On the cusp of annihilation

“The so-called “greatest generation” was not the greatest but the worst.  And we are their children.”  — Tom Mysiewicz 


Because of our inability to cure the many and worsening social plagues that afflict us, there can be no greater or more horrifying evidence foreshadowing our complete demise as a free country than the recent assessment that the most likely U.S. presidential candidates for 2016 will be Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

In no uncertain terms, this sickening prospect means that the people who have run America into the ground, destroying its infrastructure and sabotaging its well being, will continue to do their dirty work unimpeded well into the future, however long (or short?) that might be.

Nowhere on the horizon of the political spectrum is there a coherent voice who is willing to fully explain how the United States of America has been kidnapped and mutilated by a demented foreign power motivated only by its own narcissistic psychoses.

Nor are there anywhere near enough forthright writers who will address the problem clearly, and outline the downward spiral of America’s well being as the result of the Jewish disfigurement of American institutions.

Certainly, there has been no change in who rules America since the Kennedy assassination of 1963, which appears to have been the last time any kind of public rhetoric demonstrated genuine and verifiable concern for the American people.

The last time any American president ever mentioned “morally repugnant secret societies”, John F. Kennedy was murdered a short while later, and the subject has seldom been brought up by any American leader of note, because all the presidents since then, to one degree or another, have been straitjacketed by these very same nefarious secret societies, who are exclusively comprised of Jewish billionaires who mask their ethnicity with a few token European royals pretending to be some other religious denomination but who are unmistakably guided by the xenophobic, homicidal and psychopathological tractates of the Talmud.

It has been a straight downhill slide into kneejerk totalitarianism ever since, in which Americans lose one right after another, day after day. As their Founding Fathers warned them so long ago, most ordinary citizens have no rights remaining by which to alleviate their ongoing social strangulation. The jobs are gone, the courts are corrupt and the bankers are not concerned by the pain of the people.

Annihilation is a strong word, but consider today’s headlines: hollow point bullets, Wi-Fi radiation and government engineered diseases like Ebola. Then there are the apparently natural disasters like Arctic methane and Yellowstone about to erupt. Too much for anyone to worry about, definitely not a normal world. Definitely a landscape fitting for Armageddon, for the annihilation of the world we thought we knew.

Despite the endless stream of partisan analyses that always detail the crimes but never name the criminals, there is no indication today that any of these destructive trends will be ameliorated, as the uber-wealthy manipulators who always get to pick their presidents have no adversary with the ability or the will to put them in their place, which rightly would be in the deepest bowels of hell.

The police are all on the take, the military remains compliant because its leaders are appointed by corruptible civilians, and the judiciary is totally controlled by the rich men who assign them their unassailable power.

And with a mentally defective populace unable to even perceive most of the problems created by the crimes that have taken place, the tawdry and corrupt yes men who pose as our presidents continue to erode the principles and practices that once made America the best place in the world to live.

Today, the U.S. is awash in Third World anarchy created by deliberately destabilizing immigration policies that have allowed criminal Jews to usurp the reigns of government by seizing control of America’s financial operations, and its media, university and business systems, and in their demonic processes, flood formerly civilized white nations with a torrential flood of savagely unreasonable nonwhite rapists.

The American people have been made to accept these abnormal practices as normal, and regard unhealthy medical procedures as healthy. They have been made to swallow completely artificial events as real as their so-called leaders stage atrocities to convince the Yankee lemmings to give up their guns and thereby forfeit their very last chance to forcibly remove the crooked shysters that have kidnapped their country and turned it into a bloody brothel of insane child abuse, deranged lesbian social workers and Frankenstein doctors.

One hundred years of artificial inflation have robbed Americans of all their property, which is now controlled by international con men who have allegiance to no nation, and are held in thrall to the savagery of entrenched Jewish swindlers who bankrupt every country they’re allowed to enter.

Today, the next generations of our formerly civilized countries are being poisoned from birth by cynically prescribed vaccinations and elementary school children are no longer educated in the simple values of mathematics, language and music but instead are instructed in the perversions of same-sex addictions and constant masturbation long before they ever reach the age of puberty, guaranteeing they will never be able to raise healthy families or live normal lives free of the debilitating curse of psychoactive drugs that will ruin their health and shorten their lives.

Quite by accident — or, because of my predisposition to read about ancient history in a lachrymose attempt to discern how we of this time differ from those of previous eras (and we don’t stand up too well, I might add) — I recently read the famous funeral oration of Pericles, the great champion of Athenian democracy, who set the standard for confident pride in his country, his history, exhibiting a pride of place and people that we no long possess.

The oration itself is almost impossible to comprehend in this age of TV and instant messages couched in retardate technospeak. Pericles makes no apology for pride in practices others can only imitate, and a society that favors the many instead of the few, with equal justice for all without regard to class or money.

The freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life. There, far from exercising a jealous surveillance over each other, we do not feel called upon to be angry with our neighbour for doing what he likes, or even to indulge in those injurious looks which cannot fail to be offensive, although they inflict no positive penalty. But all this ease in our private relations does not make us lawless as citizens. Against this fear is our chief safeguard, teaching us to obey the magistrates and the laws, particularly such as regard the protection of the injured, whether they are actually on the statute book, or belong to that code which, although unwritten, yet cannot be broken without acknowledged disgrace.

Athenians lived exactly as they pleased, trusted their neighbors and were unafraid of danger as the condition of the world. Unlike any other nation in the world, Pericles boasted, Athenians regarded anyone who shirks his public duties not as unambitious but useless.

Yet perhaps because of the small population, secrecy was not something that could be practiced in society where all issues were on the table.

Instead of looking on discussion as a stumbling block in the way of action, we think it an indispensable preliminary to any wise action at all.

Today, in the name of national security, everything truly important is done in secret.

Athenian pride rested on the knowledge of those who know the difference between hardship and pleasure yet were never tempted to shrink from danger. They acquired their friends by giving, not receiving, favors, according to Pericles.

For it is only the love of honour that never grows old; and honour it is, not gain, as some would have it, that rejoices the heart of age and helplessness.

And where the rewards for merit are greatest, there are found the best citizens.

Men, and nations, of this mettle have, across time, been few and far between. One of the few modern examples of this kind of candid wisdom in the famous secret society speech by John F. Kennedy that wound up costing him his life.

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.


Our noble traditions have not survived into the era of the New World Order, or, if they have, only in lobotomized form, where the secret is concealed among a small group of evil men and the public is fed a steady stream of calculated lies serving the agenda of those who wish to enslave everyone.

In the 44 years that have intervened since John F. Kennedy spoke those words, no major public figure has repeated them. On those words our very future had depended. Yet the public didn’t appreciate them when they were said, and our educators, trapped in the toxic thrall of government grants, have long ignored them.

Read the whole speech at the link provided. It’s not very long. In those words you will see what has happened to our once bright future, and even more vividly, you will witness the depraved criminality of the presidents we have had since.

We are lost, and the Jews who control our lives have made us lost, to take advantage of our ignorance and ultimately eliminate us from their demented equation.

If we are ever to find ourselves, we must get rid of the Jews in order to find out who we really are. Otherwise we will continue to be slaves to those who have no souls.

Unless we reclaim these legacies, we are lost. As human beings, as decent people, as inspiring souls by whom a worthwhile civilization can be built, without the daily practice and fervent belief in these legacies, we are lost, forever.

We heard JFK’s words 50 years ago and in our timid immaturity, did not act on them. So blame the problems on us old folks who didn’t know any better, or were afraid to speak out. It is long past time to awaken, slough off the criminals who control us. It is still not too late to correct the errors of the past, banish the Jews to a prison of their own warped desires, and proceed to a glorious future of humanity that awaits us had we but the courage to command it.

Otherwise our future is something you will not wish to know, and your children will hate you for it, if they don’t already.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

95 thoughts to “On the cusp of annihilation”

  1. Mr. Kaminski has written a pertinent and relevant piece, here. Eloquent. Absorbing. Thought-inspiring. The trouble is, very few will read it who understand what it takes to rectify the wrongs. They deplore manly discipline, bloody hands, and God. Take my guns? Not while I’m alive. Tell me it is ONLY Jews who need killing – I think not. There are many more. But it’s a business not for the squeamish.

    When Yellowstone erupts, it will seal-off the very caves which have been dug in Colorado for COG and friends. THAT is Divine intervention. It may even be their tomb. They will reap what they have sown. My Bible – and my heart – tells me it is so. Nothing pretty about any of it, but if you want to get down to brass tacks and where the rubber-meets-the-road, it is ALL unavoidable. Make up your minds how you stand or train yourselves for the inevitable. What Kaminski writes, here, is how it is. Remember, though, those ‘Jews’ who are guilty are not without their accomplices. Avoid hypocrisy.

    1. Wow

      IMHO, this article has brought out your best comment to date, Gil. Concise and right on target.

      Coinciding with what is also IMHO Kaminski’s best.

    2. “When Yellowstone erupts, it will seal-off the very caves which have been dug in Colorado for COG and friends. THAT is Divine intervention. It may even be their tomb. ” :

      This is the answer.. All the ptb have their bolt holes ready. I read somewhere that here in Norway there are underground tunnels, where weapons are stored, including US nukes, and where those who are to be “saved”, will run to in the event of nuclear war, and to hell with the rest of us. It`s probably the same in all pro-“western” and NATO countries. There must be a way to scare the shit out of these cowards, and once they are underground, seal them in.. or maybe those in power have already thought of that..

  2. Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush ,how horrifying for our country.Makes to my stomach that we have real choice .Our country is doomed.Taken over by pyschopaths.What can a little guy do?I feel helpless

  3. Excellently said. Moreover, there is precision and clarity in this article, seldom found anywhere. The Americans stand to learn more from one essay of Mr John Kaminski than from all the so-called journalists of the CNN and BBC put together. Of course, and sadly so, what has not been mentioned here, is the fact that the fate of the United States is actually a fait accompli, since it is a fact seldom discussed but well known that he who handles and controls the money has more power than he who handles and controls the gun.

    As for getting rid of the Jews, I’m afraid that that dream is now well-nigh impossible, as the entrenchment of the Jews in America is not unlike the entrenchment of an old ink stain in a silk fabric, and as such one can no more remove the Jew without causing great harm to that glorious country, than can one remove the stain without damaging the fine fabric. Because of this, the actions of the American people in regard to their own country will not be so much a Search and Rescue Operation but rather a Salvage one. Who would have thought?!

    1. “Who would have thought?!”

      Hank Paulson, for one. He has had the dumpster set in place for decades.

  4. one of the major reasons jews murdered both jack and bobby kennedy was to clear the way for the 1967 land grab of palestine and golan heights which kennedys would not have sanctioned.

    that and their hostility to rothschild owned fed.

    but the spin is that it had to do with cuba, nah.

    1. You actually think the Kennedys would have opposed Israel? What reason is there to think that? After WWII all organized political resistance against Jews in the West was obliterated. No one gets to be president without the Jews OK’ing it.

      1. i cannot imagine kennedys sitting idly by and standing down the navy from helping out the stricken uss liberty as it was shredded by jews over a whole day and then covering it all up.

        was it mcnamara who was very angry about it but was shut down by johnson from going public about the jew betrayal?

        liberty was collecting all kinds of evidence that could have nuremburged the jew leadership for war crimes, icluding the slaughter of egyptian pow’s.

      2. Christ what a cynic you are legionnaire.

        Ever hear of a change of heart? Profiles in Courage does nothing for you?

        They don’t kill just anybody. For that matter, killing Kennedy was so absolutely crucial, in order to leave nothing to chance they set up the kill-shot to be fired by his damned-forever secret-service limo driver who had crawled to a virtual stop in Dealy Plaza on that fateful day.

        C’mon man!

        Go back and study up on the ancient Greeks and Romans and find some true integrity in their finest leaders as Kaminski has illustrated with his quotes of Pericles.

      3. “Jews supported JFK’s election in record numbers”

        And your point?

        Make a damn point, Pat.

        Are we to insinuate that Kennedy was in their back pocket too? Or are you suggesting the existence of “good jews” out there?

        Go ahead brother. We need more company out here on this damn limb!

      4. B-Hawk –

        “Make a damn point, Pat.”

        I told you before……your guess is as good as mine.
        Use the facts and guess away. Spoof away.

        Maxey got on Mr Dean over at VT already.

    2. After WWII all organized political resistance against Jews in the West was obliterated.

      kennedys represented disorganized, ad hoc resistance by people who were too rich to be bought and who didn’t like jews and were moreover catholic outsiders.
      the old man joe was an open national socialist sympathizer, publicly opposed america’s entry into ww2 and catholics are prohibited from joining secret organizations.
      there is no way jews would have sponsored such a presidential candidate.
      jfk wasn’t supposed to have won against nixon but did, it was a miscalculation that was fixed with his murder overseen by lbj, the crypto jew who was probably the most diseased us president in a sorry lot.

      1. I’ll say virtually the same thing to you as I did to SPQR, Pat

        It’s called having a lightbulb moment. You’d be amazed at how much water can flow under the 1962-63 bridge of time that would bring you to that moment.

        You kiddin’ me?

        Once you enter that oval orifice, true colors can’t be far behind. For onerous pukes like LBJ the eyes are pried wide shut. He liked those other openings though

      1. B-Hawk –

        The BIG ‘feint’ was that JFK goaded them to take him out. He did not want suicide. Too much PT-109 in him for the cowardly way out of pain. His doctors said they did not have anything to get rid of his pain and have him remain awake.

        But, of course, JFK was a dummy…right? He had no clue. He never heard of Lincoln’s demise.

        He must have wondered just how many things he had to do to get them to shoot.

        Crossing ‘Wild’ Bill’s crew should have been enough by itself. Bypassing the Fed Res alone should have taken him away, Lincoln style. Warning the press club of the vast conspiracy would have been enough for some. Having an open affair with Cord Meyer’s wife should have pushed the button. (Cord Meyer was Clinton’s handler at Oxford.)

        I imagine he welcomed the route change down by the cow pasture on Elm St where there were more shooters than supporters. And an obelisk stood commemorating the first Masonic Lodge in Texas to boot.

        No more pills. Just a legacy.

      2. Pat

        I seem to recall reading that JFK’s doctors were finally coming up with stuff for his pain where he could at least somewhat tolerate life better when awake. And this came shortly before his assassination, maybe even just a matter of weeks, making it all the more ironic.

        But you’re saying not enough to make him lose his death wish (as was obviously evidenced by his insistence on an open-car motorcade)

        My brother’s now deceased father-in-law used to be the Irish-catholic mayor of a small city in Massachusetts whose family were good friends with the Kennedys. They had a parade every summer that Teddy used to attend.

        I was at one of these parades one year and noticed old Teddy boy standing close by, and for some inexplicable reason we got into a staring contest which I won.

        Reminded me of Hitler’s architect and later Armaments Minister Albert Speer, who in his book recounted having a staring contest with Hitler across from a dinner table one night that HE won

        Very strange

    3. Been following a train of thought since my previous comment.. What if.. the diabolical plan is, as Mark Glenn has said, to get the US and Russia to the brink of a nuclear confrontation, stage a few nuclear false flags in major cities, causing the “useful idiots” who are no longer useful, to run to their boltholes, seal them in, and, voila! total control, the useful idiots having carried out the spadework of reducing global populations to a manageable number..
      Palestine would be the perfect place for these criminals to “set up shop”, the Sinai is being cleared, houses demolished, people displaced, as we speak.. Of course, this is all pure speculation..

  5. “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.”
    ―Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

    It’s a law of nature that a people who ally themselves with the Jews will be destroyed by them. There’s no way around this. America took in the Jews, and America is now dead because of it. Every nation that ever took the Jews in has died, often violently, due to the social, intellectual, and spiritual upheaval the Jews create everywhere they go.

    But who is really to blame? Did the Jews force us to let them in? No, our corrupt elites let them in, against the interests of their own people. Jews have been expelled countless numbers of times from our lands but we always let them back in, thinking they’ve changed. They’ll never change. Their one mission as a people is to destroy. They’ve literally done nothing else in their entire history.

    There’s something seriously wrong with Aryans. We simply can’t comprehend that other races hate us, especially jews. For some reason, racial hatred is unfathomable to us. We tolerate everything, every crime ever committed against us, every genocide perpetrated against us, every war of aggression waged against us. We tolerate Jews running our countries into the ground and making movies and TV shows that mock and defame us as a people.

    There really is no “Jewish question.” The Jews are a simple people. They hate all non-Jews, but save their bloody hatred for Aryans. The Aryan question is the real question: what is wrong with us? Why don’t we learn from our mistakes? We are we incapable of recognizing hostility when it’s so blatant and in our face 24/7. I think the answer is that we somehow forgot how to hate. We need to re-learn the virtues of hatred, otherwise we’re going to die.

    1. I agree and have been thinking similarly. We need the energies of absolute fury and ruthlessness to permeate us. You need to be inflamed. Why is everyone so afraid of the word hate and so sentimental? They don’t even know what it means…

      Hp, if you are reading, do you know if anything was said about Kali manifesting? Her energy is basically what I’m speaking of, that total mercilessness in the destruction of ignorance.

      1. LSPM! That has been my point!
        Jesus HATED the JEWISH scum of the Second Temple! His “New Testament to Mankind” says NO other than this! Indisputable!
        But now, as I’ve said, the perverted, corrupt NEW AGE type of pseudo-christianity, says you must “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE” – Yes you must LERV even Sarah Silverstein, Janet Yellen and Howard Stern!
        You have been emasculated and turned into girl-boys! MARXIST-JEWISH MONSTERS! Most of the sheilas who get a word in in these columns are brainwashed, half-cock bimbos! (I am the master of enuf of them to tell their kind!)
        And so has the TRUE meaning of Christianity been perverted by the JEWS1
        I think you see my point now, Gilby! Thankyou, lobro!
        Time for ALL Christians to be TRUE to their FOUNDER and INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!
        Yeah, T-shirts with Jesus’s words, are now in order: ” O ye serpents, you generation of vipers, ye Jews!” … “Jews, ye are filled with hypocrisy and iniquity.” … “Ye blind guides which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” … Or:” JEWS THE CRIMINALS OF MANKIND!” … “THE JEWS KILLED JESUS!”
        Can you be indicted for any one of “racism, hate-crimes, terrorism, religious persecution” etc if you simply quote Jesus? The JEWS can exhibit Jesus in chocolate or in a glass tank of urine! They are impune, because you GOYIM shitheads of the USA allow them to be! Honour ya masters, Pat-sy and co! Pen back some more Jew-inspired CRAP!

      2. “Thus a godless civilization becomes the source of all calamities”

        “You are maintaining so many slaughterhouses, and when it will be mature, there will be war, the wholesale murder. Finished. One atom bomb–finished. You’ll have to suffer. Don’t think that “Innocent animals, they cannot protest. Let us kill and eat.” No. You’ll be also punished. Wait for accumulation of your sinful activities, and there will be war, and the America will drop the atom bomb, and Russia will be finished. Both will be finished.”

        (Srimad-Bhagavatam Lec. 6.1.32 Honolulu, May 31, 1976)

        Paramahamsa: The theory nowadays is that by the proliferation of atomic weapons, that Russia has so many weapons, China has so many weapons, the United States has so much…
        Prabhupada: Everyone now. India has also.
        Paramahamsa: They’re all afraid of using them.
        Prabhupada: They must use it. That is nature’s arrangement.

        Bahulasva: That is why they have wars, just so they can use up the weapons.
        Prabhupada: Oh yes.
        Paramahamsa: The only difficulty is that if one person uses the atomic weapon, that means entire, it would be entire waste of mankind. So everyone’s afraid of using the ultimate.
        Prabhupada: Well, anyway, they must be used. There is no doubt about it. Therefore we can say there will be war. It is no astrology. It is natural conclusion.
        Tamala Krsna: Common sense.
        Paramahamsa: That’d mean total destruction.
        Prabhupada: Well, total or partial, that we shall see. But they must be used.

      3. If I understand max bilney correctly, he is proposing that the New Testament exists for the purpose of conveying only one

        idea which amounts to “Jesus hated the jewish scum of the second temple.”

        With respect, I dispute this proposition.

        Firstly, dismissing any actual meaning or interpretaion of the contents of the NT for the moment, such a wonderful work of

        art, the likes of which the world has never seen before nor likely to see again, would seem like an unlikely medium to place

        such a simple, unimaginative and literally hateful message. Why go to all that trouble? The things hundreds of pages long for

        crying out loud. Does not stand up to sound reasoning.

        Secondly, I believe such a proposition can only be formed from a misunderstanding of the contents of the NT.

        I’m am sure many NT readers have discovered far deeper and inciteful ideas and experiences. Believing that one has discovered

        the final and only idea or interpretation in the NT is a mistake. Readers will not cease to discover an everincreasing depth

        of knowledge and revelation. Layer upon layer. Deeper and deeper. Higher and higher. For ever and ever. Infinite wisdom means

        what it says. The veil was rent. The mysteries are fulfilled. You have the truth in your hands.

      4. I don’t think Max is proposing that there is only one idea, but that this is the one idea that HE is proposing.

        His “role” so to speak is to put the emphasis on the kick-ass component of Christ. What’s needed now as a “first things first” position is a righteous hatred, call it “tough lerv”, to make up for its 2,000 plus years of lack which has undermined the OTHER component of Christ’s message – the one that teaches to simply BE, and lerv will take care of itself.

      5. hp

        I’m listening brother. Here’s another excerpt from my book, taken from the final chapter titled, “For the Grace of God”:

        “When it is understood that there are an infinite number of ‘coalescent’ realms in Divine existence, all with their own unique environments of imperishable creation, it becomes crystal clear just how appalling Life on the old Earth had become, relative to the impeccable honoring of sacredness in these sublime places.

        A telling example of why Life here has to go through the experience of an ending, in keeping with the general state of spiritual vacuity, concerns the deplorable condition of so many animals on the planet. Especially those subjected to the brutal and disgusting practices of slaughterhouses, with their efficient mastery in the ‘science’ of killing. Animals are the pure innocents trapped in this reality, and it goes straight to the heart of mankind’s truth in stating that LIFE IS ABOUT LIFE ONLY! Nothing is more indicative of humanity’s sleep-walking stupor than the inability to remember this. Death is a total anathema to Creation. It is not Divinely intended for something to be created only to see it ultimately destroyed, which is to say, dis-INTEGRATED. This ‘disintegration’ reflects the illusion of separateness; conveying what it means to be dwelling in an ‘im-position’. Material de-com-position acting in a manner conducive to being under a ‘cloak’ is part and parcel of a common theme of enslavement. It’s amazing how deep our forgetfulness goes, how conditioned we’ve become to the fraudulent reality of the life-death cycle. In a coalescent state, any change in the composite of manifestation is one whose particulars are trans-posed, existing in a true ‘natural’ reality where ‘death’ takes on a whole new meaning.

        While in a manner of speaking it could be said that death is a part of life, Truth be told it is a disruption in the flow of life’s continuum, and the dreadful reality of “survival of the fittest” stems from the despicable reign of dark masters, whose bogus rule is being ousted. When it is understood that as Consciousness itself ‘Man’ is the trustee of life’s imperishable truth, then the realization of just how ignorant wanton killing is becomes obvious (as opposed to true acts of mercy in this contained reality of mortality).

        Human ignorance builds its halls of shame.”

      6. brownhawk

        I don’t believe that there is a component of Christs message that, as you say, “teaches to simply BE, and lerv will take care of itself.” Sounds like a bunch of new age claptrap to me. Probably eastern influenced. I’ve always considering Love to be a powerful and active thing. Certainly much stronger than hate.

        Are you suggesting there are only two components to Christs “message”? That one and Maxs? The two positions seem contradictory.

      7. Love and hate are not contradictions, AF. If you know what love is and you see something that is hurting it, you are filled with wrath to protect love, since it is something so precious, and that which would intentionally disturb something so precious and innocent needs no mercy. To intentionally disturb love is the greatest sin imaginable, and that’s exactly what they’re doing to this planet. They are literally blocking the development of life.

      8. @Alicesfriend

        You’re right. It does sound “new-agey”. And God strike me dead if I can’t summon up the language enough to avoid THAT fatal pitfall.

        But comment threads are inadequate formats for offering comprehensive thinking on these subjects. Unless you were to say, have access to many of my posts over the last couple of years pertaining to them.

        But insofar as this reply of yours is concerned, first of all, if you don’t have a sense of what it means to “hate righteously”, then I would advise devoting much of your time in going over a backlog of comment threads on certain darkmoon articles for some understanding. Although granted, this would probably be somewhat of a daunting task. But here I’ll amend the latter part of my post to read:

        “…the one that teaches to BE, justly. Then love will take care of itself.”

        By putting it this way, “to BE, justly”, the word “justly” denotes Being in an environment of “justness”, which covers alot of ground reflecting the many tenets of right behavior in a given society. Provided of course we can get there.

        Hope this helps 😉

      9. Where to start? An explanation of why death is a good thing…

        Consider. Everything that lives on earth (incarnated) dies. Physical death. What does that mean? In the case of the life you see around you ie plants, animals and humans it means that what was holding the physical body together in its particular form, regulating and reproducing has now ceased funtioning in that collection of physical chemicals. A living thing becomes nothing more than a collection of minerals. It disintegrates. It is dead. Like rocks. All dead earthly matter was once part of a living being. Ask yourself. Have you ever seen dead things come together to make life? No. Have you ever living things create dead stuff. Yes, all the time. Simple observations. True scientific method.

        Death is required on Earth. Without death there would be no room for new life. Things could not change. Things could not evolve. Winter would not happen. Nature would not work. More ramifications are easily imagined.

        All who wish to understand life on earth would do well to make the study of death the starting point in their enquiries.

        After all, if there is anything the bible is most obviously about, it is about your preparation for your own death.

      10. Where to re-but?

        I already did, or I already said it, just not in the form of a rebuttal.

        We’ve rationalized everything under the sun, EVERYTHING, and have come up blue in the face, literally and figuratively every single time over an endless string of incarnations


      11. No fear, I believe I am able to understand “hate righteously”. And I hate sin. I want to hate sin more, I admit, I’m not perfect! Also “righteous indignation” is a term which I feel I am able to experience. As I was going to get round to saying on another thread (this is a rabbit hole, eh?), I have found that a good “DEATH TO ISRAEL!!!” can be a handy wee flem loosener in the morning. Medicinal, of course.

        Ha! I’m not going to go thru your previous posts, thanks tho, but I will try to continue my bible studies with the idea of hatred in the top of my mind and see how it goes.

        But as far as help? Well I do think I see what your saying, and thank you for modifying and interpreting for me, but quite honestly it sounds to me as though you are writing your own bible. Why make things more complicated? What are you trying to achieve? Is it really to get people to hate more?

      12. Thanks LSPM, your words are being carefully considered. I think I understand wot you are saying there. I get the idea of defending love with strength born of hatred, anyway.

        So, rousing people from thier slumber to participate in defense of love, the ability and strength to do so dependant and supplied with/on hatred?

      13. Call it re-writing the bible if you will. I prefer to start with the premise that in Christ is to be found Truth, but even the New Testament is incomplete in reflecting it, given the lack of wording that would find it through what would have to contain revelations in their interpretation.

        At the risk of sounding redundant, a very loud birdie is telling me that a completeness in “wording” is to be found in those Vatican catacombs, and I know hp agrees.

        I’m convinced that hidden and very ancient Sanskrit script holds keys that would be nothing short of stunning in their import to Mankind.

        What’s missing? My intuition strains, but not at gnats.

      14. Brother brownhawk, your circumstance make me sad. But do not give up on the NT! Truth will come to you. What you discover everywhere else will be found in the NT.

        But you are really saying is “How do I read the NT?” Fill your soul with the images described therein. Perceive it with an artistic eye. Cultivate a spirit of reverence. Most importantly, wait. Wait. Wait some more. The Spirit will not reveal itself thru your mental effort. Truth. Wisdom. These things are acts of Grace.

      15. Yes, rousing them in the defense of life is the greatest thing… How can you do it, help them to really care and come alive? It’s a huge mystery, but I’m currently looking carefully at the people I’m in contact with to try and find out. The people that are the most receptive are the ones that have been protected by Christianity I’ve found. There’s something in them that’s still human and homely, and they’re just aghast at what they see around them, but too passive and brow beaten. The liberals and highly educated people for the most part have just been so disconnected from what it means to be a human and live in a largely overly mental reality that’s filled with insane ideas. They’ve mostly forgotten what common sense and feelings are it seems. Their company is just not pleasant, too much arrogance! I’m exhausted sometimes in trying to figure out how they believe all these things or how they were programmed that way. Any insights, anyone?

        Ps – Lasha Darkmoon, can you see why Kaminski is so against Christianity? Collectively the outcome has been that Christians have given their minds to prophecies and lack of responsibility for what is occurring now, becoming so tame. It’s rarer for someone to have experienced the love of Christ, and I’d just bet he’s in that boat and just sees all its negative impact. So Christianity gets a share of his wrath too. Speaking of which, does anyone know why it got that way, that the churches promoted such forgiving attitudes without just discrimination, without thought? Forgiveness of all is such an incredibly dangerous idea. You just don’t tolerate that which breaks hearts.

      16. Brownhawk, you deserve a better reply. Forgive me.

        Total respects to you for seeking Truth. Seeking God. Seeking Christ. Seeking Reality. You have courage. If only for that I consider you a true brother. It takes quite a fine mind to try and go thru all the info out there. A very clever mind. A mind that can grasp difficult concepts, turn them around, relate them to other concepts, form new ideas. You know what I mean. Good clear thinking.

        This can be a two-edged sword. I think you have “rationalized” (for want of a better word, but I think you have been using it in this context) your way to a big fat question mark. This approach has its place. But is does have certain limits. And dangers. How should I say? By itself, it lacks substantial dreamy-like qualities. In a certain sense, this is the price we pay. Its the sort of thing that would increase our distaste for airy fairy new age stuff, for instance. Whereas, if you were a bit of an idiot, but a highly inspired and creative visual artist, you’d be dancing in a field with a bunch of hippies, covered in rainbow colours and serenading ufos. Too far the other way, see? WAY too far, I suspect!

        And let me ask you this. Is the person in the house next door currently changing into a lizard? I’ll pretend you don’t know otherwise this wont work. You dont know. Would it matter? If they were, and you never found out, probly not. If they were and you DID find out, in truth, ie your own directly perceptible reality, then you can cross that bridge when you come to it, can’t you. If they werent, well, doesnt matter either. So basically it doesnt really matter until you know for sure anyway.

        I believe common sense and sound reasoning should never be disposed of even in biblical zeal.

        The fact that some evil politician on the other side of the world is or isn’t a lizard really is a question for your spare time. Your task is to find the right questions. (If I may be so bold) What do you want to know Really? Take your time. Do not limit yourself! Go on, find your biggest mystery That is what you really want to know.

        But. What I’m really interested in is your claim the the vatican may hold texts which would help mankind understand the bible better. Now thats a real issue. Your own experiences perfectly illustrate the difficulties a thinking person has today when confronted with the sacred scripture, and your attempt and effort to find solutions to this problem generate the warmest sympathy and thanks from myself. You will succeed if you don’t give up. You may have noticed from my previous posts that I also have a personal interest in these matters. I encourage you to delve deeper into this question. I think that any knowledge secretly held by the church is a huge matter that seriously effects mankind. (Altho, do not for one minute think they are the authority on such matters, tho undoubtedly they must hide some real gems, even if they are unable to recognize that themselves. Sorry another topic altogether) I would appreciate it if you would keep us all updated on any discoveries you make with regard to this.

        All the best in you searching brownhawk.

        “I AM the Way, the TRUTH and the Life”.

      17. LSPM

        Powerful sentiment expressed there, I hear what your saying, but I think we are still talking past each other a bit. No matter.

        “I’m exhausted sometimes in trying to figure out how they believe all these things or how they were programmed that way. Any insights, anyone?” Thats a bloody big nail you’ve hit on the head there. Frustrates me too. Gonna get back to ya on that one with some of my own obvervations.

      18. No way have I “given up” on the NT as you say, and I’m not looking for spirit to reveal itself through mental effort. It’s simply a matter of not putting too many eggs in one spiritual basket when it comes to how I may be inspired by the wording contained therein.

        If anything I’m probably just being impatient to see the backside of these scurrilous rascals and blasphemers of Creation. But when it comes to words it’s more the other way around where I’ll write something first, and then, if I choose to look through passages in the NT, I may read a quote from Christ and come away wondering if we’re saying the same thing but “not in so many words”, so to speak.

        Does this make me arrogant, or too full of myself that I would deign to think this way?

        Beauty is Truth. With nothing subjective about it. Its Grace inspires me as it does Christ, and the words that come of it stem from the wordless mystery of an astonishing imagination

      19. Alicesfriend,

        I look forward to it. 🙂 Your voice is a refreshing addition to this blog. And you too, Brownhawk; like AF said, it’s very nice to see someone so eager to explore what life can offer us.

      20. @Alicesfriend

        In the interest of cutting right to the chase I’ll dispense with the intellectual analyses and just call it like I see it.

        “See it” as in not MERELY pondering it, ok?

        Certain non-human beings are the agents for controlling “reality”. (“jews”, human and otherwise, are the primary overseers of this “agency”) The particular implementations of control have resulted in our true state of SPIRIT being in one of captivity.

        Agents for whom?

        It’s called Darkness – comprised of our captors – the ultimate power of what we call “evil” that has TAKEN the “goy” (i.e.; ALL humans and many NON-humans)

        The rationalizations I speak of are what constitute all the EFFECTS stemming from this CAUSE.

        Insofar as the Vatican catacombs are concerned, obviously I could be wrong, but I’m simply intuiting that texts contained within its bowels will (would) prove to bear out much of what I’ve been saying on these threads.

  6. A BUSH or a CLINTON for ya next President! To replace your Kenyan poofta, the demonic O-bummer!
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    1. Maximum Baloney –

      You really need to stop using the microwave to dry your balding head of hair. Your pea of a brain cannot stand much more.

      1. Dear Gilby,
        THANKYOU! The truth hurts, but has no impact upon the bigotted, philistine, insensate kind of person characterized by the diabolical old Pat -sy!
        What a fiendish, conundrum of a man/girl he is! He can’t see very far out of his/her wheelchair! Poor ‘ol, mindless bastard!
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        Then you filthy, bubba-obese, face-filling, mostrosities of sheepie-goyim supply the planet’s pariah-devil nation, Israel, with its financial lifeline. You crazy, dumbed-down bastards have a lot of explaining to do!
        With considerable joy I await your total collapse as a nation and your instant reversion to a state of pig-squelching de-civilization! Pat-sy’s wheelchair will get buried in the mud as will such moronic, Marxist-trained dinosaurs as himself!

      2. Maximum Baloney –

        I see I struck a nerve. You are soooo sensitive of late.
        In case you are wondering… You still have the lead in the Outback Outhouse Award.

  7. Lasha,

    Someone recently asked me why do people use false identities and sock puppets. Not knowing what to say, I thought I’d defer the question until I wrote to you, hoping that you would be able to answer the question for me. Much appreciate it.

    1. Someone recently asked me why do people use false identities and sock puppets. Not knowing what to say, I thought I’d defer the question until I wrote to you, hoping that you would be able to answer the question for me.

      Your guess is as good as mine.

      As Pat has noted above somewhere: “All guesses are just that…guesses… and some are outright admitted spoofs. Good to know. Good to go.”

      All I will add to this is the observation that not all false identities are malign or intended to deceive. If that were the case, you could be accused of evil intentions by using the false identity “Poseidon”. The same would apply to every other poster on this site.

      How many posters use their real names?

      1. As to the use of sock puppets, the same argument applies. Not all sock puppets are used with evil intent. It depend who uses them and if the motive for using them is a good and valid one.

        Thus Max Bilney has posted here under different names at different times. Is he evil for doing so? Should he be held up to shame and banned from this site for doing this? I don’t think so. Everyone knows it’s Max, anyway, because his style is so obvious.

        It’s an entirely different matter when sock puppets are used with evil intent: to create distractions, to draw attention to themselves and what they have to say, to hog the limelight and blow their own trumpets, or to attack other genuine posters.

        Thus only recently one of our regular posters, Pat, was attacked most viciously by a “gang” of trolls using an endless array of different names. We couldn’t allow this to go on. Here sock puppets were clearly being used for a very nasty purpose.

        We are very suspicious of posters who use a different IP number every time they post and who invariably create disruptions and distractions and get on everyone else’s nerves by their shrill histrionics.

        I don’t mind being personally attacked by Jews. This happens all the time, as any regular poster here will tell you.

  8. Max –

    Truly, in your entertainingly offensive way, I know you are correct. Americans have rationalized their downward spiral to the point of surreal denial of the very near paradigm changes upon us. HOWEVER, the pains will carry-over everywhere into the ‘modern’ world (with the possible exception of places like the Sahara, or New Guinea 🙂 ). The status quo is unsustainable. Those of us now alive will never see an improvement [of it] (if it is even possible for a condition of INSANITY to attain what one might call ‘improvement’!!).

    The awful reality faced by those of you elsewhere, though, is the drowning victims, viz., America and Japan (TOTALLY fucked), will pull most of the world along with them into the downward whirlpool. Such is the danger of ‘globalization’. Too bad. So sad.

    1. Hi Gilby, The use of “Gilby” is now a sign of mateship!
      I worked in New Guinea – both the east and west sides. Only 750 kms from where I live in QLD!
      Unfortunately, the head-hunting savages who once chased me into a river escape (another story involving a native princess), are now sitting in front of their Orwellian televiewers and absorbing USA trash, out of Hollywood and New York.
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      On the west side – owned by Indonesian Muslims – the head-hunters/cannibals of the mountain tribes are still eating Indonesian invaders. They say they are sweet and tasty; just like my grandfather, in the Ballarat goldfields, used to say about the Chinese miners, when he was real hungry! But, even there, JEWISH-HOLLYWOOD is taking effect. The topless chicks just lerv Sex and the City and are aping Ms Catrell/Amanda’s bedroom tactics on woven mats!
      As for an escape to Sahara, forget about it! Too dry and too many itinerant Arabs! Even they watch the Super Bowl and have taken on JEWISH-AMERICAN antics! Mind you the Israeli-JEWS are currently genociding the Bedouin! They juz lerv GENOCIDE!
      And remember, it is ONLY Jewish globalization, in the interests of Ben Gurion’s, et al, plans to make the New Jerusalem the “Supreme Cort of Mankind.” Yeah a great “court”, just like Caligula’s palace of one million sexual delights! From this “Supreme Court” your death warrants will be issued! GET READY FOR IT BUBBAS! Be a real man, like me!

      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Good uv ya’, mate! Just got back in, poured a bourbon, and checking in on y’all. Sittin’ by the fireplace. Know what?? Wish you here. We could have a drink together! (Or several…)

      2. I lerv it when you quote Jesus, Max. Those quotes reflecting the kick-ass part of the man.

        But IYNSHO (in your not so humble opinion) what did he mean when saying to be in the world but not of it?

  9. “Ye blind guides which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.”

    thank you max, this never crossed into my radarspace before.

    no better way to describe hypocrisy, the mother of all evil.
    pharisees, hypocrites.

    we just have to get rid of them all (and a good number of non-jews are hypocrites and the same broom should sweep them out – but for practicall purposes, all jews are hypocrites or at least 96%)

  10. not hating jews should be a ticket to either a mental institution or a basket weaving school, proof of extreme debility of mind and spirit.

    there are things that cause great damage and destruction, mosquitoes and various unicellular organisms, pathogens and such.
    they cannot be hated because they are unaware of their actions, too simple to possess a conscience.
    yet they must be destroyed at every opportunity.

    jews are more destructive than any of them and don’t have simplicity of design as excuse, in fact constantly crow about their superior intelligence.
    so how come they cannot he hated and cannot be touched?

    truly a textbook example of straining at the gnat while swallowing a camel.

    1. :obro, your intellectual brilliance and grasp of REALITY shines through and inadvertently ridicules/parodies all the microsmically-minded dupes (and pseudo-Christian-Zionists) who try to write comments: “not hating jews should be a ticket to either a mental institution or a basket weaving school, proof of extreme debility of mind and spirit.” ‘
      How TRUE! The type of MESSAGE only Jesus could offer! Hate the ANTI-LIFE WITH A VENGEANCE! BE PREPARED TO SPEAK IT OUT! As I’ve said. JUST quote Jesus! Become a real-life CHRISTIAN!
      WE MUST CHALLENGE JEWISH-DESIGNED POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND THEIR HATE LAWS AND RIDICULE THE REAL HATERS OF HUMANITY AT ALL TIMES! Never give in to them! Do not use their false paradigms! Do not accept any form of their debilitating Marxism/Progressivism, that has drowned and swallowed up your beautiful lands.
      You, like me, and the most brilliant John Kaminski, UNDERSTAND the real world we live in and are able to accurately paint the BIG Picture! Most of the half-trying Goyim (as in these comments’ columns) only understand part pictures/shallow glimpses of reality. I admire Gilby’s learning curve~!
      The REAL picture will hit these dupes when they are incarcerated or lined up for their lethal injections! Even then they will be trying to big-note themselves in case Hollywood casting agents are watching!
      Our words reflect, as I’ve said, “The Diary of a Man in Despair” (our feelings about OUR collective apathy, negligence and gross stupidity. “Beasts of burden.”)
      Lasha, in her innate wisdom KNOWS all this! So does Montecristo!
      PS: We have just had the latest loads of JEWISH-HOLLYWOOD shit loaded onto our screens! Jews love playing with us and hide their cryptic messages, aimed at the KNOWING, in their scripts. The numbers “9” and “11” keep flashing up in many shows; as does the “eye” of Satan! FOR THEM, IT IS ALL JUST A FUN-SPORT with the stupid, beasts of the hapless Goyim!

  11. Obviously some balance is needed here, which I am prepared to supply…

    “We are lost, and the Jews who control our lives have made us lost, to take advantage of our ignorance and ultimately

    eliminate us from their demented equation.”

    Someone who is lost has not looked at any signs, or has misunderstood them, or has believed a false sign placed by liars.

    Solution for thinking people. Come to the comprehension that there are signs. Learn to discriminate between true signs and

    false ones.

    (Neophytes of all schools, ALL your occult knowledge, and infinitely more besides, can be found in the Bible. Read carefully,

    ARTFULLY and above all, HUMBLY).

    Solution for feely type people. Just read the Bible. Its magical effect works even if you don’t believe or understand

    anything you are reading. Note. Effect may not be noticable until after death.

    Ignorance, and its symptoms, enables liars to take advantage of us for their own agenda. Not good. Solution. Education.

    Truth. Note. It may be hard to educate anyone by SHOUTING at them how ignorant they are.

    It does not make sense to me why
    slave masters would want to eliminate their slaves. Manage the herd, yes, but someone still

    needs to do the actual work for them. Non-sensical.

    “If we are ever to find ourselves, we must get rid of the Jews in order to find out who we really are. Otherwise we will

    continue to be slaves to those who have no souls.”

    Handing your redemption over to your stated enemies is folly. This is more nonsense.

    Anyone who believes its possible for a physical incarnation to be lacking a soul nature really needs some occult 101.
    Yes its bloody obvious the world gone to crapola in all sorts of ways. Yes, it seems obvious that the majority, of westerners

    at least, are brainwashed slaves. Most of them have had marxist/athiestic education and watch TV, it is to be expected. There

    will be a world government. We will be ruled by satan incarnate in a human body. Misguided will believe he is Christ.

    Misguided will love big brother. It will be bad. Then it will get worse. There is death.

    Solutions are not to be found in the bad stuff. The good stuff will live on. There the solutions lie.

    Blaming others for your ills may be symptomatic of a misunderstanding of karma and a lack of personal responsibility.

    In keeping with the season… Burn the cafliks!!! Or was that a false flag?

    Hopefully didnt swing too far there, but there you go.

    1. Hey Max,

      Try to find room for Alice in Wonderland’s friend in your beautiful rants, could you?

      And I promise to include tomahawks to go with the bows and arrows in my arsenal as I run around in the woods 😉

      1. Brownhawk, I hated that Cheshire Cat! And that fickin rabbit! That fat Queen looked like a typical USA bubba-broad!
        Ya got tomahawks and a bow and arrow? I lerv archery, here in the Daintree greenwoods. The Papuans showed me the local poison plants ands I tip my arrows in case any JEWS turn up.

      1. Thanks Pat. Altho i’m using notepad with wordwrap on. Will try to check next time.
        Don’t use Word. Too big and microsofty. Bastards. Right, heres a chance for a rant…

        The first time my hard drive light come on and i hadn’t commanded my computer to read or write to it I was afraid for the integrity of my data. That was the beginning of the end. Mice are evil. Computers just keep getting slower. Yes, I know you need it for videos and music and pictures, but if you only want text information my ZX Spectrum could do wot i’m asking of this piece of crap. Friggin operating system takes up half the hard drive FFS! Bill Gates! I blame you! Phew.

  12. hp

    Strange this cyberworld. Coming on a computer website and talking about everything under the sun with people you’ve never met in person, but whom in an odd way I feel like I’ve known forever. You, lobro, lasha, Gilbert, Sardonicus, Pat, et al. The thought of there being a past-life connection where we knew each other in the flesh seems very likely to me. Who knows, maybe you and I were great buds that had their inevitable share of differences, but didn’t allow them to interfere with a strong bond of friendship.

    Is something in the intuition reminding me of all this? After all, of all the billions of humans and otherwise on the planet at this time, why this little band of merrymen and women on this thought-provoking forum called “lasha darkmoon”?

    Anyway, I’ll end by saying that I can’t get this whole Vatican catacomb business out of my head. Not that I want to. There are secrets there to rival the mysteries of the Sphinx. For that matter, they surely are connected. But without having physical access, I feel resorted to probing my own mystery of intuition in perhaps seeing those Sanskrit ‘hieroglyphics’. Who can say with certainty what truths may be contained in nonsense (ha!)

    And talk about having fun, in this world anyway, how can you top having some sort of “Raiders of the lost Ark” fantasy whose setting is all over the world to be climaxed with battling Reptillians in the catacombs? (good title for a movie – “Reptillians in the Catacombs”. Has a nice ring to it)

    That would even beat being in a war party of Sioux warriors who’ve surrounded Custer at Little Big Horn.


    1. Sometimes, the thought occurs to me, too, Brownhawk. 🙂 Your candor is appealing, and your sentiment well-taken and understood (by me, anyway).

      Since I just use an I-Pad, it accompanies me around the house – even to bed, often – where I awaken at night and listen to some broadcast; but most often look into Darkmoon to see what you (BLOKES!) are talking about. I learn a lot.

      Last night, the phone rang, off-and-on, keeping me apprised of the political scene here, in Virginia (from which I am largely divorced, now – but care about, nonetheless). It SEEMS that not only Eric Cantor, but many other of the two-faced scum are taking notice of their peril.
      White Americans seem to be stirring from their slumber (although it is too late to restore proper government, in our lifetimes). A momentum is building. MAYBE a lamp-post ‘n hemp rope scenario will develop! 🙂

      My times on here are strange. I’m having coffee in the kitchen, now, but have to go build a brace structure for the ‘facelift’ of an old barn which needs attention (barns are expensive to build – so we have to take care of the old ones we have!). (In past lives, Brownhawk, we’d have been NATION-BUILDING! 🙂 )

    2. @Brownhawk,

      Your speculations about your reincartion are not unlikely. Do not discount, however, that you may be talking to your previous

      mortal enemies. You have met again to forgive and make up possibly? Not all bonds are of friendship. Many, many scenarios are possible. Invariably we will meet individuals whom we are indebted to in one way or another. Of course, we wish to repay them, and also right any wrongs we may have inflicted upon them. We are drawn back because we wish to accomplish these things, among others.

      1. @ Alicesfriend

        My previous mortal enemies are the SAME enemy of all goy who’ve existed throughout ALL these incarnations. And not to be confused with the contrivance which riles up the goy into believing FELLOW goy are their enemy.

        To be in-carnated in and of itself INFERS (and not “implies”) an INVOLUNTARY act whose intent is to keep the false cosmic ferris wheel of mortal existence going.

        Given this premise, everything else you say can only serve as mere rationalizations leading down blind alleys in attempting to understand the confounding ways of this life.

        Readers who know me here have figured me out by now as to what I’m all about.

        This present incarnation is the “last straw”. The one that “breaks the camel’s back”. The camel that’s swallowed whole.

      2. Hmmm. And your other posts show a similiar interesting line of thought too.

        I disagree with you premise tho.

        To find yourself incarnated is nothing but concrete proof of your desire for earthy existence. As you seem to have been infected with enuff eastern ideas to become a buddist, surely you must comprehend my opposition to your premise.

        You don’t give yourself enuff credit, brownhawk.

        The chances that this is your last incarnation are highly remote.

      3. Sorry I missed this post, AF, or I would have replied sooner.

        For you to say being incarnated is “concrete proof” of my desire to do so is no such thing. While it MAY be the reason why, show me where the “proof” of it is set in concrete……..That’s right. You can’t. Therefore it can only amount to being an assumption on your part.

        And to say I am “infected” with enough eastern ideas to have become a Buddhist inordinately assigns to Buddhism all of where “eastern ideas” would lead.

        While I enjoy our little tete a tete here, if you really want to continue it I’d have to insist you read backlogs of things I’ve said here over the last couple of years, because to get you up to speed on where I’m coming from couldn’t be reasonably done on one thread.

        But I’ll sign off here by thanking you for your kind words from previous comments 😉

      4. Righto Brownhawk, but just one thing, my definition of “concrete proof” is “directly perceptible reality” ie your body. Thats all. Thanx.

      5. The direct perception of your body proves nothing as to why you experience the physical as you do

        And I won’t call this getting the last word in. Sorry if it sounded like I was putting you off. It’s just that writing a comment here and there can sometimes put where I’m coming from with my view of life out of context

        I’ll try to be more creative with my snippets 😉

  13. Kaminski at his very best.

    If this doesn’t sound the clarion call, then nothing will.


  14. Forgot to say! THANKYOU on behalf of those still FREE on this planet to the great mind of John Kaminski – a prophet and truth teller extraordinaire.
    And thank you Lasha and Monte for your brilliance in both writing and bringing this fabulous website into being.
    And thankyou to the brilliant lobro and the hard triers who write in!
    THIS, as I’ve said, is the only NEWS you should read these days; and add a bit of David Icke’s Headlines and the Truthseeker.
    I also know there are many more worthwhile sites doing their best for the coming RESISTANCE, and admire the OZ boys of Rebel. (several of whom I once knew in Melbourne, Australia) Great, sincere blokes!

  15. 2% of the population
    40% of the wealth

    Yeah, jews din do nuffin.

    Jews literally own the US Dollar.

    That’s why we need to nationalize the Fed and take back the issuance of money, giving it back to the citizens.

  16. 2% of the population, 40% of the wealth.

    Yeah, jews din do nuffin.

    Jews literally own the US Dollar.

    That’s why we need to nationalize the Fed and take back the issuance of money, giving it back to the citizens.

  17. LSPM –

    “Their company is just not pleasant, too much arrogance! I’m exhausted sometimes in trying to figure out how they believe all these things or how they were programmed that way. Any insights, anyone?”

    Yes. Your definition of humanity is different from theirs.

    There are those who eat chicken almost every day. There are some who ‘claim’ they would never even touch a chicken. The latter as never been seriously starved for food. A starving person would even eat lunch-meats.

    Humanity is defined differently by those who are starving, and those who are not.

    1. I don’t quite follow you, Pat. Are you saying you don’t believe there are fundamental laws that if followed help us all to feel more complete and promote progress? I want to know how people can vehemently believe things that are counter to their well being.

      1. LSPM –

        The ‘fundamental laws’ are different for everyone. Bar-room brawls and wars are fought over the differences.

        I tell everyone to “just keep breathing.” That’s a fundamental law.

        Everyone has their own truth.

        Facts stand, but each person connects the facts differently. Some cultures still ‘believe’ the sun moves across the sky. If you tell them differently, they might have YOU for supper.

      2. I believe the sun moves across the sky. I see it most days. I could set my watch by it.

    2. I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to any damned fool who wants to outlaw fried chicken! It’s COMMUNIST!

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