As the Empire of Evil collapses, the Mad Emperor and his psychopathic minions seem determined to set the world on fire.

An edited abridgement based on this outstanding article by James Petras, presented with pictures, captions, and extensive commentary by Lasha Darkmoon

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“At the center of chaos, the wild-eyed President Obama strikes blindly, oblivious of the consequences. He is on the verge of a mental breakdown, suffering from political paranoia, war hysteria and megalomania. He’s gone amok . . .” — James Petras, here

Chaos reigns and spreads as enraged leaders in the US, Europe and their clients and allies pursue genocidal wars. Witness mercenary wars in Syria. Witness Israel’s terror bombing of Gaza. Witness the proxy wars in the Ukraine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia.

Tens of millions of refugees flee scenes of total destruction. Nothing is sacred any more. There are no sanctuaries. Homes, schools, hospitals and entire families are targeted for destruction.

At the center of chaos, the wild-eyed President Obama strikes blindly, oblivious of the consequences.

He is willing to risk a financial debacle or a nuclear war. He enforces sanctions against Iran. And sanctions on Russia. He sets up missile bases five launch minutes away from Moscow. He sends killer drones against Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. He arms mercenaries in Syria. He equips and trains Kurds in Iraq. He finances Israel’s savage war crimes in Gaza.

Nothing works any more.

The Chaos President is blind to the fact that starving one’s adversaries does not secure submission: it unites them in resistance. Regime change, imposing proxies by force and subterfuge, can destroy the social fabric of complex societies. Millions of peasants and workers become uprooted refugees. Popular social movements are replaced by organized criminal gangs and bandit armies.

Central America, the product of decades of US interventions, has become a chaotic, unlivable inferno for millions. Tens of thousands of children flee from their ‘free market’ — from induced mass poverty, gangster violence, and state terrorism.

Child refugees at the US border are arrested in masses and imprisoned in makeshift detention camps, subject to psychological, physical and sexual abuse by officials and guards on the inside. On the outside, these pitiful children are exposed to the racist hatred of a frightened US public who are totally unaware of the horrors these children are escaping from and of the US government’s role in creating those horrific conditions.

The Cold War has returned with a vengeance — and taken an ugly turn. Confrontation among nuclear powers is imminent. The maniacal Baltic States and Poland bray the loudest for war with Russia, forgetting that their positions on the front lines expose them to the dangers of mass incineration.

Each day Israel’s war machine chews up more bodies of Gaza’s children while spitting out more lies. Cheering Israeli Jews perch on their fortified hills to celebrate each missile strike on the apartments and schools in the densely populated Shejaiya neighborhood of besieged Gaza.

A group of orthodox and secular entrepreneurs in Brooklyn have organized group tours to visit the holy sites by day and enjoy the Gaza pyrotechnics by night. Night-screen goggles enable the atrocity tourists to view the fleeing mothers and burning children. These voyeur specs are available at a small extra charge.

LASHA DARKMOON [LD] COMMENTS: One Israeli woman, a sexually perverted atrocity tourist, has recently confessed that the sight of Palestinian children being killed is enough to give her an orgasm. (See below).

Again the US Senate votes unanimously in support of Israel’s latest campaign of mass murder – no crime is depraved enough to ruffle the scruples of America’s leaders. They hew close to a script from the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations. Together they embrace a Beast from the Apocalypse gnawing on the flesh and bones of Palestine.



LD:  95 percent of Israelis are now enthusiastic “atrocity tourists” who rejoice to see pictures like this. Some even openly boast of being brought to the point of orgasm at the pitiful sight of Palestinian children being brutally murdered. Like this Israeli woman, for example:


LD:  US senators, who voted unanimously to kill this little child and cheer on the Israeli perverts who experience orgasms at the sight, are clearly complicit in the carnage and sexual depravity — all of them clinical psychopaths who in a sane world would face immediate execution for war crimes.

Make no mistake: all these unspeakable horrors are the handiwork of the world’s foremost chaos creators: international Jewry and their non-Jewish lickspittle lackeys. In the words of Gilad Atzmon, “Israelis do not like to be caught with blood on their hands. As much as they like to kill, they hate to be the killers.”

He might as well have added, “While Israeli soldiers may like to entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport, the last thing they want is to be exposed to the world as objects of contempt and loathing.” 



With psychopaths like this in charge,
what hope for America?

LD:  Let us retrain our justifiable anger at these heinous war crimes condoned and rubber-stamped by the American government; and let us face the facts with stoical resignation. American politicians ceased to be representatives of the American people long ago. They have become extensions of the Israeli Knesset. The United States of America is now the United States of Jewdom.

For further confirmation of this chilling truth, see my two essays: “America Vanquished: America as an Israeli Colony” and “Under Jewish Rule“.

“When the world looks at America,” Paul Craig Roberts once remarked ruefully, “all it sees is an Israeli colony.”

In actual fact, America is more than an Israeli colony; it is a Jewish colony. It is controlled not only by the state of Israel but by elite American Jewry who have the entire nation dancing to its tune. Without even knowing it, Americans have become slaves in their own country to a malignant and mentally deranged foreign race.

—  Lasha Darkmoon 


There are ominous signs away from the killing fields. The stock market is rising while the economy stagnates. Wild speculators have returned in their splendor, widening the gap between the real economy and the fictitious one. Soon the ‘deluge’ will come . . . the chaos of another inevitable crash.

In industrial America’s once great Detroit, clean water is shut-off to tens of thousands of poor citizens unable to pay for basic services. In the midst of summer, urban families are left to defecate in hallways, alleyways and empty lots. Without water the toilets are clogged and children remain unwashed.

“The economy’s doing fine!” the Wall Street gangsters chant. “It’s only the people who are suffering!”

Public hospitals everywhere are being closed. In the Bronx and Brooklyn, emergency rooms are overwhelmed. Chaos reigns. Interns work 36-hour shifts and the sick and injured have to take their chances with sleep-starved doctors on the verge of collapse. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, posh private clinics are proliferating for the pampered rich.

Scandinavians have embraced the putschist power grab in Kiev. The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt bellows for a new Cold War with Russia. The Danish emissary and NATO leader, Anders Fogh-Rasmussen, salivates obscenely at the prospect of bombing and destroying Syria in a replay of NATO’s ‘victory’ over Libya.

Meanwhile German leaders endorse the ongoing Israeli genocide against Gaza. They are comfortably protected from any moral conscience by their nostalgic blanket of ‘guilt’ over Nazi crimes 70 years ago.

Where the bombs fall no one knows, but people flee. Millions are fleeing the chaos. But there is no place to go! The French invade half a dozen African countries but the refugees are denied refuge in France. Thousands die in the desert or drown crossing the Med. Those who do make it are branded criminals or relegated to ghettos and camps.

Chaos reigns in Africa, the Middle East, Central America. The entire US frontier with Mexico has become a militarized detention center. A vast concentration camp.

The border? It doesn’t exist! The Hispanic hordes pour into America from the south, like a river of ravening piranha fish.

Chaos reigns in the markets. Chaos masquerades as trade sanctions: Iran yesterday, Russia today, China tomorrow. Washington, watch out! Your adversaries are finding common ground: trading, forging alliances, building defenses. They are uniting. They are growing stronger.

Chaos reigns in Israel. The war-crazed Israelis have recently discovered that even the Chosen People can bleed to death. They too can have their arms and legs blown off. They can lose their eyesight in the narrow alleyways of Gaza where little children stand facing them with nothing but sharp stones.

When the cheers of the Jewish victors turn to jeers, will they re-elect Bibi, their current kosher butcher? How long will they sing, “If genocide is good for Israel and the Jews, it’s got to be right!”

LD:  According to a recent op-ed in The Times of Israel written by a certain unsatisfactory member of the human race known as Yochanan Gordon  (pictured here),  “Genocide is permissible.”

Mass murder is permissible—you guessed it—only when the IDF, “the most moral army in the world”, are engaged in carrying out their fish-in-a-barrel blitzkreig in Gaza’s open-air prison in a responsible fashion, according to the time-honored principles of the Marquis de Sade. (See When Genocide is Permissible)

Polls report that most Israelis say the IDF isn’t using enough force in Gaza. The “noble warriors”, it seems, are being too soft on the Palestinians, though a huge percentage of those killed and maimed by Israeli strikes are children. There have been at least seven attacks on UN schools, according to the Guardian. UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon has described these attacks as “criminal” and points out that the Israelis “have been repeatedly informed of the location of these sites.”

“There is a kind of murderous glee in the Israeli leadership’s inversion of all moral and international legal standards,” Justin Raimondo notes angrily. “They take a special delight in upending centuries of just war doctrine regarding proportionality and the killing of innocents, and are eager to replace it with their own ruthless nihilism.” (See here).

Here is another advocate of genocide, son of the sadistic war criminal Ariel Sharon, openly recommending genocide. He would like to see the Palestinians given  the Hiroshima-and-Nagasaki treatment:


†  “Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism.”  —  Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan

†  ”They are, all of them, born with a raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” — Voltaire

(Lasha Darkmoon comment ends)


Chaos reigns in New York. Judicial rulings favor the vulture capitalists. The printing presses are working day and night, overtime.

There are only a few life boats left . . . just enough for the bankers and Wall Street swindlers. The other ninety-nine percent of the population will have to swim or feed the sharks.

The US President is on the verge of a mental breakdown: He’s a liar of Munchausen proportions with a bad case of political paranoia, war hysteria and megalomania. He’s gone amok, braying, “I lead the world: it’s either US leadership or it’s chaos.”

Increasingly, the world has another message: “The US is the Chaos Creator — it is the ultimate source of all chaos!”

Wall Street is abandoning Obama. The Russians have double-crossed him. The Chinese merchants are now doing business elsewhere.

Listen to the Emperor of Chaos ask his closest advisors the craziest questions: “Why can’t we bomb Russia, just like Israel bombs Gaza? Why don’t we build an ‘Iron Dome’ over Europe? Why can’t we shoot down Russian nuclear missiles as they come towards us? Why can’t we fire upon Moscow from our new bases in Ukraine? So what if Europe becomes a nuclear wasteland? That’ll be a small price to pay for our success!”

Maybe Obama and his mad minions are thinking of reducing the population of Asia by a billion or two? How many Hiroshimas and Nagasakis are they planning in order to teach the Chinese a lesson for being so staggeringly successful? How many other nations are they going to wipe out for doing so well and making them look like a bunch of losers?

Maybe this is final scenario. Most of Asia will inhale nuclear dust. Millions of Indians and Indonesians will perish as collateral damage. Their survivors will feast on toxic fish in a glowing sea of radioactive poisons.

The real boss


Because our ‘Iron Dome’ will have failed us, we will have to re-emerge out of a mountain of rubble, dreaming of a New America free from wars and poverty. The Reign of Chaos will have ended. The ‘peace and order’ of the graveyard will then reign supreme. The Mad Emperors and their minions will be forgotten. They will  be dust and ashes in the trash can of history. Good riddance to them all!

None of this will matter in the post-nuclear age . . .  after the Chaos is over . . . and the New Troglodytes, blinking their bloodshot eyes, emerge from Plato’s cave of darkness.

LD:  I don’t know how the third World War will be fought,” Einstein once quipped, “but I know that the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows.”


  1. James Petras mentions that in Detroit, due to water cut-offs people are defecating in hallways. In civilized countries they have “poop scoop” laws for dog owners. We’re supposed to have sympathy for these people?

  2. Bear in mind that 6 quadrillion jews were burned up in large pizza ovens and their ashes spread over the surface of the moon. It was only with the help of aliens that these poor sobs ever got a proper burial. Now people blame us for having a little fun in Gaza. What chutspah or whatever! Nutenyahoo deserves the piss prize

    1. Bear in mind that 6 quadrillion jews were burned up in large pizza ovens and their ashes spread over the surface of the moon.

      Fantastic! I’m probably gonna steal that line so consider this a preemptive apology.

  3. Thanks Lasha. The whole world is at the end of its tether not just America. Here in Canada we’re just as pissed as everywhere else. Soon….



  4. Thank you Darkmoon for bringing James Petras article to our attention. The one bright spot in these dark times are the brilliant writers who have risked everything to write articles and keep us informed. I was vaguely aware of the reasons for these children arriving at our border but this brought it all home and Petras being an expert in Latin American politics would know in detail what is going on there.

    I didn’t vote for Obama due to the invasion of Libya, and I could never have voted for a new cabinet of neo-cons with Romney; so I threw my vote away and went for Gary Johnson. I knew all about Obama’s life with Man’s Country and the “lowdown church.”
    I knew people had been killed. Still, somewhere in my heart I had hope that Obama was going to pull us through, that he was playing some kind of “yes sir” game with the white authorities over him…that they would want him to go to war and he would say “sure boss” and then go out and smoke his cigarette. I learned early on that everything that came out of his mouth was more or less meaningless, and he has enraged the Zionists which was a good sign. Yet, I also picked up on rumors that he was unstable, doing drugs, something like that. And I happened to have a meeting a few years ago in D.C. and saw the White House from across the courtyard and it looked really run down and creepy, not at all like the White House with all the magnificent lawns, etc. On the opposite side of the courtyard is the Rothschild owned B of A that looked better than the White House. “Shxt” I thought, this is not good.

    I also hoped that somewhere there were discussions going on between Putin and Obama like “don’t take me seriously about this WWIII because I have these guys on my back who have a pile of dirt on me and they will throw it in American’s face if I don’t say what they want me to say.” I suppose I was reading between the lines and it turned out to be fanciful projection.

    I had continued to “Hope” (remember Hope) even after all hope was gone.

    1. Your intention was good. I know the feeling.

      The dirty BIG secret is that Presidents are selected, not elected.

      Votes are not counted at the national level, for sure. They may never have been. No one knows the actual winner when the ballot is secret. A write in might have done as well as anyone.

      Winners of important elections at the local levels are selected as well.

      Voting encourages the criminals.

      1. Voting is done so that the masses believe that governments are legitimate and somehow have the right to force people into doing their will.

        In reality a government is just an idea. A made believe fairy tale so that people accept the ruling of whatever is the strongest criminal organization on a given country. Nothing more. Once you grasp this concept, everything people behind governments do make sense.

  5. “He” doesn’t do anything. “He” is just a two-bit, Negro dictator, front man for the “advisers”. In fact “he” is naught more than the Jews rubbing their dark excrement in the white goyim’s face, saying, “Look goyim! Look how stupid you are letting a tin-pot African dictator run your formerly white country. You goyim are idiots! We shall destroy you with our appointed tools of destruction, tools like this Kenyan clown.”

    Why is it no one asks how many Ethiopian Jews are in the Knesset? Why does no one demand this sort of “diversity” in Israel?

    PROTOCOL No. 2

    1. It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains: war will thus be brought on to the economic ground, where the nations will not fail to perceive in the assistance we give the strength of our predominance, and this state of things will put both sides at the mercy of our international AGENTUR; which possesses millions of eyes ever on the watch and unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves.

    2. The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisers, specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world. As is well known to you, these specialists of ours have been drawing to fit them for rule the information they need from our political plans from the lessons of history, from observations made of the events of every moment as it passes. The GOYIM are not guided by practical use of unprejudiced historical observation, but by theoretical routine without any critical regard for consequent results. We need not, therefore, take any account of them – let them amuse themselves until the hour strikes, or live on hopes of new forms of enterprising pastime, or on the memories of all they have enjoyed. For them let that play the principal part which we have persuaded them to accept as the dictates of science (theory). It is with this object in view that we are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals of the GOYIM will puff themselves up with their knowledge’s and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our AGENTUR specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want.

    Of course this document is just a forgery. One must wonder what the real document looks like from which this one was forged.

    Note the Biblical reference within Protocol 2: “Thus the creatures run and vanish as the appearance of a flash of lightning (Ezekiel 1:14). The cherubim do not turn as they change direction, but always go straight forward (Ezekiel 1:9,17; 10:11), as do the wheels of the cherubic chariot with rings full of eyes round about (Ezekiel 1:18; 10:12). The cherubim represent the spirit, or will, in the wheels: at the direction of the spirit, the wheels are lifted up from the bottom and the chariot moves upward (Ezekiel 1:19; 10:16). The cherubim are thus the moving force of the vehicle.”

    “And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.” – Revelation

    The always vigilant, all seeing, surveillance state with eyes all over its body, (this describes the former Soviet terror state as well as the neo-American terror state) “Advisers” like Rahm Emanuel, running and vanishing, apparent changes in political direction, like the change from liberal to conservative “values”, while always moving straight ahead with the Jew’s agenda. Pretty clever of these forgers to incorporate biblical references into their forgery.

  6. “On the outside, these pitiful children are exposed to the racist hatred of a frightened US public who are totally unaware of the horrors these children are escaping from and of the US government’s role in creating those horrific conditions”

    Ok, let’s be clear on this point because personally, I am sick to death of European Americans being called “racist” for opposing their own planned genocide.

    These wars in the ME and all over the globe have ONE SOURCE. City of London Jews and their proxies who control the two other City States (Vatican, DC/US). America has imposed upon her an unlawful, illegal Corporation Government we never were made aware of or consented to. We have had over 160 years of our labor stolen from us. We have had all of our gold stolen from us. We have had all of our property stolen from us. We have been BRAINWASHED into our own demise, going to war against our own kinfolk as we are discriminated against, based on our race “legally” accross the board IN OUR OWN NATIONS!

    Some may say (like Mad Max) “its your own fault”? Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Isn’t that blaming the victim? If your son or daughter got suckered into some lunatic cult and they brainwashed them into supporting or doing some immoral things they would have never otherwise, would you blame your son or daughter? Or will you take responsibility for being the buyer of the brooklyn Bridge while demanding prosecution of the seller?

    This is the moral point here yet hypocritical RACISTS think it’s ok not to treat white people like they demand “people of color” to be treated.

    So while I am sorry, genuinely, for all the horrors the Pals are suffering, THEIR ONLY HOPE is the WHITE MAN- the authentic Christian and those freedom loving WHITE Americans who simply can’t take this crap anymore. But how can the white man help if he is enslaved and brainwashed?

    The white man is awakening in mass. Christians are awakening in mass and the writing is on the wall. We whites-Christians have been reduced from 33% of the world’s population to about 8- NOW THAT’S A FREAKING GENOCIDE (not to belittle the pals and arabs- the other REAL semites suffering).

    These kids being thrown at us on our border have among them REAL terrorists from all over the world. They are being used as cover for paramilitary ops to infiltrate our border to MURDER US. We should do like everyone else does and given them aid and buy them a ticket home- PERIOD.

    But will this stop the INVASION and genocide planned for Americans? Will that stop them from being shipped back? NO- we must lawfully REMOVE all dual citizens and arrest Obama and all collaberators for HIGH TREASON. Then we can control our border. Then we can control our foreign policy, then we can CUT “Israel” loose and hopefully STOP these elite Jews plans of a WW3 full blown.

    MARK THESE WORDS- no one but the WHITE MAN can accomplish this and the “Jews” know it. That is why they have BRAINWASHED people all over globe blaming all of their crimes on us!

    1. Tyron, couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks, enjoyed your comments
      and you are so right my brother. Lets hope the rest wake up though I
      think its too late. Most of our kind are asleep and too brainwashed to see
      that we’re being wiped out.

    2. Netanyahu and the occupants of what they call Israel, today – look more white than the dark-skinned Arabs in Gaza. Netanyahu, with blonde hair and blue eyes, looks more like a white man than even Hitler or Arafat did.

      1. Pat

        The war that we are engaged in is indeed a war against Semetic peoples. As I have explained endlessly, whites/European people are from Jacob and Arabs are from Ishmael and BOTH are from Shem- Abraham.

        Abraham’s first son was Ishmael but he was born out of wedlock and thus didn’t obtain the blessings of Adam on down. He did get 12 kingdoms inside one nation however.

        Abraham’s second born, first lawful born son was Isaac and Issac’s son Jacob obtained the blessings and ruling mandates.

        Jacob, later called Israel, fathered the 12 tribes of authentic Israel. The patriarchs Judah and Levi had ruling authority over the tribes until Christ came and then that ruling authority was transfered to Joseph’s (Jacob/Israel’s last born son) sons Ephriam and Manassah. These people are the white people of the UK-Colonies (Ephriam) and the white people of the united States of America (Manassah).

        The so called Jews, as EVERYONE KNOWS, are neither judah or israel but IMPOSTORS engaged in a fraudulent identity theft, who want to RULE THE PLANET based on their race and thus they use all other races against WHITE PEOPLE in an attempt to disinherit us from our birthrights (common/natural/Christian law) and blessings (fruitfulness).

        At the very end of this age, WHITE PEOPLE of all of the tribes will be gathered (12,000 of each making 144,000) to take over the JWO the so called “Jews” think they are making for themselves.

        The so called “Jews” may look “white” sometimes but they are classified as “JEWS”, a “minority status”, thus having all the “rights” that people of “people of color” have (and more) while actively denying REAL WHITE PEOPLE their inherient rights in their own nations. This is an all out attempt to GENOCIDE US.

        The “Jews’ have brainwashed the peoples of the world into thinking all of their crimes where committed by white people. This war they are creating (full blown WW3) has two parts.

        Finish errecting the JWO- transfering the power of the 3 city states to “Israel” while raising up all races of the world to EXTERMINATE all whites on the planet.

        We have already lost some 500 million people to the “Jews” nefarious agenda over the last 200 or so years and today we stand at the verge of their end game.

        So while the “Jews’ are murdering Ishmaelites of Shem today, they have been murdering Jacob WHITE PEOPLE from Shem steadily for hundreds of years and plan on collapsing their Corporation fiction Governments (America-UK-Colonies) they errected to help accomplish their genocidal goal against us.

        1. Ya gotta discard the Noah-Myth. All people would be the same race if they came from him.

        2. Pat

          Why do you push these egalitarian myth of the “Jews”? Any non Ashkenazi or Sephardic Rabbi of the “Jews” is not considered a TRUE JEW. They wear the label ONLY for goy consumption.

          You sound like Duff and Dean at VT (the Stewart and Corbet) of internet “intel”. While they speak some truths, they push the elite Jews genocide plan (the perfect storm) against whites-authentic Christians and freedom lovers in America.

          They say CRAP like ISIS is really a war between Reps and Dems, protecting Obama and the Dems claiming Obama is holding off the Israeli’s from controling foreign policy and dominating the executive. They claimm, and get this BS, that Congress is controlled by the Mexican Cartels as is SCOTUS by Adelson.

          Yes, Adelson funds the Reps but Soros fund the Dems (they won’t tell you that)

          This is pure smoke and mirrors and a mini version of the false dialetic of Captialist America vs Communist Russia of old both sides controlled by the “Jews”.

          Obama was installed by the “Jews” as the Jewish oligarches control both reps and dems, plus Obama. Obama’s role is to pretend like he opposes the “right” while playing the Jewish end game, funding, arming Marxist paramilitary groups outside the US, bringing in Russian Spetznas all to be unleashed on American State citizens who comprise the largest Army on the planet.

          Who attack Lybia? Afgan? ISIS? Who is funding the attacks on Syria? Who set up the Ukrainian Crisis with Russia so they could be pushed into BRICs and become bed buddies with China? OBAMA- who’s a JEW himself,

          Adelson and Soros are players UNDER the 3 City state corporations .

          Now, as to Noah being a “myth”, again, you speak of things you’re clueless of.

          Everyone wouldn’t be the same race. The 3 major human races come from Noah’s 3 sons not Abraham.

          Shem= white people
          Japeth= Asiatic
          Ham= black peoples

          And then there are many sub racial catigories caused by the the different combinations of the above.

          Shem’s blessings from Adam went down to Abraham and he is father of the Ishmaelites (Arabs). Abraham mated with a black women slave they bought in south Egypt. Through his grandson Jacob (pure white line) came the 12 tribes of Israel to whom we whites in the UK, Colonies and America are comprised of from Jopseh’s son’s, Ephriam and Manassah.

          These Wars all over the planet have ONE MAIN ENEMY and this war is being waged from ONE MAIN SOURCE.

          The source is the elite Jews who control the 3 city states, plus “Israel”.

          Their ultimate enemy they want to exterminate off of the planet are whites-Christians and it is for this very reason both Dems and Reps, Obama and Bush before him, have done everything they have done to date.

          The War on Whites

        3. Ty-
          I do not believe in the Jew myths nor yours.

          It does not matter who I sound like…or who you sound like.

          You offer nothing new to me.
          I studied all you say about ‘British Israel’ in the 1950s. Herbert W. Armstrong pushed it then. I read his books and pamphlets and listed to his radio broadcasts. I even subscribed to Plain Truth Magazine, later on.

          I followed at least a dozen other authors over 20 years or so, promoting the same myths.

          I gave it up in the mid 1970s. It lacks real proof. It takes a belief in mythology of the OT and NT.

          If Noah’s sons were really his sons, his blood, they would have been the same race as he was. It just ain’t that complicated. Three MAJOR races could NOT have come from the loins of one man.

          You need to sell that to others, not me.

        4. Tyron,

          ‘Pat’ has lost his world view. He has focused too much on the mechanics of the Prince of This World. God still has His plan – and His plan will prevail. I believe I know the identity of ‘Pat’, and he is brethren. He just has far more knowledge than wisdom.

        5. Gilbert-

          You do not know me. But, no matter. I am not wise.
          It takes no wisdom to parrot facts.

          The facts are that the KJV of the myths he compiled was completed at the same time that Galileo was tried and convicted of heresy for stating the Earth was moving and it was NOT the center of the universe, as Copernicus claimed/proved. He was confined when he said, “And yet, it moves.” They ALL were SO wise back then.

          Adding insult to injury, here is an example of EXTREME lack of wisdom. Letting their poopish Jewish arrogance to continue for 350 years.

        6. Parroting wisdom is wisdom.
          (and what damn fine things they both are)

          Besides, I’ve heard parrots count; in human..

        7. Some parroting parroters swing smoking pots on gold chains while parroting, wearing funny hats.

        8. Pat

          I am not selling you. I am exposing you and by doing so, educating others.

          Humans are not like worms Pat (well maybe you are); we need both a female and a male to reproduce.

          Why do I bring this up? Because as usual, you use false assumptions saying that if Noah was white, all of his kids, kids would be white also. Well, that would ONLY be true if Shem, Japeth and Ham’s wives were all white too, but that wasn’t the case Pat; no, that wasn’t the case. Only Shem’s wife was white while Ham’s and Japeth’s wives were of preflood, non white origin, hence Japeth produced what we call Asiatic peoples (this includes micro NOT MACRO “evolutionary” changes) and Ham produced what we call black folks today. Only Shem’s line (especially through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) continued producing full Adamic white people’s from Shem’s pure line.

          See how simple this is?

          Do you know how many “sects” there are of so called white identity? Herbert Armstrong had a lot right but he was also wrong about certain things. These facts don’t change the truth of the Greek OT and NT, nor the books that were not included in the Canonization Processes. Or are you one of those ASexual, self reproducing type of “people” who think that because Jew front Wikipedia says something, that this is the last word on the truth?

          Sheesh Pat, maybe you adopt Mad Max’s example and leave the discussions and this site to those male and female humans who understand basic realities; like the self evident truths concerning human and racial genetic production realities.

          It’s Pat


          “Fearless Freddie”

          American’s TRUSTED their Government and they had EVERY REASON to do so in 1930 and before that, 1860.

          The Jewish fraud started then. We were NOT informed hence we were not even given the chance to consent or not!

          Due to the “Jew” capturing external programming centers, they BRAINWASHED everyone (Yes, you too so you HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ON THIS POINT!).

          UNDER LAW we are owed over 160 years of labor. We are owed ALL OF OUR GOLD (like germany and China is too). We are owed debts that cannot be paid in terms of the BLOOD we shed and for the LIVING SOULS we lost due to the “Jews” MURDERING US. In short, if one were to even try to put a price tag on what we are owed, it would be at least, many, many hundreds of trillions of dollars.

          Whereever you are “fearless” you are under a JEWISH CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT! Furthermore, “Presidents” are INSTALLED, not voted on which shows how little you understand, all the way around.

          Why External Programming Levers Mimic Reality

        9. Thanks for the education, Ty.

          You have educated all of us that the offspring of Noah’s sons would be mulatto and other watered down impurities. They would be 50% white.

          I am still wondering, from where those wives of other races were gathered, and why the sons would choose the really, really dark skinned women over white wives. Those women would have to be much darker than today, because their offspring would be 50% white.

          Please come up with more different names to call me, and some original slurs. You are boring me so far.

        10. Pat
          I’ve already answered your questions- look

          You said

          “Thanks for the education, Ty”

          I already answered this above..

          “I am not selling you. I am exposing you and by doing so, educating others.”

          You said

          “…the offspring of Noah’s sons would be mulatto and other watered down impurities. They would be 50% white.”

          I already answered this above

          “… Only Shem’s wife was white while Ham’s and Japeth’s wives were of preflood, non white origin”

          Maybe in your fairytale world a white person mating with another white person produces “mulattos”, but NOT in the real world.

          Genesis 1:27
          Genesis 2:4

          There were two creations. One of Animal flesh man and women (non Adamic- non white races) as described in Genesis 1 (in which I think people often refer to the Annunaki account) and then also the originally “angelic” adamites (Adam and Eve etc) who lost their high estate (which was greater than the angels) and became animal flesh mankind as well (known today as white people).

          I cannot answer why Japeth and Ham had no Adamic white wives except to say that the mandate of non mixing- to the rightious seed of Adamite white lineage was given only to the first born, and Noah’s first born was Shem.

          So, when Noah (his white wife) Shem (his white wife) Japeth (who was white but had a non Adamic white wife) and Ham (who was white but had a non Admaic white wife) began to repopulate the world, I AM WHO I AM saved not only the Adamic white creation (of Genesis 2), but the other creations (other human races).

          I alluded to you being A-sexual not so much because of your name, but because you can’t seem to fathom basic, simple, genetic realities concerning human reproduction on this earth.

          The Greek Scriptures tells us the Earth is a sphere suspended by nothing and the earth does NOT revolve around the Sun. It, like all the other planets, make circular rotations in the Sun’s wake mimicing the symbol of life. We can see this is everything contained in the macro and micro universes. We see this pattern in all created things.

          The Sun is symbolized in Creation as Jesus/God. The 12/13 planets (not 8 or 9 like the atheistic “scientists” claim) are symbolic of the 12/13 tribes of Israel. The symbol of our solar system moving through the universe is the pattern of DNA or life, and everything in relation to the other is based on the measurement that is Pi. Christ dying on the Cross is the symbol of life which is patterned after the Snake wrapped around Moses’ Staff- DNA- LIFE=Pi=God/Jesus-the prime creator/savior.

          Why is this important? Because having the right world view (like Gilbert said) is key to deciphering present day events.

          I don’t like to knock you around and make you out to be a foolish Pat, but what else do you expect when you constantly throw out nonsensical claptrap in supposed “retort” to other’s valid points?

    3. While it is true that the Worlds’ indoctrination propaganda wants to get rid of all light skinned people – reversing cause and effect – and give frustrated Latinos and darker skinned Afros material to cause hell and murder on the Caucasians soon enough, we must not let the traumatized children suffer more horror. Perhaps the greedy bastards owns organizers of suffering and hell on earth are even harvesting organs on the kids, get them for child prostitution, perhaps they are ritually being killed by Satanistic death cults, some of them are even in charge perhaps.

      White people have also been known for their goodness. This value must not. be given up. We must help ourselves and them.

      The kids of this world deserve protection and safety with no exception. They all are precious human beings and just cute kids.

      I think it is wise to say that the genocide of whites are an excuse and a distraction for those dark forces who will cause more harm later, after all Caucasians are gone. This false accusatory manner of causing deceptive problems is an easy strategy to offer blood, vampire life force, to Satans altar – the more the better. None (?) of us had the power at City of London, none of us had the power to declare war. Hidden games are not played by most and the few who cause the suffering are the 1% not the rest.

      We must not allow the traumatized kids to get hurt further. We are supposed to cherish life as “good hearted people.” We can also cherish our own being and culture. Let’s not allow ourselves to do Satans (as a concept) cruel death cult work as that is wha they may just want. We as humans are better than that.

    4. Tyron, if my son or daughter “got suckered into some lunatic cult…” I’d blame MYSELF (as any proper parent who failed thusly would). Raise ’em RIGHT and make sure they think RIGHT and by that I mean conservative, goy, Euro-caucasian, etc. None of this liberal cancer for me. The fact that the Uhmurricun Public voted TWICE to install an ignoramus Porch-Monkey into the White House speaks volumes. E.G., the PMIC goes to a service, receiving dead soldiers’ coffins at an air base and pronounces the Marine Corps “CORPSE”. He’s about one or two molecules removed from the homocidal apes living in his home town, turning it into the next Nairobi. Krikeys. We should never have given The Poor the vote. They wouldn’t be poor if they were not fundamentally stupid and unimaginative.

      Both de Tocqueville and Churchill were right—-democracies get precisely the governments they deserve.

      Next up in Parade of Suicidal Folly? Why, none other than Billy C’s “lamp-throwing lesbian” “wife”—-the pardigmatic example of a modern Harridan. OR (don’t you just salivate at the choice?) a Oklahoma Honky, Pseudo-Redskin, bat f*ck liberal idiot. You’ll find her under Massachusetts, Senator……

      Nobody, BTW, will invade the US. This is for many reasons, not the least of which they can’t stand us and our culture and have as much chance of changing the latter as reversing Niagara Falls with a pitchfork.

      We will forge ahead regardless. It’s too bad were joined at the hip with the ultimate Pariah of nations. Time to cut the umbillicus dragging us down with those Yiddish pustules.

        1. Or possibly “Ooops” back! How ’bout The Normandy Invasion was an INVASION, and, in comparison, that which is occuring on our southern border is an INFILTRATION, albeit one which is being encouranged by liberals, who crave voter-bloc created POWER (over us sheeple) rather than preserving the “last best hope of Mankind”.

          Jews are Liberals,
          Liberals are Jews,
          so there’s nothing, really, to choose.

          Lasha, the poetess, must be regurgitating at my attempt at a limerick. 😀

        2. More than 3 times the invasion of Normandy cross legally from Mexico daily. 300 million a year.

          Then, there are the illegals.

          Call it what you want. They come. They change the culture.

  7. great article
    ” will they re-elect Bibi, their current kosher butcher?….” !
    it doesnt matter because they are all the same; their prime ministers dont have complete control of decision making.
    They get orders and sometimes three or four options.
    almost the same with american presidents.
    thats why george w bush kept saying ” the options are on the table”.

  8. Before going out today I began working on this exact piece by James Petras. In fact it is half up but, methinks, Ms. Darkmoon, I will just go with your work. Thanks!

  9. jfk knew the cia was out of control – if left to survive what else could it be? he said he would smash it to a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds. too bad they killed him first. since then the us presidency itself has become just another “controlled event”. like 9-11 and the okc bombing. obama is no more president of the usa than your cat. he’s just the latest version of charlatan the security state put up in the puppet show. with his drag queen wife his “presidency” is a screaming example of the massive fakery that characterizes american politics today. i didn’t read the article, but i did read his book. surely a guy like james petras has this figured out by now. i can understand it’s going to take a while for all the first-graders in america to get over their generations of conditioning about how the government works. be advised – the cold war was the mechanism by which the ashkenazi bolsheviks on both sides of the ocean maintained their control over the american and russian masses. the big communist swindle worked well for them for a long time. they don’t want to let it die, they have to hang on to those flows of money it maintains, so they come up with these conflicts. i doubt very much that kgb putin isn’t in on it. most of the american public are still gullible enough to buy into it all. one big factor in that is the idea that the president – obama – is somehow controlling us foreign policy. i’m not sure disparaging characterizations of him to back that idea up are serving the purpose of enlightenment. the ashkenazi jew-ish bolsheviks have full control of the usa, which they are rapidly discombobulating with their “multi-culturalist” program of massive immigrant invasion. of course, anybody who says that is labeled an ant-semite racist bigot who hates people just because they’re not like him. and all american militias, according to the splc, are full of only such people. notice – the un is intervening in detroit, to confiscate the children of people who have no water. the polish communists controlling israel are totally unafraid of the american political system, because they have total control of it and the commercial media, and because most americans are docile. they will continue their program of extermination of the arab population of the territory they have invaded – palestine – until real americans somehow take control of the usa again. when the fiat khazarians have taken all of palestine they will move farther east. they’re bombing the un schools on purpose, because terror campaigns are most effective against people’s children. all war is terrorism. anybody who participates in it is a terrorist. and it always helps if you can dehumanize the people you’re slaughtering. so, if you are the “chosen people” everybody else is subhuman or whatever. they’ve said so often enough.

  10. some people are more beautiful than they realize

    as for obama, he makes less important decisions than a janitor … emperor? … more like kermit the frog … o i get it, it’s satire … sigh

  11. I’ve been telling people for years that the president doesn’t make policy, that the people who make policy do it from behind the scenes, that the presidents are merely actors who are paid huge money to act out the Zionist’s scripts. And when I tell people this they do a momentary mental shutdown and then reply with some mundane nonsense that doesn’t mean anything. The reason they respond that way is because the truth frightens them and they don’t want to face up to it. Unfortunately, this is also the case with the people who could make a difference; they prefer to ignore the truth and continue on with enjoying life, shallow as it is.

    The only thing that is going to bring about any change is some sort of massive problem like an economic collapse, a pandemic, or a major war. Jesus said that in the period just before the end of the world that there would be such things happening. He called it ‘the beginning of sorrows.’ Matt. 24:8. It looks like that’s where we’re at.

    1. Yes, it’s beautiful Jim, being perfectly equal and all.
      Absolutely complete in every way, for everyone, forever.
      I for one love it!

    2. Jim – You stated, “I’ve been telling people for years that the president doesn’t make policy, that the people who make policy do it from behind the scenes, that the presidents are merely actors who are paid huge money to act out the Zionist’s scripts.”

      I have been doing the same for decades as well. I have seen the same response including eyes rolling back.

      For the few who did not respond in that manner initially – did so – after I told them further that the Jesus story is a myth, used to justify stealing land, just like all the other myths and legal inventions to do so, down through the millennia.

    3. “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

  12. Peace be with the reader,

    The flaw in the article is that America(a covert military dictatorship), is only a
    symptom of the world system, it is not a the cause of evil, it is a macrocosm of the
    evil world system. The tendency with natural man is to look for the cause outside
    of himself, he does not realize that he is part of the corrupt world system. Natural
    man is in denial, he is part of the problem, he is in for a rude awakening.
    It is judgment time.

    The faithful one

  13. I do not know who wrote this article but saying that we are abusing the invaders coming across the border is a jew lie. anyone with a brain knows the brown invasion of the US is part of the plan to genocide the whites who the jews have been at war for 2500 years. And cutting off the water in Detroit is fine with me being the people that are cut off NEVER paid for anything in their miserable parasite lives . so the author of this article can go to hell

    1. The article was written by Dr James Petras. The bits in the article that you don’t like — “we are abusing the invaders coming across the border” and “cutting off the water in detroit” — both these bits come directly from the author of the original article who is James Petras.

      Only the “commentary” was written by Lasha Darkmoon. Her initials (“LD”) come in front of her comments. Lasha is also responsible for the pictures and captions.

      All the rest is written by Dr Petras, especially the bits you don’t like.

      1. Because of the shot given to the American people about being horrible and racist because they don’t want to be over run by diseased illegals I wont be stumbling or posting anymore of this ladies stuff.
        Smart move Darkmoon! You pissed off the people who read your stuff and this article really hurt you and your credibility which has gone to zero!

        1. That’s a bogus perception to quit on Darkmoon or Mr. Petras because of this. Try and think outside the box more. Yes, those kids are faced with scared and racist White people, and that’s just a reality, so what if he has some compassion for them too? Everyone is a victim of the GD jew in this matter, the White people losing their country more and the even more helpless Hispanics running from their cesspools for a desperate dream of something better, and that’s the point of his saying this. Everybody has been screwed, and everyone and every race needs to realize that.

  14. Dr green I have noticed where petras writes at the veterans site they seem to lean to the communist side being the head guy Gordon duff is a jew so I guess he wants to keep his job

  15. No man is an island,
    Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thine own
    Or of thine friend’s were.
    Each man’s death diminishes me,

    For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to knowFor whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.

    1. It tolls for me, as it does for all.
      I live in end times, as all are born in end times of 8 to 10 decades for some. Shorter for most others. Just being born proves it so.

  16. Oh, FFS! OhBammmy’s nobody! He doesn’t have a brain in his head! He has this little key in his back and they wind it up and he says the correct words.

  17. We all are horrified to see the pictures of Gaza after the bombing of the Israeli military on the defenseless Palestinian men, women and children. Due to the fact that 91% of the Jews in Israel applauded cheered and go for this carnage the IDF just did in Gaza, we are left with the fact that this group of pariah soulless criminals are nothing but a collective horde of genocidal maniacs which are a real threat to the world peace.

  18. Even with all our whining about Israel and the international Jew, we’re going to have be just as ruthless as they are- no, more so- if we ever get around to dealing with them.

    I want Whites cheering when rockets slam into Tel Aviv, I want brothels throughout the world filled with chained Jewish princesses taken from Israel, and I want Israeli civilians to go through what the people of Dresden and Hamburg went through in WWII.

    1. Legionnaire,

      Be merciful! God requires it. If HE were not merciful, NONE of us would draw another breath in peace. (Can you imagine an angry god after your ass?? You’d be COOKED!)

      Micah 6:8
      Psalms 27
      Isaiah 8:9 to end (concerning the globalization of [Satan’s kingdom] the world)

      1. That would be same god that must have been angry at all the innocents in Dresden. Or mad at the millions in Russia. Or the captives that Ike murdered.

        As far as I can tell, god creates the evil. The ‘omnipotent’ god never stops it either, not even in Gaza or Iraq today.

        SPQR is correct.

        1. It would not be ‘evil’ if innocents didn’t suffer, Pat. If only the evil ones suffered, it would be ‘justice’. What you and others can’t seem to accept is that God has laid a plan which He knew from the beginning what the end would be. Only He. That is what you get when you get to be ‘God’, I reckon. Isaiah 55:9

          It’s all right to hate evil and to kill evil ones – you’d just better know the difference. That is ‘wisdom’. America will suffer (is suffering) because we lost track of who we set out to be. Jefferson and Franklin and Washington warned of it (remember those guys???).

        2. I get it, now, Gilbert. Those with whom you agree have wisdom.
          “I recon” I am correct there. I have no quote derived from a collection of myths to back me up.

        3. “I have no quote derived from a collection of myths to back me up.”

          The weakness of your argument, Pat, is that YOU don’t get to define what a “myth” is. Your definition of a “myth” appears to be “anything I cannot personally believe in.”

          I’m afraid that won’t do.

        4. No need to be ‘afraid’ at all. Just step right up and tell me that it won’t do for you.

          But, I do get to define anything I wish, any way I wish. That’s what commenters do. You’ll just have to get over it, with no fear needed.

        5. @ Pat

          Sardonicus wins the argument. Pat loses, because he uses aggressiveness as a substitute for logic. He thinks he can prevail by shouting and bullying his opponents.

    2. Yes and they no doubt wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
      Unseemly schadenfreude is not at all Aryan or Germanlike.

      1. “Yes and they no doubt wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
        Unseemly schadenfreude is not at all Aryan or Germanlike.”

        Who are you talking about, the people of Dresden and Hamburg? I’m sure you’re right, they wouldn’t wish their suffering on anyone, not even the ones responsible for it.

        And that’s exactly the kind of attitude that led to Germany’s defeat. When you have three superpowers that are controlled by the same race, a race of people who declare “Germany must perish” and “kill all the Germans,” then adhering to that kind of thought process is not good or moral, it is foolish.

        A tiger without teeth or claws is not moral, he is weak.

    1. Never trust natural(fallen) man, any natural man.

      1 Corinthians 2:14
      ” But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for
      they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are
      spiritually discerned.”

      The faithful one

    2. John, you are absolutely wrong.

      Revelation 3:9
      ” Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are
      Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship
      before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

      Trust the Jews, those who are born again.

      The faithful one

      1. in Hosea 1:11 where are the so-called “Jews”…
        {Germans=Judahites are not Gog & Magog “Jews”}
        in Revelation 3:9..
        “Thee” refers to Israel not Gog & Magog “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism.

        Revelation 7 lists the Tribes…which one is “Jewish”..?

        Hagar was not a Negroid.
        Ishmael was not a halfbreed…
        the curse was on Canaan.

        Zephaniah 3:9…
        just sayin’

  19. I’m back!
    Just for a short cameo performance as I know regular readers miss me!
    Quickly read last 2 articles – both very good; and read good stuff on Truthseeker and David Icke! The latter is the BEST!
    Good to see Sweden is dropping the word RACE from all government legislation!
    Now their Jews can’t insist on their fallacious RACE HATE LAWS!
    TALKING ABOUT RACE, See Tyron P is still sprouting on endlessly about the WHITEYS from the mythical character, the Arab Shem, via his gggggggreat grandson Avram/Abraham and his sexual intercourse with Tyron’s “slave girl of unknown race”! What a nut case!
    I am sure Tyron is out to destroy this site, divert you into Jewish NOTHINGNESS!
    I will state the ABSOLUTE TRUTH again: Pick up your Old Testament, you religious freaks and bigoted, hay-seed American Bible-belters-cum-biblical Nazis and find where it explains all of Tyron’s crap about Noah’s offspring producing these different races. TRUTH is: It just is NOT there! Got that thru ya thick, Yankee heads?
    That crazy, fire-water drinkin’ injun, Brownhawk, is not a WHITEY, Tyron! He is mixed colourations like Obummer! Dumb as chicken shit! Same for PAT! Is Pat a nigrah?
    Yes you brain-dead, wimpish Yankees, the cows are cumming home and you are apparently at the “end of your tether.”
    Couldn’t happen to a better nation of brainless, murdering, JEW-LERVIN, bubbas and whores.
    Brad Pitt told the truth at the end of his movie, “Killing Them Softly”: Pitt: “America is not a nation, it is a business!” This is what Jefeerson warned you pricks NOT to become – under Jewish rule! Ya bubbas!
    Yes, ONE BIG Jewish BUSINESS inhabited by hay-seed, obese bubbas and lunatic Bible bashers!
    But I know none of you can understand the TRUTH as you are Yankees! Ya lerv ya Jews! As Karen coreectly said: Blah, blah, blah , blah, blah!
    Or should it be ba,ba,ba,ba? Will check agin in a few weeks to see if any of you have sprouted any brain power!

    1. Max…
      All your bragging and chest beating has been proven wrong and nothing but HOT AIR!!!

      Aussies are no match for Yanks. The fight facts from Saturday night prove it.

      The best Queensland, Australian was BEATEN mercilessly by an average Brooklyn, New Yorker Saturday night, Aug 9, 2014.

      The best white middleweight boxing champion to come out of the Australian Institute of Sport was beaten to a pulp by an average American boxer from the tough streets of America in only five rounds. The Australian had even beaten light-heavyweight fighters in his home country. He was really tough there… some said he was the toughest ever.

      Australia’s Jarrod Fletcher was used as a punching bag by Danny Jacobs for five rounds. The Australian was knocked down twice in the first round and had to be helped back to the corner. The American toyed with the Australian, needing to get in the good work, for four more rounds, finally knocking out the highly outclassed Aussie in the fifth round. The Aussie landed only 37 clean punches. The Yank landed 147.

      The Aussie was a staggering bloody mess the whole fight.

    2. @ Mad Max

      Welcome back, darln’. Nice to read your crazeeee stuff again! Pay no attention to Pat. He has his heart in the right place, an earnest and meticulous researcher, but he just don’t understand your geeeeeeenius!

      As for Tyron, I understand Admin has taken steps to curtail his excesses. He used to post TWENTY posts a days, sometimes more. He is not rationed to ONE! He is not allowed to post more than ONCE a day.

      That has to be an big improvement!

      1. Balthaza-

        Max is exhibiting the final stages of the dreaded Outback Fever which is spread by the aboriginal women…his dark wives…
        That is the cause of his uncontrollable outbursts of geeeee-whizzzzz-nius.

    3. Max

      I thought you were leaving for good? So much for your word, huh? What did Gilbert say about you posting from a Mountain Time American Time Zone? Humm?

      As to whites and Adamic peoples- all the info is above for those with eyes that can see and hears that can hear.

      Here is another example of Max playing the “Jew” agent. He says it’s a “good thing” the Swedish Government dropped the word RACE from their institutions. LMAO.

      Yea, what a “good” thing.

      “Race is a social construct not applicable in law, it added.
      Legislation should not include the word race, if we argue that there are not actually races,Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag told Sveriges Television”

      Now the SWEDISH RACE/people cannot defend themselves from the FOREIGN INVASION, the mass physical assaults, murders and rapes coming from OTHER RACES FROM INSIDE OF THEIR OWN LEGISLATION! Max is a JEW AGENT people! He HATES white people and has already ADMITTED “my mothers a Jewess”.

      Race is NOT a social construct. RACE IS physical, biological REALITY. it is genetic, it’s your DNA. If human races don’t exist then neither do Newfoundlands and Pit-bulls or Black labs. All are Dogs but there are different “races” of Dogs; hence it is also with humans. This is plain observable scientific reality.

      Love Your Race

      I’m sure those who support Max (Jew Agent) and Pat (Probably only a Goy Sucker) would LOVE IT if the term race was dropped in American legislation too. Only the FOOLISH would think that racial preferences wouldn’t continue being enforced for “people of color”. Only the FOOLISH would believe that such a move would stop the foreign invasion of other races and cultures to genocide the founding race and culture-law in America!

      Multi-ethnic/multicultural states DESTROY EACH OTHER IN CIVIL WARS and the proof is ALL OVER THE PLANET! What the HELL IS WRONG WITH SOME OF YOU PEOPLE? Are you that blind? Are you that BRAINWASHED

      A Tribute To The White Race

      Only the FOOLISH would support Max and Pat- those using Jewish Marxist tactics to complain to the Administrators of this site to SILENCE their opposition- UNLESS that is, they want to silence those who seek to protect authentic America. Unless they want to SILENCE those who ACTUALLY oppose the “Jews” ON ALL COUNTS- on ALL FRONTS.

      Max, the United States of America (Major) is NOT a business. The other Corporation fictions (US INC, United States-Minor etc) ARE and they are owned and controlled by the Jewish City of London Corporation- Vatican City Corp. Last I checked “Australia” has the exact some type of fraud committed upon them as a BUSINESS.

      COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA registered in the
      CIK (0000805157)
      SIC: 8880 – American Depositary Receipts
      State location: DC | Fiscal Year End: 0630
      Business Address
      WASHINGTON DC 20036

      Kman and Gilbert

      Thanks for your replies. As stated by others, the moderator has seen fit to limit my posts to 1 giving full reign to the real subversive (Jew agents) who continue to post unabated (look at how many posts Max and Pat put up EVERY DAY). And as everyone can see, this now doesn’t allow me to respond in kind to all of those who attack me and nor does it often give room for thanking you guys.

      Doesn’t matter what they do tho. In the end the “Jews” lose and so do their supporters.

      ( A shout out to Scott Roberts- one of the VERY few who REALLY opposes the “Jews”! Hey buddy- Yes, it’s me. Hope to see you post here.)

  20. Hi Pat and thankyou the beautiful, sexy-sounding Balthaza! I presume the latter is a sheila! Several of my women got quite jealous when she called me “darln”! I am not allowed to talk about sexy Lasha or Ellie!
    Yeah Pat, a Yankee boxer might have beaten just one Aussie, but over the last 25 years us Aussies have won more world titles than your doped out Yankees!
    Your nigrahs who used to win are eclipsed by the Eastern European WHITEYS and that 7 foot Ukrainian is the greatest heavyweight ever!
    You nigrahs are a rapidly failing people – most carrying STD’s, drug addicted and jail birds!
    At my shopping center here in Oz noticed one-tonner, obese young women everywhere – single mothers, covered in tattoos! SLUTS! Most Ozzies under 25 years are now like Yankees – unemployed, lazy, smart-arse drifters, on drugs and sex!
    On a BRIGHTER NOTE, read Dr Kevin Barrett on Vets Today, “9/11 Closing in on Israel.” I hope so! And remember, it is not Israel so much but your Jewish-dominated Congress and your Fed! And the scum in Oz!
    I hope you aware American Goyim can start another revolution and hang the lot of the head-honcho Jews and Pelosi, Read, Obummer etc!
    Michael Jackson got off due to your corrupted Jewish-run judicial system; Clinton retired graciously with a lucrative speaker routine after cummin on a blue dress in the Oval Office and using expensive Havanna cigars as dildos on Ms Lewinsky, and that criminal Jew, Silverstein, was allowed to collect $millions because he demolished WT7! As Pitt said: “The USA is not a nation, it is a (Jewish) BUSINESS.”

    1. Hey MAX. Just a note here:

      You conveniently left out that the Aussies supplied the world with the JEW Rupert Murdock. He’s the number one media mogul supplying the lies you kangaroo-jumpers just love to feed your brains with.

      He is also a citizen of Israel due to his mother being a shene.

  21. L
    Lasha Darkmoon and John Kaminsky failed in showing us the real enemy within, The Jesuits and their masters. On controlled opposition sites they never mentuon them, dont they know the history of America?

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