China and the Jews

Published originally on Veterans Today

What do the Chinese think about Jewish world domination?
How would they like to be next on the hit list?

Part 1: On Domination Games

1A new article by Kevin MacDonald on China is well worth reading. The article begins with these words: “Tablet  [magazine] has an article reflecting Jewish angst over the possibility that the Chinese might think that Jews run America: The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America: Is That a Good Thing?

MacDonald then goes on to give an extensive quote by the author of the Tablet magazine article, Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore (pictured), in which the young Jewish writer does her best to pooh-pooh the whole idea that Jews control America.

When someone with the name “Sebag-Montefiore” pens an article, the world has to sit up and pay attention. This is because the Montefiores belong to one of the most venerated Jewish families in England—the crème de la crème of British Jewry—the other great Jewish families in England being the Rothschilds, the Sassoons, the Freuds, the Joels, the Neubergers, and the Harts.

Ms Sebag-Montefiore is clearly at pains to convince the Chinese—who she knows will be reading her article with avid interest—that any such idea of Jewish power in America is a malicious anti-Semitic canard.

The Jews, she would like to persuade the Chinese, have at best a marginal influence on American affairs. True, it’s often alleged by people who ought to know better that Jews own the media and Hollywood, but these silly assertions have to be taken with a pinch of salt. The Chinese, with their high intelligence, will see through these specious claims—or, in Ms Sebag-Montefiore’s predictable parlance, “entrenched stereotypes.”

Henry Ford would of course have another view on all this. Writing almost 100 years ago, he said: “Controlling the world’s sources of news, Jews can always prepare the minds of people for their next move.


Here is Ms Sebag-Montefiore doing her valiant best to persuade the Chinese into viewing the Jews through rose-tinted Jewish spectacles:

“Do the Jews Really Control America?” asked one Chinese newsweekly headline in 2009. The factoids [note the dismissive word “factoids”]  doled out in such articles and in books about Jews in China—for example: “The world’s wealth is in Americans’ pockets; Americans are in Jews’ pockets”—would rightly be seen to be alarming in other contexts. But in China, where Jews are widely perceived as clever and accomplished, they are meant as compliments.

Scan the shelves in any bookstore in China and you are likely to find best-selling self-help books based on Jewish knowledge. Most focus on how to make cash. Titles range from 101 Money Earning Secrets From Jews’ Notebooks to Learn To Make Money With the Jews.”

And now for the flattery: the attempt to prove that Jews and Chinese are kindred spirits under the flesh, united by common ideals and noble aspirations:

“The Chinese recognize, and embrace, common characteristics between their culture and Jewish culture. Both races have a large diaspora spread across the globe. Both place emphasis on family, tradition, and education. Both boast civilizations that date back thousands of years. In Shanghai, I am often told with nods of approval that I must be intelligent, savvy, and quick-witted, simply because of my ethnicity.”

Without waiting to finish the article—I was to race through it later that day—I posted this comment on my website:

“Though it is obvious to all of us that the Jews control America, it astonishes me that they still keep pretending they don’t! They appear to be concerned right now that the Chinese might get the “wrong idea” that they control America! They would obviously like to dupe the Chinese into thinking they are pretty harmless.”

To this comment I received a thought-provoking response from writer Franklin Ryckaert, a veteran commenter on Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer: “It wouldn’t astonish you if you knew about what is called ‘aggressive mimicry’, which is defined thusly : ‘Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry in which predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host.’” (See here)

“Jews are parasites who want to exploit, control and eventually destroy their host,” Ryckaert went on to explain, “but because they are everywhere a small minority they must resort to certain strategies so as not to be identified and expelled.

First of all they do that by hiding their identity (assuming non-Jewish names, “converting” to another religion etc.) and by staying as much as possible in the background (as “adviser” of a leading figure but not as the leader himself). Secondly they project the image of themselves as harmless, powerless or even as oppressed and persecuted. Hence the stress on the Holocaust story.

This is why the Jews don’t want to be seen by the Chinese as in total control of America. China is their next host and they need to be seen as harmless.”

Ms Sebag-Montefiore’s entire article founders on that one withering sentence: “CHINA IS THEIR NEXT HOST AND THEY NEED TO BE SEEN AS HARMLESS.” A penetrating comment, without a doubt, though not exactly flattering to our Jewish cousins.

I replied:

“Well, let’s hope the Chinese are smart enough to avoid the fate of the Americans. America is now little more than a slave colony dominated by Jews. That the Americans were unable to learn from history—from the complete takeover of Germany and Russia by the Bolshevik brigade—is a sad reflection on the American character.

Didn’t they see it coming? If they did, it seems they weren’t too bothered: like the English who threw in the towel long ago and were quite happy to accept serfdom under the Jews: (a) provided it was dressed up as “democracy”, and (b) provided the loot was divided up in such a way that the gentile aristocracy were not excluded from a place at the pig’s trough.

The Brits and the Americans, you could say, were willing to make a Faustian pact with the Jews: that as long as the Jews made a certain percentage of them rich, letting them be part and parcel of the predator elite, there would be no complaints. Hollywood is a case in point, and wherever celebrities like Madonna are manufactured. Fabulous wealth is showered upon these non-Jewish degenerates as long as they serve their elite masters faithfully.

I’m not sure the Chinese will be any more successful than our Western countries in resisting the wiles of the Jews. Bribery and blackmail may well do the trick. The important thing is to keep the masses sedated. As long as the slaves are allowed to think they are in control and are made to enjoy their slavery, life will go on.

This quote by Aldous Huxley says it all:

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

Franklin Ryckaert agreed. He expressed the hope that the Chinese, for their own sakes, would be a bit smarter than the dopey Americans who had allowed themselves to be sold down the river.

“We can only hope that the Chinese will be able to avoid being corrupted by the Jews. Their high intelligence, realism and traditional values might be of help, but we must also keep in mind that they already have been once victims of the destructive ideology of Communism, which is Jewish after all. Under Communism the Chinese repudiated their traditional values, condemned Confucianism as “feudal” and during Mao’s Cultural Revolution even destroyed centuries old art treasures. If one Jewish ideology could subvert them once, another one could do it for a second time.


Kevin MacDonald goes on to quote Ms Sebag-Montefiore again, this time about media control. She seems inordinately anxious to persuade the Chinese that the whole concept of Jewish control over the media is an anti-Semitic canard to which even the Chinese (sigh sigh) appear to have succumbed.

“Just before my visit to Nanjing,” she points out plaintively, “the Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao made international headlines by publicly announcing his ambitions to buy the New York Times and later the Wall Street Journal. In a TV interview he explained that he would be an ideal newspaper magnate because “I am very good at working with Jews”—who, he said, controlled the media.

“Who, he said, controlled the media.”

CHINESE PHILANTHROPIST CHEN GUANGBIAO handing out money to street cleaners in Nanking
Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao handing out money to street cleaners in Nanking

Note the cunning way that’s put. Poor Chen, it seems to suggest, has somehow gotten the silly idea that Jews control the American media! Where on earth did he get such a bizarre idea from? Oy veh, do grow up already Mr Chen, you silly-billy Chinese billionaire!

The flamboyantly generous Chen Guangbiao (pictured), one of China’s 400 richest men, flew into America a year ago and announced to everyone’s surprise his wish to buy up the New York Times. Apparently the Jewish shareholders refused even to meet him to discuss the proposition and his bid was scorned (cartoon pic).

He then said he wanted to buy up the Wall Street Journalanother Jewish-owned newspaper. With engaging chutzpah, he had said he would like to give these Zionist papers “more balance”— a comment which doubtless caused considerable alarm in cosmopolitan circles.

Failing to make any headway in acquiring unbalanced American newspapers, Cheng finally consoled himself with throwing a slap-up lunch in Central Park for 250 homeless New Yorkers

A pity the Chinese billionaire was not allowed to give “more balance” to the Jew-owned mass media by smashing through their monopoly—something that has led to the complete zionization of America in an Israelified police state and the crippling psychological jewification of the American people.


Zionist Media(2)

 Here is a famous quote from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on Jewish media control, a book which acclaimed Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung, author of 100 books and more than 1000 scholarly papers, heartily recommends to readers in spite of its reputation as a “forgery”.  (See here).  Galtung was particularly impressed by this quote on the Jewish stranglehold over the media:

“Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies …. These agencies will then be entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities to such an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the coloured glasses of those spectacles we are putting astride their nose.” (Protocol 12)

Kevin MacDonald concludes his essay on China with a veiled warning to the Chinese not to pay too much attention to Jewish doubletalk, as represented by the honeyed phrases dripping from the pen of the lovely Ms Sebag-Montefiore.

“Honest discussions of Jewish power and influence—whether it’s the Israel Lobby, Hollywood and the media, Wall Street, or immigration and multiculturalism—are to be made off limits, not only in the U.S., where there is an elaborate, lavishly funded infrastructure to ensure it, but also in China where Jewish money is already having a major effect on the boundaries of legitimate discussion.

China as a rising power would do well to view Jews through the lens of realism and empirically based discussion. As elsewhere, however, there are already forces that are pushing in the opposite direction.”


We have so far devoted this essay to the prospect of a Jewish takeover of China. The entire idea, admittedly, seems ridiculous on the surface. Ms Sebag-Montefiore would turn up her nose and dismiss it all as a “wild-eyed conspiracy theory.” She has been at great pains, as we have pointed out, to persuade the Chinese that if Jews should ever come to China in ever-increasing quantities in the foreseeable future they will be doing so as friendly and altruistic do-gooders.

Never mind that every single country to which the Jews came in the past was beset with innumerable problems soon after their arrival.. Never mind that they have been expelled from 109 locations from the year AD 250. Never mind that they have been perceived and stigmatized throughout history as unmitigated pests. Never mind that over 60 millions Russian Christians were put to death by them in the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin in the gulags and cheka dungeons. Never mind that they have now taken over America. This time it will be different. Totally different.

But wait—hold on!—perhaps we need not worry too much about the Chinese being taken over. It seems they are already aware of the Jewish bid for world domination. Far from being unduly concerned about being taken over, some of them have already begun to talk about modeling Chinese behavior on Jewish strategies for attaining wealth and power.

They want to study the Talmud, incredibly, to see if the wise rabbis of ancient times have any hot tips on how to make them as stinking rich as the Jews! And while they are about it, why not make a close study of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to see what ingenious ideas these clever Jews have to offer on World Domination? 🙂

It sounds almost like a Swiftian satire. Enough to give the genteel Ms Sebag-Montefiore a fainting fit. Heck, if the Jews can take over America, why can’t we Chinese have a bash at it too!

Here is Professor Xu Xin addressing an American audience. Listen to him carefully. Is he serious or is he pulling our legs?

“I think it is obvious that Jews control the Western world. They run your media, universities, and much of your government. They tell you who to wage war on, who to fight, who to support and how to spend your money. This is what we Chinese want to understand when we study Jewish dominance and hegemony of the West.

There are literally so many instances of how you have fallen for Jewish tricks. Hitler was the last person to openly contest Jewish rule  and look how he is viewed. He is hated because of what Jews taught you with their films and books.

We Chinese are amused at how gullible white men are. We want to find the same way to shape your thoughts. This is why we study them, the Jews.”

— See “Chinese Academic Says China Using Jewish Model to Take Over United States & West.”

Fun times ahead. What with the Jews chatting up China, like the Big Bad Wolf playing nice with Goldilocks … and with the Chinese half-jokingly planning to study the Talmud and the Protocols with a view to taking over America from the Jews.

 PART  2: Opium, Sex and Death


It is a sad and sobering fact that the Jews are already deeply entrenched in China and have been been so for centuries. As an erudite China watcher on my site was quick to point out recently, the sinofication of Jewish names was already underway during the time of the Ming Emperors several centuries ago:

“During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (艾), Shi (石), Gao (高), Jin (金), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙); sinofications of the original seven Jewish clans’ family names: Ezra, Shimon, Cohen, Gilbert, Levy, Joshua, and Jonathan, respectively. Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone. (See here)

Jews had in fact arrived in India via the Silk Road almost 1000 years ago, well before Marco Polo made his way to the Court of the Grand Cam (Khan) in distant Cathay (China) in the late 13th century. Waves of Jews were to follow them in subsequent centuries until China finally acquired its own thoroughly assimilated Jews, the Kaifeng Jews, indistinguishable from the Chinese. Iraqi Jews, Jews taking flight from Russia, Jews fleeing the Nazis in their tens of thousands, all these came flooding into great melting pot of Shanghai.

There were even high-profile Jews in the Chinese Communist Party, including the American Jew Sidney Rittenberg and the journalist Israel Epstein. (See here)

The shameful opium trade in China, into which the easily corrupted Brits were drawn by Rothschild money, was in fact the brainchild of a British sephardic Jew, Elias David Sassoon. He was joined in this ignoble enterprise by another British Jew, Silas Aaron Hardoon, his partner in the firm E.D. Sassoon & Co.

The origin of the conflict between China and the Rothschild-backed East India Company—i.e., the Jew-ridden nucleus of the British Empire—can  be found in this bland statement about the First Opium War:

“In the 17th and 18th centuries, the demand for Chinese goods (particularly silk, porcelain, and tea) in the European market created a trade imbalance because the market for Western goods in China was virtually non-existent; China was largely self-sufficient and Europeans were not allowed access to China’s interior….

The British East India Company had a matching monopoly of British trade. [It]  began to auction opium grown on its plantations in India to independent foreign traders in exchange for silver.

The opium was then transported to the China coast and sold to Chinese middlemen who retailed the drug inside China. This reverse flow of silver and the increasing numbers of opium addicts alarmed Chinese officials.”

To deconstruct and simplify:

Europe wanted tea, silk and porcelain from China, but China was self-sufficient and needed nothing in exchange from Europe. The result was a trade deficit in which Britain (via its East India Company) owed China an enormous and increasing amount of silver.

How did Britain try to solve this tricky problem? It left it to the Jews who formed the nucleus of the East India Company to come up with a neat solution.

The East India Company began to grow opium on its Indian plantations. It then transported  the processed opium to Bombay and Calcutta where the crop was sold by auction to “independent foreign traders.” This innocuous phrase—“independent foreign traders”—needs translation. It is of course a euphemism for Jewish merchants.

There were not only swarms of British and European Jews in India at this time, concentrated mostly in the port cities of Bombay and Calcutta, but an entire community of Indian Jews: namely, the Cochin or Malabar Jews (see this picture) who had made their home at the southernmost tip of India from earliest antiquity.

The Jewish merchants who had bought the opium in India then shipped it to China on their opium clippers where it was exchanged for silver from “Chinese middlemen”—most of whom were Kaifeng (Chinese) Jews—another fact that has been carefully concealed by our politically correct court historians. These Chinese Jews thereupon proceeded to distribute the opium all over China, causing an epidemic of opium addiction among Chinese of all classes, ranging from the elite landowners and mandarins to the lowest coolies and rickshaw pullers.


As for the silver received from the sale of the opium, this not only helped to narrow the British trade deficit with China but enriched the East India Company’s vast army of officials, many of them Jews.

This, then, is how the British Empire became so powerful: by winning two Opium Wars with the help of Rothschild money. (The First Opium War: 1839-1842; the Second Opium War: 1856-1860). The Brits grew rich on Chinese tea, Chinese silk, Chinese porcelain, and acquired Hong Kong on a 99-year lease. And on this they built their Empire, with the help of the mercantile Jews.

What did China get in exchange? — Millions of opium addicts. By 1905, it has been calculated, 27 percent of Chinese males had become addicted to opium, with “13.5 million people consuming 39,000 tons of opium yearly.”  

When we look back at the British Empire, and the part played by Jews in bringing it to the pinnacles of wealth and power, we  cannot but help reflecting on Balzac’s famous epigram: “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”


This iconic image of an opium warehouse is a lithograph produced by Bengal Commissioner Lt. Col. Walter S. Sherwill. The production and distribution center was located in Patna, India. Here 13 million pounds of opium juice were processed in giant vats and compacted into sticky, melon-sized balls (see picture above), the workmen being expected to roll 100 balls a day. These were then placed in chests and sent to Bombay and Calcutta, from where they were shipped out to Canton in China. (For more details, see here)

Here is a map showing the route from the opium warehouses in Bombay and Calcutta to Canton in China. And here is a chart showing the huge growth of British opium exports to China between 1729 and 1832. Thereafter, trade was to improve spectacularly as the number of Chinese addicts soared to over 10 million.

Did the British care? Apparently not. Growing rich on the sufferings of others, as all predator nations know, is the iron rule of life. It’s known as the Survival of the Fittest. The Jews were indisputably the driving force behind this evil trade, as today they are behind the evil pandemic of porn addiction. Then it was opium, now it is pornography. New addictions for new ages.

Curiously enough, opium dens often doubled as brothels.

Among other things—painkiller, anaesthetic, stupefacient, hypnosis inducer, euphoria giver—opium was also a powerful aphrodisiac and had been associated with sexual performance since the 16th century. According to Chinese physician  Li Slizhen, writing in  his Compendium of Materia Medica (1578), opium had the ability to confer extra stamina and staying power during intercourse, since it had the ability to “arrest seminal emission.”

Gorgeous young Russian girls and slant-eyed Asiatic Jewesses were available for sex in the opium dens of Shanghai. These sordid dens of vice where emaciated men poured their semen into the voracious vaginas of opium-addicted girls—for whom sex was a way of paying for their next opium fix—spread to the great Western cities: to Paris, London, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco. By the late 19th century, there were 200,000 opium addicts in the United States, three-quarters of them women.

Here (see the Punch cartoon below) is how the jingoistic Brits, under their Jewish mentors, treated the Chinese in the heyday of the British Empire. The Chinese would do well to remember these past humiliations and do their utmost to keep the old colonialists raptors out of their country.



We have now learned a valuable history lesson. The Chinese intelligentsia today are doubtless acquainted with these basic facts. They too must know who their historical enemies are.

If they have any doubts, let them open their history books and a litany of Jewish names will spring from those musty pages, the names of all the Jews who helped to plunder their ancestors via the British Empire: Elias David Sassoon and Silas Aaron Hardoon, partners in E.D. Sassoon & Co, as already mentioned above, in addition to Edward Ezra, Morris Cohen—described by the South African Sunday Express in 1945 as “the guiding genius behind the War Lords of China”—Jacob Borodin (aka Grusenberg), Trebitsch Lincoln (British MP), BK Galen (aka Chesin), Skidelski, Gekker, Koslowsky, Snamensky, MD Lashewitz, WN Levitscher, A Joffe, R. Haas, JB Rajchman, Ben Kizer.

All these names will be found in an essay written by Arnold Leese, a notorious anti-Semite, so maybe he shouldn’t  be taken too seriously when he concludes his exposé, The Jewish Rotting of China,  with these shocking words:

“Every key position in the process
of the Bolshevik destruction of China has been Jewish.” 


The prospects for the world do not look good. We are not talking here any longer about the “takeover” of China by the Jews. As Franklin Ryckaert, with his astute observation on aggressive mimicry might say: “The parasites have already taken control of the host’s body.”

When the time is right, I predict, the Jews will jump ship en masse and make China their next cash cow and kleptocracy—but not before they have destroyed America, leaving behind a Third World country in ruins.

Here, in this multicultural hell pit of existential despair, the remnants of the white race will have to put up with rape and murder on an unprecedented scale, like the Russians and Germans in the first half of the 20th century at the hands of the same Bolshevik Jews.

The sun is setting on the American Empire and night is about to fall, like the blade of an axe on the neck of the bleating lamb.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Another monumentally important article from Dr. Lasha Darkmoon. And she is correct, Mao was put in power by the World Zios as a secret Bolshevik agent, a crazed satanic monster like Stalin, put in power to test out totalitarian principals and a means to eradicate Christianity, Buddhism and any other religious heritage that would interfere with their complete control via their secret satanic network.

    And yes the Opium Wars was a creation of the Rothschilds to rebalance the trade deficit between England and China. Ever since, Dope has been used as a weapon of covert war by the WZs and a way to raise money for black ops off the books. Highest commendations for this fine work and groundbreaking investigative journalism.

    (Veterans Today writer)

    1. Hear, hear.

      I heartily agree with you Doctor James. It amazes me that people have not recognized these facts en masse because the Jewish hand is so clearly evident around the world, including in China. Anyone with a little knowledge of earlier times should immediately see that Jewish people owned the Dutch East and West India Companies and Jews owned the British equivalents, the eastern branch being the infamous East India Company.

      The spectacular wealth of Jewish people has been entirely obtained through deceit which was first sanctioned in the Book of Genesis, where Abram duped Pharaoh into believing that Sarai was a single woman and, she being gorgeous, attracted Pharaoh into marrying her. Unfortunately for Pharaoh, when he found out that Sarai was a married woman; the wife of Abram, he had to wash that stain off by having to give up a huge amount of wealth to that lying couple, making Abram a very rich Judaic hence forth. He taught his son very well, who taught his son, as well, that lying and cheating is how one gets ahead in life. This lesson is a quintessential part of the Jewish Torah; which sanctions other evil behaviors as well; making it very clear that the law for the Jew is different than it is for everyone else; the Goyim, AKA, the Gentiles.

      The five Books of Moses; ie: The Torah, sanctions precisely what the Talmud and the Protocols spell out in more sanguine detail; that the law for the Jew is: ‘he must lie, steal, cheat, and even kill Goyim.’ Well, as we can see, they have done a very good job of it over the centuries.

      Conservative estimates of the murders in the USSR are between 65 and 135 million Christians were exterminated. In China the figure is between 40 and 60 million. In Armenia and the Ukraine the numbers are also staggering.

      Jews are a horrific virus on the planet; they are in fact an alien race of completely amoral parasites; energy vampires, who have to be addressed as such and dealt with as any other infestation of vermin which is destroying our common wealth.

      Until the infernal, eternal Jewish Question is answered, we will not see relief from our global misery.

      1. Thank you Noor for the link.
        It is a very interesting video – Justice for Chinese by Joe Canuck.
        The only problem: the Chinese holocaust was real; the Jewish Holocaust was a hoax.
        We need,
        Justice for Palestinians.
        Justice for Germans.
        Justice for Russians.
        Justice for Muslims.
        Justice for Gentiles worldwide !

    2. There is no conflict of the world’s great Religions at the SPIRITUAL level–from which they are meant to be taken to expand and enhance knowledge and wisdom (as unity in diversity). Therefore NO RELIGION is here to eradicate the other — that is the agenda of the satanists, Bolshevics, Communists, World Zios (and that dastardly state called “Israel”) — to play one against the other. That is their MO. LEARN THAT, KNOW THAT.

      THROWING OFF the world Zios FOREVER AND FOR GOOD is simply a coming together THROUGH THE WORLD RELIGIONS at our spiritual level through a whole new gig:

    3. The Jews have certainly strived to usurp Buddhism.
      Gosh, I wonder why.

      “Atheists or materialists cannot by their nature understand or surrender to God directly, but they can sometimes appreciate godly qualities like humility, pridelessness, nonviolence, tolerance, and simplicity, important qualities for religious persons. Lord Buddha, concealing His identity as God, focuses on these godly qualities, or principles of upadharma, to bring people gradually closer to qualifying for direct knowledge of the Supreme Person.

      The Strategy of Atheism

      1. Careful, hp.

        Of what you “surrender” to. I prefer to see MY deities as brothers-in-arms*

        * the ones that hold and the ones that scold 😉

        1. AHA!

          IMHO, Buddha is a judah wolf in sheep’s clothing who infiltrated the sacred realms of the Vishnu avatar.

          hmmmm…..Lord Buddha hisself a r-r-r-r-rascal?! Now what could possibly drive that crazy Brownhawk to such a dastardly conclusion?

          His red injun poetry tells the tale

          1. “To begin with, it was several hundred years before the time of Lord Buddha that his birth was predicted in the Srimad-Bhagavatam: “In the beginning of the age of Kali, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear in the province of Gaya as Lord Buddha, the son of Anjana, to bewilder those who are always envious of the devotees of the Lord.” (Bhag.1.3.24)

            SB 1.3.24

            1. The Puranas were composed long after the time of the Buddha. The time of the Bhagavat Purana is estimated between 500-1000 AD.

              “Dated between 500 BC – 1000 CE.[22] Scholarly consensus holds that the text (of the Bhagavat Purana) was completed no later than 1030 CE, when it is mentioned by al Biruni[23] and quoted by Abhinavagupta; and since it contains more details of Krishna’s biography that the 3rd- 4th-century Harivamsha and Vishnu Purana, it limits its date to 500–1000 CE.[23][24] Within this range, scholars such as R. C. Hazra date it to the first-half of the 6th century, while most others place it in the post-Alvar period around the 9th century.” Wikipedia, Bhagavat Purana.

              You are quoting a typical ex post facto prediction.

              1. Yes FranklIn, COMPOSED.
                It was extant via sravanam (hearing) 5,000 years ago, the end of Dwapara yuga, beginning of Kali yuga. It emanated from the lips of Sukadeva Gosvami.

                “This Bhagavata Purana is as brilliant as the sun, and has arisen just after the departure of Lord Krishna to His own abode. Persons who have lost their vision due to the dense darkness of this age of Kali can get light from this Purana.”

                Sukadeva Gosvami

                    1. @ Brownhawk

                      With my “Myths to prove myths. No so good idea.” I was answering HP, December15, 2014 at 11:20 pm.

                    2. Sorry Franklin

                      My comprehension problem doncha know. Something like when lobro says he has a dyslexia one

                      ‘Same difference’ I guess

          2. Despite however I may have misstated this, it doesn’t necessarily detract from my postulation that the Buddha was a deceiver of a certain caliber.

            Nothing proves I am wrong……OR that I am right….of THAT I am right. Are we going to demonstrate logic here or what?

            How about something like this:

            Beware Buddha
            Him smile while stab you…
            in back
            With knife name…

      2. jews don’t strive to usurp Buddhism. On the contrary, in their own way, they PROMOTE IT!

        They want you to think in terms of it being OK to give up EVERYTHING! And I’m not referring here in terms of being “materialistic” or in a general skein of “materialism”.

        Dialectics, baby. It’s all in the dialectics.

        1. “Buddhism”, IMO, is one of the more onerous and dangerous of DIALECTICS. To me it falls right in line with Huxley’s cogent assertion that the whole ballgame is about, in effect, the ideal method of conquering you is by making you love your servitude.

          Possessions? You don’t need no stinkin’ possessions. Between the nanny named “state” and her big brother WE’LL take care of y’all.

          An adherence to the ‘teachings’ of da blasphemously labeled “Lord” Buddha is like going from heroin to methadone thinking your curing an addiction when all you’re doing is replacing it with another one

    4. People do not use religion to eradicate another religion.
      Unbelievers use materialistic philosophy, secularism, atheism etc to remove religion from the hearts of the masses because it is religion especially islam which is at the forefront of fighting any oppression, prejudice, blind materialism, racism and all sorts of injustices.

      1. “People do not use religion to eradicate another religion.”

        If that is the case… it just came about in the last few minutes today.

        People do not go to WAR… governments and religions do..!!

      2. “People do not use religion to eradicate another religion”

        Tell that to the Buddhists, Hindus and Zoroastrians of Afghanistan, Iran, etc.
        Oh, riiiight. There aren’t any.

    5. [Sourced from VT]

      Lasha Darkmoon writes the most amazing articles relating to Jews. These articles from Lasha Darkmoon, Occidental Observer and other sources on the internet are the most educational sources available. You could spend 8 years in university, getting a PHD in Judaism and you would not learn what is written here.

      Reading can make you stupid, so can television documentaries. The History Channel (aka “The Hitler Channel”) is another example of learning distortions and lies. It educates you in everything people are told that is wrong about a particular subject.

      Before reading this I had no idea Jews ever had anything to do with China. I guess wherever money is involved, Jews will be involved.

      Thank you VT for publishing this.

    6. For a recent example of Jewish diddling in China, google Sidney Rittenberg. Born to a wealthy Jewish South Carolina family, at the outbreak of WW2 rather than being sent to the front to fight and die like other American boys he was sent directly to China, a mission he was prepared for, having studied Chinese at Stanford and spent years as a civil rights activist. Arriving in China he did his subversive work well, becoming a leader in the Cultural Revolution and landing the plum job as head of the Chinese Broadcast Administration, the first non-Chinese to hold this position. Lo and behold, today at 92 years old, he has forsaken communism to run a consulting firm for U.S. companies looking to expand into China. A prime example of Jewish duplicity and maneuverings. Yes, Dorothy, there is a Jewish Conspiracy.

      1. And the traitorous, blood-sucking vampires never seem to die….Rittenberg, Soros, Kissinger, Prince Phillip, Bush Sr, David Rockefeller. . . .

  2. No nation has ever been immune to greed, and that’s why all of them have fallen before the poison lure of the Jewish money machine. No philosophical or religious system has ever been strong enough to successfully resist the temptations of the forbidden fruits peddled by the Jews, and they never will be until that happy day when money is transformed into something more meaningful than simple currency. It is, however, doubtful that this will ever happen, given the political advantage the savvy wielders of private wealth hold over those who would seek a just society. There have always been and will always be poor people willing to do anything for money and their malleable motives will forever prevent universal justice from taking hold in any meaningful and widespread way, thus making money the curse of a failed species that could not transcend its own fearful compulsions.

    1. Well, if there is no hope, then we all can go home and forget about ever solving this problem. Is that the idea you are trying to promote, John, along with SPQR, Pat, and many other unattractive individuals around here?

      Is it good for the Jews to instill in gentiles a sense of utter hopelessness? You bet. Think, John, before you speak.

      1. FYI: To realize and examine the trap reverses hopelessness. It allows a plan of escape, or maybe even to avoid being trapped in the first place. (hint: do not borrow or lend)

      2. “Ne’er a borrower nor a lender be”

        Didn’t Franklin say that?……allegedly?

        Is there anything the guy DIDN’T say? Talk about yer enigmas. He probably DID say it. The key being, under what circumstance was it SAID.

        Crafty old wordsmithy

      3. What is your plan of escape, commander? Would you, at least, admit that you are already in the trap up to your cojones … if that attribute is still part of your body that is, not just as decoration but actually sending some discernible signals.

      4. I gave you the answer already…

        I never trust a ‘self-proclaimed inventor’ who cannot read at the 4th grade level.

      5. America is a rich country – a land of plenty and immense variety. Everyone can find here something to fit his taste.

        You can find on this land, once belonged to brave, unfit for domestication and slavery brownhawks and bulleyes (that’s why they had to be disposed of in the first place as opposed to Negros, to be preserved as assets), yet unselfishBig Bad Johns, as well as self-serving little good johns and pats.

      6. Circassian, you hit the nail on the head re your comment on Dec. 12 at 11:36 a.m. I am wondering the true intention of the people who instill the hopeless in us?

      7. Circassian, my man, you have hit upon my point, with your line: “Well, if there is no hope, then we all can go home and forget about ever solving this problem. Is that the idea you are trying to promote, John, along with SPQR, Pat, and many other unattractive individuals around here?” ….THEN WE CAN ALL GO HOME!!!!! …. Apple pies and cream await on the homefront. The good wife awaits you!
        Yeah, this “unattractive” scum are all no-hopin’ religio-pseudo-Christian, End Timers! Their words mean nuthin’ because they are superficial, blinkered, ego-driven, Jewish patsies and parasites!
        I exclude John K from this on the basis of the totality of his writings!
        Preston James PhD is John Kaminski on stereoids and provides ALL the answers for the beginnings of a fighting Resistance! (Something End Timers don’t want to know about, such is their blind faith in YHWH!)
        The TRUTH by LD or whoever = “Here, in this multicultural hell pit of existential despair, the remnants of the white race will have to put up with rape and murder on an unprecedented scale, like the Russians and Germans in the first half of the 20th century at the hands of the same Bolshevik Jews. The sun is setting on the American Empire and night is about to fall.”
        So predicted A Solzhenitsyn in 1975! The Yankees laughed at him! Your CMMM called him an “aged anti-Semite”! (SEE! THEIR word ANTI-SEMITE!!!!)
        Yeah, my point exactly! And ya have the likes of the pitiful Gilbys and Patsys sittin’ around for some existential Judgement Day, gettin’ pissed on their moonshine! Stupid old, senile men whose sun has set!
        *** So someone reckons the RED SHIELD JEWS will flatten the USA and then take up residence with a new host in China?
        *** Then they will work their macabre evil and dog-anus-licking on the 2.6 million Mongoloid-looking, saucer-faced Chinese? NO, the Chinese EAT dogs! Had one myself in Hong Kong. Taste like roo! Went out with local chicks, but grew tired of ’em.
        NO YOU ARE WRONG! Jews are pseudo whiteys! They like whiteys better, just like they like blonde, blue-eyed sheilas in their pornos. No one will watch Chinese chicks being penetrated and abused. Blokes don’t like watching the FEW nigrah chicks in porn because of their black-looking labia. Can you imagine Gerry Seinfeld gettin’ it on in his new host country China? No way! The ostensibly, whitey-lookin, big-nosed, wide mouthed, stooping JEWS would stand out like sore thumbs! The Chinese abacus mandarins would swallow up the likes of Janet Yellen and wee Timmy Geithner. The Yellow Jews will NOT become Red Shield, “SEMITE” Jews! NEVER!
        NO, the JEWS want to live in the USA and the beautiful OZ, but they want to live in their Fortress type New York luxury accomodation with us Gentiles as slaves and beasts of burden. China will be merely another colony under the auspices of the banner of the RED SHIELD!
        Besides the omnipotent POWER of the great RED shield just lervs the Thames and the London environment. So do I! The Red SHIELD will NEVER move to China. But I might move to Kensington next year. Oz is stuffed.
        NO, the RED SHIELD will stay in London and mix with the high society of the European aristocracy, which it is an integral part of … Jews are all through the royal family and great families of Europe. I have Jewish cousins, but my actual lineage is still clear of those barbarian, uncouth, Jewish Khazars!
        Come to think of it, I am a bona-fida part of that aristocracy, and live the life of a dilettante , as in David’s “Rake’s Progress.” I have modelled my life on Fielding’s Tom Jones and lerv knockin off nubile maidens. So many of them in our streets. I was taught NOT to worry about the consequences of my amorous titillations.
        So. I could adjust to living the Red Shield high life, which, when I consider the extremely inadequate state of the Resistance, hindered, as it is, with the loathsome Gilbys and Patsys, seems a highly accomodating and admirable proposition. Besides, in this environment I will meet and win the favours of such aristocracy as the divine Ms Ellie K. Maybe even the beautiful, mysterious Lasha. There is always the Cunt of Montecristo to contend with! But I am well versed in the fine arts of duelling, or, if that does not work, can get nuclear charged pills which do nuthin’ for the digestive system!

      8. Good to hear from you, Maxy! 🙂

        Who needs Jews n’ nigras to scrap with when a man has the likes of YOU??!! 🙂
        I have to say – it’d be a lot more fun hunting YOU than chasing bears or coons or foxes or coyotes thru the woods and over hills! That’d be real SPORT! 🙂 Crack the whip and hear Max holler!! (We Southern boys enjoy that shit, you know. Goes well with our moonshine.) Might even treat you to a colored gal, if you act right…

      9. Gil –

        You will easily recognize Maximum Baloney in the woods. He is 4ft-6in tall and bald. Resembles Elmer Fudd with a ‘down unda’ accent…hollering and screaming at the ‘wabbits’ which easily outsmart him in the woods.

        Should be fun…but not a challenge.

      1. This article is about China. That’s what we are here to talk about. Don’t try and create a distraction by dragging in Russia and Ukraine. Why can’t you stay on-topic for once?

        If you know nothing about China, why not just keep quiet? Next you will be talking about quantum physics again.

        This is a discourtesy to the writer of the article.

      2. Circassian has no manners. He doesn’t know the basic rules. This site has nothing against off-topic comments and even welcomes them, but it is a grave discourtesy to introduce an off-topic comment right at the beginning of a new thread.

        If Circassian understood the basic rules of courtesy, he would post his off-topic comments (a) on another back thread or (b) at the tail end of the thread after the topic had run its course. But he doesn’t understand politeness. A true Russian bear, uncouth and unmannerly.

        He has just referred to SPQR and Pat as “unattractive individuals.” He certainly knows how to wind people up. An absolute boor.

      3. About China? Well, I am sorry, doctor. For some reason I thought that this website is focused on one problem, and one problem only: the Jewish menace to the entire world – be it America, Russia, Germany, or China.

        Evidently, you do not see any connection between that menace and what is happening in Ukraine today. Get a clue, brother.

      4. @ Circassian

        “Evidently, you do not see any connection between that menace [the Chinese situation] and what is happening in Ukraine today. Get a clue, brother.”

        Apologies to Circassian. I spoke too soon! Here is a comment on Darkmoon’s article which I just found on VT. It is by someone called “Christina”. It draws a parallel between China and Ukraine that is extremely apt:

        CHRISTINA ON VT:“Just like when Jews took over Russia in 1917 a lot of Jews moved in from all over to take part in the new nation run by Jews, the Jews are now looking to move to Ukraine with its new Jewish leaders. More about the story here:

    2. “…will forever prevent universal justice from taking hold in any meaningful and widespread way.”

      Atta boy, JK, how to throw cold water on a fire that albeit, can’t be quantified, but still, “FOREVER”?

      Brownhawk a little slow sometimes on the up-take. But this is what lasha, etc. means in characterizing you as a “virulent anti-christian”

      But in all fairness, maybe the “virulent” part is waning…. Hell, for that matter, maybe the whole dang anti-christian part, too, with your saying: “…until that happy day when money is transformed into something more meaningful than simple currency.”


      Here’s a little story:


      “For a people with no written alphabet, wampum carried an almost mystical weight of meaning. Bits of polished shell or glass roped together into strands, belts, or other shapes, wampum (the term comes from an Algonquian phrase meaning “string of white beads”) served as ornament, archive, trade item, and medium of communication. No diplomacy could take place without it. Runners relayed messages using wampum: red beads meant war; white, peace.

      Iroquois orators opened councils by offering wampum strings to quiet anger, wipe away tears, and open hearts of listeners. Each speaker in turn punctuated his remarks by handing wampum belts across the council fire; if a listener threw a belt aside, it meant that he doubted the speaker’s words – or rejected his proposal. When the talks were over, the wampum became a part of the tribal record and a guarantee of promises made (my aside: ‘trueheart promissory notes’).

      European colonists learned the etiquette of wampum diplomacy and some other uses of wampum as well: paying a debt, for instance, giving a gift, offering tribute, or atoning for one’s misdeeds. A gift of wampum might accompany a proposal of marriage. In the cash-poor colonies, it became a widely accepted form of hard currency. But for the people who CREATED it, (my capitalization) wampum was always something more – an object imbued with honor, tradition, and spiritual resonance.”

      1. Yeah – the Dutch shell game.

        And the whole time the Manhattan Indians thought EVERYONE understood the spirit of wampum

    3. There never has been a war on drugs.
      There always has been a drug war on the competition.

      The one modern anomaly, not so ironically, was Taliban brutes who did indeed wage and win a rapidly successful, if flash in the pan victory over the poppy production.

      1. “The spice must flow”
        Whether opium, petroleum, or precious rare earth elements.
        And flow it will.

  3. (Re-posted from VT)

    “One of the interesting ideas we have been looking at is the logistics of moving the entire Jewish population of the United States to China. It is pretty clear that our time in the United States is almost up. International Jewry has designated China as our next homeland. With Jewish help it can eclipse the U.S. as a world power and in fact subjugate it.”

  4. This article is beneath contempt. Since when has Darkmoon become an expert on China? I doubt if either the Jews or Chinese are going to like this article. I’m afraid that Darkmoon’s appeal is to a very narrow audience. Only extreme anti-Semites will find their prejudices confirmed here.

    Jewish world domination? Gimme a break! Where have we heard this before? Hardly an original idea, Ms Darkmoon! You’ve pinched all this from the Protocols, haven’t you? Yes, I see you’re filched a quotation from Protocols 12.

    The entire world knows that the Protocols is a vicious anti-Semitic forgery! Based on plagiarism. Everyone knows this except conspiracy theorists like Darkmoon and her silly supporters!

    I would like to see more articles on this site by responsible Jewish writers. What we need here is more balance.

      1. My congratulations to Darkmoon. Her keen insight into the workings of the Jewish Cabal is only the tip of the iceberg coming at us from the Moon and other alien outposts. How far down the rabbit hole shall we go? They are masters of mind control. They manipulate us in life and between lives. They are waging a war on human consciousness.

    1. Excellent article, thank you Lasha Darkmoon.

      I often hear that America is being taken over by the Jews. People, why don´t we stop to be so polite? Isn´t it time we stop beating around the bush and tell it the way it is. America has been taken over 100 years ago. There is no more America, Jewmerica yes. America is dead. People who can´t even stop being permanently poisoned from their own sky do not control their country. Your country is controlled by somebody else.

      Let´s call those in control the cabal. They control it ALL. Their plan went like clockwork. In the name of America they borrowed, and still borrow, Trillions of Dollars, from many countries. But one day (and that is just about now), the lenders want their money back, from America (the FED), plus interest. But the FED hasn´t got any money, despite hectic printing, and besides, even if it had, it wouldn´t give it back. So, like a common thief, the cabal will pack up and simply piss off, run, disappear, and leave the debt to be paid by the American people (government).

      The rest of the world, who will have lost all their money, will scream thief and police. Of course the cabal know that and therefore will make sure that nobody follows them, by either starting the 3rd World War or, by igniting the Yellow Stone gas fields blowing the Mid West sky high or, flooding the East Coast with a 100 feet tsunami, each disaster guaranteeing a 50 Million death feast and clean up period of at least 20 years.

      1. (Atlantis comes to mind). In the meantime, the cabal have nicely settled in China. The cities for them have already been build and can be seen on google. The Chinese won´t know what hit them. They are no match at all for the Jews.

        While they peacefully slept for the last 5000 years within their borders, the Jews have busily roamed the planet all this time sucking one country dry after another.

        While the Chinese universities teach their elite how to make cute 5 and 10 year business plans, the Jews leisurely plan 20, 50 and 100 years ahead, thus guaranteeing to stay undetected.

        Hiding behind Chinese names, all they will eventually need to control is the education and the media. The rest for them is a home run. Kissinger ( Huan Kis Hun) will be declared dead, so will be Bibi ( Hon Bi Nah) and Nudelman (Ma´ Flite Lice).

        Of course, history could take a less devastating turn. All that needs to be done is arrests, and get the money back from the criminals to the rightful people, and no innocent people need to die. But to do that, one would need an american America.

      2. [From VT]

        They’ll turn the Chinese inside-out and upside down. While China is busy trying to figure out how the star of David got in the middle of their flag, the Jews will be building a Holocaust museum across from the capital….with their own money.

    2. @ Seymour Zak

      I would like to see more articles on this site by responsible Jewish writers. What we need here is more balance.

      Well, Zakky, that’s what YOU are here for: to give this site “balance”. You and your Jewish friend Circassian are giving this site all the balance it needs! 🙂

      1. Balthaza –

        HA!! Aimed at the self-proven LIARS who said they would NEVER comment here again… this IS a very timely comment… 🙂

    3. Ya want “balance”, do ya Zak?

      Well here’s a balance you won’t see – Chen’s money may as well put him amongst those homeless people he had a slap-happy lunch with in Central Park (I woulda lost mine, btw). Think he’s rich? A mere multi-billionaire?

      Mere PEANUTS to the REAL owners of those splendid jew-rags, the NY Slimes and the Wall St. Urinal.

    4. @ Seymour Zak,

      The Protocols are indeed a forgery, but they were written by someone who was fully “Jew-wise”, someone who fully understood how the Jews think and act and therefore his fiction had predictive value. Call the Protocols “true fiction” if you will.

    5. Zak –

      You said:
      “The entire world knows that the Protocols is a vicious anti-Semitic forgery! Based on plagiarism.”

      Since you claim ‘plagiarism’ that means an original exists.

      Tell the world the name of the original, before you leave and never return for last 20th+ time.

      1. You, Pat and Zak, are both Nazi Zionists. Protocols have been writen by Nazi Zionist Founder Theodor Herzl. And he wrote that to be published as a book but as a speech he read to the first Nazi Zionist Con gres in Vienna in 1897. As usually you, nazi zionist, do not assume your crimes and racist projects you put in practice. The same way you refuse the authorship of Procols to be a Zionist. But if zionist are not the authors how is it possible re-editions made tens of years later to be improved and actualized introducing new paragraphs in favour of nazi zionists? Tell me you racist pigs! But if we remotely admite that the Protocols haven’t been writen be the zionists we have to to submit to the truth that the zionists adopted the project the book contains because zionists have been using it to enslave the other persons.

    6. Yawns widely.

      Temporomandibular joint almost pops.

      Massages gently.

      Burps. Too much cocoa.

      Did someone say something above or did I just imagine it? (Please!)

      Dang these folks get boring after awhile.

    7. Hopefully not as totally unbalanced and invincibly ignorant/diverting as you particularly about who really run the world show. Thanks again for another tonic laugh amid mid winter grey/blue.

      1. Oh ZAK,, a happy and peaceful and blessed Christmas and no MAGIcal gifts or seven menorahs please.

    8. A happy and peaceful Christmas Zak and that you may be risen with healing and may the Zcales of unbalance be no longer putridly pour from orifices.

    9. You speak of balance, then why not start the ball rolling by refuting the parts of the article that you find “beneath contempt”. It would be a welcome read on my behalf.

  5. Comment from VT:

    FRANKLIN RYCKAERT: “but we must also keep in mind that they already have been once victims of the destructive ideology of Communism, which is Jewish after all.”

    haha, that’s what I was thinking…China has already been duped and didn’t even realize it. That’s how good these shysters are.

  6. Re-posted from VT:

    i already heard the cabal’s presence in sino-land like 20 years before, that they have been dwelling there since thousands of years. it is no news.


    it is a very good article dear lasha, i am fond of your work.

    many people never heard from these things, and i believe that your post is quite summarizing some events on a historical scale, as some say, connecting the dots.

    congratulations! keep up the work!

  7. darkmoon,

    I value this great opportunity to introduce myself as a professional English-into-Chinese translator to you in hope that we could work together in the following years. With over 10 years’ experience working as an in-house freelance translator, I have been dedicated to translation in Law, Business, Patent, Education, Engineering, Medicine with great zest.

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    My proz ID is 716897.

    Thank you for your time to read this and look forward to working with you in the near future.

    Best wishes!


    1. But that’s exactly what the article says!

      “Jews had in fact arrived in India via the Silk Road almost 1000 years ago, well before Marco Polo made his way to the Court of the Grand Cam (Khan) in distant Cathay (China) in the late 13th century.

  8. Lasha,

    Just read your article. Congrats. Here is the thing. The Chinese gave Mao marching orders and the Chinese are beginning to awaken to who recently gave the Americans marching orders to surround China with American bases. As the Chinese view these events and realizing that it was the Jews inside and out of their nation that transferred the entire American industry to them, don’t think for a moment that they aren’t nervous having put the pieces of the puzzle together concerning who it’s always been that’s played both sides against the middle from the Opium wars to Russia’s takeover, to Japan and Germany’s rise and fall. As they watch America, the UK, Colonies and Europe on the precipise of collapse, they wonder if they are the next victim. There should be no question to this.

    The Jews in the Bush administration warned the Chinese that they should never forget that they are number 2. They told them to be content with that position and not to try and assume a higher position because number 2 is the best they could ever hope for. This was coded in the open letter as if the Jews were speaking of America being number one.

    International Jewry fears that entrenched Jews in China will be ousted. Not because they fear the Chinese see them as their next host but because they fear the Jews will sacrifice them like all of the others before and this time so the they can finish constructing their JWO out of Israel and rule everyone based on their race.

    The Jews realize that if China breaks free of their grip that they might make a bid to take over the JWO before they can finish it, and frankly, they are right. That is exactly what the Chinese plan on doing.

    Regards, Ty

  9. To realize and examine the trap allows a plan of escape, or maybe even to avoid being trapped. (hint: do not borrow or lend)

    Yes, the Chinese know about what opium did to their culture. The Chinese hate the word. Elizabeth Taylor’s line of perfume, Opium, was banned from the stores in China a few decades back. She changed the name.

    But, as everyone else in the modern world, the Chinese love having banks and fiat money and lending it. Fiat currency is more addicting than drugs, for IT brings POWER.

    Henry Ford wrote in his book, The International Jew: “Controlling the world’s sources of news, Jews can always prepare the minds of people for their next move.

    BRICS is the next BIG financial move of the Jew bankers. They prepare the minds of the world for it. Especially China.
    China has the world’s largest banks today. China has the number one bank and 17 of the world’s top 100 banks, 7 more than the US’s 10:

    BRICS will be a new version of the fiat money system for the five economies not currently in the IMF-World Bank-EU system. It will be useful in bringing about a totally global fiat currency by the end of this century.

    Do NOT be fooled by BRICS!! One global currency is necessary for one global government.

    1. Lasha,

      Thanks for the invite. I will come here from time to time to post. I will try not to make it my mainstay because I don’t like being under any control measures. It literally drives me batsh-t crazy because I am a free man and a free man can’t stand to be confined for long, even if it is someone else’s “house”.

      With that said I am not pleased to be in agreement with Pat but I must give credit where it is due. Pat is absolutely right. BRICs is a Jew control Money System pitting West VS East. The Jews controlled Mao just like they have controlled pratically everyone everywhere and for those they couldn’t, simply look at an assassination list over the last 300 years and you will see that almost to the man, each one was a hit put out by the Jews and their pathetic (mostly white traitor) lackeys.

      Pat is correct that the whole Brics VS Dollar dog and pony show is to bring about a new world money system. It is this EXACT system the authentic Scriptures speaks of (the white man’s Greek) concerning the “mark in the hand or forehead that non can buy or sell without”. When you see mark, think computer chip.

      In order to bring this into fruition the Jew must have a false dialectic and this time it is east VS west money, which controls the east and west Nations. Once they cancel each other out, a new world money system will be brought in to coincide with their “messiah’s” JWO.

      But China has a card up their sleeve and this is what is worrying the “Jews”. They know the Chinese know the game and before long they will break with the Jews and keep everything they have trasferred there from the west to make their own military bid to take over “Israel” and this folks is where the white man and the western nations (Christendom) has it’s window of opportunity. For after we expell the traitors in our own lands and defeat the Chinese, Russians, ME nations, south and central American Marxist forces that will invade us, we can MARCH on that shitty little de facto state and who are the “Jews” to refuse at this point? See, by this time the average “Jew” will also have awakened to their evil master’s criminality so in the final scenrio, the regular Jew will be saying to himself I have a choice “Be under Chinese and Eastern Rule or take our chances with the White Man, the Christian in the west who desires more than anything erradicate the scum among us.” I think we all know which “poison” they will pick.

      1. Sorry Tyron

        I’ll give credit where credit is due as well. But you have to be more specific when it comes to Russia. This is the area where I’ll probably have to disagree.

        While I can understand how there would be 5th Column units of “Russian” origin in our midst, I choose not to believe they are not here per orders of the Putin-faction control.

        Gray areas man. They must be considered.

      2. Are the Jews true power in the usury about which they’ve warned us? Or long, LONG before that when they were the Phoenician “Sea Peoples” who took control control of our minds via religions, both East and West and evolved into the English naval power?!
        These suckers too are no myth and are one key: kamikaze drivers BlemmYes(decoded), that make us say ‘YES’?)

        How is it this deadly “Dance” between the Evil RabbiTs and WE Mystical Unicorns is just now being released and known?

        You folks in the UK and Sweden (Cabala “9/11″=GENOCIDE!) had better wake up! (We don’t want to lose your furry whites to these Waskowee WabbiTs!)

        Luv ya,

        Great music, by the way, and if you had any idea how apropos the Beatles song about “the wisdom of Mary whispering in my ear”, you’d flip, as the Glorious Hostess with the Most-ess is the SOURCE!

        “It’s about the Shechinah and dishing out Her ShockinAwe
        looking for that spark, that’s all!”

  10. The article is spot on! The looting of the country have been going on for a long while by now. The hundreds of millions of poor peasant migrant workers have been exploited by the foreign factories to their last drops of blood and the air, rivers and lands have been polluted beyond repair.

    The next wave of looting will be the privatisation of the state owned enterprises and the current regime is doing its best in preparation for it as it has been waging a political purge of its opponents in the name of fighting corruption.

    Have you ever wondered why such a person as Henry Kissinger has been praising the political prowess of President Xi Jinping who looks more like a moron than a leader of 1.3 billion people? It will not surprise me if something huge happens in China in the next 2 years…

  11. Wal-Mart has been used for several decades as the primary vendor for Chinese goods in the US and around the globe. Everywhere!! Great emissary!!

    The global acceptance of cheap Chinese wares, covering everything from cars and planes to all electronics to canned tuna to toothpaste… will allow global acceptance of a fiat currency which would be China based.

    China is in our homes and schools and government, NOW. They will be carried in our bank accounts and wallets very soon.

  12. A lot of Folks seem rather dis-heartened by such reports as these. The main difference between past history and present events is that the people of the past could not contend with the Jewish Supremest claims of being the alleged “Chosen Ones of God” (while they were simultaneously stealing everything they could get their claws on). So, Christians and other religious people had nothing with which to refute the lies of the Jews. But today, we have the science of archaeology which proves that the Jews are liars. God never did any of the things that the Jews claim of him. When the foundation of the Jews is nothing but lies, where can these devils stand? The Chinese are a very un-religious people. They mainly admire wealth. No help will come from them. It is up to Western People to take of the Jews as they so much deserve. There IS a Final Solution to the Jewish Problem. So, be happy and get to work on whatever Jews are within your reach.

    1. Banjo Billy –

      You are absolutely right about ‘the Chinese’ being, mainly, a wealth-admiring, greed-inspired people. America is a carrot to dangle to lure them on. This is a GREAT article, though, and well-illustrates the multi-faceted entrenchment of the gradual, GLOBAL takeover.

      Chinese now own the largest meat-packing company in America. China is the largest wholesaler to the largest retailer in America. Largest shareholder of largest paper company. Host country, now, to largest corporate shareholder of the Federal Reserve… So many superlatives I’m sure I haven’t even thought of many….

      What is going on, now, in China, is a frantic maneuvering to maintain financial order – and that will (and IS) spill over, soon, to the world of the West. As Pat mentioned a bit ago, FORGET BRICS – it’s a GLOBAL currency which must emerge. If TPTB (Big Jewry?) need an enforcer, China is ripe – and the most likely prospect. (The Russian bear can be content in his own, vast lands – as should have the Americans – and will not be as ripe for picking. He can ‘wait’.)

      Yet, ‘there is many-a-slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip’, and factors such as natural cataclysms or climate changes may throw wrenches in the works. In fact, we can just about COUNT on it. 🙂

      1. Gil –

        Sorry to have given the wrong impression. I never said to ignore or forget BRICS… I meant just the opposite. I meant it is NOT a salvation, but another trap.

        Once BRICS is alive and well it will be the way to connect those 5 countries to the existing financial mechanisms… to complete another step to global fiat currency and global government, under UN guidance.

        I was warning that it is the same Jew banking cartels as always. Same ‘market makers’ claiming to be doing god’s work.

        An example is China’s operating on Market Principles..!! What market principles??? LOL!!

        Market Principles = Debt Swaps = Control

        China’s largest investment firms and banks are selling off to domestic and foreign institutions including Warburg Pincus; Goldman Sachs; and Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund.

        Chinese authorities prevented a default that could have taken down the Chinese banking system because ICBC, as that gigantic bank is known, made a politically directed loan.

        As the Financial Times noted, sources familiar with the bailout of Credit Equals Gold #1 indicated that Huarong tried to keep news of the ICBC loan quiet because of its planned offering. “Huarong’s involvement in such an obviously political bailout,” the paper noted, “would have undermined its argument to investors that it has transformed itself from an arm of the state into a commercial entity operating purely on market principles.”

  13. Informing here about an event that for sure you have no idea about. Nothing to do with this article. Earlier this morning the Zionist embassy in Greece had a drive-by shooting. No Khazar was injured as is the case most of the time. Without a doubt another self inflicted fiasco. Not the first time and certainly not the last. Remember Argentina. That’s just one of the many. The fact is we know you very, very well indeed. Yes, from the inside and out.

  14. @ Lasha Darkmoon,

    Thanks Lasha for quoting me in your article, which I read first on Veterans Today.

    We cannot predict the future, but I think the most likely scenario for the Chinese-Jewish relationship would be :

    1) China will become the next Super Power in the world, but it will not be a colonial empire (conquering and settling new territories) or a military empire ( having military bases all over the world, like the US has today), but a purely economical empire. That means it will be the richest country in the world, but mainly interested in keeping intact the free flow of raw materials (mainly from Africa) and energy (mainly from the Middle East and Central Asia) and maintaining its markets (mainly in the West). For that it needs a stable world and therefore it is interested in cooperation with other countries with a similar mindset (hence its membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS). In short China will be a factor for prosperity and stability in the world.

    2) To that prosperous and powerful country the Jews will be naturally attracted. Since they are admired by the Chinese for their intelligence and money-making skills, they will be allowed to settle in China. Many Jews fleeing America and Europe ( ruined by themselves) will do so. Many Israelis who see no more future in the embattled Jewish state will also settle in China.

    3) To become the new elite of China the Jews will resort to biological and cultural mimicry : they will miscegenate with the Chinese to the point of unrecognizability and they will adopt Chinese names and ways. Thus they will become China’s crypto-elite.

    4) The Chinese Jews will insist on privatization of all big companies of China and take them over (besides of course banking). The Chinese Jews will now use the Chinese economic empire as an instrument for their own enrichment in the world, like they once did with the British Empire and the US.

    5) If the Jews have scores to settle with other countries, they will try to use China’s military power to do so. It is here that a Jewish controlled China can become a threat to the world. It will depend on the wisdom of the real Chinese still in power how great that threat will be.

    6) Eventually the Chinese economical empire, like all empires, will decline. In its latter days the Chinese Jews will concentrate on morally underming the country of their adoption. One can expect that they will specialize in two Chinese weaknesses : money and sex. Casinos, brothels, pornography, “gay rights” etc. etc. , in short everything they are doing now to us they will do to the Chinese.

    7) Ultimately they will abandon the sinking Chinese ship and go to their next host and the cycle will start all over again (unless of course the world at large has finally become “Jew-wise”).

    1. Another possible scenario, Franklin. The Ruler of the Universe will have had enough, and bring about the cleansing of all time. Everyone not pure in heart and body, in every corner of this planet, will be put out of his/her misery.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      This is an excellent comment, lucidly put and extrapolating into the future from present trends. I like especially points 5-7. This shows that you don’t believe that the Jewish leopard is ever capable of changing his spots.

      My own view, which you would probably agree with, is that the quintessential Jew is not interested in the mere acquisition of wealth. He wants far more.

      Kevin MacDonald has explained this major difference between diaspora Jews and diaspora Chinese, both highly intelligent races. The diaspora Chinese, he points out, have been concerned mostly in becoming rich. They have otherwise kept a low profile. They have been content to take a back seat.

      For example, when did the Chinese diaspora ever try to take over the mass media or muscle its way into the government or academic institutions of any foreign country? Never. Have Chinese Americans ever attempted to take over Hollywood? Of course not.

      So the Jews, it seems, want far more than wealth. They want power. Influence. They want to bend everyone else to their will and basically enslave them. Mullins says somewhere that Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was basically a veiled attempt to portray a Jewish totalitarian future. 1984 is very much a Bolshevik world into which Lenin and Stalin would have fitted perfectly.

      Another big difference between the Chinese temperament and the Jewish temperament, and one that KMD stresses repeatedly, is that JEWS ALWAYS CONSTITUTE A HOSTILE ELITE. The “revenge motif” features very prominently in their writings and psychology

      KMD quotes a famous Jewish Russian poet—I can’t remember his name offhand—who writes a famous poem about the Bolshevik era. In it a Russian Jew (pre-1917) falls in love with a beautiful aristocratic Russian girl who is non-Jewish. She scorns his advances. The tables are turned on these two after the 1917 Revolution when the Jews spring to power. The Jew in the poem (he is the narrator) becomes an important cheka commissar and learns that the lovely Russian girl who had turned him down (and whom he still hankers for) has now been reduced to abject poverty and has had to turn to prostitution to make a living.

      So what does the Jew do? He visits the brothel and asks to see the Russian girl. He then screws her to his heart’s content in an act of “revenge sex”. The poem adds: “without bothering to take his boots off.” Thus his previous “love” is transformed into contempt and perverted sadism.

      There is something about Jewish psychology which sets the Jews apart. The force that drives them is not the quest for wealth, as it is for the Chinese. We must add in two other factors: power for power’s sake and revenge for past humiliations.

      1. The Russian poet was Sergei Yesenin and the poem is called ‘The land of the Crooks’.

        The poet has been killed by Trotsky’s killers.

      2. Lasha, I’m afraid it is even worse than power for the sake of power or revenge for past humiliations.

        Prof. Kevin MacDonald describes the Jews as a typical Middle Eastern people with typical Middle Eastern values as distinct from the Northern European peoples. Whereas the Northern European peoples had to struggle with harsh nature to survive, they developed the values of individualsm and universal morality based on moral reputation rather than kinship. The Middle Eastern peoples however, living in a milder environment, had to compete with other human groups to survive. Hence they developed a collective value system based on kinship and ethnocentrism. As such Prof. MacDonald says, the Jews developed a “group evolutionary strategy” by which they have a “conflict of interest” with their host population.

        That seems to me to be a polite way of saying that the Jews are an ethnic Mafia at war with the whole world (and not only Europeans). Keep in mind that they were at war with all their neighbours in Canaan right from the beginning, as the O.T. so clearly testifies.

        But the description of the Jews-as-criminals goes only thus far. It can explain their greed for wealth by means fair or foul. It can explain their lust for power as a way to secure that ill gotten wealth. But it cannot explain their lust for revenge especially when it is vastly disproportionate. It cannot explain either their lust for moral and spiritual subversion of the very host population they need to parasitize on. For these latter two kinds of behavior I have only one term : demonic. Destruction of the other for the sake of destruction even if it harms oneself is demonic and the Jews show this kind of behavior time and again. The question why the Jews are demonic is unanswerable. Character is the accumulation of free will choises one has made. The Jews have made their choices, we have made ours.

        1. “Lasha, I’m afraid it is even worse than power for the sake of power or revenge for past humiliations…. For these latter two kinds of behavior I have only one term: demonic. Destruction of the other for the sake of destruction even if it harms oneself is demonic and the Jews show this kind of behavior time and again. The question why the Jews are demonic is unanswerable.”

          I’m sure an easy explanation can be found, Franklin. Ask Lobro; he will have an interesting theory for this. If I’m not mistaken, you are talking here of collective demonic possession.

          Question 1: do you believe in demonic possession in the literal sense, as Christ in the New Testament obviously did when he cast out demons that were regarded as real entities? Or are you speaking of demonic possession as a figure of speech?

          Question 2: If individuals can be demonically possessed, why not groups, crowds, or even entire races? In other words, “collective demonic possession.” (Gustave le Bon has written a book on the Madness of Crowds.)

          I have no doubts that there are Jews who honestly believe that all “Nazis” were demonically possessed. Some thought the entire German race was “evil” and should be exterminated — or, at any rate, that all German males should be sterilized. (Theodore Kaufman, “Germany Must Perish.)

          One thing we know for sure: entire nations can be whipped up into a fever of hatred by war propaganda. Sex zombies and war zombies can easily be manufactured by brainwashing techniques. We are all potential Manchurian candidates.

      3. LD, you are right. It is also their utter contempt for the American way of life, and most of the Christian West, that will be the West’s downfall, unless there is an awakening amongst the masses. But than, we might deserve it, having embraced false gods and idols and turned away from the living God and Savior.

      4. Revenge for past humiliations like military defeat at the hands of the Rus a thousand or so years ago. This is the key, and elephants got nuthin on them in the memory department.

        US/NATO “Western” Khazars surround China militarily as a reminder of who to play ball with when the time comes. And it is Russia who is to be their target of revenge in their “power for power’s sake” corruption

      5. I realize some may say that the “Khazars” have ALREADY had their revenge, and that would be correct. But not COMPLETE revenge. They haven’t finished the job, and they want the whole world.

        It’s as if at the outset of the 20th century they were really starting to feel their oats. First they had to take out Germany, in which WW1 was only the first step, with the next step being to ALLOW Hitler to come to power and THEN finishing them off.

        Why 2-steps?

        Because Germany was the “fulcrum” on which the lever turns. “Give me a lever and I shall move the world”

        It’s about keeping their eyes on the BIG enchilada as they go along. So simultaneous to this, starting in earnest at the beginning of the 20th century was a consideration of how Russia is to be played. And now that the lever has been extended…..

        This is where China enters the BIG stage, as the stakes continue to rise. But there’s something that we are overlooking which may seem to indicate some unseen master manipulator manipulating even the elite jews in their various positions of control at national levels.

        The highest masters Franklin R. alluded to when he arrived at his conclusion of the demonic. They are not human beings, plain and simple.

        Weather balloons at Roswell indeed!

        This could also help to explain why various formations of alliances instituted as events unfold can be so confusing at times.

      6. lobro

        You’re a mathematician. Do you see what I’m trying to get at with this “fulcrum” dynamic?

        Then parlay that to the “demonic” component….

      7. @ Lasha Darkmoon,

        No with “demonic” I didn’t mean demonic possession, individual or collective, but the mentality of willfully harming the other even if it harms oneself, such as undermining the society in which oneself has to live. Jews do that all the time. It’s a figure of speech for evil for the sake of evil.

        BTW, I just stumbled on a website that treats with all the subjects of orthodox Christian belief, including reincarnation. We had a discussion about that some time ago and you asserted that reincarnation was originally part of the Christian doctrine. Here is a refutation of that idea (and scroll down also to “Origen”) :

    3. 5) If the Jews have scores to settle with other countries, they will try to use China’s military power to do so. It is here that a Jewish controlled China can become a threat to the world. It will depend on the wisdom of the real Chinese still in power how great that threat will be.

      If the jews take over China due to the West dying, they wouldn’t have any scores to settle. Instead, their most obvious target would be Japan. The future jewish rulers of China could use the historical animosity between the two nations to start a war and wipe the Japanese out for good. They’d be especially significant targets for jews since the Japanese are very self-involved and have a disdain for all foreigners, and jews most likely could not worm their way into the Japanese elite without some Japanese nationalists going full samurai on them.

      Another target could be Korea, for the same basic reasons.

      After the destruction of Europe and East Asia, who would there be for the jews to live off of? The Africans? The mongrels of Southwest Asia and the Middle East? The entire world would be a hellhole because the jews would have obliterated all civilization and culture. How would Israel survive without money flowing in from all over the world? The jews are not self-sufficient. If they run out of healthy hosts, they too will die.

      Kevin MacDonald has suggested that jews might die through miscegenation, but’s incorrect. Jews cannot go extinct through miscegenation because they’re already racial mongrels. People who marry jews and raise families with them always raise the children as jews. Even people with small percentages of jewish blood still fully embrace jewish identity.

      Jews are a cancer. Cancer requires a healthy body to spread. Allowing jews to intermarry only produces more jews, just as healthy cells do not stop cancer but only become cancerous themselves, or how a black hole grows bigger when it swallows something. Cancer is stopped by physically removing it from the body, and black holds only die when they are starved. The same logic applies to jews.

  15. “Accordingly, one need not hesitate in the least – with regard to the activity of the Jews which is precisely against the purely human and historically better traits of Christianity – to take the Old Testament as the real Jewish original document and as the characterising mark of the Jewish race and its religion …. The small group of people in the corner of the world called Palestine however had, from the beginning, instincts and laws which announced basic disregard and hostility against the rest of the human reace. One has brought forth places from the Talmud in order to demonstrate tangibly that the Jews are authorised by their religion to betray and harm non-Jews. But we do not need the Talmud at all to get this insight. If it did not exist at all, the Jewish ethics would not be better for it and would not be less documented. What we observe here in the actual communication are really not other characteristics than those which were embodied already even in the Mosaic times. The Old Testament is a sufficient mirror of the Jewish nature.” ~ E.K. Duhring, Die Judenfrage als Racen-, Sitten- und Culturfrage: mit einer weltgeschichtlichen Antwort, H. Reuther, Karlsruhe, (1881). The Jewish Question: A racial, Moral and Cultural Question With a World-Historical Answer. English translation by A. Jacob, Eugen Duhring on the Jews, Nineteen Eighty Four Press, Brighton, England, (1997), pp. 77-78, 89.

  16. As always much bitching and moaning about Jews but never any solution.
    There is a solution coming but it is censored by Jews and anti-Jews alike.
    War approaches. If you live in a city you are toast.

  17. the only program that makes sense was enunciated by immortal ilya ehrenburg, example:

    The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word “German” is the worst possible curse-word to us. From now on the word German strikes us to the quick. We shall say no more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German in a day, you have wasted that day. If you think your neighbor will kill a German, then you do not realize the danger. If you don’t kill the German, the German will kill you. He will abduct your relatives and bring them back to his accursed Germany where he will torture them. and slice out their organs for resale (just ask dr hess at abu kabir hospital in his accursed Germany)

    wikipedia thinks quite highly of ehrenburg, so i don’t see why his program can’t be applied democratically wherever necessary, germany had its turn.
    Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg (Russian: Илья́ Григо́рьевич Эренбу́рг, pronounced [ɪˈlʲja ɡrʲɪˈɡorʲɪvɪtɕ erʲɪnˈburk] ( ); January 27 [O.S. January 15] 1891 – 31 August 1967) was a Soviet writer, journalist, translator, and cultural figure.

  18. Jews and Chinese go hand in hand when it comes to drugs, prostitution, usury and colonialism. China, Russia and Israel are among the few colonial powers in present-day.

    Jewish drug dealers such as Persian David Sassoon (died 1864) build the Zionist-Chinese connection. Japanese created Jewish settlements in their Chinese colonies, during the period of 1934-45. The settlements in Harbin (Manchuria) were envisaged as an ‘Israel in Asia’ . The Harbin-Israel connection can also be found in the family of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Olmert’s parents and grandparents reached Harbin from Samara, European Russia, at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. In the summer of 2004, when he was Israel’s vice premier and trade minister, Ehud Olmert “returned” to China with a delegation of Israeli businessmen. He and his brother, an agricultural attaché at the Israeli embassy in Beijing, were much photographed reciting the Jewish prayer for the dead at their grandfather’s tomb.

  19. Comment copied and pasted from VT:

    Joel Klein, writing for the LA Times, says “Of course Jews control Hollywood.”

    Max Blumenthal said in a recent interview: “In the USA we Jewish-Americans have generally superseded the WASP’s as the new elite, as the new “whites.”

    Almost half the US Supreme Court are Jewish; being Jewish is pretty much the only absolute requirement for top leadership in the Federal Reserve; the six major media conglomerates are owned by Jewish or zionist billionaires, and Sheldon Adelson / Haim Saban recently discussed quite openly buying the NYT so they could turn it into an (even more) pro-Israel propaganda machine.

    Yet people like Ms Dirtbag-Montefiore still claim it is not so… No one does chutzpah like the Jews do chutzpah.

    The Chinese have already been subverted, as pointed out by Franklin Ryckaert in the article.

    Now it’s simply a matter of how long it takes to drain the wealth from China into Jewish “elite” coffers, while convincing the Chinese that what’s happening right in front of their eyes isn’t really so.

  20. Ms. She-Bag. It’s plan to see that these Asiatic Khazars have gulped great gobs of Aryan DNA.
    Sort of like that other She-Bag that Lasha features from time to time. They kind of look OK on the outside. But it’s what is on the inside, that combination of Khazaria and Talmudism that percolates through their grey matter, that really matters.

  21. Considering the developing relationship between the Chinese tiger and the Russian bear, the Russians could give the Chinese a real good education on the Judaic based on their close and very personal experience with the tribe.

  22. Excellent essay; almost at the level of “Sinologist” or “old China hand.” This essay should be taught and read as a primer by all high-school students in China. With your permission, I would like to translate your essay into Chinese.

    Btw, Professor Xu is a useful idiot under the employment of Jews. To my knowledge, I am the only Chinese “intellectual” who is sounding the alarm bell about the Jews and you are the only Western “intellectual” living today to have written anything of note about the Jew parasites in China.

    1. “Excellent essay; almost at the level of “Sinologist” or “old China hand.” This essay should be taught and read as a primer by all high-school students in China. With your permission, I would like to translate your essay into Chinese.”

      Thanks for your kind words. Feel free to translate the essay into Chinese if you wish.

      Lasha Darkmoon

      1. It is THIS sort of essay – and response – which will, eventually, bring about ‘No Place to Hide’ for the perps of the vast crimes committed against nations and peoples. The very fact that powerful Chinese interests have heavily invested in America offers some hope that any ‘total war’ will not be fought – and vice-versa. Meanwhile, as people are awakening just about EVERYWHERE, it stands to reason that the number of willing ‘suckers’ is dwindling everywhere, too, WHICH IS WHY I BELIEVE THE SMART JEWS ARE SEEKING A ‘Blending In’ sort of existence. (There was a time, remember, when they couldn’t.) (Blatant separation hasn’t worked too well for ANY of us, either. There’s always a fight about it. No peace.)

        It may TAKE a big, worldwide killing to set things right, again. After all, it IS a big, worldwide clusterfuck we find ourselves involved in! 🙂

        Albert Einstein is said to have said that WW4 will be ‘fought with sticks and stones’. I believe that may be the case…

      2. Maybe those “Great Wall” experts, the Chinese, are planning to welcome The Destroyer Cult into those specially built Chinese cities — and then wall them inside for 100 years . . . and watch the mayhem, Predator vs Terminator, via satellite tv.
        The aquifers of those Chinese cities were filled with fresh water….. stolen from the Great Lakes.

    2. Justice –

      It is good to know that Jews exist in races other than those from Khazaria.

      Judaism is a morbid cult accepted and acquired by many races.

  23. The NW Native has said for years that the tribe would set up a new headquarters in China.
    After scanning the comments the NW Native is surprised that one has mentioned Americans, the Russell family and the Delano’s, among others, who had their sticky fingers in the Rothschild-Sassoon-East India Company run Opium trade into China. The Russell trust fortune was used to set up “Skull and Bones” at Yale University in the early 1830’s and FDR’s middle name is Delano as was his wife’s name. This is all you need to know about those two creeps.
    The two major differences between the Chinese and the European White man is the brain washed Christians believe all those stories in the Old Testament and most Khazars look somewhat European. The Chinese, on the other hand don’t, have the Christian impediment drilled into the skulls and except for a handful of Chinese Jews, the Jewish elite and most Jews don’t even begin to look Chinese.
    However, anything is possible when dealing with the mankind’s consummate shape-shifters.

  24. I yearn for a world were all the Clarissa Sebag-Montefiores are sold on the streets as sex slaves and branded with hot iron swastikas.

  25. Clarissa is quite cute for a Jewish Princess. Her article at makes the amazing admission in several places that the Jews are a race. Who’da a thunk it? As Alex Linder has correctly observed:”Jews are a racial crime syndicate.”.

    It looks grim for the Chinese. Since their last three head Chinamen have been engineers, perhaps they can outwit the Jews. Perhaps Ji’s anti-corruption campaign will sting enough Jews to get them out of the country. I notice that the Chinese only let in partners with 49% or less of ownership in all enterprise. Perhaps they are really outwitting the Jews. Hopefully the Chinese remember the Opium Wars and will get their revenge on the Jews.

  26. According to Professor Sand (Zand) many of the Jews from North Africa are Berber converts. The NW Native has known a few Moroccan Jews (Berbers) and found them to be generous, friendly and kind. However, there are exceptions as Prof. as outlined in his books.
    Now, anyone who believes the Old Testament stories of the first 5 books of the Old Testament hasn’t been paying attention.
    All the NW Native has to say is that the Talmud and the Khazars were made for each other.
    This combo, an accident of history and a disaster for human kind, is a kind of instruction manual for psychopaths.
    Granted, the Chinese are a smart people. However, it remains to be seen if they are smart enough to outsmart the Talmudic Khazars.

  27. The Chinese are already spiritual jews. If you want to know just how greedy and contemptuous of the natural world the Chinese are, read this:

    They ravage the countryside and build entire cities no one will ever live in for the sake of “economic growth.” Even the most Judaized Anglo-Saxon capitalist would never go that far.

    Can you imagine what this country will do to the planet if jews take it over? It would be the human equivalent of HIV and Ebola coming together and forming a supervirus.

    1. Well, they went to extremes as communists, they are now going to extremes as capitalists, both under Jewish influence. Is there any doubt the Chinese still have some inner resources to withstand Jewish manipulation?

  28. The Jews are an oriental culture, as are the Chinese. They have much in common in that regard. They are of a kindred spirit. Look at the diabolical tortures developed by the Chinese, like the tiny prison box where the prisoner, put in a box, can neither sit nor stand while only his head protrudes from a hole, this would ruin one’s back, crippling them for life – if they survived.

    Then one notes the willingness of the oriental to sacrifice their own people for the greater good. During WWII hundreds of coolies pulled huge stone rollers to crush the runways being prepared for the B-29 raids on Japan. When a coolie fell, the roller did not stop and the hapless collie was crushed under the roller to be permanently impressed into the crushed stone runway. As the work rolled on, the other coolies would laugh at his misfortune.

    The Chinese exhibit the same hive mind as the Jew, but not quite as tightly bound to the collective, most likely due to the larger numbers of Chinese and the fact they do not have a religion that is based on the creation of victimized persecution among their people.

    Then there is the mercantile mentality of the Chinese. For thousands of years Chinese have been utilizing sophisticated business practices. They were calculating rice futures on their abacuses when Europeans were running around in animal skins with stone axes. One major difference is in their honesty. Chinese, while often sharp in their business practices, strive to deliver a decent product for the money, unlike the lying, cheating thieves rampant throughout Jewish culture.

    Industriousness is perhaps the most fundamental difference between Jews and other oriental cultures. While other cultures from the east work hard to develop, build and produce, Jews continually seek to get something for nothing, preferring to cheat others out of their wealth. Unlike the Chinese, Jews shun any form of labor, manipulating and enslaving others for that purpose.

    The Chinese are not alone in this, as other oriental cultures, like the Japanese and Koreans, also exhibit many of the same traits. The fundamental difference is these other oriental cultures have various codes of honor and conduct, at least among their own kind, whereas the rapacious Jew has neither true social codes of moral standards and no honor, only avaricious greed and vengeful hatred for all other people.

    Then again, one might study the 1937 Japanese “Rape of Nanking” for a deeper look into the inner nature of the oriental mind. The first act of American medics transferred from the ETO to the South Pacific was to paint out the red crosses on their helmet as this made them a prime target for Japanese snipers. Then there was the Bataan Death March.

    The point is, the Oriental mind, no matter the culture, is fundamentally different from the occidental mind. Both have great difficulty fathoming each others thought process. However, Orientals, especially Jews, are quick to grasp the weaknesses of others and exploit them to the fullest, whereas occidentals have a more charitable and compassionate nature, points considered by Orientals to be the gravest weaknesses of the Occidental nature.

    1. additionally, many orientals quickly adapt to local mores of the west, intermarry and achieve a high degree of morality, integrity and empathy, many completely dote on their pets that in the previous generation would have been considered from dinner perspective.

      whereas a jaw is always a jew, wherever.

      i think buddhism has a lot to do with it, it has a somewhat variable moral code in that it is non-judgmental and leaves it to individual to assess the risk of bad behavior.
      among the hill tribes of tibet (roi, sherpas, kompas, gurkhas, the eastern tribes of meghalaya, arunachal pradesh …) i observed a very strict code of personal responsibility although many were also christian converts, as were many chinese i’ve known, the most adherent catholics ever, crossing themselves in street car when passing a church, packing the pilgrimage sites … again, i would say that from personal experience, there are many more intrinsic differences between jews and orientals than parallels.

      as for torture, human flesh is vulnerable, doesn’t take much for pain levels to max out, probably most of it due to mental terror rather than jangling nerves themselves.
      ever see buddhist monks dousing themselves with lighter fluid and settings themselves alight in protest?
      they never even twitch, just sit there while consumed by fire – it’s all in attitude.

  29. Darkmoon defamed . . . yet again

    One of the reasons we ban posters only as a last resort is this: they then go to other websites and spread lies about us. A year ago we had a poster called “Joe”, a particularly vicious character who was not onlt vicious but also a bit mad. We had no option but to ban him.

    By chance, I happened to discover this comment by Loonie Joe on another website this morning. The comment was posted on this website soon after we had blocked him from posting here:

    Posted by Joe on April 03, 2013, 08:21 AM |

    Darkmoon is Not a website to go to for Truth. It’s all about disambiguation and debates based on pure emotion, lies of omission, lies of commission, half-truths, quarter-truths, and many times : Zero truth, and playing on people’s prejudices and false premises .

    The false premises coming from the mainstream media ; Darkmoon then plays on those false premises to dump even more false premises on the readership, while feigning to be a website about truth : Nothing could be further from the truth ; It’s a controlled website. Probably out of Israel .

    The whole website oozes & reeks of donmeh jew bullshit. We see Lasha under some kind of Arabic veil, we see One eye, we don’t see her other eye. Two eyes would be too straight-forward and honest ; It’s right there : The webmaster is telling us right there in the picture of Lasha that’s it’s a donmeh Jew website.

    I can’t be bothered**.

    When I sent this to Lasha, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 🙂

    1. The same Crazy Joe also attacked Mark Glenn and the Ugly Truth site. Mark Glenn was also called a “donmeh Jew”, like Lasha. (“Donmeh Jew” = a Jew pretending to be an Arab. So says Crazy Joe.)

      Crazy Joe spent some time posting on TUT before he was booted off. Then he came to Darkmoon where ADMIN were forced to ration him to 2 posts a day. He was submitting 50-60 posts a day, all of them utter garbage about Lasha being a donmeh Jew and worshiping an African moon goddess!

      See Comment 20 here where Mark Glenn confirms that the “Joe” attacking his site is the same Joe attacking the darkmoon site:

  30. [_ ‘U’\/E heard of the saying’ _]

    uhh. never
    w r e s t l e
    ʬittaPig . . .

    [[David Sassoon was born in Baghdad, Iran in 1792. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and the treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, the governor of Baghdad.
    In 1829 Ahmet was overthrown due to corruption and the Sassoon family fled to Bombay, India. This was the strategic trade route to interior India and the gateway to the Far East.
    In a brief time the British government granted Sassoon “monopoly rights” to all manufacture of cotton goods, silk and most important of all ‑ Opium ‑ then the most addictive drug in the world!

    The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, states that Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. He placed his eight sons in charge of the various major opium exchanges in China. According to the 1944 Jewish Encyclopedia: “He employed only Jews in his business, and wherever he sent them he built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of fellow Jews…and put them to work.”

    Sassoon’s sons were busy pushing this mind‑destroying drug in Canton, China. Between 1830 ‑ 1831 they trafficked 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars. Part of the profits went to Queen Victoria and the British government. In the year 1836 the trade increased to over 30,000 chests and drug addiction in coastal cities became endemic. In 1839, the Manchu Emperor ordered that it be stopped. He named the Commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse‑hsu, to lead a campaign against opium.

    Lin seized 2,000 chests of Sassoon opium and threw it into the river. An outraged David Sassoon demanded that Great Britain retaliate. Thus, the Opium Wars began with the British Army fighting as mercenaries of the Sassoon’s. They attacked cities and blockaded ports. The Chinese Army, decimated by 10 years of rampant opium addiction, proved no match for the British Army. The war ended in 1839 with the signing of “The Treaty of Nanking.”

    This included provisions especially designed to guarantee the Sassoon’s the right to enslave an entire population with opium. The “peace treaty” included these provisions:

    1) Full legalization of the opium trade in China
    2) compensation from the opium stockpiles confiscated by Lin of 2 million pounds
    3) territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several designated offshore islands]]

    • singapore
    • hong kong

    • ®ep.®ep
    • etc.etc
    inter alia & et al laM.0.


    “. . . think we slaughtered the wrong pig here”

    WChurchill post
    ʬ II

    1. thanks owen, i too was going to point out that david sassoon started out as a regular pimp of baghdad but was so outrageously jewish (read: psychotic / read: religious judaic) that the pasha governor had no choice but to turf him out.
      your post is much better than mine would have been.

    2. Thanks, Owen –

      Baghdad is in Iraq, not Iran.

      All Jews are not Khazars as some have suggested.

      The Khazars became Jews, when they converted in 740 CE.

      Sassoons, Iraqi Jews, could not be Khazars. They practiced Talmudism before the Khazars.

      The Jewish community of Babylon included Ezra the scribe, whose return to Judea in the late 6th century BC is associated with significant changes in Jewish ritual observance and the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. The Talmud was compiled in Babylonia, identified with modern Iraq.

      1. BTW –

        The Babylonian Talmud and Jerusalem Talmud are compilation of fables and rumor handed down and changed by each person who told it…. for centuries. Nobody had a clue, and made it up as they went along.

        Neither are authentic actual accounting of events, just … written scripts from babblings-on in Babylon.

        One version being more authoritative than another means something is amiss…in both. ALL hearsay!!

        Jews admit that here:

        “The rabbis whose views are cited in the Mishna are known as Tanna’im (Aramaic for “teachers”), while the rabbis quoted in the Gemara are known as Amora’im (“explainers” or “interpreters”). Because the Tanna’im lived earlier than the Amora’im, and thus were in closer proximity to Moses and the revelation at Sinai, their teachings are considered more authoritative than those of the Amora’im. For the same reason, Jewish tradition generally regards the teachings of the Amora’im, insofar as they are expounding the Oral Law, as more authoritative than contemporary rabbinic teachings.’

        ALL hearsay!!

    3. Lin threw 2000 chests of opium in the river??? That’s a lot of work.
      All Lin had to do was throw Sassoon into the river.
      To end war, debt and high taxes. . .
      Throw the Federal Reserve/CityofLondon Banksters into the river.

  31. Franklin Ryckaert said – “The question why the Jews are demonic is unanswerable.”

    It is not unanswerable. The answer is quite simple, but obviously not easily digested. They are not Jews, but “act” as Jews following Judaism. They are Satan worshippers. If you (and others) keep calling them Jews, and not what they are, you miss the point.

    To ALL Christians: Jesus TOLD you who THEY are, but you fail to hear His Word.

    What (Who) are they? They are followers of the Babylonian Talmud, NOT The Torah.

    The Torah IS their nemesis. And their satan-inspired jewish connection has fooled many. THEY have their satan-inspired christian connection that denies The Torah, also. They adore organized-religion because people can be fooled en masse not to enforce The Torah Law because it is the ONLY Law that could defeat THEM because it is direct from God (Divine).

    1. OK, New Song

      Now….get UNDERNEATH its sabotage and get back to us.

      Not to be a wise guy in saying this, but for example: show, say for example, where in the Ecclesiasticus you may be digging up torah

      1. What New Song writes, here, makes sense, Brownhawk (but I am an avid fan of BOTH the Old and New Testaments, and, I take Jesus at His word: ‘Think not that I am come to destroy the law…but to fulfil.’). (Matthew 5:17)

      2. “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it”

        OK, but what EXACTLY is the law to be fulfilled?

        Without going into the particulars just yet, this being an ongoing research (and I hope we can get into this more somewhere down the road), for now I’ll just say this:

        Ecclesiastes = preacher of falseness
        Ecclesiasticus = teacher of truth

        A healthy premise MUST presume an existence of falseness in need of correction. And given the texts available for both, there is NO getting around the need to draw on intuition for what MAY be gleaning Truth.

        Do you know what I’m sayin’, Gil?

  32. Dr Darkmoon,

    Your article on China and the Jews was wonderful and exceedingly valuable to me.

    I have discovered that the Moon is hollow and beings live there that are assisting the Jews in their inexorable conquest of Earth. I know that sounds incredible, but could I send you the evidence that leads me to that conclusion?

    You are the most incredible humanist and historian that I have ever come across so I think my research will be valuable to you.

    Fred L. Aeilts,
    Phoenix, AZ

    1. “I have discovered that the Moon is hollow and beings live there that are assisting the Jews in their inexorable conquest of Earth. I know that sounds incredible, but could I send you the evidence that leads me to that conclusion?”

      By all means, Fred. I have an open mind about all this. For a long time I’ve suspected that the moon is made of green cheese, but my exhaustive research into this subject has so far been rejected by most cheese manufacturers. 🙂

      1. Cheese is good.

        I thought the faked landings were very typically ‘cheesey’ products done by Jew Kubrick.

        Hollywood Jews love the lies, as well as rabbis.

  33. With morbid fascination do I look at the trainwreck that is this World. And while I lend credibility to a reality of reincarnation, finding it credible does not extend to an acceptability of it. What if I said it was a “new-age” (same as the “old-age”) deception? Would THAT get your attention?

    There’s a saying – “the mind is a terrible thing”. One of its terrors cajoles us into thinking that the problem of explaining transience is solved by rationalizing that reincarnation offers the most logical explanation…..Really?…..The MOST logical?

    Imagine that there never has been, nor will there ever be such a thing as reincarnation. You understand that you are in a state of consciousness with its accompanying sense that this cannot be undone to a state of “nothingness”. Add to that a knowing that right at this VERY moment you are aware of having a conscience. You know yourself to be a righteous person. You trust yourself to do the right thing….right now, and right along in every “right now”….You have humble respect for ALL life that would do you no harm…..So why aren’t you forgiving yourself?…….RIGHT NOW!

    Forget a past that never is. What does time have to do with spiritual evolution? That it is an “evolution” by some definition? What definition would THAT be?

    Reincarnation is a soapbubble* where those of us who are truly aware are ‘down here’ watching the corrupt carnival spinning around. This puts us in a true spiritual light by not being one of its barkers. But what really defeats the parasite by denying it the host?

    An end to the withering carousel of time – the enabler for rascals

    And this isn’t about some “end-time” crapology. The World doesn’t NECESSARILY end when time ends. It changes….dramatically. For the better. Or is annihilated. No in-between.

    * POP!

  34. Watch Morris’s youtube video where he said in s-e Asia, the Chinese are also known as “little Jews”, this because of their known greed and extreme materialism. The behavior of the Malaysian Chinese is deplorable, often causing trouble and provocation. They are also known as the worst Chinese outside of China.

    In Singapore, everything western (usually bad practices) will be copied. They seem to have lost their soul. Money is everything. Read their comments on yahoo and you can see how shallow the Chinese are and where their priorities lie.

    Once in awhile the former PM, Lee Kuan Yew, who considers himself very bright, will come out with muslims-bashing remarks on his own citizens, not to mention calling the country “little Israel” when its surrounded by asian islamic countries… Imran Hossein called it utter foolishness.

    Yep, the Chinese have been infiltrated, alright. And not just in China.

    1. OK I’m wondering how I got to be in here. I posted this comment on VT. I visit Darkmoon often, but I never posted, this is my first, without my hand in it. I don’t see other commenters on VT got posted here for this article. How does this work? Lucy Skipping?

      I hope microsoft won’t disable my e-mail again, citing security issues. They already did twice, the first time after my first post on VT, and the second after my first post on RT. No coincidence I’m sure. Wondering now if there’ll be a third after appearing here for the first time.

      MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: Your comment on VT got posted here because someone liked it and decided to share it with us. You wrote the comment and should therefore be flattered to see it reposted here for you. If you disapprove of this totally harmless procedure, let us know and we will delete the original comment and this comment too.

      1. No worries. I’m ok with it, just wondering how it works. I thought there’s an auto system or sth between darkmoon and VT. So it’s manual. I’m a darkmoon fan, love the high-quality writing, so not complaining… Lasha, Alexis and Kevin Barrett are my favs on VT.

    2. Morris is correct. I heard the term ‘little jew’ a few times while in Asia, as in “why are you with that little jew?” Chinese women are viciously jealous of a White woman with a Chinese man. Nasty little monkeys, really, whereas Japanese women are flattered if you take an interest in their men and enjoy girly talk comparing Gaijin to Japanese men, charming, really.

      1. @ Karen T

        So what is the factor that makes the Chinese and Japanese so different, given that they must be almost genetically identical? How is it that the Japanese got to be so much “nicer”?

      2. @Balthaza
        Chan Buddhism evolved into Zen Buddhism in Japan, incorporating the life affirming philosophy of Shinto. The Chinese as a result of the Jewish instigated Cultural Revolution turned their backs on philosophy and embraced materialism.

      3. Chinese women are viciously jealous of a White woman with a Chinese man…

        really, while their women chase vigorously after white men assuming if the men are qualified enough to work abroad, they should also have deep pockets (ex Mrs Murdoch is one fine example). A little entertainment for you:
        We over here have to put up with these from time to time.

  35. my assessment of seabag’s face:

    seabag’s eyes are operated independently, right one about 1/2 inch higher and focusing on a different object than the left one, both eye-stalks retracted for the photo.

    that bug flying in vicinity should watch out because the long curled up tongue is about to uncoil in a lightning strike.

    she is a pretty specimen within her taxonomic nomenclature, i’d rate her on par with a nespresso machine.

  36. New Song wrote :
    December 13, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    “To ALL Christians: Jesus TOLD you who THEY are, but you fail to hear His Word.

    What (Who) are they? They are followers of the Babylonian Talmud, NOT The Torah.”

    If the jews are following the Talmud and not the Torah, and if the Torah ISN’T being used as their model for behavior, then I’d like to know WHY the jewish rabbinical leadership APPEARS TO BE FOLLOWING THE WORDS OF THE TORAH ALMOST RIGHT DOWN TO LETTER WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR TREATMENT OF THE PALESTINIANS AND THE SYRIANS AND THE IRAQS AND THE LIBYANS, ETC. ETC.

  37. It says somewhere in the torah that the “chosen” are NOT supposed to commit mass murder against the non-chosen and that the jews are supposed to love the strangers at the gate instead of feeding them roadkill. Isn’t that right ??

  38. I’d like to know how you can pick up and read a copy of that manual of depravity without seeing the obvious ?? You need to wake you all ye’ ignorant goyim and you need to face up to the fact that the jewish torah is actually the ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT FOR MASS EXTERMINATION AND GENOCIDE.

  39. Appearances are deceiving and THEY (Satanic leadership) are fooling you into thinking they are USING THE TORAH when instead THEY are corrupting THE TORAH to enslave everyone.

    To Gilbert –

    Christ Jesus came to fulfill The Law in that He was following it as we all should be / do. Certainly, He was and is the perfect example of obedience to The Law given to mankind. It was organized-religion that created the nonsensical belief that Jesus changed The Law when, in fact, Jesus was obeying The Law completely with total obedience to His Father. People have no idea how necessary it is to the Illuminati / Satan that people never know / understand / digest what I have shared here because it IS their greatest fear that you will.

    Take time to read (it is lengthy, but worth it) the following page explaining this in detail:

    1. my hunch is that jesus came to destroy torah, it was his primary mission, torah being the work of devil, porno poetry dressed up as love ditties notwithstanding.

      1. Or more precisely, lobro, would his mission of destruction have been to destroy the lies and reveal areas of Truth buried underneath what became KNOWN as “torah”?

        They ‘killed’ him, as he knew they would, and the revelation of these “particulars of Truth” are still in need of coming to the surface.

        This is where that nebulous faculty of intuition could prove to be invaluable

    2. re: Gilbert Huntley and New Song

      “Your traditions bring the law to no effect”. Where is that verse. “Thou shat not murder”, in the Torah, becomes “Thou shalt murder goyim” in the Talmud. The only reason jews would have to interpret the Torah would be to rationalize and soften everything in it. The meanings of some subtribes of the Rechabites: loud speech squeaky wheels, censors, monopolists, softeners… 1 Ch 2:55 Kenite scribes show up out of the blue again in Jer 35. Note that they honor THEIR father.
      ‘Goyim’ means ‘nations. Self sustaining, sovereign, independent nations. Israel is/was a goyim. I will make of you many great goyim. Gentiles. Cain and his generations were cursed to be wandering non-goyim. They didn’t try to defy it. For sure, they made the most of it.

      Here are some things you could find on a Canaanite restaurant menu:
      Charbroiled baby
      Road Kill
      Bat dung
      The laws of Israel were odd to the whole world. In jew fashion, ‘save the goyim’ posted a verse from Deuterononomy about giving, and selling (selling?) road kill to the strangers in the gate. AND edited it. There’s another line to it: You will not seethe a goat in it’s mother’s milk. First you have to know what a goat is. A goat is a pagan. It means that although you will tolerate some of their practices, they will check the religions of their mothers and fathers at the gate. Furthermore, a few verses down in Deuterononomy, you find that some Israelites ate roadkill too, and are commanded to wash with water and be unclean until evening. Adrenaline response poisons the meat. Who knew?

      God doesn’t kill the righteous with the wicked. They were ALL evil in Noah’s flood. The Israelites were commanded to remove the rest, surgically.

      Why do so many jews posing as goyim harp on and on about Lucifer’s sons and daughters on this Earth and nil about Yahweh’s sons and daughters here to meet them?

      Jews can be sure goyim aren’t sure of anything.

      1. ‘Goy and goyim’ are terms synonymous with ‘stranger or strangers’ – ‘non-Israelites’ in bible:

        The strangers, i.e., the goyyim, enjoyed all the benefits of the poor-laws (see Deut. xiv. 28, xxvi. 11; comp. Job i. 7); and the Prophets frequently enjoin kindness toward the non-Israelite (Jer. vii. 6, xxii. 3; Ezek. xxii. 7; Zech. vii. 10; Mal. iii. 5; comp. Ps. xciv. 6).

      2. Israel is NOT a GOYIM nation…the term is used as a DISTINCTION:

        “Goi” and “goyyim,” however, are employed in many passages to designate nations that are politically distinct from Israel (Deut. xv. 6; xxviii. 12, 36; Josh. xxiii. 4). From this use is derived the meaning “stranger” (Deut. xxix. 24; comp. II Chron. vi. 32 =”‘amme ha-‘areẓ”). As the non-Israelite and the nokri were “heathens,” “goi” came to denote a “heathen,” like the later “‘akkum,” which, in strict construction, is not applicable to Christians or Mohammedans (see below). In its most comprehensive sense “goi” corresponds to the other late term, “ummot ha-‘olam” (the peoples of the world).

        But of the stranger it was expected thathe would forego the worship of idols (Lev. xx. 2; Ezek. xiv. 7) and the practise of sorcery, incest, or other abominations (Lev. xviii. 26), and that he would refrain from eating blood (Lev. xvii. 10), from working on Sabbath (Ex. xx. 10, xxiii. 12), from eating leavened bread on Pesaḥ (Ex. xii. 19), and from violating Yom ha-Kippurim (Lev. xvi. 29). For other provisions concerning the stranger, or non-Jew (“goi”), see Lev. xvii. 8; xxiv. 16, 22; Num. xv. 14, xxxv. 15; Deut. xiv. 21; xvi. 11, 14).

  40. New Song wrote:
    December 13, 2014 at 11:59 pm
    “Appearances are deceiving and THEY (Satanic leadership) are fooling you into thinking they are USING THE TORAH when instead THEY are corrupting THE TORAH to enslave everyone.”

    I’d like to know if there might indeed be some other edition of the torah in which the jewish god doesn’t make it plain that he wants his “chosen” to carry out mass exterminations against innocent goyim who are living in the surrounding areas ?? I see it like this : The jewish god wants his “chosen” to destroy and to commit mass murder. THAT IS THE WORD OF JEWISH MONSTER ‘ADONOI ELOHAYNU’ AS REVEALED IN THE JEWISH TORAH. Jews see themselves in that particular role, and they’re acting accordingly. So rather than “corrupting” the torah, the jews are simply OBEYING the torah.

  41. listen to this guy putin unplugged, in a free ranging, unscripted interview.

    i have never seen a western leader as sharp and informed and this includes such no longer legal luminaries as trudeau and kennedy bros.

    a real eye-opener, practically relishing difficult and challenging questions rather than the standard windbagging, responding with irrelevant talking points either misleading or outright hebraic lies.

    so my question to the fossilized detractors is the following: if putin is indeed a talmudic sock puppet, how is it possible for the elders to have allowed selection of someone this bright and quick when they could have had anyone from the vast stable of substandard pedophile invertebrates like harper, hollande or blair at their disposal?

    i am most curious about the answer because i don’t have it.

    1. lobro

      Anyone “allowed” from that stable would have been too weak and ineffectual to be heading something that would be built up in order to tear it down, with a consistent eye on the biggest prize being the entire World to be corraled.

      This represents a master manipulation beyond the reach of conventional geo-political strategy. It is the ultimate GEM of a strategy (stratagem) whose overseeing planning and implementations have been in the works since, I don’t know. How far back can we go? All I would say is that the big overall plan probably started (re-started), what, 6,000 or so years ago with the emergence of what became known as the Sumerians.

      Putin is the real deal, just as Hitler was. It’s this incredibly hard rock and damned place that both were/are up against!

      Like me, are you ruminatin’ on this “fulcrum” idea in trying to understand the long-ranging stratagem?

    2. @ lobro

      “i am most curious about the answer because i don’t have it.

      You have the answer.

      The obvious answer is that Putin is a good guy. In him they have met their match.

      The idea that they deliberately set Putin up and advanced his career in order to engineer another world war and rake in huge profits for the Jews is as plausible as the parallel theory that they set up Hitler in the same way and helped him to escape later to Argentina as a “reward” for agreeing to play the role of history’s Great Villain.

      Bottom line: Putin has yet to fail the litmus test.

      What is the “litmus test”? I leave that for you to decide. Personally, I believe that if Putin stands by and lets Iran be destroyed (like Iraq and Libya), he will have failed the litmus test.

      1. P.S. The argument that Putin is a bad guy because he is “pro-multicultural” and doesn’t start cracking down hard on non-whites within Russia is not really convincing. This is because Russia, like its predecessor the Soviet Union, has been a multicultural nation for centuries. Ever since the Mongol invasions. Russia is not, like Germany, a European country. It is Eurasia: a hotchpotch and mishmash of peoples.

        What Putin has done, however, has been to give strong support to Christianity within Russia. What would the nation of Tolstoy and Gogol and Dostoevsky be without its religious and mystical traditions so deeply rooted in Orthodox Christianity?

        If Putin had been a crypto-Jew, as many assert, he would not have shown his contempt for the whorish Pussy Riot girls. He would have welcomed them, as the Jew-controlled West did.

      2. LD

        You too are missing the big picture!

        They didn’t let him escape to Argentina, his having done his due diligence for the jews and now this is his reward.

        No! He put a damn bullet through his head after chomping down on a capsule of poison just as sure as you’re reading this now.

        What is it about just how BIG this picture really is that people aren’t seeing?

        P.S. Agreed – but I’d let all my chips roll that Putin won’t fail that test

      3. P.P.S. I must be misreading you, lasha. (it’s those damn words I tell ya!)

        You know Brownhawk no think Hitler was a consumate actor and virtual robot in all this.

      4. Agree with everything you said
        ( hate typing into a phone, actually double hate: phones and typing, but can’t ignore posts by Lasha and b-hawk combined )

      5. @ Brownhawk


        You too are missing the big picture!

        They didn’t let him [Hitler] escape to Argentina, his having done his due diligence for the jews and now this is his reward.”

        Why do you misrepresent Lasha? At no point did she say that “they let Hitler escape to Argentina.” Do you have a comprehension problem?

      6. The sad fact of the matter, Doc? I do.

        Then I solve the problem after I do one of these….”DOH”!

        I get overly sensitive when I present my views on the subject in question with my use of the word, “allow”, or “allowed” when used in their contexts

        I should know by now that lasha knows me better than that 😉

      7. Oh, please. Stop worshipping Putin ….unless he destroys Lenin’s PYRAMID mausoleum on Red Square and gets rid of the Rothschild-controlled Bank of Moscow.

      8. I worship only the exemplar of Man. The AVATAR!

        And I suggest in commemoration of the end of hanukah

        Gentiles around the World UNITE, and start their own chain of generating powerful medicine and keep pounding the drums that will eventually blow this FRAUD of a religion and its bogeyman out of the water.

        ENOUGH! The fraudulence of what you are is being exposed and THY WILL BE DONE ON YOU!

    3. I’ll throw in another math-related term to go with the fulcrum.

      They own the whole damn board. Always have, and run it accordingly.

      No vacuums

      1. >> They own the whole damn board. Always have, and run it accordingly.


        While reading Brownhawk’s travails to sound scientific with his “fulcrum” and “vacuum”, from the corners of memory sprung up this unsavoury character in bow tie, who volunteered to show around the backstage of the show: They Live (fast forward to episode 1.18.00 – 1.24.30)

      2. Circ –

        Link censored here in US. Has been for a while.

        I saw ‘THEY LIVE’ when it came out in the 80s. I have seen dozens of times since. I know the scene.
        Up until about a year ago I was sending it out and folks viewed it on Google and YouTube. People were given an example of THEIR control.

        Today it is not available for US viewers on the www!!

        The title today would be ‘They Live and Censor Us.’

      3. These are just observations I make, Circassian. I don’t claim to know anything. You however come across like you do, but choose to keep it to yourself like a sphincter, er, I mean Sphinx.

        You’re a man of science, instead of being a smug wise-ass, why don’t you consider what I mean by my use of these science-related words? I know lobro does, without even batting an eye. You however….

        P.S. Don’t forget the lever. That’s key. It gets longer exponentially over time.
        Diabolical genius.

      4. Brownhawk,

        Please listen to me, my Mohawk brother, for I do not wish you ill. You do not come across as a bad person, but you get offended too easily and you are self-centered too much. Those are not the signs of a mature man.

        Please listen to me for you have – as everybody else here – to learn much by listening to a wise and decent man. Yes, I am a man of science. But that’s not the point. I am not here to engage in self-promotion, or for entertaining narcissistic feelings. I am old enough not to care about things like that. I am here to give, to give what I have to give to those who are capable of taking with humility and dignity.

        As it was pointed out to me, and rightly so, this is not the best place for scientific discussions. I engage in such activities in places, created specifically for that kind of stuff.

        Magnetic Universe is but one of such places.

      5. WTF, my Circassian brutha!

        My immaturity seems to have gotten the better of me, for I fail to see the penetrating insights pouring through your inimitable posts of infinite wisdom!

        Repeat after me everybody:

        WE ARE NOT WORTHY! WE ARE NOT WORTHY! WE ARE NOT WORTHY!…of what only a precious few can see as being in the presence of such consumate genius!

        And you call ME self-centered?

      6. @ Brownhawk

        WTF, my Circassian brutha! My immaturity seems to have gotten the better of me, for I fail to see the penetrating insights pouring through your inimitable posts of infinite wisdom!

        Circassian is genuinely convinced of his infinite wisdom and never ceases to let us know what an honor he is doing us all in imparting this infinite wisdom to us. When he decided to leave this website voluntarily a couple of weeks ago, he informed us modestly that he had grown weary of casting his pearls before swine.

        Circassian is the only person I know who has perfected the art of blowing his own trumpet with the utmost humility.

    4. Putin talks about “Russia,” “America,” and “Germany” as if they were still sovereign nation-states and not jewish corporations. None of them exist from a political perspective. There is no such thing as the “American government,” as in a government that is run by Americans for the benefit of the American people. The same goes for Germany and Russia. Putin is therefore not addressing anything important, but rather playing the game like all politicians do: using language to describe a world that doesn’t exist.

      1. Main point to me… with which I agreed….

        There is no such thing as the “American government,” as in a government that is run by Americans for the benefit of the American people.

        “WE the People..” = delegates and office-holders ONLY!!

      2. What I took away from the comment is that Putin knows all that. But why would he show his hand now? Or EVER for that matter. In giving him the benefit of the doubt that is.

        But that aside, Pat, Morbid curiosity makes me ask you, who is the chump in the bow-tie from “They Live” that that other chump referenced. I saw the movie but I forget the character.

      3. He was an escort showing them around, but knew nothing about anything…. not able to give any info.

      4. Bingo, SPQR!
        Not a single Western has a “representative” government anymore. “Dual-citizens” run evrything.
        As for Putin, Obummer, and the dispute with Ukraine . . . , well, Jew Banksters don’t start wars unless they control ALL sides.

  42. “both boast civilizations that date back thousands of years’….and as Francis Yockey pointed out, a civilization is NOT a culture. The Chinese and the Jews deserve each other.

  43. From Matthew Armitage.

    Summary: Lasha Darkmoon is a “coward” because she hides behind a pen name. So stop reading Darkmoon and switch over to some nice courageous Jewish website.

    Clever Joe! The gentleman clearly sees what Darkmoon’s other hapless and clearly infatuated brood does not. Being maligned and called names is the first misfortune to befall a seer, and those who otherwise may warn and preserve, are run down and expelled.

    Darkmoon has given her long-Judaized but freshly intoxicated and unmistakeably blind readers supposed reasons why he/she must remain completely anonymous, but one wonders what Montecristo’s and Lucy Skipping’s reasons for covering themselves fully are?! Surely, the entire Darkmoon family cannot be a collection of erudite scholars and learned academics, whose very being, if uncovered, would be annihilated, can it?! It is the small but extremely pertinent details like these that give the likes of John Kaminski and the horribly spiritually stunted Brother Nathanael Kapner an edge over Darkmoon; they at least, apart from presenting real knowledge and information to their readers, as indeed the Darkmoon crew also does, show us who they are, so that way we know who it is that is speaking to us. Does Darkroom imagine that John Kaminski would not rather himself remain anonymous and hidden, and thus, a la Darkmoon, ensure the preservation of his person? Of course he does, but he does not do that, as allied to his passion for truth is real and not imagined courage, and ultimately it is courage and not mere desire for truth that frees and liberates. Real scholars and true fighters know this. But what exactly does the Darkmoon and her crew know about fighting, eh? To throw a stone and hide the hand is easy, and this anyone can do; but to throw a stone, to smash a Jewish head, and then to announce to the same that it was you who threw the stone – this, I’m afraid, not many can do, and as in everything great and important, it is small details like this that give the game away.

    No one here, to my knowledge at least, has made the intellectual leap and recognize the fact that, though we are not (yet) being fired upon and threatened in person, we are in a quiet state of war, and the way of all wars is, as some of us know only too well, a way of deception. Enter Lasha Darkmoon. All power to the Jewry! Veritatis loquatur. Causas finis est.

    M., Armitage

    1. The trouble with your argument is that it depends on a false assumption: that Lasha’s wish for anonymity springs from cowardice, because she is afraid of being hunted down and killed by Jews, unlike the fearless Bro Kapner and the redoubtable Kaminski.

      Lasha is well aware that her identity is already known to the people who matter: to the NSA, GCHQ, and Israeli intelligence. They could pick her up for interrogation whenever they want. They know exactly where she lives and everything about her.

      Lasha is not afraid of them for the simple and logical reason that she regards herself, rightly, as a “small fish” — not worth bothering about. After all, they haven’t killed Kaminski or harmed him — and we all know his personal home address — so why on earth should they want to hurt Lasha?

      No, Lasha remains anonymous entirely for family reasons: because she doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of her closest relatives who would throw a fit if they knew that she was living a double life as an “anti-Semitic” internet firebrand. You see, some of Lasha’s closest relatives are ardent Zionists. Not Jews. Zionists. If they knew she was “Lasha Darkmoon”, they would disown her, ostracize her, forbid her from talking to their children. Lasha has already touched on all this in an article called “My Zionist Uncle”, published on this site two years ago but now deleted.

      As for losing her job if her identity were known, Lasha does not fear this for the simple reason that she now has no job to lose. She has independent means. All Lasha wishes is to keep a low profile because she is a strict recluse and values her privacy above all things. And she doesn’t want to antagonize her relatives and friends and lose their friendship.

      Do you blame her?

      1. all of my family and close friends (close: redundancy, any other friend is no friend) are well aware of my loathing of jews (in fact, i am a 2nd generation jew-hater, my father having achieved a degree of notoriety in that regard), so this is not an issue.
        however, if the world at large, such as their employers and coworkers found out, it would spell the end of their careers.
        myself, i couldn’t care less, i don’t depend on anyone for survival, not that i need much.

        they say that the most effective method of torment is to apply it to victim’s wife and children and jews know this perfectly.

  44. From what I have read about the oral Torah – Talmud, how any sane individual could believe that B/S is beyond comprehension. That anyone would invest one’s life in studying the rambling minutiae of clearly bitter, imbalanced, and perverse old men is hard to understand. I’ll take the Old Testament and especially the New Testament over the capricious excrement of self important and poorly groomed old bigots.

  45. Since the world is controlled by satan and the jews are his children they will never be defeated. Wishful thinking like maybe the Chinese will wake up and do it is a waste of time. God Or Jesus would have to destroy the devil then the jews will be consumed

    1. Good point! Satan rules the world, so the Jews have it made. Wow, why didn’t I think of that?!? Hmmm… maybe it’s time to join the Satanists, huh?!? 🙂

  46. China is as Kosher as they come.

    – Jews funded Mao (not that they weren’t there long before he was even born).

    – Jews relocated our entire manufacturing industry there (after having stolen it from us). They print the money at will and used it to buy up everything we created, invented, and built.

    – Jewish spies have given China our military secrets, weapons, and technologies (there’s nothing uniquely Chinese about any of it, and their military is built to defeat America, not “terrorists” or anyone else), while doing their best to undermine/destroy our military.

    – They have convinced the Chinese (and the Americans themselves) that we “owe” them (a false debt) and they will be coming to collect.

    Really, it’s about as obvious as can be. COMMUNIST China, which was funded by Jews (who didn’t just leave their investment behind), is their next host. One they will use to hammer the final nail into our coffin.

    1. From The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (pgs 122-123):

      Upset by the harm that it was doing, St. Louis called a conference on the
      Talmud. In June 1240, Nicholas Donin had an extended debate with Rabbi Yehiel
      ben Joseph of Paris under royal auspices and presided over by the queen mother,
      Blanche of Castile. One Jewish commentator claims “the entire event epitomized
      the declining status ofJews in that century and their transformation in Christian
      minds into little more than embodiments of blasphemous doctrine.”’7 6 The rabbi
      was dumbfounded that he had to defend Jewish esoteric writings in a hostile en-
      vironment. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Rabbi Yehiel, lacking any
      precedent for conducting a disputation of this sort, didn’t know how to respond.
      When asked whether it were true that the Talmud claimed “Jesus was condemned
      to an eternity in hell, immersed in ‘boiling excrement'” and Mary, his mother, was
      a whore, the Rabbi could only respond, yes, those passages were in the Talmud,
      but they did not refer to “that” Jesus or “that” Mary. “Not every Louis born in
      France is the king of France,” Yehiel maintained, giving new meaning to the term
      “chutzpah.” “Has it not happened,” he continued, “that two men were born in the
      same city, had the same name, and died in the same manner? There are many
      such cases.”’77 One Jewish historian referred to Rabbi Yehiel’s denial as the birth
      of Jewish humor.

    2. If you liked atheist Chinese communism, wait until you ‘get a load’ of atheist Chinese nationalism!

    3. The website discusses the possibility that The Manhattan Project (totally controlled by Jews at the top: Oppenheimer, Teller, Szilard, Einstein, Lillienthal) was a HOAX. These, after all, are the same folks who gave us the Apollo Moon Hoax and the Holohoax and the Nuremberg Show Trial. The possibility that nukes are a hoax must be thoroughly examines….it is a game-changer. It may be that nukes cannot be dropped via rockets or planes ……
      (Read The Jesus Factor (1970) by Edwin Corley.)

      1. I have opined for decades that nukes cannot be dropped from planes or put in a rocket.

        They were smuggled in piece-by-piece and assembled in Japan sites.

        MIRVs are a total joke. The claim is as many as a dozen per nose-cone. LOL!!

        We refute everything else the lying Jews do….but credit them there.. Laughable.

  47. AUTHOR: Norabbi
    SUMMARY: Lasha Darkmoon is hiding behind a pen name, so don’t bother to read her. Go to some nice Jewish website instead and get your facts from there.

    Lasha what is the value of your website if only analysing day by day, year by year, that the jews are this, do this, did this. We know all of this. All this writing, bla. bla, bla,
    Doctor what is the cure???
    Have can we expect a cure if even the doctor, Lasha, acts anonymous on this site, who is she/he by the way?
    I have more appreciation for the former jew, Kapner, from We know who he is and doesn’t
    hide himself and says it like it is, not like you with your “intelligent”disclaimer(s).
    Finally I guarantee you I am not a jew, of course if you want to believe me!!!

    1. Norabbi,

      Ask Jewish Scholar Norman Finkelstein about the power of the Zionists to ruin one’s career esp. in academia. After holding the Israeli government accountable for the atrocities against the Palestinians his career was ruined in the US. As I recall, he was being considered for tenure at a Catholic University and he would have gotten it, but for the Zionist lobby in Amerika.

      You may not be a Jew (I have nothing personal against individual Jews), but you are no doubt a Zionist of some sort. A gentile Zionist is really a tool to be discarded when they are no longer useful.

  48. Please remove this site from shitty cloudfare.
    It’s very difficult and annoying for TOR users to access.


    1. Sorry, that’s not possible for many reasons. However, I have changed the security level from “Low” to “Essentially Off” – hopefully this will help Tor exit nodes to connect without receiving a challenge captcha.

  49. I sense that the wisdom of Christ in its deepest aspects is ALREADY being revealed in the form of ‘leaks’. As in a dam which has heretofore held back the water of Truth from pouring over its parapet.

    The physical is an orientation of spirit. To know this is one’s experience is central to what blows the lid off torah – and to experience the physical EXCLUSIVELY is to be in its box.

    A hint of this is portrayed in one of the ancient legends I’ve written about, and it illustrates from what stems a spiritual resonance of wampum.

    “….an initial act of coercion which conceptualized into what became known as money, its malignant root has spread its disease throughout the whole of humanity, and produced materialistic blooms in a desecrated wasteland.

    Meanwhile, many of the indigenous peoples who resisted this had been left to their own devices, and went on with their lives without embracing its multifarious ways. They would stay poised in the natural world, where the impulse for Coalescence (my aside: this is a name for the true state of spirit) remains constant; dream-time of the natural mystic. Dwelling on a keen edge of awareness, with the most perspicacious among them sensing the superimposition of what was once a true state. Those who see the material illusion of “veins of gold” as the wise rivers of imagination they truly are. Frozen in a rolled up reservation of time, yet knowing that one which has let its hair down is coming around the thawing bend.”

  50. I live and teach in East Asia, and it’s my opinion, fortified by sound observation, that the Chinese have to be dealt with~ They’ll never ‘take over’ in the sense that western powers fear – their system is just not lined up for that, nor do they have the backbone for a fight, but they are going to do a lot of damage unless they’re stopped in their tracks – only question is, of course, the ‘how’~

  51. I asked the priest in my local state church about the evil conduct of the jews concerning “The Book of Esther” and to my astonishment he did not know the story too well to comment on it.

    No wonder the sheep is lost!

  52. The rise of China and Russia is a curse because there is no nation that is following Jesus.

    The Greek word translated as fulfill is “pleroo” which means to “fully preach”, not to conclude.

    5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy The Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
    5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from The Law, till all be fulfilled.

    Jesus, obviously, was saying that he came to uphold the OT Law and he did so perfectly.

    Who in the alternative-media started the trend to blame the “Jews”; though, Jesus clearly said that THEY are not, but are the synagogue of Satan (some of whom are racial Jews)?

    Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.

    1. New Song- Jesus did not preach any new religion. He also did not manage to complete his message.
      He pointed out in John to the coming of prophet Muhammad who will complete his message in the form of islam.

      1. @JEFFKL- you know you are in a site which attracts White nationalists right? You know WN hate islam right? Maybe its better not to talk about islam here, ya know to avoid unnecessary hostilities and all that.

    2. @Franklyn- sure Franklyn. Im sure all those people that were murdered by the church was for the sake for “peace” right? Just as israel are striving for “peace” by mass murdering palestinians. I wish we muslims could learn “peace” from you guys.

    3. @Franklyn- sure Franklyn. Im sure all those people that were murdered by the church throughout history was for the sake for “peace” right? Just as israel are striving for “peace” by mass murdering palestinians. I wish we muslims could learn “peace” from you guys.

      1. No you Muslims shouldn’t learn peace from us kuffār, learn it from your rasūl and his khulafā’ ar-rāshidūn who spent their whole lives fighting (for “peace” of course).

      2. @Franklyn- atleast if we learnt peace your way, we wouldnt have to worry about having minorities in our society(who until recently have lived in peace in muslim countries).

      3. Btw its Kaffir, which means disbelievers. Not kufr which means disbelief. And no theres nothing wrong in fixing a pagan society that buries female children alive.

        And it seems you have a profound lack of idea of islamic history and islam. But like other White Nationalists you prefer hearing the lies from the the jews(in WN clothing).

        Here’s the catch, there’s a chapter, regarding the Kafirun that tells muslims how to behave with disbelievers. Its called Surah al-Kafirun.(chapter 102 I think). Its quite short, 6 lines and written in easy sentences. You should consider reading it.

    4. Could you be more specific about how Jesus upheld the OT?
      Was it by stopping the stoning of the woman taken in adultery?
      Was it by talking to the woman at the well?
      Was it by forbidding divorce?
      Was it by healing on the Sabbath?
      Was it by eating with outcasts?
      Was it by healing lepers?
      Was it by raising Lazarus from the dead instead of putting a knife to his throat like Abraham did to Isaac?
      Was it by healing the daughter of another tribe…the Roman centurian?

  53. I remember learning about the china opium wars fifty years ago in high school ; and many historical references have been made to the china opium wars since then . This is the first substantiated revelation in more than fifty years that jews instigated those opium wars .

    1. You should also learn who were really behind the Boer wars in South Africa. Many crimes committed by empires were in reality instigated by that particular tribe we are talking about.

      1. first i hear about it, franklin, tell us a bit more.
        all i know is that churchill, uk’s yeltsin, got his glory stripes there.

      2. @ Lobro

        The Boers fled British rule in the Cape and founded two independent states in the interior of South Africa : Transvaal and Orange Free State. But these states contained mineral richesses that were coveted by Jews. It is those Jews behind the British who instigated the Boer Wars. Money for those wars came from… the opium trade on China, also controlled by Jews. You can read about it at :

      3. franklin, thanks.
        far be it from me to doubt the veracity of the statement, i just like to have a handy reference when disseminating the truth further.
        in fact, i’d like to see the (short/nonexistent) list of wars that jews didn’t start.

        It is those Jews behind the British who instigated the Boer Wars. Money for those wars came from… the opium trade on China, also controlled by Jews.

        india-china-transvaal … another triangle route, 2 triangles form the star of rothschild, don’t they.
        and the fact that oliver cromwell, i mean, boris yeltsin, i mean winston churchill got his start there says something too, imo.

      4. Diamond Syndicate Ltd.
        ….one of the oldest and largest international monopolies, built around De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd.
        The British colonial administrator C. Rhodes, very prominent in the seizure of the diamond deposits discovered in South Africa, founded the De Beers Mining Company in 1880. Rhodes organized the mining of the deposits and soon bought other tracts rich in diamonds. Later he concluded agreements with the owners of some of these tracts on merging them into one enterprise. This led to the founding in 1888 of De Beers Consolidated Mines, which included, along with De Beers Mining Company, the big Kimberley Central Mining Company, which was founded by the British banking house Barnato Bros. In carrying out this merger, Rhodes had the financial assistance of the House of Rothschild. In 1892 the Diamond Syndicate, a cartel with a central marketing organization, was set up on the initiative of De Beers Consolidated Mines and with the participation of Barnato Bros. and other firms involved in the diamond industry. From the moment it was founded, the Diamond Syndicate’s policy was to keep the prices on diamonds, especially those used for jewelry, as high as possible under any and all conditions. To this end it restricted the extraction of diamonds and put on the market only amounts that would permit it to dictate diamond prices.

        World domination

        In 1896, Rhodes’s name was linked with the Jameson Raid – a disastrous (and illegal) attempt to annex Transvaal territory held by the Boers, and a principal cause of the South African War of 1899-1902. His reputation in Britain accrued a lasting tarnish. A defence of his character, published in 1897 and co-authored by the pseudonymous “Imperialist”, offers an insight into the charges against him: “Bribery and corruption”, “neglect of duty”, “harshness to the natives” and the allegation that “that Mr Rhodes is utterly unscrupulous”. His lifelong companion Dr Leander Starr Jameson – a future premier of the Cape Colony and the leader of the ill-fated raid – added a postscript insisting that some of Rhodes’s best blacks were friends: “His favourite Sunday pastime was to go into the De Beers native compound, where he had built them a fine swimming bath, and throw in shillings for the natives to dive for. He knew enough of their languages to talk to them freely, and they looked up to him – indeed, fairly worshiped the great white man.”

  54. i watched “they live” and it was great fun, the symbolism almost over the top.
    of course, nothing new to learn for for old hands but that kind of makes it even more fun, getting slammed by the obvious.

    it’s the backdrop analysis that is instructive.
    in fact, there is an important message there for us, here and now.
    the movie was made in 1988, 26 years ago and even involved a jew-or-two-in-the-crew, i noticed a lurking levine in the credits, a joke within a joke.
    how was it possible that such a movie was made right in the middle of hollywood, by a renowned director (john carpenter)?

    well, the jews allowed it because they thought that the connections were too arcane to be spotted by anyone but the true connoisseurs, all the references hiding in plain sight:

    “the golden rule: who owns the gold makes the rules” (1st rothschild’s motto: give me control of country’s monetary policy and i don’t care who rules),
    the downtown bank riddled with extraterrestrial ghouls,
    they refer to the rest of us as cattle, earth is just a place to plunder,
    the shabbos partying at a masonic banquet, toasting the masters who brought them 40% annual return on investment through insider trading scams,
    subliminal commands: obey, consume, watch tv, bow to authority, keep sleeping, etc.

    well, that was 1988, before the advent of www, so they thought it was safe to play these little jokes on unsuspecting cattle, a joke that turned nearly disastrous on them, which is why “they live” is merely a cult movie today, they cannot ban it outright, much as the’d love to, it’s been downloaded and can be shared in an instant, ban would only spark additional interest and questions why – a surefire indicator of inconvenient real truth.

    what’s the bottom line?

    this: internet is the jew’s nemesis, it works as a delivery of truth, lots of people are catching onto the facts, a real fly in the ointment of talmud.

    this site, darkmoon, is effective and dangerous to them, they are running scared, they are neither omnipotent nor omniscient as they promote themselves, “wisdom of the protocols” has its limit

    www sucker punched them, they never saw it coming, they are losing control and the game is becoming more open.
    the history of this funny, grade-b movie is quite telling.

    1. I bet Kevin MacDonald feels a lot like Nada in that movie: trying to get people to see what’s going on, with people refusing to “put the glasses on” and see the truth about the jews… oblivious people fighting back, like Nada’s friend does in that now-famous fight scene, preferring instead to just stay quiet, don’t shake things up, etc.

      The best scene was the one where they sneak into the alien base and meet the philosemite/alien-loving human who’s allied himself with them.

      -It’s business, that’s all it is. You still don’t get it. There ain’t no countries anymore. They’re running the whole show. They own the whole planet. They can do whatever they want. We can have it good for a change
      If we help them, they’ll leave us alone to make some money. You can have a taste of the good life. It’s what everybody wants.
      – You’d do it to your own kind?
      – What’s the threat? We all sell out every day, might as well be on the winning team.

      That pretty much sums up mammonism and the White sell-outs who serve jewish interests, like every American president for the past century and every western leader today. The only thing is, the jews won’t leave us alone even if we help them. Jews only want to achieve power so they can then exterminate whatever unlucky people has given them that power. The aliens in They Live were arguably much more tolerant than the jews.

      1. yes, i laughed through that dialogue, very accurate depiction of shabbo mind.

        i think it pokes at a deeper issue, namely, that the material biological life is all there is, so might as well grab all you can and damn the ideas of responsibility, ie, continuity, something that jews never tire of promoting.

        freemasonry in a nutshell.

        and yes, the bugeyed freaks were more likeable than jews, at least there was no around the clock guilt mantra that we choke on like it’s poured out of cement mixer.

      2. Yeah, and that’s why sellout goyim Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Jackie Onassis married off their daughters to Jews — to put them on the winning team. (The ploy didn’t work out too well for Jackie; they still killed John Jr.)

    2. Yes, the net took them by surprise. But they own ALL the money and ALL the surveillance state institutions, so it won’t be long before they’ve written the laws to make free speech on the net illegal or access to the net prohibitively expensive. They already own google, youtube, facebook…..

  55. i am also intrigued by the introduction of novus ordo (“new order”) mass after the 2nd council, mandated by anti-pope paul vi, when the jew-inspired and directed masonic subservience became the marching orders for the top hierarchy of the catholic church.
    can noahide mass be far behind?

    a paragraph this link (From August Sacrifice of the Altar to Liturgical “Happy Meal”) depicts the humiliation succinctly:

    Reverence, mystery, godliness, and devotion are noticeably absent. The New Mass features not an all-holy Sacrifice offered to a transcendent Triune God, but a meal that is shared by a community closed in on itself and celebrating itself. The “celebration” is banal, commonplace, and dull, and of itself it cannot possibly attract devotion or vocations to the holy priesthood, which has been stripped of all dignity and all that made it special, the priest having been reduced, in essence, to a glorified social worker who is not allowed to marry (not exactly an exciting vocation for any healthy and sane boy or young man).

    novus ordo missae is just part of novus ordo mundi.

  56. It is a shame that China’s Jew bankers do not allow the free access to blogsites like this one.

    The www is the best tool Jew bankers have for control. All money transactions are monitored for the first time in human history. And they track persons also….(Me and you.)
    Controlled fiat money = controlled people. The ‘Red-Sign’ banker said so. He knows.

    WordPress sites like this one are not allowed in Turkey either:
    In August 2007 Adnan Oktar, a Turkish creationist, was able to get a Turkish court to block Internet access to by all of Turkey. His lawyers argued that blogs on contained libelous material on Oktar and his colleagues which staff was unwilling to remove. was blocked in China, but like some other sites, it is intermittently unblocked and blocked

    The messages here are not seen by all of the Chinese and no Turks.

    1. The Turkish leaders don’t want the Turks to find out that Jews control the Turkish military and that and that Attaturk was a Jew.

  57. Building up the perfect beast by transfering state-of-the-art AmeriKwan military technology
    to capitalo-communist China through Jewish intermediaries:

    “In the early 1990s then-CIA Director James Woolsey told Senate Government Affairs Commitee that Israel has been selling U.S. secrets to China for about a decade. More than 12 years ago the U.S. demanded Israel cancel a contract to supply China with Python III missiles, which included technology developed by the U.S. for its Sidewinder missiles,” the Associated Press reported in 2002.

    Below is a link to an article by Wayne Madsen (2007/03/06) about a major Jewish player in arms smuggling to China and Southeast Asia, one Shaul Eisenberg (d. 1997), Zim Shipping, et al.

    A footnote to/reminder of Zim Ship., since the name comes up in the article:

    And last but not least, the indefatigable IncogMan’s earlier dispatch:

  58. Jews in US pushed to give military secrets to China through Clinton Administration.

    I remember the outcry in 1998 when it was discovered that Clinton and Shalikashvili had given military defense secrets and missile secrets to China and got nothing in return. Jews Kissinger and Berger at NSA were in on the deal. (Clinton also had close ties with Chinese money men, like ‘bag man’ Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie.)

    In a speech before the PLA National Defense University in May 1997, General John M. Shalikashvili, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for “a more equal exchange of information with the PLA.”

    Chinese representatives claimed that they could not fully reciprocate U.S. initiatives because some of their units were embarrassingly backward, the PLA had only limited funds for such exchanges, and excessive transparency could expose Chinese military vulnerabilities to a potential foreign adversary.

      1. Yep… and there is much more… at Charlie’s restaurant… the Fu Lin Restaurant in Little Rock.

        Big ‘fortune cookies’ there!!

        It was an explosion nobody heard. And at more than 500 miles above the earth’s surface, nobody could. But that January 11 outer-space collision — a People’s Republic of China medium-range, surface-to-air ballistic missile destroying one of its aging weather satellites — ought to be a reminder of that country’s military prowess, and how to some extent it obtained it, especially during the Nineties.

  59. Shirley Yewgeste wrote:
    December 14, 2014 at 3:50 pm
    “A goat is a pagan. It means that although you will tolerate some of their practices, they will check the religions of their mothers and fathers at the gate.”

    Your interpretation of this passage in deuteronomy is minor and inconsequential, since it has little or no bearing on the point that I was trying to make when I posted that passage from the jewish bible regarding the commandment whereby the “chosen” are required to feed DISEASED MEAT to strangers. IF SOMETHING DIES OF ITSELF IT USUALLY MEANS THAT THE ANIMAL WAS AFFLICTED WITH SOME KIND OF DISEASE AND THAT THE MEAT IS UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

    “Furthermore, a few verses down in Deuterononomy, you find that some Israelites ate roadkill too, and are commanded to wash with water and be unclean until evening.”

    Some women are known to walk into the doctor’s office with the intention of seeking labial reduction surgery. Let me ask you this ….. Would you say that anytime a woman walks into a doctor’s office with the intention of VOLUTARILY seeking to have genital reduction surgery performed on herself, that such an act should be placed on a similar moral plane with – what happens when a child is overpowered by the mohel and is FORCED to undergo a similar procedure ??

    “The laws of Israel were odd to the whole world. In jew fashion, ‘save the goyim’ posted a verse from Deuterononomy about giving, and selling (selling?) road kill to the strangers in the gate. AND edited it.”

    I did absolutely NO editing of that passage, and I challenge you to prove that your assertion is correct.

  60. Shirley Yewgeste wrote :
    December 14, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    “Your traditions bring the law to no effect”. Where is that verse. “Thou shat not murder”, in the Torah, becomes “Thou shalt murder goyim” in the Talmud. ”

    The torah appears to be self-contradictory on the point of the “chosen” killing the non-chosen, but that’s a mere illusion in light of the fact that the torah isn’t being self-contradictory !! The whole point of the torah is to elevate the lives of the “chosen” above the lives of the “non-chosen,” so when the torah makes the injunction against committing murder, it’s important to keep that passage in its proper context. It’s important to realize that while the jewish god clearly doesn’t care one iota if his chosen commit murder against the “strangers” in the surrounding areas, he makes that famous injunction against homicide for the simple reason that he doesn’t want his “chosen” to commit murder amongst themselves. !!

    1. You lie again. The surrounding areas? Why can’t you say The land of Canaan and Canaanites? Not Han people, not the Medes, not the Egyptians. Just the Canaanites. Why the Canaanites? Do you think giants might have something to do with it? Sacrificing children to Molech? Family orgies (ask jewess Heidi Fleiss and her dad about that)? Bestiality? Homosexuality? Did you know all venereal diseases ultimately come from animals? How did Urusalem become Jebus? Where do I start, with you?

      Your little analogy is more sensational lying. The only reason they didn’t eat buzzard chow is because the God of Israel told them not to. Did Yahweh tell them why? Is that a good enough reason for you. In spite of God’s laws, you eat pork. And all evidence of the diseases that causes be damned too. You do it to spite. Animals don’t just die of diseases. That’s another sensational and coyly deceptive spin of your fanaticism. Animals have heart attacks, animals drown, animals freeze to death. Canaanites ate dung. The lowest animal was believed to pass the best things in food, ergo bat dung could be found in Canaanite health food stores. Did the Israelites sell them dung and pork? Pork is worse than road kill. It’s so bad they weren’t to touch it. Bon appetite.

      Here’s another thing. During the Civil War, sanitation was considered religious fanaticism. A doctor opened a hospital with the policy of practicing the sanitation laws of Leviticus. His hospital had recovery rates 3 times better than the next best hospital. What do you think happened? He was ridiculed and tormented into an insane asylum by jews and fanatics like you.

      Are you a re-incarnationist? You seem to think people are born guilty, like Moses Maimonides and the Saduccee Pharisees. The Israelites were resurrectionists, not re-incarnationists. Lucifer and his family DO reincarnate. Satan has been the King of Tyre and the King of Assyria. Lillith has come around a few times too. Can you guess who? Other races aren’t automatically guilty, so “Thou shalt not shed innocent blood’ applies to them too.

      And one more thing.
      Gen 17:5 Neither shall thy name be called any more Abram; but thy name shall be Abraham for a father of many nations have I made thee.

      The Hebrew word ‘goyim’ is translated as nations in that verse. The Abrahamic nations are goyim too. This is confirmed by the jews special hatred of the Muslims and Christians.

      Now, don’t talk to me anymore. You’re too fkn dumb, a subtle liar, and a hyper hormonal sensationalist, and that’s the best I can say about you, because you act just like a jew.


    1. Speaking of OBSCURANTISM..

      ‘thou shall not kill’ (abracadabra) ‘thou shall not murder’
      Any half sane half honest human can see this, plain as day.

      “‘Thou shalt not kill’ does not apply to murder of one’s own kind only, but to all living beings; and this Commandment was inscribed in the human breast long before it was proclaimed from Sinai.” (Leo Tolstoy)

  62. Shirley Yewgeste wrote:
    December 14, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    “Furthermore, a few verses down in Deuterononomy, you find that some Israelites ate roadkill too, and are commanded to wash with water and be unclean until evening. Adrenaline response poisons the meat.”

    Here’s the verse from Deuteronomy 14 :
    James Version (KJV)

    21 “Ye shall not eat of anything that dieth of itself: thou shalt give it unto the stranger that is in thy gates, that he may eat it; or thou mayest sell it unto an alien: for thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God.”

    The jewish god clearly states in this verse that he doesn’t want his “chosen” to eat diseased meat (“anything that dieth of itself”). Instead, he wants his “chosen” to give diseased meat to the “strangers at the gate” a.k.a. goyim. In keeping with the letter and the spirit of this verse, it is perfectly acceptable UNDER THE LAWS OF THE TORAH when the rabbis poison you with all kinds of shitty concoctions !! YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT THAT ON YOUR NEXT TRIP TO THE SUPERMARKET.

  63. Shirley Yewgeste wrote:
    December 17, 2014 at 1:12 pm
    “You lie again. The surrounding areas? Why can’t you say The land of Canaan and Canaanites? Not Han people, not the Medes, not the Egyptians.”


    “Just the Canaanites. Why the Canaanites? Do you think giants might have something to do with it? Sacrificing children to Molech? Family orgies (ask jewess Heidi Fleiss and her dad about that)? Bestiality? Homosexuality?”

    BUT it wasn’t only the Canaanites who drew the wrath of that genocidal jewish monster “adonoi elohaynu.” …. It was also the Hittites and the Philistines and the Amalekites, etc., etc. In the Old Testament the jewish god demanded the complete obliteration of virtually all of the neighboring tribes that were living in the same general vicinity as the “chosen ones.” I’ve posed this question to others on other websites and have never been able to get a satisfactory response to it : I’d like to know where in the Old Testament does it specify that the victims of “elohaynu” were so bad that they were deserving of such treatment ??? I WANT YOU TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION WITH SPECIFIC BIBLE VERSES. AND LET ME STATE BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER THAT I REGARD YOU AS A JEWESS WHO CAME HERE TO DEFEND THE SACRED MASSACRES THAT THE “CHOSEN” WERE (AND ARE) COMMANDED TO ENGAGE IN.

    1. Do you know how stupid your questions are? You haven’t read a word of it. You’ve read soundbites picked out by jews to persuade people of lies. Taken in context, you can’t believe that garbage you woofed about buzzard chow, even as you eat pork, like a hypocrite. I took a look around that WN satanist site that Bill White exposed when he shook that WN tree and all manner of jew pervert fell out. Your questions should be for THEM. The so called contradictions they advertise on their lopsided Satanist website only reveal a dumbed down comprehension and retention disability, on their part. They’ve given you an image of it for your house of idols. “My people perish, for lack of knowledge”. I believe you truly are a stupid and naïve person, they just love to find. You’re a tunnel visioned fanatic with an agenda the size of Texas. If you were pursuing money, you would trip over a 65 pound gold nugget in your path and turn around and curse it for slowing you down in your chase for a hundred dollars. And be careful about that word “satan”. It only means ‘adversary’. So, when the Talmud says ‘Yahweh is Satan’, it’s not lying. The jew’s messiah is the Christian beast. Your questions should be for the liars you adore. You don’t know how tricky they are.

      Why don’t you find the mistranslated word in Genesis 1:2. Then find out what an abomination is. Would giants and swine be abominations? The final curse on Egypt, the pharaoh named, you would know if you weren’t such a lazy waste. The others are more tribes of Canaanites living in THE LAND OF CANAAN. Do you need a link to you tube with the text, voice, music and a bouncing ball? You’re obedient to your own dumbing down. You’re pre-remedial. Leviticus 18 is about sex. Try that one.

      The jews take advantage of your mouse complex you willingly put up in your temple of idols. The Israelites were outnumbered at least 7 to 1, when they entered the land of Canaan.

      I’m not a girl. Sound out ‘Shirley yewgeste’. Does it say something else? I call that ‘Hugh Janus’ poetry. Sound out ‘hugh janus too. I can write whole sentences using Hugh Janus poetry and so can the jews. If you and fanatical assholes like you don’t wise up, I’m going to start harassing and tormenting you right along with the jews. You just can’t be helped.

      Be careful with the word ‘god’ too. If God has to consult with rabbis before he makes a decision, is that an omniscient god? They don’t worship Yahweh. Jeremiah 35 can confirm that for you. They don’t drink, because of that little ‘en vino veritox’ thing best exemplified by that jewess in “East of Eden”. Try the book. A little more depth there.


    1. shirley is neither a jew nor a woman (hint: leslie nielsen’s famous retort in the movie “airplane”).

      he likes to rag on me on occasion as well but he is generally ok.

  65. Actually, it’s too late for the Chinese. They’ve – at least the Mainland – already succumbed to the jews, when the jew Communists went over from the Soviet Union and taught that ideology to Mao.

    Not tht the Chinese really needed to be taught communism, they already had the worst, repressive control, ever: Emperors. For a long, long time. All the common people had to do is raise their heads a little, and their rulers had it chopped off.

    To top it off, the secret societies, originated to fight against the rulers, turned out to be the same, corrupt and repressive against the commoners. So the CHinese were, and still are, caught between the Devil and Satan (my phrase)

  66. NEXT?
    AND THE )EW Franklin DELANO Rosenfelds!!!!!!!
    and )EW Sassons KING PINS!
    TO THIS DAY!!!

  67. UNCLE TOBY: You do wrong to blame me unjustly for holding up your comments. I have no interest whatsoever in censoring you. Your comment was found in “SPAM”. I have just approved it.

    when sergei glazyev talks, it pays to listen

    he may be thought of as brzezinski of kremlin, big power behind innocuous title of adviser.

    look up some of my earlier comments posted regarding this hunch this and the previous year (esp. exchanges with circassian), where i argued for precisely this tectonic shift, detected by my seismic antennae.

    A case can be made that the geopolitical shift towards Russia-China integration is arguably the greatest strategic maneuver of the last 100 years.
    Xi’s ultimate master plan is unambiguous: a Russia-China-Germany trade/commerce alliance. German business/industry wants it badly,
    although German politicians still haven’t got the message. Xi – and Putin – are building a new economic reality on the Eurasian ground, crammed with crucial political, economic and strategic ramifications.

    german business wants alliance (or shall it be axis of virulent-antisemitic-existential-angst) with china and russia or would it be equivalent to saying that german business (and germans in general) are thoroughly sick of inglorious basterds that have been sucking their bone marrow for over a century.

    1. thank you and beg pardon
      a) sir, if you are older than me,
      b) buddy otherwise, and
      c) not a monitor lizard (blame my swahili field guide)

      i think that the word denoting an ethnic group of north caucasus along the eastern shore of the black sea is the spam trigger.

  68. Many have stated that China will back its currency with gold. That is not possible today.

    China owns a little more than 1% of the gold in the world. 1054 tonnes.

    If China backed its currency with gold, the price of gold would have to be over $30,000 an ounce, since China’s current gold holdings is 1054 tonnes and their yuan volume is 5.81 trillion (936Billion USD).

    5810 billion yuan:

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