US and Israel ordered kidnapping of Syrian nuns: Mark Glenn

hqdefaultPress TV has conducted an interview with political commentator Mark Glenn about foreign-backed militants in Syria kidnapping 12 nuns from a convent in the Christian town of Ma’loula. Mark Glenn argues that such a terrorist act against Christian nuns could only have been carried out with the full knowledge and support of America and Israel. 

To see the PressTV video (3.50 mins), click HERE

What follows is an approximate transcription of the PressTV interview:

Press TV: Mr. Glenn, why is it that these so-called insurgents which unfortunately call themselves Muslim, are attacking and kidnapping people from other faiths?

Glenn: Well I think the first thing that we need to keep in mind here is that these rebels, these terrorists, whatever we want to call them, wild dogs if you prefer, you know they are acting under orders and they would not be doing what they were doing had they not been given specific instructions from United States and from Israel.

These nuns were targeted because they were nuns. And I believe at this point it is because United States and Israel have suffered such a devastating public relations defeat in terms of Syria and in terms of these rebels that what they are trying to do here is on their way out of what has been this deliberately inflicted act of war against Syria, is that they want to make sure to paint Islam in a bad light before they finally cut off all funding and all support for these groups.

So having these thugs do this to these holy women, it would be just a perfect exclamation point to put at the end of this in order to live in the impression of Western minds that Islam is violent, it is intolerant against Christianity and other religions which in fact anyone who has studied Islam knows that this is blatantly untrue.

Press TV: Well of course we know that these nuns were Christian of course but if for example, if Jews became the victim of such terrorism how would you think the West would react, in particular Israel?

Glenn: Oh absolutely. If these had been religious Jews particularly women who had been subjected to this, the American F-16s would already be in the air on their way to Syria to find whoever the guilty parties were who are responsible for this and I think that really is the message to be gleaned from this is, that again this has been done under the direction of Israel, it has been done under the direction of the United States.

Remember supposedly the entire war on terror and all the millions of lives that have been lost. One of the pillars upon which all of this was based was the notion that Islam was intolerant and so we have to teach these people a lesson and yet look what is taking place presently. We have these women who have devoted their lives to God who are being subjected to this type of religious intolerance being directed from Washington D.C. and from Tel Aviv.

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  1. Lasha,

    Thanks for letting us have this latest PressTV interview with Mark Glenn. Unlike one or two other posters on this site who regard Mark Glenn as an enemy agent of some kind, may I take this opportunity of restating my belief in the complete integrity and sincerity of Mark Glenn.

    I have known MG for many years now, albeit indirectly, and all I can say is that those who think badly of him have misunderstood his political philosophy completely. One poster here in particular, for whom I have the deepest respect and a special liking, has unfortunately fallen into this trap.

    To this poster (“H”) , I can only say this: Mark Glenn is a 100 percent sincere anti-Zionist and a stern critic of organized Jewry and its evil ways. But he takes issue with people who go over the top in their hatred of the Jews and thus help to bring anti-Zionism into disrepute by their sheer extremism.

    These are the people who belong on the wilder fringes of anti-Semitism — the neo-Nazi skinhead types who keep going on about the “Aryan nation” and keep peppering their posts with such abusive words as “yids”, “kikes”, “niggers”, and “ragheads”.

    People like this bring anti-Zionism into disrepute, since they associate it with the most virulent forms of White supremacism and racism.

    This is what Mark Glenn believes — and he is right to believe it.

    1. Many of these unsavory individuals also happen to be White Nationalist Muslim bashers. They sing the praises of Hitler in a way that would make Hitler ashamed to have them as his supporters. Yes, they would make Hitler cringe! — for not only do these idiots cry for the mass extermination of the Jews, lamenting the fact that Hitler “failed to complete” the Final Solution (!), but they would also like to see a total war on the Muslim world. They would like to see the destruction of Islam.

      1. Mark Glenn and Lasha Darkmoon have much in common in regard to Islam. They are both pro-Islamic. They react negatively to any form of Muslim bashing. Yes, Muslim immigrants have become a problem in Europe, but this is a Jew-created problem.

        Both Glenn and Darkmoon are Christians who happen to know that all true Muslims have a genuine reverence for Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Unlike the Jews with their pathological hatred of Christianity.

        The Qur’an praises Christ and Mary, the Talmud abuses them blasphemously. You see here the difference?

        Both Glenn and Darkmoon recommend an alliance between Christianity and Islam against the common enemy: Judaism. Christians and Muslims should be friends, not enemies.

        The Enemy of Mankind has been identified. He stands revealed in the Talmud. He wants to enslave the entire world, both Christian and Muslim. He regards the goyim — the entire non-Jewish world — as “cattle”.

        It is this ancient and implacable Enemy we need to combat: the same enemy who created Al Qaeda, who faked the hoax known as the Holocaust, and who engineered 9/11.

        1. Glenn needs to do a remedial course of medieval European history to get his thinking straight.
          Part of getting our own thinking straight is not to forget that from 711, the year the Moors invaded Spain, until the 1820′s when Greece managed to start rebuilding its national life, European civilization was forged on the anvil of bloody conflict with the Islamic world. Not a single day passed when our soldiers weren’t being killed and our women raped along a front line stretching from the Crimea to Southern Spain.
          During the 17th century the front line even extended to southern England and Ireland and the coast were subject to frequent raiding by Algerian pirates. It has been estimated that during the two centuries, 1570 to 1770, as many as 1.5 million European men and women were captured and enslaved by Moroccan and Algerian pirates.
          A fact that must be burned indelibly into our racial memory.
          The muslims haven’t changed, they still hate us and envy our lands. They are a pretty stupid bunch too, they still don’t realize that big j ew is both busy stirring the j ihadist i slamic pot and encouraging them to migrate to our lands. All for one purpose, to make an armed conflict inevitable. Big j ew and the NWO crowd are going to use us a cannon fodder against the Islamic world.

          In earlier centuries, when so-called Christian nations were kicking the Jews out or burning them at the stake, the Muslums let the Jews rule over them and enjoy power, respectability and wealth. Muslum scholars did preserve the writings of Greek and Roman antiquity, but so did the Christian monks. Glenn’s claims about a great Islamic culture during the Middle Ages are wildly exaggerated. If it existed, why then is there no trace of it now?

          ‘Islamic tolerance’ and the wonderful culture and learning during the Caliphate of Cordoba.
          The historical record is quite different. The islamic mind, or what passes for one, views the world divided in two regions, namely the ‘abode of peace’ where Islamic rule is established, and an ‘abode of war’, which is anywhere non-muslims, particularly Christians, live. According to their own philosophy they are at war with us and any guile or subtrefuge is justified to extend their dominion. That sort of thinking very similar to the way jews operate.
          The muslims have always gained control first by inflitration followed by massacre and scorched-earth tactics.
          The cruelty of the Turks is well known but muslims in medieval Spain were little better. After a battle in Leon the muslims killed all the White captives and made a temporary minaret from their decapitated heads. The muzzerin then climbed up this grizzly tower and called the faithful to prayer.
          The Crimean Tartars were as savage as any Aztec or Apache raiding party. They frequently raped White women to death, while those women considered worthy of ransom or trade had their wrists tied to their horse tails.

    2. Sardonicus,

      “….and keep peppering their posts with such abusive words as “yids”, “kikes….””

      I’ve always been interested in how other people feel they have the right to control another’s speech. Take the word ‘yids’ for example. They’re called Yids because they speak Yiddish. How can being called a truncated word describing your language be offensive?
      Now take the word ‘kike’. The Ashkenazi Jews brought that definition upon themselves through their hatred of Christ. When arriving in the US and asked to sign their signature, they refused to place a cross and instead used a circle. Circle in Yiddish is ‘kikel’.

      Our society has lost freedom of speech because of not being allowed to offend and again I ask: “Who has the right to control another’s speech?”
      The freedom to insult for whatever reason is liberty and freedom of speech is either 100% or non existent.

      Tell me Sardonicus, what do you think is better; going around calling Blacks and Arabs niggers and sand niggers but allowing them to get on with their lives inflicting no violence upon them or in our governments case creating anti racism and Orwellian hate speech legislation, thus destroying liberties yet launching wars on the ‘niggers’ and ‘sand niggers’, murdering them, their cultures and destroying their nations?

      What the moronic public fail to see (a regular occurrence today) is that when you allow any legislation through government that censors a miniscule part of speech, it opens the floodgates that will eventually restrict ALL criticising speech/written word. In other words, the minute you allow emotive reasoning to trump critical thinking reasoning you open the doors and let tyranny come riding on in.

      Quite frankly, people who like to attack others for using ‘derogatory’ words are infact more liberal than they care to realise. If someone wants to call whomever, whatever, that should be their freedom to do so and not anyone’s to take away. On saying that the other should have the freedom to retaliate to teach them a lesson. However, were that the case, the police would not be able to arrest, haul them into court and generate money for the judiciary, the state and more importantly, in the case of the UK, the crown.

      There should be no restrictions on speech/written word regardless. I know people will say “but what about those who deliberately lie/defame others?” Again, if the threat of retaliatory physical violence were a certainty, it would be very few who would do such a thing, but AGAIN – no police, no judiciary, no state and no crown would make money were it the case.

      1. @ Harbinger

        “I’ve always been interested in how other people feel they have the right to control another’s speech. Take the word ‘yids’ for example…etc. etc … Now take the word ‘kike’… etc. etc…. The freedom to insult for whatever reason is liberty and freedom of speech is either 100% or non existent.”

        With all due respect to you and your towering intellect, dear Harbinger, I must beg leave to differ from you.

        If I invited you to be a guest in my house and if you began to spit on my carpet and stub your cigrettes out on my furniture — and if you went on to exercise your “freedom of speech” at my dinner table by abusing my other guests and calling everyone you disliked a “kike”, a “yid”, or a “nigger” — and if, as a result of your disgusting behavior, all my guests began to walk out in a huff —

        WHAT THEN?

        Do you think I am going to let you sit there, you crazy sonofabitch, and drive all my guests away?

        No, sir!

        You know what I’d do to you, Harbinger?

        I’d boot you out of my house right away and let you exercise your crazy “freedom of speech” ON THE PAVEMENT!

        I’d tell you to FUCK OFF! — to go spit on your OWN carpet in your OWN house! — yessir, I’d exercise my OWN freedom of speech against YOU!

      2. @ Harbinger

        It’s exactly the same with a blog, dear Harbinger, as it is with a private house.

        Montecristo is perfectly entitled to boot anyone off this website — his private house — who he thinks is fouling his nest and turning it into a verbal and intellectual shithouse.

        His website is his PRIVATE HOUSE, do you understand? And the posters here are his “guests”. And they must learn to behave according to minimum standards.

        According to you and your erroneous “free speech” ideas, Montecristo should allow his website to be used even for pedophile propaganda.

        After all, why not? Why put a muzzle on the pedophile? Why take away his right to “free speech”?

        How do you answer this, Harbinger? You want this website to become a forum for pedophiles? Yes or no?

        I challenge you to answer this. I know you won’t. Because you cannot.

        You don’t have a leg to stand on.

      3. @ Harbinger

        You want posters here to have the right to unlimited abuse? They must be free to scream “Kike! Yid! Nigger!” How liberated of you! Oh, what a towering intellectual! How you have shot up in my estimation, you veritable Solomon of Wisdom!

        Come, why not advocate the right to the filthiest and foulest swear words — “Cunt!” “Shitface! “Motherfucker!” — on this website! Why not have 100 percent free speech?

        And while we’re about it, dear Harbinger, let’s have the “freedom of speech” to call for the total extermination of the Jews, the Muslims, the Blacks! — and any other people who happen to get on our nerves!

        Long live the cannibals and the practitioners of bestiality and sodomy!

        Let’s have the freedom of speech to advocate animal cruelty and cruelty to children!

        Come, let’s be free to sing the praises of Satan on this website in the choicest 4-letter words! Let’s be free to spit on Jesus Christ on this website and nail him to the cross with a thousand foul words specially chosen from “Harbinger’s 100 percent Free Speech Lexicon”!

        Harbinger, we put you in charge! You will be our Free Speech Tsar! Good luck you!

        1. @Sardonicus, Harbinger

          What works out well on paper does NOT always work out well in PRACTICE, sirs. But both of you know that.

          Every “ism” has an ideal state. Put into practice, though, it always falls short of that ideal. Defending ANY of those – Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Atheism..whatever – is always confronted with caveats. Likewise, “freedom of speech”.

          The rule should ALWAYS fall into following Good Manners. Remember this: Those Who Mind Don’t Matter/and Those Who Matter DON’T MIND. And one should ALWAYS expect good manners of his guests; AND [his] guests should ALWAYS respect their status as such. (That being said, if it were not for those-who-bend-the-rules, the “house” could get REAL BORING 🙂 )

        2. Sardonicus,

          Oooooo, I never expected such an outburst from you ever….. lol

          As for towering intellect, I do not have that. I merely read alot and decipher.

          Firstly, I would never vandalise another’s property. Why would you ever contemplate me doing such a thing? You believe because I believe in liberty, I also believe in wanton destruction of whatever purely for the sake of it?

          Secondly, kike, yid and nigger are words. They are descriptive terms people use in conversation. When did the word kike, yid or nigger become offensive? I have explained the definition of kike and yid to you but you nonchalantly slip pass without even a second thought…. As for nigger, well, we have negro, from the spanish black and we also have Niger, a country in Africa. Hence the name nigger.
          Why is that offensive? It’s offensive because it reminds people of the slave trade, so we’re led to believe, yet daily blacks call other blacks niggas. Hmmm… disconnect anyone?

          A word is a word. It describes things as I’ve said. So, who therefore should have a monopoly on those words, deciding who can say what, when and where? Do you? Does Lasha?

          You fail to see that the concept of liberty, the very concept on individual freedom is understanding the basic prinicples of individualism.

          1. Do you have the right to control another human being without their consent?

          2. Do others have the right to control others without their consent?

          3. Do other have the right to employ agents to enforce their control over others without their consent?

          The answer to the above is of course NO.

          Now some morons in society WILL vote for governments and in doing so hand over their freedom to the complete control of another human being/s. Worse still, when the shit hits the fan and they’re being oppressed by a tyrannical regime, they then wonder why; how this could possibly ever have come about and they most certainly weren’t responsible for it. The delusional public…..

          My problem with your guests would be their emotional reaction over a logical one, to be offended by a word. In fact I’m quite surprised to see you getting so hot under the collar at this.

          I will continue to prove my point at the utter madness of controls over freedom of speech.

          You are standing in a bar and a man is shouting and cursing at you. Are you hurt? Has this man assaulted you? Some may say he’s verbally assaulted you, but let’s be real, he hasn’t. So what do you do? Do you parry his verbal attack or ignore him? Remember that saying “pride always before a fall”?
          Now he comes to attack you, what do you do? Well, as far as I’m concerned, anyone who attempts to assault me physically is fair game. That simple. He will fall.

          Is this man’s free speech hurting you physically? Is it life threatening? Are you in serious danger of a word causing a brain aneurysm and death? The answer is of course no and always will be.

          So when did the word nigger, kike and yid become offensive. Could it have been when they came over to live with us? Whatever happened to respecting the indigenous and the land you’re in as guests? I’d also be intrigued as to which became offensive first; nigger or kike/yid.

          I really though Sardonicus that you, of all people, would understand this, but it appears that you are bereft of the simple understanding of where control of speech leads to…

          Let’s take the 1940’s. Were you to have said that homosexuals would be legal and moreso, they will have the right to marry, have and adopt children, you’d be looked upon as a madman and many would tell you to check into the local asylum.

          Now let’s take basic words such as bottom, top, feel, hop etc; what’s to say that these words will infact become offensive in the near future? What if, Sardonicus, 98% of our language and communication with one another becomes offensive behaviour? What then buddy? You’re saying it will never happen. Really?

          Just because you call someone a nigger, a kike or a yid does not mean that you hate them in the slightest, yet today we are led to believe that BECAUSE they use the words they are being offensive and therefore hate that human being – hate speech. The first step to thought crime is the destruction of freedom of speech. Once you can make it illegal, then you can make thoughts illegal because in thought you’ll be thinking of that word.

          Imagine in the future, Sardonicus, when someone’s walking down the street and has a thought. In that thought there is a word, that is banned for being offensive. Let’s say truthful. Upon thinking that thought a thought modified lamppost starts flashing next to him, picking up the thought through the human’s implanted chip and the following is heard: “thought crime in process, usage of banned word used, stop what you are doing, face the wall, place your hands against it, feet apart and wait for the authorities……
          We later find that this human, has been carted off to be rehabilitated, courtesy of drugs and a lobotomy to be a respectful citizen within society.

          Now let’s move on….

          Paedophilia. Yes, I advocate it. Shock, shock horror!

          Why do I advocate paedophilia? I advocate it because again, I have no right to impose my authority over another without their consent. If they wish to bugger kids then let them do so.

          AND HERE’S THE BUT….

          I also believe that the act of paedophilia is rape of a child and therefore also condone whatever action done by the parent/loved one, to rectify the situation. In other words, I’d beat the perpetrator to within an inch of his life.

          Were this the case that paedophilia was legal BUT people had the right to beat the shit out of or even murder paedophiles WITHOUT the state to protect them, then you would in fact see paedophilia pretty much vanish. But then, sadly, we see today that the state, the politicians, judiciary, police and aristocracy are pretty much the main paedophiles in society and will therefore do whatever it takes to protect their activities from an angry public, through their control of academia and the msm.

          However, I’m still trying to figure out why you moved the conversation from freedom of speech to destruction of your property and now paedophilia.

          The bottom line Sardonicus, regarding freedom of speech is you either believe in it (which is 100% freedom to speak freely) or not at all. Anyone, who tries to refute this and says “but some aspects have to be controlled” fails to realise that in doing so they lose all moral high ground when it comes to defending freedom of the speech in the future from complete annihilation. Once you open the floodgates, you have no option but to let whatever is coming through, through. If you attempt to pickj and choose what you deem to be acceptable behaviour/speech, then what’s to say others won’t do the same, as I’ve explained above?

          There is no defence against the sanctioning of speech, regardless how small.

          And worse still Sardonicus, I thought you of all people would see that the attack on free speech, through use of ‘offending’, which is emotive reasoning, is merely the laying of foundations for a future tyranny to be in place.

          I really don’t think I’d like to be in the company of easily offended people. I’d tell them to their face that they need to grow a backbone and a pair, think logically instead of emotionally and that they epitomise the state automaton who is happy living as a slave.

        3. @ Harbinger

          “You are standing in a bar and a man is shouting and cursing at you. Are you hurt? Has this man assaulted you?”

          There’s nothing I can do to unscramble your brains, Harbinger. So I’m not going to argue with you any more.

          The analogy I gave you was of a man who had entered my house and spat on my carpet and stubbed his cigarettes out on my furniture, driving away all my guests with his disgusting behavior. I said to you that I would have every right to turf this bugger out of my house, as you damn well know.

          I said to you that if YOU behaved like that in my house, screaming the words “Yid”, “Kike” and “Nigger” at my other guests, I would boot YOU out of my house and that you would be free — 100 percent free! — to exercise your freedom speech ON THE PAVEMENT!

          Listen, moron! You are free to SAY what you want and DO what you want in your OWN FUCKING HOUSE! — not in MY house! If you can’t understand that, you are a brain-dead imbecile.

          Montecristo is free to kick anyone off this website who fouls his nest: because this is HIS website, HIS house! Not YOUR fucking website, not YOUR fucking house! Do you understand that, moron?

          No, you don’t.

          You think it perfectly fine and dandy that Montecristo should allow himself and Lasha Darkmoon to be accused of advocating mass murder of the Jews when they did no such thing! — when it is a vicious and defamatory lie!

          Piss off , you senile old dodderer! I have nothing more to say to you.

        4. @Harbinger

          “Now let’s move on…. Paedophilia. Yes, I advocate it. Shock, shock horror! Why do I advocate paedophilia? I advocate it because again, I have no right to impose my authority over another without their consent. If they wish to bugger kids, then let them do so.

          I don’t think you need to speak to me any more, Harbinger, or I to you.

          I’ve no wish to communicate with anyone who is deranged enough to say, “Yes, I advocate paedophilia. If they wish to bugger kids, then let them do so.”

          You really are the bottom of the barrel, Harbinger, far worse than anyone I have encountered on any other website in the last ten years.

        5. Don’t distress yourself, Sard. Anyone who can advocate pedophilia openly — and shitting on all and sundry with verbal abuse and defamation of character — all in the name of “freedom of speech” — has to be pretty moronic.

        6. Sardonicus,

          You’re wrapped up in emotion that impairs your judgement. You are no advocate of liberty but a colossal hypocrite to say the least. You decide to jump in with ad hominem attacks because you see any ability at refuting what I have to write. You have no argument. It’s emotional waffle no different to shruken heads, skin lampshades and human soap.

          Your utopian lifestyle is the one YOU deem fit that others should abide by with scant regard to wishes contrary. Ironically your utopia is no different to a Jewish utopia; both totalitarian in their own regard, enforcing each others beliefs on those who do not want them and demanding they abide by them or else state intervention would be enforced.

          You are a hypocrite Sardonicus. A closet totalitarian, bereft of liberty unable to realise that freedom is absolute and once chained no longer remains free.

          This will be my last reply to you and like other trolls all comments by you will be ignored.

        7. Ruth,

          I see you conveniently missed:

          “AND HERE’S THE BUT….

          I also believe that the act of paedophilia is rape of a child and therefore also condone whatever action done by the parent/loved one, to rectify the situation. In other words, I’d beat the perpetrator to within an inch of his life.

          Were this the case that paedophilia was legal BUT people had the right to beat the shit out of or even murder paedophiles WITHOUT the state to protect them, then you would in fact see paedophilia pretty much vanish.”

          So the above doesn’t mean anything to you does it?

          I’m simply amazed at the hypocrites on this site who like to attack the Jews for their totalitarianism, unable to see they themselves are no different. Simply staggering to say the least.

          I also advocate homosexuality but do not agree in its practice as it’s unnatural, immoral and abnormal. However in stopping people from partaking in it would make me no lover of liberty and freedom. I would be a hypocrite like you, Sardonicus and anyone else who believes they have the right to dictate how others should live their lives.

          Far too much emotion in this debate. People whom I thought had the ability of critical thought most certainly do not.

          The both of you epitomise liberalism, that is you believe in liberty as long as it holds to your definition of liberty.

        8. And to finish….

          There is no rule of law and instead rule of thuggery. You cannot impose your views on another without their consent! The only way you can do that is through force – law courts, fines and imprisonment. And I vehemently disagree with ANY form of imprisonment regardless. No one has the right to do to another such a barbaric act. But prisons are big business…….

          It just seems that all you ‘supposed’ lovers of liberty and freedom are completely ignorant on their definitions.

        9. @ Harbinger

          Your “arguments” are pathetic. I agree with Sardonicus that you must be verging on senility. Your freedom of speech becomes a criminal act once you shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater and raise a false alarm that leads to the death of hundreds of innocent people in the ensuing panic.

          Yes, I remember a stupid post of yours in which you justified the act of shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater when there was NO fire!

          You maintained that people should have a right to do this — because it was “freedom of speech” — even if it led to the death of many innocent people.

          I agree absolutely with Sardonicus that you are a nutcase. You have to be — to advocate such ridiculous views.

          You are also, I note with interest, a pretty uneducated man. Because you don’t even know how to spell “populace”. You spelled this word wrongly several times — not once but repeatedly — you spelled it “populous”.

          Before you treat other people on this site as your intellectual inferiors, I suggest you learn the difference between “populace” (a noun) and “populous” (an adjective).

        10. @ Sardonicus
          @ Dr David Green

          We are apparently all “trolls” on this website in that we agree unanimously that Harbinger is a nutcase.

          Harbinger advocates freedom of speech for pedophiles on this website, though he covers himself by saying he disagrees with pedophilia.

          He advocates freedom of speech for serial killers and mass murderers and people who wrongfully shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater, though he covers himself by saying he doesn’t necessarily agree with what they say!

          He is also quite happy with the idea of Montecristo and Lasha Darkmoon being defamed by posters like Gabreal Jones who accuse them of “adoring” Hitler and advocating mass murder when they have never made a single comment praising Hitler or advocating mass murder!

          Harbinger honestly believes that Lasha and Montecristo should allow themselves to be verbally shat upon, defamed, and lies told about them incessantly on this website. They must allow this website to be used as a platform of abuse and defamation and do nothing about it!

          Everyone is free to shit upon Lasha and Montecristo here, including Harbinger, but Lasha and Montecristo are not allowed to block such posters or in any way infringe upon their rights of free speech!

          To me it is so obvious that this man “Harbinger” is either a Zionist troll or has had a major stroke that has seriously impaired his thinking abilities. He is certainly devoid of common sense and judgment. I’ve known more intelligent village idiots.

        11. Dr Green,

          I have conducted myself in a decent and polite manner only to have you now come on and question my sanity? This now sadly loses you the debate.

          Sadly, people (like you S, RB etc) are utterly bereft of critical thought. The very fact that you think restriction should be placed on freedom of speech proves your totalitarianism and desire to control others. What’s truly sad is you fail to see that shouting fire in an open theatre IS freedom of speech! And you call my argument pathetic, worse question my mental well being?

          I’ll tell you straight finally once more –

          Freedom of speech is sacrosanct. You either believe in the freedom to speak freely with NO restrictions or you don’t. If you don’t it means you are an authoritarian who has no right to defend any liberty REGARDLESS.

          You (and others) are simply oblivious at understanding this. You have accepted this politically correct reality; this cultural Marxist society, through years of indoctrination of your mind to the point you chain speech, lock it away and attack your captors for actions you yourself promote. You attack those whom you blame are destroying your liberties and freedoms, when this debate proves you’ve all in fact done it yourself. Lol

          And I came here for intelligent debate? You’re all a bunch of fascists (state control loving totalitarians)!

  2. @doctor sardonutcase

    Since sardonutcase, you are one of the Hitleraddicts like highbrowlobro and many others at Luna Obscura, let the following sink in (and Harbinger- of Hitler- don’t flee fast forward) :

    Interesting addition of Sam Hita at ’ Under Jewish Rule’:
    December 4, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    He brings Jim Condit- a Roman Catholic btw- in the picture who says in a radio exchange of 6-7 years ago to Christopher Jon Bjerknes on the Transfer Agreement, the pact between the Nazis and the Zionists:

    (…) I have challenged the Hitler worshippers, as I call them, there is a certain amount of people often with no religion, who want to keep this myth that Hitler was a great man, he was a great person, so I challenged them: can you find me one speech where Hitler was complaining to the German people about the Transfer Agreement (….)

    Hitler overruled a group of Nazi Generals asking him to stop the Transfer Agreement

    2.14.44 >
    (…) when you realise that the Nazi phenomenon was just another Zionist phenomenon then it can help arm people to see through what is happening today. It is very difficult for the average people to conceive this level of deception what Bush is doing, the Neocons are doing, they just can’t imagine this level of deception (…)

    h.a.n.d. have a nice day

    CIA O

    1. “Since sardonutcase, you are one of the Hitleraddicts like highbrowlobro and many others at Luna Obscura…”

      The only Hitler addict on this site is YOU! Both Sardonicus and Lobro have repeatedly said they DON’T want to hear about Hitler all the time! It’s YOU who keep bringing up the subject of Hitler constantly.


      1. @ Montecristo

        Why don’t you put this guy Gabreal Jones on permanent monitoring? Like you did Joe. Gabreal Jones is far worse than Joe — he’s not only a vicious little Hitler maniac, he’s an obscurantist bore.

        1. @Hadrian Smyth

          For all Christ-All-Clarity-since LD/MC are Christians- I gave a direct response to a post of SardonicuS who mentions in his post Hitler FOUR (=4) times. Ein, zwei, drei, vier mahl….

          You (c.s.) just can’t face the music, the false music that comes to be heard when socalled Christians adore a massmurderer like AH.

          CIA O

        2. @Hadrian Smyth

          @Hadrian Smyth (LD?)
          (…) SHUT UP ABOUT HITLER!!! (…)

          For all Christ-All-Clarity-since LD/MC is a Christian- I gave a response to a post of SardonicuS who mentions in his post Hitler FOUR (=4) times. Ein, zwei, drei, vier mahl….

          You just can’t face the music, the false music that comes to be heard when socalled Christians adore a massmurderer like AH.

          CIA O

        3. @ Gabreal Jones

          “For all Christ-All-Clarity-since LD/MC are Christians….You just can’t face the music, the false music that comes to be heard when so-called Christians adore a mass murderer like AH.”

          You have stated here that Lasha Darkmoon (LD) and Montecristo (MC) are “so-called Christians who adore a mass murderer like AH [Adolf Hitler].”

          I challenge you to produce a single statement by Lasha Darkmoon or Montecristo in which they have stated their “adoration” of Adolf Hitler.

          Montecristo never makes any political comments on this website. He has also made it clear that he accepts no responsibility for the views of its commenters. He has written:

          “This website accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed in its Comments section; nor does it accept responsibility for the views expressed by any of its article writers, with the single exception of Lasha Darkmoon. Though we tend to agree with the broad assumptions of most of the writers we publish, we do not necessarily agree with ALL their views.”

          Montecristo has never made a single comment on Hitler, either here or elsewhere. Your above comment that he is a Christian who “adores” Hitler is therefore defamatory. It is a vicious lie.

          The same applies to Lasha Darkmoon. Lasha has never made a comment on Hitler saying she “adores” him. Not once. In fact, she seldom talks about Hitler.

          Unless you can prove, by direct quotation, that Montecristo and Lasha Darkmoon are Hitler supporters in favor of mass murder, you will not be permitted to post on this site any more.

        4. Lol!

          and another…..

          You know I’m one for free speech….regardless so I can’t condone Lucy’s ultimatum.

          However, that said (written), if I write something I always make sure it’s backed, by fact, unless it’s a presumption. To say someone advocates mass murder with no proof, in this case Lasha et all, is the height of stupidity.

          Wasn’t someone else blamed for having an extermination policy against Jews with no written or verbal evidence?

          And while we’re on the case of mass murder; Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, de Gaulle, Bush (dumb & dumber), Blair…..anyone? Nothing bad said about these chaps what?

  3. @Lucy Skipping

    Sorry you got the impression that I accused LD and/or her webmaster MC of being a fan of AH and his genocidal projects commonly called wars. The holohoax not included.

    But: Why did a post [ that I send in yesterday as a reaction to this ‘Hadrian Smyth’ (read his/her post to MC got erased immediately? It gave me the impression that MC (or any editor) followed ‘hs’ orders to monitor me ‘worse than Joe’.

    Almost like MC or any of the editing staff of Luna Obsura followed Smith’s orders immediately in a Befehl ist Befehl !-like manner. The post also did not reappear later.

    In 2010 my First year on the anti-zionide Block I came across Jim Condit, I liked his college behind his desk in front of the luxaflex. And it makes a lot of more sense to me now: Adolf was a British(=Zionide Jewish) Agent (Greg Hallett/Jim Condit)

    Since LD is ‘into’ Yogananda, Pondicherry etc. I mentioned in this evaporated post that it’s strange that Hitler took from Vedic India ‘his’ Swastika but a living embodiment of Vedanta, Yogananda who asked to meet him in 1935 he refused to meet…..

    Which brings me now to this thought: Yogananda sees AH as a reincarnation of Alexander ‘the Great’, who butchered in Iran, Afghanistan, India. As AH he played the same role but more on the ‘Greek’ continent: Europe.

    Karma’s non-stop-life show.

    CIA O

  4. As a 16 year old kid I was a nightwatch in a 2 week anti-Nam demo in front of the US consulate in Rotterdam. Organised by unknown anrachists under the name C-Power with ‘the JFK slogan ‘Commuicate or die’. We gathered signatures. Then walked to the US emabassy in The Hague.

    There, a Jewish Female Lawyer named Zimmermann, gave us a bunch of A4’s of her unpublished letters to jewspapers with the content The anti-Zionist gets stigmatised as ant-semite. (gets a Davidstar sticked on his jacket…)

    I left it at that after reading these letters thoroughly. In 1988 when a first proza book got published to one of my Ukrain-Dutch poetry mentors Iwan Eng:

    For Iwan Terribly Creepy (=Eng)
    if Demjanjuk is not the one the Nazionists
    think he is.

    CIA O


  5. No problem if this last post does pass the filter. But it is a steno autobio fingerprint to clarify my point(s) here.

    CIA O

  6. Lasha,

    Thankyou for your website and your informative articles. You have greatly helped educate me on the state of affairs within our society and the activities therein of the tribe.

    I will say that I have enjoyed debating on here but this will be my final posting, simply because as a 100% advocate for liberty and above all freedom, I find this place to be full of hypocrites who for the best part attack the Jews for their New World Order, their state authoritarianism over their lives and destruction of their culture, liberties and freedom, when in sad reality they themselves are 100% complicit in their destruction. My debate on this site proves so.

    Some of your posters and the population they represent deserve the dystopia they live in. They also deserve the soon-to-be liberty-less society and what’s worse, they have no argument against for their emotive reasoning and non belief of speech freedom.

    The very heart of any freedom loving people and their society is non restricted speech. Heck, the 2nd amendment was created to protect the first was it not?

    And that saying widely, but falsely, attributed to Voltaire:

    “”I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”

    is something many have nonchalantly tossed in the bin.

    I’m sad to see people on here whom I respected to be no better than the totalitarian loving tribe the attack. I of course do not attack you as your continuing allowal of some ‘unsavoury’ posters on here shows where you stand in regards to liberty.

    Thank you.

    1. @ Harbinger

      I’d rather you hung around, dear Harbinger, instead of capitulating so easily to these people who have insulted you. Don’t hand them such an easy victory. You have much to contribute.

      If I may make a suggestion. Why don’t you sneak back under another name? I assure you, no one will know it is you, provided you don’t go rabbiting on about “100 percent free speech.” 🙂

      After all, there is absolutely no way that ANY site — and that includes — can allow the 100 percent free speech you advocate. It simply does not exist. It’s both practically and theoretically impossible.

      No responsible site can possibly allow commenters to write posts in praise of pedophilia, bestiality, child murder, cannibalism and the like. I am surprised that you cannot see this.

      How could I possibly allow degenerate posters to post the filthiest pornography on my website, giving links to disgusting videos featuring sex with children and animals?

      Would you like me to do this, Harbinger?

      If I were to allow links to pedophile sites on just to satisfy your notions of “free speech”, I’d be breaking the law and violating all my own moral principles. You know that, don’t you?

      Do you suggest that I break the law and get my website shut down? It’s a simple question I’m asking you, Harbinger. Would you like me to break the law, in the interests of free speech, by publishing links to pedophile websites?

      If your answer is “Yes”, then I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you, because I can’t break the law.

      If your answer is “No”, then you will have conceded the point that 100 percent free speech is impossible.

      All the best,


      1. @ Harbinger

        Do you suggest that I break the law and get my website shut down? It’s a simple question I’m asking you, Harbinger. Would you like me to break the law, in the interests of free speech, by publishing links to pedophile websites?

        Go on then, Harbinger. Answer the question. I defy you to answer it!

        Do you want Lasha to break the law in the interests of free speech … by posting links to pedophile websites?

  7. @LS/LD-MC

    Do not skip this post on this free speech forum

    Sorry, you got the impression that I accused LD and/or her webmaster MC of being a fan of AH and his genocidal projects commonly called wars. The holohoax not included.

    But: Why did a post that I send in yesterday as a reaction to this ‘Hadrian Smyth’ (read his/her post to MC got erased immediately? It gave me the obscure- HD calls GJ an obscurant bore, since he onle responded to the four times mentioning of AH by S. – impression that MC (or any editor) followed orders to monitor me ‘worse than Joe’.

    The post also did not reappear later.

    In 2010 my 1st year on the anti-zio-block I came across Jim Condit, I liked his college behind his desk in front of the luxaflex. And it makes a lot of more sense to me now: Adolf was a British(=Zionide Jewish) Agent.

    Since LD is ‘into’ Yogananda, Pondicherry etc. I mentioned in this evaporated post that it’s strange that Hitler took from Vedic India ‘his’ Swastika but a living embodiment of Vedanta, Yogananda who asked to meet him in 1935 he refused to meet…..

    Yogananda sees AH as a reincarnation of Alexander ‘the Great’, who butchered in Iran, Afghanistan, India. As AH he played the same role but more on the ‘Greek’ continent: Europe.

    CIA O

  8. i tried to find anything to help me research the credibility of greg hallett as a researcher.

    meanwhile, there is a veritable crescendo on all the search engines about how hitler was a talmudist agent who cooperated fully with zionists seeking the conquest of palestine, and i mean literally hundreds of sites blindly parroting the same mantra, makow, amazon, all gushing alike, never a word to the contrary.
    and we all know the attitude of the kol nidrean powers that be to plain truth.

    my conclusion:
    there is a giant slandering campaign organized, directed and funded from the highest, richest, most powerful sources to blacken the name of hitler in every possible way.
    why? because he and his ideas and policies were and still are the greatest challenge posed to jewish rule over the planet today.

    i also predict that jesus is next, “gabreal jones” will disappear to be replaced by another handle under which we will be hearing about how jesus, the son of a poor carpenter and a common prostitute was also in fact a teenage gay prostitute who had mary magalene shit on him and so on, and so on.
    brought to you by greg hallett.

    so put up with these reptiles at your own risk.

    1. Whew, thank God you’re back! Sanity returns! I regret to say this site is absolutely crawling with Zionist trolls and nutcases of all kinds. You can’t say a word here against the Hitler conspiracy theorists without being accused of advocating mass murder.

      If you refuse to admit that Adolf had one testicle, that he was a Rothschild Jew in cahoots with the Zionists, that he loved women shitting all over him, and that he was a British agent who escaped to Argentina in 1945, then you’re a supporter of mass murder.

      Thus Gabreal Jones, the Demented Dutchman. 🙂

    2. sard, the indicators all point to a global conspiracy by jews who fear reemergence of hitler’s economic and social program and thus strive to blacken him by the vilest means possible.
      the effort is directed at those whose eyes have opened or are opening about the historical reality of national socialism.
      and what is the “vilest means possible” in practical terms?

      that hitler was a jew of the most dyed-in-wool sort, an heir to the rothschild empire of evil.
      also a teenage gay prostitute and all the scatology that comes along, that he was father of israel because of his contacts with zionists, the infamous transfer agreement.
      the internet is rife with this sludge gumming up the discussion channels and no moderating voice is given airtime anywhere.
      suspicious, anyone?

      and none of the detractors is ever willing to debate the hard evidence of documentation, birth records, the roaring success of socio-economic policies, the rebirth of the german nation, europe’s swan song before cruel martyrdom.
      no, war defeat was entirely hitler’s fault and proof of rothschild complicity, his rebellion against versailles treaty plain indicator of his zionist conspiracy, his overthrow of weimar jewish yoke a fake ploy, etc, etc.
      no need to make any sense whatever, just focus on the swinging pendant of a single testicle and go to sleep.

      does it seem like a fortuitous coincidence that all the anti-hitler vomit pouring forth so abundantly all of a sudden was never brought up previously when folks wept openly at holofest melodramas and thought that yeah indeed, everything elie wiesel said was the gospel truth?

      jesus had one testicle, so i am quitting christianity and applying to the nearest shul for reeducation.

      1. the underlying message, besides scrambling the brain wiring of the reader, is that you cannot find the omnipotent, omniscient rothschilds and the jews, the resistance is futile because they own the resistance as well, the future is safely plotted out eons in advance by the masters of the protocol.

        there is no god but the jew god, nose to the grindstone, noahide slave!

        1. monty, please fix the typo that says “fight”, replace with “fight”.
          and then remove this.

      2. i mean, how gullible and plain stupid can you be to accept that a film like “ewige jude” or historical manuscripts like “blood passover”, “matzo of zion”, “200 years together” and similar are shunted aside, out of circulation, replete with dire warnings like

        It has been criticised as “surely the most hideous success of the anti-Semitic films” made during the Nazi era,

        yet a psychodelic claim that a one balled, shat upon teenage gay whore of rothschild birth led the world’s greatest nation through years of glorious rebirth and resistance to preplanned defeat by the grandest of talmudic evil-doers goes through smoothly, without a tiniest voice of dissenting reason?

        to me the truth concealed and muttered behind the prayer shawl cannot be made more obvious than that.

        1. Brilliant! Glad to see you back again after your long siesta. As Sardonicus says, it’s a relief to hear the voice of reason once again.

        2. According to one of the more mentally challenged posters on this site, even pedophile porn and bestiality links ought to be available on this site if someone should post them — because NOT to post them constitutes “censorship” and a serious sin against “free speech”.

          Similarly, all the abuse hurled at Lasha Darkmoon and Montecristo by the likes of Gabreal Jones — who accused them openly of “adoring” Hitler and advocating “mass murder” — should also be permitted in the name of “free speech”.

          Question: do you think this site would be better off if it got rid of serial abusers like Gabreal Jones who has driven hp from this site and is probably the most obnoxious piece of shit who ever landed up on this or any other site?

          I am sure your opinion on this point would help to guide Montecristo as he broods on the pros and cons of purging his website of its most evil elements.

  9. ruth, no need to mention that i always had respect for your opinions and perceptiveness, even when i sincerely believed that you were a jewess (this alone demonstrates that i am no racist in the ethnic sense :-)).

    yes, gabreal jones is annoying beyond words in his pestilential insistence on pissing people off with anti-hitler inanities as well as the way he persistently maligns people in his inimitably toxic way.
    that alone pays his deportation from the site.

    but i also see him as quite a bright and literate person, oftentimes thoughtful and incisive, just like joe was and am thus loath to contribute weight to the boot power.
    if he were to modify his input here accordingly, i would have no qualms with him staying.
    if not, bon voyage.

    my two cents.

    by the way, the one poster i found by far the creepiest ever was albury smith.
    nothing and no one compares to existential contempt in which i hold him, the unchallenged troll king.

    1. Thanks. I gather from your somewhat ambivalent reply that you wouldn’t be too desolated to see Gabreal Smith given his marching orders, but at the same time you recognize his merits. What I cannot forgive is his unforgiveable rudeness to hp which led to hp’s sudden departure. How many more good posters is Gabreal Smith going to drive away before Montecristo decides to give him the boot?

      1. yep, i miss hp and even more than that, i resent his being insulted without a just cause, him being among the most inoffensive people i ever knew.

        1. Gabreal Jones has been permanently banned from posting on this site any more, so hp is free to return whenever he wants.

          Gabreal Jones has abused out hospitality by driving away our best posters (e.g., hp) by his unmitigated rudeness. He has also been banned for posting irrelevant and disruptive Hitler conspiracy theory comments on this website when told not to do so, and, finally, for insulting and defaming the owners of this website by alleging that they “adored” Hitler and were advocates of mass murder.

          We don’t need posters like this on our site.


          Given that we billed ourselves a “free speech zone” to start with, we deeply regret having to take such seemingly high-handed and “totalitarian” action against people’s rights to free speech.

          However, to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater when there is no fire is clearly an abuse of free speech and cannot be permitted.

          Posters are not permitted to post pornographic links on this website. They are not permitted to advocate pedophilia, bestiality and incest on this website. They are not free to sing the praises of Satan on this website or say, “I spit in the face of Jesus Christ!” — as a previous poster on this site, John Sholtes, was once allowed to say here.

          All these brain-sick degenerates are perfectly free to post their filthy comments on other websites, but they will no longer be free to barge into our house and shit all over our carpets.

          Too many posters have taken advantage of our kindness and hospitality in giving them a free rein to say almost anything they wish.

          This has to stop.

          We are not here to be viciously defamed and insulted or to serve as a warehouse for outrageous conspiracy theories. Nor is it our role in life to let our website be used as a garbage dump for assorted maniacs, sexual perverts and Satanists.

  10. dissatisfied with the play
    a gentleman sprinted out of the theater, flailing his arms and yelling,
    ‘you are all emotionally sissy overreacting illogical hypocrites’

    the audience rose and gave him a standing ovation
    only the gentleman was gone
    he was at a gentleman’s club, looking down at the world

    1. sorry about how things turned out harbinger.
      i didn’t follow the spat and would not want to step into it but i appreciated many of your posts.
      i have a hunch that it was mostly a matter of language incompatibility given that you are a scottie as opposed to sard’s limeyness :-).
      hasta la vis(i)ta

  11. America is controlled by 65 million “Jew-loving” evangelists – and Israeli Jewsish hatred toward Christianity is well-known.

    The very name Jesus was for Jews a symbol of all that is abominable, and this popular tradition still persists. The Gospels are equally detested, and they are not allowed to be quoted, let alone taught, even in modern Israeli Jewish schools,” wrote late professor Israel Shahak.

    Bob Simon reports the plight of Christians under Jewish Israeli rule at CBS News 60 MINUTES (watch video below). Israeli ambassador in Washington, Jewish supremacist Michael Oren, tried to bully CBS to kill the 12-minutes segment related to religious bigotry and social discrimination of native Palestinian Christian forcing them to leave Israel.

    On April 1, 1978, former Jewish terrorist Menachem Begin, as prime minister of the Zionist entity, declared preaching Christianity to Jews in Israel a crime punishable with five years’ imprisonment and three years’ imprisonment for any Jew who converted. So much so, even if a Christian give a Gospel leaflet to Israeli Jew, he violate the law.

    Jesus: As seen by the Pope, Jews and Muslims:

  12. the thing glenn forgets is the pure talmudist joy of violating the sanctity of the christian nuns.

    channukah time, when the leaders of slave nations prostrate themselves before the learned elders of zion, bringing blood offerings to baphomet and moloch.

  13. Gabreal Jones fails the Hitler test:
    He libels Adolf Hitler (AH) saying he was a genocidal war monger and Zionist (ie Jewish) agent.

    It would help rational discourse if those inclined to slag off at others who consider AH to have been a great man AND a patriot (ie NOT a war mongering maniac or a Jewish agent), actually got across salient facts. For instance, AH did NOT create ‘genocidal projects commonly called wars.’ Read eg:
    WORLD WAR II The JEWS Declared War – AGAINST Germany! NOT the Other Way Around! See:—AGAINST-Germany-NOT-the-Other-Way-Around.shtml
    Did Hitler Want War?
    Did Adolf Hitler Save Europe From Communism? See:
    Churchill and the Jews. –
    Germany’s Declaration of War Against the United States: Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of December 11, 194. See:
    The Hitler Speech They Don’t Want You To Hear. See:
    The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes. See:
    Crystal Night in 1938 – The Third Reich’s 9/11? See:
    Rudolf Hess: The Führer’s Deputy. See:

    There is a lot more documentation that evidences that Hitler did NOT seek ANY war let alone genocidal ones. He HAD to attack Poland because Polish Bolsheviks tortured and murdered 62,000 ethnic Germans in 1939 and he had to prevent the continuance of that slaughter. His problem was the same as ALL sovereign gentile nations face – the Jews (however described). Sooo, before helping the Jews to destroy our world I suggest that people of good will STOP peddling Jewish propaganda about Hitler and Germany. Continuing to do that in the internet era evidences either blind ignorance or complicity with Talmudists.

    Arguably Gabreal Jones’ claim that Hitler was a Jewish (Zionist) agent because he supported the Transfer Agreement is bogus. A rational examination of the facts demonstrates the opposite. Global Jewry declared war on Germany in March 1933 and instead of interning all Jews and confiscating their property then and there (as eg the US would have done; and did to its Japanese citizens after President Roosevelt manipulated Japan into bombing Pearl Harbour) Hitler and his government bent over backwards to assist Jews to emigrate. That action was neither genocidal nor war mongering. See eg:
    Zionism And The Third Reich. –

    To suggest that Hitler’s seeking to humanely solve the Jewish Question in Germany meant he was a Jewish agent is absurd and contrary to the facts which clearly evidence that global Jewry sought war with Germany for two reasons: First, to punish Germany (and make it an object lesson for all other nations tempted to emulate Germany) for rejecting Rothschilds’ central Banking control and usury;* and Second, to force Jews in Germany and Europe to migrate to Palestine. For obvious reasons Hitler was happy to assist Jews to leave Germany BUT he did NOT seek war with the Jew controlled British, Amerikkan, French and Soviet empires. No rational leader would do that. WWII was forced upon Hitler and Germany by Jews.
    See eg: Rethinking Hitler & National Socialism. –

    Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude. See:

    Behind the Holocaust: What was Hitler’s unforgivable sin? See:

    Hitler’s freedom from International Debt Slavery. See:

    See also: Hitler Gets A New Website: Thr Greatest Story Never Told. See:
    Blessings to All,

    1. Ron,

      This is a brilliant exposition. Consider joining us on this site as a regular poster. Don’t worry about Gabreal Jones. He has been outed as a troll and been banned from posting on this website for his abusive and defamatory comments. His only purpose in posting on this website, it seems, was to insult everyone he could and drive as many good posters away as possible.

  14. Until then, the plethora of Botox specials aand discount incentives will continue to abound.
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