Fire sale on a used-up planet — by John Kaminski

. . . by John Kaminski

Everything's available at bargain prices because the world is going out of business (CLICK TO EXPAND)
Everything’s available at bargain prices
because the world is going out of business

I don’t know if there has ever been a time when hope has been in such short supply. 

Like a big department store going out of business after many years, the looting of its products has begun.

The only thing that matters to most people is the quick score, the short term profit, the gaming of the system in search of serendipitous ill-gotten gain.

Even the bargain prices aren’t that important since the world’s financial mechanisms have been revealed as total shams, and you can’t even tell anymore how much money you actually have, since the value of your currency diminishes daily.

In this era of continuous calamities and liars in every position of authority, looting definitely seems to be the order of the day. With every move they make, it is what our leaders teach the people who teach our children.

In order to have any hope, you have to be pretty oblivious to all these negative things that are going on, and pretty stunted in the grey matter department.

People talk about heading for the hills, starting isolated communities with just a few friends, growing their own food, getting off the grid. Few people realize how intimately we are tied into the grid, from the TVs that lure us into la la land to the electric lights that illuminate our reality to the computers by which we depend upon every message that’s important to us.

If you console yourself by thinking you can do without these things, you’re a fool and delusional. Even if you can skin a rabbit and cook it, or tear apart an engine and put it back together, I’d bet a lot that you can’t tell if that rabbit has chronic wasting disease or if that engine needs a sensor that you couldn’t manufacture by yourself in a thousand years.

To think you can hide in the wilderness from the predator drones is definitely the tune of a looney.

Then there are those who think they can run away to Shangri-la, by finding it in Ecuador, Fiji, or Bangkok. Maybe you no longer need contact with the places you grew up, but many refugees are about to find out what it’s like to be a reviled Yankee dog when the American dollar goes the way of the German deutsch mark. Think worldwide Knockout Game.

I have one friend who has gone permanently on the water, and swipes his Internet connection from other people’s Wi-fi at marinas. Another friend commutes to lower South America, where the locals are building him a house while his family remains in America, incredulous at his attempt to start a pistachio farm.

Then there are those who have done the environmental math, who cringe at the shrinking Arctic ice and calculate that our blood will be boiling and all vegetation will be parched to death in a mere few decades. These people get along well with those who point their fingers to the sky, to the bizarre white rivulets of smoke we see every day. They bellow: “These things are not natural” and insist they are the cause of the trees turning brown and people who don’t smoke coughing their heads off as they wander through the grey overcast days in places where it always used to be sunny.

So you flip on the TV and see that the really big disease — the great American lie — is still totally in place. PNAC signatory Jeb Bush and war mongering harridan Hillary Clinton, both complicit in the 9/11 deception, are still the front runners for president, and endless war is still the main event on the menu, no matter how many Americans must starve to death in order to fund our wars and provide proper support to every single illegal alien we have invited to cross our borders.

Isn’t it obvious that the feckless flunkies who have managed to win manipulated elections and claim that they are our leaders are out to destroy the country they are supposed to protect?

Is there anywhere any man (or woman) who can rise up and tell the truth, stop the insane Jewish war machine that threatens to annihilate every happy home on this planet? Can common sense gain any traction in a world that no longer makes any sense at all?

There is perhaps no greater sadness than realizing that your life has been lived for nothing.

Usually people escape into bottles before the vista becomes intolerable. The long gray sadness affects too many people. There comes a point for everyone where you can’t get your body back, you can’t catch the breath you used to have, and you can’t track down those departed friends who made your life the joy it was.

Americans are feeling that way now. Investing has become an inside joke, and community effort has gone the way of the hootenanny. The once great nation has skidded past its own fantasized glory and metastasized into senseless exhibitions of mass murder around the globe and exploitation and malignant neglect at home.

And for what? Control of various commodities? While its own citizens twitch in the alleyways, gasping for breath, foraging for food and unable to get proper medical care unless they’re illegal aliens, the government loads up on hollow point bullets, and still, people pretend not to know what’s going on.

While empty hearted charlatans try to kindle meaningless festivities of so-called patriotism, the whole world can see that America has gone rancid, inflicting severe wounds on itself like 9/11 and Oklahoma City and then claiming it has been attacked by mysterious terrorists, which further intensive examination reveals to be the twisted deceptions of its own intelligence agencies, fabricating massacres that often never happened in order to imprison everyone in the mindlock that benefits only the perverted and privileged few.

The United States has become a nation of cowards. People are afraid to admit it and are afraid to say that their own government, acting like macabre puppets of the Jewish sadists who control the world’s banks, destroyed two skyscrapers in New York in order to foment perpetual wars.

Cowards. Speak up and let the public know so that something can be done.

There is no terror threat that is not generated by the federal government. The U.S., which has long been owned by Israel, now owns Al-Qaida, which it may conveniently use as either a patsy enemy or a friendly hit man to murder those who oppose its criminal manipulations.

Our so called government fabricates all these acts of terror in order to lock us into slavish submission to a curriculum of keep-your-mouth-shut fear in our minds.

Nothing but lies pour from the mouths of media morons who deceive the masses simply to keep their pathetic jobs.

You don’t have to do anything wrong. They can arrest you for any reason. <>

All the terror threats are contrived government capers. <>

The desperate hope in everyone’s mind is for somebody to stand up to the liars and killers and somehow make everything right again. Make them give back the money they have stolen that has turned patriotic families into paupers headed for the cemetery.

And stop the wars they started that killed so many people who didn’t need to die.

Life is cheap and getting cheaper.

Everything’s for sale. You are for sale. And you’re not worth very much.

Soon you’ll be worth nothing, and that will be the price of your life.

The only people who are worth anything are the ones willing to say something, to do something about this tyranny that is strangling us all, killing our children with phony medicines and bogus knowledge. These whistleblowers are the very people the government is busy trying to kill, with staged accidents, false allegations and untimely food poisoning.

We need someone to speak up now. And if it is not you, who will it be?

The cantankerous German philosopher Friedrich Nietszche once said,

“Hope is the worst of all evils, for it prolongs the torment of man.”

Nietzsche was referring to the myth of Pandora’s box, which was given to her by the god Zeus. When Pandora opened the box, every evil in the world flew out — except for hope, which with its expectation that the madness of humanity can be cured, is the cruelest illusion of all.

Who has the ability to correct the suicidal certainty of a world careening in the wrong direction on every level if it is not you? What hope is there for anyone if you are not the one ready, willing and able to furnish it?

What bribe could possibly entice you to participate in their madness when you know it’s going to cost you the lives of your children? Or do you love your trinkets all that much?

As long as we keep teaching that our own lives, and our own profitability, are the only things that matter, we will never be safe from the savagery of our own children.

But the fire sale is on. Get it while you can and savor the feeling of how it burns you.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

19 thoughts to “Fire sale on a used-up planet — by John Kaminski”

  1. surely that surly display of writing to inspire the last rancid holdout to turn,
    must have done its intendeded desultory result….
    otherwise truly there is no hope

    eckspechully for the BRAINDEADGOY…who watch TV.

    Now is the time to rally for HOPE,

    and CHANGE, TOO….just think of the NEXT DAY….!

    the good seed are the children of the kingdom;
    but the tares are the children of the wicked one;
    The enemy that sowed them is the devil;
    the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.
    As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire;
    so shall it be in the end of this world.

    after the TARES have been bundled and tossed into thee ovens…
    anyone can stay in the hopeless whirlpool of deviant self-reflection,
    the trick is to elevate the intonation angle to allow a more advanced
    – truth resonance –
    given the energy available, on the positive side…
    That is

    1. “John Kaminski is a writer … he’s a “writer” he says … hee hee hee BWAAAAAA … “another teeny tiny little Jew hating babbling brook with a keyboard … so so pathetic … BWAAAAAAH … and you lusers responding are even more pathetic …

  2. i send you my regards from deep in the mountains of colombia where i visit my friends at the FARC.
    saludos amigos

  3. It is difficult to comment on something so obviously spot-on in current considerations. Kaminski does a wonderful job verbally illustrating conditions – which, I submit, are not exclusive to America. They seem to be felt far-flung, and abroad. There is a universal conscience which bodes ‘something wicked this way comes’, and all the lemmings feel it.

    I read this yesterday. And I thought late last night – when I got up to go to the kitchen to get a spoonful of peanut butter – that the ‘little things’ missed will be the things which may drive us mad… Like being able to get a pat of peanut butter when you want it; or a milkshake when the urge hits. Things like this will be sorely missed, even though there are some of us who are well-able to raise food for ourselves. There are things we just cannot do, which are taken for granted every day.

    So, when you read this, imagine what it would be like if the lights suddenly ceased. Who would you have around you with whom to commiserate? Who could you trust? Whose company do you even enjoy that much? More importantly, why would you even bother??

  4. “Upon seeing the kings so busy trying to gain sovereignty over her, the earth herself laughed and said, “Just see how these fools, who are actually playthings in the hands of death, are hoping to conquer me. Even the most learned rulers of men meet with failure and frustration, due to material lust (kama). Driven by lust, such persons place great hope and faith in the dead lump of flesh that is known as the body, even though it is as fleeting as bubbles of foam on water.”

    The Bhumi Gita

  5. “Oh, don’t be so NEGATIVE”, the Pentecostalist, END-Timer, Christian-Zionist would say! “You are worrying yourself unnecessarily!”
    “God is going to appear out of the heavens shortly and place us all in Paradise.
    Ye profits of doom and people of no faith will be thrown into the pit!”
    “The Jews have returned to their beloved Israel! Is this not biblical prophecy of the End Times? We should love and cherish them, as I know they will soon accept Jesus, instead of hating him!”
    Well, that is what the filthy, brainwashed, ignorant, Judaized fools think!
    John Kaminski, you have told the ABSOLUTE Truth as to where we are all at.
    Any thinking, sensitive person must see, as David Icke said, “a world ruled by the madmen and women.” Every single piece of MSM I read is full of perversions and corruption. As Doris Lessing said in “Prisons We Choose to Live Inside”, “to read the news is to think you live in a lunatic asylum.”
    Christian Zionists love Hilary Clinton, as does her Jewish electorate. This woman is the devil’s daughter! She will , most likely, be President! The Jews want her!
    We have been completely and utterly sold out. And things are about to get exponentially much worse, at an ever-growing rate. Kaminski is correct: your money and few possessions will soon mean absolutely nothing!
    Kaminski is correct – just sit there and die a million deaths because of your vain, completely useless HOPE, or understand: “The only people who are worth anything are the ones willing to say something, to do something about this tyranny that is strangling us all, killing our children with phony medicines and bogus knowledge.”
    Yes, join the RESISTANCE and never let up in talking to people, writing and being yourself. Be ready for the HORROR that is imminent, and FIGHT in any way possible.
    The END-TIMERS are wrong! The SUPERIOR ONE who made LIFE will not let human beings DIE because of the preponderance in 2014 AD of JEWISH DEATH THEORISTS! This death theory is running rampant at the moment, but it can be defeated. Not with hippy-like stupidities, such as “lerv, lerv, lerv, that is all you need”, but with intelligent, caring, loving people who have resisted the world of greed and selfishness which surrounds us. These are not “Kumbaya” Christians, but good honest people who are prepared to act now on evils that are tangible and REAL! And when they start to kill the children and old folk around you, you have 2 choices: LIe on your back and pray with hope, as they lift you onto the back of a lorry; or, FIGHT in any way you can. THE RESISTANCE MUST get organized! A charismatic leadership group is now needed more than ever! It is better to fight in organized teams than to try to do it all by yourself.

    1. “Oh, don’t be so NEGATIVE”, the Pentecostalist, END-Timer, Christian-Zionist would say! “You are worrying yourself unnecessarily!”

      I have heard this all my life!!! I have only maybe two people in my personal life that say I am a fighter.

      What Kaminski didn’t express, is how stinking hard it is to do this alone!!! But I have learned a lot being alone and being lonely, in the midst of people!

      Now we will ENDURE till the end…whatever that means.

      No fake rapture is going to sweep anyone away. No those same xians who find the rapture never happens will be the first to off themselves!

  6. At this late stage of the game as long as pronouncements of Truth are uttered, in whatever capacity, then aware individuals are demonstrating responsibility in simply prounouncing it assertively. Like is said, physically if you save just one Life…. spiritually as well, if some are so inclined to hear you.

    The best to be hoped for are mitigating influences that would soften the blow of what must play out. But it’s not about “we”, as some collective “oneness” of all humanity in terms of what fate may bring. It really boils down to individual perspective and choice. You can keep runnin with the devil and see where that gets ya, or you can embrace your Divine inheritance and KNOW that that will get and keep you in your realms of grace and beauty.

    In one ear speaks timeless Truth, and in the other whispers bittersweet nothings of history’s controlling illusion.

    It’s really that simple.

    Just keep pounding the drums and sounding the horns in your own way to drive out the dark spirits.

    1. Well written brownhawk!
      It is very much a battle for your soul, your human spirit.
      Trouble is, we have to reach out to others to try to help them to understand what is going on. Through ignorance, or “want of knowledge” people “perish.” At present they are given no chance to survive, as all they are served up is Big Bang, Hillary Clinton, the Golbergs, Pink, the “wisdom” of Janet Yellen and Miley Cyrus’s bare arse!
      Most poor, dumbed-down Goyim, no matter how much earthly wealth they have accumulated, are about to be hit over the head with a big, Jewish club!
      And as Solzhenitsyn predicted, when we have reached the bottom in the English-speaking nations, where Jews have prospered, we will become animal- like and totally “de-civilised.” Read his “Rebuilding Russia” or “The Gulag Archipelago” and you see our fate.
      The USSR of America is about to HAPPEN; and in that world there will be no time to stop to smell the roses.
      “All hail the great Obama!” His “HOPE” brings with it, no hope! Bush, the Clintons, Obama, etc and the head honcho Jews will live safely in Fortress New York!
      Myself: I have retreated already into my art and writing – my own little world. I am not part of the Jewish world, other than reading this and several other websites in order to keep informed.
      I, like all of you, cry out for true justice and fell very sad about where we now are. BUT BE VERY READY!

      1. “Mark them that sigh”

        Fighting the good fight also means doing the best for you and those you love. Unplugging as much as possible.

  7. Peace be with the reader.

    Yes, the world system as we know it in self destruct mode.
    Blaming the “Jews” will not do. The enemy is within.
    The time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    17 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and will
    gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire

    The faithful one

      1. Good stuff Duke. Just a couple of issues I’ll take up with you.

        “The symbol that symbolizes the fall of man is the German swastika”

        The ancient swastika symbolizes a “wheel of time”, and “time”, as we understand it exists in a disingenuous pose of material erosion – its “ravages”.

        We’re born, we live, we die, we’re re-born (reincarnated), we live again, we die again, we’re re-born again, ad infinitum.

        The bogus life-death cycle. Why does Creation need to be cyclic?

        Also, I would add, to remember that the “super” has been taken out of “supernatural”. Energy thieves “siphoned” it you might say. We and all of Creation suffer because of it.

        When the super is returned to the natural:

        “…those who see the material illusion of “veins of gold” as the wise rivers of imagination they really are. Frozen in a rolled-up reservation of time, knowing one that has let its hair down is coming around the thawing bend.”

        Also, my sense is that had Hitler’s vision for National Socialism been realized, unfettered from beginning to end in ridding the World of the parasitic jew, then generally it would have enabled a “live and let live” scenario in ideally what would make up for the corruption that overcame the Romans. But even still, it would have gone only so far because of those aformentioned “ravages”.

        But let’s just say that this could have created a wordly experience of “life is good and then you die”. Then enters the baleful Star of David into the picture and inevitably you end up with a “life sucks and then you die” scenario.

        With the swastika the “spokes” are at least open, whereas with the Star of David insult is added to injury, salt put in the wound when the spokes are closed.

        1. “The word of Swastika in Sanskrit is composed of two words, “Su” (good) and “Asati” (to exists) which means “May good prevail.”

          Swastika: Its Real Meaning

          More evidence of, (what else is new), usurpation.
          The Star of David..

          ”This is Sat-kona, the symbol of Goloka, the abode of Krsna.”


        2. Peace be with you Brownhawk

          Indeed there is a reference to the wheel of time.
          The German clockwise swastika symbolizes the fall of man, the removal of the super from natural.
          The anti-clockwise swastika symbolizes the restoration of fallen man, the return of super to natural.
          We are now on the threshold of the universal restoration.

          The faithful one(INRI)

  8. You can’t opt out of this world. Even if you could, it would be the same thing as admitting defeat.

    Look at history. Heroes usually fail in the end. The Spartans at Thermopylae, the people of Constantinople, the Germans in WWII. Evil always outweighs good, but you have to fight it. There’s no choice in the matter.

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