Anti-Putin Propaganda is not working

By Mike Whitney


Anyone who follows the news regularly, knows that the media has done everything in its power to smear Vladimir Putin and to demonize him as a tyrant and a thug. Fortunately, most people aren’t buying it.

Yes, I’ve seen the polls that say that Putin and Russia are viewed “less favorably” than they were prior to the crisis in Ukraine. In fact, here’s a clip from a recent PEW survey which seems to prove that I’m wrong:

“Across the 44 countries surveyed, a median percentage of 43% have unfavorable opinions of Russia, compared with 34% who are positive. Negative ratings of Russia have increased significantly since 2013 in 20 of the 36 countries surveyed…”

Americans and Europeans in particular have soured on Russia over the past 12 months. More than six-in-ten in Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the U.S. and the UK have an unfavorable image of Russia. And in all but one of these countries negative reviews are up by double digits since last year, including by 29 percentage points in the U.S., 27 points in Poland, 24 points in the UK and 23 points in Spain.” (Russia’s Global Image Negative amid Crisis in Ukraine: Americans’ and Europeans’ Views Sour Dramatically, PEW Research)

These results strongly suggest that the public blames Moscow for the fighting in Ukraine and (presumably)agrees with the prevailing storyline that Putin is a vicious aggressor who seized Crimea in order to rebuild the Soviet Empire. The problem with the PEW survey is that the results are based random samples of nationwide face-to-face or telephone interviews.

Why is that a problem?

It’s a problem because the man-on-the-street hasn’t the foggiest idea of what’s going on in Ukraine. All he knows is what he’s heard on TV. So, naturally, when he’s asked to offer his opinion on the matter, he’s going to regurgitate some variation of the official version, which is that Putin is responsible.

But try asking someone who’s actually been following events in Ukraine that same question, and you’re going to get an entirely different answer. Among the people who follow the daily developments in Ukraine, roughly two out of three support the Russian position. This isn’t something you’re going to find in the survey data, but if you take the time to comb the comments lines in the international media, you’ll see what I’m saying is true.

I hadn’t figured this out until last week’s G-20 Summit in Brisbane when Canada’s PM Stephen Harper brusquely greeted Putin saying, “I guess I’ll shake your hand, but I only have one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine.”

The incident immediately became headline news around the world as journalists for all the major media heaped praise on Harper for courageously “shirt-fronting” the dastardly Putin. What was left out in the media’s account of the exchange, was Putin’s crisp retort, which was, “Unfortunately it is impossible, (for us to leave Ukraine) because we are not there.”

Touché. As you might expect, Putin’s response did not fit with the media’s narrative, so it was scrubbed from the coverage altogether.


The Harper incident was a particularly big deal in Canada where all the newspapers ran gushing articles lauding the prime minister for his righteousness and fortitude. Oddly enough, however, only a small percentage of the people who commented on the dust-up, saw Harper as the hero. Here’s a few samples of what ordinary people had to say. This is from BobsOpinion:

“Harper embarrasses Canadians again on the international stage. It will take years for Canadians to re-build our international relationships and to re-build our reputation.”

This comment is from redondex:

“Harper made a childish and baseless remark to Putin and walked off with a grin of a proud five year old spoilt kid. All Harper achieved was to ridicule himself in front of the rest of the world. That is our leaders usual behavior.”

This is from Makman1:

“I was under the impression that a proper democracy would first use negotiating as a way to understand the divergent groups involved in the Ukrainian revolution and then apply a political solution, if possible. The present Ukrainian government immediately used force. PERIOD! The Harper government, instead of using its “influence” to attempt to defuse a complex situation blindly followed the actions of the USA. If Harper really cared at all he would ask his foreign minister to get directly involved with Russian and Ukrainian counterparts and help reach a compromise…. Hopefully, Harper is not supporting Ukrainian right wing fascists?”

This is from Jörð:

“It’s not wise for Harper to follow America’s lead on every foreign policy. The USA government has a terrible track record when it comes to getting things right in foreign lands. Also Putin was correct when he responded to Harper’s comment by saying “It’s impossible, we are not there.” Technically Russia is not “In” the Ukraine.”

This is Time4Change:

“This is another example of Harper BLUSTERING backed with NO SUBSTANCE! Why are there NO SANCTIONS on the Russian Energy Giants Rosneft and Rostec? Could it be the hundreds of billions of $s the Russians have invested in the tar sands have caused Harper to be the SOFTEST on ACTIONS while shouting the loudest.”

And this is from Mt Athabaska:

” …one day Harper will reach puberty on global affairs.”

It’s worth noting that these comments were lifted from article that was published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I was shocked at how harshly Harper was criticized by his own countrymen. I was also surprised that the author’s obvious anti-Putin bias had virtually no impact on the opinions of the people who commented on the incident. In fact, it appeared to make many of them mad.

I should also mention that I omitted all of the comments that lambasted Harper for hiding in a broom closet “while a gun battle ensued in a nearby hallway of the Parliament building in Ottawa” in early October. (See here: Needless to say, Harper’s comical performance at the G-20 hasn’t convinced anyone that he’s the courageous leader he imagines himself to be.)

The media is increasingly worried that it’s losing its ability to persuade people to support policies that only serve the interests of elites. The media has rolled out all the heavy artillery in its campaign to demonize Putin, but the strategy hasn’t worked. In fact, it’s backfired quite badly leading some publications to cancel their comments section altogether.

And the response from readers has been huge too, mainly because the standoff between two nuclear-armed adversaries has galvanized the publics’ attention. For example, in the CBC article I cited above, more than 2,500 comments have been posted already, while many of the other articles on Ukraine or Putin have exceeded 6,000 comments. This just shows how closely people are following events and how passionate they feel about the policy.

And, as we said earlier, this isn’t just a Canadian phenom either. For example, here are a few of the comments I picked up from an article in the conservative UK Telegraph in an article titled Global economy to suffer as Putin quits G20 early.


Zeug Gezeugt:

“The US supports the neo-Nazi ethnic cleansing campaign in east Ukraine, Russia supports the Russian speaking Ukrainian majority in the east against it. Pretty simple really, and the US enforced sanctions can only harm EU Russian relations, a win-win all round for the neoconservative hawks.”

Pamela Cohen:

“So, the media tells us in the Title that Putin is to blame when the Global economy suffers, because he left the G20 early. What stupidity. And what a statement in bringing warships as their targeted President attends yet another meeting. Good for Putin. Blame the US-backed coup and looting and 4000 deaths on Putin, and blame the Ukrainian plane that shot down a passenger flight on him, too. Then shun him at a world meeting, as if he doesn’t have the right and responsibility to defend his country’s borders, Naval base, pipeline and brothers in the Ukraine as they are shelled and killed by US manipulation.

Instead of shock and awe and intruding where they didn’t belong like the US in all the Mid-Eastern countries according to long-ago made plans, Putin sends humanitarian aid and the people vote in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Putin-not all Americans are stupid sheep. My apologies for the onslaught of ignorance and imperialism. You are standing up to bullies of the worst kind. The world needs peaceful solutions to restore the harm of NWO fanaticism and corrupt bankers. Hold the line.”

MP Jones: “The US never ended the cold war and the ‘useful idiots’ in this context are us in Europe and the UK.”

Richard N: “Most British people are deeply unconvinced by the flood of US and EU propaganda over Ukraine, trying to cast Russia as the villain – when the civil war there was caused directly by the US and their EU side kicks backing a coup to overthrow the elected government of a sovereign country, Ukraine.”


“With due respect to the author, you say that his (Putin’s) popularity will rise at home as a consequence of this. Please read the message boards North American and European, you will find his popularity seems to have increased everywhere.

Guess the Brains behind 5 eyes and snooping will now have to move into the new reality of the power of the internet to provide information which they would not like others to get. Just a question of time before they make their next move – Censorship!”


“If, the ‘Seven Dwarfs’ (US, UK, EU, Japan, Australia, Canada, and South Africa) like bullies, weren’t so obsessed with beating Russia or China into a corner, rather than bringing Russia or China into their corner; the world would be a better place. Co-operation works better than devastation.”

John Derbyshire :

“Why all this Anti Russian propaganda. The fools who run the West keep creating bogeymen Bin Laden, ISIS, oddly both had connections to Western Powers. So as we face an economic down in the world economy we need another bogeyman, and up pops Putin in the Capitalist controlled media!

People seem to have short memories of pre Putin era, when Yeltsin backed by the West led the country to economic meltdown. Maybe he has scant regard for democratic institutions, but do Western governments support the views of the people!

All of this came about when the United States pushed Nato’s borders eastward and involved themselves in the Ukraine, particularly Mr Kerry. Russia felt itself threatened not by demands of democracy a device used by the worlds superpower, but the growing influence of the United States in the region. The fact that the USA exploited ethnic tensions only shows what was their intention in the region.”


“If the objective is to make Mr Putin appear isolated on the world stage in order to make him less popular at home, it isn’t working and also shows a profound misunderstanding of the Russian mind-set. ‘

Our Western political leaders also have a profound misunderstanding of strategy. Just about everything they do in relation to Russia is wrong and gains the West nothing. But they do like willy waving. Just a pity they do so much damage while they are at it.”


“With the public, the effect is rebounding and probably starting to gain Putin more support and worldwide sympathy. This British news forum is good example of that. They made the mistake of going into overkill…..and the public are wising up to the propaganda. They seen this all before prior to Iraq 2003 invasion…and again with Gaddafi.”

Circle of DNA :

“Well, the lives of average folks in Russia has been drastically improved since Putin took the reins of power. He defends Russian interests, fights the empire of chaos, and is massively supported by his people. He is also well educated and a first class statesmen. What is there not to like about him?”


“The Russian people appreciate how lucky they’ve been for Vladimir Putin to be around at the right time to resist the Neocon supremacist Wolfowitz doctrine…

Since the 1990s , the war mongering maniacs in the West have been planning to asset strip, and plunder Russia via ”liberal democracy”, claiming its natural resources while funding serial inter-ethnic tribal wars via US allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia…

In the 1990s, Russian people were driven into starvation ,prostitution and suicide under pro American ”Liberal” US corporate puppet Yeltsin… but Putin kicked the CIA EU Mossad lunatics out and has been re-building a Russia into a world power ever since.”


“The classless western free (loading) world that produces very little except paper currency, lies and bullshit. I am surprised Mr. Putin came and surrounded himself with such low life scum.

When all the western oligarchs hate someone as much as they hate President Putin, you know he has to be doing something right.”


There’s no need to be selective. Curious readers should go to any editorial platform that covers the crisis in Ukraine and judge for themselves if what I’m saying is true or not. The comments above are in no way extraordinary. What they do show, however, is that the media is losing the propaganda war in pretty stunning fashion, and that’s a huge victory for ordinary people. It’s very difficult for elites to prosecute their criminal wars or implement their rip-off economic policies when people can clearly see what they’re up to.

Now check out this article in the German paper Zeit Online where the author bemoans the media’s loss of influence. The article is titled “How Putin Divides”:

“Why do so many German citizens judge the crisis in Crimea in a completely different way than politicians and the media?

In my 30 years of experience with debates, I have never seen anything like what is now happening in Germany in the dispute over Russia and Crimea….

Unless surveys are misleading, two-thirds of German citizens, voters and readers stand opposed to four-fifths of the political class – in other words, to the government, to the overwhelming majority of members of parliament and to most newspapers and broadcasters. But what does “stand” mean? Many are downright up in arms. And from what one can gauge from letters to the editor, the share of critics seems significantly higher now than what was triggered by Sarrazin’s inflammatory book back then.” (Zeit Online)

Did you catch that part about the “two-thirds of German citizens.. stand opposed to four-fifths of the political class…and to most newspapers and broadcasters”?

That’s a triumph in itself, isn’t it? And what is the issue they disagree about?

They disagree “about the conflict between an aggressive autocrat (Bad Vlad) and Western democracies.”(the Washington-led troublemakers)

Here’s more from the same article:

“…the legitimacy of international law is being questioned in an offensive manner, while the legitimacy of Putin’s nationalist-imperialist ideology is being seriously considered….. It doesn’t do any good to accuse the majority of sheepishness or base economic selfishness, even if that seems to be the driving motive of some business leaders… The issue goes deeper, much deeper.” (How Putin Divides, Von Bernd Ulrich, Zeit Online)

“The legitimacy of international law is being questioned”?!?

Have you ever read such crybaby gibberish in your life?

Why is “the legitimacy of international law is being questioned”? Because people don’t accept blindly what they read the papers and hear on the news anymore? Because corporate editors no longer control how people think about issues? Because people are using their critical thinking skills to see through the lies and bullshit that idiots like the author ladle out in heaping doses every day? Is that why?

It seems to me that that’s a positive development, that people should question whatever they read in the papers and look for other sources of information before they form an opinion.

The bottom line is that no one believes the goofy propaganda the western media is trying to ram down the everyone’s throat anymore.

As kyle555 at Zero Hedge says:

“India, China, Brazil and a host of other countries, representing more than half the world’s population, aren’t buying the western imperialist narrative on Ukraine. Nor are major segments of the domestic populations of the countries that are warmongering against Russia.”

Nor do they believe that US wars are a force for good in the world. Here’s strannick at Zero Hedge:

“Russia has seen firsthand the American dream for other nations, as American backed Oligarchs pillaged Russia while it’s people starved and were impoverished. Putin loves his country, and won’t sit on his thumbs while America attempts to encircle it through proxies while rationalizing its actions through corrupt MSMedia propaganda.”

Nor are they buying the “Putin is Hitler” crappola.

This is from smacker:

“People see in Putin a proud national leader who has the guts to stand up to our own criminals and who has over 80% support from his own population. That is enough to admire the guy, whatever else he might be.”

This is from Gaius frakkin’:

“A lot of the hatred from the political puppets in the West is due to Putin’s popularity. They’re jealous sociopaths who yearn to be respected and admired as much as him. The fact that Putin’s popularity is never mentioned is the key tell.”

And this from Joe Tierney:

“Vladdy-Poot is hammering home the point that the euros need to stop being America’s bitches, think for themselves, consider the terrible “costs” accruing to them for “wearing the blue dress” for America.

…America’s “global chaos ploy” is failing. Its cynical, “throw everyone under the bus” strategy just to cut across the rise of Russia-China is exposed for what it is – America cares nothing about the euros or anyone else. All it cares about is its own global dominance in perpetuity, no matter the “costs” to the rest of the world, including its friends and allies.

Putin has balls the size of the moon, and you can damn well bet that right now Russia and Putin are secretly being cheered on a grand scale around the globe.”

There’s a reason why, according to Gallup:

Trust in Media is at an All-Time Low. It’s because the corporate media is the most perfidious, double-dealing, hypocritical institution in the country today. That’s why the anti-Putin propaganda has fallen on deaf ears. It’s because most people know you can’t believe anything you read in the news.

177 thoughts to “Anti-Putin Propaganda is not working”

  1. like i keep saying, the internet is the new and unexpected godzilla on the block that for decades if not centuries was solely owned by jew squid.

    tell me that such well informed comments would have surfaced with any regularity in the past.

    growing up, i hated russians, although mostly in the sports arenas, wanted to see them beat every which way.

    now is the exact opposite, i cheer for them no matter against who.

    i remember visiting my schoolfriend’s alcoholic dad who was institutionalized at the sunnybrook vet’s rehab center (he picked up the habit in ww2).
    we sat and watched the 1972 ussr-canada historic hockey series won dramatically in the dying seconds of the last game and everyone cheering for the nhl goons who were roundly outplayed by much faster, more skillful russians.
    old doug barely looked at the tv screen, when i asked him what’s up, he said bitterly: “fuck ’em, i hope russians kill ’em”.
    that was an eye opener that i will never forget.
    mr mitchell didn’t need the internet to know the truth.

    1. the geopolitical divide used to be geography … but with internet and instant cell phone access, the divide is now msm-hasbara v alternative-hasbara

      where do people with money get their information from?
      where do young people get their information from?

      jews were well aware of these things 20 years ago … they’ve poured as many billions into alternative-hasbara as msm-hasbara … answer those two questions and you will figure out the future jews are selling

  2. The full title of the article from which this was taken is:

    Weekend Edition November 21-23, 2014
    “Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working”

    Vox Populi

    Mike titled it as “Readers Comments Show… anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working”

    I say ‘readers comments show’… that merely…readers are commenting. The followers are commenting.

    BTW… contrary to what some believe, I do NOT hate Putin.
    I do NOT hate Putin. He could be worse. I have maintained from the beginning that he is following Jew bankers’ orders… NO MATTER what Mike’s ‘commenters’ write.

    1. I have said previously, I like him, Putin, and obviously others do too..

      I have also said previously, give them, (the ptb,) enough rope, and they will hang themselves..

      btw, I also like Mike..

  3. The officially-sanctioned “dislike” of Putin serves only one purpose: to ensure the placement of an even bigger criminal into power when Putin’s time is up.

    The pro-Putin comments are interesting. Putin is “popular?” All Russian leaders are popular because Russians don’t give two fucks who lords over them. One-third of them still love Stalin according to recent polls FFS.

    Putin has “balls?” For what, carefully-staged photo sessions with him petting sedated tigers?

    What has he done in fourteen years to oppose global jewry and US domination? Oh yeah, nothing. What does he like to do instead? Whine when Baltic nationalists tear down statues of Lenin and honor their SS veterans.

    Putin is Russia’s Obama.

    1. “Putin is Russia’s Obama.”

      BOTH…were (s)elected by Jew bankers…. in charge of both countries.

      Campaigning and borrowing money for (s)elected offices does nothing but make Jew bankers rich. They charge interest on loans to both sides of wars and political campaigns… BIG business is politics. There is a track record of a couple centuries.

  4. Circassian highlights the mystery of the times when he asks: “Where are German and American Le Pens, dammit?”
    And Pat is also highly relevant: “Putin is Russia’s Obama. BOTH…were (s)elected by Jew bankers”
    in his notes, Hitler highlighted the willing support of Jewish bankers in setting up his military machine. He even set up a “ZIONIST” section of the Hitler Youth Movement. But it is clear he worked with the Zionist hypocrites and money bags for his and his people’s OWN purpose. His greater plan was to stick the JEWS in a Homeland and then isolate them and leave them up to their own de/vices. His Mein Kampff truly recognizes the grand evil of the JEWS! Isolate them like a deadly Australian funnel-web spider, or REDback spider!
    I think that Putin is caught between a rock and a hard place, as are the Chinese politburo. On the one hand they want JEW-FREE money control over their own destinies (Hence BRICS); but on the other, they still have to work within the JEWs parameters of $$$$’s contol. If BRICS can keep the JEWS out (debatable) then perhaps most nations CAN give up the JEWISH hegemonic reliance!~
    “Where are German and American Le Pens? Yes, where is a genuine USA resistance political movement? Why has not one evolved”? Are you now too much under the Jewish hammer and sickle, as Solzhenitsyn predicted? Have you become a nation of zombies, not worth a cracker? Does total “decivilization” (Solzhenitsyn’s word) have to set in before a group or consortium of groups commence a Resistance? Do your wives and children have to be assaulted and raped?
    The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is off and running. Anti-Jew politicians are on the rise in Europe. Where is your ANTI-JEW Resistance? Where is the USA Independence Party? Why not emulate the UK?
    Finally, the word/s is “ANTI-JEW”, and not the captured and false, highly emotive, Jewish construct “anti-Semite”!!!
    FACT: JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES; ARABS ARE SEMITES! …. YOU ARE ANTI-JEW! …. Make it known and why!… Don’t be scared!

    1. max, i think the answer to what putin is doing is in your post.

      in his notes, Hitler highlighted the willing support of Jewish bankers in setting up his military machine. He even set up a “ZIONIST” section of the Hitler Youth Movement. But it is clear he worked with the Zionist hypocrites and money bags for his and his people’s OWN purpose.

      you couldn’t have made a more timely and relevant statement than that.

      i will no longer waste my time with those too stupid or too blinded by ethnic prejudices to weigh evidence and impartially.

      is it really such a gravity defying stretch of imagination to consider the possibility that putin is doing this same very thing that hitler did?
      is it so earth-shattering that having spent all those years in east germany as kgb’s top man in their most prized turf, he took time to read mein kampf?
      putin’s german is better than merkel’s, fercrissakes.

      but no, the blank eyed droning machines drone on, well oiled jaws pumping away: putin-in-jews-pocket-licks-jew-banker-ass-controlled-opposition …

      hating the jew is not enough, it is only the first step on the road to permanent relief.
      of course that it is the only step, conditio sine qua non.
      but don’t sit down by the self-congratulatory camp fire yet, still a ways to go to reach that goal.
      having identified the enemy, nothing is achieved if your ability to identify friends, allies and potential allies, even the temporary ones is atrophied.

      in pharmacology, a testing procedure for a disease is itself graded as follows, according to 4 possible outcomes:
      1. True Positive – tests positive in presence of disease (jewdar correctly identifies enemy)
      2. False Positive – tests positive in absence of disease (jewdar misidentifies a potentially valuable ally as enemy)
      3. True Negative – tests negative in absence of disease (jewdar does not react in presence of an ally)
      4. False Negative – tests negative in presence of disease (jewdar fails to react in presence of enemy)

      (1) is also called the sensitivity rate and (3) is specificity and a diagnostic value increases when BOTH are high.
      imagine a test for HIV infection that declares that every subject tested has aids, when in truth, maybe 1 in 500 does.
      sensitivity of 100% (it catches every single instance of hiv infection) and specificity of 0% (it doesn’t identify even one healthy case, even though 99.8% are healthy).
      does this test have any practical value?
      i’d say that flipping a coin is a better test and certainly less pernicious.

      similarly, i have seen right here, posters who accuse absolutely everybody of being a jew (or an agent of jews).
      so, hitler is a jew (or agent), lasha darkmoon is a jew, putin is a jew (agent), kaminski is a jew, lobro is a jew, jesus christ is a jew (or agent), to name a few.

      and to repeat, i have no time to waste on such posters unless they present some solid evidence that goes beyond reading their tea leaves or used tampons.

      1. “ability to identify friends, allies and potential allies” : I think it is just as important to identify ones enemies, and, as someone once said, it is important to keep your enemies close..

      2. Brilliant and oh so relevant comments lobro: “Having identified the enemy, nothing is achieved if your ability to identify friends, allies and potential allies, even the temporary ones is atrophied.”
        Yes, let us try to get it together. Ignore the Jewish trolls who enter this great site. Keep the ENEMY in mind at all times, and start to think in a counter-Protocools’ manner. In other words resist your Jewish education and current MEANS of scholarship. Be an independent thinker like lobro and John K, Brownhawk and the lovely Lasha. Hitler: “Dispense with the Jewish illogic!” .

    2. @ Max Bilney

      Solzhenitsyn – a liberal icon in the West – is another dimwit, another brick in the wall separating masses from the truth. It is no accident that his novel “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” (first published in November 1962 as part of Khrushchev’s destalinization policy, the novel was highly praised by the AngloJudeo West and it’s author received Nobel prize in literature) was introduced into the Russian elementary school curriculum in the final and open stages of destalinization process carried out in Gorbachev–Yeltsin era.

      In this video Solzhenitsyn’s wife is pushing aggressively the idea that the rest of her husband’s garbage to be added to the curriculum, but you can see just by looking at Putin’s face that he is not to be convinced so easily that shitting on one’s history is the best way to strengthen the state and foster patriotism.

      1. “Solzhenitsyn – a liberal icon in the West – is another dimwit, another brick in the wall separating masses from the truth. It is no accident that his novel “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” . . was highly praised by the AngloJudeo West and it’s (sic) author received Nobel prize in literature…”

        If Solzhenitsyn were a “liberal icon” in the “Anglojudeo West”, as you state, how come these same anglo-Judeo liberals refuse to publish his suppressed masterpiece “Two Hundred Years Together”?

        Since you regard Solzhenitsyn with contempt (“dimwit”) , I guess you must be pleased that his “Two Hundred Years Together” has been virtually banned in the English-speaking countries.

        Ms Darkmoon need no longer be concerned that you regard her as “a disgusting bitch” who runs a “shithouse” and “latrine” of a website! Not now that you have denounced even the great Solzhenitsyn as a “dimwit”.

        You certainly have a high opinion of yourself.

      2. Sard, please stop pooping around, will you – I’m tired of cleaning up after you.

        All one needs to know about the great Solzhenitsyn is the “estimate” of this mathematics school teacher that Stalin has murdered 66 million Russians. Think about it for a second. The bloodiest war in the entire history of mankind – with all its epic battles, like that of Stalingrad and Berlin, plus the siege of Leningrad, which lasted for 872 days (almost 3 years!) with people driven to cannibalism – has managed to kill only 27 million Russians in total, but Stalin with his murderous regime has managed somehow to kill 66 million of them! Still, Stalin is the most revered historical figure in Russia today – despite all the garbage dumped at his grave from the day one he was poisoned in March 1953 till this very day!

        Think about it, bozo, if you have any ability to do so.

      3. Circassian, maybe Stalin is revered by the Russians because he eventually purged the Jews from leadership positions in the USSR, the Jews who were in control when Ukrainians were starved and ethnic Russians murdered. This could also explain his being poisoned.

    3. Not sure of UKIP, or Le Pen, time will tell.. It`s reminiscent of the Obama rhetoric of “change”. Boy! were people ever fooled..

      1. If you don’t see the difference between these two cases, I would say that you are an …. on second thought, I won’t say anything – there is nothing to be said here that could remedy the situation.

      2. @_Circassian, don`t be shy, why don`t you tell us the difference, I would be interested to know. I imagine it has something to do with immigrants. I tend to follow my gut instinct, was sceptical of the EU, and look how that turned out..

  5. “Where is your ANTI-JEW Resistance? ”

    It starts with the soul. Your soul is either an Arno Breker statue or it’s a toilet into which the jew shits.

  6. pro-putinism v anti-putinism

    mossad want everyone choosing a side in a gentile v gentile fight … and if you don’t choose one, they will choose one for you

    i’m not playing this game … this game is fixed

      1. @max bilney. you say…

        “DIALECTIC = thesis versus antithesis = Jewish command.”

        I’m one of the idiots that don’t really understand you. Can you elaborate on that equation, please. Many of us may find it helpful.

  7. author was “wise” to omit the word jew … he will get published … maybe even a nobel peace prize

    foolish people chasing the devil’s wares … too many people have traded their eternal treasures for temporary ones

  8. Are we governed by a philosophy of rule that goes unperceived and unspoken? Is there a hidden technology of rule?
    Physicist George Trinkaus says, yes, in his Layman’s Guide to the Ruling System.

    That’s the Matrix.

    A group of high ranking military officers and mathematicians, code-named The Internal Predictor of the USSR, has developed in the turbulent 1990’s the so-called КОБ, short for “Концепция Общественной Безопасности”. In translation it sounds something like this: The Concept of Global Security, or CGS.

    George Trinkaus’ Orthocracy Speaks echoes CGS in certain respects. It appears to me that Putin is making some use of this concept, if not guided by it altogether.

    1. Концепция Общественной Безопасности

      the first word looks like “concepcia” (concept), yes?
      the last one would be “bezopasnosti” (bez- without, opasnosnosti – danger), hence “concept of security”.
      yeah! my russian generic-slavic trundling along.

      note: i will do my utmost to stay away from embroiling myself in personal skirmishes and expressions of sympathy, like cows distractedly butting heads and alternatively mounting one another as they are pushed into the meat packaging plant.
      for that, i prefer the real life version and i know where to get it.

      that said, i think you made a grave mistake to have insulted lasha, the most saintly, supportive, tolerant and forgiving of all the people i know, circassian, think on that for a moment.
      you did yourself no favor there.

      anyway, moving on, the war will not wait while we are on all too frequent coffee breaks in the game arcade.
      another thing i keep hearing is, to give an example, how some public figure is certain to be a shabbo light switch operator because “he does not explicitly use the word jew”, for instance that guy roberts (have memory block about the rest of his name, craig something?), who used to be reagan’s sec of treasury …
      i hear this like a mantra, ad nauseam.
      this is simply bullshit.

      imagine a war going on, armed and armored groups fighting for a field or a hill or forest, explosions, smoke, noise, dead and wounded all over the place.
      and in the middle of it, a bunch of mice scurrying around in their underground tunnels, feeling just fine, congratulating themselves how they are the strongest and the bravest of all, they can poke their heads out and say whatever they want, whereas the mighty warriors are hunkering down in foxholes and sandbagged positions and bunkers.
      well, imagine if that mouse suddenly became a five ton horned monster, an armored triceratops breathing fire.
      different game rules, suddenly the tank turrets are swiveling in his direction, apache and brownhawk gunships circling and our mighty mouse feels, well, mighty exposed, naked, weak and scared.
      and if he wants to live and fight another day, he must roll into a ditch, bedeck himself with leaves and flowers to resemble a bush and lie in wait until a single jew walks by, whistling hava nagila like there is no danger in the world.

      got the metaphor, one-ounce heroes?
      idiots don’t have a long shelf life in war and idiot-heroes bring no lasting benefits to the final outcome.

      so, support putin until further developments prove me wrong, he is the only man in the world with a realistic chance against jews, him and his fsb squad, president xi of china, modi in india, khamenei in iran, rouseff in brazil, morales of bolivia, maduro of venezuela, mujica of uruguay, assad of syria, nasrallah of hezbollah nad numerous other allies, potential allies and friends who don’t need to be alienated with snarky insults by feebleminded fools.

      time to train that misfiring jewdar for specificity.

      1. “like cows distractedly butting heads and alternatively mounting one another as they are pushed into the meat-packaging plant”

        Had a mouthful of coffee when I read that one. Needless to say, now I have to change my shirt! You’d think I woulda learned by now! Albeit, profoundly sad picturing this blasphemy of Creation – nothing boils my blood more than the evil and pathetic treatment of animals – Gandhi certainly nailed it with his statement of what shows the true colors of a nation.

        And Brownhawk gunships. What’s not to love?

        But I have to presume lobro, that like me you are keenly following up on Preston James’s intimating the possibility of what, a U.S. military coup d’ etat?

        Imagining the logistics and potential success of THAT would make for a book I’d love to write when (not if) the successful outcome plays out HOWEVER it does

        P.S. Please to follow up on my “quantum mechanics” post to you and Circassian

      2. lobro –

        Your tongue-in-cheek satire is great…as usual.

        You should know that freedom does not filter down from the top…from leaders. NEVER!!
        Freedom is a state of mind for those at the bottom.

        There is NO ‘end game’…only the SAME GAME….as in 1640… so it will be in 2040.

      3. You are doing just fine in your new endeavor to master the Russian language. Btw, KGB is nothing but short for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezohacnosti (State Security Committee, or State Security Agency). What is wrong with being a member of the agency charged with the state security like Putin was? And FSB (the KGB successor) is nothing but short for Federalnaya Sluzba Bezopasnosti, i.e. Federal Security Service. Same thing – different acronyms.

        The dreadful GULAG (which strikes fear in the heart of Western liberal at mere hearing the title of Solzhenitsyn’s pasquil on Stalin’s Russia – The Gulag Archipelago) is short for Gosudarstvennoe Upravlenie LAGerey, i.e. State Administration for the Management of Labor Camps.

        We have today in Russia tens of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – in all kinds of high government position who should be sent off straight to labor camps where they could to reeducated, get the opportunity to do some useful work, and learn some morals in the process.

        We have to understand what Stalin was, and what he wasn’t. This is a fundamental issue of our time the importance of which is next to impossible to overestimate.

      4. @ Circassian

        “We have to understand what Stalin was, and what he wasn’t. This is a fundamental issue of our time the importance of which is next to impossible to overestimate.”

        Maybe you’re right, but I doubt if agreement will ever be reached.

        When I was at school, I remember we had a debate on capital punishment. The two sides lined up: those who were for capital punishment and those who were against. We were too young to have an informed opinion.

        I was asked to speak for the motion, and I did, eloquently putting the view that punishing serious criminals with death was necessary and good. Others then spoke and the debate went on, to and fro, Finally, the person who was meant to conclude the debate, arguing that capital punishment was wrong and that it ought to be abolished, stood up to speak — but fainted on the podium. Or had an epileptic fit.

        So someone was asked to take his place. Any volunteers? I offered to do so — as a joke. I had just been arguing that all these criminals should be killed. Now I was supposed to argue the opposite!

        Well, believe it not, I got so carried away that I managed to convince myself and most of the audience that capital punishment was wrong. And I retain that view to this day.

        In regard to the Stalin Question, I seriously suggest to Admin that they publish a 2-part essay without further delay. Part 1: In Defense of Stalin. Part 2: Against Stalin. Both essays selected from the best available on the internet.

        We can then form our own opinions, objectively and impartially, on the basis of proven facts. 

      5. Btw, KGB is nothing but short for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezohacnosti (State Security Committee, or State Security Agency). What is wrong with being a member of the agency charged with the state security like Putin was? And FSB (the KGB successor) is nothing but short for Federalnaya Sluzba Bezopasnosti, i.e. Federal Security Service. Same thing – different acronyms.

        And NKVD was an acronym standing for “People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs.” How harmless-sounding. After all, we need to keep our internal affairs in order, right? And CHEKA stood for “Emergency Commission.” Emergency Commission? What’s so bad about that? Emergencies need to be dealt with, right?

        Of course how many of you would look at the ADL and say, “Anti-Defamation League? That sounds like a noble organization. Who could possibly be for defaming people?” Diversity. Freedom. Egalitarianism. Human rights. Progress. Some more harmless words, right?

        Jews are wordsmiths. They used language to invert reality. They do this easily due to their verbal IQ. How popular would Lenin and Stalin have been if instead of the CHEKA, NKVD, and Gulags they had used the terms “Goy killers” and “death camps?”

        We have today in Russia tens of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – in all kinds of high government position who should be sent off straight to labor camps where they could to reeducated, get the opportunity to do some useful work, and learn some morals in the process.

        I have a better idea: every Russian male who doesn’t apologize for the mass rape and murder their predecessors inflicted on millions of Europeans in 1944 and 1945 gets a bullet to the head, after of course their wives and daughters get raped in front of their beady, mongol eyes as payback for what those fucks did to us. The Kremlin gets leveled and replaced by a museum dedicated to Bolshevik atrocities. All Stalinist architecture gets detonated. Lenin’s corpse gets tossed into a garbage dump.

        We have to understand what Stalin was, and what he wasn’t.

        What he was: a low-IQ philosemite who began his life as a petty thief and then waged a genocidal war on Aryan Europe to benefit his jewish masters.

        What he wasn’t: anything remotely noble.

        Where he is now: hopefully in some form of purgatory along with FDR, Churchill, Ehrenburg, Eisenhower, and the rest of the allied leadership.

      6. You’re right about that Pat

        You are your own best leader, and a powerful enough collective of THAT would make machinations at “the top” fizzle away

        But there’s something about this time, this now, that has the earmarks of a “dead reckoning”.

      7. @SPQR, “every Russian male who doesn’t apologize for the mass rape and murder their predecessors inflicted on millions of Europeans in 1944 and 1945 gets a bullet to the head, after of course their wives and daughters get raped in front of their beady, mongol eyes as payback for what those fucks did to us. ” :
        I`m having trouble understanding why you feel this makes you somehow superior to those who commited the crimes, or why todays generation should have to pay for crimes commited in the past, don`t you think that maybe they feel just as angry as you do?

      8. Lobro is correct: In the absence of anyone prepared to stand up in the USA, Australia, etc, “support Putin until further developments prove me wrong. He is the only man in the world with a realistic chance against jews, him and his fsb squad, president xi of china, modi in india, khamenei in iran, rouseff in brazil, morales of bolivia, maduro of venezuela, mujica of uruguay, assad of syria, nasrallah of hezbollah nad numerous other allies, potential allies and friends who don’t need to be alienated with snarky insults by feebleminded fools.”
        Yeah lobro, I too am annoyed by a number of “feeble-minded fools” with their half-baked, “snarky insults”! Probably Jewish scum or those who have learnt under Jews!
        But we must be tolerant and try to understand these learners, I guess, because at least, in their unlearned, under-grad, semi-literate comments they show a modicum of interest in what you and I know is the TRUTH. Circassian just needs switching off, as with the dog-like Seymour Zak. No Resistance site should tolerate Jewish penetration! In fact no Goy should be penetrated by an ugly, big-nose, wide mouth, stooping Jew!~
        As John Kaminski said to me: We of the greater knowledge/intelligence have to “educate” by our writing those who are half a brick short of a full load!
        Ruth B, simply ignore the insidious JEWISH parasitical trolls who have moved in on most resistance sites.
        These trolls will have their 15 minutes of fame in front of Goyim firing squads! The POGROM of all pogroms awaits their tortured, masturbating, fiendish souls! “O ye abominations!”
        Aren’t some of these fiendish ones quite funny! Yeah they will be real funny when I get hold of ’em!
        PUTIN for USA President! And bring in the good leaders of South America to arrest Congress and all the other corrupt bodies. The Falklands returned. The Jewish drug syndicate leaders hanged from lamp posts. Obama and Michael deported to Somalia. Jews to Greenland. Rappas to rappa heaven in downtown Havannah! Or deepest, dumbest Africa! …. Putin “is the only man in the world with a realistic chance against jews” as there are no Joan d’ Arcs available as they are all watching Ellen Degenerate and gettin’ face lifts and boob jobs!

      9. Wow. after maxes latest rant i’m beginning to feel a bit less cynical about the whole thing. thanks dude. but max, d’ya really think, when/if it all goes down and putin wins or something, then wot, world peace? wot are we fighting for here? wot mite happen if the new international law and order based on morals, which putin advocates, comes into effect? what do you want out of it all? wot do you think we’ll get?

  9. just briefly (some distracting business ahead), this aimed at either sardonicus or no one in particular.
    cpu reading keyboard badly, sometimes mixing up the order of strokes, in particular the space bar delay …

    sard, everything you say is on the ball.
    but (always that pesky “but”)
    maybe stalin truly was the child-eating ogre and maybe he wasn’t.
    all there is are anecdotal tales, the eyewitnesses (how many eyes, none, one, two or more, good eyes, rheumy myopic ones?).
    let’s see the real evidence, otherwise we are in the holycaust-method territory, solzhenitsyn has his nobel, but so does wiesel.
    circassian posed a good, strong question: why did jews approve his nobel when at first he laid the entire blame of the horror on stalin but was shut down (and maybe offed) when he realized that hey, i see jews.
    can you answer this? i see only one feasible explanation.
    until then, my advice is to proceed cautiously into an uncharted minefield and don’t get too categorical lest you be hoisted on the revisionist petard.
    i likewise don’t know the truth and can only say that i catch the familiar stench of familiar rat and therefore reserve judgment.
    also add to it that 60 years after his death, russian people think quite highly of him, yet they were supposedly his greatest victims.
    spqr will say that all russians suffer from pronounced down syndrome, especially the christian ones (eg, dostoevsky).
    so choose your poison.

    by the way, russians also term gorbachev (beloved gorby of the west) the absolutely worst leader they ever had and yeltsin a close second worst.
    any idea why? maybe because they are antisemites (who, gorby and yeltsin or the people?)

    maybe the russians are really retarded but at any rate brighter by order of magnitude than people of the bejewed western colonies, especially the united states, even germany who like nothing better than the taste of jew’s backside.

    look at what is happening today over there, which scenario satisfies “is it good for jews” (like netanyahu said for 9/11)?
    this is my compass, i always ask: “is it bad for jews” and if the answer is yes, that’s’good enough for me.

    1. Ignore the rhetoric and your personal opinions and just look at the facts of Stalin’s dictatorship:

      -he was appointed by the syphilitic, psychopathic jewish murderer Lenin
      -he ruthlessly enforced the USSR’s death penalty for anti-Semitism
      -he gave jews their own autonomous oblast in the east in 1934 which still exists to this day
      -he let the jew Kaganovich exterminate around 10 million ethnic Ukrainians between 1932 and 1933
      -he invaded Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland and let his jews run amok in the areas he conquered
      -his first priority was to evacuate jews from soviet cities ahead of the German advance
      -he encouraged terrorism and extermination of Soviet civilians in German-liberated territories with his 1941 Torch Men order
      -he had largely Jewish NKVD officers on the front lines wiping out huge numbers of Russian soldiers who tried to retreat from the Germans
      -he let his jews run amok in all the European territories he occupied after the German retreat, letting them commit some of the most gruesome crimes known to man
      -he let his jews conjure up the phony holocaust to defame the Germans who were trying to bring him and his band of psychotic jewish butchers to justice.

      Oh, but he killed Trotsky. Yeah that totally negatives all that previous shit. He must have been a secret anti-Semite. /sarcasm

      1. let’s start working through the list.
        -he was appointed by the syphilitic, psychopathic jewish murderer Lenin
        Lenin wrote a memorandum advising the Party to “remove Stalin” from his post as General Secretary on the ground that Stalin was rude and inclined to abuse power.

        the next one is a tough one because you have a valid point.
        -he ruthlessly enforced the USSR’s death penalty for anti-Semitism
        Despite its official opposition to anti-Semitism, critics of the USSR condemn it as anti-Semitic regime due to the Non-Aggression Pact with Nazi Germany, high Jewish casualties in the Great Purges, Soviet anti-Zionism, its hostility toward Jewish religious and cultural institutions, Stalin’s documented anti-Jewish bias, the refusal to grant Jewish emigration to Israel, and Soviet tendency to lean pro-Arab. Each of these aspects of Soviet rule taint Soviet history in the West.

        The Non-Aggression Pact, for instance, creates suspicion regarding the Soviet Union’s position toward Jews. The pact, which arguably allowed Hitler to freely enter Poland, the nation with the world’s largest Jewish population, was not an acceptance of Nazism, but a realization that the Soviet Union was unable to win a war against its ideological arch enemy in 1939.

        i guess he was a cold, ruthless, psychopathic player of the great game of geopolitics.
        doesn’t quite equate him to a jew lover.

        … to be continued, i am as curious about the answer as anybody.
        at any rate, my primary interest is putin, not stalin and i don’t want to condemn the former for the crimes of the latter.
        a huge difference between them in word as well as deed.

      2. -he gave jews their own autonomous oblast in the east in 1934 which still exists to this day

        yevreyskaya avtonomnaya (jew autonomy) is 1,000 km east of the easternmost border of mongolia

        short of gassing them, i can’t think of a safer storage for them.
        it is like what, 49N132E?

        and according to you, this is proof of how much he loved them.

        several of your next points deal with jew crimes, yet you offload them on him as if he truly had the power to stop them cold, considering how infested soviet ruling bodies were with jews, sometimes close to 100%.
        just how was he to accomplish this, who was able and ready to do it for him, cowed as the military commanders were after the bolshevik terror.

        do you think obama could just walk out in front of the white house and order a grand sweep of jew vermin out of the power structure?
        his own colonels and generals, tight in the jew’s pocket, would be the first to knock his head off, never mind the mossad handlers.
        didn’t jew doctors succeeded in poisoning stalin in the end, no matter how paranoid he was of them?

        “he let them …” yeah, right.

        you don’t get rid of cancer with a single dose of chemo or radiation and jews are much worse than any cancer.

      3. -he had largely Jewish NKVD officers on the front lines wiping out huge numbers of Russian soldiers who tried to retreat from the Germans

        think about what you just said.
        so, to who he could appeal for help against jews that surrounded him, to nkvd?
        maybe he could have ordered nkvd to wipe itself out.

        my post of 3 min ago seems to have evaporated, i am hoping that it will reappear so that i don’t backtrack needlessly.
        try thinking realistically, if someone installed you, spqr, as the prime minister of squatland instead of netanyahu, tell me what could you do?
        i, spqr order all jews to get t.f. out and disperse back to birobidjan or take a swim in the arctic ocean!
        yowsa sir, spqr, right away …
        stalin was just as covered in jews, the naked bolshevik cannibals, as bad or worse (if possible) than all the mucus that chokes the us government at all levels.
        i will not repeat what i said previously, let’s wait a bit.

      4. Oh, but he killed Trotsky. Yeah that totally negatives [sic] all that previous shit.

        he killed trostky (i saw the room where he took his icepick treatment in frida kahlo’s house) in 1940.

        not all the shit was previous.
        and he sure hunted trotsky all over the place, not like bronstein offered himself (axio!)

      5. Lenin wrote a memorandum advising the Party to “remove Stalin” from his post as General Secretary on the ground that Stalin was rude and inclined to abuse power.

        Lenin and Stalin were close friends until Lenin fell ill and later died in 1922, but by then it was too late, as Lenin had already granted enough power to Stalin for him to take control of the government.

        Despite its official opposition to anti-Semitism, critics of the USSR condemn it as anti-Semitic regime due to the Non-Aggression Pact with Nazi Germany,

        Just jews and their shills stirring shit up as usual. They sometimes even accuse jews of being anti-Semitic. FFS they accuse Glenn Beck of being a Nazi. When are you going to learn to stop taking what they say seriously? They are programmed to lie, deceive, divide, and obfuscate.

        high Jewish casualties in the Great Purges,

        Any high-ranking jews that got smoked in the purges were dutifully replaced by other jews. Look at the NKVD leadership. If one jew drives another jew out of business only to replace him with another jew, that’s not in any way anti-Semitic.

        Soviet anti-Zionism,

        Motivated by realpolitik, as Zionism was influential in the West. Not motivated by anti-Semitism.

        its hostility toward Jewish religious and cultural institutions,

        Based on the writings of yid Yuri Zleskine, I highly doubt that ever existed. Jews have been living it up largely without incident in Russia since 1917.

        Stalin’s documented anti-Jewish bias,

        I’d love to see some proof of this.

        the refusal to grant Jewish emigration to Israel,

        As Jewish emigration to Israel would entail wealthy and high-ranking jews moving into a country that had close ties with US and West, it would make sense for the USSR to oppose it, as it would put Soviet security at risk.

        and Soviet tendency to lean pro-Arab.

        Again, realpolitik. The Arabs opposed the West, and the USSR sided with anyone who opposed the West. Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, etc.

        Each of these aspects of Soviet rule taint Soviet history in the West.

        But not the 20-60 million dead Slavs? Right, that’s exactly how the jews and their shills want people to think. Stalin was only bad because he got a couple jews killed, not because he wiped out huge swaths of the Soviet populace.

        yevreyskaya avtonomnaya (jew autonomy) is 1,000 km east of the easternmost border of mongolia

        short of gassing them, i can’t think of a safer storage for them.
        it is like what, 49N132E?

        There’s no safe storage for jews. You can put them anywhere and they’d still end up coming right back. Even so, why didn’t he do to them what he did to the Ukrainians? Cut them off and starve them?

        several of your next points deal with jew crimes, yet you offload them on him as if he truly had the power to stop them cold,

        But according to you, stalin was uber-supreme ruler of Russia who answered to no one. If he truly was as autonomous as you like to think, there wouldn’t have been anyone to stop it.

        considering how infested soviet ruling bodies were with jews, sometimes close to 100%.

        And yet you somehow take this as proof that Stalin really didn’t like them? Why do you defend Stalin if you recognize that he was just another tool for the jews? Another influential leader in the 20th century was Nixon. He had a minor dislike of Jews but he still obeyed their every whim. So what good was he? Why waste energy defending him? The fact is, he, like Stalin, did nothing but increase jewish power in his government.

        do you think obama could just walk out in front of the white house and order a grand sweep of jew vermin out of the power structure?

        No. Obama doesn’t have the brains for that.

        so, to who he could appeal for help against jews that surrounded him, to nkvd?

        He could have had his generals, most of them non-jews, to get those millions upon millions of red soldiers to stage an uprising against them.

        Or better yet he could have, you know, allied with Hitler to wipe out the jews.

        he killed trostky (i saw the room where he took his icepick treatment in frida kahlo’s house) in 1940.

        not all the shit was previous.

        I didn’t mean “previously” in terms of chronology, but in terms of the stuff I wrote before that last statement.

      6. @ SPQR
        November 26, 2014 at 1:30 am

        Hear, hear! You win the argument on facts alone. As Ruth Bernstein has pointed out, the Stalin ass lickers are impervious to logic. The only argument in their armory is an emotional one: the fact that Stalin bumped off a few Jews. This makes him flavor of the month for the raving anti-Semites.

        Their motto: “Anyone who kills a Jew has to be a good guy!”

        The fact that the same Stalin who killed a few Jews also killed 66 million Russian Christians and was behind the mass rape of 2 million German women, that just doesn’t enter the equation! It’s an inconvenient fact! 🙂

      7. Stalin was the quintessential self-aggrandizer. That most pathetic of amoral human beings whose only interest was to be in a position of psuedo-power that bent to the winds of whomever would be the “winning team”.

        Why did they poison him? Simple – his useful idiocy had run its course.

        How ironic. He did his due diligence in overseeing the elimination of all “his” enemies and what was his reward? A shot of Jack Arsenic.

      8. Dr David Green:

        The world is in such a dire situation that jew-wise people sometimes see hope where there is none. It doesn’t make them idiots, it just makes them desperate.

        This is why I’ve long since given up hope for any kind of future at all. In a way it’s pleasant.

      9. @ SPQR

        sad sounding comment really. but i think i know where your coming from. but question is ‘wot’ to hope for? 1. do not hope to live forever (obvious one really, but you might be surprised to find how many people do. subconciously). 2. do not hope that the people on the earth will eventually all learn to get on with each other and usher in an era of endless peace. (hippie crap). 3. do not hope we will be saved by aliens. (materialist world conception crap). 4. do not hope aliens will ‘save the planet’. (greeny crap). 5. do not hope for the sun to rise every day. 6. do not hope that winter stays away.

        But, DO hope for seed and DO hope for fruit.

  10. “Ye shall not eat of anything that dieth of itself: thou shalt give it unto the stranger that is in thy gates, that he may eat it; or thou mayest sell it unto an alien: for thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God.”

    ~ Deuteronomy 14:21
    King James Version (KJV)

    1. a good one save the goyim, never heard of this one before.
      serve the roadkill to guests, jewish hospitality at its best.

  11. a perfect answer to all you heavy stalin hitters just occurred to me (answer in form of a question)

    let’s draw up a (short) list.


    and a no-brainer …

    did someone say, hitler?
    i didn’t think so either.

    quod erat demonstrandum

      1. @ SPQR

        Every point you make about Stalin is valid. The facts are on your side. Pay no attention to these wankers who argue for the sake of argument and are impervious to facts and logic.

      2. @ Monitor / Montecristo / LD
        November 26, 2014 at 1:28 am


        Monitor: Please delete the comment above in which I used the word “wankers” to describe two individuals who have ganged up on Lasha Darkmoon and are doing their best to destroy her reputation. They have certainly succeeded, with their unique combination of cowardice, irrationality and psychopathy, in chasing away sincere long-term posters like myself — for I intend this to be my last post.

        Frankly, this site needs more careful monitoring.

        One of these nasty characters, “Circassian” by name, has openly launched a personal attack on Lasha Darkmoon by calling her a “disgusting bitch”. He has gone further and described this site as a “filthy latrine” and a “shithouse.” And yet this psychopath is allowed to post here unchallenged. Nothing is done to give him the medicine he deserves — which is a good kick up the pants and instant defenestration.

        The second individual (“Lobro”) , has so far refrained from calling Lasha Darkmoon insulting names or defaming this website as a “filthy latrine” and a “shithouse”, but the mere fact that Lobro has jumped into bed with Circassian and backs him all the way tells us all we need to know about his true and inner attitude to Lasha Darkmoon and this website: one of condescending superiority and contempt.

        Lobro carps and he quibbles about Lasha’s figures, suggesting they are irresponsible exaggerations analogous to the six million figure for the Jewish Holocaust. And yet everything Lasha has said on this question has been perfectly reasonable. Listen to what she has to say, you unpleasant little man, and tell me what objections you can dig up to diss Ms Darkmoon:

        “Altogether at least two million German women are thought to have been raped,” Anthony Beevor concludes, “and a substantial minority, if not a majority, appear to have suffered multiple rape.” (See here — link in original)

        Note that we are talking about 2 million different women being raped, not about two million rapes. Given that women were often raped several times a day—sometimes 60-70 times according to one authority—the total number of rapes could well have numbered over 20 million.”

        Note that the TWO MILLION figure is given by Anthony Beevor, a reputable British historian with no ax to grind. It is now the accepted mainstream figure, cited even in the Daily Mail. Goodrich repeat the figure, not once, but maybe twenty times.

        So why do you, Lobro, cast doubts on it unless you are trying to be difficult and obstructionist? Why pour your scorn on Lasha for citing a figure that even the Daily Mail finds it needs to accept in order to be credible? Are you so superior in knowledge and intellect to Anthony Beevor and Thomas Goodrich? You obviously think so, you sad little self-important man.

        As for the number of individuals who died in the Communist Revolution, you don’t seem to know that the figure 20 million is the LOWEST official figure accepted even by the mainstream and those who are anxious to minimize the number of dead. 20 million is the ballpark figure set by acclaimed authorities such as Robert Conquest and Robert Service. Others give much bigger figures because no exact figure is really possible.

        Listen again to the cool and reasonable voice of Lasha Darkmoon before you attempt to diss her again as an irresponsible kook. Here she is in debate with Israel Shamir:

        SHAMIR: These crazy numbers you quote— “66 million Russian Christians killed by Jews” . . . were invented by anticommunists.

        DARKMOON: Good point, Mr Shamir. I concede that the 66 million figure is probably a gross exaggeration, just as the SIX MILLION FIGURE is often alleged to be. However, both figures have been advanced by their respective propagandists. I decided to quote the 66 million figure for two reasons: (a) because I believe it was mentioned by the great Solzhenitsyn who was not given to lying; and (b) because the 66 million figure is actually mentioned in the title of Eustace Mullins’ classic essay, “The Secret Holocaust”, which I quoted extensively in my article.

        See here:

        Since I was quoting from Mullins, I decided to quote his figures also, giving my readers his viewpoint.

        The most conservative figure for the Russian Holocaust, now agreed upon by specialist historians and even cited in the Times newspaper (UK) is 50 million dead Russians. This figure was achieved within a 36-year period of mass murder (1917-1953), initiated by Lenin the quarter-Jew and continued by Stalin, a Georgian non-Jew, who surrounded himself on all sides by Jewish commissars and sexy young Jewesses he liked to bed.

        If you think fifty million deaths is an inflated figure, I assure you it is not. One Jew alone, the infamous Lazar Kaganovich, personally claimed responsibility for killing twenty million.

        This is what I call responsible scholarship, Lobro, not your snotty-nosed condescension and carping criticism. (So easy for you to score points without knowing a damn thing about the subject). I don’t mind you ganging up with this disreputable jerk-off artist Circassian who thinks this site a “shithouse” and a “latrine”. What I resent is your disparaging comments about Lasha Darkmoon who has gone to infinite pains to explain about the figures in a cool and rational way.

        She is not the irresponsible kook you have tried to make out,

        Anyway, I intend to leave this site now. You and Circassian can have it all to yourselves. Continue to pour your contempt upon Lasha Darkmoon by making out she is a madcap with her figures, exactly like the Jews with their Holocaust.

        Yes, Circassian, and let’s hear from you about how this site is a “filthy latrine” and a “shithouse” — thanks to your own malodorous presence on it.

        And you, Lobro, the fact that you gang up with this Russian vermin against Lasha Darkmoon, marks you out in my eyes as some kind of self-important sadist. Lasha has never done you any harm. She deserves minimal respect. She does not defend herself, which makes sadistic attacks upon her by the likes of Circassian even more nauseating.

        Sardonicus, I appeal to you also to leave this site in protest, as you promised to do, if this psychopath Circassian is allowed to continue posting on it.

        As for Lobro, he can do whatever he wants. I have no further interest in communicating with this traitor and arrogant Lasha Darkmoon disparager.


      3. Ruth –
        All of us with an ounce of sense see through their folly.
        It is just a comment section. No fists involved.
        It is opinions…and most are really bad ones.
        None have affected my life.

        FWIW… I recommend you stay.

      4. @ Ruth Bernstein

        You overreact, my dear lady. Lobro is obviously wrong to pooh-pooh Lasha’s meticulously researched figures. To be charitable, let’s say he has his own agenda or has recently been bitten by a curious bug which allows him to rubbish other reputable writers’ statistics — writers such as Anthony Beevor, Thomas Goodrich, and even the great Solzhenitsyn.

        As for the psychopath Circassian — “psychopath” is certainly an understatement if ever there was one — I feel really sorry to see my good friend Lobro jump into bed with this unsavory character. It does his own reputation no good to express such warm sympathy for a man who has poured buckets of shit all over Lasha Darkmoon.

        I wrote to Lasha about this matter only a few days ago. She forwarded me this information. It is Footnote 35 from Mark Weber’s article “The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution”.

        This vindicates Lasha as a responsible writer. Lobro would do well to read this carefully before he takes further pot shots at Lasha and tries to belittle her research:

        35.Russian professor Igor Bestuzhev-Lada, writing in a 1988 issue of the Moscow weekly Nedelya, suggested that during the Stalin era alone (1935-1953), as many as 50 million people were killed, condemned to camps from which they never emerged, or lost their lives as a direct result of the brutal “dekulakization” campaign against the peasantry. “Soviets admit Stalin killed 50 million,” The Sunday Times, London, April 17, 1988.; R. J. Rummel, a professor of political science at the University of Hawaii, has recently calculated that 61.9 million people were systematically killed by the Soviet Communist regime from 1917 to 1987. R. J. Rummel, Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917 (Transaction, 1990).

      5. Q.E.D.

        Thank you, Ruth. I was quite sure you would not disappoint me.

        Our gentile sister’s tragi-comedic departure reminded me of Boris Berezovsy’s Farewell Resignation Speech in the Russian State Duma shortly after Putin came to power:

        How to tell the Englishman from the Jew? The Englishman leaves without saying goodbye; the Jew says goodbye, but does not leave.

        I believe in reincarnation. I am pretty sure Ms Ruth will be back with us as Miss Caterpillar, or something like that. In Bernstein’s case, though, we are witnessing it in the form of metamorphosis, i.e. bodily transformation rather than spiritual one.

      6. @ Circassian

        Thank you, Ruth. I was quite sure you would not disappoint me.

        Brother Circassian, I congratulate you! Excellent work! You’ve been on this website only a couple of months and have already succeeded in driving away one of the site’s oldest and most gifted posters! Oh, if only I had your talents…

        Despite my being a regular but intermittent poster here for over 3 years, I have been unable to accomplish what you have accomplished so easily. My comments too, like yours, have been generally derogatory. I have said even more outrageous things than you have. For example, I said on one occasion that Ms Darkmoon should be gang-raped. I expected this comment to get me thrown off the site at once. I was surprised when there was no reaction! No one left the site in a huff.

        Talk about disappointment! I was absolutely choked. Gutted.

        The next target you want to aim for is Lobro. When Lobro leaves the site, it will go rapidly downhill and collapse. You probably know this.

        Yes, Lobro is the next obvious target. I suggest you concentrate your future efforts on driving Lobro away. This will help to sabotage the site completely, bringing about a general exodus of posters.

        I’ve nothing against Lobro personally of course, though I ought to do so. His knowledge and literary skills are remarkable and he is obviously a great threat to us. Yes, he is a dangerous antisemite who has been undermining our cause for many years now. The time has come to silence him once and for all.

        Only you can do this, Circassian. In your own subtle way. Good luck and take care!

        Yours in fellowship,

        Seymour Zak

      7. @Ruth- i think your being too hard. Everyone has his/her opinion. So no reason to leave.

        @Seymour Zak- dont worry my jewish man. If lobro does leave i will try to replace him, LOL. But seriously do you think the comments section disappearing is gonna bring this site down? No its gonna stay and keep kicking and theres always VT and Truthseeker. As for your jewish “cause”, it will be brought down eventually. Mark my words.

      8. This site is too cathartic to disappear due to lack of commenters.
        Its unique lack of censorship….that’s why!!!

      9. Oh yes, he has this power! He is dangerous, Zak, he is very, very dangerous. It’s kavorka – the lure of the animal. Our women are drawn to him; they’ll do anything to be possessed by him… We have to do something about it.

        Here is my plan, Zak: We have to make him stink. Listen very carefully. I want you to buy 10 cloves of garlic, 3 cups of vinegar, 6 ounces of …

      10. @ Circassian

        “Thank you, Ruth. I was quite sure you would not disappoint me.”


        I have a reasonable proposition to make to you. Consider it carefully. If you have any noble or altruistic instincts and wish to make amends for your bad behavior, please consider leaving this site voluntarily.

        It is no mean feat you have accomplished in driving away so easily three of this site’s best posters: Ruth Bernstein, Lobro and Sardonicus. Such an exodus of good posters, I believe, could be avoided if you agreed to step down and post on some other website. The three posters who have either left, or seem about to leave, may be persuaded to stay on if only you, the source of all this trouble, leave voluntarily now.

        There is no need to apologize. Simply say goodbye in a nice dignified way, as you did before, and leave graciously. That will be best all round.

      11. @ anyone

        not going to get involved. but. would it be possible to stop using ‘lavatory attendant’ as a form of abuse? i am actually one and i cleaned up shit today, and quite frankly i think we are the third most undervalued workers in our society, after teachers and nurses. yes i know plumbers are the most important but they charge heaps. mite i suggest a term like, ‘journalist’, ‘politician’ or even ‘tv watcher’.

      12. Why should anyone have to leave? Circassian has been rude on occasion, but so have others. Is, for example, Circassian the sort of person who would leave nasty comments, in a cowardly fashion, by using someone else`s name? and not have the guts to own up. He may be rude sometimes, but he does bring a lot of knowledge, and information to the site. I find it rather childish, this “he goes, or I go” attitude, rather like our bitch, and the neighbours cats. If we can`t learn to get along, what hope is there for the “human” race?

      13. I think maybe just like being dramatic. oh, no. i am not getting involved. oh, dammit. sard!!! dont go!!! i want to ask you stuff bout books!!!

      14. oh, no, no. i no mean i want u to go ruth. i just, like, sard talk to me and i dedicate wot i thought mite be poem to u as sort of apology but got nothing back so i thought u maybe not like me but i no want u to go. just got mixed up. oh, i no real btw.

        everyone stay!!!

    1. And I’ll ask YOU a question!


      Who said, when he was told about his mass raping troops, “We lecture our soldiers too much! Let them have their initiative!”

      Was it HITLER or STALIN?

      Did someone say, Hitler?
      No, I don’t think so either!

      Quod erat demonstrandum.

      1. Let me ask you another question!

        Who was behind the Red Terror? Who was behind the Holodomor famine (7 million dead)? Who was behind the Katyn Massacre? Who massacred millions of peasants in the Russian countryside? Who built the Siberian gulags? Who organized the tortures in the cheka? Who killed 66 million Russian Christians between 1917 and 1953, according to Solzhenitsyn, and destroyed their churches? Who condoned the mass rape of 2 million German women?

        Think carefully: was it HITLER or STALIN?
        Did I hear you say, “Ooops, you’re right, it was my hero Stalin!”

        Quod erat demonstrandum! 🙂

    2. Political expediency knows no bounds to the ones controlling the politics

      Stalin did away with the most jews?

      Must have been some sort of over-surplus

    1. I juz lerv you all gangin’ up on me, when I’m in my Max the Viking mood!
      Ya can’t dent my beautiful porcelain!~ As the great lobro acknowledges, I tell the TRUTH! Truth is my bed-child; the likes of lobro and Lasha my nightly prayers. Pray to the great god Thor that he might undo the vermin JEW! Jesus might help as well!
      Brownhawk and one or 2 others are on the ball. I enjoy Circassian and Seymour Zak for their lying, cheating, all-perverting comic relief! These 2 characters would make my long sea vogages amusing; as I would lerv walking them off the gang-plank and whipping them. They would be my deck dogs, attended to by a Sarah Silverman clone!
      Ruth Bernstein, please don’t leave! You are a cog in a much bigger thing than the riff-raff presented by a Zak! I know Zak’s whereabouts and will deal with him the Viking way!

      1. The Viking Way:
        Three viking ships are pulling up onto the beach of an about to be invaded land. In the first, and second ships, all the vikings are sitting upright, at attention, with their oars pointing skyward. In the third ship, the vikings are sprawled all over the place, as are their oars. The viking chief climbs out of the first ship, and heads for a grassy knoll, from the top of which, he points to the first ship and says, “plunder”, points to the second ship and says, “kill”, at which a united groan is heard from the third ship, and warriors saying, “not rape again”..

    2. I agree with Mr. Brownhawk.
      Why would anyone wish to drive away lobro, even if they could?

      Very odd, incomprehensible even.

  12. Pootin. Hard to believe that that left right thing or good cop bad cop thing woudn’t be used on a global level (again). The dude’s still alive, fcol. Maybe I’m just cynical.

    Oh, isn’t it great that in this day’n’age when american foreign policy is directed by a pretend ayrab on u-tube and ‘peoples’ revolutions are started on twitter all still controlled by those same bastards, we’ve somehow got ourselves above that and are using our enemies weapons against it. Mmmm. I’m not convinced. Okay, I’m quite cynical.

    1. And really, isn’t it the case with all those top guys that they know they’re all working for the same crowd, and they know that they’re expendable as the next guy. I’m sure they all believe their doing their bosses bidding, but still they seem surprised to find out that it’s their turn to go.

    2. Telling facts does not make you cynical. Several have called me cynical when I do that… to make me stop.
      The fact is that DARPA and Rand Corp pushed the ARPANET from the beginning. That is Jew bankers’ money at work. They have never backed off. They never will. It works FOR them.
      Bloggers spreading confusion and lies will only defeat the good intentions of a few. There are few who agree together on any subject. That includes me.

      The WWW is THEIR tool. Not Ours.

      1. Origins of the Internet

        The first recorded description of the social interactions that could be enabled through networking was a series of memos written by J.C.R. Licklider of MIT in August 1962 discussing his “Galactic Network” concept. He envisioned a globally interconnected set of computers through which everyone could quickly access data and programs from any site. In spirit, the concept was very much like the Internet of today. Licklider was the first head of the computer research program at DARPA, starting in October 1962. While at DARPA he convinced his successors at DARPA, Ivan Sutherland, Bob Taylor, and MIT researcher Lawrence G. Roberts, of the importance of this networking concept.

        Leonard Kleinrock at MIT published the first paper on packet switching theory in July 1961 and the first book on the subject in 1964. Kleinrock convinced Roberts of the theoretical feasibility of communications using packets rather than circuits, which was a major step along the path towards computer networking. The other key step was to make the computers talk together. To explore this, in 1965 working with Thomas Merrill, Roberts connected the TX-2 computer in Mass. to the Q-32 in California with a low speed dial-up telephone line creating the first (however small) wide-area computer network ever built. The result of this experiment was the realization that the time-shared computers could work well together, running programs and retrieving data as necessary on the remote machine, but that the circuit switched telephone system was totally inadequate for the job. Kleinrock’s conviction of the need for packet switching was confirmed.

        In late 1966 Roberts went to DARPA to develop the computer network concept and quickly put together his plan for the “ARPANET”, publishing it in 1967. At the conference where he presented the paper, there was also a paper on a packet network concept from the UK by Donald Davies and Roger Scantlebury of NPL. Scantlebury told Roberts about the NPL work as well as that of Paul Baran and others at RAND. The RAND group had written a paper on packet switching networks for secure voice in the military in 1964. It happened that the work at MIT (1961-1967), at RAND (1962-1965), and at NPL (1964-1967) had all proceeded in parallel without any of the researchers knowing about the other work. The word “packet” was adopted from the work at NPL and the proposed line speed to be used in the ARPANET design was upgraded from 2.4 kbps to 50 kbps.

  13. The Kahal is in full swing.

    Careful With That Tomahawk, Eugene – it is double-edged.

    Non-Jewish Bernstein is flushing interesting colors, she simply can’t help it. A beautiful butterfly is turning into worm in front of our very eyes – metamorphosis hitherto unknown to Mother Nature.

    Poor Lobro, he has more nasty surprises coming in his way.

    Let me repeat it again: We have to understand what Stalin was, and what he wasn’t. This is a fundamental issue of our time the importance of which is next to impossible to overestimate.

      1. OK, Circassian

        I watched the man’s glare, “seeing through it all” for the full 34 seconds of the video

        Stop with your maddening mysteriousness and tell us EXACTLY what we’re missing

        I’m listening

      2. Yes, in a nutshell, Ingrid

        If that last post of mine doesn’t do the trick then nothing will

        Any man who shows himself incapable of expressing the inevitable mea culpas when going out on a limb as often as I do is one suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    1. We have to understand what Stalin was, and what he wasn’t. This is a fundamental issue of our time the importance of which is next to impossible to overestimate.

      Why is it important, exactly? What does Stalin even matter? When it comes to his role in history, there are two possibilities:

      1. Stalin was anti-Semite who never fought the jews because he was hampered by the tremendous power they wielded in the USSR.
      2. Stalin was a philosemite who never fought the jews because they gave him all the power he had to begin with.

      Either way, he was very good for Jews and he helped the western allies ruthlessly destroy the last remaining holdout against jewish power in the world, Hitler’s Germany.

      So WTF is all this arguing over? Stop wasting your time with Stalin. He fought for jewry, and he’s dead. Whether he wanted to fight for them or not is completely fucking irrelevant. Your actions define who you are, and the fact is that his actions (or inaction) helped lead to where we are today.

  14. circassian, ruth is not jewish, i know this for a fact and at any rate i don’t want to get personal.
    if she calls me a wanker, that’s fine by me, i am still exactly what i am, before and after.

    i am not paid to beatify st. stalin either.

    it started by me saying that we need to have the hard facts as the foundation of further debate.
    it behooves us to use the same rules of evidence that we impose on the holocaust claims or we risk ending up in the same trash bin of hasbara.

    spqr said that between 20 and 60 million russians were killed on orders of stalin.
    and this is “conservative” because ruth, lasha and everyone else says “66 million russian christians murdered” and “2 million german women raped” quite categorically, brooking no dispute, just like “6 million jews killed by hitler”, a holy trinity multiplied by factor of 2 million – amen.
    so, you are then equally guilty of underestimating the dead by 6 million russian victims as you are guilty of underestimating the other dead by 6 million jew victims, the magical kabbalah number of 6 million repeated in every story.
    who needs facts when we have bulging eyed, hyperventilated witnesses, master counters of bones and chicken entrails?

    and by the way: that stalin quote about letting soldiers have their raping fun was allegedly told to milovan djilas, the serb communist commissar and tito’s main ideologue who complained about russian troops raping yugoslav women.
    the same commissar who upon british perfidy of forcibly repatriating 150,000 croat refugees from the allied run collection camp in bleiburg, austria to tito’s partisans and serb chetniks who immediately fell upon them, raping every single woman and butchering the rest along the way (called “calvary” in croat folklore) – that same djilas said “croats must die so that yugoslavia can live”, meaning that this “destruction of amalek” will cement restive serb participation in the new communist yugoslavia, knowing how much serbs craved the blood of non-serb minorities, catholic and muslim.

    but why let the facts spoil the party, enjoy.

    1. forgot the main point: “20 to 60 million”.

      an error margin of only 40 million, quite acceptable, no?
      it serves the purpose …

      my favorite russian aphorism:
      “the church is near but the roads are icy,
      the tavern is far but i will walk carefully”

      1. They drown their sorrows because the guns ended up in the wrong hands and stayed there.

        Why Stalin hoped the German guns would turn in a different direction?

        As for his alleged quote to djilas, probably just dry Russian wit and sarcasm


      2. The big picture point, as ALWAYS, is KIng Fasal’s point about the history of the 20th century: “Zionism is the father of Communism.”
        Communism, Fabianism, Progressivism (Geo Soros) and the entire LEFT wing of the hapless, dumbed-down and brainwashed Goyim (and its RIGHT wing, big business/big govt/ big finance faction) is entirely JEWISH-orchestrated and implemented! ….. JEWS RULE!!!! The smart people’s logic! …. Get with the winning TRUTH! Soros is the MESSIAH!
        Who cares how many Stalin killed and disabled? Pol Pot? Lenin? Che? Obama, the Progressive, Jew-led Leftist? Soros is the MESSIAH!
        Yes, feel very sorry for the victims as you should feel sorry for yourselves under the SAME Jewish rule!
        Let us, sweetie-pies, my dears, NOT waste time on more meaningless debate!
        You morons are like typical Talmudic scholars – always debating sweet nothingness in your dialectical posings and posturings.
        Yes, Ruth Bernstein is correct: Do not put up with Circassian’s waste time, pitiful illogics and lies! Neuter him! Give him a ticket to see Sarah Silverman and her dog, ZAK! ….. ZAK gives on command! He smiles!
        FACT IS: Hitler’s Nazism = approx 50 million lives extinquished during WWII (triple this no for the disabled)
        COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM/MARXISM/FABIAN SOCIALISM/Progressivism = approx 250 lives extinquished during 20th century and several million already in 21st century. (again, triple the victims number)
        The JEWISH DIALECTIC at work, as always = It is okay for the feminist Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to be a Communist-Fabian Socialist, pro-Zionist; but heaven forbid if she claimed allegiance to a Neo-Nazi party! It is the JEWISH press and academia in control, my dears! Get that into your scones!
        Final scores in the GAME =
        Nazis 50,000,000 points.
        Jewish-Communists (and the Marxist inspired lover-boys such as Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Che and Pol Pot) = 250.000.000 points
        Therefore, Jews WIN win the DEATH GAME outright!
        The PRIZE = World hegemony and control of all the $$$$’s and the whores!
        And they plan millions more dead in the Middle East; millions dead in Africa; and then mass depopulations in the Western world. Gee, their points score will reach astronomical proportions!
        Have you read the inner scripts and agenda of the Jewish and aristocratic head-honchos who run the World Wildlife Fund/Foundation?
        I think Circassian needs extermination and like Zak is typically Jewish in begging for it! I’ll do it for you fellas! Put ya out of ya misery and perturbations! I feel sorry for ya! … I’ll grease up the gang plank!

      3. spqr said that between 20 and 60 million russians were killed on orders of stalin.

        No, I said 20-60 million died in the USSR. That goes for all Soviet leaders, but mainly Lenin and Stalin. That includes shootings, slave labor, famines, etc. which were the result of the Soviet leadership’s Talmudic, bloodthirsty hatred for the Slavic populace. The figure ranges from 20-60 million because no one knows for sure how many died due to locked Soviet archives, poor record-keeping, the generally disorganized nature of the USSR, and the destruction wrought by the Second World War.

    2. yes, always one more but after this, i will go wank off in peace, as is my habit.

      circassian asked the question that causes instant deafness:

      why was solzhenitsyn awarded nobel for accusing stalin of murdering 66 million,
      but was buried alive when he shifted stance and went after jews?

      oh, forgot, you are all deaf, so let me crank up the volume a bit:

      1. jews will sell out one of their own and let him take the blame for all of them

        better stalin take the blame than all the jews take the blame

        better rothschild take the blame than all the jews take the blame (coming to theaters soon already out!)


        You answered your own question. Saying that Stalin murdered 66 million people is not unreasonable to the establishment; after all, tens of millions of murdered people is difficult to cover up, even for a dictatorship like the USSR.

        On the other hand, saying that Stalin murdered 66 million people because he was a jewish puppet will get you into trouble. You can be sure that if The Gulago Archipelago had named the Jew the way Two Hundred Years Together did, Solzhenitsyn would not have been awarded anything.

      3. @ SPQR

        “You answered your own question……..”

        Yes, and you have explained the situation so lucidly that I doubt if any but the most obtuse person could disagree with you.

        Solzhenitsyn was feted and lionized as long as long as he remained politically correct. He could blame the Stalinist regime for the mass murder of 66 million Russians and he could deplore the cruelty of the gulags — and all that was fine and dandy and it earned him a Nobel prize.

        The Soviet Union, after all, was the Big Enemy in the Cold War. So saying bad things about the Soviets was “politically correct”.

        As soon as Solzhenitsyn began to drag in the Jews, however, as he did in “Two Hundred Years Together”, identifying them as the main source of the trouble — the prime motivators of the Bolshevik Revolution, the chief torturers in the cheka, and the main instigators of the Red Terror and the genocidal famines — as soon as he did this, Solzhenitsyn became dangerous to the Jews.

        Which is why he has been silenced and is stigmatized today by the establishment as an “anti-Semite.”

        It is a mystery to me why our star poster Lobro has such a problem understanding and agreeing with this.

      4. @pat. yes. but, is someone arguing that stalin was a goody? i don’t think so. is better question no rather what stalins attitude toward christianity? and wot the f**k has this got to do with putin?

    3. just like “6 million jews killed by hitler”,

      Actually it isn’t just like the holocaust. The holohoax narrative asks us to believe that the Germans, who are a people who have no history of genocidal behavior, suddenly turned into hardcore exterminators of jews in the 1930s and 40s. There is no precedent for that kind of behavior in German history.

      There are, however, plenty of precedents for the genocidal behavior of jews in the USSR. They spent much of their early history wiping out entire tribes of people. During the classical era they routinely staged savage revolts against Greeks and Romans and killed scores of citizens. Wherever they went in the middle ages, including Muslim lands, they were accused of butchering non-Jewish children in their sick religious rituals.

      It’s futile to compare the holocaust to the Soviet genocides, as the latter happened while the former did not happen.

  15. now this is what i call evidence
    (for those unfamiliar with the term or its usage (ˈɛvɪdəns) ground for belief or disbelief; data on which to base proof or to establish truth or falsehood),
    let the rape freaks watch, i could not, only read the text by this russian (stalin’s boy) konstantin.

    the real thing, done by the real criminals, in real time, today and tomorrow, while my guitar gently wanks.

    who you gonna blame this time, stalin or putin? (sorry, no nobel prize for correct guess)

  16. oh,we at made a decision when we started up the site to not take Jew news seriously. It’s kind of like that phrase “What if they gave a war and nobody came!” The Jew wants your attention good or bad and he hates being laughed at. Your annoyance with Mr. Jew is a win for Mr. Jew cause that means he’s got you.Your venomous denial of the holocaust means more to him than you laughing out loud at the absurdity of his victimhood claims. All these ppl talking about Ferguson. Listen up, the Jews own your mind, all you supposed red pill swallowers got a weak batch. You need “Awareness granules” added to the mix cause the Jew laced your red pill with stupid sugar. The main problem with our non-movement is that we have folks influential that are there to see that it stays a non-movement.We have folks there to make sure we focus on victimhood and not victory. Remove your Jew programming that tells you to pay attention to Jew news of the day as if that’s all that counts

  17. While waiting for Circassian (sounds like a play) the thought I have before heading out the door to pay my daily tribute to the Red Shield is this:

    What was Stalin thinking he was doing by choosing to stay in his false position of psuedo-power, some sense of keeping the faith?

    1. BH,

      If you want to communicate with me, you need to speak either English, or Russian, or Circassian. I do not speak Cherokee, my friend, I am sorry.

      Seriously, I could not make sense of that question of yours on QM until Lobro translated it into English.

      1. Communicate to you?

        It seems to matter not the language. You aren’t communicating anything ANYWAY. How many times now have you alluded to this (as Sardonicus mentioned earlier):

        “We have to understand what Stalin was, and what he wasn’t. This is a fundamental issue of our time. The importance of which is next to impossible to overestimate”

        A fundamental issue of our time.

        These words suggest to me that you have specific thoughts that would address this as such, AND YET YOU SAY NOTHING THAT WOULD BRING READERS ANYWHERE REMOTELY CLOSE TO WHERE IT MAY LEAD! Or….

        Eyes that couldn’t be fooled, a glare that saw right through it all

        Which leads me to believe that you are either blowin’ smoke up everybody’s ass, or that you are making these intriguing statements which are nothing more than one of those stage prop buildings like you see in western movies – just a cardboard front with nothing behind it

        Your credibility is at best on thin ice for possible fools like me and perhaps lobro, although I wouldn’t count him out just yet in spite of Ruth’s emotionally-driven lambasting of him.

        If you’re not seeing, or are insensitive to the trouble you’re causing here, than I will have to second Dr. Green’s motion to have you leave, and this time for good.

        And if the overseers of this website aren’t coming to the same conclusion that this should be considered your last chance, then I’m confident that I speak for many in saying what a disappointment this would be.

        Be a man, Circassian, and EXPRESS YOURSELF LIKE ONE!

      2. @ Brownhawk

        Be a man, Circassian, and EXPRESS YOURSELF LIKE ONE!

        Easy there, Brownhawk! He’s already explained that he doesn’t answer questions. I second Dr Green’s motion that he leave this site voluntarily.

        Whether he decides to leave voluntarily or not, I have a gut instinct that things are moving to a head and that he will not be with us very long.

  18. One of the most interesting things this article is about is us. The commenters. Why are we here? I found myself here from a VT link i think, then saw someone talking bout re-incarnatin, thought i’d add my two cents and fell down the rabbit hole. Now i’m trying to convince christians there no such thing as dinosaurs or interstellar space. harder than it sounds. there are so many nutcases here, myself included, its wonderful to be able to comm with people who i disagree with on most nearly everything but still be civil (mostly). I still don’t really know wot this place is all about. but free speech, to the internet, it’ll do me. thanks. (oh yes, thanks lucy and lasha). i newbie commenter.

    and wot have we got here? poets, english teachers, dictionary fanatics, fantasy sci-fi writers, people who write with foreign words, the worldy wise, at least one toilet cleaner, kia ora, and who knows who else? its not that easy sometimes for some of us.

    @anyone who has never commented. i want to know wot u think. tell the world (well, at least a half a dozen or so people will actually read it. even if its totally nuts. stand up. speak. think. you are a human being. dignified.

    I would really like to know what brought other people here, and wot leads them to comment, on other sites, too. What benefits have any of us got from doing this? Are we benefiting anyone else? wot have we accomplished? wot are we trying to do? the t shirt thing reminds me of a red dwarf episode. we grown-ups eh? we can take criticism eh? some more or less tactful, i know. but we all got something to contribute, even if we don’t know. Pat seem a virtual dictionary, lober many perpectives, max trying to hurry us. etc. many more. all different individual human beings. all human being. all different. wot make us different is wot make us the same. i love you each one.

    i think lobro put it best… “can this group of pundits, swamis, gurus, augurs, witchdoctors and 3rd year medicine men read these magic signs?”

    ok, sard, please, you next. actually you probly got files on evryone. wots the haps?

    1. Yeah, Space Lizard, I’m trying to “hurry you all”!
      Paul Revere: “Hurry, the British are coming!”
      Max Bilney: “The JEWS are already here and they’ve stuffed us up completely!”
      As I keep saying, all the guff I keep reading here is very old news; and vastly inferior to the anti-Jewish writers of the 1930’s to the 1970’s! …. Most of you are ego-driven charlatans; plagiarising much better minds.
      So, they identified our future as it is NOW in 2014 AD. The Founding Fathers of the USA warned you, also! Get this through your thick, procrastinating heads: JEWS RULE. Yeah, the JEWS RULE!
      As in the above, the puerile numbers games you are wasting our time with are now totally insignificant. You are playing, again, with deck chairs that are below the water level! The West has already SUNK! Just as Solzenhitsyn predicted it would! He knew the Yankee-Jew was running rampant! He knew the Yankee Goyim bubba would be just that – a dumbed-down, brainwashed, ignorant bubba! Just right for slavery and good for whippings!
      The match is over: The JEWS won easily! They now control 6,7 billion people. They decide your life and death; and will, even more so, in a few short years.
      The only thing of relevance now is your/our response. I hope the VT writer who said your military is getting ready for a coup d’etat is correct. Obama, Bush, etc etc should be interred immediately and all JEWS housed in FEMA facilities. There they can be re-educated and forced to renounce their ridiculous claims to the sinful evil called JEWRY. Refusal to denounce would mean immediate expulsion to South Africa. Yeah, SA where their beloved nigrahs are busily setting up a great, AIDS and violence-filled charnel house. Circassian could have special funding to settle in Bangladesh; where he would face permanent house arrest under the care of the lepers of the house.
      That Mind-Slave bloke is fairly correct: “The main problem with our non-movement is that we have folks influential that are there to see that it stays a non-movement.We have folks there to make sure we focus on victimhood and not victory. Remove your Jew programming that tells you to pay attention to Jew news of the day as if that’s all that counts.”
      The MOVEMENT will only surface when a great, charismatic leader, in the Hitler mould emerges: It won’t, as I’ve often said be a Yankee bubba citizen; it won’t be a female; it could be Putin; but, then again, it would be better if it were little old ME!
      Seriously, the Western world is crying out for a great, benevolent, anti-Zionist, non-Jewish, non Christian Zionist, non-Islamic, non-Buddhist, heterosexual, TRUE Christian king.
      The experiment in democracy fell to brute rule. Now it is time for the likes of me, of the ancient British/Scandinavian stock to take over. My clones and I are gathering under Jesus’ command and soon retribution, in the way of the AK 47 (Yes, mine’s a “47” original) will fall upon you. SPICS back to Me- ico and the south; nigrahs back to darkest Africa; and JEWS to FEMA camps, awaiting interrogation. I also think gypsies should give up their motor homes and move to Detroit.
      THE WASPM is about to become the greatest force in history – the end force. Soon your TV will be like it was in the 1950’s – Lassie Come Home instead of Sex and the City; the King’s news instead of PBS Hour! We can do it WAPM’s! We are the brains of the military and the toughest! Time to flex our muscle. A new outlook is needed amonst the heavily traumatised and cheated population of the USA! Incidentally, the House Of Windsor must be extinquished!

      1. hahahaha!

        Gypsies in Detroit could revitalize the auto industry overnight! Get things movin again. LET’S ROLL!

        Max on cutting edge
        Him no full biloney
        Him own crazy injun
        Like Mohawk warrior Brave
        We make honorary chief
        Him mount great steed
        Ride into battle with Brownhawk
        we kick joooooo ass

  19. Analogy is one of the best tools science has. Here is an analogy: swarm of hungry locust – horde of infectious rats – pit of poisonous snakes – gaggle of stinking monkeys – pack of attack dogs – leash of mad Jews.

    Hold your ground, my friend, bear is backing you up.

    1. Speaking of analogies, S. Banach once remarked: Good mathematicians see analogies between theorems; great mathematicians see analogies between analogies.

      Now I want to illustrate Banach’s insight by a lovely use of analogy of my own; I hope my Cherokee friend will enjoy it 🙂

      We all know that mysticism that shrouds Einstein’s theories borders at times with pious one which is very unfortunate and unhealthy.

      For example, E=MC^2 is interpreted as energy-mass equivalence in the sense that mass, in principle, can be converted to pure energy and vice versa. But pure energy is nonsense – just like Cheshire Cat’s smile is – for mass is the only seat for energy. Even the so-called fields – electromagnetic, gravitational, etc. – are nothing but fine-grained mass as opposed to ponderable one.

      Meanwhile E=MC^2 has a simple physical interpretation conducive to common sense. Indeed, following the idea expressed in Banach’s remark, let us draw on the analogy between luminiferous aether and the ordinary air. Notwithstanding the significant differences in their physical characteristics, both are mediums of substance. Acoustical effect is manifest in both: in the air we call it sound, and in the luminiferous ether – light. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that the formula for the speed of propagation of acoustical waves in the air, on the one hand, and in the aether, on the other, ought to be somewhat similar.

      The formula for the speed of sound, C =√dp/dρ, was derived for the first time by Newton. It was refined by Laplace to account for about 15% discrepancy with experimentally determined speed of sound (see: The Speed of Sound), but for our purposes Newton’s formula will do just fine. Now, introduce some small and fixed volume V of space, and watch how the potential energy E of compressed air in that volume, as well as the mass M of air in it, is varying in the process of acoustical wave propagation: ΔЕ = Vdр, ΔМ = Vdρ.

      We have now C =√dp/dρ=√Vdp/Vdρ=√ΔЕ/ΔМ, i.e. ΔЕ=ΔМc^2.

      It should be clear by now that E=MC^2 is basically nothing but the equivalent of Newton’s formula for the speed of acoustical wave propagation applied to luminiferous aether.

      No pious mysticism, only common sense physical interpretation!

      1. A ponderable:

        So what makes Einstein a fraud? Is it plagirism, or something else? Whither his physical interpretation?

        But that aside for now, another ponderable: why do I get the feeling you’re being evasive in elaborating on Stalin? (because you are – for whatever reason)

        P.S. You keep calling me Cherokee, which would be an honor if I were to be accorded honorariness by them, which you know nothing about. So either get it straight that I am of Mohawk descent or cut the crap. Your choice.

  20. Putin’s Russia and the other BRICS countries’ banks are controlled through London.

    London controls Putin.

    BRICS and the SCO challenge U.S. global dominance
    Asad Ismi
    November 1, 2014

    United States military aggression globally is stimulating the creation of a new international economic order that could serve as a viable alternative to the present Western-dominated version. Washington’s surrounding of both Russia and China with military bases and warships, its severe economic sanctions against Russia and Iran (a close Russian ally), and its attacks on Syria (a Russian and Iranian ally) are accelerating the consolidation of the BRICS country alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), as well as the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) that now includes about half of the world’s population.

    In May, BRICS members Russia (the world’s biggest energy producer) and China (the world’s biggest energy consumer) signed a $400 billion energy agreement in which Gazprom, the large Russian state energy company, agreed to supply China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) with 3.75 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas a day for 30 years. That equals a quarter of Russia’s huge gas exports to Europe.

    – See more at:

    1. Perhaps Pat’s medical condition is not as hopeless as I have imagined earlier. Despite his ripe age, there is something alive and kicking there. If only he could get rid of his infantile spirit of contradicting everything he is told by his wise parents, he actually could be a good kid.

      London definitely would like to control Putin, and to the degree it can do that, Putin has no other wise choice but to compromise.

  21. @ Space Lizard

    I invite you to find another website on which to post your comments. This is not a suitable website for you. Please leave voluntarily.

    1. Oh, okay. You know better than me i spose. Um, well thanks for tolerating me so long. i no cause anyone to leave? hope not. You recommend any site for me? oh , and maybe a bit of constructive criticism or reason? and maybe just, you don’t think i’m a troll do you? i don’t think i am, but i really don’t know exact definition. so yeah, i respect, i go, you no require to answer me, i know. just askin’.

      I hopefully meet you all again in Christ.

      Thanks again. oh, i no real btw…

      MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: The reason we suggested that another site might be more suitable for you was your own admission that you had no idea what our site was about and what we were supposed to be discussing.

      If you wish to go on “permanent monitoring” and post ONE COMMENT a day of not more than 500 words, that is OK with us. We had this arrangement with another poster in the past, Tyron Parsons, and it worked out fine. He would post something every day, addressed to many people on the site, and it would be automatically approved as soon as we read it.

      Would you like this arrangement? The choice is yours, dear Alice. You can say quite a lot in 500 words!

      1. Administration,

        I think it was fairly clear space lizard was questioning why individuals gather here, what their drive is. And, “what’s this place all about?” seems quite clear as in what can it and like sites accomplish. Both are interesting questions to me also, and an attempt to find commonalities in a world where people like us have few with anyone else. I just wonder about your very strange delivery, dear SL 🙂

      2. Yes. Thank you, Lucy. I will gladly take up your offer. I think possibly you maybe took slight exaggeration out of context? Maybe no. Anyway, I hope this one no count.

      3. space: this site is not suitable for me.

        lizard: why you say that, space?

        s: well, for starters got a pretty obvious message from admin. no real explain no nuthin!!!

        l: look, you were sorta offered an opportunity here. be positive!

        s: ha, i no got bitcoin!

        l: dont be a dick. you got lots to offer.

        s: now you just being dreamy nice like, girly.

        l: no, i mean it, sumone said, refreshing, you’ve engaged, you’ve actually effected some peoples thinking, in wotever, small way, i’ve seen it.

        s: you could justa be makin it up!

        l: look dude, that dont matter, wot matters is the other people. you no be so selfish crybaby.

        s: sigh…

        l: so, yes there encyclopaedic maniacs and stuff, you dealing with some hardcore intellectuals here, it wot you wanted, yeah?

        s: yeah, but sum just too clever, they gone snobby and upper class like, some they only in word land.

        l: now you really being a dick. that most probably you projecting sum sorta inverted complex thing. you just jealous cos they got cars an degrees an stuff. i know word land frustrates you. me too. just dont go all abusive, ok?

        Okay, Alice arrives. Coffee break…

        s: lucky i save, yeah? i sorry, no spooky. ok.

        l: yes. you’ve probably said too much already.

        s: but wot about message thing?

        l: just remember wot we were saying. treat everyone with respect. yes they know you cheeky, yes they know it your ‘style’, its just not for some, ok? tone it down, thats all. the message thing will sort itself. even if we no understand yet. faith.

        s: but they go!!!

        l: fcol. you recently posted a very not funny opinion about WW2 that you have been pondering about for a long time. an actual site heavyweight actually considered wot you were saying enuff to respond. seriously. surely, they musta thought you had some clue, yeah?. dont be so hard on yourself.

        s: still, i bet some eyeballs roll at that hitler stuff. but this space waste?

        l: waste? ha! are you serious? you seen this show! this just cupala page scroll fcol! wot about all that poetry, the drama!?! this is sum sorta art, isn’t it? and remember from the beginning, we said probably best response is no response. probably another complex thing. it not just about other posters, eh? look, no ones told you to p*ss off, except the admin…

        s: that no sound good!

        l: …ah, yeah. well, they got the power, right? but i was saying, you asked others. you have to be honest. thats wot this is. show yourself. if its wasting space its only short, no hassle, that why you only got 500 words, right? theres nuthin wrong with a bit of self-examination. someone may value it for something.

        s: how many words we got left btw? oh! ah! i still got a joke to go!!!

        l: sigh… are you narcistic?

        s: i no junkie!

  22. @ Circassian

    I’d like to make it clear to you that we have nothing against you as a person, but we must ask you now to leave this website voluntarily. You are obviously a man of exceptional intelligence and most of your comments are relevant and penetrating, but your abuse of this website and its personnel — “filthy latrine”, “shithouse”, “disgusting bitch” referring to Lasha Darkmoon — has had unfortunate consequences.

    Three of our best posters have either left, or are about to be leave, because of you: Sardonicus, Ruth Bernstein, and Lobro. Ruth Bernstein has definitely left. Sardonicus will leave if you stay. And Lobro appears to have stomped off in anger, unable to stand the heat in the kitchen and put up with criticism.

    If you wish to say a few words before you leave, please do, but try and keep them polite. If things go on as they are, we may have to shut down our Comments section completely.

    — John Scott Montecristo

    1. Fair enough, John. I definitely do not wish your comments section to be shut down because of me. Thank you for your hospitality.

      My best wishes to all of you. Goodbye.

    2. JSM

      Sounds to me like you’re making an effort to keep these threads going in a direction that would keep it viable in being almost like articles unto themselves sometimes. You and Lucy and Lasha have to know that you have a good thing going here with this unique website. More would be the shame of it if you were to close the comment section down. And just when I feel like I’m really coming into my own with my “Brownhawk” role! 😉 Like I said recently, I could look back and do alot of cringing upon reading some of my stuff in even the RECENT past. For writers like me this website is evolutionary, I guess you could say. It has allowed me to become, I hope at any rate, a better one.

      Maybe you can give us some insight as to where you all stand at this point?

      1. @ Brownhawk

        Maybe you can give us some insight as to where you all stand at this point?

        We have no plans to shut down the Comments section just yet. That would be a last resort. Our biggest mistake so far has been lack of quality control. The site has become more like a cliquey social club, with lots of idle chatter and low-brow off-topic comments. That’s okay with us in small doses, but it becomes a big problem when at least 50-60 percent of the comments are garbage.

        Our best commenters always have something substantial to say, like Lobro and SPQR. Heavyweights like this seldom engage in inane and idle chatter for its own sake. They concentrate on discussing the issues of the day, providing in the process a great deal of background knowledge of history, politics, culture and world affairs.

        Serious posters like this, who are the essential nucleus and backbone of a good commentariat, will head for the exit gates if most of the other commenters on the site are shallow chatterboxes.

        This is why quality control is so important. We are learning from our past mistakes. We have been too permissive and easygoing, allowing our site to be invaded by intellectual exhibitionists, trolls, time wasters, narcissists and nutcases.

        Recent disturbances on this site may lead to the further loss of some of our best posters, but we will survive without them. No one is indispensable. As good posters leave, other good posters will replace them.

        And so it goes…

        P.S. Thank you for your contributions to the site. Your jokey little Red Injun poems always make me smile! We don’t mind off-topic posts like this. Comments on quantum physics, Vedanta, art, music and so on — though “off-topic” in the strict sense — are more than welcome. So keep them coming!

      2. @Lucy S.

        Thanks for that.

        Although I do enjoy writing in this “jokey” format, as you put it, my hope is that readers will pick up on content within the humor intended to seriously convey substance in keeping with these issues of the day.

        Otherwise I would have to put MYSELF in the category of inanity and boot MYSELF off 😉

    3. And Lobro appears to have stomped off in anger, unable to stand the heat in the kitchen and put up with criticism.
      twice wrong in a short sentence.
      i did not stomp off, did anyone hear me stomping? i simply went underground, without a word, whether to lick my wounds, think, not think, play darts, whatever.
      and i never had problem with criticism, had my share over the years.

      but i was stunned by the words of ruth bernstein, who was my friend.

      here she goes, note the timestamp, November 26, 4:23pm:
      … the mere fact that Lobro has jumped into bed with Circassian and backs him all the way tells us all we need to know about his true and inner attitude to Lasha Darkmoon and this website: one of condescending superiority and contempt.
      And you, Lobro, the fact that you gang up with this Russian vermin against Lasha Darkmoon, marks you out in my eyes as some kind of self-important sadist. Lasha has never done you any harm. She deserves minimal respect.
      As for Lobro, he can do whatever he wants. I have no further interest in communicating with this TRAITOR and arrogant Lasha Darkmoon disparager.

      so, having read this from someone who used to be my friend, i slunk off to the members-only beer hall where unpleasant little men go to commiserate and compare their self-important little lengths.

      i can take offensive talk, which does not equate to criticism, you hear, admin?
      but i cannot take someone, not even someone who was my friend, claiming without any proof or indication that i betrayed lasha, that i am/was a TRAITOR to her.

      you left a giant, brutish jackbooted footprint on the wrong side of the line in sand there, ruthie, i wouldn’t erase it even if i could.
      i will not judge you, you know why? because only a judge can forgive and i want to remove that possibility from myself.
      so, whether you are gone from the site, you are gone from me.

      moving on, wrapping up … have a look here, where lobro takes circassian to task for rudeness to lasha, note again the timestamp, Nov 25 at 1:25pm (GMT), more than 24 hours before i was stoned for being a traitor to lasha.
      if i am, let lasha say that, she is the only one whom i grant that right, to arrogate to yourself this privilege is unforgivable and unforgiven.

      yes, i did give some thought to giving the site a lengthier and even permanent rest.
      not so much because of ruth’s vitriolic outburst that gave me a glimpse of something quite new and unexpected but also because quite a few of you used (nearly) identical phraseology of being “in bed with circassian”.
      i don’t really need to stoop to responding but what the heck, <a href="example of lobro and circassian NOT in bed.

      if i said “ABC” and everybody goes at me, “why don’t you ever say ABC”, what i am i supposed to do but conclude that i am dealing with a bunch of tone deaf morons?

      i don’t need to explain again what i believe should be the proper way to exhume stalin, crucify his memory with real nails, not paper clips, which was my objection in the first place.

      i did not say “2 million german women were not raped”, nor “66 million russian christians were murdered” (interesting that spqr, who argued so strenuously that indeed, all these russians were killed, now wants to avenge them by killing the presently alive russian males after raping their women in front of them … hm, what a sensible idea), i challenge anybody to demonstrate where i said this.

      my problem, as always is with the lack of hard, forensic evidence, if i am accused of killing someone with a shovel, i have the right to see the body and the shovel (or at least one of the two).

      and at least, regarding the 66 million, it really is easy to test, i cannot conceive how no one has yet had the presence of mind to put it into action.
      what is a dictatorship, a brutal, paranoid one and how does it work?
      it has one main enemy, its own people.

      therefore, it is of paramount importance to at every moment know where everyone is and what they are doing, because they are the enemy, dictatorship is in the state of permanent war against its people, the enemy, witness today’s usa (nsa, cia, fbi, dea, homeland security, etcetera, etc).
      so how did they do it in bolshevik, stalinist, gulagist times?
      they kept a very careful record of who was shipped off to siberia, who was tortured and electrocuted in the cheka dungeons at the lubyanka and other prisons and torture chambers.
      (afterwards, they may have been shot and bulldozed into a mass grave but that’s irrelevant because the names were crossed off the enemy list – it is important that you all capture this, what should be a very obvious point)

      you bet.
      and you bet that all this is archived and stored somewhere, so why not look for it and count the bodies?
      why not?
      why resort to spielberg method of weeping barbers and tattoo artists for maximum tearjerking, minimum sense-making effect?

      nothing at all against lasha, lasha must work with what she has and has done an excellent job.
      but there could and should be much more that can put these idiotic debates to rest, stalin is a monster, no he is a soviet hero, look at him rolling eyes like a gabon voodoo man.

      and meanwhile my interest is only putin and is he going to wipe out the jew or wipe his ass with his nose.

      look at that link that pat gave, i am shocked that he did that, maybe when he figured both lobro and circassian are gone, who will speak up for poor old vlad? shocked, i tell you …
      watch out before i start calling you patin 😉

      so let me again creep off to the unpleasant little men’s crying beerhall and contemplate whether to shoot myself, watch a ping pong game or just stfu.

      1. @ Lobro

        “If i am a traitor to Lasha, let Lasha say that, she is the only one whom i grant that right..

        In my eyes, dear friend, you have acquitted yourself like the honorable man and true gentleman that I always thought you were. You have not offended me in the slightest way, let alone “disparaged” or “betrayed” me. The whole idea borders on lunacy, and it could only happen in the unreal, phantasmal world of the internet where all of us move like flickering shadows in the gloom of some sepulchral city of dreams.

        Who is this “Ruth Bernstein” who has cut you so to the quick and lost your friendship forever? I think you once speculated — though I am relying on memory and cannot be sure about this — that Ruthie was one of two people you knew on the internet either X or Y. Well, you were wrong there! Ruthie is in fact a young person in my immediate circle whom I have known for the last 25 years. I can vouch for her character, sincerity, and high intelligence. Unfortunately, she suffers from mood swings and drinks a lot. And when she drinks, she goes off the deep end and tends to behave in a most outrageous manner.

        This happened the other day when she dashed off that poison pen missive to you. Make allowances for her youth and emotional instability.

        The matter is somewhat complicated by two bizarre (and mitigating) factors which I ask you to take into account. Firstly, Ruthie (not her real name) has some kind of adolescent crush on me and regards me as her spiritual elder sister and “soulmate.” You smile, but these things happen and we must accept them with equanimity. 🙂

        The second complication is that she is also a bit hung up on you and regards you as an oracle on all things Jewish. If you said it, sweetie, it has to be true! She reads all your posts with avid interest and often asks me what I think of something you have said or some theory you have put forward. If I say I agree with you, the simple-hearted creature breaks into a radiant smile. That makes her day. It makes her feel cognitively secure.

        However, if a rift occurs between us and you appear to contradict me, she is torn in two and no longer knows what to believe. This is when she starts drinking. How resolve this ticklish situation? Quite simple! She decides that Lasha, whom she has known and loved for a quarter of a century, is in possesion of the Truth. And that Lobro is guilty of apostasy. Lobro’s refusal to stand by Lasha and reinforce her viewpoint is a form of Satanic revolt — in short, a “betrayal”. 🙂

        Of course, Ruthie is not quite sane. None of us are. We’re all a bit crazy, in my humble viewpoint.

        Rest assured that Ruthie will not be posting on this site again nor will she be reading this comment. She has been packed off to an ashram in India to chill out and forget about Jews. She has no laptop with her and has been forbidden all contact with the internet. I have advised her to spend the next six months reading the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, and Schopenhaueur’s The World as Will and Idea. And also to acquaint herself, if she has the time, with the elements of quantum physics.

        I am hoping this will stabilize her and give her a new perspective on life. There is much more to this little story, but I have given you a crude outline.

        As for you and me, we must beg to differ on many matters. I cannot be expected to be your ideological clone. My ideas are not set in stone but are subject to constant revision. So are yours.

        The important thing is that we pursue the Truth. Each of us has a different path to follow up the steep mountain. And the landscape that lies below us is always a different landscape suited to the limitations and constraints of our outlook.

        Go in peace, dear friend, and have a drink on me in that little beerhall of yours tonight. Pity I couldn’t be there too, I would drink to your health in a brimming glass!



      2. ok lash, no need to publicize further, my peculiar mental makeup often stops me from comprehending simple messages writ large but i will pick up volumes hiding between the lines.

        as for ruth, tell her to wash her veggies, peel the fruit and go easy on millet whiskey (soldier’s tea, they call it over there).
        all is well, bad emotions deep sixed except on full moons (was it one of those in ruth’s world?), so long as she knows that it takes more than a whip and a chair to domesticate someone like me.

        aside: the quality of her writing while blitzed is beyond remarkable, but given her teacher, maybe not.

      3. Count me in too with a brimming glass. A toast to you both through the sepulchral maze.

        And packed off to an ashram, eh? Well, all I can say is I hope she meets up with hp somewhere along the way.

        Him good mentor too
        Ruthie chill
        Groove with Krishna

        And lobro, I hope you don’t include me as one seeing you hop into bed with the exasperating Circassian. I just wish the guy was more forthright.

        But you know me (by now I guess). If I don’t perch myself out on that limb I got no chance of spotting prey 😉

      4. lobro –
        “look at that link that pat gave, i am shocked that he did that, maybe when he figured both lobro and circassian are gone, who will speak up for poor old vlad? shocked, i tell you …
        watch out before i start calling you patin” 😉

        I told you I don’t hate Putin. I like facts.

        “Patin” won’t bother me…. I am a consumer/customer as is Putin. Except I am not as watched as he is.

  23. Circassian,

    Please consider coming back at some future date. I will genuinely miss you. Believe me when I tell you that you are an exceptional man in many ways and that I deeply regret your going.

    1. Dear Lasha (and friends),

      So kind of you to offer the chance to return for Circassian. Kindness is not necessarily a virtue when it allows poor behaviour. Maybe being more specific with Circassian might be wiser. Circassian exhibits characteristics of multiple personality disorders. Circassian may return after the (hopefully) successful endeavor to integrate and be a human + being.

      MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: Come, come, this is a bit harsh! Lasha has forgiven Circassian completely for the few insults he threw in her direction, and that is the important thing. Similarly, we hope that Lobro will be mature enough to forgive Ruth Bernstein for the harsh words she spoke to him in anger — words she undoubtedly regrets. Maturity is forgiveness.

  24. Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap

    Very few people understand what Putin is doing at the moment. And almost no one understands what he will do in the future.

    No matter how strange it may seem, but right now, Putin is selling Russian oil and gas only for physical gold.

    Putin is not shouting about it all over the world. And of course, he still accepts US dollars as an intermediate means of payment. But he immediately exchanges all these dollars obtained from the sale of oil and gas for physical gold!

    To understand this, it is enough to look at the dynamics of growth of gold reserves of Russia and to compare this data with foreign exchange earnings of the RF coming from the sale of oil and gas over the same period.

  25. Hi, the melodrama in all the above is reminiscent of the Vistorian society novella, written by my gggg-great aunt, Susanna Minifie. Makes me shed tears!
    Here for your begrudging, insolent benefit is a profound statement of the ultimate TRUTH; so different to all else you read that has its origins in the deceptive dialectics and essential illogic of the Jewish manner of scholarship in which you have all been fully trained and brainwashed. There is no Jewish PC or purposeful dumbing-down in the following, just independent and free Goyim brilliance, which bespeaks a man with an IQ of over 170 points:

    It is an inarguable FACT that “POLITICS”, or that art of exerting POWER and CONTROL over the unwashed, indifferent, dumbed-down, easily-led and brainwashed masses (average IQ less than 98 points), is always administered, implemented and organized by the more intelligent of the human species. Those of the “more intelligent” are more industrious, more capable, and essentially MORE SUITABLE for rule. They normally have intelligence quotients well over 110 points, which makes them very different to the masses of average Joe-Blows who walk our neighbourhoods. “Lobro” is not your average Joe-Blow and neither is John Kaminski or the beautiful Lasha Darkmoon. The comments’ person who referred to my “consummate genius” was telling the truth.

    The dilemma facing Western civilization is that the WRONG people have gravitated to the top echelons of the control and POWER structure: In brief, these people are brilliantly led by TEAM JEW and their besotted minions of Goyim, parasitical sucker-fish, who thrive on the body of Team Jew. Yes, 20 million CONTROL over 6.5 billions!

    Team Jew uses its immense POWER to make certain that any brilliant Goyim (those in the 110 points plus spectrum) are well and truly hobbled, suppressed and cajoled. What-is-more, the low IQ’d Goyim are chosen to staff the Jews’ infrastructural components and make sure Jewish political correctness is well and truly policed. We can’t have intelligent Goys trying to get up the ladder of the POWER structure, can we?

    At present, the above is our social reality, in its broadest sense. The USA, for example, is under JEWISH RULE!

    A reversal of this social reality can only occur when the 5% of intelligent Goyim take up the challenge and fully take on the current Jewish-led POWER structure of Planet Earth. The end product of this challenge, this RESISTANCE, will be the unwashed Goyim masses (whites and negroes alike) running the streets in search of JEWS to punish and crucify. Of course, we will then run the mass media in Oscar Spengler’s full sense: “What is truth? For the multitude it is that which it continually reads and hears. Three weeks of Press work and the truth is acknowledged by everybody. No tamer has the animals more under his power: Unleash the people as reader-mass and it will storm through the streets and hurl itself upon the target indicated, terrifying and breaking windows. A hint by the Press staff and it will become quiet and go home.” Comprehendez-vous?

    Meanwhile, the POWER-capable Goyim minority (minus negroes, av. IQ 78 points) will proceed with the admirable task of ex-communicating the Jew from all components of the POWER structure. They will be corralled and fined the worth of their fortunes.

    WASPM of my ilk, with high IQ’s, are your natural prototype of the future-ruling Goy or Gentile. Let us dispense with the Jewish connotation “Goy” and call ourselves Gentiles. “Gentle, loving Gentiles” has a great PR ring to it!

    I will be kind and nice to you! You know, just like as if Jesus had conquered the planet!
    Have a nice day.

    1. Oh, I forgot to add: Yes, great BROWNHAWK, i will take up your offer of honorary chieftainship and mount the great steed. Then you and I and all our braves will ride into mortal battle against the JEWISH usurpers. This time we will also hunt at night; as it has to be 24/7 this time, Brownhawk!
      Again, my tears over the lobro/ruthie/lasha/lucy melodrama coat my keyboard. There is a very strong sense of femininity in these columns; and it is just like reading my gggg-great aunt’s adventures in the “Marquis Affair” which was well-followed up in London newspapers in the 18th century. She actually was engaged to two Marquis at the same time and was a great beauty of portraiture fame. I am her male equivalent and my sister is her 21st century double.
      I have some Kellogs Corn Flakes for Cicassian and will hand them to his leper minders.

    2. Keep those anti-dialectic reminders comin’, Max


      No more “goy” or “goyim” or “goyums” sounds too much like “golems”

      Gentiles. Gentle and loving yes, and……FIERCE AS THE DAY IS LONG IN PROTECTING!…..the blessed objects of our affection

      Lerv ya brother

  26. An off topic post that falls under Vedanta AND Art…I remember Lasha mentioning her admiration for Schopenhauer. He wrote “In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life-it will be the solace of my death.” Heideggar translater/philosopher turned film maker Terrence Malick’s movie Tree of Life brought to the screen that Vedic philosophy. Days of Heaven, probably the most gorgeous movie ever made and The Thin Red Line the most thought provoking, both put into sight, sound and dialogue Heideggars philosophy. Anyone seen any of them? Anyone agree or disagree?

    1. no clue, i only watch movies when they are offered for free on long flights.
      back in the younger days, a bit more, anything by sam peckinpah (was he injun?)

      but … read dostoevsky enough to have lost interest in other writers, especially after crime+punishment,
      saw nick roegg’s don’t look now and that was it for me moviewise, everything else falls short.

      1 book, 1 movie, i am a well rounded intellectual (is my pet goat available on kindle?)

      (max may know roegg, a fellow outback wanderer)

      1. Peckinpah is one of my favorites. He learned from Don Seigel, one of the best in US of all time.
        I like anything with his favorites like L. Q. Jones, R. G. Armstrong, Richard Boone and Ben Johnson.
        He was not Indian as some have claimed. He missed a good chance, though. Rugged alcoholic in West and Mexico.
        He did a lot for Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel and many more.

      2. Pat, that surely is gentleman’s definition. “Rugged alcoholic”
        An off the screen a helluva double barrel entendre to boot!

      3. Deserving of that and much more. His rough living and being a loner allowed him to bring great realism to the screen.

        I like him.

        He was given the nickname “Bloody Sam” owing to the violence in his films. His characters are often loners or losers who desire to be honorable, but are forced to compromise in order to survive in a world of nihilism and brutality.

        Pic speaks loudly:

    2. Haven’t watched those movies nor have I read much Vedanta.
      I will suggest the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is. (“the cream of the Vedas”)

      The meaning of the word Vedanta is “end of the Vedas” “end of knowledge” and this end of knowledge culminates in a conclusion. It is this conclusion of Veda(Vedanta) which the usurping neo-Advaitans deny and avoid.
      The conclusion is simple, perfect and natural.
      Vedanta = Arjuna’s(our) surrender to Krishna(God).

      After all is said and done “Vedanta” is meant for everyone, not just munis, pandits, yogis, mystics and the sundry carnival barking $how bottle $piritualist$.

      Because anyway you spell it these (Gita) perfect instructions are usurped by these various New Age neo-Advaitan materialistic so-called spiritualists and their concocted Bhagavad-Gita(Vedanta), sans Krishna.

      “This is the most important instruction in all Vedic literature.”

      Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear

      1. Brownhawk in World
        Him think
        lofty thoughts
        Be not of World
        Help Arjuna tribes do same
        when time come
        Then Vedanta bird take wing
        fly away here

  27. Let’s try to get back on track. First with some sort of summary, then with another take from out on precarious limb.


    Touchy thing
    Stalin seem so
    cut and dried
    Sardonicus say
    no explain lobro
    But him lobro
    no loco
    Him maybe say too much
    too soon
    Him not formulate
    then articulate
    Him work on that

    Russian dollhouse
    enigma continue
    through lids

    1. 😀
      good poetry like she is spoke, hawk.
      what pidginization doesn’t kill the language, makes it stronger.

      to pat and no one in particular, when the analysis and navel gazing fail to yield anything other than a throbbing headache, then a recourse to good old outrage spoken from the heart (da russian heart, you understand!) helps restore the emotional electrolites.

      ukry general who defected in the wake of crimean secession vote speaks from the heart

      do we have even one such brave and thoughtful patriot in our high military echelon?
      jim webb for president (maybe)

      1. Brownhawk speak pidgin
        Better this way
        Get right to point
        Him bird of prey
        talon sharp
        talon next to talmud
        in dictionary Brownhawk use
        What Pat say that?

      2. “do we have even one such brave and thoughtful patriot in our high military echelon?”

        To me, the General’s bravery was overshadowed by his repeated declarations of not being an anti-semite. Fear of Jews guided his message. There were no revelations…except who drinks before and after 7.(Ukraine humor)

      3. You would say that

        His “repeated declarations”, as you put it, were intended to make distinctions between “ordinary jews” and the pigs that are runnin the show macabre.

        That wasn’t fear guiding him, but disgust. He’s a General for Chrissakes, who’s seein it all – did you watch the way he was lookin around as he spoke?

        It’s called boiling mad.

      4. “did you watch the way he was lookin around as he spoke?”

        YES. I told you I saw how fearful he was of Jews and Masons running the show around the wold, hooked in series with the Vatican and its Jew bankers.

      5. Your take was that his fear of jews overshadowed his bravery and is what guided his message

        My take is that his bravery in expressing anger and disgust is what guided his message and is what overshadows his fear

        You get the difference?

      6. The Colonel-General is talking on stage… similar to a Hollywood set….in Kiev. He is looking at teleprompters. Jews abounding. Looking for an Ozkor.(Oscar)

      7. “Pat” deserve supporting actor Oscar for role as devil’s advocate in movie, “Lasha Darkmoon” (with a cast of thousands, and shot in locations all around the World)

        Fellow actor, the native-american “Brownhawk” offers this synopsis of Pat’s character nominated for award, and in so doing, describes some of the dynamics involved between the two characters within the movie script:

        Brownhawk call Pat G.I.P.
        Glib Impervious Performance
        Win one for Gipper
        Him say Brownhawk crazy injun
        He say
        him no make cloud disappear
        Him say only Sun do that
        Big Sol
        Him think Brownhawk focus
        mere coincidence
        Pat fall for ancient trick
        No believe medicine

        What else him think
        make him free?
        Him on right track
        when him speechless

  28. Take:

    Bubba slave
    many moons pay
    Big wampum Russia
    what it all about
    It just for moment
    like this?

    Russia in middle
    Rock here
    hard place there
    so what new?
    Rus beat khazar
    soon come
    Hastings battle
    then come
    Magna Carta
    Locke common law
    FI fi fo fum
    to Indian land
    Englishmen come
    want new life
    be friend to Brownhawk tribe

    While khazar
    Him slink swamp
    lick wound
    vow revenge
    forge red shield
    make big plan
    write protocol
    pull fast one on gentile
    make wampum trick
    kill indian pave way
    use bubba
    kill aryan
    call ashkenazi
    surround bear
    slap him now

    see lobro picture
    Putin war paint on
    no joke
    Get khazar
    Beat down again
    Him make pay

    Putin him friend to gentile
    indian and white

    1. I know I know

      Why build ’em up only to tear ’em down? What I look like, the answer man?

      Russian dollhouse
      don’t call enigma
      for nuthin

    2. brah Brownhawk
      him write reely good Injun poem
      him rezzed out Injun, ennit?

      wot news now tell?

      Circassian him shamed out
      leave site under admin cloud
      him act like reel chooch
      call site shithouse
      call darkmoon disgusting
      not nice talk!
      not honest injun!

      ruth Bernstein
      she hella good bimbo
      stomp off ashram
      read upanishads
      get head together
      eat chapati
      drink millet whisky
      get much wisdom
      dig Vedanta!

      Lobro go beer hall
      shed mucha tear and lick wound
      brood on evil talk
      by freak out girl Ruthie
      soulmate of Lasha!
      — Lobro back now
      quick recover Ruth wound
      noble warrior
      swing tomahawk again
      scatter evil Joo enemy!

      Karen T
      Her ask big question Heidegger
      Much clever Canuck bimbo
      almost rape Toronto park once
      rescue by good black man
      now live Montreal quite safe
      knitting socks
      and writing occasional comment
      silly darkmoon site!

      him get breakfast now
      clean up wigwam
      polish tomahawk
      have powwow with squaw
      about weekend shopping

      Sardonicus now finish
      rezzed out poem
      him take new name
      Chief Hiawatha
      seek out new soulmate
      Minihaha (haha!)
      check out girl supermarket
      platonic love only tho
      coz have happy home squaw!

      Bye now
      Brah Brownhawk!
      Stay red, man!

      1. Sardonicus wise cynic
        Know man evil way
        Him good medicine
        Remind Brownhawk
        No Hiawatha
        Him Mohawk brother
        take into tribe

  29. “ISIS” is yet another example of how the deceivers mangle the language and have gotten us all “thinking like a jew” and dwelling in his false dialectic frame of reference. Its black magic has thrown a vampiric cloak over our “gentile reality”.

    Without going on too long about it and risking the kind of scathing wrath poured over me like with lobro over this whole Stalin business, I’ll just say that the primary dialectical culprit from which the whole of our WEAKENED thinking stems is….wait for it…. TORAH!!!

    For it is what became known as “Torah” that Jesus came and became the Christ. The primary purpose of his mission was to EXPOSE ITS FRAUDULENCE!!….and got himself ‘killed’ for his troubles. (More on this as time goes along. This I say to myself within the madness of my scientific method – formulate then articulate)

    Word of Christ
    living document
    word of Torah
    dead scroll
    It death bury truth
    we live it death
    Think it Life
    Give power to-rats
    up from under pile

    to rah rah boom di a
    to rah rah boom di a
    to rah rah boom……….?


  30. After postponing the symbolic recognition of Palestinian state, Jewish-dominated government of French president Francois Hollande (Jewish) has announced suspension of delivery of the first Mistral-class ship to Russia until the United States and European Union resolve their dispute with Moscow over Ukraine.

    “The President of the Republic believes that the current situation in the east of Ukraine still does not allow the transfer of the first Russian Mistral-type ships to Russia,” a statement from the Elysée Palace said.

    France which is home to Europe’s largest Muslim minority (8-10 million) has Europe’s most powerful anti-Muslim establishment thanks to the Zionist-mafia. All three major political parties, ruling Socialist, Sarkozy’s UMP and Le Pen’s National Front have used Islamophobia behind the anti-immigration cover. In September 2014, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that more and more French Jews are turning to National Front party for its open hatred toward French Muslims.

    France has always been a Christian-majority nation even though it’s present Constitution is embedded in secularism. However, country’s real religion is Holocaust. In France not only it is major crime to challenge the Six Million Died myth but the French children at 5th grade are forced to study Holocaust through a 2008 directive issued by the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (Jewish).

    Interestingly, according to the International Red Cross records, only 271,301 Jews died inside the so-called “Nazi concentration camps”.

    Personally, I’m no admirer of Russian president Vladmir Putin. Not because he allegedly has Jewish family roots, but because he is admired by all the Muslim-hating leaders in the West. For example, Nigel Farage leader of United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), a new pro-Israel racist party – Marine Le Pen, leader of France National Front – German Chancellor Markel, and Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands, has blamed the conflict in eastern Ukraine not on Russia but on Ukraine’s democracy movement and the pro-European government it elected, which he claimed, are run by “National Socialists, Jew-haters and other anti-democrats.” Geert Wilders has visited the Zionist entity 40 times. The last visit was during the recent 50-day Israeli massacre in Gaza.

  31. Oil IS money….

    If Putin knew this, he is culpable. If he did not know it, he is stupid. I would guess the former, since he is schooled in International Trade Law.
    The Russian ruble is crashing as oil prices plummet, putting President Vladimir Putin’s energy resource-dependent government under financial strain.

    The United States dollar was fetching nearly 80 rubles during early trading Tuesday, a depreciation of nearly 50 percent over the year against the dollar.

    Struggles for the ruble also reflected an emergency interest rate hike to 17 percent, up from 10.5 percent, that some experts said might restrain the economy. Western sanctions resulting from Russia’s incursions into neighboring Ukraine also have played a role.

    “While such drastic tightening measures will inflict more pain on the economy, we have been arguing for a while that it is not about preventing recession, but full-scale financial turmoil caused by the precipitous ruble fall,” said Piotr Matys, a currency strategist at Rabobank International in London, told Bloomberg.

    1. Pat –

      When I heard word, this morning, about the ruble ‘crash’, the first thing I thought (and still think) is that it is an orchestrated pressure/perception to discredit Putin BECAUSE Fox News (on which I first heard it – while looking for a weather forecast) was gleefully announcing it via one of their talking heads. Consider the source. Consider, too, that the old ‘Seven Sisters’ control the petroleum markets, and ARE, by their very nature and works, irrevocably tied to City of London corp. Being that most people are incapable of critical thinking, nowadays, they will be quick to accept that it is ‘Putin’ policy which is to blame. Au contraire – but that is how it will be spun to Joe Dumb Public.

      In the Big Picture, TPTB still want SOME approval from J. D. Public before going to war. War seems inevitable, anyway, but now just about anything Russia does to protect her interests will be portrayed an act of aggression or desperation. It will not bode well. (And there’s no use in thinking that diminished gasoline and diesel prices here, at home in USA, are going to be any more affordable than they were this time last year, because WE are in a DEFLATIONARY spiral, right now, and accelerating.)

      A worldwide currency crisis looms. The Seven Sisters and the Rotheschildes control it (and remember, too, that Rio Tinto is a HUGE shareholder in the Seven Sisters).

      1. one more proof that putin is for rel because he is getting the full hitler treatment by the very same nemesis.
        does anyone still believe that he is the trojan horse for one world currency?

        shooting war real soon.
        if he doesn’t have death squads posed to inflict pain on space ghouls wherever they are, he is astronomically stupid, because that’s the only way to fight this war – it can be done.
        start rubbing out the real warmongers cowering behind scenes and you got a chance.

      2. All I know is that ‘oligarchs of the world’ control ALL markets – metals, oil, gems, food, currencies – no matter what we might guess about Putin.

        Putin does not control any ‘oligarchs’ of global stature. He does not have the birthright to do so.

        That has been my position all along. He is paid to do what he is told, or suffer consequences.

        I would guess he is ‘in on it’ as well.

      3. “the real warmongers cowering behind the scenes”

        An intriguing thought – somehow go right to the source before they have their way in manipulating events like they always do. Would be unprecedented, at least as far as we know, but I lerv the idea.

        Who said star wars is a pipe dream!

  32. Then again, maybe when all is “said and done” it’ll come down to a collective of meta-comedians getting right in the face of fear everywhere and laughing these rascals out of existence

    Best exemplified in crazy injun style. Which is why I have this growing admiration for people like JB Campbell. Carry yourself in a certain crazy and fearlessly confident manner that properly directs rage, and with no compromising the joy they want to ROB FROM YOU!

    This projects power and affords you spiritual protection WHEN you have TRUE CONVICTION in the rightness of your cause.

    This war ain’t for the faint of heart!

    1. “This projects power and affords you spiritual protection WHEN you have TRUE CONVICTION in the rightness of your cause.”

      Those types of actions land many in federal prison. One of my close friends acted that way. He did not do that when he got out after 4 years.

      Be careful. The temperatures are not comfortable in the ‘steel bar hotels.’ Bad neighbors also. Really bad restaurants.

      “Meek as a dove, wise as a serpent” is better advice.

      1. Gotcha Pat

        You don’t think I know Indians that ended up in the Federal Pen?

        I suppose I got carried away a little bit. It’s the writer in me I guess. No way am I like Lonnie who still wants to kill all the jews like some pharaoh ordering the slaughter of hebrew males.

        In general I like being “meek as a dove” towards women and children – inside I’m just a big goofy puppy dog around them. With men is where the “wise as a serpent” part comes in. I feel it’s important to maintain a fierce countenance in reflecting ourselves as the protectors we would claim to be.

        All this is my idea of emulating Christ

  33. Anti-Putin propaganda is not working….. that is… it ‘is not working’ very well for Putin.

    Putin, ‘the oligarch slayer’…NOW has no remedy for his financial collapse. He even has a degree in the area of the calamity…. and has no answers. All he can do is smirk and giggle and point fingers at others…. like grade-school kids do.
    He bemoans, “They are building a virtual Berlin wall..” Tee-hee-hee!!
    What? Around a country covering over 100 to 200 time zones of pure ice..???

    And just when the pretenders were claiming Russia was buying and stockpiling all that gold. Ooops… time to bail.
    But Russian people support him. Sure….Same old Zogby results which show the facts in US.
    ‘Time’ magazine will support him too. His phoney words sell papers and grab eyeballs on http://www…$$$ for them.

    Here is what the, cowering in fear of Putin, ‘oligarch press’ reports:

    Reuters: Putin says Russia economy will be cured but offers NO remedy

    (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin assured Russians on Thursday that the economy would rebound after the ruble’s dramatic slide this year but offered no remedy for a deepening financial crisis.
    In an assured performance at a three-hour news conference, Putin blamed the economic problems on external factors and said the crisis over Ukraine was caused by the West, which he accused of building a “virtual” Berlin Wall to contain Russia.

    1. Pat –

      From my (our?) perspective, Putin and Russia are much better able to weather the coming storm than is broadcast by the talking heads IF IT IS TRUE THAT RUSSIA HAS RELATIVELY LITTLE DEBT (compared to Europe and America). The eastern European countries are suffering from this more than Russia. Whether or not TPTB can convince the pertinent players that Putin is to blame remains to be seen. Certainly, there are no “choir boy” players on THIS SIDE of the big pond – and, methinks, that circumstance is obvious to all.

      It will be very difficult for people in EITHER realm, if they are totally reliant upon the digitized transactions of the global cyber-markets. Many will get along “OK”, though (barring a “nuclear winter”, of course…), and Life will go on. 🙂

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