We Are All Russians Now — by an Unknown Author

Will Putin Save The World From Israel?

Edited and presented with pictures, captions and additional comments by Lasha Darkmoon

No one provokes me with impunity

Shortly after Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia in 2000, the murdered family of Tzar Nicholas was beatified. Until quite recently, the centers of Jewish power had hoped to preserve some idealized memories of the murderous Soviet system in the minds of the Russians, but it turned out to be a vain hope.

Because Bolshevism was formulated and executed by Jews, their power centers had retained fond hopes of being able some day to reconnect and reinstall some sort of Jewish lobby leverage in the Kremlin. These fond hopes were dashed by Vladimir Putin.

By the end of 2008, the Russians were expected to decide between two ideological systems: between Communism as represented by Stalin and his fanatical band of murderous Cheka Jews or the conservative and traditional values of old-fashioned Tzarism. Until quite recently, Stalin had remained slightly ahead of Tzar Nicholas II. “Then, however, the Tzar mysteriously pulled ahead.” (Die Welt, 17 July 2008, page 1)

After that, no further choice was necessary.

The Jewish Lobby was of course hoping that a Tzarist cult would never rise again. Given that the Tzar had been the great adversary of the Bolshevik Jews, the Jewish Lobby did all it could to blacken the reputation of the Tsars. Now however, the Russians again see in Tzar Nicholas II a kind of savior who, like Jesus Christ, had made an enemy of the Jews and had suffered martyrdom.


LASHA DARKMOON:  Having read these significant and portentous words, Pope Paul VI decided to ignore them completely and repudiate 2000 years of Christian doctrine. On October 28, 1965, with the publication of Nostra Aetate (‘In Our Age’), the Holy Father exonerated the Jews completely from collective ethnic guilt for the killing of Jesus Christ, making the Catholic Church, in the opinion of many conservative Catholics, subservient to the synagogue.

It was not long after this theological volte-face by the Catholic Church that Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman (pictured) told the world what she thought of the Pope’s historic U-turn: “I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again — in a second!   

In the same way that the Jews killed Jesus Christ and later tried to pin the blame on Pontius Pilate, they killed Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family and tried to pretend they had nothing to do with it. You will look in vain for any Jewish admission of guilt on this score, either in school history books or in the mainstream media.

Fortunately, we now know the identities of the six Jewish assassins who were involved in this historic crime. In overall charge of the operation was the Jew Sverdlov. He had five Jewish henchman — Yurovsky, Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov — who not only took part in the actual murder of the family but are reported  to have sexually violated the Tsar’s four beautiful daughters, described here as “these pure, enchanting young girls.” 

The mass murder itself, as we now know from documentary evidence, was carried out on the executive orders of Lenin who was at least one-quarter Jewish — a fact that had hitherto been carefully concealed. Even Churchill had been bamboozled into believing that Lenin was a gentile.  —  Lasha Darkmoon]

Following on the heels of the organized collapse of the Soviet Union, the global Jewish Lobby was able to install Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin. Once they had seized control of Russia’s natural resources, they believed they could rule forever, or at least as long as they were operating under the protection of the US military forces. Not only did they control the military bloodhound Amerika, which they could let loose against any country that became troublesome; they also controlled Russia, whose energy resources they wished to exploit so as to enslave the entire planet. Yeltsin deliberately allowed the Russian military forces to disintegrate. Rapidly.

In the early 1990s, the Arab media did a detailed investigation of Yeltsin, the degenerate drunkard whom the Jewish Lobby had installed as their puppet. Extraordinary new facts came to light. They discovered that Yeltsin was a crypto-Jew. His real name was actually Jelzman.

On 28 November 1992 the newspaper Al Arab, which is published in London, made the following announcement on its front page: “The name change was decided upon at the 20th Party Congress. Yeltsin is a Jew. Risselov, a member of the Volksunion, revealed that the family name of President Yeltsin was Jelzman, a German Jewish name. The 20th Party Congress then decided to change the family name of Boris Jelzman to Yeltsin. The reason given for this change was that the Russian people would be afraid of the name Jelzman since his grandfather Jelzman had murdered thousands of Russians under Beria.”

Amazing to think that this grandson of a Cheka Jew, who had helped to murder thousands of Russian Christians after the Bolshevik Revolution, should suddenly find himself as top dog of the Kremlin — a Jew pretending to be a gentile.

LASHA DARKMOON: Beria’s Jewish ethnicity remains in doubt. No mainstream historian has ever claimed that Beria—a child sex killer who buried children alive in his basement—was a Jew. But there are definite rumors (a) that Beria’s grandmother was Jewish and (b) that Stalin himself suspected Beria was a Jew and on one occasion actually accused him of being Jewish.   

Everything had seemed to be going well for the Lobby. Then, out of a clear blue sky, Vladimir Putin’s coup occurred.

He deposed the terrible Jelzman-Yeltsin. Today, Yeltsin’s Jewish background is openly discussed even in the establishment press, where as he is described as having “converted to Christianity”. For example, on page 1 of its issue of 17 July 2008, Die Welt refers to “Boris Yeltsin, the Communist who later converted to Christianity.”

When they brutally murdered the Tzar’s family in Yekaterinburg on the night of 17 July 1918 in the house of the engineer Ipatjev, the Bolsheviks unwittingly established “a cult that, 90 years later, is still as strong as ever.” (Die Welt, 17 July 2008, p. 1) This was true even though Jelzman did everything in his power to erase the memory of the Tzar from Russian consciousness. “Boris Yelzin even had the Ipatjev house demolished without being able to stop the growing fondness for the Tzar in Russia.” (Die Welt, 17 July 2008, page 1).

According to an eyewitness report of the massacre:

The Tzarina complained to [Jewish] Commandant Yurovski about the empty room in which they were held and she requested two chairs. Yurovski then had two chairs brought in, on which the Tzarina and her ill son Alexi sat down. Yurovski ordered the other family members to stand in two rows behind mother and son, then brought in the execution detail. Yurovski informed the Tzar that the government had ordered their execution and therefore, he was now going to shoot them. The Tzar said nothing except the words “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”, as Jesus said on the Cross.

Then Commandant Yurovski shot him. The other soldiers shot Nicholas as well, and he died immediately. Then the firing squad began shooting wildly to kill all the other members of the family.

When the shooting was over, Alex and three of his sisters were still alive and lying wounded on the floor. The bullets that were fired at the girls seemed to have been deflected. The soldiers then began bayoneting the victims.

However, the bayonets became stuck in the girls’ bodices. This was because, during internment in Alexander Palace, the children and lady-in-waiting, Anna Demidova, had sewed a large number of the family jewels and diamonds into a pillow and the girls’ bodices. On the evening they were murdered they were wearing these bodices, and in addition, Demidova attempted to deflect the bullets with the pillow. For this reason the execution lasted about 20 minutes until the last member of the family was dead.

After the murders, Yurovski attempted to erase all traces of the crime.” (See here)

The last of the Romanovs, Tsar Nicholas II and his family,
brutally murdered by the Jews

LASHA DARKMOON: After the February Revolution of 1917, Nicholas II abdicated his throne and took refuge with his family in a house in Yekaterinburg. The Tzar, his wife, his son, his four daughters, his servants and family doctor were all killed in the same room by the Bolsheviks on the night of July 17, 1918. It has since been confirmed that Lenin ordered the clandestine killings from Moscow.

Veteran British journalist Robert Wilton explains in his cult classic, The Fall of the Romanovs, how the murder of the Tsar and his family was orchestrated entirely by Jews:

“The whole record of Bolshevism in Russia is indeliby impressed with the stamp of an alien invasion. The murder of the Tsar, deliberately planned by the Jew Sverdlov, and carried out by the Jews Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, and Yurovsky, is the act not of the Russian people, but of this hostile invader.”  Robert Wilton, The Fall of the Romanovs, p.148.

According to a report released by Archbishop Wikenti on 17 July 2008, around 40,000 persons took part in a religious procession from Yekaterinburg to an abandoned mineshaft some 18 kilometers distant. The bodies of Tzar Nicholas, his German wife Alexandra and their five children had been carried to that place after they had been shot by their Jewish murderers in the night of 17 July 1918 in Yekaterinburg.

In conjunction with the memorial service for the Romanovs, copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion — an alleged “forgery” setting out uncannily accurate plans and predictions for Jewish world domination — were offered for sale. Large numbers of printed pamphlets were distributed along with the Protocols. The printed materials were entitled “Why we hate the Jewish Mafia”. They posed the question “Is This Xenophobia or Self Defense?”

The student Ivan Kolsev, 20, who had wrapped himself in a Tzarist banner, expressed the opinion of many when he said “Democracy has no future — we are returning to monarchy!” On the banner was written “In honor of Russia: for Tzar and Fatherland.” [Agence France-Presse (AFP), 28 July 2008.]

The new Tzarist cult is more than a revolution, it is the rebirth of the Russian nation after all the suffering the Bolsheviks inflicted on it. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez expressed this view during his visit to Moscow at the end of July 2008: “Venezuela takes note of the rebirth of Russia with great and affectionate attention.” (Die Welt, 23 July 2008, p. 5)

President Medvedev then expressed sincere appreciation to President Chavez for his heartfelt interest. Since his first day as President of Russia, it has been Putin’s principal goal to enable Russia’s reawakening. He and his allies have always had a clear picture of the people who murdered the Romanovs along with 55 million other Russians.

It was always clear to Putin that the Jewish oligarchs — those unparalleled parasites — had one primary aim: to suck Russia dry and annihilate it for all time.

A Kremlin politician close to Putin was quoted as saying about the then most influential Jews:

“Boris Beresovski and Vladimir Gussinski are like bacteria that establish themselves in diseased bodies, but then die when the bodies grow healthy again.” [Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), 2 April 2002.] This statement reminds us of a passage from Chapter 11 of Mein Kampf: “The Jew is and will remain the eternal parasite, a freeloader that, like a malignant bacterium, spreads rapidly whenever a growth medium is made available to it.”

Vladimir Gussinski was the head of the Jewish Central Committee in Russia as well as chairman of the Jewish World Congress. After fleeing Russia for refuge in Israel, he stated to the world press that in Russia, “a new state ideology against the West is to be feared… It has many anti-Jewish characteristics.” He called the then Russian president, Vladimir Putin, an “extreme anti Semite and secret admirer of Hitler.” (Spiegel, 25/2000, p. 180).

LASHA DARKMOON: Gussinski is apparently unaware that the Zionists and Nazis had made a secret pact in World War II; nor does he seem to know or care that the same genocidal policies Hitler is accused of pursuing against the Jews are precisely the same murderous policies being applied right now by Israel against the Palestinian people. One must never forget this: that the Jews are engaged in systematic genocide, at this very moment, in Occupied Palestine.

For the Russians, the Jews are guilty of having killed the emissaries of God when they murdered the Romanov family, since the family has now been beatified. “Just as they once crucified Jesus,” said a participant in the memorial services. “Nicholas and Alexandra were our father and mother. They were like Russia’s parents,” said one of the bystanders among the faithful. Another participant in the memorial mass expressed enthusiasm for the return of the Tzarism: “The Tzar is God’s chosen on Earth — we must have a Tzar!” (AFP 17 July 2008.)

Russian schools now teach that it was Jews who murdered the Tzar’s family. This is probably the reason why even Wikipedia has begun reporting that the murderers were Jews, a fact that could not be mentioned in former times. “On 4 July 1918, the Cheka took over guarding the Romanovs in Yekaterinburg. They were accompanied by Jakov Yurovski… Yurovski was a Jew.” (Wikipedia). Two additional Jewish assassins who joined the Yurovski murderers were Alexander Belobarodov and Filip Goloschtschokin.

Today the Russians weep when they think of that horrible crime.

Only Jews would have been capable of such a bloodthirsty crime,” stated a participant in the memorial mass in front of the Church of the Blood that was held in Yekaterinburg in 2008.

LASHA DARKMOON: It must never be forgotten that the Jews, according to Russian author Solzhenitsyn, killed at least 66 million Russian Christians between 1917 and 1957.

The same Jews now rule the Western world, both in America and Europe, from their seat in Israel. So we need to be very careful lest they start getting genocidal ideas again.

Next time it could be us.

Solz quote on Bolsheviks (b)

LASHA DARKMOON (update):  

Last year (2013) Israel launched a devastating attack on Syria in breach of international law and with the full blessings of America. Russia then moved part of its Pacific fleet into the Mediterranean sea, for the first time in decades, in an attempt to forestall any further attempts by the Israeli aggressors  to destabilize the Middle East. 

Vladimir Putin is aware that if Israel is allowed to attack Syria again with impunity, it will sooner or later pluck up the courage to attack Iran, knowing that America will be forced to come to its rescue. Putin cannot allow this. It would be a sign of unforgivable weakness, leading to Russia’s encirclement and final ruin.

Putin also knows that one lethal, nuclear-tipped missile aimed at Dimona would teach the Israelis a lesson they would never forget. 

Putin needs to save the world from Israel.

We are all Russians now.

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Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

320 thoughts on “We Are All Russians Now — by an Unknown Author

  1. I have three concerns about Putin and Russia. Firstly he was ex KGB which to me means he’ll always be KGB. Secondly all leaders/politicians are controlled by the bankers and thirdly, the Golda Meir/Stalin/Kaganovitch pact spoken about in Jack Bernstein’s book – ‘The Life of An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel’.

    Sure some will say that when communism fell (did it really?) all the oligarchs moved out with their plunder of the country’s population, but really, Russia I think is still as much the controlled Jewish state it was after the revolution of 1917. I don’t know if I really trust Putin. He’s a politician and they’re all psychopathic liars.

    1. A small part of me has always suspected that what you say could be right: that Putin is not the man he seems.

      The viewpoint put forward by the article, that Putin is one of the good guys — our potential rescuer and deliverer from the clutches of organized Jewry — could, I admit, turn out to be wishful thinking. I sincerely hope not. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Vlad’s our man.

      Only time will tell. The litmust test will be Iran. If Putin does nothing when Iran is attacked, that will tell us he was never to be trusted.

      Xanadu (aka Lasha Darkmoon)

      1. I agree with you Lasha. I’m hoping I’m wrong about Putin, however, you say the test will be Iran when quite frankly, the test was Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, conflicts Putin voiced discontent over, warning the west of Russian opposition to their warmongering and yet Russia did nothing.

        Let’s not forget one VITAL important factor here; we are told that the only powers capable of resisting the might of western imperialism are Russia and China, yet who built China up to be the world’s leading manufacturing base and what would Russia do ostracised, turned into a pariah state by the west?

        It is not the voices of the people who dictate a country’s direction, but a select few individuals, themselves puppets of an even smaller, incredibly powerful few.

        The madness is one of people going to war, who will kill and be killed by individuals whom they don’t know nor ever had any grievance with, all because they are told to do so. If I went to a bar with my hand bandaged and when asked what happened, they’d laugh and think me a fool were I to tell them I was told to put it in the fire by so and so, yet, armed forces personnel are lauded as heroes, ordered to their deaths by ‘so and so’.

        Will Putin commit Russian lives into what will be its first major conflict since Afghanistan putting itself as enemy of the Jewish controlled west? Only time will tell, but to finish, it’s worth noting, the wars between the French and English, ending at Waterloo, were instigated by the Rothschilds as was every major war thereafter. Napoleon was viewed as a French patriot, but was he merely following orders, as, whom I believe, is Putin?

        The instigation of what could be the catalyst to WWIII, Russia’s entry into the scene, will result in the loss of millions of lives, possible thermo-nuclear war and more wars to follow. However two things are certain if Putin commits:

        1. The bankers, corporations, oil companies, big pharma and the weapons-military complex will greatly profit.

        2. The pre-planned agenda continues.

      2. @Harbinger

        Your posts offer a comprehensive look at the present situation. And a realistic one when considering the nature of World leaders today. Let’s face it. Hitler was the last “Great White Hope” insofar as leadership in these Worldly, political capacities is concerned. (And my saying this gives only the appearance of negativity – the ‘destiny’ of Man is ultimately positive, irrespective of the subjugating illusions that control us) But I digress.

        History is always repeating itself when it comes to its manipulator’s orchestration of it. If Putin is being used (played) like Hitler in this run-up to WW3, then what could be seen as parallels? Russia’s signs of a Christian restoration could be seen as a resurgence equivalent to the German Leiberstraum. The difference being that it isn’t Putin’s passionate Life’s mission to isolate the jews from the general body of humanity. Instead of course, it’s become a matter of keeping Israel in check – purely geopolitical at this point.

        In drawing these parallels there seems to be a ‘role-reversal’ of sorts going on. Russia keeping an eye on Syria could be the equivalent to Germany overrunning the whole of Czechoslovakia in 1939. The logical progression would see present-day Iran in the role of Poland at the outset of WW2. At this equivalent point Hitler knew the Poles were gonna fight, which was regrettable, but his eyes were fixed ever eastward on the ultimate prize – the take-down of the Soviet Union.

        Fast forward to 2013, and in keeping with this continuing parallel of history playing out in this deja-vu fashion, not if, but WHEN Syria falls to NATO forces then it’s GAME ON.

      3. Putin IS a catalyst, himself. Attractive and compelling – yes, as “leaders” go – but nonetheless reliant upon whomever ultimately controls global commerce and its primary tool, money. Without some obescience to money’s masters, any country or leader must be alienated from world affairs, thereby facing INTERNAL conflict, while the vultures circle. Putin has to understand this.
        It seems that he does; and it seems that the masters may be counting on that [his] understanding to keep the Middle East in a constant state of DIVERSIONARY tension, i.e., a decoy to misdirect international scrutiny, without having to really commit to a far-flung hot war.

    2. The very fact that the man was KGB head and a trained soldier and a patriot, does not allow you to call him a politician. He has his finger on the pulse, knows what the ashkenazis are up to, and is one of those rare men. A leader and a true patriot

      1. If the Jew media continues to vilify Putin, make him out to be the new Fuhrer then we should know for sure.

      2. “The very fact that the man was KGB head and a trained soldier and a patriot, does not allow you to call him a politician.”

        Really? So a president of a country is not in politics and thus a politician?
        As for being ex KGB, well, that makes me realise he did many bad things as a Jewish puppet.
        And being a soldier does not automatically make one a patriot. I don’t see any defence of Russia, by Putin, from invasion of foreign peoples, do you? In fact has he curbed migration, or is he no different to western leaders? Has he started any repatriation, or will the same happen in Russia as is currently happening in Sweden with migrant riots? Has he EVER defended Russia from attack, while as a soldier, or was he like western armed forces a puppet to be put where their superiors wanted him? A patriot defends and upholds values. There are no western armed force’s patriots for in the UK, the last battle fought from outside invasion (defence of one’s nation) was Culloden Moore in 1745 and America with the civil war in 1865. All western armed forces personnel are therefore invaders and not defenders, the complete opposite of a patriot.

        And you say “he has his finger on the pulse”. Do you know Putin, or only what the msm tells you of him? As I said above to Lasha, he warned the west about involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and that proved he has the ‘talk’ but not the ‘walk’. How do you think Putin got into power, in the land raped, plundered and murdered by the ashkenazi? Do you think the people selected him? Do you know anything about geo-politics, come to think of it just politics? Putin, in my mind is CONTROLLED opposition, merely one part of the Hegelian dialectic, there to give people (false) hope, one ‘of their own’ is up in the top echelons of society, batting for them.

        I want to be wrong, but I doubt it. Politics is the natural environment of the psychopath. Those people in life who crave power are the very last ones who should ever have it.

    3. Good question friend. I am asking similar questions. Are all these leaders just playing a game and the outcome will be the death of millions of innocent people? If that is the case then most people will be killed in this next war. If not and Putin and his mob are against US/Israeli/Nato aggression then we may have a chance for peace. Let’s hope for the latter.

    4. he may be KGB but the fact is this, he is not a zionist jew trying to take over the world, which is happening right now by the zionist jews

    5. You’re totally correct, but they do seem to back off to allow the anti-semitism needed to keep Judaism together; it’s their Jew glue and America is now their ‘evil empire’ role while Russia is America. (Look at their new logo!) As long as we have Masonic control of US, Russia and China , Jewish aristocrats / banksters will continue their money based control via relationships with organized criminals intrinsic to a given culture.

      They also teams, available at moments notice, with mind controlled robot-like people, including children, that can be witnesses, or assassins programmed to suicide themselves after an assassination or create a head-on or other serious car “accident”. They were used to bag, via false and collaborated testimony, the Taylor boy shot at Columbine when he wrote a book on anti-depressants and how the boys spoke of using them to work up a murderous rage. Used it to have him committed and mentally lobotomized.

      These are also used in America and are one reason why police fear them and are also aware Jewish Masons have feathered into their ranks organized criminals of the Italian and Jewish variety! A 3rd degree Mason and battalion chief told me “Don’t ever trust those cops they send to your house!”.

      I’m sure there are others who have researched the news local to the so-called “lone nut” killings or the Boston Bombing to see how Masons have totally corrupted our police.

  2. “The same Jews now rule the Western world, both in America and Europe, from their seat in Israel. So we need to be very careful lest they start getting genocidal ideas again. ”

    The genocidal ideas have more than started, they are running full speed ahead. Jewish control of the financial political classes in “the West” had led to insane immigration policies, which are, in fact, genocidal for Europeans and North Americans of European descent, as well as North American Indians.

  3. “Putin also knows that one lethal, nuclear-tipped missile aimed at Dimona would teach the Israelis a lesson they would never forget.

    Putin needs to save the world from Israel.

    We are all Russians now.”

    Thus spake Darkmoon, rounding off this disgusting article with three little paragraphs dripping with blood. So you want Putin to nuke Israel, eh? Not content with the harvest of six million souls reaped by your Aryan mass murderer Hitler?

    If I’d been Ivan the Terrible, I would have you boiled alive like a lobster in a pot.

    1. Man up Seymour Zac! Speak clearly. You don’t really need Ivan to boil Darkmoon “alive like a lobster in a pot.” You’d do it yourself, wouldn’t you? — Oh. Sorry. Never mind. You would have to use someone else to execute your dirty deeds, like any good Satanic Jew. No blood on your hands! “It was Pilate!”

      1. Brilliant reply Angelo, well done, you metaphorically boiled him/her alive with that one, not the 6 million BS being regurgitated too 🙂

    2. Speaking of boiling, your ilk is asking for a “real” hollow-cost through your lies and warmongering BS.

      Enjoy your little whorehouse so-called “israel” while it last.

    3. That’s never been proven. I have spoken to older men who were alive in the second world war and they told me there weren’t even 6 million Jews in Israel at the time. On the other hand no-one condones the death of innocent people be they Jewish or any other nation. But let’s stop with this Holocaust fairytale. Most people know this is a story made up to promote hatred. Millions of people have died as a result of wars all over the world and they weren’t just Jews.

    4. “So you want Putin to nuke Israel, eh? ”

      Yes I do but at the same time I do not believe that Putin is the man who has the guts(or free hand) to do it.
      Jewish cancer in Russia is eating the Russian body and soul since almost 100 years and I dot believe ( I wish I could) that removing Jelzman could change anything .

      “Not content with the harvest of six million souls reaped by your Aryan mass murderer Hitler?”

      Please save me a holo-propaganda:)
      Doesn’t work any more 🙂

      “If I’d been Ivan the Terrible, I would have you boiled alive like a lobster in a pot.”

      Like your jewish murderers did after 1917 with many Russians who refused to accept the jewish”revolution?
      Yes.I do believe you would.


    5. Getting a little nervous in zio wonderland there are we Seymour. The Jews have controlled the narrative for the entirety of the twentieth century. Things are changing,now the other side of the story is coming out,and millions of people world wide aren’t happy at what their hearing while watching the actions of the Jews that only validate what they have been hearing. It’s hilarious they are installing chalk Boards outside all those “LABOR CAMP”,seeing as how they are always changing the number that wondrous 6 million lottery number that was even used during world war one. Americans are learning about how you guys Murdered our sailors aboard the USS Liberty,as the noose of truth gets tighter. Hey Seymour truth lives a miserable existence,but it always survives a lie. another Hint we laugh when you try the tired old guilt trip of Hitler,Nazi’s the Hohocuast,or we put non kosher jelly on our matzoh. The Zio Gravey train is coming into the last stop,you guys may actually have to get real jobs,WHAT A FREAKING NIGHTMARE!

    6. see a zionist jew speaks, HA HA HA, if i were putin i would boiled you alive ” seymour Zak

    7. also your zionist jews killed and starve 11 million of my people, so yes i hope he puts isreal into glass

    8. also you can’t even look after those that were in the concentration camps, from poland, and elsewhere, because Isreahell wants them to starve this people to death and because of the fustration they see Isrealhell building walls around their colony, these surviours decide to burn themselves, so Seymour Zak, what kind of colony do you live in ,
      and yes i use the word colony, becasue that is isrealhell is today, A COLONY THAT NEEDS THE WEST TO DO IT’S DIRTY WORK

      1. remember this “seymour Zak”

        Gussinski is apparently unaware that the Zionists and Nazis had made a secret pact in World War II; nor does he seem to know or care that the same genocidal policies Hitler is accused of pursuing against the Jews are precisely the same murderous policies being applied right now by Israel against the Palestinian people. One must never forget this: that the Jews are engaged in systematic genocide, at this very moment, in Occupied Palestine. — LD]

        Israel is a Nazi colony now, and its government are all Nazis

        remember this seymour Zak

    9. You’ve got to be kidding to believe Hitler, who was a likely Rothschild, but certainly a “golem” created by Jews, was “Aryan”! (Did have rare Jewish DNA, and was a likely crypto Jew like Yeltsin, Stalin, Clinton, Kerry and lots of others.)

      Hitler was used by Rothschild to kill the religious Jews who did not want to move to the deserts of Palestine where they would soon be needed to hold land to be stolen!

      Which Jewish leader said, “One Cow in Palestine is worth all the Jews in Poland.”?

      Review the totally Jewish(corrupted) court called the Nuremberg Trials, who made it quite obvious to everyone, except the American people, there was no ‘fair trial’ to be had in that court of “lamp shade and soap” lying Jews! New rules on evidence were used to hang the Germans and complete their extermination promised ~1925 after the Jews exterminated the Russian Christians. “We have exterminated the Russian property owners and will do the same in Europe and America!” TheJew ZIOBIT 1925

      Search “Buchenwald Dumb Dumb Portrayal” for a video of that Hollywood pedo production. (Jewish pedophiles, like those who raped and killed the Russian Czar Romanov’s daughter’s, being such a trust deserving group!) Why so many Jewish pedophiles?(Search “Pedophile downloads pentagon” and “Number one problem in Hollywood is pedophilia.”)

      After Jews like did that to Russian priests and “good looking children”, who were deemed “threats to the revolution”. [Actually Jewish Masonic TREASON like the French “revolution”.]

      It’s been proven the gas chamber claim was Jewish garbage, like we’re fed daily, used to get others into the war to exterminate the Germans and other Euro owners. Jews, not Germans, had extermination plans for a “Final Solution”, not the Germans and this is well proven!

  4. . too, am hopeful about Putin but also skeptical He is reinstating the cult of Stalin.

  5. . too, am hopeful about Putin but also skeptical He is reinstating the cult of Stalin.this is not a duplicsate comment, it’s original.

  6. Judge Putin by his deeds.

    If he hadn’t been in the government in some capacity prior to his ascent in 2001 he wouldn’t be where he is now. Besides, he’s attempting to not only clean up the murderous legacy of 70 – plus years left by Jewish revolutionaries, he was also tasked with undoing the psychology of a nation that lived under an essentially atheist system combined with a stunningly inefficient planned economy for that length of time as well having to, in incremental fashion, dismantle the work of the oligarchs and international bankers.

    Such things cannot be done over night.

    I would argue that anyone who believes that Russia remains as under control of international Jewry as it did after the series of revolutions (February and November) in 1917 should seriously rethink such a position. The revival of Orthodoxy is no joke and is as anti-Judaist a circumstance as one can imagine. Putin’s so-far successful incentivized push for an increase in the birth rate amongst native Russian women to above replacement-level rates rather than opening her borders to mass third-world immigration is another example of a completely non-Judaist approach to restoring historical Russia.

    The oft used phrase used by Ronald Reagan, “Trust, but verify”, is of Russian origin. Communism did not fall; it moved here. I “trust” Putin more than I do “Western” leaders in that the actions he has taken are, at least on the surface, anti-Judaist and anti-world government. As our idiot Vice-President Joseph Biden pointed out this past week, the Jews deserve all the credit for destroying the historic West with their never-ending series of amoral acts that he heartily approves over. Not so, over in Mother Russia.

    1. it would appear that russia is the first nation in history to have been well and truly vaccinated and is judeoresistant.

      insha’allah that the whole world undergo and survive this painful program (i believe that usa is beyond salvage), if it goes through, the end could be quite satisfactory.

    2. Russia is Mason, [Jewish cabala], controlled as is China; this is one worldwide kosher game.
      How else could UGLE sell the “evil US empire” and the “Good Russians”? (Remember we were once in that roll now their boy Obama, is making us look like ‘rabid dogs’ to justify the promise made in 1925 to “exterminate American property owners”.)

      ” The revival of Orthodoxy is no joke and is as anti-Judaist a circumstance as one can imagine. “

  7. The “Unknown Author” insults history by mixing fact with fiction.
    Jesus Christ the fictional “son of God” killed by the Jews is insulting nonsense.
    Remembder how quickly Solzhenitsyn lost favor after exposing the Jews in the USSR.
    BTW — We all know how beneficial it is for Jews to have 3 Supreme Court Justices.
    Every single 9/11 case, about 100 in total (the cases which refused to take the hush money and demanded a trial instead after a relative died in the 9/11 attacks) has been shut out of the courts and prevented from coming to trial. Ellen Mariani was still fighting to find justice and answers through the courts (as opposed to a payout and no answers as to what happened), and the court is doing all it can to slam the door on this case as well.

    Please publicize the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund

    1. Jesus Christ was fictional, eh? How Jewish of you. “We Jews didn’t kill Jesus because Jesus never existed.”

  8. How can he STILL be KGB? KGB was dismantled. No longer exists. Did Communism fall, in Russia? Watch a couple of Brother Nathanael’s videos, I don’t recall the titles, but Putin has removed/destroyed ALL synagogues, and Christianity and all temples, churches etc., have been and continue to be restored. To me that’s very powerful. If ALL politicians are psychopathic liars (I won’t entirely disagree), then any ONE(S) you particularly like or maybe even trust, are no different, and would spell hypocrisy.

    If Iran is attacked, not only Putin, but a few of his Generals have stated quite plainly that it would spill over into and across Russia’s borders. I truly believe Putin will ACT on it. Litmus? There’s SO MANY videos on JewTube showing Putin stating seriously that he won’t allow them to walk all over them EVER again. May as well kill the Tzar all over if he did. So I rather doubt it, because the PEOPLE are demanding to elect another Tzar, bringing back Tzarist Russia.

    The same Jews now rule the Western World. TRUE. Only they’re the FAKE Jews that came upon the scene 1200 years ago, long after GOD expelled the ORIGINAL Hebrews to the four corners of the world. Also, people, stop calling them Jews if referring to them hundreds of years ago. The word Jew appeared for the very FIRST time in the 2nd edition of the King James Bible… in the 18th century. Prior to then in ALL past history, they were Hebrews. Israel as well, only existed in 1948. Any and all prior mention of Israel is referring to the MAN named Israel, by God, long, long, looooooong ago. Another topic I guess, but not really. 😛

    Lest they start getting genocidal ideas AGAIN? When have they NOT had genocidal ideas? LOL That’s their entire hope for being! Well, since they’ve had the ability to do so. Prior to then, all they could do was dream of it, and likely did, everyday.

    Immigration, how the Jews implemented it, never should’ve happened in America, and other parts of the world. This is what has destroyed us, and given jews POWER, apart from MONEY.

      1. Kapner should stick to the written word. I can hardly listen to him from more than 5 seconds. His voice is so high-pitched and annoying. He’s very clownish in his demeanor and gestures. He should go to professional acting school. He makes a lousy agent/operative for the New World Order gang.

        I know failure when I see it — for I am a shabbos goy drop-out.

  9. Very interesting article. However, I refuse to hate all Jews over this, over their killing of Christ, and the rest of their collective heinousness…for the most part (though it’s hard sometimes) I look at folks as individuals, and if someone who just happens to be Jewish does good, then good, or bad, then bad. That being said, part of the solution to ending the psychopathic behavior of evil Jews might be to do this: call them what they really are–Khazars. BTW, KHAZARS ARE NOT SEMITES! They are Japethites, from Japheth’s son Ashkenaz (thus, Ashkenazic Jews, which most Jews are…)

  10. Sorry, BUT:

    “Jesus Christ the fictional “son of God” killed by the Jews is insulting nonsense.”

    If it’s insulting, you’re either Jewish or in love with Sarah Silverman, the not funny comedian from hell. HE is fictional to people like Sarah. Others also, but well, ’nuff said… it’s pretty obvious.

    1. Jack the Jew Jabber is a dimwit because God & Jesus & the devil etc etc are fictional entities believed by dimwitted people who might also believe in Santa Claus & Vampires & magic & they don’t necessarily have to be Jewish.

  11. There is a documentary that I watched online about a JEW who along with other JEWS helped to put PUTIN in power.

    Then Putin TURNED ON HIM (YES!). The Russian jew fled Russia and settled in an enormous estate in England where he lived like Royalty. He spent his time attempting to get back into Russia where he clearly believed it was his right to plunder and steal and get control of Russia’s resources.

    He frequently met with others of his ilk and they plotted and planned. Recently however, it was in the news that this piece of jew **** DIED (YES!).

    He never got revenge on Putin and he never made it back into Russia.

    Putin is the real thing.

    Just take a look at how careful White Nationalists are in this country because they fear jew reprisal. Putin is a real hero in comparison.

    Why, for instance, do not certain loyal members of our Congress declare a state of emergency, go to the Joint Chiefs, tell them, hey guys, you are the ones with the guns, go teach Obama whom he should fear and tell him that from now on he’s OUR puppet.

    We send our death squads and drones to kill the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank and other central banks – they are the jew leaders – and we work our way down from there.

    I wish our leaders were half the man Putin is. I don’t doubt him. I’m sure our leaders would put him down out of simply jealously because they know they are cowards and traitors.

    Some faggot designer should design dresses for them because they have no balls. They should be denied access to the men’s rooms on Capitol Hill.

    1. “Then Putin TURNED ON HIM (YES!). The Russian jew fled Russia and settled in an enormous estate in England where he lived like Royalty. He spent his time attempting to get back into Russia where he clearly believed it was his right to plunder and steal and get control of Russia’s resources.

      He frequently met with others of his ilk and they plotted and planned. Recently however, it was in the news that this piece of jew **** DIED (YES!).

      He never got revenge on Putin and he never made it back into Russia.

      Putin is the real thing.”

      Well said, Barbara! Have you posted on the Occidental Observer in the past? I recognize your name from there, though of course it’s a pretty common name.

      I’m wondering if the Jew you’re referring to is Boris Berezovsky? If so, this is his picture:


      This is what Darkmoon had to say about Berezovsky in a recent article… it rings a bell with what you said earlier about the guy:

      “Boris Berezovsky, Jewish Russian oligarch (1946-2013), died in mysterious circumstances on 23 March this year at his home in Ascot, England, age 67. According to the official version of events, he was suffering from depression, so he locked himself in his bathroom and hanged himself. One of his oldest friends, Nikolai Glushkov, said: “Boris was strangled.” Berezovsky’s close links with the Chechen mafia clearly indicate that Big Jewry probably had a hand in the Boston Marathon bombing.”

      The Judeo-Russian Mafia And The Bloodbath To Come

  12. It appears there are some who have no answer to Putin, like Makow, who simply feel it is better to classify him as one of their own, the old we own all of your bases, shut up and don’t discuss your slavery. These types always point out Putin was KGB.

    No doubt he was KGB, but it might be possible as a deep agent he was biding his time for the ultimate role he is now playing. Such a thought would never occur to most in the west as it surely appears Russians are more intelligent than they are. You would never have to worry that any intelligence agent in the west would even think of such a thing.

    Putin shipped out and imprisoned several oligarchs, took control of oil, gas and gold, and is now teaching in the schools exactly who was murdering and raping the Tsar and his daughters. He has rebuilt the army also which was allowed to fall apart and now has 12 warships to insist on the type pipeline he wishes to bring about in the middle east. That a new direction has been taken in Russia should be clear to all but the brain dead.

    I would really like to know which book mentions the raping of the Tsar’s daughters in the above list, that is news to me, but I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.

    As for Ivan the Terrible, as he says (God’s vicar on earth) Ivan used to take British agents, and traitors, some Jews in Russia and sit them on kegs of dynamite in the town square and turn them into mist. Representatives were constantly sent from Rome and were rebuffed. with the Tsar telling them he was Christ’s representative on earth. When he invaded Lithuania, who took also the traitors and rabble rousers, many of them Jews and told them to convert to Christianity or die on the spot. So yes there has been a constant state of tension between Russia and Jews over the centuries, there is no doubt about this.

    You learn something new everyday, had no idea Yeltsin was Jeltzen.

    I am linking this if you don’t mind.

    1. “I would really like to know which book mentions the raping of the Tsar’s daughters in the above list, that is news to me, but I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.”

      I think the book mentioned in the article is the one you want to get. (“The Fall of the Romanoffs”, by Robert Wilton). It’s not easy to obtain the book because Amazon refuse to sell it. Too controversial! You can buy it from Mark Weber’s website though.

      1. “…too controversial.” my ass, the ashKhazarNazis who give intrinsic Jews a bad name make sure you can’t get your hands on it.

  13. Why don’t you ask the White Nationalists bloggers why they don’t openly declare world upon world jewry and urge that we have such a policy. There is the American Party, formerly the American Third Position Party, ask them why they don’t advocate war upon world jewry?

    Why don’t we proclaim that the next world war will be World War jew?

    Then you can judge Putin.

    1. America is in “World War Jew” as we speak, “Red, White and Jew Terror” would be more accurate! If they get the guns from California, other coastal states for their Masonic buddies in China, , it will be all over for US Christians!
      (China Masons(Jewish) will be used to attack along with internal Jewish TRAITORS as done back to the 8th century Muslim attack on Christian Spain!)

  14. Might want to boil some tar in that pot and add a little gravel to use it to fill all the bottomless potholes in the cities over here. Not sure if all the money for projects such as that are stolen by Jews or other entities. Likely enough blame to spread around. Good for Putin if he can stop the ZioAmeri juggernaut from further destabilization of the world. I would gladly forgive any of his other faults, real or perceived if he can accomplish that wonder. Maybe if everyone can stop arming their countries to the teeth for self preservation, we can all take care of our people and infrastructures and live like civilized beings whatever our take on our respective histories might be, or our religious beliefs for that matter. On another matter we might reconsider the blessings of fake american democracy disguised as unbridled consumerism that has been foisted upon the populations around the world especially over here in Russia. Slavery has many names, bigotry ,ignorance ,history, blind religious faith , blind faith in any government or figurehead thereof, debt . Throw off the chains. Become human.

    1. I agree. The most important thing that we whites can do now is to unite. We must put an end to petty nationalism with one white nation at the throats of the other white nations. We must become one nation, united for our advancement and improvement. Keep this as a motto, Reason, Logic and Eugenics.
      Jack’s War

  15. After reading this article, one must consider whether the evil that the Edomite and Khazar jews have done for centuries is a matter of their inherited genes or their belief system. I would think it is not genetic, but rather it is their adherance to the teachings of their Talmudic religion that is the source of such hatrid of the rest of humanity. For the sake of all humanity the sources of this religion should be banished and expunged from the face of the Earth.

    1. It’s inherited as well as their belief system. Every jewish boy undergoes when 8 days old this barbaric, sadistic, diabolic thing called circumcision. Every jew male lives with a deep hatred and paranoia caused by this hidden trauma and learns through the rabbis with their protobook of hate – talmud – to blame it on the non jews. This neanderthaler circumcision has to be forbidden to start with. Jews live with a need to revenge for the excruciating pain inflicted on them by their own people. This could be the reason why mental disturbance is so common among jews. ‘Mental Illness. A Jewish Disease?’ In the 19th century, when science took over and they started to measure everything, there were researchers in Italy who found that of every 1750 Catholic Italians, there was 1 with some kind of psychic disturbance meanwhile among jews the rates were about 370 out of 1750. That should tell you something.

      1. @ my two cents,

        “…Data from a national survey conducted from 1999 to 2002 found that the overall prevalence of male circumcision in the United States was 79%…”

        Source : Wikipedia : Prevalence of circumcision.

        So shouldn’t most American men not suffer from the same traumas you ascribe to the Jews?

  16. There is some discussion out there concerning whether the Tsar’s daughters were raped. It seems to come from an English speaking tutor who was locked into a cabin nearby the girls.

    “This is a thought that I just haven’t been able to get out of my head. In King and Wilson’s Fate of the Romanovs, there is an account on page 140-141 by Gibbes about the Grand Duchesses on Rus. . .

    “The abuse reached a crescendo as the night wore on. Gibbes, locked away in his cabin, listened helplessly, as he later told his son George, as the drunken guards harassed the Grand Duchesses. ‘It was dreadful, what they did,’ the former tutor recalled. The ‘terrified screams’ of the girls, Gibbes said, haunted him ‘to the end of his life.”


  17. Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Gaddafi… and Putin, why is it that all these leaders I was told endlessly to hate, seem to be the best and the brightest. The ones who one way or another are targets for removal.

    Come to think of it, Assad could be added to that list as well.

    Maybe this is our best litmus test?

  18. Lasha as always spot on.

    Sick-Zio-Zak as always good for a laugh —-he is now part of the furniture.

    One always learns [even we Russia-phones, formerly deluded and ignorant of the Bolshevik facts who have frequently visited family and friends in 1990’s Russia] i.e., Jeltzman. Absolutely no surprise.

  19. Interesting article. Thank you for Darkmoon for providing some insight into what seems to be a growing response to one of the worst political histories of the 20th Century–barring none. Whether Putin is actually the opponent of the Jewish Oligarchs and the Jewish Lobby is an open question, but without doubt the society that was once the “Iron Curtain” and a propaganda fest has changed its tune. At one time someone could be shot for expressing the sentiments of those 40,000 people filing to the mineshaft in honor of the Romanovs, followed by selling the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In fact, I’m trying to imagine something like this happening in the U.S. today and I’m not sure that people wouldn’t be arrested, the police breaking it up, and lots of people losing their jobs or worse.

    Also, it is beyond a shadow of doubt that Jewish Bolshevism tried to destroy Christianity, almost succeeded, but failed in that there is an underground movement of sorts forming among Russians (although not the majority of Russians who remain secular). Still, I visited Russia and saw icons on former Communist state buildings. I also saw a religious service in a packed church and people were lining up to receive blessings from the Patriarch (priest). There is a religious revival also in that churches are being rebuilt–churches destroyed by Stalin. Recently a group of Jewish punk rockers Pussy Riots tried to do a Sarah Silverman style stunt, were arrested, and some are now doing jail time. The Russians didn’t really like the arrests because they thought it over-reach, but then they didn’t like Pussy Riots either. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the Russians in general are not very politically correct when it comes to the Jews or for that matter anyone they don’t particularly like including Americans.

    Ideally all people should be treated as the individuals that they really are, but that isn’t the reality we live in. Remember the Germans had to pay for victims of the Holocaust even though those particular Germans weren’t even born or were babies when WWII took place. Also, I don’t see the Palestinians being treated as individuals, or Muslims in general. Why is it that suddenly we need to change our stereotyping when it comes to Jews but we get to all bear the brunt of the labeling when it comes to everyone else. Still, the Russians call the Communist era “Jewish Bolshevism,” and my guess is that the Russians are going to be doing that for a long time to come without censorship. And the tables have turned because we Americans are the ones that now have to be careful what we say because we live in a propaganda state. We are ruled by politically correct and Russians are not– the Irony Curtain has fallen on the historical stage of the 21st century.

    1. Help !!!!!
      In Russia are Jews referred to as schwartzers & is schwartzer Yiddish for a Black man ?

  20. Russia can & SHOULD take out the Izraeli Nazis once & for All & Liberate the Palestinians.

  21. The absolute worst thing about today’s world is the lack of real leaders. Where are the Hitlers or Lenins? The world is not a nice play and the Jews are the leading cause and they deserve a kick in the face.

    Not one nation acts decisively against Israel, Putin is taking baby steps, nothing like a bold nuclear strike on Israel’s air force. If Israel just nuked Syria a nuclear missile strike that flattens Israel’s F-16’s/F-15’s on the tarmac and ability to wage offensive war is warranted.


    The world would first be stunned then move on and no one would care about the little Jew bully and his cartoon bombs anymore. One decisive military strike against Israel and then regime change, the end of the insane Likud (endless war) party. Israel needs to grow up and the Jews need to learn to stop being parasites.

    Israel only exists in a state of war, for that reason it is a failed state because the day is coming when their antics will be stopped. Israel needs to be completely reorganized as a secular rational state or it will cease to exist.

  22. The demise of the Soviet Union may have been a bonanza for Western plutocrats but it has been a disaster for Western workers. This is not because the Soviet Union was inherently beneficent. The SU was corrupt and repressive, but it did keep the capitalists on their good behavior with the revolutionary threat of “expropriate the expropriators.” Now the capitalists can take back the concessions they made in order to retain power…

  23. Good article.

    I’d like to add a few thoughts to the discussion:

    (1) Jews are relatively small in number and generally cowardly. The reason they’re so dangerous is because there are so many mentally and morally defective Goyim (at least in the “West”) who are willing to do their dirty work. Unfortunately, there just seems to be a significant number of Goyim who need Jews and Jew mind poison as much as the Jews need them. Thus when TSHTF here in “America”, for example, it won’t be the Jews shooting us down in the streets, it’ll be our corrupt neighbors.

    (2) I still believe that the Jewish plan for world domination and control (i.e., the enslavement of the non-Jewish balance of humanity), could be dealt a serious blow, perhaps even a death-blow, by way of an international investigation into 9/11. Russia and China should demand it at the UN. Moreover, if “Obama” (who’s not even legally eligible to hold his office) can question the legitimacy of Gaddafi, Assad and Maduro, for example, why can’t anyone challenge his legitimacy? Why should the U.S. have a seat on the UN Security Council if “Obama” is not even legally the President of the U.S.? If the shoe were on the other foot, the Jews would be screaming…SCREAMING about it…RELENTLESSLY. Russia and China could go on the offensive, psychologically and politically, without firing a shot. Why don’t they?

    1. 9/11 help PLEASE !!!!
      Best way to support this…is ..& …. spread the word …. ASAP-
      Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund

      We will be up against a US Supreme Court with their 3 Heebs & 3 pseudos.
      Christopher Bollyn, President (Groundbreaking 9/11 researcher and author; his website: http://www.bollyn.com)
      Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer (9/11 truth advocate)

  24. There is no doubt that the behavior of Sarah Silverstein in this picture is in bad taste and vulgar. The picture was probably placed in the article to demonstrate the vulgar and demeaning nature of the material spread by the Jews for the purpose of rotting the morals of society.
    Jack’s War

  25. previous post is a partial comment – full comment is

    having read numerous comments from seemore zak – he is either a rabid philo-semite or someone posting as one to expose the insanity of the jew’s position

    i favour the latter but don’t mind if you prove me wrong

  26. Just a little detail –

    “The Tzar said nothing except the words “Father, forgive them, for they know what they do”, as Jesus said on the Cross.”

    – should have read;

    The Tzar said nothing except the words “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”, as Jesus said on the Cross.

    1. i would say:

      “Father, DON’T forgive them, for they know what they do”

      i don’t know about father but i am in no mood to forgive them one single iota.
      if i recall, was it sainted father don bosco that figured the orphaned boys in his care who stole blankets for warmth were doomed to everlasting hellfire.

      well, excooose me, does a different standard apply for the chosen even in aftermaterialism?

  27. Add Assad to the list of good guys? Yes. If the Anglo-American Satanic societies media call them crims, they are anti-globalist patriots.
    Judaism is not a religion; how many religious Jews does anyone know? And don’t ask those funnies banging their heads on the wailing wall.
    Judaism is anti-Christianity that started also in AD30 with, “His blood be upon us … ”
    Now. Who controls Judaism, Jews? or Satanists??

    1. i will answer that question as soon as you tell me what’s the difference between them.

      1. yeah but jews control satanism if that picture of bahomet on the original edition of zionsky protokoli (translation by joe, he also added tits on devil) is any indication.

        same difference is what i say (show me a satanist and i will show you a jew and vice versa; those who disown one club, disown the other and are neither, e.g., brother nathaniel or israel shamir).

      2. woody allen and roman polanski both did satanist movies, rosemary’s baby (satanist pedophilia) and the tenant which now that i think back 30 years or more since i saw it is full of talmudic images and references.

    2. Actually, you didn’t even have to ask the question when you wrote “Judaism is anti-Christianity”. They’re one and the same.

      1. my point exactly – what i’ve been saying all along.

        did antichrist crucify christ? who else.

  28. USSR was the first country to recognize the Jewish occupation of Arab Palestine on May 15, 1948. Moscow beat Washington by two hours.

    Vladmir Putin has a very soft spot for the Zionist entity – as several Russian bloggers have claimed that Putin’s father’s real name was Epstein and mother’s surname was Shalomova – meaning Putin is kosher.

    Russian chief rabbi Beryl Lazar has claimed that Putin being born into a very poor family – was adopted as a child by a rich Jewish family. (you can watch this story on Henry Makow’s website dated January 3, 2013.

    Putin has shown his support for Iran, Syria and Iraq against Israel, some times, but for trade and strategic reasons. I bet he will never sell high-tech arms to any of Israel’s enemies – fearing that might help them to “wipe Israel off map”.

    In September 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (has Jewish family roots) canceled already-paid S-300 contract with Tehran. Netanyahu took credit for that. Both Washington and Tel Aviv congratulated Moscow for the decision. One way it worked for Iran for the better. In 2011, Iran tested its own version of S-300 which Russian claimed to be far better than their version.


      1. Russia –
        Sanskrit: Rishiya, “Land of the Rishis”

        Siberia –
        Sanskrit: Shibeerya, “The locals still call their land Shibir”.

        Scandinavia –
        Sanskrit: Skanda + Naviya — Skanda is the son of Lord Siva. Naviya is Sanskrit for naval settlement. Scandinavians were the mariner descendants of the Vedic ksatriyas who worshipped Skanda

        And just for Xanadu..

        Devonshire –
        Sanskrit: Devaneshwar, “Land of the Gods”


      2. Who shall we hear?

        “The issue is that there are so many root words in Sanskrit that are common with European languages, a link HAD to be created to justify foreign (read culturally and morally superior) rule in India. How could an inferior culture claim legacy to a language from which the language of the “masters” evolved? So much so, that this logic was also used to justify an external “european” invasion in establishing the advanced “Indus Valley” civilisation. ”

        India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!
        – Mark Twain

        India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.
        – Will Durant

        It is true that even across the Himalayan barrier India has sent to the west, such gifts as grammar and logic, philosophy and fables, hypnotism and chess, and above all numerals and the decimal system.
        – Will Durant

        After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense.
        – W. Heisenberg

        To the philosophers of India, however, Relativity is no new discovery, just as the concept of light years is no matter for astonishment to people used to thinking of time in millions of kalpas, (A kalpa is about 4,320,000 years). The fact that the wise men of India have not been concerned with technological applications of this knowledge arises from the circumstance that technology is but one of innumerable ways of applying it.
        – Alan Watts

        The motion of the stars calculated by the Hindus before some 4500 years vary not even a single minute from the tables of Cassine and Meyer (used in the 19-th century). The Indian tables give the same annual variation of the moon as the discovered by Tycho Brahe – a variation unknown to the school of Alexandria and also to the Arabs who followed the calculations of the school… “The Hindu systems of astronomy are by far the oldest and that from which the Egyptians, Greek, Romans and – even the Jews derived from the Hindus their knowledge.
        – Jean Sylvain Bailly

        “The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang. And there are much longer time scales still.”
        – Carl Sagan


  29. What a brilliantly educating read, both the article and the comments, every word was a revelation. Thank you so much one and all.

  30. It is always sobering to think in terms of relying on fellow human beings to save us from those others who would do us harm. This of course reflecting how far humanity has cast itself adrift from its spiritual moorings.

    Be that as it may, are we now to see Putin as a new Fuhrer who would rattle the nuclear saber to keep the psychopathic elements in Israel settled in their own “Pale”? Perhaps to a degree, although actually dropping the Big One on Dimona would go way beyond teaching Israel a lesson. At that point we can say hello to WW3, and it wasn’t Hitler who started the 2nd one. So who is Putin in this potential parallel?

    Does it help to answer this question with an understanding of the National Socialist pact with the Zionists? This “pact” was in effect a high-stakes game of cat n mouse. Hitler had to know that the Zionists were up to no good with some new shenanigans which saw themselves as the only possible cat, with he and Germany the mouse to be toyed with. He went along with their support in his coming to power, (and who can say what he knew of their plans for a 2nd World War) realizing through his successful power of will in leading the German people that this was the only way to have a fighting chance in backing the courage of their inspired convictions to rid Europe of this jewish scourge once and for all. This would come by shocking them on the battlefield with the revelation that GERMANY was the only cat in town (at least temporarily).

    So where might a parallel with Putin be in this regard? eg.; is it feasible at this late date for the Russians to divorce themselves from the jew’s money – en masse? What may constitute a new cat n mouse game if he is to be cast in a similar light to Hitler?

    1. ” dropping the Big One on Dimona would go way beyond teaching Israel a lesson”
      That is why Israel is spending billions of US Tax $$$ on a fleet of Nuclear Subs ?

  31. As with everything, from their scriptures and “divine Law,” to their highly volatile and psychopathic literary god (a deity adopted from the Canaanites), to their “historical” identities, their diasporic mythology, and their highly exaggerated tale of a calculated German industrial extermination program against them, everything “Jewish” is sadly either highly illusory or just down-right fraudulent. However, like the boy who cried “Holocaust, Holocaust!,” the descendants of 8th century A.D. Khazarian converts to Talmudic Judaism may unfortunately just get their wish and experience the real thing, for if the powers that be in Israel make one more wrong move against Syria or Iran (either directly or through proxy), the little boy who cried Holocaust-wolf is going to get eaten alive by a GIGANTIC Russian Bear (cf. above art by David Dees). And we all know what happened after the wolf or bear finally ate the whiney little con-artist kid; that’s right, the entire town had a huge multi-day party and lived happily ever after.

    Let the Karmic Fist of the Real God knock the frickin’ lights out of this little terrorist state for once and for good, and if Mr. Putin is the karmic instrument of that cosmic will, then so be it, for this world is highly infected with a fatal cancer, and that cancer is called IsraHell, the NUMBER ONE ENEMY of HUMANITY. And for those who may not appreciate my tone, know that I am not anti-Semitic (I like the Palestinians and Arabs just fine); I am simply anti-Demonic, and was it not the Prophet Yeshua/Issa who first revealed the founding sect of Talmudic Judaism (the Pharisees) to be the sons of the god of darkness and lies, chosen ones of the Abyss?

    We believe in the One State Solution – The State of Palestine. It is time for the con-men and carpetbaggers to hit the road or die on the land they stole mercilessly! It is time for the brutal and arrogant racist oppressors to give up their plunder as well as their now fully debunked mythology! By the mercy of the Great Spirit that is Existence Itself, the Palestinian people shall get their land back – ALL OF IT.

    And speaking of legal and financial matters, and property that legally should be returned to the honest, hard-working American taxpayer and citizen, I would just like to add the following as an important, but still related side-note to this important conversation:

    1. U.S. Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, section 116:
    “No assistance may be provided under this part to the government of any country which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, including torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, prolonged detention without charges, causing the disappearance of persons by the abduction and clandestine detention of those persons or other flagrant denial of the right to life, liberty, and the security of persons, unless such assistance will directly benefit the needy people in such country.”

    2. Since 1948, the United States taxpayers have, knowingly or unknowingly, provided Israel with approximately $115 billion in direct military and economic aid.

    1 + 2 = Yo, Israel, we want OUR $115 BILLION Back, with Interest, Now! (as well as the lives of our sons and daughters who have needlessly died in your Demonic Wars for Profit and Dominion).

    1. if i am correct on this?, why isreal gets all this money, is the fact, if they did admit that isreal is a nuke country, then the US dollar would be stopped to isreal, so they hide the fact that isreal has no nukes,

  32. Tactical Nuking Of Syria Possibly For Sinking Israeli Sub

    Syria News states that On May 2, 2013, a Syrian Navy boat destroyed an Israeli submarine hovering off the Syrian coast at about 150 meters depth. There were Syrian helicopters hovering in the area as well as a German intelligence boat.

    Three days later Syrian was attacked with a bunker buster type missile some believe was nuclear tipped.


  33. Good article and a lot of good comments following. However, there are some points to ponder. First, hoping that the whites will unite is beyond hope. In the United States alone, the Goyim are divided, roughly on the basis of IQ, life-experience, education and a few other factors. As I have dragged out several times before, one need look no farther than that sad episode on 60 Minutes a decade or so back, in which some skinny, brain-dead white religious fanatic—wearing fake Jewlocks—danced around a fire to that repugnant Hava Nagila (Sp.?). THAT, dear folks, is what we’re up against. Add to that, fully half of our citizenry live in a state of constant fear, ignorance, envy of their betters and breath-taking ignorance. Putty in the hands of the Jews and their puppets. Now we have a Marxist Mulatto, puppet of Soros, hell-bent on destroying the Republic and its capacity to defend and aid its citizens. Want another example? Any country which refuses to define and then defend its terrritorial integrity is clearly in decline. A little Edward Gibbon anyone?

    It might just be true that the only avenue towards throwing off the chains of our servitude to the vile Jewish Order, is to simply start our own schools. As some of you know, I labored for over 35 years, trying to stem the flow of Liberal decadence. It may be too late.

    Although I have been banned from “Chimpout” for slapping around its hidden Jewish ownership and majority, that site bears some consideration. In the light of the atrocity in London last week, we should devote ample time to examining the microcephalic Africans in our midst. Tools of the Hebes, they are. Even smart, conservative ‘Groids slaver at Israel’s feet.

    I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I do not hold with psychopaths like Putin, Kaddafi, Chavez or any other tin-pot dictator. I do not want to trade a Jewish dictatorship in for a Slavic one. And why, someone asked, do China and Russia abstain? Because, at least for now, they fear us, plain and simple. I was a naval weapons officer, way back in ‘Nam-time, and, if either China or Russia had stepped up, we would have gone through them like shit through a goose. I was on a ship launched in 1944, one year before I was. We took great delight in showing Ivan’s vaunted submariners our still-attainable 38.5 knot speed (c. 2.3 kts. faster than their submerged speed). Now, we have how many operable carrier task groups?

    Anyway, this site is SO enjoyable. Stride on, brave Darkmoon!

    1. @frankly Speaking
      “I was a naval weapons officer, way back in ‘Nam-time, and, if either China or Russia had stepped up, we would have gone through them like shit through a goose. I was on a ship launched in 1944, one year before I was. We took great delight in showing Ivan’s vaunted submariners our still-attainable 38.5 knot speed (c. 2.3 kts. faster than their submerged speed). Now, we have how many operable carrier task groups?”

      frankly Speaking the ex killer from “Nam” wants more killing as a solution ?
      No dear sailor .. education is the answer & you could start with yourself.

      1. No, I said nothing of the sort. So education may well be the answer—for you—-especially reading–where you obviously failed miserably. I said the reason they didn’t then nor would now is that they realize we are (still) the predominant power—especially where it counts—in the PROJECTION of power. Are you sure you read that I wanted more killing? Buffoon! I would offer that only a strong and prepared military ensures our freedom. I actually don’t feel the need for more education, myself, but I surely would recommend it for you. If you had a DD 214 yourself, you would realize that ASW on destroyers didn’t involve Vietnam. So much for your history erudition. Good Lord, where would we start remediating someone like you?!

    2. frankly speaking;
      “psychopaths like Putin, Gaddafi, Chavez or any other tin pot dictator.”

      Unlike the US, none of the mentioned leaders above invaded Nations, overthrew governments, committed mass murder or mass starvation or killed innocent people with drone strikes or caused starvation and death through sanctions or carpet bombings.

      Seems to me you are rather proud of your own participation in crimes your country committed “back in Nam-time”

      1. Of course you might not recognize SAETO. The effort of the several involved nations in that pact were aimed at preventing communist genocide. See beginning of article above. I suspect you do not know much history, or choose to ignore it. Why don’t you research what the North Vietnamese and the Cambodian communists did to their “innocent” people?! And, since you aren’t an American, why don’t you up stakes and move to a country run by a Putin or a Chavez type. You won’t be typing your blather on a site like this, without consequences.

      2. look, in some of your assertions you make sense.
        in some, the jury is out, to put it mildly.

        Why don’t you research what the North Vietnamese and the Cambodian communists did to their “innocent” people?!

        why don’t you do us a giant favor and point out where to do this research or where in fact did you get your conclusions from.

        what i see today are two countries where people live with a lot less hate and bitterness about themselves and even those who dumped innumerable tons of agent orange and other toxins into the environment, consignining untold generations to grotesque defects and deformities and disabilities without an ounce of either remorse or reparations and having to suffer people like you pontificating on how their killer societies are so superior to theirs.

        in what you say i hear many echoes of the holocaust industry … putin and chavez are dictators … yeah right.

        so let me show you a bit of research on dictator chavez, from the mouth of the jews, e.g.,
        “extreme poverty” rate fell from 23.4 percent in 1999 to 8.5 percent just a decade later). In all, that left the country with the third lowest poverty rate in Latin America. Additionally, as Weisbrot points out, “college enrollment has more than doubled, millions of people have access to health care for the first time and the number of people eligible for public pensions has quadrupled.”
        from a salon article (and salon is a typical chomskian gatekeeper operation).
        because the monitoring policy restratins me to just one link per post, i will give you just this one, from the world bank (a big friend of unamerican “dictators”?).

        if only all of us would be subjected to such dictatorship, or the ones where people “groaned under economic disaster of hitler and gaddafi”, huh?

        frankness offers no automatic protection against ignorance.
        speaking frankly of doing own research, how about helping yourself to a bit of your own medicine.

        i accept that you mean well, but man, there are an awful lot of incredibly jingoistic, arrogantly ignorant people in the united states and if these are the cream of the crop, no wonder why the country is trash-bound.

      3. frankly speaking;

        yes I was just going to ask, but lobro beat me to it. I am familiar with the ‘mere gook rule’ agent orange, napalm and other such benevolent US military programs to liberate the Vietnamese people. I do admit that unlike you who said “I actually don’t feel the need for more education”) I want to learn more about history.

        So, since I have never heard about SAETO, could you please fill me in and provide me with some links or book titles where I can learn more?

      4. @ lobro

        “…because the monitoring policy restrains me to just one link per post, i will give you just this one…”

        The monitoring policy has been changed. You can now post TWO links without being monitored.

        (The reason for restricting the number of links is that spammists usually post multiple links; it is to deter spam that we need to limit the number of links.)

  34. Thank you Lasha for another excellent article. I too support the notion that despite his background Vlad Putin is not only Russia’s “saviour”but a bulwark against the darkside’s intentions.
    However I must ask about your comment …”the Zionists and Nazi’s had made a secret pact in WW2”. I have seen this remark on websites I found suspect but
    coming from you is a surprise. You are well read on the subject no doubt however I ask if you can supply any material that supports this assertion. Although not a perfect being (who is) I admire AH for the patriot and statesman he was.
    Keep up the great work…

    1. @Brian G

      I wrote my own take on the Zionist-Nazi pact in a post here. Don’t know if you read it. Food for thought

    2. @ Brian G

      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Yes, you could be right about this and I don’t mind changing my view if it’s the incorrect one. The article has just been republished on another site where the editor (“Ken”) raises the same objections to my comment as you do.

      In reply to my comment,

      “Gussinski is apparently unaware that the Zionists and Nazis had made a secret pact in World War II…”

      this is what Ken has to say:

      “This is misleading horseshit! Germany’s National Socialist government co-operated with the Zionists to assure the safe and speedy migration of Jews AND their money — transferred in the form of German goods — to Israel. The centerpiece of German-Zionist cooperation during the Hitler era was the Transfer Agreement, a pact that enabled tens of thousands of German Jews to migrate to Palestine with their wealth. The Agreement, also known as the Haavara (Hebrew for “transfer”), was concluded in August 1933 following talks between German officials and Chaim Arlosoroff, Political Secretary of the Jewish Agency, the Palestine center of the World Zionist Organization.”

      He gives some very good suppporting links here:


      Xanadu (aka Lasha Darkmoon)

      1. @Xanadu

        Thanks for the reminder of this Nazi-Zionist Pact. I may have sounded facetious with my comment when referring to a “pact”, as I put it. My interest regarding this is in thinking things through when it comes to getting into the heads of those involved, and determining their intentions. Hence the cat n’ mouse game.

        So often in our attempts at understanding history the nuances aren’t given enough consideration. Those moves on the chessboard always seeking to outfox the other guy, and all stemming from those original “foxes” (what we know as the jews) who could never simply live and let live like normal human beings.

  35. here is a little taste of what Israel can expect next time it arrogantly decides to violate sovereign airspace over Syria, this hardware is now in place, just waiting for those brave heroes of the IAF who are very good at bombing civilians and suburban houses. Let us see how they fare against potent and effective weapons from people who SHOOT BACK.


  36. If Putin is so keen to return to national Russian traditions, why is Russia still using Soviet red star in her military? Here are the pre-Soviet Russian insignia:
    Why is the name Калининград (Kaliningrad) still on the map of the Russian Federation? There have already been proposals to change it to Kaлиноград (Kalinograd), Кёнигсберг (Königsberg) or Koролевец (Korolevets) but 22 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the name is still there. Here is some info on Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin after whom the city got its post-WW2 name: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Kalinin

  37. Beautiful looking S-300’s.
    Small problem.
    “Five minutes” after Waterloo, it was the just good God who silently unlocked the shtetles and ghettos of the Pale of Settlement to punish modern man for aggravated apostasy. In the following decades of the “Emancipation,” the Jewish victims of Judaic deception crept forth in Talmud-crazed fear and loathing as the hammer of God’s perfectly just revenge. And the goy-hating hunchbacks shall remain the ascendent enemies of humanity until God calls them off, i.e. until the (imminent) resurrection of the Universal “Church Pulverized.”
    Putin, guns and guts cannot save us. Only sufficient repentance can.

  38. My guess is that Putin and the Russian leaders of the future won’t directly attack Israel, but eventually exclude the Judeo/American axis economically. In 1453 when Constantinople fell the trade routes were along the Silk Road through the Islamic world , but following the crisis of losing Byzantium the Europeans looked Westward and the Middle East became a backwater to them. Right now there is a growing economic power along the transcontinental railways through Russia connecting China and Germany. And there is a cultural exchange as well. I saw an international festival of military bands while in Moscow. It seemed to me that the best displays were from China and Germany with the Russian crowd showing approval by their enthusiastic applause. I am not sure the Americans were even invited or they were so ignored as to be barely noticed. Israel might have had a showing but pretty dismal. I can see an Israel of the future as not just a political pariah but an economic one as well, and the U.S. will be lumped in with its “bestest ally” as a pariah state number II. What the banksters did to Germany didn’t go unnoticed. And even though the Holocaust laws haven’t changed eventually they will and along with that more of the anti-Jewish sentiment you now see in Russia.

    We have chosen our friends poorly and we’ll suffer in the future for it. The crisp, orderly, and superior show is not the U.S. and there is nothing quite like the snicker behind the faint applause. The future is being carved out by the superior players and we are not being consulted. And we deserve it because first of all we didn’t play fair and secondly we aren’t any good.

    1. Always excellent, your posts. However, one could argue that, if we can get the Jews and their puppets out of office, we could develop our immeasurably-huge gas and oil reserves and thus retrench economically. This might—I say MIGHT—just be enough to offset the dumbing and darkening down (they’re linked, I would think) of the American populace. We are at a point now where the Jews acting as puppeteers are ever more rudely and obviously overstepping their bounds. This administration—straight out of Orwell’s nightmares—will sooner or later go too far, especially in its repression of public complaints. Then it may be possible to gin up the revolt against this situation. The liberals may be able to branded as the key components in the destruction of the WASP dream–our republic. In doing so, those of us partaking in this exposure need only tell the truth. This was lacking in Bolshevik Russia, but now sites such as Lasha’s reveal the potential modus, do they not? Denying the Holocaust is most assuredly NOT the way. Explaining why it seemed the right thing to do at the time is! Tell the students how the Nazis depicted the Jews and then see if they kids can find the data wh/ motivated those who hated them.

      I noticed a couple of geniusses deriding me as an “ex-killer” (note, Doc: it is a noun-phrase and, as such, takes a hyphen :-D) and reviling America as a genocidal nation—–they overlook what our communist opponents did in the years following our withdrawal. We should beware advocating a new Holocaust or nuking Israel. And branding naval officers as killers is equally absurd. Doesn’t make sense. Also, Doc—a commissioned officer is never called a “sailor”—or is, but only by those innocent of ever having served in the military.

      Anyway, the only hope of breaking free of such things as the Kosher media, the filth-factory of LA, etc. and the lamentable disappearence of the educated voter is, in fact EDUCATION. As I said before, we may have to establish our own anti-liberal schools and press. Magazines aimed at coverting people to WASP values (such as those behind the Founders) and conservatism must be backed by TV media. Roger Ailes just self-castrated himself and is going to push Fox to the center. End of Fox, I would say.

      The ONLY way to get the ball rolling, in post-literate America is to get a rich scion to donate enough seed-money to start a new Fox. And do so before the pinkoes have prevented it via the FCC and other polluted Fed. agencies.

      1. Honestly Frank, I cannot bring myself to think we live in a paradigm that can be “fixed.” I see Americans every day at the seven eleven and gas stations. They live in a dream world on the outer fringes of the matrix. They are unreachable All of the education and political revamping can never make a difference. The European, (what the indians call little brother) cannot be helped.

        Let me explain, the Hanford experiment and drive to nuclear energy and weapons changed the world. We live in a world where armament, not dialogue and common sense prevail. When Oppenheimer witnessed the first nuclear blast, he quoted the Gita, “I have become God, destroyer of worlds.” The Indians should know better …..



        Hanford is a state of non-repair as are many other sites. This experiment resulted in older societies that should know better, embarking on the nuclear age themselves as a survival mechanism. Now China, Russia and others are on this path. I don’t see it ending in “rational dialogue.” and the rebuilding of nations and the age of reason.

        I am firm believer that the forces of nature will provide the final answer. I don’t foresee a world government, in fact I don’t foresee many governments anywhere before it is all said and done.

        I don’t leave these links to promote a blog either, I might get anywhere from 200 to 800 hits on a good day so I am not influencing the world. I am not selling anything but I have seen this same type debate many times and finally I simply catalogued a certain point of view I am not interested in pushing anyone toward, my view is simply take it or leave it, so in that vein. This is what I think we are looking at.


        And as far as the native American point of view mentioned earlier, to me this is the solution that will never even be considered.



    These naval vessels are not en route anywhere. They are moored in Sevastopol Bay, Ukraine eariler this month for Victory Day celebrations. The second of the four vessels is Ukrainian, so the title of the picture is doubly misleading.

  40. understand, Khodorkovski is still in jail and Beresovski comitted/was suicide(d) in the UK. But the rest of the mainly jewish oligarchs in Russia are very much alive and kicking.. Isn’ this hard evidence that the jews are running the show over there with or without Putin??
    Putin did deny that 9/11 was a false flag ops, the Duma accepted recently some stiff legislation against anti-semitism. Under Putin, Russia supported Israel massively when confronted with forest fires…
    Would assume, Syria could be the Lakmus test, and very soon..

    1. @ Caveman,

      Lakmus test should be litmus test. This mistake betrays a Dutch language background. Litmus in Dutch is lakmoes.

  41. We all have our opinions on this one, I did notice the subject on another thread. So I left mine. Both Hitler and Napoleon were of the Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b which is most dominant among the khazar tribes and graphs show it extends from the caucasus to the Basque area of Spain. This group is highest in rhesus-negative blood also, which causes donation rejection. Studies of neanderthal man indicate this blood line is very different from that of Cro-Magnon man, the European, especially northern European. We are told this is supposed to be “merovengian.”

    I am afraid most western upper eschelon wish for Hitler to remain exactly as he has been portrayed, an anti banker type for the down trodden Europeans. Any other outcome wouldn’t look good. In fact it would make western man look even more foolish than he already does. Both Angela and Der Fuhrer are known for that famous triangular hand sign they could not flash enough.




  42. 47 years ago today Elvis Presley recorded “In the Garden”

    I come to the garden alone
    While the dew is still on the roses
    And the voice I hear falling on my ear
    The Son of God discloses

    And He walks with me
    And He talks with me
    And He tells me I am his own
    And the joy we share as we tarry there
    None other has ever known

    He speaks and the sound of his voice
    Is so sweet the birds hush their singing
    And the melody that He gave to me
    Within my heart is ringing

    And He walks with me
    And He talks with me
    And He tells me I am his own
    And the joy we share as we tarry there
    None other has ever known

  43. I “love” xanadu ’cause she’s a donmeh habiru ju with the usual donmeh ju habiru habit of flushing truth down the wazoo.

  44. If any of you have had the opportunity to be inside IsraHELL with the highest of the intel community and I did – and see these filthy animals for what they REALLY are – you would be shooting these pernicious Godless demonic scum in the streets of every blessed American city and town as one would destroy plague carrying rats. I know them well -VERY WELL!.

    There IS A REASON why the Son of God damned these putrid demonic evil scum two thousand years ago as chronicled in the Gospel of John in the NT! Jews are not any more ‘human’ than killer sharks or parasites who feed upon the life of other beings.

    I know the TRUE nature of these putrid rancid Godless demonic scum as well as any man alive. May God guide Vladmir Putin in his holy quest to rid the world of these filthy demons from hell!

    My most burning desire left in life is to live long enough to see these sociopathic evil scum cleansed form the face of the earth and their stolen criminal IsraHELL turned into a glob of molten radio active molten destert sand visible from the moon!

    DEATH to ISRAHELL! Death to all jew bastards. My heart goes out to that handfull of these TRULY repentant wicked demons who have had the courage to deny their jewishness totally and become moral human beings like Brother Nathanael.

    Do NOT be fooled by the false ‘jews for Jesus’ scum who mock our Lord in order to deceive the gullible stupid goy. These deceptive Janus 2-faced scum are as much the “SONS OF THE DEVIL”as the demons who screamed for Hid blood two thousand years ago! I know their TRUE identies all to well — masters of deceit!

    I will oppose and expose their evil till my dying day. THEY are the TRUE mortal enemy of ALL decent mankind and have ALWAYS been the harbingers of death destruction and evil since day one!

  45. This is a briliant article. Thank you. The murder of the Romanovs, Christian Royalty, by vile Jew devils, is one of the WORST crimes that has ever occurred, in a metaphysical as well as political sense. It was a crime against God.

  46. This account is truly wonderful. America is being bled to death by these parasites.

  47. There are a number of issues that can be raised with respect to Putin and his actions with respect to Russia.

    Recently I heard that two very disconcerting things about him.

    1. He is instituting the same “hate crime” laws as Germany and other so-called western nations have put in place to make “Jewish Holocaust” denial an indictable offense punishable by a prison term.

    1. He has given the Jews the okay to start building “Holocaust” museums throughout Russia.

    I’m hoping that these two items are disinformation and if any of the posters or you Lasha have any evidence to the contrary I would certainly appreciate hearing it.

    If, in fact, they are true then all of the laudatory comments about Putin lose their luster immediately and fly in the face of what he’s actually doing.

    I’m also in agreement with those who’ve observed how faint-hearted Russia’s response has been throughout all of the recent wars in the Middle East. Russia has the capability to stop any such Jewish-American attacks yet it never has.

    With respect to China it was the Soviets, in collusion with their communist agents in the White House directing Roosevelt, i.e. Hiss, Hopkins, Gen. Marshall, Acheson, Lattimore, etc., who were responsible for training and arming Mao while at the same time doing everything in their power to betray Chiang Ki Chek and the Nationalist government of China all so that the soviet union would eventually come under communist rule.

    We are still to fully understand the meaning and the effect of Lenin’s words when he stated, “He who controls China will eventually control the whole world.”

    As such I’m going to have to see something more than what’s been told here (much of which was covered by myself and others five years ago) before I feel confident that Putin truly is who the “anonymous” writer says he is. It’s my hunch that the Jews control Russia still and they definitely control China, Canada, the EU and America.

    1. @ Arthur Topham

      “Recently I heard two very disconcerting things about him [PUTIN].

      1. He is instituting the same “hate crime” laws as Germany and other so-called western nations have put in place to make “Jewish Holocaust” denial an indictable offense punishable by a prison term.

      2. He has given the Jews the okay to start building “Holocaust” museums throughout Russia.

      I’m hoping that these two items are disinformation and if any of the posters or you Lasha have any evidence to the contrary I would certainly appreciate hearing it….

      I’m also in agreement with those who’ve observed how faint-hearted Russia’s response has been throughout all of the recent wars in the Middle East. Russia has the capability to stop any such Jewish-American attacks yet it never has.”

      Excellently argued, Arthur. One of our star posters, “Harbinger”, has voiced similar doubts about Putin. Many other people here have added to this chorus of doubts.

      My attitude is similar to Harbinger’s. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Putin is the genuine article. And that, when push comes to shove, he is not going to let us down.

      Two factors in his favor are (a) the way he cracked down on the Jewish oligarchs and attempted to recoup much of Russia’s stolen wealth from these parasites, and (b) his encouragement of the Russian Orthodox Church and the revival of Christianity as a corrective to the godless nihilism of the Marxists. His treatment of those whorish Pussy Riot girls, keeping them under lock and key until they serve their full prison sentences, also does him credit.

      I mentioned in a previous post that the litmus test would be Iran. If Russia stands by and lets Iran be attacked without lifting a finger, we will then know for sure that Putin is a traitor — no more than a Jewish puppet. Harbinger argues convincingly, however, that maybe Syria should be the litmus test — and maybe he should have done more to prevent the terrorizing of Libya and other countries in the Middle East where the Zio-Americans have played the bully on the block.

      My only response to this, if I were trying to make excuses for Putin, would be to say that Iran is the final red line for Russia. “You can push us so far, but if you go beyond this red line — by attacking Iran — we’ll be forced to take action.”

      There’s also the question of “readiness”. Russia may not have been “ready” to act tougher before. But a fleet of Russian warships has recently made its way to Syria. That’s a good sign. Maybe the final clincher for Russia would be a firm assurance from China that China will stand by Russia if ever it comes to World War III.

      Be sure of one thing, Arthur, if ever it comes to that, Joe Cortina will have his way and Israel will be reduced to a pile of ashes and cinders.

      (aka Lasha Darkmoon)

      1. In regard to your comment that you have heard that Putin is about to give the go-ahead for the building of multiple Holocaust museums in Russia, while at the same criminalizing Holocaust revisionism, let’s hope this is no more than disinformation.

        As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. By their fruits ye shall know them. Ultimately, Putin will be judged by his actions.

        There are other negative factors working against Putin, of course, but maybe it’s not so much that Putin is a Jewish puppet as that he is a genuine hero fighting against almost insuperable odds. The Enemy is a truly frightening one, implacable and bloodthirsty and resolved to enslave us all, and its tentacles reach almost everywhere.

        Even in Russia the media appears to be in Jewish hands. Moreover, Moscow and other great Russian cities lie under the iron fist of the Judeo-Russian mafia which has now spread to America and 50 other countries. The Jews rule the world through their criminal mafia which is rumored to possess its own nuclear weapons.

        See here:


        White nationalists in Russia, in addition, are at their wit’s end — just like they are in North America and Europe — and Putin has either been unwilling or unable to stem the tide of Third World immigration whose ultimate object is the destruction of the White race by the slow process of mongrelization. It’s not racist to say this, it’s reality.

        So that’s one answer to your question, Arthur. Maybe it’s not so much a question of Putin being unwilling to come to our rescue as that he is unable to do so. He is fighting a truly formidable enemy. And he’s only a man, after all, not a god.

      2. Dear Lasha,

        Thank you for your replies. All peace and truth lovers wish fervently for some leader to have the courage to stand up to world Jewry. It’s as natural as wanting the sun to eventually arise after a long, dark night of bad dreams.

        Here are just a few googled urls to verify the fact that Putin is on the holocaust bandwagon. To me that’s a very strong indication that his sentiments may be more than just a tad showmanship:

        Peres and Putin to Open World’s Largest Jewish Museum

        Putin vows ‘Russia will never forget Holocaust’ — RT Russian politics

        In Big New Museum, Russia Has a Message for Jews: We Like You

        Peace & Love,

        Arthur Topham
        The Radical Press

      3. Dang Arthur, you know I love you but did you HAVE to find those quotes!

        Sigh, I, too, have had guarded hopes over Putin but have also noticed the words not actions more than once. It is too heartbreaking to place hope in anyone any longer I have found. They ALL disappoint!

        Has anyone ever considered that Putin is just playing sly cat and waiting until it is time for a big one and to take it international if need be? I am not referring to the Sampson option here.

        I have seen photos of Putin with Chabad wearing the kippah; in fact if I dig into my files deep enough I will find them. And one of him sitting at a table with those filthy entities looking VERY cowed as if being taken to task. But that is merely my interpretation of the visual. Of course leaders around the world visit with these vermin but not all of them obey their JWO demands.

        I also sometimes wonder…. and this is way off topic… but not… if there might not be a very deep agreement between Tel Aviv and Moscow to kill America. The ties between those countries run deeper than the settlers.

      4. “I also sometimes wonder… if there might not be a very deep agreement between Tel Aviv and Moscow to kill America. The ties between those countries run deeper than the settlers.”

        Noor, you have just said the unforgivable and voiced the ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY THEORY! And you know something, you could be corrrect! I’ve had that thought myself, not once, but repeatedly. But never once have I dared to utter those forbidden words.

        Over a million Russian Jews found their way to Israel in the 1990s. Tens of thousands of Jews belonging to the Russian mafia have now ensconsed themselves in America. It is only reasonable to suppose that Mossad is in contact with all these Jews. And then of course you have the Rothschild family with its tentacles everywhere.

        What you’ve said may on surface be outrageous, or would be considered so by the mainstream, but I do think you have your finger on the pulse of events.

        A secret pact between Moscow and Tel Aviv to destroy America, yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually the case.

        If you’re right, Vladimir Putin will have to change his name to “Judas Iscariot”.

      5. Basically, the article published above (“We are all Russians now”) is a pro-Putin article. It sees Putin as our potential rescuer — someone who is prepared to act tough with the Ziomerican thugs who are terrorizing the Middle East. I even hinted in the article that he could drop a bomb on Dimona to teach the Israelis a good lesson.

        That there is more than an element of wishful thinking in this approach I am willing to admit. Though Lobro has made some excellent points in defense of Putin, others have made some equally good points pointing out that Putin has so far been a let-down in many ways.

        Ultimately, Noor, we’ll have to wait and see what he does in the unfolding Syria-Iran situation. If he allows both Syria and Iran to be destroyed by the Ziomerican warmongers, then we’ll know for sure we were foolish to make him our hero and champion.

  48. no offense but, there never were any russians and there aren’t any russians now, if you catch my drift. putin is another big-time freemason. that means he does what the jews want. if the public were not major buffaloed we’d have had an end to war a long time ago. but world peace will not keep the bosses of the world on top of the pyramid, because at that point it won’t exist. the jews are not going to start a nuclear war with anybody. nuclear war is a false threat, to keep the public paranoid. much less will the russians hit israel with atomic bombs, not unless the talmudics want it. and that is what albert pike said would happen at last. so maybe then. churchill? his mother was jewish, so that makes him a jew too. just like fdr, adolph and uncle joe. the jews have been running england since cromwell let them back in. why should winston be any different? the jews are taking more control in the middle east. right now they’re wiping out whatever factions might resist. russia has always been an ally of the usa. more correctly, both countries are run by the same faction. we built the country with hundred dollar bills shipped over by the boxcar load. they’re under zionist control too.

  49. Off topic here, but Mr. Topham, in a past blog you mentioned that your mother-in-law is a Jewess. How does she feel about Russia?

  50. @Dublinmick

    Guess you’re right. btw this new site you point to is centered around Bob Zimmerman Dylan, who saw no reason to cancel his latest tour in his homeland israel.

    Yesterday on entering the Amsterdam Library, a big white sheet with black letters: 10 millon visitors in the OBA Openbare (=public) Bibliotheek Amsterdam on 20 april.

    I always tell them it is a jew library. Stuffed with holosoap, how dare you say 911 is a jew job, etc. Everybody here – but this oba staff as well- knows of course that 20 april is Adolf’s birthday. So…..

    Whatever the real role of Putin, watch this vid:


    08.38 (…) we don’t have no threat ladies and gentlemen. The only threat we have is our own government creating that threat, staging it (…) says this alert American fellow mortal.

    Sandy Hook, Boston, London, all poor pieces of terror theater like the shoe bomber, underwear bomber etc. staged by the ZOG’s to further their sick agenda in combination with the controlled media etc.

    Stop zis silly soap which is curtain raiser for martial law and Fema…..

    Banksters and their puppits behind prisonbars & face and fix Fukushima. Putain!

    CIA O

  51. i too have been trying to sift thru a bunch of info/disinfo to get the sense of real putin and this is a summary to date.
    first of all, the surest indicator of someoness trustworthiness is how much he is hated and villified by jews.
    might as well make use of their radar, because in their cowardly evil, they developed a high sense of rat-like paranoia for self preservation.
    they know when they are spotted and scoped by someone who keeps his eye on the ball, someone wise to their perpetual 3 card monty schemes.
    for example, jesus, hitler, pound, ahmedinejad, etc., i guess haman was the first persian who had them down pat.
    the one thing most damaging to jews is the truth, which is why they insist on micromanaging the flow of info/disinfo so hysterically.
    truth offends the principle of kol nidre, the most resonant affirmation of “faith” uttered by a jew as he prostrates himself before that nauseating image of bahomet on the cover of the original issue of the protocols of zion (i suspect that the reason they grafted breasts on the sick beast is to represent malnurturing the goy-humanity on a steady diet of lies and degrading perversions whose consequences can be seen surrounding us today).

    which is why the following lines from the above article ring a bell:
    Russian schools now teach that it was Jews who murdered the Tzar’s family.

    A Kremlin politician close to Putin was quoted as saying about the then most influential Jews: “Boris Beresovski and Vladimir Gussinski are like bacteria that establish themselves in diseased bodies, but then die when the bodies grow healthy again.” [Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), 2 April 2002.]

    Vladimir Gussinski was the head of the Jewish Central Committee in Russia as well as chairman of the Jewish World Congress. After fleeing Russia for refuge in Israel, he stated to the world press that in Russia, “a new state ideology against the West is to be feared… It has many anti-Jewish characteristics.” He called the then Russian president, Vladimir Putin, an “extreme anti Semite and secret admirer of Hitler.” (Spiegel, 25/2000, p. 180)

    so just based on the above, i would add putin to the list of those most hated and feared by jews.

    1. Putin must be the ultimate international poker player. He truly is difficult to fathom but we will get there eventually. I WANT to hope but … well ya know how hope turns on you and bites you in the posterior every time the opportunity presents itself. It never used to be quite so vicious but that is the way of things today. So let’s keep researching. I like what you have said already. But I also know what Arthur is saying as well. Some of the quotes in there are damning considering their sources.

  52. some further comments on putin.

    he did get rid of drunken crypto jelzin, so beloved of jews.

    he did lock up khodorkovski, booted out gusinsky, berezovski (and maybe had him killed, along with that plutonium sidekick of his), nevzhlin (who ended up being the guest of honor at obama’s white house) and a slew of other parasitical vermin.

    as someone mentioned, he could not have stood up to ziomericans back in the days of kosovo and libya because of the decrepit shape of army that jelzin engineered along with jew imports from us.

    he hemmed and hawed about s-300 delivery to iran and syria due to production problems but i believe that the rearmament of russian forces proceeds apace and these deliveries are happening right now.
    assad is turning the tide, for all the jew howling and baying, iran stands steady and ready.
    do you think that it would be the case had iran genuflected and begged for mercy like saddam did before the demise of iraq?

    nothing is as effective against the jew that a resolute stand for truth, call spade a spade in his face and a solid kick in the teeth.

    the diabolical pathogens then back off and bide their time until in a generation or two of relexed vigilance they spy an opportunity for a fresh invasion thru a chink in the armor.

    if only the roman popes would learn a valuable lesson from the likes of ahmedinejad, chavez and putin, i might consider recatholicizing myself.
    just who killed christ, italian mafia?

    1. “…if only the roman popes would learn a valuable lesson from the likes of ahmedinejad, chavez and putin, i might consider recatholicizing myself.”

      You mustn’t judge Christianity by its Christians or Catholicism by its Catholics or you’ll run a mile in the opposite direction! As I myself was tempted to do yesterday when I received a strong complaint from a “good Catholic” for posting the picture of Sarah Silverman in the article above. This one:


      For posting this picture, I was denounced by this saintly pillar of the Catholic Church for spreading “gross indecency”. I was deeply upset to be reviled for posting this picture.

      It’s not the sinners who put me off the Catholic Church so much as their self-anointed saints.

      1. that is a valuable picture showing why jews are jews in an intrinsic way.

        she is demonstrating that jews are a chosen breed with a special origin (welcome to vibrant downtown sodom) not shared by gentiles.

  53. http://www.henrymakow.com/putin-is-nwo-pawn.html

    (…)Putin is Jewish Pawn, says Russian Patriot (…)
    Putin has stashed away 30 billion says this 3 jan Makow article by a Tamara. The real name of his father would be Epstein and his mother is jewish.

    So the BRICS story would then be the story of the BICS. Reminds me of the BIC ballpoint with which the original of the Anne Frank fairy tale is said to be written.

    CIA O

  54. @Dear Lasha

    This is regarding your doubts about Putin and the Jewish Museum in Moscow. I penned a post on May 9, 2013, entitled “Mayor: No more mosques in Moscow”, saying:

    Mayor Sergey Semyonovich Sobyanin PhD (born 1958) said in an interview with Moscow’s Echo radio that he has no plan to allow two million Moscovite Muslims to build new mosque. He also added that ‘excessive’ number of economic migrants (from former 5 Muslim republics under USSR), was a ‘harmful thing’.

    However, Sobyanin along with Zionist president Shimon Peres did attend the opening ceremony of world’s largest and most expensive ($50 million) Jewish Museum built in Moscow last year. Vladmir Putin donated his one month salary. The museum occupies 5,000 sq. ft. space. It’s designed by New York-based designer Ralph Applebaum, who designed the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. The USHMM is built on Federal Land and US taxpayers pay $48 million towards its annual operating cost of $80 million. It’s open to public on April 22, 1993.


  55. Gabreal Jones
    I have seen that link before, it is typical Makow, we own all of your bases, it is hopeless. That is vintage for him. Did he take time out from explaining to “christian” women how they are supposed to behave? His modus operandi is be discouraged and bend over. It is pretty typical of the NWO to claim anyone as one of their own whether it is true or not when they don’t have an answer him.

    That piece further states Putin has done nothing on Syria … wrong agin, try 12 war ships in the Med, SS-300 missiles and Yahkounts. He also went through Georgia like a buzz saw and had to be restrained when he wanted to go in and get tie chewer, saying he wanted to hang him by his balls. Two Turkish planes have been shot down by Russian missiles and reports are an Israeli submarine was sunk, leading up to the nuke on Syria. It can’t be confirmed but Fars goes so far as to say he threatened Yahoo on the phone in China to send in some Iskanders.

    What better man for the job than Putin, who has been around Jews all of his life, went through masonic witchcraft training and the KGB. He took power and then told Berezovsky to take a hike and put Khordakovsky in Siberia. He told the rest of them you can keep the small stuff you stole if you keep your mouth shut and stay out of politics after taking back oil, gold timber and assorted industry. Told Jelzman to go to the dacha and never say another word.

    He has had some sterling training to understand the job. By the way that is what Mao did also, he joined the masons and went to Yale divinity school. He consolidated power and then he announced the Jewish religion was banned in China, over, kaput. He remembered Betar legions of former German Nazis, Japanese ninjas and Jews marching in Nanking. 20 thousand Chinese were murdered. Dov what is his name, still goes to China to visit his father’s grave.

    Now Russia has not seized stock in the central bank, but they do run it and give the orders. Don’t think so? I am sure Rothschild gave permission to start up BRIC right? Next fairy tale. Russia is loaded with gold ore and they are stocking it, not selling it off to London vaults. Now China does allow some 40 stock holding by Rothschild in what one might term a deal to keep selling goods in the west, that is it. Of course they want more but China will not give it up.

    On Libya, Putin has said himself, everytime they let a fly over U.N. vote slide, then the bombing starts, so that is finished. They did not have a port in Libya either, they do in Syria.

    It would not be out of the question if Israel keeps dropping tactical nukes in the area, Putin simply goes ahead and provides them with nuclear tipped Iskanders. That would certainly produce some manners in the area. Nato is in a bad position, they are sitting around the desert now spending trillions a year in a stalemate and can lay no pipelines in the current situation. Money is running short and soldiers are committing suicide. Mercenaries have to be paid.

    Erdogan has throughly infamed the guy on the street in Turkey and made it abundantly clear he is Jewish. He is a bit nervous. Sayanim are setting off bombs in his country now. Scared also is the little satanic sign flashing midget in Jordan. He is trying to explain to Iran why he is carrying on this way and being warned his Kingdom could go up in smoke and revolution. So could Qatar, Saud and the rest of crytp-Israeli Wahhabbis who were installed long ago by British solder, David Shakespeare. (yeah Shakespeare, I am not kidding here)

    Cayce predicts exactly what is happening in Russia. Bear in mid he also predicted Atlantis would be found, it was off the coast of Bimini, large under sea megaliths and now a crystal pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle. He also said the hall of records would be found near the sphinx in Egypt, it has been, they are drilling into it now.

    Here is what he had to say on Russia.

    Cayce predicted the fall of communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union:
    “[Through Russia], comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”

    Ras-Putin seems to be doing just that. A German seer Rudolph Steiner said about the same. The next jump in evolution will come through Russia.


    1. my man, mick.

      nothing to disagree with, mind you i know nothing about cayce and stuff but you drew the bead on the rest, that’s for sure, makow, erdogan, wahabis, salafis, georgia.

      and putin.
      judge the man by his deeds, not some pr/bs about jew museum to which he donated his mothly presidential rubles … as if.

      1. Dear Lobro,

        You say, “judge a man by his deeds….”

        When I judge a person I judge them as a person first and as a spokesperson for their nation when it comes to politicians.

        I look at Putin as a person and reflect on his “deeds” as per his willingness to stand up in defence of those Middle East countries who have systematically been raped and pillaged and destroyed by the Jews. I ask myself. If I were standing around a group of people and one was a Iraqi, another a Palestinian, another a Libyan, another an Afghani and another a Syrian and suddenly the bully on the block (Zio-America) shows up egged on by Israel and begins to beat the shit out of any one of those other people and I just happened to have the wherewithal to stop the bully am I justified in just standing there and giving some faint-hearted excuse for not doing so until eventually only I am left? I think you get the drift of what I’m trying to say. Why should all the other ME nations be sacrificed and then STILL the world waits for Putin to stand up like a real man and drop the sucker in his tracks? There’s really no good reason, given his past performance plus his blatant collusion the Beast, to believe otherwise.

    2. “Bear in mind” Nice play on words

      And thanks for that Cayce reminder. I remember reading that years ago, along with the Steiner quote. Cayce has always been the real deal psychic for me. Also when speaking of these times, he sort of left it open in alluding to a 3rd World War by not being all doom and gloom about it, but instead putting the emphasis on it designating the higher state transformation for those who would step away from the diseased host. Whereas Nostradamus may as well have been Albert Pike for all intents and purposes.

    3. Dang Mick you have been missed! Your analysis is pretty bang on and you are one of the few to pull out rare references that are almost indisputable, our Mr. Cayce. I, too, smiled at the “bear” pun; so many folks also misuse the word “bare” here. Ahhh literacy….

      Anyhow… yes bang on all the way to the … local credit union.

    4. Yep … for my money Dublinmick has gotten closest to the real core of an admittedly complex situation. He gets my vote because much of what he has written above chimes with my own research and analysis.

      Note that YouTube videos exist showing Vladimir Putin making a public display of another Jewish oligarch; probably somewhere in the Kremlin when energy contracts were being signed.

      Remember to avoid imposing your own worldview upon that which you think is going on in Moscow. Putin and his closest advisors see the world very differently. They have to be pin-sharp in order to survive.

      Putin and his ilk have the capacity to smile charmingly while sharpening the knife they are about to cut you with. They are chess-players and most are ‘real’ men … meaning they are polar opposites to the closet homosexuals currently inhabiting both the White House and 10, Downing Street.

      Incidently, David Cameron has Jewish ancestors, as does Tony Bliar the Liar. That is precisely why they got selected then elected.

      Furthermore, it is a known fact that Obama (he with the false Social Security Number) is/was a member of an infamous Chicago Bathhouse, with whom he frequented with Emmanuel the Ballet Dancing IDF Volunteer. He would go there to have his ***** ‘tasted’ by elderly white gentlemen. Don’t laugh, this is what Larry Sinclair (Obama’s spurned ex-lover) has already explained. The named ‘bathhouse’ is a well-known and exclusive Chicago establishment.

      Is Obama the first ‘openly’ homosexual US President? You be the judge! His peculiar wife is known as “a beard”.

  56. with today’s technology and russia’s resources, even a group of teenagers would by now have informed everyone in the world of all the jewish crimes against humanity … and here is putin, still mustering the courage to say the word jew

    he doesnt need to control all of russia … all he needs is one newspaper, one television station, a few planes with pamphlets, or a few people that know how to access the internet … and he could make sure every person from the rainforests to the antarctic has learned of all the jewish crimes atleast a hundred times

    if putin is truly genuine, he needs to stop playing pretend

    1. The reason why Putin doesn’t go all the way in denouncing the Jews and Israel may be that he has a “secret” by which he can be blackmailed. There are persistent rumors that Putin was behind the appartment bombings in 1999, blamed on Chechens, which led to the Chechen war and brought Putin into power. Both Litvinenko and journalist Anna Politkovskaya who blamed Putin for these attacks died mysterious deaths. This may be also the reason why Putin pretends to believe in the official 9/11 story. If he would disclose 9/11 as a false flag, he could easily be accused of his own false flag.

  57. What do you think of Putin now?

    Syria signed a contract to buy four S-300 systems in 2010. The deal is worth a reported $800 million. At the request of Israel, Russia postponed delivery of the first batch last year.

    Russia had previously cancelled the shipment of high-altitude Mig-31E interceptor jets to Syria and the supply of the Iskander-E tactical ballistic missiles.


  58. @Dublinmick

    Thanks for your ‘Here Comes The Sun’ post of today. Good info esp. for Franklin Ryckaert c.s. who still need to dis/cover the fundamental importance of India, Sanskrit for the whole human race.

    David Wilcock – the revivant of Cayce, I buy that one, but not his uncareful pointing to scientific research done to the effects of meditation without mentioning the actual subject of the research: TM and MMY) – says he had a dream in which he was contacted by Putin. You know he and Fulford were on Russian main stream tv this year with the Trillion dollar lawsuit etc.

    Putin, que sera sera. I think countries, individuals although basicaly interrelated, should be self-sufficient, sovereign. The US for example should therefore listen to
    Quantum physicist and President of the American Peace Govt. John Hagelin: create a large(r) TM group in the Midwest Fairfield and enemies inside as wel as outside will be taken care of as the science research has proven again and again.

    Wilcock/Cayce, Steiner etc. are Seers.

    MMY is, has demonstrated to be a Maha Rishi= Great Seer, who has formulated practical solutions for all to use.

    CIA O

  59. Google: eclinik benjamin fulford updates

    The tide has definitely turned against the Cabal but some big battles remain ahead

    (…) As mentioned above there are obvious signs the US military is no longer following cabal orders. The speech over the weekend by Obama admitting US war crimes, and promising to stop such crimes, is a clear example.

    The fact the pentagon refused to send troops or weapons to help Israel overthrow the Syrian government, despite being ordered to do so by the State Department and Senate, is another clear sign. Instead Russia sent its Pacific fleet towards Israel and made it clear to the Israeli government they would find themselves in a war with Russia (and no US help) if they did not back down.

    Then we have reports that the King of Saudi Arabia, a secret Isreali ally, is dead.


    This is a clear sign the cabal that forced the world to buy oil from Sabbatean kingdoms and deposit the money in cabal controlled banks, is on the ropes (…)

    CIA O

    1. Great post Lasha… and even greater commentary section!

      I am putting it up and then plan to explore the wealth of Putin links your readers have so generously shared. Putin needs to be exposed more thoroughly than he has been to date. If I had a few doubts about him before, that few have grown by leaps and bounds to… the “omg how can we let him get away with this” stage.

      1. @Ms. Noor

        I really look forward to reading your findings! Putin is quickly being set-up as a “big deal” guy in world events…. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out – especially so if armed with additional facts-of-life 🙂 .

      2. Her insight that Moscow and Tel Aviv could have a secret pact involving the ultimate destruction of America is a pretty mindblowing concept. This is an idea that has been fermenting in my own mind for the last year. I’ve pushed it aside, not wishing to believe it could be true.

      3. @ Xanadu …

        One could argue the United States has already been destroyed. The follow-up events in Boston vis-a-vis the curfew essentially proves it.

        Considering all the United States attempted to do to Russia during the Yeltsin years, followed by that Georgia misadventure (not to mention the bloody and unprovoked destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbian independence) I believe modern Russia has revenge on its mind. And quite rightly too.

        They won’t be targetting the American people. What they have in their cross-hairs will primarily be Washington DC and Wall Street.

      4. @ Anglo-Saxon

        “Xanadu … One could argue the United States has already been destroyed.”

        I think Xanadu (= Darkmoon) already believes this. Her pessimism about the state of America has been made clear in what is possibly her best article to date, the 2-part “America Vanquished”.

        If you have time, I would also recommend reading “Here Comes Evil” which covers the same ground in a more compressed form.



        I remember reading “America Vanquished” on Rense for the first time and “Here Comes Evil” on Veterans Today. But the links I’ve given above are far better because they contain hundreds of high-quality comments.

      5. The bad news is…. he is a danged enigma. I am finding all sorts of stuff but to do this particular research justice you must know Russian. The good links I have found end up at 404s or there is no way to translate. I have amassed a lot of photos of him in one of those little beanies hangin with the Chabad, the Israeli media loves him… Rumours he is Jewish but proven evidence he spent much of his childhood with a Jewish family. He is the ultimate poker player.

  60. Salvador Dali just flew by with the message: we are all cushions.

    I have never been into Cayce nor Steiner. I just heard Cayce said that China would be completely converted to Christianity by 1968, California would drown in the Pacific in the sixties. So….

    The true and supreme value of India is ‘IN’. Never mind the DIA’s shown or seen on gross or subtle planes, never mind Makow or no matter what someone’s else’s mind makes of things . It is all of secondary importance.

    Knowing about this, that, said/seen by him/her/them. The value of a real Maharishi is that you are directed to the basis of it all, knowingness itself, your own Being. (G.U.R.U.= gee you ARE you).

    And then operate (better dia’s) from (t)here.

    That’s all, that is really mindblowing

    It is all real but at the sime time a dream, whatever, anyway

    h.a.n.d. have a nice day

    CIA O

    1. Moscow and Tel Aviv secretly in bed with each other to bring down the US (and EU as well) is what American Jew Jack Bernstein taken out by the mossies warned for in 1984 (of all years).

      CIA O

      1. Are you Dutch? Or are you a foreigner living in Rotterdam? Tell me something about yourself… that is, if you think the request is reasonable. I’m interested.

      2. What is your final verdict on Putin? Are you for or against him? I myself remain in doubt, like Xanadu, not knowing what to think.

      3. Hmmmmmm does this mean I should reread his American Jew is Israel booklet?

        Dang I read that book 10 years ago, perhaps that idea was sublimated.

  61. But I stick to this latest Jewnews of BF from Tokyo. Putin is in bed with the panty gone, eh, words, Pentagon. Funny how Fulford writes consistently Pentagon with a small ‘p’.

    CIA O

  62. Gusinsky and Berezovsky lost a battle, but their enemy were the Lubavichers. The Lubavichers have taken over. They are the backers of Putin. Lazar and others. Putin has many jews around him. One of the most powerful jews is Boris Shpigel. Shpigel is very rich and there are many jew oligarch left. Putin himself is an oligarch. The smashed jew-oligarchs is only a fairytale of russian propaganda. This is so obvious that It is strange that there are so many people that don’t see through this.

    In the Soviet Union tehere were always a struggle between the jews for money and power.

    Putin has changed the national anthem of Russia. It is now the same that of the Soviet Union. Very much of the Soviet Union is left. Especially in the Russian propaganda.

    There are soon a law in Russia against revisionism. You can not speak about the crimes of the Allied Winners. Officially they have not commit any crimes. Especially the Red Army has not. You can not “apologize the crimes of the Third Reich” or question the official russian version of History about the World War 2. Likewise the similar laws in Israel and Germany, the russian law allows the state punish foreign citizens that act in the forbidden way in their countries. Russia may demand the punishment of them or ask for bringing them to Russia for the trial. Thanks to Boris Shpigel Russia the Duma may pass soon the same “hate crime” laws as Germany and other so-called western nations have put in place to make “Jewish Holocaust” denial an indictable offense punishable by a prison term.

    If You can buy a book “The Protocols of the elders of Zion” in Russia, this means nothing. I have heard that you can not critizise the jews in Russia. All people can not do that. The official propaganda often is hostile towards “the zionists” or Israel but usually only towards the USA or the western countries.

    Solzhenitsyn came back and was popular soon in the 90’s. Jeltsin also spoke in very nationalistic manners and so on.

    I think that Putin is trying to please all the opposition groups in the western countries and th propaganda tries to please the anti-zionists too. The lies in favor of Putin and Russia are told because the jews are trying to make their enemies to act in the ways they like.

    Be careful folks and don’t let be fooled.

    1. Could you supply me with the source of this awesome information please? The Lubavitchers does not surprise me as the family that apparently fed the hungry young waif Putin was orthodox.

      And he is VERY outspoken and gung ho on getting the Schneerson library and documents into Moscow into the huge Jewish Museum of Tolerance that he helped build. He even gave up a month’s salary towards its creation.


      1. Something:


        “A bitter rivalry has been ongoing in Russia for the past 10 years between Berel Lazar, chief rabbi for the Chabad-Lubavitch-dominated Federation of Jewish Communities, and Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the pluralist Russian Jewish Congress, over who represents the Jews of Russia on an official basis.[75] The Kremlin officially recognized Lazar as the religious leader of the Russian Jewish community, pushing aside the congress’s Rabbi Adolf Shayevich, who until then had occupied the post.[75]

        Since the installation of Rabbi Berel Lazar as the Chief Rabbi there have been a number of controversies associated with Chabad influence with premier Vladimir Putin, and their funding from Russian oligarchs such as Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich.[76] Lazar is known for his purported close ties to Putin’s Kremlin.[77]

        Putin became close to the Chabad movement, since it is the largest Jewish organization in the FSU representing the majority of communities after a number of non-Chabad Jewish oligarchs and Rabbis including Vladimir Gusinsky (the founder of the non-Chabad Russian Jewish Congress) backed other candidates for president.[78] Lev Leviev, a chabad oligarch[79] supported Putin, and the close relationship between them led to him supporting the Chabad federation nomination of Lazar as Chief Rabbi of Russia, an appointment that Putin immediately recognized despite it not having been made by the established Jewish organisation.[80] Lazar was referred to by some as Putin’s “Court Jew”;[citation needed] Lazar responded to these allegations:

        I do not know what a court Jew is. There are some people whose only purpose is to speak in condemnation of the government. I try to be objective. The situation in Russia has improved under Putin. People get pensions. The standard of living is rising. There are also negative phenomena, which deserve to be criticized. There is corruption at all levels, though that has been characteristic of Russia in the past 80 years. The reform is in bad shape and there are also many other ills.[76]

        Rabbi Adolf Shayevich, who had been Chief Rabbi of Russia until 1998, argues that the Lazar is merely the appointee of Chabad and that he remains Chief Rabbi. What happened, he explains, “has nothing to with religion and everything to do with politics and business. The president invites him to receptions and does not invite me. I am not offended.”[76]

        Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt was expelled from Russia by order of the government, after having lived in Russia for fifteen years. According to rival oligarch Vladimir Slutsker, Goldschmidt told friends it was Slusker who had him expelled over his opposition to Chabad.[76][81] Lazer made no protest at the expulsion of his rival, and within days was appointed to Putin’s Public Chamber,[82] a controversial body that human rights groups have criticised as a window dressing exercise, packed with Putin acolytes to “legitimize the government’s increasingly authoritarian policies.”[83]

        According to an editorial in the Jerusalem Post the reason why Lazar has not protested Putin’s arrests of Jewish Oligarchs and Goldschmidt’s deportation is that “Russia’s own chief rabbi, Chabad emissary Berel Lazar, is essentially a Kremlin appointee who has been made to neutralize the more outspoken and politically active leaders of rival Jewish organizations.”[84] In 2003 while many around the world criticised the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky Lazar praised the action saying that “The future of the country shouldn’t be in the hands of one man who has money.”[75]

        Rival RJC chair head Yevgeny Satanovsky said that Lazar’s endorsement of the actions was intended to develop a role as the special Jew for Putin in order to strengthen the position of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which he said was built around the worship of Schneerson.[75] Lazar responded that “it’s no secret that I have a very good relationship with the president.”[75]

        Darkei Shalom synagogue [edit]

        The Darkei Shalom synagogue is a major synagogue in northern Moscow. It was affiliated with Chamah, a religious and social welfare movement on behalf of former Soviet Jews with offices in New York and Israel, as well as Moscow. The spiritual leader of Darkei Shalom, Rabbi David Karpov, is a devotee of the late Lubavitcher rebbe, yet over the years he has distanced himself from FEOR, the Chabad rabbinical grouping in Russia that appointed and is headed by Lazar. Kaprov was telephoned by Lazar telling him that the synagogue was being gifted to the Chabad movement by its owners and that he would have to leave the synagogue, and resign his post to make way for the a new Chabad emissary.[85] Lazar suggested that if he fell into line with FEOR he may be allowed to stay. At the same time Kaprov received court orders over various technical and administrative issues, which Kaprov argued were due to Lazar pressuring Kaprov. In an open letter to Lazar, Rabbi Adolph Shayevich and 16 other rabbis wrote:[85]

        We would like to express our deep disappointment and discontent with the recent attempt of FEOR to forcefully capture the Darkei Shalom Congregation, one of the most successful and respected Jewish congregations of Russia. This kind of attitude demonstrated by Rabbi Berel Lazar contradicts the spirit of Torah and is apparently based on typical methods deployed by Russian criminals.

        Shayevich added in a statement to the press that

        they already have too much money and power, and are using it to destroy all Jewish organizations which resist Chabad’s total domination of Russian Jewish life.[85][86]

        76^ a b c d e Rival Russian Jewish Leaders Lend Backing to Putin, Nathaniel Popper, The Forward, November 14, 2003[dead link]

        77^ a b c d No love lost, Yossi Mehlman, Haaretz, December 11, 2005

        78 ^ Chabad Prize to Putin Spurring Debate Over Russian’s Actions, Eric J. Greenberg, The Forward, February 4, 2005

        79 ^ “Jewish media baron arrested in Moscow”, Elli Wohlgelernter, Jerusalem Post, June 14, 2000

        80 ^ Cracked De Beers, Phyllis Berman & Lea Goldman, September 15, 2003

        81 ^ “Putin, Making a Gesture to Jews, Slips into a Factional Morass”, Michael Wines, New York Times, September 19, 2000

        82 ^ “Russia: Why was Moscow’s Chief Rabbi deported?”, Geraldine Fagan, Forum 18 News Service, October 6, 2005

        83 ^ Chief Rabbi of Russia Named to Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, FJC News, October 6, 2005

        84^ “Putin Names Rabbi To Advisory Body”, The Jewish Week, October 7, 2005

        85 ^ Editorial, Jerusalem Post, June 2, 2005

        86^ a b c “Hostile Takeover In Moscow? Critics of Chabad-led umbrella group angry as shul changes hands; AJCongress dragged into controversy”, Walter Ruby, Jewish Week, April 1, 2005

        87^ “Critics of Chabad-led umbrella group angry as shul changes hands; AJCongress dragged into controversy”, Walter Ruby, Jewish Week, April 1, 2005″

        Please check the first link, because many links have disappeared from this quote.

        Destroy Z:

        There are comments from “Arminius” and Toinen näkemys.

        Check the links from Arminius.

        Seems that when Berezovsky and Gusinsky had to go, Lazar took over. Abramovich and Lev Leviev are oligarchs beside Lazar.

        World without nazism has made its wordpress.com -blog private, but Vesa-Ilkka Laurio knows that DL is belongs to the organization (member N:o 122)

        Very important jew is Boris Shpigel, another oligarch (owns Biothec, very rich man at least). He leads the international organization of the russian-speaking jewry. He has founded it and teh world without nazism. The “antifascists” of this organization are an important part of the russian propaganda abroad.

      2. And the first law against revisionism (the crimes of the allies and the “crimes” of the “nazis”, glorification of Hitler etc.) etc. I mentioned have been in the finnish news about 1-2 years ago.

  63. Putin has many times praised Stalin and said that he admires him.

    I think he just pretends a patriot to the russians and to the other nations. I think he is a mason and a jew.

  64. @Papy


    (…) Has Mr.Putin been cloned?!

    uploaded 21 apr 2012

    And, after all, we cannot allow a person, in determination of whose identity we doubt, to become the president.

    Different people (Putin’s body doubles) speak, on behalf of Vladimir Putin. They have different manners, shape of the skull (the width of the eye sockets, the shape of the chin, the shape of the zygomatic bone), different amounts of soft tissue and cartilage on the face (the wings of the nose, lips, cheeks), different hairlines (scalp and eyebrows), different eye color, different aspects, they have different hands, different height and a different tone of the voice! (…)

    CIA O

  65. @papy


    Well, Alexander Litvinenko just fled by :

    Alexander Litvinenko: The Kremlin Pedophile

    By Alexander Litvinenko
    July, 05, 2006

    This article was written by Alexander Litvinenko four months before his assassination.

    A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin walked from the Big Kremlin Palace to his Residence. At one of the Kremlin squares, the president stopped to chat with the tourists. Among them was a boy aged 4 or 5.

    ‘What is your name?’ Putin asked.

    ‘Nikita,’ the boy replied.

    Putin kneed, lifted the boy’s T-shirt and kissed his stomach.

    The world public is shocked. Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.

    The explanation may be found if we look carefully at the so-called “blank spots” in Putin’s biography.

    After graduating from the Andropov Institute, which prepares officers for the KGB intelligence service, Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence. Instead, he was sent to a junior position in KGB Leningrad Directorate. This was a very unusual twist for a career of an Andropov Institute’s graduate with fluent German. Why did that happen with Putin?

    Because, shortly before his graduation, his bosses learned that Putin was a pedophile. So say some people who knew Putin as a student at the Institute.

    The Institute officials feared to report this to their own superiors, which would cause an unpleasant investigation. They decided it was easier just to avoid sending Putin abroad under some pretext. Such a solution is not unusual for the secret services.

    Many years later, when Putin became the FSB director and was preparing for presidency, he began to seek and destroy any compromising materials collected against him by the secret services over earlier years. It was not difficult, provided he himself was the FSB director. Among other things, Putin found videotapes in the FSB Internal Security Directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys.

    Interestingly, the video was recorded in the same conspiratorial flat in Polyanka Street in Moscow where Russian Prosecutor-General Yuri Skuratov was secretly video-taped with two prostitutes. Later, in the famous scandal, Putin (on Roman Abramovich’s instructions) blackmailed Skuratov with these tapes and tried to persuade the Prosecutor-General to resign. In that conversation, Putin mentioned to Skuratov that he himself was also secretly video-taped making sex at the same bed. (But of course, he did not tell it was pedophilia rather than normal sex.) Later, Skuratov wrote about this in his book Variant Drakona (p.p. 153-154)

    CIA O

  66. I don’t trust Makow or Litvinenko. But if they do not tel the truth, that does not mean that Putin was ok.

    Here in Finland almost all putinists call themseles “antifascists”. They say they want the world without nazism. Some antizionists are also putinists which is very surprising. Few of them are also holocaust-deniers at seom level too. But they don’t like Hitler and since tehy can act in the party “The Basic Finns”, I consider them as traitors and agents. Nearly all putinists are former communists but there are also a younger generation of putinists who talk just like the former communists. Many of them can speak against Israel and the zionists, some of them in a different way from the old leftists. But they don’t see or they pretend they don’t see the jews and their tricks in Russia. Few of them can talk about the international jewry but they are paid trolls and they paaise putin and Wiesenthal-Center and they hav the same opinion about all historical matrs than the Wiesenthal Center. Almost every ptinist are at the same level than Wiesenthal-Center and the trolls that hate the international jewry (when it comes to the “power struggle” with east and west) are surprisingly good friends of the Wiesenthal-centrum.

    Almost all putinists are here promoting the Wiesenthal-center.

    There are almost as many trolls praising 24/7 Putin and Russia than are those hating the muslims and praising the jews and Israel. Russia has also paid many trolls whose task is to pomote Putin and his Russia.

    A finnish guy named Johann Bäckman is the leading person in the propaganda towards Finland and especially to the russians about Finland. He is very often in the russian television speaking shit about Finland and everything. He has said that his most important sponsor and co-oprator is Boris Shpigel (rich jew, former leader of the russian jewry). Boris Shpigel is very important figure of the propaganda towards other countries too. He has created an organisation called “The World without nazism”. The finnish antifascists are a part of that movement. A month ago J.Bäckman spoe to the russian ad the whhite russian cadets about the history of Finland .

    I am very confused that many famous antijudaists in the USA believe in Putin. They can tolerate almost everything or they don’t know the reality and they have listened russian and paid propagandists. Putin is a big hoax and the jews are trying to make every group of the opposition abroad to believe in Russia and Putin. Every audience get what they want from the propagandists.

    Here in Finnland every putinist also sounds like a stalinist and promotes the Wiesenthal Center and its stuff. The most funny thing is that the west-oriented activists who are the bootlickers of Israel or EU or Obama etc. are also the best friends of Wiesenthal-Centrum. They hate Bäckman and the putinists.

    Bäckman asked the police to investigate if Pertti Salolainen has made a hate crime when he said that the jews own almost every media and almost all money in the USA. He oten does that kind of things. He is openly the tool of the rusian jewry.

  67. I think that a weak czar (Nikolai II) was the idol of Medvedev? When Putin came back from the shadows, he has again praised Stalin. Is this possible?

    All putinists have said 10 years that Putin got rid of the oligarchs. Putin had to do somethingecause the oligarchs were so unpopular and criminal. But the operation was not what the putinists have tried to get us believe.

    Gerhard Schröder loved Putin. So did the other western leaders. If the jews hated Putin, this could not have been possible. The relationa between west and Putin have been very good. The jews don’t hate Putin. Who says otherwise can not proof anything. Where ist the proof? Whio hates Putin? Why? he who supposedly is in jail and who trie to sell many big companies to the Rothschilds? Maybe. But the Rothschilds did not care. There are many other rich families. And if the state is in the hands of the russian jewry, the state can also own many companies. Gazprom and the russian-jewish mafia for example have very intimate relations.

    Btw Syria. It is nothing new if the russians sell weapons to the arabs. They sold weapons to the arabs also in the years of the so called Cold war. Israel won the wars. Everybody got their money and people got killed. The Cold War was a hoax. But they don’t have delivered what they had sold. The same happened when the west destroyed Libya. When the war started Russians had not delivered the arms that Gaddafi had bought for many months before the war. Wikileaks is a fraud but some of its information is relevant. It has revealed that the russians have leaked enough data to Israel that makes the defence-weapons they have sold to Iran ineffective and worth of nothing.

    1. You have some interesting idea. How did you discover this website if you live in Finland?

  68. The Tzar said nothing except the words “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”, as Jesus said on the Cross. The word “not” was left out in the essay.

      1. @Montecristo

        Am starting to get self-conscious about it, but I’m sure I’m not alone. I can’t get to the comment section of Kaminski’s latest article

      2. Brownhawk,

        I wish I knew why you are experiencing these problems. No one else has complained and other people appear to be getting through without difficulty. Please try again today and maybe you’ll be able to post your comments on the thread you want to post them on. If not, let me know.

      3. I’ve been experiencing countless problems ever since my computer was given a new default browser: Google Chrome. That’s when all these problems started. I had no such problems when I was only using Firefox and I’m hoping that the person who is responsible for servicing my computer can be persuaded to get rid of Google Chrome. Several computer savvy posters here have identified Google Chrome as one of the worst browsers on the net and the source of all these problems, especially for efficient website maintenance.

        Bear with me. Hopefully, Google Chrome will be removed soon. And with the removal of Google Chrome, I hope these endless problems will disappear.

      4. It is easy to get rid of Google Chrome and go back to Firefox. There are several way to do it.
        The easiest way is, I think, if using Windows, download firefox and install it, then go to control panel and uninstall Google Chrome from add/remove software section. During the first run, Firefox will ask you if you want to make it the default browser. Say yes and you are done.

        If using mac, I am not sure. I never touched it.
        If using Linux, similar procedure like Windows but just use your version’s add-remove software section.

      5. Thanks.

        Is anyone else having trouble getting through to the Kaminski thread — that is, apart from Brownhawk?

      6. @ Montecristo

        FYI … “Chromium” is the browser version of Chrome for all Linux users.

        And surprise, surprise, Chromium is also highly problemantic and idiosyncratic!

        Connecting a few dots I suspect the parent company (Google) is using these (otherwise popular) browsers to manipulate the web experience of as many people as they can get away with manipulating (aka controlling!).

        I suspect that Chrome and Chromium offer backdoor entrances (or switches) for NSA and/or Mossad manipulation. Both browsers are ‘heavy’ … meaning they carry computer code and hence functionality that ordinary users just do not need. “Resource Hungry” and “Bloated” are terms that best describe them.

        They also tend to enforce imperious restrictions from on high. For example, about 12 months ago the Chromium browser suddenly disallowed the downloading of YouTube videos predicated upon some vague re-interpretation of copyright law. Suddenly, all the old YouTube downloading plug-ins that Users could freely install in Chrome/Chromium were rendered ineffective.

        Allow me to recommend a Browser you may not have heard about: Midori.

        It is termed a “lightweight” browser … meaning it is not bloated with excessive code as are all the major browsers (including Firefox, and of course the browser of choice for all infantile people: MS-Explorer).

        But, at the same time, Midori is still powerful and dependable. You may soon prefer using it to maintain your website. Here is the Midori website, complete with product info and download links.


        FOOTNOTE: Actually Montecristo, you’d be well advised to ditch the MS-Windows operating system and convert to one of the several Linux “flavours” now available. Doing this will automatically increase your online security and stability with no loss of function. Important benefits (me thinks) for what you wish to do.

      7. Anglo-Saxon,

        Thanks for your invaluable input. You obviously know what you’re talking about. I’m surprised you don’t have your own website. You must take steps to start one up as soon as possible. Model it on the Occidental Observer or counter-currents.com or Chechar’s beautiful website. Here at darkmoon.me we have neither the resouces nor computer expertise to run the type of site we would like. Alas, we are computer Luddites!

        Hopefully, the person responsible for helping us run the site — i.e., the technological aspect — will have time soon to make some badly needed changes.

        Your comment about these people, “They also tend to enforce imperious restrictions from on high” is in my experience only too true. Censorship and high-handed interference is the order of the day.

      8. anglo is absolutely right, monty.

        to get you started, follow faiz’s instructions (easy enough) and see how it runs.

        but at some point you must un-luddite yourselves sufficiently to do such basics, it will undoubtedly save you all a lot of time and keyboard sweat.

      9. @Montecristo – This is complete and utter nonsense, as you well know. The issues you experienced were related to incorrect Microsoft Word markup appearing in a post, and breaking the display of the page on some browsers, rending the comment section inaccessible. This had absolutely nothing to do with Google Chrome. Given you exaggerate beyond believe about “countless problems” and complain publicly about “Censorship and high-handed interference” being “the order of the day” by the person who assists you with technical issues, I assume this comment will remain behind, as it would seem rather hypocritical to remove it.

        @Brownhawk – Can you provide more details? Just saying you cannot get to the comments section is not particularly helpful. What happens? What do you see? What browser are you using?

        @Anglo Saxon – I believe what you are posting is called FUD, aka “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”. Chromium is an open source project, with the FULL source code available at http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/. Don’t you think there would be many security advisories all over the internet if there were “backdoor entrances” for Mossad or the CIA. This is a completely ridiculous claim, given there are many highly technical developers contributing to PUBLIC source code. You claim Chrome is “Resource Hungry” and “Bloated” which is interesting given it scores the highest in most benchmarks at http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2365692,00.asp

      10. @ Technical Support

        You are correct. I should not have labelled Chrome as “resource-hungry”. That came about due to the late hour I was authoring the comment, and the desire to avoid expanding the topic into a labyrinth.

        My underlyng message … in case you missed it … was for everyong to reject Google products, on principle.

        But it is rather more than funny … GMail also happens to be the fastest and slickest e-mail, and Google Search the slickest SE. Therefore, the logical question to ask is why all Google products and services are so comparatively fast and slick? Superior IT engineering? More intelligent coding? Managed by Indians? I don’t think so!

        I would conclude that even if Chrome was indeed resource hungry, it operates so fast and responsively (high benchmark scores) only because it is being VPN’d (prioritized) through the Routers on the behest of some higher authority.

        As regards the comparatively resource hungry Chromium — a characteristic attested by several Linux Users leaving critical online comments at the Ubuntu Depository + my own 4 years experience of it — there appears to be more to this issue than meets even your eye.

        If Chromium was as “open-source” as you indignently claim it to be, then why have my YouTube download plug-ins been rendered inoperable … and without warning … on the orders of Google Inc. ?????

        For that is the message I get from the Download Plug-In developer. All download plug-ins for Chromium no longer work at the YouTube (Google owned) website. Furthermore, to download any plug-in for Chromium, one MUST visit the Google Chrome Website.

        My understanding is that basically, Chrome is Chromium with a bundle of Google advertising and surveillance widgets added (integrated). Is that your prognosis also?

        This will sound paranoid … but what’s to prevent a Google or NSA plant burrowing into the Open Source community in order to facilitate entry points or switches in a browser’s code? Do you really think these sick minded zealots are going to just sit back and allow Linux users to gain easy immunity?

        And finally, I don’t care for your FUD. That’s just your opinion. What I post is information and insights for intelligent and mature people to digest and use as appropriate. When on the rare occasion I am wrong, I publicly acknowledge the fact (as at this Comment’s outset).

      11. @ Technical Support

        As a footnote, I would otherwise like to thank you for your June 1, 2013 at 1:30 am Comment, and the clarifications contained there-in.

        I respect your knowledge as I know from PE how hard you have had to work to gain it.


      12. @Anglo Saxon

        Thanks for your reply. Just wanted to make a couple of quick points.

        I would say Google’s products are well engineered because they are good at what they do and employ some of the best engineers in the world. They know how to do software development, and do it well.

        As for your Youtube download plugins stopping working, this could be for several reasons. Firstly, Google doesn’t support this by default – these plugins are written by 3rd parties. Given this, when they make changes to Youtube, the plugin may stop working. They also have no incentive to allow people to download the videos, they want people to return. Secondly, there are multiple downloader extensions currently available that work, so they are hardly blocked. Perhaps an update broke the one you happened to be using at the time, who knows.

        Additionally, your claim that Google Chrome is “VPN’d (prioritized) through the Routers on the behest of some higher authority” is implausible if you knew how a VPN works. None of the benchmarks measure download performance, they measure the performance of the browser on your computer.

      13. @ Technical Support …

        Good inputs/responses my friend. All appreciated. I have taken note.

  69. Arthur Tophan
    Very difficult for me to see how anyone could arrive at the conclusion that China is under Rothschild control. No I am afraid their gold would have been shipped to London long ago, they would own the Chinese central bank, united Taiwan under the umbrella, scaled back the Chinese army and several thousand other things by now.

    No Mao banished the practice of Judaism after he had studied it as a mason and at Yale divinity school.

    Now no doubt Rothschild would like to control China, we can see his last effort with the Bo Xilai, Gu Kailai affair. a murdered British spy, their son attending Colombia and members of a burgeoning property owning class in China. That all fell through and Gu is in jail., Bo is removed. China keeps over 50 percent of it’s central bank still.

    Bo and Gu look more Japanese than Chinese and they probably are. When the Betar legion under control of the Japanese Imperial Family which is Jewish and who were also allied with Hitler in Germany another Rothschild, and the Russian Bolsheviks, they left much of the Y-DNA, Haplogroup E1b1b1 blood grouping of the family in China, I would love to see a genome sequence on Bo and his wife. It would probably match Napoleon, Hitler, Rothschild, Ratzinger, Queen Liz, Benny yahoo, Churchhill, the Clintons and thousands of others involved with the crown.

    China owns over 50 of the Chinese Central bank, if that were not the case with China and Russia, we would all be getting computer chips in our heads by now and the mid east would be a scorched desert with only a few workers pumping oil.

    1. @Dublinmick

      Rotheschilde is already affixed in China (Beijing) via Goldman Sachs. For three years, now. We can speculate many scenarios therefrom – especially the CONTROL… If you can get – or posess – a copy of Eustace Mullins WORLD ORDER (1989), the sequence of aggression becomes quite plausible, as the chronology of the Rotheschilde dynasty is portrayed.

      Furthermore (and I suppose I risk something in revelation), I happen to have known, via family ties, two of the major players in the transition to Mao. Funding was unlimited to a certain alphabet agency – even then.

      Remember: We are considering dynastic planning which spans decades – even centuries. AND China is just as good a vault/place as London WHEN ONE OWNS THE WHOLE. Big Chinese do not trust each other, and are, therefore, up for the highest bidder(s). Believe it.

      1. btw, Bill Clinton is the bastard child of Winthorpe Rockefellar, brother of David, and son of J.D. Rockefellar, a WASP.

  70. By the way there is some discussion ongoing in Russia as to whether or not citizens should once again be allowed to carry personal weapons again with proper training as they were allowed to do under the Tsars. The average Russian was pretty well armed under Nicholas. That will be an interesting feature to watch and will tell us something also.

      1. Mevashir
        With all the camaraderie you and I have built up at VT, I am surprised you would even hint I might be pulling your leg. 🙂 This came from a post by fascist-decapitator but I have read the same on the occidental reporter.


        1. China. Who really is China.
        “Ive read that Mao attended Yale Divinity School´s China “campus”. Yale was founded by Elihu Root, another one of the illuminati scum. Skull and Bones. Mao´s “revolution” murdered millions and, I believe, had the hallmarks of the bolsheviks with their penchant for murdering the local intelligentsia.. China had been under attack by drug trafficking Skull and Bonesmen (along with the british crown -Saxe Coburg Gotha- and Rothschild-Sassoon drug trafficking combine). Bolsheviks were really the same ziofascist crowd. China was “communist”. China was industrialized at America´s and Europe´s expense. Lots of very old and extremely wealthy Chinese families live in that zioenclave called Hong Kong.”

  71. bbc say s-300 batteries syria bound

    Indeed, some analysts see confirmation of the arms sale as a “game changer” for the Syrian crisis.
    “It virtually ensures that the US-Russian talks will be meaningless, sends warning signals about similar arms transfer to Iran, can drag Israel into the Syrian fighting, and would sharply alter US and allied ‘no fly’ capabilities,” said Anthony Cordesman of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

  72. I read that Rothschild bought a large amount of aluminium from a russian jew Deripaska a while ago. The jews own the infra in China. The western companies have transferred their production to China. Rothschilds may not be the leaders of the international jewry. Above them are the rabbis ant the Tribe. Or they can tell to other families how to do. There are also chinese jews. If Mao forbade judaism, that does not yet mean anything. The synagogs were quite empty also in the Soviet Union.

  73. Some observations re Putin.

    I have tangled with +BN over his praising Putin but ignoring that Putin has publicly endorsed the official 9-11 report in defiance of 9-11 Truth. But +BN claims Putin is just playing realpolitik. Who knows?

    I was in Israel back in 2005 when Putin paid a surprise visit. He really pissed off the Israelis when he snubbed them, spending about five minutes at the Western Wall, about 30 minutes meeting with Israeli leaders, and then five hours with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch in Jersualem. Putin shocked Israelis by flying in and hardly paying any attention to them, certainly not groveling to them, and focussing instead on his own agenda. You could feel the charged atmosphere all over Jerusalem where I was living then.

    I also met Russian Jews on my job as a security guard who told me they encountered more anti-Semitism from the native Israeli Jews than they ever did from Russian Christians. Something to think about. The Russians I worked with on our minimum wage paying jobs checking people with metal detectors, had left jobs in Russia as factory managers, professors, and journalists. They were very dissatisfied with life in Israel. The same for the Ethiopian Jews I met there.

    My question about the assassination of the Tsar’s family involved German complicity in shipping Lenin back to Moscow out of his exile in Switzerland with a train load of gold to finance his Bolshevik revolution as a tactic to remove Russia from Germany’s eastern front in World War I. Would anyone like to comment on this?

    Joe Cortina’s vehemence scares me. I pray he is not destroyed by the hatred he harbors to destroy others.

    1. where and how did this hatred originate, let’s explore the roots a bit if there is hope for curing the disease.

      you raised an interesting issue, so follow the trail of inquiry wherever it leads.

  74. @papy May 28, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Epstein was manager of the Beatles but is now running the Kremlin..?..explanaZion:

    You quote a very valuable wikileaks: (…) the russians have leaked enough data to Israel that makes the defence-weapons they have sold to Iran ineffective and worth of nothing (…)

    Makes it all clear. It’s the same as during the war between the Arab nations and Israel in 1973: the USSR sold military equipment to Egypt and other Arab countries but not enough to destroy Israel.

    Read in Jack Bernstein’s book ‘The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel’ the section ‘The New York/ Moscow / Tel Aviv triangle about the secret jew pact between Golda Meir, Stalin and his chief killer Kaganovitch.

    So communism underwent a make over, a cosmetic change but the zionide jew triangle of NY/M/TA triangle is still alive.

    I refered here earlier to http://www.henrymakow.com/mikhail-gorbachthe-plunder-of-the-ussr.html how Gorbachev (‘ good old Gorby’) aka Mikhail Garber (jew) was instrumental in this facelift.

    This story of Herr Jelzman is the next act.

    Stalin supporter and pedo Putin present zionide puppit inside the Kremlin.

    High Time for the Pentagon coup in the US.

    CIA O

  75. @Papy

    Jean Sibelius: Finlandia


    A youtube comment:
    (…) BY ottovinter, a year ago: This song describes history of Finland and mentality of Finnish people so well. Melancholy contrasted to undying hope and endless guts, humility combined to proudness of homeland. That proudness is the undying flame in hearts of Finnish people that gives the will to never give up in most desperate situations. That proudness is the reason for Finland being independent, unified nation despite all the poverty and enslavement it had faced. “Brightness of dawn dispatches the reigns of night.” (…)

    CIA O

  76. Mevashir
    There is one thing I don’t quite understand here. When you say:

    “I also met Russian Jews on my job as a security guard who told me they encountered more anti-Semitism from the native Israeli Jews than they ever did from Russian Christians”

    Aren’t both groups supposed to be Semites? Are you saying the local Israelis are not semites and the Russian newcomers are? Are has this just become such a reflex over the centuries that anyone who has a disagreement with you is automatically an Anti-semite? Are we reaching a situation where anyone who does not practice Judaism is anti-semitic?

    Many Jews maintain they are not a race but simply a religion, yet can’t get 3 sentences out without a reference to Semitism which is classified as a race or most certainly an ethnic group, one in fact that allows recognition through the Y-DNA, haplogroup E1b1b and used among khazars in Japanese Shinto, Israel, and most other countries as a marker to identify each other. How can it be both ways?

    We can see anti-semitism rearing it’s ugly head in India even as Yaniv Benaim had to split for Peru.


    1. @Dublin:

      “Mevashir – There is one thing I don’t quite understand here. When you say:”

      Good question. Yes you are right. What the Russian Jews meant is that they experienced hatred from Israelis vastly exceeding anything they saw in Russia. They interpret this as “anti Semitism” since they felt persecuted. The Israelis usually would attack them verbally for taking local jobs and would refer to their women as “gentile sluts” that kind of thing.

      So the Israelis attacked them for NOT being Jewish, but the Russians perceived that as anti-Semitic since it was a denial of their identity.

  77. ok, so i am hearing a lot here about how putin is a jew, russia is under the thumb of lubavichers, the most disease ridden of all judaic snakepits, as is china.
    therefore, the jew, the antichrist is declared a grand winner of the planet and all its resources, including 7 billion slaves.
    the protocols are a done deal, talmud’s promise fulfilled.

    so somebody explain the irrational behavior of jews.
    in isreal, where everyone agrees they have the absolute power, they behave like absolute jews, palestinians are the worthless despicable slaves, the self propelled organ-growing incubators, to be shot, tortured and humiliated for sport, kids used for medical experimentation and so on.

    but outside, for all their depravities practiced on the usa and europe, they freak out at syria, iran, venezuela … why?
    why do they carry on the charade about russian delivery of s-300 batteries to syria and iran when all they have to do is order russians to help plow syria under their caterpillars like it happened in iraq and libya without any opposition, who is going to complain about russian appeasement, obama and us congress?
    and in fact, china should help, send millions of obedient troops to police cities and countryside both in syria and iraq, why, sheldon adelson has to snap his crooked fingers and consider it done.

    we should all be making pilgrimage on bleeding knees through the triumphal procession arch in j-salem, bearing our mothers’ jewellery to lay humbly at the altar of yad vashem, this is jew’s eternal wet dream since moses ripped off egyptians (arch stanton has a great post on the meaning of the 6-star in this regard).

    sorry for my low iq but i just don’t get it.

    c’mon kike-putin, shake a leg, use those s-300s to vaporize syria into israel’s parking lot, not like someone is going to stop you, much less complain.

  78. The six pointed star to make a long story short in most simplistic terms is the ancient Aryan symbol of Vishnu. It is one pyramid facing upward and one pyramid facing downward, enclosed by a circle signifying the universe. The male force and the female force unifying spirit into matter. It is found over entrance door of the Lhakhang (temples containing Buddhist images and statues), in every Gong-pa (lamasery), and often over the relic-cupboard, called in Tibet Doong-ting. It is just something that Rothschild decided belonged to him. The symbol itself is not remotely evil.

    The star like the swastika is an ancient symbol. The American indigenous people used it also as well as the Buddhists and consider the four edges the four powers of the universe, earth wind, water and fire. There was a plant the indians say in the Americas that actually bloomed with this swastika symbol, so there is nothing evil about it per se. Adolph Rothschild just simply decided to incorporate it also.

    The six pointed star dates as far back as the Rishis can be traced, those who began the Vedic civilization and brought forth the sounds of the universe, the Shruti sounds of the cosmos literature which they insist contains all knowledge and the sounds will exist after the earth is gone. It is basically a weak signal of what you hear when you place a sea shell to your ear or cup them with your hands. There is a certain sound or vibration coming from the cosmos.

    They established Hinduism, a misunderstood term as it means those who search for truth. So basically anyone searching for truth can in reality be classified as a Hindu, even the atheist, because he too is embarked upon his own search for truth. Hinduism is a big tent. It doesn’t exclude anyone and the tenets are ever changing and expanding with the upward climb of consciousness. (supposedly upward).

    So today these two symbols are viewed by many to be bad news simply because their origin is not well understood. Actually the Hebrew language it is said originally was an angelic language thought to have been given to a small band of Palestinians by, as the story goes, Michael or perhaps the ancient Nefilim themselves. It originally consisted of about 200 words, however khazars began adding German to the language and called it Yiddish. The Palestinians who it was given too, converted to Islam.

    So there is nothing wrong with the star, swastika or Hebrew, it all boils down to the flakes who incorporated them. It all goes back a very long way in time also as anyone can see, the pyramid of giza is very old as well as the ones China and Bosnia which has recently been discovered and it is bigger than giza. Oh you didn’t hear about that? It will be on Fox news soon!

    1. Who established the term hinduism or hindu? There was no such term in Indian history untill the persians paid visit to it.The religion was known as sanatan dharm (the traditional religion, in fact translating dharm as religion is wrong as well but then lets maintain that for the sake of simplicity).

      Anyway, when persians came, they identified the local inhibitants with the river on whos bank the civilisation prospered, the sindh river or the sindhu river. Sindhu/ sindh gave birth to the term hindu/hind. (In modern persian they still call India as hend, indians as hendi). Thus, hindu/hind/hindi is a very very recent term, a few hundred years old at most and has nothing to do with ancient rishi/muni/vedic civilisation.

      my two pennies

    2. @Dublinmick

      (…) the Shruti sounds of the cosmos literature which they insist contains all knowledge and the sounds will exist after the earth is gone (…)


      From where the speech returns,
      Natural Law administers creation – Maharishi

      8. Veda is not a human language. It’s the language of infinity. Mathematical equations indicate transcendental, but the reality is not within the range of science. It is in the range of technology that the mind can be completely identified with it. Shruti, Smriti, Purana these are the three values which bring about the reality of life. This is how unity is diversity.

      9. Raja Raam (MMY ‘s successor Lebanese neuroscientist Dr. Tony Nader)) was weighed in gold because he discovered the language of the Unified Field. Vedic mantras are not human concept; they are not human speech. They are the speech of the Natural Law. This Unified Field is a world on its own. And that world is the world of memory, the world of sound, shruti, the world of the unmanifest field having the whole memory of the manifest.

      11. Yato vacho nivirtante-“From where the speech returns.” The speech is not able to enter it, because entering it, it’s no more speech. It is the speaker himself.

      CIA O

  79. My benchmark is pretty simple but not perfect.If a leader is embracing any of the Western political systems as his or her model form of governance,then that leader falls under suspicion of collaborating with the ponerocrats.

  80. Russia yes. Putin plays ‘l’Etat c’est moi’. Fortunately Putin is not Russia

    GJ comment(s) at visible Les;

    Benjamin Fulford a wacko, well, you say so, it does not mean that he is. BRICS- the alliance of 180 countries under the umbrella of Brasilia, Russia, India , China, South Africa- he was the only one who reported about it in its infant state in Monaco and Switzerland.

    Putin was recently in South Africa at the recent BRICS conference.

    The trillion dollar lawsuit of Neil Keenan (still going strong) against the Fed cabal BF put in the spotlight as lone wolf. He has his foolish sides as we all have, I give him still more than the benefit of the doubt, but a wacko , no.

    Hopefully BRICS wil make FED & Wallstreet etc. fall, but is that dependent on the person of Putin, with his false flag in Chechnya, Pussy Riots, Litvinenko and his billion dollar Black Sea hut? I doubt it.

    Russia yes. Putin plays ‘l’Etat c’est moi’. Fortunately Putin is not Russia.

    Les, btw as a kid I read a lot in the books of Paul Brunton, who once asked Ramana Maharshi something like why don’t you spread (the Vedanta) Teaching around the world like Adi Shankara did in India. Ramana responded, someone wil come up. MMY is/was that Jagadguru, Worldteacher.

    While you were in India during the recent Maha Kumba Mehla the Maharishi Smarak was inaugurated at the other shore of Allahabad.

    Jai Arunachala.

    CIA O

  81. http://post.jagran.com/nasa-to-use-sanskrit-as-computer-language-1332758613

    “In 1985, NASA scientist Rick Briggs had invited 1,000 Sanskrit scholars from India for working at NASA. But scholars refused to allow the language to be put to foreign use.”

    According to Rick Briggs, Sanskrit is such a language in which a message can be sent by the computer in the least number of words.

    After the refusal of Indian experts to offer any help in understanding the scientific concept of the language, American kids were imparted Sanskrit lessons since their childhood.

    The NASA website also confirms its Mission Sanskrit and describes it as the best language for computers. The website clearly mentions that NASA has spent a large sum of time and money on the project during the last two decades.

    Brahm, The Unified Field coincidances

    CIA O

  82. I think that The Pussy Riots had to be punished. Maybe Putin was too tough. I can’t stand those girls. They are absolutely disgusting. Maybe the whole case is a falseflag and Putin has orchestrated everything. Maybe he drinks vodka with the girls on holidays.

    I don’t believe that Putin would have said to someone that he is a pedo. I don’t think that kissing a baby means that somebody automatically is a pedo.

    But I am horrified that many antijudaists believe in Putin whose propaganda f. e. bashes the history of the Baltic countries and who attacks the baltic SS-veterans with the Simon Wisenthal Center. That Center and the zionists have always been the best friends of Russia and they have had the same views about almost everything over 20 years.

    1. @Papy

      Litvinenko spied for MI6 (the British Intelligence Service) his task was to assist the Spanish IS to research the Russian Maffia says Sky News/AP somewhere.

      That whole putin/pedo? article + photo of AL was not the reason why he was silenced. Only strange that Putin did in front of the press. (tabloids in that time might have written he could not surpress his etc.).

      The banksters behind the throne put people in power that can easily be blackmailed. One of their mo.

      Aangirfan has a lot of well rersearched info on it.

      CIA O

  83. Good article of John Kaminski, The Debilitating Shadow of Oppression, by John Kaminski

    Since the Comment section is not available in zis part of ze globe, here an article of 9/11 capitain Christopher Bollyn of yesterday:

    Good Video Summary of Israeli Role in 9-11
    May 29, 2013

    The following 14-minute video is an excellent summary of the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11. It touches on many of the key points that I explain in greater detail in the Solving 9-11 set of books. Although I am not mentioned in the video, I am the person who uncovered several of the links that it presents (…)


    To end with Horse 237: they will lose, We Will Win.

    CIA O

      1. @hp

        On childisness.


        A Devastating, Fact-based Critique.


        Sam wins sara vice versa. Only Sam (hp’s isk/con swami was 22 yrs. old when he married his sara a girl of 11 yrs of age) and stimulated this pedo practice for his followers.

        (…)Formerly, when I was married, my wife was eleven years old. So (laughing) an eleven years old girl and I was at the same time twenty-one, twenty-two. One day I captured her hand. She began to cry. A little girl, you see? -Morning Walk, Bombay, April 12, 1974.

        (…)It is obvious that the swami, then known as Abhay Charan De, was fully aware that he was “marrying” a little girl. Furthermore, his relating this incident to his male disciples when he was a sannyasi or renunciate is disturbing to say the least. Reading it today is like overhearing the conversation of a group of adults who advocate sexual relations with children, which was in fact exactly what occurred in this case (…)

        (…) Readers might be familiar with the argument that the abuse of children at the ISKCON gurukulas in the 1970’s and 1980’s was due to rogue elements that infiltrated the group and that it had nothing to do with its philosophy and practices.

        This view is entirely mistaken. In fact, the policies instituted by its founder-guru, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, are the primary source of the child abuse that plagued the schools. This might come as a shock to many connected to the Hare Krishna sect either as donors or devotees, but the facts speak for themselves (…)

        There is definitely something wrong with you, hp, that you still point to this pedopervert as a source of wisdom.

        Grow up.

        CIA O

  84. The bottom line concerning these heads of State on the World stage now is that they’re ALL being played by the master hands of the ultimate puppeteers, none of whom are human. They are different factions of various non-human groupings who are in effect the ‘plenipotentiaries of Satan’. This has always been the case for time immemorial, and right now they’re swarming all over the planet in anticipation of getting their share of the spoils – humanity itself; the ultimate goyim.

    Human Beings everywhere can never be anything but pawns in this World AS IT IS PRESENTLY CONSTITUTED. This is the key phrase in my view. The success of American colonists in the 18th Century will have been proven to be a ‘stalling tactic’ in the grand scheme of things. The great “Armageddon” battle to come will be the forerunner to a change in the constitution of the World, where a definition of “World” becomes more properly defined as say, a “Realm”. No longer a “World”, whose definition could be seen as being a place of physical exclusivity, but as a “Realm”, existing as a place of versatility where “matter is made malleable by spirit”.

    Personally, the visions of Cayce and Steiner ring true to me with their observation, and I’m paraphrasing here, that “through Russia will come an evolutionary leap of Consciousness for humanity.” Somehow, in some sense this will happen. This, I would add, occuring simultaneous to the “Gotterdamerung” of this non-human imposition.

    But all of this comes with a caveat, in keeping with my response to Kaminski’s latest article. His primary observation hits the nail on the head. The power of will is what this is all about. In fact, what it has ALWAYS been about. When this power is exercised rightly, its effects project mightily. Stemming from the heart and no foe can ever vanquish it.

    Those who are awakening and becoming truly aware are remembering why they are here on this planet at this present time. We are here to FIGHT with the MIGHT of RIGHT! There is NO other reason to be in this place that runs so antithetical to the true realms of existence. The world of Elvis’s garden, or Gabriel Jones’s MMY, or WHATEVER floats your spiritual boat. It’s what the fight is FOR, and WE are supposed to be its guardians and protectors.

    I find myself laughing (and crying of course, like Jesus weeping for the World) at the preposterous situation of our plight, and how ridiculously simple it is to snap out of it; “it” being a matter of coming out of our collective state of amnesia. But alas, and this is the crying part, many of our fellow Beings seem ‘destined’ to go down with the putrid ship into the sea of darkness. But for the awares we choose to fight, like that warrior Brave – with joy and reverence; honoring all Creation.

    1. ‘Tis time for all ethno-Europeans to return to their TRUE roots and heritage.

      Christianity is a hoax. Judaism is mental sickness on a mass scale. Islam is a reaction to one, or the other, or both. Deal with it.

      1. @ AS @Bh @hp


        Horse 237 tells it the way the present social samsara is is without race blinkers:

        (…) To understand the criminal nature of banking it might help to think of it in this way: Suppose you were given a special license to print money. But you could not buy anything from a store yourself. You had to loan the money and live on the interest you collected. Then as a convenience and a savings to you, you were allowed to create checking account money with the same rules. If you had 40% of the deposits in your community, you could make up to 40% of the loans. And to make even more money, you could issue credit cards at even higher rates. It would not take long before you would own the country including the politicians. At that point you would be Too Big To Jail and could violate every law imaginable with impunity.

        Africans work to pay interest on loans that can never be repaid and were created in bad faith through fraud. But the same can be said for the people of Asia, Europe and the Americas.

        I have written this to persuade you that no matter what your race or nationality, it is in your best interest to demand the arrest of the bankers. the seizure of their assets and systematic worldwide Debt Cancellation (…)

        CIA O

      2. And in this FED jubilee year 2013 one thing US citizens could, no should add: The FED is a private bank owned by Jewish banking families.

        You all have still half a year to shout it from the rooftops.

        CIA O

      3. Only (!) Jewish Banking Families. If this fact is not hammered on then it is the fault of those US fellow mortals who are in the know of it.

        (BTW hORSE 237 most often mention the J word)

        If these were only Italian banking families it does not make you anti Italian with or without a hyphen.

        To hell with the ADL. Forget about 911 etc. it is all too complex, you are an anti samtype, conspiracy nut…. make everyone smell this simple fact in your daily conversations.

        And this very year will be the FED’s end.

        CIA O

  85. My, my, lobro, Brownhawk, GabReal, anglosaxon etc, such splendid commenters here, you get so many things right, it is not even worth quibbling with you on the small stuff. And I am an opinionated rabble rouser!! Good stuff.

    You GabReal I did not know that concerning NASA and the sanskrit. I did run into one of the better pieces I have run into though by a man in India on how Bengali was raped. I am not able to post on his site, I get the google blue block, I wish I could.

    They starved 5 and half million Bengalis to death. Roth had the boys steal all of the boats on the rivers. He wanted them to grow poppies in the rice growing area. They also busted open the temples and stole trillions of dollars in gold and took it back to vaults in London. (that is an old story huh?) The gold taken out of India if backing a currency today would make it the richest country on earth! Think about that.

    “When the white man came to our country we were wondering why they were in such a desperate hurry to translate all our ancient Vedic books on Maths and Science to English from Sanskrit. They had even taken away hundreds of Pundits fluent in Sanskrit to England , so that translations can be done from there. These pundits were literally held captive. The Pundits could NOT see each other, and were kept widely separated. Each Sankrit text went though three different translations. If any Pundit did NOT read between the lines, being a nationalist, retribution would be severe, and he would die in England.

    Like how the Mathematics genius Ramanujam was whisked away to England , and then discarded like a curry leaf, after they got the juice out of him . We were wondering what is the dire need to PATENT knowledge. Yes, the white man patented all our ancient knowledge and established Indians as a stupid race.

    Now, punch into Google search ISAAC NEWTON , THE CALCULUS THIEF – VADAKAYIL. Read it and them come back to this post, or you will not understand what I mean.

    Amartya Sen was given the Nobel prize for white washing the most terrible thing done in history– deliberate starvation of 5.2 million Bengalis during the famine in 1943.”

    Mr. Vadakayil thinks so much of Sen he refers to words coming out of his “cancer afflicted mouth!” LOL I like it.


  86. He certainly points out the tremendous crime of stealing knowledge and claiming Isaac as the greatest thing since bottled beer in England. At least the Germans do their own research, the Max Planck Institute is still going strong, that is where Einstealerstein got the theory of relativity.

    India is right when they say they were the first to bring the light! It goes back to the ancient Rishis, nobody knows how far back, maybe millions of years. It probably goes back to the Nefilim/Annunaki. One of my favorite subjects.


  87. “I have written this to persuade you that no matter what your race or nationality, it is in your best interest to demand the arrest of the bankers. the seizure of their assets and systematic worldwide Debt Cancellation (…)”

    That is exactly what Iceland did, I am surprised they didn’t bomb them. Of course it is early they may have seeded the volcanos! 🙂

  88. Larry King to go to work for Russia Today in Moscow. Never say the Russians have no sense of humor … a small bit of the comments here.

    Proof Satan is in charge, WW3 is coming soon ! (my favorite!)

    Larry is more Zionist than Satanyahude.

    bring jesse ventura

    What’s next on RT? WMD in Iran, Assad uses chemical weapons, Israel bombs neighbors in self defence?

    Isn’t he a bit too old for new engagement? – He’s also too old for the Syrian children.

    JJSAYS: I want to see him die a few minutes into the show, so
we can laugh, that would be fun 2 see

    D2ZD: G.W. Bush has agreed to “manage” RT News, But all staff must wear White cowboy hats!!!!!!!!!!!

    or god’s sake they killed 66 millions of russians with their bolchevik revolution, and you hire one

    Putin asked for Bibi’s permission on last trip with Israeli PM. Larry insisted that he get it first!

    D2ZD: U can’t get more Zionist pro-IsraHELL than L. King. Good move RT! What’s next Karl Rove 4 CEO?

    That’s a creepy picture of Rumsfeld and chode. Who ya gonna hire next? Larry Silverstein?

    So sad. This guy belongs in an oven. I am OUT of here.

    Hopefully truth about the right of Jews to return to their stolen land will finally be heard on RT!

    The Larry King show !!! Brough to you by our wonderful sponsors at the Kremlin! (рuke)

    Let Larry King invite the Рussy Riots? The Russian paymaster will not allow it

    I always thought Larry King was a commie. Now I know.

    Maybe some of RT’s fans want u 2 prop up an embalmed Lenin & have a ‘what would Jesus do?’ moment!

    Americans and their founding fathers bs,shut up with that noise,think you’re free haha de ha

    RT, AlJazeera, Infowars, are all CIA false “alternative media”. Only the brand names differ.

    zionism = talmudic supremacism

    yeah they are as good as henry “dr death squads” kissinger

    Yes, go to Iran. You can split your scalp and let the blood run down your face too.

    Hey goys Grandpa dexter is back.. now U be good little ni g gaz and listen while he tells u stories!

    And here I thought he was already dead…

@anoni-29.05.2013 21:50: Or how they say we are just animals in human form and their cattle.
I guess that was just his career.

    Lol, RT is on the way to beat Al Jazera 😉 …pity puts shame on Russia. Russia or Zionism Today?

    @20:23″Was this decided at Bilderberg or Bohemian Grove??..”
that was sharp, very accurate.

    The Larry King show!!!..
brough t to you by our wonderful sponsors at Monsanto!

    RT please, can We have Zbigniew Brzezinski for the Comedy hour now?

    And next our scientific expert on evolution — the Reverend Pat Robertson!!!

    D2ZD: What’s the difference between RT & Fox? Answer: RT reporters speak with British accents!! LOL

    And our next guest that paragon of virtue and unbiased commentator, Benjamin Netanyahu!

    Next great announcement Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews morning show.

    ” ;Larry King is not afraid to ask the tough questions”….. .Geez, I almost laughed my tail off.

    larry kings interview, Ahmedinejad; more men couple live together in Teheran than total Netherlands

    Question is: Have the Russkies also bought his soul?

    vote on who has the best dictators,my vote is for UK,ours are more subtle and clever,USAs are stupid

    Next RT will be showcasing Jerry Springer, Joan Rivers, Ricki Lake, Maury Povich, etc.

    Is it a wonder the oligarky ate all the assets of the Soviet Union, Russians must be dumb !!

    Russians are dumb, oligarky has already taken over RT and the fools dont even know it !!

    Where this god-trainee – Yhw appears , what he creates is Confusion !

    right now,the media has your mind,and mine,it is putting thoughts in our heads which dont belong

  89. just throw your teevee in garbage — stop complaining– and just shut the fuck up. end of problem.

  90. Many Years!

    EVERYTHING that you have written on in this article, is TRUTH!

    It was the means of both my conversion to Orthodoxy from a sodomitic, pre-Benedict [Arnold] Roman Catholi-schism, as well as awakening a latent White Racial Consciousness. And I owe it all to the Romanov’s, Sergei Nilus, the Protocols, and the actions of the New Martyrs under the Communist Yoke.

    May EVERY AMERICAN, EVERY EUROPEAN, read and learn from this article. May those who defame it, deny it, or downplay it be damned before the judgment seat of Christ! It is the Gospel, it is nothing less than a distillation of over twenty years’ reading, research, and trying to find ‘links and ties’ to the modern Judaized West, and why we are being Genocided- simply because we are White, we are European, and we are Christian.

    “God hates the Jews.” – St. John Chryostom

    (And so do I.)

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your PERSONAL enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

  91. http://www.realjewnews.com/?cat=97

    I enclose these columns from those who would deny Russia’s leader the grace to once again become a truly Christian nation.

    It is a long road to hoe, and I do believe he is doing a ‘Rahab’ on the Yids- lying to them in order to sever them from the body politic.

    At least Putin has said, ‘Russia will be here to safeguard the Christians of the world,” whereas the Obamanation said, ‘In an international conflict, I will side with Islam.’
    (Typical Nigger- race before ideology)

    Which Leader is of MY race? Putin!
    Which leader is destroying Christianity? Obama?

    So, don’t be upset if he mollified the Deicides. What’s one lousy ‘museum’, when one bomb could destroy six million bloodsucking leeches, once and for all?

    “I hate thine enemies with a perfect Hatred.” – Ps. 139:22

  92. You know people might take brother nathaniel seriously if he would take off that silly circus hat and stop asking for donations. You would be amazed at what you can do with a free wordpress like mine.

  93. “8. Veda is not a human language. It’s the language of infinity. Mathematical equations indicate transcendental, but the reality is not within the range of science”

    Gabreal, That is what I just said! Maybe I should rephrase it. Shruti is a sound, the sound of the spheres, a vibration that has always been here and will always be here, it transforms matter into various forms. It is what Christians do not recognize as the “word” due to the witchery of Constantine who wrote the bible on behalf of the empire. Put a sea shell to your ear. There is something out there and also inside us. A living vibration. Rishis called it Shruti, the sounds of the cosmos. It is what the Vedantic priests who were in the vatika (now vatican) believed and taught and sought communion with before Constantine killed them. Veda was in every land, it was world wide, it is the mother of us all. It was brought from the stars by the nefilim. It is not a theory, it is sound and light. You know, in the beginning there was the word and word was God. God is not a book. You know let there be light! There is light and always was and always will be. It makes the grass grow, lightning in the sky, it is what the native Americans called the great white spirit. white light, not a guy with a beard.

    It had to be stopped and religious rivalry introduced instead. This progressed to the rivalry of nations, the splitting up of countries into mini fiefdoms such as we are seeing today, Kuwait breaks from Iraq, now the push is to divide and rule Syria and so on and so on. Of course in more consolidated areas of the empire such as Europe and the United States etc, the push is toward amalgamation and the erasure of nation boundaries. These countries are almost close to death. Immigration is pursued with unbridled glee and the more all look at each other as a stranger in the land with no common language, culture or much else, the better to increase rivalry and revolution. The the jack boot comes down harder. Win win for the globalists.

    The U.N. will achieve it’s mission, the universal brown man, with no heritage, no roots, no common language, a slave, taking orders from the money power, the proverbial sheep or cattle. All except the khazar, he will maintain his historical background as Y-DNA, haplogroup E1b1b and rule over all. Then the goy will be so happy and worship them as the story goes.

    1. This concept/reality can be explained and understood very easily and in short order with very few but “telling” words from the Bible.

      “In the beginning there was the word” (the word was with God)

      This implies the fact of (transcendental) sound existing before the material creation existed.
      Further, this also implies material creation AS a manifestation(s) of sound.

      How might it be any clearer, simpler or sweeter than this?

      For starters.

      Here it is – http://vedabase.net/sb/en

  94. It is said that Constantine studied Vedantic truths in India. I am sure this is where he came upon the idea of the “word.” It is mentioned in the bible in the beginning was the word. That is it, as if to say nothing to see here time to move on. No concept is given as to what this word really is. There is a reason for this, there was really no attempt to construct a great body of knowledge here to enliven the human soul or society. It was a means of writing a book with a few truths to hold a dying roman empire together.

    We see around us in western society people in the crystal cathedral, Billy Graham and such as Pat Robertson who would have you believe the word is a book called the bible. Such concepts seem childish to me. It is this kind of thing that cause be believe all so called religions and pathways are useless like some clown show. Consciousness is much like a ladder and we are all on different rungs. I am sure my concept of the universe seems very incomplete also to a Brahmin.

    Hinduism is defined as the search for truth. It reaches back into the aeons of time to the Rishis, it is ever expanding as the human consciousness, no books are temples are really needed, it excludes none. According to this I must be a Hindu then. I am very happy to have discovered this.

    Calculus was patented by Isaac Newton but is was stolen from Vedantic scholars, just as the “word” was stolen by Constantine.


    They were in “such a desperate hurry to translate all our ancient Vedic books on Maths and Science to English from Sanskrit. They had even taken away hundreds of Pundits fluent in Sanskrit to England , so that translations can be done from there. These pundits were literally held captive.

    Have another look at some excerpts from the great Swami Abhedananda


    “Moreover, there are so many inconsistencies, discrepancies and errors in the Gospels, that no critical student among the Hindus could say that they are infallible and revealed word of God. As the church upholds this theory, and preaches the infallibility of this book, the Hindus reject it as a dogma of the church.

    A Hindu says that while God has given us reason, understanding and intellect, and freedom to use them, we should be acting against His wish if we accepted anything blindly upon the authority of anybody’s statement. We must question, we must test every claim in the crucible of logic upon the fire of right reasoning. Therefore, a Hindu says, before we accept any of the articles of faith, we must examine them.

    Among the incarnations of God recognized by the Hindus are Krishna, Buddha, Rama, etc. When a Hindu reads the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ, as given in the Synoptic Gospels, and compared them with the life and teachings of Krishna and Buddha, he is amazed to find the singular coincidences in every minute detail,

    Churchianity depicts in a dramatic way the temptation and fall of Adam from Paradise, seeking in this ‘fall’ to find the origin of evil and to explain the way that sin came into the world. But this account finds no acceptance from the Hindu. He looks upon it as the mythology of a primitive people, the explanation of undeveloped minds, who believes that one man who lived about 4000 years before Christ was the parent of the whole human race, and that because he sinned, all his descendants are born sinners. The Hindus know, and have known for countless ages, that such an account of creation is irrational and unscientific.

    The Hindu is not satisfied merely to accept Christ in theory, but he strives hard to live the life, which Jesus lived, to lead a life of renunciation, of self-control and of love to all. Thus he seeks to fulfil the mandates of that eternal Religion which is taught by Christ-Krishna, Christ-Buddha, and Christ-Jesus.

    The students of Vedanta regard him, with his sublime character and wonderful powers, as an incarnation of the Logos, the eternal Word of God, as in the case of all other Saviours of the world. The Eternal Word that dwelt in heaven with the Lord is the Logos, and that Logos appeared in the form of Jesus the Christ, in the form of Krishna, of Zoroaster, Buddha and all other saviours of the world. The students of Vedanta regard him as the Incarnation of divinity, as the Son of God, as the Saviour of the world.

    It preaches the truth boldly, and at the same time accepts all the phases of truth discovered by scientists, philosophers, and seers of Truth (Rishis) everywhere and in all ages, while enough room is left in the religion of Vedanta for the admission of any truths that may be discovered in the future. Thus Vedanta establishes the foundation of a universal religion, embracing the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Zoroaster, Mohammed, and all other spiritual teachers of the past and of those who will come in the future while it proclaims in a trumpet voice to the world:

    There was nothing that cannot be done over and over again by a true Yogi, and there was nothing in His life that cannot be explained rationally by the science of Yoga and the philosophy of Vedanta. Without the help of this science and this philosophy, Jesus the Christ cannot be fully understood and appreciated. By studying His character, on the other hand, in the light of the Vedanta philosophy, we shall be able not only to understand Him better, but to have a larger appreciation of His true glory.No devout Christian need for a moment fear that physical science can ever undermine the work of Jesus, as long as the science of Yoga is there to sustain all that He did.

    It is through the teachings of Vedanta that the Hindus have learned how to glorify the character of Jesus; so also it is through Vedanta that a Christian will learn to adore the great Yogis like Krishna, Buddha, Ramakrishna and others

    1. @ Dublinmick

      When it comes to Christ’s love to all, I would have to say all who are deserving of it. Love falls on deaf ears and blind eyes to those who never got the message that only love makes manifested existence possible (and I mean NEVER got the message, from the very outset of their singularly created Consciousness) My sense is that THEY are the ones whose singular Being will cease to exist.

      Insofar as getting a true feel for certain words at our disposal, and given the problematic scenario of interpreting from a “bible”, it could be that this is what’s behind the words of Jesus when he said, “forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Could “forgive” in this context be an appeal for the Will of Creation to ‘take back’ their singularity, to for-give? Singular manifestation has been given – now it would be taken back to a ‘point be-FORE’ it was given, if you get my meaning. “I brought you in and I can take you out.”

      The word “sin” when traced back to its Sanskrit root means simply “to be”. I learned this years ago, and sometimes I think of this as the genesis of what has become for me the writing of a book (a constant work in progress as you may imagine!)

      “Be” how?

      1. “forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

        Prabhupada, does Lord Jesus Christ appear in the spiritual sky with the body he manifested on the earth?

        Prabhupada: Yes. Otherwise how there can be resurrection? Ordinary body cannot be resurrected. He appeared in his spiritual body, certainly. Jesus Christ told, if I remember, that “Lord, excuse these persons,” who were crucifying him. Is it not? He knew that “These rascals, they are killing me, but… They are offending certainly. So they do not know that I cannot be killed, but they are thinking that they are killing.” You see? But that was offensive, therefore he begged Lord to be excused because God cannot excuse to the offenders of the devotee. He can excuse one who is offender to God, but if somebody is offender to the devotee, God never excuses. Therefore he prayed for them. That is devotee’s qualification. He prays for everyone, even of his enemy. And he could not be killed. That he knew. But those rascals, they thought they were killing Jesus Christ.

  95. @Technical Support

    Usually, regarding an article on the Darkmoon site, the most recent comments will appear as a column starting at the upper right adjacent to the start of the article. Not so with this Kaminski article. When I click “Articles” above, this comment column appears, but when I click on a particular comment it simply reverts back to the Kaminski article only – right back where I started.

    Admittedly, I am a ‘bare essential’ computer user, and I haven’t moved beyond the window-7 xp browser

    1. Which article are you referring to? There was a problem with one of the previous Kaminski articles due to it being uploaded incorrectly, but that was fixed. I was not able to find any issue with the most recent one.

      I am not sure if you are using Windows 7 with Internet Explorer or Windows XP with Internet Explorer. I would suggest upgrading whatever browser you are using to the newest version as I cannot find any issues. Alternatively, I would suggest downloading Google Chrome and using that browser.

  96. @Dublinmick

    Allright, but listen good to the particular vid of MMY. He says that the shruti can be heard at the level of the Transcendent, when human speech of one’s body/mind in space/time are transcended. The sound of the shell or any other example can at best be a pointer/ a metaphor.

    AUM (the Word) the basic hum of Creation, Its groundsound can only be heard on Its own Level when the small I is submitted to the Cosmic I.

    I coined AXUM in 1999-2000. The place in Ethiopa where the Arc of the Convenant is after seeing a Discovery channel doc of Graham Hancock.

    AXUM: AUM …X …to describe the relatedness of the 3 socalled monotheistic faiths with their historic Elder, Ved.

    (…) Pure Existence is the basis of all that exists, very obvious (…) quote of MMY.
    AUM and beyond: Aaaaaaaa is the sound of Pure Existence.

    In the Holy Books of the 3 of the monofaiths much is doctored by humans. But nevertheless they still contain descriptions of the Undescribable Beyond.

    The sound of a conch (shell) or of a churchbell or any such sound from mosques, temples, pagodes is a call to turn the mind within and get the direct experience of the Word with the direct byproduct: a better World.

    CIA O

  97. GabReal
    And of course you are right. I was only pointing out something that should be obvious, a vibration, that cannot be explained by the usual churchianity hallelujia chorus.

    I bow to your expanding consciousness.

    1. @Dublinmick

      Namaste, bowing down to the Divine within all Life

      does not mean we let the bad guys- who show they have lost contact with their Indweller- win.

      CIA O

      1. @Dublinmick

        You show that you know

        I suppose you have something with Ireland, or else the next associations are hanging in the air

        India….Ireland. Same Orange, Green, White in the flags

        Poets, Mystics, Knowers of real-I-T

        (India: The knower of Brahm, is/becomes Brahm)

        JC’s source: India. JC Teachings (watered down or not) landed in Ireland. From there leaped with Irish monks to the Netherlands and ….


        CIA O

      2. leaped should be lept.

        Anyway the truth of always already omni-present Consciousness, is the Truth that will set free. JC like all the other Teachers talked about It.

        That Truth is contagious and will spread itself as leprose and will heal this seemingly broken world.

        CIA O

    1. The demons killed our beloved Srila Prabhupada just like the demons killed Lord Jesus.

      What is wrong with you?

  98. Myself and most anyone else can paint a blue streak down their foreheads and quote the Gita. It doesn’t mean you know anymore than anyone else. It is pretty much known by anyone who has done the research that ISKCON was and is a company front. Come on guy you can’t be serious, this has been known for years. Stick in it google, kind of buried as they are protected, but you will eventually get to hundreds of links like these.

    Core tenet: LOL Srila Prabhupada: ” As long as you remain a fool, then I can instruct you; but when you think you are very intelligent, then nothing is possible.”

    Even the indian parliament has called them out as CIA agents. Come on man you must know this! They are on a par with rev moon, just different tac. Look if you are interested in Vedantics I recommend you join a Hindu or Buddhist temple. You do not have to become a prisoner and work slave labor for minimum wage. They have real swamis in places like this. Anybody still riding this dead horse is disinfo.



    Rampant child abuse



  99. There is nothing wrong with me. In fact the parliament of India calls ISKCON a cia outfit. It is scattered with tales of child abuse and more, there are hundreds of links on the search engines concerning this if you care to look. It is on the order of REV Moon.

    Myself and most anyone else can paint a blue streak down their foreheads and quote the Gita. It doesn’t mean you know anymore than anyone else. It is pretty much known by anyone who has done the research that ISKCON was and is a company front. Come on guy you can’t be serious, this has been known for years. Stick in it google, kind of buried as they are protected, but you will eventually get to hundreds of links like these.

    Core tenet: LOL Srila Prabhupada: ” As long as you remain a fool, then I can instruct you; but when you think you are very intelligent, then nothing is possible.”

  100. Now we might ask what all this has to do with Putin, Evola and his “riding the tiger?” Well can anyone successfully argue that the west is lacking shall we say light in this time of Kali Yuga?

    I have seen aspersions that the Russian Orthodox church at least among monks is aware of tantra and the true teachings of the gnostics. There are still shamans left in Russia also as well as a tribe of people who even practice native American customs right down to dress.

    Rasputin the advisor to the tsar who was not very well listened to when he advised Nicholas to avoid the war with Germany, was a monk from Siberia. It is well documented he healed the sick by projecting energy, tantric energy which was accrued by his practices with local women in the bath houses and royalty alike. Word of his prodigiousness became a focus of criticism of the monarchy itself. He loved to party with gypsies.

    Rasputin was a monk from Siberia where erotic practices of the khylists were well known and practiced. He was however said to be very psychic at a young age. This is shown and documented in the film, Rasputin starring Alan Rickman which I thought was fairly accurate.

    1. Na ja, Dublinmick, what you wrote gives much to think about, but as I read elsewhere, in these days apparently – religious groups, sects, churches are infiltrated by not only cia, but also Freemasons, Zionists and so on. In that case it was Universelles Leben, (universal life) “free Christians of the sermon on the hill” or something and also there are connections to Scientology, or say sveral “humanists” (Freemasons). Some said, the Dalai Lama was paid by the Cia. In that case, he might just have accepted some money to support the Tibetan refugees, and perhaps even doesn’t know or care about the political aims of other agencies. With Mr.Prahupada, myself know only that he was traditional, orthodox so to speak. Maybe that the NWO or globalists are trying to infiltrate any group of religion or Weltanschauung along the politics of the protocols. For example the Catholic Curch with the “Vaticanum 2” (or so) as the Traditionalists say.
      So I think one can get disturbed, but an easy measure would be, how the leaders hold on to the original traditions, the core of their teachings.
      With Putin, the question is justly, if he is following a politics for the Russian people or the globalist agenda. And for me grave doubts are justified, also thanks to Päpy from Finland for comments, he is certainly near the problem, but I’m not informed good enough.
      “We’re all Palestinians” – one can say, and at the moment the crazy thing was to be read, that Hisbollah is supporting the Syrian gvt and it is said that the Quassam Brigades of Hamas support the murderous gangsters (Saudi, Katar, Nato). So that Palestinians may be infiltrated also.

      1. to the last sentence: to add, the Israeli bombing of the facility in Damascus was to support the mercanaries against Syria, obviously and that shows who also is behind the murderous war there.

  101. John McCain is in Syria to help the terrorists to bring down Assad regime. In the past he was instrumental in sending troops to fight terrorists who were called Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    They need to give them a different name. The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaeda. This is only a propaganda campaign to keep the fake war on terror going indefinitely as well as to invade all different countries.

    Recently we had the false flag events: Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon in the US and the Woolwich hoax in England.

    The following website is extremely valuable in showing that the same crime syndicate is behind Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon as well as the Woolwich hoax.


    It is also important to go back to past events and see this same connection. Who was behind:

    destroying London Israeli embassy in 1994
    getting America to bomb Libya and fight Iraq
    attempting to infiltrate Islamic radical outfits in south Asia?
    The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9/11
    Attempting To Bomb Mexican Congress
    posing as Canadians
    agents arrested in Syria
    ‘spies’ jailed over New Zealand passport fraud


    Mossad is also in America. Please read the articles of Dr Philip Giraldi who is former CIA for valuable information about what Mossad and Israel are doing to America.

  102. @Fritz

    “We’re all Palestinians” – one can say, and at the moment the crazy thing was to be read, that Hisbollah is supporting the Syrian gvt and it is said that the Quassam Brigades of Hamas support the murderous gangsters (Saudi, Katar, Nato). So that Palestinians may be infiltrated also.”

    Yes the Palestinians do provide some head scratching moments at times. In a way you can see how they would be somewhat pro sunni, but there is no guarantee whoever takes over in Syria should Assad fall, benefit them either. It is seems to me to be a dangerous game. They might be infiltrated. It is such a complicated arena over there it is hard to tell what is going on.

  103. I have often insisted there is no people that have been under worse attack than the Germans. The khazar bankers are now flooding them with every nationality, not because they have compassion but simply to breed Germans out of existence and stir up as much social turmoil as possible in Germany. It seems to be a khazar thing that Germans cease to exist.

    They have been led into to two world wars that got their country bombed back into the stone age and now it looks like they are headed for another one. Hitler’s daughter Merkel just can’t give enough submarines to Israel. It seems they never learn. Germans have no voice in how their country is run, big money buys elections and makes the policy.

    Saw this but is on one of those debka type pages/sorchaa. Anybody ever heard of zaslon?

    “Defense minister Sergei Shoigu order last thursday 24 May for the Southern Military District involving four regiments of S-33 air defense systems troops combining 8700 personnel, 185 war planes and 240 armored vehicles are now positioned to enter Syrian War Zone “within hours” to begin offensive and defensive operations.

    Ordered into Syrian War Zone, including the much feared Zaslon Special Forces units, in order to prepare for widening of this conflict into what could turn into World War III. According to global military experts, this report says, Russia’s Zaslon Special Forces are “so shadowy they make ninjas look like amateurs”

  104. http://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/puppet-putin/

    Puppit Putin put in perspective by diggerfortruth


    1/. He is surrounded by chabad Jews in his cabinet

    2/. Russia has just accepted the fascicle holofraud legislation

    3/. He is a former KGB agent

    4/. Under his governing as president, Russia has morphed into a capitalist society.

    5/. Why has he engaged in ‘diplomatic’ pally talks with Netanyahu in the criminal state of israel?

    6/. Russia has supplied israel with components for their jet fighters.

    7/. Russia has supplied oil to israel

    8/. He attended the Victory Monument in israel

    9/. Acceptance of microchips

    10/. Dumbing down of Russians

    11/. Enforced immigration policies

    12/. Depopulation programme

    13/. Putin the oligarch

    14/. Suicides under Putin’s presidency

    15/. Putin accepts Agenda 21 martial law

    16/. Putin opens mausoleums in memory of famous Jews who slaughtered millions of Gentiles

    17/. Putin bans free speech

    18/. Putin the accused murderer

    CIA O

    1. If the visions of seers like Cayce are to be seen with credibility, that an ‘evolutionary leap’ in human consciousness will happen “through” Russia, then it can be concluded with reasonable certainty that it will have nothing to do with the inherent character of Heads of State like Vlady Putin. The vast majority of them don’t appear to be in positions of true strength where a threat of blackmail can’t bring them down and out of power.

      The real, off-planet powers behind the ‘thrones’ will have the last word at the World’s Gotterdamerung. Then the murk will lift and we’ll see what we’re leaping into.

  105. Said that in a comment on ‘visible Les’ who is a Putin fan here at LDJMC site. Putin no, Russia, yes.

    It all boils down to ‘How a governmentment functions’ as sketched by MMY in Weggis Switzerland in 1976. He was surrounded in a not all too luxurious hotellobby by renowned scientists Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson and others which was put up as a filmset.

    MMY sketched very roughly with a kind of graffiti pens on a A4 how each section of society (on the papers periphery) has its certain unseen influence on no matter what type of govt. in the centre.

    I happened to be there. Quite a good scene to watch.

    If we want to improve the quality of a govt. we have to improve the quality of the collective (national) consciousness. And of course MMY solution: relatively small groups (the square root of 1% of a population). See the affluence of scientific research on this.

    Cayce is doubtful, he said definitely China will be completely a Christian nation.

    CIA O

    1. http://www.topsecretwriters.com/2011/03/the-many-failed-edgar-cayce-prophecies/

      (…) A New Christian China. Cayce also predicted that China would become the new “cradle of Christianity.” He went on to predict that China would be completely converted to Christianity by 1968 (…)

      The only ‘thing’ you can be sure of is is your own state of Being, Knowingness.
      Everyone knows this: no faith/belief needed just To Be.

      But we are taught to crowd our minds with all kinds of facts and/or fictions during the max 100 yrs the body breathes.

      In Sanskrit the term for Being is Brahm.

      A Dutch association comes along this moment. The word ‘raam’ is the Dutch word for ‘window’. Being/Brahm is the -unbounded- window in which all things perceived and/or conceived, usually called the world, including the body which you usually take to be yours, I come and go.

      No belief needed to just be.
      Investigate. Invest (a little effortless attention in the) I- gate

      This is the truth (Truth) JC (and all other Teachers of Truth, past, present, future) point to. This truth sets ‘you’ free.

      @Joe, sorry this German thinker you disapprove of is (also) right: (da)sein.

      Free, means you are -this very sec- not bound by whatever you perceive or conceive (whether it is a lie or not), also not what you read here now.

      NSA= Not Sure Awareness

      NSA is the fear based control freak agency. The ‘Big’ ‘Brother’ who will lose his ‘bigness’ as soon as more wo/men wake up to the(ir) always already Free state of Being.

      We have to dare to be our True Self, which is un-bounded No-thingness.

      WE ARE ALL (no russians, palestinians, americans whatever….)

      CIA O

      1. What you’re saying is all fine and well. But to say Cayce is “doubtful” is questionable. Why not just leave it open? Besides, when referring to time lines that’s always a tricky call. Especially when you consider that what you’re alluding to with commentary on MMY suggests a timeless reality, where our experience of manufactured time is seen for the illusion it is. 1968, 1986, 2013 etc etc

        Insofar as Cayce referring to China as the “new cradle of Christianity”, who’s to say what might be meant by that? What does he mean by “Christianity”? Perhaps it was more in keeping with the true essence of Christ and not some disassociation of convoluted, misleading and false garbage implied from the suffix, “-ianity”

        The manufacturing of time may be a controlling illusion, but we’re still wrapped in its throes, but methinks not for ‘much longer’.

      2. @Brownhawk

        Dennis Dufrene the author of the piece ‘The many failed prophecies of Edgar Cayce’ gives you the answer:

        (…) Believers Have No Need for Evidence
        Out of the thousands upon thousands Edgar Cayce’s prophecies, only 40% can be considered remotely correct, and even that percentage is open to debate. The other 60% were either too vague to interpret, multiple-intent, or just plain wrong.

        Just as Cayce was not concerned with critics and skeptics, neither are his modern-day followers. When questioned about flawed or incorrect predictions, modern-day believers simply reply back with a quote from Cayce himself (…)

        As I see it, everybody is entitled to his/her beliefs (whatever) but what I point to is the common undisputable general basis of all believers and their beliefs and their world: that is ‘be’. Being.

        Opinions, beliefs are concepts we have.

        We have a body. We have emotions, feelings.
        We have via the senses perceptions of a world outside of our skin.

        But we are Consciousness, Being, Knowingness Itself.

        It sounds very simple, and it is very simple. The moment we realise this we shift from having to Being.

        The simple seeing of this is like a tomahawk and cuts directly through having (thoughts, emotions, a body) to Being.

        Google: ZEN COMICS

        What is happening now in Japan the land of Zen as reported by BF is a geopolitical satori.

        CIA O

      3. And right away back to the day-to-day market: last but not least Japan and the whole world
        should face the naked Fukushima facts and fix it.

        (And jail the known perpzzzz!)

        CIA O

    1. Maybe you’re right. We’re all objecting to dear Joe because his sanity repels us. We are the patients in the asylum and Joe is Head of Psychiatry.

      1. Russian Roulette. Joe is the croupier.
        Jules de la Roulette is his actual name
        There is a system in his ”madness”.
        He is (actually a cartoon of) us all (no matter who)…

        Sunrise/surprise from the Land of Zen by Benjamin Fulford


        June 11, 2013

        The recent cabal controlled corporate media frenzy of “disclosure” about things like NSA eavesdropping, politically targeted IRS tax investigations and the Bilderberg meeting are signs of full blown panic.

        All these disclosures seemed to be timed to distract public attention from last week’s pentagon and US agency supported love fest summit meeting between US President Barak Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

        The erupting trade war between Europe and China and the posse of economic hit-men trying to ruin Japan’s economy are also signs of and intensifying battle over control of the world’s financial system and thus the future of our species.

        The attacks on Japan’s economy are motivated by the fact the Abe government just announced $32 billion in economic assistance for Africa in a sign Japan is no longer handing its foreign currency to the cabal in order to finance Zionist wars.

        They are also motivated by the fact that Japan’s government has just begun to do the obvious and eliminate its “200% GDP debt” with the stroke of a pen.

        Well known mainstream economist Jeffery Sachs last week admitted to this writer, at a Japan Foreign Correspondent’s Club press conference, that there was no theoretical reason why Japan’s government could not just print yen, buy up all the outstanding Japanese government bonds and put them in the garbage. Sachs, who heads the Earth Institute at Columbia University, was also very enthusiastic about the big Japanese plans to modernize Africa saying they were very concrete, detailed and realistic.

        Of course the corporate propaganda media representatives, or more likely their bosses, did not want to let the world know that Japan’s government had made a decision to break free from Sabbatean debt slavery.

        Unlike tiny Iceland, Japan is the world’s third largest economy and its biggest creditor nation. Its’ breaking of ranks with the G7 debt-slavery cabal is truly historical.

        The other big move in Asia that was under-reported was the resumption of negotiations between North Korea, Japan and South Korea. The goal supported by all parties, including China, Russia and the Pentagon, is regional peace.

        To this end, North Korean authorities are rumored to have told the Japanese government they are willing to return over 30 kidnap victims, the remains of over 50 Japanese and 200 relatives of these people as a part of a normalization of relations with Japan.

        The need for US forces in the region is also being debated at a high level with many arguing that if push came to shove the pentagon would not fight China over Korea and Japan.

        Also, given the fact the US military industrial complex has basically proposed marriage with China, the Japanese government has forged military agreements with Russia and India to make sure Japan does not become some sort of dowry gift to the Chinese.

        Needless to say, of course, all the countries in Asia support peaceful co-existence and governments, including those of China and Japan, have agreed not to allow outside forces (ie Zionists) provoke war in the region.

        This tectonic shift coming from Asia is also affecting the old power centers like Washington D.C. and certain European countries.

        That brings us to the recent rash of corporate propaganda media attacks on the military industrial complex and their spokespuppet Obama.

        The so-called revelations that the NSA has been spying on all Americans and Europeans are very old news suddenly rehashed. All e-mails, phone calls, financial records etc. have been monitored around the world since at least the 1990’s.

        The reason the Zionist propaganda media have suddenly taken interest is because the agencies doing the eavesdropping are no longer working for them or their masters.

        That brings us to the Bilderberg meeting that took place last week in England at the same time Obama was meeting Xi in California. The simultaneous timing of these meetings was no coincidence.

        Obama met Xi in California because Xi refused to go the chaotic cesspool that is Washington D.C. according to Chinese and US government sources.

        There was also the very real concern Xi would have been poisoned had he gone to Washington. The Chinese view is that even though Obama is a puppet, he currently represents the government of the US and thus protocol meant he should be the face of Chinese/US government to government negotiations.

        The official Chinese and US government pronouncements about the meeting were that the two governments would forge peaceful, equal relations and work towards a better run planet.

        The Chinese also understand Obama might soon be stepping down as part of the ongoing regime change in the US.

        Obama is supposed to be making some big confessions to the American people on July 4th, according to a CIA source. His reputation in the history books will depend on whether he finally tells the truth about his past and the non-democratic process that put him in the presidency.

        In any case, old world order powerbrokers gathering at Bilderberg last week were clearly in a panic over the developments in the US and Asia.

        The clearest sign that something has changed concerning the old world order is the massive publicity given to the Bilderberg meeting in the propaganda press.

        Cabal news outlets like AP, Reuters, the BBC etc. were all there. Suddenly, instead of denying there was even a meeting going on, these propaganda outlets started saying that the most powerful people in the world were gathering there.

        There was also unprecedented publicity given to controlled opposition forces like Alex Jones and David Icke.

        Jones, for example, was widely promoted in Zionist outlets like the Drudge Report, BBC etc. in what appeared to be an orchestrated campaign. Jones is linked to the Zionist liquor smuggling Bronfman gangster family.


        I do not agree with the anti-Jewish slant of the above article but I will say that my grandmother, who personally knew members of the previous generation of the Bronfman family, thought of them as gangsters. They made their fortune by smuggling Canadian booze to Al Capone.

        David Icke, for his part, has been linked to the Rockefeller crime family.



        What both these controlled opposition figures have in common is that they take true conspiracy information, like the fact that central banks are privately owned monopolies, and then, in a bait and switch maneuver, ultimately put the blame on “aliens” without providing any credible evidence for this claim.

        What can be proven with overwhelming evidence is that many of the families behind the privately owned central banks support eugenics, population reduction and war.

        They have further been decisively linked to the 911 and 311 mass murder terror attacks.

        They have also utterly failed to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and develop latent human potential.

        Tomorrow is 611 and they better not try anything stupid.

        They must bow out.

        CIA O


        CIA O

  106. http://globalfire.tv/nj/03en/schizo.htm

    [ thanks for the good word CIA O]. May your pizzas always have crispy crusts.

    I would thank Berenice also except she just called me a “lunatic” on another thread of commentary -about 2 minutes after suggesting I may be sane and even correct in my viewpoints : Two minutes later she labels me a “lunatic”. Perhaps she’s correct ;

    Perhaps I am crazy after all ; After all, I’ve been very fair-minded to her Jewish tribe. For this I’m labeled a “lunatic”. I’ll have to give it some more thought. Perhaps I’m being too fair-minded. It’s all a bizarre middle eastern bazaar to me — then again, I’m just a “shabbos goy” drop-out after all is said and done, [ Thank God ].

  107. @ Faiz

    For the sake of simplicity, all the word religion means is the search or pathway to truth. Some have more bells and whistles, state backing and pomp than other pathways.

    The very name Hinduism means the search for truth. It is an attempt to expand the consciousness, not to rigidly hold the dogma in place like so many other so called religions.

  108. I have great books I could quote from but I will make it short because it is fairly simple.

    Vedanta only can be the true path as it teaches principles and not persons. For instance gravity was always there before it was discovered and will be there after it is forgotten. The same can be said of the vibration or Shruti which gives rise to all forms. Ride the tiger.

  109. What is nominally referred to as Hinduism revolves around the creator. All are affected by it’s principles whether knowingly or unknowingly. If you cut your toe it will heal. There is a life force which heals the toe, nobody knows when it began or when it will end. It does not revolve around a prophet. Now many prophets have done wonders explaining to people about this healing property. However when they die, this healing property continues with or without them. The modern religions are like children fighting over which preacher describes this healing property more thoroughly. Whether we wish to believe the people on the river Sind know more about this healing than the Rishis, well I suppose some can debate it, but the healing will continue with or without them. The grass will continue to grow however they wish to characterize it.

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