Gaza bloodbath brings shame on all Jews worldwide — James Petras

Not all Jews bear the burden of guilt, James Petras argues, but most Jews are now rightly perceived as complicit in Israel’s war crimes.

An edited abridgement of this outstanding article by James Petras, with pictures, captions and added endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

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“Some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.” — Jewish writer Sever Plocker

Gaza and the Ghetto were first set up to be open-air prison camps — temporary measures to mask the real plans. Gaza’s young population had grown to over 1.8 million entrapped human beings by 2014. Obviously, if the Gazans could not travel, farm, fish and trade by normal means, they would dig tunnels for supplies and fight against their relegation to the status of caged animals by the Israeli state.

The next steps after the successful enclosure would be systematic and premeditated: the Zionists launched total war against the inevitable acts of resistance by the oppressed. They sent planes, tanks, missiles, and bombs to level populated areas, especially neighborhoods where young fighters rose up to resist this unendurable cruelty.

In line with this super race mythology, Israel’s killing machine is really most effective at murdering unarmed civilians — invalids who cannot run, doctors who stay to care for the wounded, and mothers and children in their flimsy shelters — and rather pathetic when it confronts face to face determined armed resistance fighters.

As of 6 August 2014, the Israeli Air Force, Navy, and artillery slaughtered 1,594 Palestinian civilians — via long distance high tech warfare — compared to 3 civilians in Israel (one Bedouin, one Thai farm worker and an Israeli Jew), a mind-boggling ratio of over 1,500 Palestinian civilians to one of the ‘Chosen’.

But when it came to ‘ground fighting’, 64 Israeli soldiers were killed compared to 281 Palestinian partisans, a 4.4 to 1 ratio. Despite all the Israeli air cover support and high tech protective gear, the Israelis took heavy military casualties when their invasion came down to a more level fighting field where poorly equipped partisans are willing to die for their homes and liberation.

Clearly the commanding officers of the Israeli armed forces, the self-styled Israel Defense Forces, who are responsible for the systematic land, aerial, and maritime attacks on civilians, hospitals, schools, refugee sanctuaries are first in line for the war crimes docket.

There is eye-witness testimony and documentation showing middle and lower rank soldiers engaged in wanton shootings of school children, shoppers, and mothers with babies fleeing combat zones. War crimes prosecutions cannot be confined merely to a few dozen senior officers – these crimes were committed at all levels of the IDF.

Political leaders and policymakers, starting with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his Cabinet, leading Party and Knesset members, who were the prime movers in launching the blitz against Gaza and justified the massive civilian killings, clearly should be at the center of any International War Crimes Tribunal.

But what about the Israeli public, the great mass of Israeli Jews, who view themselves as morally above world public opinion despite a near-universal revulsion over Israel’s crimes?

More than 90% of Israeli Jews gave unstinting support to the ongoing blood bath, knowing, indeed cheering daily from grandstands erected on hills overlooking Gaza, the criminal consequences of their support – they also are an essential part of this criminal enterprise.

screen-shot-2014-07-29-at-5-08-23-pm-635x357Jews who were deeply shocked by this “anti-Semitic” cartoon showed not the slightest concern at the wanton murder and maiming of Palestinian children — like THIS child, her head half blown off by an Israeli sniper. (LD)

No Israeli can absolve himself by claiming ignorance of the nature of the crimes committed in their name – nor do they want to claim ignorance! The majority of informed Israeli Jews demanded this war from the beginning, many joining racist marches with banners and chants demanding ‘Death to Arabs’! They wear their endorsement of the Gaza holocaust as a badge of honor.

Ninety percent of the Jewish citizens in Israel rejected any humanitarian ceasefire: newspaper columnists and the vast majority of letter writers in the daily press argued openly for extermination! Self-declared war criminals are feted as Israeli heroes by their overseas brethren who hasten to endorse or even join the slaughter.

Any serious researcher, who has looked at American domestic politics, knows that the Presidents of the 52 Major American (sic) Jewish Organizations are complicit in Israel’s terror bombings of Gaza. And polls show that a majority of young Americans sympathize with the rights of the Palestinians.

We have identified a chain linking Israel’s political elite, military command and the mass of the Israeli public directly to war crimes and genocide with the active material complicity of overseas Zionist organizations. They act as one cohesive force plunging forward into the blood and gore of total war against the Palestinians – the original inhabitants and rightful owners of what is now called ‘Israel’.

The question arises: What unites them in this horrible undertaking? What moral blindness so afflicts them that they ignore the bookshelves cluttered with the writings and humanist teachings of Spinoza, Kant, Babel, or Buber? Are these tribal loyalties derived from Old Testament tales of vengeance and infanticide? Are these expressions of an ethno-religious fanaticism linked to the quest for a regional empire and plunder?

Racist ideology and its virulent expression both from high office and the “Jewish Street” are wide-spread and open. Degrading Palestinians, while claiming to be a superior race above the laws of the rest of the world, serves to justify all crimes against the people of Gaza.

Near and far, this expression of “collective Jewish identity and solidarity”, based on ethnic-religious superiority always threatened by hostile, inferior ‘native’ people, accounts for the unflinching support by top Hollywood moguls, Ivy League professors, French intellectuals, British peers and prominent investment Wall Street bankers.

Ideological affinities and ethno-religious loyalties aside, many Israeli Jews also have a major, material stake in robbing and expelling the people of Palestine.

Seized Palestinian lands result in new cheap subsidized housing, swimming pools for Jews only, developments on lands where olive groves once flourished and extended families had lived and died.

Middle and working class Jews obtain free housing; real estate speculators seize choice ocean front properties for luxury condos and tourist destinations. Building contractors secure lucrative construction contracts from the state.

Pillage forms an important material basis for Israel’s high standard of living, many times higher than that of Palestinians, much higher that that of Israel’s non-Jewish population and higher even than the Americans who have been forced to subsidize the ‘Jewish State’ for almost 50 years.


“Pillage forms an important material basis
for Israel’s high standard of living.”
—  James Petras

Equally important, Israel’s assault on Gaza serves as a testing ground for its weapons of mass destruction and its anti-missile Dome. In this regard, the slaughter in Gaza serves as a dress rehearsal (and a graphic warning) for new wars across the region in association with the US and its clients.

NSA analyst Edward Snowden’s latest documents reveal that Israel works in tandem with the US throughout North Africa, the Middle East, The Persian Gulf, South Asia and Islamic countries in choosing targets and making war plans.

Greater Israel is no longer the crackpot dream of Jewish visionaries: it is underway and its bloody beginnings in Gaza foreshadow bigger and bloodier wars against humanity in the future.

Israel’s total war against Gaza has provoked condemnation from millions of people around the world, greater outrage at their crimes against humanity, and calls for an international war crimes tribunal. If such a tribunal were to be convoked, the question arises of how wide the net should be cast – where to draw the line between leaders, soldiers, masses and complicit overseas supporters, all implicated to one degree or another? How many ‘willing accomplices’ to mass murder should be investigated and tried?

The rising horror and indignation has isolated Israel from the greater majority of mankind, including from thousands of Jews — but it has hardened its leaders and aroused its powerful core of influential supporters, especially in the US.

The hardliners openly flaunt their blind support for Israel’s war crimes. These fanatics are convinced that every critic of Israel’s war crimes, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew or atheist, is an anti-Semite, a pervert or terrorist to be censored or crushed.


Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

The world is justifiably sickened not only by the disproportionate number of civilians killed in Gaza by “the most moral army in the world”, but also by the huge number of Israeli “atrocity tourists” who flock to view the carnage with binoculars and bloodthirsty jubilation.

“The emerging number of casualties from recent rounds of violence suggests that Israel’s tactics are homicidal,” Gilad Atzmon points out angrily. “They target innocent civilians and on purpose. This shows clearly that the Jewish State is an outlaw among nations.”

Many Israelis cheer and whoop with delight as the bombs fall. Others even boast of being brought to the point of orgasm by the sight of Palestinian children being cruelly butchered — like this Israeli woman, for example:

927391_333900180103357_1293136292_n60 million Christian Zionists give their full support to this Jewish sexual deviant and her kind. The American government meanwhile cannot give these mentally deranged people enough money and lethal weapons with which to conduct their genocidal campaign of sadistic cruelty. Whatever the childkillers want, they get — and more — all at the expense of a justifiably enraged American public. [LD]

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Because most Jews worldwide are either unable or unwilling to admit the depravity of their own deeds and beliefs, the rest of the world finds itself dragged down to the Jewish level of debate where well meaning and intelligent people realize the Jews and Judaism must be eliminated from the human equation, or all the non Jews of the world will suffer the same fate. Seen in this light, it is crystal clear what must be done.

    1. The last sentence should be the signature line below every post by every poster.
      Then people would stop harping on Lonnie.
      Anyone who identities with Judaism, ie, is a Jew, worships evil, cruelty, violence and betrayal by default because all are inevitable components of Judaism.
      Therefore, a “good Jew” is an oxymoron, an empty set, since goodness and Judaism are mutually exclusive concepts.
      Ergo, a friend of Jews is an enemy of mankind.
      Any other definition of “Jew” is perniciously misleading.

    2. …and what exactly is that? Tit for tat? Which means we’re all exactly the same.
      fcol, the twit who twitted that rot (and may have been a plant) is temporarily psycho. Many teens are. Whites get blamed forever and a day for the small number of people who actually dragged the slaves over here and owned them. Enough already. The Israelis are doing exactly what the Americans have been doing in Iraq. What the British did over Dresden in WWII. What the Japanese did in China. and on and on.

      We’re are the freakin’ same. The only difference here is, the Jews seem to get a pass — from who, I’m not sure — but they seem to get one. Maybe they really do run the media. Nevertheless, their actions are neither more nor less evil than anyone elses. We’re all the same.

      1. “fool, the twit..” I don’t mean to call you a fool. I meant to the twitting twit a fool. sorry.

  2. You don’t offer a reblog post feature, even though this article was sent to me via email. The last picture and that woman’s comment is horrible. Just displays our fallen nature, the same fallen nature that are causing unnecessary catastrophe’s such as this. Humankind is so broken beyond belief.

  3. Just remember my maxim, which liberates us from the primitive Talmudic-Marxist win-lose death dialectic used by both sides of the conflict, and let’s embraces the civilising Hegelian win-win life-giving dialectic: >Don’t only blame the Jews, also blame those that bend to their pressure!<

  4. @ John Kaminski

    ” . . . it is crystal clear what must be done.”

    It may be crystal clear WHAT must be done, but it is not crystal clear HOW it is to be done by vast numbers of isolated individuals sitting in front of their keyboards, most of them unarmed theoreticians.

    This is the essence of the problem: lack of organization, lack of resources, and constant surveillance of individuals planning armed resistance.

    Even self-defense against the Jew is now a crime.

    1. I think that is why Jesus COMMANDED His “Christian TRUTH WARRIORS”
      in His Kingdom …to KNOW THE TRUTH…!

      Are these tribal loyalties derived from Old Testament tales of vengeance and infanticide? There are NO TALMUDIC “JEWS” = “PROSELYTES” 2 fold children of Hell which is what ZIONIST “Israeli” Gog & Magog “Jews” are

      it would help considerably in the day & age to get the facts in chronological order and stop repeating “Jewish” lies…

      there are No “Jews” in the Old Testament & The Old Testament is not about being “Jewish”.

      Be honest with yourself first…ask this question in GOOD FAITH.

      Should White Men, {if they are truly Israelites} tell the truth and use the words “Israel” and “Jew” correctly in their own minds in their own house
      before they go outside the front door…and talk to other White Men… what the truth about the Zionist Synagogue of Satan Talmudic “Jew” IS ?

      do old ladies and the “handicapped” and little children have more responsibility that Men in eliminating the REAL TERRORISTS from their Homeland{s} ?

      let those with stones “pay” attention….”Listen up”….”Hear”.

      The Truth is there ARE NO JEWS in the Old Testament.

      to be a “JEW” the adherent to the Talmud must have a copy of the Talmud & HATE Jesus…..No Talmud…No “Jew” .

      100% of so-called “Jews” are not Hebrews & Not Israelites.

      100% of BRAINDEADGOY believe the LIE that the
      “Jews” are “God’s Chosen People”.

      no one on earth HAS to Stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…
      especially not the Khazar ASHKENAZIM “PROSELYTES” to
      Talmudic Judaism…the so-called Zionist “Jews” in Talmudia…
      who should make EXODUS ….and right soon.

    2. maybe so…

      However, we will get nowhere with organizing until all the jew wise FINALLY accept the WHAT part.

      A self professed jew wise person is not jew wise at all until they have reached this obvious conclusion. You have to start there.

      Far far too many jew wise on this very site STILL don’t get it.

      1. Yes, Lonnie nearly 50% of the posters on this site are “liberal Jews” caught up in Uri Avnery’s “curious duality” of the Jewish mindset.(Haaretz) “O ye hypocrites!” (Jesus)
        I’ve explained to many oxy-morons on this site that this is the Jewish-Hegelian-Marxist DIALECTIC (8 times) but dodo’s like that injun, Tyron, Gilby, Sardines, etc, cannot even start to comprehend this!
        Lobro, as I keep saying, and as you just said, “Far far too many jew wise on this very site STILL don’t get it.”
        Tyron, the injun, Sardines and co are merely pseudo/learner JEW WISE! They are worse than under-grads!
        They still use the JEWISH DIALOGUE!
        This obliterates the chance of these fools ever realizing your “obvious conclusion.”
        Lonnie is in the more intelligent percentile of writers!

  5. We know where the cancerous tumor lies — and what the cancerous cells consist of — and we know that this cancer is killing us all by slow degrees. What we don’t seem to know is how to cut this cancerous tumor out of the body.

    Who is the surgeon who will perform the operation?

    1. NO…. there is one more thing we KNOW.

      We KNOW we must remove them, period. That is a given also to the truly jew wise. Its the jew wise who do not fully get it yet that are holding us back. I see it on every article on this site.

      The WHO is obviously us whether you like it or not.

  6. The Israelis didn’t start it! The disgusting murder of 3 innocent Israeli children by Hamas terrorists did!

    Hamas are to blame and all their supporters!

    How come only the deaths of Gaza civilians are shown? What about the 1,000 Palestinian terrorists? We never hear about them! Don’t you find that odd?

    This is all brainwashing fodder!

    1. The kidnapping was a false flag event.
      The kidnappers, murderers, spoke Hebrew.

      Tuesday July 1st, The Jerusalem Post released the audio of the kidnapped teen’s distress call to police, and in that call the kidnappers can be heard telling the boys to put their heads down in HEBREW. According to the *JERUSALEM POST* prior to being leaked to the public this audio was being held under a gag order by the Israeli government.

      Whole story:

      1. That proves nothing. Palestinians who study or work in Israel know Hebrew. So if those Palestinians talked to those kidnapped Jewish boys naturally they spoke in Hebrew. This murder was in all probability not an Israeli “false flag” but an isolated operation by Palestinians who had no connection with Hamas.

        1. Either of us, or we both, could be wrong.

          As you said,”… in all PROBABILITY not an Israeli “false flag”….” That means you are guessing.

          I chose to err on the side of being against the biggest liars in history. Da Joos.

        2. Hard to believe it doesn’t happen more often, that this is kidnapping even (real or imagined) is actually an anomaly.

    2. This line of disinformation is ludicrous. It’s nothing but the big lie technique, repeat it often enough to swamp the factual reality. It’s the Jewish interlopers who engaged in ethnic cleansing and confiscated Palestinian property. The beleaguered Palestinians are struggling, against overwhelming brutality, to cling to their continuously diminishing birthright.

    3. What I find so ludicrous is that for years now, the CIA invention Al Qaeda has attacked almost every ME country and help topple some already…and they even fight NATO, which has BIG bombs, and they have not been defeated. Now there is the newly invented ISIS wreaking havoc along with Al Qaeda, doing damage everywhere BUT they have NOT attacked Israel and come to the aid of their brothers in GAZA!! THEY ARE THERE!!

      1. isn’t it curious that all so-called terrorist moslim organisations like al caida, Is, Hamas etc have never ever attacked israel directly. The answer is that they all are controlled opposition by the jews. Hamas is ridiculous with their fake missiles.

    4. Don’t start your whining, cry baby “the Palestinans did it” shit here, you pathetic psychopathic germ. It’s time you lot were all eradicated off the face of this Earth and you’ve just forfieted all your rights given you by the rest of humanity so far but comes a time when that is withdrawn. Consider it time.

  7. As long as the US pays Israel’s war budget these sickening atrocities will never stop. I admire the courage of the Palestinian resistance fighters but they cannot possibly win by military means. And the US are going to continue paying Israel’s war budget as long as the phoney “democratical” system with two parties both of which are controlled by the Jews exists. Only a military coup could put an end to this rotten system and liberate the American people from the Zionist yoke.
    Had the rich Arabs who claim to be sorry for their oppressed brethren in Palestine given one percent of the money they spend on arms for the support of Holocaust revisionism, the Zionist state would have been doomed long time ago. Except for the most fanatical bigots, no non-Jew would be willing to support a state founded on such as colossal lie. As I wrote in Teheran almost 14 years ago: As long as the Western world believe in the gas chambers and the six million, they will always support Israel even if they ocasionally reprimand Israel for being too harsh.
    Instead of studying and propagating the revisionist literature, the Arabs parrot silly slogans such as “Sharon = Hitler”. The Zionists righly laugh about such stupid slogans. Even Ahmadinejad, who was arguably the most courageous of all Muslim leaders in the last decades, never adduced the slightest arguments for his claim that the Holocaust was a hoax, or at least exaggerated. And when Muslim scholars try to use revisionist arguments they usually make fools of themselves, such as Mohammed Heikal who spoke about “the concentration camp Dachau in Poland”.

    The same goes for 9-11. Again with the exception if Ahmadinejad no Muslim leader has dared to state that the terrorist acts were staged by the criminal Bush cabal although all the evidence is readily available on the internet. Instead of attacking the Achilles heels of their enemies the Palestinians blow themselves up to kill one or two Israeli civilians or use primitive rockets to attack Israel. They have fired off thousands of rockets which killed exactly two Israeli civilians and a hapless Thai farmworker. As a retaliation the Israeli army slaughtered about 2.000 Palestinians, and the carnage continues. Is this relly an efficient strategy? The Arabs ought to give this a thought or twoo.
    Maybe Kevin Barrett, who is well acquainted with the facts and undoubtedly fluent in Arabic, can try to convince his Muslim brethren to change their strategy?

    1. An outstanding comment that encapsulates the entire tricky situation in which we now stand. The Muslims of the Middle East are indeed a dead loss and no one has the courage to say why. It is because the IQ of the region as a whole is lower than average and the indigenes also happen to be sitting on the greatest oil reserves in history. As such, they are seen as natural prey for spoliation by the predatory nations of the West working in collusion with Israel — the ultimate predator and parasite.

      It’s not a fair world. Nature isn’t fair. And so the Arabs can expect to be regarded as exploitable commodities for the foreseeable future. Who will deliver them and Palestine from the maws of the predators? No one.

      * * * * *

      Your comment about a military coup is very apt. This is what is needed. It can only come from an outstanding military leader moved by compassion, moral indignation, and a deep knowledge of Jewry and the Holohoax. Such a man would be hard to find. Not one man in a hundred million would qualify.

      As for your comment on the necessity of demonstrating to the general public the truths of Holocaust revisionism, I’m not sure this would effect the revolution in thinking that you suppose, nor create in the average man the revulsion against organized Jewry that you expect.

      This is because the average man in only a little above the beasts and is more concerned with his personal pleasures and the exigencies of survival, such as earning a living and managing to survive. If he heard that the Holocaust was a hoax, he would merely shrug and say, “So what? Gimme another beer!”

      Meanwhile, Jewry would persist with their Lie and maintain it is the Truth despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Witness 9/11. The official version has as many holes in it as a sieve. Yet the purblind public still believe it. As long as Jewry own the media, they can spin as many lies as they want.

      The tide against the Jews will only turn once the media are wrested from their hands. The public will then be fed a new diet: the Truth. Change will come in the end, I believe.

      The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong . . . but time and chance happeneth to them all.

      1. (found at Ecclesiates 9:11, Sardo, in case you don’t remember the address. 🙂 )(I used to have it on some of my business cards.)

        Anyhow, what you say is so true – and even seems to be ACCELERATING. Occasionally, I flick-on the ‘History Channel’ long enough to get nauseated with the constant Hitler distortions and misleading picture/descriptions, and am discouraged that so many people get ALL their history lessons from such garbage. Likewise, the fruits of the public education system in America. We hardly have any chance, whatsoever, to rectify the enormous distortion of history which has been ground into youth since the sixties after schools were ‘integrated’.

        But consider: All it’s REALLY about is MONEY. The whole damn world will flow to the path of least resistance in pursuit of mammon. Muslims and Christians are, both, very ‘Jewish’ in this pursuit. Looking at the picture of that swimming pool in this oh-so-fine article, it steams me to remember they stole enough from me, alone, to build several of those things and the club, to boot. Do you think the people – whoever and wherever they are – give a DAMN from whence stuff is derived???! Hell, no. They just enjoy the ride until someone pulls the plug. Then they holler.

        What I really love about most of the Bible is that it gives insight into justice and the ways a man should walk in this life. Any man – red, white, black, or yellow. Truth is universal. Justice WILL prevail. Babylon the Great will burn.

        1. No one knows the definition of mammon, since no one alive today translated the scrolls into the KJV bible.

          Scholars do NOT agree about its etymology, but it is THEORIZED, guessed, that Mammon derives from Late Latin mammon, from Greek “μαμμωνάς”, Syriac mámóna (“riches”), Aramaic mamon (“riches, money”), a loanword from Mishnaic Hebrew ‘ממון (mmôn) meaning money, wealth, or possessions;

          although it MAY ALSO have meant “that in which one trusts”….or simply, a belief, a religion.

        2. The NT states that mammon is a false god, a false religion. No one can worship their true god and mammon, another god, a false god, a false religion. (Mt.6.24; Lk.16.13)

          If money were so evil, churches need to collect the collection plates and toss them into the dumpster.

        3. Well, Pat, for the sake of argument, could not ‘mammon’ be the (adulterated) system of ‘money’ we have to use? Don’t distort the ‘root of evil’ phrase… It is the ‘LOVE of money is the root of all evil’. Now, let’s consider that the LOVE of money caused men to plot and devise ways to accumulate it to themselves in overdose. Remember, the Federal Reserve was nothing if not just such a device. Has it not brought great evil throughout the world? Does not the (military/industrial) establishment constantly push conflict ultimately for the pursuit of ‘money’?? Has not the Fed just about completely destroyed America?

          Money, itself, is a great civilizer. It allows us to bargain without bloodshed. If I have grain, and you have none, I will take your money in exchange for some – because I can get something else I need with the money. (You don’t have to fight me for the grain.)

          When we have, though, an entity which adulterates or corrupts the coin for its own benefit (same thing happened to the Roman Republic), civilization fails, and you have what we have, today. THAT is the ‘mammon system, IMO.

        4. I am going to assume that mammon means religion. You can assume it means money. Both are theories.

          I am going to further assume that the NT was referring to Pharisaism as mammon. Pharisaism became Talmudism. That makes much more sense to me…. since we are all guessing, theorizing.

          Remember, the people who sponsored the various bibles and the translations, such as James I & VI, would want to keep people poor to cut out competition.

      2. the problem with the moslims is that they are infiltrated by jews and people who work for the jews. moslims ain’t stupid but when they have traitors around them it’s hardly possible to organise themselves.

    2. what is the number of so-called “Jews” who are actually descended from the tribe of Judah…assuming one would define the word Judah as meaning “Jew”

      are “we” {NONJEWS 7 Billion+ :)… to continue to use such highly defective language…
      is that a GREAT MISTAKE…or what ?
      why do White Men have to be so intellectually dishonest at the expense of
      say 300 million MASS MURDERED in just the last century…mostly by the “JEW” worshipping BRAINDEADGOY “White Men” who are actually

      Truth isn’t on Holiday

        1. No one is interested in your hairsplitting definitions and obsession with “Jews”, “Israelites”, and the “tribe of Judah.”

          We are talking about GAZA, you cretin. Get that into your fat head. Stay on point. Stop boring everyone and creating distractions!

        2. He is on point. The topic is about ‘all Jews worldwide’.
          I do not agree with him 100%, but I cannot prove him wrong.
          Many new readers have not seen his ideas.

          Censorship of those who disagree is not good.

    3. the western world defends the jews and israel not because of the second world war but because the ministers/leaders of the western world are of jewish descent. that is the reason.

    4. The people of Gaza are 100% behind their resistance, which is the only means of retaliation they have. It may seem futile to most, but the “primitive rockets” of the Palestine resistance, caused a fair amount of financial damage, businesses closed down, parasites huddled in their shelters, afraid to go to work, unlike the Gazans, who defiantly went about their business. The Palestinians, in the words of Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, are deserving of the highest respect..

      Paul Larudee said recently on Press TV that he thinks the baby killers will walk away at some point, saying “mission accomplished”, their mission being two-fold, extending the buffer zone, thus reducing the size of the Gaza strip, making “life” even more impossible for the inhabitants. Also, every couple of years, they like to give new recruits, school leavers, the chance to “work in the family business, of genocide”. How sick is that? explains why they have been assassinating the inhabitants of small towns near the buffer zone, and razing the buildings to the ground.

    5. Israel did 9-11 – all the proof in the world !

      Israel + Neocons in the Bush Admin. = 9-11 Mastermind.

      Simply put: Jews did 9-11 !

  8. Hopefully these rabid Israelies Jews stay put in the middle east. Just imagine if these freaks of nature decide to relocate into USA Canada?
    Once the oil runs dry in middle east–watch the instant exodus of Ashkenazi tribe members–

  9. If there is anything positive about this horrific slaughter of innocence children and civilians it is that the world has finally woken up to what is going on. For years people were deceived into thinking that Israel had a goal of working toward peace, you know a “peace plan.” But now many of us have become convinced that there never was a “peace plan” only a plan to take land and resources. In the past, Israel would conduct their “greater Israel” murderous campaigns while Americans were on vacation or relaxing in a summer daydream, but this time for some reason everyone was paying attention.

    I agree that Americans especially need to pay a lot more attention and take in such realities as 9 11 truth and the real story of WWII (Holocaust revisionism). I remember when I first tuned into the 9 11 unofficial story I read an article that basically said ‘we are opposed to 9 11 truth because 9 11 truth might lead to questioning the Holocaust.’ Up to that point I hadn’t questioned the holocaust but I thought…what is that about? Once a person begins to question a little bit of it the dam breaks and the flood of truth rushes out.

    Finally, I want to say a word about “safety” for the Jews. Supposedly part of the reason Israel exists is to provide a safe place for Jews to live. The barrier wall supposedly protects Jews from the “threat” of suicide bombers. This recent slaughter “Protective Edge” claims to have protected Jews from bottle rockets. I truly believe that Jews are sincere in their fears about safety and so many people who are trying to get through to them and to stop the craziness reassure them that they are safe.
    But seriously….is there such a thing as guaranteed safety for anyone in this world? Part of the Chosen delusional state seems to be that they are owed the guarantee of “Safety”–that is, a level of safety that no one else gets. Homeland Security reportedly spends most of its money protecting Jews. Yet isn’t safety relative not absolute. Does anyone else on the planet get such an absolute guarantee of safety to the point where genocide is justifiable? Isn’t part of being a grown up the realization that we live in a world where “stuff happens” and we had better be both aware and wary. This Holy Grail of Safety will never be achieved until everyone else is dead and even then something could get the Jews–who knows??

  10. One would do well to remember that, to a Jew, goyim are goyim. According to their books, all goyim are beasts created by god in human form to better serve the Jew. To a Jew, everyone not a Jew has an identical status. White Americans, Mexicans, Negroes are exactly the same animal as the Palestinians. If this is what they do to the Palestinians, if this is what they did to the Russians and the Germans, imagine what they have planned for what remains of white civilization. Friend or enemy, all goyim will eventually all suffer the same fate. The protocols state the French revolution was guided by the hidden hand of the Jew. The revolutionaries eventually consumed themselves just as many of the Bolsheviks were eventually consumed by the system they brought to power. The French turned their Caribbean colonies over to negro rule resulting in the most grisly, horrific act of genocide imaginable. White Africa was likewise turned over to Negro rule by the hidden hand of the Jew with almost identical results. Those who know their past will recognize their future, yet few ever bother to read the readily available history.

    To those ‘tut tutting’ the historical role of the Jew, I often ask, how is it that all these historical incidents are lies and fabrications made up by “Jew haters”? Is it possible that the Jews are completely innocent of their voluminous historical record of lying, cheating, stealing, extorting, torturing and murdering. Can the historical record written by non-Jews be totally fictitious? Can any other race/religion be named that has such an endless record of horror and terror attached all the way back to the very earliest records? If the Biblical record is to be believed, Joseph invented the concentration camp system that enslaved the ancient Egyptians, yet one does not have to believe that two Jews designed the Soviet gulag system, that is a matter of historical record. The Jews had reached the pinnacle of power just before the Boer wars with the election of Benjamin Disraeli as prime minister. Considering their intense hatred of all things Germanic or Nordic, can there be any doubt Jews were the primary force behind the British atrocities that defined the African concentration camps?

    There is no doubt about Jewish participation in training American military personal in torture techniques at various global gulag sites like Guantanamo Bay, just as there is no question the ADL has been a primary mover in training law enforcement personnel in techniques now used to terrorize American citizens. These are the same techniques used to terrorize Palestinians. How is it the American goyim cannot recognize their future?

    There is an excellent book titled “Moses the Egyptian” by Jan Assmann, who writes: “Spencer’s interpretation of the Paschal lamb follows Maimonides in the application of normative inversion. The lamb is sacrificed because it corresponds to the most sacred animal of the Egyptians, the Ram which is the sacred animal of their highest god, Amun. [ . . .] In prescribing the sacrifice of the lamb and the bull, God was directly opposing his strongest adversaries, the gods Amun and Osiris. Therefore he had excellent reasons to be precise about the species and gender of the animals. To Spencer, it seems evident “that God wanted to vilify, in his law, those animals which meant the most to Egyptians,” and he even quotes Tacitus (in contiumelaim Ammonis) with approval. Among all the historiographers of Classical Antiquity who wrote on the Jews, Tacitus is the one who gave to the principal of normative inversion its most concise and most polemical expression. It is interesting to see the same principal of normative inversion applied by writers such as Maimonides and Spencer, who use it not polemically from without, but approvingly from within. God was right in giving the Jews a law that was simply the Egyptian custom turned upside down, because the Jews had to be de-Egyptianized.” Much like Germans had to be “de-Nazified” after WWII.

    Note the golden calf narrative in Exodus has the Jews returning to the worship of the Egyptian deity Osiris. Expelled from the comfort of their host culture, the Jews long for a return to Egypt without which they felt they could not survive. This longing clearly represented a great sin in YHVH’s eyes. When Moses finds the Jews worshiping the golden calf (bull) of Osiris, he furiously casts down the legal tablet containing god’s laws, breaking them in outrage. The symbolism is unmistakable, the Jews break YHVH’s laws in the same manner as Moses literally breaks the stones on which they are written. (I surmise the reason the Jews made a golden calf is because they failed to “borrow” enough Egyptian gold to make a bull.)

    When one studies the so-called “Star of David,” they find the image is sometimes presented as two interlocking triangles, one upright and one inverted. The triangles essentially have the same ratio as the pyramids. This is symbol of the Jews interlocking “normative inversion” of Egyptian society, the very first advanced culture they infiltrated and destroyed. This is exactly the same “normative inversion” technique now being employed to destroy white western culture.

    “And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.”
    —Genesis 11:4–9

    Press one for English or two for Spanish.

  11. Are these pictures of the dead children real? As soon as someone dies the body voids itself of the toxic (bladder fluid and feces) No one seems soiled at all
    If I am wrong let me know

  12. Rabbis support a demand to kill non-Jews and OK to kill Jews who do not obey the demand.

    Leading fundamentalist rabbis gather in Israel to defend the publication of a book, Torat Ha’Melech, that attempted to provide halakhic justification for the killing of non-Jews, including innocent children and families. The gathering exposed not only the ferocious racism of a swath of Israel’s pro-settlement rabbinate, but the powerlessness of the government to stop them.

    1. @Pat, it`s just such a pity they “chose” Palestine, or was it given, probably because no-one else wanted this nightmare on THEIR doorstep..

      1. Briefly… Palestine was chosen for them by the major promoter of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, who convinced Walter Rothschild to demand the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

        It was all a huge ruse, but it stood up when the UN was formed in 1945 to invent Israel in 1947.

  13. Let’s give credit to the Self-Chosen People for their atrocities. They should be isolated on some island where they can do no further harm to humanity.

    1. I totally agree with you, Gary. Isolate this demonic race on an uninhabited island way out in the middle of nowhere, with no ships, boats, or other types of watercraft that could take them back to civilization. As far as supplies are concerned, they could be dropped via parachute from aircraft flying at an altitude of around 250-500 feet, so that those supplies will all land on the island itself and not in the ocean. These Jews will only be among their own kind and far away from the rest of humanity, who will then be able to live in peace and prosperity.

      1. Gary/Eilene

        While this race breaths it poses an existential threat to the entire planet and all it’s life forms.

  14. Almost all Jews support Israel, and why wouldn’t they?

    Israel is international Jewry, and international Jewry is Israel.

    1. Almost all support Israel because they are ALL citizens of Israel automatically, and they have a place to run when they commit horrific crimes and atrocities in other countries.

      Here is one who ran from the US:
      Samuel Sheinbein (25 July 1980– 23 February 2014) was an American-Israeli convicted murderer. On 16 September 1997, Sheinbein and a former classmate, Aaron Benjamin Needle, at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, killed Freddy Tello (aka Alfredo Enrique Tello, Jr.), then DISMEMBERED and burned the corpse in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

      Sheinbein fled to Israel, where he was eligible for citizenship and Israeli law prohibited extraditing an Israeli national. Sheinbein, whose case strained US-Israeli relations, was sentenced to 24 years in prison by an Israeli court.

      In 2014, he was killed by police in a prison standoff, after he shot six officials and another prisoner.

    2. This is the point most jew wise don’t get.

      Even the lowest level jew out there supports Israel, Judaism, the holohaux and has the jewish supremacist disease. Ask em, you will see. I’ve done it countless times.

      So its time to accept that even though the majority of jews are not high level players they are equally guilty.

  15. It time to start killing these people off.

    The sooner you all realize this and act on it the better chance we have at survival.

    1. we are going to shove these jewish anti-hate crime laws right through their skulls. Its the only way.

  16. Lonnie. This recent blood-bath in Gaza will make it all the more difficult for the Zio-Commie “Hate Crime” criminals here in Canada to find me and guilty on the sec. 319(2) Criminal Code charge of spreading hatred toward the Jew by my publishing of facts related to their criminal nature and actions. I wish to God that the slaughter in Gaza had never occurred but given that it’s now a reality hopefully more Canadians will see through the ruse that the Jews have created in Canadian jurisprudence by inserting their “hate crime” legislation into the laws of Canada. In some ways I wish that my pending trial had been going on throughout the month of July. They need to be stopped as so many commenters have stated. Henry Ford, Sr. was right a hundred years ago. They ARE the world’s foremost problem and it’s time that problem was solved and resolved.

    1. Agree Arthur, but its also time the jew wise face the reality of the only way it can be solved and resolved.

      If they don’t face it, it will continue forever.

  17. @ Pat

    “You are correct. And they [Jews] are not a race. They are a religious cult, based on the Talmud.”

    Wrong, Mr Know-All! If Jews were only “a religious cult based on the Talmud”, how come Chomsky, Finkelstein, Dershowitz and Woody Allen are Jews? Are you telling me they belong to a religious cult and read the Talmud?

    Most Jews believe in nothing. They are atheists and nihilists like yourself. Does it not occur to you that you have many Jewish characteristics despite your superficial hatred of the Jews?

    If Jews were only a religious cult based on the Talmud, can you tell me why Jews as a whole are subject to Tay-Sachs disease?

    1. Oh. I see. Since your argument is so weak, now it is time to call me a Jew. You need to stop this crap, and bring some facts.
      OK, then – It seems you have many Jewish characteristics yourself. They are obvious. The most obvious is breathing the same air as they do, followed by eating, drinking and sleeping. Then, there is excretion. The list is in the hundreds. You even read and write on the net as do the Jews.

      You asked:
      “… can you tell me why Jews as a whole are subject to Tay-Sachs disease?”

      Yes I can. Thanks for asking.

      Whole nations(races) centuries ago were forced to convert to Talmudism. One such race(nation)is the Chazars in 640AD. That goes for Amaurotic Idiocy as well, and cycle cell anemia for those who originated in Africa.



      Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906 stated that the ‘heathen’ Chazars adopted Judaism between 620AD and 740AD.

      In 679 the Chazars subjugated the Bulgars and extended their sway farther west between the Don and the Dnieper, as faras the head-waters of the Donetz in the province of Lebedia…

      It was probably about that time that the chaghan(kagan=king) of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion. According to A. Harkavy (“Meassef Niddaḥim,” i.), the conversion took place in 620; according to others, in 740. King Joeph, in his letter to Ḥasdai ibn Shaprut (about 960), gives the following account of the conversion:

      “Some centuries ago King Bulan reigned over the Chazars. To him God appeared in a dream and promised him might and glory. Encouraged by this dream, Bulan went by the road of Darlan to the country of Ardebil, where he gained great victories [over the Arabs]. The Byzantine emperor and the calif of the Ishmaelites sent to him envoys with presents, and sages to convert him to their respective religions. Bulan invited also wise men of Israel, and proceeded to examine them all. As each of the champions believed his religion to be the best, Bulan separately questioned the Mohammedans and the Christians as to which of the other two religions they considered the better. When both gave preference to that of the Jews, that king perceived that it must be the true religion. He therefore adopted it”.

      ….. the king and the Chazars proper were Jews;

      1. Pat,

        It amazes me when us truly jew wise do not fall for any of this religion garbage the indoctrinated fools automatically call us atheists and nihilists.

        Their brains are so screwed up with this stuff they have even had their imaginations robbed from them. They can’t even imagine any other way to view things.

        Its jesus (fill in blank) or nothing. THAT right there is what gets innocent people killed.

      2. @ Pat

        Prof. Kevin MacDonald has studied the Jews for 40 years and is an acknowledged authority on Jews. He says they are a RACE. And so does Dr David Duke.


        “Dr. MacDonald shows clearly that the Jewish people are related genetically and constitute a classical scientific definition of a RACE. They talk about one of the most recent impressive genetic studies by Jewish and Gentile scientists that openly show that Jews are a race.”

        Are you telling me that you know about the Jews than Kevin MacDonald?

        1. I am not saying I know more about Jews than anyone.
          I have known most of these facts for many years. They are not news to me.

          I cannot take back what I know.

          This does NOT negate my explanation earlier.

          The Khazars are a race which was heathen until they were forced to accept Judaism in 640 AD. So, of course the Khazar Jews are a race which follow an accepted religion. Thee race of people known as Jews did not travel to Khazaria.

          BTW…it is ALL still a ‘theory’…a guess. The title admits that.

          Dr. David Duke and Kevin MacDonald on the “Khazar Theory”**

        2. BTW – Sardonicus – Jews have purposefully set this confusion. It works.

          Americans are not a race.
          Americans are not a religion.
          Mexicans are not a race.
          Mexicans are not a religion.

          Christians are not a race.
          Muslims are not a race.
          Buddhists are not a race.

          BUT… Jews are a race AND a religion.

          I would say they are neither, more than either.

        3. Then you would classify the black Ethiolian Jews as the same race as the Chinese Jews? And the European Jews? This theory of yours doen’t hold water.

        4. You are correct. It is NOT my theory. It is theirs.

          I admitted in the last sentence, that you are correct to assume that THEIR theory doesn’t hold water.

          “I would say they are neither, more than either.”

          See, the Jews claim to be a race and/or a religion, depending on which Jew is asked. Sammy Davis Jr ‘became’ a Jew.

    2. Sardonicus….YOU just keep GUESSING wrong!!

      I have stated before that I am not an atheist or a nihilist.
      AND…I am not the subject of the article.

      But…Mistakes ARE allowed here.

    3. did racists write the book … or did the book write the racists

      the khazar theory is nonsense designed to fool people into thinking jews are not a race … it is also designed to create a newisrael stretching from ukraine to satana. kazakhstan … jews looking to escape zion’s masquerade judgment, will move from israel/usa to newisrael/russia … this will be scion’s base of power

      … unless americans and russians (and all gentiles) unite and break free from international jewry

      1. The opposite is true.
        Jews want the world to believe they are a race.
        That racial connection is what gives them their claims to land occupied by others. Just like in Palestine.
        No racial proof….no land claims.

        1. Pat,

          I’m sure YOU know this..others on here I’m not so sure..

          The jews also what us to believe they are a religion when in reality they are nothing more than global crime family. Their religion ruse is a shield for legitimacy.

        2. Yes. Thanks for helping.

          Everything the Jews do is fraudulent. Their actions are promoted by fairy tales. Children fall for them. Then, they become reality in adulthood.

          Santa and karma loom large.

        3. if, if, the jews are a “race”, they should depart as soon as possible to the ukrain (khazar) and get out of israel. So the palestinians can finally live in peace without these demons.

        4. I think we can all agree to their FALSE claim that they are the jews of the bible – in occupation of the land of Palestine – when in fact they are nothing but E. Europeans; merely a Hybrid of the white race, of which there are only three.

  18. @ Lonnie

    “It time to start killing these people off. The sooner you all realize this and act on it the better chance we have at survival.”

    I am amazed by your originality. Why has no one ever thought of this before? Any tips on how we go about organizing mass murder? Do you favour a quick in-and-out massacre at a shopping mall or a school? Or do we kill all the people with kippas and Jewish noses?

    Please forward operational deltails . . .

    1. If you need tips Sardonicus your not a real fighter in the real fight.

      This has NOTHING to do with mass murder so shove that crap. We are on the defensive and you damn well know it. This is survival against jewish aggression and your a fool to suggest otherwise.

      Its pretty much impossible not to be on moral high ground in this war.

        1. melanie,

          Most likely people like sardinicus severely suffer from the mind-lock of christianity.

          The grey has finally cleared though today and its become black and white.

          A person like this is either seriously indoctrinated or jewish. Not much middle ground these days.

        2. @ Melanie

          “I have my doubts about sardonicus, maybe jewish??? Sardonicus is so reasonable.”

          I may be reasonable, but I am unreasonably impressed with your firebrand posts! 🙂

          No, I’m not Jewish. Except to relative newcomers like Lonnie and Pat. I’ve been posting on this site ever since it got started and I would have been kicked off long ago if I’d been Jewish!

          Lonnie is probably a Jewish agent provocateur whose role on this site is to preach incitement to violence. He wants you to respond by agreeing with him. In which case you get caught in his “sting operation.”

          It’s quite safe for HIM to preach mass murder because he’s the sting operator, the enticer into the Jew’s net.

          Another reason he preaches mass murder is because ADMIN has asked posters not to say things that will get this site into trouble or damage its reputation. He does it deliberately because he’s a Jew trying to cause trouble.

          A pity Pat has fallen for his wiles. Pat’s a genuine poster, by the way, with many good things to say and a most perceptive mind.

          Take care, Melanie.

  19. organizing a coup d’etate and secret but yet targetted killings is the ultimate way to go about doing things….

    u need death squads and mercs….

    our own secret hit squads….

    or else this ain’t going nowhere…

    and yes…a coup d’etate against targets in the Mainstream Media would be nice for a start!

  20. I know the land is given to us with conditions that many Jews do not care what conditions are.
    We keep hearing God give us this land as any Jews person what are the conditions by God.

    1. The land was not given… you terrorists from commie Russia stole it and committed mass murder against innocent people to hold up your fairy tales. You are complicit in these atrocities. Stop pretending to be a good Jew…. you’re all scum.

  21. As I said before – all Jews are not responsible for so-called “death” of prophet Jesus (as). The same way, all Jews are not responsible for the genocides committed by Israel with the help of over 65 million Christian Evangelists. However, in both cases, the world Jewry is responsible for the crimes by “association”.

    Harvard historian professor Niall Ferguson in his highly praised 2006 book, The War of the World, claimed that some of the greatest mass murderers of modern times were Jewish. Ferguson’s research, however, centered on the Bolshevik revolution and the Lenin and Stalin era during which Jewish elites in the Russian government and Bolshevik terrorist organs like Cheka, GPU, NKVD and KGB, sent over 100 million Christian and Muslim communities to death camps or rooted out of their native homelands.

    Some other books on this subject include ‘Behind Communism’ by Frank Britton, ‘Stalin’s willing Executioners’ by Yuri Slezkine, ‘The Rulers of Russia’ by Rev. Denis Fahey, and ‘The Secret Behind Communism’, by David Duke Ph.D.

  22. @ Lonnie, can you declare that you are not a jewish provocateur/troll payed by Israel/the mossad/CIA etc etc?? Can you also declare that you are no policeman etc. etc?

    1. 100%.

      Not jewish, not working for them or anyone else and certainly not a cop.

      Have simply had enough and know nothing has a chance except force. It’s not complicated.

  23. For the sake of this article let’s define the word Jew. I say it’s a virus, it’s a germ that has infected a portion of humanity for a long, long time. Some authors put it down to genetics, if you look at the psychopath for example their brains don’t fire properly, they are born they are not made. They have no empathy, no remorse and no conscious and there is no way to cure them. I truly believe Jews are psychopaths and they were engineered that way via DNA alteration. So let’s just refer to them as psychopaths or aliens.

    The aliens have been evicted from every country they’ve ever tried to settle in, history speaks loud and clear on this subject and they’ve stayed WAY TOO LONG in Palestine in fact they’ve stayed WAY TO LONG ON EARTH.

    Humanity has sympathised with these psychopaths for too long, and this sympathy as been given under false pretences to begin with. For some time I had a hard time coming to terms with how to deal with these things, to kill them would make us as bad as them etc. etc. It was a moral conundrum. However, the picture at the bottom of this article and that picture with the swine on the hill cheering and drinking wine really snapped me right out of that. Not to mention the over rated boring story of “the Palestinans started it” spewing constantly from their lying, hypercritical mouths. A psychopath always blames the victim. Now I realise they are nothing but a virus on this planet and they need to be exterminated because while they breath they are a threat to all biological life forms on this planet and the planet itself and beyond. Their kind has been tolerated for too long. What does a natural eco system do to stem a virus, it creates antibodies that go after it and attack and kill it. As aliens they are not a part of this natural eco system, it’s a virus that has infected this planet and is in the process of killing this planet and its inhabitants.

    This species is a hideous abomination and if you look at it they are not semetic at all, they are the Khaza and Ashenazie it’s a diseased bloodline – the bloodline of Caine.

    According to Preston James at Veterans Today IsraHELL is about to be thrown under a bus : I hope so, but the trick is what do we do about it in the interim. LET THEM KNOW their kind will not be tolerated here on Earth in ANY COUNTRY. It’s time that humanity that are not of the virus become antibodies for Earth and cleanse it of this parasite. Extract energy from them, do not give them sympathy, don’t participate in their systems, close your bank accounts, withdraw your energy from commerce. Write to the politicians and let them know you don’t buy any of this shit and are aware genocide is being committed in GAZA, East Ukraine and the rest of it. Call them on their bullshit let them know they are being watched and seen. They arrogantly think they are not, yet they are and they need to know they are. Go after them in any other way you can possibly imagine. The only way to kill a hydra is stabbing it in the heart or by suffocation.

    John Lamb Lash recently did an interview about this and just in the nick of time too I might add. It’s entitled White Genocide and the Archontic Infection:

  24. One solution is for the USA to quite funding Israel – without money from the USA Israel would not exist.

  25. Paul Craig Roberts quote:

    “The United States and the I$raeli regime are the
    major criminal elements in the global arena and
    the international community must boycott them…
    The only hope for life and truth is that the world
    unites against these two criminal governments,
    isolate them diplomatically and economically,
    and make it impossible for their officials to
    travel abroad without being arrested and put
    on trial.”

  26. Definitely a well written article. And the kicker…It’s all fucking true (excuse my language but after looking at that Palestinian child, or what was left of the child, those Jews who support this barbarity and evil should be fucking executed).

    Too many people in this world somehow, unbelievably, feel that murdering/killing other people is acceptable or somehow necessary. And who feeds such a bleak and black morality into the minds of the world’s people? Yup, you guessed it, the Jews running Hollywood (who also happen to be one of the world’s biggest arms dealers, control world finance, and tend to disproportionately be placed in very high positions of power in the American government.

    But fuck me! I’m an anti-Semite, right?

  27. Thanks – Great find!!

    Search results:
    Paul Craig Roberts wrote in a recent article for the Press TV website that the world “prepares its own demise” by tolerating “endless slaughters and endless lies” of the United States and Israel.

    “The only hope for life and truth is that the world unite against these two criminal governments, isolate them diplomatically and economically, and make it impossible for their…officials to travel abroad without being arrested and placed on trial,” he said, adding, “Why does the world need Washington and Israel? Unless the world has a death wish, the world does not need Washington and Israel.”

  28. Graf Juergen, very good comments!
    The head/senior Muslims (crazy imams and such) are mostly CIA/City of London controlled puppets, just like like Obummer and Cameron! ISIS is a force of the ZIO-CIA connection.
    Never have they tried to assassinate any of the TOP and most VILE of Jews – such as George Soros, Janet Yellen, Rahm Emanuel! Never have they instigated actions against New York’s Jewish areas!
    Oh no, these SCUM kill only innocent, non-powerful Infidels, like work-a-day commuters and children. Hence they blow up double-decker buses in England or a Spanish train full of Infidels.
    The 2 Arab, Abrahamic religions are now working for a common purpose which is to eliminate the Goyim Infidel, particularly the WHITE Caucasian of Western Europe, USA, etc. IT is all about GLOBAL POWER!
    They are on easy street because they have convinced the American Christian-Zionists and evangelicals to support them!
    On this Tyron Parsons is correct!

  29. Eudoxia, my point exactly!
    We MUST persist in disengaging ourselves from the dominant JEWISH DIALOGUE, taught in our halls of academia.
    Never use the fallacious words SEMITE and RACE in application to JEWS!
    We are all ANTI-JEW!
    We are all “anti” the JEWISH hegemony of our planet!
    We are “anti” the heinous Jewish vermin!
    One of the answers, I have said, is CONSTANT and relentless EXPOSURE of this vile vermin!
    Give them NO REST and do not worry about criticism. Be confident that HISTORY and EVENTS prove YOU ARE CORRECT!
    It is the JEWS who are slaughtering immocent children in Gaza, with one sniper boasting he has killed over 100 Palestinian children. He is a HERO in Tel Aviv!
    It is VERY SAD!
    We all know, in 2014 AD, that they are diseased creatures expounding DEATH THEORY.
    As the great man Adolf Hitler said: They will turn our planet “into a lifeless void, floating eternally through space.”

  30. Arthur Topham, do not get sucked in by fallacious, Jewish-orchestrated HATE CRIMES’ legislation.
    But you probably are NOT clever enough not to be! Go to thy jailers! Like Orwell’s Winston, accept your electric prod!
    The SIMPLE POINT, that NO ONE can understand on this site, because they are hamstrung by their good Jewish brainwashing, is that HATE CRIMES’ LEGISLATION is formulated on the false hypotheses that JEWS ARE A DISTINCT RACE OF THE HUMAN SPECIES and THAT THEY ARE SEMITES.
    In New Zealand a man won his HATE CRIME case because he easily proved these two hypotheses to be LIES!
    1. Jews are a multi-racial people of some 20 million people spread all over the globe.
    2. Modern JEWS are NOT SEMITES, as they can be Asians, Ethiopians, Slavs. negros, Caucasians and the varieties of, inc Western Europeans and Arabs. We could also add the 2 types – Ashkenazim and Sephardim!
    3. The only true SEMITES on our planet are pure-breed Arabs, and that is if they have somehow resisted miscegenation, which is unlikely.

    AGAIN, the absolute TRUTH is that JEWS are not a RACE and they are NOT SEMITES.
    You cannot be charged for things that are lies!

  31. What I have just told you about fallacious HATE CRIME legislation, is the MOST PROFOUND thing that has been said on this site for as long as it has existed; but are you clever enough and astute enough, to ACCEPT THE SIMPLE TRUTH; and thus change your DIALOGUE? If you can still THINK, THINK ABOUT IT and its ramifications! I.e. Some idiot above just called himself an anti-semite!

  32. This type of picture right here is EXACTLY what should be fuelling your anger to want to slit jew throats.

    Its not complicated people.

    Thanks Xanadu foe getting it right back on track.

  33. Thanks a bunch for this very informative article. Almost everything the Israelis do, their false flags, are couched behind this “plausible deniablity” cover. So, it takes a lot of investigation and piecing of the puzzle together to get the full picture.

    And then you get this “anti-semitic” plastering to further obfuscate their lies.

    I was arguing with one Jewish gatekeeper about the use of this word or phrase “anti-semitic”. He argued that it can ONLY be used meaning “discrimination against Jews”.

    I on the other hand argued that since Palestinians are Semitic people, the MOST ANTI-SEMITIC people on planet Earth are the Jews and Israelis.

  34. One Hundred More WWII Jewish Work Camp Internees
    Condemn Israel’s Gaza Holocaust

    “We unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine.

    “We further condemn the United States for providing Israel with the funding to carry out the attack, and Western states more generally for using their diplomatic muscle to protect Israel from condemnation.”

    Furthermore, we are disgusted and outraged by Elie Wiesel’s abuse of our history in these pages to justify the unjustifiable: Israel’s wholesale effort to destroy Gaza and the murder of more than 2,000 Palestinians, including many hundreds of children. Nothing can justify bombing UN shelters, homes, hospitals and universities. Nothing can justify depriving people of electricity and water.

    We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We call for an immediate end to the siege against and blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. ‘Never again’ must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!”

  35. Work camp was obviously good for their physical and mental health.
    Arbeit indeed macht frei.

    Jews should right away be put to arbeit clearing weeds, sheep shearing (so that authorities quit bugging Max to rejoin workforce), making Catholic souvenirs and trinkets at Lourdes and Medugorje and generally undergoing salutary mutation.

    Good Jews fall into 2 categories:
    dead ones, and
    ex- ones.

    I greatly prefer the second.
    I also greatly prefer the good ones.

  36. From the Bible times Jews subscribed to human sacrifices and they are still doing it !
    It is in their blood ! a high percentage of jews are murderers be that against Palestinians or individuals.
    Also Jews have the doubtful fame of being the best financial fraudsters, they also gave themselves the rights to the world’s gold and diamonds ! and if you want to know why???? BECAUSE WE LET THEM !!! they are united we…are not! so we deserve what they do to us. It is time to WAKE UP and be counted !

  37. The sad thing is the Zionist have controlled Americans by the balls, in all aspects especially the financial and political systems. Anyone dare to oppose the Zionist evil policies and grand plan to control the world will be considered anti- semite. They have attempted to kill Jesus but he ( the true Messiah) will return to kill the false Jewish messiah in the end times. Jesus will establish the rule of Islam and bring in harmony and the state of IsraHell will be destroyed.

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