Au Lecteur — Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire, 1863,  four years before his death
Charles Baudelaire, 1863,
four years before his death

Baudelaire’s first book of poems, Les Fleurs du Mal (“Flowers of Evil”), was published in 1857 when the poet was 36. Six of the poems, some of which have already been translated here by Lasha Darkmoon, were immediately banned as obscene. Au Lecteur stood as the book’s preface, containing some of the most quotable lines in French literature.

Victor Hugo was to enthuse, “Your fleurs du mal shine and dazzle like stars. I applaud your vigorous spirit!” Others were not so impressed. “Everything in it which is not hideous is incomprehensible,” the poetry critic of Le Figaro wrote angrily. “And everything one understands is putrid”. 

Au Lecteur  ~  To the Reader

Translated by Lasha Darkmoon

Folly, error, sin, meanness of spirit,
Possess us and consume us body and soul.
We love to make a meal of our remorse
As beggars nurse the lice that drink their blood.

We keep on sinning. Repentance is hard.
We expect a fat reward when we confess.
And then it’s back to wallowing in the mire—
Hoping a tear or two will wash us clean!

Satan Trismegist sits perched on our pillow
Pouring his honeyed words into our ear.
This cunning alchemist knows how to turn
The pure gold of our wills into base metal!

It is the devil pulls our puppet strings,
Propelling us to vile and shameful deeds.
Each day we slip down heedlessly to hell—
Into the fetid darkness one step further!

Like a poor lecher feasting on the breasts
Of a ravaged and rickety old whore,
We grab at any secret passing pleasure,
Squeezing it dry like a shrivelled orange.

Seething in our minds like millions of maggots,
Legions of pullulating demons swarm.
We only have to breathe and death’s sad river
Invisible, chugs through our muffled lungs.

If rape, murder, arson, have yet to leave
Their charming traces on our sorry lives,
Our grim pathetic lives, it is because
We haven’t got the guts to rape and kill!

But among the jackals, panthers, hound bitches,
Monkeys, scorpions, vultures, serpents and all
Those yelping, yowling, crying, crawling creatures
In the menagerie of our foul vices

There’s one much fouler, uglier, far more evil!
He doesn’t cry out loud or make grand gestures,
But if he wanted he could squash the world
And swallow up creation in a yawn.

Ennui—that’s his name! This rheumy-eyed monster
Dreams of the gallows as he puffs his pipe!
You know this brute, this dainty beast, dear reader!
It’s you, you hypocrite!—my like!—my brother!

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

111 thoughts to “Au Lecteur — Charles Baudelaire”


    @ Lasha Darkmoon

    Er, sorry to disappoint you, beautiful Lasha, as I really enjoy your site, I respect you immensely, I have told pretty much everyone I know about you, and I have posted here quite a number of times with more than a few important and relevant links, as you well know.

    But, if truth be told, hearing you disparage Ellie Katsnelson who, as you well know, was the most eloquent, astute and beautiful writer ever to appear in your site, and seeing you blame her for every anomaly that appears here, just shows that you haven’t got a clue who is who and what is what!

    Ellie K probably couldn’t give a shit about you anymore, as the way you have treated, and continue to treat someone who in a most unique and memorable way tried to shed light on the character of the demonic Jews, is, to use the pugilists’ analogy, ‘to hit below the belt.”

    Well done to the poster Lobro who, apart from me and a few others (though I never once said anything), was the first to perceive Ellie’s incredible talents; and it is slightly disappointing to see you, Lasha, jump on the ”masses’ ” bandwagon and blame Ellie K for every Zio troll infiltration here.

    Lasha, in July or August you said that you doubted that Ellie K was real. A month or so later you said that you had done your research and that you had established her identity. And then in September you returned to your August thoughts and said that after all Ellie was a fraud and that everyone had been taken for a ride.

    Well, I think you should show some humbleness, something which I feel you are more than capable of, and admit you were wrong both in August and September, as the writer who appeared here under the pen name of Ellie Katsnelson really is Eleanor Kleist, and that it would have been better for you to have cultivated her friendship than those of faceless others who clearly do not have your best interests in mind.

    And how do I know what I have just claimed? Because I HAVE SEEN HER!

    Stop being so immature please.


    Marcus Beck

    1. M Beck –

      It seems that starting the thread by criticism of Lasha is the best your kind can do. Typical. Expected.

      The ‘Ellie entity’ exposed nothing. Everything stated had been done before thousands of times by many hundreds for centuries. No names of perpetrators or what they had done were ever given. That would have been real exposure.

      You have no idea about the intents of others who have posted here, unless it is you imitating others.

      Go be critical of Lasha somewhere else.

  2. @ Marcus Beck

    Dear Marcus,

    I feel a very close bond with the beautiful Ellie and apologize if I have misjudged her in any way or caused her needless pain. I hope to publish her latest submission as soon as I can, a hard-hitting article on the Christian Zionists, but Ellie ought to realize that this cannot be done without the full consent and approval of John Scott Montecristo, the owner and editor of this website.

    Montecristo rightly feels that Ellie, despite her consummate genius, ought to be subject to editorial control like all other writers who aspire to get published. Ellie’s insistence that not a single line or phrase of hers should be altered in any way creates a problem for us. This is because Ellie sometimes uses Germanic double negatives which need to be corrected. Or else the reader is left with the impression that Ellie is incapable of writing grammatical English. A double negative occurs when someone writes: “I am not sure if neither this nor that proposal is acceptable to you.” (It should of course be either/or, not neither/nor).

    Apart from grammatical infelicities such as this, Ellie appears to be incapable of writing short sentences. Some of her sentences go on for 30 lines and contain over 30 commas and subordinate clauses, giving the impression of a dizzying verbosity. It has been said that she writes like Proust or Henry James. This may well be so. But this is now the 21st century and most modern readers, I am afraid, simply do not have the patience to negotiate tricky sentences that go on for ever.

    In short, despite her consummate genius, Ellie must learn to submit to editorial guidance. If she cannot do this but flies into a rage every time a comma of hers is removed or a semi-colon decapitated, then we have a big problem! Personally, I adore primadonnas and so I adore Ellie, the Ultimate Primadonna. Which is why I promise to do my best to publish her work.

    It is not easy for me, however, to publish the work of a writer who refuses all contact with me and appears to have no permanent email address. I mean, how do I get in touch with her to ask her permission if I can lop a long sentence in half or sacrifice a semi-colon? The previous email address she gave me was valid for about six weeks. The email address before that was apparently the email address of her housekeeper. The next email address, I expect, will be the email address of her chauffeur, her gardener, or the lady who comes round to paint her toenails! 🙂

    This mysterious drama queen of Rothschild provenance and extraordinary wealth, who has permanent suites at the world’s most exclusive hotels and who soaks every morning in a gold jacuzzi filled to the brim with vintage champagne, would do well to come down to earth and treat us lesser mortals with a bit more courtesy and consideration.

    This is the same fabulously rich lady who invited me to visit her at the Ritz Hotel in London, all expenses paid. “Bring the whole town,” she tells me gaily in an email, “but give me advanced notice!” She has a permanent suite at the Ritz apparently. Also at another de luxe London Hotel where Lord Rothschild and the Sultan of Brunei can be found reading the Financial Times in the lobby and discussing their latest acquisitions of yachts, racehorses, and real estate in Manhattan and Belgravia.

    Instead of accepting her generous invitation, I turned the tables on the gorgeous Madame Kleist by inviting her to be my guest at another top London Hotel — Claridge’s. I told her (in a comment published on this site a few weeks ago) that I would be waiting for her at the Fumoir bar in Claridge’s at 7pm on October 25, and that after a few cocktails I would be happy to buy her dinner and drinks in the hotel restaurant. Here is the bar where I said I would meet her:

    I even gave her a detailed description of myself so that she would have no problem recognizing me: tall (5’9″”), slim, not bad-looking, raven hair down to waist, dressed completely in black and wearing a gold brooch studded with rubies and sapphires. (Not my own, this last, but borrowed from my rich Aunt Matilda in London, at whose house in the leafy suburbs I intended to stay during my sojourn in the big city.)

    To my chagrin, the elusive Madame Kleist declined my invitation.

    So this is where we stand now, the beautiful Ellie and I — the primadonna Princess and the poverty-stricken recluse from Darkest Dartmoor in the county of Devonshire, England.

    1. Dear Lasha,

      Thank you for your response to my comment, and I apologize both to you and to your poster Pat whom I seem to have upset by speaking somewhat crudely of you. I did not mean to offend. I agree with you Lasha, Ellie does come across as slightly neurotic, but hey, who wouldn’t be in her position? I had no idea she had suites in those hotels you mentioned; I only caught a glimpse of her recently at a Gnostics meeting in Paris, as I am deep into Gnosticism, although judging by my temper sometimes I still have a long way to go! I had no idea who she was, until someone said something, and then everything began to fall in place.

      I have read your exchange with her, and I must admit I do side with you, as whilst Ellie seems to fire on all cannons in order to prove a point, you seem to take a more balanced and reasonable approach to issues and problems. No wonder half of your posters have fallen for you!

      Pat, although my apology to you was sincere, you must learn to relax man, because if I feel I have a reason to complain and criticize, you have none in telling me to go away, or charge that I am someone else. BTW, you seem to be in the habit of smearing posters. After all, let’s not forget that it was you who said that Ellie was a Hollywood scriptwriter Alex Katsnelson, a claim which everyone here knows was not only false but also malicious. If you don’t like someone, stop trying to tear them down; this is what little people do. I can just imagine how you ”connected” the Katsnelson dots. Silly boy!


      1. Marcus –

        “..Ellie seems to fire on all cannons in order to prove a point,”

        I was just ‘firing on all canons to prove a point’ myself, as you allow ‘Ellie entity’ has done.

        Some rounds missed, but some did hit the mark. You highlighted one that missed.
        One that hit directly on target was that the writing was ALL tongue in cheek and would be used as part of a novel.
        Novels have become screen-scripts…ya know. So, that round grazed the target.

        Silly boy!

      2. Marcus,

        I was interested to hear that you’re into gnosticism and that you met Ellie at conference on gnosticism in Paris. Did you actually get to speak to her or was she just pointed out to you from a distance? Hold old is she exactly and what does she look like?

    2. Lasha, your physical description to EK probably put her off, since you are probably more of a beauty than EK, her photo notwithstanding.

      That is what probably made her decide not to accept, she didn’t want to be shown up.

      The ‘Net is a great place to pretend to be someone else, a fiction easy to carry off. Just look at how many make up tough sounding names for themselves when online, but might be hiding in their Mommie’s basement, furiously typing away with one hand.

      EK’s writings were OK, but unless it can be verified she is a bona fide Rothschild, then she deserves no more attention that any other.

      1. “Lasha, your physical description to EK probably put her off, since you are probably more of a beauty than EK, her photo notwithstanding. That is what probably made her decide not to accept, she didn’t want to be shown up.”

        This may well be so, Greg, but it is idle speculation. Firstly, the so-called photo of Ellie is an avatar. We all know this. Ellie herself is said to resemble Claudia Schiffer, a Nordic blonde of breathtaking beauty. We have several corroborating accounts which seem to confirm that Ellie Kleist is indeed a stunner.

        As for Lasha, we can be reasonably certain that she resembles the portrait she gave of herself — tall, slim, not bad looking, long raven hair down to waist — for the simple reason that Ellie would not have recognized her otherwise when she turned up at Claridge’s Hotel. I mean, Ellie would have been outraged if she had actually arrived that evening in the bar to meet Lasha and found that the woman she had come to meet was actually a 3-foot midget with a wooden leg and a mustache! 🙂

        It follows, logically, that Lasha MUST resemble the portrait she gave of herself — to a considerable degree — or else she would have been found out!

        As to why Ellie decided not to show up, I think this is because Ellie was pissed off with Lasha for various reasons. In any case, Ellie probably had better things to do in Paris. Personally, I believe Ellie is a hottie and I’d love to meet her, but alas. she is beyond my reach, forever unattainable because of her fabulous wealth and beauty.

        Sigh. Back to your kennel, Sardonicus you old dog! Well, at least I have my stamp collection…

  3. I am sorry to see that this thread has been taken over once again by the supporters of Ellie Katsnelson. Never mind! Marcus Beck sounds like a nice guy and Lasha sounds even nicer. Makes a change from yesterday when everyone was at each others’ throats!

    Maybe this is why the poem was published at this particular time. So that we can all chill out for a bit and take a rest from the heavy stuff.

    Do we have to keep bashing Jews seven days a week? Let’s have a Sunday break, OK? Time for poetry, music, art! The Eternal and the Infinite and the Ultimate!

    1. BTW, this is an exceptionally accurate translation of the French original. This is because it’s in blank verse, Rhyme would have made it much harder to obtain accuracy.

      For those who are interested, this is the famous “blank verse” in which Shakespeare wrote all his plays and in which Milton wrote his Paradise Lost. The meter is known as the “iambic pentameter”. Each line has 10 syllables with five stresses.

      This info comes from my schoolmaster days. I used to teach English long ago “in the dark backward and abysm of time” — to quote the Bard.

  4. seeing that my name was briefly brought up (“brought up” can have wrong – or right – connotations) mentioned let me respond as the occasion requires.

    i read almost nothing, understood even less but want to go on record that whether somewhat inebriated or not, i do like miss ellie and offer my sponsorship into the august company of pat, max and other noble spirits plaguing this site … yes, ahem, myself included.

    so long as everyone follows max’s principles of bon-ton and autro-hungarian hussar (kaiserlich und königlich) etiquette.

    will reply more coherently and at greater length if and when so qualified.

    1. Honeychile, you shouldn’t drink so much! It’s obvious you are smashed, sozzled, pickled, pixillated, and totally trashed! You are a complete disgrace to mankind! 🙂

  5. Lasha might enjoy Withnail and I, the only movie I’ve seen that references Baudelaire though only a half sentence uttered by Uncle Monty..

  6. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, who has been blocked after using abusive and insulting language, writes:

    “Ah, I should have known. This place is a hovel of tartuffes! Free speech hypocrites who censor free speech. Accusers of censorship who moderate and censor. Branders of evil-doers who support the pedophilia of the Catholics. Bande de tartuffes!”

    Well, you have had your free speech, m’sieur! What say you? Remember this: you are a guest in our house. Anyone who enters our house and thinks he has the right to shit on our carpet is shown the door!

    That’s what we do to people who think they can hurl abuse at us and call it “free speech”! You are free to abuse us, m’sieur, and we are free TO GIVE YOU THE BOOT!!! 🙂


      More from the immortal (venom-dripping) pen of banned poster Jean-Baptiste Poquelin:

      Brave enough to post the SECOND comment – which was an ejaculation from your censoring of the first comment. Tsk, tsk. Watch people, as he/she/it becomes what he/she/it hates. What is a rebel, but an unfulfilled tyrant? Well, the tyranny is beginning. And you deserve every drop of it. For it is what is in you. And thus, you manifest it in the world. Tartuffes! To you, puppet master, most of all!


      Unpleasant poster “ph7” rages:

      What did you censor, Lucy? You allow descriptions of bestial intercourse, and hate against peoples. You allow disgusting articles of a scatological kind? Tell me, what was censored, you paragon of moderation? Who is more unstable, Ellie or Lasha or Lucy? Hate – it does a body bad.

      Why do these unbalanced people keep pestering us? Since when have we promoted bestiality on this site (“descriptions of bestial intercourse”)? The only thing we censor is cowardly and defamatory ad hominem attacks on particular individuals. And we have a right to do this. People who insist on spitting in our faces cannot be given the freedom to do so! It’s as simple as that.

    3. Lucy,

      Whether or not you fit the mold Mr. Jean-Baptiste portrays (we will never know what he wrote), please consider urging your cousin, Monty, to reproduce Ellie’s article, as she requests. It would interest most of us, and you and your learned sister could preface or suffix it with any literary notes you believe adequate to clarify vagueries.

      Writers who strive to convey a meaning must be allowed to infuse their personalities into the script. Let the reader discern! 🙂

  7. Dear Ed Sallis,

    As you well know, those of us who are into Gnosticism are always happy to come across someone else who thinks like us, as we believe that it is Gnosticism that holds the key to everything pertaining to life of man on earth. I only began reading about this great way of thinking five months ago, and ever since I have not been able to get it out of my head. And all this thanks to John Lamb Lash who, as you may know, is a great, if not the greatest, proponent of that greatest of all faiths, if indeed one may call it a faith.

    The meeting I alluded to above was actually a warm get-together of a small collection of like-minded individuals who had congregated at the gorgeous George V in Paris, to discuss, among other things, a possible revision of some of the Nag Hammadi codices found in Egypt in 1945, as some scholars, including John Lamb Lash himself, feel that an attempt has been made to hijack the ancient texts and present them in a more favourable Christian light; and as everyone knows, though the Church often refers to the Gnostics as early Christians, the fact is that Gnosticism never was Christian; the fact that it makes mention of Christ favourably, means little or nothing, as unlike Christianity, which was bloodily forced on pagan Europe, Gnosticism seeks no converts, thrives not on fear, is not salvationist in the way Christianity is etc., and so this is the reason why those wonderful people met in Paris: to try and gently pull away Gnosticism from the clutches of the Judeo/Christians.

    Well, it was there, in the room, about 10-15 metres away from me, that an acquaintance of mine pointed out to me that lady known here as Ellie K, a name made most viciously infamous here by SELF-CONFESSED porn addicts like Ruth Bernstein* and her/his ilk but not Lasha, and as soon as the name was mentioned, I immediately thought of this website, as it was here that I had first heard of her.

    You asked me what she looks like? Well, contrary to yet another malevolent poster here, Greg Bacon (why does the world support so many ill-willed people?) Ellie K is actually stunning: about 5’10” in height, skinny, long blonde hair, unmistakeably German, and I believe a great patron (as in a donor) to something that has to do with Gnosticism. No, I did not speak with her, but next time I will, as there will be another such meeting just before Christmas, and this time I will politely ask if I may have my photo taken with her.

    *This is the self-confessed porn addict Ruth Bernstein speaking, castigating a concerned poster named ASAP, who on May 15, 2014, rightly said that pornography destroys morals:
    ”Ruth Bernstein @ ASAP, I claim the people who watch porn “already have destroyed morals.”
    What a stupid comment. Children as young as seven are watching internet porn videos. The average age at which children access online porn is 11. According to you, their morals are “already destroyed.” You just don’t think, do you? (End Quote).

    And so, my dear Ed Sallis, this is what I meant when I said that good souls like Lasha Darkmoon ought not to allow themselves to fall under the hypnotic spell of the Judaized porn junkies like Ruth Bernstein, as what we need on earth if we wish to survive as a species is five absolutely necessary qualities, and they are:
    1. Lucid Intelligence
    2. Great Strength
    3. Great Courage
    4. Goodness of Heart
    5. Truth – and it is these five that pornography seems intentionally to attack and destroy, and for this reason, in so far, that is, as my still-young Gnostic way of life permits me, do I utterly hate everything that has to do with pornography, beginning with those who enjoy it, all the way to those dark entities who, like Ruth Bernstein in yet another of her/his comments, says that there is nothing wrong with it.

    I am thankful to Lasha for seeing through this, and for responding favourably to my comment above.

    PS Judging by the way Ellie Kleist looked, and judging by the way Ruth Bernstein speaks, the former would not touch the latter with a ten-foot pole! No wonder such vehement Judaic hatred, eh! What you can’t better, tear down! Typical Jews.


    1. To Marcus, take this as it comes to you, but if you are to tread the gnostic path, tread lightly. And I suggest you pause and rest from this journey while you harbor hate and animosity. The hate I refer to, is that directed towards Jewish people in your posting and on this site in general. But what matters for the gnostic, is the elimination of hate period.

      On Gnosticism. The path follows the Cross, it follows Iesous, it follows the Christ. If you are to learn, learn it correctly. Why should I care? Because spiritual damage is terrible to behold.

      On your enumerated qualities. These are admirable goals.


      1. The Exiled From Athos, who clearly wishes me well and whom I thank, obviously suffers from the same shortsightedness as plagues and continues to plague countless millions of good human beings, for he (let’s call him a he) almost admonishes me for hating the Jews, not knowing that whilst I think hate itself should be hated, when directed against Jews it should be promoted and even encouraged. Why? How can someone like me who aspires to partake of the venerable knowledge of the Gnostics speak like this? The answer is simple, as it is powerful and true: BECAUSE JEWS ARE NOT HUMAN.

        Now, I would encourage the good Exiled From Athos to be more fair and circumspect when it comes to actual and not manufactured history of the world, and to actually vizualise, so far as he can, his son or his daughter being torn to pieces by the demonic Jews, to be cut first and then to be pissed on their cut corpses by the demonic Cosmic scum known as Jews, all of which once was and soon (again!) will be done on the Americans, as was once done to the Russians, and that for no other purpose but to satisfy their demented, psychopathic, pornographic god called Yahweh, and then, and only then, see if indeed their exists a shred, a single shred of humanity, in those who call themselves Jews, and after that to return here and report to us what the venerable Exiled From Pathos thinks. Believe me, dear friend, the more one studies the Jews, the more is one convinced that what we are dealing with here is utterly inhuman, ice cold, Cosmic demons, I mean creatures so vile, so filthy, so base, so conscienceless as to wonder if indeed there is a good God after all.

        No, Exiled From Pathos, whilst I admit my own shortcomings and realize that I am far from attaining that perfect tranquility and love, you too should do the right thing and admit that your knowledge of the Jews is woefully inadequate, and the sooner you do this, the greater the likelihood of your surviving, for if you but look at the behaviour of the Jewish race throughout millenia, including the time after the Second World War, you would have to admit, unless you yourself are a Jew, that there is something seriously wrong with this demonic race, and that no amount of appeasement is ever enough to make them happy.

        Jews do not merely offend nations and mankind, my dear Exiled From Pathos; they are the terminal and offensive cancer of the Universe, that is, they are the single, most glaring mistake God ever made; and if you are asking me that, JUST LIKE THE IDIOTICALLY DUMB CHRISTIANS DO, that I, Marcus Beck, should, in the name of Love, overlook God’s fatal flaw and thus, in effect, offer my neck to the psychopathic toilet race just so somehow I could rest content with my own self in the knowledge that at least I have loved, like all utterly fooled Christians do and think in relation to the Jews, well, my dear friend, it’s just not going to happen, for when it comes to the satanic monters that are the Jews, I would rather relegate both Jesus and the Gnostics to the very back of my mind and fight the Jew to death, than preserve a pitiful aura of weak holiness and false goodness which almost all Christian and soon to be liquidated ignorant Jew loving American gentiles do. If the Gnostics require that their followers change their habits of mind and heart dramatically before even aspiring to become like them, REALITY, TOO, DEMANDS that we dramatically change both our perception as well as actions when dealing with the Jews, and I do not see how, my dear Exiled From Athos, if both realities pertain to survival, the Gnostics’ reality ought to be given preecedence over the other one.

        You know, Jesus Christ may be much and often, but even He is not everything and all the time. Open your eyes, my dear Exiled From Athos, and survive, as more innocent blood has been spilled on planet earth by the black demonic hands of the black demonic Jews, than the Yangtze and Nile rivers combined have spewed forth water, believe me! Jews are evil. Jews are unbelieveably evil. Simply put, JEWS HAVE BECOME EVIL TOTALIZED.

        Reflect, Exiled From Pathos, reflect…


  8. @SPQR asks: “Do you believe that there are people in the world whose mind is so keen that no matter what they can always detect what others can’t? Just wondering. Be happy.”

    Thank you for your instruction to be happy. I introduce you Sardonicus. I’m happy thats not one of the 10 commandments! I don’t really know what you’re asking. As far as ‘always’ anything, then no, I don’t, normally. Different minds detect different things, different times, places etc. Detecting what others can’t? Young children can detect far more than you or I. Some things are best learned from children.

    @SPQR says: “Lennon, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, all drug-addicted lowlifes.” Bring back the drug-addicted lowlifes then FFS!!! Clone the Vegetable Man!!! Lucifer Sam!!!

    @lobro says: “christ is a jew construct”. Blasphemy!!!

    @Ruth Bernstein says: “You know, this sort of thing brings anti-Semitism into disrepute.” I know you must be flash cos you got a full name with caps, but… What planet are you on??? Thats gotta be the funniest thing I’ve read here. Except for space lizard, obviously. Oh yeah, and a whole lotta other stuff that someone worked his ass off all day, for all you guys who I had been so nice to and wanted to share a… oh never mind. ONE F**CKIN reply in… how long!!!

    @Pat, or Pat. You have listed some geologists and stuff on a previous post. A few of these names I recognize from Velikovskys works. Despite what has been said about the man on a previous post here, provided it is not taken as Gospel, Velikovskys books rock. Clean out some cobwebs!!! Velikovsky is required reading.

    @Everyone with a sense of humour. Maxs genetalia.

    @Everyone without a sense of humour. Maxs genetalia.

    Thank you, Sardonicus.

    Eh? Oh… Crap Poem, didn’t read it, saw some nasty things quickly-like, not going to attempt to recite it!!!

    Argghh!!! …It is my understanding that poetry is a spoken art form, blah blah blah…

    Some nasty things on this site, tho I appreciate all the hard work that must go in etc etc…

    1. Maybe I was tough on Morrison and The Doors. I actually have their first two albums. They had talent, but they never sought to perfect it, probably because of the drug culture at the time. Morrison seemed content with babbling as opposed to writing stuff that made sense.

      But Lennon? Imagine has to be one of the most putrid songs ever written. I can just imagine Spengler listening to that and saying, “See? This is the shit I warned you about!” And that nude photo session Lennon did with that wife of his? Vomit-inducing. Hendrix’s guitar work, meanwhile, is like nails on a chalkboard to me, like Joplin’s voice.

      I should say that I’m naturally contemptuous of almost all 60s pop culture aside from maybe the early Bond movies and a couple bands like the Beach Boys. It has less to do with me being born in the mid 80s and more to do with my perspective that the 60s were the decayed the West truly started to decay.

      Also, your first quote from me is fake.

      1. “my perspective that the 60s were the decayed the West truly started to decay. ”

        Okay, I really need to start reviewing my posts. What I meant to type:

        “my perspective that the 60s were the decade when the West truly started to decay.”

    2. Oh, well, Alice’s Friend –

      (Very good comment, btw.)

      About Baudelaire – he was about 28 when Edgar Allen Poe died. IMO, Poe (the more pioneering of the two) had a lot of influence on him.

  9. Ellie does seem like a fascinating character and it does intrigue me that she knows the inside story of the richest people in the world. Yet there is something in those long, long sentences that hints at a neurological disorder, though mild. She may be odd. Sorry, Ellie, I am extremely sympathetic–you can hardly imagine. It is experience that makes me suspicious. Anyway, I also notice that rich people use their money and remoteness to set boundaries. Also with her prose one has to mount a wall of syntax to get at the meaning. Essentially, I don’t think that Ellie would leave her moat circled castle to go to a bar for a drink.

    Then there is the word “ennui.’ That word just hangs in the air doesn’t it? Again, I apologize because I can’t stop thinking about illness, but oh well. Ennui is not fatigue…much more artistic. I still want to read Huysmans La-Bas which like Ennui seems like a clue to the mysterious Darkmoon. But… I just returned from a media free zone in the central California coast and I have to discipline myself on re-entry. I don’t want to drift too far into ennui.

  10. You anti-Semites! Israel is the land for Jews, America and the rest of the western nations are for Africans and Muslims!

  11. Baudelaire was a weakling who live off handouts from his mother. He partook in the 1848 revolution but never knew why, it was ‘cool’ at the time, the thing to do. Today he’d be a spoiled rich boy crack head.

  12. With mommy paying your room rent, prostitutes and drug dealers it’s easy to be Divinely Decadent and over the years what with all that spare time you might even churn out a book of poetry and call it Flowers of Evil, a sure attention grabber granted the time it was published…timing…a sure thing…the Victorian eara was coming to a close…timing.

    1. @ Karen

      You expect all poets to be paragons of virtue? If Baudelaire had been the model citizen you seem to demand of him, he would never have written the Flowers of Evil. He needed to be decadent in order to write decadent poetry.

      The fact that a poem is decadent doesn’t prevent it from being a gem of beauty.

      1. The fact that Baudelaire’s mom gave him an allowance, a common arrangement in those days, has no relevance on the excellence of his poetry. Tolstoy went to prostitutes too, like Baudelaire. Does this make War and Peace a bad novel?

        Not being confrontational. Just asking politely. The point I’m making is that it’s ridiculous to expect all artists to be saints. Very few of them are. Most have feet of clay.

      2. i eagerly anticipate sarah silverman’s Flowers of Correctness:

        “oh, piss christ, if only i could put a 9-mm slug in you,
        i would do it in a second just like the 13 palestinian kids,
        the other day before i made love to fido’s unwashed anus”

  13. @lobro says: “christ is a jew construct”. Blasphemy!!!

    did lobro really say that, context and sin-text?
    nope, lobro actually says: “a lice’s friend should be kept at arm’s length due to danger of infestation, must shave her head and give her a tomato juice shampooing, or whatever”.

    example of context

    just a reminder of the clue list (in itself an important clue), use a fridge magnet to stick it somewhere visible:

    monday: christ is a jew construct
    tuesday: putin carries water for the jew
    wednesday: brother nathaniel is a talmudic operative
    thursday: ellie katsnelson is a male hollywood script writer
    friday to sunday: clue list getting thin, recycle above after scrambling the order to confuse lobro

    mr pat (i use “mr” because i am trying to suck up to you):
    can you set alicesfriend straight on the meaning and uses of such literary devices, developed well after baudlaire, as tongue-in-cheek (what you do is, supposing the tongue is sufficiently small and nible, bend it sideways, then push the tip against interior of cheek – doesn’t matter which side, benny hill likes the left, i prefer the right, until the cheek visibly bulges and signals to onlookers a humorous intent … och mein Gott, just realized … this is internet, isn’t it?
    just how would you recognize the tongue-in-cheek maneuver and distinguish it from tongue-in-cheek manure?

    back to the drawing board.

    just 1 more:
    everybody lay off, ruthie, she is my friend and this automatically dejewifies her, not that she ever was one.
    she is a crypto-christian, pretending to be a jew so she can disembowel them from within, a reverse don-meh.
    how do i know?
    because i can automatically detect what others can’t.

    1. @lobro (&, @Karen) –

      Lobro, I just got back in, and am drinking some ‘moonshine’ (have been, since about two hours ago). You understand…

      Anyhow, I want to talk about ELLIE, godammit! Do you not think Ellie has EARNED the right of Montecristo’s allowing her to be reproduced according to her desires, here??? Yes, or No?
      Your opinion is valued among all – so I’m putting you ON THE SPOT. What SAYEST thou???

      1. ComON, lobro –

        It’s been over a goddam HOUR since my request. What’s de problem?? Girlies got your nads??? (I miss Maxy)

      2. @ Gilbert Huntley

        Of Ellie’s three articles, only the first was edited and this was the most successful. Her two other articles were published almost exactly as she wrote them.

      3. Gilby, make that two. I also think that Ellie’s writing should be unedited, and Lasha and Monty would do well to take the opinion of their readers on board too, and not just their own.

      4. gilb, my moonshine is a bunch of timezones apart from yours, about 1/2 way between you and max’s moonshine.

        i miss the old progenitator too, gets deathly quiet without his aussie raunchiness but some ladies like peace and quiet in the library, no croc wrestling.

        i am all for ellie’s input, unedited or semi edited, because lasha is a very sensitive and sensible editor, including a grammar surgery where needed, what’s wrong with that?

        maybe as an experiment, let ellie’s piece be published twice, with and without lasha’s value added tax and we’ll see whether it makes a material difference on 2 fronts: meaningful content and grammatikel one.
        i trust myself to be able to judge the first kind.

        but also, if the two battling queens can drop the personal stuff, at least in the threads and stick to the antisemitic knitting, it would greatly smooth the transition into the calm waters.
        wow, that was some metaphorama there … feel free to edit me into sensibility until you can’t tell me apart from pat.

    2. soooo sorry lucy lasha screwd

      Lobro, sorry 4 mistake and please pass the massage to max and pat and hp and sprg and lsmp an ohohohoh brownhawk may favvv… love all you guys so muc… had a abs…ahhh jus I’m having a personal journey and and ita bit confursing and i made a mistake and i fell some family bonds maybe but who care bout that cos…

      I Am here to preach th Gospel of Christ.

      Word must be said things must be seen.. thers bound to be some bible stuff i could quote but that. there are hideen meanings everywhere tha i onlt notice afetr…

      Oh, wait…

      At work, discussion poolitical. Cleaner to CEO. “Our ruler’s, I think, a Jew. Banker, too.” “You sound like Hitler.” True.
      Dedicated to Ruth.


  14. “just how would you recognize the tongue-in-cheek maneuver and distinguish it from tongue-in-cheek manure?”

    You tell me…. You stated that you write like that… your tongue twisted up like a pretzel…

    … as if trying to thread a needle…while watching for Pop Tarts to spring out of the toaster…

  15. “because I can automatically detect what others can’t” Dangerous ground you’re treading here Lobro. Suppose I automatically detect something in the comments that know one else can, but it’s contrary to your agenda or image or whatever?

  16. This is what Beaudelaire had to say after completing his Au Lecteur: ”The infinite is no longer the divine perceived in stars; it is found in the expansiveness of scents, in the imagination, in poetry, in cold-hearted Beauty, in the desire to escape.”

    This is what I have to say about the person who translated his poem for us: ”Beauty is only partly to be found in the imagination and in the material world; it is to be found fully in Lasha’s mind, heart and soul.”

    1. Here’s another way to POTENTIALLY, at any rate, silence the critics.

      If BRICS is merely “half a dozen of the other” to a “west six of one”, then why does Putin say there doesn’t HAVE to be another global war? Why would that be part of the equation in the first place? It seems to me this would have to indicate internecine differences that go beyond a dispute over how to share in agenda-21 spoils.

      In playing a role of devil’s advocate, you could look at the khazarian jews of the “west” as the cruel and sadistic cretins they are, whose bloodthirstiness would only be satisfied with nothing less than another big war and all the horror that would come of it. Whereas the non-khazarian jews of the BRICS “east” favor a tempered NWO of a nature whose “control gradient” wouldn’t be characterized as harsh and punitive. Just, well…”ordered”, or “orderly”. This latter scenario, with Putin at the head would have to represent a rejection of an agenda-21 implementation, wouldn’t it?

      It could be said that when the National Socialists were doin their thing that Hitler had “his non-khazarian jews”, or “these jews had him”, or “they had each other” – but “something went wrong”, as I recall hp saying a year or so ago. What went wrong was an infiltration of ashke-nazi jews that spoiled everything (true NS’s having nothing to do with “nazi”)

      Fast forward to now and it’s deja vu all over again with everyone’s stakes moved to the center of the table. Let it all ride. Ultimatum City.

      Is this what you mean by “crucial”, Circassian, as it concerns Stalin? I’ll answer my own question: Of course it does.

      There are jews, and then there are jews.

      1. B-Hawk –

        These sound-bites of Putin ended by quoting him stating as translated:

        “Russia will side with those who defend the point of view that important global decisions have to be made on a collective (Marxist) basis, and not in the interest of only one state (no sovereignty) or one group of states.”

        We all knew he is Marxist trained. Once Red always Red. May Day ‘collectivist.’

      2. Pat

        You parenthetically inserted what Putin MAY have meant by “collective” with – (marxist), and did the same with “not in the interest of only one state” (no sovereignty). AND you concluded from this (your guess of course) that because he is marxist trained this assumes no personal resistance to it on his part, therefore “once Red always Red”.

        Well, it was a long time ago when I was going out with a Sicilian chick from Brooklyn when I first heard the old saying about what happens when you ass-u-me. This was the year (1972) when the first Godfather movie came out and we went to see it at a theater in Brooklyn in a neighborhood where they filmed some of the scenes, and where alot of actual mob activity occurred. The thing that struck me was that in addition to being highly entertained by the movie itself was the equally entertaining audience when responding to the action taking place on the screen. Those knowing responses of familiarity that made them feel right at home and bemused the hell outta me!

        But I digress

        Anyway, can we PLEASE stop with the pissing contests and have some thoughtful dialogue? How about this in my ever- continuing insistence to crawl out on a limb:

        In response to lobro’s use of the word “humane” a couple of days ago, I’m thinking of a “humane orderliness” as the kind of “NWO” Putin is talking about. As was the case when the Romans were at their best behavior. Except that in the time of Christ the Roman “order” was just starting to be impacted by what we call “jew” today. Caesar didn’t have his jews like Hitler had his then, and Putin now. Hitler’s was a real dilemma, and Putin’s is even more so, whereas Caesar had his “dilemma” foisted on him in early stages of foisting. And Caesar had no KGB background that would enable him to smell a rat, and then came the ensuing pile.

        But I have to ask, are Putin’s “jews” jews in the strictest sense of defining them within a context of what would be an Ashkenazi/Khazarian intent for a malicious agenda-21 format?

        For all intents and purposes, and with a certain generality of speaking, are the jews of say, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and S, Africa to be seen not necessarily as “good jews”, per se, but as those among whom Bobby Fischer referred to as the ones who will take correction and are able to be rehabilitated, while those others….

        So I’m wondering, does it depend on the particulars of Rabbinical sects, a talmud-less one? I need to hear from you experts out there, but don’t get me wrong. In keeping with Ezra Pound’s warning to never allow them to be in positions of worldly power, we would have to look at the prevailing of a Putin-led Russia to be seen in its aftermath as a period of phasing-out these “jews” from their positions of authority.

        And this is weird. With all my use of quotation marks for the word “jew”, I get the feeling that I’m channeling Tyron Parsons – the Tyron AFTER he finally low-keyed all the annoying Biblical references

      3. B-Hawk –

        Unless we own the quotes ourselves…. assumptions are ALL WE GOTZ.. Ya knowz??

        And, in this case, we have to take the words of the interpreter.

      4. Yeah, the Tomahawk missile system

        Now you KNOW how that’s right up my alley. Just ask Max. HA! I’ll be here all week

        But seriously folks, put this in a greater context. What I mean is, indulge me. Think in terms of this possibility of internecine disputing between “this jew” and “that jew”.

        And not just you Pat. Where is everybody? Lobro? Franklin? Circassian? Etc etc

        All I’m hearing is crickets………..Like this whole site is getting dyslexic or something. I’d like to think that brains are humming and soon the comments will start flowing again.

      5. Then again, I know lobro’s brain is always hummin’. And I get it. Sometimes so much so that a little antifreeze seems in order.

        I’m guessing maybe an early winter in the Carpathians?

        Surefire cure for over-firewater indulgence – water, lots of it before passing out at the end of the night

        rehydration=no hangover

  17. Yeah I bin readin’ all the stuff again! Yeah BRICS is just BIG Jewish bankers again! That, my dears, is THE WAY THE WORLD HAS WORKED for the last 300 years! Cromwell let ’em in and that was that! They bought you all out! …..YOU are “under Jewish RULE” and that is ALL that counts!
    Lots of crapology about the physical stature, grace and beauty of both Ellie K and Lasha D. Both over 70 inches tall, one raven-haired and one blonde. Sounds like my typical squeeze! But I remember way back when some lady described Lasha as blonde! I know Lasha does not want identification but how about some body shots of Lasha and Ellie? What about Lucy? Let the girlies show us blokes wot they’ve got! I reckon that Ruthy might outshine the lot of ’em! But, anyways, here i have lapsed into wot I referred to as mainstream Jewish-progenated DIALOGUE! I am utilising their concept of the GODDESS SYNDROME (ie. Preoccupation with female beauty) , which is the JEWS’ dialectical and rather amusing parody of the hairy armpit/hairy legs FEMINISM they launched on us in the late 1960’s. I remember seeing Germaine Greer and her sisters with very hairy legs, no bras and no makeup! I went for the best looking tarts with lots of makeup! I reckon that Alice sheila and that Karen T would break their own mirrors and probably have hairy armpits! Mind you some of my galfriends (wifees) are ferals and I like them au naturale! Good poetry by Baudelaire, and yeah it reminds me of aspects of Dante’s Inferno! Personally, I like Degas’s ballet sheilas much better!

      1. Because you’re Max, that’s why.

        I’m confident that you cleaned it up for mixed company readers, maxy

    1. Why would the mirror break? I do have hairy armpits. I also do not shave my bush, but do shave my legs. If you are curious, ask me why, but then, maybe I would not tell you, lest you explode.

  18. Who said chivalry is dead?

    Did anyone see the picture of Putin putting a shawl around the wife of the Chinese President at the Pacific Economic Summit in Bejing today?

    While Obama and her inattentive husband were off somewhere chatting with each other.

    You gotta lerv these photo-ops.

    1. Brownhawk, you can trust the dailymail to come up with some great pictures and videos not only about celebrosities:

      He did the same for Merkel-Ferkel (little pig) last year in St.Petersburg.

      My favourite: Putin on the Ritz

      You watch Obombo and you watch Vladimir. Some people still have manners and seem to care, photo-ops notwithstanding.

      1. Haha – My first impression was of him riding on a sawblade made out of a ritz cracker. Balls of steel or “goodness gracious great balls of fire!”

        And speaking of photo-ops notwithstanding, aren’t they all in China, whose sayings of wisdom includes a picture being worth a thousand words?

  19. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (which I hope it’s evryone on this site),

    It has been said that if only we changed the word ”Comunism” and ”Communist” for ”Judaism” and ”Jews,” the entire Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels would begin to make a lot more sense and would be seen in an entirely different and truer light. Well, if in the following link we also change ”Psychopathy” and ”Psychopaths” for ”Judaism” and ”Jews,” believe me the diabolic Jewish mind would become much clearer to us. Listen, remember, spread!

  20. Max Bilney, why vent so much spleen when women whether beautiful or ugly have overlooked you for most of your life? Women have always seen men such as yourself as inconsequential.

  21. @ Max Bilney

    “I remember seeing Germaine Greer and her sisters with very hairy legs, no bras and no makeup! I went for the best looking tarts with lots of makeup! I reckon that Alice sheila and that Karen T would break their own mirrors and probably have hairy armpits!”

    Your idea of having fun is to belittle the female sex, is it? I don’t find you amusing at all. All you are doing is scare away female posters.

    You unpleasant little man.

    1. Unpleasant little man? He isn’t a man at all, he’s a mouse!

      The last time he was attacked, he scuttled off with his tail between his legs, unable to stand and fight. He went skulking off to Veterans Today, licking his wounds. They booted him off VT, since Pub Bores are not much in demand nowadays! So he’s crept back here.

      This is the only site that will have him!

      1. Well that aint true Balthaza! I write on 3 Aussie sites and they lerv me! I would not write on VEts Today as I don’t like MR Dean! Said that b4! My experience with Jewish galfriends holds me in good stead; and I can understand everything that those Jewish gals, Pink and Amy Winehouse, sang about. Pink uses a body dubble in one video clip and they giv each other a good f****g~! In another song she sings the Jewish DIALECTIC: “And I lerv you and I hate you, and I want to put my arms aroun’ you!” Amy did not want to go “to rehab” as she knew wot the Jewish psychoanalysts would do to her! My only gripe with women is that most are more heavily brainwashed into the totality of the JEWISH SYSTEM than their menfolk. This is very dangerous in our primary schools in Oz where most schools now push a strict JEWISH PC agenda; and over 50% do not have a male teacher. As I said, Mrs Nesta Webster predicted the role of partly emancipated women in furthering the aims of the JEWISH NWO! If you girlies don’t like this, it is juz too bad!

  22. to Marcus. The ancients had a saying. “Advice is a dangerous thing. Be careful to who you give it.” The error, is therefore mine. I am no match for your ego. But do not mislead yourself in thinking yourself of keener spirit or wit. And if you wish to go down that path, come forth and tell the world you will not run away, cheat, or otherwise not do battle if it must come to that.

    It is easy to be snide when messages can be darted from afar. Might I suggest that you re-direct your orgy of hate in a more positive direction? Sexual release is a necessary thing for most. Though I myself am celibate, this path is not a healthy one unless followed wisely. And even this, is perilous. But your charged language indicates a frustrated soul. Be more gentle, and find yourself a loving woman.

    It seems, Marcus, that your mind has registered the word “jew” with the definition of “evil.” You might think yourself very enlightened for this registration, but it is false and harmful. Evil has always existed. The Cathari saw it in the Catholic Church. The early brethren, with Rome. The Arabs and the Mongols did a fair share of slaughter as well. Though perhaps the English trumped them all in their wickedness.

    Right now, there is no slaughter in America. You monger fear.

    I myself live in the Old World, but I have lived in America. Whatever you accuse them of, you are mistaken to think that that armed populace would submit to the hellish world you describe.

    Have you children, Marcus? And where live you? After my exile, I travelled the world. There are many hells, but the worst of places was the southern part of an island off of the northwestern coast of France. I pray that you not live there.

    The solution to the world’s problems is simple. Have children. Have God. Have guns. Have Will. Have Heart. That is it. No need for hate. Just stand.

    Any group that does not have children, does not have God, does not have guns, has no will and heart, is therefore inconsistent with physical reality. Its cycle thus comes to an end.

    Your hate, which I now see you will never release, will destroy you if you attempt to connect with the paraklete. Therefore, I suggest you leave the gnostic path. It is foolish of I to give you this advice again, but the damage you will do to yourself and others around, if you attempt to continue the path, is worth the reiteration of this message.

    Light is not weak for not giving in to Darkness. Light only overcomes Darkness when it refuses to compromise its Nature. Should Light change its nature, it ceases to be.


    Post Scriptum: If you would like to butcher my name, at least, do it right:
    Exiled from Patmos.

    1. No problems, Exiled From Athos, though I think what you meant to say was, ”Advice can, and not is, a dangerous thing,” as not all advice is dangerous. Also, I’m afraid you misdiagnosed me, as my problem does not reside in the ego but in the will; more specifically, it is my temperament and not my ego that is in urgent need of recalibration.

      You say I ”snide,” from afar, meaning, presumably, that I speak derogatorily about the demonic Jews from a distance, forgetting it seems that, a.) it is impossible to speak favourably of a race that feeds on blood, and b.) that we all, including yourself, can only speak to each other here from a distance. Such is the nature of the Internet. And no, I don’t believe I snide.

      I never said there was slaughter in America. What I said was that soon there will be, and indeed soon there will be bloodshed in that glorious land, as it is no more possible for the Jews to stop spilling the blood of others, than it is possible for the hare not to run, or the thief not to steal. Therefore, it seems to me, my dear Exiled From Athos, that not only have you mistaken this website for the ones that preach pitiful Universal Love for mankind and particular love for the evil diabolic Jews, but more importantly – and I say this with all due respect – it appears that when it comes to criticizing, a nuanced way of thinking seems somewhat foreign to you, a fact which leads me to conclude that it is not the absence of conjugal intimacy, or the aversion to, by way of fecundity, multiply my image many times over in those of my children that is the problem, but rather your celibacy and unconscious but ultimately always deadly Jew-worship mentality. Be at least part manly: do not love the Jew, as Jews hate themselves.

      As for you citing the Church’s, the Arabs’, the Mongols’ and the English bestialities visited upon the world – well, Exiled From Athos, not only those crimes combined but even multiplied come nowhere near to matching the number of innocents slaughtered by the demonic hands of the Jews. For your information, Darkmoon recently did an article about the Palestinians in Gaza: do kindly return to it and analyse the face of that father holding in his hands the half-blown head of his child, and then return here with a good conscience, if you can, and explain away that satanic insanity with your pathetic spirit of Love and Gentleness and Understanding of all and sundry but particularly for the diabolic Jews, though believe me, you will not find a single head here that will agree with your sad and suicidal world view, for to embrace that race whom Nature herself has cast out as evil, is to dig your own grave. Don’t dig your own grave; dig the Jews’ grave instead.

      The solution to the world’s problem is not, as you so romantically put it, ”have children, love God…” The solution to the world’s problem is the unwelcome presence of utterly demonic Jews in our midst, of creatures so spiritually deformed and so psychologically demented, as to really make one wonder whether it’s worth for anyone to bring children into this hellish Judaic world! One thing in particular that I have noticed about you spiritualists and religious people, is that lacking the courage and the nous to identify and look the demonic Jewish problem in the eye and finally deal it a death blow, you instead misdirect your energies and thoughts towards the endless space that is Cosmos, and thus confirm the Sages’ age old maxim that,” Oftentimes what is closest to us is most difficult to see.” That’s right: you don’t see the Jews as problematic because they are in our faces too much!

      Don’t worry, Exiled From Athos: the Gnostic path which recently I set out on, I now feel that it is not so much that I am not for it as it is not for me, for one of the first things that I noticed about those like you who shun this world for the imagined one of the spirits, is that when the call to arms finally comes, you are the last type on whom mankind can depend. Cold steel, and not warm and unbounded love is the solution to the demono/satano/bestialo/toilet Jewish problem, dear Exiled From Athos, cold, hard steel. Jews are a toilet race, a vampirical nation, a heartless people and a demonic seed. May I live in interesting times!

      PS Sorry about my misspelling earlier. Pathos and Athos do tend to rhyme. Moreover, Exiled From Athos is not, unlike Marcus Beck is, a name: it is an assumed user name. Yet another example of the small nuanced infelicities which plague the otherwise good mind of Exiled From Athos.

  23. @ marcus

    i have often wondered on the nature of hate and on occasion written about it in these threads.
    because the notion of hate is intimately bound with the notion of jew, a sort of fundamental bridge spanning the distance between the jew and humanity.
    hate pours out of the jew, it is his essential creation, his whole reason for existence, no other emotional product is possible any more than skunk can spray rosewater.

    if only this hate was reciprocated, jew would be reduced to cinder in a day, therefore there can be no denying that counter-hate is a promising tool for dealing with this world devouring disease, to deny this out of hand is like denying essential treatment for tuberculosis, because on its own, this treatment is unpalatable, even toxic.

    this gnostic fellow sounds like a nice person, at least on the surface but maybe i imagine an undercurrent of cold hostility below the protestations of unconditional love for all things, deserving or not.
    to me, that prostitutes the idea of love, that everyone is equally welcome to it, a love soup line, stretch out your empty bowl for a never ending refill.

    now, let me ask whoever is knowledgeable about gnosticism whether there is as a considerable body of jews among them, just like in buddhism and meditative techniques, not only because of jew’s innate craving for information and control but because it also offers a convenient protection for their depredations outside the universally loving confines of the movement.
    “thou shall not hate the jew!” becomes the rallying cry.
    as always.

    and since i consider the hate an essentially involuntary, reflex action to iniquity done, as opposed to jew’s hate, inbred and bred, anyone who doesn’t hate the jew is either completely ignorant, a complete idiot, a complete sellout or a complete jew.
    i consider myself none of the listed entities and have my hate of the jew as proof.

    1. to Lobro, to Marcus,

      Agape is not to be confused with naive notions of love.
      Wisdom does not require to deny the severity and evil in Nature and in man.
      One is not ‘nice,’ if only ‘nice’ on the surface.

      To remove you from the path of hate, I will say this: once IT rises from down below, it will manifest in your life every emotion. The stronger your hate, the more you will experience it.

      To understand how to defeat Evil (the Archetype), see that lustrous book of the Indians. I forget its exact title right now, but I remember its imparting.

  24. This posting led me to take a look at m’sieur Baudelaire. The “big brain,” as Tesla termed it almost one hundred years before its implementation, revealed an interesting connection. To wit: ‘the formal features of verse connects it more closely to the work of the contemporary “Parnassians”‘

    The name immediately rang a bell in the form of Terrie Gilliam’s movie, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. I wondered about the odd name at the time, but never pursued the matter. Thanks to Lasha, I looked up the term and discovered: “Parnassianism was a literary style characteristic of certain French poetry during the positivist period of the 19th century, occurring after romanticism and prior to symbolism. The name is derived from the original Parnassian poets’ journal, Le Parnasse contemporain, itself named after Mount Parnassus, home of the Muses of Greek mythology.”

    A bit more research revealed: “According to Greek mythology, this mountain was sacred to Dionysus and the Dionysian mysteries; it was also sacred to Apollo and the Corycian nymphs, and it was the home of the Muses.” Gilliam’s title now began to make sense. Oddly enough, Baudelaire is buried at Cimetière du Montparnasse.

    The big brain is truly a marvel, for one has connections at their fingertips that never before existed in the realm of every man. It parallels Edgar Cayce’s “Akashic records” wherein all the knowledge of man resides.

    One other matter, I thought the name “Les Fleurs du Mal” meant “Flowers of Sickness” or Illness, as in the term “mal de mer,” sea sickness or “un mal de tête” “sick in the head” or in English, a headache.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      “One other matter, I thought the name “Les Fleurs du Mal” meant “Flowers of Sickness” or Illness, as in the term “mal de mer,” sea sickness or “un mal de tête” “sick in the head” or in English, a headache.”

      Good point, Arch. But “mal” also mean “evil”. Maybe the French title is deliberately ambiguous … so it can mean two things at once.

      Anyway, I have two English translations in my bookshelves. Both of them are titled “Flowers of Evil.”

  25. Agape is not to be confused with naive notions of love.
    Wisdom does not require to deny the severity and evil in Nature and in man.
    One is not ‘nice,’ if only ‘nice’ on the surface.

    To remove you from the path of hate, I will say this: once IT rises from down below, it will manifest in your life every emotion. The stronger your hate, the more you will experience it.

    To understand how to defeat Evil (the Archetype), see that lustrous book of the Indians. I forget its exact title right now, but I remember its imparting.

    1. maybe so, maybe not, i can’t say i got the answer until i have the answer
      maybe it is possible to exist in this world without recourse to hate, a sort of emotional vegetarianism.

      i have no problem with nutritional vegetarianism but hate is an integral part and parcel of my emotional diet.
      especially when it is a byproduct, along with rage, of burning compassion for a violated innocence, be it child or animal or anything or anybody harmless and defenseless.

      so, for me not to hate david ovadia and not to want to kill him slowly with my bare hands would be an act of grand betrayal of my humanity.

      and as for these, “Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left”, they are not human, they are below animals and i don’t feel like i have defiled myself by hating them.
      on the contrary, i would feel unclean if i did not.

      give me a few more lives, maybe i will catch onto your viewpoint.

    2. “The stronger you hate, the more you experience it”

      And your point?

      The stronger I hate righteously, the more I experience the love I protect

      This is Christ as the male prototype, the Exemplar. A man that strives to know this and live accordingly understands his responsibilty and obligation to his maker.

  26. actually, that article is a good one, its conclusions match marcus’s and go even further.

    a couple of quotes:

    “Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered—death squads gunned them down in El Salvador and Guatemala, mothers with infants were lined up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children in their sights and watched them crumple onto the pavement in Sarajevo—but I have never before watched soldiers

    entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport”.

    The Israeli child-killer [Jewish] personality has much in common with the psychiatric term sociopath: “A person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”
    (i inserted “Jewish” because that’s the core: practically ALL (~96%) are happy child-killers)

    Unfortunately, as Dr. Hare admits, sociopaths are usually impossible to cure. The best we can do is detect them, using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, and then protect ourselves from them.
    if the “Hare Psychopathy Checklist” does not list “Jew” as indicator, it is almost useless since not only does it omit 15 million psychopaths but many of them are the world’s most powerful, influential and richest human-like shapeshifters.

    and now comes the clincher:
    In the mean time, all individuals of good will must help the Palestinians defend themselves. As Italy’s leading philosopher Gianni Vattimo recently said, Europeans and other decent people around the world “should raise money to buy Hamas better rockets.” Vattimo also urged Europeans to form international brigades to fight along with Hamas, in the same way that foreign volunteers fought Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

    hmm, and double-hmm.

  27. exiled from athos, your message is beautiful but it is aimed at the wrong people

    bnai brith and adl is where you need to go

    so when can we expect a full confession from jewry, and for them to start giving things back?

  28. Exiled From Athos,

    What exactly are you saying? What is your definition of hate? Doesn’t the mother mercilessly defend her babes from danger? Doesn’t the man defend those who are threatened? Why should someone not hate? How is it counter to his/her spiritual development? I see no contradiction; it’s just a part of life. If you know love, you can hate (that which destroys love). Maybe rage is a better word than hate. It’s more fitting to me.

    So it’s no different here. The world is threatened. And those that have understood this and gotten a whiff of its full impact simply have the natural reaction, as Lobro is describing above, of being enraged at the doers and want to see things right. There’s nothing wrong with that, and nothing in that reaction is counter to your spiritual development. Ironically, many jew-wise people are actually more spiritually evolved than most because by even being interested in this problem denotes that you REALLY CARE.

  29. to LSPM,

    I will elaborate. But first, I must say that I arrived at this website via a search for poetry. In the comment section of the poem I was reading, I noticed a comment on gnosticism, which has been my lifelong path. As it is my duty to correct incorrect notions, I commented. I have noticed since, that many on this site harbor very strong anti-Jewish hate. Against this hate, and hate in general, I compel readers to think and feel otherwise.

    Hate exists. Its existence posits necessity. But with all things, an excess is destructive. With all things, a lack is destructive too.

    On the duty of things, it is the duty of all to continue its survival. Sadly, the World of the West has decided to cease its existence by refusing to have children. This is the single reason the West is dying. But as the West came from the East, the cycle will continue. Once too, the East died; now it reborns.

    Returning to your questions, hate is destructive to the spiritual path, as the spiritual path is concerned with erecting a divine temple on this Earth, but not of the Earth. As the temple is erected, the spirit rises through its beams. Every thought, every emotion that rises through the structure, manifests. It becomes. It materializes. And when hate is harbored within its beams, the beams crack and the structure collapses. The result is madness, the result is horror.

    Now, as stated above, hate exists; this posits necessity. On hate, its necessity is not to impel you towards rage, but to show you your own weaknesses. You hate when you are weak. Therefore become strong. From strength, you can erect your temple. From strength, you can keep Evil in stasis. From strength, you can raise your fellow man and woman.

    Become strong. And now, ask yourself how to become strong. And fearless.

    1. @ Exiled fro Athos

      This is Gnostic gobbledygook that’s divorced from reality

      Read my simple post above and lose all the excessive verbiage

      1. I want to add that for a man to experience love as a protector means feeling it viscerally. Up through the gut and into the heart. If left only in the head as merely an idea, then the power of it cannot be brought to bear.

        What my people call powerful medicine.

    2. On the duty of things, it is the duty of all to continue its survival. Sadly, the World of the West has decided to cease its existence by refusing to have children. This is the single reason the West is dying.

      let’s take a closer look at the mechanics of this die-off.
      could those referenced above, whose greatest ecstasy is killing children of the west and raping and humiliating their women and killing their men have something to do with it?

      those whose jew-hate has developed over time by perusing relevant information can see right away where i am going with this.

      ask yourself whether the decision of the west to cease its existence is really west’s decision or the decision has been made elsewhere.

      exactly at which point did it refuse to have children, is it due to corruption at the social level or family or the person, the moral corruption, the corruption of the living standards, or saying that the world is not worth bring the children into and if so, whose fault is it that the world has been corrupted so far?
      is it racial and cultural miscegenation, is it promotion of “alternative” lifestyles?

      could many, if not most answers lie in the back issues of lasha’s offerings?

      so the question is how to ensure the continuing survival of the west.

      welcome to, we are at least trying to work out a solution.
      and we are rapidly narrowing the range of workable ones, and yes it demands strength of conviction to act.
      the problem is not the hate but the lack of it, sufficient to inform and ignite the groundswell that will bring about the renaissance of the west, including the moral, family and societal restructuring that will make the world a good place for children everywhere, including gaza.

      pontificating about how higher beings don’t require hate in order to achieve such noble goals is wasted on the lower beings among which i count myself.

      1. In the generation before me it was common for women to marry before the age of 15. My mother-in-law at age 14 and my mother at 16. Both were never divorced, each separated from their spouse only by death.

        Women in the West are encouraged to marry much later, now, in their 20s or 30s, and get an education or vocation. That waiting could account for as many as 6-10 children in the years difference.
        Large families of 10-18 children were common in the West years ago. My best friend came from 10 children family in Fall River, MA. (chourico and coffee-milk capital)

        Pick your own reasoning. There are dozens of them. Many USD related.

  30. The simplicity of your post in no way confers veracity.
    Congratulations, you are a man with an opinion. There are 7 billion like you.

    There are not a million truths to Christ. There is one. If you understand it, it is a science. If you do not, it is a fable. Which is what you apparently believe.

    1. You are a fool who’s lost in a morass of “science”. And now you smear me by saying that what I have is a mere opinion and can in no way confer veracity.

      Spare me your gobbledygook science of detached gnostic snobbery

      1. BH, I know what you have.

        Exiled, I don’t think we are on the same page. It’s like you see the old woman being beaten and robbed. That should boil your blood and you should be compelled to rescue her with absolute determination. So some of the people here have determined that the jews are robbing all the world of its potential, and their reaction is wanting to stop that and their blood is boiling. It’s really that simple! It’s just a law of nature that in no way contradicts what we can call spirituality; in fact it shows a healthiness, and that we don’t have this collectively just shows we’re in a dumpster right now.

      2. @ Brownhawk

        With all due respect to your acumen and insight into spiritual matters, methinks “Exiled from Athos” emanates a certain wisdom. Realize that you are in the presence of a man who is very far from being a fool. The last thing I would accuse him of is “gobbledegook” and “verbiage.”

        Please don’t sink to the level of Circassian by believing that ad hominem attacks will help you to win arguments here. Keep a cool head and rely on logic. And try to understand that there is something above logic: wisdom, which comes from above, and makes all logic look derisory.

        Just my two cents worth, dear Brownhawk. No offense intended.

      3. No offense received brother Sardonicus

        Call it the Max Bilney factor in summoning a rally cry to ALL of us fools who’ve been shunted to a sidetrack of powerlessness for far too long.

        Think about it. His state of detachment is one of a fabulist when viewing Christ – a living man whose exemplary influence needs to be FELT and not delegated to the head alone. I’ll concede that I may have been too harsh, and forgive any disrespect, but my potential wisdom cannot be fueled solely by a logic that would be relegated to a land of derision.

        I want “Exiled From Athos” to get royally pissed off at ME and then get his rage back on track and going in the right direction where there’s no detachment, only engagement. A direction the unfortunate Circassian has not found the aim for.

        Like I said, first things first, which is what I’m telling MYSELF. If anything, I know EXACTLY where EFA is coming from with his intent to “know” per what may or may NOT contain true gnostic teachings. All he has to do is read some of my past postings to see that how far I’ve ventured there.

        But this is dangerous territory that’s ridden with landmines planted by a diabolically astute controlling opposition. When I share my thoughts along these lines they should always be seen as containing an unspoken caveat of healthy wariness mindful of the need for discernment.

      4. B-Hawk –

        This is just a comment section of a blog-site.

        I would reserve true anger for the person who punches my family members.

        My retorts are in fun.

      5. I know. I should take a cue from hp and never lose sight of the meta-comedian

        I apologize to EFA, and hope I didn’t scare him off. But to say Christ is a character in a fable is wrong. And don’t tell me that’s a guess too. Some things you just know, and you obviously don’t understand this.

        To say Christ didn’t/doesn’t exist is like saying YOU don’t exist. That there is no exemplary behavior to strive for. I could go on and on but people who know, know. For people who don’t, no amount of words can speak of it. Words being woefully inadequate to express the ineffable.

        Lacking this knowledge, and that’s what it is, because seeing (science) is believing, leaves an empty void of nihilism – a vacuum that sucks the life out of you. Make that which has sucked the life out of US.

        From my book “Beyond the Crooked Pale” – Chapter 9 – “Source of Ill Will”

        “Humanity in its slumber has allowed Life to reach a stage of critical mass. We are standing on the brink, staring into the abyss. But what is staring back is not the threat seen through a lens of fear, but only a reflection of our self-delusion”

      6. B-Hawk –

        You say YOU know.
        You say I know.
        You say I do not understand what I know, when you said, “Some things you just know, and you obviously don’t understand this.”
        You are certainly guessing there. For sure.

      7. Sorry

        I should have said, “some things ONE just knows” (not you – Pat)

        Nonetheless, YOU (Pat) are just so dang determined to keep everyone guessing

        When I say “ineffable”, what does this conjure up for YOU? And never mind the strict definition of the word, or in how I used it.

  31. As you wish. My reply to LSPM stands. I answered her questions.

    If I were truly detached, I would still be on Athos.

    But truly, I am detached as all men of my age are. When you reach passed 80, let us see how you feel.

    1. All I can say to that, EFA, is to not let your Earthly age deter you from keeping your eye on the ball in whatever state of “detachment” you find yourself

      That you would resort to the “science” of Christ in your view as a fabulist bespeaks of your looking askew.

      Look at it in a spirit of “1st things 1st”. THEN we can think in terms of what a gnostic journey may actually look like.

      Welcome to darkmoon – a perservering den of vipers. I hope you’ll stick around 😉

  32. And try to understand that there is something above logic: wisdom, which comes from above, and makes all logic look derisory.

    isn’t all true wisdom supported by logic

    sardonicus, can you think of some wisdom that is not supported by logic, or some wisdom that makes logic look derisory

    1. @ flyingcossack

      The mere fact that you should ask that question tells me that you are not ready to hear the answer.

      Taoism and Zen Buddhism are both full of paradoxes which tell us that the only way to wisdom is to pass beyond logic. Zen masters achieve enlightenment, for example, by contemplating the paradox of “the sound of one hand clapping.”

      There is nothing logical about that, is there?

      Lao Tsu in China said, “Not knowing that one knows is best.” At the Zen monastery I attended many years ago we were taught to meditate on the opening sentence of the Tao Te Ching: “The Tao that can be expressed is not the eternal Tao.”

      Read Chapter 3 of The Tao of Physics, called “Beyond Language.” In the realms of knowledge we are talking about, wisdom is achieved without the mediation of words. Words actually stand in the way and are counter-productive.

      Where there are no words, there can be no logic either; for logic and language are inseparable bedfellows.

  33. Early to mid 20th century many Americans, especially in the west and mid-west, were farmers and more children meant more working hands.

  34. Reading earlier posts, it seems that my disregard for Baudelaire has been misconstrued. I’ve no problem with his lack of virtue, having experienced that lack myself and besides being a huge fan of William Blake and Charles Bukowski, but I sense a precociousness, a pretentious dilettante, who would wilt if subjected to a debauchery he couldn’t escape.

  35. Even if God did not exist, religion would still be holy and divine.

    God is the only being who, to govern, need not even exist.


    How could hopeless debauchees
    As soulless as things of steel
    Ever know the love I feel,
    True love with its mysteries,

    Its black enchantments and fears,
    Its hellish procession if pains,
    Its poison phials and tears,
    Its rattle of bones and of chains !

    – Charles Baudelaire

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