Bearded Transexual Wins Eurovision 2014

CONCHITA WURST, WINNER OF EUROVISION 2014 "This vile creature from Austria, Conchita Wurst, was cheered by the degenerate pop-mob at Eurovision 2014..." —  Tomato Bubble (Click to expand)
“This vile creature from Austria, Conchita Wurst, was cheered by the degenerate pop-mob at Eurovision 2014…”
— Tomato Bubble
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“When it was announced that the wholesome angelic twins from Russia, the Tolmachevy sisters, would be advancing to the finals, many in the oh-so “tolerant” mob began to boo.

The mob favorite “transexual” won and was even congratulated by the President of Austria.

Eurovision 2014 is a microcosm of the war between the decadent Marxist West and a spiritually revitalized Russia.” (Tomato Bubble)

If you have time to waste, do watch this mindless 2-minute video of  the Bearded Lady being interviewed by a silly woman in Austria. Welcome to Brave New Jew World!

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44 thoughts to “Bearded Transexual Wins Eurovision 2014”

  1. its father invented a sausage and named it conchita wurst in its honor?

    thankfully i am a vegetarian and don’t have to wonder about the taste.

    meanwhile adolph hitler and jorg haider must be thankful to have died before witnessing what their austria turned into, a jew playground and petri dish.

  2. while in fact i have nothing against individuals born with such genetic deformities as it cannot be their fault, the fact is that this conchita thing is clearly a giggling moron, as evident from the interview.

    the main issue is the one of jew’s purposeful exploitation of such individuals in order to morally degrade an entire people, culture and race.

    another reason why there is no place for the jew on earth, he can preach his diversity to twisted invertebrate creatures of the underground spaces whence he came.

      1. Culturally, the lowest common denominator, as you well know, and all according to plan. Too bad Tim doesn’t realize he is just a pawn in the game. All the while making a lot of money. Wait until he will be of no more use to them. I hope he enjoys the interim.

        1. sorry that was meant for lobro about the jew is underneath the lot

  3. What I find particularly depressing about this video — watch it again, it’s only 2 minutes — is the mindless applause of the crowds.

    2000 years ago, the same morons, in other bodies, would have been applauding the bloodthirsty gladiatorial games in the Circus Maximus in Rome. They would have been cheering the lions on as they tore apart and devoured the Christians alive.

    Yes, these are the same beasts in other bodies who 2000 years ago shouted “Crucify him! Crucify him!” as Christ was about to be nailed to the cross.

      1. hahaha

        talk about your whacko controlled opposition. Jesus in drag.

        So this is their idea of carrying an “The end is near” sign, eh?

    1. The Circus Maximus was used primarily for chariot races. Gladiatorial games took place in the Coliseum.

      Your idea that these are the same types of people who were applauding gladiators and crucifixions is true, but not because they are a specific type of people, but because the mob always cheers for who/what they’re told to cheer for by those with power.

      If Hitler had won WWII these same people would be cheering at a Waffen-SS parade with their hands raised in the Roman salute. Don’t doubt it for a second.

      1. The Waffen SS were brave and heroic, worthy of cheers and reward for their service to man and God.

        Their mortal enemies admitted as much.

        1. Of the few left combat WW2 vets left, most still admit the truth as they saw and felt and know it.
          I know one or two of them. Wow!
          (they really were there).

        2. yeah hp. My father was really there, too. In one of Patton’s engineer battalions. Right up there at the front of the whole ETO.

          And much to my chagrin on the wrong side of the fray. Recently he received a medal of the French Legionnaires. I guess if you live long enough they give you one of those.


      2. except that i would be cheering for the waffen ss then, as i do now but fail to be enthusiastic about conchita’s bicycle seat sniffers seen in the video.

        1. The mob doesn’t think for itself, that’s why it’s called the mob. They support whatever they’re told they should support.

          Do you think the Germanics of the 30s and 40s were strong, healthy, and virile because they suddenly made themselves that way? No, the only reason why Germanics were healthier under Hitler was because Hitler made them healthier.

          A few years before Hitler came to power, those thousands of Germans who were cheering for him were getting drunk in bars and spending their evenings at sex clubs and cabarets.

          The mob is easily molded and conditioned by whoever has power at that point in time. If nationalists were to take over Austria today, a year from now they’d be calling for all freaks like Wurst to be sterilized or deported.

  4. This must be some deranged geneticist’s idea of ‘medicine sport’, so to speak… Who in his right mind could condone or come up with such a thing? Are P.T. Barnum wannabes trying to come up with the superlative ‘bearded lady’ for somebody’s freak show???!

    I was just watching some videos of Secretariat’s phenomenal win of the Belmont race in 1973, for the Triple Crown. The crowd did not go as wild for that as the crowd did in this video for the Bearded Lady-thing. God help us!

    1. Secretariat – bred in your State of Virginia.

      Wonder if the CAL bred will do what “Big Red” did in sweeping the Triple Crown? Obviously not the same caliber of horse, who but Man O’ War could be that?

      All depends on the relative strength of his competition of course. I don’t see anyone beating him today in Baltimore.

      1. @Brownhawk

        Thanks, friend, for knowing Secretariat (Big Red) is a Virginia horse! Lots of folks think he was a Kentucky horse.

        For my daughter’s first very own thoroughbred, she had Storm Kat’s Firecat, when he retired off-track (he was a six-year-old gelding, 15.6 hands, whose dame was Secretariat’s granddaughter). He was a blaze chestnut, and looked EXACTLY like a miniature of the great sire (but he was not a big money winner – so he became a hunt horse for my girl). She is at the Preakness, today. The poor child has been disappointed because the closest thing to jockeying she can do is steeple chases. She’s too tall to be a flat-track jockey – even though she’s been riding since she was almost four years old, and has the seat and form for the greatest. (She sent me a pic from Pimlico, yesterday, where she was exercising a couple of horses which are in the race, today.) 🙂

        I love the horses. Horses and gold are the currency of kings, and they have been with our kind since history was recorded. I shed a tear when I think of the power and form of the great ones, and I will always support and help those who love them. (About all I can do is raise quality hay for some stables, now – but I still keep up.). Damn those bearded lady fans!! 🙂

        1. @Gilbert

          Happy to see a fellow horse lover on lasha’s site. I’m glad to see you still do what you can. Just being around horses every chance I get is about the best thing goin, and I know you know what I mean. My wife and I were watching the Preakness and we both teared up a little ourselves watchin Chrome pull away to win it. Best time in racing is seeing a horse win the first two legs, and the anticipation for the next 3-weeks to the Belmont. And did you catch the owner being interviewed before the race? He mentioned how it pisses off the Ky. Bluebloods to see his success. Somebody said he and his wife were dumbasses for breeding a $7,500 stallion to a $2,500 mare. And look who’s having the last laugh! I love it.

          Interesting that your daughter had a Storm Cat. A very good racehorse and a great sire. And it’s always a curious thing that usually the better the horse on the track, the less likely his offspring will have alot of success. Secretariat being a classic example, although Storm Cat produced his share of fine runners.

          I could talk horses all day. And handicapping is great exercise for the brain. (and it doesn’t hurt to win a few bucks while you’re at it, needless to say!)

        2. Horses and dogs. God’s finest creatures in my humble opinion. They give you all they got and what do they ask for in return?

          I can sure think of another species who could take some notes. ALOTA notes.

      2. I’d really like to see California Chrome win, today. Not a ‘snob’ horse, or a favored jockey – but a gen-u-ine upstart!! 🙂

        God bless ’em!

        1. Secretariat did his best work as a broodmare sire. Fantastic record.

          California Chrome has Sir Ivor blood through his third dam. That should help him get the mile and a half of the Belmont.

  5. Is it a He, She, or It? . . . I’m not sure what’s under that skirt . . . I don’t wanna look!

  6. What I find particularly depressing
    Yes, these are the same beasts in other bodies who 2000 years ago shouted “Crucify him! Crucify him!” as Christ was about to be nailed to the cross.

    ruth, your answer is in the first paragraph of lasha’s post

    “When it was announced that the wholesome angelic twins from Russia, the Tolmachevy sisters, would be advancing to the finals, many in the oh-so “tolerant” mob began to boo.

    does everyone see it now?
    say what you will about putin, is he a secret jewboy or a defender of russia, christianity and what remains of european civilization, this demon possessed crowd clearly perceives the truth.
    there are and probably were in ad 33 or whatever, people who thought jesus was a rothschild agent, nothing will ever dissuade them (i forget the names of the posters now but will come back in amoment if care to think about it).

    in my first comment today, i said that jew is now pushing for the kol nidre to be recognized as equal to christianity and islam by the un.
    you don’t need to be eschatology freak to see the door battered under the devil’s onslaught.

    it reminds me of the gruesome scene in alien 1 space horror movie when the monster seed swallowed by the hapless spaceman begins working his way out, pulsating under his chest … except that now it is happening to an entire continent or even the world.

  7. I don’t know who’s worse, the bearded lady or the fool with the microphone who couldn’t seem to keep her hands off “Conchita”

    Sometimes my imagination gets the better of me when I think of how maybe she can’t wait to have him, er… her… er… it all to herself when they get backstage.

    Please pass that sick bucket over here, would you Sardonicus?

      1. Hey Brownhawk –

        NO surprises for that scum. They don’t CARE!

        The Californio won the race. I’m glad. Now there’s a chance for someone to win the Triple Crown. Exciting!

        The more I see of our own kind dwindling with the bearded lady fans, the less empathy I have for their plight… It is not even any JEW fault. It is as is hp’s plan: Stay away

  8. Here people go again, applauding what is ugly. The individual does not even sing well!!! We have lost our ability to measure. Truth, Beauty and Goodness must not be separated or you will get distortion (porn) every time! The mind that is enmity with GOD, applauds the ugly, the disgusting, the perverse. We must continue to fight by being Truthful, Beautiful and Good and show the people what is real and right. If they can’t hear it with their minds, perhaps they will hear it with their eyes and ears? Although I believe that apart from GOD (Yahwey and Yahshua -Father and Jesus), man is lost, I still choose the better.

  9. i am lining up for online sales of conchita’s performance of the (b)ride of the bearded valkyries at the stadtopera.

    a worthwhile successior to haydn, mozart, beethoven, schubert, strauss.

    he-she-it never would have seen the richly deserved limelight without the shylocks helping hand, didn’t things get better in a big way once jews started taking over the viennese culture, starting with freud and others?

  10. Entartete kunst in human form. This model of degeneracy is promoted by jewry to mock and demoralize Europeans, what few actual Europeans are left. No other race on the planet would approve of a transsexual representing their people and culture.

  11. Tiny Tim rode the same kind of transgender “performance” to minor celebrity status thirty years ago, and I doubt this vile creature’s moment in the spotlight will amount to much more. Everything about it is supposed to offend, from the stage name of “Can’t you eat a Wurst” to being a man who wants to be a woman wearing a full beard. In your face offensiveness is politically correct, it’s edgy and daring, a real crowd pleaser, unless you happen to be white.

    1. The Jews love it ……….destroy, kill, destroy, kill……………….same old bollox …oh and permanant whining……

  12. In a blog published on August 16 in the neocon mouthpiece Huffington Post, Abraham Foxman, the national director of pro-Israel Jewish supremacisst organization, ADL, has called for a NIV of the Jackson-Vanil amendment to pressure Moscow to improve its treatment of LGBT. Foxman has compared the Russia’s ban on LGBT activities in public, with the past Moscow’s strictions on Russian Jewry to leave Russia.

    “It’s obvious that Russia is oppressing the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in manner similar to the way in which the Soviet Union once oppressed the Jewish community,” Claimed Abbe Foxman.

    Foxman has proved once again what Canadian Jewish gay blogger Simon Jones posted on his blog in 2004, saying that both Jewish and LGBT communities have a common past – they’re both persecuted by the Christian churces in Europe. However, in the secularist West, both are mis-using their newly gained powers through the support of powerful Jewish groups like ADL and AJC.

    1. ‘Soviet Union once oppressed the jewish community’

      Thats some funny sh t right there!!

  13. Excellent substance, prose and visuals in this video. If you have not yet seen it – by all means – DO. Written by Les Visible. Graphics and narration by Patrick Willis. Absolutely stunning.

    1. Oh. puhleeze!

      If youre no good at it, do leave the rest of us talented ones alone.

      I fail to recognize your credentials regarding determination of what I happen to do on my own time and property with my spouse.

      None of the claims in your link are proven, most of them are laughably, objectively wrong.

  14. This Artist will, I’m certain, be very entertaining for an upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

    Just think of the possibilities… Michael Sam the new superstar American football player onstage having sex with his boyfriend(s) (probably have to do that behind a sheer curtain so we can see the shadows and such, but not the actual penetration, because America is such a puritanical country and all) while at the same time the great Euro sensation BratWurst warbles a 21st century rendition of the jewish Tiny Tim’s ‘Tiptoe through the Tulips’.

    As they used to say in Hollywood: “Now That’s Entertainment!”

  15. we have a lot of materials about jews and zionists. Do you have anonymous email and gpg key? How can we contact you?

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