US fed with bogus intel by Israel moles, by Jim W. Dean

Sourced from PressTV


“Dear Israeli mole in the Pentagon who was the HUMIT second source confirmation behind the bogus satellite trajectories, which were based on Israeli psyops bogus wire intercepts, if they bring me in to hunt you down I will have you in 48 hours.” — Jim W. Dean

The dual press conference Thursday in Japan with John Kerry and Chuck Hagel was a minor earthquake event in the American Intel community.

Kerry called the thought of pursuing a military resolution on Iran’s nuclear case “diplomatic malpractice,” a term I had never heard used before but fell in love with immediately. Chuck Hagel then dropped the other shoe, “engagement is not appeasement, it is not surrender.”

They cut Netanyahu off at the knees
“The bastards have cut me off at the knees…”

They cut Netanyahu off at the knees.

This was of course carefully choreographed against Bibi for his attempt to threaten ‘going rogue’ with an Iran attack on its own. He blatantly delivered this not only at the UN last week but in his meeting with Obama on Monday. It seemed that common sense had finally returned to the White House, but we wondered why the dramatic shift…why delivered so forcefully with a double punch, and in Asia.

We sniffed something in the air known as…retribution.

Gordon Duff’s Press TV article America’s “Netanyahu Shut Down,” published on Wednesday, described how Obama began moving, away from the red lines, while Israel was deploying its American intelligence assets in media and AIPAC to car jack Obama’s policy toward a diplomatic solution.

The Zionists tried to flank Obama publicly that he was still pursuing diplomacy with the military threat, which opened the way for Israel to do the same, minus any diplomatic effort.

We had earlier been concerned about the apparent ‘disconnection’ that Kerry was presenting in his public appearances during the Syrian gassing attack crisis. None of it made any sense by even the most rudimentary intelligence analysis. Something had to be going on behind the scenes. Was it stupidity? Was AIPAC driving the policy? Was bogus Intel being fed in?

Were the military and civilian Intel heads asleep at the wheel? It seemed to us almost an impossibility that large a group of top people could be buying the “Assad did it” version of the attack and all on-board the attack on Syrian train despite all the huge and obvious risks involved, especially General Dempsey. Why? Sometimes these things are done as a feint, for something to follow, so we were watching events unroll very carefully.

When no proof was forthcoming that triggered more concern, of maybe even a debate going on inside the White House that what they had might not fly with the public, the world, or even the independent Intel community. So we began digging around for what they were afraid of. At the top of the list was our suspicion that the ‘proof’ was based on Israeli sources.

Why? We knew the Israelis were desperate to see Assad finished off via their favorite method, using the American military and taxpayers’ money. We knew that if they saw their desired end result with Syria begin to slip away that they would obviously do everything in their power to trigger the chemical weapon ‘red line’ trigger. This was foolishly and needlessly put out much earlier, and helped create what happened with the gassing. Whoever had pitched that red line strategy to Obama, they should find a new line of work.

What had us perplexed is we knew the military would not trust going on Israeli sourced Intel only. They are aware of Israel’s long history of false flags and manufacturing bogus Intel and threats. That we tolerate such a close relationship with a country that has such an extensive criminal history is part of the embarrassment of serving in the US military and civilian security community. And yes, it does not take long for the new people coming in to see that political corruption is the driving engine for our disastrous Israeli and Mid East foreign policy.

We knew the top brass was aware that the Israeli IDF 8200 unit was a long known psyops unit, as in “fraudulent communications intercepts-R-US.” When Kerry’s people finally trotted out their ‘proof,’ this is what they used. But they also added a confirmation with our satellite Intel…that the trajectories they observed came from Syrian controlled areas. And here is where it gets a little tricky for folks unfamiliar with how these Intel games are played.

How did the US know the areas the rockets came from were Syrian controlled? Street fighting is very fluid combat. You can hold a street corner, but only three blocks down one way, and one block down the other. And even if you are expanding your perimeter, that can change constantly with counter attacks. You can have enemy units cut off behind your own lines.

Then there was a huge problem with how the sarin was deployed, using rockets. Why?…because you can have a half kilometer variance on where they are going to land when they are fired off from tube launchers. This is why they would generally not be used in street fighting, but to bombard a town that you were on the outskirts of.

A professional army would typically only deploy such weapons in close street fighting using mortar munitions, and only then after registration fire and observating that they had the range correctly. And personally I would not want to be along the flight part due to the danger of ‘shorts.’ Artillery is also an option, but you can kill the same number of people with just conventional munitions, and not trigger a red line.

So as we suspected the ‘additional’ satellite confirmation was not ‘additional’ at all because the determination that the rockets came from the Syrian lines was again the Israeli intercept bogus Intel, what is jokingly called a ‘circular confirmation,’ as in ‘You lie, and I’ll swear to it!”

That left us in a quandary as to how Intel so skimpy could be used to trigger the deployment of nuclear bomber wings, major shifts of nuclear ordinance, and a major Navy and Air Force strike units.

Who is the highly placed Israeli mole?
Who is the highly placed Israeli mole?

We sensed there had to have been something else, a kind of Intel that would be difficult to mention. HUMIT, or human intelligence was the prime category as you typically never want to even mention using it.

We have confirmed from the highest sources that that is what took place. There was a HUMIT source that was added to the confirmation mix. But there is more. We have also confirmed that this source was bogus, but had worked its way up the line to being included in top level briefings through the assistance of a highly placed Israeli mole. This was someone in the chain of command, someone high enough to assure that lower level people would not block it coming up the line.

The mole was part of or a Pentagon espionage network that filtered and altered incoming intelligence reports. In the Bush (43) this was done openly. The Obama White House has been being fed ‘unvetted’ intelligence…something that would take years of penetration work to get into a position to do. A similar operation was done to feed bogus material on Iran’s nuclear program.

The Israelis risked a deep cover agent to do exactly what they are placed where they are to do…to be activated for something considered absolutely critical to accomplish at a particular time. If not already identified, the mole is being hunted as I type. The lists of possibilities is short, and would go up to those actually briefing the presidential state and state department.

Washington is absolutely filled with dual citizen Israelis and Israeli firster non-Jewish Americans. It’s a horrible security situation. There are so many they don’t even stand out any more.

It is difficult and even dangerous for our counter intelligence people to do their jobs effectively because these deep cover agents, the ones that require Congressional confirmation, have powerful political patrons. That is how the Israelis protect all of their top people.

That said, the politicians do not always know they are ‘agents.’ These deep cover people will always have stellar resumes, all part of the grooming needed to get them into top slots. The State Department is covered up with them, and it is so open that they are thick as thieves with the AIPAC people, which makes them in a way, not very deep cover.

We will be following this situation closely since we see Israel has burned a major bridge here, one that would be totally consistent with the major shift we are seeing.

Netanyahu and his Likudites are in a panic to keep the Mid East on a war footing and the US on their string. But they have suffered a full and open defeat here, plus AIPAC ran into a brick wall despite their usual efforts.

Will this signal to prosecutors that it is now safe to start bringing criminal cases against more Israeli agents here? We hope so, of course. And our offer to assist the FBI in doing so is simple. Just ask anyone in the community who has been around a long time, and the retired people.

And don’t forget to go through your own files for the investigations that were closed due to political obstruction of justice. That will keep you busy, and you will have a long list in no time. And yes, we can send a VT crew in to help, with the understanding that we don’t acknowledge ‘protected entities.’


Jim W. Dean comes from an old military family dating back to the American Revolution. His father was a WWII P-40 and later P-51 Mustang fighter pilot. Jim’s mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers. He has appeared on PBS most recently on the Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates and lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. His current writing focus is on national security, intelligence, black and psyops, military/Intel history including personal video archives, and the current wars. Jim Dean is the managing editor of Veterans Today. More articles by Jim W. Dean
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46 thoughts on “US fed with bogus intel by Israel moles, by Jim W. Dean

  1. Thanks, Jim Dean. Great article. Makes one think. So who’s the Israeli mole in the American government? Any ideas?

    Let me guess.

    Lots of choices here! Any Jew working for Obama with dual citizenship is a potential mole. Any American Jew with close links to AIPAC is a potential mole.

    Every single one of them is a potential Jonathan Pollard.

  2. Dear fellow Believer
    The world system is in a state of collapse.
    Notice how the politicians are tap dancing.
    It is time to prepare for the great division which is coming soon.
    Click on my name for the link to download a book which will
    help all those who are born again to get ready for the world
    crisis which is looming.

    1. “Click on my name for the link to download a book which will
      help all those who are born again to get ready for the world
      crisis which is looming.”

      But I haven’t been born again… that’s the trouble.

      1. A thought-provoking article as usual from Jim Dean … but I’d love to know who he suspects as the “Israeli mole”.

  3. An excellent investigative report by Jim Dean. I should not here also that Israel has in the past killed US citizens ( USS-Liberty, 34 dead US sailors, 176 injured- Rachel Corrie, Furkan in Rafah, Palestine on March 16, 2003, Furkan Dogan in the assault on the Turkish Flotilla) in cold blood and stole Americas’ top secret and sold it to our adversaries.

    In a sign of continuing US caution, Israel has not been included in the coterie of countries with which Washington shares sensitive intelligence. The members of the “Five Eyes” group, consisting of the US, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, have promised not to spy on each other — a condition Israel would have regularly flouted were it a member.

    1. “An excellent investigative report by Jim Dean…”

      Jim is a military man of wide experience — an old hand I guess who has “been there, done that” like they say — so he has an edge on most other writers. He speaks with inside knowledge. I’m glad Lasha introduced him to us by publishing his genome essay on this site several months ago.

      Mind you I’m still in two minds about the “Khazarian thesis”, as Lasha calls it, i.e. the view that the Ashkenazis are pseudo-Jews from Khazaria and are totally unrelated to the Sephardic Jews — who are genuine Semites.

      According to Kevin MacDonald, ALL Jews have Semitic blood and a strong common Jewish DNA which marks them off from all other races. I didn’t know much about this (and still don’t) until I read this excellent essay on world IQ’s by LD published on this site a couple of years ago:

      WORLD IQ FIGURES: With brief notes on Ashkenazi Jews and the Khazarian Thesis of Koestler, by Lasha Darkmoon

      1. Full marks to Darkmoon for that brilliant pic with the caption: “Who is the highly placed Israeli mole?”

        Scary face that.

        Looks like a serial killer on the prowl!

      2. the “semitic blood of all jews” is hate.

        berbers/seph jews and khazars arent connected.

        the hate gene is implanted during incubation.

        hate – the jew connector

        iraqi, iranian, syrian, palestinian jews might be semites

      1. My comment was directed toward Mahmoud El-Yousseph. Such men are dangerous. Never trust a man in a turban, my Auntie Dinah used to say.

      2. JoJo, the topic of discussion is: US fed with bogus intel by Israel moles, by Jim W. Dean and not Mahmoud El-Yousseph.

        If you don’t have anything of value to contribute to the discussion, why not STFU?

        Please stop making an a*s hole out of yourself!
        Plus, I have better things to do with my time.

      3. ……And NEVER trust a man in a tabooshe either
        [tabooshe = the Red Fez hats of the Freemasons]. Freemasons take an Islamic Oath. An Islamic Oath in service to Sabbatean Judaism. Islamo-Fascism-Nazism-“Aryanism” was conjured up in the satanic donmeh-sabbatean Jew Freemasonry Halls of Turkey in the 19th century.

        The Red of the tabooshe symbolizes the blood of slaughtered Christians — mostly Catholics — throughout the centuries by Islamic Jihadists. Jews and Islamic Jihadists are very close working partners — always have been. The REAL target for Islamo-Fasicsts are CHRISTIANS and Western Civilization, NOT Judaism and Jews. Jews are well-represented, and play an immense and leading role, in Nazism, Fascism, Islamic Jihad — all 3 ultimately serves the jew Zionist New World Order. “Zionism” is another word for Jew Talmudic/Noahidic mass-murdering Communism : Mass-murder of WHITES, especially WHITE CHRISTIANS.

        ” Nazism + Islam + Communism”

        May San Antonio — capital of Alzafar Shriners in the US — may donmeh habiru-ju San Antonio be accursed with a plague of boll weavils and locusts, and overrun by feral aztlan mejixan injuns and the donmeh negro-jew Obama’s feral darkies he and his fellow jew commies luv to kibbles-and-bits.

        May Mahmoud’s good buddy-buddy — “the sultan”, in other words, the jew from Chicago pretending to be a Muslim — May your donmeh buddy-buddy, Mahmoud, rot in his Egyptian prison cell 4 Ever for all I give a flyin sh*t on a magic carpet ride to medina. How stupid do you think I am, Mahmoud “el” yossi, yossi from izzysmell. Where are U in izzysmell? Tel Aviv? Beth Shemesh? Afula? Do you know Hymie-in-Afula?

        Or, are U in Izzysmell’s colonial outpost of Chicago? Are U part of the Chicago jew syndicate that groomed the African-born communist negro donmeh ju Obama for the Oval Office? I notice donmeh jews, Islamic jihadists, the jihadist muslim brotherhood of which your buddy ‘the sultan” is a member of, and jew noahide law-talmudic Communism all go hand-in-hand, “el”yossi, “el” donmeh ju-habiru yossi. You’re doing a really lousy job playing a muslim, by the way. Doesn’t the mossad send you jew trolls to acting school before they send you out into the world? I’m sure GoDaddy/Adelson/Mishpuka has the money to send you to a good professional acting school before putting you to work. I wish he would, it would be more challenging for me that way, at least. I like a good challenge. You’re way too obvious, Mahmoud. U remind me so much of the Mormon MachtNichts, trying so desperately to convince everyone he’s really an American injun. Lol…..

  4. Jim Dean’s articles are becoming more interesting and is difficult to choose one over the other because the information is equally useful.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph is right about Israeli killings of Americans and here is one of the best sources:

    Many charitable organizations are fraudulent and are mostly run by Jews or their non-Jewish agents whom we can call “moles”.

    That is where Council for the National comes in because it is all about taking care of interests of American people of all colors and religions because it protects American interests in a unique and meaningful and honest way.

    Reading the various articles on their website will give you a taste of what they are about. One important thing they want to do is to stop American money going into Israel which funds Israeli crimes which over 70 to 80% Americans are against.

    1. Well said Harriet! I like the Council for the National Interest and what they stand for. It members are former Foreign Service Career Diplomat and former lawmakers. It was the AIPAC who destroyed the career of former Congressman Paul Finley. A twenty two years Republican law maker from Illinois, and the author of the book, They dare to speak out against the Israeli lobby. I highly recommend this book to those who care about our foreign policy and the whole Middle East.

  5. Former Congressman Paul Finley was the cofounder of the Coucil for the National Interest. I have the pleasure of meeting him in a convention in Washington,D.C. back in 1985.

  6. @ The RealOriginalJoe,

    What immediately crossed my mind when I read your incoherent twaddle was the psychiatric term WORD SALAD, which is defined as follows :

    “Word salad may describe a symptom of mental conditions in which a person attempts to communicate an idea, but words and phrases that may appear to be random and unrelated come out in an incoherent sequence instead. Often, the person is unaware that he or she did not make sense. It appears in people with dementia and schizophrenia as well as afteranoxic brain injury.”
    Wikipedia : word salad.

    BTW the correct word for red fez is not taboosh but taRboosh.

    1. Franklin,

      Nice to see you back. Hope this guy didn’t drive you away in the first place, as has has driven away some of our best posters. For some odd reason, the management here keep him on “permanent monitoring” and allow roughly one-tenth of his interminable posts to appear. I don’t understand their motivation. On the Occidental Observer he wouldn’t have been allowed to post at all, and I understand that most other websites have pulled the plug on him.

      Maybe Montecristo (who is the ultimate boss here) subscribes to the theory that every court should have its resident court jester or “Fool” and Joe provides some marginal entertainment value, if nothing else.

      Your diagnosis of his psychological condition (“word salad” syndrome indicating dementia, schizophrenia or anoxic brain injury) is the best I’ve seen so far. Here we have so far been divided between two opinions: that he is either a Zionist troll or a psychiatric case posting from some prison or mental institution.

      The second alternative is now firmly fixed in my mind: we are basically dealing with a nutcase.

      1. @ Sardonicus,

        Perhaps you remember that Lasha Darkmoon once said that “Joe” posts on average a hundred comments a day, of which only a few are selected for publication. If you count at least 10 minutes you need to conceive and type a comment, that would mean he spends at least 1000 minutes, that is 16 hours and 40 minutes a day commenting. That means besides the necessary time for eating and sleeping he spends all his time commenting. I don’t think the staff of any psychiatric institution allows their inmates to do that. As far as I know such institutions have all kinds of programs to keep their patients busy : group therapy, sports etc. So we must conclude that if he is indeed a psychiatric case, he lives alone at home. As you may have noticed, he keeps repeating himself in an obsessive-compulsive way. There is no “growth” in his opinions, the hallmark of a deranged mind. I have no “Jewish” feeling when I read his comments. I don’t think he is a Jewish troll. Those people are not mad but cunning.

      2. Hey Franklin, you can psychoanalyse me any time!

        Joking aside though, I think your assessment of “Joe” is spot-on. I, too, have long felt that he is not Jewish. I get no Jewish vibes from him either.

        However, he is a great Hitler hater. And anyone who is clearly anti-Zionist, such as yourself, he automatically attacks as being a “Jew”. He says that 99.99% of the posters on this site are Jews!

        Also, according to him, Lasha Darkmoon is an “Israeli Jew” working for Mossad who secretly worships the demon goddess Lilith. He thinks the choice of the name “Darkmoon” is deeply symbolic and significant and betrays Lasha’s dark and LUNA-tic agenda.

      3. Franklin, I am impressed by the way you psychoanalyzed Joe(*)

        Question: Did you believe Joe(*) is paid troll who is getting paid to promote certain agenda/or to sabotage this site?

  7. Great article about what our mess of a foreign policy looks like to someone who has links into the system. I only have the outsider point of view and I have to say NONE of it has ever made ANY sense.

    Why did we attack Libya? Why did our then Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, think it was so funny? Weren’t we supporting the “bad buys” in Libya and then again in Syria–well, yes, that’s correct. But then we are actually fighting them in Pakistan with the drone war, get it now?

    A lot of people know 9 11 was a false flag and for awhile it looked as if the Israelis were very involved. Now, though, Kevin Ryan has come out with his 19 suspects and not one Israeli or even a Jew (as far as I can tell), and his reasons for 9 11 are the chessboard. The “chessboard” is this idea that whoever controls central Asia controls the world–sorry, I tried to read the book, The Grand Chessboard, but didn’t get it. If we are part of the grand chessboard then why do the Israelis keep pushing us into wars? Are they the ones who really want to control the world or is this just the very long way of getting at the Litani River–you know the river in Lebanon that Israel covets.

    Then there are the pipeline theorists–you know the people where every move we make has to do with a pipeline. The latest pipeline is through Syria and that is the reason for the Syrian war. Still, if we trust our own eyes there is really only one game and that is the war game plans that Israel has for attacking Iran. It’s obsessive compulsive and they come back to it again and again. Of course, all the reasons they give like weapons of mass destruction, etc. have zero supporting evidence. Why do our leaders, then, take them so seriously? Well, it’s the moles, you know, the moles that have worm holes throughout the entire Federal government and the beltway. I believe it, should we maybe be pumping sarin gas into the holes? Obviously not, especially since we don’t really know the real moles from the mere mole wantta be s. Isn’t it expensive, though, in the long run to put up with these wars, and wouldn’t we be better off forgetting about central Asia and just buying whatever it is we want from them? Then we wouldn’t have a foreign policy I suppose and the State Department would be half empty–very funny…

  8. I have to believe the anti-Semitic (that is, anti-Jewish) comments on here are by plants/provocateurs.

    Yes, the Likud-controlled Israelis are desperate and aggressive, and they risked all and lost MUCH trying – along with our Saudi-controlled al Qaida (past?) “allies” – to get us into attacking Syria … and very probably starting World War 3. And this loss of their undue influence may be lasting and that gives serious hope for the future.

    I will always strongly support there being a Jewish Home Land and believe as well Israel should permanently have the West Bank, for geopolitical stability and common sense. (It’s not like the Saudis and Gulf shieks don’t have the money to see the Muslim residents, anyway, are relocated into infinitely better situations than they are now there and in the Gaza.)

    However, Israel’s 1967 false flag attack attack on the USS Liberty should have been thoroughly exposed and punished, which would have at least deterred Israeli participation in 9/11 and very possibly the other, homegrown crazies of our own involved in and/or knowing in advance about the attack.

    In any case, what we NEED is for the great powers – U.S., Russia, Europe, China, Japan, and yes Great (again, after Parliament stood up and voted down attacking Syria) Britain – to sit down, pull out pencils, and delineate our spheres of influence for which we will take the responsibility to police/control … and that would obligate us to control Israel and Saudi Arabia, not them controlling *us*.

    If, for example, the Iranians did go ahead and (intolerably for *everyone*) attempt to produce nuclear-tipped missiles, Russia would have the responsibility to use military force to stop it. (If they needed our marginal assistance, we could provide that, but we should respect that Iran would still be within their sphere of influence afterwards.) If, for example, Hezbollah resumes launching rocket terror attacks on the Israelis from Lebanon (which would presumably also be within our sphere) we would take military action if necessary to wipe Hezbollah out … of Lebanon.

    I have floated this idea on various forums, and maybe it is getting traction. I certainly hope so, for everyone’s sake including the Israelis’. Like Roger Boyes, the (London) Times foreign editor, I think we were sliding toward another missile crisis of 1962 at the very least. (A Russian I consider credible told me the Red Banner Northern Fleet’s boomers had deployed into the Arctic Ocean, in anticipation of a showdown confrontation.) We do NOT want to “celebrate” the centennial of the First World War by having another, infinitely worse one.

    Then too, this over-focus on the Mideast destructively distracts from other, far graver problems confronting humanity which we must solve, like the melting of the icecaps, toxic pollution of the biosphere (atmosphere and oceans), and more.

    Jim Dean, I too am a veteran – AUS, volunteered, 67-69, ConUS & USArEur – and I really appreciate what you guys are doing for the Country at Veterans Today … and this article of yours.

    Lou Coatney

    By the way, I design military/naval history boardgames and World War 2 cardstock model ship( plan)s, and if any of you guys are into that history and such models there are lots of free ones on my 2 webpages.

  9. @ Lou Coatney

    I have to believe the anti-Semitic (that is, anti-Jewish) comments on here are by plants/provocateurs.

    If you are correct, then 99% of the commenters here would be plants or provocateurs — and you would be the first genuine poster in weeks! (Apart from Joe) 🙂

    I will always strongly support there being a Jewish Home Land and believe as well Israel should permanently have the West Bank, for geopolitical stability and common sense.

    Why do you support a “Jewish homeland” on STOLEN Palestinian land? Are you not aware that the Occupied Territories — the West Bank and Gaza — are in breach of international law? Don’t you know that the Israeli settlements are ILLEGAL?

    If, for example, the Iranians did go ahead and (intolerably for *everyone*) attempt to produce nuclear-tipped missiles, Russia would have the responsibility to use military force to stop it.

    Why is it okay to have Israeli nuclear-tipped missiles aimed at Iran, but not okay to have Iranian nuclear-tipped missiles aimed at Israel? Can you explain?

    Are you aware that Iran has not started a war for 300 years and that the most belligerent country in this region is Israel?

    Surely it’s only fair, in the interests of their own survival, that the Muslim countries around Israel should be armed to the teeth in order to protect themselves against Israeli aggression?

    Why should Israel have the nukes to threaten Iran with and Iran be deprived of nukes for defensive purposes?

    If, for example, Hezbollah resumes launching rocket terror attacks on the Israelis from Lebanon (which would presumably also be within our sphere) we would take military action if necessary to wipe Hezbollah out … of Lebanon.

    You want me and my friends on this site to agree to wiping out Hezbollah on behalf of the Israelis? — if Hezbollah should dare to attack Israel?

    Hezbollah never HAS attacked Israel except in self-defense. Hezbollah would only attack Israel if Israel attacked Lebanon first. This is the way it has always been.

    If Israel attacks Lebanon again, making retaliatory action by Hezbollah necessary, how dare you suggest we gang up with the aggressors and wipe out the innocent Lebanese under attack!

    On the contrary, we should rush to the support of Lebanon and give Israel the pounding it deserves.

    I have floated this idea on various forums, and maybe it is getting traction. I certainly hope so, for everyone’s sake including the Israelis.

    You won’t get any traction here, I’m afraid. We are against Israel on principal. We are not in the business of helping Israel to wipe out the Hezbollah freedom fighters or stealing more territory in Lebanon and Syria. The Jews have stolen enough land as it is. It’s time America stood up to this criminal mafia state and stop funding it.

    1. Yes, the Israelis should no longer need WMDs and should be disarmed under such a spheres of influence treaty.

      Yes, Native Americans should have the right to come back to their ancestral lands … gradually, over a period of many decades … as those lands become available. But it should be remembered that they have benefited from joining Christian civilization – having been stopped from exterminating and/or enslaving *each other*, among other things.

      The Jews have been, overall, and integral and productive part of Western civilization, and a relatively little space of their own can and should be made … as long as it doesn’t become a hotbed of human trafficking, human organ trafficking, and other mafiya/criminal activities.

  10. Jewish Home Land, a grand phrase.

    let’s expand on this before expanding onto the rest of the paragraph.

    on what basis is this mythical HomeLand defined and granted?
    let’s say that jews are an ethnically defined group that got unjustly kicked out by the romans 2000 years ago.
    so this gives them the moral right to kick out another group, the palestinians, who’d been living there in those interim 2000 years.
    whoa, buddy!
    hungarians are descendants of huns who swept into europe what, 700 years ago from their ancestral homelands in central asia, do hungarians have the right to their homeland in uzbekistan?
    what about siuox, blackfoot, cree, seminoles, kiowa, dakotas and many other first nations?
    more than anyone they have a right to reestablish ownership of nort america, just as your australian aborigines have the right to boot you off the continent.
    sounds good to me.
    mexico used to comprise today’s california, arizona, texas, nevada, utah, so why can’t they have it back and kick out or subjugate all the new immigrants there.

    but moreover, there is a very serious issue with jews being of a single genetic stock and moreover, the majority, the ashkenazy derive from khazar areas in today’s georgia.
    i am all for giving them back their homeland, in fact joe stalin did just that didn’t he, in birobidjan.

    as for your very humane, moral and legally correct notion that ethnically cleansed palestinians should be offloaded onto saudi arabia (why? because saudis are rich), why cannot jews in israel be taken care of their brethren in new york, chicago, toronto, washington, los angeles, strasbourg, sidney and elsewhere.
    why? because jews are even richer, incomparably so than saudis.
    notwithstanding the plain-in-your-face fact that every dime jews own is STOLEN.
    ever heard of a working jew, ie, not pulling strings in some comfortable snazzy office be it wall street or palm beach or bahamas?
    me neither.

    sorry if my post is long and antisemitic and keeps you away from daily jew worship.

      1. @Lou Coatney –

        Just this morning, I have been out doing some tractor work (I am a farmer), and I heard Glen Beck on the cab radio talking about how he would propose getting the US out of debt by privatizing – then selling off to highest bidders – all our national parks and forests, along with mineral and timber rights. What he DOESN’T understand (or admit to, anyway) is that this whole fantasy of ‘debt’ has been created by the advocates/agents of the same people you seem to hold in high regard. I have to give you the benefit of doubt: You probably don’t know any better. MEANWHILE, though, Beck is catering to the very weakness of ignorance which got us into this national mess in the first place.
        Give ‘them’ control of [our] currency (as they are now in control of every nation’s except Iran), and they don’t care WHO makes laws, allocates spheres of influence, or puts monkeys in their statehouses.

        REPUDIATE the debt, and see who floats out of the mire.

      2. Btw, a well-known, universal legal maxim declares ‘The slightest inference of fraud vitiates the most solemn promise to pay.’

        We, as a people and nation, have been defrauded. The Federal Reserve and IRS is a fraud. The State of Israel is a fraud. ‘Jewish Homeland’ (wherever THAT is supposed to be) is a fraud. WE owe them NOTHING.

      3. … a well-known, universal legal maxim declares ‘The slightest inference of fraud vitiates the most solemn promise to pay.’

        gilbert, what about kol nidre, shouldn’t that in itself be sufficient guarantee of payment, seeing as how every jew that considers himself a jew says it on yom kippur?

        because The Jews have been, overall, and integral and productive part of Western civilization, they should be given every credibility.

        take for example your neighbor farmers, most of them jews.
        doesn’t it give you pleasure seeing them when they harvest their crop of kidney beans?
        oops, strike “beans” … just kidneys.

        anyway, i will leave you to your thoughts, got appointment with my jewish shrink referred by lou, where i relax by taped messages by immortal ovadia yosefpeaceful sounds of loulabies at the neigborhood chabad loubavitcher outreach (‘reach out and steal something from goy’) center.

  11. Can’t figure your train, here, lobro. The legal maxim has NOTHING to do with Kol nidre, and EVERYTHING to do with the United States repudiating the ‘debt’, in the context of this discussion. You are a smart man, and I don’t feel the need to say more about it, unless you just want to be argumentative.

    Yes, there are a few Jews around here who OWN some farms – but just ornamental-type farms. In fact, I believe they’d literally starve to death if they had to farm for a living. But what’s your point? They also own the currency with which you buy your groceries, the legal system within which you rely on your tenuous security, and the media by way of which you communicate. What? Do you think YOU’RE somehow above the rest of mankind in your self-righteous pretense??? Get over it, or challenge it like a man.

    Sometimes I wonder, truly, about whether the lot of you on here are the genuine article.
    You seem to have the time to post and confab all day, as if that is your only stock in trade.

    1. don’t jump the gun gilbert.
      i meant no offense and will take none. for now.
      i do enjoy keeping tongue in cheek for added effect but in the above case unfortunately with the effect opposite to the one desired.

      1. if jews as whatever group appellation you choose to name them, nation, tribe, clan, band or horde practically define themselves by the single valid oath, which is to lie to you and the rest of us clueless, how good is their intention to honor any promises at all?

      2. jews do not farm. i mean – farm, not talking about land ownership.
      a jew does not take a shovel and dig trenches, this has never happened in history of humanity, except possibly in hitler’s enforced work camps.

      3. my response was to lou coatney but worded as if talking to you.
      “The Jews have been, overall, and integral and productive part of Western civilization” is a direct quote by him and i took issue with it.

      as for whether i have time to post and confab all day long … gilbert, that was uncalled for.
      i don’t print money, i don’t steal it, i don’t live off usury or another man’s labor, if that was what you were (are?) driving at.
      if i do have some time to post, i am yet, at this moment not in violation of any law.
      when israel is mighty, this will change, so i make the best of the current opportunity.

      1. Anyhow, lobro, I really ENJOY reading your posts. I suppose I’m miffed at being seemingly misunderstood by you – whose opinion I usually hold in high regard. (Moreover, I might be frustrated just because I, myself, feel like I have to steal my own time to be on here… So much to do/so little time to do it – and all that.) 🙂

        I apologize for my rudeness.

      2. like i said, i know misunderstanding when i see it, nothing to apologize for since the intent was honorable if a bit misdirected.

        i know that on some days, miffingness 🙂 is the ruling emotion, it happens to me too.

  12. Mossad in America by Dr Philip Giraldi

    The American Conservative – Israeli government claims that it does not spy on the United States are intended for the media and popular consumption. The reality is that Israel’s intelligence agencies target the United States intensively, particularly in pursuit of military and dual-use civilian technology. Among nations considered to be friendly to Washington, Israel leads all others in its active espionage directed against American companies and the Defense Department. It also dominates two commercial sectors that enable it to extend its reach inside America’s domestic infrastructure: airline and telecommunications security. Israel is believed to have the ability to monitor nearly all phone records originating in the United States, while numerous Israeli air-travel security companies are known to act as the local Mossad stations.

    Read more:

  13. Why is the Middle East situation continuing as it is? Very simple, the majority of the world’s oil supply comes from that region. If Israel can obtain total hegemony over the Middle East, then it will control around half the world’s oil reserves. So what will be the outcome of such an eventuality? The fact that the noun “Jew” has long been used in verb form to describe their business practices should make every non-Jew’s blood run cold. For Jews, domination of the world’s oil reserves is chust goot bizness.

    No doubt as their stellar predecessor, Nathan Rothschild, said about his profitable manipulation of the battle of Waterloo.

    “When I settled in London, the East India Company had £800,000 worth in gold to sell. I went to the sale, and bought it all. I knew the Duke of Wellington must have it. I had bought a great many of his bills at a discount. The Government sent for me and said they must have it. When they had got it, they did not know how to get it to Portugal. I undertook all that, and I sent it through France, and that was the best business I ever did.”

    The result of this transfer of gold through French lines was Napoleon’s defeat. Should Israel manage their objective of controlling the Middle East, it will mean the defeat of petroleum dependent western civilization.

  14. Israel firster Diana Feinstein is busy giving her spouse US Government contracts and making billions of dollars while Americans are going hungry.

    What is going on in the mind of these criminals who are so insensitive to the suffering of the human race and how can these criminals be contained so that humanity could be protected from horrific crimes they perpetrate?

    Dianne Feinstein to make 1 BILLION DOLLARS off US Postal properties

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