79 thoughts to “Beethoven’s Ode to Joy: video (6 mins.)”

  1. Beautiful.
    I wonder:
    -What percentage of North Americans know who wrote “Ode to Joy?”
    -What percentage know who composed the music?
    -What percentage know that there are three previous movements?
    -What percentage have speculated on the composer’s mental/spiritual state in selecting “Ode to Joy” given his physical infirmity?

    1. …And I wonder how many dolts like you know for what purposes was the Ode To Joy written, eh?! and who REALLY wrote it?! The purpose, of course, being, just like the Marsellaise, to instil the idea of the Masonic Brotherhood of Man, just like the incompatible Liberté, égalité, fraternité. This was the very cry of the Judaic Revolutionaries of both France and Russia, under whose banner countless millions innocent Frenchmen and Russians died. And who wrote it? Schiller, that’s who, a 27th degree Freemason.
      But you already knew this, Mr John Doe, didn’t you.
      The more this website censors intelligent men, the more readers it loses. One day, there will be no one to post.

      1. @ A Merc

        The more this website censors intelligent men, the more readers it loses. One day, there will be no one to post.

        No one has censored your posts, Mr Merc. You overestimate your own importance — like most other pompous and self-important weirdos with a streak of paranoia. If something you wrote and posted was lost in transit, this was either a computer anomaly or because you forgot to fill in the details requiring your user name and email address.

        We enjoy reading your comments, Mr Merc, given that they exhibit a high degree of intelligence and an accomplished literary style that is most uncommon nowadays, but understand this: you are not indespensable to our site. If you wish to leave, by all means do so. We do not moreover require courtesy from you as a condition for your posting here. We are used to rude and unmannerly posters — to insolent boors like yourself. We make a point of not censoring such eccentrics purely because of their entertainment value.

        We have other posters like you, Mr Merc. Far more unpleasant and defamatory. The Jew Seymour Zak is one. He uses our site as his vomit bucket and spitoon. Feel free to join him and see if you can convert us to your brand of juvenile nihilism or get us to love you! 🙂

        Lalara Pandora
        (aka Lucy Skipping)

  2. …Here is Schiller, the Freemason, in his own words, in the Three Words Of Strength:

    There are three lessons I would write, Three words, as with a burning pen, In tracings of eternal light, Upon the hearts of men. Have hope. Though clouds environ round And gladness hides her face in scorn, Put off the shadow from thy brow; No night but hath its morn. Have faith. Where’er they bark is driven- The calm’s disport, the tempest’s mirth- Know this: God rules the hosts of heaven, The inhabitants of earth. Have love. Not love alone for one, But man, as man, thy brother call; And scatter, like a circling sun, Thy charities on all.

    Careful, Mr John. A keen mind easily demolishes impostors…

    1. I will say this to you, A. Merc.

      How about putting less emphasis on what came from Schiller’s pen, and more on the sublime music that came from Beethoven’s. If not virtually ALL of the emphasis.

      Whatever he gleaned from written words rendered any possible intent of a 27th Degree mason irrelevant in producing what in my humble opinion is the most sublime piece of music ever written with the 3rd Movement of his 9th Symphony.

      Here’s an excerpt from my “ever a work in progress” book:

      “In a setting which defines irony, consider the world of Beethoven. When he wrote his 6th symphony he was virtually deaf, and although he had memory of sound, its true inspiration came from the essence of the Viennese countryside. This colossal force of heart and intellect transcended his physical surroundings, creating some of the most beautiful music ever written. Many passages make a seamless connection to joy, and in the third movement of his ninth symphony you almost have to brace yourself to the unfolding of its exaltation. An omniscient ocean whose waves are engulfing in a great cosmic dance, their tears welling up to reveal a looming ecstasy; the certain empowerment of love’s sovereignty divined. A penetration of its depths so sublime, it ‘transcends the transcendence’, and by now he was dancing in a stillness of total silence.”

      Creation is singing to him. All of it in that very moment.

      1. Nicely said Brownhawk. But you lack style. Merky writes beautifully. You write descriptively. You describe beauty with thought, whereas Merky describes thought with beauty pal. Not the same. But you do write better than me that much I admit.

      2. Thanks for that, Avantador. You remind me of what I said to my brother recently. That when it comes to writing, you can’t beat poetry IF you can make words sing. If you can’t then it’s just bad poetry.

        But what I wanted to add to my last post directed at A. Merc was that the ones who “rub their hands with glee” are those who’ve duped even masons at the 33rd degree into thinking they’re doing God’s work. My own father was at a humble level of the “brotherhood”, and I always thought he was a pretty good guy.

        But even these aforementioned gleeful ones are duped in the end by their great master of deceit, Satan his bad self.The minions who operate within the descending pyramidal construct are the unwitting enablers of this ultimate psychopath, whose trenchant ruse has made captives of us all.

        Get behind thee, Satan! Back to the infernal bowels from which you sprang!

        P.S. In a shout out to our friend lobro, I’m sensing that in his conspicuous absence is brewing some cogent thoughts coming this way 😉

      3. thanks for kind thoughts, b-hawk.
        cogency must await while i gather the thoughts and toss out the bad ones … oops, broke the shovel, so it will take time.
        brew on the other hand cannot wait, its importance surpasses cogency by a mile.
        spent some forced downtime in bavaria, quaffed my share of stuff that i normally give a wide berth to (i am a wine man and a grappa man now that i spend a good amount of time in the balkans, ah, the judenfrei balkans but for how long will these unwitting and unwilling organ donor nations wait their accursed arrival?)
        and while quaffing and watching, came to conclusion that germans are still the strongest, healthiest and most resilient nation of all and while the jew may continue to rip them off financially and politically, he will never come close to denting their blood-and-heimat sensibility, despite all the coloreds loosened upon them.

        for one thing, i noticed that the said coloreds are adopting german ways faster than they are polluting germany with their foreignness.
        eg, ethiopian kids in some small municipality will talk quietly among themselves in pure german, behave respectfully to elders, won’t litter, no pants below hips, no sideways worn baseball hats, none of that nigaz attitude so prevalent in amerika.
        eg #2, while trucking down a sidewalk i asked a couple of men, clearly middle easterners, maybe iraqis where to find a pub with a patio and they happily directed me urging that i stick with local favorite, “huber weisses”.

        i would sit and ponder stuff while people passed by, nodding politely and invariably saying stuff like “morgen / tag / wie gehen sie” or something like that.
        i think they sense brotherly decency that permeates the land and it is the passport to their acceptance of strangers like me.

        despite all their technological prowess, i think that most work in mundane, down to earth jobs like mechanics, drivers, factory personnel, agriculture, services and so on.
        it is done very well and with unshakable pride, which is why their infrastructure is on another planet compared with north american.

        they are not into lying, which makes them so fearsomely antisemitic and why they are so hated by the hellspawn.

    2. If Descartes was to proof read his famous quote today, he would make it simple: “Amo… ergo sum”.
      French people would have then swapped the word ‘gloire’ for ‘boire’ and Rouget De Lille changed ‘bataillons’ with ’bouteillons’…
      for the joy, peace and harmony… of many future generations.
      Personnally, I would have altered the third line to match with a certain degree of French ‘laissez faire’:
      “Allons enfants de la Patrie
      Le jour de boire est arrive.
      Contre tout effort et besogne… etc”
      Refrain: “Aux ames gastronomes, sortez vos bouteillons
      Machons, machons… qu’un p’tit vin rouge
      Abrege la digestion… pom, pom, pom.”

  3. @ Lalara Pandora,

    It is difficult to reconcile your words to truth, for in one sentence you say you enjoy my writing, and in the other you call me an insolent boor. Insolence cannot be enjoyed, unless, that is, it finds an equal temper like yours, you insolent liar.

    A vomit bucket is a heavy word, Lalara, and I have neither used your site for such a purpose, nor do I intend to, though it is difficult to contain the vomit which you are currently inducing in me.

    Juvenile I am not, nor nihilistic have I ever been: I only hate Jews and Christianity. And paranoid? Never! Here’s my consolation to me: you have lost me to you. You have no womanly sentiments, and whatever mangled phrases you have managed to churn, are rather common in the lower rank of the human species, to which, quite frankly, I think you belong.

    I admire your freedom of speech on this site, not to say the ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE EFFORT which you put into it, and never would I so much as think of abusing it, nor, in fact, have I ever. But calling me a weirdo, I must admit borders on the offensive, but I will be kind and apportion the blame for this little stupidity of yours to the glaring deficiencies of your upbringing and education, common among the spiritually infirm.

    For reasons of your website’s policy, I shall not condescend to your level and call you meaner names, though I will remind you that you have turned your back to someone who has already turned his back on you.

    I was right: the meaner you treat those who really can think and write, the more peculiarly and frequently will you be exposed to the postings and opinions of the inferiors, like you.

    But, darling, view the fair side of this. At least I taught you a little bit of English. Back to the common rung now.

    Alan Merc

    1. Merky,

      I cannot be angry with you. Your abuse just makes me smile. It is so childish. Almost charming. Know this. We have never censored your posts. No point. You’ve said nothing particularly outrageous or worth censoring. Posts do get lose in transit, however. There have been frequent complaints about this and we always get blamed when this happens. Unfairly blamed, since we are not responsible for computer glitches.

      So, you hate Jews and Christianity? Well, nothing new there. You belong to a vast congregation. This is a site that prides itself on being the closest thing to a free speech zone. And you are allowed to say pretty much what you want. Abuse of me and Lasha is not verboten. 🙂

      There are certain gound rules, however, that you would do well to observe. Do not say anything that would damage the reputation of this website irretrievably or get it shut down. That’s all we ask. Criticize the Jews by all means — they certainly deserve criticism — but please don’t demand their mass extermination. Incitement to violence is something we cannot tolerate on this website.

      Self-defense needs no defense, however, as Lasha keeps saying. There is a delicate balance. We are, after all, walking on a tightrope.

  4. What was wrong with A. Merc Pandora? If a comment is lost, a comment is lost. There’s no need to offend your readers like that. And besides, he really is an excellent writer, quite easily the best ever here actually. Cheer up both of you.

    1. I’ve nothing against Merky. I just thought I’d give him a damn good verbal thrashing. For his own good. He may be an excellent writer, but he needs to learn humility. 🙂

      1. Maybe, but you also need to learn restraint. He’s right: we need intelligent and eloquent writers here, like him, and not Jewish idiots like Seymour Zak. Make peace, both of you. NOW!

  5. Lalara probably did not offend Merc – if he has intellect as eloquent as his pen. Being the ‘stupid Gilby’ that I am, though, I still eagerly await my request that he (Merc) elaborate an answer to my previous question of ‘whence comes the spark?’… I NEEDS to KNOW!!!

    1. To rephrase it, Merc: WHAT is the source of animation which could cause an otherwise lifeless lump of flesh to be able to compose the Ode to Joy, or (to honor you)to be able to pen words as well as you and some others?? (While we castigate the origins of other races and religions, every once-in-awhile there comes one whose being REFUTES all negative observations – so, I wants to KNOW Who or What causes that to happen!!)

      1. The answer to your question is very simple. The source of the procedure that every once-in-awhile brings an exceptional entity to this world is the same one that sparks life in mass murderers. 🙂

      2. The SOURCE is the SUN. David sung that in Psalm 29:

        1Ascribe to the Lord, you heavenly beings,
        ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.
        2Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
        worship the Lord in the splendor of hisa holiness.
        3The voice of the Lord is over the waters;
        the God of glory thunders,
        the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.
        4The voice of the Lord is powerful;
        the voice of the Lord is majestic.
        5The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars;
        the Lord breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.
        6He makes Lebanon leap like a calf,
        Sirion like a young wild ox.
        7The voice of the Lord strikes
        with flashes of lightning.
        8The voice of the Lord shakes the desert;
        the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh.
        9The voice of the Lord twists the oaks
        and strips the forests bare.
        And in his temple all cry, “Glory!”
        10The Lord sits enthroned over the flood;
        the Lord is enthroned as King forever.
        11The Lord gives strength to his people;
        the Lord blesses his people with peace.

  6. Don’t think so Lucy. Ellie was ornate, Proustian, even 19th century style, but still very beautiful. Merky is more solid, his writing is more compact, and he delivers beauty without ostentation. Ellie was just a rich bitch with an even richer tongue. Merky seems elegant, a man, and more readable. Maybe we should call him MERKELL. Ha ha ha

    1. Ok I have to go to work now but here’s my humble opinion. If both Ellie and Merky were asked to write a simple opinion like man’s stupidity, this is how they would differently put it. Don’t laugh, especially you Gilby.

      ELLIE. Lacking a concatenation of a cogitating series, meandering purposelessly in his own maze, (like stupid me) man, who could, if only he would, neither possesses, nor could he be induced to possess, however much he were induced to do so, by his own self, as well as by others, a single, or perhaps a plurality of neurons, which he could, by his own volition, or perhaps with the aid of others, string into a coherent whole and, by way of cohesion, even if artificially attained, himself produce a thought. FRIKIN TIRING!!!

      Now here’s Merky. The fallibility of man’s thinking capacity, failing to augment itself by experience, incapacitates him to such a point, that neither he himself, nor others who would help him, could together string a thought. MUCH MORE READABLE.

    2. @ Avantador

      Don’t think so Lucy. Ellie was ornate, Proustian, even 19th century style, but still very beautiful. Merky is more solid, his writing is more compact, and he delivers beauty without ostentation.

      I think you are right about Ellie and Merky being different characters. Both write well but Ellie tends to use very long sentences. Your parody of their respective styles made me chuckle. Are you sure you aren’t Merky yourself? 🙂

      1. Yeah yeah yeah Lucy. I am Merky, you are Ellie. Ellie is me, I am Ellie etc etc etc. The point I am trying to make is that although I hated the fact that Ellie was a Jew and that Merky did slightly overreact they were both extremely good writers, and if this site wants quality posters it should cater to and ttreat better the more intelligent part of the population (myself not included) and yet what did we do? We tore Ellie to pieces and called Merky a psycho or whatever. And what is the consequence of this all? Well the consequence is that good writers like John Kaminsky only get FIVE comments, and why? Because there are no smart posters left, unless that is you consider comments like Ariadno was no slouch as a smart comment.

      2. One who wears the coat of many monikers knows… as the letters left off reveal.

        “Because there are no smart posters left, unless that is you consider comments like Ariadno was no slouch as a smart comment.”

  7. Gotta luv the efforts today.
    Damned good questions and info.
    Alexa over 171,000 increase in position…and rising.

  8. All that the various and sundry profoundly materialist intellectual fancy pants ego maniacs achieve is an A+ in actually creating the famed silk purse from a sows ear, and then wallowing in mundane worship of it.

    Gilbert’s comment is the only comment worth it’s weight in spirit.

    But then, Flying Cossack is also on to something..

      1. My advise is to shoot for the best facts money can buy.
        Or thereabouts.
        (and keep your head down) haha.

  9. What happened to the excellent ‘Dark Moon?’ Why all the consternation over a lost comment? All this grief is making me want to create a ‘movement’ and it would be joyous, if I wasn’t constipated.

  10. Very inspiring! I tried to figure out where this was played. The public looks South European. At 3.09 an inscription on a building is visible : Banc de Sabadell. That cannot be French (banque), Italian (banco), or Spanish (banco). Perhaps Catalan? Some search on the Internet showed that “bank” in Catalan is indeed banc and Sabadell is a suburb of Barcelona. Nice performance.

  11. A. Merc –

    After a looong day in the field, I am having a beer (brewed by a friend’s most excellent wife – and a most EXCELLENT beer, btw), and really looked forward to reading your surmise on Whom it might be Who ignites the SPARK which envigorates our flesh n’ bones. I do not think that was such a bad question. (Even hp, who is one of my most incisive detractors, thought it a valid question!)

    Whenever I listen to the Ode, I almost tear-up. It is so beautiful. So sublime. A mere LUMP OF FLESH could NOT have composed that piece – much less his Ninth Symphony, or the Fifth! SO, Mr. Merc, WHAT SAYEST THOU?? Did Beethoven ‘just happen’ out of some cosmic blast, or was he by Design, or Gift? (Please humor me, sir, and pretend, for the sake of conversation, it was Beethoven who composed it, and not not some Freemason, for my mind cannot absorb such trauma, right now.) 🙂

    1. Merc, I usually arise around 5am, have coffee or tea, and review Drudge and Darkmoon. If you miss me in the morning, I’ll be around next morning, if not next evening. Thanks so much! 🙂

  12. Thanks Brownhawk. By the way I really do admire your writing and your book sounds like a treat. Here are my 9 favorite posters on this site. Lasha, you, tyron, ellie (assasinated) , montechristo, sometimes lobro, merky (killed) gilby and yes believe it or not max. Although not necessarily in this order. Awaiting lucys reply.

  13. Is there such a thing as panatheism?

    In other words, even if we accept that there is no god keeping an alert eye on our world, who is to assert that there isn’t one elsewhere, outside the solar system.

    The usual arguments (all quite circumstantial btw and fairly simplistic in my view) about how God let’s the innocent suffer and the evildoers get away unpunished within their lifespan don’t apply outside our field of observation.

    If there are life supporting worlds without any Jews, that is already a positive evidence in favor of some kind of theism.

  14. A Merc- Lalara- folks

    Shiller wrote Ode to Joy in 1785. This is 4 years before the Constitution of the united States of America was penned (please note that the Articles and the uS is our only lawful national Governments). 1776 is when the Jewish Illuminati via the Jewish Jesuits formed their response to the 1776 break away white/European (authentic Israelites) Americans who formed a Government completely at odd, with the 3 Satanic City States.

    Many of the founders in America were Masons but Masonry before Jewish Illuminati infiltration was for the most part an ancient movement rooted in the Hebrew/Egyptians from Shem higher knowledge of the universal laws and how they intertwined with mathematics/architecture/geometry etc. Before the infiltration, Masonry in America was also based on the knowledge of natural/ divine (as mentioned above)- Common Christian law which too was completely opposed to Civil Law (Roman Catholic Canon Law)- for theirs is a top down authority structure based on mans decrees whereas ours was a bottom up authority structure based upon common sense and the divine and sovereign individual rights of man. The re-establishment was promised to be re-enacted exactly 2520 years after the 12 tribes were taken away from the land due to mass paganism (worship of the fallen ones).

    When the founders in America saw what the “Jews” were doing- they sat in horror at this new development knowing that the greatest threat to America- to Europeans/whites just reared it’s ugly head thus inspiring both Washington and Franklin to demand that a clause me inserted into the national Constitution forbidding Jews wherever they might be from immigrating into America. This was later followed up by the lawful 13th Amendment that forbid any dual citizens (BAR Lawyers)- any with foreign allegiances from practicing our law in our land or serving in anyway within our Governments. What was the Jesuit Illuminati/City of London “Jews” response? The war of 1812 to be followed up by instigating the “Civil War” to put to sleep our lawful Government. This they accomplished and in 1825 Beethoven composed the music for shillers poem.

    That what was induced to sleep has awakened again and now stands poised (after our almost complete destruction) to bring down these Satanic entities fro America, the UK-Colonies culiminating in the recapturing by de jure right their Satanic JWO to serve whites/European- Israelites and all mankind.

    US Corporation found GUILTY by Common Law Grand Juries


    Because inflection gives definition to words, Ode to Joy in this writers mind is a beautiful testiment to the indominatable spirit of the Germanic (Saxon-Issac) peoples and their love for humanity as a whole.

    Here is the most inspirational and beautiful song I know. Gives me goose bumps and choaks me up


    1. Lucy

      Please don’t count this (or my other screw up) as a post today. I already did my two and accidently posted this post on the wrong thread (ding bat I can be) but as you can see, the link to the most inspirational and tear jerking song I know didn’t link right for people to simply click on. Because of this I’m taking a chance and posting it again cause I think these lyrics, these words, this composition and the emotions it summons sums up everything that is good, right and truly beautiful..

  15. Dear Mr Gilbert Huntly,

    The less gayer and more serious thinkers of antiquity had a saying; they said, ”If you will, do; if you will not, do not.” And Aristotle, in whom everything that was smart and beautiful was combined, said, ”Whatever is in our power to do, is also in our power not to do.” This actually is my motto in life, and I think it would do you well if you, too, adopted it as yours. We all learn from somebody. Unfortunately, I seem to be somewhat unable tonight to adhere to it, and dismiss my ambiguities, since I did say that I would not write here again, and yet, scarcely has a day passed that I find myself exactly where I said no one ever again would find me. However, let me make this perfectly clear. You did ask me FIVE times to reply to your question, and FIVE times exactly was the question the same, and I believe it would make me impertinent if I chose not to answer you, even if in doing so I have to swallow my pride and to some others appear as undecided and fickle. Believe me, it is not my inability to keep myself away from here that has brought me back, but your own relentlessness, and you will understand of course if I kindly ask of you not to put any more questions to me. By the way, the beautiful affection with which you praised your friend’s wife really touched me, and it is this that leaves me with no doubt of the quality of your soul. Good people never die, Mr Huntly, they never do.

    But, let me get straight into your questions, and see if I can shed any light on them, though I do warn you that at the other end of the world some fearful sentinel has already read this text before it has even reached you, and having once been (accidentally) obliterated by a nice but young student of morality, still green in the ways of the world, I cannot promise that you will ever get to read my response to you, though one hopes that the good lady will have retained her graces and will take it upon herself to transmit its contents to you via the email which I think you may have provided her. What to do, friend?! When male and female passions engage against each other, one must do the right and manly thing and yield! All power to the woman!

    Whilst not directly mentioning him but meaning God, you ask: ”Whence, then, comes the spark that animates a being?” Of all the delights which God the Almighty has ever graced this world with, I can tell you without the shadow of a doubt that that delight came by the name of none other than of Immanuel Kant, whom many have sought to imitate but none can ever succeed to even poorly mimic. And yet even Kant, who must be considered distinctly not only a world treasure but a genius of all geniuses, even he, for all his acute sagacity and most careful observation of all existence, even he warns us that, in the realm of Metaphysics, of which he was the absolute master and to which he said God belongs, it would do us well to understand the meaning of Beyond, what it is and what it means, and, having reached its nearest boundary to us, not to attempt to go any further, since what is beyond simply cannot be known by us. Now, remember this: of all the writers whom the world ever has ever supported, no one ever wrote clearer and preciser than Kant, which is why, I suppose, he is so often misunderstood; and so, when he says that we should not attempt to actually know God, what he means, is that because we do not posses the tool with which we could get to know him, we should do the right thing and surrender ourselves, and reconcile ourselves with the fact that he cannot actually be known to us by the Intellect, and, perhaps, attempt to know him by some other, indirect method, since clearly our minds are inadequate to the task. By saying this, Kant does the right thing here, and gives up the hope of ever actually knowing God. Please, remember now: even the Church says that by way of reason, man is completely incompetent and unable to know God, which is why it has always used allegories to explain not only his existence but also its dogma, because, in sensu proprio, reason, that is, the Intellect, possesses no such capacity to know. Now, enter Schopenhauer.

    If Kant was the genius of geniuses, Schopenhauer was one of those devilish enjoyers of secret personal delights which often made him believe that if anyone could answer anything, it was he and he alone. He right away said that there was no God, that all is Hell, that man is dog, and basically that we are here to kill each other: you me, me you; and that if ever there was anything at all, than that thing can only be the Will, a pure, unadulterated, blind force that simply is and has by itself become; and if that Will has caused me and you and others to be, well, that’s all well and good, but that does not mean that that Will has actually willed our creation, since for it to have willed it, meant to him that that Will had to be conscious of the act, and because his Will is blind, it cannot possibly have a consciousness; it simply means that we happened to be, that’s all. It is not always easy to understand Schopenhauer, but, believe me, once you do, you will look at the world completely differently and more really.

    Pascal, who called God, ”…everywhere a centre and nowhere periphery…” is equally mysterious and most carefully avoids to furnish the answer to the riddle, though I think it would be more circumspect of us to put some restraint in our belief that Pascal ever could have enlightened us on the perennial question, since he is known to have been a deep lover of the Jews, and not infrequently in his Pensees tells us that if anyone could provide the answer as to who and what God actually is, it would be the Jews! The horrors!

    The Judaic vermin, (Oh, God, may I live in interesting times!), this Cosmic sickness has completely and utterly separated God from anything and anyone, and outwardly had the temerity not only to call him good but also exclusively their own. And I say temerity, for if you look carefully at all the murderous enormities perpetrated by this hideous race in the name of the good God, you will always find that Jews actually neither believe in a good God, nor do they actually have one, unless, of course, we speak of their real God, Satan, whom they most fanatically always seek to propitiate by ceaseless murdering of others. And it is only slightly differently in the other two remaining monotheistic religions, namely, Christianity and Islam, since they, too, have perpetrated crimes most horrid and large, though Christianity exceptionally elegantly absolves itself after killing others, and it does this simply by invoking the grace of God. In vain will you seek to find similar acts of murder in the entire history of the Hindus and the Buddhists, (don’t try; I have, and I haven’t found anything), since there exists not a single account of crimes and murder in which these two religions committed in the name of God, save, perhaps, when Buddhism was violently ejected from India by the Brahmans in 495 AD, but even this was merely horrid violence and not a religious war of cruelty.

    In my own humble opinion, if, that is, we wish to add some warm radiation to our being, as well as light to the understanding, we ought not to be so thoughtless and ascribe creation to some random chance, since the very existence of our hearts tells us that feelings cannot possibly have been created at random and spuriously, but were in fact created by some Great Universal Creator, (who clearly overlooked the Jews!), and considered us humans as distinctly special beings worthy of such a chamber, even if this good heart is not exempted from the astonishment which it feels at the presence of some indescribably evil humans in our midst, (read Jews!), who in fact are far below the dignity of human beings, and who daily prove to the world that they have no heart, that they are beasts, and that should there occur some accidental blast, it should be caused by us to them, today, at this moment, right now! Sadly, the other innumerable casualties of life, many of which are innocent children, (read Gaza!), always thrust themselves to us as the antidote in believing that God is actually good, that he has our best interests at heart, and that if only we remain steadfast in our belief in him, all will turn out well. I cannot support this, and give it validity based on reason and experience, but I would shrink at the thought that I could alleviate my terrors of life if only I reconciled myself, as the diabolic Jews do, to the fact that regardless of our actions in life, the good and bad man always fare the same in life. Our belief in a good and just God may have made our enemies stronger and us weaker, to be sure, but do remember that the real battle takes place in the soul, Gilby, and they who have not got one must surely be lost for ever, which means that the diabolic Jews have lost to us before the fight has even begun! Pious Jews know this, and if you were to ask them what it was that caused in them to feel the flaming tortures of Hell, they would not hesitate to admit to you that it was their discovery of a soul. Perhaps we should trick the Zionists and somehow instil in them a soul, eh, just so we could watch them burn in front of our eyes, since we know full well that even for a soul to exist, there must needs exist a good vessel which is to carry it, and Zionists, being bereft of any such good vessels, will burn without ever becoming good! Hah!

    Unfortunately, my friend, because I cannot reinvigorate my pursuit of this or any other subject at this site again, and because I am fearful of losing this comment of mine to some… stupid little computer glitch or another, I cannot tell you more, much though I want to, for my comment that was lost yesterday was 4,355 words long, (six pages!), but know also that if the heart has power of enduring, it is the sole that is eternal, and about this, Schopenhauer forcefully usurps the throne, never again to relinquish it. Please, do get yourself acquainted with the Upanishads also. They are its metaphysical tonic. I now leave you.

    Goodbye Gilby, and keep well,
    Alan Merc

    1. An exceptional comment, Mr Merc! Please do not think that we on this site had anything to do with the disappearance of your 4,355 word comment. This is most frustrating. I cannot understand it. Before posting such a long comment in future, it would be best to save it so it isn’t lost. Then you could always try and post it again or send it to Lasha for reposting: [email protected].

    2. Dear Alan Merc –

      THANK YOU for addressing my question. You are a gentleman. I am sorry you choose to no longer post comments, here, because I LIKE visiting this site whenever I have time for peace and reflection. (To be sure, Maxy unsettled me, some, but I nonetheless learned from his observations, no matter how aggressive.)

      I just now came in to shower and settle down to rest, and I will so much enjoy reading, again, your response, and considering. Someone as eloquent as you is no ‘knee-jerk’, and this site – if for no other benefit – certainly affords the considerations of ponderings outside the norm of conventional society! Please do not deprive us of your presence, here, because I want to address you, again; and to read your comments – whatever the topic :). (Let’s be appreciative of our fine host and hostesses!)

      Until later, friend –

      Gilbert Huntly

      1. Btw, as you say – we DON’T know the mind or essence of God. For me, I just have simple faith that the Divine Spark Ignitor exists! (‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ Hebrews 11:1)

    3. These are simply thoughts that came to mind as I was reading your post, Merc. Nothing more or less.

      IT (the “spark”) doesn’t come from any where (accent on “where” in any where). IT just IS and not exclusively in the head, from which are prduced words. Consciousness originates in the heart and moves in two directions.

      Directing upwards through homo erectus, the head witnesses the heart as best it may insofar as the written word is concerned. But even the finest poetry cannot come to the same powerful level INDUCED by the heart to produce the most sublime music. What sparked Beethoven is wordless of course. It can only be from the “mystery” of the heart, a classic case in point being the “mystery” of pure nature’s invocation and put in the form of his 6th Symphony

      But where lies the mystery? What is there to be solved, period? Let alone providing an answer through words. ANY words.

      To not know God?

      The ONLY thing about God that can’t be “known” lies in the impossibility of answering this question: “HOW is it possible for Life (consciousness) to be?

      As for Pascal, to illustrate my point about words:

      “Everywhere a center and nowhere periphery”

      There is no where, only here and (t)here…. and (w)here. So no “periphery”, or “center” for that matter.

      To Schopenhauer I would say:

      ALL is not hell, but being removed from the heart is. Which is all that can be spoken or written about THAT without going into areas of meaninglessness.

      Life is a battle for the heart, ergo, its disruption is inferred.

    4. Mr Merc, if you don’t have a sister named Ellie, you should get one.

      Detonating the sheer power of erudition and writing talent would do a 9/11 on the massive edifice of jew media.

      I am squatting in the boarding lounge of an airport and too easily distracted (being of easily distractable nature) to tackle a 5333 word project but I seriously promise to give your post the attention it deserves between takeoff and landing.
      The plan is to freeze the URL on your post before putting the phone in airplane mode and hope that the pilot is alert enough to dodge Kolomoisky’s BUK antiaircraft batteries long enough to finish the read.

      1. Mr Merc, if you don’t have a sister named Ellie, you should get one.

        A very perceptive comment, friend Lobro. You show yourself an accomplished literary analyst. For my part, I would say that Merc and Ellie are far more likely to be the same person rather than brother and sister.

        He/She is also posting — this is pure guesswork — as a third poster called “Avantador” who keeps praising them both and telling us how dissimilar they are. And then this same “Avantador”, who is clever enough to disparage his own efforts and make out he is an inferior poster, does a deft and amusing parody of the literary style of both Merc and Ellie.

        Both Merc and Ellie have one striking characteristic in common: they keep saying goodbye and telling us they are sadly disappointed at the reception they are receiving here. Both manage to convey the impression that they are casting their pearls before swine.

    5. a few quick, random, ie, mutually unrelated thoughts even while having only partially read the above work.

      this one is quite irrelevant and i myself say that in order to save you the effort.
      Dear Mr Gilbert Huntly, … The less gayer …
      surely not a grammatical error from a literary virtuoso.
      what is “less gayer” if not gay and surely gilbert is machismo personified, pity that such a memorable phrase is wasted on someone like gil.

      you Kan’t know god …
      … when he says that we should not attempt to actually know God, what he means, is that because we do not posses the tool with which we could get to know him, we should do the right thing and surrender ourselves …
      umm, don’t know about that either.
      what is to stop one from searching for a tool or trying to fashion such a tool?
      even the failure can be enriching and while failures are numerous, it only takes a single success to terminate the chain of failures.
      the life of a mathematician consists of forever searching for the proof of some evasive entity, a theorem, proposition or conjecture, where would they be if they adopted such an approach, “the answer is unknown, so let’s all go home and beat the wives”.
      we’d be still crouching around fires sparked by lightning, tending them around the clock, instead of figuring out ways to start them from scratch.
      maybe this is the cautionary tale of prometheus (lucifer?), tragisadistically punished for ignoring kant’s caveat, dragon watchfully snoring on the underground treasure while the pile of ribcages and skulls of unfortunate knights grows taller by the year.
      every scientific and technological advance is a little theft from god’s private storage of unknowns, why not go for the grand larceny and steal the real thing?

      ok, got that far so far.

      1. “Prometheus (Lucifer?)”

        When it comes to Lucifer I always start with the premise of a total liar and go from there.

        Whereas perhaps Prometheus could be seen as say, the spark itself,

        where “spark”= the mystery of imagination, and “imagination” = manifested existence

        What can’t be “known” is the “HOW” of imagination to be possible.

        Lucifer has “reined in” imagination’s “free rein”.

        This is my own “got that far so far” 😉

  16. Nice one, Darkmoon, but to no effect and with no meaning either!

    That’s right, lobro: kill small, don’t big. Where exactly did you acquire your degree of practical prudence? In the Jewish movie theatres? You must have! By the way, did you know that lobro is an anagram of Orb Lo? Yes, you did.

    If the vast information about the Jews and the privacy of the Internet does not give you sufficient courage to exhort others to finally effect the real and this time the final solution of the Jews, one can only imagine how you would behave in the real battle that is coming. It was not the Jews but the likes of you who buried alive the likes of Wilhelm Marr, and even the Hep Hep crowd showered him with abuse when he exhorted them to do something. To call a Jew JEW! in a rough and mean voice is not enough: what the Jew needs is to be heaped in a basket and thrown to the street curs! Do you know how the Jews filled open mines in Russia? With bodies! And do you know how they tilled their stolen lands in the same country? By tying Russian men, women and children to the plough, and, together with the heavy beasts, pull the accursed contraption behind them.

    If you do not intend to dedicate the remaining and miserable part of your life in fighting the enemy of all the Cosmoses put together, why don’t you just shut up! Why don’t you get yourself a farm, find a lady-friend, copulate, and, under the easy government of Nature, together pierce the soft bowels of the old earth, like two old people, until the same earth takes you, and leave the fighting to real men, since obviously it is pointless in asking you to share the danger of fight.

    ”Either hasten to battle or quickly place yourself under the eternal dominion of Death.” This is the very inscription one finds under the statue of your very own anagram of Orb Lo in Ravenna. Do you know where is Ravenna, lobro?

    1. Don’t patronize my friend Lobro, darling. He could give you a run for your money! I’ve known him for seven years now and he’s one of the best.

      1. I am not patronizing anyone, darling, I am merely responding to a veiled charge. And I have never claimed to be better than anyone else, Heaven forbid! That I am not! And even if I was, I am too modest to claim that. But, when it comes to defending my home with arms, or, more appositely still, to defending my detractors with pen, I can be so good, that even the ghosts of Cicero and Shakespeare put together would find some excuse in avoiding me, and, believe me, your lobro is no Shakespeare!

        Frivolous praise to their own people shown,
        They boast their trappings and not your own,
        But you I know to the bottom and from within,
        Your deep centre and your fairer skin.

        Fight and fight for your nobler cause,
        Bring down falsehoods with your finest prose,
        For the paltry scribblers have no regard,
        Since all they are is a wet petard.
        Alan Merc

      2. @ A. Merc

        “Frivolous praise to their own people shown . . .”

        Did you write these quatrains yourself or is this a quote from someone else? Just wondering…

        You are inordinately touchy, Merc, determined to stab to death anyone who spars with you in a friendly way. Actually, this is quite unlike Ellie.

        As a matter of interest, do you believe in the concept of multiple personalities? Can the same person be Jekyll, Hyde and and a dozen other personalities, each of them independent and unaware of the others? Or is this a myth?

    2. @ A. Merc

      “Nice one, Darkmoon, but to no effect and with no meaning either!

      Not sure what you are referring to, Merc, given that I have posted no nice comment on this thread.

      If you are referring to the loss of your 4000-word comment, consider the possibility that you were yourself to blame for the loss of that comment. You may have committed a simple error. If you pressed the “Post Comment” button but forgot to fill in the user field properly — i.e. your user name and email address — your comment would have been lost in the void.

      This shouldn’t happen ordinarily, but it’s happening right now because our website is in a state of transition and lots of things need to tweaked and fine-tuned before we get back to normal.

    3. Do you know where is Ravenna, lobro?

      indeed, it is probably my very favorite city on earth.
      a lifetime prison wouldn’t be a punishment if given a choice of location and mine would surely be mausoleo di gala placidia, its alabaster dome and mind boggling mosaics an opening to other, better worlds.

      my apologies to both you and ellie for thinking your offerings are comparable, to you because you clearly find praise offensive and i didn’t mean to offend and to ellie for obvious reasons, not the least being the one brought up by xanadu.

      i did read more of your post above and wonder if any comment is warranted, given your predisposition.
      didn’t read more than maybe 25% despite the promise, because the flight was merely from a to b, an hour and a bit.
      maybe worth saving for flights from a to at least g or even n, in order to do it full justice.
      Do you know where is Ravenna, lobro what is justice, Merc?
      because i am a just man, i will grant you the benefit of doubt, something that was denied me in case of ravenna.

      anyway, as to your post, i failed to read it in entirety, because i am a slow reader, something that would earn me a compassionate pat on the head by sweet ellie (i know she likes me and wants to feed me chocolate and because of all that, even her pity for the holes in my head is acceptable, said pity chocolate coated with affection.
      i am semi-illiterate, which as i am sure you will readily grasp is worse than mere semi-literacy.
      a semi-literate person can always whittle away at the “semi” part but what can a semi-illiterate do, become more semi?
      the other direction is even worse because it leads to total illiteracy, i could spend the rest of my life orbiting the globe without ever landing and never finishing the wonderful, oops, no praise, remember, post.

      but all that said, i do take exception to your comparing me poorly to shakespeare.
      i have no doubt tat he would flunk grade 12 english class, not only on account of his weird english but also due to his unforgivable antisemitism, he might even be provoked into saying something like how i wisheth that adolphus hath killeth the jewes were he to find that his justly maligned shylock is quite tame by today’s standards.

      so there you have it: semi-illiterate lobro passes grade 12 english with lying colors, shakespeare flunks, crieth in his beer.

    4. wowee, just saw this:
      If you do not intend to dedicate the remaining and miserable part of your life in fighting the enemy of all the Cosmoses put together, why don’t you just shut up! Why don’t you get yourself a farm, find a lady-friend, copulate, and, under the easy government of Nature, together pierce the soft bowels of the old earth, like two old people, until the same earth takes you, and leave the fighting to real men, since obviously it is pointless in asking you to share the danger of fight.

      why can’t i just ride your coattails into battle, surely you wouldn’t even notice a lightweight parasite like me.
      that way i can share in your glory because i have no doubt, none whatever, that you cannot lay your heroic head to sleep without having greased at least 20 jews every day.
      that way i can go around saying me and my buddy merc laid 20 jews in their contaminated graves today and you just watch tomorrow, because tomorrow we’ll rise early and go a-huntin on this lovely sabbath when they are all out walking in the street, no peeking at darkmoon until the task is completed.
      do you mind?
      thank you soooo much, so much for each curly scalp, so much for each notch on the gun butt.

      and to clarify.
      you accuse me of providing human shield for jews, of saying that you will not kill any while i, lobro am alive, over my dead body.
      it is a very subtle conclusion that only you are capable of, namely since i never, ever said “hey merc, don’t kill any jews”.
      or maybe i did, why don’t you do a bit of digging, huh?
      like lasha said, she and i go back 7 years, surely a jew-loving coward like me must have said it sometime, someplace, it should be a cinch to find it and provide link.

      now, for the rest of you linear thinkers …
      i never said “don’t kill jews” (the little joke using varying font sizes and visual aids aside, but jokes, little or big are lost on extremely serious men of action and poetry who keep themselves scrupulously devoid of wasteful sense of humor).
      i said, “don’t say, ‘kill the jews’
      can someone please translate this difference for the extremely serious men of action and poetry?

      my translation: don’t kill darkmoon site.
      i am sure there are those who couldn’t care less or even might be overjoyed at the prospect.

      of course, once the problem is solved, the site as well as most of the posting personas will die a death by irrelevance.
      just saying that it would be pity if the latter preceded the former.

  17. Dear Mr Sardonicus,

    They say that the first hardships of a mental condition in a people ruled by the Jews show themselves in the sphere of Logic, and if I were asked whom to put in that less-than-illustrious class, it would surely be you.

    According to your Judaized logic, then, if to-morrow a well-wishing but loud commenter with a hammer in hand returned to this site, we should immediately assume it is Max Bilney, and, therefore, immediately declare war on him, with the resolution, of course, to destroy him. By the way, did you know that Risus Sardonicus is a disease of the facial muscles, which with time spreads its dark tentacles to the head? Yes, you did, just like your friend, lobro.

    I am a completely different and indifferent spectator here, my dear convalescent, and I only read your posts for the descriptive imagery they represent, and not because they can somehow convince me to esteem you, or, for that matter, that you write in order to deceive me or anyone else.

    I write from the most distant part of the globe, am as transparent as a man can be, and neither find reason, nor would I seek one, to present myself as some artificer or another, least of all to sing my own praises, as you so callously put it. Doctors of the soul say that insensitiveness is the second symptom to arise in those who are ruled by the Jews. If my writing resembles someone else’s, why don’t you try instead to warm yourself to it and consider the whole extent of its practical exhortations, and not carp at it and seek to demolish it – not that you can, really!

    The true aim of the dark, Judaic art of deception and subterfuge, which you obviously don’t know, is ALWAYS to attain some advantage or another, and if this fact does not combust your fatigued ingenuity, do try to attack some other fortress, and pull down someone else and not me, for I see no advantages whatsoever to be gained here, save, perhaps, the opening of others’ eyes. I have it from unquestionable authority that the sufferers of Risus Sardonicus are not entirely beyond redemption, even if the curer must approach them with the same delicacy which a tailor approaches his customer.

    The only thing I know about Ellie, is what Google tells me, which is probably sufficient to presume that you think it is me, since it links me directly to this site, and, having read her bombastic prose, I must admit I do find some similarities between her style and mine. But, similarities of style, my friend, may render two people the same in the sartorial world, but in the real world where I live and from where I am writing, I wear an entirely different habit, which, if only you tried, you would see it for what it really is.

    I wish you success in life, and quick convalescence too, but the saying goes that, ”Nothing is more thankless than wishing well those who have once disparaged you.” Do prove the two-thousand year old saying wrong, Mr Sardonicus, won’t you.

    Yes, believe it or not, with respect,
    Alan Merc

    1. @ A Merc

      Dear Mr Sardonicus,

      They say that the first hardships of a mental condition in a people ruled by the Jews show themselves in the sphere of Logic, and if I were asked whom to put in that less-than-illustrious class, it would surely be you.

      According to your Judaized logic, then, if to-morrow a well-wishing but loud commenter with a hammer in hand returned to this site, we should immediately assume it is Max Bilney, and, therefore, immediately declare war on him, with the resolution, of course, to destroy him. By the way, did you know that Risus Sardonicus is a disease of the facial muscles, which with time spreads its dark tentacles to the head? Yes, you did, just like your friend, lobro.

      Well, dear Merc, I am not going to take offense at your unkind words. That is quite impossible. I am the essence of imperturbability. I am Mr Cool himself. Or Miss Cool. For I would not wish the heedless commenter to assume that I am necessarily male because I chose the masculine-gendered name “Sardonicus”. That would be a rash inference.

      I chose the name because I once read a horror story called “Sardonicus” and it stuck in my mind. It was about a character inflicted with the condition to which you allude, risus sardonicus, a kind of rictus of the face muscles which conveys the unfortunate impression that the sufferer is constantly grinning.

      Actually, I would not descrbe it as a “grin” but as halfway between a grin and a wince, as if the person had just stubbed his toe and was in some pain. The reason I go on about this is that I have recently met a stranger who has this condition. He makes a point of sitting opposite me on the same train whenever he sees me. I find it unnerving being stared at by this man, partly because of the rictus-like grin plastered onto his face at all times. But he seems quite harmless, so I have reconciled myself to his presence. A Zen-like imperturbability is what I aim for at all times, so I have got into the habit of ignoring him and cultivating an aloof and haughty demeanor.

      I write from the most distant part of the globe, am as transparent as a man can be, and neither find reason, nor would I seek one, to present myself as some artificer or another, least of all to sing my own praises, as you so callously put it. Doctors of the soul say that insensitiveness is the second symptom to arise in those who are ruled by the Jews. If my writing resembles someone else’s, why don’t you try instead to warm yourself to it and consider the whole extent of its practical exhortations, and not carp at it and seek to demolish it – not that you can, really!

      Silly Merc! Far from “carping” at your writing or seeking to “demolish” it, I find everything you say of great interest. I cannot admit that comparing you with Ellie is in some way to diminish you. This comment of yours shows you are a bit of a primadonna — as if Proust should throw a fit because someone has compared him with Henry James. Or vice versa.

      It obviously irks you to be compared to someone else, so I will admit that you have a point and that there are as many dissimilarities between your style and Ellie’s as there are similarities. If I say you are Ellie, this is at best a tentative hypothesis. I’m willing to admit I could be wrong.

      In fact, the more I think of it, the more I have to admit that the similarities between your style and Ellie’s are superficial ones. Unless, dear Merc, you are an accomplished writer of pastiche or parody and can hop from style to style with ease, varying your sentence length and vocabulary in accordance with the persona you have decided to assume! 🙂


      “Sardonicus” (or Sardonica)

      1. Sardonicus –
        I saw the movie about Sardonicus, many years ago, when it came out.

        Lasha told us all, around July 10, that Ellie was writing a novel and might even include some of our looney comments about her. She also said what she was writing was a tongue-in-cheek spoof. It was ALL fiction. She also noted that the readers do not pay attention to the details.

  18. Alan Merc

    I’m sad to see you go. I hope you reconsider and come back, at least from time to time. If a person honestly sees the “Jews” for what they are then this person is an ally of sorts, even if we disagree about the method in which to deal with the problem.

    So, I believe we actually agree Merc in that we know the “Jew” must be put to death but where we differ is it seems you think all of them (men-women-children) without regard innocents or guilt should go; without regard to whether or not an individual “Jew” knows what his people are and what his people are doing. This I cannot agree with.

    I posted above a link showing that the Common Law Juries have found the Corporation United States out of DC guilty of not only massive fraud but treason, crimes against humanity and the list goes on. This should suffice to enforce this verdict against all traitors aligned with the “Jew” since the Corporation itself is owned and defended by the “Jew”. It should suffice to arrest all dual citizen “Jews” and purge this nation by way of trials, prison and/or death death penalty for practically all of the elite “Jews”.

    As for the average “Jew” America is NOT the place for their final solution. America, the UK-Colonies, Europe, Russia etc is the place we must go after to arrest and/or defend our peoples to the death. Let me explain further.

    When the inevitable SHTF, patriots in all quarters of white nations will go after the “Jews”. Why? Because it will be do or die and right now in America, we do have the law on our side when this happens. When the SHTF it will be directly due to their collapsing our dollar while having foreign militarys invade our nations with the goal of genociding us. When this happens most of the elite and the average “Jew” will run BACK TO “Israel”. They see it as their “get out of jail free card” but it’s not. It’s their death sentence- it IS THEIR PRISON.

    During a full blown WW3 there will be no place else they can go and we will have no choice but to band our survivors together and march on “Israel” after the dust settles in our victory-in our homelands. Then we can set up Nuremberg type trials- executing all of the guilty while dealing with the rest (whom are found guilty of lessor crimes) in some way as to never allow them a repeat.

    Alan Merc, I encourage you, as I do everyone else to do as the link I posted above recommends. That is to form neighborhood or statewide tribes, groupings of like-minded peoples in order to lawfully execute the verdicts as well as the arrest warrants that are surely to follow very soon.

    Have a nice day and please come-on back… ya hear?

  19. Dear Mr Tyron Parsons,

    I’m afraid I’m beginning to love you, even if my power of discernment can rarely be called to question. Candid correspondence, even between two men, tends to do this, though if you were to demand an explanation from me, I would be rather hard pressed to furnish you with one.

    Listen carefully now. The word Jew actually sickens me! I mean, my bowels revolve at the very hearing of it, no joke. I sometimes affect that I am not touched when I hear it, but, believe me, as Shakespeare said, love and hatred can never be hid long. Because I am a little tired now, I cannot write long, but hopefully for all the brevity, I will succeed in proving to you that NO JEW IS GOOD. Period, as you Americans say.

    Among the numberless and ingenious stratagems which the Jews have devised, and one that stands the highest and above all the rest, is their talent of not only making themselves likeable, but in always finding a way of separating, IN THE EYES OF UNKNOWING OTHERS, a good Jew from a bad Jew. And how do we know this, my good Mr Tyron Parsons? We know this from the secret and unwritten histories of the Revolutionary Russia, Sir, which greatly contributed to my understanding of the modus operandi of this evil race. When the Judeo/Bolsheviks arrived in Tobolsk, in December of 1917, do you know what happened? The ”good” Jews of that town immediately threw out all pretences of goodness, and not only joined Trotsky’s marauders in burning down the churches, but literally, physically and systematically began killing the native population of that town, so much so in fact, that they gave the populace no difficulty in deciphering the true character of their former ”good” neighbours.

    Jew, Mr Tyron Parsons, kills for a living. Again and again and again I return to Schopenhauer, who said about the Jews: ”The followers of Judaism,” (there was no Zionism then, not in name anyway), ”the followers of Judaism may feel themselves just in claiming their superiority over and above other races, but if you ask me, the only Jew whom I would be prepared to at least consider as being good, is the one who hasn’t a single trace of Jewishness in him…” Masterfully put!

    All Jews, Mr Parsons, all Jews, before they belong to this nation or to that nation, belong first and foremost to their own nation, to their own race, the Jewish race, and, – and here comes the most salient part of my answer to you –, just because a good Jew exhibits no dangerous or threatening characteristics to others in times of peace, it does not mean that he cannot be manipulated at some later stage by their string pullers into doing their bidding, in our times the Zionists, and commit the same fanatic butcheries which previously they so abhorred. True it is, that the common, good, ordinary Jews-cum killers do not do this for pleasure, as the morbidly sick Zionists do, but the Zionists so manipulate the circumstances and so twist the reality to them, that they literally put them in a position where they have to chose whether they want to be killed by us, or to survive by joining their evil brothers. Countless, and I repeat, countless examples of the past teach us that this indeed is the case, and it is this ”beautiful” art of counterfiting and of putting on false appearances that has allowed this awful race to survive, including in those nations that were threatened by their more candid brothers with mortal danger.

    If you are not prepared to kill every single Jew, at least do this: TRUST NO JEW, even if he were to roast his hand over a fire in order to prove his allegiance and goodness to you. And, do you know why I have used this analogy and no other? Because this is precisely what happened in Modena in 1472. A group of townsmen came together and worked out a plan to kill the Jews, but before they put their noble deed in practice, they devised a what they thought was a clever stratagem with which they would test the Jews, hoping in this way to detect a true Jew from a false one, which was to literally force each and every Jew to raise his hand above a cracking fire, and by thus threatening him to dismember himself, definitively prove their loyalty, hence the pledge, ”I would rather roast my hand over a fire than do this or that to you.” However, in the midst of that Christian group, there was a secret Jew who apprised all the other Jews of the townsmens’ plan, and within a day, whatever remained of the Jews there, they all fitted themselves with prosthetic arms, (God knows where they acquired them all!), and, being winter, dark and quite possibly not asked to remove their gloves, quite a few of them took the plunge, and thus SO DEVILISHLY fooled the Modenians of their goodness, that the Jews afterwards actually caused them to feel guilty about the indignities which the natives had attempted to heap upon on them. Yes, Mr Parsons, it sounds otherworldly, I know: Jew is threatened with burning; Jew acquires a fake arm; Jew burns that fake arm; populace is convinced of their veracity; and in the end, he manages to remain the same Jew as he was before the unbelievably clever spectacle had even been conceived!

    If you are still struggling to accommodate in your conceptual framework the profundity of the Jews’ talent for lies and deception, and if you are at all artistically inclined, I shall leave you with this beautifully dangerous warning: when it comes to the art of deception, the Jew is for it what Bernini is to marble. If you know how to look at Bernini, it is quite possible that you may drop dead in front of his creations, that’s how metaphysically deep he is. It’s the same with the Jews: once you have studied the examples of their deceptions, – examples! examples! Mr Parsons –, once you have studied them, you will see that there is no shame, no indecency, no invention, and no crime in which they will not engage in order to fool others for this or for that reason, including the claim that not all Jews are the same. This is why they fool your nation so easily, Tyron, because your people, the Americans, do not actually study the Jew as such; at most, all they do is read a book here, an essay there, and so on, which may be sufficient to qualify them as travelling historians, you know, like a travelling troupe of actors, but it does not arm them inwardly, that is, psychologically, against the Judaic tricks.

    Because I am tired now and cannot write again today, let me say this: would you like to know how devilish the Jews can be? Simply reserve an unused corner in your mind, preferably at a safe distance from both the memory and the conscience, and within it you yourself be daily a Jew, every day, that is, be the most despicable, the most lying, the most corrupt, the most cruel, the most evil and demonic creature that the Cosmos ever could give birth to, and after that, having at least psychologically assumed everything and anything that the Devil, their Father, could ever present you with, leave that damned area quickly, refuse to water it and turn it towards the Sun, because to remain there, is just as dangerous as HAVING NEVER BEEN THERE, and all kind people like you, as well as those cosmically dumb Americans who actually love the Jews, they never venture to that area and submit themselves to this awfully painful treatment, because, you see, good men do not err even in thought, and so they reason, and rightly so, that if I think evil thoughts, I cannot think highly of myself, which is a rather lovely precept, and most recommendable to the young students of morality, no doubt, and also one which with time produces fine specimens; but the trouble is, this world of ours contains Jews, and Jews are not fine specimens, and unless you do not at least IMAGINE what the enemy of Cosmos is capable of doing to you, you will, as the good Russians did, literally open their own mass graves, only to later tell us, ”… And they,” (the Communists), ”told us we were digging trenches to keep out the Germans!”


    Bye Mr Parsons, and sorry to have troubled you with my dark way of thinking. I don’t presume to boast the hero in me, Heaven forbid! nor the sadist, nor, for that matter, contribute to the loss of your affection for me, but, by God, I know the Jews so well, that I have become, as the French say, plus juive que les juives.

    Alan Merc

  20. there was an article recently on common dreams which everyone here ought to read. it is about zionist trolls who plague websites and try to get them shut down. this they do by pretending to be virulent antisemites who would like to see all Jews dead and preach their mass extermination. they incite others to violence in the fanciest prose! if i can find the article i’ll post it.

    friends, how would an educated jew troll sound if he decided to post on this website? he would spew forth such hatred of jews that all the posters here would say to themselves, “ah, this guy can’t be a jew, cos he hates jews so much!”

    there’s a guy like this — or he could be a gal pretending to be a guy — posting on this website right now. you don’t need three guesses to figure out who this slippery character is.

      1. ruthie, long time no hear – too long.
        i am not the one to point fingers, preferring to let everyone do their own thinking.
        CUI BONO? is one of my all time favorite latin building blocks of wisdom.

        i don’t know anyone personally and thus cannot say with certainty that so-and-so is a zionist troll or a jew shill.

        but i do know one thing.
        … leave the fighting to real men, since obviously it is pointless in asking you to share the danger of fight.

        another way of asking “CUI BONO” is “WHERE ARE THE BODIES?”
        merc asserts that this is where you will find real men and i assume that he considers himself the real man, first and foremost.
        so, find some nasty jews eliminated with extreme prejudice and you will find this “a merc” posing for hero pictures, pith helmet and all.

        now, i do know that for each such jew, at least 2 oscar-ready movies are produced, the safest way to count jew bodies is to count the jew movies about them and divide by two.
        there is the example of some jew gunned down in paris some 5-6 years ago (yep, gotta widen the search for this rare breed, a jew violently done in by a goy).
        i am sure merc was patiently waiting in the bushes of the boulogne forest where queers, transvestites and other jews get together for some old time religion, so there is the first feather in his cap.
        daniel pearl, action hero travels to karachi, pakistan to deal with mossad agent and star in the movie across from angelina joly.

        so that makes two bodies, four movies over 10 years, worldwide, proof of real men’s reality.

        got the math, y’all?

        oh yeah, the fake videos of the fake beheadings …
        from the pen of barry chamish, a big time talmudist:
        Beheaded Journalist Steve Sotloff Was American Oleh to Israel
        he then goes on
        Sotloff, who grew up in Miami, made aliyah in 2005 and studied foreign relations at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya
        mossad, anyone?
        anyway, thanks to the self styled real man, another mossad menace gone to his subterranean master.

        so what’s the all-time body count, three?
        sure makes my trigger finger itch, i wanna be a real man too.

      2. ruthie, i read the common dreams link you supplied and here are my thoughts, not quite nice and in parade ground marching sequence.

        first, common dreams strikes me as one of those wishy-washy kumbaya sites that try so hard to confine themselves to polite debate between jew “liberals” (“jewish progressive“) and goy liberals, the former a bunch of fakes, the latter hopelessly misled and misguided.

        The website’s executive director, Craig Brown, was personally appalled at the anti-Semitic comments–and had a financial motivation to block these commenters. One generous funder had told him, he said, referring to the stream of anti-Semitism, “I gave you five thousand dollars last year, but I’m not doing it again.”

        “We’ve had hundreds of donors say similar things,” Brown added. “People are right to be offended by the anti-Semitism, and it has a serious impact on our reputation and our fundraising.”

        it is however amazing just how sophisticated these trolls are, the one in question used entirely true statements from torah and talmud to prove the wickedness of his own tribe to which he remained fiercely loyal.
        this is interesting from the moral perspective because it shows that jews are absolutely aware of how sick and immoral they are, yet have no problem in persisting in their virulent ways.
        this is something that i always suspected and i am growing more certain that they are unabashed followers of the satanic principle, utterly without guilt, shame or principles of any sort, completely irredeemable and not worth saving.

        moreover, although i have no doubt that this kind of highly skilled jew troll has visited darkmoon site many times in the past and may well be present right now, i am loath to point fingers because they are so slithery and hard to detect, as they engage in these phoney dialogues and flame wars with their own selves.

        in the end, i don’t care, i will speak my personal truth and let others worry about their own wares.
        i wonder just what did this troll accomplish in the end, made people more antisemitic or caused them to recoil from antisemitism?
        given that for the most part he spoke the truth, however unwillingly, i would imagine the former, proving that jews too are capable of shooting themselves in the foot – looks good on them.

        why would some donor give $5000 to such an ineffective and time-wasting site is beyond me.
        look at all the seriously starving truth tellers like topham, kaminsky, brad smith of codoh, fighting expensive legal battles and scrounging for $10 and this pinhead sends $5000 to common dreams … something stinks there too, i wonder about these so called donors.

        what does “common dreams” mean anyway, some kind of cuddly union of jews and goys, all rowing the same boat?
        forget it.
        all this site does is distract from the real task at hand.

      3. i am thinking some more, following this tangent.

        starting to suspect that not only there are troll individuals but also troll sites, set up to trap, seduce, pacify and sedate the unwary goys and to dictate the structure and flavor of the discourse.

        consider this “common dreams” … it purports to channel the even balanced, friendly and civilized debate between goys and jews, all seeking some common utopian ideal of brotherhood and peace … you retching yet?
        for one, how can 20 million jews be equal to 7 billion goys?

        secondly, we all know that from the foreskin onward, jew is intensely directed toward all-consuming hate and contempt for goy, all other emotions drained from him, joy of inflicting misery, pain, death and humiliation cultivated to a fine degree of depravity and perversion, lying considered a refined artform, to be admired and applauded.
        all indices, direct and circumstantial point to that – by their works ye shall know them.

        so what kind of debate can there be, other than the jew putting the spellbound goy into a trance before raping him, pillaging his organs and possessions?

        common dreams … hah, dream on.
        no wonder there are “hundreds of donors shelling out $5000 apiece” to eager administration of the common dreams, we know who the “philanthropists” are and their goals (jew dreams are quite different from ours and by no means is there any commonality).

  21. Alan Merc

    Thanks for writing me and for the kind words and affection that I too feel toward you or for that matter, anyone who’s anti “Jew”. You lay out firm- solid logic that I cannot argue against and the reason for this is that you’re correct.

    I indeed see the “Jew” as a demon and them collectively as Satan- the devil- for no sane and studied person can come to any other logical conclusion. I have often postulated that the “Jew” is this way because their ancestors (Esau-Edomites) mixed with the Canaanites who mixed with the fallen ones.Then these remnant of the Roman slaughter mixed with the Ashkenaz.

    Allow me a little bit of room to clarify some things. First, it will be literally impossible for us to kill all of the “Jews” in white nations because most of them (as the consummate cowards they are) will run to Israel. Those walls they erected to keep the Palestinians out will keep them in when final judgment comes upon them.

    There a couple problems. There are those who have some “Jew” genetics in them and to their credit they refuse that false title as they actively oppose them (“Jews). Two modern examples in point;

    1. Former head of the US Army War college Alan Sabroski (1/4th Jew) who called for Americans to make “Israel” into one huge glass plate, making what the Romans did to the Carthage look like child’s play.
    2. Benjamin Freedman who changed his name from Friedman converting to authentic Christianity- spending his millions to expose the “Jew” and their plans.

    There are other examples as well so we cannot base our targeting on genetics if for no other reason than it’s impossible to find everyone with a smidgen of their blood. For this an other reasons I believe we MUST have the law on our side (like we do in America now with CLGJ verdicts) knowing that the time will come when also have the law on our side when we march on “Israel”.

    As to dealing them collectively when we get there, such an order is NOT outside of the preview of lawful verdicts.

    Consider these passages

    John 8:44 You are of your father the devil (genetically of Satan), and the lusts of your father you will do.
    Rev 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews (meaning white/Europeans- ethnic Judaites/Israelites), and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee (Jacob/Whites-authentic Christians). Luke 19:27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

    When we take over their JWO ruled by their Satanic “King”– any who claimed to be “Jews” opposing whites/Europeans take over of “Israel”, thus Jesus (our kinfolk returned)- may very well may be put to death and as such the solution to the “Jewish” question will finally be rendered.

  22. Malaysia demands independent, open investigation into MH17 crash
    and hopefully also independent, open investigation into
    lavon affair,
    assassination of kennedy brothers,
    bombing of uss liberty,
    suicide truck murder of over 250 us troops in beirut,
    9/11/01 attack on new york and subsequent destructions of 4 middle eastern states,
    london tube bombing,

    independent, open investigations have not been seen since the crucifixion of christ.

  23. Hi therfe i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anyplace, when i
    read this post i thought i could also create comment due to this brilliant post.

  24. It will be a month tomorrow that the administration of this site posted Beethoven ‘s Ode To Joy and I’ve watched this video every night before sleep. My dreams have been sweeter, thank you again.

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