What is an Anti-Semite? (Video, 18 mins)

This powerful dissertation from the razor-sharp pen of Mark Glenn is read by the incomparable “Snordster”. 

“The ‘final solution’ to the Jewish problem,” Mark Glenn comments,  “is simple and has been sitting there as an open secret for thousands of years — destroy the source of their criminal behavior, which is their Judaism. Every aberrant behavior they have exhibited throughout history has been codified in the Old Testament, a book written in every language for the entirety of the Gentile world to read for themselves and understand and yet rather than apply this very simple solution to the problem instead they have included Judaism within the ranks of other religions that are of benefit to the individual and to society when in fact it should be declared as a form of mental illness that destroys everything it touches.”


LASHA DARKMOON: Take a moment to consider the perennial questions:

Why have the Jews always been hated and expelled from so many countries? Are we to blame for expelling them? for persecuting them? for killing them in various pogroms?

Or are the Jews to blame for their own persecution by “asking for it”—by being so obnoxious that “anti-Semitism” was the inevitable consequence of Jewish misbehavior?

Given that the Jews are still such a worldwide problem, what is the “final solution” to the Jewish Question? Should we learn to put up with the Jews and force ourselves to love them? If we decide that we cannot love them and that they are destined to remain a thorn in the flesh for us forever, an implacable enemy, what is the next step?

Zionism—giving the Jews their own country so that they could all go and live in Israel and get out of our way—didn’t work. It was a spectacular failure, as we can see.

So what exactly is to be done about the Jews? Any ideas?

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  1. Where to start? How about
    We’ll need the support of goyim who have yet to awaken to the big Jewish lies of 9/11.
    Thousands should be indicted, arrested, interrogated, prosecuted, and when found guilty, punished.

    We may need FEMA camps to hold what is likely to be tens of thousands of conspirators, including the sayanim network.

  2. Americans seem to like jews very much, Mark. I dont know where you get the idea that jews are considered a problem in America.
    I am being honest, no sarcasm. Facebook asked people recently : most people -99 percentt- in America are for Israel. they love Israel, religioulsy and otherwise.
    Europe, in the other hand, knows them. Europeans -except maybe Holland, dont like them, they know that they were the reason behind the destruction of Europe in ww2.
    We muslims dont like them neither, for obvious reasons. We dont like them even before they came to Palestine and did what they did. Islam tells us they drove the prophets crazy, not only jesus.
    In Southamerica Chavez made sure to expose them, the world bank, the imf, the Roschilds, etc. he did a good job.
    so, the best thing is -after isis grows even more and the caliphate is formed and the arab nation unites and the mohamed khans teach us how to make nukes in a microwave oven -OVERNIGHT- AND A LARGE CLOWD of fear is formed over the head and over the Jews yarmulkes,
    they can move to america where they will find a great audience for their never ending moaning;
    I know you dont like isis, well i am palestinian whose granfather was the mayor of der yassin during the massacre in 1948- my grandfather -whom i never met because my mother was a child at the time- was killed and 26 other members of the family,
    Yes i am a palestinian and i like isis. i see hope; i see a light. i see the culmination of the arab spring and we are stuck in syria and we have to finish up there because we have to go back and finish up in egypt and go back and do a knock out in jordan and lebanon. I see retribution i see arab leaders heads rolling, and i see traitors blood watering the garden of independence and i see the garden of hate
    Apaciguated and aplacated.
    Once that clowd gets darker and darker the jews will pack up the suitcases they brought from poland and 119 countries – in europe- and move to America.
    just listen to your senators, reps and congressmen. And dont say “oh those goverment officials have all been bought by aipac”
    its everyone in the us.
    just watch the movie independence day where they all sit in the white house to pray,
    they bring in the rabbi to do the prayers, the rabbi is the hero´s dad!

    1. Avatar –
      We have only good Jews here in America… the kind which some commenters have welcomed to post on this site.

      Mostly they are huddled up in NYC and Miami. They are ‘chosen’ ya knowz.

      But, if anyone believes they are going to make a nuke in a microwave… they might also believe Muhammad will return. If they attempt to do that….. they will not be around long enough to strap it on. Just search Marie Curie. The unit of ionizing radiation measure was named for her. She died on 4 July 1934 from leukemia, caused by exposure to high-energy radiation from her research.

    2. Great, Avatar… Go ahead. This dissertation by Glenn is too confusing, anyway. It rather begs the question: What IS a “semite”?? WHAT is a true “Israelite”?? You – and Glenn – seem to ignore the fact that without whoever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-us here, in America, we have been just as fooled as you by the treachery. Want to call us your enemies, then? What makes you different from the Jew and THEIR white Christian-bashing? If the jew you pursue comes here and wants to hide among us, do you think we should sacrifice ourselves to let you take retribution??? I think not.

      Beware, haji: Real Americans are getting just as fed-up with YOU as we are with the Jew. Do we need to still prove to you how dangerous we can be when we perceive threat?

    3. @ avatar

      and just in which geographical location did judaism originate.
      it seems to me that genetically, they (the sephards, the originals anyway) are pretty much the same as you, without them khazars would have remained a clan of muslim road bandits and would have been wiped out by the saracens, persians and the mongols.


    4. Avatar, how sad, that you cannot see, or understand, the cooperation between the jews occupying Palestine, and the heathens you refer to as ISIS. Both have the same method of operation, and both have the same agenda, which is to kill arabs and steal everything they have. The one speaks of a caliphate, the other speaks of greater israel, they work in tandem on the destruction/decimation of the Middle East, and you, as a Palestinian, should be ashamed of liking either one..

    5. I agree with The Avatar, next to Israhell, America is the second Jewish state, they love it here, because they can do what they want, and no one says a word, for fear of being called an Anti-Semite. Not only that, most people are so stupid and apathetic here they don’t read books, they just watch movies and TV, so they think Jews are fine, no problem. I am afraid we will go down like the Russians in the Russian revolution. The only chance we have is that people love their guns here, and that is a good thing. I don’t think the jews will try a blood-bath Bolshevik approach unless they can get rid of them. Check out http://www.ww2truth.net, it is a website I started. It is not much, but I am trying to do something about the lies still being propagated about WWII after all these years.

  3. The ‘final solution’ to the Jewish problem is simple and head been shooting there as an open secret for thousands of years–destroy the source of their criminal behavior, which is their Judaism. Every aberrant behavior they have exhibited throughout history has been codified in the Old Testament, a book written in every language for the entirety of the Gentile world to read for themselvesand understand and yet rather than apply this very simple solution to the problem instead they have included Judaism within the ranks of other religions that are of benefit to the individual and to society when in fact it should be declared as a form of mental illness that destroys everything it touches.

  4. Loving the Jews (individually or collectively) is for your salvation. In other words, when loving the Jew(s) you have done what our loving Lord Jesus Christ asks of you. Whether or not the Jew(s) accept or reject that love is not up to you.

    And of course “. . . and that they are destined to remain a thorn in the flesh for us forever, an implacable enemy, what is the next step?” hence the reason why Jesus will come again, last chance, if you will, for the Jews . . . and for some of us.

    “We did not fear the revolvers that were aimed at us the first time around; We will have even less fear the second time.”
    – Pope Pius XII

    A. McGuire
    Pray long, pray hard, pray often

    1. Every nation that ever took the Jews in has been destroyed by them. The Gods curse those who help the Jews.

  5. Started off good, then became confusing. How does Abe Foxman have “fair” and “white” features? There’s no way he looks White at all, not to any actual White person. And being Jewish may be a “mindset” but that mindset is rooted in their biology as a race. This video is politically-correct anti-Semitism (sorry, anti-Judaism), attacking them for oppressing people of color and regarding themselves as superior. It’s more effective to simply state the facts about their destructive and deceptive tendencies towards the people they live among.

  6. As a Jew, I simply can’t understand what all the fuss is about. You are all calling ME a problem, right? That’s ridiculous. How can I be a problem? I have as much right to this earth as you do. I look at myself in the mirror and say: “Seymour, are you a problem?”

    And my eyes look back at me sadly. “Of course you’re not a problem,” my eyes tell me. “Don’t think like that, Seymour! These poisonous negative suggestions are to be resisted at all costs.”

    The easiest solution to the Jewish problem has been suggested about by A. McGuire. He has stumbled upon the solution. The solution is LOVE.

    Love the Jew. It’s as simple as that. And the Jew will love you back.


    1. Sorry Seymour, I can’t love you. Cos you suck. I’ve been trying to love you for 2000 years and it’s a thankless task.

      Ever tried petting a rabid dog?

      You get your hand bitten — and you end up with rabies.

      1. Balthaza, “Ever tried petting a rabid dog?”
        I’m sure the Jewish slut-queen, Ms Silverstein could handle a rabid dog! She’d just lick its anus, rabies and all, to put a smile on its face!
        This filthy Jew, SEMEN (in the) DAKS is a dog and arse lerver! He would be an altar blood drinker and a lover of sex with minors! Give me 5 minutes with him, please oh my God!
        Oh sorry, one of my wives just corrected me: “Seymour Zak”!
        Sounds like a filthy, perverted Ashkenazi, non-Semite!
        SEMITES ARE ARABS YOU UTTA IDIOTS< AS I'veSAID BEFORE! STOP being controlled by the Marxist-Jwish lexicon you absolute dumb shits!
        The only genuine LOVE i could perform on you Mr dirty Daks/Zak is to bury you in a deep hole and stamp on your grave "to make sure you are dead"! (Latter words inspired by Bob Dylan in his Masters of War) Go find yourself a dog MR Zak!

    2. Seymour –

      The more one learns of Jewish perfidy and treachery, the more difficult it is to love. My favorite Biblical hero, David (NOT a Jew, but of Judah) implored God ‘Have I not hated what You hate, and loved what You loved??’. Jesus, of David’s lineage, certainly demonstrated love and mercy – but He in no way asked anyone to love Jewry (see John 8:43-47). You may, however, seek His mercy and He may grant it. The onus is not on Christians – but on Jews.
      (Most of you look too much like the rest of us whites for this war to logically continue…)

  7. Jews are a religion, not a race. He is correct. Therefore no aboriginal claim to any land is available.

    Q – Why have the Jews always been hated and expelled from so many countries?
    A- The practices set out in the Talmud is taught to Jews.
    Q – If we decide that we cannot love them and that they are destined to remain a thorn in the flesh for us forever, an implacable enemy, what is the next step?
    A – First step… wrestle the language from Jew media. Stop using the word ‘antisemitism.’ Use ‘anti-Jew’ instead.

    1. @ Pat

      “Jews are a religion, not a race.”

      Not only an ill-informed comment, but a comment that Jews like to make in order to deceive the goyim into thinking they are not a race but only a religion.

      Scroll down here to “RACE POSING AS A RELIGION”


      In “Separation and Its Discontents” (1998) Kevin MacDonald suggests that Jews use religion as camouflage for race.

      Modern Jews essentially trace their ancestry back to Khazaria. Genetic studies prove beyond all doubt that Jews are a RACE with common genetic characteristics. Thus Jews are much more prone to Tay-Sachs disease than non-Jews because their racial characteristics predispose them to this particular disease.

      Merely believing in a particular religion, Judaism, could not possibly cause Tay-Sachs disease. If it did, then simply converting to Christianity or Islam would cure the disease!

      1. “essentially” trace… NOT totally. But even if they ALL traced roots back to Khazar-land it does not make them a race, but a culture that converted by force of their leader centuries ago.

        I do not trust Jew Makow. He is likely looking for a reason to give Jews, him, a false birthright.

      2. You quote Kevin MacDonald in your post but he has repeatedly disproven the theory that Jews are Khazars.

        Jews are a race of people; a repugnant criminal race of Afro-Asiatic origin whose only goal is pure destruction.

      3. Madam B-Fly –

        It is YOUR logic which is flawed, based on a disease.

        Tay-Sachs is NOT EXCLUSIVE to Jews, or even Khazars or Persians.

        ANYONE…ANYONE… can be a carrier of Tay-Sachs, but the disease is most common among the Ashkenazi Jewish population. About 1 in every 27 members of the Ashkenazi Jewish population carries the Tay-Sachs gene.


      4. You quote Kevin MacDonald in your post but he has repeatedly disproven the theory that Jews are Khazars.

        macdonald is protecting his already shaky tenure, it would be jeopardized further, maybe fatally if he were on top of everything to claim that jews have almmost no genetic connection with palestine.

        yet a jew geneticist at john hopkins did a large scale survey (mostly structural equations/cluster analyisis) that showed that out of a whole bunch of reference populations, ashkenazi genome was matched most closely with groups in that traditional khazar region (i think georgians, since no original khazars exist there anymore).

  8. every religion at least stakes a claim to a moral code, acknowledged as universally good which it expects its adherents to follow on the pain of afterlife price to be paid for noncompliance.

    judaism promotes the polar opposite, namely preaches every known depravity and perversion without any concept of afterlife.
    in that they are just a form of nasty, backward witchcraft no less than the african, caribbean and brazilian voodoo corpse-chewing cults.

    nor are jews a physical race, they are deformed humanoid lifeforms resulting from centuries of strict inbreeding to maximize the worst traits, absence of shame, compassion, guilt and responsibility, along with positive encouragement of sadism, deceit, betrayal and hypocrisy as forms of “jewish virtue”.
    yes, a few, very few are able to extricate themselves from this breeding matrix but the numbers are truly minuscule.

    so, jews are neither religion nor race but abomination in the eyes of creation.
    there is no room for them in a sane, healthy universe.

    i mean, just look at them, no further talk necessary.

    in fact, zak is a very mild form, for all his hyperventilating, he doesn’t strike me as having the necessary venom that distinguishes a true jew – maybe a fresh converso, no more than 2-3 generations, insufficient for a thoroughbred.

    1. Lobro, Pat, or Anyone Else Who Might Give Educated Opinion –

      I wonder, sometimes, if the word ‘Judaism’ is not misapplied to Jewry… It confuses the issue of Judah and Jews (which are, by no means, necessarily synonymous). If all Jews were Judeans, Khazaria wouldn’t enter into the equation, at all – hence, IMO, the misapplication of the word. If the tribes of Israel migrated ‘north and into the western islands’, Judah abandoned the land of Palestine many moons ago. They are now some of us – Anglo Americans, Brits, German, and Scandinavian, which is the gist of ‘Israel identity’ contention.
      Maybe we’re ALL inbred! 🙂

      1. If you believe the Adam and Eve stories…we are all inbred.

        Chazar rulers chose to be Talmud followers centuries ago.. ergo: CHOSEN ones.

      2. look gilbert, i try to stay focused and that means not having more balls in the air than ii can keep track of.
        there may have been some decent judean subgroups and cults before vespasian did a number on them, essenes and whatever.
        they were vaporized under hte roman punitive action and the worst of the worst took over the power among jews – the pharisees/hypocrites and it has been that way in their diaspora until the present day.

        i say, no thank you, i don’t want to have anything with that unclean brood.
        white people surely existed in europe well before then, who were the celts and britons, atrabates, belgae, catuvellauni (or whatever), the druids on anglesey island, the picts, gauls, germans, thracians, dacians, ilyrians, dalmatians, ionians, dorians, spaniards, … were they jews?
        i don’t think so.
        the original inhabitants that lost to jews, the canaanites and so on, they were murdered to the last breathing being, the template never changed to this day, no one was allowed to emigrate to europe or anywhere else.

        our civilized indo-european languages have absolutely nothing in common with guttural hebraic grunts and bespittled lipsmacks that you can hear when they talk among themselves, so that should tell you something.
        every single european language has common roots in that proto-persian cluster, hebrew is completely outside.
        and let’s make sure they stay outside.
        that is my sole focus, if i had a daughter, boy would i jew-proof her.

      3. @lobro

        ‘…the original inhabitants that lost to jews, the canaanites and so on,…’

        As far as I can tell, the ‘Jew’ DID NOT EXIST before the Canaanite. Please don’t say the Bible stories are all false. Neither you, nor anyone else, has any way of knowing for sure. Babylonian Talmud was not written by Khazars, either – or it wouldn’t be ‘Babylonian’. A lot of the confusion and disagreement probably comes from the gray area wherein Talmud morphed into Jewry. Thanks for trying, though. There’s something we’re not seeing…

      4. Gilby –
        It is an incontestible fact that the word “Jew” did not come into existence until the year 1775. Prior to 1775 the word “Jew” did not exist in any language on earth. The word “Jew” was introduced into the English language for the first time in the 18th century when Sheridan used it in his play “The Rivals,” Chapter 2, p. 1, “She shall have a skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew.” Prior to this use of the word “Jew” the word “Jew” had not become a word.
        Contrary to what most people believe Shakespeare never saw the word “Jew” nor did he ever use the word “Jew” in any of his works, the common general belief to the contrary notwithstanding. In his “Merchant of Venice,” V, III, I, 61, Shakespeare wrote as follows “what is the reason? I am a Iewe; hath not a Iewe eyes?” You see there was not even a letter “j” or “J” until the middle of the 18th century. Check any encyclopedia you wish for proof of this.
        In the Latin Jerome 4th century Vulgate Edition of the New Testament Jesus is referred to by the Genitive Plural of “Iudaeus” in the Gospel by John reference to the inscription on the Cross, “Iudaeorum.” It was in the 4th century that Jerome translated into Latin the manuscripts of the New Testament from the original languages in which they were written.
        This translation by Jerome is referred to still today, as the Vulgate Edition by the Roman Catholic Church authorities, who use it today. Jesus is referred to as a so-called “Jew” for the first time in the New Testament in the 18th century editions in the English language of the 14th century first translations of the New Testament into English.
        The history of the origin of the word “Jew” in the English language leaves no doubt that the 18th century “Jew” is the 18th century contracted and corrupted English word for the 4th century Latin “Iudaeus” found in Jerome’s Vulgate Edition.

    2. Yes. Abominations

      “Jew’ – Not strictly a religion or race. Call them Beings from different religions and races who, if not human, are non-human wolves in human sheep’s clothing. Or, IF human, have for all intents and purposes lost their humanity – what would define “humaneness”

      Know them by their deeds

      1. Gil

        THIS is what’s not being seen, as you put it.

        “They” have insinuated themselves in various religions and races and are abominations to begin with or if they were human to begin with, i.e.; even capable at ALL of showing humane behavior, have ALLOWED themselves to become abominated.

  9. What’s the difference between ‘Antisemitism’ and ‘Anti-Semitism’? The Berlin-born Jewish professor Shmuel Almog (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), has claimed that the term with hyphen and without it has different meanings. The term ‘Antisemitism’ was coined by Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s. It was applied to European Christians who hated Jews. However, when it’s written with hyphen ‘Anti-Semitism’ – it means hatred toward Semite people who are found in far greater numbers among Arab Muslims and Christians than the entire world Jewry.

    Incidently, professor Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok (University of Wales) who has authored three books on Jew-hatred (The Crucified Jew: Twenty Centuries of Christian Antisemitism and Antisemitism: A History and The Paradox of Antisemitism) has always used the term without hyphen.

    The ‘Zionism On The Web’ site says: “Anti-Semitism or Antisemitism. It’s all hatred of Jews, Jews hate, the oldest hate in the world“. Then it explains that dislike of Judaism, or denial of the Zionist narrative of Jewish holocaust, or criticism of the state of Israel, or even pointing out a criminal being Jewish – is an old-fashioned Jews hate.

    In good-old days, in Europe antisemites were those who hated Jews among their countries. These days, antisemites are those whom Jews hate, all over the world. Take for example, how Maureen Dowd, the long-time New York Times columnist was hounded by Zionist goons for her anti-GOP column ‘Neocons Slither Back’. Jeffrey Goldberg (a former jailor at Israel’s largest concentration camp for Palestinian political activists and follower of Jewish terrorist Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), which is designated as a terrorist organization by the FBI), called her antisemite for criticizing Dan Senor, the Jew advisor to GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Jonathan Tobin at Jewish Commentary magazine called Maureen’s column “creepy”. …..


  10. Other than Berlin during the Weimar republic and the first 30 some years of the USSR, America is the most “Jewized” nation in history. Let us count the ways.
    1. Religion. Christianity is just another Jew religion designed to neutralize and disarm the non-Jew, where the average goyim doesn’t worship Jesus (another sun God), but Jesus because he may have been a Jew.
    2. Money: Through central banking, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the Jew controls the money of this nation, credit, interest rates and through this mechanism governments at all levels.
    3. Communications: 96-98 percent of all news media is controlled by 6 mega corporations all controlled by the Jew either overtly or covertly.
    4. Entertainment: What you see at the movies and see on TV and see on stage is the playpen of the Jew so as to maintain mental control over the goy. They are famous for holding auditions on the casting couch.
    5. Porno: Like in Weimar Berlin this is a Jewish specialty in all it’s degrading and disgusting
    forms. And it’s very profitable as are all their rackets.
    6. Fashion industry: In league with the third sex, this needs no elaboration.
    7. Professional sports: Teams are either owned and/or controlled by the tribe.
    8. Controlled opposition: The eternal parasite most control the host. Therefore, all forms of dissent, at their means, most be controlled and channeled to the benefit of the human parasite. Even much of the alternative media is full of trolls and shells.
    The parasite without it’s host will die. It is in the nature of the parasite to eventually kill the host. There is little sign that the American host will save itself. And even if the host tries, look at what happened to the German people circa 1933-1945.
    9. Wall Street: With control of the money, profits flow like honey to those on the inside. Even thought the non-Jew is welcome to join the party at the big casino he will eventually be taken to the cleaners.
    10: Gambling: Only those living under a rock doesn’t know that the big casinos at Lost Wages, Nevada is a 99% Jewish affair. Even the Indian casinos that have sprung up like poisonous mushrooms have their Mobster and Jewish “partners”.

    One could on and on and on how the Jew has insinuated itself into every nook and cranny of American society. You may add this list.

    1. NWN-

      You are correct on ALL counts. They control BRICS with Seligmans and Oppenheimers..et al.. leading the way.

      And here is a power broker also:
      Leo Melamed is the chairman emeritus of CME Group (formerly Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and a pioneer of financial futures. He is a current board member of CME Group and chairman of its Strategic Steering Committee.

      Melamed, an attorney by profession, became chairman of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1969. In 1972, under his leadership, the CME created the International Monetary Market (IMM), the world’s first financial futures exchange, and launched currency futures. In the years that followed, Melamed led the CME and IMM in the creation of a number of financial instruments, including futures on US Treasury bills in 1976, Eurodollars in 1981, and stock index futures in 1982.

      In 1987, Melamed spearheaded the creation and introduction of Globex, the world’s first electronic trading system, and became its founding chairman. That ave the Jew bosses total control of ALL trading world-wide.

      1. gilbert is correct.
        i keep repeating: educate yourselves by observing jew’s reactions.

        and throughout his septic history, his greatest hate and fear were reserved for jesus christ, much more so than even adolph hitler.

        if you missed that point, you will be misled on the rest, sooner or later.

        all this other stuff is secondary speculation, some of it makes more sense than other, fiat money, usury, porn, warmongering, false flags, biochemical warfare, chemtrails, frankfurt school, bolshevik gulags and slaughters, illuminati, shabbos goys, pedophilia, organ theft … incomplete list of the types of his nefarious activities, some of which we may not even know right now.

        but without understanding of the role of christ versus the jew, it is like a prison break into the exercise yard, no exit to the big outdoors because you are missing the key.

        jew knows this perfectly, why don’t you?

      2. The guesses of Gilby and lobro do not work for me. Go figger…huh…
        My guess is that Judaism and Christianity were both created for endless wars to keep people occupied while their wealth is being stolen away from them. Throw in Islam and the criminal cabal can take the globe….. fort ‘order’ don’cha know.

      3. Christianity was the original bolshevism. It was the first shot the Jews fired in their war against Aryan man. The National Socialists lost World War II because they were too Christian.

        The jew’s hatred is rooted in race and biology, not religion. There are Jews who have never read the Talmud yet still have an instinctive hatred for the Aryan. This is a biological conflict, not a religious one.

    2. NWN

      Maybe it’s me, but I’m confused by your point #1, so I guess I’ll call this post a “refresher”.

      Christ came into this den of thieves (i.e.; the “world”) and settled with the Essene community, those who see through this world for the aforementioned “den” it is.
      He instructed his followers to “be in the world but not of it”, for His “kingdom” is not OF this Earth.

      My own take is that what he meant by “of this Earth” isn’t intended to be dismissive of what USED to be at any rate a beautiful realm, or planet, or however you may characterize it as a place of beauty. Rather, he is indicating that because of a takeover by these “thieves”, the “goyim” (i.e.; humans) are no longer dwelling “IN” what was Divinely intended, as ALL manifestation was/is intended – a beautiful place. (Truth is beauty)

      The Essenes knew the score, and Jesus (they called him “Yoshie” when he was a kid) knew they knew.

      The message of Christ the Rescuer boils down to one whose intent is to ensure we never lose sight of the “place of beauty”, and to dwell accordingly whether this PARTICULAR place survives and experiences a miraculous “take-back” or not.

      Would be a shame, but Creator has plenty more beautiful places than this one. An infinite number of them


    1. interesting, hp

      Conspicuous by their Sanskrit absence are the letters, “f”, “q”, “x” and “z”

      I have an aversion in particular to the letters “x” and “z”. As in the sacrilege of “xmas”, or with the words, e.g.; “nazi” and “zodiac”, or “freeze”.

      1. Just the tip of the iceberg, amigo.

        A tour of the Vatican (Sanskrit vatica) catacombs would be nice.
        The usurping Constantine not only debased human history, but also the truth about Krishna and Christ.

        And it really wasn’t that hard!
        All swept under the “pagan” rug. (or we’ll kill you)

        “While we are on the topic of words used in Christianity that are derived from Sanskrit, the Catholic term “Madonna,” another name for Mother Mary, comes from the Sanskrit Mata Nah, meaning “Our Mother.”

        New Testament, Book of John “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This is actually a verbatim translation of the Vedic Sanskrit mantra: “Prajapatirvai idamagraasit, tasya vag dvitiyaa asit, vag vai paramam Brahma.”

        Vatican Shiva Temple

        Origin of Vatican

        Vedic culture is parent of humanity

        AUM – OM – AMEN

      2. On my bucket list I shall include, if possible, a tour of those Vatican catacombs.

        With you as my humble guide of course 😉

  11. More on the topical subject of DOG LOVE!
    Seems all is not well in the lervin dogs caper!
    Consider this latest from Australian journalist and award winning cartoonist, Larry Pickering:
    Larry: “A report from Spain this week claims two Islamic groups based in Lérida, a city in the north-eastern region of Catalonia where 29,000 Muslims now make up around 20% of the population, demanded that local officials regulate all dogs in public spaces so as not to “offend Muslims”. Muslims leaders demanded that dogs be banned from all forms of public transportation including all city buses as well as from all areas frequented by Muslim immigrants. Muslims said the presence of dogs violates their religious freedoms and their right to live according to Islamic principles. After the municipality refused to give in to Muslim demands, the city experienced a wave of dog poisonings. Local media reported dozens of canine pets were poisoned in Lérida’s working class neighbourhoods of Cappont and La Bordeta.”
    Yeah read Oz’s Larry Pickering Post!
    So now the Muslims object to pigs and dogs and scaly, creepy things!

    1. i demand that the local officials in my town regulate jews and assholes so as not to offend my religion which bans them both.

      by the way, the city i presently live in is about 80% muslim (can hear prayer calls every couple of hours from the minarets at every 2-3 city blocks) and there are lots of wild dogs running in the streets, they have never bothered me at all.
      and the locals don’t care either, every so often there are drives to bring them (dogs, not locals) to the clinic for spaying and neutering and then everyone forgets about it until some kid gets bit.
      the ones that are fixed get a tag clipped to their ear (dogs, not locals).

      so don’t blame the muslims, blame jews and assholes who are codependent for their existence, without assholes, jews wouldn’t survive and jews in their turn greatly encourage and assist the breeding of assholes (and sometimes train them to wear turbans for effect, as for example in Lerida).

      sorry for the frequent use of the socially unacceptable word (jew).

  12. I’m being MODERATED again! How can you moderate the TRUTH?

    MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: Anyone who keeps changing his user name goes for automatic monitoring. We are forced to monitor or block posters who use numerous sock puppets to undermine our site. If you wish to see your comments posted at once, stop changing your name all the time!

    1. Once again I apologise to you Lucy! You are correct. I unconsciously change my name between 2 or 3 of my non de plumes. I will always try to use my favourite author’s name – max bilney – as the surname is that of my English ancestor whose family home and church are in East Bilney, Norfolk. My mistake, and I will look closely before I push SEND! I would lerv to tell you my REAL name: however my TRUE Christian/Viking name is Thor!

  13. A comment that Rehmat made reminds of a comment that Edgar J Steele made before he was framed by the famed FBI and send to the American Gulag to die: to paraphrase, ‘Antisemitism’ may be a illness, it’s something you catch from the Jews.”
    Many of you may already know this little bit of truth, but just in case…

    1. ‘Saintly’ depiction tweet, there.
      Just in time for ‘all saints’ eve… aka Hallowed Eve.
      Horror story…. Netan-yahoo and Jews brag about.

      1. Yes Pat, it looks like it has caused some strong reactions from the usual crowd.
        Did the guy realize how this was going to come across? Freudian slip?

        yes on halloween, how fitting

      2. “Did the guy realize how this was going to come across? Freudian slip?”

        My take is that he knew. Bragging is a fault of Jews. They want all the loot and all the credit for mayhem.
        All the world is their oyster….as ‘chosen’ ones.

      3. “anyone.”

        Plenty. Hundreds.
        Edgar Steele just did. Jim Trafficant also.
        JFK, Arnold Leese and Louis McFadden are more recent than a fabled character of 2000 years.

        Religion is just one excuse used for war, by SOME major religious groups.

  14. Correction; one of the chosen ones did this, so he goes under the ‘self-hating’ jew label.
    I thought he hit the bulls eye with that cartoon.

  15. I totally buy the Khazar theory of Ashkenazi origins… I read the Thirteenth Tribe many years ago and thought it made total sense. Then the genetic research from John Hopkins confirms it–what more is there to say. So we have the issue of these Khazars (who were a famous pillage and plunder tribe from the Russian Stepps) deciding to go global with their ways that have been fine tuned over the centuries to resemble less a peoplehood than a well oiled machine. This became obvious when the fake people of the Bible encountered the real people of the Bible in the real time Middle East, which was then superimposed with the fantasy/legendary Promised Land. Not surprisingly Mark Glenn who is genuinely Middle Eastern would have to get a little snide with Abe Foxman about the fact the fake Jews are coming in and stealing the culture of the real semites (Semites are real deal people of the ancient Levant) along with their land, and resources.

    What should we do about this, asks Darkmoon. I just watched Gilad Atzmon’s lecture on the cognitive elite. I thought it was very perceptive. Anyone with a familiarity of Jewish culture understands the emphasis put on “smarts.” Every Jewish mother has a genius for a son. If the Jewish culture is structured around a cognitive elite then naturally moving up in that society requires smarts. This cognitive elite took over society after society on this basis because we (goyim) don’t operate on that basis. Anyway, now it’s a fact that we have a Jewish elite derived from the Jewish cognitive elite and these people impose on us a full blown Jewish mentality which they love and we loathe. But they don’t care because we don’t exist in their world–the ghetto mentality has remained in tact. That mentality is all about marketing rather than anything real like real music, real money, real art, real “children of Israel”; we have fake, fake, and more fake. We Americans invented hamburgers and it’s like they packaged it and invented Burger King…you get the idea. We had a republic and a democracy and they have packaged it into the franchise version which is really getting bombed by drones. The motto is don’t ever ruin a good deal by too many genuine facts, something like that.

    Gilad Atzmon does have contacts in the cognitive elite and so when he talks in his inexpert style, no power point folks, he is talking from the mouth of the dragon. Christopher Bollyn, the famous 9 11 activist and former reporter for American Free Press, met Gilad Atzmon and had a chance to question him about his close relatives who are Menachem Atzmmon, head of the ICTS involved in the litigation obstructed by Judge Alvin Hellerstein; Janet Yellen, head of the Fed; and Tzipi Livni. Menachem Atzmon, a cousin, was in the Stern Gang. Wow… these are the cognitive elite in Judaism and the ruling elite in the U.S. and Israel. He emphasizes what “nice” people these are and I disagree. I don’t think they are “nice” and I don’t think the liberal lap dogs who parrot everything said in the MSM are nice either. NOT NICE by a mile, more like pathetic stooges.

    So, there is no point in claiming it is this or that Christian or Muslim, Black or White, or whatever. Those are labels used to manipulate us into not noticing who is robbing us blind and ripping us off until we’re all ebola stricken non-entities bleeding from every pore. Then they will be done with the vanquishing and like the virus will move on.

    I say steal the pearl out of the dragon’s mouth…. the pearl of Absolute Truth.

    1. Kapoore –

      I always appreciate your input, being so close to the sources.

      You said:
      “So, there is no point in claiming it is this or that Christian or Muslim, Black or White, or whatever. Those are labels used to manipulate us into not noticing who is robbing us blind and ripping us off until we’re all ebola stricken non-entities bleeding from every pore. Then they will be done with the vanquishing and like the virus will move on.”

      I said earlier:
      “My guess is that Judaism and Christianity were both created for endless wars to keep people occupied while their wealth is being stolen away from them. Throw in Islam and the criminal cabal can take the globe….. for ‘order’ don’cha know.”

      We have very close ideas…. similar guesses.

      1. My guess is that Judaism and Christianity were both created for endless wars to keep people occupied while their wealth is being stolen away from them. Throw in Islam and the criminal cabal can take the globe….. for ‘order’ don’cha know.

        how did atheism escape being included in here?
        maybe because no jews are atheists, so it gets the clear “walk out of jail free”?
        yes, atheism is the way to fight the jew, just like the atheists of the french revolution, the jacobins, the ones in the spanish war … um, oops, the bolsh … nah, we won’t go there.

        and by the way … i always thought that judaism was created for jews only, otherwise we’d all be chosen by now and who would provide the vein to be opened.

        just following your own logic.

        there is no end in sight, you can always add to the pile by throwing in the latest gatekeeper or divisive ideology, some candidates: nra, solzhenitsin, ezra pound, hezbollah, iran, … the more anti-jew they appear, the more solid the proof that they are actually disinfo agents, like christ, hitler and putin who’ve been outed already.

        well, my guess is that judaism is what makes jew a jew and that christ’s mission was to fight the jew and he was the greatest jew fighter ever, he stood up to them at every turn, he barged into synagogues to kick the central bankers, currency brokers and usurers out, he had the rabbis by their beards and by their balls which is why they were so freaked out by him and howled for pontius pilate to have him crucified (his blood on our heads and heads of our children, they were cool with this curse, just get rid of him!).
        show me anyone else who confronted them as courageously as he, directly, no mincing words, mano a mano, no sock puppets and internet avatars – where is that great american hero, who actually had something worth risking and did?

        maybe the war hero, senator jim webb of virginia who braved bullets, landmines and deadly vietcong ambushes in ‘nam, told george bush off in his face … but hung his head in presence of the jew.

        i guess charlie sheen comes the closest, imo.
        a good bloke as gilbert would say.

      2. lobro –
        Ooops…. out of place….sorry.

        October 31, 2014 at 6:23 pm


        Plenty. Hundreds.
        Edgar Steele just did. Jim Trafficant also.
        JFK, Arnold Leese and Louis McFadden are more recent than a fabled character of 2000 years.

        Religion is just one excuse used for war, by SOME major religious groups.

      3. Bravo, Lobro!! (and, btw, Pat, I never heard that Jim Traficant or Louis McFadden or JFK were atheists!). Your contention that Christianity and Jewry were birthed from the same motive is ridiculous. Beneath your intellect, for sure.

        Jewry follows a script (Talmud). Christianity follows a GOD (Jesus).

      4. Gilby –

        “(and, btw, Pat, I never heard that Jim Traficant or Louis McFadden or JFK were atheists!)”

        I never said they were. ‘Atheist’ did not appear in my reply. I know they were not atheists.

        lobro asked:
        “show me anyone else who confronted them as courageously as he, directly, no mincing words, mano a mano, no sock puppets and internet avatars – where is that great american hero, who actually had something worth risking and did?


        SO I GAVE HIM A LIST!!!

        Get it together, man…

      5. My POINT, Pat, is to stress that you should not bash Christianity or its Namesake when at the same time offering a ‘list’ of Christian heros…

    2. That mentality is all about marketing rather than anything real like real music, real money, real art, real “children of Israel”; we have fake, fake, and more fake.

      what is marketing, who invented it and the term itself?
      another linguistic perversion.
      market used to be the agreed on space where farmers, shoemakers, armorers, hookers, physicians, publicans, tailors and tinkerers came to meet one another and trade their wares, i got shortage of #4, will trade my surplus #8 for your surplus #4, provided you also have a shortage of #8.
      no jew.
      because jew had nothing to trade, only lies, his only and most precious commodity, lies, swindles, empty promises, smoke and forked tongue, curly tail, horns and cloven hoofs.

      trading fake for real, lies for truth … voila, marketing, the opposite of market, improved version 6.66!
      and eventually, after he stocked up on swindled commodities, he used them to dress up more lies, so now jew is good, kind, brave, wise, indispensable, “ah got da smahts, ya don’t”.

      1. Jesus did the same thing in India to the uppity pseudo-Brahmins who also claim $pecial rights via birthplace/birthright/caste/class in lieu of merit.

        Railed at them and rumor has it maybe even took a stick to a few.

  16. Religion is just one excuse used for war, by SOME major religious groups.

    actually, no.
    this is a canard, a convenient cliche that has outlived its usefulness.
    which war was caused by religion?
    ww1/ww2/invasion of iraq, libya, afghanistan, vietnam, korea?
    will ww3 be caused by religious differences between usa and russia?
    did romans go on wars of conquest in order to impose their rligion on barbarians?
    how about seljuks, their first major victim was islamic caliphate in mesopotamia and egypt.
    ditto for mongols under genghis khan and tamerlane, they conquered persia, mesopotamia (laid waste to baghdad), also kicked the turks around … as well as a bunch of christians.

    some possible candidates: iraq (under saddam) v. iran, but egged on by usa, read: jews.
    napoleonic wars, which gave rise to the world empire of rothschild were not caused by religion.

    wars are caused by jew warmongers, ever since the guelphs and ghibelins.
    ever heard the phrase “godless jews“?
    it is not without reason.

    they use the decoy of religion just the same as the fake mask of democracy in the currently fashinable colored revolutions “to bring antidemocratic, oppressive dictators down so women are allowed to drive and swing naked tits in churches, free enterprise, market reforms” … you get the idea.
    and it is not a new idea, been kicking around for at least 300 years, about as long as the word “jew”.

    do you think that without the fig leaf of religion, there would have been no cruel conquest of the “new world” (world without people for people without world, where did i hear that), no import of what, maybe 30 million slaves from africa and untold number die in transit … but it’s ok, so long as it is good for jew, can always blame christianity.
    jews didn’t come from the dutch colony of brazil to the fledling rhode island, usa to discuss religion (even though they made sure they had the right to erect synagogues), it was to start mass importation of slaves.

    slavery, control of people, taxation, minds, markets, resources, trade routes, geopolitics … not religion, ever.

    1. @Lobro:

      I admire your insight and your writing. I learn a whole lot from you.

      I agree with you on the courage of Jesus Christ!!
      I enjoy your style.


      1. hey, that helps.

        so when someone calls me a keyboard warrior instead of grabbing a pitchfork and torch and marching on the neighborhood yeshiva (as if i knew how to spot them, are they inside synagogues?), i can point out to those who became even more militant.

        there comes a point when a drop of water transforms a wave into tsunami (given the tectonic retching) and a snowflake kickstarts an avalanche.

        so let them toss and turn and squeak uneasily in their pampered chateaus, uneasy sleep the yarmulked heads.

    2. crusades were SOMEWHAT caused by misplaced religious zeal, like putting good orange juice and whiskey into poisonous kool aid.
      many other reasons, most of them more fundamental.

      ventian jews (what else was venice but a jew colony) coveted the wealth of byzant and hated the city of constantine as the preeminent center of christendom, rome was dead in the backwater, they were likely signaling the turks that soon asia minor would be theirs in return for considerations … so they offered “free” shipping to crusader armies under the competing kings who all had to do military duty in palestine and syria and sinai, formerly byzantine protectorates, burn, loot, pillage with jews in tow.
      i suspect that just like today, jew had pseudo-popes in their back pocket, the same popes selling certification of christian rule to the highest bidding feudal lord, especially the one with mandatory palestine service under the belt.
      thus weakened, byzantium was a ripe victim for selim, the turk warlord that walked into constantinople unopposed, lots of suspicion of grand betrayal – and guess what, his first act was to give special privileges to jews, just like the bolshevik takeover when antisemitism was punished by death.

      europe and byzantium of 13th to 15th centuries, the latter crushed by turks (who of course were brought down by the same jews a year or two after the 1917 russian catastrophe, in order to free up jew’s claim on palestine)

      nato and russia today, parallel story, i sure hope russians learned their lesson of history and won’t let it repeat, however much the protocols are wishing for it.

      it is one thing for jews to sandbag unsuspecting victims, quite a different one against an alert opponent who anticipates their plan.
      if only hitler and stalin had managed to get together.
      if only.

      1. they forever played their fictitious game-theoretic scenarios, weighing the odds, hedging bets.

        against completely blind or corrupted prey.

        as easy as shooting fish in the barrel.

        so tonight, at 9:30 bedtime i will kneel with my teddy bear and pray that russians+chinese+iranians+indians+brazilians, bolivians, syrians and the rest (hungarians, greeks and remaining antisemitic malcontents scattered throughout the globe) do the right thing, know when rope-a-dope, when to counter, hook, uppercut, nuke if necessary.
        where it hurts, where the undead 6 million vampires squat in greatest concentrations.

      2. lobro –

        You said ‘NO’ to me … but now it is ‘SOMEWHAT’….

        I thought you might ‘waffle’ a bit…again… 😉

        The ‘good Jews’ would be proud of you.

      3. mighty is the straw that you clutch, pat, everyone run for cover.

        but at least thank me for doing your work for you, dug through 2000+ years of history (in fact we can go backward to dynastic times of upper egypt and still find no mention of religiously inspired wars) and came up with one SOMEWHAT plausible candidate, where christianity was the STRAW MAN, the real reasons quite different.

        I thought you might ‘waffle’ a bit…again… 😉
        The ‘good Jews’ would be proud of you.

        the jugular is a bit above the ankles, if i remember the anatomy lessons.

      4. lobro –

        HA-HA!!! That was not even close to the juglar…
        That was uchi mata, and I held on to break the impact.
        But I did follow with transition to juji gatame, and you tapped.

        YOU KNOW you had to run ahead of the Crusades…. which went on for hundreds of years…LOL!!

        I luvvitt..

      5. This will help you understand what I said about the throw and subsequent armbar:

        ouch, you pulled my sock puppet off, i am not a master of jew-jitsu.

        i will ask my buddy putin to teach me some.

      6. lobro –

        He is good. Higher than I am. 6th v 2nd deg. (His judo. Mine jiujitsu.)

        Even so…I would still not let him see you spell it that way. He would ‘slam’ you hard. I did not.

      7. 40some years ago I was squaring off with my Jew neighbor David and he threw dirt in my eyes! (haha) Yeah. Imagine that, eh?

        Oh I got a pitchfork alright! (and a torch)

      8. hp –

        OK… The ‘Rochester’ style.
        Rochester was Bob Hope’s sidekick in films of 40s and 50s.. Amos-n-Andy types.

      9. Lobro, you forgot the Palestinians.. every day, I beg for someone to arm the Palestinians, let them rise up, armed, on equal footing, and give the parasitic tribe a taste of their own medicine.. but first they have to get rid of traitorous old farts, like Abbas, and Erekat..

  17. The marketing example illustrates how the jew unable to create instead replicates and dissimulates, so that the replica has values contrary to what it copies. As for unconditional love, especially bestowed upon the jew as some have suggested, P.T. Barnum said it, “There’s a sucker born every minute”

  18. Clearly, NWN (little ol’ me) is way over his head in comparison to some of the experts who comment on Darkmoon.
    After 250 years of biblical and archeological research and studies, many by Christian apologists, there is not one shred of proof, other than the gospels written 150 to 200 years after the mythical events, that the Christ was a historical character. The Christ was no more historical than was Moses and all the other biblical characters that preceded Moses. (Oh Moses, Moses, whines the Ann Baxter character in The Ten Commandments movie. You must have noticed that every single year the Hollywood/TV cabal drags out this movie to show during Easter, a pagan astrological religious belief among many, many others incorporated into the Christianity by the early church fathers.

    Let the NWN rephrase these two points.
    1. Religion. Christianity is just another Jew/Roman (sun god) religion created via The First Council of Nicaea by a council of Christian bishops convened in Nicaea in Bithynia by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325. These bishops (how many were Jews?) literally got into slug fests on which gospels were to be included in the canon out of the scores available to choose from.
    They each had their favorites.
    Psychopath Roman Emperor Constantine wanted a new religion in order to consolidate his power. The final four gospels are so full of holes and contradictions it takes a true believer not to see them when in plain sight.
    8. Christianity is the very essence of what is meant by “controlled opposition”
    To consolidate and maintain control and power an enemy real or imagined is created.
    Hence, Christ the enemy of Judaism, or capitalism the enemy of socialism, East the enemy of the West. Orwell outlined this pretty well in his novel 1984. The examples of this are endless. Then many Christians and Jews have the chutzpah to maintain that we live in a Judah-Christian civilization. On the other hand when thinking about it they are correct. The key to understanding is how Judah has operated going all the way back to ancient Babylon. They, you know who, took down Babylon just they are taking down the modern West (and pre-Christian Rome for that matter) via un-payable and never ending debt. Read “The Babylonian Woe”; a Study of the Origin of Certain Banking Practices and of Their Effect on the Events of Ancient Babylon…1975 by David Astle

    Notice how Babylon gets such a bad press in to the New Testament.

    1. NWN

      “Christianity” may be the greatest controlled opposition in the history of mankind, but it has NOTHING to do with the true Christ.

      I could waste alot of my valuable time with reams and reams of words to you and it would matter none. And the ironic part of it all?

      You hoist yourself on your own petard as a dupe to the very controlled opposition you purport to be aware of

  19. @ hp


    Sir John Wodroofe notes:

    “The fourth Gospel opens grandly, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    These are the very words of Veda: “Prajapatir vai idam asit: In the beginning was Brahman. Tasya vag dvitya asit; with whom was the Vak or the Word… Vag vai paramam Brahma; and the word is Brahman.”

    — The Garland Letters, 7th ed., p4 [Pondicherry: Ganesh & Co., 1979]

    It now looks like the Vedas inspired the New Testament…

    1. Just as Christ is always ‘inspired’ by Krishna.
      Jesus praised God the Father, 24/7.

      Sound (the word) was present before the material creation because it’s the source.

      “Lord Kapila, an incarnation of Lord Krsna, is teaching His mother, Devahuti, about the fundamental principles of material nature. As the Srimad-Bhagavatam continues, Lord Kapila explains how all objects have their origin in sound.”

      The Power of Sound

  20. >> So what exactly is to be done about the Jews?

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The poor bastards have fucked up themselves beyond redemption this time. It’s for them to figure out what needs to be done to save their asses.

    Netanyahu is already a “chickenshit” in American official parlance, and this is just the beginning – as the country goes down the drains, the need for Jewish services won’t be there for too long. When that happens, the awakening can be swift for Americans and rude for the chosen.

    1. Circassian –

      I want you to be correct. I want the Jews to lose.

      When I see ExxonMobil going around the pitiful sanctions(all for show)…. the Jews who own EM, and other energy companies are financing Putin’s Russia.

      What do you see?

  21. Wot is an “anti-Semite”?
    Etymologically, an “ANTI-SEMITE” is a person who is anti or against Arabs!
    It manifests as a phobia – in this case ARABNOPHOBIA! …. No not ARACHNOPHOBIA you constant misreading illiterates! Do you have a fear of head scarfs/towel-heads and loose fitting , wrap-around clothing, sans underpants? (Read Harold Robbins) Does the burqa scare you shitless?
    Jewish brainwashing/word play entails these sadistic, evil bastards gaining control of the word “SEMITE”!
    According to purposeful Jewish confusionism (aka THEIR heinous DIALECTICISM) a pure Arab-Semite who does not like them is an ANTI-SEMITE!
    You are being played with on all counts my dears! “He who contols the language …..!” (Orwell)
    Today’s evil JEWS display the full range of known racial characteristics and can be any of/or any mix of: Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Ethiopian, negroid, Slavic, Asian, etc, etc. You would be insulting an Asian Jew if you called him a Semite! etc!
    Jesus addressed the Iaoudea, or religious hypocrites of the Second Temple. He did not call them Jews – a 17th century word construct. The Essenes, by the way, also detested the showy, porn and money involved Iaoudea of the Temple!
    What did Jesus say that is NOT appropriate today, with our scumbag JEWS? Was JESUS the ultimate ANTI-SEMITE, my dears? Still confused, “my lambs”? (With acknowlegement of the dumb “thieves in the night” featured in the JEWISH production, Home Alone: words uttered by young Mr Culkin) See the constant parodying of Christ?
    JESUS: ““Jesus said to the Pharisees and Sadducees: O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? We Christians cast not our pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet… Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees… whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven… That which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man… for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men… the temple is a den of thieves… Even so ye shall outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity… ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous… and the Son of man shall be betrayed unto the chief priests and unto the scribes, and they shall condemn him to death… Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Woe unto your hypocrisy and iniquity!”
    AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, Jesus thought the JEWS were complete arseholes!

    1. Oh yeah, and Jesus would be imprisoned in most Western, JEW-controlled nations for indulging in a HATE crime!
      Ya NOT allowed to call JEWS “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers.”
      MAN, if ya did that ya would be in deep shitzum! A kid in Ocean Grove, Australia got convicted and heavily fined for saying “Go Nazis” to a Jew!
      JEWS are our beloved, protected species: “ADOPT ONE TODAY.”
      And go and lick ya dog’s anus as a show of LERV for ’em!
      Better still, let them make a kiddie porno with your children!

    2. you got the new testament down pat, well not pat he doesn’t see, but right (hope his full name is not pat wright).

      you should publish your edition of new testament, maxie, i’d stand in line for even an unautographed copy.
      just stick to where jesus speaks about jews.
      stick to where he sticks it to them, i lerv it.

      although if jews were to disappear, i know that jesus would still be very topical – with or without jews.

      1. Oh, yeah. I see. I see you lobro with a ‘pop-tart’ waffle in hand… hovering over the toaster…
        …having lost the recipe for making them from scratch. 😉

        KJV was bad enough… OOV not needed. Too much anointing the wrong end by lickin’ going on.
        (OOV – Outback Outhouse Version)

  22. NWN thought he would post this for all you brave keyboard warriors on Darkmoon.
    Bill White is getting the Edgar J. Steele treatment.
    The corruption and stench emanating from the bowls of the dictatorship must reach to the heavens.
    Here, get a good whiff of what the dictatorship is doing to this man.
    Even then, so far, Bill is far better off then many to come up against the tribe.
    But the real crime, is not the tribe, that’s a given, it’s their willing helpers.
    Posted on thought crime: http://downwithjugears.blogspot.com/

    Friday, October 31, 2014
    Letter From Bill White – October 21st 2014
    Hello, Harold:
    I wasn’t able to fully expand yesterday [refers to a letter which has not yet arrived and was probably confiscated by the FBI] on the latest bit of legal surrealism here in Orlando. In a way I was shocked, but in another way I’m not. The entire case against me has been a fantasy from the beginning, so why should the probation report not reflect that?

    Basically, I am facing an arguable 5-10 years in prison by the guidelines, although the judge has broad discretion. I have 9 years left to serve.

    These facts make the dictatorship quite unhappy. They have convicted me, at great effort, of crimes they are perfectly well aware I did not commit. Thanks to people like you, I have been able to make public the fact that the dictatorship agrees that my accounts contained a virus that would have allowed a third party to control them, as my computer expert Richard Conner testified. This embarrasses the dictator’s servants. Twenty years ago, the refusal of the local news to report honestly on the facts would have been enough; who would take the time to seek the truth? Today, anyone with a PACER account can have a transcript of the entire proceedings almost instantly. So the Zionists can lie to many, many people–but not the people who care enough to investigate the ones who matter.

    So yesterday I received a probation report that is full of errors and fantasy. It is very clear that the officer who prepared it conducted absolutely no investigation of the facts. His report is filled from cover to cover with a fantastic view of events that bear no resemblance whatsoever to what the regime accused me of, never mind what actually happened. And what is abundantly clear is that this probation agent knew he was lying as he wrote this, and just didn’t care.

    Of course, this is the routine mentality in the U.S. justice system. I am in prison with seriously dysfunctional people. Many will lie as easily as look at you, never mind kill or steal, and this applies equally to the staff as well as the inmates. Thus there is the constant assumption that because I am accused of a crime, I am poor, ignorant, mentally ill and dishonest, not to mention guilty. So some pathological case in the U.S. probation office or U.S. Attorney’s office asserts something that is blatantly untrue–and not only does it not matter, that it is untrue and I deny it, but no one will even take the time to investigate whether I’m telling the truth, because the assumption is that it’s not worth it. That means that I have to rely on a handful of people, usually untrained in legal matters, to help me, and even then, the assumption is that anyone helping me is doing something wrong.

    Thus, for instance, my probation report says that I perjured myself here in Orlando by testifying falsely at trial. Now, in the real world, I didn’t testify at trial, falsely or otherwise. Presumably someone will point this out to the cretin who wrote the report and this bizarre allegation will be withdrawn before sentencing–but what if it’s not? Who will contradict it? The Orlando Sentinel? No. No media will attend.

    What keeps the judge from just editing the past the way that the dictatorship has edited the past by convicting me of a crime which everyone involved knows I did not commit? Who will stop them? Who ever does stop them? No one. Who wants to look closely enough to stop them? Because if you look closely enough, you will discover that all of modern society is based upon a false, edited narrative of what has happened in the past, is happening now, and will happen in the future. Who wants to see that when you’re living off the fat of the land? Who wants to fear opening your eyes and being next?

    The simple fact that a probation officer made about half a dozen meaningfully false statements like that in an official investigation report is important. It is part of the editing process. Had my lawyer not objected in time, these lies would have become the “truth.” I am essentially helpless to change this.

    In the Mahabharata the demon Maya creates a maze in which she traps the heroes. This Maya appears in Greek mythology as the mother of Hermes, the god who takes souls to Hades. The maze is hell, and this is why every site of the ancient world from Akargos to Knossos to Baalbek was built on top of a labyrinth. As demonic beings gain control of this world, we are increasingly separated from the divine order and trapped in the world of illusion.

    Magic is the manipulation of Maya. When will we become magicians?
    P. S. This jail, for whatever reason, has the inadvisable practice of walking tour groups [!!!! My emphasis – HAC] through our supposed maximum security section to gawk at us, rather like the keepers of Bedlam in the 18th century used to bring paying sight-seers into the asylum to gawk at the lunatics and poke them with sticks. Seeing them, I realize that long-term confinement like this causes one to forget how to be a human being. Delenda est America.
    William A. White #201400005514
    John Polk Correctional Facility
    211 Bush Boulevard
    Sanford, FL 32773

    1. a preciously thoughtful and intelligent man’s life wasted, trashed by the soulless, single brain cell organisms that now keep him behind bars and poke him with sticks for amusement.

      this is america, the animal farm owned by jew, the absentee landlord.

      i know that a number of those reading+writing here wholly subscribe to a material view of universe where there is no room for true justice but for the sanity of bill white, i hope that he does, that
      justice will be served.
      if not in this world, then in the next one.

      after all, exactly the same fate threatens canada’s own arthur topham, whose crime is that he sees and speaks the unalloyed truth.

  23. Bill White, thankyou for your letter. SO SAD!
    God (Jesus) be with you, man! Much lerv to you!
    But this is exactly what is now happening in the world of the Jewish-controlled airwaves.
    You can be indicted and jailed on the basis of fabricated, electronic mail evidence. FEMA CAMPS HERE YOU COME! Get used to Bill’s hell-hole! O-bummer and the kingpin JEWS should be on death row!
    That is why, a few weeks ago, I complained of being hacked, with an impersonator spreading dangerous rumours – such as me demeaning the beautiful Lasha Darkmoon and her 2nd-string beauty, Lucy Skipping.
    His STYLE was all wrong and was a poor imitation of mine, which I make uncopiable and unique!
    Also, a woman I have been chatting up whilst on my travels away from my many wives, has started getting filthy suggestive words and images from this vile impersonator of me; such as me using a block and tackle in the bedroom and using a stock whip. She rang me in the middle of the night and I allayed her fears! I am a gentle, but virile lover, and do not insult sheilas!
    Bill, the Jewish Talmud refers to Jesus as “the evil magician” from Egypt. WE ALL KNOW WHO THE TRUE EVIL MAGICIANS ARE!
    Gilby, you say, “As far as I can tell, the ‘Jew’ DID NOT EXIST before the Canaanite.”
    Ya got to be kiddin’ man! Are ya really that ignorant? Haven’t ya bin readin’ all my stuff and others about when the word JEW came into being. And even if you take the word JEW back to Iaoudea or Judah, at the time of Jesus, THAT IS WHEN THEY appeared on our planet! Ie The scum Jesus ranted about! The shitzum scum that RULES you today!
    When Moses (1,000’s of years before) led the Hebrew Israelites to the doorstep of the lands of the Canaanites, they were Israelites and NOT JEWS! Get the picture. Tyron Parsons even told us these Israelites were WHITE people – NOT even Arab Semites. But I disagree with Tyron! The whole lot of ’em were Arabs in those days! See Middle Eastern religions!
    Recently I mentioned Buddhists sitting together in prayer or seeming KARMA (remember Jim Carrey in the Buddhist temple?) with different thoughts in their heads! Well, today the Australian media is reporting on 2 Buddhist monks being shot with a nail gun. Seems a likely lervers tiff as they think the shooter was a miffed lerver!
    And then our homegrown Muslim terrorists have been just foiled in their plans to perform random beheadings in Australian streets!
    ITS A CRAZY JEWISH WORLD OF THE MACABRE AND THE OBSENE! Not even suitable for sewer rats!

    1. Max,

      Not necessarily disputing you (I certainly don’t KNOW), but Canaanite/Jew chronology is almost like chicken/egg argument. Maybe I (and you, too 🙂 ) would do well to read, again, The Curse of Canaan, by Eustace Mullin.

      So much to do, so little time…

  24. @ SPQR

    “Christianity was the original bolshevism. It was the first shot the Jews fired in their war against Aryan man.

    Such a statement would carry more weight if it were backed by some evidence. If it were true that Christianity were a Jewish invention designed to emasculate the goyim, then there is no explanation for the implacable Jewish hatred toward Christianity exhibited throughout the centuries.

    Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein would not say, “Christ sucks!” — as you do — if his fellow Jews had invented the religion to undermine Christian morale.

    Nor would Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman say “I wish the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again — in a second!” On the contrary, she would promote Christianity, not rage against it, if it were such a good weapon in the hands of the Jews.

    You basically have a mental problem, SPQR, since you operate outside the boundaries of logic. You hate Christianity for no other reason that millions benefit from its enhancing beauties to which you are denied entrance or access.

    The fact that you should use this pro-Christian website to pour unmitigated scorn upon Christianity is a mark of your emotional immaturity. It never ceases to amaze me that Lasha Darkmoon, a committed Christian, grants you full licence to spit in her face and tell her what a miserable fool she is for being a Christian!

    1. @ SPQR

      Nietzsche suffered from the same mental kink as you do, however, so it’s possible that great (deranged) minds think alike. Nietzsche’s flawed assumption that Christianity is a slave religion that turns men into sissies is your flawed assumption too.

      Hitler did NOT lose WWII because he was a Christian, as you imply. Christ’s Sermon on the Mount — “Love your enemies and be nice to them!” — was not responsible for Germany’s defeat in WWII. Again, you assume too much and form your conclusions without adequate evidence.

      If you honestly believe that to win wars all you need is to be the bigger bastard, completely lacking in all moral scruples, you are wrong. To win wars you need to be technologically superior. To have superior weapons. And to make the right military decisions.

      Hitler lost WWII because the forces ranged against him were too great. He miscalculated. He was foolish to let the Brits go free at Dunkirk. He should have wiped them out. Christianity had nothing to do with his cretinous decision not to act. He should have left such strategic decisions to his generals. His narcissism and control freakery led to his defeat, not his purported allegiance to Christianity.

      The idea that Hitler was some kind of pussycat Christian saint like Francis of Assisi — your underlying assumption — is too absurd for consideration. Hitler didn’t lose WWII because he was a Christian saint. He lost it because he wasn’t smart enough to win a war against a technologically superior enemy.

      1. Well said, Sardonicus! Agree with all you wrote, here – except that I believe Adolf Hitler WON BIG by his show of humanity and mercy at Dunkirk. Who can possibly deny it?? The longer time goes on, the more Hitler will be honored for his judicious patriotism to Germany, and his moral and deliberate demeanor. He was not perfect – nobody is – but he was a MAN among men. (You know that, though, mon ami.)

      2. Sard –

        “He lost it because he wasn’t smart enough to win a war against a technologically superior enemy.”

        He was not as smart as the cave rats in Viet Nam, who used bamboo as weapons to whip a technically superior enemy…America….and French before.

      3. Agreed Sardonicus

        While the NS intentions were in keeping with Christ in their attempt to create a new pale, their loss in WW2 came solely on the battlefields.

        And in rebuttal to SPQR, I’ll say that jew’s hatred is rooted in the brain. A brain with a weak connection to the heart. This is what makes it “biological”.

        But this hatred was fomented by elites (human AND non-human) by taking advantage of their brain’s proclivity. From THIS came “Christianity”, to be used as THE major form of Controlled Opposition throughout the centuries.

        There is all the difference in the world in being a Christian vs. being a proponent that’s been duped by “Christianity”. Differences that are a work in progress in coming to grips with.

        Catholicism and Protestantism are arms of Judaism equalling “Christianity” – symptoms of a disease suffered by Christians

  25. 40 some years ago I was squaring off with my Jew neighbor David and he threw dirt in my eyes!
    ………. by hp

    homer, what do you think jews have been doing for over 2000 years and are doing at this very moment?

  26. Here is the present CONUNDRUM of the simpleton, brainwashed, porn-lervin, materialistic, bubba Goy in a nutshell: YA MONEY IS NOT YOURS! You are bought, dumbed down and paid for! YOU ARE A SLAVE! You metaphorically are lickin’ dog’s anuses! YOU ARE IMPAIRED AND USELESS! Jesus would NOT even like you as you have allowed them to win! You are the JEWS’ play-thing!
    If the whole control of your Federal Reserve of the USA was in the TOTAL hands of Scientologists, what would you be doing about it in your “land of the free and the brave”? (WOT A FICKIN JOKE!)
    Ditto for if your FED were entirely in the hands of groups of: Mormons, Homosexuals, Women, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Greens, Left Handers, Injuns, Nigrahs, Muslims, Midgets and Bubba/good ‘ol boys.
    And what would you do if the vile, blood sucking Triffids appeared and took over your FED.
    Of course you would be personally and publicly OUTRAGED.
    Imagine a Triffid doling out your social security or in charge of your life savings!
    Imagine a Triffid producing your porn or your TV sitcoms! Can ya imagine Triffid porn with Ms Silverstein makin’ lerv to a Triffid?
    Your outrage would probably extend to DIRECT ACTION!
    C’mon why are the JEWS different to the evil of the Triffids or a group of hypocritical KARMA Buddhist monks sheltering in their candle-lit whorehouse? (Noticed how many whorish, New Age chicks display the multi-colooured Buddhist flags above their front doors?)
    If you don’t want to commit VIOLENT ACTS upon your JEWISH hegemonists, then you had better resort to the only alternative: POLITICAL ACTION at the grass-roots level, completely divorced from any established parties, groups or whorehouses! THE WEST NEEDS A STRONG LEADERSHIP GROUP —-NOW AND PRONTO!!!!!!

  27. Some Germans are tired of Semites… Islamist radicals. They might be anti-Semitic.

    A massive European group dubbed the “soccer hooligans,” who typically gather over their love for the sport, have banded as brothers to defeat the Islamic plague that has taken hold of their beloved hometowns.

    Fed up with the Muslim supremacy in Europe, droves of frustrated Europeans flooded the streets Sunday in Cologne, Germany, as a united front to force Islam out of their towns. The protest began peacefully until individuals against the Hooligans threw objects at the demonstration from their balconies. Shortly after the gathering grew to epic proportions, clashes erupted between police forces and protesters, and at least 13 officers were injured, the German news agency DPA reported.

  28. There is a projected unprecedented rise in antisemitism occurring in America and Europe.

    14% of White Americans considered Anti-Semitic
    20% of African Americans considered Anti-Semitic
    44% of Immigrant Hispanics considered Anti-Semitic

    Some of those numbers may be rising soon.

  29. @PAT,

    You need to stop denying the fact that Jews are a race.

    See: Jews are not white, the proof:


    Jews are a mixed race population that cannot be considered European genetically and posting a few exceptions to the rule found amongst the pile of shit doesn’t change that

    1. A 1999 study titled “Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes” (M.F. Hammer et.al, Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences 6769–6774, doi: 10.1073/pnas.100115997 http://www.pnas.org/content/97/12/6769.full?sid=87fe5eab-25be-450d-8e72-ac3483580c4c) found that:

    ”“[D]espite their long-term residence in different countries and isolation from one another, ”’most Jewish populations were not significantly different from one another at the genetic level”’.”

    ”“”’Admixture estimates suggested low levels of European Y-chromosome gene flow into Ashkenazi and Roman Jewish communities. . . Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations were not statistically different”’. The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East ”’descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population”’, and suggest that most Jewish communities ”’have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities”’ during and after the Diaspora.””

    2. A November 2001 study titled “The Y Chromosome Pool of Jews as Part of the Genetic Landscape of the Middle East” (Almut Nebel et. al., American Journal of Human Genetics, Nov 2001; 69(5): 1095–1112 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1274378/ http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v466/n7303/abs/nature09103.html) found that in most Jewish populations, male line ancestors appear to have been mainly Middle Eastern.

    The study found that Ashkenazi Jews in particular ”“”’share more common paternal lineages with other Jewish and Middle Eastern groups than with non-Jewish populations in areas where Jews lived in Eastern Europe, Germany and the French Rhine Valley”’. This is consistent with Jewish traditions in placing most Jewish paternal origins in the region of the Middle East.””

    3. A December 2009 study titled “The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people” (Doron M. Behar, et. al., Nature 466, 238–242 (08 July 2010) doi:10.1038/nature09103) analyzed individuals from 14 Jewish Diaspora communities and compare these patterns of genome-wide diversity with those from 69 Old World non-Jewish populations in order to ”“provide comprehensive comparisons between Jewish and non-Jewish populations in the Diaspora, as well as with non-Jewish populations from the Middle East and north Africa.””

    The results identified a ”“previously unrecognized genetic substructure within the Middle East”” and that ”“Most Jewish samples form a remarkably tight subcluster,”” and that ”“”’trace the origins of most Jewish Diaspora communities to the Levant”’.””

    4. The Jewish HapMap Project (http://archive.today/Aeurg), a joint project of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and New York University School of Medicine, was created to “understand the structure of the genomes in Jewish populations” and is an outgrowth of the Human HapMap Project.

    According to this project, “Jewish populations are remarkable for maintaining continuous ”’genetic”’, cultural, and religious traditions over 4000 years, ”’despite residence all over the world”’.”

    British former deputy editor of the journal Nature, and currently the scientific correspondent for the New York Times, Nicholas Wade, in an article in that newspaper as follows:

    ”“Jewish communities in Europe and the Middle East ”’share many genes inherited from the ancestral Jewish population that lived in the Middle East some 3,000 years ago”’, even though each community also carries genes from other sources — usually the country in which it lives,” adding that a “”’major surprise from both surveys is the genetic closeness of the two Jewish communities of Europe, the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim”’.””

    ”“The shared genetic elements suggest that members of any Jewish community are related to one another as closely as are fourth or fifth cousins in a large population, which is about 10 times higher than the relationship between two people chosen at random off the streets of New York City.”

    ”“Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews have roughly ”’30 percent European ancestry”’, with most of the rest from the Middle East, the two surveys find. The two communities seem very similar to each other genetically, which is unexpected because they have been separated for so long.””


    >In 1992 G. Lucotte and F. David were the first genetic researchers to have documented a common paternal genetic heritage between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews.[21][22]

    >In 2000, M. Hammer, et al. conducted a study on 1371 men and definitively established that part of the paternal gene pool of Jewish communities in Europe, North Africa and Middle East came from a common Middle East ancestral population. They suggested that most Jewish communities in the Diaspora remained relatively isolated and endogamous compared to non-Jewish neighbor populations.[2][12][24]

    >In a study of Israeli and Palestinian Muslim Arabs, more than 70% of the Jewish men and 82% of the Arab men whose DNA was studied, had inherited their Y chromosomes from the same paternal ancestors, who lived in the region within the last few thousand years. “Our recent study of high-resolution microsatellite haplotypes demonstrated that a substantial portion of Y chromosomes of Jews (70%) and of Palestinian Muslim Arabs (82%) belonged to the same chromosome pool.”[25]

    >All relevant Y-DNA studies have concluded that the majority of the paternal genetic heritage among Ashkenazim and other Jewish communities is similar to those found dominating Middle Eastern populations, and probably originated there. A smaller but still significant part of the Ashkenazi male-line population is more likely to have originated from European populations.


    >A study of haplotypes of the Y chromosome, published in 2000, addressed the paternal origins of Ashkenazi Jews. Hammer et al.[29] concluded that the Y chromosome of most Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews contained mutations that are also common among Middle Eastern peoples, but uncommon in the general European population. This suggested that the male ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews could be traced mostly to the Middle East. The proportion of male genetic admixture in Ashkenazi Jews amounts to less than 0.5% per generation over an estimated 80 generations, with “relatively minor contribution of European Y chromosomes to the Ashkenazim,” and a total admixture estimate “very similar to Motulsky’s average estimate of 12.5%.” However, when all haplotypes were included in the analysis, the admixture percentage increased to 23% ± 7%.[Note 3] Hammer et al. add that “Diaspora Jews from Europe, Northwest Africa, and the Near East resemble each other more closely than they resemble their non-Jewish neighbors.”

    >The frequency of haplogroup R1b in the Ashkenazim population is similar to the frequency of R1b in Middle Eastern populations. Given that haplogroup R1b is particularly abundant in populations of Western Europe, studies of Nebel et al. (2001) and Behar et al. (2004)[30] suggest some Western European contribution to those ~10% of R1b found among Ashkenazim. The Behar et al. large 2004 study of Ashkenazi Jews records a percentage of 5% – 8% European contribution to the Ashkenazi gene pool.[Note 4]

    >Two studies by Nebel et al. in 2001 and 2005, based on Y chromosome polymorphic markers, suggested that Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to other Jewish and Middle Eastern groups than to their host populations in Europe (defined in the using Eastern European, German, and French Rhine Valley populations).


    >There is now new and exciting DNA evidence for common Jewish origin — not just among Cohanim, the Priestly Class, but among Jews scattered all over the globe.

    >Recently published research in the field of molecular genetics –- the study of DNA sequences –- indicates that Jewish populations of the various Diaspora communities have retained their genetic identity throughout the exile. Despite large geographic distances between the communities and the passage of thousands of years, far removed Jewish communities share a similar genetic profile. This research confirms the common ancestry and common geographical origin of world Jewry.

    >Jewish men from communities which developed in the Near East –- Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen — and European Jews have very similar, almost identical genetic profiles.

    >”Despite their long-term residence in different countries and isolation from one another, most Jewish populations were not significantly different from one another at the genetic level. The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora.”
    (M.F. Hammer, Proc. Nat’l Academy of Science, May 9, 2000)

    >The findings were that most Jewish communities do indeed seem to be genetically similar

    >The findings were that most Jewish communities — long separated from one another in Europe, North Africa, the Near East and the Arabian Peninsula — do indeed seem to be genetically similar and closely related to one another, sharing a common geographical origin.

    >These Jewish communities are more closely related to each other and to other Middle Eastern Semitic populations -– Palestinians, Syrians, and Druze — than to their neighboring non-Jewish populations in the Diaspora.

    >The results also indicate a low level of admixture (intermarriage, conversion, rape, etc.) into the gene pool of these various Jewish communities.

    >Although the Ashkenazi (European) Jewish community separated from their Mediterranean ancestors some 1,200 years ago and lived among Central and Eastern European gentiles, their paternal gene pool still resembles that of other Jewish and Semitic groups originating in the Middle East.

    >A low rate of intermarriage between Diaspora Jews and local gentiles was the key reason for this continuity. Since the Jews first settled in Europe more than 50 generations ago, the intermarriage rate was estimated to be only about 0.5% in each generation.

    In conclusion:

    Jews are a mixed race population that cannot be considered European genetically and posting a few exceptions to the rule found amongst the pile of shit doesn’t change that

    1. Battle –

      What I ‘need to’ do… IS…to keep posting my ‘guesses’ along with yours.

      That is the plan… It makes your posts longer…. as you attempt to disprove my ‘guess.’

      1. Lucy –
        Thanks for your tolerance of my posts. I express my opinion, and others disagree with me. That’s fine with me. I will reply. ‘Lobro’ stated it well when he said that if someone kicks me, I kick back. But I do not use foul language when I do.

        This last encounter was brought about by a confrontation initiated by ‘Battle’ who addressed me personally, because he disagreed with me. Then B-Fly and Green piled on when I – very simply and politely – stated my position. And, if you check to see… I did not berate ‘Battle’ nor his position. I said that he and I both can guess freely.

        Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. No harm done there. No apology needed. Hurting my feelings ended for me in the hospital in Guam during Nam. The reason I was there and the experiences there are the reasons for much of my brashness. I do not get upset at talk. ‘Bullying’ is impossible on the net…for me.

        BTW – I only attack Max out of fun. It gives him ammunition. Banter and flack like his is a 24/7 occurrence in the armed services.

      2. @ PAT, November 7, 2014 at 4:14 pm

        Lucy – Thanks for your tolerance of my posts. I express my opinion, and others disagree with me. That’s fine with me.

        No problem, Pat. You have my full support. In any case, I can’t help feeling that all this kerfuffle is just a storm in a teacup. I don’t for a moment think you are an irresponsible poster. You’re doing what you have to do and you’re doing a pretty good job. So go on doing it!

        Universal amity and agreement , as we all know, is virtually impossible to find. The first argument that ever took place, in the Garden of Eden, I wonder who was to blame: Adam, Eve, or the Serpent?

        I wish I knew. 🙂

    2. @ Battle

      Excellent post… and extremely well researched. We all accept your point that Jews are a race and not a religion. All except Pat, of course, who will reject whatever you have to say as a matter of principle, without even bothering to read through your post.

      If I were you, I would have nothing to do with this insolent poster who has never been known to concede a point to anyone and who believes an ill-informed opinion (his own) is as good as a well-informed one (Kevin MacDonald’s).

      I have already pointed out to him that an expert like Kevin MacDonald has provided reams of evidence on his website that Jews are a race, but Pat believes his ill-informed opinion is as good as Kevin MacDonald’s well-informed one.

      No point communicating with this guy. He will try to wind you up and you will get nothing but discourtesy and insolence from him.

      1. Well said, Madame Butterfly. It requires a high degree of intelligence to read and absorb what Battle has to say on the Jews being a race. That they are a race must be obvious to anyone who knows the simple fact that Ashkenazi Jews are subject to certain genetic defects that makes them prone to Tay-Sachs disease. I doubt if Pat has ever heard of Tay-Sachs disease.

        If he has, then logically he would have to believe that Ashkenazi Jews get this desease because they are a “religion”, i.e. because they believe in Judaism. How then account for the fact that atheistic Jews are just as prone to Tay-Sachs disease as religious Jews?

        Ask Pat that. He will of course evade the question, assuming he even understands it. He will have no answer for you. All you will get back from him is a mouthful of insolence as in his rude and discourteous post above:

        Battle – What I ‘need to’ do… IS…to keep posting my ‘guesses’ along with yours. That is the plan… It makes your posts longer…. as you attempt to disprove my ‘guess.’

        Yes, it reeks of insolence. It is calculated to wind you up. This is what Battle gets in response to a long and painstaking and extremely well-researched comment. It’s like a gob of spit in the face.

        Nothing can be worse than this: a village idiot intellect that assumes superior airs. Pat has it in spades.

      2. Doc Green –

        We have traveled these roads before. You insist on calling me out for no good reason…. usually butting into the conversation to do so. You display more discourtesy and insolence than I, by doing that. You would do better to do more due diligence before exposing your ignorance.

        I have definitely heard of Tay-Sachs along with Amaurotic Idiocy and Sickle-cell Anemia. They are common among Jews.

        BUT none are exclusive to Jews. And as a man of logic, that would NOT be a reason to qualify anyone’s Jewishness. It would have to be EXCLUSIVE to do so!!

        Anyone can be a carrier of Tay-Sachs, but the disease is most common among the Ashkenazi Jewish population.

        BTW – I have over 40 semester hours of post-graduate anatomy and physiology. I use no titles.

      3. Doc Green –

        All MDs know about Ollie Oswald. Do you?
        “Ollie Oswald ought to take a fling at Gertie’s vagina and how.”

      4. I have always found Pat to be courteous, learned, and honest, anyone who thinks differently has to be suspect, inadequate, and ill-informed..

      5. @ Ingrid B

        “I have always found Pat to be courteous, learned, and honest, anyone who thinks differently has to be suspect, inadequate, and ill-informed.”

        Pat has our full support, but the truth is he is only liked by a small minority of posters here. You like him and approve of him yourself only because he has yet to wind you up or attack you personally. You would change your mind if he treated you with the insolence and contempt he has reserved for other posters and which appears to be his stock-in-trade.

        Pat and Max Bilney, between them, have lost us more bona fide posters than any other commenters on this site. They would not be allowed to post on any other respectable website (Like the Occidental Observer for example). They are allowed to post here only because this is a free speech zone.

        We have received numerous emails from people stating that they would like to post on our website if only posters like Max Bilney and Pat were blocked from posting. “That guy Bilney lowers the whole tone of your website,” we were told recently. “You should get rid of this foul-mouthed braggart before he gets your site shut down.”

        No one has yet said this about Pat. Pat has my full support and I like him personally, but he has to realize that he is not popular. Many poster here would be happy to see him go.

        I apologize if I have hurt Pat’s feelings. Or Max Bilney’s feelings. This is not my intention. I just want them to be aware that they are causing problems for themselves and that we have received many complaints about them.

      6. Pat and Max are acquired tastes I guess (aren’t we all?)

        I think I’d rather see them stick around even if it’s at the expense of would-be posters that are scared away by them.

        Love me, hate me, but don’t forget me.

        Who could ask for anything more?

      7. (Misplaced somehow)

        Lucy –
        Thanks for your tolerance of my posts. I express my opinion, and others disagree with me. That’s fine with me. I will reply. ‘Lobro’ stated it well when he said that if someone kicks me, I kick back. But I do not use foul language when I do.

        This last encounter was brought about by a confrontation initiated by ‘Battle’ who addressed me personally, because he disagreed with me. Then B-Fly and Green piled on when I – very simply and politely – stated my position. And, if you check to see… I did not berate ‘Battle’ nor his position. I said that he and I both can guess freely.

        Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. No harm done there. No apology needed. Hurting my feelings ended for me in the hospital in Guam during Nam. The reason I was there and the experiences there are the reasons for much of my brashness. I do not get upset at talk. ‘Bullying’ is impossible on the net…for me.

        BTW – I only attack Max out of fun. It gives him ammunition. Banter and flack like his is a 24/7 occurrence in the armed services.

      8. Dense as I am, I’m still trying to figure out what “Love me, hate me, but don’t forget me” means.

        Shouldn’t it be – love me, hate me, but please forget me?

    1. Battle –

      I saw that video earlier this year. Thanks.

      You are not the first to use it as evidence. It is hearsay.

      I have watched the Jew ‘Brother Nathanael’ Milton Kapner for many years.

  30. If This Doesn’t Convince Pat that JEWS ARE A RACE, Then Nothing Will.

    Jewish Heritage Written in DNA: http://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/40956/title/Jewish-Heritage-Written-in-DNA/editPost/106515/

    “The Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) population is a genetic isolate close to European and Middle Eastern groups, with genetic diversity patterns conducive to disease mapping. Reconstruction of recent AJ history from such segments confirms and quantifies a recent bottleneck of merely ≈350 individuals.” Nature Communications 5, Article number: 4835

    The Ashkenazi Jews’ genetic similarities were so acute that one of the study’s researchers, Columbia professor Itsik Pe’er, told the Live Science website that among Ashkenazi Jews, “everyone is a 30th cousin.”


    New Genetic Study Confirms Racial Basis of Judaism: http://davidduke.com/new-genetic-study-confirms-racial-basis-judaism/

    “The Jews on the other hand are united and work as one. Those Jews that go against the majority have a very tough time, because they are ostracised by the majority of the Jews. This can be explained by that the Ashkenazi Jews are all descendants of 330 people from the middle ages 1 and that 80% of the Jews are the Ashkenazi Jews.” http://mattiasalmloef.com/?p=105

    Researchers have created a data resource that will improve genomic research in the Ashkenazi Jewish population and lead to more effective personalized medicine. The team of experts focused on the Ashkenazi Jewish population because of its demographic history of genetic isolation and the resulting abundance of population-specific mutations and prevalence of rare genetic disorders.


    Ashkenazi Jews Descend From 350 People, Scientists Say. Geneticists Believe Community Is Only 600-800 Years Old: Read more: http://forward.com/articles/205371/ashkenazi-jews-descend-from–people-scientists/#ixzz3ILusls7c

    Genetic studies on Ashkenazi Jewry

    A 1999 study by Hammer et al., published in the Proceedings of the United States National Academy of Sciences compared the Y chromosomes of Ashkenazi, Roman, North African, Kurdish, Near Eastern, Yemenite, and Ethiopian Jews with 16 non-Jewish groups from similar geographic locations. It found that “Despite their long-term residence in different countries and isolation from one another, most Jewish populations were not significantly different from one another at the genetic level… The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora.”[138] According to Nicholas Wade “The results accord with Jewish history and tradition and refute theories like those holding that Jewish communities consist mostly of converts from other faiths, or that they are descended from the Khazars, a medieval Turkish tribe that adopted Judaism.”[139]


    The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people

    “Contemporary Jews comprise an aggregate of ethno-religious communities whose worldwide members identify with each other through various shared religious, historical and cultural traditions1, 2. Historical evidence suggests common origins in the Middle East, followed by migrations leading to the establishment of communities of Jews in Europe, Africa and Asia, in what is termed the Jewish Diaspora”

    Nature doi:10.1038/nature09103

    Doron M. Behar et al.


  31. Dr David Green: “I doubt if Pat has ever heard of Tay-Sachs disease.”

    I don’t think he’s/she’s (?) heard of this either…

    Breast Cancer Genes and Inheritance:

    BRCA1 (“breast cancer”), Chromosome 17. This gene has an allele that is involved in breast cancer. Of Ashkenazi Jewish women, 1 in 40 carries alleles of the BRCA1 and the BRCA2 gene that give them a 4 out of 5 chance of having breast cancer.


    Genetic Basis of Cancer Syndromes

    “[I]n a woman who develops breast cancer prior to age 40 years, the chance that she carries a mutation in BRCA1 might be as high as 10%, or even 20%, if she is Ashkenazi Jewish.”


    Breast Cancer Genes and Inheritance:

    BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations and breast cancer seem to be distributed among a variety of populations. Several studies indicate that the Ashkenazi, a population of Eastern European Jews, may have a higher proportion of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations than the general U.S. population (Struewing et al., 1997; Levy-Lahad et al., 1997; Egan et al., 1996). ( Britanica on line).

    Recently, it was discovered that in the Ashkenazi Jewish population a single BRCA1 mutation called 185delAG is commonly seen in breast and ovarian cancer families. Preliminary studies have shown that about 1% of Ashkenazi Jews carry the 185delAG mutation. This genetic alteration has been estimated to account for 20% of cases of breast cancer and 39% of ovarian cancer diagnosed in Jewish women before age 50. In addition, two other BRCA1 mutations, 188del11 and 5382insC, seem to be overrepresented in the Ashkenazi Jewish population.

    A specific mutation in BRCA2 (6174delT) has been identified in Ashkenazi Jewish women with early onset breast cancer. The 6174delT BRCA2 mutation is approximately as common as the 185delAG BRCA1 mutation, and the 5382insC mutation is about half as frequent as the 185delAG. These results indicate that approximately 1 in 40 Ashkenazi women may carry one of these three BRCA mutations. This current data also implies that hereditary breast cancer may account for at least 15-20% of all breast cancer in Ashkenazi Jewish women.

    A recent multi-institutional study of 235 Jewish individuals from families with high frequencies of breast or ovarian cancer found either the 185delAG, 5382insC or 6174delT mutations in 43% of patients. Even more remarkable are data regarding a series of Ashkenazi women with ovarian cancer who were NOT selected for family history, age or other criteria. Results of DNA testing for 185delAG, 5382insC or 6174delT showed that 36% of these women were positive. This information, along with other data, indicates that genetic testing for mutations of BRCA1 and BRCA2 has a significant role in clinical management and counseling of high risk Ashkenazi Jewish families.(http://www.givf.com/brca1.html).


    Psychopathy is genetic and the Ashkenazi Jews, who are inbred (seriously), seem to be full of it.


    rates of insanity very high among the merchants


    It’s due to the founder effect. Small founding population, population bottleneck, interbreeding, etc. multiplied for generations. The recessive a come to the surface and they get all types of mental problems including bi-polar disorder and psychopathy as well as fatal diseases such as Tay Sachs. The most common form of breast cancer comes from Ashkenazi Jews. They are the carrier and the one who introduced it into our gene pool


  32. Dr David Green: “If he has, then logically he would have to believe that Ashkenazi Jews get this desease because they are a “religion”, i.e. because they believe in Judaism. ”

    There’s a thousand things wrong with being Jewish. Let’s start with they’re freaking crazy and inbred.

    The ‘Uniqueness’ of Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry is Important for Health


    Studies Show Jews’ Genetic Similarity

    Intermarriage… Why Not?

    Medical genetics of Jews

    1. Battle –

      From your sources of research:
      “…the sequences point to an approximate 350-person bottleneck in the Ashkenazi population as recently as 700 years ago,”

      What race were the mothers of the 350?
      Where were those mothers born?
      Who were the parents of those mothers of the 350?

    2. Battle –

      This is a VERY bad example about logic on your part. The universe in question contains more than Jews.

      Dr David Green: “If he has, then logically he would have to believe that Ashkenazi Jews get this desease because they are a “religion”, i.e. because they believe in Judaism. ”

      1. The Jews around whom I have been (none which I would call ‘devout’, Talmudic-type Jews) DO have a certain trait of racial distinction. My friends among them also share a common dread – that the antics of their ancestry will be held against them. One shouted at me, once, ‘You hate Jews!’. I shouted back at him ‘No, but I hate the way they ACT, sometimes!’

        It’s hard to tell whether it is a racial trait, or just such an ingrained dread of the discovery of past (Jew) misdeeds and corruption which keeps them alert and defensive. All the hypothesizing we can do will never have a definitive answer. The best policy, I believe, is to just treat everyone according to their deeds as they affect you, personally. Love ’em or hate ’em – just don’t FORGET them (or the way they’ve behaved)!

  33. just a quick and peronal overview of 2 combative posters, max and pat.

    in some ways they are like night and day, but i am quite used to them, the way n. ontario injuns are so used to mosquitoes and black flies (noseeums) that they are almost unaware of them and if they keep unwanted gringos off their lands, so much the better.

    neither of them are vicious people and both actually mean well, are unyieldingly anti-jew, are quite well informed and on occasion at least contribute a fresh view, we can’t all sit in a nodding circle agreeing with each other, sometimes out of anger comes a healthy bit of reanalysis.

    max is insulting but hilariously so, i for one would miss his cartoonish flame thrower style and he can be dead on perceptive.
    MAX, YOU WENT SERIOUSLY OVER THE TOP WITH NOORALHAQIQA, because she is a fine, well bred lady, very active in the field of jew-fighting, highly effective but not a barroom brawl material.

    how would you feel if someone said to your mother things that you said to her?
    because that’s the size of it, she is no 25 year old publicly crapping jewess and even vaxberg has a net positive effect aside from her accommodating mouthparts.

    insulting gilbert, pat, hp, brownhawk and me is ok, we can take it … actually, deal me out, that way i laugh easier 🙂

    pat is another unique case, quite different.
    unfailingly civil, but the stubbornest damn individual i ever came across on internet, proving him wrong in dozens of ways has absolutely no effect, it is actually fun to watch his refusal of acknowledging getting bricked by facts.

    but he is also very often right, has tons of experience and some good, hard to come by information.
    so now when i argue with him, it is not so much for his benefit but with an eye on the gallery, it is their thumbs up or down that determine the victor and the vanquished, not that it matters much so long as the audience becomes better informed.

    1. Good comment, Lobro. I’d MISS that cocksukker (Maxy) if he didn’t insult me! 🙂

      I think Lucy was right, though, to reprimand him about the lady ‘Noor’, who certainly has much to offer in the way of knowledge and information (still, my favorite is the Lady Lasha, who I regard as a genuine princess)(maybe ignorance IS bliss!)(yes, I am happily ignorant about a LOT of things, Maxy – especially about shit-eating whores and pretty little girls who want to deficate on camera! Yuk).

      Listen to Lucy. She is ‘royal’ by kinship.

    2. lobro –

      How in the hell are the whiners going to win against Jews… if they cannot stick up for themselves and put up with an old fogy in a comment section?? 😉

    3. The old crocodile needs some cold water splashed on him from time to time to cool down his fire. But he’ll be back with his tail between his legs and a mea culpa – maxy style

      wait for it

  34. @Lucy Skipping (monitor): “You would change your mind if he [Pat] treated you with the insolence and contempt he has reserved for other posters and which appears to be his stock-in-trade.”

    That would be considered disruptive, offensive, rude or abusive behavior on almost every site. Shouldn’t comments on darkmoon be governed by a set of standards that apply to all contributors and their posts.

    Free speech is a natural right, but the right to free speech must be balanced by the responsibility not to abuse others.

    1. Battle –

      You mentioned me here…so I feel free to respond.

      It seems it is entirely alright by you to argue with me, but inappropriate for me to reply to you in like fashion.

      I believe my guesses are as good as yours and vice versa.

      You would have never fit into Franklin’s junta, Leather Apron club. It was for argument of all fashions. They all came away with various thoughts in mind.

      You should see me at the pub. They really get ticked after knocking back a few. All because I do not toe the line.

      I lead, rather than follow.

      1. Pat

        It’s probably just a simple matter of diction, but I would amend your “everyone has their own truth” to read, “everyone ‘sees’ whatever they ‘see’ and however they’re ‘seeing it’.”

        To any reader with half a brain, everything I say is to be taken with a grain of salt. While we’re all looking for evidence of this that and the other to become empirical, our aspirations should be to bring whatever we got to these threads with as thought-provoking an effort we can muster (with a little comic relief thrown into the mix from time to time). And tolerant of whatever manner of presentation is chosen as it pertains to guesswork.

        E.g.; Some may perceive it as arrogant when I state something in a way that comes across as being unequivocally related to the ultimate truth. So am I therefore supposed to couch my words with precursors like “what if”, or “I wonder if”, or “suppose that”, or “I think maybe”, etc.?

        What if I’m right?

      2. B-Hawk –

        You made my point… You have yours. I have mine….

        …..and…as Lilly Tomlin said… “And That’s the truth!!”

      3. Brownhawk says, “(with a little comic relief thrown into the mix from time to time).” : I agree, comic relief is important, too much heavy stuff is depressing, so, here goes. How about the mythical werewolves? The tale I`m about to tell is of a little village in Bavaria, where the locals would meet every evening, for a beer, and a chat. Due to rumors of werewolves, a lookout was strategically placed, and every evening for a week, the lookout would run in shouting, “the wolves are coming”, so the villagers would hide in the cellar, and eventually emerge, to find their beer steins empty, then, one evening, they decided they would stay put, which they did, and the wolves came, ate them, then they drank their beer..

    2. Battle –

      BTW…YOU chose the name BATTLE… and that’s what you got….

      Maybe it should have been..COMPROMISE.

    3. @ Battle

      “Shouldn’t comments on darkmoon be governed by a set of standards that apply to all contributors and their posts? Free speech is a natural right, but the right to free speech must be balanced by the responsibility not to abuse others.”

      My sympathies are with you entirely. The fault is mine and mine alone. I make a very poor moderator for the simple reason that I moderate nothing and allow the most immoderate things to be said.

      If your feelings are hurt at the way you have been treated by Pat — and I admit he can be pretty infuriating — then bear in mind that the ill-treatment you have received here is ONE-TENTH of the ill-treatment, contempt and sadistic abuse heaped on my dear sister Lasha not only on this site but on Veterans Today and especially — yes, especially — on the Occidental Observer by a psychopathic bully who was allowed to defame her and metaphorically deflower her to his heart’s content.

      Even Kevin MacDonald, who was not aware at the time of the abuse to which Lasha had been subjected, later admitted in the Comments section that the attacks on her had been “uniquely vicious.” (At least 50 comments out of 650 on a particular thread had to be deleted).

      Lasha endured all this abuse stoically, remembering the immortal words of a poster called “Laurie” whom she had bumped into on the Xymphora website many years ago: “If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, get out of the kitchen!”

      Battle, my advice to you is this: BE YOUR NAME! Fight the good fight, give blow for blow! And if the man who attacks you is beneath your contempt, then pity him as a flawed and defective human being and ignore him as race horse would ignore a gnat or a dung fly.

      Continue to post here, dear brother, for you will find more friends here than enemies. Your contention that the the Jews are a race, not a religion or culture, would have been universally accepted on the Occidental Observer where the commentariat are ten times more clued up than they are here.

      If you hang around long enough, you will find that some of our posters are quite outstanding — I can think of at least four or five — and these would be a grace and ornament to any website.

  35. @Gilbert Huntly: “One shouted at me, once, ‘You hate Jews!’. I shouted back at him ‘No, but I hate the way they ACT, sometimes!’ It’s hard to tell whether it is a racial trait”

    Those individual Jews ALL support jew controlled everything, Israel, aipac, etc. They may not be directly involved in the big picture, but they’re still shit.

    The amount of control Jews have over the media programming of Americans is alarming. The amount of money Jews use to influence politicians is alarming.

    Indoctrination and Group Evolutionary Strategies:

    “Collectivist cultures (and Triandis [1990, 57] explicitly includes Judaism in this category) place a high emphasis on the goals and needs of the ingroup rather on individual rights and interests. In collectivist cultures morality is conceptualized as that which benefits the group, and aggression and exploitation of outgroups are acceptable (Triandis 1990, 90). As with all collectivist cultures (Triandis 1990; 1991), Judaism depends on inculcating a very powerful sense of group identification. ”


  36. For what it’s worth, the posters/commenters on this site are so very informative it makes me feel like a dunce (about which Max and Pat and Lobro would agree – in respective, descending states of consternation!). And I am no moron, if one would consider the things I’ve done and do. (I will not say, because my name, here, is a ‘sock puppet’ name – but I have managed to keep myself and my real name off-Internet and confused, because I was clued-in on this crap a looong time ago, concerning cyberspace). The various alphabet agencies know me, I reckon, but it doesn’t matter. THEY KNOW YOU, TOO, btw. They know about EVERYBODY who corresponds in Cyberspaceland. Ask Lasha Darkmoon. She wrote a great article about it, awhile back. My gut tells me to trust her – and I have learned to trust my gut.

    This is a fun and informative website. The folks who manage it are decent and, I believe, as honest as good people can be in these times. We can ‘unwind’, here – and find both constructive AND destructive banter WHICH REMINDS US THAT WE SHOULDN’T TAKE OURSELVES SO DAMN SERIOUSLY! I’m a tyrant, by nature; but, truly, this site has worked as a therapy upon me to mitigate that nature to a more gentle perspective. (Just today, I have stayed near the house and piddling about ‘household chores’, and have just sat down, again, to have a beer and peep in on y’all, awhile. 🙂 )

    1. Gilby –

      “about which Max and Pat and Lobro would agree – in respective, descending states of consternation!”

      HA!! I’m the moderate here..!! A first!! 😉

      1. Nonetheless, Pat, your moderation is noted as in agreement with Maxy – you’re just a little more mild (or less harsh). (I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings that I consider Lobro the ‘gentleman’ of the trio…)

      2. Gil –
        You can’t hurt my feelings… Never.

        I wasn’t raised in a time where name-calling really mattered. Which, BTW, I haven’t heard it said lately, a phrase we ALL lived by…… as stupid as it sounds. Kids should use it today.

        “Sticks and stones may break my bones…but, words can never hurt me.”

        That stops most bullies right away…and they go to the next victim. Bluff called!!

        If everyone said it there would be no basis for any hate crimes. No victims. Old school.

      3. Pat, you’re a Southerner, and more like myself than the rest. I like fried chicken, catfish, trout, and cornbread (which I now have, here, baking in the oven behind me).

        An old ‘colored’ man, who was very formative in my childhood, often recited a verse to me. He said: ‘Big bee make de comb; little bee make de honey. Black man raise de corn, white man get de money!’. Now, after knowing what I know, I wish I could go back and tell him what happened to us, all. It was the way I was raised (or thought so, anyway). We all have a lot to learn, still. Thank you for being so damn well-informed!

  37. Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Jewish Expulsions:


    They’re wanted no where.


    It’s been done 110 times since 250AD, the last time a few months ago in Guatemala. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/36407827/#36411892

    It’s all about the fracturing of the majority, the homogeny. Jews hold themselves apart as ‘others,’ never fully assimilating to the societies that host them. Because they usually find themselves in the minority, they do what they can to protect themselves from the majority. This often times entails promoting things viewed by the majority as deviant. By normalizing the abnormal society begins to fracture and the majority loses grip on power. The ensuing chaos tends to end in expulsion, though, so it really isn’t the best thought out strategy, but history repeats and all that jazz. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/36492335/#36499607

    Was there ever a time when men were free of the usurers’ yoke of bondage? Yes, and it was a glorious period that lasted for nearly six centuries and provided nearly “utopian” conditions for the working people in England, and for shorter periods in the other European nations. This period is known as the Renaissance, but the reason for it is a carefully kept secret. Why? Because the revelation of this knowledge would again result in the banishment of the banksters and a flowering of debt-free freedom.

    In 1100 A.D. Henry I became King of England and found the treasury empty. The supply of gold and silver coin had mostly gone with the Crusaders to Palestine and a medium of exchange was urgently required. Rather than seeking loans from banksters, Henry issued into circulation for payment of government debt, or as receipts for goods and services rendered, marked pieces of wood called tallies.

    These sticks varied in size from about four inches long up to some 8 1/2 feet long. The longest represented 50,000 pounds. Notches were cut into the side, the width of the notch representing the value in pounds sterling, and the amount written on two sides. (A pound sterling was originally an actual pound of silver.) The sticks were then split and one-half paid into circulation, debt free. They were readily used by the people in trade, because they derived their value from the fact that they were receivable in payment of taxes. When the tally was presented for payment of taxes, it had to exactly match, that is tally, with the half retained in the treasury, called a foil. Forgery was nearly impossible. Silver coins continued to circulate also.

    Usury (interest), being strictly prohibited by scripture, was also prohibited by both the Christian church and government. However, there were those who continued the evil practice until they were banished from England in 1290 A.D


    jews will bleed the country dry and flee the sinking ship. Did the multiple trillions of dollars in debt YOU owe to the banksters thanks to Wall Street Fail-Outs for the corporate oligarchs or fighting Israel and Saudi Arabia’s wars across the middle east benefit you? Or did it just benefit a few rich jews who signed your future into debt slavery to their banks?


    1. Battle –

      I really don’t know WHAT to ‘do’ about ‘the Jews’ – except to be wise to their ways. If we always threaten them with bodily harm, what impetus do they have to, perhaps, change?
      Really, they do not, all, sit at the same table and enjoy the same eschelons of wealth. There ARE poor Jews. Likewise, there ARE varying classes and castes of ‘goyim’.

      Sun-Tzu said it is better to convert an army than to annihilate it.

      1. Gil

        A distinction must be made between jews who would convert by getting off dat river in Africa and seeing what is being done in their name, and jews who either will never convert or are INCAPABLE of it per what defines them as “jew”. (and I’m reminded of Tyron P. here)

        For the latter, Sun-Tzu is forced back to his playbook with annihilation in mind. To be accomplished by whoever be the “soldier goy” under his command to “annihilate” in whatever manner that will prove to be.

  38. @Gilbert Huntly : “Really, they do not, all, sit at the same table and enjoy the same eschelons of wealth. There ARE poor Jews. Likewise, there ARE varying classes and castes of ‘goyim’.”

    It’s not about whether all Jews are bad or even whether most Jews are bad. It’s about the Jewish mentality that makes them act in a highly cohesive way.

    Jewish culture and tradition programs each member that their in-group is under a constant threat and that the only way to ensure the survival is to behave in a way that benefits the group.

    A Jew is brought up to believe that everyone is out to get both him and every member of his or her group – hence the pushing of antisemitism.

    So the best strategy a Jew can apply is to see everyone who isn’t a Jew – a potential enemy. Smart Jews understand that groups of people are constantly competing for resources – be it grains, cattle or money, and that the more cohesive a group is, the more resources each member of the group can get.

    So a natural and sane thing to do is a) ensure high group cohesion of your group, and b) lower the cohesion of out-group. That’s why a Jew is more likely to support a movement that criticizes traditional institutions that promote strong unity between goyim, and to support movements that bind groups of people (or, rather, goyim) by other means, means of identification with a cause – feminism, neo-atheism, anti-racism and other “SJW” causes.

    Since those movements aren’t based on genetic links, they can form freely – there are atheist vegans and feminist vegans, each with varying amount of identification, which makes the boundaries between groups much weaker in addition to having them promote numerous different ideas.

    Goyim being bound together by more weaker ideas makes a happy Jew, for that goyim fights on more fronts, while Jews’ main idea is the perseverance of Jewishness and fight against non-Jewishness. To speed things up, many Jews make a sacrifice of sorts, by leading those goyim causes, perhaps not because its idea benefits everyone, but because it may benefit the Jews.

  39. In the mind of an anti Semite Jews represent the negative face of libertarianism. Libertarians are right wing on economic issues and left wing on social issues. (For the record, I lean to the left on economic issues, and to the right on social issues.)

    Once I read on Stormfront of a corporations that gave its top executives raises and bonuses while firing a large percentage of its work force. This was given as an example of “Jewish capitalism.” While corporations increasingly do this, the clear majority of them are controlled by white Gentiles.

    Jews are also blamed for the pornography industry. The three most successful pornographers have been Hugh Hefner of Playboy, Bob Guccione, of Penthouse, and Larry Flynt of Hustler. These are or were Gentiles.

    I have always disliked the sexual revolution. The two most prominent popularizes of this have been Hugh Hefner with his “Playboy Philosophy,” printed in his magazine, and Helen Gurley Brown, author of “Sex and the Single Girl,” and publisher of Cosmopolitan. Again, these are or were Gentiles.

    Jews are often blamed for the Soviet Union. While a higher percentage of secular Jews were in the Soviet Communist Party than the percent of secular and religious Jews in the Soviet population, Jews nevertheless represented a small minority of the Soviet Communist Party. The leaders of the Soviet Union were always Gentiles. Religious Jews were persecuted by the Soviet government.

    Antisemitism is more psychologically complex than anti black bigotry. Everywhere in the world Negroes have a crime rate that is about eight times the white rate. They have an illegitimacy rate that is at least three times the white rate. They tend to perform poorly on all the mental aptitude tests however they are designed. They tend to perform poorly in the classroom and on the job. These facts are easy to demonstrate using sources that are not in serious dispute.

    It is easy to feel sorry for Negroes. It is difficult to feel genuine admiration for the entire race. Of course there are admirable black individuals, and many more who are worthy of affection.

    Antisemites do not and cannot argue that Jews are stupid. Even Hitler acknowledged their intelligence. In Mein Kampf, Volume I, Chapter XI, “Nation and Race” Hitler wrote, “Today the Jew is looked upon as ‘clever’ and in a certain sense he has been so at all times.” Instead, Jews are hated because they are too intelligent, and because this intelligence has won for them dominance in fields requiring superior intelligence.

    Many Gentiles who are angry about their low economic status find it psychologically difficult to direct that anger at rich people of their ethnicity. They find it easy to direct their anger at rich Jews. Hatred for rich Jews easily segues into hatred for all Jews.
    Jews have a prominence in the media that is far greater than their numbers in the general population. They are also prominent in Wall Street, Hollywood, and teaching.

    The reason for all of this is not that they do not compete fairly. They tend to be quite a bit more intelligent than their rivals. Jewish prominence has been achieved despite over a thousand years of persecution, discrimination, pogroms, the Inquisition, and the Holocaust.

    If you give a Jew half a chance he is likely to do twice as well as anyone else. This naturally incurs the resentment of those who lack the intelligence to compete with Jews.

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