Capitol Hill overrun with Israeli spies — by Jim W. Dean

Israel has always been snooping on the US government and Capitol Hill is overrun with Israeli spies, an American columnist says. To date US counter-intelligence has not been “allowed” to take down Israeli networks because of the political figures who would be exposed.

american-mossad-spies1You can listen to the 4 minute phone interview at the Press TV link here

342x256_JimDeanPressTV1Capitol Hill overrun with Israeli spies: US columnist


The current news that CIA releasing a report that Israel is the third most aggressive espionage threat against the US is really kind of an old story,” Jim Dean told Press TV on Sunday.

Newsweek reported on Friday the Central Intelligence Agency has ranked Israel as the third most aggressive “intelligence service” working against the US, a leaked document shows.

The National Security Agency document, obtained by American whistleblower Edward Snowden, was revealed by journalist Glenn Greenwald in line with the publication of his book, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the US Surveillance State.

The spying “continues on and it’s not only military intelligence, but actually political intelligence, which is very important,” the Veterans Today columnist said.

“Capitol Hill is overrun with Israeli spies. They have them on staff. They have congressmen working very closely with Israeli intelligence, helping them get anything they want. They literally sometimes can put orders in for things that the Pentagon will not share with them,” he added. “That’s a horrible national scandal,” Dean said.

In one paragraph of the book, Greenwald explains the complex spying relationship between Tel Aviv and Washington as follows:

“The Israelis are extraordinarily good [Signals Intelligence] partners for us,” the NSA observed, referring to joint electronic spying programs against foreign targets, “but on the other [hand], they target us to learn our positions on Middle East problems.” It added that a CIA-led National Intelligence Estimate on cyberthreats in 2013 “ranked Israel the third most aggressive intelligence service against the US,” behind only China and Russia.

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7 thoughts on “Capitol Hill overrun with Israeli spies — by Jim W. Dean

  1. “a CIA-led National Intelligence Estimate on cyberthreats in 2013 “ranked Israel the third most aggressive intelligence service against the US,” behind only China and Russia.”

    The ones giving intelligence to China and Russia are probably treasonous American kikes as well.

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  3. very important truth

    anyone putting a target on america or the west is doing zionist bidding … every country needs to separate themselves from jewish control

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