Who will protect us from America? by John Kaminski

Edited and presented with pictures, captions and added inserts
by Lasha Darkmoon


It used to be that foreign threats were advertised as the main reason to send our young men off to war to defend our country. Amazing though it seems, we used to believe those stories. Many of our fathers and grandfathers died defending that principle.

Now, all that has changed. The threat is no longer some faraway enemy. The main enemy to peace in the world and security at home has become our own government.

Actions speak louder than words. The words our government speaks do not match the actions it takes.

It purchases uncountable rounds of hollow point ammunition and fancy new tanks for local police departments; at the same time it clamors about the need to take all guns away from the American people.

It conducts a program to rain down poison aluminum nanoparticles that sicken and kill both land and people, but refuses to admit such a program exists.

It approves genetically modified food to be consumed by the public, when all independent medical experts — the ones not paid to lie — know only too well that these foods are making people sick.

It allows — in fact, encourages — our police to kill innocent people with impunity. Meanwhile, it lets the guilty criminals slide off the hook. The puppets will do what they’re told, provided the puppeteers who control them give them a slice of the loot.

Our government regularly stages false flag terror events in order to have the excuse of passing draconian new laws that make a mockery of our Constitutional rights.

Its own intelligence agencies distribute drugs to gangs in order to arrest those who buy the drugs. These entrapped drug users are then put in prison and used by the government as slave labor: as a workforce whose wages are so ridiculously low that even the lowest paid workers in China receive more money for their labors.

It creates new diseases in government laboratories and secretly spreads them around populated areas, meanwhile commissioning “cures” made by pharmaceutical companies that charge exorbitant amounts of money — out of all proportion to what it costs to produce the actual drugs. Needless to say, the drugs are often pretty useless — or they cause other medical conditions and debilitating side effects that in turn require further treatment.

“The drugs themselves cause diseases . . . “

Our government in addition stages foreign wars that are of zero benefit to the American people, meanwhile enriching the Khazars  who have taken over the running of our country.

It allows these foreigners to steal billions at a time in order to give bonuses to the people who are doing the stealing.

It blows up skyscrapers in the middle of our biggest city and then blames it on people who have neither the inclination nor the ability to have done it.

It encourages unrestrained immigration, with lucrative incentives to foreigners to water down the voting pool. At the same time, it lets its own citizens lose their homes — because it has shipped all their jobs overseas.

It protects food and medicine manufacturers from malpractice lawsuits, while demanding that people buy expensive healthcare insurance policies that will deliberately make them sick.

It allows its own officials to break the law and sets up innocent people with false testimony to put them in prison.

It urges us to vote for the candidate of our choice, but restricts those choices to corrupt yes-men they choose; nor will it tell us about the precise procedures of how the votes get counted. If the vote goes against them, they fix the voting machines.

It tells the media exactly what to report, and what not to report — and the media robots eagerly oblige.

It endorses movies that depict innocent ethnic groups as vicious terrorists and praises its own vicious killers as noble heroes protecting our freedoms.

It sends billions of dollars to foreign governments but gives nothing to restore America’s decaying cities.

It promotes federal employees who lie about what they do, but imprisons and tortures whistleblowers like Bradley Manning for telling the truth.

It lets a private company — the Federal Reserve — print all the money, because it makes politicians and the elite one-percenters rich beyond the dreams of avarice, and the rest of us poor.

It furloughs those protecting our borders and furnishes guns and ammunition to the foreign criminals delivering drugs and mayhem across those unguarded borders.

It tells you the unemployment rate is going down and the stock market is going up, but fewer people than ever have decent jobs and the junk food they are forced to eat is mostly poisoned.

It says they may kill whomever they want to, but that the people they intend to attack may not fight back. The government may attack its own citizens with impunity, but self-defense is illegal.

It promotes those who say they are willing to shoot their fellow Americans, but denies veterans the right to own guns on the grounds that they have become mentally unstable. How did they become mentally unstable? From serving in unnecessary wars on behalf of Israel in which they were ordered to rape children before they murdered them — and to torture their victims, as at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, for the sheer hell of it.

It poisons children at birth with vaccinations they don’t need, and it steals children from their parents. The children abducted by the state, from perfectly good homes and from loving parents, are then put in foster homes where sexual abuse is common. Sometimes the children are even farmed out to elite pedophiles. And no one ever gets caught or pays the price.

It controls the weather with high tech devices and creates storms that destroy entire neighborhoods, preventing help from reaching the displaced victims who are starving and freezing.

It sends people to college who can’t even read, but if these morons say the right thing and become pliant puppets, they will jump into high political office in no time at all.

It kills the people who made this country great, and it rewards the people who  are helping to destroy it.

Who will protect us from own government?

Who will protect us from America which is now terrorizing the entire world — and is very likely, at any moment, to start mass murdering American citizens in their own country?

“In the last ten years America has morphed into far more than a mere police state. It is now a legalized crime mafia. There is only one axis of evil now, America: and all America’s allies, including the UN and NATO, are spokes on the same wheel. They have becomes disciples of the devil, acolytes of the Great Satan. We are now, all of us without exception, under the dominion of evil.”
— Lasha Darkmoon, Diary of a Dissident

*          *          *

John Kaminski  (email him) is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



124 thoughts to “Who will protect us from America? by John Kaminski”

  1. Right on the truth Jon Kaminski!

    Time to trumpet this talmudic fakery from every quarter on earth.

  2. Kaminski should be locked up in a cell with Darkmoon. That would be torture enough for both of them! 🙂

    Seriously though, isn’t this article going a bit too far? Isn’t it over the top? Suggesting America, which has been so good to us all, is a “criminal mafia state”? (Darkmoon’s idiotic phrase).

    America leads the world in exporting freedom and democracy. It is a light unto the nations. With the help of Israel, it will pacify the Middle East and bring new life and order to the backward Muslim people of the region.

    First, of course, Syria must be dealt with. Then Iran. Once these two terrorist nations are destroyed, things will begin to look up, believe me.

    Israel should be given the mandate of the Middle East.

    Funds should be made available to the cash-strapped Israeli government to help it rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan, and later on Iran and Syria after they have been taught a good lesson for defying international law.

    Israel’s $3 billion a year subsidy is not nearly enough — not if it is to rebuild the Middle East. An infusion of more funds is needed. Say $10-15 billion a year.

    1. Your reply is spoken like the true Zionist that you are.

      Suggesting America, which has been so good to us all,

      Yup, too Jews.

      America leads the world in exporting freedom and democracy.

      Yup only to Jews; slavery and tyranny to goys.

      First, of course, Syria must be dealt with. Then Iran.

      Of course to protect Jews.

      Funds should be made available to the cash-strapped Israeli government to help it rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan, and later on Iran and Syria after they have been taught a good lesson for defying international law.

      Nope, for defying Jews NWO.

      Israel’s $3 billion a year subsidy is not nearly enough — not if it is to rebuild the Middle East. An infusion of more funds is needed.

      Read: to colonise, control, enslave and destroy the people’s of the middle east.

      Seymour Zak writes what he does to anger people by winding them up. He’s an internet shill and I laugh everytime he writes. It’s obvious what his agenda is.

      1. Actually, although i am unaware of his history in this site, i “intuit” that Mr S Zak is being ironic – sarcastic? If not, then counseling should become a primary activity for him 🙂

    2. You are so wrong. Israhell gets EIGHT BILLION as aid every year on top of the many BILLIONS they get in “guaranteed” loans that are always forgiven. Egypt is next with three billion in aid and no loans.

    3. Make sure to send at least half your weekly paycheck to your tribe’s rodent nest, AKA Israel. Make sure to put your money where your mouth, or keyboard, is.

    4. @ Seymour Zak who seems to be- or is one- of the selfchosen shitbags

      War Mongers & Arms Sellers–They Live On The Killing Of Others Selling Arms Is A Shameful Profession

      Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Press Conference, August 7, 2002

      MMY: The goal of warmonger nations like the U.S., Britain, and Germany is to create and maintain fear in the world and sell their arms. This is what is happening in Israel, in Northern Ireland, everywhere.

      Unless world consciousness rises in coherence, all this destruction will just continue. Selling arms is a shameful profession. Arms dealers tell defense ministers: ‘Your neighbor has this new fighter plane and that new missile, so you must have them, too, or your security will be jeopardized.’ Even poor countries go deeply in debt purchasing these weapons. It’s shameful for arms-sellers to live on the killing of others.

      Englands Natural Law of MMY had as its headquarter a castle/palace in Mentmore which was constructed by the Rotschilds. He must have been in the know of their role behind the Anglo Saxon throne (and the US and the world) So it seems he does not waste his time in differentiating the money junkies dirty politics.

      Google: Guru says Go and Levitate yourself

      CIA O

      1. Typo: ..Englands Natural Law >Party<

        (Human life on Terra could be, will be a party if we let the
        Big I-deal. The Cosmic I, Gods I)

        W.H.I.P. Work of Heaven In Progress

        Yatha Purvam Akalpayat–Karma & Religion You Have To Face The Consequences

        MMY Press Conference, 1. October 2003

        This is the Constitution of the Universe and it functions on the basis of: ‘As it was before’.

        This is not a field that you commit a sin and go to your temple or church or whatever and say ‘yes, yes forgive me’ and I am forgiven. It is all human, concealing oneself into that thing. Whatever you do, you have to face the consequences, because your future is going to be guided by what it was in the past–Yatha Purvam Akalpayat. This is Natural Law. Confession is a false pretext.

        I am not opposing any religion. If the religious people feel that yes, I can go to my sacred place and then I will be forgiven–this is not a judge of the people, of the individuals, who can be persuaded by more intelligent lawyers. This is as it was before! Shruti, Smriti and Purana.

        If you want to have real law of Nature, if you wish to have the Will of God, it is there, fixed in the relationship of unity with diversity, diversity with unity–’As it was before’. Unity was always before. Diversity was always before. Wherever was infinity there was a point. Wherever there was a point there was infinity.

        There is no dodging about it. If you make a statement thinking that yes, yes, today you are a judge, you can make a statement–but if it is not in conformity with the Total Natural Law the whole thing is a misnomer, whether you call it justice, or judge, or High Court, or International Court. They are all useless–vain. No, no, no!

        So I have defined today the Vedic version of the Natural Law. It is simple, it is complete, it is unchallengeable in every way. It cannot be distorted. Fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet it–all those beautiful things that are there in every religious book. Vedic Literature is the authority.

        CIA O

        1. Tanpis, alas, the TM org. does not put for whatever reason these kind of ‘MMY raw’ vids on the internet.

          I had and broadcasted them myself in Rotterdam for a year on the Rotterdam cable net from the start in june 2002, for a year.

          But gave them in 2005 to a student/taxidriver who moved me to a new house when I heard he was born the 12th of January. That’s the way the Big I planned it.

          OK but- thanks to LDJSMC- these MMY messages can at least be stored- in letters- here, is also let the Big I

          CIA O

          1. (…)
            On a final April 1st news note, Pope Francis has ordered a comprehensive review of the source material of Roman Catholic doctrine and has already made a startling discovery. It turns out that in the year 401 a monk made a mistake in copying documents from the original council of Nicaea. He left out the “r” in the world “celibrate.”


            CIA O

          2. “He left out the “r” in the world “celibrate.”

            To find this joke funny you need to be a bad speller.

  3. Seymour Zak, I am sitting here laughing! Truly. I can’t WAIT to read the responses you will elicit for that comment!

    1. @ Sardo

      Fulfords (banksters cabal’s) plasmaball spotted over Mount Fuji and the retaliation (by the White Dragon Society cq the 180 BRICS nations) of sinking
      Las Palmas into the Atlantic is his actual joke, I liked that one.

      But to leave all jokes aside. Problems of whatever nature, humans seem to be addicted to it. Solutions are probably nicer.

      When these White Dragon Societ/ 180 BRICS nations would put 1billion dollar in the scientifically validated soulution (!) of MMY and his Enlightened
      crew members, the jewbankstersjoke is finito forever.

      People are so used to hell. Even if someone offers them Heaven (on Earth) in
      Science (beyond whatever blind belief) based way in this so called rational information age they don’t bite.

      Repeat of a staff anouncement: Let the WDS/BRICS finance MMY’s World Peace Project and Rothschild&co is banco rota in everyway.

      In short, let them create a blissFull Ford(t) (right spelling, sardino) in the centre of India. And that for just the price of a B2 bomber (as John Hagelin used to say in his intro to the weekly MMY press conf.


      CIA O

      1. Peace not created by talking or bombing.

        The Endowment Fund
        for Permanent World Peace

        Time urgently demands the establishment of the Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace.

        The income from this Fund will be used for one purpose alone—the training and maintenance of a permanent force of experts in creating World Peace.

        These experts create peace not by talking or by bombing, but by radiating peace from the level of infinite peace in the unbounded ocean of consciousness within every human being.

        (Christ)-Consciousness In Action

        CIA O

  4. I notice now a greater receiptivity to my accusations I throw at them and more Schiphol personnel I get in contact with realise they are supporting the destroyers of their own life.

    Btw American John Fagan, prominent TM molecular biologist can be seen as the founding father of the War on Genetic ManipulaZion.

    UC the point?

    CIA O

  5. I think Americans (and infact the rest of the west Canada, Europe, Australasia) has to permanently remove their governments and aristocracies, not forgetting exiling Jews yet again to a part of the world, heavily fortified to never let them out ever, ever again.

    People may think it extreme but it will shade in comparison to the Jewish World Order’s dominion over all. It is clear to all who are awake what must be done as it’s obvious that the asleep will not wake up in time to stop the final implementation of the JWO making any attack against it a lesson in futility.

    It will mean personal sacrifice. It will mean becoming a social pariah. Lone wolves will be hunted by the state and their families arrested, imprisoned, tortured and even murdered. The beast that almost has obtained endgame will stop at nothing to hold total control.

    I don’t know if many awake realise that in order to stop any attack against the JWO, once they have total control, our history will be wiped along with any culture and identity. The future is a horror to most awake over 40’s but the younger generations will revel in their ignorant slavery.

    We cannot ‘just leave it up to Americans’ to put down the beast that controls it for it is merely one tentacle, albeit a larger and more powerful one, of many. It is up to ALL peoples to dethrone the power elites within their lands. Imprison them for life or hang them for treason, I care not, but stopping them from killing the world is not a choice.

    It saddens me that were our msm not the controlled outlet that it is, articles such as this, were they to get regular column space in the newspapers and air time on tv & radio, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today. I think the two most important things we must do, other than removal of government is to wrestle back control of academia, the msm and Hollywood from Jewish perfidy and tyranny. As for the banks, control of government would sort them out in a millisecond.

    1. Of course the elite Jews, elit shabbot goys and those who have done the most damage to society, after all their assets and moneys have been seized would be taken to the centre squares of the respective lands they inhabit and would be publicly executed.

      Guillotine for the ‘lesser’ criminals but for those who are guilty of war crimes resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, not forgetting the disposition of millions, more brutal deaths would be provided – hanged, drawn and quartered, baked alive in a metal container, burned at the stake, crucified, eaten by lions, tigers and bears……the list goes on. These evil individuals have no right of existance, then again, thrown naked in a cold, damp stone cell, with open sewers, no windows, no furbishings, deep underground and fed the bare minimum, so as to prolongue their existance with no chance of release would equally attribute to them the suffering, hoplessness and miserable existance they plan on reaping upon the world’s population.

      It would be the most fitting punishment I believe. There is nothing worse, I believe, than lsolitary ife incarceration. It must be the most cruellest punishment ever devised.

      As for the rest of the Jewish population, it’s a tricky one. Take the likes of Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and even Henry Makow to name but a few? They expose criminal behaviour within their tribe and Makow the elite cabalistc, sabbatean Jews (as he calls them) who are pulling the strings. I just think that blanket exile (which I stated) FOR ALL JEWS may possibly be wrong and a bit too strong. However that said, what better place, for members of the tribe, than their own nation to live in (not Israel), to live their talmudic/Jewish ways and losing the threat to the goyim from those within who choose to control them as ‘superior beings’ some call themselves?

      I just wouldn’t like the blood or persecution of an innocent upon my hands that’s all.

  6. There is one answer and one answer only.
    Until the people will act things will go on and get worse.
    They are raiding people’s bank accounts now in the EU.
    It will happen in the USA.
    They want everything and to reduce the rest of us to serfdom.
    We either stand and resist or accept our slavery.
    The answer is in the hands of the people.

    1. Well said, Emily. Your heart is in the right place and you obviously mean well. But I have to tell you that your view of history is a superficial one and many old hands here (like Lobro) will confirm that.

      A revolution is certainly necessary right now. In that you are correct. But NOT, as you suggest, another 1789. Not another French Revolution.

      This is because the French Revolution, like the English Revolution before it (1640s), was engineered by the Jews. The Jews were the main beneficiaries of both those revolutions, as of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

      It was only three years after the outbreak of the French Revolution, in 1791, that the Jews received their emancipation in France. The people who were overthrown in the French Revolution were the goodies, not the baddies: royalty, aristocracy, and the Catholic Church. Yes, the masses could have been treated better, but they were treated even worse once the Jacobin scumbags and their Jewish supporters cut off the head of King Louis XVI and the head of the beautiful Marie Antoinette.

      If you think that Marie Antoinette actually said of the starving masses, “If they can’t eat bread, let them eat cake,” you are wrong. The Queen was a pious woman and she never said those words. Some Jew made up those words and put them into the mouth of the innocent Marie Antoinette. This was in a scurrilous pamphlet designed to stir up the masses and make them drag the queen to her death on the guillotine.

      The words are still falsely attributed to Marie Antoinette because the Jews and their court historians write the history books, as they write the history books of the Holocaust and the history books of 9/11.

      So remember this: the French Revolution was not a good revolution from which mankind benefited. It was simply a dress rehearsal for the Russian Revolution of 1917 which led to the deaths of 66 million Russian Christians at the hands of the bloodthirsty cheka Jews who filled all the most important posts in the Russian government.

      In both Revolutions, Jews pulled the strings and were the main beneficiaries of all the bloodshed.

      1. Excellent reply Sardonicus!

        You are most correct. The French revolution was merely the second of the ‘big three’ planned 100% by Jews, resulting in the execution of three monarchies and the usurping of power by the Jews. In the UK especially, this was their greatest achievement for by taking control of the UK, they then created the British Empire with which to conquer all lands. It is a simple fact that the UK was 100% behind the French Revolution, for without their foothold in the UK, the agent provocateurs would never have succeeded. The Jews, up until they funded Cromwell were under exile from Edward 1st’s 1290 Edict of Expulsion. Cromwell is painted in (Jew) history as a saviour of the British. More lies for he was their biggest traitor. Had their been no revolution in England in 1649, there would also have been no “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 resulting in Dutch Jew, William of Orange taking the throne and leading to the sectarian mess in Ireland. I also firmly believe there would have never been a Culloden in Scotland in 1745 and it would not be under crown control today.

        1649 was the ‘break’ that was needed by the Jews to get them into the UK and ruling the world. And had this never happened, there would not only have been the above forementioned, but no colonisation/control of the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia, no British Empire, no western slave trade, no Crimean, Boar, WW1&2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and soon to be Iran.

        All mentioned is a direct result of Jews gaining a foothold in England mid 17th century. Just think about it? No usurious bankers, no faux democracy, no Israel, no multiculturalism, no Industrial revolution, no mass immigration AND NO JEWISH NEW WORLD ORDER!

        1. @ harbinger

          Yes, I agree with everything you say. And it’s equally true that Sardonicus is quite right on the French Revolution. It was a Jewish led revolution, so anyone who is naive enough to think that the French Revolution was a GOOD thing is sadly mistaken.

          World Jewry Has Engineered Four Revolutions

          [1] The first was the English Revolution in 1649 which was financed by Jews from Holland. Oliver Cromwell committed Regicide, the killing of the Christian king, in order to facilitate the return of the Jews to England. That’s how much control and power the Jews had over Oliver Cromwell, a much vilified man in history. The Jewish role is never told. As the Jewish financiers dictated, Cromwell opened the doors for the return of the ousted Jews to England in 1656. With their foot in the door the International Jews bribed William of Orange and promised to help place him on the throne of England in exchange for helping them secure a charter to establish a Bank of England. In order to justify the bank charter, wars between France and England were instigated.

          [2] With this power behind them, World Jewry initiated, financed, and agitated the French Revolution in 1788>. Again, this resulted in Regicide, killing of the Christian monarchy. King Louis was publically beheaded in the street, as was his queen, Marie Antoinette. This time the Jews managed to subvert the established Christian order. The profit to the Jews was enormous, both financially and personally. In 1789 all civil disabilities against the Jews in France were lifted and the great emancipation of the Jews took place.

          [3] The third Revolution is the Bolshevik/communist revolution, not just in Russia (1917) but other places as well. The Bolshevik Revolution, which communism sprang from, was financed by Jewish bankers, mainly from the United States, led by Jacob H. Schiff of the Jewish Banking house, Kuhn, Loeb Co., right in New York City. Jews gained prominent roles in the Soviet Government. Lenin himself was part Jewish. For the third time Regicide of a Christian ruler was perpetrated by the Jews with the bloody assassination of Nicholas II and his wife and children.

          [4] The fourth revolution was the Spanish Civil War of 1936, once again, financed by Jews, this time Bolshevik Communist Jews. Franco of Spain, with the assistance of Germany, was able to successfully oppose the communist takeover of his country but not before thousands of Christians were massacred. The Jew Rosenberg (Moses Israelsohn) headed murder teams called the “World Revolutionary Movement Purification Squads.” What did they need to “purify?” Their “job” was to “purify” Spain of Christians, mainly priests, nuns, choirboys, women and children. Madrid officials estimate that one tenth of the population of Spain was murdered by the communist Jews by 1939.

          A fifth revolution is now under way. It’s called the
          New World Order.



          1. Quite Xanadu,

            A nice summation of Christian monarchy removing revolutions, courtesy of the kike. And yes, the fifth revolution is underway as you say, this time along the the lines of Fabian battle tactics.

            One thing that is most interesting is that I wonder just how long ago the Roman Catholic Church was infiltrated by Jews? They did nothing while the catholic King Louis XVI was under attack and the church had considerable power, even to call another crusade on France to reve the heretics.

        2. I also forgot to mention Yugoslavia. Had Jews not taken control, there would have been no massive migration of Muslims into Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. Now while I bear no ill will to Muslims, I understand the deadly impact upon a nation, people and their way of life of an alien people of another nation, their religion and culture. It disgusts me that Jews are responsible for this whole sorry debacle, a debacle that the msm should be reporting but sadly controlled by Jews also.

          Interesting to note as well that the native Serbians led by Slobodan Milošević were continually reported to have committed genocide and yet no one spoke up in the western msm (for obvious reasons) of the genocide of the native former inhabitants of the Austro-Hungarian empire by the Jews who promoted the migration of Macedonian Muslims some 100 years previous.

          In the past we defended our nations, through warfare, from invading peoples with intent to colonise. Today our governments openly allow this through mass immigration. They are the traitors within and had they done what they do today, their execution would have been as horrific as their intent to destroy the peoples and the cultures of the land they inhabit. Notice I never said ‘their people’? These traitors, these quislings are not, nor ever will be ‘my brethren’ or people. Bastards, the lot of them!

      2. Indeed. The Children of Abraham lie about everything. They are of their Father, the Devil.

      3. Benjamin Disraeli admitted (actually boasted in the late 19th century) that jews didn’t need a country of their own because they already had a world government. The New World Order isn’t new.

  7. I find it somewhat suspect and quite frankly schizophrenic when Mr Kaminski says we need to throw the Jews out and then says “we need to throw Jew bankers out”. Arent Jew bankers in the overall Jew category? We not only need to throw Jew bankers out, but we need to throw porn Jews out, abortion Jews out, gambling Jews out, war monger Jews out, organ harvesting Jews out, Hollywood Jews out, history distorting Jews out, Holocaust hoaxer Jews out, gangster and Mafia Jews out, monopolizing Jews out, 9/11 partaker Jews out, political Jews out, Judicial Jews out, crypto Jews out, homo and lesbian Jews out, school board Jews out, Jew medical doctors and pill mill Jews out……………. yes, all of them, all the time. When we talk about bankers or anyone else it must be “all Jews” you know why? Because Jews dont have a problem replacing their old jobs with new Jews.

    The more I read of some of these old salts in the Jew business the more I see the decption to keep non Jews from simply making a plan and carrying it out. Make a list and do it. What can we agree on? The answer is “nothing” because that is exactly what Jews introduce. If you arent a Jew make a list of things we non Jews need to do. Make your pledge to it and commit to it. They wont do it folks because it means we actually get off our arses and DO SOMETHING!!!

    Playing the violin with John aint gonna change a thing.

      1. I guess you think you are “doing” something by writing to your congressman?

        Oh gosh, how marvelous! What a dynamic activist!

        1. There is an easy way to find out who the shills are. Make a list of all the things we need to do about the Jew problem we all know we have. Point out the things we had that we lost and need to get back again (a Declaration of Jew Independence), pass it around, find out what we agree on and what we are willing to fight and die for. The story telling is over. Like numerous countries did before and rightly so they threw the Jews out. That is thee only solution and we need to be talking about doing it and not what kind of pathetic life we will live when Jews drop the hammer on us. It is an act of war.

      2. Annis,

        Will you actually write to your congressman? Is this true? What really do you think it will achieve?

        Here in the UK, deluded individuals actually write to their member of Parliament (MP’s) thinking it will result in success. This is about as effective as trying to light a log, that’s been lying in a pond for two weeks, with a matchstick.

        Your senate and congress, like our Parliament are controlled I’m very sorry to say. The enemy of the world’s people sit in their respective Parliaments (maybe not in Iran) and make life hell for everyone. A clean sweep of all is needed. Hang all the bastards involved or decapitate them. Have their heads preserved and placed in each country’s museums as a warning to would be treasonous, totalitarian traitors. And have an empty glass casing (with a mirror within) at the end of the display just incase they get any funny ideas.

        1. “A clean sweep of all is needed. Hang all the bastards involved or decapitate them. Have their heads preserved and placed in each country’s museums as a warning…”

          Now, now, Harbinger! Don’t get carried away! Or they’ll have you up for “incitement to violence”.

          Your suggestions however, I have to say, make damn good sense! 🙂

          1. @ Xanadu

            I don’t think the learned Harbinger is suggesting anything illegal. Thousands of heads were legally removed from their bodies by Madame Guillotine. I’m sure something similar could be arranged for congressmen, senators and Members of Parliament. 🙂

        2. Xanadu & Sardonicus,

          As Orwell wrote:

          Telling the truth in times of universal deceit is itself a revolutionary act.

          To the English, William Wallace was a terrorist and yet to the Scots he was their hero. This scenario has been played out throughout history. There were many terrorists/heroes long before Wallace and after him.

          Yes, I will openly admit that those evil people who seek to enslave humanity and make life a living hell for goyim ARE very much my enemy. In fact they are an enemy to ALL people who oppose tyranny and enslavement.

          It’s time to stand up and be counted. They know who I am. They have my IP address. They’ll have easily joined up the dots to discover my identity and they know they’ll always be my greatest enemy until the day I stop drawing breath.

    1. Sad but true. No matter how many times they are thrown out, they always come back..like cockroaches.

      1. The media is completely controlled by Jews, the politicians are all Jewish shoe shine boys and 90% of the internet sites are claiming its the money junkies so buy gold so those same money junkies (Jews) can take us right into the next phase. All of these clowns talking about buying gold should be thrown out with the Jews. No currency, no method of trade will ever work with Jews. Nothing can be trusted if Jews are involved. The absolute only answer is to expel Jews. Thats always been thee only answer and we need to quit beating around the jew bush and say it. Dont listen to anyone that tells you to sit back and take it on the chin and do nothing. Get rid of them, stay away from them, they are the enemy. These people need to be chucked out with the garbage- period. Or we can lose everything pure and good in this world. Take your pick. Its one or the other and no grey area. It wont get better on its own. If you hear someone on the microphone blaming anyone or anything but the Jews let them know they are criminals. Its the Jews, we all know its the Jews and some of us have known it for decades. Waking up to the Jew problem means you are going to have to DO SOMETHING about it. Being awake alone aint gonna cut it!

        You think thats crazy, you think I am inciting something? What the hell are we going to do, NOTHING????

        For God sakes that is exactly what they want you to do.

  8. jews have the power because they have the money. They have the money because we allow a kosher tax on food and their central bank.

    They want war on Iran so lets set some conditions. The ships that sail into the Persian Gulf must be manned by jew sailors.

    Lets demand an end to the kosher tax to cut off some of their funds. Lets write our congressman and raise hell.

    1. “Lets write our congressman and raise hell.”

      You do that, Annis, laboring under the happy delusion that you live in a democratic country where your letters are actually read by your “elected representatives”.

      They don’t even read what you have to say. They’re too buy taking their orders from AIPAC. One telephone call from AIPAC is worth a million of your unread letters.

      I tell you this, Annis. Listen carefully. If you want your congressman to pay attention to you, set fire to his pants. Maybe that will will make him sit up and pay attention!

      Writing to the mercenary bastard will get you absolutely nowhere.

      1. Yes, set fire to his pants AFTER you’ve tucked a string of fire crackers in his underwear!

  9. “It allows these foreigners to steal billions at a time in order to give bonuses to the people who are doing the stealing.”
    John Kaminski thanks & well said —– these Ashkenazi Jews are not stupid.
    These ziotroll hasbara sayanim will sell these wars on Islam to the dim witted Goyim.
    It promotes the ongoing domination of Ashkenazi Jews in the US & the Middle East
    It alienates 25% of the world’s population that is Muslim & any thinking human.
    The MSM “for some reason”only seems to publish this continuous Ashkenazi “speak”
    These dual Israeli/US citizens are the only ones allowed back again & again to offer their neocon propaganda instead of being in prison for their crimes in Iraq.
    Forgotten are the 9/11 “Amazing Coincidences”never to be exposed.
    Forgotten is the Holocaust in Iraq carried out by the US on behalf of Israel.
    These dual Israeli/US citizens are the only ones allowed back again & again in the MSM to offer their neocon propaganda to the dumbed down American sheeple.
    BTW will Darkmoon & the other misguided kindly refrain from continually mentioning “Great Satan”nonsense… there is no God ,no Satan, no Angels no Saints.


    1. @dumbo mathew You should change your Christian name and know when it is children bed time. Try Iwan, since you are so terribly intelligent.

      CIA O

    2. Well how about saint like?

      Is this ok or does even this make you angry?

      Because if even saint like is not allowed, how do we tell the difference between you and the bad guys?

    3. Dr.Mathew

      BTW will Darkmoon & the other misguided kindly refrain from continually mentioning “Great Satan”nonsense… there is no God ,no Satan, no Angels no Saints.

      And how precisely do you know? Where is your proof to validate non existence of said beings? You have no proof, only speulation. Until you have proof don’t make such stupid statements. It doesn’t matter whether I’m religious or not for I have the intelligence to NOT deny the existence of something I have no proof exists. I am not a Marxist dialectic materialist. Just because I can’t see it, smell it, taste it, touch it or sense it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Oxygen for a start is something that’s there we can’t see, smell, touch, taste or sense.

      And I do believe there is a creator and has purposefully made itself invisible to the senses. If I were a deity the last thing I’d want is being constantly bothered by my disgruntled creations. Lol

      1. Well said, Harbinger! This “Dr” Mathew is a great Christ basher and hater of all things spiritual. He was particularly offended by Darkmoon’s anti-porn campaign. He thinks Darkmoon is needlessly prudish and is trying to get people like him to stop masturbating, whereas Darkmoon has never said anything like this.

        She is against porn because of its addictive nature; she sees pornography as a major corrupting influence and a force for mass demoralization — in short, a Jewish plot.


        Not an easy article to take in at a single sitting, because it comes in in two parts, but it’s well worth reading and mulling over:


        1. Thanks Sardonicus,

          Dr Mathew has told me to grow up because I make an argument he (or anyone for that matter) is simply unable to refute and posts a link to a video thar doesn’t exist (intentionally). He is afterall a doctor (so he says) and if he’s a GP/Surgeon then he obviously feels a little too close to freemasonic belief (read Jewish [Edomite]) of creating Gods amongst men and if he practices psychology then he’s also a little too close to the ways of Jewish manipulation and control.

          As for the porn article, I read that when I saw it over on Prf. Kevin MacDonald’s website. Thanks

          1. Dr Mathew,

            As much as I agree with George Carlin on his ripping apart of politics, for him to say “religion has managed to convince people there’s an invisible man living in the sky….” is not really the proof I asked of you to prove the non existence of God. And I hate to break it to you but where did the concept of God come from? It came long before religion was ever established. What/who was it that planted the seed into man that there is a God? Come on doctor, you may as well yield in an argument you have no possibility of winning?

        2. @ Sardonicus —March 17, 2013 at 10:12 pm
          Proud to be a “Christ basher” & a lover of spirituality.
          But alas perhaps this is above the understanding level of you & the “Christ worshippers” here.
          You certainly seem unable to interpret what I have said & prudish enough to cringe in terror over an imaginary super stud porno epidemic on the horizon.
          “addictive nature” — “pleasure giving” OH-NO save us please– No Sex please “We’re British” ???

          1. Dr Mathew,

            We love ya, so keep posting! For a Christ basher, you’re not as bad as some of the fanatics we’ve had on this site. This is because you’re obviously an English gent of the old school.

            “No Sex Please, We’re British!”

            I like it.

            You belong to the Hume/Bertrand Russell school. Commonsense Englishman. Believes only in what he can see-‘n-touch. No respect for airy-fairy entities. Stout fellow! John Bull, and proud of it! Roast beef on Sunday with assorted veg and horseradish sauce.

            Nice to know ya, Dr Mathew. Meet ya for a pint at the Pig and Whistle? Shepherd’s pie coming up… bangers and mash!

            Ye Gods, gimme a break!

            And I forgot to mention cricket… 🙂

          2. doc, just out of curiosity:

            can you provide another “proof” of nonexistence apart from fallacious
            absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

            let’s apply it to the famed higg’s particle, also colloquially referred to as god particle, btw.
            for all these years, it hung around in nonexistence, according to your logic but now with the recent string of cern announcements it has come into the limelight.
            what happened to it before its discovery or even before its hypothesis by higgs?

            did it exist during all those pre-mordial eons or not?

            why couldn’t the same apply to god, i.e., what’s sauce for god’s particle is sauce for god.

            and lastly, how about your turn, show us the atheist particle.
            no? ergo, atheism does not exist, you are skewered on your own petard.

        1. Dr Mathew,

          You really want to state the non existence of a creator with no proof of non existence? Seriously now, think on that for a little while? In order to create any form of synthesis, thesis and antithesis have to combine. Your obvious belief in the ‘Big Bang’ theory has but one fault who or what created it to go bang in the first place? In essence what created the volatile ingredients within to explode? You or anyone is unable to comprehend this, that is you God deniers, because human critical ability has its limits for obvious reasons.

    4. Someone asked Jiddu Krisnamurti: Have you seen God.

      K. answered: I have seen God, cause I have seen (or see?) You.

      CIA O

      1. Wow this Gabreal & Jiddu Krisnamurti …
        .quick as a flash…..
        “yo mama” & Santa Claus ?

    5. BTW will Darkmoon & the other misguided kindly refrain from continually mentioning “Great Satan”nonsense… there is no God ,no Satan, no Angels no Saints. … and no jews.

      kicking up heels in euphoria.

    6. @Dr Mathew

      No God, Satan, angels or saints.

      You’re right of course, in the sense that there is only man. On one side we have the psychopathic control-freak scumsucking dirtbags pulling the biggest con the known World has ever seen over on most human beings. And on the other side are aware people as are on this site who know exactly WTF is going on and need to say so CONSTANTLY. Consequences be damned. Everything you just listed and more.


      The sword. Always the sword!

  10. Yes some can criticize Lasha Darkmoon and John Kaminski for extolling their warnings on the present conditions that harm us, but that is better than keeping quiet and staying safe as so many do. Someone has to clearly identify and point out the wrongs that are destroying our civilization before we as a people can do anything about it, lest we run the risk much like the French did in 1791 of killing our best people in the reckless stampede of revolution. This effort is known as educating the people to the poisions that are slowing killing them. Be patient and let the truth work its magnificient healing on us before we charge off into the night trying to slay the demons known as the zionist Jews today who have virtually enslaved so many Americans to serve and assist them under the guise of evangelism for Israel. Too many have had their minds seared with the rot of hate/love of war that hides under the cover of christian zionism. More people need to be awakened to the dangers of the Jews and their desire to enslave and eventually destroy America.

    1. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!! it is not America that is terrorizing the world. It is “militarism, weapons”. If a gangster puts a gun on my chest, I am terrorized by the gun, not by the nationality of the man holding the gun.

      1. and if the same “non-killer” sticks a knife to your chest, you are terrorized by a knife, if he wallops you with a baseball bat, blame the baseball bat (or maybe blame baseball?), if he denies you access to food, blame … uh, the empty plate?

        we should use this line of defense, so if someone posts
        shoot the goddam %$#@’s!, blame the keyboard.

        nice, i like it.

        1. A gal once scratched my face at a disco because I bumped into her on the dance floor.

          I said to her, “Honey, I don’t blame you, I blame your fingernails. You need a good pair of scissors and a nail file.”

          In this way I avoided getting into a fight and being beaten to a pulp by her 6’7″ boyfriend!

          1. the argument is so bizzare that i suspect alzheimer particles that got into the anger mix.

            the person also seems to think that “militarism” is a kind of dangerous, shiny object that some innocent, unsuspecting agency like america may trip over and accidentally set off to genocidal effect.
            i recall senator stevens of alaska ruminating on the nature of internet, a set of convoluted, squirming tubes propagating in all directions and reaching for his ankles when he is in bathtub.

            hey, person, don’t be angry at weapons, if you spot a gun lying on the floor, don’t kick the evil thing without checking the safety, lest it also get angry and shoot your foot.
            it seems to have happened to your friend america.

        2. Good argument lobro.

          It is the same defence Angry Portugheis person’ is stating that the Jews are using to destroy the American 2nd amendment (having already destroyed the 1st with plans, no doubt, on the rest) that people don’t kill people – the weapons they use do.

          I’ll have to remember this argument when caught next to a headless body holding a katana:

          “Constable, it was the blade that dunnit. I’m merely holding onto it to make sure it doesn’t do it again.” LMAO!

    2. “Yes some can criticize Lasha Darkmoon and John Kaminski”
      I praise Lasha Darkmoon & Kaminski but leave out the “6th dimension” stuff.
      Creationists are just un-evolved humans left overs in the human evolutionary process —-
      The fighting “Good God” forever at war with the “Great Satan” bogeyman out there in mumbo jumbo “Harry Potter” land — please ????.
      No —- evil is happening because these “God people” (retarded humans) are not “shut down” completely & ASAP-

      1. (…)
        Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 16:25:31 -0700
        Subject: Sabbateans and satanDear Ben:

        I am having difficulty locating historical evidence that the
        Sabbateans or Sabbateans-Frankists practiced Satanism.

        Both jewish leaders promoted the idea that breaking all religious laws would bring about the return of the Messiah.

        It is this goal, hastening the return of the Messiah, that makes the serious worship of Satan problematic. One doesn’t worship Satan genuinely when one’s motive is to “use up” the evil in the universe so that heaven is forced to come to Earth.
        The Heaven on Earth/Messiah they sought never is described as Satan.

        Satan is the enemy of the Messiah.S. Asvi was forced to convert to Islam, so he rationalized this as
        following God’s will so he could convert Muslims to Judaism. This is hardly Satanism.

        Frank, however, openly urged his followers to convert to Christianity.

        Frank was welcomed in court as a power for Christianity. This is hardly Satanism.

        As for the Khazars, they converted mostly to Christianity, altho a large number converted to Islam.

        I find no reference to Satanism among the Khazars.Can you direct me to any historical text that explains the connection between Sabbatean/Frankist/Khazarian jews and Satanism?

        Answer : Fulford

        Dear D,

        It is always hard to generalize and I realize that many words mean different things to different people. Sabbatean/Frankist/Khazarian Jew can mean many opposing things to many people.

        When I use the word Sabbatean Satanists I refer to a group of people who were planning to stage an artificial armageddon kill 80 to 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.

        I have never been a biblical scholar and was not interested in this subject until these people asked me to join them in their murderous plans.

        I have a tape recording of the invitation where the self-described assassin told me I must either join them or die. He said “there is no God, we are God,” and said he worked for the Elders of Zion. He was sent to me by former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka who in turn worked for Junichiro Koizumi who in turn was a slave of the Bush/Nazi (National Socialist Zionist) crime family.

        My subsequent historical research led to the Hyksos, a people who invaded Egypt and who worshiped a goat faced being with a forked tail.

        Other historical hints about this group can be found in biblical references to the Moabites, who practiced human sacrifice and were opposed by the tribe of Benjamin.

        They worshipped Molech who can also be found worshipped at the present day Bohemian grove.
        Although I do not necessarily endorse the views in the links below, I suggest you take a look at these articles to start your research:

        Please understand that over 90% of the extended family of my Jewish Hollander ancestors were killed by the Nazis and I believe I am fighting and exposing these very same people in order to prevent the murder of billions of people. It is not a Jewish thing, it is a Satanic thing we are fighting

        @dumbo mathew you are the sewer cleaner of the ””SATANIC THING”

        CIA O

  11. The solution is coming and it is out of the hands of both the Jews and those who support them or do nothing.
    Economic collapse is coming. Cyprus is a wakeup call. A little later the whole Eurozone will take a haircut but even if 100% of all people’s money is confiscated it will pale in comparison to the enormous debt that the Jews have foisted on the world.
    There will be a war with Iran and that is why Obongo and Bibi are meeting this week.
    Nothing like a good war to take people’s minds off of their problems.
    As a result oil will be cut off from the Persian Gulf area and the price of gas will skyrocket if you can even find any.
    Food production will cease and transportation will grind to a halt.
    Mobs will converge on neighborhoods to rob and plunder anything they can find to eat. You may have guns but you will have to sleep at some point and then when they set fire to your house you WILL exit and they will take you down rape your women and children.
    Then when all the food is gone from all the “preppers” and the great hunger remains then will the Age of Cannibalism rear its ugly head. Famine will become “Universal”.
    This was seen by Nostradamus hundreds of years ago. St. Malachy has set the timeline in this present day with the election of the Black Pope, Petrus Romanus as the last pope before the destruction of Rome.
    Whether this is by nuclear attack by Jews using their “Sampson Option” or by the eruption of the many volcanos in the country of Italy is a tossup.
    You will live to see it and then you will assume room temperature.
    Good luck with planning your next incarnation. It will be along time coming since there will be few humans left to breed.
    Oh! And as a side note all the nuclear reactors will melt down.
    You do breathe don’t you?

    1. Commander, will you please take off those rose-colored glass and look around you!


      1. Brownhawk, much as I respect you, I think Commander Z speaks damn good sense. This is an old Jewish weapon: engineered famines. The Bolsheviks tried it in the Ukraine and elsewhere. (Remember Holodomor). The Commies in China tried it there, too.

        Ten of millions have been starved to death. Deliberately.

        In Britain, for example, most of the big supermarkets are owned by Jews. For every EIGHT pounds spent in Britain, ONE pound is spent in just one supermarket: Tescos. Jews own Tescos and they have a base in Tel Aviv.

        To cause food riots and famine in Britain, all the Big Jews in Britain have to do is is hop on a plane to Tel Aviv and make sure NO FOOD GETS PUT ON SUPERMARKET SHELVES ANY MORE.

        The same strategy can be applied throughout the world. Any disruption in the oil supply can be made an excuse for an engineered famine.

        How many people in America and Canada will freeze to death when there’s no more heating for their houses in midwinter?

        Believe me, it’s coming. It’s not Nostradamus. It’s the Protocols.

        1. @Sardonicus

          Sorry if that was a little off the cuff.

          It was just my lame attempt at sarcasm. I envision what he was sayin and more. And yeah, I know it’s comin. I saw it myself years ago. In some parts of what I still call Native America we’ve seen it coming, as you can imagine. I guess I was making fun of the Commander because this is old hat to us. You see?

          So I say I say bring it on. There’s nothing like a great fight and that’s what this is.

          And I’ll say here that Americans may be oblivious to alot of things, but they won’t get enough of our guns to pull off a mass murder. Over my dead body! But no seriously, I don’t see it, and I really don’t care who has em. I’ll take my chances with the Mad-Maxes out there, compared to being unarmed against the State.

        2. And half-jew Churchill loved food blockades to starve people. And today the fat toad is worshipped as a great statesman

  12. The bottom line is- recorded earlier: let the awakened faction of the Pentagon enter the WH etc. without knocking. A little militia added to it to beat the loyal to the jew banksters. But while writing this down I realise that Fulford and his inside sources talked lately about the nuke arsenal that the jewbanksters have, which in the worst case scenario they will use as a samson option in the way that this psycho Tel Aviv’s military expert Martin van Creveld mentioned 10 years ago.

    How to really handle these amok clowns?

    I urge everyone to read with an open mind the following site with the Modern Science message of Dr. John Hagelin, former star at Stanford and CERN (Centre Europeen Recherche Nucleaire). He abondoned that career to expound Maharishi’s Vedic Science:


    Read it carefully, let it sink in, some excerpts:

    Any defense strategist today understands that more fundamental, more powerful levels of nature’s functioning offer technologies that are increasingly powerful. For example, a country armed only with chemical weaponry, such as explosives, cannot protect itself against a nation equipped with nuclear weaponry, simply because nuclear weaponry is vastly more powerful.

    But it is important to understand why nuclear weaponry is more powerful. The quantum principle, or uncertainty principle, states that dynamism increases at more fundamental scales: more precisely, the energy associated with a physical process is inversely proportional to the distance scale or time scale associated with that process. That’s why nuclear power, associated with transitions at the nuclear scale, is a million times more powerful than chemical technologies based upon transformations at the molecular scale. The atomic nucleus is a million times smaller and hence a million times more powerful than the chemical or molecular level.

    Hagelin about Nature’s most fundamental forcefield, the Unified Field which he equates with the simplest form of Being (in Sanskrit: Atma) functioning at the Planck scale,10-33 cm:

    Therefore, an impregnable structure at the nuclear level—the iron nucleus—is easily overwhelmed by a phenomenon at the grand unified level, which is a thousand million million times more fundamental than the nuclear level

    Can this unified field technolgy be used in a negative way, like the nuke technology? Hagelin’s answer is definite: No

    The unified field is the unified source of all the laws of nature governing the universe. It is a field of purely life-supporting, life-nourishing influence that gave rise to all life and all forms and phenomena in the universe. From that unified level, only life-supporting effects are possible—as confirmed now by over 600 scientific studies that have explored the effects of this technology of the unified field on individual life and on the life of society. These studies have found only life-supporting, life-nourishing, holistically positive benefits, as you would expect, based upon the holistic nature of the technology involved

    12 january 1989 MMY called the theme of that Year: The Year of Heaven on Earth.
    Funny: nov. that year the fall of the wall irgendwo in Germany. And a satin revolution in Romania in dec. You remember its tyrant during his last speech.

    The day that Bush one started Operation Desert Storm in january 1990, MMY answered the question of the press, he admitted that ‘we are not that strong yet, have not formed permanent coherence creating meditation groups, but with strong emphasis: “Take my word for it, what happened to Kuwayt, will happen to any country in Europe. And Europe, in the proces of unification will break down in so many
    cracks and p;ieces, if it does not create a large enough coherence creating group.”

    Europe was about to sign the Maastricht Treaty, a few miles away from where this small press meeting took place. I remember prof. Tony Nader MMY’s Enlightened Successor was there too. Not completely at home in Atma then. Nobody ever heard of Bosnia etc……..

    We can steer it this way, we should,….

    CIA O

    This could also happen now.

    1. The Unified Field.

      Sometimes we’re so busy wielding the sword, we give short shrift to the other half. It is the love vibration, isn’t it?

      An ancient name for Earth, among others I’m sure, was As-wa-nee. The preternatural World I spoke of in an earlier post. To interpret from an oral telling of the old ways and to put at least some of those things in writing I think has to include my own intuition of them. And this is one of those things.

      So I wrote: “Considering the realm called As-wa-nee, as with other places of integrated existence, the paradigm that perceives its science using terms like “electromagnetism” is transcended. In a coalescent state “electro” translates to “energetic joyous being”. “Magnetic” is the intimate connection of all manifested Life. This embodies the true, dynamic experience within the field of attraction – the ‘space of time’. Its perception in awareness of Truth (of God) will always reflect a unity of Consciousness experiencing joyously, not one with the vicarious vision of a spectator, isolated from the intimacy of its unified field.”

      This is what we fight for. Why we pick up the sword.

      1. Both ways. The situation in the US has already reached a breaking point: a coup d état by the awakened – by 3 Americans with a jew background: Piezcenick, Susan …. the former CIA asset and Sabrosky- faction of the Pentagon seems unavoidable and necessary.

        But in the long run violence onle breeds more violence. So this new scientific validated solution as applied by Hagelin of the basis of this space-time joke, the Unified Field to raise the coherence in national consciousness of the US is the only long term solution.

        Read his site carefully and you’ll be lifted up by only reading it. This is no mumbo jumbo bs of some vague person like dumbo mathew etc. but frontline science experts who propose it.

        Leading science journals like Journal of Conflict Resolutin and
        Social Indicators Research and many more have published these studies only after solid critical peer review by their non TM affiliated colleagues.

        W.H.I.P. Work of Heaven In Progress. Better time is coming for the world.

        CIA O

        CIA O

        1. The Unified Field is no object experienced by a body mind subject. It can only be experienced on its own level as MMY the uncomparable Vedic Sage of our times often emphasized. Hence his line in the intro of his advertisements in the jew papers: Those who exclude consciousness are far behind. (he dumps the physicists
          who think that at that 10-33cm there could still be a possibilty of a separate observer independent of an object. Self referal, consciousness aware of ItSelf, pure consciousness, objectless consciousness, yet giving rise to all space-time objects.

          That is the radical truth that will set anyone free. Not a philosophy, also those who for whatever reason don’t buy the theoretical framework can get the effect: a wave emerges and merges ”back” in the Ocean.

          Re-ligare= binding back (to its Source) the essence of all
          mono-and- or- poly-theism.

          As the Christian telephonebook par example says: The Peace of God that passeth all (human) understanding.

          CIA O

          1. >Isaac ShapiroPapaji<) says it like this:

            Exactly through thinking it appears that there is more than one and separation is experienced.

            Ther has never been separation and there can be no separation.

            This feeling of separation is the experience of our thinking-activity.

            This causes suffering, and then we try to remedy it, try to become enlightened and come home.

            Our entire life is the contious using of the intellect and thinking to get somewhere.

            This activity itself is the feeling of seperateness,
            through which we get the feeling that we can attain something.

            That which is aware is no object….Every effort
            to know it presumes there is a 'you' and the 'it'

            Oh, yes Shapiro, DNA technically spoken a Jew.

            Btw the Sanskrit manas(mind, thinking ability)
            is the root of man.

            Man has to transcend his manas
            or else goes bananas.

            CIA O

  13. Sardonicus got the history right. We don’t need a revolution along the lines of a French Revolution. I might add that we certainly don’t need to ship all the Jews off somewhere either. That would divide the country from top to bottom because we have fought hard for our Constitutional rights, and freedom of religion is one of them.

    But brain storming around the problem might allow some ideas to surface. First of all, I think this is a very good article and it seems right on to me–yes, Seymour Zak, it really is that bad. I am not sure where you have been to have missed it all but you must be fairly young and inexperienced. But I get your worthless point of view. You’re a neo-con wanna be.

    The only disagreement I have with the Kaminski list is the media. So, the government really tells them what to do? I don’t think so. I have a feeling they are in the thick of the plot from the beginning, and they are the Achilles heel. They control the population through propaganda using the media and the media is in a race to the bottom of the ratings. They are going to lose control one of these days and the internet picks up all the slack. What happens when no one believes one word they say?

    You see, with the exception of Seymour (who has escaped so much, somehow), no one even blinked at the list. That’s fairly radical. It really is that bad and people know it. But it could get worse. We could have a nuclear plant meltdown and then the corruption we’re living through now will seem like a dream. Couldn’t we start working on our state legislatures on that one. We have to start picking off some of their better people to come over to our side on issues like nuclear meltdowns and vaccine injured children. The leaders of the criminal network must be wicked beyond belief but around them and up and down the hierarchy there have to be doubters.

    If we steal away the talent then one day the screen will come down like the wizard of oz and expose the little men for the helpless lying creeps they are–and yes, I have no doubt that they are men.

    1. The last President of The United States who approached any sort of autonomy was Jack Kennedy. After having been killed for it, his brother Bobby was then killed for promising to get to the truth of the assassination. After that, it is pretty obvious that his son, John, was shot out of the sky in his plane because he had voiced his own intent to expose his father’s assassins….

      WHO is powerful enough to keep that under wraps this long? WHAT was the initial motive? Most of you have a pretty good guess; and there are even more outrageous events (like 1913 legislations, our involvement in both world wars, the UN, Korea, the Bay of Pigs, and Viet Nam) which fully indict the suspects. YET, we Americans STILL have not had a hanging party!

      In all our rhetoric about “children of the devil” and “synagogue of Satan” – we haven’t cleaned up our OWN act. We really have no point of moral departure because we, ourselves, have been very immoral – and willing to be guided into a false prosperity because it was EASY to follow the Wizard down the yellow brick road. Kaminski’s despair comes from his own denial of the One Thing which has promised to help us decisively deal with these woes… “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
      (Ephesians 6:12)

      We can destroy the agents, but they will just manifest themselves over, again and again, if we do not clean up our OWN acts. You cannot cheat an honest man.

      1. Well said.

        If we know, and stay true to the Divine Intent, then we are living righteous lives and give testimony as its witnesses.

        Stray from the path and they’ll always have an “inroad”. And there’s a whole lotta strayin goin on, which always sets it up for what is now this latest “end-time” drama playin out.

        1. @ Brownhawk ——–March 18, 2013 at 12:21 pm
          “If we know, and stay true to the Divine Intent”—
          What absolute balderdash — ( bollocks).
          Anyone who thinks they know the “Divine Intent” is a complete fraud & millions of men women & children have been & continue to be murdered due to the different interpretations of this “Divine Intent”.
          These god people are just crazy , wacko who need to be educated .




          1. @DM

            To say you don’t know the Divine Intent is to say you’re woefully lost in your head. When this happens you’re heart gets vetoed every time by a morass of brain activity that has you bouncin around all over the place like a dialectic pinball machine.

            There’s nothing “God wacko” about it. The Divine is simply love. The Intention is to manifest as singular expressions of itself. This is Creation. And from here “man” bears the responsibility for its upkeep through the power of Love’s ‘proxy – joy.

            Joy to the World. Ya know? That part where we dropped the ball? Bigtime.

            But it’s never too late to get out of your head and into your heart. The head is useless without it.

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly ——March 18, 2013 at 8:48 am

        Good stuff – nearly there –
        “YET, we Americans STILL have not had a hanging party! ”
        Oh ?? ———————— not true.???
        Americans are such Zombies they believe whatever their MSM tells them.
        .”We Americans” started “our” Hanging Party for Bin Ladin within hours of 9/11 & —-it is still going on –
        BYW —-” spiritual wickedness in high places.”(Ephesians 6:12)
        Perhaps the Great Satan is a Christian thing.
        The clever Americans are Jewish Americans

      3. @Gilbert Huntly

        Right. Cleaning up our own act. What’s it is all about. And everyone acts from the level of his/her own consciousness.

        So our consciousness must be cleaned.

        The next lines are not a verse from any holy book of any religion with all respect- except the Talmud of the scribes of the synagogue of satan- to any of this kind of literature, fact or fiction based .

        The lines are of an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Herald Tribune. Two weeks after 911 2001.


        The announcement reminds the readers of these jewspapers of an advertisement of 12 april 1999 in the Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune of Europe and the Financial Times of London with the same aim direct in general at the worlds mega rich.

        The following line from one in our days who was/is One with the Source of all Space/Time:

        (…)What is Happening In Yugoslavia Can Happen to Any Nation at Any Time

        Can you imagine if bombs began to fall on Washington D.C., and to destroy the high-rises of the money markets of New York? Will NATO be able to prevent this? When this happens it will be beyond the power even of the wealthy to save
        the situation (…)


        When our house is in uncontrollable flames, it is too late to dig a well to get the water.

        Better to prevent the house from catching fire in the first place. Anew approach to creating peace is urgently needed—one that prevents war.

        And if such an approach exists it must be tried.

        Persuasion does not create peace—the UN has proven that. Violence does not create peace—NATO has proven that. In fact the whole human history has proven that neither of these approaches works.

        So our choices are to accept war throughout the world as inevitable, or to do something new that really has been demonstrated to create indomitable world peace (…)

        Eat it or you will be eaten by the Beast. Which as we all know know is not excactly a feast.

        Eat it and the beast will be beaten.

        CIA O

  14. weeeell … what do we have here.
    of interest to nordico-pagan jesus bashers of whom we’ve had more than fair share, unfair share, i might add.
    they say that jesus stinks because he preaches nonviolence and that the hammer of thor is sure to take care of our little problem.

    here is some news for heroes of the giant loincloth:
    The Northern Grove

    “Last night I commented that anyone leaving a comment that is remotely antisemitic will be banned because this not one of *those* heathen pages, i.e. the ones that use Norse religion as a vehicle to spout neo-Nazi and racist ideologies. Well some schmuck got mouthy defending it as a valid expression of religious heritage. That person has been banned as will anyone who brings hateful, racist, or antisemitic words to mar the positive atmosphere on this page. Sadly since there are a good number of *those* pages floating around FB, we have to reiterate this every now and again. So I’m going to say very clearly that antisemitism is NOT tolerated here.”

    kippas off to Northern GROVEL, i can now see why they would ban jesus from their site, since he steadfastly painted jews in the true light.
    jawohl, jesus ist ein schmuck, proclaims beowulf, not to mention shlemiel und shlamazel.

    better antichrist than antisemitic, isn’t that right northern brothers?

  15. “It” and “they” and “America” does this or does that — what are these vague and undefined entities? You cannot hit the ball without keeping your eye on it. Kaminski does his usual obfuscation of the target; he does his usual blurring of the goal. And that is none other than the Jews. These filthy parasites are the the cause of all of Kaminsky’s doom-mongering. The applause of such creatures as Seymour Zack indicates where their true guilt originates and who conceives Kaminsky’s nightmares. The Jews are the cause of 95% of Mankind’s woes. Pick out the Jews and toss them on the fire, and the problems are 95% solved. It is not America who does this or does that, it is the perfidious, lying, scheming, treasonous Jews who run the country and corrupt the politicians, who are the problem.

    1. @ Banjo Billy

      Anyone will an ounce of intelligence will know that the Jews are the subject of this essay.

      Maybe you should read it again.

      QUOTE 1: “Our government in addition stages foreign wars that are of zero benefit to the American people, meanwhile enriching the Khazars who have taken over the running of our country.”

      QUOTE 2: It [the American government] promotes those who say they are willing to shoot their fellow Americans, but denies veterans the right to own guns on the grounds that they have become mentally unstable. How did they become mentally unstable? From serving in unnecessary wars on behalf of Israel in which they were ordered to rape children before they murdered them — and to torture their victims, as at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, for the sheer hell of it.

      1. Those with an “ounce of intelligence” cannot be depended upon to improve the situation, since they are so few and so lacking in courage. It is those without an ounce of intelligence who need to be educated. You cannot educate the People by waving a stick in the air and generally mentioning an ill-defined enemy and generalized cause of their woe, as does Kaminsky. Direct pointing and naming of the enemy, is what is required. Otherwise, the People will always be deceived by not seeing the target for their wrath.

  16. “If our masters are human (and I have grave doubts on that point) then they are lower than a serpent’s belly for their crimes against humanity. These maniacally evil incarnate devils deserve the cruelest death imaginable and their corrupted, black souls forever banished to the ether never to rise again. Unfortunately, history proves time after time that these demons are born into the world every so often to terrorize the human race.” ~ Whitewraithe

    1. The corrupted root is dying to its core, and as it does it creates its own cruel death. So as those who will see KNOW what it is that made them stray, allowing it to happen, we continue to call it out by name and contribute to its perishing. Bottom line.

      1. There is no doubt the Hollywood Jews and their willing victim helpers created the American’s collective identity by exploiting a new technology, as only they can.

        Testified to by the American people themselves in how they see their very own history (what they ‘know’), their place in the world now and in the future.
        (on top as uber-exceptionals – for ever and ever, Amen)

        This blackmagic potion miasma of technical psychology and opium scented sexual promise (exploitation) swept over the Americans like a fever, and it still does.

        Far beyond the ‘only game in town’ newspapers, magazines and books which communicated the world’s (each other’s) essence to the mostly rural hick Americans, the radio captured and hooked them and then the TV/movies sealed the deal by stealing and selling their naive reason and innocence to the highest bidder.

        This wasn’t at all unpredictable or hidden at all to any who cared to see. Was it preventable? Nope.
        And it all really didn’t take long, either.

        Now here we are. A hundred years and a dozen wars later.
        The psycho-techno blackmagic is King. Partnered with the latest mix and match drugs to go, promoted and pushed onto the people by hook and by crook, a nation’s heart, mind and soul is rendered lame, its spirit simulated.
        How could it get any worse?

        Well I’m glad you asked ladies and gentlemen!
        Step right up and test drive the latest in personal 3-D (4-D is optional) quality of life enhanced entertainment system.
        (and you thought your dreams could’t come true)

        Soon to be released for public consumption – (loud cheering) the Communicative Real Time Inertial Navigation virtual experience head gear! (CRETIN for short)

        You thought you were a legend in your own mind before?
        Well you ain’t seen (or felt) nuttin’ yet!

        Want to walk and talk with the Lord? (you righteous thing)
        Want to seduce your favorite celebrity? (you sexy thing)
        Want to destroy the world? (you naughty thing)

        No problemo! Only $666.99!

        Let the games begin!
        (we who are about to die … ad infinitum….)

    2. Dagger for Truth?

      Comment by PATTY March 28, 2013

      (…) The carnage, caused by the West, inflicted by the West, funded and maintained by the West is an indictment of the West and its people who allow it all to continue. You can’t even blame it on the Jews or Israel anymore because the Jews are impotent without the West.

      USA,Canada, Europe, Australia, all you White countries, you have become the curse of humanity, savage terrorists, dead souls, soulless countries with soulless people. And the majority of Muslim countries and their people are no better (…)


      CIA O

      1. (…) The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans (…)

        (…) American taxpayers have given more money to Israel than to any other nation, despite the fact that Israel is one of the smallest and richest countries on earth.

        Thanks to special interest lobbying, which, until now, has largely gone unopposed, Israel receives $3 billion American tax dollars each year. This comes to a whopping $8.2 million per day. But that is not all. Special arrangements that benefit Israel combined with aid paid out to other countries on its behalf cost Americans nearly $7 million more each day and thousands of jobs…(…)


        I guess Patty is right when she writes: (…) You can’t even blame it on the Jews or Israel anymore because the Jews are impotent without the West (…)

        Western taxpayers who in increasing numbers live in tent city in general are paying taxes for wars for that ”little shitty country” whose present PM was the brainiac behind 911.

        CIA O

      2. Something like this?

        “Human Tissue Found in Meats – but eating it is “no threat”

        “The horse meat fiasco in Europe has prodded scientists to look a bit deeper into what else we might be consuming. A team of South African scientists have just found traces of human tissue in meat meant for public consumption from 9 provinces.’

        Oh, BTW…

        “The issue was revealed to parliament, almost as a side note, during meat inspection briefings on Tuesday.”


  17. Look and listen …. less than 25 % of Americans actively supported the War of Independence from England in 1775 … so any idea that most Americans today will support any drive to obtain independence from the international Jewish bankers is absurd. They still feel like that plastic card in their wallet is assurance of their well-being; and as long as Americans feel safe and secure, they will just stay home and drink their cheap beer and cheer on their favorite football team. No one can save a man who insists he is not drowning … he will fight you and possible injure you. So beware! When the time ripens for any uprising, it will surprise even the politicians, who claim to know of such things. Americans need to feel pain before they will understand how wars cause death and suffering, not just for those in foreign countries, but for everyone including themselves. Americans are a spoiled bunch, thinking that they live in some by-gone era, listening to early rock-n-roll, and dreaming of a good time tonight in their 57 chevy. God forgive them for no one else will.

  18. As for keeping the eye on the ball, rather than the somewhat amorphous and larded pejorative catchcry “Jew spiders under every rock” and “their pathetic robots, cronies, Satanists” etc, is it not more helpful to describe a list of destructive character traits, such as those commonly associated with psychopathic behaviour? Eg compulsive falsehood, vanity, greed, avarice etc. Or would this approach make certain people feel a little less saintly and righteous?

    Jews have become the focus is because some of them have perfected the art of deception and misprision, and indurated it down to a bunch of institutional fixtures, exploiting the natural tendency of the stateless group to unify (even via the aether, it seems!). No doubt this may render Jews “more prone” to shitty behaviour, but there are Jews who are genuinely opposed to these toxins, just as there are “gentiles” who wallow in them. So why play the man, play the ball!

  19. Barry makes the point that it is better to blame the characteristics than the characters.
    And in a better America bad guys would go to jail, and we wouldn’t have to negotiate our way daily through the soft fascism of corporate greed that affects everything from our drinking water to the food we eat to the medical maze that will probably kill half of us in the end. Our venting at the Jewish establishment is a form of anti-establishment rage with an ethnic twist but 40 years ago the ethnic twist was the WASP, and no one complained, did they? (What a hate fest that one was…) And maybe our venting is absurd like shooting fireworks at an erupting volcano. Still, hidden realities do emerge, call it what you like…satanism? What is satanism but nihilism all dressed up in symbolic language. And the guys at the top of the pyramid with their media “eye” watching us through the spy wires are nihilists of the highest rung.


      16 January 2013

      This is the first of two episodes of “We Never Dreamed,” a popular show on REN-TV that airs on prime time. This episode was called “Million Dollar Give Away – We Want our Billion Back,” and aired on January 16, 2013.


      Did the Federal Reserve bankers secretly finance both sides of World War I and II — to rob central banks, and steal their gold, on a worldwide basis?

      Did some of the leaders of these nations secretly know this was being done — and were told it was for the good of humanity, as gold ownership would devastate world peace?

      Was all this gold secretly put “on deposit” with the Federal Reserve — and exchanged for worthless bonds, with face values of up to a billion dollars each?

      Did this global heist allow the Federal Reserve to eliminate all competition to their “magic printing press” — so they could print 26 trillion dollars’ worth of bailouts, as a Fed audit revealed?

      Is there a growing international alliance of countries who want to defeat the Federal Reserve — and restore unprecedented peace and prosperity to our planet?

      Russian television network REN-TV was the very first to transform David Wilcock’s epic Financial Tyranny investigation into a full-length documentary program.

      This is the first of two episodes of “We Never Dreamed,” a popular show on REN-TV that airs on prime time. This episode was called “Million Dollar Give Away – We Want our Billion Back,” and aired on January 16, 2013.

      Stunningly, this same day, Germany demanded the Federal Reserve return 300 metric tons of gold “on deposit” — and also demanded France return their entire holdings of 376 metric tons.

      Russia bravely stepped forward to reveal the secrets of the Illuminati, Lucifer, the Bilderberg meetings, the New World Order, and the greatest criminal act in human history.

      See it now for the first time — complete with English subtitles — and enjoy!

      CIA O

      1. http://eclinik.wordpress.com/vital-issues/ben-fulford/us-president-obama-now-directly-implicated-in-311-nuclear-and-tsunami-terrorist-attack-against-japan/

        Obama was implicated because he orchestrated the illegal ouster of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2010 when Rudd started warning of an imminent nuclear terror threat to Japan, according to Australian police sources. The affair, referred to by investigators Ruddgate, may be the one that finally ousts the cabal.

        The man operationally in charge of the terror attack on Japan was Christopher Stevens who was the “ambassador Stevens” tortured to death in Libya last year. Since then, as previously reported, several dozens of top US military and CIA officials have been fired, as part of the investigation that has now netted Bush Sr. and Nakasone.

        The plot to bomb London failed thanks to warnings by patriotic MI6 agents. The 550 kiloton Ukranian Granitza warhead that was supposed to be used for the attack was taken out of the UK by Serbian drug smugglers, according to Eastern European intelligence sources. The bomb is now in Jerusalem, these sources say.

        While the Euro crisis smolders on, the cabalists are still desperately trying to start World War 3. As predicted, chemical weapons have been used in Syria by the Nazi/Zionist cabalist Muslim brotherhood and their allies like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a desperate attempt to start their Messianic World War 3

        Syria is now “a killing field, especially for children” according to a Western ambassador to Syria. “The situation is too horrific to even conceive, children are being trafficked, sold into slavery, cut up into pieces for transplants; all sort of horrors, the worst imaginable,” the career diplomat said.

        However, the Zionist terror is not expected to be able to last much longer. The pentagon and the good guys in the intelligence and military organizations around the world are on the case

        CIA O

          1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtlIBlpkz-aPdHc0eTFxVk8tZFZxcGYySjlLZTBOc2c#gid=0


            That’s what Fulford says himself. Read his posts.
            Watch the Russian RENTV- subtitled in English-with David Wilcock a comrade in arms of BF in the war on the Financial Tyranny.

            Fukushima was another jew job: Barry and Bibi
            in tandem as instruments of the banksters if you take BF for real. After Fukushima he named Netanyahu as culprit.

            Last year I mailed Fulford about the Fukushima fallout, living in Japan he downplayed it. A weak point in his story. He mailed me, buy a geigercounter. The same week the Japanese govt. strongly advised its population not to use
            geigercounters from abroad, …..

            Anthony Sutton etc. disclosed with reliable sources that Wallstreet financed the Bolshewik takeover of Russia. Fulford comes with another story…..

            If he is a zionide agent he should be jailed as well, naturallemente.

            But I still give him more than the benefit of the doubt, intuition….

            CIA O

  20. So in brief summary:

    As the innocents we were having a fine time on Creation’s playground (Earth), and in humble respect for it.

    Along come these bullies and they started to kick the sand around acting like the kill-joys they are. The joyous ones thought, “whoa, this sucks.”

    Along comes Christ to tell them not to put up with this shit. “You see, they have this defect. When our Father was givin out hearts when He decided to manifest himself in singular fashions, there were some who were absent. This makes them what’s called “dangerous” (they heretofore being the innocents and not understanding the concept) They will take over your playground if you let them and you’ll be in a World of hurt”. I asked him how that could happen, it’s all you, isn’t it? He said, “tell me about it. Something about this singularity thing. I’m workin on it. But now YOU know, so go tell them.

    Fast forward 2,000 years later and today we have the pathetic goy Obamanation making his first foray(that we know of) into his master’s lair. While meantime a new Pope calls for the wolves that HE KNOWS ARE IN DISGUISE AMONGST US to be charitable to the “poor and the weak” of a flock increasingly moving in that direction.

    So the great period of self-incurred Tribulation continues apace. and I ask:

    If we are somehow working in tandem with some Divine Intervention, who then are the on-planet interveners amongst us? Can we put a finger on its efficacy, when the opposition seems to be holding all the cards?

    Always the questions.

    1. http://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/the-bankers-really-really-want-us-all-dead-2/

      The Bankers Really, Really Want Us All Dead

      Posted on March 20, 2013 by horse237

      I warn you that this essay and the accompanying videos will not be like any you have ever seen on this blog. The other day I wrote of five events leading to disaster. The first was the BP Horizon oil spill on Hitler’s birthday 4-20-2010. A toxic dispersant Corexit was used to send the oil to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico out of sight of the 50 million residents of the area though oil slicks have appeared on the Gulf of late. On 3-11-2011 I believe the elite attacked Japan with a man made earthquake off the coast of Fukushima.

      Tests of the air filters of Japanese autos has revealed that Fukushima has produced 300 times as much radiation as Chernobyl. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is an ionospheric heater. It heats the ionosphere and manipulates weather and can cause earthquakes. HAARP has been used to manipulate weather systems and guide radioactive plumes from Fukushima to major population centers in Canada and the US including Washington and Toronto.

      Radiation and Corcxit work together synergistically to do ten times or more damage to your body than they would do separately. This would also be true of other chemicals in common use around the home and work place including agriculture. That is why the attack on the Gulf had to precede the multiple meltdowns at Fukushima. They needed the Corexit to be there waiting for the radiation to arrive.

      They have made the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico toxic so now we wait for planned events 3, 4 and 5. As I said previously, the third of the five events will in my opinion be the explosion of the 18.8 millions barrels of butane and propane stored in salt caverns adjacent to that 12 acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish (county) Louisiana. There is additionally another salt cavern there that is used to store radioactive waste. There is situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the New Madrid fault zone.

      A likely scenario is that the sinkhole explodes causing a man made 6.0 plus earthquake. This would be followed by a series of New Madrid quakes and a severe disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico. A quake and/or volcano in the Gulf would flood the neighboring areas of the Caribbean, Mexico and the US with a tsunami of toxic radioactive Corexit and petroleum.

      Also please note that methane hydrate lines the bottom of the Gulf and the oceans. Methane hydrate has been melting of late all over the world. When it is heated, it bubbles up as methane. Methane is flammable but not as explosive as butane. In the past mass methane releases have killed everyone in wide areas. Four of the salt caverns are filled with methane.
      The latest word is that oil has seeped into all of the caverns. Work has been abandoned due to the constant rumblings from the collapsing salt walls. Seismic monitors at the site recorded hundreds of micro quakes daily.

      In ancient times men predicted earthquakes by noticing the activities of animals. I remember seeing a news clip of a police dog running out of a police station with a look of terror on his canine face. A stunned cop was startled by the dog. Seconds later the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake shook the police station. I once met a man whose father died at the 1980 Mt St Helens volcano three days after the animals had left. The traditional explanation for the wisdom of animals is that they are more aware of magnetic changes.

      There are a couple of YouTube channels that have had success at predicting earthquakes using scientific readings of magnetism.
      One is SuspiciousObservers who is a proponent of the Electric Universe theory. The other has a video covering events 4 and 5 which is the last one below. He has found historical evidence in the scientific literature of Boom noises before the 1906 San Francisco and the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes as well as others. In the interview below Lance also correlates buoy activity indicating shifts on the Indo-Australian tectonic plate to subsequent earthquakes. He did this six times in a row. He also noticed a swarm of Booms and smaller earthquakes on a diagonal going across the New Fault zone. He is wary of a series of New Madrid quakes and Indo-Australian plate shift. The latter could wipe out human life all around the Pacific Ocean and send more than a dozen nuclear reactors into the ocean.

      The Globalists have been talking of reducing the world population to a billion or so people. What they are not saying is that they want only a few million people left below the earth in underground cities. They do not want you to know that the plan is to kill more than 99% of us. The reason being is that the military would rightfully conclude that they are not included on the survivor’s list.

      Hint to the military, the spies, the police, the assassins and the security forces: If the drills you do, do not include you taking your family with you to a secure underground facility, then you are on the list of people to be killed.

      This same memo should also be given to the news media, the school teachers, the college professors, administrators and all Foundation grant recipients. If you do not have a home waiting for you deep underground where you will spend the rest of your life, then you might as well start making alternative plans right now for your future.

      And that as they say is the fly in the ointment for the Globalist plan to kill us all.

      And Horse 237 comes up with the most recent-FACE THE MUSIC- news of LA MORET.

      We are dancing in the volcano 2 yrs after 311.

      Let’s dance – with the Bilderberg jew banksters & the euroroyals and their personnel as the floor. Tango these sneaky bastards to hell.

      CIA O

      1. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/document-preview.aspx?doc_id=111299874

        (…)This book will free America (…)

        A more than excellent- not yet widely known- book on the the Internetnet by an 80 years old patrioticAmerican. Much of it you will know but this Grandpa writes with fire (against the jewbanksters) frees the debtslaves and gives them Christallclear water to drink

        A short history of zionism destruction and enslavement of America, Europe and the rest of the world with the Federal Reserve Banking System and their plan to rule the world from ”’Israel” making everyone slaves except themselves.

        written by a friend of Christianity Abraham Israel Piecarski

        CIA O

        1. (…)
          There are also moves in the work to force the Germans to give up on the Euro by hitting their car exports. “If you stop their car exports, then the German trade surplus vanishes because they have nothing else,” an FSB source said. It is also possible they will start “finding” multiple problems with German cars sold to the 180 nation BRICS block.

          From Fulfords news of yester/to-day.

          He is always heralding the growing financial force of the BRIC. This is a major advancement in the War on Finanancial Terror (of the Rothschild banksters & co).

          BF, the man from Tokyo: Neuf (9) points.

          CIA O

      2. http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/neil-keenan-update-the-impact-of-the-new-evidence-the-power-of-the-alliance-and-the-fall-of-the-dark-lord-video/

        The expressed intention of the elders of Indonesia to accept Keenan’s help in finally freeing the assets to benefit both Indonesia and the world is a further indication that powerful stakeholders in Asia have come to trust Keenan’s integrity. They apparently trust his intention to see to it that the century-long rape by the Western banking families of the patrimony of Asia (and indeed of all the world) comes to an end. Further support for Keenan’s work comes from more than 160 other nations, demonstrating that a global alliance has come together to once and for all end the secret fraud by which the banking cabal long dominated and exploited the world. Open and covert aid has come to Mr. Keenan from supporters in military and intelligence in a number of key nations, for which we are grateful.

        CIA O

      3. http://eclinik.wordpress.com/vital-issues/ben-fulford/sabbatean-mafia-plans-to-stage-nuclear-terror-blame-north-korea/

        (…)The Sabbatean (read jew, gj ) mafia that illegally seized control in the West is planning to stage nuclear terror attacks and blame them on North Korea, intelligence agency sources say. Google chief Eric Schmidt and basketball start Dennis Rodman recently visited North Korea as envoys of US President Barak Obama (…)


        (…)The other big agency attack against the Sabbateans took the form of a release by the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists,” of the names of holders of offshore bank accounts worth $32 trillion dollars (over twice the US GDP). Before the website was taken down and put up again in sanitized form, it released the details of accounts held by people like Barak Obama, Tony Blair, the Governor of the Bank of England, Hillary Clinton etc. For example, the Obama offshore account totals $30 billion and is held under the name Henry Ansbacher (…)

        Barry has stashed 30 billion dollar off-shore as Henry Ansbacher? GeeSus. Time that the awakened faction of the Pentagon enters the WH, Without Hesitation.

        CIA O

    2. @Brownhawk

      On Our Merciful Father

      (…) If the religious teachers of the President support the murder of people, they will go to hell. How can they say, ‘Merciful Father’, and support the death of large numbers of people? The whole thing is very ugly and bad. Just one word to compare: Hitler and Bush (…)

      They Create Terrorists
      And Then Pounce On Them

      Maharishi’s Press Conference, 20 October 2004

      This is also the Light of God from the holy concept of religions. If the religious teachers of the President support the murder of people, they will go to hell. How can they say, ‘Merciful Father’, and support the death of large numbers of people? The whole thing is very ugly and bad. Just one word to compare: Hitler and Bush

      Dr Hagelin: The US Peace Government has a plan to make the nation and the world more peaceful. But does it also have a plan to make corporations less greedy and opportunistic and more human friendly towards everyone?

      Maharishi: Our programme is to improve the mental capacity of the individual. And that will be available not only in one phase of his life–family life, city life, national life, or the world life–but on all levels of life at the same time.

      We are hitting at the fundamental level. In this programme, we water the root to enjoy the fruit–that is all. If one attends to the creativity of the mind, then the mind will be creative. That means it will be competent to bring fulfilment to its desires automatically.

      Once we have turned on the switch and made a connection with the powerhouse, the running of the power is completely automatic. This is the Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi programme which you can understand from the physical scientific point of view, the mathematical point of view, the conceptual point of view, the technological point of view, and any point of view. You place every phase of your existence in the royal, divine direction of evolution and sit at the supreme level of the goal of this evolution automatically. It is a reality that has the value of science and is not gossip.

      This is also the Light of God from the holy concept of religions. If the religious teachers of the President support the murder of people, they will go to hell. How can they say, ‘Merciful Father’, and support the death of large numbers of people? The whole thing is very ugly and bad. Just one word to compare: Hitler and Bush.

      What prevails today in the political field is the destructive, bloody dictatorship. Destructive, bloody dictatorship. Madness in the field of politics. Madness.

      But remember, I have said many times, you can fool some of the people some of the time. You will not be able to fool all the people all the time. This bloody, destructive democracy will not take you very far away. Our slogan directly is, damn the democracy, because there is no democracy. And democracy is dangerous. You can buy democracy. Give money and they will vote for you. Bloody dictatorship. Destructive, bloody dictatorship prevails in the world today. And it professes to be a democratic–put one lady there, put one lady there, put one lady there and sing the glory of democracy.

      The world is rising above all these treacheries. It’s not good to say all these words. I am not used to do it. But this is how, when you ask me what is democracy, this is the existing democracy in the world. Bloody, destructive dictatorship in the name of democracy.

      CIA O

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        ”MMY RAW” is more the whip to chase the filthy money changers from the temple.

        CIA O

  21. by the moral and legal authorities of einstein-dylan and birthright jew, i claim as mine whatever is worthwhile in the following:

    onward, masada warriors, marching as if to war
    with the stars and stripes of fools going before
    obama, jewry’s puppet, leads against your foe
    on tv, watch his banners go
    onward, masada warriors, marching as if to war
    with the stars and stripes of fools going before
    at the sign of triumph jewry doth smile
    on then, jewry’s puppets, on to victory
    the synagogue of satan quivers with delight
    yishuv, blow your horn, far your spittle sprays
    like a mighty army moves the puppets of satan
    americans are treading where other fools have trod
    we americans are not divided, all one body we
    one in ignorance and unemployment, one in stupidity
    presidents and kings may perish, govts rise and wane
    but the synagogue of satan constant will remain
    gates of hell, guardian to our home, always to prevail
    we have satan’s own promise, and that has never failed
    onward then, mighty warriors, join the happy blood fest
    blend with ours your voices in the triumph song
    glory, laud, and honor unto jewry, the earthly ruler
    this through countless ages victims and men resist
    now there is Syria
    now there is hezbullah
    now there is iran
    our puppet has been summoned

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