Take refuge in Me
for I am the end
and purpose of you.
Find sanctuary
in me, your friend.
My name
is Weirdissimo.

Sink into Me
for I am the deep
mystery behind
everything you see.
I am the Great Sleep
and you
the dream in my mind.

Rest easy therefore
and give thanks. Rejoice
that all is just so.
Be glad I am your
light in darkness,
and that you
know not what I know.

21 thoughts to “Weirdissimo”

    1. “The pains and sorrows the soul experiences through life, are like holes made in a reed flute, and it is by making these holesο»Ώ that a player makes the flute out of a reed.”
      – johnfin4

      Vaisnava Bhajan

  1. let me beat karen to the punch and be the first to praise this poem.

    whether it is wonderful or it sucks is a matter of individual taste but i like it a great deal.

    very feminine and as such, inscrutable.
    on my poem-o-meter, it hits at least 9.3 out of 10.
    (i said, at least, so don’t pout lasha)

  2. a short poem inspired by the above real poem.

    master and slave

    i am a jew.
    for you,
    i am the all.

    back to my cave.

  3. Homer understands it best I think … invoking Vishnu. The poem is steeped in Vedantic thought. It shows the influence of the Gita.

  4. Lasha’s image is of Lord Brahma, the secondary creator.

    The solid gold image is of Lord Vishnu lying on Ananta-Shesha,
    in Yoga Nidra (Great Sleep) . Brahma(secondary creator) sits on the lotus.

    “The second Visnu incarnation, the Garbhodakasayi Visnu, enters each and every universe, spreads water from His body, and lies down on that water. From His navel, the stem of a lotus flower grows, and on that lotus flower the first creature, Brahma, is born.”

  5. god makes art out of beautiful things
    righteous action makes faith paintings
    but when there is no more beauty
    god’s immune system arrives in a hurry

    im certain this healer will fix it
    but art he wont make of it
    and so it would be wise
    to heed timeless advice

    tell the truth and work off your sins
    jews, he knows of all your workings
    a masquerade without masks lasts a limited time
    the comedy goes boring and yer left with crime

    this hunter has clear focus
    vampires that turn away are not the worst locusts
    there is something far more disconcerting
    vampires that like whats in the mirror, with eternal death are flirting

    and so we should take advantage
    and become healable like advised the old sage
    because if the most powerful fixer arrives
    healing will not be what comes from the skies

  6. quoting from lasha’s newest

    Dr Manfred Reifer, […] writing in a prestigious Jewish publication:

    Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it holds sacred.” β€” Dr Manfred Reifer, in the German Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung, September 1933

    In the same month those words were written, September 1933, ADOLF HITLER REMOVED EVERY SINGLE JEW FROM POSITIONS OF INFLUENCE IN THE MASS MEDIA: from the fields of literature, art, music, journalism, the cinema, and popular entertainment in general

    clearly, this is what bothers dublinmick the most.
    draw your own conclusions.

    1. moshemick simply wants to protect us from what jews dont like.

      today the church and hitler.

      tomorrow truth and equality.

      g-d bless moshemick and his caring.

  7. @ lobro

    It’s possible that we have misunderstood Dublinmick. I myself have said a few harsh things about him re his attitude to Hitler, accusing him of being a “Zionist troll”. But you know, I was surprised when I went on his website recently to check him out.

    I found that he had not only published an entire pro-Russian/pro-Putin article that Lasha had previously written for, but that he had given a permanent link on his site.

    Would he do that if he was a Zionist troll? I doubt it.

    1. get rid of some of the Hitler fan boys and catholic church sycophants

      well sard, since i fit the bill, best is to get rid of me to keep him happy.
      because i am not about to change my spots and stripes.
      and while at it, kick 5 dancing shlomos out too, he is one of my favorite posters, i need company in the wilderness.
      between him, hitler and jesus, never a dull moment πŸ™‚

      1. Hey lobro, no one wants you to change your spots and stripes. But how do you account for the fact that he has given darkmoon a permanent link on his site? That shows he sympathizes with the general ideology of this site, but draws the line at Hitler. So do most other anti-Zionists, including President Carter, Meersheimer and Walt, Kevin MacDonald, and all the other critics of organized Jewry trying to be “respectable” and remain on the right side of Verboten! πŸ™‚

        Hitler has been so throughly demonized, his name associated with Ultimate Evil, that not everyone can escape from the spell of the collective hypnosis. It takes time. A long time for the penny to drop.

        1. ok, patiently puffing on my meersheimer pipe, one eyebrow raised, waiting for the other penny to drop.

  8. This piece seems to be a collision of the light-hearted with the deadly serious. Like the poet’s name, it is appropriate to it’s own title.

    The image conjured-up by this ‘chopped-up prose’ (Lasha has, herself, used that term in deserving places) is, for me, the image of two highly intellectual friends playing a game of Scrabble. e.g., Lasha spelled ‘weirdissimo’ out of practical necessity; Lucy peeled off some laughs and challenged her to ‘make a poem’ out of it….

    As critic in this case, I give her an ‘A’ for matching title and content. As ‘poetry’, I cannot recommend it as such – except to the extent that it does convey the feeling of loneliness of the poet for knowing far more than she can ever share with most.

    1. Pity you didn’t notice the elaborate rhyme and meter. If you think this is “chopped up prose”, you have no ear for poetry whatsoever! πŸ™‚

      This poem conforms to a strict metrical pattern. It has an A-B-C-A-B-D-C rhyme scheme. Can’t you see it?

      Each line also has a set number of syllables β€” except on two occasions when stress demands an extra syllable or one syllable less.

      Your failure to recognize rhyme when you see it probably springs from the fact that your ear lacks the ability to notice half-rhyme (technically known as as “slant rhyme”) which is fully permissible in formal verse nowadays.

      For example, in verse 1 above, “you” rhymes with “Weirdissimo” (= half rhyme). And in verse 3, “rejoice” rhymes with “darkness” (= half rhyme).

      All this renders your claim that the poem is “chopped up prose” quite ridiculous. Heck, you might as well call a motor car a bicycle! πŸ™‚

      1. Well, Sard, when you have to take out your slide rule and do measurement, it sort of defeats the purpose of ‘poetry’, IMHO.

        I do like most of Lasha’s poetry, but I would be doing a disservice if I were not a candid critic. She certainly doesn’t need our praise – for she is probably more astute than both of us.
        As for myself, I like my poetry to ‘flow’; and if you want to read some ‘flow’ which does not obviously rhyme, read Wordsworth’s ‘Lines’ composed near Tintern Abbey, along the banks of the Wye in 1798. (He is one of Lasha’s favorite poets, as I understand; and should be considered by all of us as an example of the very best.)(But, hey – I’m just a dumb ol’ country boy. WTF do I know??!)

  9. I reckon Weirdissimo sure does attract an uneven crowd.
    (cover your eyes, Harbinger)

    “Newton’s entire work in Physics and Calculus was taken wholesale from the Vedas and Kerala book of Calculus. It was simply taken from the Vedas where it was originally used for calculating rates of change in Astronomy and Astrology for many thousands of years before Newton.”

    Quantum Founding Fathers

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