Apologies are not enough, by John Kaminski

Jew musician’s crocodile tears can’t atone for centuries of crimes against humanity

 By John Kaminski

Reacting to last weekend’s massive anti-Jewish demonstrations in Paris, Jewish musician, author and popular columnist Gilad Atzmon has issued a statement suggesting Jews apologize for hiding their colossal and never-ending crimes against humanity behind their disingenuous shouts of anti-Semitism.

“It is time for Jews to look in the mirror and try to identify what it is in Jews in their culture that evokes so much fury,” Atzmon writes.

 Upwards of a hundred thousands demonstrators on the streets of Paris had plenty of suggestions for Atzmon and his Jew brethren, as outraged French citizens protested in a “day of anger” against the policies of President Francoise Hollande, especially new laws approving gay marriage which guarantee the further disintegration of traditional nuclear families.

A long-running feud over the social criticism of Holocaust Revisionist comedian Dieudonné helped fuel the recent outburst of anger at Jewish political manipulation in France, whose recent president Nicolas Sarkozy is on the record as having worked for both the Mossad and the CIA.

Dieudonné’s concerts have been banned by the government because he speaks openly of the Jewish lies about World War II. His on-stage antics started a movement called “the quenelle” that has gone viral on the Internet and worldwide on the planet. Jews claim it is cryptic Nazi salute. Those who laughingly use the quenelle movement know it is a forbidden criticism of the powers that be.

Robert Faurisson, whose half century crusade to correct the false Jewish version of WW II history has earned him the title of “dean of Holocaust Revisionism, reported on today’s events:

News from France – January 28, 2014

1) At the big demonstration in Paris last Saturday (January 26, “day of anger”) against President Hollande and his government some participants, at least one with a megaphone, were heard chanting a slogan that can be translated “Faurisson is right: the gas chambers are a sham”. The demonstration gave rise to clashes between marchers and police: there were 262 arrests and 19 policemen injured. Those arrested were all subjected to the burdensome procedure of detention in isolation (garde à vue), in which a lawyer and a physician must be called for each person held. See 
 2) The well-known revisionist “Joe Lecorbeau”, graphic artist and publicist (joelecorbeau.com), is under arrest in Toulouse in the context of an inquiry into the posting on the Internet of a photo of a young man making the “quenelle” gesture in front of a Jewish  school in that city: the police have searched his house and seized his computer and other belongings .
3) This morning the comic Dieudonné, friend of the revisionists, saw both his theatre in Paris and his residence in the countryside to the west of the city searched by the police. 

France, of course, is one of those European countries in which it is against the law to challenge the Jewish version of the events of World War II, which assert that 6 million Jews were killed by the Germans in their concentration camps. Despite the fact that Jews have reduced the supposed death toll in the Auschwitz camp from 4 million to 1.4 million, it remains a crime throughout Europe to challenge the 6 million figure or other details of Jewish lies about that tragic period in history.

Atzmon, a popular fixture on such well-known false opposition websites as rense.com and Veterans Today, claimed in his statement that the majority of Jews “failed to appreciate the growing mass fatigue of Shoah indoctrination (Holocaust propaganda) and belligerent lobby politics (which is shorthand for Jewish control of all the major governments in the world).

The award-winning saxophone player urged Jews to, “instead of whining about the ‘rise of anti-Semitism’, Jews better, once and for all learn to ask why? Why the Jews again? Why are they hated? What is it in Jewish politics that evokes so much resentment? Why does it happen time after time?”

For someone as popular as Atzmon NOT to know why Jews are resented and hated all over the world strikes me as particularly disingenuous and particularly Jewish, one of the leading traits for why Jews are hated to begin with, which is their utter inability to tell the truth about anything.

In any case, here are some suggestions for Atzmon so that he may better know why Jews are hated everywhere, and why the people of France and every other country have had it up to here with them. Sigh. Where to begin?

1. Jews have stolen everyone’s money. America has gone broke financing wars for Jews all over the world. Every other country is in the same straits. Jews control all their governments. Jews control their media. Jews control their schools, their entertainment, their doctors, their courts, even their priests. The world is controlled by Jews, and everybody’s life — except for rich Jews and their slaves — has never been more at risk.

2. Jews supervised the demolition of the Twin Towers in New York City and blamed it on contrived Islamic patsies, thereby green lighting an endless string of wars against Muslim countries, which has now been extended to ALL countries regardless of their religious orientation. The emphasis on war has become so intense that now the United States government is making war on its own people — can anybody realistically deny this? — because it is following the orders of Jews who control all the money in the world.

3. A Jewish company known for slave trading and weapons manufacturing now controls the world’s food supply, and as a result everybody — and every living thing — is in the process of dying a premature death — from the bees to the sardines to your neighbors trying to live on poison junk food from the convenience store because it’s all they can afford.

4. Jews have turned your children into poisoned zombies through medicines they are forced to take and lies they are forced to believe. No girl who takes Gardasil will bear normal children, and no boy who excels in school will ever be able to think outside the box and know that all the history he has learned is a lie written by Jews.

5. Jews promote homosexuality and unceasingly bash religions in order to destroy families, which is their last rival in controlling the world and every mind in it. With no family or no religion to believe in, everyone is easy prey to the lies they get everyone to believe. Thinking for yourself is now a crime. You see it being proven in the streets of Paris tonight.

6. The control of media by Jews is so complete, and its synchronization with government objectives so perfect, that new iterations of this string of false flag atrocities to achieve their totalitarian objectives are no longer necessary. Now, they can have the media simply report what has happened and the objective is achieved. The public believes what they are told, no matter what has actually happened. We see this vividly demonstrated in the so-called mass murder of schoolchildren in Connecticut, which never actually happened, and in the false flag bomb drill at a race in Boston, where no one was killed except the person they chose to blame for the event.

And another path of false history created by Jews deepens the darkness that now descends on us all.

7. If everyone in the world knew all the bad medicines Jewish doctors have foisted on their naive and trusting patients, and how many beneficial medicines they have suppressed in the interest of making more money by keeping people sick, Jews would have no place in the world that was safe enough to hide.

8. If everyone in the world knew how Jewish pimps lured starving girls out of poverty stricken Russian provinces and imprisoned them in Tel Aviv prison where they could be endless defiled by Israeli pervs, or murdered little Palestinian kids for sport so their organs could be removed and sold to deteriorating kosher lemmings in New Jersey, then no amount of apologizing could save them from the victims’ irate relatives.

9. If everyone knew how totally the Jews have controlled the U.S. government throughout the 20th century, how they caused both World Wars, invented the Jewish hell bomb, put fluoride in the water, poisoned the polio vaccine, and intimidated a group of Jewish psychiatrists into declaring homosexuality normal  . . . well, what would you do to them?

Needless to say, this list of reasons why Jews are hated could be much longer, is much longer.

Apologies for this criminal, pathological, sociopathic behavior are not in order, because everyone knows a sociopath doesn’t mean what he says. And only a sociopath could defend Judaism.

No, the only appropriate behavior for Jews considering what they have done to the world would be mass suicide.

Of course, since they will never realize their guilt, we know that won’t happen.

And it devolves to us to achieve that same necessary objective in order to have any hope of saving a decent, healthy world from the Jews, who have no concern for its welfare. Or the welfare of anyone except their sick and twisted selves.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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47 thoughts on “Apologies are not enough, by John Kaminski

  1. Hi Lasha, John, et al.

    John, as always your overall analysis is bang on with respect to the crimes of the Zionist Jews and I have no critique to offer there but I do have some concerns about your comments on Atzmon himself and VT and other sites that might carry Atzmon’s work, including, of course my own at RadicalPress.com.

    I’m not sure how being “popular” relates to assuming that Atzmon doesn’t know of the crimes of his former tribe which, to my understanding, he has on more than one occasion distanced himself from. Nor is it that unreasonable for Atzmon to have penned that little article without having to go into detail about said crimes.

    I think what he did was openly avow, via his request to Jewry that they apologize to the rest of the world, that crimes have been committed which have generated the hatred toward world Jewry. In itself that’s a strong indication he’s doing what he can to shift his readership in the direction of a greater need for introspection on the issue in general.

    I really don’t think it was necessary to accuse him of being “disingenuous” or even suggesting that it was “particularly Jewish” of him to say what he did. I’ve known others who aren’t Jews who have expressed similar sentiments as well.

    Obviously I am biased somewhat when it comes to VT as they have given both myself and Lasha the opportunity to present our own perspectives on the Jewish problem and in Lasha’s case she’s even been given status as a contributing writer.

    It all boils down to expectations. I can find articles on VT that I don’t like and in the case of Rense.com I’ve had my personal battles with Jeff and been excommunicated from his site for reasons yet to be comprehended but all of these issues don’t, I think, justify decrying others who, like ourselves, are intent on exposing the Zionist Jew agenda to the world. It only adds more doubt and division and God knows there’s enough of that already in the overall effort to expose these vipers.

    1. Well said, Arthur. I agree with you that Veterans Today is to be commended for publishing courageous writes like Darkmoon and JB Campbell. I am glad VT has also given you a forum. You deserve it! As far as I’m concerned, you’re a great Canadian hero and no one can doubt your integrity.

  2. I remember John Kaminski could not stand Gilad Atzmon at the good-old ‘peacepalestine’ website run by cutter, a Jewish US-Italian lady. John was eventually kicked out of the site.

    Gilad Atzmon is a rare Jew, though he hate to be called “Israeli Jew”. In the article, John mentioned, Atzmon had ended the article by saying: “I would willingly take this opportunity and make an apology, but I have not been a Jew for a while now.”

    John has this bad habit of seeing Jesus’ crucification in the eyes of every Jew, which is not fair. I call it “Jewish racism in reverse”.

    On January 27, 2014, the Jewish Daily Forward, published an article by Yair Rosenberg, full of usual Israeli Hasbara: Everyone hate Jews! The article entitled, ‘Jew France is Not Yours’ Chant Anti-Government Demonstrators in Paris.

    For one, I don’t see any ‘antisemitism’ in demonstrators’ call. They’re protesting against president Francois Hollande’s government which happens to be a Zionist-Jewish government from top-to-bottom. The president Hollande, foreign minister Laurent Fabius, interior minister Manuel Valls and finance ministers Pierre Moscovici are all pro-Israel Zionist Jews……….


  3. Those kikejews who adhere to the kol nidre are our enemies, as also are those who consider themselves ‘jews’ in any way at all.

    Those who apparently try, and apparently succeed, to escape the clutches of their kikejew crime syndicate cult must not be trusted; however, they may be given some latitutde to express opinions. They must not otherwise be allowed leadership roles or say-so in anything of substance.

    RESIST !!!

    1. yes.
      an honest man cannot be a jew nor vice versa.
      a contradiction in terms.

      can a good man be evil?

      i challenge anyone who simultaneously calls himself jew and righteous to explain what does each of the terms mean and how can they possibly live under one tent.

      you are a jew who doesn’t say kol nidre, who doesn’t feel chosen and superior, who thinks israel is an abomination, who is appalled by jewish crimes, worldwide and historic, by their vampire like parasitism and control of all the chokepoints, by their debauching of everything that is good and creative in man … so what makes you a jew exactly?

  4. Thanks John Kaminski for the view on things in France. From Gilad Atzmon I’ve read worthwile articles, like about Holo-religion; he maybe not objective enough about history perhaps. Like Bolshevism not being on his radar enough: there even very many Jews were persecuted by fanatical hordes of jewish bolshevic commissars and about seventy million Christians murdered. Even Jews, maybe not him, seem to have fear about zionist commissars and gangsters these days. Can making apologies help? First truth one should think.
    This forum site came across to get pictures of the architecture of a fictional history:
    But better not to visit the websites of holo-memorials and museums of tolerance, they say there, because of heavy attacs by computer viruses and trojans.

    1. you’ll find many videos from dies irae – day of anger – at youtube: search: jour de colère 26 janvier and watch also front national

  5. Concerning honesty.
    The jew editor in chief by VT-was so honest to admit openly that 40% of his stories are lies.
    How much more honest can it get.
    The jews can express honesty by being at the same time dishonest.
    They do this twisted jew stuff b/s they cant be honest.
    But the non-jew falls for it.
    Jew Nathaniel Kapner turns from jew to orthodox christian without following protocol.
    All of his jew stuff’s done for the sake of being honest to non-jews.
    Why did the russian church doesnt know about this little jew dwarf…
    They dont know him being a christian b/s he never converted to christianity.
    Why listening to these jews who lie to be honest.
    This works for jews only.
    Going to VT one can do guess work to what is honest or what is a lie.
    JB campell and others having written for these critters wont change a thing as VT is jew lies keeping people paralysed.
    You lie once and thats it.
    But admitting to 40% lying in your stories as a jew and having still readers flocking to that damned jew site won’t get people doing P.T. and signing up for the defence party. People who accept jew lies are people that are paralysed and have endless excuses for listening to jew lies…
    But if they catch their kids lying they feel “somethings wrong here”.

    1. Duff can be quoted as saying “40% of the content was probably true” given the nature of our psyop wurlitzer prison that is probably a reasonable estimate.

  6. Being just an ignorant redneck-sometimes-poet allows me license to not give-a-shit what any of you might accuse me of being…

    Anyhow (NEVER discounting Kaminski’s prosaic refinement), we white boys cannot deny that the Jew has been mistreated for CENTURIES by our own diversion of our OWN guilt. We have put upon the Jew the blame for our own propensities for avarice and lust. We have EXCUSED ourselves by comparison, blaming our own irresponsibilities on Jewish design. Get over it! Straighten your spines! Be MEN about it! God never granted us free reign to punish. He only promised that we’d reap what we sow. Perhaps the Jew is no more than an agent of that enforcement – until we LEARN.

    Think about it, brethren.

  7. BTW, asshole, if you REALLY want to try me, I can find out who you are. Truly. I cannot imagine it is worth my while, nor do I believe you and I are very far apart on agreement, though. Why bother? This is just a site to vent opinions and share insight. That I happen to look into myself and my kind for the beginning of my/our deficiencies should not offend, methinks. It should be a matter of discourse, within these parameters.

    1. I’m Fourth Position on religion. Whatever inspires you to do the right thing is OK by me; however, do not include this White Aryan (and most others) in your “we white boys…” screed.


  8. Then exclude yourself gracefully. Do not be so rude. It belittles you, and does not promote your position.

  9. This is the propaganda Jews are telling for centuries: “we white boys cannot deny that the Jew has been mistreated for CENTURIES by our own diversion of our OWN guilt. ..” and it is not true, at least from the French Revolution onward and secret societies they have infiltrated, the organized Jews follow the protocols and undermine the culture of the occidental people. They have not always been like angels, true, but it is a question of power, steering peoples. And that can be done by the money-fraud, lies and media-propaganda. Sometimes Jews have been mistraeted but that had causes.

    1. Mr. Fritz, you get no argument from me on your point. I know it is true. But to address the grievances Kaminski relates, we must be hard on ourselves. There is no easy way. Otherwise, we just cry and complain – to no advantage or improvement. When we lose a battle or game, it is typical to review where we made error. Likewise, in the course of living, we should begin with an examination of SELF.

      1. Our faults are primarily: 1.) Greed, 2.) Gullibility, and 3.) the Error of Empathy.

        All humans are susceptible to these, but none more so than White folks — particularly where our greater general creative ability (when we are at our best) engenders accentuated empathy.

        Through the ages, scheming kikejews have learned to profile and deftly manipulate us into their designs by using foolishly allowed increasing control of our environment, especially with money, media, law, education — literally in any area of fundamental importance to our lives.

        Of course, our own traitorous jewthinking lapdog elites, as well as those of other races, are guilty of collaboration with these monsters; however, although often more dangerous because of proximity, theirs are mere faults of weakness.

        Evil kikejews are our Number One Enemy and our Number One Problem. We must surely resolve our own Psychological Immune Deficiency to overcome their control, but to give them any quarter at all is the Greatest Error!


      2. @Gilbert Huntly, I see how you meant it. We have to get rid of the psychology of the Frankfurt school, sociology and all the false indoctrination. It comes down through the universities to teachers and schools these false docmas of equality that undermine resistance to those forces that grab power over the minds. Of course, no one is forced to watch television or Hollywood movies. That is where people of our occitental culture are too weak. They don’t suspect infiltration in entertainment, news and how history is presented.
        Otherwise Americans would never consider to wage wars in Middle East or Asia.
        In the First Worldwar, Americans did not want to get involved, for example, but were cheated into it by the Sinking of the Lusitanis and the Balfour-declaration-contract on war-propaganda. In WW2 it was PearlHarbor, as you know certainly. So it was frauds of very big dimensions.
        For us in Germany it is enlightening how thge subversion run in the republic of Weimar. The basis was financial force, of course. The article here by Lasha has investigated this, thankful.
        GERMANY AND THE JEWISH QUESTION, by Dr Friedrich Karl Wiehe: introduced by Lasha Darkmoon

  10. It’s heartening to think of Europeans in the streets shouting against the lies of gas chambers.

    Basically I agree with your list with the exception of the vaccines. Even though it was a Zionist Jew (Waxman) who gave us the 1986 law that took away the right to sue doctors or big pharm for vaccine injury and put the injured in a secret court where they have to fight to get compensated and rarely do, to say nothing of removing the checks against defective products that the fear of lawsuits prevents. And even though some of the biggest pushers of vaccine poisoning are Jewish, I am not sure this one thing is a Jewish inspired program. Poisoning of an entire generation of children is certainly a disaster that borders on the 14th Century plagues of the Black Death in Europe where nearly two thirds of the population died. We now have a society where half the children have autoimmune disorders brought on by early disregulation of their immune systems from vaccines. Someone has to be blamed but I’m not ready to blame that one on the Jews yet.

    Gilad Ozman doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with the rest of the clueless–seriously, give him a break.

    But certainly the average Jewish Joe is about the most clueless person who has ever walked the planet. Jews believe 100% in the Shoah and I am sure can’t figure out why people are upset about that–this is scripture to them–6 million, gas chambers, etc. No self respecting Jew, no person who even has any connection to Judaism will deny any of the standard stuff on the Holocaust. The rest of the things on the list like the slave trade or the banksters or the murder of Russians have no association for Jews with Judaism–so… they would say, you can’t blame all Jews for a few rotten apples. No, the situation is hopeless if those shouting in the street or for that matter shouting in a Jewish persons ear expect any acknowledgement of responsibility. No…. no… no.. solipsism rules and no more should you bring up these distasteful topics then the eyes begin to glaze over and it is time to change the topic to something more relevant. So when others discuss the holocaust it’s boring but when Jews weep and moan about it then it is relevant. Anyway, it’s a relief to know that people are agreeing on this in Europe at least but the U.S. has a very long way to go before that topic enters the mainstream discussion and we don’t even have holocaust laws.

    So… maybe we should try to figure out how to stop the poisoners and that should be extremely relevant to Jewish people because they are losing a generation of Jewish children. No one is immune to poison.

    1. Spot on, Kapoore. You seldom disappoint. Worth being on this website just to read your perceptive comments.

    2. sufficient to ask them, which holocaust, because from 1905 to 1938, new york times (their paper of record) counted at least 10 published 6 million dead jew holocausts, totaling 60 million dead jews.

      it would be an impious blasphemy to claim anything less than 60 million, so take them to the task for lack of respect for their own dead.

      6MDJ (6 million dead jews) are a steady media fixture from beginning of 20th century, even montreal gazette got into the act (surely not owned by jews, what a thought) but the first known instance of using the word “holocaust” (i may be wrong) is this:
      NYT, Sunday, May 31, 1936
      The petition, in expressing the opinion of enlightened Christian leadership in the United States, favoring a larger Jewish immigration into Palestine, stressed the intolerable sufferings of the millions of Jews in the “European Holocaust”.

      4 years before ww2 rats abandoning one ship, jumping onto another, having ravaged and contaminated the granary.

      1. in one blackly hilarious article, as their inhumanly twisted commissars were starving christian ukraine to death (~1920?), they were beseeching us congress for donations because the antisemitic goy counter-revolutionary extremists were threatening millions of their ukraininan brethren with this very starvation (hlodomor).

  11. ‘There were no gassing of Jews in Germany ‘Raul Hilberg at Zundel trail in Toronto 1985. Forensic pathologist L.P. Lawsan MD, Phd. of Harvard University forensic pathologist and team of pathologist performed thousands of aurtopies. Conclusion: “No one died of gassing or poison.”
    Check out Dr. Elan Elhaik in Molecular Biology and Evolution Journal Dec. 2012.There are no sematic Jews in USA. No Bibical Jews in USA. Give the land back to Palestine.

  12. a link to arthur topham’s latest, well worth a read.
    the sheep are morphing, no longer sheep, at least not in france.
    nor greece or hungary.

    in times of black death, it is no longer possible to repress identification of a plague carrier.

  13. John is one of the few people, I think, who can be called an “irrational Jew hater.” For one thing, Atzmon is not a Jew. So for Kaminsky to claim that he is means that Kaminski subscribes to the “Jews are a race” lie. Second, Gilad’s question was a rhetorical question. HE knows why Jews are hated, but he is merely suggesting that Jews themselves start asking why. I love John Kaminski, he is a bright shining light in the movement, and I own all of his books, but he clearly allows his own emotions and personal prejudices to cloud his judgment.

  14. I am quite unhappy with this inane dispatch from Kaminski. Atzmon is one of the good guys – so much the more because he grew up being taught something which he was wise enough to reject on broader ethical grounds than Judaism provides.

    Kaminski’s attack on Atzmon “the Jew” is a sloppy, counter-productive, wild-eyed hate, that makes it so much easier for the likes of Abe Foxman to dismiss any and all criticism as nothing but blind hate.

    I only pop into this site very rarely, usually via Les Visible, whom I arrived at through Mike Rivero.

    I understand, I think, Darkmoon’s historical worldview and what it is she thinks needs resisting.

    Writing such as this is not only ugly hate of an admirable man, it is counterproductive as it feeds the Hasbara Machine and denigrates invaluable allies like Atzmon, Finkelstein, Weiss, Blumenthal, and precious few others.

    I would strongly, very strongly, urge Kaminski to rethink his thinking here, both from a pragmatic perspective and a moral one. Atzmon fights hypocrisy and hate and religious delusion and I believe represents, more or less, the “deprogramming” and ethical retuning I want to see the Jewish people undergo. I certainly don’t hate someone for their genetics, but for their actions or beliefs.

    I have, I will represent, done my best to present anti-Zionism and even Anti-Judaism as profoundly ethical and not, at all, racialistic. Kaminski makes this very difficult with nonsense like this, and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    I would ponder long and hard about attacks on some of the very people we should most admire. At some point, Kaminski may be thought of as a planted demon seed, here mainly to discredit those of us who are truly knights of Christ.

    1. @ Mike P.K.

      “I am quite unhappy with this inane dispatch from Kaminski. Atzmon is one of the good guys – so much the more because he grew up being taught something which he was wise enough to reject on broader ethical grounds than Judaism provides.

      Kaminski’s attack on Atzmon “the Jew” is a sloppy, counter-productive, wild-eyed hate, that makes it so much easier for the likes of Abe Foxman to dismiss any and all criticism as nothing but blind hate.

      I understand, I think, Darkmoon’s historical worldview and what it is she thinks needs resisting….. [but] …….”

      If it’s any consolation to you, neither Lasha nor myself share John Kaminski’s views on Gilad Atzmon. We agree with many other moderates that Atzmon qualifies as a “good Jew”. And we absolutely reject the extreme anti-Semitic view that ALL Jews without exception are evil.

      Though we regularly publish John Kaminski and JB Campbell, it would be a mistake to assume that we automatically agree with every view they propound. We have made this known in our disclaimer.

      As for Lasha Darkmoon, she must be judged only by what she writes in her own articles. She is not responsible for Kaminski’s views or JB Campbell’s views.

  15. Wondering if it is not useful to draw a comparison between the banning of Dieudonn’e from the UK because of his anti Zionist humour and the changing of UK law (Universal Jurisdiction)to allow entry into the UK of a minister from a foreign country who is charged with ‘War Crimes’ and who publicly boasts of having taken part in many assassinations of European Scholars and who also ‘proudly’ admits to having engaged in prostitution with ‘the enemy’, in order to gain information for use in blackmail. Is this not Jewish power at play?…(Just in case the ministers name escaped you, its that demonic slut Tzipi Livni..)

  16. it’s because they’re not jews they’re gypsies (kahzars).they’re not semi anything.they’re white.Jews were black or semi black.

  17. This is an important message to Dr Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and others who are supporters of the Austrian School.

    Nathanael Milton Kapner of Real Jew News in his most recent article (if I understood correctly) is hinting that friends of the Austrian School are enemies of the state.

    This individual is showing his true colors that he in fact is a trouble maker going after certain US patriots and he appears to be working for the Zionists.

  18. Kapoor, you are wrong to say that the Jewish religion is in no way associated with these crimes.There is nothing inherently good or benevolent about Judaism, it is the source of the problem, and has always been. It is the observant adherents to this religion who should look in the mirror. As for the ordinary Jews, well they too have free will and obviously will not and should not commit mass suicide just because this madman wants them too. Maybe both assholes should explain what gives them the right to make such singular requests of all the Jews in the world.

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