessary. Let the People discuss its meaning.

    1. Thanks for this segue, banjo.

      My eyes have been opened wide thru this site to the truth of Hitler, for which I am immensely grateful.

      Among other things, my newfound perspective of him concerns his relationship with Christ, and the intense soul-searching he must have had about how the particulars would shake out throughout the course of achieving success with his mission.

      I think the one thing Christ said that emboldened his soul in righteousness more than any other was “forgive them Father, they know not what they do.” Hitler completely understood the word “forgiveness” used in this context. (and I won’t repeat here my take on this meaning of “for-give” that I elaborate on in other posts) This is key. This quote from Christ reflects an understanding of the nature of the primordial corruption inherent in what we refer to as “jewishness”, and Hitler had a firm grasp of what would entail the practical realities in attempting to eradicate this pestilence. (e.g.; krystallnacht, complications arising from locating the jews in the internment camps, etc.) He knew it would get ugly but there was no getting around it – the jews create the ugliness with the very existence of perfidy intrinsic to their being. There could BE no compunction.

    2. “So, what is to be done?”

      What’s to be done is to hammer the phrases “anti-white,” “White Genocide,” “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,, and “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY?” into White minds until those phrases take up sole residency there and evict the anti-whites’ mighty R-word.

      Part of the project to carry that out is to add weight to the “petitions” I just linked above (awaiting moderation) that have been on public display at the White House for the past four months and will be there for the next four years…we renew them or ones like them every month.

      With a sufficient number of initials added to them, having STOP WHITE GENOCIDE “petitions” on display at the WHITE HOUSE could become an ongoing national news story, instead of just receiving the few smatterings of publicity that it’s received so far.

      Washington Post: “Frankly, there’s no use trying to understand the mind that would form such twisted views, let alone one that would share them on the Web site of the president of the United States.”

      Please add initials to them. It’s easy to do, and will make the memes and phrases they contain make a stronger impression on the Whites who view them. You can read more, and see more news coverage that the “petitions” have received here:

  24. I always hated the way the holocaust industry and the Jews in general blamed the Germans for everything as if they were some demonic force. Now, of course, what goes around comes around and everyone is blaming the Jews en mass. Jews have their own unique cultural take on the world, but now we know from recent studies they are absolutely no different than your average white person biologically. So… how helpful is it to blame the Jews going back to the Babylonians–as if we know that much about Mesopotamia or whatever. It would be great to start putting criminals in jail–banking criminals, criminals that did 9 11. It might be prudent (if we could ever get such a leader in power) to break off relations with Israel or freeze them, and make dual citizenship illegal. It would be better if people were less controlled by group think and propaganda but that is not illegal. Aren’t we against punishing thought crimes? I can understand the level of anger and I would hope that the Jewish leaders would wake up and realize this isn’t going to work to continue to operate a ethno centric criminal network against an ever awakening public. But to turn the Jews into the new Germans makes no sense to me and I don’t think it will solve the problem. That just keeps things in the reaction mode. That is, unless, hopefully we won’t end up in a violent reaction and then demonization of the “enemy” just happens as a matter of course and maybe that is where we are already.

      1. Oh vey….there’s no business like Shoa business, I can feel a song coming on……..

  25. Fear of white genocide, I think and hope it will not come that far. But what about the huge Red Mans genocide which is lying under the US carpet?

    CIA O

    1. “Fear of white genocide, I think and hope it will not come that far”

      You’re okay with the genocide that’s being carried out against us today, but you don’t want us to be afraid of it?

      (#3 of 6 for March) Teach public school children the truth: ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE!

      Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY?

      ALL white countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third world non-whites, and Whites are forced to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

      Flooding and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done to Tibetans in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done to Whites in White countries, by U.N. Convention:

      “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

      The persons carrying out this genocide against Whites say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white!



      For a Future with White Children

      White GeNOcide Project

      (#4 of 6 for March ) Allow Americans to vote “Yes” or “No” on WHITE GENOCIDE!

      Whites today are in the stage that the Amerindians of Mexico were in shortly after the Spaniards arrived and began interbreeding with them.

      In time, Whites will arrive at the stage those Amerindians are in today: nearly interbred out of existence and replaced by a mixed race.

      Whites didn’t vote to be flooded with third-world non-whites!

      Whites didn’t vote to be forced by law to live with those non-whites so that the two groups would interbreed and Whites be blended out of existence!

      The U.N. designates as genocide:

      “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

      Those who oppose a popular vote on our genocide say they’re anti-racist. What they are is ANTI-WHITE!

      Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!

      These and the other 4 “petitions” that are currently being viewed on Obama’s Free Billboard presently need you to add initials. A very easy way to be an activist.

  26. There also seems to be some feelings of Revenge on the part of those who are systematically destroying the West….first by introducing a degraded form of culture for the populace to “accept”, then by looting the wealth, then by systematically invading nations all over the planet….It’s all being pinned on the “white” culture….and they did it in a way that few can deny it.

    1. @ H. dumpty @cio @ Kapoore

      Kapoore’s line what goes around comes around, karma: action-re-action, but she apllied it in that post to jews.

      US is flooded with holosoap museums. Where is the ”Where have all the Red Skins Gone memorial”?The moneyjews were also involved in it but more whith the yankees as their personnel.

      This huge Native American genocide is swept under the US carpet, it is flying under the US carpet. If not adressed, US aggression all over the planet under jew ceo’s from Wallstreet/Washington will blindly continue. Making the globe one big Gaza strip. Including the US of A.

      There is an individual mindset and there is a collective midset also (build up by the qualities/frequencies of each individual mindset). So someone who does not believe in collective guilt ( a certain outcome of (a) mindset(s): it is not a matter of belief, or faith. Just-karmic- law. And: Ignorance of law is no excuse.

      But as with every other thing. Things can be cured, restored….Hagelin knows the exit out of Hegel’s dualistic dialectics.

      The exit is “IN”

      CIA O

      1. Martin Luther King day. OK. We know now Who brought the black slaves to America and how this is covered up by jew bilder-Spielberg (of course also with white “euro’s and black afro’s who sold their black brother enemies to them).

        The Great Spirit is waiting for you to see what have you done to/has happened to the peoples who called me thus?

        CIA O

      2. I am working on some Native-American stuff that I will post forthcoming.

        Native-american culture, as everyone knows, has an unwritten language. So much so that no one ever really thinks like them, per the old ways that is. So how can you bring this across using the white man’s thinking and language, accessing it from a non-verbal communication that only a native can understand?

        But I must confess, I embellished my heritage a little. Well, half anyway. (other half: Irish/English. I hope this doesn’t make me a fraud. Can you be a little bit of a fraud or is this like sayin you can’t be a little pregnant?) It’s just that I’m so proud of the Iroquoi people, which helps alot, I’ll tell you. But that’s been the hard part. Hard to find many upbeat Indians, but we have our moments. For that matter, this makes us the same as everyone else, now. But that’s the whole point of this “end – time” play. And my heart soars as truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth inches closer to the open heart’s reality.

        And the heart’s fire forges the sword.

        Think of yourself as an Indian brave, fearlessly going into battle without a care thinking that in all liklihood you’ll be leaving this Earth sphere soon. The oldest of the old stories simply tell of a magical preternatural reality that this World once had. This is why the heart must soar, friends. So dyin’s apiece of cake for this mindset.

        But always carry the sword. Always.

          1. Not doin so good here.

            Add, “A preternatural reality which should exist everywhere you are. (or every ‘where’. If you’re already (t)here, then (w)here is (t)here to go? Here is the where that I am. There is the here where I’ve always been.

        1. When He and His disciples realized they would forever part, He told them to buy a sword. Luke 22:36

          1. A favorite of mine. Succinct and right to the point (oops, no pun intended)

            “I’m goin home, dudes. And while you’re still here, always have a sword on you. Later.”

  27. People need to get away from collective-guilt, and collective-punishment. I became disturbed by Howard Zinn’s racism. I read some of his stuff and finally listened to one of his lectures but was disappointed. He went on about the immorality of white culture. He was doing it in a collective way…like all whites need some kind of help to cure their degeneracy. What is strange is he admitted that he massacred women and children during world war 2 bombing raids….and appears to have known what he was doing. So it was always amazing to listen to this guy’s judgments on white people, while he had this terrible crime on his own lap.

    I do become suspicious of Websites going on about Jews…like they are ALL talmud-thumpers! It’s just more “collective” guilt and accusations. There is definitely one group of Jews who are organized to form a powerful conspiracy. But there are non-jewish organizations that are competing with them….who are bad also.

    Hitler was a freak, btw (who was supported by Elites of both Jewish and Christian persuasion during his rise)… and lumping Jesus and Hitler together in sentence against the Jews is an operative tool.

    1. you would be the operative tool, cio. And not the sharpest one in the woodshed.

      How’m I doin, Sazzy?

  28. rather than bother with these repetitive and often offensive aruguments about authentcity of jesus, why not let the jews be the truest indicators of the truth, since it is well known that in all matters that have bearing on their wellbeing, they will never fail to lie.

    jews claim that germans, a mentally sick nation eterminanted 6 million of their dear, kind, suffering cotribalists, and their fuhrer was the most evil man ever (with possible exception of jesus),

    jews hate jesus and deny his historical person,

    nasty muslims pulled off 9-11 because they hate our freedoms,

    the protocols of the learned elders of zion are a forgery (without ever commenting on its eerie prescience, even as they claim that goys are mentally too backward to produce it),

    promote materialism, atheism, disintegration of family, sexual deviancy and debasement of language to a few ebonic grunts as healthy attitudes and pursuits,

    claim that lions ate ruth’s husband:-)

    1. @lobro

      This is a good tact lobro.

      The vast majority of alleged Christians don’t question the authenticity of Christ, and all of which you relate embodies the admonitions to his followers to heed this warning and TO NAME NAMES!

      What is needed now is to remind these C.I.N.O.s (Christian In Name Only) that this is what constitutes a crucial aspect in the practising of their faith!

      So in the spirit of actually DOING SOMETHING instead of just sitting around expecting someone else to “bake the Kali Yuga cake” while we wait to eat it, and dispensing with this incessant chatter about “composite characters”, TRUE Christians need to get out there and start walking the walk upon having talked the talk.

      Let those of us who care look at the end of this thread as a launching point towards DOING.

      Consider this a CALL TO ARMS.

      1. well, i (like every other one, however mistaken they might be) consider myself the true christian in the following sense:

        jesus gets all the credibility,

        his evangelists and disciples get some credit, insofar as they support and flesh out the message of the christ,

        old testament gets almost zero credibility, because i smell the devil’s offal there, deceit, cruelty and injustice.

        unfortunately, in today’s mass venues, the sermons are drawn in the reverse order of credibility, even the old testament is short shrifted in favor of talmud although this may not be mentioned openly.

        those calling themselves christian must be challenged on the spot:
        are you with christ or against him?
        if yes, read his words directly, read what he said and follow him fearlessly with truth as your shield and lighting your way.

        no need to worry about the snuff show of old testament, fathers butchering and roasting their children, incest, rape, slavery, murder, treachery and the unspeakable perversions that abound there, the true breeding ground of antichrist.

  29. The filth is spread by those who claim they are Jews and are furthest from Judaism. The vile that claims to be of Jewish descent but which isn’t, cares little for Jew or Gentile. It is helped along by the same vile that claims to be of Christian and Muslim descent but which isn’t. This vile cares only to serve the father of lies whom the prophets Noah, Abraham, Moses, Ishmael, Isaac, Isaiah, Jesus, Mohammed and all of the prophets spoke out against.

  30. The cross.

    Srila Prabhupada: That means how you killed Lord Jesus Christ. That is the sign. That reminds you that you killed. You accuse the Jewish people “They killed,” but you are also killing. Although you are claiming Christian. Therefore I want to know — you are a learned scholar — when you abided by the order of Lord Jesus Christ? That is my question. When?

    Prabhupada: Two thousand years passed, but you could not accept the instruction of Lord Jesus Christ. And you are all claiming that you are Christian. When did you accept Christianity? That is my question. Because you have disobeyed the order of Christ. So when did you accept?

    Prabhupada: You have no love, because you are accustomed to kill. Philosophy begins when you know that everyone is part and parcel of God, and everyone should be given the full facilities to live without injuring anyone for one’s personal benefit. Panditah sama-darsinah [Bg. 5.18]. A pandita, philosopher, means learned scholar. Not fools and rascals can become philosopher. Those who are learned scholar, thoughtful, they can become philosopher. But if one has no knowledge how to behave with other living entities, what is the meaning of becoming a philosopher?

    Prabhupada: Therefore we are giving-here is Krsna. Here is the perfect person. You take. But you don’t follow Him. Just like I began with. Jesus Christ is perfect, but you don’t follow him.

    1. Keep writing all day, honey. Your words are music to our ears… after all the Christ bashing rubbish we’ve had to put up with the last few weeks. I wish these life defilers would go away and leave us alone.

      One verse of the Gita would heal the sick heart, one verse from the Gospel of St John, but the verse never falls into the cup of the heart. It falls into the saucer and dries up at once.

  31. It seems a lot of people are sick of the jews. There’s actually quite a lot oa jew haters out there, and that is good news.

    They know it: They caused it. They are trying to deal with the reaction that will occur should we actually get together.

    That’s all we have to do, is get together…

    Can “we” do it?

    A problem is, many people only look out for themselves..

    Can you identify any of these people beyond the classification of “individual”? Can you identify groups that look out only for themselves?

    The jews?

    Are the, say, “Roma,” for instance, going to be valiant partners in the fight for freedom, life, authenticity, character and beauty?

    I think not, and you can dream if you like….

    In fact I don’t suppose “they” would mind if you dreamed that dream.

    You are “free” to dream that dream.

    The Roma, and other non-contributors, however can be used against “them.” Flyers left outside of their filthy abodes reading, “The jews’ pockets contain the money.”

    Right now they are being used against us.

    Can you think of any other groups that are -really now- non-contributors or drosses in the fight for freedom, life, authenticity, character and beauty?

    If they actually are, it is a waste of time and energy to attempt to confederate with them.

    Propaganda, however, is cheap.

  32. Jamala Rogers in the ”Selling of the Iraq war” hits the nail on the head: the Ugly Empire=WeThePeople

    Why Aren’t Bush and Cheney in Jail?

    March 11, 2013

    If former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich can go to jail for trying to sell a senate seat, surely the Bush criminals should face charges for an illegal war that resulted in the deaths and casualties of thousands and nearly bankrupted our government.
    – Jamala Rogers in “Selling the Iraq War,” St. Louis American, March 6, 2013

    Day after day, interview after interview, these war mongers looked us in the eye and fed the world a deceptive stew of uranium bought by Saddam Hussein from Niger, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), connections between Saddam and Osama bin Laden, mythical meetings of terrorists and a heap of other falsehoods.

    When we the People are unaware, silent, fearful to speak up and stand up when we see injustice, it is us that will be impacted the most and our democracy weakened. Wrong is wrong, yet we allow selective prosecution of our white-collar criminals.

    Extracted from “Selling the Iraq War” by Jamala Rogers,
    St. Louis American, March 6, 2013

    (viavia )

    CIA O

  33. You need to get a moderator for the comments. Things are bad enough as they are with the legitimized topics. You can really do without the hari krishna stuff on top of it.
    By and large I don’t like this site. The main test I use is whether it is enrolling new people or pushing people away. It isn’t good enough to have some loyal like minded fanbase that post loads of comments. That’s bullshit.
    And it’s not about telling the truth as you see it either. That’s also bullshit.
    It’s about a war. About waking people up. You have to see yourself as a corporal in that war. Or a captain, or whatever rank you think you should have in exchange for your accomplishments so far.
    But see yourself with orders. It’s about pushing against the wall. Pushing night and day. As much as you can. It’s about doing everything that makes it more likely more people will wake up.
    Is there a market for the stuff you sell on this site? Is it good for us or bad for us? What is the average resistence to Adolf Hitler out there in the society of people you want to help wake up? Is there an easier concept…a concept that will be easier for them, not you.
    If not…if what you are doing is making it harder to wake people up by raising the barrier with all the subjects you follow. Then you are an enemy. Make no mistake. You are an enemy. And a traitor. Screw what you think is right. Results is what is right.

    1. “By and large I don’t like this site…”

      Yes, you’ve made that clear with all your snotty little comments. So why bother to come here? I assure you, you won’t be missed if you decide to stay away! 🙂

      1. Primrose, have respect for Dawn. She needs to be made welcome. The points she makes are valid.

        1. Dawn, after that pep talk about war and orders and enemies and all, I’m wondering just how many notches you have on your belt?

          You do know what a notch is?

    2. “You need to get a moderator for the comments. Things are bad enough as they are with the legitimized topics. You can really do without the hari krishna stuff on top of it.

      …what you are doing is making it harder to wake people up by raising the barrier with all the subjects you follow. Then you are an enemy. Make no mistake. You are an enemy. And a traitor. Screw what you think is right. Results is what is right.”

      Dawn, if you were monitor of this site, it would be empty! The only people who would be allowed to say anything here would be people who agreed with you!

      What is remarkable about this site is that it is run by committed Christians who allow the Christ bashers to run riot. It doesn’t pull the plug on them unless they go too far — like that maniac John Sholtes.

      These Christians also welcome posts from Muslims as well as Hindus.

      As far as I’m concerned, the Hare Krishnas are welcome. They are far nicer people than the frothing atheists and Christ bashers.

    3. according to you a site enrolls new people while not pushing others away.
      assuming a minimal rate of 1 convert per day without any attrition, in the first year there would be 365 posters on every thread without repetitions and over a thousand within 3 years.

      got any such success stories to point to?

      i guess all the ones that fall short are certified enemies, hm, i can see loads of them already, digging a foxhole … and i thought jew was the enemy.

    4. @ Dawn French : (…) You have to see yourself as a corporal in that war. Or a captain, or whatever rank you think you should have (…)

      (…) Purusha is the sole Commander in Chief – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi answering weekly questions of the Worldpress 2002-2007

      “As you sow so shall you reap” is not a punishment, it’s a reality. You do plus you have plus. You do minus you have minus. It’s not a punishment.

      God is innocently watching. That is our concept.

      There are two values, silence and dynamism. Silence moves and it becomes action. Ultimately the reality is that it is all silence.

      Silence is the Purusha value, and Purusha value is the Chief Controller.

      It doesn’t do anything, but by its presence it allows creativity in its atmosphere, like a catalyst. The Commander in Chief doesn’t fight; just by its presence, the army fights. (…)

      CIA O

  34. I’ve been a reader of John’s work since 2002 but this negative views, particularly in this article, he is admitting defeat already. We must understand clearly. Zionism has been totally unmasked for what it is: The most sick psychopathic behavior ever in the chronicle of humankind. Period. The Ashkenazim who are the creators of this thing and their ancestors eight centuries ago that founded it, today as we speak even them have lost control of it. The sick psychopathy of this creature now has reached levels never seen before since it began all those centuries ago mentioned before. This vermin is running now on its own without any ethnicity involvement. Zionism is on its final stages and we know it. As for their designers. They lost full control of it. All. Remember Percy Shelley’s wife novel. Just look at her lunatic alchemist main character. Viktor created something. That something came back to hunt him and with severe fatal results. Fiction sometimes becomes reality and this time around no genetics will be needed. Viktor could not destroy his creature, but we can destroy this other one. Be certain. This time around we will. I’m convinced down the line, Mary’s main character will be absolved.

    1. The mask of Zionism is TRULY removed when what’s behind the mask is ACTUALLY recognized and identified. The light we shine towards this end exposes them in no uncertain terms as the real evil-doers in this World.

      But we must write and speak of what we know to be the truth INCESSANTLY if we are to find the “100th monkey”

    1. jews already have at least one concentration prison for torture and death:

      gaza, history’s largest extermination-concentration prison.

  35. @ lucy or berenice, whichever one feels qualified to answer

    ok, lasha dared me, so now i ask this in open.
    you (one of you) recently made a comment about (paraphrasing) bringing lasha her tea at 4 am, whereupon she storms out of the house at 5 am on her cross-country run, presumably with tea sloshing about in empty stomach.

    i would imagine that the sun rises at 6:45 at 51 degrees latitude at the end of february, so that at 5 am it is quite dark.
    to barge into rough bush in this darkness is an astounding feat.

    so, lucy, how does lasha accomplish this, short of some rosie ruiz manuever where she sneaks around the house for couple of smokes and returns all winded?

    1. Your original question to Lasha was phrased thus:

      Sometimes questions hit me out of the blue and this one piqued my curiosity. A week or so ago your sister Lucy, in an article, said something like this: “I brought Lasha a cup of tea at 4 AM and then she goes off on her customary cross-country run at 5 AM”.

      Now I know that in your northern latitudes, it is still quite dark at 5 AM. So how do you manage to run cross-country?

      Maybe you wear some of those US Navy Seals night-time goggles…?

      Okay, you’ve put me on the spot. So I’ll answer you in the next post… Lasha emailed me your skeptical note and I already have my answer ready.

  36. “Cross-country run” is my way of talking. It doesn’t mean, literally, running across wild terrain through fields and woods. No one can possibly do that. It just means running in the country, as opposed to in built-up urban areas.

    We live in a country district. The streets are sometimes nicely paved, sometimes dirt-track, and it’s easy to go for a run on moonlit nights or through lamp-lit streets.

    All the residential streets here — we don’t exactly live in the wilds — have street lamps, though they are now being extinguished at midnight (for reasons of economy) and they are put on again around 5 a.m. automatically (by a timing device) when the “early birds” rise for work, e.g., newsboys doing their paper rounds and the milkman making milk bottle deliveries from door-to-door. (The milk is left outside on the doorstep).

    In summer, the dawn light is faintly visible at 5 am. Much later in winter. However, I admit it’s usually a bit later than 5 a.m when Lasha actually sets out for her early morning run. I sometimes accompany Lasha on her run. I carry a powerful torchlight for extra illumination when needed…. This is only in winter though.

    Feel free to ask further questions if you still have any doubts about our early morning exercise regime.

    1. nope, it all sounds or rather appears in my imagination like that drab suburb where harry potter lives with “brambles” or whatever the nozzleheads are called and aches to escape into magical realms … cross-country.

      ciao ragazzas, long may you run, my curiosity is punctured now and running flat.

    2. oops, and the milk never freezes!?
      just my canadian upbringing, even after 7 years of exile, it still lurks under the surface.

      1. but then, what do i know about milk, can’t take the stuff due to long standing intolerance.

        1. Yes, the milk freezes on the doorstep when it’s very cold. Frost forms on the windscreens of the cars, too. The frost is scraped off. In the south of England it’s not that cold. It is up north. In the south we have palm trees. We don’t run when there’s ice on the roads, which is only after a snowfall. Snow is very rare in this part of the country. If we get one White Christmas in seven we’re lucky.

          1. I enjoy this little chit-chat as much as all of us who greatly appreciate this website.

            But c’mon. Lets’s go. Keep your eyes on the prize and MAKE this website the forum we want it to be in contributing to the effecting of real change

            Get your feet on their throats and GRIND!

  37. Hitler and Jesus. The truth, at least for some, has moved farther along to a destination of completing its journey home.

    The sword Christ brought offered an early opportunity to remove the pestilence, cut out the malignancy before the cancer spread. The sword fell and the World couldn’t see.

    Hitler picked it up and wielded it in a practical manner that could only result in war. It had come to this. The equivalent of Christ’s command 2000 years prior was for him to mean a figurative and literal call to arms. With the practical solution to the jewish problem as its primary goal, it would have as its practical application the full out attack on the Soviet Union in the greatest battle the World is known to have ever seen. “You have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten sructure will come crashing down.”

    Victory there, and the dream of a successful , TRUE Christian crusade that opens the gateways to Africa, India and beyond boggles the imagination. Among so many other things would come time and space to think about solutions for the “jewish problem”.

    But the sword was dropped again, the cancer spreads and now we pick the sword up again in a new call to arms.

    But how is a new Fuhrer among us to lead? By what realistic means would a new mission work towards being accomplished?

    Questions that MUST be asked continuously by those who would wield the sword.

    1. Brownhawk,

      You have brought up a question which , I, myself, have been recently pondering. A lot.

      “Who will lead the crusades for justice and righteousness?”

      Of course, a lot of us Christians have been (intentionally, as you know) conjured into a spell of non-action due to “His” soon-to-happen ‘return’. Well, that would be nice – but I always remind them, when occasion arises, of Matthew 24:36 (“But of that day and hour knoweth no man….”). THEREFORE, I am more disposed to J.B. Campbell, Jr.’s lines of thought in the temporal. (see extremeismonline)(this site, too, has published some of his writings).

      I was facile in “the militia movement” during the late eighties and early nineties. Those contacts and friends and patriots have not expired – all of us have just withdrawn to smaller congregations for the time being – but still ALWAYS ready and aware. I suspect you are very much the same, given what you have revealed of your heritage (indeed a mighty and admirable people). Well, sir, I always harped on the probability that any of us would likely be ‘caught alone’ if someone were sent to terminate our existence. You must think that way, and always be manly and honorable. They can kill the body, but they cannot kill the spirit – or Truth. Do try to take a couple of them with you, too.

      Take a look at “Leaderless Resistence”. If I am remembering properly, it was written by a Mr. Louis Beam. If not, you should be able to find it on Campbell’s website.

      The tools of surveillance are much more sophisticated than 70 years ago. But, the guys operating them are probably more stupid. You see? When a door closes, another opens….most times. And, remember, we are now walking into other dimensions of existence than those of which we were made aware in our formative years. (A lot of you on this site are under suspicion of having accepted that reality!)

      We win. I know, because I have read The Book.

  38. (…) They are to blame. And we are to blame for letting them lead us to the edge of the abys (…) writes Christ denier gojk, in the last part of his analysis.

    Blame it on the Bossa Nova (on the Hot 100 in Billboard in March 1963), blame it in on Lucifer/Jehova…..

    We are to blame in very first place if at all there is anyone or anything to blame. We – a truly wise man like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls it collective conscioiusness. When the collective consciousness of a nation, which is the sum of seen and unseen influences coming from all layers of its society, all geographical parts of its national territory- for whatever reason is weak than its government is weak. Since the collective consciousness of a nation is the true governor, government of any nation, whatever its political system.

    MMY used to say damn democracy. He is damned right. Look how the ”democratic free’ Western countries have been surpressing- how ironic, the white man’s burden- with their political system the world and are repeating this history of recolonizing in Africa, etc.

    Any one of us with a little brains left (Madame Dawn French?)- we are all dancing since 311 Fukushima in the volcano- should take notice of the next:

    More than 350 scientific studies verifying the wide-ranging benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique have been conducted at 250 independent universities and medical schools in 33 countries during the past 40 years.

    Wake up to this call about your own inner potential and you and the world will live in bliss, neglect this call and deeper and deeper you and your world will fall while blaming the satanic boss jehova. He and his devilish entourage do what they do cause it is their script.

    You should not wait for Christ to come (which is truly a black magic jew spell) Christ will not come back physically. He is within you, waiting to be ressurected by you in your world.

    Why do you think the jewbanksters did not give a dime for the creation of large groups of TM meditators and or Vedic Pandits in India, which MMY asked them in their major papers again and again. Just because they know what he offers, it works and would be their grave. Just 1 billion dollar endowment fund MMY asked, with its yearly interest a large enough group of Vedic Pandits would be fixed. I billion dollar is nothing for these jewbanksters just a few more zero’s added in front of the comma…..But work is in progress.

    Oh yes, they do good these Christ hating Rothschilds in their ”Christian” Salvation Army, but this is just only on the surface level of life. Btw all these ‘do good clubs’ push free vaccinations for the homeless etc…..

    CIA O

  39. The best defense is a good offense. Why don’t we organize an effort to put an end to the kosher tax? Did Congress ever pass any laws regarding it?

    I’m tired of all the talk. All we ever do is talk. I’m tired of waiting for something to happen so we can pick up our guns and try to defend ourselves. Lets do something now.

    How can they possibly defend the government setting up a religion and forcing all of us to pay a tax to it – and on food of all things. Just think of the money that is paid in tribute to the jew – everybody has to buy food. The kosher tax exists in 80 countries.

    Lets have some fun and raise some hell. If everyone of us emails our congressman and senators and demands an end to this tax and if we persist and continue to raise hell until something is done, just imagine the money that will NOT be flowing to the filthy tribe. Lets do it and see what happens! Lets put THEM on the defense for once.

    This effort will spread like wildfire thur facebook and the internet. All we have to do is agree together to do it. Its easy to write emails to congress and just keep emailing them. We can even put a petition on the White House website. Lets do it! Its time to put up or shut up.

      1. Way to pop his bubble.

        Actually it isn’t just ‘Food’ that is now stamped with various symbols representing ‘jew Tax Paid’…. look at your package of aluminum foil – or your package of plastic wrap. It has become so pernicious that I (I keep forgetting to check this, but it wouldn’t surprise me) would bet toilet paper now has at least 1 variation of the jew tax stamp on it.

        Soon your car will need to be kosher, as will shoes, clothes and computers. In fact, I could see a few enterprising rabbis going to the various ‘judeochristian’ churches and telling the rubes: “God is disgusted that you people, you who call yourselves judeochristians! You have failed to buy ‘kosher stamps’ for your front doors! Without the stamp, our Talmud tells us that God believes you hate the Chosens and therefore He will never allow you into heaven unless the front door of your home features our rabbinical stamp.
        You need one for your casket as well, and we have a booth set up in the vestibule where you can finally pay and Get Right With God!

        Actually, were I a jew I might just run with that idea. I’ll bet I could make a million bucks in the first year and that’s AFTER giving the preachers their kickbacks.

  40. Got a little shuffled around with an earlier post. Should have read:

    The ancients speak of the preternatural state on this planet , and how it was taken over; “co-opted”. And that many who are to come (and are here now) are the warriors (they led me to this website, I’m sure of it)who strive for its restoral (whether they are consciously aware that they are doing this or not) This of course being a case where the planet is up for grabs – it having been grabbed by the malevolence for so long now.

    That dyin is a piece of cake for the Indian brave goes to the understanding that the preternatural experience resumes upon leaving this plane. That is, for those who haven’t made a hell of their own making by forging chains with the fire instead of swords.

    This experience had a continuity about it before the malevolent ones came. All realms are thus per the Divine intent for manifestation. This ‘interruption’ reflects the imposition upon it which has exacted control with its ‘aegis’ – the bogusness of a life-death cycle.

    The heart must soar for a return of the preternatural order. An order exceedingly more ancient than the commonly understood “ways of the Indian” of more recent vintage (albeit ancient also).

    The war drums continue to sound the beat for its renewal.

    I’a too – ka

  41. Since the subject has been broached, here’s a little bit of real history about early American and the Natives who lived here. (what was left of them)

    The truth, as they say, is a lot of things, but mostly it’s as scarce as hen’s teeth.

    Brought to us by the geniuses at “Cracked” magazine.
    Some of the smartest and funniest people, ever!

    “6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America”

    1. @hp

      Glad you found that article for readers here.

      Obviously no mere coincidence that this plague moved “northward, westward and all around the town” upon Columbus’s first landing in the northern Carribean islands. Lead blocker indeed. Only the greatest Offensive line in the history of football. It DEFINES “Offensive”.

      And talk about your false narratives, eh?

      Regarding the Iroquois, when you go beyond a cursory look at their history and influence on the whites and look at how the Great Confederation came into being you will invariably conclude that the greatest “founding father” was none other than the Iroquois equivalent of Washington, Hiawatha. Shall we call him the “Great RED father?”

      I would say this is a fine time to get acquainted with the story of this truly great human being. He a blessed incarnation much as Christ was, and while you’re at it, check out the Lakota Sioux and the “12 Sisters” and White Buffalo Woman to get a feel for more examples of the Christ presence.

      “Composite characters” anywhere? I think not.

      1. Yes, I have Seneca neighbors. I get milk and butter from them.
        We talk and laugh a lot. Truly an energetic and correctly proud family.

        Every year I grow the three sisters in their special spot in my garden.
        Their presence reminds me daily of their worth, their special place in life.

        “Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it”

        – H.L. Mencken

  42. About the saddest collection of comments I’ve ever seen in one place.

    You wouldn’t think anything at all had happened to the White race in the last six decades that required any kind of action from us at all.

    But Lasha, best wishes to you.

    1. @H Dumpty

      I’ve seen your call for petitions and it’s taking an action and I like that about it and I think there are many ways we can take action. And if I read one more word about “in-house” fighting among the “truthers” I’m gonna scream. To say we need to come together is an understatement, but I think we have to realize that there are alot of us getting glimpses of the truth whole truth and nothing but… It’s always war on a planet like this one has become. So we embrace the battles, but applied rightly.

      I dream about being in full battle armor, which wouldn’t have amounted to much if you’re a Sioux warrior whooping and swooping around Custer at Little Big Horn. A quiver of arrows and bow, maybe a nice repeater rifle, not much body armor, per se. Kill or be killed. No in-between.

      But now we fight our battles with a different form of warcraft. Me, I have my pen and I talk and laugh alot with people I see and meet along the way. I like local action. In your own little communities, or neighborhoods in the bigger cities. Small town governments are looking for ways to get out from under the Federal yoke just like the rest of us. Don’t be shy about getting involved that way. People in these levels of “official sanction” are open to suggestions.

      1. “I’ve seen your call for petitions and it’s taking an action and I like that…”

        Did you add initials to them? Can we count on you to add initials to them each month for the next 4 years, so hopefully they will become a phenomenon and the media or the Net will spread their pro-white memes and terminology far and wide?

        I don’t do the petitions for pats on the back, I do them to WIN.

        They’re part of the much larger BUGS BLITZ to blanket the White world with the phrases “anti-white,” “White Genocide,” “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” and “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY?”

        We work very hard at accomplishing that at BUGS.

        But with very little work at all, other pro-Whites can potentially accomplish many times more than what we have, by adding enough initials to engage “the media multiplier.”

        You can see examples of the media attention we’ve gotten so far at this link, but it will probably remain just a smattering if we don’t get a much larger number of initials on the “petitions.”

  43. I almost don’t blame the Jews anymore. Their evil is by now so obvious, so “in your face”, that I put most of the blame for the world’s general predicament on the mentally and morally corrupt Goy masses without whose cooperation none of this madness would’ve become so institutionalized.

    The Jews can’t help themselves. It is in their NATURE to be evil. Moreover, they’re relatively small in number and cowardly. The reason they’re so dangerous is because they’re able to get the Goy herd to follow them and do their dirty work.

    We should be laughing at them, not following them. Let’s face it, we could stop them from destroying the world any time we want to, by simply not cooperating anymore. Notwithstanding the Goy traitors in high places, e.g., Bush, Obama, McCain, Graham, etc., it still comes down to the people willing to go to work every day on the assembly lines at Boeing and Lockheed-Martin etc., making drones and bombs, and the people willing to join the “U.S. Army” to go on Zionist crusades all over the world, and the small-minded, small town folks who call them “heroes”, and the people who vote for establishment candidates, etc.

    IOW, when TSHTF, it won’t be our Jewish masters shooting us down in the streets, it’ll be our corrupt Goy neighbors.

    1. I agree with you up to a point. Without the cooperation of the goy masses, the Jews could do nothing. But the goy masses are under a spell. They are under the spell of mass hypnosis, brought about by Jewish ownership of the media. They are like sheep being led to the slaughterhouse, completely unaware of the fate that awaits them.

      What most people don’t realize is that the media cost the Jews nothing to buy. The money for a particular acquisition was borrowed by a Jew from a Jew bank that created the money out of nothing. It was joke money.

      The whole world can be bought up by Big Jewry quite easily, because it’s not hard-earned money that buys it, but Judefetzen, i.e., Jew confetti or money created out of thin air.

    2. The goy traitors you speak of (Shabbat goys) are in fact Jews in all but name. I call them “spiritual Jews”. They have become thoroughly jewified.

      Their jewishness is often sealed by marrying into Jewish families. Their children then self-identify as Jews.

      We are now living under a new feudal system. Most people today, without being aware of it, are no freer or better off than medieval serfs.

  44. But Xanadu – every site like this one – publishes very provocative articles and get the people all worked up and talk and talk and talk – but never do you DO ANYTHING.

    Granted MacDonald and a few others did start a political party – but its not bothering the jew at all.

    Why not start an effort to stop the kosher tax?

    After a while it becomes suspicious that nobody actually wants to do anything. There is no defense. No defense. For a kosher tax.

    1. I’m afraid what you’re suggesting wouldn’t work, Annis. All that political activism makes one feel very important, as if one is actually “doing” something. You are working on the naive assumption that you live in democracy where your rulers really care for you and listen to your grievances. That’s a false assumption.

      The only thing that makes governments pay attention is organized violence.

      Whatever the Jews have achieved in getting the upper hand was achieved not by the democratic process but by assassination, terrorism, and revolutionary violence. That’s how the Jews got their state.

      They didn’t draw up petitions, they assassinated leaders and blew up the King David Hotel. They didn’t gain the upper hand in Russia by presenting the Tsar with a petition. They killed him and his entire family, and then they went on to kill 66 million other people. That’s why they’re the Top Dog now, Annis. They killed their way to the top, they didn’t go around with petitions and solicit signatures.

      As someone once said, change comes through the barrel of a gun.

      That’s how it is, Annis. Meanwhile, you and I are free to talk. That’s all we can do if we wish to keep within the law.

      1. Ahhh, That’s a foolish assumption. You forget Lashsa how weak the ruling class are. Revolutions don’t happen by pessimistic notions, but through strength and courage. An increasingly complex system is increasingly likely to collapse due to diverse pressures older generations never faced, especially in banking given how unstable and complex it has become. The Anti-Christ will never manage total control – there will still be nations. Vladimir’s Russia will collapse and fall under his grip, so don’t put too much hope there.

        It may well be that as the current regime collapses very soon, even imminently – first there a breakout of a violent war of words, and then those violent words will become actions in a theatre or war and terrorism that the regime cannot win on the economic or political front. The liberal-Jewish regime is as old as its useless arguments. There will be no clear-cut battle lines in this war though, as it will take place among class, political and racial lines. This later (action) battle though is not the battle that either of us will be actors in. Our battle is on the political front in influencing people through debate and informed discussion – like your articles on art.

        It is no good to be pessimistic – but innovative, and to have the right ideas when the time is ripe – the ideas to form a new government. There will be a season for that, as there is a season for all things, and the liberals have had their time and failed. Is the world better now in their hands, or was it better before and only our technology has changed? Really people know this and are fed up of the old regime and want solutions from a new party which is unlike the BNP credible.

        In the end we will win. It just takes people of optimism, faith and hope. Be innovative, have practical solutions ready and we will win.

      2. @ Xanadu

        Right. I stopped regular mailing the whole Dutch parliament (150 MP’s in the socalled 2nd Room, comparable to the US Congress) after 12 sept 2012 when the recent govt. elections were held, 1 day after 11 years after 911.

        The Dutch are good in keeping up appearances (or maybe that”s a general human trait?). Holland had the largest number of jews deported in WWII and every alien has been standing filled with holosoap emotion in front of the Anne Frank house by now, all the while they (also them jews themselves) make good money out of it This AF house is only to fool the people. The grandma of Beatricks fled with the family and the Cabinet to London and made no big issue of it in her radiopeeches of Radio Orange.

        This very day is the start of the Week of the Books (Boekenweek), to promote the reading and selling of books. The theme is Golden Times Black Pages. Colonialism, the deportation of Dutch Jews, more recent Serajewo; in the recent Balkanwars the Dutch were the the UN Bluehelmets in Srebrenica, which should have been a safe haven. Under the eyes of the Dutch bluehelmets 7.000 Muslim men were erschossen by the Serbs. The commander Karremans of the troops was not held accountable recently in court. Case closed.
        Maybe you can still see the embarassing capitulation talk he give to Serb general Mladic, who is btw now in The Hague, in which he states: I am only the piano player.

        OK. I am only the pizzaboy. Eat it.

        CIA O

          1. Oh, and lastly but certainly not leastly is the most profitable bidness in the world. Tax free drugs.

            As usual with anything east of East Berlin, those poppies pretty much loom over everything. Kosovo/a is central to this.

            “Kosovo’s “Mafia State” Sponsors Permanent US Heroin Trade and Money Laundering”


        1. Mladic also showed the world (if they were watching) just how TV movie good the much bragged about British SAS, US Special Forces, etc., etc., are as he eluded them for 16 years.

          Like everything else, the Serbia/Kosovo war on civilians was B.S. from head to toe. Srebrenica included. The proven massacres like Krajina, committed against Serb civilians were distorted, if reported at all.

          This precursor to Iraq was the war crime needed to keep NATO intact as its 50 year anniversary approached and it was on the verge of being rendered to Captain Dunsel status. So, after 50 years of never having fired one single solitary bullet, NATO was unleashed on Serbia/Kosovo to not only keep NATO whole, but to launch it as the neo-imperialistic vanguard it is.

          The Serbs, being tough as nails, nationalistic and well trained were more than a match for NATO on the ground, hence no ground war. Instead, bombing from 15,000 feet of all thing civilian.

          To any paying attention this showcased how lame and pitiful NATO tactics and execution were. They flew some 15,000 sorties and destroyed less than 20 Serbian tanks. The Serbs actually won the military part of the fake war with the civilians being the losers.
          After the cease fire (bombing), a military numbers crunching tour was conducted. The pathetic military results of the 20,000 sortie bombing campaign were actually publicized though not for long as the NATO incompetency was the star of the show.

          No acid mines, no rape camps, no roasting and eating of the poor Albanians took place. The Rambouillet negotiations were fake and the Racak Massacre was staged. The colonialists wanted and do indeed now possess the Trepca mines, the permanent Camp Bondsteel imperial outpost, etc. They’re still there, aren’t they?

          What happened to the Serbs after, was real.
          1,000 churches burned, some ancient like the 800 year old Drencia monastery, shrugged off as “revenge.”
          The Serbs were ethnically cleansed and to this day languish under NATO and UN threats.

          BTW, Mladic wasn’t captured by the much bragged about special forces. He turned himself in after 16 years of the made for TV killers bumbling around trying to capture him. If you followed this at all you would know they did catch up him a few times, with disastrous results. As in shot to pieces and any survivors sent scurrying back to Imperial HQ whining about how ‘good’ Mladic’s guards were.

          This travesty is exemplified by who eventually became Kosovo’s Prime Minister – Hashim (want to buy a slightly used kidney) Thaci.




          1. Everything the enemy says isn’t a lie.

            When you can accept truth from here and there, that’s utility, as high a discipline as any.

            1. for example, kol nidre.
              100% true, and i take them for their word that they will never utter another truth until the next day of stonement, all their promises, vows nothing but lies.

              another is the protocols.

              and i am also devastated by the newest claim the holocaust was grossly underreported, that there were in fact 6 million death camps and gassed jews outnumber the census by a factor of at least two.

              only an antisemite would rejoice at that claim, 30 million gassed jews, yee-haw, pop the champagne!

              i moreover think that the current 20,000 holocaust museums are an affront to jew suffering, one per city block should be increased to at least two (makes good use of abandonded and foreclosed properties) and would ask that you send all your jewellery, kikellery, pin numbers and so forth to
              failure to comply promptly will be investigated by the department of homeland assassin drones.

              1. Kol Nidre:

                In essence – “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”

                Talmudic motto of the Satanic subterfuge; denial of the Divine intent.

      3. I’m not buying anything you said.

        Its for certain that jews who want to manipulate people pretend they agree with their thinking but they actually just control the rebels and make sure they don’t get anything done.

        1. “I’m not buying anything you said.”

          Of course you’re not! You’d only buy it if she patted you on the back and agreed with you! And because her thoughts are original, unlike your hackneyed ones, she is manipulared by the Jooos and you of couse are soooo damn smart that you’re not manipulated by ANYone!

          1. @ Annis

            And what exactly are you doing, Annis? Tell me one thing you have achieved in bringing down the Jewish Empire?

            You are the biggest talker of all, it seems. Because all you do is TALK, TALK, TALK about DOING, DOING, DOING! And you don’t actually DO anything — apart from talk about it!

            With all due respect, Annis, you DO nothing apart from engage in self-important talk about the need to DO something, mostly expecting OTHERS to do it while you jabber on in the background!

            Come, be honest! Tell me ONE thing you have done recently to allievate the lot of your fellow men or lighten the load of Jewish oppression.

            You have cast your vote for one of two Zionist puppets? You have given money to a Palestinian charity? You have sent a letter to a newspaper protesting at Zionist atrocities, only to have your letter rejected? You have boycotted a bunch of grapes at your local supermarket because they were grown in Israel?

            Great! Come and get a pat on the back from Sardonicus. How I love ya for caring so much!

            Listen, I, too, have done all that you have done. But it’s true what Xanadu says: “All true change comes out of the barrel of a gun.”

            The Jews changed the world, in every single case breaking the law to do it and engaging in revolutionary violence.

            If you can’t see that, go away and read a history book.

            Read how the Jews changed Russia with their Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. It wasn’t by voting. It wasn’t with petitions. It was through shedding the blood of 66 million Russian Christians.

            That’s how they changed the world, Annis: by killing people. They used the barrel of a gun, not their mouths to change the world. They went bang, bang — not yap, yap! 🙂

          2. @ Annis

            Read these two articles by JB Campbell:

            DON’T VOTE


            Understand this, Annis. We believe in the truths expressed here by JB Campbell. We go along with him. No one could be more of an activist than Campbell. But Campbell, like us, is against futile action. Like voting and sending petitions to corrupt, venal politicians.

            You insult us by suggesting that all we do is talk.

            No, Annis, we are against idle talk. Talk that gets us nowhere. Talk that pretends to be activism but rests on the glib assumption that we live in a democracy.

            What we want is action. Not talk. Above all, we don’t want the kind of talk you engage in which is merely a substitute for effective action.

            I challenge you again: tell me ONE thing you’ve done recently to change the world!

          3. @ sardonicus

            Today I received an email from youtube. My account has been suspended for remarks about “protected minorities”. Has your youtube account been suspended?

            My facebook account has been “disabled”.

            Evidently I’ve been doing something that none of you are doing.

            I suspect its because I talked about bio weapons targeting ashkanazi DNA. Now I know what they fear, which Darkmoon, gives me plenty of reason for optimism.

          4. @ Annis

            I think Sardonicus has misunderstood you. You have much to say that is of interest. Whatever you have been doing, with YouTube and Facebook, is certainly a form of “action”. But anyone who writes a good anti-Zionist article, pointing out the evils of the New World Order, is engaged in “action” also.

            Propaganda is action. Protest is action. Talking about evil is action. To dismiss all this as “mere words” is wrong.

            Before the Jewish Commies launched their 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, they had been engaging in intense propaganda for decades by publishing underground newspapers which they circulated to their fellow revolutionaries in Switzerland and elsewhere.

            BTW, I too have had a YouTube video banned by YouTube. It was pro-Palestinian. The Jews didn’t like it and so YouTube pulled it.

            Meanwhile, YouTube puts out a countless stream of soft porn videos which they refuse to pull in spite of protests from Christian groups pointing out the the immense damage these videos are doing to children.

            Keep up the good work, Annis. You’re doing your best, I am sure, and you sound like good person. Very sincere. And so are all of us doing our best, in our own small ways, to improve the world. We tend to get a bit impatient though at the lack of real progress — and at the unstoppable evil of our Ancient Enemy — which is why all this infighting takes place.

            Look at this latest Holocaust bombshell. The mind boggles! The Jews have mounted a propaganda coup of staggering proportions that is likely to a have a devastating effect on the Revisionist movement.

      4. “petitions”

        You’re thinking of them as petitions. They’re not, they’re propaganda.

        There’s a group of us who don’t share the despair that you share here. We’ve learned a system of propaganda devised by a very able man who had a professional career in that field, and we’re using it quite happily. The “petitions” I discussed above are a small part of it.

        But all of you seem content to think of yourselves as prisoners in a dungeon who are capable of doing little more than tapping out messages to each other through the walls, so I won’t disturb you further.

        1. The guy gets no response because of his churlishness and so he scuttles off to organize “resistance” elsewhere. Busy little bees flying nowhere…with their “propaganda” and their “petitions”… ah, well, if it makes old Humpty Dumpy feel important falling off the wall, so be it!

          He drops in here like he’s slumming, makes some snotty comment about the site, can’t find anyone to rave about him and pat him on the back, and so he flounces off like a primadonna with a pole up her ass. Good riddance!

          1. Your right. What’s happening now is so big, so dramatic, that things like petitions seem like a gnat on a pimple on an elephant’s ass.

            I’m amazed at how with every passing day the intensity just mounts and mounts. What I said yesterday just sounds hokie today. Weird.

            An exciting time to be in this World.

          2. there should be a petition to hang the traitors and quarantine the jews on desert island with only talmud as asswipe.

  45. Yes, I have Seneca neighbors. I get milk and butter from them.
    We talk and laugh a lot. Truly an energetic and correctly proud family.

    Every year I grow the three sisters in their special spot in my garden.
    Their presence reminds me daily of their worth, their special place in life.

    “Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it”

    – H.L. Mencken

  46. Old teachings tell of that which serves to reconcile matters when we wonder about the fate of Planet Earth and its inhabitants. It is told that the “matrix” goes beyond the physical plane, and that death is no cure for ignorance, and the realms of true spirit are ‘beyond the beyond’. They are there for those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear”. The kind of realm the ancients say this one was, per the Divine intent.

    They say these battles of good and evil will ever be thus in at least x-number of places in an Infinity of Existence “at any given time”. “Free” will comes with a price after all. Evil exists not as a ‘counterpoint’ so that Good can know itself Not in so many words anyway. It exists because it is the price some pay in exchange for the power of will. The Great Spirit entrusts us with its power and glory to be its caretakers. Good knows what it is when we acknowledge our responsibility to Divinely intended Life. This forges a pact of conscience which maintains its integrity. Those who don’t make this pact battle with those of us who do. And the casualties on the good side fall because they’ve lost their sense of responsibility – they dropped their swords.

    The fate of this World? Who can say? But to quote that great sage Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over till it’s over”.

    1. Good evening. I see a lot of people frustrated about “What to do?”, and it leads back to the same thing: A house is built one-brick-at-a-time. All this mess we have gotten ourselves into has been a gradual build, and it can only be gradually dismantled. None of us is influential or powerful enough to be modern Charlemagnes, Ceasars, or even Sitting Bulls. So we must consider ourselves as minuscule components of a whole, loyal to our senses of duty, and conduct ourselves as living oppositions IN SMALL DEEDS against this nightmare of a matrix/house we have assisted in building around ourselves.

      If I may use my own life as an example (GH is not my given name), I realized one day that it would only cost me frivolous things to just about completely abandon a huge portion of my feudal-type support of this feudal system, and live with less stress and worry than my conventional pay-high-taxes-and-maintain-country-club-membership status in a suicidal goy matrix set-up by our hook-nosed task masters. Yes, it pissed-off a lot of people, but as things get progressively worse, many are beginning to understand. This HAS to be done, unpleasant as it is, at first. Each brick must begin to crumble, and eventually the whole damn house will collapse. In other words DO NOT SUPPORT IT. Cease your efforts for “the status quo” as much as you are able, and be happy about it.

      You can find models of being content with yourself in Jesus’ teachings; in The Gita; Sun-Tsu, Eckart Tolle, Robert Thurman – and many others. (One of my favorites is Ayn Rand’s John Galt character.) All of our “great men” have verified for us: From dust they came – and to dust they shall return. It should humble us. Seeking ease and material comfort has been our bait and trap which got us into this mess. Being indifferent about it may starve-out the megalomaniacs much more effectively than the bombs and political might we do NOT have.

      Have a definitive resolve about physical confrontation: If you can, destroy it. If you cannot defeat it, avoid letting it defeat you. That is, basically, guerilla warfare. It can be waged both physically OR spiritually.

      Go ahead and submit those petitions Harumpfty Dumpty laid out for you. (Cost you nothing, and someone else did all the footwork.) These are really small things – like declining to buy GMOs, inferior whiskey, or tickets for bad movies. Discipline your mind to passively oppose support of the ugly house, and bodily health and emotional serenity will follow. Plant a garden, if you can; and smile when you don’t feel like smiling. Eventually, it all comes together for demolition of an irritating edifice which has been a long time building.

      We may not live to see it in THIS life – so look forward to it in the next.

    1. Hello, hp. Yes, that’s about it! (Thoreau is good, too.)

      Anyhow, I am not advocating the laying down of arms (I have quite a few of all types, and have been well-trained to use them since I was a little boy and since)
      (the site masters have me paranoid about using commas):). The thing is – lots of people have guns, etc., but I am thinking of the RESOLVE to use them.

      Be at peace, and be kind to people as much as possible. Be simple. Do not think one’s political activism is so all-fired important (note Xanadu’s post, above) that you feel compelled to do it. But if someone else does feel that way, and asks you to vote on a simple petition with which you agree, do not be afraid to do it. Just go along with it. They worked hard. Besides, if your mind is “right”, you will shoot if the bad guys come a-knockin’ – you already realize how brief and relatively unimportant your own life is, so make certain as many as you can convince realize it in their own, remaining short-ass lives. Shabbat goys and their Jew masters all deserve a glimpse at Truth before they die.:)

      I planted red potatoes this morning. And onion sets. Started my tomato seeds and got my sorghum gleaned and ready to plant around the middle of April (I plow ground in the Fall so it is pretty well worked-fine by planting time).

      Having a glass of my homemade pear wine, right now; not worried about the damn shysters, kikes, or Shabbat goy. They don’t come knocking’.

      Enjoy this site. One can certainly learn a lot!

  47. Obama’s Trip to Birthplace of “War on Terror”

    March 15, 2013

    Today, the state of Israel is ruled by the same ruthless and violent terrorists who gave us 9-11 and the fraudulent “War on Terror.” Obama’s visit to Israel is, therefore, the visit of the leader of a woefully deceived nation to the foreign power who imposed the evil deception upon it. Having lost an untold number of lives and having wasted trillions of dollars on illegal and unnecessary wars, the Israeli deception has cost America dearly.

    MILEIKOWSKY FATHER AND SON – Benjamin Netanyahu and his father, Benzion Mileikowsky from Warsaw, Poland. Benzion was the secretary of Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of Revisionist Zionism, which calls for the military conquest of all of Palestine and expulsion of the non-Jewish population. His son has furthered these goals. 9-11 was an essential part of the Zionist deception, a terror spectacle designed to change U.S. public opinion and drag the United States military into the Middle East – to fight Israel’s enemies.

    CIA O

  48. Honest question guys, do you think John Kaminski’s “oh no, we’re all screwed” attitude is genuine, or do you think he’s just another layer of controlled opposition that is giving us the truth, but is serenading us with a defeatist attitude so we remain complacent? A lot of people are still optimistic here.

  49. The first step toward better world must be to reject anonymity. Stand behind your words, period.
    Secondly, there was no Dark Ages, there were Middle Ages at which time the communities were the most united and productive. Faith was unbroken.


    Thank you to Mr. John Kaminski for motivating me under-take this project due to his incredibly important essay, “The Ugly Empire,” and there is no longer any more excuse for people who are able to spread the truth around them to not do it, especially now that a flyer-template has been produced that can easily be modified to include any link, essay, book, quote, or other information, that someone feels should be seen by people around him/her.

    comment scott March 14, 2013 at 12:02 am#

    focus on the 5 arrested whils watching the first impact of 9 11 . this proves prior knowledge.

    In the train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam two chique good looking fashionable young ladies one European so called Caucasian, the other one’s father must have had an Asian cock were the only ones talking in the early morning. Loud about their years in New York.
    It started to annoy me, got up and while passing them roared in the sardine packed train: Jew York!! 911sraeldidit!! Read Bollyn.

    I had no flyer with me yet. Good flyer only not my style-too jehova witness like- of communicadeau.

    CIA O

    1. Kol Nidre jew bussiness as usual: The 911 judge Hellerstein latest ruling (20 march 2013 is alas, another illustration of the zum Kotzen state of affairs in the US:

      (…) U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein said the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and other defendants are not liable for environmental cleanup expenses claimed by the owners of a nearby property.

      “Al Qaeda launched an attack on the most important commercial and political symbols of the United States,” wrote Hellerstein, who has presided over several cases related to the attacks. Congress and the U.S. president treated the attacks as an act of war against the United States, he wrote. (…)

      Nevertheless the jew stronghold is collapsing, simply cause an ever increasing number of I’s put their heels in the sand and say in Silence and Loud: I want it so. You jew, get out!

      CIA O

  51. To All Christians: In any crisis, Christ Is. Simply cause He is the very basis- or as Science puts it nowadays- the Unified Field of all Space/Time and in Perfect Onenesss With The Father Beyond (the jew ‘god’ don’t go there, he just can’t)

    What He taught was, the same is True for any of You.

    The Latin saying Vade Retro satana. A powerful medieval Catholic mantra against the synagogue of satan and all their bs. It is a sure exit for hem jews. Use it in the name of (y)our Beloved.

    Sure Success. Jews got expelled out of many Euro countries since these Medieval monks met them at their level.

    CIA O

    1. I differ from the traditional view of Christians that JC died on the cross. Like Muslims see it (gj ain’t a traditional Muslim either) He fainted, got in coma and afterwards was brought to a happy valley (Kashmir). There are authentic records for this ‘version’.

      Christ did not die or suffered. Living in Enlightenment means no suffering is possible. Only possible if you are still caught in the movie, motion picture of Maya by taking your I to be the small skin encapsuled ego [vyakti= son of man]. Instead of the Cosmic Ego [vyakta=Son of God] and beyond all space time [avyakta= One with the Father]

      Remember this is a (mental) map, in Italy you will not see a boot, only of a pope and his personell.

      Read Jesus lived in India of Holger Kersten.

      In december 1992 when doing cable tv in Amsterdam I asked MMY- we were telephoning him from a groundfloor office of the Rotterdam WTC- what his take was on Jesus in India:

      He gave a lengthy 45 min. Answer by starting: ‘I think, Ved is consciousness. Conscoiusness in its pure nature is Bliss. When dicted outward through the senses, this Bliss becomes diluted’

      And: ‘It does not matter where Christ lived or where Budha lived, where Shankara lived….what matters is: Kingdom of Heaven within…The Principle within. It is your own Nature’

      CIA O

      1. Funny typo ‘dicted’- which could be seen as a version of dictated or dictum, dire- should actually have been ‘directed’.

        Describes the move- away from- of Silence.

        CIA O

        1. While doing very many rounds of Meditation- during a mega TM teacher training course- with intermezzo’s of pranayama (breathing excercises) and yoga asana’s (to smoothen out the cleaning process in 1972 in Fiuggi Fonte near Rome in Hotel San Marco. The Italian neighbours produced a lot of noise, which only Azzuri can do.

          Michael a Brit, who played in ‘Hair’ got fed up wit hit in his room and shouted Mucho Fortissimo:
          S I L E N Z I O (with his Anglo accent).

          Never ever this word this been shouted that loud. I bet on it.

          On coming out of Meditation to stuff some lunch in the body, the machinery of perception in front of the exit, a car crash was organised by Nature: In one of the cars the Beatles song Hoplada Hoplada Life goes on was smoothly softly audible. No deaths.

          CIA O

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