Big Jewry Must Be Stopped, by Arch Stanton

Edited and presented by Lasha Darkmoon

The world is ruled by dangerous criminal syndicate. Unless we can break free from the toils of this evil influence, we can expect disaster.

"Nuclear technology has provided the means for a tiny, tightly knit race, the Jews,  to control the masses around the globe."
“Nuclear technology has provided the means for a tiny, tightly knit race, the Jews, to control the masses around the globe.”

While reflecting on childhood memories of the airbases where I had grown up — Strategic Air Command —  certain facts began to gel in my mind.

The first fact, one that I was unaware of in my youth, was the overwhelming Jewish presence in the funding, development, acquisition and deployment of nuclear weapons, not only in Russia and America but in Israel as well.

The atomic bomb and later hydrogen bomb are Jewish bombs, for without the interest of Jews, it is doubtful if these weapons would have ever been developed, much less deployed.

Names of Jews like Einstein, Oppenheimer, Teller, Rickover and Rosenberg pepper the top levels of nuclear arms development in a percentage far out of proportion to the overall number of Jews in the population.

Who but the House of Rothschild had the financial clout to gamble two billion dollars on a weapons project at the end of a war that had already been won? and in a country now mired under an enormous war debt?

Who else but a Jew would roll the dice on a bet to win the power of God?

Was it really necessary to bomb a terminally defeated Japan in the last days of World War II?  It was not. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were quite unnecessary. They were war crimes of unparalleled magnitude. But the Jewish bomb had to be tested to see if it worked. And the Japanese were seen as suitable guinea pigs. As dispensable human beings — as indeed all non-Jews are, according to the Talmudic worldview.

None of this should come as a surprise, for the earliest Bible myths tell how Jews lusted to have the power of God at their disposal. The arrival of nuclear weapons gave Jews the chance to control God’s power and several notable Jews have hinted that Israel is now among the top three nuclear powers in the world. Nuclear technology has provided the means for a tiny, tightly knit race to control the masses around the globe.

There are major problems, however, with the Jew’s plan for global nuclear hegemony. The first problem is that the hated goyim have been a necessary evil in the chain of supply, administration and application of nuclear technology. The goyim are seen as unreliable, at least from the Jewish perspective, and yet their cooperation at all levels is necessary.

Jews have little or no altruism instilled into them by their culture. Their Talmud teaches that this world is the only world and that this life provides the only opportunity to grab hold all of the material goods the world can offer. Jews only have one shot at life — and this life is the only one there is. So thinks the typical secular Jew.

The goyim are considered weak and stupid, committing themselves to spiritually altruistic goals. They tend to believe in something beyond this life. This is the essential message delivered by a savior called Jesus Christ, in direct opposition to what the Jewish temple priests had to offer.

Jews are no longer astounded by the fact that — for a mere paycheck — foolish goyim are willing to develop technologies that will later be used to destroy them and their children.

For the right price, the Jew will apparently sell his own mother, but the goy will gladly die before he stoops so low.

Jews deal in female flesh as a commodity — witness their domination of the porn industry — but the soft-hearted goy will happily march off to die for the girl next door.

Jews are widely seen as calculating, cold-blooded psychopaths, eschewing the weakness and stupidity of the over-emotional goyim.

To date there are three phases of weapons development. The first phase was conventional weapons and their attendant delivery systems. This phase took man from using sticks and stones to the bow and arrow: to the lance and armor and finally artillery, machine guns, and high explosives.

The second phase was nuclear weapons, which reached an unthinkable pinnacle in a mere twenty years.

The third and final phase of weapons development is presently underway: the development of robotic, artificially intelligent technologies. This latest development happens to be an age-old Jewish wet dream.

The golem was a mythical  monster man  created by a rabbi in Prague to protect the Jews from anti-Semitic attacks.
The golem was a mythical monster, created by a rabbi in Prague, to protect the Jews from anti-Semitic attacks.

The concept is clearly delineated in their story of the Jewish Golem, a creature made from earth very much like God’s original creation of man.

The golem is a mindless monster that obeys the Rabbis’ command to destroy the hateful anti-Semitic goyim who threaten the Jewish  community with pogroms and persecutions.

There are several versions of this story. The most popular is how, after the slaughter, the Rabbis put the golem back in its earthen box for use again against the hated Christian enemy when needed.

A more curious version is how the golem develops a mind and consciousness of its own and turns on the rabbis, killing them. This is a cautionary tale  about technologies getting out of control and destroying their creators.

The later story of Frankenstein says it all. Will the Mad Scientist be destroyed by the robot monster he created?

Jewish movies have been portraying this same fantasy and its effects almost since the cinema was invented. Beginning with movies like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, and then Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, followed by more recent releases like “Terminator” and “The Matrix”, countless Jewish movies have portrayed the creation of the ultimate golem.

While these movies appear as cautionary tales to the emotionally crippled goyim, the psychopathic Jew produces them with a hidden message in the subtext: “Imagine what we could do to keep the goyim under our thumbs if we could create the ultimate technology to enslave and control them!”

The Jews know, as indeed we all know, that what can be imagined can almost always be realized in the fullness of time.

As demonstrated by the golem story, there is often a high price to be paid for major technological advances; but with few moral compunctions to restrain them, as the Talmud repeatedly makes clear, Jews have no problem with funding and promoting the development of the most lethal technologies.

What we see occurring in western culture is the rapid emergence of the police/surveillance state far exceeding the predictions of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

Soon there will be micro and nano drones following us around, tracking all our movements and thoughts, ready to eliminate any citizens brazen enough to raise their voices in dissent against the coming Jewish superstate.

As predicted in the movie “Minority Report,” the very thought of any opposition to tyranny will be eliminated before it can flower into any meaningful action.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”  — George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”
— George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

This heavy-handed police state, this boot stomping on the face of a man, is coming about as phase three weapons emerge. The intent is to prevent any unscheduled uprising that might lead to a nuclear exchange.

Large naval vessels that once took hundreds of men to operate, now only take a few dozen.

Airborne drones are rapidly replacing human piloted vehicles and it is rumored that the Air Force has already scheduled its last pilot training program. And why not, when one ground controller, pre-trained on video games, can control five or more drones with no risk to its operator?

Lose a drone? Roll out another! Why train pilots in expensive fighter planes when drones offer death on the cheap?

During the cold war, the much-ballyhooed “MAD” concept prevailed among American government and military leadership. MAD stood for “Mutually Assured Destruction”. The idea was that an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” would serve as a deterrent against a first strike on US territory.

“Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” — Israeli General Moshe Dayan
“Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” — Israeli General Moshe Dayan

This is much like Israel’s present “Mad Dog” or “Samson” deterrent that clearly spells out the fact that Israel is like a mad dog too dangerous to confront. Should anyone be foolish enough to try, the Israelis will nuke the entire Middle East. Indeed, they have already made it known that they have targeted many European cities with nuclear warheads, including Rome.

There will be no need for nuclear weapons, however,  if the global population is completely controlled and cowed by a centralized superpower consisting of a few men: a true power elite of earthbound “gods” controlling robotic weaponry used to track and eliminate the slightest thought of rebellion against their imposed slavery.

It will be much like that scene in the Matrix where Neo wakes up to reality — only to be sucked down the air vent used to dispose of defective batteries.

Only this time, there will be no golden Negro to rescue and revive those being flushed down the toilet.

Big Jewry needs to be stopped before it is too late.

97 thoughts to “Big Jewry Must Be Stopped, by Arch Stanton”

  1. This is an excellent rallying cry that needs to be heeded by every person on the planet. Jews are traitors to every country in which they live. Jews need to be excluded from every occupation that aspires to control other people — politics, education, finance, medicine, the law — where they spread crime, corruption, disease and disaster while following the dictates of their perverted “holy” Talmud, which is really nothing but a death warrant for the whole world. One of the most important utterances by one of the most important humans to ever live was Nikola Tesla’s statement: “Never trust a Jew.” Human society is in dire straits precisely because this advice has not been followed.

    1. Thanks for the Tesla quote. From time to time I had wondered who it was said that.

      Just finished reading Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich. Every American and every Englishman should read that book (they won’t of course; none of them will).

      What does that book have to do with what is coming for us? A price has to be paid for the utter mongrel bastardry of what we did to the German people, our own kith and kin; the most cultured and civilized nation of Europe. There’s no escaping it. It is the fate we chose when we made the world safe for conquest by Judeo-Communism.

      Professor Revilo Oliver termed it The Suicide of the West, as did others. No doubt it was.

  2. Well done, Arch! More from you in the future. The well-chosen pictures give the article extra impact.

  3. jew is the devil’s own golem invented by the universal destructive agency in order to convince mankind that it is its own enemy, to fight that enemy (itself) to the total destruction.
    thus it may be said that devil is the proto-rabbi.

    yet, mankind’s greatest enemy, to the exclusion of minor ones like bubonic plague, cancer, environmental degradation (to what extent is the jew responsible for these plagues as well? a good question) is jew.
    hope begins with widespread and open recognition of this very fundamental fact.

    how did it all start is to me personally a very interesting and absorbing issue.

    one theory may be – the revenge of the neanderthal, ugly, brutal, cannibal relative of the upright homo sapiens, who infiltrated the more advanced race – the original crypto.

    another theory may have, shall we say, more metaphysical and thus universal, philosophical foundations.

    let’s leave that for the time being and focus on survival.

    1. Theories of metaphysical import are right up my alley, lobro. But I agree. The focus should be to keep pounding the drums in exposing this jewish malfeasance.

      True warriors for Christ expect nothing less from themselves.

  4. I wonder if Tolkien had the golems in mind when he portrayed the kind-but-sneaky little monster who coveted the Ring of Power in his famous trilogy? ‘Yes’ (to answer my own question). The naive little white hobbit was taken in by his (Golem’s) seeming willingness to help – which ultimately led to his near demise in the lava flow…

    Arch Stanton’s outstanding article, here, reminds me of that personage(s).

  5. Actually most so-called Christians who started wars were themselves Jews. Take, for instance, Woodrow Wilson who got us into World War 1. His grandmother, Annie Goldblatt, had a big influence on his thinking. She often told him that if he ever became powerful, he should claim to be anti-war but secretly prepare for war and then spring it on the people. Which is exactly what he did.

    Harry Truman got us into Korea. Truman was a “closet Jew” – in 1939 he secretly converted an a Kansas City Jewish temple run by Rabbi Goldstein who groomed him to become a power player in DC and got him nominated for vice-president in 1944, knowing that Roosevelt was going to die soon. What’s the first thing Truman did when he got into office? Bomb the hell out of Japan. And 5 years later, he invaded Korea.

    Lydon Johnson’s best friend in Austin in the 1920s was Samuel Weiss, a Zionist who helped him rise in state and then national politics in the 1930s and 40s. Johnson wanted to convert at one point, but Weiss urged him not to, to lay low, and when the time came, to start an overseas war to benefit Jewish manufacturers. What we got was Viet Nam.

    The list goes on and on: Bush I, Bush II and now Obama whose father was actually a member of a secret “Muslim/Jewish” sect in Kenya. Obama is planning something big right now for China – an all-out attack right after the 2014 elections.

    1. Sue, You forgot the biggest lying Jew of the lot — Franklin Delano Roosevelt. When asked early in his career (which was financed by his mother) whether he was a Jew or not, he replied vaguely that possibly one of the Rosenvelts in 1700’s Amsterdam had been Jewish. But he conveniently forgot to mention that his own mother, Sarah Delano, was a full-blooded Portugese Sephardic Jewess.

      And look what Roosevelt gave us, World War Two, Socialism, promotion and defense of Communism, and destruction of the white people of Europe.

      The Jews will pay for their treachery with their blood.

    2. I was of the feeling that LBJ and Lady Bird were both Sephardic in origin. Not exactly sure who said that, but sure I read it just exactly that way.

  6. One of American Jews involved in the development of Israeli nukes, Dr. Zalman Shapiro is seldom mentioned in the Jewish-controlled American press, for stealing 741 pounds of highly enriched uranium suitable for weapons production from NUMEC. Shapiro was president of NUMEC laboratory and was involved in diverting the enriched uranium to Israel for later’s nuclear weapons program.

  7. Chemtrails sprayed from pilotless aircraft could also be delivery systems for these micro and nano devices. They’re already here according to shamans who are seeing them. I wonder if other delivery systems are coming through this alleged ‘snow’ that’s been falling alot this Winter in northern New England. It doesn’t look or feel like any snow I remember when I was a kid or even more recently.

    I took a chunk of it the other day and put a lighter to it. It melted but didn’t drip as you’d expect, but like some kind of plastic that turned black. Later I put some in a dish indoors where it started shrinking, but as it did so no liquid was displacing it in a way you’d expect in proportion to the melting action. The whole melting process was unusual

    Strange days indeed.

  8. I thought the Nazis where closer to developing the a bomb than the US was .

    Regardless get gou wise and become gou aware .

  9. Okay, it’s agreed, these psychopaths must be stopped.

    I am waiting and have been for many years on methods of how to stop them?

    Starting with the problem almost as great as the jewish psychopaths – that is how to get the thoroughly brain-washed-by-jewish-mythology masses of non-jews to stop aiding and abetting in the crimes.

    The total destruction of Germany (Russia, East Europe, etc.) are warnings to all who again might attempt to stop the jew world order.

    1. Start with the slogan that stops them all in their tracks, and gets the People thinking about the cause and the solution:
      “Jesus and Hitler told the truth about the Jews; the Jews are devils.”

  10. Mr. Stanton has provided us with a profound insight. Unfortunately, he neglects to explain HOW (at this late date) AshkeNAZI/Khazar militarism and imperialism can be stopped. In USA, the “high ground” is already occupied by the ADL, AIPAC, and the deranged John Hagee, with his so-called Christian Zionists. It is frequently said that the Americans are “asleep;” I suspect most Americans are so preoccupied with their own survival in an collapsing economy that they have little time to consider the Jewish “question.” One thing is certain, so long as USA’s present regime continues to exist, Israel will remain a secure bastion of world Jewish power.

    1. Since “they” still need all of us to do their dirty work, arm yourself with knowledge and just keep spreading the word… friends, family, work colleagues, police, military, younger generations…

      There is SO MUCH good information on the internet but also a lot of disinformation so be sure to check your facts (whenever possible), be sincere and be humble when you get it wrong (trust me, one does!).

      I just sent this to a bunch of friends.—Illuminati—-(2008).PDF

      It’s basically a collection of book reviews so a lot of the hard research work has already been done. Very easy reading and touches on so much history. A bit repetitive at times but good for newcomers who want to understand who “they” are and how “they” operate. Just reading the contents page will get them in.

      There are many other links posted to previous articles on this (LD’s) website.

      Do not fear becoming a social outcast… the alternative of letting them win will be many times worse. But be warned, the problem is much bigger than just Israel.

      1. Haha, turtle! I just got back on this thing and found that a friend to whom I’d forwarded it, earlier, reminded me that ‘Arch Stanton’ was the name of the dead character in the Clint
        Eastwood film ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’…

        Way to go, ‘Arch’!!!

        1. Yep, buried next to anonymous which is why there was no name on the rock. Tell me something I don’t know. fwit.

    2. The main media is our mortal enemy. They have taken lying to a new level. Easily influenced people buy into media garbage, newspapers are vile cesspools of lies, distortion, and are largely responsible for overloading gullible people with the lies of the day. People are comfortable with these liars, familiar faces are easy to accept. Walter Cronkite was one of these liars, Dan Rather, the notorious Tom Brokaw, CIA stooge Anderson Cooper, Zionist Charles Krauthammer. We are exposed to easy to digest undercurrents of lies that have poisoned Americans, it may already be too late to stop these ghouls. But, I don’t think so. Our demise is not imminent, NSA is not all powerful, and there is hope to stop these monsters at the November elections.

  11. how to confront the menace … disregarding a structured approach, because this is work in progress, we need to analyze enemy’s strengths and weaknesses and build a coherent strategy around these insights.

    the first thing to realize is that as a descendant of neanderthal species, he is not quite human but merely a hominid, which at least partially explains his sense of uniqueness (chosenness), utter disregard for welfare of humans (why he calls us goyim, the other/cattle) and also our innate sense of revulsion at him, witness the ubiquitous caricature of jew, identically recognized disagreeable features given prominence all over the globe.
    they are related to us as coyote is related to wolf or baboon to chimpanzee, similar, yet hostile and competing to mutual extinction if sharing the same environment.

    jew is intelligent, aggressive, hateful of humanity, unburdened by ethical considerations and possesses an astounding in-group cohesion.
    these are his primary strengths and because only the first (intelligence) counts as a socially acceptable feature, he publicly ascribes all of the successes to it, whereas in truth, the remainder of the traits contribute much more to his position of power and influence.

    he has over time succeeded in dumbing down his prey whenever they were in multi-generational contact, through incessant and intensive brain washing programs, so that his advantages are thereby amplified, darkmoon has written extensively on this tragic subject.

    therefore, the first course of defensive action would be for the gentile survivors, ie, those possessing intelligence and independence of thought, to start banding into equally cohesive and impenetrable groups.
    racial, ethnic, religious or cultural diversity should present no obstacle, provided unity of purpose and the basic requirement of intellectual acuity and common decency.
    jew has no problem infiltrating the vulgar “neo-nazi” organizations because they are staffed by loud, undiscerning, emotional and psychotic rabble, clueless about what the real nazism stood for.

    a group as described would be a much harder nut to crack because just as jews intuit an outsider so the right thinking gentiles would respond to conniving crypto mole in their midst.
    and there could be other safeguards in place …

    anyway, just threw my proverbial two cents onto the stage …

    1. Well, even if he is, Ellen, he spoke the truth this time. ‘Arch Stanton’ was the name adjacent to which the gold was buried. Hidden treasures (of wisdom) might be found ANYWHERE.

    2. so tell us on what do you base this claim (arch stanton is a jewish provocateur).

      even if you know someone named arch stanton personally, how do you know this is the same one, since it also seems to be the name of a fictional movie character.

      if basing the claim on the above article, what is in it that points to a jew author?

      this is a good exercise in separating wheat from the chaff.

    3. @ Ellen

      “Arch stanton is jewish so watch out for this agent provocateur!”

      You should know, Ellen, since your surname is Goldstein. You told me so in a private email only a couple of weeks ago.

      Don’t you remember?

  12. The raison d’etre of the jews from Satan’s synagogue can be seen in the simple story of the Grinch.

    See Grinch as the “jew”, and the goyim as the little “whos”. The Grinch’s sneering, cynical self sees the whos as being just like him in essence, only hypocrites, and he sets out to ‘prove it’ by their falling into the trap of materialism. After all, according to his ilk this represents the truth of existence, does it not?

    So on Christmas Eve he decides to venture into Whoville and steal every last thing of theirs right down to the tiniest minutae of matter. He fully expects the whos to be devastated in finding complete emptiness in their homes on Christmas morning. Disconsolate to the point of despair having lost all their possessions. But what did they do instead but rejoice in the truth of Spirit, which completes the parable by putting material things in their proper perspective.

    I’m reminded of a cartoon that appeared upon the tumbling of the Berlin Wall. It featured a road that split off into two directions. A sign pointing one way read “freedom”, the other read “sausages”. Most footprints were found to be on the sausage road, few on the road to freedom.

    The Grinch fully expected the whos to go for the ‘sausages’ that HE of course would provide, having stolen them all. A clear metaphor for the creeping Totalitarian State of theft that will be perceived to own everything lock, stock and barrel if events continue apace as they are.

    “See the goyim predictably grovelling for their material needs-even for its mere subsistence. That’s all they really cared about after all, isn’t it?”

    Prove them wrong by showing your true self of Spirit that resists the glittering fool’s gold – the major prop in the Satanic trickster’s bag of them. Render them irrelevant and their obsolescence will be a done deal.

  13. Two Jewish historians, Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinnsky in book ‘Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel’ have claimed that racism and anti-free speech are part of Jewish culture. In 2009, when Jewish professor William Robinson sent an e-mail to his students in which he compared Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip with Nazis, he was chased by the ADL, AJC, ACLU, Simon Wiesenthal Center and several other pro-Israel Jewish groups for using his speech freedom. “Gaza is Israel’s Warsaw – a vast concentration camp that confined and blockaded Palestinians,” the professor wrote. “We are witness to a slow-motion process of genocide“.

  14. I have been reading Ms. Darkmoon’s offerings for quite a while. They are uniformly very well presented and convincing. Such is the case here, as well. Moreover, the comments here are intelligent and persuasive. What troubles me is the following, and i mean this from the heart: My parents were “secular Jews”. I was never interested in the religion, its rites or the culture, because of that fact and other reasons. There exists in every religion, culture, race, psychopaths and criminals, and such, obviously includes among “the Jews”. And, it is true that among the upper echelon of such unfortunate categories there are numerous Jews, seemingly in numbers wholly disproportionate to their presence in the general population.

    The point i would like to make here is that there are massively larger numbers of “fellow peasants” among the Jewish population, who are just “regular people”, who are not psychopaths and/or criminals, and who are not bent on following “Talmudic principles” regarding harming Gentiles. And, as has been discussed elsewhere, these “fellow peasants” type were among the ones killed during the Nazi period in Europe — per the plans of Zionist Jews in supporting their agendas, including the creation of Israel. (Allegedly, the “elite” Jews involved felt that getting rid of this riff raff among the Jewish population was a beneficial idea for a number of reasons.)

    Ultimately, it would be ideal if Ms. Darkmoon and others involved in writing articles such as this one would in some manner mention that not all Jews are evil, so that sweeping generalizations about that “race” did not become the order of the day. It is all too easy for readers to just leap to such a convenient general conclusion, otherwise, unconsciously perhaps, and this would be definitely unfair and unjustified. And, of course, quite dangerous, perhaps, for the “not guilty” ones as people become more disgruntled and fearful as TPTB move along along with their loathsome and homicidal agendas. Historically, when such periods in history arise, convenient scapegoats are sought after.

    1. I believe that is well said jg and blaming all “jews” is a lazy trap that the uninitiated must avoid if they want to maintain credibility. This is also reinforced by the persecution complex instilled by jewish leaders in their weak minded followers and the guilt complex imposed on the rest of us by the ceaseless barrage of “holocaust” propaganda from the mainsteam media and movie industry. No single other event in history receives anywhere near the attention the “holocaust” receives. A good return on this “sacrifice”!

      And of course there are a number of jews who understand and oppose this. Benjamin Friedman probably the most famous but also Henry Makow (linked above) and a number of writers mentioned in his book.

      Better to call them Sabbatean Frankist Cabalist Talmudist Zionists… which ALL originate from Judaism.

      Similarly the links between this group and the Jesuits, Masons, Illuminati, Central banking (Rothschilds) and world govt institutions can also be easily demonstrated.

      Finally there is this opening from “The Curse of Canaan” (Feb 1987) by Eustace Mullins (

      “After forty years of patient study of the crises which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion-all conspiracies are Satanic! In retrospect, this conclusion should surprise no one. I admit that it came as something of a surprise to me. I had never anticipated that my decades of work would lead to such an all-encompassing and unchallengeable solution. This answer had eluded me through the years, not because I was on the wrong track, but because I had not yet consulted the ultimate source of knowledge-the Bible. To trace the machinations of the materialist conspiracy, I had deliberately limited myself to materialist sources-reference material on banking, politics, economics, and the biographies of those who were most deeply involved in these affairs.”

      If there is proof that the devil exists, then a corollary of this, is proof in the existence of god.

    2. “Ultimately, it would be ideal if Ms. Darkmoon and others involved in writing articles such as this one would in some manner mention that not all Jews are evil.”

      Lasha Darkmoon never ceases to make this point. Not for a moment does she think that all Jews are evil. She has always drawn a sharp distinction between elite organized Jewry (bad) and ordinary Jews (some quite good).

    3. The point i would like to make here is that there are massively larger numbers of “fellow peasants” among the Jewish population, who are just “regular people”, who are not psychopaths and/or criminals, and who are not bent on following “Talmudic principles” regarding harming Gentiles.

      quantify this, “massively larger”, you owe it to yourself and to the world, before pleading innocence on behalf of majority of jews.

      how about starting at this ha’aretz article

      Poll shows most Israelis back IDF action in Gaza,
      Less than 10 percent see the operation as a “failure.”

      so, not only do more than 90% see the genocidal operation as success, for all we know the remaining 5-6% may be upset that it wasn’t more brutal, thus “failure”.

      and ask yourself why are you a jew.
      don’t say, “because my mother is/was a jew”.

      because if my father called my mother a shrew, does it mean that i am a shrew?

        1. “Besides, most guards had no wish to kill children – one of the reasons gas chambers were created was to spare the killers witnessing the gruesomeness of murder.” John de Nugent, holohoax promoter, white supremacist, a poseur a la carte.

    4. These are good points, BUT in my area of the state, there are large enclaves of jews that do not lift a finger at the horrors going on in Palestine now. They coincidentally were enamored and impressed with murderers like Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon. Never a negative comment about these warmongers, never. Is it because the Zionist element will threaten or kill jews that are concerned about the slaughter of Palestinians? Is it because of that fear? Why go to temple, then? Do these jews discuss these things with their rabbis? How do rabbis feel about this wanton slaughter and debauchery innate to the jewish community? More Germans were killed after WW2 than jews during WW2, slaughtered thanks to influence of jews like Henry Morgenthau. Are today’s jews aligned with the truth movement about the Holocaust and Norman Finklestein, or do they believe in the Holocaust Industry?

      1. I would argue this is the persecution complex coming into play. These weak minded jews brainwashed by their Zionist leaders do as much damage to the truth movement as non-jews filled with the guilt complex. The solution for me is information. Get it out there (to both groups!).

        The problem with violent solutions is that they are inevitably ill directed and serve only to justify pigheaded self-righteousness.

  15. Excellent article keeping the well informed even better informed. I do appreciate the heroism of those who dare to speak out against evil, however I fear that those who have ears to hear are few. Recently I spoke more directly in a hiking club where I usually stay quiet–you see I like to hike and I have no doubt that if I expressed my geniune opinion I would be banned. Still, the topic came up tempting me to speak, and I dared to open a discussion of unmentionable things such as the fact that Bolshevism was Jewish and that people are jailed in European countries for questioning the Holocaust. No one had ever heard of such outrageous things and one woman said it absolutely could not be true that people were jailed for denying the Holocaust–I said, look it up on the internet. As for the Jewish Bolshevism, they all knew I had been to Russia and so they remained silent on that one. And as if on cue I had a strange encounter in another situation with a woman from Bulgaria who out of the blue–she was a dog walker for my relative–said that the Jews had run a brutal Communist regime in her country and had ruined her life. This is a risky thing to say to a stranger, but it just spilled out of her–a whole lifetime of grief.

    It’s been a long journey for me because I tend to believe what I am told and it was hard to realize that the Holocaust is a lie, that there was no real Russian revolution but a coup–a lie, that 9 11 was a lie, and now I discover that the Jews are to be blamed for the nuclear industry which is about to end planetary life. Also, ironically, one of the jewish neo-liberal pet issues is also a lie–that is multiculturalism. (No news here on this website I know but it does take awhile to really have it sink in.) I know now without question that the majority of Jews care only about Jews–not Russians, not Palestinians, not African Americans, or any other group. From infancy they are taught to care only for other Jews, and also that the Jews get blamed for everything and so when they hear someone blaming a Jew then that person is an antisemite. They have managed to convince everyone else of this as well–consequently this article is seen as anti-semitic as are the commentators. Truth does not matter. Under this form of logic any crime in the history of the world is permitted if the person is Jewish. End of story and end of a whole lot else as well.

  16. “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” — Israeli General Moshe Dayan

    Can someone tell me, what do you do to a “mad dog”??????
    Dialogue, negotiate with it??

  17. Lately i read a lot again about the bombing in WW2 (Dresden, feb.13th). Those Femen-activist say they’re supporting Anti-Fa(-shists) and they used to be left-extremists but in the recent years in Dresden e.g. they waved Israel flags among other stuff.
    The basic causes for worldwar to become savage were the bolshevics and their history and holodomor starvation in the Ukreine, and Gulagsystem. Ilya Ehrenburg made these calls to russian soldiers and jewish commissars to kill and rape Germans..
    The propaganda in western countries depicting Germans as savages, Huns, was made by the press-media, often in jewish jhands and in the US after the Balfour-contract (see Benjamin Freedman) also Kaufman, Morgenthau, Nizer – one good account on the bombing campaign is written by Michael Walsh, citing documents.

    1. to add: mixed up the worldwars but the propaganda originated in WW-1. Right in 1919 Churchill wrote, he called for a 1000-bomber attack on Berlin (which he didn’t have then). Trenchard and one Italian then develloped bomber-strategy, on the homelands. But the infamous De-housing-paper was written by Lindeman, later Lord Cherwell, jewish scientist, and overtaken by Churchill, after earlier bombing failed more or less.
      So that means Jews were involved in warfare. And this strategic bombing was against Geneva convention and tho warfare order of the Hague. The USSR had not signed it. For us after the the war, for all in East and West, for most of our lives we were threatened by annihilation of the Human race, by this threat of nuclear holocaust.. this sort of gave background tho the subversion of the Frankfurt school. The brake-down of bolshevic Russia is something suspicious, bancrupcy maybe, but also it can be that the powers in the dark cooperated in the cold war to threaten humanity. Today the EU becomes a central regime with its commissars, not elected but appointed by international finance, Goldman S. And in America something like this.
      With the Atomic bomb, Einstein demanded it (to Roosevelt). His e=mc² was not invented by him but written earlier. Maybe our contemorary physics is so much wrong that ony Fukushima worked, sadly. Most is based on assumptions, without evidence. It looks like science is controlled and censored as is politics. Therefor I’ll read about new ideas, even without much knowledge myself: after discarding quarks and higgs partikels scientists may find some scalar and neutrino- theories without contradictions (Konstantin Meyl) even explaining some biology and the growing earth-theory (by incorporating cosmic neutrinos)
      so that we can leave atomic desaster behind. .

  18. jews, jews, jews all I hear on this site! But I do not hear anything a concrete remedy to change the current situation.

    I am fed up with always the same analysis. What are we going to do now we know the analysis, doctor???

    1. “I am fed up with always the same analysis. What are we going to do now we know the analysis, doctor???”

      You seem like a sensible person. Very concerned. What would you suggest? If you were US President, how would solve the Jewish Problem?

      I would remind you that every possible solution has already been tried, but nothing has worked so far.

    2. Is our analysis correct?

      Get the information out there. I have Mormons come preaching to my door. I end up preaching to them. I receive numerous tele-marketing calls everyday. I discuss these issues with them.

      Assume a purpose : )

      1. “Assume a purpose”

        Excellent advice, turtle. Never underestimate your expressions of truth in words and actions. Those projections represent building blocks of the new world to come after the proverbial SHTF and the dust settles, even if those intents are stopped dead in their tracks. Even if you’re killed over it. No better way to go out anyway.

        In what you could call a ‘reverse metaphor’, it’s like the Yalta conference in 1945. All of the Globalists assembled were planning their own post-war NWO even though technically the war wasn’t over.

        Be your own Divine intervener.

  19. First of all I’d like to thank the author for their dilligence, courage, and their many other attributes displayed here in. this article.
    To make this short and sweet however I would just like to leave a comment about the “golden Negro coming to save us” comment.

    I think that it is funny how the Jews use an unporportionate amount of money on the “SO CALLED NEGROS” of the Americas in order to supress their imaginations and thoughts. let me tell you that this is by design. through my research as well as many others we have concluded that A.Darwinism is false and so I many of the thrifts predicated on this Jewish World View for goyim. (while the so called Jew keeps the young earth theory amongst themselves). B.The so called Jew speaks Yiddish which is a Russian form of Hebrew which utilizes the Arabic/Hebrew writing style whose name eludes me at the moment but was in fact developed AFTER the Hebrew people were taken captive in Babylon. This event forever changed the course and depth of deception embeded in Hebrew and Jewish traditional language andd culture. IT MOST IMPORTANTLT CHANGED THE PRONOUNCED NAME OF THE MOST HIGH AND IN SUBSEQUENT CONFLICTS IN THE FUTURE BECAME PRETEXT FO ALTER GHE NAME OF THE SON WHOME WE NOW GIVE THE LATIN NAME “JESUS”.

    Now this brings me all the way around to my point. The “golden negro to save us” (lol) point. We must understand that these so called Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. These Pharisees and Saducees. These Edomites know this history understand it’s language (which is stressed as the most important fact here) and accept it as truth weather you do OR NOT! Just as the ARABS know they come from Ishmael and just as all the cultures of the world have found ways to retain their history and roota except for a few.

    My point is these Jews want us to throw the “baby out with bathwater” and ignore the history and relativity of the scriptures by blurring the definitions generationally language by language. From the PALIO Hebrew inscriptions to the modern Hebrew and from Old English 1611 to the modern form, little by little (the devil was the most subtle of the animals in the garden) truth of the FACTs or shall I say the Nature of History has been linguistically altered.

    This GOLDEN NEGRO IS COMING TO SAVE US BUT HE ISN’T GOLDEN. AS A CHALDEAN(IRAQI CHRIST BELIEVER) AND so called Negro myself I believe he is Bronze in colour as described by the scriptures as well as his counterparts in his family. I do not believe he was a JEW but he was from the tribe of JUDAH.

    The story is so deep and filled with so many attempts to assassinate the character and validity of its truth and merits of its essence that it can not be summed up in this comment alone. It takes special people with special experiences and special emotional fortitudes to do the due diligence of research enough to come to the knowledge of this truth.

    Bless the folks that get mad or upset with what I am saying Sith patience and understanging most high YAHUWAH and let them see that your son YAHUSHUWAH is on the way back to set the world free of these lies.

    Bless everyone reading this post in the one true name of the Most high YAHUWAH througb the truth of his sons existence Yahushuwah and through the Holy Spirit of truth (Agape love) So Be It!

  20. It is difficult for modern writers to write long articles without some sort of Jewish propaganda seeping in since propaganda fills the history books and media. In fact, the atom bomb saved Japan and the Japanese people from total annihilation. They were so brainwashed by the Japanese “thought police” that they would have committed mass suicide rather than surrender — as is abundantly proven in the battlefield. We would have had to dig them out of their extensive underground cave systems one at a time with loses on both sides in the millions. The Japanese populace was being armed and trained in fighting with sharpened bamboo poles at the time the Bomb was dropped. there is too much hand-wringing from the limp wristed liberals and Jews in an effort to blame the USA for the so-called “atrocities” of nuking Japan. The Japanese were brutal and merciless fighters who were hated in every country they invaded. the Japanese did not pay for the war crimes they committed simply because they have been in secret alliance with the Jews since the 1500s. The city of Dresden lost more people than both cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. But where are the Jews in the media whining about the incinerated Germans? The atom bombs saved lives on both sides.

    1. the japanese emperor offered surrender or capitulation before the bombs were dropped. There are theories those bombs only destroyed so much, because of the wooden houses. The stone buildings were left standing up. Even someone said, he doubts there was an atomic bomb at all, because of this.
      If Israel is in possession of atomic bombs? some were stolen, possibly in the US but those degrade in time?

  21. Jews have little or no altruism instilled into them by their culture.

    – Lasha Darkmoon

    Despite the prosperity that Jews deserve because of their superior intelligence, the great majority vote Democrat. That is because of their commendable sympathy with the poor.

    No matter how rich Jews become they remember the poverty of the ghetto, the shtetl, and the lower east side of Manhattan.

      1. “Jews have little or no altruism instilled into them by their culture.” — Arch Stanton

        I think Arch was probably referring to the Jewish mindset of the Talmudic Jew, i.e., all rabbis and their numerous “religious” followers, worldwide.

        There’s absolutely no way that the Talmud can be regarded as inculcating “altruism” in the Jew. In fact, the reverse.

        The Talmud teaches explicitly that ONLY JEWS MATTER and that the goyim are trash (cattle) that belong to a lower species. The goyim are created purely for Jewish exploitation and it is permissible to lie to the goyim, cheat them, and rob them.

        “The best of the goyim,” Rabbi ben Yohai says in the Talmud, “deserve to be killed.”

        So how, pray tell, can the typical Talmudic Jew, with this Jewish supremacist mindset , be regarded as even remotely “altruistic”? It just isn’t possible.

        1. Yes, and the master puppeteer pulling the Talmud strings is the actual lower species it reserves for the goyim in its Satanic doctrine.

          This doctrine embodies the psychopathic spirit of the Protocols, whose basic tenet is in the kol nidre which is in effect “Do what thou will is the whole of the law”. Whatever they do is rationalized, with nary a thought to asking if it is right or wrong. Which in turn implies that it’s impossible to think in terms of socially acceptable behavior capable of altruism. The thought doesn’t enter the heads of those under its wicked spell.

          A chillingly, cold-blooded viper whose heart went undeveloped preventing the creation of a conscience.

          An abomination that WILL be eradicated, but only the Divine can know the hour of its tormented demise to the infernal regions

    1. since they have neither culture nor altruism, one cannot be the source of the other.
      zero begets zero.

    2. @ John Engelman,

      Jews (rich or poor) don’t vote Democrat out of “sympathy with the poor” but out of sympathy with the leftish nation-wrecking policies of the Democrats, which fits their own destructive mentality.

      As for altruism, that does indeed not exist among Jews. All their “philanthropy” goes to members of their own tribe only. So that is in reality a form of collective egoism.

      Your – almost religious – veneration of the Jewish “superior intelligence” is well known by now and is becoming irritating.

    3. Yes, Hank Paulson, having gotten rich by stealing, was really thinking about the indigent after his stint as CEO of Goldman Sachs. Ditto Dick Fuld at Lehman Bros.

      Yes, for sure, rich jews spend half their time each year in a shtetl eating modest food, wearing rags, and living the chaste life.

      Thanks for reminding us,

    4. Like everything else about the Jews, their alleged “superior intelligence” is just another of the lies that they foist upon gullible Mankind. They cheat in everything, even in IQ scores. Likewise, the alleged “poverty” of the East European Jews has been a carefully guarded swindle for nearly 2000 years. Dressing in rags and hiding their banquets behind closed doors, prevented the Gentiles whom they had swindled from knowing how really well-off the Jews really were. And how do you equate “high intelligence” with “deserving” the wealth that they swindle, cheat and defraud from the People around them? Does a bandit “deserve” the loot that he gets by deceiving and thieving someone because he is smart enough to do it?

  22. W/o a doubt correct. Many “Goyim” like to add, (in their sweet naivety), that there are “good Jews” and, for the most part, there are. I’ve known some in my life. HOWEVER… The problem starts when the International Jews Ford wisely spoke of get the upper hand and are in need of fellow tribals to “deal with” the Goyim. Every Jew will come out swinging because, well, because they belong to the tribe. There was, at one time, international talks discussing planting the tribe in, (I believe), Madagascar. It failed when the West’s “master” Rothschild decided he wanted his sycophants in the City of London to will him Palestine instead. Voila! Balfour Agreement! Which, the Turkic/Mongol “mutt” race now known as Ashkenazi immediately broke the agreement. To make a complete break from the Synagogue and insure peace with our Muslim brothers, we’ll need to deal with, not only the tribe, but every “Goyim” member of the Neo-Judas class willing to climb into bed with them for a few pieces of silver no matter how many Christian/Muslim human beings are slaughtered.

    1. It seems odd that all the nuclear spies were jews, if indeed it was Rotschild who was funding the project?
      “…— but the soft-hearted goy will happily march off to die for the girl next door….”
      Also, remember that whilst he is there, and dying, he seems to spend an inordinate amount of his time plotting to sexually abuse this girl, if she happens to be one of his fellow-soldiers.

      1. To anyone just started reading this website. I strongly advise you go back and check out the “Older” comments first.

  23. Ethnic biological warfare is the answer. White scientists (or any scientists) need to develop bioweapons that specifically target people with jewish genes.

    Sound far-fetched? Guess what: Israel already has them.

    1. Oh you think so? Well, if Israel already had such technology, they WOULD HAVE USED IT LONG LONG AGO… THE DAY THEY WERE DEVELOPED. To not use them immediately considering their agenda, would be like hoping they never got the chance. They’d use them right away… that’ a 100% guarantee. For sure they would have used them on Palestinians right away. Completely rid themselves of that problem? You betcha they would’ve. This proves they don’t have such tech.

      1. There’d be an international outcry if Israel used them. If all the Arabs around Israel suddenly started dropping dead, leaving only the Jews, it’d be pretty obvious what happened. That’s the only reason why they don’t use them.

        Rest assure though, if it ever came to war, the Jews would be launching nukes and bioweapons the world over. This is why the West needs satellite defenses to knock their warheads out of the sky.

        1. If it’s designed to KILL DNA specified people, then how will there be an International outcry? All Arabs would be dead! Not just around Israel but throughout the entire middle east and even the world, if they have the tech to carry the virus around the world via Air currents. It kills ONLY Arabs? then ALL Arabs DIE. If they think it’ll cause a backlash by others… include them in the DNA Seek too… LOL Kill em ALL! That’s really what they want right? Kill ALL non-jews… except for a few thousand to be their personal slaves and SERVE them like the gods they THINK they are.

          Can’t kill ALL people… who would serve them? Other Jews? ROFL.. imagine the scuffle then, millions of whining, bickering jews trying to decide who will serve who, when ALL of them think they should be served. 😛 Now that would make an awesome Sitcom I’d love to watch, or to be a fly on the wall. Why’d you kill all the Gentiles, you idiots!! Who will serve us now? LOL

  24. They invented the neutron bomb also, Samuel T. Cohen of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developed the concept of the neutron bomb in 1958.

    Jewish ‘scientist’ Leo Szilard invented the first atom bomb in 1933, patenting his finalised plans in London in 1934, which no doubt gave the Jews confidence to declare their intent to have war waged on their behalf against Germany by their goyim mind-controlled slave robots.

    Though another Jew scientist invented the nuclear bomb, Leo Szilard invented the cobalt nuclear bomb in 1950, which he stated would be capable of killing all life on Earth. This was the obvious thanks that the people of the world got for fighting Germany into the ground, just the constant death threat of the Samson Option, no doubt using that very weapon.

    If everyone had backed up Germany instead, there would be no atomic weapons today, as Hitler banned any development of what he called the ‘Jewish hell weapon’ according to his chief bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny. This is what Hitler said to Colonel Skorzeny, who had rescued Mussolini from Gran Sasso:

    “When Dr. Todt visited me I read that the energy set free by such a bomb could destroy an area as large as the state of Arizona or make as big a crater as the meteor had caused in Siberia. That means that all life within such an area would be destroyed, not only humans but all life, but animals and plants would not be able to live within a radius of 40 km for hundreds of years due to radiation. That would mean an Apocalypse. No land, no group of civilized people could bear the responsibility for such a slaughter. In battle after battle human beings would destroy themselves if such a bomb were used.”

    Perhaps the nuclear weapons could all be saved to be used instead to blow up asteroids, after being totally banned from being used in warfare. But we can never trust the Jews to obey any legal agreement or peace treaty involving non-use of nuclear weapons, as they mock such things.

    I have an idea now, let all the other people of the world with nuclear weapons threaten their own Samson Option against Israel. And then the world will have the power to break the stranglehold of the Jewish terror cult over them.

    Only then will the world be free to ban nuclear weapons, and start to clean up all the mess from Fukushima and the DU used in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    Of course, in reality, most of the the people of the world in countries that possess nuclear weapons are totally controlled by Jews and such Jewish-controlled governments will never ever allow ‘their’ nuclear weapons to be used to counter the threat of the Samson Option by Israel. If anything, the Jewish government of the US would actually use it’s own nuclear arsenal on US cities to add to the weight of the Israeli nuclear weapons when the SHTF and the Samson Option in unleashed. That would seem an obvious strategy that the Jews would use.

    Dr Keshe has stated that he will reveal technology this year to render these weapons impotent, so, let us hope that he can come up with the technology to take away the nuclear weapons power of Israel and the rest of the Jewish-controlled governments of the world.

    These Jewish weapons are only ever intended to kill as many of the Gentiles as possible in one fell swoop, one ‘Grand Slam’. After all, Israeli Jew historian and military strategist Martin Van Creveld stated of the Samson Option; “I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

    –Martin van Creveld, Professor of Military History at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, quoted from The Guardian in September 2003;

    So Van Crefeld thinks Israel is really facing imminent destruction and thinks the only thing to do is to kill all the Gentile slaves for not having done enough to destroy all the enemies of Israel for them.

    And of course, one country after another is always about to holocaust the Jews in the mentally ill minds of the Jews. They are on a suicide trip, and want to take us all out with them. See, with fucking nutters like him, we will all be dead very soon indeed. The Israeli Jews should be put down hard, into the ground, before they do exactly what they have every intention of doing to the lot of us by starting a nuclear WWIII.

    The Jewish scriptures state quite unequivocally that all Gentiles are non-living Satanic souls who are the eternal enemies of the Jews, and their warped ‘scriptures’ tell them that they should never ever make any peace with their enemies. The people of the world who think that they can deal with the Jews are in for a very bad surprise. Jews never ever make friends with Gentiles, they just arrange to kill them all once they have taken them for what they can get.

    Maybe Dr Keshe can stop ’em, maybe President Putin can stop ’em, after all, he is the only head of state with a nuclear arsenal to state that if Israel ever tries anything physical, then Israel will be turned into a glass ashtray.

    1. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third.

      which makes hezbollah the first or second strongest.

      1. After watching how Putin laughed at stupid Hilary (who may actually be our next president, god help us), when she called Russia having rusted out junk. I sure wouldn’t knock Russia nowadays concerning top superpowers. They’ve developed missiles like their SSN’s that America REALLY want to get their hands on, but that Putin refuses to sell to them. So far, they’ve only shared them with China, and ONE of them can sink any size ship, under radar, at speeds unheard of. I believe Russia also gave a few of the earlier models of same missiles to Iran, which prompted Iran to claim they could sink the entire American fleet in a few short minutes. I wouldn’t put it past them. They usually don’t boast such things unless they’ve SEEN what their newly acquired tech can do. They DID shoot down one of out TOP END Drones. Not an easy task to complete, yet they did it, and are now dissecting it or already have.

        Here we are, thinking we’re SO superior to all these other countries, at a time when technology is on such a HUGE upswing. Near impossible to create inferior stuff these days, so to be as arrogant as WE usually are concerning others, we better pay more attention, because at some point, America WILL fall… ALL major world dominators have fallen. We need to stop being so pig headed, thinking we’ll ALWAYS come out on top. I’d be happy if we always could… BUT, One day we’re going to get our butt’s royally kicked. It’s inevitable.

  25. Sending feelings of Love and good wishes to you. hoping you are feeling well and safe..

    It makes no difference what one wants or desires. truth is truth. truth is imperishable and so cannot ever be changed. the truth of our collective situation is that we have reached the point and moment of completion. the cyclic circle is now complete

    All things have a beginning. middle and ending before beginning again. just like the continuous movement of day and night..spring to winter and back to spring. without understanding like a dog one just keeps chasing ones tail

    Like the plays and movies we create to entertain ourselves which has villains. hero.s and heroines. this REAL life play. drama or movie also has villains. heros and heroines. the actors in this real life drama are souls using bodies as costumes. like a snake the soul who sits at the forehead behind the eyes..sheds one body to adopt another

    This real life movie is now coming to its conclusion. the villains who are intoxicated with having power over others know that their time is up..but letting go of the intoxication of power and the arrogance of ego is just not possible for them. and so..there must be a big.bang

    Yes. the big.bang has been spoken and written about. and how is that so. it is so because history does repeat. many unconsciously know this via their experience of what we call deja vu…i have been here: done this: seen this: meet this person before but when i am not able to recall

    There is nothing else. there is only this. there is only this for something cannot be created out of nothing. so everything Is and Has Always been here just going through a process of decay and renewal. like the seasons of spring to winter and back

    There is no beginning or end in the way souls have been conditioned to think. but there is a point where the old must start a rejuvenation to new again..a confluence

    And it is now

    Peace .

    1. It’ll never happen if all we do is TALK about it. Like Jeff Beck’s song called TALK. My Lords, Ladies, everyone is TALKING, but NOTHING is being done.

      Action is required to help them repay their crimes. Just talking about it won’t help at all.

      1. OK, Leaky. Let’s address this “action” that so many of us seem frustrated about in some perception of powerlessness.

        Alleged followers of Christ are losing sight of how this spiritual war will play out. They’re overlooking ‘who’ the REAL 800 pound gorilla is. It’s the one all around you when you leave your house in the morning. The ground you put your feet on when you walk to your car. When you look up at the sky as you open the car door. When you breathe the air without thinking about it because of the instinctual nature of that act. When you drive by that river cresting over its banks, offering clues of what’s to come as you head into town to your money-slave jobs. And we’re ALL masons, mortaring the bricks of our prison walls as we burn the oil, and toil in daily tribute to our onerous slavemasters.

        What we call “nature”, and the 4 Elements that compose it hold the sword that will cut and slash its enemies to pieces in what will become its full frontal attack of Apocalypse. This embodies the portent of “Armageddon”, and the true warriors under its command. While bracing for its might we are the Resistance fighters – resisting the assaults of the Totalitarian beast.

        We are fighting a ‘rear-guard’ action towards the realization of the true promised land. Not an erroneous depiction of it confined to some specific geographical location in a bogus history text, but the whole World in a new dawn that emerges from the unleashed power of an unfathomable transfiguration.

        This is the righteous action. Live it. Die for it. Rejoice in it!

  26. Just a few moments ago my attention was drawn to the following video. I have never been one for Masonic/Illuminati junk conspiracies, as these are simply distractions to lure people away from the obvious 800 pound gorilla breaking their bones. However, this video contains an interesting metaphor that highlights the third stage of the Jew’s global technology development (described in the link below). The Jews are bound by some unwritten cosmic decree that demands the telegraphing of their intentions before the fact. Don’t ask me why, it is simply something I have observed time and again.

    One other note, Jews have long held an abiding hatred for the Egyptians, but like most cultures they hate, they usurped and adopted many aspects of Egyptian culture. This theme is spelled out clearly in their story of Joseph. Apparently much of the Jew’s enmity towards host cultures stem from envy and jealousy. They envy the beauty and nobility of the white culture, but their attempts to emulate these cultural traits result in the kind of art described in Dr. Darkmoon’s article. No doubt it was the same for ancient Egypt. The same virulent hatred is now carried over to modern Egypt. As the Jews say, “Never forget, never forgive” and I might add “any kindness offered.”

  27. Here’s the main problem, people. These wonderful essays tell us about the problem. So we know what the issues are, but NOTHING is being done. So what’s the point of discussing these articles in such a fashion that it becomes no better than a peaceful demonstration? Peaceful demonstrations NEVER get anything done. Nothing changes, and Jews continue with their agenda. What NEEDS be done is the printing of articles like this, and much harsher ones showing PROOF of the claims that can be backed up via URL’s, then MILLIONS of hard-copies need to be printed, and thousands or at least hundreds of people for the cause, must glue them ALL OVER to Lamp Posts and anywhere else it will be hard to remove. Get people everywhere reading them, there will always be some who will believe it, the same as printing a story about a guilty pedophile, even if he’s innocent. If the poster says he’s guilty, MANY will believe it. Same with posters about articles like this. It’s the ONLY way results will be realized. Just sending these articles to a couple handfuls of private folk, won’t ever do ANYTHING to rid the world of the PROBLEM. If I were a young lad again, I’d glue a bunch all over where I lived, and even go out of town and glue more. They MUST be Glued… make it as difficult as possible to remove them. People have to notice them, even ones where parts have been torn off in shreds, leaving remnants. This will get more people wanting to see the rest, and will keep their eyes peeled for a WHOLE one. Keep checking for destroyed ones and replace them…but you must ensure you’re not being watched. Getting caught brings down the operation eventually. Hundreds of people gluing, will keep it alive, and that’s what’s needed, even if a bunch are arrested.

  28. The only couple in the US history who has been executed for passing US nuclear secrets to Russia, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Jewish. Both claimed to be communists and were executed by electric-chiar in Sing Sing prison in 1953.

    The other famous spies working for Russia include Dutch-born Jewish Margaretha Geertruida (Grietje) Zelle (aka Mata Hari (1876-1917), Aldrich Ames, serving life imprisonment, Klaus Fuchs (1911-1988), Jewish Jonathan Pollard, serving life imprisonment and the recent arrest of Russian Jewish spy Anna Chapman who along with nine others – was busted on June 27, 2010 and later deported to Russia as part of US-Russia prisoner swap.

  29. History is a warp of time that pivots around seemingly endless acts of war. What may be its greatest irony sees one such war dovetailing nicely with another that some prophets, those remote viewers of yore, see as Earth’s last physical battle. And no, that wouldn’t be Armageddon, which I see more as a strictly ‘ethereal-powered’ war. “Armageddon” is a code for that.

    The Americans won their war of Revolution but lost the peace to what we can accurately call the forces of the Satanic synagogue. In disguise as the British Empire in this particular clash. (And for what it’s worth, instead of referring to them as “the jews”, in contexts specific to the content of this post for example, I’ll just call them the SSF or something.)

    The bad news is that the final battle of mortal combat on this planet will be won by these Satanic legions, ending once and for all the interminable cat n’ mouse game of geopolitics. But this time THEY lose the peace, ending once and for all the equally interminable illusion show called history. It will end at Armageddon, and pardon the pun, but you arm a geddon with the sword of truth.

    Let’s be real here. The forces of truth and righteousness are not walkin through that door in the form of Putin, or Sitting Bull, or Hitler, or any other National leader in this temporal World. There’s only one true leader for that, and those who know Him know who it is. As for prophets of a lesser magnitude than Christ, I always thought Cayce was a world-class seer, so to speak, and he said that the next leap of Consciousness in Man would “come through Russia”

    But how?

    Putin will play a role in this great, final geopolitical drama, but so of course will other National figureheads around the World. Much like the staged event of WW2 with the various actors in different degrees of unwittingness, and produced by ‘descendents’ of the learned elders. What a joke. These scaly reptoids calling themselves the “learned elders”. My Grandfather, who was a full-blooded Iroquois, and who taught me many things, was a true learned elder. The chutzpah of these blasphemous frauds!

    But I’ll tell you something else about these “descendents”. These Satanic puppeteers are pullin the strings that will destroy Israel! There are no allegiances. Whatever it takes to achieve absolute power, and with it the absolute control in an abominable State. They’ll probably have their NWOHQ in a new Babylon. Mideast oil may be the fuel that runs the important geopolitics, but that game is almost over, and the one that will preface the end of history is the end-game all along.

    Yet none of it will last for very long. Imagine, all these purported thousands of years to arrive at their glorious achievement, and POOF! It will be gone in a comparative blink of an eye.

    That’s because too many hearts bleed for peace, and the redeemer is the one who bleeds with them, and FOR them. The One who will never let them down.


    1. Brownhawk,

      I very much enjoyed reading your post, here. (Just the other night, I was discussing with some friends the UNSUSTAINABLE nature of current affairs.)
      As you say – NOTHING can last very long in the geopolitical climate which now exists! And, yes, I believe that in the context of Scripture, Vlad Putin and his Russia play a prominent role – as becomes more obvious when contemplating the very excellent article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, recently posted by our dear Lasha Darkmoon, concerning the situation in Ukraine…

  30. LMAO at all you delusional Jew hating morons spouting hate from your PCs and your cellphones built with Jew technology. Morons.

  31. Dear friend,

    Food for thought.

    Justice Matthew Cooper who is Jewish, is convinced I am anti-Semitic. But, why would he conduct himself from the bench in such a way that would fuel anti-Semitism? Unless his outburst is an inspection of his own brain for his hatred of Gentile fathers of European decent.

    Maybe he knows Jay Lefkowitz who said to The New York Times:

    “Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the Jews – reminds them who they are” (New York Times Magazine, February 12, 1995 p. 65). These comments were made by Jay Lefkowitz, a lawyer, who served as President Bush’s Special Envoy for Human Rights. The fact that the comments originated with a lawyer is uncanny, but even more so because of his background and his status as a Special Envoy for Human Rights in North Korea. What the comments really demonstrate is that a desirable amount of anti-Semitism – Mr. Lefkowitz needs “a little anti-Semitism”, not a lot – whenever absent, can and must be induced by provocation to perpetuate the cause for Jewish group stratagem.

    Just thinking out loud.

    Fanaticism is now mainstream in the Jewish legal community, that it is affecting my divorce case:
    When a Judge (or the lawyers) loses his or her objectivity, then the truism applies:
    Everything is religious, everything is political.

    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Sending me this about “The Fucking Jews”
    Mr. Santomauro: No, actually, it was the opposite of that. It was “Fuck the Arabs” in the essay.
    Sandra Schpoont (Attorney for my 11 year old son): Oh, that’s better.
    Steven Mandel (Attorney for my ex-wife): Oh, that’s better.
    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Oh, that’s better.

    Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13

    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: “Is that [Jewish] agenda to dilute the Aryan race?” On page 20:

    The essay in question:
    +The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

    “Justice Matthew F. Cooper has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, ‘Jewish conspiracy’ is completely false, in spirit and in word.

    “It is serious and upsetting. Rather than correct a smear, Justice Cooper has attempted, perhaps not surprisingly, to justify one smear with another in the same direction.

    “Michael Santomauro promotes the ideal of “scientific journalism” – where the underlaying evidence of all articles is available to the reader precisely in order to avoid these type of distortions. Michael Santomauro treasurse his strong Jewish support just as he treasures the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share the hope for a just world.” –I.S.

    Michael Santomauro
    Cell: 917-974-6367

    “An anti-Semite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an anti-Semite.”–Michael Santomauro.

  32. “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” — Israeli General Moshe Dayan

    And we know how to deal with a mad dog. It must be shot. It must be destroyed. It must not be allowed to endanger anyone else. It must be KILLED.

  33. The use of nuclear science (release of the “Strong Force” by splitting atoms) as a weapon was conceived in England (code-named “aluminium tubes”).

    The idea for its development was exported from England to the USA, mostly via the Ashkenazi-Jewish network, but also involving academics attached to Cambridge and Oxford universities. Both Cambridge and Oxford have been “Jewish” towns since the medieval era.

    A key meeting (to get Washington DC to sign up even when they were supposed to be neutral) was held in Bohemian Grove, California (circa 1941). Note that the USA was still mired in a deep depression in 1941 and most of 1942 (and essentially bankrupt).

    The initial development work was performed in Upper Manhattan Island — the original “New York” has been a long-time English stronghold on American soil; e.g., the British Navy and the King’s spies lingered long after the War of Independence — at Columbia University. Hence the name “The Manhattan Project”.

    The nuclear bomb was to be constructed in order to guarantee the destruction of “National Socialism” … a typically German political organization that had already peacefully routed Zionism, Talmudic banking, and the Rothschild influence in both Germany and Austria. Had the Third Reich succeeded in destroying Bolshevism (USSR) then it would have become the beacon for all other nations to follow.

    Naturally, the Rothschild Octopus could not afford to let that happen. They were facing destruction by a thousand cuts. This is why a gargantuan multinational effort was made to produce enough enriched Uranium (U235) using American manpower and woman-power (and via the use of crude means) to construct the very first critical mass needed for an atomic explosion.

    The unthinking, perversely idealistic, yet tricky Americans (rightly) get the blame, but the ultimate puppet master resides in England (probably Central London). But possibly in Buckinghamshire, where the Rothschilds have long maintained their palatial splendour (in excess of that enjoyed by the British monarchy) while surrounded by many acres of pristine, private land.

    Another member of the Rothschild family (who was attached to MI6) actually spied for the Soviets during the Second World War. This fact appears to emphasize the link between these faux-‘Jews’ and Central Asia.

    Dresden was decimated by 2 days & nights of RAF/USAF bombing (including the use of illegal Phosphorus) in lieu of “the Allies” not having developed the first A-Bomb quickly enough for use on German soil prior to their military defeat. With Soviet, British, and American forces already on German soil, it was no longer possible to contemplate dropping an atomic bomb upon the heart Europe.

    Read my book to properly understand the jargon, the concepts, and the history.

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