Dr Frankenstein’s Monster, by JB Campbell

Activist writer Bruce Campbell was recently interviewed by PressTV.
You will find a full transcript of the interview HERE.
The article below, which contains some extra material, formed the basis of the interview.

israel mundo“America must stop being Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.”  —  JB Campbell

The American and Israeli Jews are worried that their power is slipping because of growing public awareness of their terrible achievements in the past, such as the destruction of Iraq. They were thwarted in their planned destruction of Syria and are now determined to show their power over at least sixty cowardly US senators to achieve the destruction of Iran.

The Jews here in America say they are a tiny minority – just two percent – yet they are able to control sixty percent of the US Senate in any important matter, such as maneuvering the US military to attack Iran – in the middle of negotiations! The Jews in America proved this in 1917 and 1941, despite the anti-war attitude of the American people back then. We waged total war against people the Jews didn’t like. Scores of millions died and much of the world was destroyed. The peoples of the world have never known peace since those horrible years.

They proved it in 1991 and in 2003. The Jewish Neo-Cons demanded total war against Iraq despite no hostile action by that country, which was totally destroyed.

The Jews are again showing their power over cowardly American politicians. Virtually overnight they are able to blackmail enough US senators to destroy another peaceful country with sadistic and aggressive sanctions. Sanctions, like surveillance, are a prelude to total war and are in fact a form of total war, as we saw with Japan, Germany and Iraq.

Like Iran, America has a Jewish problem.

The Jews have made the entire US Congress a laughingstock – except, no one can laugh at such a Frankenstein monster. The monster has slaughtered millions of innocent, normal people all over the world – over two million just in Iraq since ’91.

Dr. Frankenstein wants his monster to kill millions more.

Jewish power in America can only be ended by the American Defense Party, which is dedicated to shutting down the tyrannical federal government. It is tyrannical because it is controlled by Jews, who own the Federal Reserve, AIPAC and the Council on Foreign Relations. There is no other way to deal with these insatiable criminals who have seized control of the US government and have used it for a hundred years to kill millions of normal people and create a totalitarian world government.

They must be stopped forever and only the American Defense Party has the plan to do this. America must stop being Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.


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  1. Note to a supporter who wanted to know what to do for his country and humanity in general:

    I appreciate your email and its sentiment. I’m not sure what country you live in, but the overall problem can only be solved in America, which is the ultimate source of all war and suffering. This totalitarian federal government must be overthrown, for the sake of humanity. If you live here, start a party unit with the mutual defense pact between members and bring loyal members of the military, both active and veterans, into it. If you live in another country, try to get support for the party here so we can have more effective communications and better propaganda – white propaganda, of course – which accurately describes both the situation and the needed action against the tyranny. This will also help to prevent martial law here.

    The party deserves support on a governmental level from the countries that are victimized by the US government, which are in the dozens.

    We must bring in loyal members of the military and the beleaguered veterans, who are drugged, stigmatized and disarmed by the tyrants. They are the ones who must deal with their disloyal colleagues and high-ranking sellouts. Together, they and we civilians can deal with the treacherous policymakers at the top. Overthrowing the federal government really means taking out the private policy groups that give the real orders for the tyranny to follow. When these groups are eliminated, the federal government will collapse. To kill the snake, we must chop off the head.

    Thanks again.



    1. Brilliant article! Perfect title! Superb picture! Text most eloquent and awesome!

      Lasha, thanks for posting this version rather than the somewhat watered-down, tame, and anti-septic version published on Press TV.

      Not that I’m blaming PressTV for anything. I guess they know what they’re doing. They have no alternative but to “tone down” JB Campbell’s fiery prose in a bid to remain marginlly “respectable”.

      Too bad, but that’s how it is.

    2. “There is no other way to deal with these insatiable criminals who have seized control of the US government and have used it for a hundred years to kill millions of normal people and create a totalitarian world government.”

      So you mean Jews arent the founding fathers now, JB? I’m a bit confused now. You went from the English and not the British attacking Americans in America (who were later to be known as Jews too) and now you claim Jews have only been in control for 100 years?
      I’m interested on what you would like to throw out of the Constitution, the part about it being directed only to their posterity? I dont know too many Jews who like that part either. So far the only Jew who got in with any proof whatsoever is Alexander Hamilton, although PressTV and Veterans Today is riddled with them.

    3. Germany fought for the victory of truth while we fought for the victory of lies; and in winning, we lost.

      For 68 years we have been suffering the consequences of making our world safe for conquest by Judeo-Communism (and yes, it conceals itself behind other labels) so that now we are literally drowning in their swamp of lies.

      I believe Germany was correct: Truth, ultimately, is the stake that must be driven through the lying heart of the beast.

  2. I’m an American, a patriot and Jewish. I totally resent you blaming me and all other American Jews for this problem. Most American Jews are just as ignorant as everybody else. Jews are one group in power in America, what about the Queen of England, the Vatican, Jesuits, Multinational Corporations, etc. Are all Catholics to blame? Are all people who work for Monsanto to blame for their crimes? It’s true that Jews make up 1.7% of the American population and are 5% of the House of Representatives and 25% of the Senate. This may or may not be a conspiracy. Regardless you can’t blame all Jews for the crimes of some. It’s retarded to fight any group of people, it’s the system that needs to be changed. Don’t let yourself be divided and conquered. The solution is to wake up as many people as possible. The life purpose of the Satanic psychopaths that control this planet is to control this planet and make people suffer. It’s the responsibility of the normal people to stop them. All we have to do is make enough people aware of the problems and good will overcome. You are completely stupid to alienate American Jews if you’re trying to stop the evil doers. You need to bring on board as many people as possible.
    In conclusion, I’m ten time the patriot you are and if you come after me just because I was born a Jew then you better fucking kill me because I’m definitely gonna kill you if you came after me. Fuck You, Infinity !!!!!!!


    1. hey who cares, instead of being jewish , lets be human beings first, and fu*k the jews, cathlolics, muslims etc, lets all be humans first and start to live like humans, and then maybe, we might all survive

    2. This is the standard Jewish response to reaction to Jewish behavior, and it is delivered anonymously. We’re not talking about Jews having five percent of the House or twenty-five percent of the Senate. We’re talking about one hundred percent control of both. And one hundred percent control of the president and federal courts. Can anyone deny that the destruction of Iraq was done on Jewish orders, or that the planned destruction of Syria and Iran is a Jewish plan? What about the Federal Reserve, AIPAC and the CFR? Jews such as Fiver are quiet about these facts and can only insist that they are so patriotic. So why don’t they rise up against their totalitarian brothers who have wreaked such total destruction of much of the world due to their illicit control of the US government? Why don’t they at least say something? Are the “good Jews” unaware of the “bad Jews?” Or do they actually approve of what they’re doing?

        1. It’s the ‘good cop vs. the bad cop’ routine, with the Jews acting in both parts.

          The Jew has complete and total dominance over the USA and if we don’t act now, it will be too late in the future.

      1. Thats where you will always lose no matter what you say or do, you will trust a Jew if he whistles your tune.
        Why dont you ask all your Jew friends over at PressTV and Veterans Today. You werent a veteran either JB, but somehow every Jew Marine there ever was is writing for Veterans Today like they did my High School yearbook.
        Im not sure if all those Jews like you more because you are an atheist or because you want to bring down the American government like they brought down the Russian government.

        If a Jew agrees with me Ive been completely misunderstood.

      2. “Bring everybody aboard.” That is ALWAYS the Jew battle cry. “Diversity is wonderful.” SURE! Look how diversity has turned America into a 3rd-world pig sty, unsafe for OUR people – yeah, Fiver, that means WHITES, especially those who are not GUILT RIDDEN via your cohorts’ Jew propaganda. That message is delivered on TV, at the cinemas, by government, and certainly by “Christian” churches. The thing the Eternal Enemy fears the most is a people UNITED on the basis of RACE – thus all their efforts to make racial pride and racial thinking (for whites) a “sin,” an abomination. But of course for non-whites, Fiver’s people PROMOTE such garbage. Nah – the reason Fiver wants “everybody” on board – especially all those innocent and naïve Jews – is to either commandeer the ship or sabotage it.

    3. @ Fiver

      “I’m an American, a patriot and Jewish. I totally resent you blaming me and all other American Jews for this problem….Fuck You, Infinity !!!!!!!”

      If only you knew how Jewish you sound! A patriot, huh? So also proclaimed Jonathan Pollard — before he sold out America out for thirty pieces of silver!

      I guess you think 6 million of your ancestors died in the Holocaust and that gives you a right to come on here and posture, beating your breast like a demented gorilla! Guess you think the world owes you and your brethren a bucket of tears for the next thousand years…?

      We’ve lost patience with you, buster. You’re toast. Tapworm.

      Ruth Bernstein,
      Self-Hating Jew turned Christian.


      Nope, I’m not saying I’m a “good Jew” . . . my name may be Jewish but my blood is untainted with the Khazarian stain.

      So fuck you Geronimo!

      1. Bless you Ms or Mrs Bernstein! You are a credit to your race or religion or whatever they call themselves this week.

      2. @ Fiver

        Jews have been a thorn in the flesh to everyone for centuries. They’ve been expelled from 109 countries since AD250. Guess you think they were “picked on” unfairly 109 times?

        Like a guy who is sacked from 109 jobs is not to blame, right? It’s always the boss’s fault, eh?


        And here you come, raising the same cry your whining ancestors have raised for the last 2000 years: “We’re not to blame! It’s someone else!”

        Who was to blame for the mass murder of 66 million Christians in Russia?

        Who was to blame for perpetrating the Holohoax and blackmailing Germany and Switzerland for billions of dollars?

        Who was to blame for the crucifixion of Christ?

        YOU WERE, you sonofabitch! — you and your reptilian ancestors!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Stunning response by our friend and the one and only one, Ruth Bernstein. I have had not doubt in my mind that one day, you will switch over and your will be redeemed and make us all proud of you.

        I used to call you in the past as Jewish princess; now allow me to call you the fearless truth- teller and Christian Lioness, Ruth Bernstein. After all, I met you along with Lucy and Lasha at The Ugly Truth first.

        I don’t care what others might say, but this Christian Lioness is a great asset for this site.

        1. oy vey mahmoud, what you see happening is the result of crypto jews. They much smarter than you. If somebody suddenly sings your praises are you foolish enough to fall for it? no any rat when they know the jig is up will change their spots. A leopard cant change its spots. So any jew(spit) who wants to turn against their own, its best they find a small island, dont reproduce and go quite into the night. if you donot understand what i have written, you or anyone that doesnt understand it are a liability to your lineage.

    4. “I’m ten time the patriot you are and if you come after me just because I was born a Jew then you better fucking kill me”

      Don’t worry, we will you arrogant heeb.

      Start to own your peoples crimes and speak out against them and maybe people will start to look at jews in a different light. Until then, you WILL be suspect. You can understand that can’t you?

      FACT! 97% of ALL homeland security monies went to jewish groups.

      FACT! It has come out that jews can circumvent the bogus security harrasment at airports.

      FACT! That wretched creature Barbara Lerner Spectre admits to top heavy jewish involvement in the mudding off all Europe.
      “I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe because Europe has not yet learned how to be Multicultural. I think we (Jews) are going to be part of the throws of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that… and Jews are going to be resented because of our leading role.” – Barbara Spectre

      We don’t even need to get into the majority of billionaires in the world are jewish and achieved that through deceit and outright criminality. You also have to deal with the FACT that communisim is a COMPLETE jewish entity and the red terror was a jewish attempt to purge Russia of the white Russians through the most unimaginable means ever.

      So get off your high horse and start calling out the crimes being perpetrated against ALL non jews (goyim), allegedly in your name Sir. Your whole religion and holidays are celebrations of blood lust of non jews. This is not “Zionism” as you and other disinformation artists like yourself are so fond of, it is JEWISH! So we are not out of line to point the finger at the responsible parties regardless if a few pauper jews like yourself are not in the inner sanctum of control.

      I’m sick and tired of arrogant grease spots like yourself throwing the bogus Vatican and other red herrings at us when the culprit is as plain as the nose on your ugly face.

      The jig is up heebs! Drop the Alex (The Saudis run Hollyjew) Jones routine. The fuckin jews control the banking for the Vatican and everyone else for chrissakes! They control the vatican you disinformation artist!

      “In conclusion, I’m ten time the patriot you are and if you come after me just because I was born a Jew then you better fucking kill me because I’m definitely gonna kill you if you came after me. Fuck You, Infinity !!!!!!! ”

      If you were ‘ten times the patriot’ JB is, then you would be exposing jewish criminality to everyone you come across. You would not arrogantly be defending your scummy brethren from the past and current crimes they are responsible for. Apparently this is the only thing you are willing to rally against. Once again brilliantly illustrating the jewish deflection tactic of claiming they only care about the well being of everyone while out of the other side of your mouth only whining about the poor poor jew.

      I like the final comment, ‘fuck you infinity’.
      Typical response from and UNREPENTANT, vulgar jew.

      You won’t make it a week if this mother blows. THAT, is a fact. So you better get with the winning team this time because pay back is going to be a bitch.

      1. says the sleazy old slut barabara lerner spectre:

        I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe because Europe has not yet learned how to be Multicultural

        after she made her aliyah in israel and swore eternal allegiance to supremacist notion that israel is a jewish state (often referred to directly in msm) for jews and only for jews.

        the more antisemitism the better, bring it on until the whole world is 100% antisemitic.
        wait and see.

    5. my stock response: so why are you a jew?
      what makes jew a jew?

      in case you don’t answer, here is my answer: absolute, total negation of any moral credo (in a positive sense) and what is more, complete servitude to the codex of horribly twisted evil.

      i recall reading with ever growing revulsion the festive comments in some israeli paper the day after jewess pam geller-incited manjewrian candidate breivik massacred all those innocent norwegian youth.
      one of them said (probably taken offline): we are jews not christians and not bound by the stupid notions of chivalry for a downed enemy, we spare nothing and nobody.

      this is also a pretty good definition of a jew.
      so you are a jew, right, begging our indulgence.
      yeah right.

      the only good jew is ruth bernstein’s example, a jew who disowned judaism.

      if only there were as many good jews as there are goy turncoats, problem solved in a day.

      1. Exactly. The bloodthirsty quotes from these humanoids is legion and there simply is not enough space on the internet as a whole to cover them all. The tenor of this guys comment is typical of these animals.

    6. @Fiver:

      Prove your patriotism by not taking kol nidre every year, and convince all your brethren to do likewise. You are not to be trusted.

    7. True. There are evil, satanist forces which prefer the races fight one another and not get along. Problem is, those forces work constantly to see their sick and twisted vision of a singular order where death and destruction rule over all.

      Death to the Illuminati and it’s parasitic evil demons that control man and woman and their children.

    8. go fuck your self you fucking little cocksucker
      you vile little shit fuck
      the world is turning on you jewish fucks
      can you here that jew boy?
      tic toc tic toc
      only a matter of time

      oh but what a tangled web we weave
      when we practice to decieve

    9. Those stats dont include the crypto Jews and the so called good Jews aint opening their bagel holes who those crypto Jews are either.

    10. “You are completely stupid to alienate American Jews if you’re trying to stop the evil doers”

      What a bunch of shameless bullsh*t. Your pernicious tribe of sociopaths and con artists form the core and driving force of the “evil doers”…as more and more people around the world are realizing every day.

  3. Absolutely truth!!! There can be any peace, if this mosterous ideology Zionism with its only “brat child” – province without borders in Palestine called Israel – continues in its arrogant and brutal way of “terrorism without borders”.
    Mankind will never be able achive any kind of UNIVERSAL MORAL CODEX if such above are not stoped forever – and burried deep, deep under the ground. Its foretold in the Bible, its written – yeat Humanity can speed it up.
    No need to wait for Almighty peter czech

  4. Dear Fiver, if you are Jewish, then you should acknowledge what Bruce Campbell is saying, and cease the (yawn) standard ploy of claiming Jews are in the dark about their media/government/court/pornography/finance/foreign policy prominence in America–indeed, in most western nations! ALL Jews are Dual Citizens of Israel and the host country they occupy, where they’re known as Diaspora. Many Jews could care less which country they reside in, because they are Israelis first and foremost. Here’s a quip I relate about Jews denying their power. The world record is 29.483 seconds: You know, when Jew says “Vwee dawn’t do NAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWTHINNNNNNNGK!!!”. The world record time for the AAAAAWWWWW portion of that denial is 29.483 seconds.

  5. Dear Fiver
    Where do you stand on the issue of the holoco$t? If you are reading websites such as this one it is not hardly possible to not learn that almost all the claims are totally false. Where do you stand on the jewish/israeli involvement of 911? Or do you subscribe to the jewish controlled medias version that “moslems did it”. Where do you stand on the the almost total domination of the jews in the north atlantic slave trade? Or do you prefer the jewish controlled hollywood version? Where do you stand on the creation of israel and its subsequent leaders? Until you so called little jews start pointing out all the big lies of your jewish mouthpieces then you are no different than they are.

  6. If Fiver is such a “patriot” then let him CONFESS to the crimes he KNOWS his jewish race has done. Let him come foward and tell us WHO exactly orchestrated the 9/11 false-flag attacks. Let him give us USEFUL information instead of just spouting his LYING FKNG mouth off.

    In my opinion, NONE of the jews can be trsuted because they SWEAR ALLEGIANCE to a FOREIGN ENEMY… Israel.


    “I’m an American, a patriot and Jewish. I totally resent you blaming me and all other American Jews for this problem. Most American Jews are just as ignorant as everybody else. Jews are one group in power in America, what about the Queen of England, the Vatican, Jesuits, Multinational Corporations, etc. Are all Catholics to blame? Are all people who work for Monsanto to blame for their crimes?”

    Well, that’s just too damn bad. You’re “patriotic” as long as someone else does the fighting and killing in the wars that your damn Edomite “Tribe” thrives on. Did not Ynet publish an article titled “25 of the 28 architects of the Iraq War Were Jewish”? Did not Haaretz publish an article titled “Some of the Worlds Greatest Serial Killers were Jewish” as it described the undescribable depravity during the Holomodor in the Soviet Union. The Gulag Archipelago? You are apparently incredibly ignorant or conveniently so when it suits your purpose. The “Queen of England?” A powerless old whore from a monarchy that lost its power when your great-grandaddy Rothschild, the Usurer of Usurers, established his cancerous the Bank of England there in the late 1600’s. And didn’t his wife say, “If my sons didn’t want wars there wouldn’t be any?” Indeed she did, and Mel Gibson was right.

    And the Vatican? Gimme a break. Your own 1905 Encyclopedia Judaica clearly states that the Rothschild Banks took over the Vatican Bank in the early 1870’s. If you have my wallet in your hands, where does that leave me? Further, all one needs to know how totally powerless “The Church” has become is to read Elizabeth Dillings “The War Against The Church”, Pier Comptons “The Broken Cross” and “Judaism and The Vatican” by De Poncins. The Talmudists own and control the Catholic Church and essentially all of protestantism except for Christian Identity. Hell, read your own Talmud to see the absolutely disgusting filth that your “patriotic people” are. Go ahead! Google “The Babylonian Talmud – Socino Edition” and read away. and that’s the “toned down” version. Ben Franklin was right when he said you are vile creatures should be kept from these shores. Ye are vipers and snakes – nothing more.

    And the Jesuits? Born during the Inquisition and immediately infiltrated by the Rabbinics by instruction, their pattern is not unlike that of the Jewish-controlled Masons. After all, did not Rabbi Stephen Wise argue that “without our Jewish rituals, masonry is nothing.” Indeed. Amongst others, Douglas Reed pointed out the similarity in his work, “The Controversy of Zion.” And what did the somewhat repentant Judaist Benjamin Freeman say of you people? Vile and destructive, bent on control and destructive of all that is right, proper and just. Ye are of your father, the devil.

    Multinational Corporations? Who owns them all? The usurers. Look up the interlinking stock owners and members of the Boards of Directors. Monsanto? Founded by your stinking, murdering Tribe and it remains in private control of your stinking, murdering, Tribe members.

    The filth from Hollywood? I don’t even need to channel Henry Ford to read Neal Gabler’s “A World of Their Own”, a 1989 book by a “Jew” (Idumean/Edomite/Cannanite – “Edom is in Jewry” – Rabbi Steven Wise) describing the Judaist control of Hollyfilth. Even the so-called “conservative Jew” Ben Stein revels in Jewish control of the place.

    The higher places of learning? Former “Divinity Schools” such as Harvard and the rest of our university system was taken over by Satan’s own and handed to those of The Frankfurt School to push the Judeo-Marxist Agenda. Again quoting Rabbi Steven Wise, “Judaism is Communism and Communism is Judaism.” That’s you, “Fiver.” Hell, it is a proven and admitted fact that your creatures mercuric rise into the U.S. higher education establishment was through the systematic copying of the questions on the S.A.T. in the 1930’s through a joint effort of Jewish High School teachers in Brooklynstein and their students over a ten year period. As usual, your people did it the old fashioned way – cheated and stole your way to the top and then engaged in your “exclusionary protocols” that date back to the Pharisees. Each yarmaluke wearing brat taking the test was charged with memorizing ten questions on the test, copying them down immediately afterwards and then handing them over to Cheatensteinburginkov. That “levels” the playing field, doesn’t it. Cheaters have indeed prospered. Up and up they went and then took over both the faculty and the administrations. Only creatures absent any morals could do such a thing and believe it to be good, an act by an alien people “patriotic” only to their own “Tribe” and not to the poor “Host” being drained of its life force by the alien parasite.

    You claim you are just an ignorant little patriotic “Jewish American” and many of your Tribe are as well, right? If you are so damn ignorant (To that I say “bullshit”, Troll), then why do you thieving bastards claim to be so smart? The only loyalty any of you have is to your own damn amoral Tribe, and as the parasitic group you are, once the fools in the host country you talked your way into are sheared of anything and everything of value by you and your cohorts, en masse you migrate on to the next victim. Isn’t that what Krauthhammer, et.al. were discussing during their retreat at Wye two weekends ago? That since the shearing of the West was about complete and its power was fading, what was important to the preservation of the power of Jewry was for these “patriotic American Jews “to begin an exodus from here and begin to attach themselves to the rising Eastern economies such as China and India. Their/Your words, pal. Your people. You are a Tribe of murdering, lying, thieving, morally reprobate parasites.

    Unlike that judaist-loving “Pope”, I am someone to judge. I know you and yours by your fruits and I condemn you all to hell.

    1. Well I’ll be damned—I was going to trot out exactly the same points brought up by John, with several notable exceptions! BUT: 1) he got there first, 2) wrote them more eloquently, and 3) left almost nothing left to be said. I say “almost”, because I would love to have heard more about why 40,000 Americans have died fighting for Israel. I agree that the world is catching on….once again. It seems every time humanity takes a lunch break, they have to be retrained. Oh well. It also revolts me to have to say that the very people I have despised my entire life—the Democrat liberals—are the ones giving pause to Americans’ normal lick-spittle, panting responses to our Jewish liberal leaders. Obama may be a Porch-Monkey minority hire, but Reverand Wright and his racist wife have set him on the right course, re Israel and American Hebes.

  8. In Fiver’s entire rant he used ONE word which is useful in this discussion: psychopath. Actually, he said “Satanic psychopaths”, but I consider invoking Satan’s name in talking about psychopathy to be an ignorant distraction. Psychopathy is now recognized as a genetic variation of human born with no hard-wiring for conscience. Psychopaths are now approximately 4% of the human race, and I believe that number to have been slowly rising since the advent of modern civilization which creates the conditions of anonymity in which psychopaths can thrive. In our ancestral environment, psychopaths would have been quickly identified within small tribes and dealt with appropriately: death or expulsion from the tribe, which was tantamount to a death sentence.

    Of the accepted list of attributes of psychopathy, the most important one to this discussion is their tendency to seek power over others, and their being masters of manipulating others. We live in a world run by and for psychopaths. If we could eliminate any one ethnic or religious group from holding the levers of power, but left untouched the avenues used by psychopaths to seek power, we would quickly find ourselves in the same evil swamp we are lost in currently.

    There is no evidence that I know of showing that any ethnic group has any higher percentage of psychopaths than any other; their distribution is fairly even worldwide. Accurate testing for psychopathy is now available through brainscans showing different pathways in the brain through which emotional content is processed. Psychopaths, having no real emotions, cannot hide from this test the way they can fake their way through written tests or oral interviews. If Jews in positions of power or influence were to be tested and shown to be psychopathic at higher rates than other ethnic groups, I would be inclined to chalk that up to tribal cohesiveness and an overt willingness to look the other way no matter how egregious the crimes of their fellow tribal members — exactly as Fiver has done in his posting.

    When one sees the march of psychopathy into human leadership as a new genetic variant of human taking over, a lot of otherwise inexplicably evil actions begin to make sense. They are literally claiming title to this planet through their fraudulent financial schemes. They are openly calling for a 90% reduction in human numbers, ostensibly to save the planet from ourselves, but we know who the remaining 10% will be: the 4% psychopaths and just enough normal humans to mow their lawns and change their evil little babies’ diapers.

    Humanity is in the middle of a genetic emergency. Right now, the new humans, who we call psychopaths, are winning. If we fail to recognize this and get caught up going after just one ethnic group, we will cut down one tree but still be lost in the forest.

    1. i am no psychologist by training but have couple of observations aside from your intelligent and learned discourse.

      first, i would suspect that jews do harbor a greater ratio of psychotic types in relation to general populace.
      the cultural imperative is to nourish and promote this amoral aberration as their social and ethnic champions.
      in fact, their entire culture and (for the lack of better word) “religion” is nothing but testimonial to the “virtue” of heartless, cruel iniquity.
      surely, just as they brag to have come by higher average iq by darwinian selection, the same can be said for this pathology.

      next, and more importantly, they (their pschos) are highly organized, forming an impenetrable cabal and it is through this that they assumed near control of the world.
      it is well known that as a rule any ceo of a major corporation is a psychopath, otherwise there is no survival for a harmless goldfish in a school of piranha.
      this is true even more, in spades, for members of the jew cabal.

      all jews are fully aware of this dynamic, the core of what makes jew a jew and they celebrate it at every step.

      we, the goys, need not be 100% right in everything we say, because jews will latch onto any error, no matter how tiny in order to continue delaying and confusing tactics, they will also try their damnest to incite and stoke internal squabbles about hitler, jesus, sexuality, race, exploit any perceived or imagined fault line that deflects attention from the true problem – the jews themselves.

      and problems are there to be solved, right?

      1. The Jewish mind

        “In all of my work I have never begun by asking the big questions because I was always afraid I would come up with small answers. I have preferred therefore to address these claims which are minutiae or detail in order that I might then be able to put together in a gestalt a picture with, if not an explanation, a description in words, a full description of what transpired . . .” – Raul Hilberg

        This is classic example of the Talmudic mindset, the overarching focus on minutiae. Why? Because when one examines the larger picture, the truth invariably becomes evident. In this case the overall evidence for the Hollowhoax doesn’t add up, so the focusing on minute details detracts from the larger question, diverting the individual from the obvious facts attested to by inviolable, mathematical logic. Essentially the Jew focuses his arguments on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin instead of asking the obvious question: can the existence of angels be verified? Jews thrive on such arguments, it is the reason they do so well in the legal profession. The very foundation of Judaism is based on legality and accompanying arguments over Byzantine layers of minutiae; this has been the case since ancient times. To this day, little Jewish boys in their Yeshivas receive gold stars for successfully arguing the finer points of Judaic legality. The Jew seldom argues in support of the norm or standard and almost always for the exception to any rule. Thus he can argue while others commit unjustifiable crimes, his peculiar situation fully justify his own crimes. Read the Talmud, it’s all there written in blood.

      2. Amaurotic family idiocy – Jew disease

        Amaurotic family idiocy is a rare condition which has been observed in Jewish children.

        It is a curious fact that amaurotic family idiocy, a rare and fatal disease of children, occurs mostly among Jews. The largest number of cases have been observed in the United States—over thirty in number. It was at first thought that this was an exclusively Jewish disease, because most of the cases at first reported were among Russian and Polish Jews.

        Jewish Encyclopedia:


  9. Sardonicus, my slant on those historical Jewish ‘expulsions’ is that they want people to believe they were persecuted, hated and expelled. Jews LEFT those countries in a hurry, I would imagine. But only after they bankrupted them, demoralized the citizenry, disenfranchised the electorate and vulgarized the media. ‘Sound familiar? In Europe during the run up to World War Two, Hitler fashioned the perfect image of a scarecrow to convince reluctant Jews to leave Europe, preferably towards Palestine. The Jews were not “Patriots” in Europe, but at least they did assimilate. The problem for Zionists was to UN-Assimilate them once Palestine was under British Sovereignty. Hence, those grotesque war atrocity rumors commenced: gas chambers, human soap and other ridiculous claims.

  10. Satan: The Hebrew term is derived from the verb saTan, which means to lie in wait. Satan as Satanas, “adversary,” diabolos, “Devil,” “adversary” or “accuser.”

    Devil: The supreme spirit of evil. The Greek term “Diabolos” means slanderer, a calumniator or false accuser.

    To the ancient Jew, Satan was quite literally was (and is) an adversary who, in a supreme spirit of evil, lay in wait with false accusations and slander.

    Quack, quack

  11. jews are the root of all evil
    the world will all ways be at war until the jews have been removed

  12. To the disgusting reprobate lying Satanic troll named ‘fiver’ – you are the typical hypocrite Satanic scum I have seen my entire life. Everything you jews touch is ruined poisoned cheapened and trashed. Want to know where you fit in the equation? Read John 8-44 You creatures are HARD-WIRED to be evil and wicked. I have traveled to over thirty nations and done intel work with CIA and FBI and I have NEVER MET ONE jew who proudly calls himself a jew who is not a POS demonic deceitful scumbag!.

    The ONLY decent ‘human being jews’ I have encountered – such as Brther Natanael – have totally divested themselves from anything and everything ‘jewish’.

    I witnessed your scum ilk, murder innocent helpless defenseless 5 year old orphans when in Gaza – with the CIA. Your murderous Godless tribe of reprobate psychopaths murder infants there VERY DAY OF THE WEEK! But of course NONE of those TRUTHS are EVER released here – too ‘anti-Semitic to be exposed – you know.

    Ever given so much as a DIME to help the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of orphans and widdows created by your self- chosen tribe of murderers.? NA! – you are to busy buying Starbucks ‘lattes’ that FUND their murder

    I saw the terrorist cowardly IDF use children as human shields while they terrorized helpless women and children. I witnessed IDF scum who were US citizens and mocked the notion of serving THEIR OWN country.

    I witnessd you jew bastards brandishing submachineguns racing around Palestinian neighborhoods terrorizing civilians who had lived there peaceably for FIFTY generations – DAREING them to defend their homes and families – hoping they would respond so you could murder them in cold blood. I WAS THERE . I WITNESSED these terrorist horrors. YOU jews are the terrorists

    I saw graffitti all over IsraHELL ( except of course the sanitized ‘Potemkin Village’ showplace for idiots – of TelAviv) that worshiped US treasonous pig – J Pollard. He is a HERO to ALL jews there – an urban legend.

    Your racist Christ hating Satan worshiping IsraHELL head Rabbi recently stated that we goyem had no purpose on earth than to serve you evil jews. REMEMBER – jew boy?

    Your ilk of demons from hell have caused the deaths of more innocent civilians on this planet than ALL other sources combined – over two HUNDRED MILLIONS from your jew invented Communism ALONE.

    I trained over a thousand young warriors how to DEFEND our nation from those Communist hordes your people created – and guess what – jew boy?

    Not ONE of them were stinking jews – NOT ONE! Know why? You yids were all at home safe and sound doing what jews do best – seducing our mothers daughters and sweethearts.

    You putrid scum have ruined my marriage my friendships and my freedoms and murdered my relatives. You have STOLEN my beloved country and trashed the honor of the uniform of our elite I wore with honor before you were born.

    I know your ilk WELL from a lifetime of experience and sorrow. You destroy every decent wholesome life your encounter with your profane rabid insane putrid rancid filth greed and psychopathic conduct. YOU JEWS ARE the harbingers of death and destruction and have been for three thousand years.

    I would damn you ALL to hell – But Christ already did that two thousand years ago.

    JB is spot on! He is right as right can be. You scumhave put every decent man woman and child on earth in peril with their your ceaseless criminal conduct . you INDEED ARE the children of Satan!

    You jews ARE the collective DEADLY enemies of mankind! BEEN THERE –SEEN THAT

    If my country wakes up to who and what you REALLY ARE – and the suffering and misery you HAVE CAUSED – there will not be a rock large enough or a hole deep enough to run and hide.

    TRUTH can never be hidden forever! You cannot censure ALL OF US!

    The day of ‘reconing’ WILL come – jew boy — the day will come.

    1. Hey Joe, Hows your other half, Miltie Kapner doing?

      Maybe you can clear something up for me, firstly, how does Miltie get around the fact that Jews are the pure racial lineage of Judah and then I’d like to know who Paul was talking about when he said “Jews are contrary to mankind”. If Miltie was born a Jew how can he not be contrary to mankind?

      On the other hand why are there all kinds of Jews today who have a ton of differences? Did Jews become white as they moved into Europe or did they look like Miltie and Ariel Sharon in Judea 2000 years ago?

      There are a ton of questions that you nor Miltie will ever answer to orally or even type on a website with comments open because your logic will be proven to be a cartoon. Do you believe in free speech for Jews only?

      It certainly does appear that way. Any time you want to debate- bring your pal JB and we will go on as long as it takes. 3 men enter, 1 man leave! Its the truth we are after right, big guy? Well then lets do it? We will see how much you guys know about the Bible and history (both of you are white, right?). You will have to prove how white you are. Im betting not enough.

      1. @melgibstein
        Thank you for yet another non-sequitur message from the Israeli-funded disinformation league of unemployed high-school graduates of zion.

      2. Mel Gibstein is a well-known Zionist troll. Or maybe he just has severe mental problems. Note how he doesn’t have a word of criticism against the Jewish apologist “Fiver”.

        He attacks JB Campbell. He attacks Joe Cortina. But he gives “Fiver” a clean bill of health.

        What does that tell you about Mel Gibstein?

  13. I think the response to “Fiver” is pretty much covered A to Z. I can only add that for the last sixty years American Jews have demonized Germans as a people and after the war were willing to kill all Germans–apparently this suggestion was made to Roosevelt but he died before it was implemented–thank God. So when it comes to collective punishment or guilt it seems OK if Jews blame Germans collectively or if they describe all Arabs as primitives; but when the tables turn and someone collectively blames the Jews then that is unacceptable. My how quickly things turn around when the shoe is on the other foot.

    I think most people realize that it isn’t ALL Jews running the Federal Reserve or pressuring Congressmen through AIPAC but I actually have never met a Jewish person who didn’t buy into most of the victim mythos and who didn’t side with the Israeli army as they pulverized the Palestinians (even if ambivalently), and who didn’t believe on some level that it was America’s duty to save little Israel from its so called “bad neighbors.” So the Jewish elite have the support of the regular down the block style Jewish American–that is my opinion.

    Now American Jews are hearing from the silent majority who do not agree with them on any of the above. And the sentiment runs deep. Congress should put an ear to the ground as well–although maybe this latest push for more war under the guise of sanctions has an urgency because the public has lost patience and the opportunity is slipping away. Indicative of the shift in public sentiment is the fact that in the 33rd District of Los Angeles County (includes one of the largest Jewish populations in the U.S., if not the world) Bobby Shriver (a Catholic and a Kennedy) will probably win the County Board of Supervisors held for many years by a Jewish man. So no one buys into that Jesuit/Catholic conspiracy theory any more. Many people are sick of the Jewish elite’s way of running things, and one day Jews might find it hard to get elected because when all the crimes of the Jewish elite are as well known to most people as they are now to this group of bloggers anyone–that is Catholic, Muslim, or atheist– will find it easier to get elected than someone who is Jewish. There will be a stampede for the exit from the Jewish thing like when suddenly someone realizes that a room is too suffocating to breathe. Pity those of us who have not been able to take a fresh breath for the last 15 years stuck as we are in the stale atmosphere that surrounds jewish rule.

  14. Which came first? The Zionist or the Jew??
    Need to stop calling them Zionists. Yet another partition between us and the crux of the problem.

  15. I am British and out of curiosity is the American Defense Party vetted? History has shown Crypto Jews are everywhere where there is power.

    Csanad Szegedi former no 2 in Hungary’s nationalist party Jobbik Party that tried to take it to anti-Semitic extremes, turns out he is a Jew. And now he’s a religious Jew.

    Al-CIAda: Adam Gadahn (Perlman) grandfather was in the ADL. Adam Gadahn the caricature of evil insists 911 was done by Muslims. He real is a character of an evil Muslim.

    Benjamin Disraeli – Crypto Jew that allowed Jews to enter UK parliament. Complete traitor.

    Is Turkey ruled by Crypto jews? Young Turks (Crypto Jews)
    Why Are So Many Jewish Leaders (Armenian) Holocaust Deniers? Part 1

    Why Are So Many Jewish Leaders (Armenian) Holocaust Deniers? Part 2

    They real do rule the world.
    Crypto Jewish population in the 10s of millions?

    How can one fight people that stand by no rule, that can do anything while you are tied down my moral values? And on top of that we have a corrupt society, led by Jewish media.

  16. fiver,

    You and your kind are going to be buried soon enough, you can count on that. Were coming after every jew and you will be dealt with.

    Also, you can shove jpfo, clearly controlled opposition. We do not need ANYONE to protect our “right” to own, carry or use firearms where truly appropriate and when it comes to jews, jew minions or jew protectors its very appropriate.. You have not been able to disarm far too many of us mentally and believe me, we are going to use them.

    We’re not just going to chop off the snakes head, we are going to kill every square inch of it.

    As for this “good jew” issue, there is only one way to even consider this possibility and no, I couldn’t care less about converting to any so call religion.

    If born a jew and you have renounced it because its so disgusting you must be at the forefront yelling loud and clear exposing ALL angles of Judaism (funny just how silent it really is). You also MUST be standing beside people like JB Campbell and myself pulling the trigger and burying jews. If you are not doing BOTH of these things your not a good ‘former jew”. And believe me, we will still be watching you. Not sure we should even chance this much trust. Even one hint of reverting back and you will eat lead.



  17. These are two sides of a flyer I give to everyone I meet. I think most of the people on this site are crazy and stupid and bitter. You can’t argue with a crazy people. BTW I’m not at all religious or in anyway affiliated with the Jewish community. You’re blaming me for your problems, you need to change the system. J.B., you criticized me for posting anomalously, do you assume if someone posts with a name that it must be their real name? What difference does it make what name is associated with a post?
    I’m not to blame for the actions of others. I’m trying to make a difference and your attacking me for who I am and not what I do. I believe this site is a government operation designed to appeal to ignorant, angry, easily led morons. This is divide and conquer. I don’t have the time and energy to respond to everyone. But I would like to say if the Vatican, multinationals etc. are controlled by Jews it still has nothing to do with me, I’m trying to stop the evil doers, and your only making matters worse with your fixation on Jews. Meaningful change will only come about by informing the masses, if you do that, change will come regardless of who is really in control. It’s unlikely that I’ll be checking back with this message board so don’t waste your time replying unless you just want to address your fellow hate loving morons. You Nazis can expect us to shoot back, no one is ever taking me to a concentration camp. ***J.P.F.O.*** I’m not too good with computers, the below text should be centered as it is on my anti N.W.O. flyer. So just try to imagine it centered on a quarter page.

    Don’t assume something is not important or relevant
    just because you don’t already know about it.

    Question : How Can Two Airplanes
    Knock Down Three Buildings ?
    Answer : Cognitive Dissonance.
    YouTube: WEB SEARCH:
    “Innocents Betrayed” “LEAR JET Heir, Affidavit”
    “38. Identifying Psychopaths” “Toasted Cars of
    “Why In The World Are They Spraying” A & E for 911 Truth
    “The War On Kids.com-Excerpt 8” Pilots for 911 Truth
    “A Noble Lie: OKC” ROSA KOIRE: AGENDA 21
    http://www.WHALE.TO/B/HAND.html ActivistPost.com
    http://WWW.FRENERGY.CA http://WWW.WHALE.T.O./
    *** JPFO *** “List of Children Killed by Drone Strikes”
    “The Disappearing Male”
    “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives”
    “ARCHONS: Exercising Hidden Controllers With,
    Robert M. Stanley & Laura M. Eisenhower”

  18. These are two sides of a flyer I give to everyone I meet. I think most of the people on this site are crazy and stupid and bitter. You can’t argue with a crazy people. BTW I’m not at all religious or in anyway affiliated with the Jewish community. You’re blaming me for your problems, you need to change the system. J.B., you criticized me for posting anomalously, do you assume if someone posts with a name that it must be their real name? What difference does it make what name is associated with a post?
    I’m not to blame for the actions of others. I’m trying to make a difference and your attacking me for who I am and not what I do. I believe this site is a government operation designed to appeal to ignorant, angry, easily led morons. This is divide and conquer. I don’t have the time and energy to respond to everyone. But I would like to say if the Vatican, multinationals etc. are controlled by Jews it still has nothing to do with me, I’m trying to stop the evil doers, and your only making matters worse with your fixation on Jews. Meaningful change will only come about by informing the masses, if you do that, change will come regardless of who is really in control. It’s unlikely that I’ll be checking back with this message board so don’t waste your time replying unless you just want to address your fellow hate loving morons. You Nazis can expect us to shoot back, no one is ever taking me to a concentration camp. ***J.P.F.O.*** I’m not too good with computers, the below text should be centered as it is on my anti N.W.O. flyer. So just try to imagine it centered on a quarter page.

    Don’t assume something is not important or relevant
    just because you don’t already know about it.

    Question : How Can Two Airplanes
    Knock Down Three Buildings ?
    Answer : Cognitive Dissonance.
    YouTube: WEB SEARCH:
    “Innocents Betrayed” “LEAR JET Heir, Affidavit”
    “38. Identifying Psychopaths” “Toasted Cars of
    “Why In The World Are They Spraying” A & E for 911 Truth
    “The War On Kids.com-Excerpt 8” Pilots for 911 Truth
    “A Noble Lie: OKC” ROSA KOIRE: AGENDA 21
    http://www.WHALE.TO/B/HAND.html ActivistPost.com
    http://WWW.FRENERGY.CA http://WWW.WHALE.T.O./
    *** JPFO *** “List of Children Killed by Drone Strikes”
    “The Disappearing Male”
    “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives”
    “ARCHONS: Exercising Hidden Controllers With,
    Robert M. Stanley & Laura M. Eisenhower

    1. “I’m not to blame for the actions of others. ”

      You’re driving down a lonely road in a desolate area, at night, with your family in the car, and another car approaches you and people in the other car start shooting at you. You try to get away but you can’t seem to out-run them, and you happen to have a gun, so you shoot back.

      You happen to hit the driver, he subsequently crashes into a tree, and everyone in the car dies. Among the dead in the other car were a young Mother and child, whose car was apparently carjacked by two madmen.

      Who’s morally responsible for the death of the Mother and child, you?

    2. You and Alex Jones are completely full of shit. The fact that you would actually come back here and try to refute what everyone here has said AND call us crazy is a perfect example of jewish chutzpah. What balls. By the way you had no response for the myriad of jewish crimes perpetrated on the world IN YOUR NAME! All you can do is call people names.

      You claim, “BTW I’m not at all religious or in anyway affiliated with the Jewish community. You’re blaming me for your problems, you need to change the system.”

      I love this, “YOU need to change the system.”
      We plan on it buddy. There will be no place for your kind when we are done.

      You had the opportunity to save face and acknowledge the nightmare crimes that have made the world what it is, but instead you came to sling more mud and dig your own hole deeper. Typical rabid kikejew. You might not be a part of the organized jewish community, but you definately exude the same slime.

      You’re a fucking LIAR asshole! You put the goddamn jpfo.org site link up there and at the same time say you are in no way a part of the jewish community?! Unreal. Total shit just like everything that comes out of a jews mouth. Then you go on to list a number of secondary rabbit holes for people to get lost in.
      Oath Keepers?
      Alex Jones?
      and Laura fuckin Kikenhouser?!

      Get outta here you POS. I think I hear jonestown is having another money bomb. You are not welcome in these parts. Soon to be the world.

      P.S. I hope you are prepared for more of the same you got here.

  19. To expand on what Joe Cortina said regarding biblical references to Jewish evil:

    It seems to me that the “first” “beast” (B1), of Rev 13 – which apparently gets its power directly from Satan – is the Jewish collective. And B1 then empowers the “second” “Beast”, (B2), which seems to be a front man or puppet ruler, e.g., “Obama”.

    One of the important features of B1 is a mouth “like the mouth of a lion”; this could be a reference to Jewish control of Hollywood and the Mainstream media. A lion “roars” loudly and everyone hears it. Likewise, the Jews use their control of the entertainment industry and the media to speak “great things and blasphemies”, and everyone is aware of it. (The leopard-like body and bear-like feet of B1 would also be very appropriate).

    Also from the description given in Revelation 13, B1 apparently has geopolitical features; e.g., the various “heads” of the Beast could be a reference to countries of
    the “West” that are firmly under Jewish control as we move into the apparent “end times”; i.e., the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany.

    If the “heads” can be seen in this way, then the deadly wound to one of the heads, which was subsequently “healed”, can be viewed as Germany’s attempt to rid itself of Jewish subversion. Hitler saw what the Jews were doing, recognized them as a mortal threat to Germany (and the world, for that matter), and tried to stop them. And he actually did stop them, but only for a little while; thus the mortal wound that “healed”.

    Most of the rest of the text of Rev. 13 seems to fall into place as well; e.g., the people who “worship” B1 are those who’ve become intoxicated with Jew mind-poison and have accordingly completely lost touch with their spiritual side. Jews basically control our societies and are always promoting whatever it is that’s destructive, e.g., pornography, sexual perversion, gambling, materialism, collectivism, moral cowardice, etc. You name it, and if it’s morally/spiritually destructive, you’ll find Jews pushing it. And those that are fully plugged in to the Jew-controlled matrix are lost to God.

  20. This is to a guy who’s in basic agreement but supports the Constitution and doesn’t believe in overthrow:

    The Constitution gave us a dictator-president, who didn’t emerge until 1861. Lincoln was the first one to realize that total power was there for the taking, if one had the nerve and the excuse to dictate rather than preside, which his predecessors had mostly done. Secession gave him the excuse he needed. His megalomania got 850,000 people killed and the Bill of Rights destroyed. It couldn’t have happened under the Articles of Confederation, which did not provide for a dictator. The Articles didn’t require a Bill of Rights because the Confederation had no power over the people.

    The seven articles of the Constitution are the framework for a central government, or empire, as Patrick Henry called it. The seven articles were provided by Masons, who got them from their lodge rules of procedure. The Anti-Federalists demanded ten articles of amendment to protect us from the imperial Constitution!

    Today the Constitution’s rules are in effect: a president, two houses of Congress and the Supreme Court. The Bill of Rights is dead. And the Supreme Court has pronounced this to be constitutional. So, what’s so good about the Constitution? What protection does it provide us? Once the three branches are in concert – dictatorship! Which is where we are today.

    This dictatorship must be overthrown, or we must subject ourselves to it as slaves – one or the other. There can be no peaceful coexistence with it, which should be apparent to you. If you don’t believe in overthrow, what do you believe? The founders of this country (the rebels) fought to overthrow their dictatorship, so why shouldn’t we? They were betrayed, sold out to the Bank of England by the framers of the Constitution – the Federalists – who refused for four years to add the Bill of Rights to it.

    Overthrow, or revolution, is not a taboo subject now. It’s out in the open and is being considered by lots of Americans once certain things are pointed out. It is purely American, since revolution against tyranny originated here. The US federal government is the enemy of humanity and must be obliterated, or it will kill many of us and enslave the rest of us.

    It doesn’t matter if the tyrants think they “are ready” for revolution. They have no idea what can happen when we start flexing our muscles. Of course, many will die in the struggle but the numbers are overwhelmingly on our side. When Americans realize how much their government hates and fears them, as Ed Snowden has revealed, the government will cease to function and many traitors will be executed. It will go on and on because there are hundreds of thousands of traitors who have really hurt us.

    1. With Russia and China rising, with the U.S. economy in free-fall (along with U.S. credibility, political capital, etc.), and with the world generally getting sick and tired of Jew-inspired violence and chaos, I think our Jewish Masters are running out of time.

      Our Masters may feel compelled to start WW3 this year. Maybe even sometime within the next six months.

      Another possible factor here could be Fukushima. With an unprecedented amount of radio-poison entering the biosphere, with no end in sight, with no apparent way to bring it under control – and with the potential to become catastrophically worse at any time, there may not be anything worth fighting for, here, as the U.S. may be essentially uninhabitable 10 years from now.

      Once the poison gets into our food chain, I think we’re finished, aren’t we?

      And this brings me to one more point: The one real “nuclear” “threat” that the U.S. faces is Fukushima, yet so far “our” “government” basically just sat there and did nothing. At this point it may be too late to do anything meaningful, but early “intervention” might have made a big difference in the outcome.

      If the sheeple can ever be made to realize the threat that Fukushima actually poses to them and their children, and how “their” “government” not only did nothing to intervene, but actually made things worse by helping Tepco and the Japanese government conceal the facts…that might be enough to push them over the edge. Especially if it comes to where people realize that they now have essentially nothing else to lose. Maybe sheer rage will motivate them to finally turn on their Masters.

    2. There is no such thing as good government. History proves they’re all bad. With the possible exceptions of the Tibetan’s religious takeover, all conventional forms of known government have invariably developed into an elite ruling class completely removed from the pressing concerns of those they govern. Thus, good government is an ephemeral concept that cannot exist due to man’s basic nature, much like the idea of equality among men (races). The only real answer is some form of anarchy, in this instance meaning rule by non-centralized, highly localized, ruling committees i.e. governing that isn’t a government. Any – ANY – form of centralized government immediately presents the opportuni9ty for wealthy elite to buy, influence and/or coerce the administrators of such a government. This is why the Jews always gravitate towards a highly centralized government structure, like a dictatorship. The more centralized the form of government and its attendant branches, the easier it is to dominate and control. In fact this was exactly the American founders intent, break up any possibility of collaboration among the ruling powers by have various branches that are by nature, oppositional to each other. It’s that “checks and balances” thing you heard about in high school. Obviously that didn’t work so the only truly viable answer is to spread the power base so thin, to have so many voices in so many different locations that there is no way to influence the ruling power. Another alternative is, gasp! Dare I suggest, a true democracy? If Hitler had won the war and the leadership maintained its original structure, no doubt it would have only taken a few replacements before Germany was once again bought and paid for under Jewish domination. One simply cannot expect a continuing line of benevolent dictatorships.

      1. I think if there were no such *things* as Jews, our constitutional republic may not have failed so spectacularly. Not because there would be no evil, but because the evil would likely not be so organized.

        BTW, I think even some form of “anarchy” would ultimately fail because the “evil” people would probably form some kind of a collective that could only be effectively resisted by another collective.

  21. The worst thing about America is I have to travel a thousand miles to find others who know and understand the truth of what is being dealt with regarding the Jewish problem. I recently received one of those forwarded emails designed by Jews to target the addled brains of the “greatest,” (and stupidest) generation in American history (G.L. Rockwell excluded of course)

    Subject: FW: Moe Berg

    When baseball greats Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig went on tour in baseball-crazy Japan in 1934, some fans wondered why a third-string catcher named Moe Berg was included.

    The answer was simple: Berg was a US spy.

    Speaking 15 languages – including Japanese – Moe Berg had two loves: baseball and spying.

    In Tokyo, garbed in a kimono, Berg took flowers to the daughter of an American diplomat being treated in St. Luke’s Hospital – the tallest building in the Japanese capital.

    He never delivered the flowers. The ball-player ascended to the hospital roof and filmed key features: the harbor, military installations, railway yards, etc.

    Eight years later, General Jimmy Doolittle studied Berg’s films in planning his spectacular raid on Tokyo.

    Berg’s father, Bernard Berg, a pharmacist in Newark, New Jersey, taught his son Hebrew and Yiddish. Moe, against his wishes, began playing baseball on the street aged four.

    His father disapproved and never once watched his son play. In Barringer High School, Moe learned Latin, Greek and French.

    He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton – having added Spanish, Italian, German and Sanskrit to his linguistic quiver.

    During further studies at the Sorbonne, in Paris, and Columbia Law School, he picked up Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Arabic, Portuguese and Hungarian – 15 languages in all, plus some regional dialects.

    While playing baseball for Princeton University, Moe Berg would describe plays in Latin or Sanskrit.

    Tito’s partisans

    During World War II, he was parachuted into Yugoslavia to assess the value to the war effort of the two groups of partisans there. He reported back that Marshall Tito’s forces were widely supported by the people and Winston Churchill ordered all-out support for the Yugoslav underground fighter, rather than Mihajlovic’s Serbians.

    The parachute jump at age 41 undoubtedly was a challenge. But there was more to come in that same year.

    Berg penetrated German-held Norway, met with members of the underground and located a secret heavy water plant – part of the Nazis’ effort to build an atomic bomb.

    His information guided the Royal Air Force in a bombing raid to destroy the plant.

    The R.A.F. destroys the Norwegian heavy water plant targeted by Moe Berg.

    There still remained the question of how far had the Nazis progressed in the race to build the first Atomic bomb. If the Nazis were successful, they would win the war. Berg (under the code name “Remus”) was sent to Switzerland to hear leading German physicist Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel Laureate, lecture and determine if the Nazis were close to building an A-bomb. Moe managed to slip past the SS guards at the auditorium, posing as a Swiss graduate student.

    The spy carried in his pocket a pistol and a cyanide pill.

    If the German indicated the Nazis were close to building a weapon, Berg was to shoot him – and then swallow the cyanide pill.

    Moe, sitting in the front row, determined that the Germans were nowhere near their goal, so he complimented Heisenberg on his speech and walked him back to his hotel.

    Werner Heisenberg – he blocked the Nazis from acquiring an atomic bomb.

    (So the Jews could get it first. Thanks a lot Werner because of you we now have a “mad dog” in the Middle East with the power of god cubed)

    Moe Berg’s report was distributed to Britain’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and key figures in the team developing the Atomic Bomb. Roosevelt responded: “Give my regards to the catcher.”

    Most of Germany’s leading physicists had been Jewish and had fled the Nazis mainly to Britain and the United States. After the war, Moe Berg was awarded the Medal of Merit – America’s highest honor for a civilian in wartime. But Berg refused to accept, as he couldn’t tell people about his exploits.

    After his death, his sister accepted the Medal and it hangs in the Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown,


    FUCKIN’ – A – SKIPPY, it’z chust like one of those Chooish D.C. comics, these Jews are regular Captain Americas they are! The brave, selfless, genius Jew! (even if it is only the Jew saying so)! For some inexplicable reason, we just gotta love ‘em. So whip out those tiny American rags – er – flags and wave them with a tear in the eye for these selfless and true Je. . . er, “American” patriots. Apparently, the gullible goyim never tire hearing about the greatly exaggerated or outright phony exploits of these masters of deception.

    The “greatest” generation:

    Now Arch, this is not a very positive response to a positive article regardless who the individual was. It was interesting and about as factual as much of the BS that is sent out over the internet. – B


    Ah yes, we all need to be more “positive” towards the self aggrandizing Jew. Below is the most famous case of Jewish “genius” ever, that of Albert Einstein. When the facts are examined however, we find Einstein’s most “brilliant” equation ever was not his, but stolen from an Italian goyim and then promptly attributed to “Jewish genius.” The Jews are a race of lying, thieving confabulators, which is why their book the Bible is filled with fantastic Jewish bullshit stories, some stolen from other sources like the story of Noah that was plagiarized from the far more ancient story of Gilgamesh. Then there is the mythical Hollowhoax. If a Jew is telling the story, you can bet its either an outright lie or something close to it. This is especially true with anything concerning WWII or those demonically evil Nadzees. How about the infamous “geysers of blood” quote?

    “Later, I learned from a witness that, for month after month, the ground never stopped trembling; and that, from time to time, geysers of blood spurted from it.” – Elie Wiesel from his book “Night” Ya sure, you betcha! Check the name again E-Lie Weasel, a lying weasel.

    (Story about Olinto De Pretto included)

    This then is the standard mentality throughout America, which no doubt explains why the Jews can destroy prominent buildings in downtown Jew York city murdering some 3000 useless goyim and then turn around and make billions in profit off the destruction and chaos. The average white male of western civilization is no doubt the stupidest, most gullible goyim that ever gave up their prime grazing land willingly to a bunch of thieving, murdering criminals whose only defense is a finely crafted invisibility and laughable claims of victim-hood.

    1. “Later, I learned from a witness that, for month after month, the ground never stopped trembling; and that, from time to time, geysers of blood spurted from it.” – Elie Wiesel from his book “Night”

      sounds to me like the earth was barfing.

  22. Read THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler. The people who, today, call themselves “Jews”, are 90% descended from the Ashkenazi-KHAZARS of ancient Khazaria. It was the Rothschilds, that funded the creation of the State of Israel in ~ 1948! Prior to that, it was always known as PALESTINE. ZION-ism, like all the other “-isms” (Social-ism, Commun-ism, Fascism, etc.) are constructs handed down to us, by the International Central Bankers and their fellow “Globalists”, to divide us all, along ideological lines, while they control both sides of every ideological “debate”. They simply play one partisan group off the other, until they can manufacture some crisis, that “resolves” this or that issue, in a pre-determined fashion, that serves their own interests. They are masters of the art of war by deception, and the Hegelian Dialectic.

  23. Dear J.B.,
    This ‘overthrow’ you promote is not something Americans should have to consider. The main thrust of the American citizen’s efforts is a multi-faceted process:

    Recover American Sovereignty from this “Globalist” cabal that seeks to dissolve borders on the premise of “Free Trade”.

    Make liberals accountable for their canards, recovering monies given to them by taxpayers and consumers who underwrite the likes of ALGORE.

    Utilize American labor, raw materials, energy supplies and GOVERNMENT to sustain our nation, and not Israel, China and other nations.

    Cease all government protections of religious, sexual orientation, race and ‘Undocumented’ minorities. If these people gripe about how they’re treated, then they should conform to etiquette, conventions and traditions established in America, and cease employing the expanding government as their personal enforcement agency.

    Only when Americans are protected under the Constitution by a LIMITED GOVERNMENT, can we exist as a sovereign, peaceful and productive nation.

    1. What you say makes a lot of sense, David Baker; BUT, I am afraid we Americans are far beyond the point of that approach being viable. For instance, the vitriole expressed just within this site is indicative of a pent-up frustration with the status quo.

      While I cannot, for certainty, assert the ‘correctness’ of J. B. Campbell’s proposals – the timing makes them the most potentially effective, realistic strategy for opposition to an over-reaching, tyrannical, central government hell-bent on global conquest and subjugation. ‘Voting Them Out’ has proved unrealistic, for obvious reasons; so, those of us impatient enough and pissed-off enough find some reassurance in Campbell’s bold and articulate messages.

      That decades of conflict and frustrations of purpose have helped some of us begin to more precisely focus on the ‘Jewish Question’ is a logical avenue of last resort – for better or worse. While it offends my own sense of justice and
      fairness to collectively assault one such as the poster ‘fiver’, the undeniable culpability of Jewish designs against the rest of our very lives have placed him and others in the unrelenting sights of blame. THAT is the inherent danger of any large-scale group effort to terminate a political cancer. Innocent individuals become collateral casualties.

      I am still trying to come to terms with that, and weigh the Right against the Wrong, while justifying the effort. It is my experienced opinion that everyone here should give pause to do the same. Meanwhile, what Campbell proposes is extremely worthy of consideration.

  24. Gilbert Huntley, many years ago, Henry Ford offered Americans a candid view of these people in his volume “The International Jew”. Basically, Ford described in cogent form the Jewish Talmud, which, under the auspices of their God, accords their tribe a sovereign authority over gentiles, or Non Jewish citizens. Jews for the most part ignore the more fervent applications of this ‘authority’ as demonstrated by Israel, U.S. Government Foreign Policy developed by Jews (PNAC, for example) international social movements such as Feminism, Global Warming, Free Trade Zones, Hate Laws and the dogmatic protection of their now-debunked “Holocaust” by worldwide legislation which penalizes any effort to explore and verify that event.

    What is occurring today is the finalization of these agendas to establish Jewish power under that Talmudic Authority. Jews now run the media, courts, government, pornography, precious metals, the fur trade, alcohol industry, department stores, gambling, telecommunications, social networking, foreign trade, central banking, abortion industry and soon, the bulk of the world’s oil resources. Naturally, Jews have their “Holocaust” to erect the instant people like J.B. Campbell and myself call attention to these facts, but they eventually will eschew displaying this veneer once this agenda has been completed.

    An example of this Jewish behavior can be explored by studying the Russian Revolution and the subsequent establishment of the brutal Soviet Union. That was a successful implementation of Talmudic Jewry, including their arranging of laws that specified the Death Penalty for “Anti-Semitism”. We now have organizations such as the ADL, along with their intimidation arm, the JDL, orchestrating similar protections within western nations. The history of Jews provides us with a perspective of the future of Jews. People have to learn that history to understand what has occurred and, more importantly, what WILL occur.

    1. No argument from me, David Baker. What you have just said substantiates the imperative to act accordingly. Perhaps ‘overthrow’ is a relatively MILD term, after all! 🙂

    2. No argument from me, David Baker. What you have just said substantiates the imperative to act accordingly. Perhaps ‘overthrow’ is a relatively MILD term, after all! 🙂

  25. Amaurotic family idiocy – Jew disease

    Amaurotic family idiocy is a rare condition which has been observed in Jewish children.

    It is a curious fact that amaurotic family idiocy, a rare and fatal disease of children, occurs mostly among Jews. The largest number of cases have been observed in the United States—over thirty in number. It was at first thought that this was an exclusively Jewish disease, because most of the cases at first reported were among Russian and Polish Jews.

    Jewish Encyclopedia:


  26. Still we are writing, writing, writing. When will we actually make a move to do something to remove the scum from power and the earth?

    When will the organizing begin, and where do we meet to begin operations? It’s going to take a lot more than just sitting at computers typing.

    Until words become action, the scum will just sit back and snicker at our words with no action.

  27. @ Bob. History repeating itself…….

    This article is about the Edict of Expulsion given by Edward I in 1290, that expelled all Jews from England. For the 1492 Edict of Expulsion from Spain, see Alhambra Decree.

    In 1290, King Edward I issued an edict expelling all Jews from England. The expulsion edict remained in force for the rest of the Middle Ages. The edict was not an isolated incident, but the culmination of over 200 years of increased persecution. Oliver Cromwell permitted Jews to return to England in 1657, over 350 years since their banishment by Edward I, in exchange for finance.

  28. How disturbing that the instinct for self preservation has been so successfully removed from the majority of Americans, especially those who buy into the “love your enemies” mind control. Love those who are killing you, creating all diseases, destroying your DNA with bioweapon vaccines. Love those who are destroying the planet.

    Who other than JB Campbell has a plan for getting rid of the psychopathic predator parasites destroying everything that matters? Answer – NO ONE. I fully support the American Defense party…and I suggest any one who thinks it is just another political party actually read what he has written about it.

    You are already dead if you do nothing…so rather than cowering in fear, how about those with a backbone come together and take care of business. Stop wasting your time reading the mental masturbation of those minions trying to convince you it is “hopeless”. Stand up for your children!

    1. I understand your frustration. The problem is, “the people” are so dumbed-down, so ignorant of the world around them, so utterly unprincipled and generally morally incompetent, so profoundly *stupid*…as to be useless for anything except fertilizer.

      Look around. What do you see? I see scumbags, almost everywhere I look. The cops are scumbags, for example, because “the people” are scumbags. The politicians are scumbags, because “the people” are scumbags.

      My last hope for “America” was dashed, relatively recently, when “the people” of North Dakota soundly rejected the idea of ending the immoral property tax. They were in a unique position to set an example for the rest of the country to follow, and what did they do? Why, they showed the world how stupid and shallow and unprincipled they were.

      How can there be “liberty and freedom” in “America” if nobody can even own a piece of residential property here? If you lose your job here and can’t pay the confiscatory, out-of-control property tax to the *local* government, the *locals* throw you and your children out of your own house, at gun-point if necessary. People-screwing-people; that’s what “America” is all about.
      I see this kind of scumbaggery everywhere I look in this lawless-third-world-banana-republic-hell-hole.

      As I see it, if I have to live in a lawless third-world banana republic, I might as well go live in one with a better climate, with lower taxes, that doesn’t have illegal NSA spying and drones. (And the way things are going, “America” will soon be a radioactive, lawless, third-world banana republic).

      So really, what’s worth fighting for here? Maybe 2% of the people are morally competent and therefore deserving (and capable) of good government, but the other 98% deserve nothing but the hell they’ve made for themselves.

      1. nothing wrong with banana republic provided it is a non-gmo, monsanto banana, still a few left.

  29. Bob, I really am at a loss as to our options for inhibiting the liberal effort to grow government to destructive proportions. People in America have been convinced by politicians–through their media–that a certain political party has “Got their Back”, and their only hope to survive in this Racist, Homophobic, Greedy, Corrupted, Polluted, Warming and Anti-Abortion-Pro-Lifer-Nazi environment is to vest in their altruistic liberal government the overriding authority to sustain the ‘Victims’ of this benighted republic.

    There was a time in America when people mistrusted the government, regarding with jaundiced eyes the ulterior motives and mendacity of demagogues. Limiting the government to fiduciary functions specified in our Constitution was the single most effective means to keep the Socialist Genie in the Bottle, for once this concept is fostered among the “Have-Nots” of a nation, it explodes into a mammoth Pork Barrel pantheon of social turmoil, double standards, onerous taxation, Fees/Fines/Foibles (Gambling, Alcohol, Pornography, Tobacco, Drug use) and funding for every perversion and liberal ‘convenience’, the funds being wrested from the working people.

    The stupidity of America’s Dumbed Down Citizens can best be defined as we watch nations that functioned under this Quasi-Altruistic-Nanny-State System struggling to restore economic vitality within their blighted, bankrupt countries, as drastic measures to control profligate spending, waste and chattel dependence on government and social turmoil degrades their faltering economies, and puts millions out of work and on the streets.

    Read this: Socialism/Communism et al are to tyrants as candy is to a child molester. The concepts induce gullible, ignorant and historically untutored populations to cede their liberty, economy, social processes and religious freedoms to a perceived form of beneficent government. Government is not beneficent.

    1. Germany fought for the victory of truth while we fought for the victory of lies; and in winning, we lost.

      For 68 years we have been suffering the consequences of making our world safe for conquest by Judeo-Communism (and yes, it conceals itself behind other labels) so that now we are literally drowning in their swamp of lies.

      I believe Germany was correct: Truth, ultimately, is the stake that must be driven through the lying heart of the beast.

      Ironic, is it not, that America destroyed Germany to save the same beast that is now destroying America.

      Those who say “What you give out, you get back,” may have been right all along.

      “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”
      As for Christians ?
      Ultra-Orthodox young men curse and spit at Christian clergymen in the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City as a matter of routine.

  30. i am struck by how the erstwhile how the jew bolshevik creations, like ussr, cuba, yugoslavia, romania, vietnam, poland and china were in fact able to subvert from within and usurp the crypto-talmudist bloodthirsty elite of virulent gentile-haters, nationhood and culture destroyers and ended up declared as enemy number one, axis of evil targets of international jew venom.

    each one of them ended up as a strongly nationalist entity, the greatest threat to program of the planetary dominion.

    the other effective countermeasure to the jew infection is islamic yet secular society, as seen in cases of iraq, libya, malaysia and iran, another thorn in the side of the world messianic shadow government.

    usa is a corpse in advanced stage of decomposition, no internal glue left to hold it cohesive, whereas these other counties have the saving grace of strongly nationalist religious junta, orthodox or muslim, as the case might be, as well as a degree of core ethnic clumping.

    without such clustering and total repudiation of the present diseased system of openly hostile, traitorous government, usa does not have a chance.
    not a tiniest chance.

    i would not like to bet on its survival in any but the most unrecognizable form.

    (not that canada and the rest of the english speaking smithereens scattered around the ex-colonial world would fare any better, smothered in sleep by diversity)

    1. Lobro, you are right. United States of Israhell is a rotting corpse. There are some of us who are awake and want to save others but it is very difficult. The people in USA are dumbed down, willfully ignorant, lazy, decadent, and indifferent to the suffering and the murder of their brothers and sisters in the Middle East and Africa. They are even indifferent to the suffering of their fellow Americans. America has been conquered and destroyed by the Jew World Order.

    2. “usa is a corpse”?? Are you disinfo zio-troll Kuasiminski with just another cloak? Or are you living in defunct England? Besides a large proportion of disinterested and distracted people, because of sheer ignorance and stupefying ashkenazi zio-media, the itching of a far larger group of Americans, all armed and to the worry and loose stool of the Zoggies in the DC Latrine, is to have ‘open season’. And they don’t mean for duck hunting, but sewer rat hunting.

      The scenario, despite your dark glasses, is ominous, should the RATs decide to take their LAST and FINAL step to conquer the IMPOSSIBLE. 146 Million armed and very, very pixxed Americans, with 326 Million impossible to grab guns, and an estimated 10 to 20 Billion (with B) bullets, and not enough zio-mercenary fodder to plug with, is no toy to play with, in spite of ill wishers and simpleton trolls, like Kuasiminski and company.

      “usa…not the tiniest chance”?? May you be up front on the other side to prove your myth, when the SHTF… IF, the coward by nature ashkenazis decide to leap across Abyss.

      1. got my ,a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pGqOrxGXO0″>numbers
        … i do apologize … actually worse than a corpse.

        you good with numbers smart guy? let’s see.
        usa pop 318 million, of which about 220 million are legally adult.
        of which, according to the linked video, 138 million can find usa on the map (of usa).
        so, already at least 8 million of your Million armed and very, very pixxed Americans cannot spot their own country on the map if their lives hung on it.
        you with me so far, smart guy?
        and you say they present a capable jew fighting force?
        how about them attacking indian sikhs in streets because they think they are from osama bin laden’s tribe, whom they blame for 9/11/
        they are you jew-fighting cohorts?

        watch out for friendly fire buddy, all i can say.
        watch out for corpse farts, yeah.

        i will take my chances with foreigners, the all-inclusive quenelle, be they french or gabonianwhile you light your cigar with home made molotovs.

        or prove me wrong, show me some numbers, human ones, not bullets stored in attic.

        ignorance does not win wars, whatever your homeschooling taught you.

      2. let’s follow this up some more, you asked for it, so how about facts.

        The survey of 7,000 people in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Britain reveals only a small minority (10%) now believe their countries should support Israel rather than the Palestinians, while many more, 39%, think they should not.
        support for Israel in eu

        63% of Americans support israel
        which to put in perspective is … oops, 138 million, the magic 138 million americans are head-over-talmud-heels in love with israel.
        so just where do your mythical 146 Million armed and very, very pixxed Americans fit in and more frighteningly, who are they pixxed at, who do they support until the last bullet, until the gun is wrenched from their cold, dead hands – haha.

        voting with my feet, let heroes take their chances with that crowd.
        but i do consider it my duty to preach to the still warm bits and parts of the corpse, maybe some meat can be salvaged from rabbinical vultures.

        i don’t think you are a stupid person, heroay, if i did, i wouldn’t have wasted these precious 9 minutes but don’t let the emotions strangle your logic in sleep.

        1. and yes, campbell and kaminski, whatever their failings, are still the men to listen to seriously.

          one sharply distinguishing characteristic of a gentile is to be a genteel gentleman, generous to fault, magnanimous to a vanquished enemy instead of harping on ever tiny mistake, as campbell, kaminski or gordon duff may have made in the past.

          and brother nathaniel too, his head is screwed on right, i think.
          the christian and islamic god (pretty sure the same one) offers the life-vest of redemption to renegade, self-hating jews who by act of unchoosing themselves cease to be jews.

  31. Dear J.B,

    I imagine you alluded to my point of view on this subject with your treatise on the Constitution. I’m well aware of what the 2nd Amendment grants to American Citizens. However, the point at which such measures will be necessary has not been reached. Indeed, with the stroke of a pen, our government has eviscerated our Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act. Those rights still exist, and we have the means to address (or Redress..) this usurpation without resorting to destructive insurrections. Where America has the ability to confront our out-of-control regime is in plain sight: We need to form a consensus among ALL Americans to impeach and remove elements of our leadership who see fit to unconstitutionally wrest our Bill of Rights from us. This means we need to work together as genders/races/religions/ideologies and legal resources to emphasize the need to confront tyranny and malfeasance at each level of our government.

    One of the first agendas of tyrants is to divide the citizenry into contentious factions. We have been divided. Now we need to unite in the noble cause of restoring our nation to the bastion of free men and women who know well to keep our employees on a Constitutionally short leash.

    1. Mr. Baker, your tone is very diplomatic and sensible. I like it. In reality, though, the instrument of our civilization – the money – has been the root of corruption of our republic. Ergo, it is not amiss to employ hard words against those who have used it as their main tool against us; AND, MOREOVER, almost impossible to do anything to better the situation without monetary policy change FIRST. That battle has been fought – and lost – numerous times in this country – marked by the War of 1812, the era of contention with Andy Jackson v. The Bank of United States (the Rotheschilds), the War Between the States… Right up until the assassination of JFK. Unfortunately, it seems that a threat of violent purge might be about all which is effective. It begins with each moan or woman, as individuals and small groups, pledged into mutual support.

      Any peaceful resolution of current circumstances MUST begin with a repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment. Got any suggestions???

    2. “This means we need to work together as genders/races/religions/ideologies and legal resources”

      Hahaha! You’re joking, right?

      Harold Smith’s and lobro’s comments reflect reality. (turn out the lights)
      Your above quote reflects unreality. It’s actually quite pathetic.

      1. i was gonna say that you guys sound like cicero giving speech, dulce et decorum est pro patria mori to a gum chewing pack of chicago mafiosi believing them to be patriotic romans.

        sorry, but today’s america is not your america anymore, of cary grant and jimmy stewart or john wayne, gone if ever did exist.
        here is who you are preaching to, good luck.

        goonited states / dulce et decorum est pro talmud mori is the new marching orders.

        1. Uncle Sam has been ‘retired.’
          e’s been replaced by Uncle Tony S., along with the foreign (and domestic) policy motto.

          The new motto goes something like this –
          BadaBing! BadaBang!! BadaBOOM!!!

        2. Your humor is eloquently conveyed, lobro! (but it ain’t real funny). In fact, it’s kind of sad – BECAUSE IT IS TOO TRUE!!

          For which reason, alone, I am reluctant to stick out my neck too far, anymore, to try to help the mass of goyim (which – to credit Jewry – is a very HANDY word!).

          Nevertheless, it is almost always better to practice good manners and proper decorum, even when the situation is so vile. Allow your enemies some dignity before slaughter, if possible. 🙂

        3. here is a true patriot roman urging his country to self-improvement – sorry about misspelling of the word “romans” in the sign, he did it in a hurry to reach the bottlefield on time.

          oops, here i go again.

      2. my solution would be to surround myself with a gun packing clan of rednecks like homer paul, 5 dancing shlomos, gilbert huntly and jb campbell to whom i can trust to cover my back and take it one day at a time, enlarging the group with qualified newcomers.
        (i would accept ruth bernstein as the token jew :-))

        it will be down to gang warfare across the continent, tactical and strategic iq plus muscle.

        1. “Reminds me of the time we went on safari. Someone forgot to pack the corkscrew and for days we had to live on nothing but food and water..” (WC Fields)

    3. My point is that if we renounce the imperial Constitution there would be no need for a Bill of Rights to protect us from the Constitution. We have a federal tyranny led by a president-dictator only because the Constitution imposed it on us. It is the engine of our destruction and always was, as Patrick Henry warned when he read it.

      As the guy who started the militia movement, I will point out that the 2nd Amendment was another deception, subordinating the keeping and bearing of arms to membership in a “well-regulated” government auxiliary. The Bill of Rights is dead but the Constitution is in full effect. The Supreme Court says everything that is controlling and destroying our lives is constitutional. The same Supreme Court that appointed GW Bush as dictator.

      We simply must go back to the original set-up, a voluntary confederation of states with no power over the people. The state governments have too much power themselves and must be tamed, but nowhere near the destructive power of the central, federal tyranny. We can’t afford a super-government above the state governments, as we all know.

      The only legitimate function, Article 1 Sec 8 Clause 5 (Congress to coin money and regulate the value thereof), was immediately abandoned by Hamilton when he licensed some businessmen to create government debt for a fee! And Washington fell for it! The rest of the document is just Masonic boilerplate that perpetuates their power over us, which they promised was a system of “checks and balances.” What a dirty joke that was.

      We need to realize just why this government needs to be overthrown.

      1. Patrick Henry AND George Mason opposed the ratification of a federal constitution – just as did ALMOST half of the Virginia delegates (it only passed Virginia by a couple of votes). While James Madison is called “Father of The Bill of Rights”, it was George Mason who first wrote it as The Virginia Declaration of Rights, in 1776. In 1971, it became Article I of the Virginia Constitution. In its original entirety.

        At paragraph 13, Article I, you will find the ORIGINAL intent of what was later abbreviated as “The Second Amendment” in our federal constitution. It is explicit and simple. It reflects the Founder’s sentiment that government tyranny is PROPERLY opposed by an armed constituency. Thomas Jefferson reiterated this many times.

        1. Something I just accomplished toward the ends of Mr. Campbell’s American Defense Party idea is to print-out the party statement (posted November 22, 2013). It comes out nine pages. As well as a lesson in contemporary history, it is a very timely issue, politically.

          I ran-off a couple dozen copies for distribution in places where it will likely be duplicated for same. Whether or not one decides to ‘join’, it is a profoundly pertinent piece to EVERYONE. Maybe some of you will do the same. It is a small thing – but has possibilities.

      2. Dear J.B.,

        As long as the government is restrained by provisions of our Constitution, “Tyranny” can be thwarted. I agree, the objective of any government official–whether they’re conservative or liberal–is to gain and concentrate power within their sphere of influence. Our Bill of Rights was specifically worded to limit the power of government, preventing the arbitrary application of extrajudicial measures to control dissidents, political opponents and media efforts to expose malfeasance.

        The problem we have today centers upon what liberals have deemed “Mandates” for political officials. Supposedly, as long as a liberal candidate is ‘elected’ (se habla espanol..) into office on the merits of a specific political issue, they believe they’re ’empowered’ to ignore their Constitutional Parameters to implement measures to remedy the issue. Look at “Hate Crime” Laws? Despite the fact that the Jewish-dominated ACLU is Hell Bent on removing religious influences and symbols from our government offices, they seem to ignore the fact that:

        A: A minority who is protected by this legislation can “Hate” and commit a crime out of that emotion

        B: Jews are protected under Hate Crime Legislation, though this protection is in direct violation of the First Amendment, which is the very core of authority Jewish ACLU attorneys cite to validate their campaign!

        People labor under the impression that the Government has Authority over our Rights. The Bill of Rights is OUR property, NOT the government’s. Their function is to ensure each American citizen is protected and afforded the privileges enumerated in our Nation’s Charter. If these marauding ‘Victims’ could be made to understand this aspect of their ‘Freedom’, they would cease running to these liberal political saviors every time they have a gripe.

      3. With profound disrespect (or spite) for your un-Constitutional stance, since the time you worded it at the Heretics Hour (link strangely not available anymore, though i kept a copy of your whole diatribe – with your admiring buddies Kuasiminski and Fojut claiming you were drunk on the phone), what can the United States, We The People, expect from none other than a former mercenary for (the RAT-a-childs, ultimately) against S. Africans, and a pampering model for the (quote) “mean little children”, the israhellish squatter-terrorist-pariahs, whom you (drunk?) recommended be brought (in punishment!) to Miami (!), Hollywood (!!), and of course, Jew York (!!!), if the SHTF in israHell??

        What more worthwhile convenience for the sewer rat ziotic ashkenazi pariahs at The City and elsewhere, than in a clean ‘Campbellian’ swipe, yes, swipe… the Constitution and Bill of Rights were unanimously scratched off voluntarily by We The People, because of a simpleton, treacherous, boozed recommendation?

        And for any blind person to ‘see’, it was NOT the Constitution, but the rigged ‘voting’ scam machines owned indirectly by YOUR former(?) masters, the RATs at The City, which imposed Obongo the illegal half bred ashkenazi alien as Resident. Among all the previous zio-clowns, since Willy Billy.

        Like your ‘other’ boozie babble, this ‘other’ wan will hit the X-Posed Files, and the web, for the nth time. Keep talking.

    4. David (Skip?), Campbell is a mole for the ashkenazi parasites. Read all his fatalistic, defeatist posts, same as Kuasiminski, Alexstein, Deagle, Noory, Ventura, Madkow, Laibow, Roberts, Tarpley, Eastman, Dannemann, Hoffman, Icke, Rappoport, Wood, Hagman, Bjerkness, Skousen, Quayle, Tsarion, Bates, Richardson, Turner, LaRouche, Williams, Gunderson, ‘Sorcha’, Mikkelson… ad nauseam. Prophets of Failed Doom, or Cheap Disinfo. Dime a dozen.

  32. Germany fought for the victory of truth while we fought for the victory of lies; and in winning, we lost.

    For 68 years we have been suffering the consequences of making our world safe for conquest by Judeo-Communism (and yes, it conceals itself behind other labels) so that now we are literally drowning in their swamp of lies.

    I believe Germany was correct: Truth, ultimately, is the stake that must be driven through the lying heart of the beast.

    Ironic, is it not, that America destroyed Germany to save the same beast that is now destroying America.

    1. I should add that the evidence shows that the whole country is filled with “people” like those on the jury. Thus in order to change anything for the better, I think we’d be looking at a “civil war”.

      If there was some state in the Union that was seriously considering secession, I would move there in an instant. And fighting to defend something like that would seem worth it to me, but as it is now, we’re swimming in a sea of contemptible people – Goyim though they may be – who might as well be Jews.

      Anyway, I hate to say it, but I think the Jews will provoke WW3 before anything else. With the Jews poking Russia and China in the eye on an almost daily basis, it’s getting to the point where they’d be irresponsible if they didn’t at least seriously consider launching a nuclear first strike against the USraeli Empire.

      Lastly, even if nobody launches a planned first strike against the Empire, with the Jews building a destabilizing anti-missile system and building an atmosphere of mistrust to go along with it, I can see Russia and China forced into a “launch on warning” posture, and with nuclear war on such a hair trigger, it would probably happen by “accident”.

      My question is: where do we move to?

      1. Mr. Smith,

        We don’t move anywhere. Stand your ground. Make the enemy pay for every square centimeter. Soak it in his blood, if necessary; or fertilize it with your own.

        After it’s over, we’re all dead, anyway – as with the gentile, so with the Jew.

        1. Gimme a break! “we are all dead”?? That trickle of 0.23% garbage against 99.97% of world population, and “we” are “all” dead? This is worst zio-propaganda yet!

          We can bet, rather, that Putin has a watchful sat, waiting for the coward israhellish criminals (of women and children) to open the gates at Dimona… while his subs roam the Mediterranean, sporting ‘SATAN’, the unstoppable 10-nuke warhead, to turn tel aviv into a glass parking lot with just one shot.

          As for the wet dream and ultimate escape route for the pariahs in the ME, Putin, again, just plugged their wholesale cake called WW3, and for obvious reasons.

          Personally, i can only foresee the demise of the Beast in the near future. As prophesied, yes.

  33. Skinny,

    Germany was basically a patsy for Zionists to fashion the means to frighten European Jews out of that continent, preferably toward Palestine. If one traces the timeline from the inception of the Zionist doctrine to the point where Hitler rose to power, a discernible process is easily detected. Hitler was a megalomaniac. His hatred of Jews was manifestly demonstrated during the many rallies and speeches he made to his fanatical followers. What people need to know is that Zionists NEEDED Hitler. Jews in Europe were assimilating, becoming prominent members of the gentile society, and cohabitating with goyim comfortably. When the Versailles Treaty designated Britain as Sovereign over Palestine, this was no accident. Lord Balfour made sure this effort to establish the Jewish “Homeland” in Palestine (Though Herzl wisely suggested Madagascar was a better choice, for reasons that are now obvious) was going to involve the British. What Zionists were prepared to do was to convince the aforementioned diaspora to pull up stakes and populate Palestine. Otherwise, these Jews were not ecstatic about the prospect of leaving their homes for such a hostile region. Zionists cranked out all kinds of horrible atrocity propaganda rumors which were embellished and “witnessed” by countless Jewish ‘Victims’, describing grotesque examples of Human Soap, Gas Chambers, Electrocutions and other ridiculous stories. Jews, of course, became concerned, especially after Zionists Declared War on Germany, which burned a bridge between the diaspora and their European ‘Hosts’. Everything Jews do has a purpose. All us unwashed goyim have to do is analyze what that purpose is.

    1. neither was hitler a megalomaniac nor were his followers fanatical.

      their hatred of jews was based on observed facts, ie, any other emotion would have been proof of imbecility, such as past and present american support for jews and the talmudic program in all its guises, the protocols, clean break, pnac, aipac and the sick offshoots.

      just as their physical appearance and physiological health are disfigured and deformed by toxic monsanto diet so are their minds deformed and bloated by the steady diet of neverending lies and outrageous propaganda and downward spiral of generational racial debility.

      hitler and his germany were the last expression of healthy european mindset.
      insha’allah that m’bala m’bala dieudonne and the quenelle movement in france and the like growths in greece and hungary evolve in this direction, sign of an organism nursing itself back to human status.

  34. Lobro, Hitler was indeed a megalomaniac. His actions in Europe betrayed this aspect of his warped personality, as he sent his goons to destroy quickly his neighbors in Europe with his vaunted “Blitzkriegs”. He ordered the capture of Jewish refugees in occupied nations, then transported them to squalid Concentration Camps to labor for the German War Machine. I fail to understand why Americans so easily forget the horrible toll Germany extracted on Britain, Russia, France and U.S. Forces. Zionists did engender Hitler’s wrath, but they also knew they could employ Hitler’s regime to create a caustically “Anti-Semitic” environment in Europe to frighten the diaspora. Watch the archival footage of Hitler’s many Rallies, along with his impassioned rants against Jews and you’ll witness the fanaticism I described.

    1. i will let others take up the slack and provide evidence but for now i wish to say the following:
      it was britain under jewboy churchill that declared war on germany after trashing chamberlain’s peacemaking efforts, poland provoked nazis with vigilante slaughetr and ethnic cleansing of german population, stalin was feverishly preparing for war, usa entered the war late and suffered relatively minor losses, none of them civilian on their own soil but as part of unprovoked aggression (like calling the us casualties of vietnam, iraq and afghanistan occupation a”horrible toll” in comparison to what they inflicted – untold millions of innocent victims past and ongoing).

      how did brits repay hitler’s magnanimity in releasing the dunkirk vanquished, a grotesque mistake of misplaced chivalry?

      maybe time to revisit the versailles treaty and its consequences for german nation, the eager bloodsucking by the chosen bloodsuckers.

      let’s have the numbers rather than hyperventilating and grandstanding with adjectives like “heroic’, ‘horrible’ and a slew of others.
      i don’t accept anything other than hard facts as proof.

      yes, germany lost and this loss propelled jews ever further in their quest for the world rule, to remake the entire planet in the gazan model but without this type of resistance we may as well grab our knees and wait for the inevitable.

      a new hitler is post-urgently needed, right now.
      someone more practical and result oriented, less romantic than he was.

      1. Harold, please refrain from liberal name calling and–if you aren’t a liberal–point out where the “shit” I’m supposed to be full of is apparent. If you are a liberal, you won’t.

        Jews declared war on Germany, correct?

        Hitler spoke at his rallies against Jews, correct?

        Hitler oversaw the German Army Blitzkrieg attacks against his neighbors, correct?

        Hitler rounded up Jewish refugees in occupied countries and had them transported to Concentration Camps which were collocated with factories and refineries, correct?

        These Jews were forced to work in those factories and refineries, correct?

        Thousand of Jews died due to diseases, starvation, exposure and suicide within those camps, correct?

        Hitler collaborated with Zionists to convince European Jews to leave their homes and emigrate to Palestine, correct?

        Ships flagged with Nazi ensigns and Star of David symbols transported Jews to Palestine, correct?

        Hitler continued to prosecute a multiple-front war against an increasingly aggressive alliance of armies from Russia, the U.S., Britain and Canada, despite the fact that his nation was being destroyed in that process, correct?

        I would say, taking all of these facts into account, that Hitler more than exemplified the traits of a megalomaniac, CORRECT?!!

        1. Obviously, you’re either Jewish yourself, or you’re a fool who’s completely ignorant of the History of WW2.

          In a sense, Hitler was the first Saddam Hussein. Hitler was lured into Poland as a pretext to get WW2 started, similar to how Saddam Hussein was lured into Kuwait.

          Compared to scumbags like Churchill and FDR, Hitler was a gentleman, scholar and friend of liberty. When the British Army was trapped at Dunkirk Hitler very likely could’ve slaughtered them – the way George Bush slaughtered the retreating Iraqi army for example – but instead he ordered the advancing German Army to stop, apparently in a misguided attempt to show some compassion prior to making a peace overture to the British to end the war.

          Hitler saw what the Jews were doing, and tried to stop it. Hitler was a German patriot who was all about saving Germany from Jewish subversion.

          The Jewish WW2 agenda was to completely destroy Germany. (Just like the Jews later did to Iraq).

          “For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community, at each conference, in all our syndicates, and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany. Collectively and individually, the German nation is a threat to us Jews.” — Vladimir Jabotinsky (founder of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934 (also quoted in “Histoire de l’Arme’e Allemande”by Jacques Benoist–Mechin, Vol. IV, p. 303).


          That’s what the atomic bomb was being developed for; to destroy Germany.

          General George Patton figured the whole Jewish scam out later and was assassinated before he could get the word out.


          To summarize: You’re simply full of shit, “David Baker”.

      2. Adolph Hitler was a dynamic leader who cared profoundly about his people and his country. He possessed hi-principled qualities I can’t attribute to any other leader in my memory. Hitler was given no choice other than to march into Poland to protect the ethnic Germans who were there being murdered in the thousands by the jew communists there. Wouldn’t we expect, at the very least, any leader of any country to defend his people against being butchered? It’s of deeply profound disappointment Hitler was not able to emerge victorious in the jew contrived and instigated war, but Hitler did all he could with the resources he had. He should not be maligned for his efforts, certainly not by those who have soaked up a lifetime of jew lies about him.

        1. DICARLO, I don’t wish to disillusion you, but Germany LOST World War II. Hitler, along with his girlfriend, committed suicide rather than face the aftermath of Germany’s crushing defeat. I would have grudgingly respected him if he had remained alive to plead his case to the world.

        2. To “plead his case”? Once again, WW2 was not about “stopping Hitler”; rather, it was about destroying Germany as a strong, modern, influential, independent European power (one that was not under Jewish control, that is). This is why Jew puppet FDR demanded “unconditional surrender”, for example.

        3. @ DB

          Plead his case? You mean like those other German officers and civilians alike, who ‘testified’ in the jew orchestrated Nuremberg Trials? Don’t be silly. Judging by the actions of that kangaroo, it would seem that Hitler made the proper decision in taking his own life.

          Again, Hitler had no choice other than to invade Poland for the atrocities they prosecuted on ethnic Germans forced to live there. Over this local dispute, both Britain and France declared war on Germany.

          The bottom line is that those forces aligned against Hitler in WW2 fought for jews and Communism. Americans, Brits, and the French fought along side communists in order to protect communism and effectively destroyed any chance of freedom and representative government to last very much longer.

        4. ah david, solomons father david, oh david, you mean like ol’scuddam hussien pleaded his case? Are you right in your head? this is why the white man is defeated. he actually believes that their is justice in the world. now who sang that song with the lyrics ‘is there justice in world?’

      3. once judea declared war on germany … germany and europe were on the defence against international jewry … its why austria and hungary joined germany … why poland and france didnt put up much of fight againt germany … and why there were movements in every european country like the Бандерівці (Banderivtsi-StepanBandera) that were aligned with german defence against international jewry

        1933 judea declares war on germany

        1935-1940 germany begins educating, arming, and help occupying nearby european countries, to get rid of the zionists … most intellectuals, businessmen, officers in europe were german sympathizers … they worked with germany against zionism … its why jews killed the leaders of european countries like they did in Katyn … that you paint jews as victims when they were the creators of the holocausts, just shows you work for the adl jdl bnai brith david baker … or should i say gabreal joe

        1940-1944 germany stops operating by the german plan … they go berserk, spread themselves out, and run roughshod over eastern europe chasing zionists that would never be caught that way … they committed military suicide and killed millions of friendly pows with exposure … neither is german policy … either hitler was misled, or he gave power to jewish generals, or someone was bribed, i dont know the exact mechanic … but germans were not in control of germany during this time

        WWII served largely to allow jews to kill all opposition to zionism in europe … as well as to cull areas without much jews in them … and to cull intelligent and courageous europeans

        you’re simply full of shit, “david baker”

        1. FlyingCossack,

          The reason “Judea” Declared War on Germany, as well as arranging a Worldwide Boycott of German Goods, was to foster Anti-Semitism in Europe against your “International Jewry”. The concept of Zionism was not predicated on the eagerness of Jews to populate their new “Homeland”. These people had to be convinced to leave Germany, Poland and other occupied European nations. Hitler was one reason among many the Zionists concocted and fabricated for Jews in Europe to pull up stakes. Otherwise, Jews in Europe were assimilated and were functioning within their communities with little or no “Anti-Semitism”. The aspect of the Concentration Camp environment was ancillary to this effort, as Jews simply fabricated many atrocities occurring within the camps and exaggerated the death tolls of Jewish inmates. Hitler was merely the scarecrow fashioned to confront Jewish people and “Scare” them out of Europe.

  35. Yes, Stalin was a merciless despot. “Uncle Joe”, as he was affectionately known to our president at the time, instituted many pogroms against Russian peasants and especially Christians. Our alliance with that regime was, in a roundabout way, an acknowledgement of their ability to confront the German Army with an inexhaustible supply of heartless Bolshevik-niks who would keep the German’s busy on their Eastern Front. America even sent fighters and other weapons to Russia under Lend-Lease, along with western “Advisors” who would train their soldiers on tactics. Naturally, we became enemies of the Soviet Union once hostilities ended. Hitler was a PAWN of these people. His agendas paralleled those of Zionists, Communists and war profiteers to fashion a fertile environment for the post war communist regime to occupy Eastern Europe, while establishing the Jewish Homeland with frightened and dispossessed Jewish refugees. You have to dig a little under the surface to understand what occurred in Europe prior to and after WWII.

    1. Communism was never meant to be confined to Eastern Europe, Russia and China. The ‘fashioning of a fertile environment for communism’ was done by the Allies after WWII. Hitler was the only one who could have possibly stopped the Bolsheviks. He never wanted war, and his only agenda was to overcome the manipulations of the moneychangers after WWI and provide decent living conditions for his Volk.

      General Patton:
      After a visit to ruined Berlin, he wrote his wife on July 1945: “Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.”

      This conviction, that the politicians had used him and the U.S. Army for a criminal purpose, grew in the following weeks. During a dinner with French General Alphonse Juin in August, Patton was surprised to find the Frenchman in agreement with him. His diary entry for August 18 quotes Gen. Juin: ” It is indeed unfortunate, mon General, that the English and the Americans have destroyed in Europe the only sound country — and I do not mean France. Therefore the road is now open for the advent of Russian communism.”

      And, as we can all witness today, it didn’t stop in Europe. The judaist, communist squid has enveloped America and Canada too for that matter. Now the little sayanim, like David Baker, can back off and say, goal accomplished. But, maybe he didn’t get the message?

      1. MachtNichts,

        Communism/Socialism et al are merely a ruse for tyrants to rally the ubiquitous “Have-Not’s” of a given nation–who always outnumber the “Haves” by a significant margin–the illusion of creating parity with those soon-hated, greedy Capitalists who have victimized the poor, and are against social change to “Level the Playing Field” for minorities/women/gays/illegal aliens and other ‘victims’. If anyone would like to study examples of the aftermath of such agendas, look at Russia, Cambodia, China, Greece, Spain………………..You will also notice the prominent representation of a certain ‘religious’ persuasion among the leadership, media, legal circles and academic centers of these nations, or at least their ideology.

  36. Ok, let’s sort this out.
    Dave Baker says:
    Hitler was a megalomaniac who served Talmudic purposes.

    He started war ruinous against England (other fragments of UK dragged in against their will, Scotland, Ireland), Poland, USSR, France and so on.
    USA suffered horrible toll defending from Hitler, he shouldn’t have done that.

    He treated Jews extremely brutally to scare them into emigrating to Palestine, so Palestinian problem is on his conscience, he was in cahoots with Talmudics. He should have treated Jews nice, follows the logic, nor should he have started the war.
    Having messed up, he should have submitted to the fairness and justice of the Nuremberg Trial in order to state his case before the expectant world.

    His program was clearly wrong and Dave Baker has a better one. Had Hitler had any brains, morals and did not suffer from megalomania, he should have followed Dave Baker’s program, which is to say, wait for Americans to resolve issues on Constitutional basis, to wit:

    The main thrust of the American citizen’s efforts is a multi-faceted process: (so, not even two-faced but multi-faceted)

    1. Recover American Sovereignty from this “Globalist” cabal (jeez, why couldn’t we have thought of this earlier),

    2. Make liberals accountable for their canards, recovering monies given to them by taxpayers and consumers (I can just see the guilt dripping from them as they shamefacedly return monies once we’ve made them aware of their transgressions),

    3. Utilize American labor, raw materials, energy supplies and GOVERNMENT to sustain our nation (yes, I mean, YESSS!!! In other words, let’s all be prosperous, I am all for it, if only that idiot Hitler had done the same … oops, but he did do that … yeah but not through American Constitution),

    4. … If these people gripe about how they’re treated, then they should conform to etiquette (absolutely, who will volunteer to walk downtown Detroit, urging nig, I mean Americans of ahem, color, to observe etiquette, to be credit to their race, yo dawg, got ma edikkat, no shit).

    I am your man, Dave Baker, count me in, I am already in training for this magical transformation of USA (here you can see Dave Baker and lobro combining to achieve this alchemical effect) into a sovereign, peaceful and productive nation.

    So, before we start, just one thing Dave: you go first, I promise, cross my heart and hope someone else dies, to follow, in fact, emulate (emulate sounds like etiquette, I like that sound), your shining example.

    Choose any item from 1 to 4 and once you accomplished your heroic act, I will randomly choose the same one and accomplish it again.

  37. Lobro,

    Hitler was Hitler. He hated Jews. He was a megalomaniac. He relished authority to the point of being what I describe as “Malignant Narcissism”. He was indeed led into the war BY Zionists, but unwittingly. However, he willingly went along with that agenda. Hitler collaborated with Zionists to force Jewish emigration to Palestine, arranging the transport of Jews by German/Star of David Flagged vessels to that nation.

    Now, please read what I said about Zionism. You will at least acknowledge the process of placing Britain as sovereign over Palestine? That was one facet of the Zionist agenda. Lord Balfour declared Britain as an ally of Zionists in their quest to establish Palestine as the Jewish Homeland. Hence, once the Versailles Treaty designated this sovereignty to Britain, their efforts would be focused on populating Palestine with Jews.

    Now, if you were a Jewish person living comfortably in Germany, Poland, Austria, France or other European country, would YOU want to leave your home to resettle in Palestine? You may have decided to forgo that aspect of Zionism and remain in your home. Most European Jews were of that opinion. So, how could Zionists convince those Jews to leave Europe and settle in Palestine? You tell me.

    1. yes, yes dave, i give you no argument, i am in agreement. fully.
      hitler was a bad man because he wasn’t antisemitic enough.
      or maybe too antisemitic, i agree totally.

      he treated jewish persons badly, i mean, he treated them too nicely, in accordance with lord rothschild’s wishes, who himself liked/didn’t like jewish persons and wanted them dumped in palestine where they could pursue criminal activities free of gentile prosecution and if i was a regular jewish person, which is to say, i swear, give an oath, vow, obligation, anathema and a pledge never, ever to indulge in illegal or immoral activity, which like any jewish person i would do my utmost to avoid.

      no aliya for me lobro-the-regular-jewish-person.

      which is why most of german jewish persons ran not to israel but united states, canada, australia, argentina … hm.
      which is why majority of jewish persons dislike israel so viscerally, just like hitler, who forced them to adopt this unwanted land of palestine.

      i had a comfortable life in germany, now am forced to make billions off blood diamonds, white slavery, organ trafficking, drug (pharmaceutical and illicit) distribution.
      i hate hitler.

  38. yes, hitler is a jew.
    not the human hitler freeing germany from parasites.
    jewry’s created hitler.
    this hitler is the quintessence of jew.
    sharon could only approach this pure evil.
    nuthinyahoo is trying.
    squats on a daily basis are petty, nasty, little evil shits. but not quite jewhitler.
    all jews strive to be this purest form of jew, purest form of evil – jewhitler.
    the collective – jewry
    is pure evil is hitler.

  39. someone ban this lying judiac pile of disinfo shit David baker.

    zero tolerance for this swine. stop being nice to them and slam them with the same hate they hit us with.

    fuck u david baker, your pathetic lies are a joke, no matter how feverishly you post them. this ain’t foxnews.com fool.

  40. @ David Baker

    Hitler is OFF TOPIC!

    The editor of this site, Montecristo, has already made it clear that he does not want the subject of Hitler discussed obsessively on this site, in post after post, when the article is not even about Hitler.

    This is an attempt to derail discussion.

    I don’t think the author of this article, JB Campbell, mentioned Hitler even once in his article.

  41. Wad, I am not Jewish. You think I’m spreading “disinfo”? If you spent more time studying World War Two History instead of spouting liberal vulgarity, you would discover the info I’ve furnished is what happened to Germany, the Jews and Hitler. Though I am no fan of either Hitler or Talmudic Jewry, I am a fan of history that is both factual and well researched. All of this mhistorical information is available to people who are intelligent and have the capability to reason.

  42. Iran didn’t have the “Jewish Problem” for the last 2000 years. The “Jewish Problem” is “Made in Europe” – and as the result Jewish communities were expelled from Europe over 108 times in the past. However, the rich Jews have turned the table on Western Christian world. Now, Jews are the masters and most Christians love to lick their feet.

    Iran’s “Jewish Problem” arose during the rise of Crypto Jewish Easther as Queen of Persia, as described in Jewish Holy Talmud.


  43. Rehmat, my slant on those “expulsions” entails the ruse of “Anti-Semitic” attitudes being engendered BY Jews to justify their hasty departures, along with bolstering the image of their perpetual persecution. What never sees the light of day during discussions of these ousters are the Economic and Social conditions which prevailed prior to Jewish expulsions. The nations were bankrupted (As Russia is now. Notice how the “On Wings of Eagles” Jewish exodus agency in Russia employs heavily cathartic scenes of crying Jews in their donation advertisements? Now THAT’s Chutzpah!)

    The people were divided, Jews were wealthy, insinuating themselves into key media, government and social movement positions. The U.S. is simply next on the docket for demoralization and decimation.

  44. Hitler wasn’t the Jewish Messiah?
    Shit, don’t tell me they left the job up to Frankenstein’s monster.

  45. Kon Tiki, in a fashion, Hitler WAS the Jewish ‘Messiah’, because Jews will invariably hoist their chosen Diablo at the slightest hint of so-called Anti-Semitism. This action accords Jews the reverent position as perpetual victims of their precious “Holocaust” and therefore Jews are de facto absolved of any responsibility for the indiscretions they impose upon the unwashed goyim. (Those indiscretions number significantly). Jesus may be our Savior, but nothing beats old Adolph for stopping goyim from avenging their losses.

  46. JB Campbell’s essay, The American Problem, is among his best:

    “There is something wrong in the American make-up. A fatal flaw in the American mentality. It’s always been there, from the very beginning, and it’s still there, as we see in bootleg videos from Iraq, from Guantanamo Bay, from American airports and from the dashboard cameras of police cars. But hell, we could see it with the extermination of the bison. Something very wrong, akin maybe to what’s wrong with Africans. Something beyond trashy. The reader probably knows about this writer’s calls for a defensive movement against Jewish aggression. And I will continue to do so because it is something we can counter. But the fact is that in addition to the Jewish Problem, which is correctable, there is an American Problem, which has not been correctable up to this time. Perhaps if it were recognized and acknowledged, parents of the future could be shown how to prevent cruelty and callousness in their children. But for now, as Americans, we should face and understand the sadistic streak that exists in the American mind.

    “The world has an American Problem…”

    Bruce Campbell’s essay touches on some home truths, including the real story of the American Dictator, Dishonest Abe; a central character in the murder of America a century and a half ago. It has been all downhill since then with Frankenstein’s Monster.

    * * *

    You might follow up reading The American Problem, with another of Bruce Campbell’s best essays, This Savage Nation:

    “Communists are the lowest form of life…”

    * * *

    Just as truth is unpopular, due to its tendency to fracture pleasant fantasies females and feminized males prefer to delude themselves with, so is pointing out that we ourselves are a major part of our problems.

    Good luck to the optimists who believe this can be rectified; I hope they are correct.

    Will the words of Correa Moylan Walsh, from a century ago (around the time we were allowing suffragism to be forced on our women), prove prophetic:

    “Hard times, then, are ahead, not immediately perhaps (when the present chaos is ended), but certainly before many years, at most a couple of generations or so. A return will set in of the re-active pressure of nature upon mankind. Mankind will again be restive under it. They will not live in the peace and concord dreamt of in consequence of the peace and concord experienced during the last century of augmented supplies. The struggle for existence will again become sharp and bitter, and there will again be wars and rumours of wars. It will not then be safe for the lamb to lie down by the lion, when the lion is hungry. The strong will again rend, and the weak will need defence and protection. Class will contend with class, and nation with nation. Our women may weep at the prospect. Also our Mr. Doves and our Mr. Loves may tremble at it. But woe to that people which has not men that will stand up and fight without flinching. Those countries where the moral decay shall have gone deepest, where the proved stock shall have died out and given way to poor stock, where the greatest effeminisation of men shall have taken place (for the masculinisation of women will be no compensation), where the strong and the wise and the shrewd shall gain no more of wealth, power, and influence than the weak, silly, and incompetent, all being equal,—those will go to the wall. And when this fate shall have overtaken most of our western white men’s countries, our cycle of civilisation will be completed.

    “These words were penned before the outbreak of the war now raging in Europe. This war is due primarily to the comparative overpopulation of Germany and the consequent need which the Germans feel for expansion. It does not mean the end of civilisation, but it may be the beginning of the ending, which is a long process, and a terrible process, and most terrible to those nations which suffer it first— those nations which are first defeated in the struggle for existence.”

    — Correa Moylan Walsh, The Climax Of Civilisation (1917)

    * * *

    And there goes the First Amendment. Soon you will be “free” to say whatever the American government allows you to say; reminiscent of Russia circa 1917 onward. This from the net, yesterday:

    It has begun. The Marxists have started their official assault on the First Amendment. The long term goal is to attempt to silence any dissent that may threaten the Cathedral.

    “Thirteen House Democrats have proposed legislation that would require the government to study hate speech on the Internet, mobile phones and television and radio.”


    I can’t recall who it was but he was right when he said we will eventually give up every single one of our freedoms for the illusion of security, and that is how the end of free speech in America will be sold – “for security.” Then what? Gulags “for security?” Such is life in the gigantic open air insane asylum Visible speaks of.

    1. Awhile up on this scroll, someone was rude about my having written of the fact of our mortality, viz., ‘we’re ALL going to die’. Well, guess what – we ARE. Therefore, find your resolve to meet your enemy with determination! Buying another day with your acquiescence to his demands is not going to enhance the bought hours and minutes of the life, here, of which you complain.

  47. Skinny, J.B. is an effective writer, but his solution for America’s “Jewish Problem” exceeds prudence by his believing in armed insurrections. The 2nd Amendment was written before there were drones gamboling over our heads, or NSA Cyber Snoops monitoring our internet, telecommunications and Group Activities. (If the NSA is reading this, I’ll flip a quarter. If it lands on Heads, you can kiss the left side of my ass.) There weren’t any sophisticated weapons or gases/poisons/flash grenades and other effective means of taming a public uprising. J.B. is in their crosshairs already (As I’m sure I am) to be someone to watch and record his activities, both on and off the ‘grid’. Our government is not so naïve as to allow someone the leeway to take up weapons against them by some fringe group of anarchists, who make their agendas known to the world with their communications.

    The “Jewish Question” is simply Talmudic Jewry. The influences of their scripture can be discerned in each of their activities. They truly believe Goyim are beneath them. Gentiles exist to serve the TRUE Master Race in capacities that will accord Jews protection from scrutiny, physical harm, retribution, financial liabilities, media probing and any public affront to their pernicious greed. This is a race of people who have perfected the means to infiltrate and destroy goyim society: The Talmud specifies this agenda. Every society/nation that welcomed Jews eventually regretted their decision. We now are among that select group of nations who are slowly awakening to this fact.

    If we are to end the occupation of our key societal components by Jews, we will have to await the inexorable recognition of our population to these facts. To prematurely rally a small cadre of men equipped with small arms against a government possessing F-16s and Turbine-Powered Tanks would comically resemble an Indian uprising. Where Jews are most vulnerable is on the subject of their Holocaust. That is why they strive to have legislation enacted protecting their tribe from “Hate”, while continuously refining the implementation of that term to cover every aspect of anti-Jewish activity. Soon their Holocaust will be inviolable, as many revisionists around the world have discovered.

    It will eventually dawn on every gentile American that we have been duped. When that occurs, Jews will bid a hasty retreat (I imagine the Business Jets are fueled to the brim, and their GPS/NAV Settings read “Direct Tel Aviv” The amount of damage done will depend on the amount of time it will take to foster this awakening.

    1. “It will eventually dawn on every gentile American that we have been duped.”

      An optimistic outlook.

      I commented that I hope the optimists are correct; that total disaster can be averted. Professor Kevin MacDonald closed his latest post, at The Occidental Observer, with this sentence: “The future is bright indeed.” Bruce Campbell believes “even the dimmest bulb is aware something wicked this way comes.” There must also be others I have not read, with optimistic attitudes.

      I, however, am not optimistic in the least. I walk the streets of the city and look at the bovine herds of telezombies whose entire existence is based on lies; Big Lies, little lies, in-between lies. 365 days a year they sit in front of their real One True God and have their conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds filled with lies, as they have their whole life; their God defines reality and morality for them, distinguishes between good and evil for them, tells them who to hate, who to love, who to ape; it even defines who they themelves are. Lies – all lies – and they unquestioningly believe them.

      Now, you try to contradict what their One True God has programmed into their heads and instantly you become the enemy; a modern day heretic. They may verbalize their Pavolian response or not, but it is there, inside their poisoned minds, “Conspiracy theorist!” “Hater!” “Racist!” “Nahtzeeee!” For a very long time I was one of them.

      Regardless how many weekends each year they sit in Sunday Morning Club, their One True God is plugged into the wall at home. I doubt they will ever wake up; not even at 1 minute to midnight. I take no pleasure in the thought that most of the useful idiot white traitors will also get it in the neck along with the rest of us, just as happened in Russia after 1917.

      Pessimists like me are not much use, and perhaps counter productive. I think it best the essay writing and commenting be left to the optimists; perhaps their optimism will carry the day. Good luck to you all.

  48. Dr. Mathew, I worked in flight operations for the military. NORAD coordinates with FAA officials to implement what is coded “SCATANA”, which stands for “Security Control of Air Traffic and Navigation Aids.” Basically, the military declares an aeronautical version of Martial Law. All aircraft are under control of ATC, and non-essential flights are tracked to the destination and grounded until the full account of all aircraft within the continental U.S. and Alaska ADIZ are accounted for. Usually, this type of procedure coincides with ADIZ Violations which may precede a sneak attack by unfriendly aircraft, or military/civilian aircraft that have been hijacked.

    Your El Al flight would have to be cleared by several agencies of the government, military and FAA to conduct an IFR flight outside CONUS. Depending on the circumstances, they may have been given Fighter Escorts or AWACs support. Several flights were also authorized to transport the family of Bin Laden back to Saudi Arabia. These flights were mentioned in Michael Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11”. It’s funny how he continually cited political and business ties between Saudi Leaders/oil sheiks and the Bush family. He didn’t mention your El Al flight, but then, he never mentioned Israel, either. Gee, I wonder why?………….

    1. michael moore is a textbook example of limited hangout designed and run from inside the foggy bottom.

      i don’t trust him.

  49. Skinny, my comments do not reflect optimism. I’ll make it plain to you and anyone else who reads what I’ve posted: WE’RE SCREWED! Our debt is insoluble, our ‘minorities’ have been lofted to Sainthood status, with each of them provided a Jewish Lawyer to sue any hapless business or government agency whose employees do not bow in reverence to their well-documented historical oppressions, and parse their speech to remove any vestiges of racial or derogatory terms. Our media is little more than broadcast soft pornography or cable/satellite hardcore smut, while those Jews who make billions from this crap simultaneously feature Jewish feminists, politicians and lawyers on their talk shows and news interviews who decry the ‘exploitation of Women’ for their sexual appeal.

    Our politicians may as well hoist the Red Star flag over every government building, as they match edict for edict every post Revolution action of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia. They want our guns. They want our kids. They want our young to fight in Israel-Designated Combat Theaters. They want our money and debt. They want our Bill of Rights to dispense at their ‘mercy’. They want American dissidents in jails or Guantanamo. They want foreign oil under their yoke. They want foreign leaders spied on, controlled/blackmailed and compliant. The common thread of these developments concerns a rather prominent physical trait of each principle beneficiary of the power and wealth gained from these agendas:

    A rather large proboscis, or at least some surgical scars in that facial region……

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