Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra (3.38 mins)

For my dearest Susila, long dead, and the devotees of Vedanta


Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. The graphics here are breathtakingly beautiful and match the background music to perfection. Is “Susila” an Indian name? Some kind of Vedantic sage perhaps? Just wondering…

  2. (;>) I chant the Maha-Mantra..
    And Pancha Tattva Mantra.

    jaya sri-krishna-chaitanya
    prabhu nityananda
    sri-adwaita gadadhara


    I offer my respectful obeisances unto Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Lord Nityananda, Sri Advaita, Gadadhara Pandit, Srivas Thakur, and all the devotees of Lord Caitanya.

    Sri Pancha Tattva

  3. i’ll try a second time to post; first time didn’t or was censored. then i’m gone. this site is confusing. wtf? i’ll answer the question to shine light. pronounced soo-shee-la. sushila. name. su = good. shila = character/temper. is this a white nationalist site? if so, go fuck yourselves. white complexion is a phenotype. angles and picts, iberians and norse, completely different peoples. learn some history. fuck you and your ignorance. after browsing your poems, you’ve got a genius writing some of your stuff. too bad the poems are on this white nationalist p.o.s. website.

    1. @ DB

      “. . . learn some history. fuck you and your ignorance. after browsing your poems, you’ve got a genius writing some of your stuff. too bad the poems are on this white nationalist p.o.s. website.”

      What would you say if I told you that the same “genius” that you rightly praise for writing the poems here is also the person behind this “p.o.s. website”? It was she also who posted the Hari Krishna mantra.

      In answer to your question whether this is White Nationalist website, the answer is “NO, it is not.” Tyron Parsons is correct. Many White Nationalists post on it, but so do Muslims and Islamophobes, atheists and Christians, racists and non-racists, Jew haters and Jew lovers — not to mention one or two Mossad agents as well as a mysterious member of the Rothschild family who is apparently a a Jew hater!

      So it’s a mixed bag.

      You will find that most of the posters here, including the ones you have picked a quarrel with, are highly literate and intelligent, so I would advise you to be a bit more polite.

      1. you have one point correct. i was not polite. in fact, i was rude. and intentionally rude. i will destroy ‘racial realists’ where i see them. but please, i have read some of the comments, and there is no shortage of rudeness. of course, if you are asking nicely, well, i can be restrained in replying to polite replies. i am a savage, but a civil savage.

        as for genius, genius does not necessarily equate good sense or perfect being. if the said owner of the site has particular proclivities, which i deem unhealthy, should i discount the genius of the work? mind you, not all these poems are good, but i will stand to say, that some deserve recognition with some of the greatest minds. alas, buried here, they will hardly be found… which in some ways makes it that much more fascinating. not all fascinations are healthy. and now i am in quandary, as i do not enjoy being soiled.

      1. it has that grettir sense about it, confrontational, but for the fun of it.
        not to mention erudition, poetry and recognition of its sex appeal …

        yes, i am at least 75% sure.

      2. “Oh trimmer of sails! my father is wealthy,
        but poorly enough he sent me from home.
        my mother it was who gave me this sword.
        True is the saying: The mother is best.”

        Couldn’t resist, some poetry of the ‘original’ Grettir. 🙂

  4. “Susila” is said to represent a quality of human beings which enables their behaviour to be ‘noble’ because they are conscious of what is right and what is wrong.

  5. Pat: show your source. don’t make up stuff. sanskrit is very straight-forward… most of the time. your explanation comes out of your own fancies.

    1. db – ‘dumb bell’ –

      Prove that I make stuff up.

      And you should no longer be reading this p.o.s. site’s (your words) comments. ‘Fancy’ that.

      1. is that your comeback? you need to work on those. actually db in lower case looks like big testicles with a stubby shaft if you are curious to know of the inspiration for my name. now to answer your weak retort: the onus is not on me to ‘prove’, as you did not reference your comment. moreover, i know for a fact, that your comment is fanciful. earlier, before you i might add, i broke down the morphemes in the original language to explain the name ‘susila’ which really is better transliterated as ‘sushila’ or ‘susheela’ (though this latter is unappealing to the eyes in the latin script). it’s true, i should no longer bother with this site, but how can i avoid a good fight, assuming there is anyone on this site worth their salt. naturally, i don’t expect much from white nationalists.

      2. db – ‘dumb bell’ – or small ‘genitalia’..

        My reply is much stronger than yours, because you have NO credibility at all… you are a liar.

        You said you were leaving “then i’m gone.”

        “i’ll try a second time to post; first time didn’t or was censored. then i’m gone.”

        You cannot be trusted.

      3. pat, b-hawk, i think you are both wrong.

        i suspect that this is grettir, eager for a good holmgang fight.

        en guarde!

      4. lobro

        Grettir must have been before my time at darkmoon

        Can you fill us in?

        I’m always spoilin’ for a fight anyway, but it just bothered me that his posts came on this particular thread. Every once in a while darkmoon puts up an article, or poem, or this Hari Krishna music/video that represents a positive and welcomed “break in the action” from the hard-core world. It’s a drag when they’re disturbed.

        If “db” emerges elsewhere then we can have at it if he so chooses

        Among the choices of weapons: swords, pistols at ten paces, tomahawks from across the field, large rocks at close range, etc.

        I don’t think it’s Max. But a reasonable facsimile will do 😉

      5. B-Hawk-

        “going to play polo” gave Maxey away. He always had the heroics in mind. I am awaiting “80 wives” next.

        He is addicted to this site.

  6. DB
    I’m your huckleberry, but I warn ya- you’re a daisy if you do…. 🙂

    I wouldn’t exactly say this is a white nationalist site. Its more like expose the fake, satanically tyrannical “Jew” site. There are WN’s here, racial realists, white advocators- nationalists of all races, communists, lefties, marxists and even fake Jews who pop up from time to time.

    White/European is a racial/ethnic category that can be broken down into related sub racial categories. Those who believe “whiteness” is only skin color are victims of marxist Jew egalitarian brainwashing.

    So before you go hog wild and state more foolish things, you should at least know what kind of site this is and who populates it before you “pick a fight”.

    1. “there are WN’s here, racial realists, white advocators-nationalists of all races, communists, lefties, marxists and even fake Jews who pop up from time to time.”

      listen – every racial realist I encounter, is a WN using a euphemism… 98% do not understand simple genetics. how about you Tyron Parsons? what are you? what’s your haplogroup? what’s your mtDNA? and what’s the bulk of your autosomal DNA? if any of these “so-called” racial realists wants a real challenge. i am here. come prepared.

      european is a correct description for something that only today is in the midst of being created. but you would err to consider all europeans as one cultural or ethnic group.

      where are the nordic lovers? please show yourselves. those who think that somehow phenotypes that allow for vitamin D absorption somehow makes them special. not dissing any blondes. many blondes of all gender are beautiful and handsome. many are not.

      so, if i understand, you are jew-haters? charming. so typical of WN.

      1. DB

        Of all the article threads to choose to be negative, it’s this one, pertaining to the simple beauty of hare krishna?

        nice timing knucklehead

  7. well, i got to this website searching for the maha mantra of the dark enchanter. and dont sissify krishna. i’ll invite you to read a certain upanishad called the bhagavad-gita, though it would seem you might be familiar with this. i invite you to emulate krishna and not be a sissy.

    “Yield not to unmanliness, O Brownhawk, this does not befit you.”

    1. @ DB

      “i’ll invite you to read a certain upanishad called the bhagavad-gita.”

      The Bhagavad-Gita is not an upanishad.

      1. ah, a worthy adversary. that was a trick.
        in actuality, it is NOT an upanishad. it is however sometimes called
        gitopanishad. that is gita-upanishad (apply sandhi for gitopanishad). sandhi = liaison (fr.).

  8. LD,

    Thank you for posting this. I’m sorry someone attempts to hijack your dedication. Don’t worry; it’s beautiful nonetheless.

    1. hijack the dedication? that’s a good one. i responded to a question regarding sanskrit. i provided the answer that was wanted, despite my repulsion to some very vehement postings on this site. call me a defender of sanskrit. i wish i knew which of you are the white nationalists. you spoil the name of all worthy scions of worthy cultures. and you hijack cultures that do not belong to you.

      this above posting attempts a dedication to the divine, while previously posting some other article calling for the elimination of a people. spare me your pseudo-virtue.

      as my farewell to this site, i will implore those boys amongst you to become men. so few in this world. stop whacking off and stop blaming others for your hardships. hardships become a man. to those girls amongst you, live the virtuous life and you will make knights of men, willing to die to protect that which is worth protecting. you are life itself. for the poet of this site, i am not sure what to think and will not stay to find out i will admit. but poetry in the heart and mind, and a raging sexuality tamed by the higher being of spirit, is a force to be reckoned with. use it for good, never evil.

      now, i leave you. on a more serious note, tomorrow i have a polo match that will prove quite intimidating as i must compare my manhood to those majestic stallions. perhaps, i will feel more secure riding a gelding… what am i saying?! shame on those who mutilate the majestic horse!


  9. DB

    I am Swedish/Norwegian with a tiny bit of Austrian/German in me. My genetics (R1b) are around a 50 to 60% match to King Tuts as are most all of my peoples except in the UK where the match is more along the lines of 96%. My peoples (white/Europeans) are descended mostly from the Scythians around Media whom before they were called that were known as Israelites. But that aside, I don’t need to have a DNA test done to recognize racial differences because unlike others who are dishonest, I can identify my people and other races just like I can identify a Newfoundland from a Cocker Spaniel.

    Are white peoples special? Damn tootin but so are all races in their own particular way, Depending on the subject matter and generally speaking, all races as all as all individuals are both superior and inferior one to the other. Yes, no one is EQUAL but all races and individuals are UNIQUE and should have equal rights within their own highly homogenous nations.

    See,I LOVE diversity, true diversity that is, and that is why I oppose all forms of egalitarianism, multiculturalism, “anti racism” and so on. Why? Because I love other races and their cultures and want to preserve the best of them just as I advocate preserving my own. And this is why I don’t like to see people like you who are brainwashed by the “Jews” using fake noble principals as a cover while destroying everything they say they want to preserve. Furthermore, I don’t like your ilk because I massively object to the ongoing genocide of my people based on our race and the LAW of our lands (Common/Natural/Christian) and your “non racist” belief system is the one giving the Jews cover as they use you to destroy what is left our old SUPERIOR culture.

    As to nationalism, its only natural and healthy however national sovereignty has lost to jewish globalism so as for myself, I advocate nationalism and other mostly rightist positions as a defense against Jewish led movements while at the same time I look forward to my peoples taking over their JWO out of “Israel” who have this planet on the verge of destruction so we might try these Satan worshipers in our version of the Nuremberg trials. As they said, what comes around goes around and this is especially true for them 🙂

    Am I a “nordic lover” as opposed to what? A nordic hater? Yes, I love Nords and why shouldn’t I? They are my people. Again, this is as natural as loving one’s own family and besides everyone should love both the micro family they belong to as they should also their macro family (race). Remember, loving one’s own, even more than others doesn’t necessitate hating others. Such thinking is ignorance in the highest and those who assume such lunacy are exorcizing a short cut to thinking..

    Lastly DB, I am not a “Jew-hater”. I am a hater of IDENTITY THIEVING IMPOSTOR “Jews” who’s lies, hypocrisy and criminally genocidal pathology seems to know NO BOUNDS!


    1. Well said Tyron! That will teach those “anti-racists” a lesson.

      For the rest, it should be Hare Krishna, not Hari Krishna. Hari (actually Hariḥ) is the nominative. Hare is the vocative , which applies here.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        For the rest, it should be Hare Krishna, not Hari Krishna. Hari (actually Hariḥ) is the nominative. Hare is the vocative , which applies here.

        Yes, you’re right. After all, it says HARE (not HARI) in the title of the YouTube video. It was I who am to blame for transcribing it wrongly in the main title. This was not a typo, mind you, it was a culpable mistake revealing my total ignorance of Sanskrit. Sorry! 🙂

      1. pat – why do you pick on my big balls and small shaft? do you think everyone is perfect? maybe some women here have elephant vaginas with flappy vulvas? maybe some other man here has a swerving phallus made of damascus steel. if i must reveal myself, i urge all to make their sexuality one based on love.

        and for the record, i have a very efficient technique that pleases the ladies. seeing that their most sensitive parts are near the entry, i generally do ok. also, i need to brace myself upon ejaculation. you see, having big balls increases my ejection. and if i do not brace myself, i am propulsed backwards with the power of 1000 horses.

      2. db – mb

        A cannon for a penis..LOL!! Hoisted by your own petard..”BOOM”…!! You outdid yourself. Watch out for the ceiling fan blades! They’ll leave a mark!!

      3. hmmmm,

        Maybe you’re right Pat. Maybe DB IS Max

        Bragging of dubious sexual exploits and getting on Tyron’s case over the digging up of some ancient archives

        I like the old Max better. More Phineas T. Bluster in him 😉

    2. trying to reel me in again? i do not even know where to start. you blend true, hidden history, with your own phantasms. scythians were not israelites – naturally, you are likely a christian and so desperately seek a blood connection. sad. scythians were a source of important blood in europe – but not r1b. scythians were r1a – go look at the tarim bassin – 100% r1a. your king tut reference further reveals this desire to hijack history. if anything, he might be progeny of hyksos or other nearby empires. and scandinavians have much less r1b than other western european areas. there is a reason why, but i will let you figure it out.

    3. I imagine a lot of racist whities would be shocked by the result of their own dna testing..

  10. the pictures beat the music as far as i am concerned, not to mention the lyrics, george took the easy way out.

    i like the one at 2:13

    (it is all women in the slide show, right?) so one of them is having a blue goddess as a hairdresser standing behind, as she admires herself in a mirror, all she sees is the goddess herself.

    i may be religiously atrophied but that’s cool, imo.

    1. It’s not all women in the slide show. The blue or chalky-white figure is Krishna. So in that nice picture you point out, the devotee is seeing Krishna as her reflection. The women are his Gopis, his unconditional devotees. Indians draw Krishna pretty effeminately as his energy is known for being very playful and lighthearted, always playing little tricks on those around him.

      Here is a wonderful story of Meera, one of Krishna’s greatest devotees. The path of true bhakti (devotion) is one of the purest things on the earth, which is why I think I’ve come to detest these jews so much, as they are greatly hindering so much potential. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/2013/02/meera-and-krishna-all-are-women-except-he/

      http://p1.storage.canalblog.com/12/58/771277/57687150_p.jpg (one of my favorite pics)

  11. DB,
    In my country, the UK, we have a saying: ”Weak and uncouth minds, when equipped with a little learning, become weaker and more uncouth.” Therefore, Sir, do us a favour, won’t you? Leave. And do it quickly and quietly too, as really we have no need here neither of weak nor of uncouth minds. As a serious and intelligent commenter noted above, here congregate for the most part intelligent and good people, American and English, rich and poor, some fantastically rich, and so to expect us to scroll down just so we can meet with unpleasant words like yours, is not only unbecoming but a waste of time too. Take your head and mouth to the ADL; there you should meet your ilk.

    1. you understand that speaking or writing words does not make them true? this world is filled with liars and idiots that think themselves truthful and intelliGent. weak and uncouth? do not be a sod. here are truthful adjectives that would apply: rude, irritating, party-pooper. As for YOUR country – it is the cesspool of the world. and get your fucking nose out of america. all you have ever done is fuck america. now, i will take your advice, and go meet my ilk. but before i go, i have a few more posters to respond to – then no more replies to my attention, as i have the unfortunate fault of being easily goaded.

    2. @ “Patrick Sutton”

      You have many names darling, don’t you, including female ones?

      Relax, I’m not going to reveal who you are! But I strongly suspect, from your unmistakable stylistic mannerisms, that you are the same person who has apparently just been to Borneo and is very nice to beautiful young girls who play the violin on street corners!

      No need to deny it. I am 99% certain. 🙂

  12. aww, chomsky shares gaza’s pain

    my heart had a meltdown into a slobbering puddle, using dust pan to scoop it in.

    hear, sons of yisroel, hear! don’t be so mean to gazans, they are actually human beings, yes, believe it or not, there is a harvard study to prove it.

    after reading this (headline, didn’t need to go any further), i know perfectly well what he is going to say: poor dumb israel is being manipulated into it by its colonial master, the big, bad, white us of a*&^%$.

    They are contained by two hostile powers, Israel and Jordan, both close U.S. allies

    see what i mean.

    again, i will say that chomsky is in reality one of the top ranking Elders, along with peres and kissinger.
    others, like zakheim, mogilnevich and chertoff are in the next tier.

    1. @ lobro

      I never knew Grettir to be so coarse and scatalogical in his language as this character “DB”. Grettir was ribald in a Rabelaisian way, true, but with a light and gentlemanly touch. Seldom would he say anything to give offense to a nun. This “DB” scoundrel has gone so far as to describe his penis, giving graphic details that to say the least leave behind a rather ugly picture in the mind. Coarse and vulgar, I would describe it. Hardly the type of thing which a genuine Sanskrit scholar with a love of the Upanishads is likely to do. Just my two cents worth.

      1. scatological? at no such place have i been such. as for grettir, the namesake of a scoundrel, oh the irony. how about you put me to the test to see whether i am a genuine scholar of sanskrit, X. or mathematician. you can suppose and assume, but then, you conveniently skip over the gems i have dropped in this vitriolic site. they might be covered in mud, but rinse them under water and they are gems just the same. you protect your flock, i understand. but they are not my flock. a confused bunch, mustering themselves under the banner of being ‘white’ and hating jews. poor fools.

        and yet, upanishad lovers are in their midsts. very confusing. naturally, the upanishads belong to mankind. and naturally, many ‘europeans’ share the same blood as the ‘muddy, brown mongrels’ that devised such texts. coarse and vulgar? do not be a hypocrite. look at your own postings. look at some of the poems here. do not be a hypocrite.

        i want to know which are the white nationalists so i can hone my axe-throwing skills. to all white nationalists, you are idiots. there is no such thing as white. there are cultures, there are phenotypes, there are ethnic groups. white is not a descriptive of any of these. fools.

      2. “there is no such thing as white. there are cultures, there are phenotypes, there are ethnic groups. white is not a descriptive of any of these.”


        Even Khazars are Caucasian by definition.

      3. yes lasha, you are right, wrong, i.

        just thought for a moment to have caught some familiar resonance.

        carry on. without grettir, without me, the exchange is of no interest to me, for one thing i don’t understand the rules of upanishads or cricket, two mainstream indian religious products.

        but how does db know that grettir is a mathematician?
        (which he is, a retired prof, switched to nordic tomahawks)

      4. now, penis is quite a central aspect of hinduism, as is vagina, no?

        there is a major kalighat temple up on a hill overlooking guhawati where some goddesses vagina fell off (kali?) and crash-landed like a wet 767, hence the temple, where every day a bunch of goats are decapitated in her honor.

        it is called a yoni, can’t remember the sanskrit for dick, db should know (i know that my greatly missed buddy grettir would).

      5. sorry, apologize for language (just returned from the neighborhood pub, midnight here already), scratch dick (figuratively), use LINGAM (have i got it?)

        lingams and yonis commemorated in stone, brick, marble, wood, you name it , all over india, denoting creative forces, not jewish satanic ones.
        didn’t make them a bunch of crude, uncouth perverts either, they were and are a classy bunch.

        are they mud people?
        not sure, aryans took over long time ago, indians as a rule have pretty delicate whitoid features.

        are jews people? db referred to them as such.
        thanks for the interesting hypothesis, will give it due consideration.

        … 30 sec later … umm, it’s a stretch, like “is Devil a divine being” … yeah, well, no.

      6. “are jews people? ”

        I personally don’t see them as people, but then again I don’t see most blacks as people, either.

      7. @ lobro

        yes lasha, you are right, wrong, i….. but how does db know that grettir is a mathematician?
        (which he is, a retired prof, switched to nordic tomahawks)

        Well, you could be right about this guy being Grettir, given that he refers to himself as being a mathematician. How would DB know that unless he WAS Grettir?

        Again, take note that he also refers to AXES: “i want to know which are the white nationalists so i can hone my axe-throwing skills.” That’s pretty Grettiresque, no? He was always going on about axes…if I remember correctly.

        However, he spells it AXE (the English way) rather than AX (the American way). So tell me, how would a Canadian from Montreal like Grettir spell it: “ax” or “axe”? This would help to settle the question.

        If Canadians spell it AXE, then he’s more likely to be Grettir.

      8. back in the day when i went to my school in toronto and when grettir went to his school in montreal, it was AXE.
        today, not so sure owing to inroads of american kulchr.

        now as to db’s identity, i propose to drop the matter or at least i am walking away from whatever micro-controversy is generated, and for the following reason:
        if db is not grettir, then i am obviously barking up the wrong tree and have no further interest in the matter,
        if db is grettir, well then grettir must have his own reasons that i respect and although i am barking up the right tree, i am the wrong dog.

        … solemnly promised wife that he will never, ever and never again waste the opportunity for conjugal bliss (clean out garage, rake leaves, take empties to the beer store for refund) in order to get mired in online flame wars with some would-be judicides who play the ride of valkyrie after each successful bowel movement.
        actually, grettir is a bit like our own gilbert in that although recognizing that 95%+ jews are bad to the core and the core even worse, he still insists on extending the cover of humanity to them.
        well, my tent is not that big, although not as tight as spqr’s.

        i have known some black people whose notions of honor, loyalty and courage exceeded almost anything i’ve seen among whites, whereas i’ve never known a single jew whom i would trust to watch my back in trouble, no matter how friendly appearing and charming they might be ordinarily.

    2. Takin’ names, then kickin’ ass when the shovin’ starts

      First we try ’em, then we hang ’em. (except of course for the ones snipers get to first)

    1. hey lucy, this lingamhead is not lobro!

      i don’t care that commenters switch handles but … but stealing is theft!

      check his email and if it is the same as mine, then things get interesting …

  13. DB –

    Looks like you got ’em STIRRED-UP!

    Good for you!! This dumb ol’ ‘mercan ENJOYS a contest of fools! 🙂

    (I learn a lot that way!)

  14. ah SP.O.S.QR, there you are. a true maggot nationalist. i would wager you are not even remotely roman, and yet, here you are using letters that do not belong to you. please, be kind and add the extra O. and S. i suggest. much more fitting. you are scum. you are weak. i err – so strong you are, behind a keyboard. let me see you see that to the face of a man of african descent. or a man of jewish descent. shut your face or spew your hate directly to your adversary if you are so brave. let us see then what happens. or take a pill of love instead and learn to see with new eyes. and for the record. romans were brown. read caesar. look at their paintings. fool.

      1. @ SP.O.S.QR

        si quaeris miserabilem hominem – invisere in speculo…
        si malum requiris, circumspice…
        quia mundus EST malum
        ita caritas percipere
        quia caritas lucem

        as for romans, show me the roman in this forum. i see none. you, least of all.

  15. From XY to X


    Having now willingly and purposely closed my gmail account, you will, I hope, excuse me for writing to you here, and, of course, for the very last time. I do this as I have just read your unbecoming words above, in which you tactlessly and thoughtlessly so intimated that I had assumed some identity or another, with the purpose, of course, of pretending to be someone else. And you base this on the shallow logic that there are similarities in style between me and someone else, as if styles, just like names, cannot be faked. I mean, how hard really is to say ”lerv,” instead of ”love?” or, ”c’mon man,” instead of ”come now?” Just Imagine if Samuel Johnson was acquainted with the style of Dryden but not with that of Swift, whose style was identical to that of Dryden, and received a letter from Swift, and then went on to charge Dryden that he had said something which in fact he had not! This is not a mistake a serious person commits, especially when to such a shallow claim as that he joins also the callous charge of lying.

    Now, you may recall that in my ten or twelve letters to you I have shown more candidness and honesty than anyone probably ever has to you, and that those letters, apart from their openness and sincerity, did also contain a tear or two. Was I not sincere enough? Did not my seven-page letter to you make it more than sufficiently known that if anyone had been hurt in life it was me? Or could it be that you are so lacking in affinity and sensitiveness, as well as the requisite scrutiny to examine my writing, as to remain completely and utterly untouched by them? Surely, surely! I would not have aimed at derailing your mind, or even causing it to think something untoward or even harmful! And yet, this is precisely what you meant when you wrote those awful words above.

    You made a point, five times!, in eschewing all desire for money, and yet, in a complete volte-face, your last letter to me ends with the words, ”… you are so generous, why don’t you show me some…?!” Well, I would be forgiven, wouldn’t I, if I had not shown you any, since all talk about money was quickly stifled by you, and yet, despite this, I had intended to surprise you at Christmas with more than a modest donation.

    You have shown me absolutely no respect, no feelings, and no real reciprocity of any kind; and whatever passed for candidness on your part was nothing but hastily joined syllables, most of which, if truth be told, were even glaringly lacking in politeness, especially in your second last letter to me, where you say, ”… I must go now, as I really have more important things to do than to write to you…”

    You are not friendly, and you are not kind either; and though I cannot say that, despite your barbs, I did not find your company enjoyable and funny, I am at least glad that, just like me, you have finally revealed your real thoughts and real nature, just like the painter Watteau I had once written to you about, only his revelation had the power to uplift and make happy, whereas yours only seeks to shame and humiliate. You can’t do this. You just can’t.

    You say I am unduly mysterious. Well, for your information, I am registered at both Moyon and Auteuil Directories, I did invite you to my suites in London, and gave you the names of both hotels. What threads exactly have you ever given me about you? None. And I am glad that you haven’t, as, quite frankly, I now find you too abstruse and even complicated to ever want to be near you, not to say inhumane. Perhaps you ought to be left in the company of your own lemmings, (your own words about your commenters, remember?), who, moreover, in your own opinion are more disagreeable than words can express, and completely erase you from my memory; for, if truth be told, I have never, not once, read your letters to me without feeling that I had not ended reading them with the same moral character as I had when I first began reading them.

    To call me a liar, me, who has on more than on one occasion opened her heart to you, is to confirm that you yourself are a spiritual invalid, that your appellation of darkmoon is a real reflection of your dark heart, and that henceforth you can no more be worthy of my words than can a Jew be worthy of my love. For you have hurt me, Lasha, you really have, and I really wish, for your sake, that in the future, before rushing to make a charge at anyone, you first learn what means to be delicate, and after that, what means to be accurate, since your pitiful charge above is both indelicate and inaccurate. I do not lie. You lie.


    1. @ Ellie


      What can I say but this: you have stabbed me in the back and wounded me sorely by all your hurtful comments about me, I who had loved you, only had you known it, as a kindred spirit and soul sister. Understand this, darling: I want to get through to you, and I want you to go on writing to me and to this site because I recognize your great merits, just as my dear friend Lobro does.

      Lobro has known me now for seven years. We have communicated extensively and he will tell you that the notion you have formed of me is completely wrong. I am not the ogress you think I am. If I were, I would not be writing to you now. If I were the tyrant you take me for, I would have deleted your defamatory comments and cut you off without a further word.

      Can’t you see, darling, that only someone who loved you or liked you a great deal would allow you the complete freedom of this website: to say whatever you wish about me, however bad.

      If I hurt your feelings by coming across as cold and impolite and mistrustful, please forgive me and accept an apology and a little contrite and sisterly kiss. I have much to say to you but I would prefer to say it in a private email. But now is the time to clear up one serious misunderstanding. You have written:

      “You made a point, five times!, in eschewing all desire for money, and yet, in a complete volte-face, your last letter to me ends with the words, ”… you are so generous, why don’t you show me some…?!”

      Well, I would be forgiven, wouldn’t I, if I had not shown you any, since all talk about money was quickly stifled by you, and yet, despite this, I had intended to surprise you at Christmas with more than a modest donation.”

      Note that quote in bold letters, dear Ellie, the words I am supposed to have written to you: ”… you are so generous, why don’t you show me some…?!”

      I never said those words to you, Ellie, or anything even remotely similar. I challenge you to copy and paste the entire email in which those words appear. You will not be able to do so for the simple reason that I have NEVER referred to money in my correspondence with you except to make it clear that I was indifferent to your money and felt no need for it.

      The “complete volte-face” you claim my last letter consisted of and in which you more or less accuse me of begging for money by saying ”… you are so generous, why don’t you show me some…?!” is not only a BAREFACED LIE, because I actually told you in the clearest possible terms that I DID NOT WANT YOUR MONEY!!!

      Let me copy and paste my EXACT words in that email:

      You may have more money than me, darling, but I have certain desirable qualities that you lack, above all an indifference to money and all its trappings. You have told me many fine stories about your generosity, but so far you have shown me none. That’s odd, isn’t it? And if you should ever deign to throw a few superfluous pennies into my empty violincello case, it would only be to emphasize your superiority, I suspect, and not to add to my happiness! Pardon me for saying that, sweetie, but it’s what I feel.”

      Friend Lobro, be the referee here! Is that a BEGGING letter? Is that ASKING for money?

      Ellie, I think you owe me an apology for INVENTING A QUOTATION, for making up words I never said, and I demand a complete retraction and apology from you. If I fail to have a satisfactory response from you, I will regard you as an outright LIAR and a CHARLATAN!

      All I was saying to you, sweetie, is that if you were really as generous and munificent as you claimed to be several times, offering to shower me with oodles of money I never asked for, how come you were so unspeakably MEAN that you couldn’t even send me a $10 donation for my struggling website?

      You told me you had recently seen this beautiful young girl in London playing her violin on the street corner. A street performer. Overcome with generosity, you had gone up to her and dropped £450 (= $720) in her violin case. Whereupon she almost fainted with delight! A pretty story, I thought.

      So how come, I thought to myself, that this fabulously rich lady of Rothschild provenance can’t even donate a lousy ten dollars to my website when she has promised to SHOWER me with money?1? We have a phrase in England, darling, for people like you: “All mouth and no trousers.” (= All hot air and empty promises) 🙂

      No, I never asked you for a damn penny! And I never got a penny! And I do not care in the slightest if no one drops a penny in my violin case. I will go on playing my violin, irrespective.

      For your information, I told my webmaster (a relative of mine) NOT to ask for donations. I’d managed quite well without donations for the last five years and saw no reason to change. But he insisted. He said it was the professional thing to do and that many people were very rich and it actually gave them pleasure to be generous and give money to good causes. So I agreed to the idea, though reluctantly.

      As things stand, I don’t expect any donations from you or from anyone else. Such gifts must be voluntary and come entirely from the generous soul of the giver. All I ask from you, most humbly, is a sincere apology for lying. I did not ask you for any money, as you damn well know, and this sentence you attribute to me “You are so generous, why don’t you show me some…?!” is a complete fabrication, an outright lie!

      That you should be capable of making up such an outrageous lie, even inventing an entire sentence to give verisimilitude to your lie, does not say much for your character. I am severely disappointed in you.


      1. Lasha, apply logic to this situation. If she sends you a generous donation, that will be confirmation that she really is who she claims to be, i.e. a fantastically rich Rothschild woman.

        After all, if she can slip £450 into a strange girl’s violin case, it strikes me as decidedly odd that she neglects to put some loose change into your donation tray! — especially after you’ve taken so much trouble to edit and publish her stuff.

        If you get nothing from her, I think that will be proof she has nothing to give. She’s just a con artist.

        Time will tell.

      2. Friend Lobro, be the referee here! Is that a BEGGING letter? Is that ASKING for money?

        on the contrary, if it is, it is begging her to stop carpet bombing you with money offers.

        still, i can also see how ellie may have in the heat of the moment misconstrued it for what her mind wished to see, namely a surrender to her generosity.

        i suspect that i am far from alone in my world of dyslexia but everyone has a touch of it, however insignificant.
        my advantage is that i know well that i am under constant dyslexic cloud so things are screened before they burst on the scene and embarrass me in public.
        most of the time.

        with those rarely affected, it can ambush them at the most inopportune moments and this is what i suspect happened to eleanor kleist (full name, not the foul katsnelson that she chose for whatever weird reason) in her outraged passion – she saw not the plain truth but what she wanted to see.

        forgive and be forgiven is what i say, there are enough bad things in the world that bludgeoning good people is redundant and of course, wrong.

        ellie, do this:
        set up a “blogs-on-the-ropes” fund in lasha’s and your name, there are obvious candidates, the ones that are under onslaught by the suprafunded forces of your evil former tribesmen, the ones who desperately need legal protection to keep out of jail, to bring their plight to public.

        show them some 🙂

  16. ellie, don’t go just yet, i can name one lemming, namely this one, who appreciates your writing.

    as for me being a lemming, why not, tumbling down the slope of mt sinai, away my god from thee, whether by choice or divine design, only He who may not exist knows for sure.

    ok? because your writing is nothing but quality and truth and if it is possible to overdose on either, i am a willing volunteer, a lemming who wants to be a guinea pig.
    as for the excess of quality and truth, every blog i know of is safely out of danger zone.

    as for who you really are, it doesn’t matter at all, at least not to me, never had stomach for biographies and hagiographies, whether db is grettir or greater and how many lashas can dance on the head of a pin, is susila a real person or ruth a foxy faux-jewess.

    because prevarication is in woman’s nature, la donna e mobile, it totally stands to reason, only dykes stand their ground and grunt belligerently, confident in their bulk.
    little girls stealthily wear their mothers’ dresses, big girls domino masks and a bunch of guises, changing their facebook profiles 5 times a day, i think it is natures programming for safety, like your despised relatives the rothschilds and their masked balls.
    all the rothschilds are women, just like all the jews, can you imagine a he-man like che guevara at one of these balls?
    pancho villa rode a horse into a restaurant in mexico city, firing his six-shooters, they showed me the bullet holes still in the ceiling … baron and lady de rothschilds kindly extend their invitation to their masked ball, be sure to wear a dainty zorro mask, as per her satanic majesty’s request … chinga tu madre!

    anyway, don’t blame lasha for being exceedingly retiring, a recluse like no other if that’s her choice.

    just keep contributing, no need to reveal who you are and whether louvre opens its doors every day to a blond girl clutching a poodle named dagwood under arm.
    because a fistful of dollars opens many doors, if not all.

    this lemming is rootin’ for you.

  17. Dear Lobro,

    Thank you very much indeed for your kind words. You may recall that from the very first article that appeared here, I have instantaneously declared my liking for you, and this feeling has not wavered one little bit, for to this interesting site, apart from knowledge, you certainly bring much needed humour as well, and my reference to posters as lemmings was, in fact, a reference to Lasha’s own words for her readers and not mine. She called her readers even nastier names than that, but I tried hard not to be mean and stoke fires. I have never thought you a lemming, nor anyone else for that matter, even if there are some obnoxious characters hare and there.

    Unfortunately, I will not write here again, the exception being an article which may or may not appear and which I sent the owner of this site about a week ago and which, believe it or not, is yet to get the approval of her lawyers before meeting your eyes, even if there was nothing at all illegal or racist in it. All I said in it, is that the Christian/Zionists and Jews ought to be dealt with, that’s all. And besides, but a quick a disclaimer ought to put everyone’s mind to rest.

    Lasha Darkmoon is not a pleasant person, you must believe me when I tell you this, and, moreover, whatever little happiness she has in her heart, it has been completely overshadowed by her dark superstitions and even thicker doubts and distrust. When in July I had offered to send her quite a bit of money, she immediately refused and called me a mercenary, a supercilious person, a this, a that, something which had caught me completely off guard, as the offer really was genuine, and if only she had agreed to accept it, I would gladly have sent it – why not? Doesn’t she spend countless hours and effort in informing and even educating many? Of course she does! And I would have gladly parted with the better part of 5,000 euros to show my respect and gratitude to her. Unfortunately, I now find Lasha absurd and even tedious, and will never again, not even in my imagination, bestow on her not even a tenth of respect I once had for her. She is altogether incapable of opening, and even her letters to me are dry, at the very best. On matters of trust and candidness, I find her inferior to me, something which was inconceivable but a day before. She has absolutely no idea what means to be honest, and constantly requires proof of my identity, even if, as I said, I have offered to meet her in London, and gave her the names of the places where she could come. She is not well connected together, she lacks feelings, and jumps to conclusions like no one else I have ever ”met” before. Moreover, she is impossible to penetrate, and I believe that, of the two of us, she has more to hide. As I said, at least I have made it known where I can be found, whereas she can only be approached in the black invisible space that is the Internet. It is now impossible for me to even preserve a liking for this person, even if, if truth be told, one cannot but admire the freedom of expression which she allows on this website. I don’t think she hates money, but I do think she pretends to, as in five of her emails to me she said she did not want any of it, and in the last one she all but asked for it. And so what? I have plenty of it, and I support anonymously eight other writers: why would I not want to extend my help to Lasha too? Why? Because Lasha does not know what she wants, and constantly shifts her position. She has no idea how deeply she has offended me. If I did not at some point at least have more than a modicum of respect for her, I would have responded to her idiotic comment in terms infinitely harsher than I did. Inwardly, Lasha is a lonely person, and lonely people, as we all know, snub everybody.

    Don’t worry, Lobro, as I will keep reading your comments and enjoy what you have to say, even if I am awfully busy with a few legal matters currently. Keep well, good soul. I wish this site, her owner, you, and all the good people on earth all the very best.

    Ellie K

    1. ellie, kind feelings returned (not rejected :-))

      please don’t be too harsh on lasha, however hurt you may be as result, try to understand couple of things that i can say without exposing what precious little personal detail i may know.

      i believe that lasha has known betrayal, and quite a heavy variety, even for someone english and is very protective of her identity for this reason.
      the english consider betrayal a national pastime and sport, as both pitchers and receivers, having as a nation both suffered terribly from it and inflicted it upon others.

      i am generally ok with it, having experienced some, nothing that damaged me beyond whatever brain and emotional damage i wear, knowingly and unknowingly.
      i coat myself with karma like a tapeworm coats himself in slime to endure gastric acid and various poisons of putrefaction, so i will get by.

      i also don’t mind if people lie about their identity, it is not the same as JEW LIE, which is an offensive weapon.
      people can lie for perceived self protection, even though it is a perception only and they end up paying the price anyway.
      animals have developed sophisticated techniques of disguise, subterfuge and dissembling in order to live another day and people likewise lie as a matter of survival, to me it is not a cardinal sin any more than someone horking their nose contents when they think no one is observing.

      so, kindness to lasha please, she is far from an unemotional shell, just that people who internalize their existence can lose sight of other people’s reality, their hurt and suffering.


      and as cash, again, don’t hold it against her, she is obstinately proud but who is to say that she may not be at the brink of starvation? look at other intrepid warriors like topham, kaminski, bradley smith at CODOH, brother nathaniel … they all stick the paypal buttons in your face, not because they are greedy but must worry about the next meal, legal expenses, dental bill, replace bicycle tire … however, they are americans and in america, such things are taken for granted, kids set up lemonade stands when they are 7, whereas in england, if your parents must run b+b to shore up pitiful pensions, you become an object of derisive pity and scorn.

      people need … rothschilds don’t (this distinction may be hard to remember at all times)

    2. Ellie: “Moreover, she is impossible to penetrate…”

      Dear Ellie, we both know that Lasha needs and yearns her lasha penetrated. She is however too busy with Anti-Semitic rants to properly fulfill her yearnings. Being caught up in her ravings, she has stimulated her cingulate gyrus to such extent that she walks a fine line between creativity and schizophrenia. She would do herself good to gyrate her singular stimulator instead. Alas, all her ideas on Human Sexuality are correct. And therefore she is stuck between a choice of the limp lemmings of this site, and the unloving limeys that surround her. Lastly, stop looking in the looking glass, Ellie, and you will avoid much chagrin.


  18. Ellie is a self-righteous joke. She posts under at least four different names and call Lasha deceptive!!
    Then, she cheapens herself and her character by bragging about the amount of her bribe to Lasha!! Now, she makes me vomit, as I made her vomit…she said. (Paine made people vomit as well.)

    Ellie is a pampered and spoiled brat, as are all elitists girls.

    I stated my views like this from the very beginning, while most were taken in by her fraud and fiction. She wrote her admittedly tongue-in-cheek articles on a lark, out of boredom. Her writing bored me. Mark Twain, Sammy, did much better.

    If she stays, it is fine with me. If she goes, it is fine too.

    Either way, she should respect the one who allowed her to write here. Lasha.

  19. Lasha-Ellie

    Dare I chime in? In the interest of unity, divisive emotions should be put aside where only logic, reason and focus remain. Divisions bring chaos and in chaos the “Jew” wins. What did Franklin say? “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.” Truer applicable words have rarely been spoken concerning our common plight.

    Ellie, I don’t know Lasha. All I know of Lasha is that she has went out of her way to defend me when no one else would. We have corresponded a couple times and the impression I get is a kind soul who’s known much suffering. Given that as a basis to judge rightly and with regard to her hard work, her writings and sacrifices that go hand in hand for those with our fate, and given her resolute nature to expose as best she can what plagues all humanity- she can’t be all “bad” …right?

    Likewise Ellie, if I take the totality of what you’ve written to expose the nature and mechanisms of the “Jews” and if I take to heart the reality of what it feels like when one seems surrounded by those who only see dollar signs, it behooves me to share with both of you a short story in hopes of your reconciliation.

    While I certainly have not lived a life as yours Ellie, I do have some insights and experience that lend me empathy in your plight, your position. Also, having suffered at the hands of the usual suspects for running a business designed to demolish the “Jews” grip in my country, I can also sympathize with Lasha and Montecristo’s plight knowing the daily toils that are inherent in the reality of the funds needed to continue.

    None of these things compare to the hurt, the lose, the misery we all feel having witnessed, some more than others, the destruction of those people and things we love or have loved..

    I lost my eldest daughter to a Jewess, an evil wicked Jewess who correctly spotted her next sperm donor sucker inside a young ex military man who was confused and emotionally damaged during service. The pain I experienced having my daughter ripped from my arms while the Jewish run courts defended any and all criminal actions of hers could have only been surpassed if this demonic succubus murdered the one I loved more than anything. And it was for this sole reason true and repeated threats were levied with knife in hand and pointed at my daughter’s throat, that if I were to continue pursuing any measure of custody, a bloody sacrifice would be made to appease her Satanic master. For 7 years I moved nothing less than 15 times, chasing this witch from jurisdiction to jurisdiction when I finally gave up–the Jewess succeeding in programming through trauma based conditioning, that I, who loved her more than anyone was nothing but incarnate evil, not worthy of any consideration or human affection.

    Why do I tell you sad story? Because you both have lost your focus. You’re letting your slights, intentional or not, take the place of the higher purpose. I ask both of you to put aside your pride, your hurt and return to the mission ordained you at the foundation of the Universe. We have all suffered lose. We have all been hurt. We have all been victim of the spring of all human sorrows. Let’s not do it to one another.

    Forgive. If you forgive you will be forgiven. If you give mercy, you’ll get mercy and all of this in the exact degree you displayed it. All good things you do, do in the open but when you give, do so in private- anonymously, hoping of nothing in return. And seek not the funds you need to fight the fight but focus on the Kingdom of love and beauty that will supplant the evil “Jews” upon their desolation.

    Forgive me if I sound too “religious”. it’s not my intent. My “religion” is not of this world but is found within myself, my heart– the same good place we should all be acting from in relation to one another who’s a brother or sister in arms.

    In short, kiss and make up. There are more important things to attend to.

    With kind regards,


  20. Lasha,

    Before I respond to you, allow me first to quickly deal with your two supporters, one a cripple, the other a misguided Doctor. Pat, who is obviously impoverished, absolutely burns with jealousy for all those who have what he does not have nor ever will have. You may remember that this creature from the very fist day claimed that I was Alex Katsnelson, some Judaic Hollywood master of his, not knowing that the name Katsnelson, as you yourself very clearly stated, was but a pen name, and had as little in common with me as I have with him. Moreover, this truly negative person, who in all the comments he has ever posted, has never, not once, presented your readers with a serious contemplation, with a mature thought, or even with an extended view of things and matters such as an intelligent person would cogitate and reflect upon, but has constantly sowed doubt and suspicion on pretty much everything I have ever said, as if he knew me from childhood. But, apart from not recognizing this and owing up to his error, he then contradicts himself most glaringly, for in one sentence he says that he had always known me not to be who I said I was, and then immediately after says that I am just a pampered and spoiled ELITIST little girl! Utterly disrespectful of me, he then makes the shameful claim that I have posted under different names! For shame! Here is a charge that he cannot prove because proof does not exist. If indeed he is as old as he says he is, one hopes he is quickly forgotten. Supporters like this, really, contain little within themselves that is extraordinary, and, if anything, as far as I am concerned at least, he has been a real inconvenience and a sore, something in which he no doubt revels, for one can just imagine this little American chuckling. To sow doubts is easy, Pat, and Jews and you are astonishingly good at this, but to create a rapport, to bring each other closer, this is difficult and very few can do, and you are obviously not one of them. You are a barefaced liar, and I have never, not ever, posted under any other name, save the 5/11, which was too obvious to miss, and even this was done immediately after I had received those threatening emails. No, I don’t wish you ill, but know that you are one of the most unpleasant characters I have ever come across. It is difficult to imagine you as kind, really.

    As for David Green, with him I shall deal more leniently, for he at least shows some seriousness in his words, is visibly more restrained, and shows the kind of circumspection and maturity which your supporter above can never hope to attain. If David Green is a man, then Pat is but a stripling. But even David errs. For, according to his underdeveloped logic, all I would have to do to prove to you that I am wealthy, is to donate 450 pounds, and the matter would be settled. Suppose I did donate that money tomorrow and I was not who I said I was, what then? I’ll tell him what: his deductive power would be vanquished, his logic would cave in, and in order to defend himself, he would probably have to come up with some other prosaic method wherewith I could prove my real self – again! Again, because I see him as a more serious but none the less logically flawed individual, I shall desist from saying anything more. I never really disliked him; only he keeps bad company.

    But you, YOU, honey darling, you have utterly, utterly ruined me today, believe me, you really have. I was at the Library today, and was trying to make a distinction, a loving distinction, between you and a handsome dark-haired girl who was sitting opposite me, but I couldn’t, so greatly and lovingly had you entrenched yourself in me. I was thinking about all the people whom I regularly visit on Christmas, (not that there are many such people left in my life), in which I included yourself also, and, being already slightly melancholy, when I came across your words a few minutes later, I felt like that handsome face which I had imagined since July had just spat at mine! I swear on my mother’s grave, that’s how I felt. You evidently cannot judge a sore soul, and cannot, not even with the greatest exertion of your imagination, know how profoundly happy you have made me during those three months. Didn’t I tell you that to a lonely soul even a lighted candle is company? Couldn’t you, COULDN’T YOU discover in my letters to you that I was dying for a friend, that I needed someone? Why divide what took years to heal? Don’t you know that to an injured soul even a single word is sufficient to bring about death? Why put me in the same basket as liars, as fraudsters, as Jews? Who cares if you were wrong and I right? And does it matter if I send you 10, or 450, or 5000 pounds? And why should my money prove my worth to you, as David Green suggests, he who has absolutely no idea who I am and what I have revealed to you? You, by exchanging thoughts with your thoughtless and doubting posters, have lost the ability to be friends with someone who is different from them, and therefore have condescended to their level by calling me a liar and I in turn call you a liar, and meanwhile the common ilk to whom I have alluded quite probably rub their hands, not unhappy at having prevented a nice union.

    I CAN contradict you about money and the email, of course I can, but I want my last exchange with you to be different and not belligerent, as I was with your two ”friends”. I will only say that for you to think that just because an intelligent poster posts a comment it must be me, should, strictly speaking, be received by me as a compliment, for it stands to reason that whenever someone posts a thoughtful and well written comment, it would have to be me. But this is not the way you meant it, and this is what got me.

    You can’t write to my ellie email any more, as I have closed the account today, but I will leave you with these honest truths. You will never know with how much strength your letters have inspired me, just as you will never know how much you have destroyed me. And even though for the better part of our exchange you suspected my sincerity, I never once suspected yours, for the lover can better judge than he who is loved. The desperate condition in which I first wrote to you is now slowly returning, but this time it will not be to you that I will turn for help but to my own self. I believe I asked too much of you in the first place, but none the less wagered my luck haphazardly, simply because you had made mention of the Upanishads, and, since they have been my consolation for quite some time, I presumed I would find at least a part of me in you. I can’t really oblige you to follow me, neither in person, nor in feelings, since now an ugly and irreparable breach has been made, and I am not sure I want it repaired. Since July, I only thought of Diana, Julie and you, and whilst the love of the first will never abandon me, and that of the second will at least be partly mine, yours I now leave in the midst of suspicions and doubts, which would be fitting to the suspicious and doubting times we live in. I do not esteem you any the less, only I no longer wait to hear from you with the same impatience as I once did. You wondered why I haven’t made you richer, not knowing that it was you who all along had enriched me. In this manner, I suppose, you have played a part most magnificent, namely, that of a soul magician, who heals without touching, and who cures without seeing. The offensive part of my nature I never once revealed to you, but always wrote to you with the same constancy and affection with which a lover writes to his loved one. Don’t pity me, not ever, by any means, as I, single, solitary me am better off than half the world put together, but pity us, you and me, who both failed to grasp the true meaning of friendship, namely, not as something which makes one a friend to another, but rather an elective affinity which draws two souls together into a fellowship entirely loving and wholesome, such as can never be found today.

    Well, in closing, I want to tell you that this letter too has not been written without a few tears, as indeed you seem to have this beautiful knack to make people cry. But, darling, rest assured that I am now more secure than I was before, as I now know for certain that I will never neither disappoint nor be disappointed. And besides, Jewish vampires are bating for my blood across the Channel, and I am not known for disappointing an enemy.

    Au revoir, my darling, and remember what I once told you: if a warm hand ever clasps yours, never let go of it, and promise to be together till the last day on earth.

    Eleanor Kleist

      1. @ SPQR

        I must confess that to me too the thought occured that Ellie-the-Rothschild with her dramatic sob story could be a Jewish agent trying to infiltrate, control and ultimately destroy the website of a writer whose “anti-Semitic” articles are widely published on the web ( The Occidental Observer, Veterans Today, Truthseeker and perhaps more that I don’t know of ). Infiltration is a Jewish specialty, as is trying to bribe with money. “Ellie”‘s wish to know Lasha’s real identity and meet her in person adds to the suspicion. I would never trust a Jew. These people have a 3000 year experience in infiltration and manipulation. Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog !

      2. SPQR –

        It is hilarious how this modern-day ‘Esther’ known as Ellie has repeated what was told in the OT.. beguiled the people who hate Jews(supposedly) and won their favor!! LOL!!!

        BTW Ellie stated she could be found at the Louvre everyday…when…it is closed every Tuesday. LOL!!!

        What a phoney lying Talmudic Jew bitch.

        She doesn’t even have $10 for Darkmoon…

        She needs to get out of her mom’s basement in Afghanistan.

    1. Women!

      I just hope that if and when you two kiss and make up it won’t be as two boxers shaking hands 😉

    2. Ellie –

      If YOU hate me I like it. I want all Rothschild agents like you to hate me.

      You claimed you would not post anymore…but that must have been another lie, like spoiled brats do.

      You are a spoiled elitist brat. You should be paddled for your lies.

      You have posted as Ellie – Ellie K – EK – 5/11 – and XY.

      Now, young lady… Bend over. Grab your ankles. Get your long overdue licks from the paddle.

      WOW!!! This will surely help a chapter in your novel..eh?? And it is FREE!!

    3. How strange. This reads like an anguished love letter. I am not sure what to make of it. I am definitely out of my depth. I’m not sure that a public forum like this is the right place for such intimacies.

      1. @ Still, who says, ”Wow, quelle lettre d’adieu!”

        Oui, vraiment, mais you forget that this is a thick American crowd that darkmoon panders to, and that they can no more discern feelings in a letter than can a congenitally blind man see. Four weeks ago I said that there is hardly an intelligent poster left here, only to earn the monitor’s wrath! I was right, of course, as can be attested by the nothingness of her followers’ words, who DON’T SPEAK BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, BUT SPEAK BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING!

        My wife, who is French (not Jewish) once said to me that, the more one knows the Americans, the more is one inclined to side with the Jews. Being half Jewish, I of course hated hearing what she said, as I believe that no one here hates the Jews more than I do, but if truth be told, ma chère was right! I only like the Jews when I get to know the Americans and many an Englishman and woman, and NOT because I inherently like the Jews. Basically, what’s happened is that darkmoon has confused the insignificant with the significant in this site, and is happier to satisfy and be satisfied with the former than with the latter, and she can’t see, even if she had two sets of eyes and four heads, who is really who and what is really what. Darkmoon has been darkened.

        Who was it, Still, please remind me, that said, ”A tired mind can not distinguish between true intellectual and spiritual capacity, and a good memory combined with frivolity” – était-il un Français? Je pense que oui. Darkmoon, it seems, finds comments about grandchildren and mobile phones and idiotic nonsense more illustrious than the profound eloquence of an anguished heart. It is this that makes me feel that she is no real Poet, but churns out here attractive comedies, coupled occasionally with a few stark realities. Apart from the foul mouthed, she should not so much ban the different as the empty and insignificant, and speaking of the latter, here is a partial list of those empty space clutterers, or crippled Parkinsonians!

        HP (arctic in nature).
        Brownhawk (too mellow to consider an intellectual).
        Pat (an old, unloved and remarkably stupid man. Uglier than Lord Cathcart).
        Circassian (a shallow cock, still in puberty. Needs beating).
        Flying Cossack (unstable. Must be nailed to a Norse boat and used as a ram).
        Spqr (ein Romische cadaver. Ought to be given the Tarpeian Rock treatment daily).
        Ruth Bernstein (Parkinson’s runs in the family!).
        Kapoore (an acrid lizard).
        DB (a Jewish infiltrator).

        But hey, Still, ban these non entities, and who would be left to post eh? Smart darkmoon. Quantity, not quality! Smarter still are they who are leaving her in droves! One day darkmoon will be commenting on her own articles!

      2. Certains Amécains, Alain le crétin, parlent bien le français. Mais je t’aime tout de même, camarade. Ou ne devrais-je pas?

  21. we are all already friends forever … whether we admit it or not … and whether we decide to share things with each other or not … this will just test the current strength

    me and lobro have been strong friends for many lifetimes … when i apply to the rcmp on monday, he is going to push my application through … i figure, we are all in this soup together, might as well find a way out for jews … maybe there is a way they can tell the truth and return things without any backlash

    1. i know that there is no need to respond, those with grain-of-brain can see right through you and what you represent.
      but since this site does not have an ignore button with your name on it, let me state it up front.

      just fuck off, you twisted LYING cossack

      if i suspect anyone of being jew here, you headline the list, ahead of zak.

      i would ask someone to collect as many of this diseased maggot infested turd’s posts and see how many have a damn thing to contribute to meaningful discussion

    2. did my personal details fall off a truck? i know you have my file in front of you lobro

      people can go back and read precisely which one of us is the liar

      why are you still holding this pretense up? atleast calm down on the neurotic jewish histrionics and pretend to be gentile properly

  22. well, that’s it for me, until the regular commenters here have had their say on it,

    – you want this catamite to continue spreading his toxic mucus, then be entertained, i got better things to do with my time,

    – i do not want the administration to rule on the matter, let the other commenters speak, maybe it is this pseudohuman who raises the alexa ratings for the site

    1. you dont need to ban me, i will leave if asked … i am unhappy with the east-west war this site is promoting … but everything else is truthful, so i am overall happy with it

      but before i leave, can you answer me how you knew my mother was a teller and applied to accounting

      1. hah!

        you are insane on top of everything else.

        i hypothesized (do you know what a “purely random conjecture” means?) a situation whereby someone may not publicly reveal himself for fear of jeopardizing not so much his personal safety and wellbeing but those of his family and as an example (i am pretty sure, pull up that post in its entirety since you treasure it so much and save us all the search time) an elder kid (daughter?) who just got herself a job as a teller and is angling for promotion to accounting within the same (jew-owned like all of them) bank.

        1. the scenario was completely random, by way of an example, and
        2. at no time was there a word “mother” but an adult child, forget if it was son or daughter but someone just starting out on a career path.


      2. so, anyone following this sorry to and fro between cossack and myself, have a look here


        maybe a grownup kid just started work as a bank teller and hopes for promotion into the accounting?

        (actually the whole post and its trigger by cossack are worth reading)

        and here he goes dragging this psychodelically grown prehistoric grudge:
        can you answer me how you knew my mother was a teller and applied to accounting

        well, if mossadniks didn’t know, now they do and don’t blame me 🙂
        (hopefully her logic is a bit more robust and she gets in and demolishes your thesis that i am a jew agent)

      3. and this,
        only let the paid sayanim distribute it and expose themselves

        controlled opposition, just like Lasha Darkmoon and Ellie Katsnelson

        thanks for the confession lobro, but most people think you are being sarcastic … it is good to tell the truth, while pretending not to … prevents the head from boiling … atleast now people can understand what borat was doing when he sang ‘throw the jew down the well’

        you guys already dropped your pretenses to me

        anyway, i too have had it with paranoid lunatics, just like crazy joe who went on and on about mossad lilly pads in west africa, shared by lasha, lucy, monty and myself, on and on until they trucked him back into the laughing academy.

      4. I agree with you, lobro.
        The very first thing springs to mind when I heard that was – hey, that could apply to millions of people.

        Like a John Edwards Jr. type of thing.
        Or a horoscope.
        (or 7th heaven)

      5. Who here is happy about any of these vicious 21st century massacres?

        And there ain’t no ET manufacturing humans. (at least in quantity)
        That’s dumb. Aliens even a smidgen further along, sensory wise, would run screaming from the sight, smell and sound of us human beings in the wild!!
        Who wouldn’t?
        Ogres covered hair to nail with millions of living beings crawling, burrowing, eating their ways through life, unnoticed really. But imagine the what a sight to those with eyes to see. Or a nose to smell. Really smell.

        The ET’s likely have a saying – ‘hold your noses and bear it’

  23. LD and EK, and in general,

    The jews have destroyed the souls of countless millions on this planet and are giving so many people such sad, ruined lives, and all the while we’re letting our egos get in the way with meaningless things. CHIP UP and make up, and spread goodness to each other if you’re both in need! Explain to your friend that you feel like you’ve been offended, and give them the chance for a due response. Why jump all over the place, especially through writing where you can’t be sure of a person’s true intent or see and feel them, and especially in public?

    We’re just a tiny speck in the wind and time will devour you sooner than you know it. Knowing this, little quibbles don’t matter, but other higher purposes do. Namely freeing this poor planet and being very focused. This site gathers some of the more intelligent people I’ve encountered on the Web, but it’s like a mad house half the time. Maybe SPQR is right and the world is finished, but something in me just feels like the weight of what these people have done to this planet is just too severe for it to continue. . . But this starts by being selfless and always seeing the overarching picture, never forgetting that someone else has it much worse than you, and none of us last long here.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Providence has ordained that the earth be destroyed should the forces of ugliness and death come to rule over it.

      The Jew is like a black hole, moving aimlessly through time and space, gobbling up everything in its path, ripping, and tearing apart everything that succumbs to it, leaving nothing but emptiness behind.

      1. SPRQ,

        I wouldn’t doubt this possibility either. . . Something just can’t reek forever and has to give way one way or another.

        I have a question for you I’ve been curious about. On the one hand, you seem to be one of the most sober thinkers I’ve encountered, especially in regards to questions of so-called morality/what’s right and wrong. But when it comes to non-whites, you obviously hate them and have negativity towards them. And hate and negativity are not sober experiences. So, I was just wondering if you had an explanation for this?

      2. It’s more contempt than hate, but how am I supposed to react to alien peoples who have entered the lands of my family and ancestors and are displacing my people at a rapid rate? Not only displacing us, but committing huge amounts of rapes, robberies, and murders? Even if they’re only there because of the Jew, they’re still the enemy.

        A man should never have to feel like a stranger in his own land. I shouldn’t have to go out and see alien peoples and be subjected to their fashion, their speech, their odor, their cuisine and their mannerisms. I don’t want to experience their world, I want to experience that of my people. I want to surrounded by a culture that I identify with and experience people I identify with, not people with whom I have connection. When I’m among non-Whites I feel oppressed and claustrophobic, and that’s what the Jew wants. He wants the White man to feel oppressed in his own country.

        Maybe Rudyard Kipling can explain it better than I can.

        The Stranger within my gate,
        He may be true or kind,
        But he does not talk my talk–
        I cannot feel his mind.
        I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
        But not the soul behind.

        The men of my own stock,
        They may do ill or well,
        But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
        They are used to the lies I tell;
        And we do not need interpreters
        When we go to buy or sell.

        The Stranger within my gates,
        He may be evil or good,
        But I cannot tell what powers control–
        What reasons sway his mood;
        Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
        Shall repossess his blood.

        The men of my own stock,
        Bitter bad they may be,
        But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
        And see the things I see;
        And whatever I think of them and their likes
        They think of the likes of me.

        This was my father’s belief
        And this is also mine:
        Let the corn be all one sheaf–
        And the grapes be all one vine,
        Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
        By bitter bread and wine.

    2. LSPM

      We are MADE to see ourselves as being “tiny specks in the wind to be devoured by time”. This is a highlight of usurpation perpetrated by the con-trolling opposer, the view of one’s self conceding to a manufactured reality that completely misapprehends the true meaning of “spirit”. It plays right into the hands of that which set it up this way – “esoteric jew”.

      “Contolled opposition” runs deep, deeper, deepest, and retrieving the ‘link gone missing’ characterizes a full restoration of power, where “power” is to be understood on gradient levels ranging from “worldly” to its true orientation of “spiritual”. This we take back.

      The spiritual war this really is WILL render the ‘jews on the ground’ inconsequential as its TRUE nature battles for the soul.

      1. Thanks, Brownhawk. This is what I meant too. By “little specks in the wind,” I meant our ego consciousness which will just die when our bodies die. That people don’t value their true potential, namely their individual will, their potential to create and honor a unique self, and live for greater things beyond themselves (ego-self) is the real spiritually degrading triumph of the jew thus far; because if you don’t value yourself and your own dignity or anything greater outside of materialism-egotism, like most people, unfortunately, you don’t value anything and represent nothing. So I was trying to say don’t get stuck in this material-ego self as it truly is insignificant.

    3. Wise remark LSPM. We need to overcome our selfishness and focus more on the real issue, a rather global issue: Whether we live are in the US, in Europe or elsewhere in the Third World it’s obvious that only damn devious people get to Power … or get rotten on the way to it.
      The problem is: most if not all people around the world have a hard time changing things their way and while they sometimes manage to put their representatives into the gear of the State they don’t seem to have any effect on the big machine. The big machine seems to be monitored and controlled from elsewhere. All the “big machines” seem to be monitored and controlled from one -self-sufficient -elsewhere. Consequently one can unquestionably argue that this PTB is forcing the hands of every man at the steering wheel thus directing all the machines somewhere.
      Here we are: While we fail to detach from our little egos for any length of time, the PTB seem to be steadily performing behind all governments of the world, thinking globally and acting globally as well. They grab any inch we neglect any where .Organized and structured as they must be, they know that any inch grabbed any where adds to their power and obliterates from ours. They know it but we fail to realize it; no wonder they thrive at our expense.
      What to do then? Spread the word…around the world.

      To ALAN, sorry I can’t recollect the author of that quote.

  24. Well, since I believe I was the real cause of the unfortunate spat that has occurred between our two fine ladies, I think it’s only fair that I too chime in in this sad drama, and hopefully heal this unpleasant rift, as none of us really want to see two good people come to blows.

    First of all, and with all due respect to Ms Darkmoon, she was completely wrong in equating Ellie K., with me. Similarities of style and thought do not make two different individuals the one and the same person. Full stop. And this simply because, if you care to read John Locke and David Hume, you will see that although they both speak pretty much with the same breath, no two individuals could have been more different; and Marcel Proust and Henry James have more in common in writing than they ever had in real life. Moreover, I do not think I am as good a writer as Ellie, and most importantly, the first ever comment I made on this website was neither particularly enlightened nor profound, and so I really don’t know what made Ms Darkmoon imagine that I was Ellie K.. All I really said was that, ”weak and uncouth minds, when equipped with a little learning, become weaker and more uncouth.” And even this was not an original thought, I must confess. I had merely copied it from Vauvenargues, which later was copied by Alexander Pope, and later still became an English saying. So I am rather baffled by Ms Darkmoon, I must say.

    Second, (and this applies to all you gentlemen), if you wish to be taken seriously, you really should show more restraint when presenting yourselves here. Nasty name calling like bitch, Jew agent, liar and similar adolescent invectives like these, only serve to inflame and not, as that very clever and good Mr Tyrone Parsons said, to heal and repair. Well said Tyrone! And I mean here principally the two gentlemen who go by the names of Pat and Spqr. Gentlemen, whether we agree or not that Ellie K., is indeed a former Rothschild is, to be perfectly honest, irrelevant. All that matters is what the good and obviously lonely lady has to say to us, whether or not there is truth and honesty in her words, and lastly, if what she says is pleasant to read, and I for one must confess that I have taken a liking to her, as have many others, and that without knowing, and indeed even caring, if she is a billionaire or even a trillionaire! Moreover, as that poster lobro rather fittingly said, ”find me something in Ellie’s writing that is out of place.” So, gentlemen, please take it easy, and if you do not agree with what some writer or another says, at least do not badmouth her, as it really ill befits us to stoop to the level of name calling. And, as far as money is concerned, I do no think Ellie is under any obligation whatsoever to donate anything to anyone, since for the last 7 months that I have been coming here, this site has functioned pretty well without her input, and if she chooses to give, well, that’s all well and good, and if she chooses not give, well, that’s just as well. Proof of a large donation does not confirm one’s pedigree nor good intent, just as my stylistic similarities do not confirm my kinship with anyone, least of all with Ellie.. For those of you who don’t know, the Auteuil Name Directory is online, as is that of St John’s Wood in London and Gosport, and in both you will clearly see an Eleanor Kleist in the former, and a Patrick Sutton in the latter. Being a lawyer, I believe I have put all doubts to rest, and if any one of you still insists in carping on about the fake identity of that or of this writer, you may want to consult a dealer in common sense, as I see no point in having again to remind you. As for basing one’s doubt on Ellie that the Louvre is closed on Tuesday’s, this little gibe merits no comment, other than to say that in free and relaxed speech, every day does not have to mean literally every single day. Perfect accuracy in words is expected only when one writes one’s Last Will and Testament, when one speak seriously, and when one is arraigned before a Magistrate, and Ellie was not engaged in none of those. Moreover, if we attempt to tear someone down in life just because we perceive that that person may have inconsequentially erred, is to confirm Voltaire’s saying that, ”those who have nothing to say always speak badly.” I hope those two gentlemen forgive me for taking a shot at them. I seriously have no intent to diminish their standing here.

    As for those who refer to Ms Darkmoon as somehow being a repressed sexual maniac, well, it is obvious to all of us how limited your vocabulary really is, and how shallow your thoughts really are, for that is no way in which to refer to a woman. Even if you are Jewish, if there are untruths spoken by her, by all means try to refute them and bring forward sounder arguments, if you can, but do not swear and do not call names, as in a way they offend us all. At the very least, try to show her some justice and humanity, as I do not think her neither a suppressed neurotic, nor, for that matter, a fierce Jew hater, as Ellie K., seems to be. I once dealt briefly in 2008 with a younger Rothschild in Chelsea, and if you knew what he had to say about Jews, his words would make those of Ms Darkmoon sound like a compliment, believe me. Not all Jews are the same, and I do not believe, not in the slightest, that Ms Darkmoon is here to deceive us, or even somehow to get the better of us. If one must be honest, with the exception of Ms Darkmoon, John Kaminski, and Ellie K., hardly anyone else is worth their salt here, as I have always found other writers to be lacking depth and real intelligence. This is my own judgement, of course, and in no way reflects the reality as others may perceive it. So, as with Ellie, so with Ms Darkmoon: restraint please, and culture too. We need them, and we must enjoy them. this is what the world today lacks.

    That’s all. I wanted to write in a way such as I never have before, but I thought, why change the way I write just because I could be mistaken for someone else? And after all, if we believe in the affinity of souls, what is there to prevent us from believing in the affinity of intellects? We must be broad in thinking and not narrow.

    With respect,
    Patrick Sutton
    Gosport, England

    1. Patrick Sutton –

      As you felt the need to respond, I do as well, since you mentioned me by name.

      I shall pump the brakes when the Jews pump the brakes. That will not happen as long as apologists allow them into their lives and government.

      As the Jews dominate the world, you allow them to do so.

    2. “And I mean here principally the two gentlemen who go by the names of Pat and Spqr. Gentlemen, whether we agree or not that Ellie K., is indeed a former Rothschild is, to be perfectly honest, irrelevant.”

      This is a website dedicated to exposing the parasitic race and you don’t think it’s matters whether one of its contributors is a member of a particularly virulent strain of that parasitic race?

      “All that matters is what the good and obviously lonely lady has to say to us, whether or not there is truth and honesty in her words,”

      That’s goy-talk. That’s the attitude that let the jew in to begin with. Jews are not afraid to tell a few truths to gain entry into a nation/group/organization that they want to be a part of.

      “and lastly, if what she says is pleasant to read, and I for one must confess that I have taken a liking to her, as have many others, and that without knowing, and indeed even caring, if she is a billionaire or even a trillionaire! ”

      This quote reminds me of that old picture of the Jew giving out candy to German children. “The Jew isn’t harming us, he’s giving us candy! We love candy!”

  25. SPQR,

    I’m glad I asked you. You explained it very clearly, and I’m very sorry it’s turned out like this. It’s true. This life we’ve been presented now is overwhelming empty and not of our own making, and for those more sensitive, there is pain at this knowing.

  26. Direct Current, you are right. This Lasha needs some real current in her, or is it hard currency? Here she is telling her comatose brood that she absolutely hates Ellie K’s money, and yet she wonders why Ellie K does not donate to her even a meager 10 pounds! Stupid bitch! I mean, if you hate someone’s money, why would you even wonder why they won’t donate to you? That’s how easy it is to catch these lemmings out, and yet no one has even bothered to ask her this.

    Don’t get me wrong Current. Ellie has said some pretty nasty things about us, but I believe that eventually she will come round. All Jews go through a long bout of Jew hatred, but eventually genes kick in. Still, it is interesting to witness a nasty bout between these two, as the less of them there are together, the more likely are we to rule forever. On each other’s throats then, bitches! Sorry Ellie.

    1. A good jolt of Direct Current would make her day, night, day and night. Resolves a whole bunch of issues in one or two shots. Alternating current is longer lasting. And always choose hard currency over digital. It’s dirtier, but nothing that a good wash can’t handle.

      I think Lasha might be half Jewish. Nothing wrong with that.

  27. no Patrick Sutton, it is i who started this all. frankly, i am unapologetic.

    i thought this was a hate group. turns out it is also an AA meeting. not judging, but you internet revolutionaries need to learn to control your emotions. maybe you will get over your hate then.

    Ellie and Lasha: there are 7 billion plus humans; let us assume half are men. there has to be one or two in that multitude that can cure your histrionics. maybe one that you could share. i think Lasha would find that the ideal in fact. love does wonders. penetrates – the heart.

    oh and SP.O.S.QR – thank you for sharing. i have your balls in this jar right here. you can have them back. they might be small, but you are less nauseating with them. if you grow them, you can stop hating jewish and afro-/african peoples. learn about them. you might even fall in love with who you see as other. a brave man faces the world, never feels claustrophobic… ha! as if land and territories were ever fixed. but on a kinder note, if you can express emotion, you can also eliminate the hate in your heart. it is a start. i will stop the insults when you stop the hate… then again, i am disappearing now… slowly, halfway through the fade out.

    Ellie and Lasha: might i suggest physical activity. riding is in my blood and i strongly suggest it but not too much. running is good for hormonal release. yoga, pilates, and swimming develop nice long muscles. and get out of europe if you want to find proper men… man… men.

    of course, why am i still here? must be the drama… i thought my last aurevoir was good enough. now to fade out.

    p.s. yoga of course, well, yoga is something more. maybe start with the first and second angas.

  28. Right. Seeing that the entire Universe has had a crack at trying to get to the bottom of the Lasha/Ellie split, I think it’s time that I too made myself heard. Basically, my message would be exactly the same as that of Tyron Parsons, whom I initially hated but have now come to respect as a truly decent human being, and to whom I would like to sincerely apologise. Simply put, in my opinion, Lasha does not hate Ellie, and Ellie does not hate Lasha. They are simply two powerful personalities, each of whom thinks is right, and neither of whom is wrong.

    In defence of Ellie, Lasha has made the mistake of thinking her to be someone who she was not, and for this reason she has earned Ellie’s displeasure. But, Ellie sweetheart, we all make mistakes, and believe me no one but Lasha thought you were leading us on. Also Ellie, know this. Your family background is bound to raise doubts each and every time you come here, not to say jealousy as you rightly put it, and so even the smallest doubt which some may have about you will immediately be blown out of all proportions, because hatred of the Jews, even of those who are half Jewish like you, is by itself sufficient doubt, and when to this they add the idea that you are immensely rich, well what do you think the result would be? Don’t think you are writing here to an intelligent crowd, or as you put it, delicate. You are not. The vast majority here can’t even spell properly, and what passes for comments really is nothing more than mental hot air. As I said, I used to hate Tyron Parsons, but compare his comments with those of the multitude others, and then you will see where he stands and where others stand. Your last comment to Lasha was very personal, and from this, if from nothing else, I was able to see that not only are you a real person, but also someone who knows how to love. I hope you don’t misunderstand me, but you seem at the moment to be too frail for life. Maybe that’s why your words moved me so much. Go to Switzerland or somewhere. They say that there fresh air gives life to people.

    I don’t think Pat is a cripple, but I do think that sometimes his suspiciousness gets the better of him, and for this reason he has earned the dislike of so many. Inwardly I think he is good. As for SPQR, he is a rotting carcass, for when Lasha presented us with the picture of that Palestinian child with half of her head blown off, this sadistic criminal said, ”why should I care about the Palestinians. I mean, they are not American.” So fucking what, you corpse? Does this mean that we should only care if an American’s child’s head is blown off? As far as I am concerned, you have absolutely no morals, and it was that comment that makes my eyes hurt each and every time I see your name. When the Jews come for you, I will not feel sorry, for what use is there in having around oneself heartless and cruel patriots? You are not even a patriot. You are simply a SULLEN empty skull, who thinks he knows something. At least I admit my limited intellect and knowledge, but you?

    Lasha, we love you darling, as I am sure Ellie loves you too. Make up, ”shake hands,” kiss, and move on. To hear you two call each other back stabbers, liars, spiritual invalids etc, is really something unbecoming, not to say profitable to some, for just look at what that Jew dog Bronstein has written: ”the less they are together, the more we’ll rule for ever.” Qui bono? Judeos maleficarum, of course.
    That’s all. Peace.

    1. Amero –

      Ellie the jew…whatever her/his name really is ….attacked Lasha on YOM KIPPUR!!!!
      Saturday, October 04, 2014 – 10 Tishrei 5775
      Her Jew character showed through.

      The big bad Jew haters on this site showing support for the Ellie Rothschild entity have in essence stated:
      All Jews are no good – except Ellie the Jew Rothschild.
      All Jews cannot be trusted – except Ellie the Jew Rothschild.
      All Jews are liars – except Ellie the Jew Rothschild.
      All Jews are perverts – except Ellie the Jew Rothschild.
      All Jews are cause of the world’s problems – except Ellie the Jew Rothschild.
      All Jews we hate – except Ellie the Jew Rothschild.
      All Jews must die – except Ellie the Jew Rothschild.

      Consider the above as ‘Ode To Ellie, Jew Rothschild’ who showed true Jew colors on YOM KIPPUR 2014.

      1. To be precise, I would replace “all jews” with ” those with a seemingly irredeemable jew mindset”

        That aside, the Yom Kippur timing may not be “mere” coincidence.

      2. That aside, the Yom Kippur timing may not be “mere” coincidence.

        My point exactly…

        People call the Ellie entity a FORMER Rothschild…LOL!!!
        She rid her Jew Rothschild genes..???

        The Ellie entity, as stated, IS still an Israeli citizen…Law of Return…holds dual citizenship!!

        She got mad because I pointed that out..LOL!!!

  29. From day ONE, Ellie dear, from day ONE, I alone have supported you, and tried to tell everyone here that you were the real deal. And what did I get in return? The hideous cadaver that is Pat IMMEDIATELY AND EXACTLY AS YOU YOURSELF HAVE SAID, TRIED TO SOW DOUBTS BY CALLING ME ELLIE, and by trying to make readers pay no attention to you.

    Every time, and I mean every time, someone or other had something positive or supportive of you to say on this site, this animal and his Talmudized American cohorts have tried to tear that person down. Just look at what they do to the quiet and nice Tyron Parsons! It boggles the mind, it really does, as to why darkmoon would keep allowing Pat and his ilk to post here, and it boggles the mind also why YOU keep coming here. Doesn’t darkmoon know that by allowing EVERYONE to say ANYTHING they want will only bring this site into disrepute? I mean, isn’t precisely THIS the reason why our world is in such a morass, because ANYBODY can be ANYTHING they want? At least Zak Seymour and a few others are openly Jewish and gentile haters, but this closet homosexual that is Pat pretends to be an American man, tries hard to garner support here among his ilk, and then constructs a forced paragraph about him having caught someone in a lie. I myself come from a rich Jewish family, but nowhere near as rich as yours, and having left Judaism behind, I know EXACTLY what you feel inside. It was THIS that immediately warmed me to you, and this is why I sprang to your defence and will continue to defend you.

    But sweetie, your words seem to be better than your actions. Because if you are the aristocrat which I and Tyron Parsons know you to be, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? Can’t you see that this place is a moral sewer and a vomit latrine? You are trying to give literature to a nation of animalized pornographers!!! Have you forgotten your own words?! Can’t you see that here EVERYONE is a Sherlock Holmes? EVERYONE a Carl Jung? EVERYONE a Plato and a mind reader? Can’t you see that this collection of retards cannot be taught anything because it already knows everything? Just look at how they treat Lasha, who has brought so much info to all of us! Six times I have made my appearance here, and this before anyone here had even heard of you, and six times have I come into opposition with those ”lemmings” FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, who always, absolutely always, hounded me like I had the plague. I am only telling you this because I have just read your last missive to Lasha, and it touched both me and my sister. Leave, woman, just leave, and never ever come back. I swear, the more I get to know the gentile mind, the more I believe that the Jews are better than they. At least with the Jews only a small portion is arrogant and pretends to be something they are not, whereas with the gentiles they are all show offs and Mr and Mrs know it all. Empty souls and empty heads I say. To hell with this site.

    1. @Avantador

      “…I myself come from a rich Jewish family…”

      Hopefully your family became rich not by swindling the goyim, the classical Jewish way…

      “…having left judaism behind…”
      “…the more I get to know the gentile mind, the more I believe that the Jews are better than they…”

      You may have left Judaism behind, you clearly have not left the typical Jewish mentality behind. First of all you paint all non-Jews with the same brush, as if the numerous racial and ethnic groups of humanity all have the same mentality merely because they are not Jewish. That is typical deluded Jewish ethnocentric thinking. Secondly you believe in categorical Jewish superiority. Both are typical Jewish attitudes.

      “…at least with the Jews only a small portion is arrogant…”

      Is that a joke? I have found the Jews the most arrogant people of the world. You only confirm that observation.

      Personally I don’t believe Jews can ever de-judaize themselves, their character is too much fixed. That means humanity will always be plagued by Yahweh’s Chosen Mafia, unless…

      1. Franklin –

        The Ellie entity’s true character came out when she attacked Lasha… She stung the frog!!
        The scorpion brought down the frog….in a suicide mission…which is their nature.

        And everyone wants to make up???

        Making up, allowing the Ellie entity to post her evil on America here, will likely bring down the site. Both, the frog and scorpion drowned.

    2. @ aventador

      At least with the Jews only a small portion is arrogant and pretends to be something they are not, whereas with the gentiles they are all show offs and Mr and Mrs know it all

      you are wrong, buddy and how wrong, let me count a few ways.

      i never tire of pointing that 95% of israelis supported the latest massacre of defenseless gaza, that a similar survey showed similar numbers of the previous horror, the cast lead, not only within israel but the identical percentages for the jews outside, as if there was any difference.

      try to picture the world in which 95% of gentiles were of the mindset you encounter here … mmm, something to ponder, maybe savor, eh?

      and i contend that we, the present “antisemites and jew haters” are an incomparably kinder lot than the average online jew.
      look at the reception they get, a rothschild, ferchrissakes!
      what if wolfgang mengele, the son of the good doctor and his paraguayan housekeeper showed up at just about any site outside a few like this one and started preaching his particular gospel?
      try pam geller who programmed breivik to kill dozens of norwegian innocents, the mindless slaughter was openly celebrated in various jew sites like ha’aretz (one of the most liberal), and all because some participants at the meeting supported the bds movement.

      the gentiles can never be as bad as jews, no matter how hard they try.
      maybe because they weren’t chosen or weren’t chosen because they didn’t qualify – think about that one.

      leaving judaism is not enough, when my dog shits on the sidewalk i am obliged to scoop it up.
      ellie does that.

      1. lobro –

        Was it you who mentioned the goy German prison camp was better than Stalin’s Russia?

  30. Avantador –

    If you love Jews, I am very glad you hate me.

    The Ellie entity has been a spoof from the beginning… a good Jew Rothschild liar has sucked you in – ‘from the very beginning’ – as did Esther of the OT:

    “It is vitally important to write it in such a way that it is NOT obvious to readers that what they are reading is a tongue-in-cheek spoof.
    The more readers who believe it is the genuine article, and whose emotions are moved to anger and indignation, the better. A satirical spoof that is obviously a satirical spoof is a pretty poor thing in comparison.”

    July 10, 2014 at 9:00 am
    @ Ellie Katsnelson
    Well, I had no idea that a simple word like “Swift” could have an already coded meaning and could be interpreted in a dozen different ways. How naive of me.
    As I say, when I used the word “Swift”, I erroneously assumed you would understand that I was referring to the 18th century satirist, Jonathan Swift. I was telling you, in an indirect way, that I approved of your long diatribe and regarded it as a Swiftian satire.
    Unfortunately, Ellie, not a single commenter on this site has arrived at the same conclusion as I have in regard to your true nature. They have all, without exception, been misled into thinking you are a vicious Jewish supremacist writing from Israel. They have described your writing as “demonic”. I beg to differ. You are not a Jew, still less an “evil Jew”. You are one of us. And what you have written, essentially, is a satirical spoof.
    I realized this only because I had read your piece right to the end, meticulously, unlike these others who probably skipped whole paragraphs and read what you had written with insufficient attention to detail. The fact is, you reveal your hand only right at the end, in the final paragraphs.
    Of course, there will always be doubts. Having decided that you, Ellie, are an “evil Jew”, many of the commenters will be unwilling to admit they are wrong. Their inflated egos and fundamental lack of humility will make them stick to their guns. And doubtless, to salve their egos, they will start despising me and thinking me a fool for daring to differ from them.
    Anyway, Ellie, I intend to publish your piece but cut out all the rambling longueurs. It will be much shorter this time. And this time it will be clearer to intelligent readers, I hope, that “Ellie Katsnelson” is not what she appears to be on the surface: an evil Supremacist Jew, but rather a writer of Swiftian satire.
    July 10, 2014 at 9:25 am
    OK, I’ve already started to write my edited abridgement and I am not finding it easy. It is vitally important to write it in such a way that it is NOT obvious to readers that what they are reading is a tongue-in-cheek spoof.
    The more readers who believe it is the genuine article, and whose emotions are moved to anger and indignation, the better. A satirical spoof that is obviously a satirical spoof is a pretty poor thing in comparison.
    So, Ellie, full marks to you. Well done!
    Avantador…you must love Jew liars. I do not. And she attacked Lasha…. on YOM KIPPUR!!

  31. Precisely, Avantador, precisely, as that is exactly what happened to me when I first made my appearance here, even if what I actually said did not even border on the eloquent, let alone be so, and this from no lesser an authority than Lucy Skipping herself! To this dumbed down American lot, anyone whose diction is clear and well ordered, then that person must be Ellie K.! It says much about their intelligence really, doesn’t it. But I can prove this in a different way too. Just look at the number of comments that John Kaminski’s poignant and well written article has received, and then look at the drab and cacophonous Hare Krishna rubbish! If people actually spent time reading Kaminski, they would leave this site much, much better informed than the stupid Hare Krishna, where incidentally I happen to find myself in! But again, we must make allowances for the difference in intellectual depth, and not get unduly worked up. Also, I would caution you against offending the likes of Pat with such heavy words. Pat simply doesn’t like Ellie, and that is that, although I believe that unless he can prove his claim and better her articles, he should stand aside and say nothing, and not try and make the rest of us not like her, not that he stands a chance of succeeding really! Sorry Pat. Pat, please understand this: there are good Jews in the world, and some of the most important information and knowledge that has come down from us has been precisely from those whom both you and I hate so much. But whereas I can discriminate between a good and a genuine Jew, and a bad and a false one, you do not appear to have that ability, and I believe that this is precisely what renders you so unlikeable to most people here and not your real nature. I have never thought you bad, but you do tend to come across as a little malicious sometimes. Why? You can do better than that.

    I am surprised however that Darkmoon et al do not regulate the comments section a little better by simply moderating it, but allow all and sundry to pollute it. But again, I am reminded that this site caters to the American and not to the British public, hence the low quality of the people who frequent this site. I very much doubt that most readers have actually read Kaminski’s, or for that matter, Ellie’s article to the end, and yet so quick are they to demolish them, as one poster even suggested that John Kaminski had actually plagiarized his article or his website, or something like that. Anyone who has been reading his writing will tell you that he is original and is a man of intellectual integrity, and that he would never do such a thing.

    But the best way to confirm that what we are dealing with here, Avantador, is to see how, whenever they seek to fortify an argument or even a thought, the frequency with which they resort to quoting actors and Hollywood movies, as if actors have ever been considered a serious and intelligent people in any other country save America. The American mind is simply not acquainted with literature and philosophy; high and lofty thoughts are simply not for them. they want circuses, and pornography, and wrestling, and race cars, and not literature, and fine arts and good music. What did Montesquieu say about America? He said that it is the only country in the world that has gone from barbarism to modernity without first going through the stage of civilization! Ha ha ha! Therefore, friend, keep calm and stress not, for the quality of the people who come here differ but a little from brutes.

    1. Alan Merc –

      ” I have never thought you bad, but you do tend to come across as a little malicious sometimes. Why? You can do better than that.”

      Why? – That is my fighting nature. I was not drafted, but joined into Nam. I instructed judo and jiujitsu for decades. Some of my students did very well in regional MMA. I trained with Rickson Gracie.

      I have always been called malicious…until…it was time to lead the charge. Then, I was the one to follow. People have always wanted me to do what they would not. That happened when I held political office in the 70s. I learned the whole thing is fixed, and dropped out of that crap.

      You have actually complimented me here, by stating you see maliciousness. Thanks. There needs to be more maliciousness to combat the the deniers of freedom. Many have been malicious toward the Fed… the cowards attacked them while hidden.

      Freedom is not for the weak.

    2. Alan Merc

      Nice try. A European kettle calling the American kettle black

      So where did your “modernity” get you upon having moved through the “stage of civilization” with its “literature, fine arts and good music”?

      And gee, all along I was under the impression that actors are perhaps seen as the MOST serious and intelligent people as it concerns all things British.

      Methinks sir, that your exceeding protestation bespeaks an arrogance with its lack of discernment.

      1. … Where it got us, Mr Brownhawk, you ask? Well, it got us to that point, Sir, where we may soon and finally succeed in escaping your company, that’s where. You Americans have always cost us, my dear Sir, forgetting all the while that any and every addition which you have made to your stock of knowledge has actually come from us, the English. You must accept the fact, of course, won’t you, that you Americans, and we English, can never unite and be true friends, not even in thought, and what passes for unity between us two in the world stage, really is nothing but a business venture between our thugs and yours, that’s all. Also, if you recall, the Jew did attempt to set up shop in England, but we quickly intimated to him that the ground under his feet may be just a little too slippery for his feet, and so he easily invaded your shores and has since made of the American mind an utter, utter mess, so much so in fact, that now the American psyche is no longer distinguishable from that of a ”frenzied baboon on heat,” to quote one of our more learned and elegant thugs.

        You have no original sentiment, and everything you possess has really come down to you from us, and your most lively thoughts are but a reflection from the impression which you daily see in a Hollywood silver screen. You are loud, you are rude, you are gross, you are fat, you lack elegance, your people speak no foreign languages, and even the dullest sensation suffices to excite you. What I mean is, you are not only badly ordered but also disordered, and in some crucial parts you altogether lack order. Few is the number of those Englishmen who will mourn your passing, Mr Brownhawk, few indeed, and I may honourably count myself among those few. In England, there is a saying: he who wishes to create monsters, must first cross the Atlantic. One wonders how accurate does the good Mr Brownhawk think this English observation?

  32. both women, lasha and ellie know what my opinion is on the matter (and only my opinion matters :-)) and i have no more to add on this, other than that i will be releasing 2 videos, one of lasha beheading ellie and another of ellie beheading lasha, orange jumpsuits, ski masks and fiery curses.
    after which we will all hopefully retire for drinks and my cohiba at the sundance documentary festival.

    too much is being made of it, reminds me of the oj simpson media smoke screen that allowed some jew atrocity against lebanon or gaza to proceed full steam.

    is there a jew atrocity going on right now? does the rust ever sleep?
    sun never sets on the realm of jew atrocities, one in every time zone, non stop.

    anyway, of possible interest to putin bashers (who interestingly double as ellie bashers) as well as others, here is a list, by no means comprehensive, of putin’s achievements so far:

    broken the back of the AngloZionist-backed oligarchy in Russia.
    achieved a truly miraculous success in Chechnia (one which nobody, prophets included, had foreseen).
    literally resurrected the Russian economy.
    rebuilt the Russian military, security and intelligences forces.
    severely disrupted the ability of foreign NGOs to subvert Russia.
    done more for the de-dollarization of the planet than anybody before.
    made Russia the clear leader of both BRICS and SCO.
    openly challenged the informational monopoly of the western propaganda machine (with projects like RussiaToday).
    stopped an imminent US/NATO strike on Syria by sending in a Russian Navy Expeditionary Force (which gave Syria a full radar coverage of the entire region).
    made it possible for Assad to prevail in the Syrian civil war.
    openly rejected the Western “universal civilizational model” and declared his support for another, a religion and tradition based one.
    openly rejected a unipolar “New World Order” lead by the AngloZionists and declared his support for a multi-polar world order.
    supported Assange (through RussiaToday) and protected Snowden
    created and promoted a new alliance model between Christianity and Islam thus undermining the “clash of civilization” paradigm.
    booted the AngloZionists out of key locations in the Caucasus (Chechnia, Ossetia).
    booted the AngloZionists out of key locations in Central Asia (Manas base in Kyrgyzstan)
    gave Russia the means to defend her interest in the Arctic region, including military means.
    established a full-spectrum strategic alliance with China which is at the core of both SCO and BRICS.
    is currently passing laws barring foreign interests from controlling the Russian media.
    gave Iran the means to develop a much needed civilian nuclear program.
    is working with China to create a financial system fully separated form the current AngloZionist controlled one (including trade in Rubles or Renminbi).
    re-establised Russian political and economic support for Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Nicaragua and Argentina.
    very effectively deflated the pro-US color-coded revolution in Russia.
    organized the “Voentorg” which armed the NAF.
    gave refuge to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.
    sent in vitally needed humanitarian aid to Novorussia.
    provided direct Russian fire support and possibly even air cover to NAF in key locations (the “southern cauldron” for example).
    last but not least, he openly spoke of the need for Russia to “sovereignize” herself and to prevail over the pro-US 5th column.

    i suppose “anglozionists” means jews and their household pets, the butt-snorting zioxians.

    1. lobro –

      Putin ‘the magnificent’ is the one who can lead the world into a One World Jew Controlled Currency.

      To think that Putin is not a “player” – TODAY – is to think that the world stage is undirected and all is just happenstance. To think that is to be in denial of what is right before your eyes.

      To think that with trillions$$$$ at stake… it is all done ‘for the people’ by Putin and jew bankers…. is ridiculous…. absurd!!

      1. i think that you may be overstating the jew’s omnipotence, pat, this can lead to inability to resist in a meaningful way, if you concede defeat before the fight even started.

        putin is clearly hutinng the jews, which is why they are looking for ways to take him out, just like they did chavez, saddam and gaddafi.

        i remember that for each of them people were saying that they were just paid actors in the overall staging.
        when i sense jews frustrated rage as in “judea declares war on germany” or “germany must perish”, it tells me it’s a real deal.
        jews protect their pets like isis organ eaters or ukrainian right sector, the so-called nazis, which are nothing but kolomoisky’s personal bodyguard.

        how many time must i say, read the signs.
        do you have an iron clad proof that putin is their player?
        because if you don’t, then what if he isn’t, aren’t you helping the jews take down your man?
        would you shoot your buddy in the back in the trenches because you have some unspecified suspicion that he may be covertly on the other side?

        look at what the masses are saying, they can feel the genuine man, 92% of the chinese support putin.
        flyingcossack would say that 92% of the chinese, ie, over 1 billion are mossad agents.

      2. read some recent history about how ukrainian jews did this song and dance about being threatened by the kiev maidan “nazis”, another holocaust breathing down their necks.

        and it turns out what? that many were in fact idf killers, sniping at crowds at random, the same ones torturing and murdering donbass civilians, then harvesting the organs for transport to abu kabir in tel aviv.
        does the jew press say anything about them?

        or maybe read back to some old posts by dublinmick, joe and jones about what a “player” hitler was.
        his crime? didn’t win the war, so obviously he was a jew, a rothschild flunky … and no argument, however reasoned would sway them, arguing with a cockatoo will get you further.

      3. lobro –
        “i think that you may be overstating the jew’s omnipotence, pat, this can lead to inability to resist in a meaningful way, if you concede defeat before the fight even started.”

        When ‘they’ control the money and wealth of the world…. their potency(NOT omnipotence, which is your word) in real terms cannot be overstated.
        Being aware of the enemy’s strength is NOT conceding defeat, but awareness. It is bringing readiness for the huge job at hand.
        Underestimating their threat and strength and not pointing out the players is much more harmful.

  33. Alan Merc

    Yes, you are right. Americans generally speaking have become corrupt. Yes, Yes, all true and it’s also true that Americans owe a lot of their old culture to the English people. We also owe our system of law to the English but I might remind you that we broke from your thugs. We broke from your Crown. We broke from the Jews who had infiltrated your society, capturing first your Bank and then usurping the throne which caused practically every single war Christendom has known in the past 300 years.

    People like to come down on Americans and I can get it. Who ever is perceived as top dog people hate and yes, we bare responsibility for falling to the same forces as you succumbed too much earlier than us. See Alan, our native stock, our traditional stock are English and Germans primarily. We have the law written in us as you do but in order for us to exorcise righteousness, justice and good will, we had to leave your shores and travel over the pond to get the hell away from the tyranny that was and is epidemic in your lands. If there is one trait common among the Brits it is a conceited heart wrapped in a boast.

    We became Sovereigns on par with the Crown(s) and Pope, a feat no one else had accomplished or had been given by divine providence. Your King and the Pope were entrusted with your brothers common law trusts. They were entrusted with our securing liberty equal to theirs and what did you people do? Upon winning the battle of Lexington YOUR General Cornwallis admitted to our George Washington that…

    “a holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown….Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government.That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”

    So you, like the rest of of those who OWN you, hate us not for our becoming corrupt like you, but because we BROKE FROM YOU and set up a system diametrically opposed to top- down authority tyranny. Yes, this is what your masters hate. This is why we have been warred against for centuries. We Americans, those so hated today, had the BALLS to oppose the tyranny that has gripped all of Europe and Christendom for many centuries which according to your masters is the worst sin one could ever commit.

    Now you and others might not like Americans and I can see why given the brainwashed and judaized masses of today but what you seem to forget is we WON before and we, a minority, a remnant, will WIN AGAINST ALL OF YOU JEW TOOLS again! This time Alan, we won’t be content with simply ridding our lands of the enemy, we are going right to the root of our mutual problem: the “Jews” after they run to “Israel”– all on one place….FINALLY!

    How Brits can sit and point a finger at us, a people in the same type of boat as we but with A HELL OF A LOT MORE WATER IN IT, is beyond any rational mind.

    In short Alan, we ADMIT our failures and are presently doing all we can to correct it while the rest of you JEW DUPES find solace in your slavery perfectly content to point the finger at others so as to NOT deal with the reality of your own f-cked up situation. Forgive me but I think the term is called “PROJECTION”.

    Grow up. If the British passed away we would mourn regardless of what your masters have done to us and you. If we pass away, you all will celebrate with the Jew as the SLAVES you are but REFUSE to admit.

    1. Tyrone –
      “How Brits can sit and point a finger at us, a people in the same type of boat as we but with A HELL OF A LOT MORE WATER IN IT, is beyond any rational mind.”

      The only fistfight I had in Scotland was with a man with that elitist attitude.

      They were above us…but had no hot water in most houses in 1973. They has 10 pence electric meters on the houses, good for 2 hours at a time..LOL!! The only ice to be had for mixed drinks was at the country clubs. All stores, even hotels, closed the doors and locked them at 10pm.

      They are different. Believe me.

    2. Bravo Tyron. Good on you

      You said it all. Nothing for me to add here

      If people like Alan Merc can’t see the plain Truth in what you’ve stated, then bad on them.

      And thanks for that quote from Cornwallis. I had forgotten those, his most prescient of observations. What a reminder – the grip of International Jewry.

  34. >> how many time must i say, read the signs.
    do you have an iron clad proof that putin is their player?
    because if you don’t, then what if he isn’t, aren’t you helping the jews take down your man?

    Lobro, let me ask you few questions?

    (1) Wouldn’t you agree that Pat is not a stupid man?
    (2) Isn’t it true that you have told him to read the signs many times?
    (3) Isn’t it true that Pat does not read the signs?
    (4) Why do your well-reasoned arguments bounce off of him like beans from the wall if he is not a stupid man?
    (5) Isn’t it true that you think (or tend to think) that he is on your side (you just need to find the right argument and Pat will, all of sudden, see the light)?
    (6) Isn’t it true that Flying Sack of Shit, Pat, and the rest of the crew is driving you crazy?
    (7) Could you explain to me (and to yourself) why do you fall for Flying Shit’s bait, and how come that Pat is able to make you doubt your own logical inferences?
    (8) Wouldn’t you agree that you don’t have the courage to draw the right conclusion even when it is staring right at you?

    Call it calculus of questions if you wish.

    1. circassian, i have drawn the right conclusion long ago and am not likely to change.

      i did get angry at putin couple of times when it looked like he had left the novorossyans dangling on the hook like fish bait, was disappointed that the holocaust denial was criminalized and so on but eventually got to see through it as just window dressing behind which he was making moves that will cost the jewry – and is costing them already, they know they have a genuine threat for the first time since fdr sucked america into war.

      i don’t get angry at pat despite his obstinacy because pat is pat and has been civil and polite to me at all times, ideological disagreements aside.
      same for spqr and whoever not.
      there is hardly a poster here with whom i don’t have at least one point of disagreements but if they behave like humans, so will i.

      but frankly, flying cossack doesn’t seem right in the head and just trudges behind me from post to post like a lavatory odor, forever mumbling incomprehensible imprecations.
      this is why i never commented on his “you have a file on me lobro, you know my personal details, grunt, grunt”.
      i had no clue what he was talking about and now i do, he thought i was threatening his mother!!! 😀
      while arranging east-west war on the side …

      it just shows you that the threads have taken a beating in terms of posterage and now these new ones are pouring in, sensing instability and instead of useful exchanges of information and ideas you have these swamp wars.

      i think i need a break (and so does lasha i fear, i’d be at the end of my tether in her place)

    2. the idea that, the most putin is building the universal nwo currency by pulling down the dollar is laughable, by the way.

      jews practically invented the dollar, owned every single one, paper or electronic for a century, it has been the reserve currency since ww2 and what is reserve currency but one-world money?
      they are there already, so if anything they want to keep it status quo … as if americans can say peep about dollar or their fiscal policy, jews control it even tighter than their shekelshit in that sewer land of theirs.

      if renmibi+ruble escape the dollar mechanism, they also escaped the 1-eye bank for international settlements, which is the 1-eye of mordor come true, right tyron?
      (btw, tyron is a fine dude, maybe the best here, i am moved to defend him from snipers in the bushes but he can do it himself just fine … and of course the o/t is full of it, not budging on that)

      so, maybe the wrath of heaven is not needed to settle earth scores if we all stand behind our man putin and his lieutenants in iran and places, we the humans can do it ourselves.

      1. lobro –

        “and what is reserve currency but one-world money?”

        That is not a correct assumption, and misleading. There are a handful of ‘reserve currencies’ in the world, NOT just one. The USD comprises 80% of the value of them, and the British Pound is the bulk of the remainder.

        There is a huge drawback to the country having the major reserve currency…. it increases unemployment due to a balance of trade deficit. That is known as the TRIFFIN DILEMMA.

        The Triffin dilemma or paradox is the conflict of economic interests that arises between short-term domestic and long-term international objectives when a national currency also serves as a world reserve currency. The dilemma of choosing between these objectives was first identified in the 1960s by Belgian-American economist Robert Triffin. He pointed out that the country whose currency, being the global reserve currency, foreign nations wish to hold, must be willing to supply the world with an extra supply of its currency to fulfill world demand for these foreign exchange reserves, and thus cause a trade deficit.

        As you may know, lobro, for every $billion trade deficit it robs over 20,000 jobs in the US. (based on $50,000 salary)

        That is FAR different from being a ‘one world currency.’ 😉

    3. @ Circassian

      Pat is not the problem here. YOU are the problem! It was you who roundly abused Lasha Darkmoon and called this site her “latrine”.

      Graciously, she still allows you to post here. She has made no attempt to ban you. You are completely oblivious to her kindness.

      I told you recently: if this site is a “latrine”, more fool you for continuing to post here. You replied rather lamely that you were acting as this site’s “janitor”. Attempting to “clean it up”.

      I replied: how sad that you should apply for a job as an unpaid latrine cleaner, when no one even asked you!

      You had nothing to say for yourself. You skulked away under your rock for a few days. Now you have emerged again into the garish daylight, blinking your little insect eyes and seeing whom you can pour shit over. Unlike most latrine attendants I know, whose job is to clean up shit — not pour it over people.

      Can’t keep away from the “latrine”, can you? 🙂

    4. Circassian –

      These comments are ALL just opinions!! Treat them as such and read the next one.
      I am NO expert. All I do is pull from the past.

      “Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it.” I add…. “And those who do study history can repeat it in less than half the time.”

    5. Circassian –

      “(4) Why do your well-reasoned arguments bounce off of him like beans from the wall if he is not a stupid man?”

      Easy answer…if you would ask me…not lobro. He has no good answer there. If he answered it would be a guess.

      Because I have been in the battles, physically and politically in venues where he has never been.
      Simply put, I KNOW things he does not.

      As does everyone. No biggie…

      1. Pat

        “I KNOW things he does not”

        A most reasonable sentiment. I’ve been a regular on this site for awhile now, and what makes it unique in my eyes is the degree of astute commenters who come here with legitimate contributions in bringing alot to the table adding to our general body of learning.

        Anything short of keeping it on the level of offering useful exchanges promoting thoughtfulness is an energy drain, and draining THAT swamp is a constant work in progress (the occasional comic relief notwithstanding) 😉

      2. Brownhawk –
        The destruction of the Murrah Bldg in OKC accomplished many things. One of the main ones was to pass the 1994 Crime Bill….The Violent Crime Control And Law Enforcement Act of 1994. I called Senator Lott’s office and got a copy of the Conference Report in Aug 1994. It contained the changes, as inserts, to the codes, and not the codes in total. I was doing contracted work in Miss. at that time. I still have it right here in my library, with the very nice note from Kirsten, his Legislative Correspondent. (I also have Noah Webster’s leather bound dictionary, and 1859 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary….etc….for insight.)

  35. Ellie K

    I have a simple question for you, Madam. Please answer it. If you fail to do so, I will expose you for the charlatan that you are.

    In one of your comments above you stated quite clearly and unequivocally that Lasha Darkmoon had refused all offers of money from you. Not once, but FIVE times. You then go on to say that she had suddenly done a “volte-face” and asked you for money. Your exact words were that Lasha had written to you this sentence, and I quote it in bold block capitals:

    “You are so generous, why don’t you show me some?”

    Lasha has claimed that this is a fabricated quote. That you have made up this sentence and put it into her mouth. In fact, she had said the very opposite to you.

    If Lasha is telling the truth, this makes you — in her own words — “a barefaced liar.”

    So this is my question, Madam: did Lasha say those exact words to you or not: YES or NO? Are YOU lying or is SHE lying?

    Answer the question. You evaded it when Lasha asked you to apologize and retract. You’re not going to get out of it so easily this time.

    I repeat: Did you lie in stating that Lasha wrote those exact words to you? Will you admit that you made up those words? And if you have lied, will you apologize to Lasha as she has asked you to do?

      1. SPQR,

        I guess it matters in the same way as it it would matter to you if someone accused you falsely of being a pedophile.

        How would you like it if a sneaky little girl told her teacher or parents that you had approached her on the street corner and said, “Little girl, I’d like to fuck you. Here’s five dollars. How about it?”

        Wouldn’t it matter to you, esteemed SPQR, that this lying brat had made up these words and put them into your mouth?

        Of course it would.

        My contention is that Ellie K’s words, though not as life threatening, are nevertheless defamatory. They are intended to ruin Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation.

        My advice to Lasha is to have nothing more to do with this mendacious little primadonna. She has hijacked this entire thread — she and her numerous sock puppets.

      2. What I should have asked was, what makes you think Ellie will tell the truth just because you ask her to? How would you even verify what she claims? And if she apologies, what makes you think she’s being sincere? Jews have no trouble lying to goyim right to their face, you think they’d have a problem with lying over the web?

      3. Sardonicus –

        “She has hijacked this entire thread — she and her numerous sock puppets.”

        Amazing…and correct.

        Noachim lose…again…still…

      4. @ SPQR

        What I should have asked was, what makes you think Ellie will tell the truth just because you ask her to? How would you even verify what she claims? And if she apologies, what makes you think she’s being sincere? Jews have no trouble lying to goyim right to their face, you think they’d have a problem with lying over the web?

        You’re quite right of course. I’m glad you’ve seen through her. The attention this bragging narcissist has managed to get for herself, with her tall tales of fabulous wealth and unbelievable munificence, is pretty sickening if you come to think of it.

        I regret to say that Lasha, poor darling, has been suckered by her shockingly. Lasha is far too kind for her own good. But even Lasha obviously doesn’t like lies being told about her. And Ellie K has definitely lied by putting words into Lasha’s mouth that Lasha claims she never said.

        So I’m asking this Ellie K character to answer a simple question: “Please confirm that Lasha said these exact words to you — YOU ARE SO GENEROUS, WHY DON’T YOU SHOW ME SOME? And if you fabricated this sentence, as Lasha claims, will you now apologize to Lasha?”

        I’m not really concerned if her apology is sincere or not. I am more concerned to find out if someone who comes across as so righteously moralistic and high-minded in her articles is capable of an apology at all. So far, a deafening silence. And not a word from her sock puppets either.

        Pat’s instincts have been correct all along. The only guy here who has consistently fought his corner against this bunch of fancy prose merchants, all sounding remarkably like the magnificent Teutonic empress Ellie K! 🙂

  36. I have kept silent so far. I will now speak. Ellie K comes across as an increasingly unpleasant character. In order to silence Pat and intimidate him for criticizing her, she has referred to him as a “cripple.” I regard this scurrilous abuse of someone suffering from Parkinson’s disease as unforgivable.

    My granny suffers from Parkinson’s. She has her wits about her and is managing quite well. Bearing up stoically. She is loved and respected by all around her. No one refers to her as a “cripple”. But then, she is lucky enough to be surrounded by her caring English family and not by Rothschild half-Jews who are as lavish with their cruel words, it seems, as they are with their tall stories of incredible generosity.

    I bet Lasha doesn’t even get a dime out of this foul-mouthed bitch.

    1. I strongly recommend that this website has nothing more to do with Ellie K. She is a Zionist agent provocateur. No doubt about it. In her very first comment, which later became an article, she said she was an Israeli. Now she’s a half-Jewish German of fabulous wealth and Rothschild blood who hates all Jews and wants to see them wiped out.

      No more articles from Ellie K please. Let her take her wares elsewhere. And her potential donations. I have written to Montecristo and told him that if this website receives any money from this dodgy character that he should return it immediately.

      He replied: “No problem. We don’t expect her to make a donation. If she does send us anything, it will go to a Palestinian charity. That I can promise you.”

    2. Ruth –

      Thanks. She bullied me to want me to sit down and shut up. That will not happen.

      I claimed to another poster here that the ‘Ellie entity’ was sent to this site by ‘an Israeli friend’ to which the poster replied to give proof of my claim. That denier stated later that ‘proof’ was in the eye of the beholder. And I agree about that. The attacks on Lasha, performed on YOM KIPPUR, should be ‘proof’ enough to any ‘beholder’s eyes.’

  37. You poor old fools! It’s a GIRLS fight! Stay OUT of it!

    They’re, both, more articulate and learned than all of us (except Lobro, and, perhaps, ‘Pat’), but never pretend they have our manly inclination to fair play! For myself, I wish they’d remain conversational ‘friends’ so that we may, all, benefit from their conversations. 🙂 . I love BOTH of them (though I must remain loyal to Lasha, even though she shuns me!)(more than Miss Ellie, even, I offered her a HOUSE here, in Virginia, and she thought it gauche – which, I suppose, it WAS). But I certainly feel Miss Ellie’s offer was sincere. (btw, I wouldn’t mind running her farm for her if she wanted; and especially if Lsaha Darkmoon would be a sometimes guest!). They are, both, PRINCESSES. 🙂

    Please, DO try to take it easy on them, both.

  38. Lemmings, lemmings everywhere
    And all the hoards did shrink
    Lemmings, lemmings everywhere
    Nor any drip(ping wet vagina) to drink

    1. Can’t you do better than THAT????! You are no ‘ancient mariner’, nor are you a poet!!!

      1. Dij I dishappoint ya Charlieboy? Who shaid anything about being a poet? I’m an Ancient Mariner AND a Drunken Shailor. You sould reshpect Drunken Shailors a little more…

      2. And ‘jares a paranjashees jat ya can ignore for the pruje amongsht ya… sheesh…

  39. Terribly disappointed. You seem to cater more to those that don’t matter than to those that do matter. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. Carry on. You’ll recognize me from my email address.

  40. Correct, Sardonicus. According to your twisted logic, all one has to do to pass off as a German princess is to string a fine sentence or two and voila, here comes Ellie again! You American moron! I suppose this just proves to show how utterly unlettered you lot have become. Admit it. You are jealous of her wealth, you are distrustful of her background, you are fearful of the Jewishness in her, and you are envious that you have never produced an article here but have satisfied yourselves with being relegated to the status of mere commenters. I wonder if John Kaminski, who earlier praised Ellie K, if he had written his praise under a different name, whether he too would have been thought by you as just another Ellie K sock puppet? OF COURSE HE WOULD HAVE! In other words, ANYONE who so much as countenances what someone whom you don’t like has said, is immediately a sock puppet. Basically what you are doing is adopting the exact same Jewish strategy where NO DISSENT WHATSOEVER IS ALLOWED, and anyone who so much as utters a yes to your no is an undesirable. Was it Circassian who said that this site is a latrine?

    The fact of the matter is that, you lonely lot, who have no real friends in life, have bandied together in this cyberspace and have found a ”warm” little quarter of existence where you at least get the impression that you are liked, and basically ALL ECHO EACH OTHER’S OPINION WITHOUT SO MUCH AS THINKING, hoping to prove in this way that each and every one of you is actually speaking his own mind, whereas in fact all that you are doing is parroting each other’s words.

    Ruth Bernstein, are you sure it’s not you who suffers from Parkinson’s and not your grandmother? You lying Jew! Here is what the target of your Jewish venom had to say about Israel: ”A good Israeli friend of mine…” Where does it say here, I AM FROM ISRAEL? You fucking liar! Caught! And caught as a dumb fucking liar too! I myself am Jewish, (original name Mercer) and in no way give my countenance to Ellie K just because of her Jewishness, but simply because I find her more worthy than you, and also because of your cretinous inability to recognize talent and goodness when it comes this way. You are so hateful of all Jews, that even if you suffered from some deadly disease and a Jew alone could save you, you would refuse his help and choose instead to die in misery. That outwardly you are all nice and lovy-dovy, but behind the back you stab, proves to show that you are precisely that: back stabbers, a term incidentally often used against the Jews themselves! The reason why you all don’t like Ellie K is that, apart from money, she has a lot more than you miserable lot don’t have, and not having the courage to admit this, you then go and pick on her Jewishness and on her unfortunate bout with Lasha. So far as I have been able to discern, there never was anything in Ellie K’s writing which betrayed her wish to bring this site into disrepute or in any other way to diminish its popularity. In case you stupid idiots have not noticed, SHE ACTUALLY ATTACKS THE JEWS AND DOES NOT DEFEND THEM!!! Why shoot the messenger, you cripple Ruth and Sardonicus? Why not concentrate on the message? I’ll tell you why, and it always boils down to this and this only: because she is half Jewish, and because you are envious of her talents and position in life, that’s why.

    Sardonicus, you foolish biped! Here is the easiest way to prove that your dear Lasha, who has so stolen your imagination, was not telling the truth. She has admitted to hating money, and then she has gone and added a Donate button! You Judaized imbecile. Unlike you, I have read all the 155 comments in this article, and have poured three times through their exchange of emails on this site, as well as Ellie K’s emotional last comment to her, but you miserable lot are so weak and idiotic, as to no longer be able to criticize Lasha even when she deserves it. It says much about your character, doesn’t it! You are all sucking up to her without noticing it, and try in this way to present yourselves as defenders of her, because you are afraid that if you so much as utter a disagreeable thought, you would lose your last refuge where at least SOMEONE in life liked you. You disgust!

    As for Ellie K, let us be fair now. I did point out once to her that, if she hated the Jews so much, why did she say that her uncle E, whom I rightly presume to be Evelyn de Rothschild, was her favourite? I mean, if she really hates them as much as she said she did, why have an uber monster as your favourite? But so far I have not received an answer, and this did cause me to doubt her a little, but I have since warmed to her. Not that it really matters now, as the saboteurs like you have had your way.

    Carefully and analytically must one dissect and observe and judge, no matter who that person is, including Lasha and Ellie K, and not like you atrocious lot who judge with emotions and without thoughts. No wonder you have reached that stage in your ”evolution” where you disgust pretty much all of England!

    Keep them coming now: HERE IS ANOTHER SOCK PUPPET! You fucking morons, the whole lot of you!

    1. @ Merc

      “Sardonicus, you foolish biped! Here is the easiest way to prove that your dear Lasha, who has so stolen your imagination, was not telling the truth. She has admitted to hating money, and then she has gone and added a Donate button! You Judaized imbecile.”

      I don’t usually argue with sock puppets, but I wish to correct this misconception of yours that Lasha is after Ellie K’s shekels. Lasha couldn’t have made it clearer that she had no wish to receive a penny from Ellie K, which Ellie K herself admits by saying that Lasha had turned down her offers of money FIVE times.

      As for your pathetic comment, “She [Lasha] has admitted to hating money, and then she has gone and added a Donate button! You Judaized imbecile,” you conveniently forget that it was Lasha’s webmaster who added the donate button, contrary to Lasha’s express wishes, and that this website doesn’t even belong to Lasha in the first place. Surely you aren’t implying that someone who adds a donate button to their website, which is almost universal nowadays, is a money-grubbing Jew?

      Odd that you should call me a “Judaized imbecile”, given that that you are “judaized” yourself! Haven’t you just admitted to being a Jew? And aren’t you acting as cheerleader for the half-Jew, Ellie K?

      Of course, you and I both know that you don’t really exist, since you are no more than one of Ellie K’s numerous sock puppets! All her sock puppets, I note, are male. This makes me wonder if Ellie K herself is not a male.

      We’ll never know.

      1. Sardonicus –
        I reference the ‘Ellie entity’…ans she/he…sometime, because I do not know the sex(not gender) of the ‘Ellie entity/’

        The ‘Ellie entity’ writes like a male at times. I mentioned this early on and was bashed fairly heavily for it..LOL!!!

  41. Alan Merc: “You fucking morons, the whole lot of you!”

    The whole lot? Alan, Alan, let’s be fair. More than a few posters here suggested that Lasha and Ellie both need a good tumble in the haystack to resolve their issues. Clearly, these posters are quite astute and had no qualms in calling out the Darkmoon-Kleist hysteria for what it is. Antisemitism will dry you right up, ladies. Time to reconsider.

  42. Pat,

    Yes the native population of the UK is little annoying to me but truth be told, we Americans have had a love affair with the Brits for a long time and this even if it was a one sided affair. I can’t think of one single American who doesn’t love the Brits even with their looking down their noses at us all of the time.

    Americans probably love the Canadians even more but I find it interesting to note that for the longest time they burned with a jealousy pointing out every wart they could find on us while we consistently described them as the nicest people on the planet. Go figure.

    People in the UK, Colonies and Europe may hate regular Americans but how many of them have visited us in our natural settings? Has there ever been a more gracious host, a people who displayed more hospitality, especially in the south, than the American peoples have toward their brother and sister nations? So yes, it hurts us a little when all of you gang up on us when we have never so much as wished anything but good upon you. There is one except to this rule and it is to our shame. The German people. The Jews convinced Americans, a population of over 50 million Germans that they were evil. This makes my heart break having lived for a couple years in Germany and finding them to be the most decent people I’ve ever met. All I can say to this is that the usual suspects brainwashed us and I was a victim of it too until that brainwashing broke during the time I lived along side them during those years.

    I say all of this (Listen Alan) not because I want divisions between our brother nations- my peoples, but because I don’t. The “Jew” is programming the planet against the American, UK and Colonies white/Christian populations, especially the Americans just like they programmed the world against the Germans during the first two world wars.

    So if you want to oppose the “Jews” evil schemes you might just try building us up and not trying to endlessly tear us down. Defend your brothers in America while kindly pointing out what you perceive to be our weaknesses is the way to go otherwise we will most likely shoot back.


    United States, Britain, Israel etc. are Just Colonies


    Concerning this topic and because he sums up well my feelings, I’d like to endorse this recent speech by Jared Taylor at the “forbidden” conference in Budapest, Hungry. The title, “Toward a World Brotherhood of Europeans”



    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I see the Brics money system as not an authentic counter force but a controlled opposition force against the dollar. The Jews control both sides because they control those banks in Brics and their Corporation Governments. They are pitting Brics vs dollar, east vs west to capture the last two nations they don’t control (Iran-Syria) so that when all money systems collapse due to the controlled conflict, they will control all nations as they then come forth with their solution to their Hegelian dialectic- a WORLD CURRENCY- chip implant.

    1. Tyron –

      “United States, Britain, Israel etc. are Just Colonies”…. Correct. And that was aided by the Doctrines of Discovery, issued by popes in the 15th century. Right or wrong, that justification is held by force still today.

      And – YES – the chip is the goal….and for that there is a NEED for a common currency…. a ONE WORLD CURRENCY.

      ‘Reserve currencies’ of today ARE NOT the same as a single common currency.

      1. To be precise, those “doctrines of discovery” were issued at virtually the same time as the “issuance” of the original protocols. And In turn coinciding with that other bogus “discovery” of one, Chris Columbo (“oh, and one more thing…” )

      2. Brownhawk –

        Sure… Oh, yeah… The natives in America must have been lost….before they were ‘discovered’…by the arrogant criminals from across the shores. And that is their basis for total control today.

  43. That’s right. What the fools here don”t realize, is that both Lasha and Ellie speak exactly the same language, and yet by siding with the one and pushing aside another, they have only suceeded in alienating them from each other, probably for ever. And who wins? Die Juden! All power to the Jewry! I must say though I am somewhat surprised how neither Montechristo nor Lasha nor Lucy have had much to say here. Maybe they couldn’t care less. Just as well though, as I myself no longer give a shit about this tired old joint. Time for a change!

    1. @ Speck

      “I must say though I am somewhat surprised how neither Montechristo nor Lasha nor Lucy have had much to say here. Maybe they couldn’t care less.”

      Good point. But there’s a reason for our silence.

      Monty’s away in Nepal on a mountaineering expedition and is not available for comment.

      Lasha is busy doing her research and seldom has time to post time-consuming comments, apart from which she doesn’t want to get involved in slanging matches.

      As for me, it’s not my place as monitor of this website to meddle and interfere with the commenters’ freedom of speech. My job demands remote impartiality. Even if someone attacked me personally here, I would have to remain silent.

      May I say only this: the idea that Lasha is engaged in some sort of Clash of the Titans battle with Ellie K is false. Lasha has hardly opened her mouth to say anything and only posted a terse response to to Ellie K when Ellie K launched her initial attack on Lasha. Lasha was forced to intervene only tbecause Ellie K had fabricated a defamatory quote and put it into Lasha’s mouth and Lasha had no option but to step in at this point and ask Ellie to withdraw her lie. This Ellie K has refused to do.

      It is interesting to note that none of Ellie K’s vocal supporters have alluded to this lie or requested Ellie K to apologize and retract the same lie.

      I have said enough.

      1. YES… Lucy… Interesting, indeed

        “It is interesting to note that none of Ellie K’s vocal supporters have alluded to this lie or requested Ellie K to apologize and retract the same lie.”

  44. i know this has nothing to do with either hare krishna or ellie controversy but i am raring to return to business as usual rather inter-poster spitball fights.
    there are 2 camps regarding just about every issue and the one named “putin” is of supreme importance because of what the possible results signify.

    1. the fight is over, jews own the planet and the promise of talmud is secured – putin is their man in the controlled opposition role as per protocols of the elders of zion.
    resistance is useless unless you want to take to the local bush in the cottage country armed with army surplus gear and the boxes of twinkies to last you through the war against satellite imaging, drones, various triangulating techniques, gunships and blackwater/academi mercenaries of monsanto synagogue of satan.
    — many posters favor this reading: pat, tyron, flying cossack, spqr, &c.

    2. putin and the brics is the last hurdle before the scenario (1) above becomes reality, but then the guise comes off and the beast is revealed fully as per gurvitz’s warning
    — this camp includes sardonicus, lasha, circassian, 5ds, myself, &c.

    i don’t care about winning the argument, just the truth and since it is elusive so far, i must read the signs as best i can.
    i said many times that one of the best indicators is watching the reactions of jews themselves, since they are unfortunately (the the great, cosmically tragic misfortune) the prime movers of the world history, through their satanically perfidious machinations.
    therefore, they are worth watching.
    so here is the latest:
    Russian Tycoon: We Must Prepare For Putin’s Inevitable Downfall
    and who is “russian tycoon”? none other than mikhail khodorkovsky, the jew who putin tossed in slammer for what, 14 years? great friends in controlled opposition, no?
    just before they grabbed him in his private plane, he signed over all of his yukos shares, then valued at 40 billion, to baron de rothschild.
    go figure, like tyron says.
    and now he says that putin is history, they are gonna get him, like they got saddam, chavez and gaddafi (btw, were they controlled opposition too? just curious)
    khodorkovsky is planning to meet obama like 2 world statestmen of equal stature, just like obama lovingly hosted nevzhlin, khodorkovsky’s sidekick and a minor rothschild servant.

    interesting way for someone to volunteer for rothschild employment: we are gonna hound you to death and impale you on a stick at the end.
    yessir, can’t wait, please hire me.

    1. here is what one exceptionally astute writer with whom i as often as not disagree has to say about the dialectics that favors the type 1 scenario above.

      berkeley is in a camp of his own on just about any issue, another xymphora spinoff.

      1. lobro –

        That was a very interesting article on NiqNaq you linked.

        I am always amused about the thousands of authors who fail to see or write that all governments are capitalist in nature. The difference in each is who owns the CAPITAL. Who are the owners of the limousines??

        To get at the facts they should forget the ‘isms’ of the world.

        ALL government systems fall into JUST ONE category…. a Monopolistic Capitalistic Oligarchy. I leaned that from Dr Stewart Crane PhD Econ in 1968.

        I played this lecture for audiences all across the country and Hawaii… on my very heavy reel-to- reel recorder, before cassettes and VHS. (He has a great accent)


      2. Here is the link to all of the Stuart Crane lecture in 5 parts from 1968. He passed 20 years ago.

        The lecture IS STILL applicable TODAY… Economics and logic STILL apply…

        “If the US want a war they are going to have to pay for it…. the governments supply the money to get what they want.”
        “The generation gap disappears when the kids go out and get their own jobs.”
        “The government states that you should love your parents but do not listen to them.”
        “When a person makes the same mistake 1000 times in a row, I believe he wants them to happen.”
        “Evidence against a criminal in a criminal case cannot be presented without the criminal’s permission.”


    2. lobro –

      You have really GOOD guesses…. and I appreciate them.

      Here is my guess…. please….

      ‘Chipping’ everyone in the world is the long-term goal. That may soon be accomplished through vaccine injections… the REAL purpose of CDC creation of deadly bugs….scare people and force governments into MANDATING vaccinations for the ‘public General Welfare’ which is in the preamble to US Cohen-stitution.

      Then TPTB can turn off the chips of dissidents. No purchases available to them. No GMO food for them. And….no camping allowed!!

      I just love the guesses..huh??

      1. i too believe that ebola (marburg virus, eh?) seems to be a measure of talmudic crowd control, first try it out on hapless knee-grows in west africa who as as mute as fish when it comes to voicing their protest, after all jews were importing them as commodity since ages ago, pretext for joining the great us of a, so it might be said that the jews have west african roots down pat, much more so than in palestine for that matter.

    3. BTW—

      I can almost her the ‘Ellie entity’ laughing out loud to the ‘Israeli friend’ about how she can write about America taking it in the butt…and HOW MUCH the commenters love it. Shameful evil ‘entity’….conditioning… More likely using this site as a doctoral thesis project in Psychology for a degree at a college or synagogue in Haifa. “See here, Rebbe.”

      The Stockholm Syndrome applies to many here. “We just love our oppressors!!”

      Think about it.

      1. yes, the stockholm syndrome is one of the toughest to self diagnose.

        i enjoyed reading about how over 90% of americans whose iq is average (100) think of themselves as being of above average intelligence.

        as for ellie’s identity, i have never met the lady and if one day i am so inclined i may just pop over to that antooly bistro for a coffee and a shot of lillet.
        or of course, she is welcome to visit me here in the deep dark balkans, so long as i pay for drinks (grappa, walnut liqueur and the best espresso anywhere).
        if i am wrong, i may get a poke with a poisoned umbrella … what better way to escape a geriatric care facility.
        but my motto has always been, easier to extend benefit of doubt, then retract it if the situation demands than overshoot and eat crow later, so ellie is ellie until she reveals herself not to be ellie, how’s that?

        i did look up “ellie in antoolie” and turned up zilch, i must say, maybe a typo?

        i will listen to dr crane’s ideas as soon as i catch a moment, thanks.

      2. lobro –

        My excessive cynicism, or lack of naivete, precludes my susceptibility for Stockholm Syndrome, for the most part. As a note… I also hated my parents pulling that Santa trick on me each year….after about age 5 or so.

        You will get a big kick out of Crane’s wit and humor. Please know that Bob Jones University, where he was head of Business School, is a Christian private college. He was a JBS-er who hated democrats, and called LBJ a tyrant..LOL!

        Glad to help. You will hear some of my sayings which I retained from him over 45 years ago..

        Been at it a long time…. which is why my ideas are not in vogue today. Neither are Paine’s or Franklin’s. (I mimic Franklin’s writing style somewhat. Short sentences, simple words…. intentionally.)

    4. lobro

      Put me in camp #3. Or say, #2.666. A combination of the 1st two at any rate.

      The part of me in camp #1 is the part that will go down in a blaze of glory before succumbing to some stinkin’ chip.

      Where I cross over to #2 is reflective of Pat’s mention of the “monopolistic capitalistic oligarchy” under which all govt. systems fall, with all their accompanying “isms”


      Camp #2 sees what is hovering above this whole fray – the Satanic Overlord of the protocol agenda. An entity of darkness who has NO WORLDLY ALLEGIANCES. Why do I think that like Hitler before him, Putin knows this full well? That he, like ALL humans are dispensable to the great deceiving cowboy corralling his agenda-21 cattle. None of us should be fooled in knowing that everything plays off this.

      If you DO know this, and I believe Putin does, then are we really to believe that he’s on board with WHATEVER be His/Her Satanic Majesty’s request KNOWING that this means willingly going along with the ramifications of the vampire’s bite?

      Putin is one steely-eyed son of a gun. With all that he’s seen, you kiddin me? And look at how predictably old and gray Obama is looking these days, like so many Presidents before him. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ridiculous to see Putin as a savior figure, after all, I doubt if he’s one in favor of abolishing Government with all those “ism’s” – but perhaps to be seen as one who’ll be instrumental in moving towards that end (and here I’m thinking of Tyron’s take, although I may disagree with some of his particulars) But to me he’s certainly not on board with this satanic reality that a JWO would portend in its full scope, and that he is privvy to.

      And I would disagree with Pat here in a perspective of Putin’s being a former Colonel in the KGB. I would say it’s BECAUSE he’s seen it all in this capacity, and knows his history AS a Russian that makes him want no part of these evil cretins when “all is said and done”.

      At the end of the day we’re all “players” stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      1. Brownhawk –

        2.666 is good.

        “And I would disagree with Pat here in a perspective of Putin’s being a former Colonel in the KGB. I would say it’s BECAUSE he’s seen it all in this capacity, and knows his history AS a Russian that makes him want no part of these evil cretins when “all is said and done”.

        I would wish you to be correct. All leaders since JFK have been pathetic.

      2. Reminds of the comedian Bill Hick’s bit where he’s talking about a newly elected President’s first day in office. Immediately after the inauguration he’s brought into a dark room. He sits down, hears a noise behind him, and in front a movie screen appears. The projector reel starts rolling and he finds himself watching the Zapruder film. The film ends and a voice from behind asks:

        “Any questions?”

  45. @ Ellie K

    I am sorry to see that you have been attacked on this website but it is not my policy to intervene in these matters, given that I myself am constantly under attack.

    You have failed to issue me with the apology I demanded from you for fabricating a quote and putting it into my mouth — YOU ARE SO GENEROUS, WHY DON’T YOU SHOW ME SOME? — but I more or less expected that your patrician pride would prevent you from apologizing to a mere social underling like me.

    The fact that you do not insist that I said it but remain silent is , in my opinion, proof enough that I did not say it.

    I wish you to know that I bear you no ill-feeling for this injury and that I would be perfectly happy to see your most recent essay on the Christian Zionists published on our website, but I am not the owner of the site and I have no say in final editorial decisions. I thought you knew that.

    Having said that, I will use the little influence I have to get it published in due course. Be assured of that. It’s a fine essay, though a wee bit “over-the-top”, which is why we have to be careful and get outside advice.

    1. I will be going up to London in a few weeks time. This will be an opportunity to meet if you wish. You have already expressed the desire more than once to meet me in person and have in fact invited me to spend the night as your guest at one of two top London hotels where you retain permanent suites. This sounds exciting.

      However, I don’t want to make a big deal of this or avail myself of your kind hospitality, since I have an aunt in Richmond with whom I will be staying. So what I’m saying is this. If you happen to be in London at that time and wish to meet up with up with me for dinner and drinks as my guest, I will be in Claridges Hotel at 7 pm on Saturday 25 October. If you can make it, fine; and if you can’t make it, that’s okay with me.

      7 o’clock then in Claridges bar known as the Fumoir. You will recognize me at once. Tall (5’9″”), slim, not bad looking, long raven hair down to waist, and dressed entirely in black with a gold butterfly brooch studded with rubies and sapphires.

      Pity you don’t have a contactable email address any more, why is why I am forced to make this invitation to you in public.

      Bye for now!


      1. Got a pic? But seriously, meeting in the most camera-surveilled Orwellian city in the world… I’m pretty sure I’ve heard better ideas in my life.

        You should meet on an island or some Montana range or in a confessional. Wait, does the rule of Sanctuary still exist?

    2. “patrician pride”

      Not to be confused with the type of pride which winos, beggars, thieves, dog catchers, patriots, fools, intellectuals and other assorted persons, etc., practice religiously?

  46. time for a full phase out. i have failed to stop the jew-bashing.

    lobro: as i do not want to be contacted by email, you can come to the Oratory if you want to say hi.

    xanadu: you have become kali-ma herself, with a thousand arms and a sock-puppet on each. next time you are in toronto, take a detour out of province. i can teach you some seidr. i can be found at various houses of worship on Sherbrooke.

    in the meantime, if you need to reach me, shine a bat in the sky.
    if that is too much of a logistical nightmare, write an obscure poem. or ask sardonicus or some other friend to write an obscure message.

    full phase-out.

    1. not to worry grets.
      however, i am across the sargasso-and freighter gridlocked pond, trying to catch the last few molecules of politically and socially unpolluted air still available cheap in the balkans.

      richard warman and his merry band of truth bashers give me the willies over there and i find that i grow increasingly thin-skinned in old age.
      i prefer cargo-cultists on a benighted island in the andamans and nicobar archipelago to the true north, glorious and free

      but you keep your axe (correct spelling) honed, there will always be work to do.

    2. If only Xanadu were Kali Ma, the chaste wife of Lord Shiva!
      How fortunate might we be!?

      Don’t feel bad.. Shukracharya couldn’t stop them either..

    3. @ DB

      “time for a full phase out. i have failed to stop the jew-bashing.”

      Dear old Grettir, love of my life, how nice to hear your distinctive voice again! I hope you prosper and do well. Any time you wish to send another poem my way, feel free, and I will do my best to publish it on one condition: no four-letter words! 🙂

      True, there’s a lot of Jew-bashing on this site, but so was there on xymphora. We can hardly switch sides at this late stage in the game and start singing the praises of the child killers of Gaza. These scoundrels own the mainstream media and can be relied upon to sing their own praises, day in and day out, even as they wade through pools of blood. So let them do so. As for us, allow us in your kindness our little dissident backwater.

      Remember this, dear Grets, we do not hate all Jews. We make exceptions. We do not call for the mass extermination of the Jews, nor do we incite our readers to violence or advise them to take the law into their own hands.

      One of the reasons we don’t do this is that this is exactly what Big Jewry wants. By preaching mass extermination and revolutionary violence, we at once become Big Jewry’s “useful idiots”. This gives them the excuse they need to introduce repressive legislation and martial law. We are not concerned if they shut down our website. We are concerned only that they might subject us any day to a new Red Terror and start torturing and killing our children. We don’t want to see another Holodomor in America or another Hellstorm.

      We know you have a Jewish wife and we do not hold that against you. We never have. Indeed, have I not just written an article in defense of Arthur Topham, the great Canadian patriot, and doesn’t Arthur have a Jewish wife?

      With respect,


  47. Hah! There you go, Sardonicus, Pat, and Jew Bernstein: you three have just lost not only the battle, but as far as I am concerned, your faces too, or whatever passed for faces anyway. I will return to you lot in a moment, but let me to say a word or two about Lasha’s latest utterly beautiful move. (Please excuse the capitals, as I still don’t know how to use italics on this site).

    This good human being has just invited Ellie K, to a meeting with her. What a splendid move! Lasha, let me tell you something. My father, who was Jewish (my mother is from Tromsø, in Norway) always used to say to us children, ”If you cannot mend a broken friendship, at least never, ever try to make it worse.” To do this, he would say, is to show meanness of spirit and a bad will. Well, to be perfectly honest with you, you have just demonstrated in deed what the old man always used to say in words, even though he himself more than once intervened in people’s affairs and always tried to make them friends again. And this is why I and a few others here stood up for Ellie from the very beginning, because we did not want to see her drift away from you, because as you yourself have said (I think Ellie too) that you two are basically of the same cast, of the same spirit and share the same thoughts and concerns. Never, ever must we try and separate two good individuals who are the same, but must always try to bring them back together. Yes, as that perfidious Sardonicus has observed, I am a man, but even men can sometimes be moved. That you, Lasha, have just invited Ellie to meet you, is perfect proof that not only can you not fall under the influence of unfriendly forces, but moreover that you have a good heart, and it is this that from now on has endeared me to you and has caused me to have nothing but profound respect for you. After all, remember what I said to that Sardonicus: I have read every thread on this article, have gone through your unpleasant exchange with Ellie more than once, and so to hear you say this, is to prove that indeed that you do try to clasp the hand that has been stretched out to you. From now on, count me, too, as one of your most staunch supporters.

    To Sardonicus, Pat, and Jew Bernstein (I shall address these three minor entities collectively, as all three of them together do no make up a single personality). You are mongers of hate! You are splinter jabbers! You are trouble makers, and you are not well wishers! Let me tell you something, you lot. There is no more beautiful a sight to behold than when two people love each other, and when two women are in love (and here I rightly exclude any ugly sexual impulses between LD and EK, as theirs clearly is not of that kind) this sight becomes the more impressionable. I never once detected neither treachery nor chicanery between these two individuals, even if I know them no more than I know any of you. However, and this perhaps is important, as Ellie has made a reference to this, I know for a FACT of two websites which she supports, all of them more generously than I ever could, and also, I know for a FACT that Ellie has once donated a huge sum of money to a certain website which I am sure all of us have at least once visited. I won’t mention its name; I will only say that Lasha has at least once left a footprint in it. This huge support has now been withdrawn, but not because of Ellie’s refusal to help, BUT SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THOSE GENTILES’ DOUBLE FACED DEALINGS. When at first money came in the hundreds of dollars, all was made known, but when it started coming in huge amounts, with the pseudonym Ellie Katsnelson written clearly in the envelope, their bookkeeping became a little shoddy, if you know what I mean. And how do I know this? I know this, because one of the individuals who ran and contributed to that site has broken down in front of an acquaintance of mine and has confessed to misappropriating the huge donation. Therefore I know for a fact that Ellie K supports other sites, and I know for a fact that she is the real deal. The only thing I don’t know is what she looks like. It was this fact, and not some private and secret knowledge of her, that caused me to support her from the very first, and in which I don’t intend to waver. And NO: AS I SAID, THAT DONATION WAS NOT MADE ANYNOMOUSLY! It had Ellie Katsnelson written clearly on it, even if the envelope did not originate from Paris but from London. This is why I said earlier that you must get your facts straight before you judge. I have, but YOU haven’t!

    Ellie K.. If you have read Lasha’s offer to you and do not accept it, know that you will betray your own principles, and that you will not, as you yourself said, clasp that hand that has once held yours. For what you have done, you will never lose my respect, but for what you will not do, you will. I will never stoop to the level of those wretched Parkinsonians above and call you names, but will no longer view you with the same thoughts as I once did. As for you being a charlatan, a fraudster, and a con artist, I know you are not, you know you are not, and the people from that American website to whom you gave so much certainly know that you are not. If you wish to know how to retrieve a closed email account, simply type in these last words in Google and it will guide you.

    ”It is the heart’s function to fix the disorders of the head.” My father wrote this on my and my sister’s notebooks when we were little. We children have always tried to do this. Lasha has now done just this. It is now your turn, Ellie. Generosity of the pocket is much but is not everything. (No offence).

    Alan Merc

    1. Let me guess which mystic website(s).. Wow, this is fun!

      Les Visible prabhu’s Visible Origami and/or Visible Stream of Consciousness!!?

    2. “Please excuse the capitals, as I still don’t know how to use italics on this site.”

      That is very easy : before the word(s) you want in italics type , after the word(s) type . I use and…and to avoid the combination to work and thus become invisible. Don’t type and…and. The word(s) will appear in italics in your posted comment. Good luck.

      1. Something went wrong. It should be : before the word(s) you want in italics type opening hook (on your key board above the comma), then an i and then a closing hook (on your keyboard above the dot), after the word(s) type opening hook, then a slash, then an i and then a closing hook. That will do.

    3. Still.. even now the basest burps of instinct(s) proves a fool correct? Yes?
      The richest are often the most blind. God bless them their burdens.
      May they know of the devotees of the Lord (of whatever stripe) and their service to us all via transcendental truth! I’ve heard with my own ears the animals proclaim through clicks and clacks and moos and baas and clucks and howls, their eternal thanks!

      The rest of you barbarians will surely go to hell and enjoy your lunch there.
      Doesn’t seem to bother you much, does it?

      Very superstitious and very very curious..

      Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 9.25

      yānti deva-vratā devān
      pitṝn yānti pitṛ-vratāḥ
      bhūtāni yānti bhūtejyā
      yānti mad-yājino ‘pi mām


      Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who worship Me will live with Me.

      Gita – 9.25

      1. Alan –

        BTW… I just remembered that in tearing me down, the ‘Ellie entity’ stated that Katsnelson is a PEN NAME. Nobody makes donations using a pen name. Donations of that size require ID for wire xfers with SWIFT codes or money orders. She/he stated it was 5000 pounds. She/he would not have sent cash. And checks do not allow one to have pen name accounts. If it were a company account there would be no pen name either.

        There could have been NO ENVELOPE from the ‘Ellie Katsnelson entity.’

        UH-OH!!! You should be promoted to FULL JEW status for making up that whopper. (lie??)

        You Jews and half a Jew need to get the stories straight for a Parkinsonian with no education.

        The ‘EK entity’ stated above – see pen name admission:
        “You may remember that this creature(ME) from the very fist day claimed that I was Alex Katsnelson, some Judaic Hollywood master of his, not knowing that the name Katsnelson, as you yourself very clearly stated, was but a pen name, and had as little in common with me as I have with him.”

      2. And don’t forget the whinnies and neighs of the houyhnhnhms

        And I make sure hp, that when I come upon one of your posts I have no lunch to lose 😉

    4. Alan Merc –
      “You are mongers of hate! You are splinter jabbers! You are trouble makers, and you are not well wishers!”

      I speak for myself. No group. No one else. There is NO debate for me here.

      I have lost no battle or face. I won on both counts. If you could read you would know that!! I told the ‘Ellie entity’ i was glad her Jew Rothschild elitist ass hated me.

      Everything you said about me is right on point. AND ALL of it is aimed exactly at Jews. I have written that on every thread.

      You have merely stated the obvious. You ‘get it.’ Finally!!

      When Jews attack, as you have done here…. I WIN!! Thanks.. for helping me!! I could not have done it better.

      So what??

      1. @ Pat

        Well said, Pat! You have exposed Alan Merc’s lie about that ridiculous £5000 donation to some imaginary website. Why doesn’t he name the website? What stops him? After all, if the donation actually took place, how can it be illegal or defamatory to mention the name of the website?

        Merc’s entire comment is no more than a tissue of fabrications and sly innuendos. What I resent in particular is his incredibly devious attempt to implant the subliminal suggestion in the reader’s mind that Lasha might be a secret lesbian by inviting Ellie K out for dinner and drinks:

        “Let me say a word or two about Lasha’s latest utterly beautiful move…. This good human being has just invited Ellie K, to a meeting with her. What a splendid move! … There is no more beautiful a sight to behold than when two people love each other, and when two women are in love (and here I rightly exclude any ugly sexual impulses between LD and EK, as theirs clearly is not of that kind) this sight becomes the more impressionable.”

        Beautifully said, Merc, as only a Jew could say it… full of the subtlety of the Serpent! While sanctimoniously discounting the possibility that two such ethereally noble women could possibly be motivated to meet up for a night of lesbian thrills, the murky Merc somehow manages to implant the subliminal suggestion in the mind that this is precisely what an assignation between these two angelic beings could lead to: a night of mad erotic passion between silken sheets.

        Shame on you you , Merc, denizen of darkness!

        I wrote to Lasha a couple of years ago and asked her if she was a lesbian. This is after I had read a few of her poems. She replied,

        “I have never had a lesbian experience in my life, though many women have hit on me. I really do believe that sex is sacred and that it should be confined to man and woman, preferably with children in mind. All other deviations from this are regrettable and inevitably lead to an inner poisoning. Chastity is best, and second best is married love, and third best is the pure love between friends. All other loves lead to Satan’s pit.”

        Nothing could be clearer that Lasha is not a lesbian.

        The subtle suggestion that she might be a lesbian is therefore quite deplorable. Merc has actually dared to suggest that Lasha and Ellie are “in love”, though they are total strangers who have never once met. This dastardly dimwit is a disgrace to the human race.

      2. Sardonicus –

        He should be rated as slimy as a full Jew after that remark. His Talmudic training is showing.

  48. Splendidly said, Alan. I myself said yesterday that there are unpleasant characters here who are trying to drive a wedge between these two fine ladies, and Lucy Skipping was good enough to note it and to even say something. However, your long comments tell me one thing about you. You still haven’t grasped the fact that those commenters to whom you alluded above are but a bored collection of common people, ”individuals” who haven’t a single clue about the deep and complicated chemistry not only of human beings, but also of that between these two good souls which you and I and a few others are trying so hard to rescue. Simply compare their comments to yours and you will see. Don’t refer to them again. Trust me. They are no good. Energy is everything, and theirs is unmistakeably negative.

    Now, can you at least give us a hint to which American Website did Ellie K donate those huge amounts of money? Is it the one which is also known by its two initials? if so, thanks for telling me, as I won’t send them a single penny again.

    W. Speck

    1. Speck –

      Lucy never said anything like that. You might want to re-read her message to YOU!!

      In part:
      “It is interesting to note that none of Ellie K’s vocal supporters have alluded to this lie or requested Ellie K to apologize and retract the same lie.”

      She remarked that it was notable that none of EK’s supporters – like you – have asked EK to apologize…AND retract the LIE!!

      It seems your reading comprehension is poor.

  49. Specky,
    Thanks for your good words. And a good observation too. Yes, it is that one, only I don’t think it’s fair if I disclosed their full name, as it is not my business to uncover anyone’s doings and mention them here publicly. The only reason I said that, was because I was trying to confirm the fact that Ellie K really does support truth tellers and those like Lasha who are trying to help people get out of this black nightmare we all find ourselves in, including those like me who are half Jewish, that’s all. And no, I don’t see why you should stop supporting them with your hard earned pennies. The joint has now been cleaned up and the crew who are now in charge of finances are a decent lot. I sent them a few hundred quid a couple of months ago, and asked them to thank me publicly in the comments section. Not that I wanted recognition, don’t get me wrong, but I thought that the best way of confirming that my donation really did reach all of them and not just a few. And besides, that little shameful incident with Ellie’s money happened a while back, and since then I have heard of no other instances of thieving.

    All the best.

    1. Alan Merc –

      “I sent them a few hundred quid a couple of months ago, and asked them to thank me publicly in the comments section.”
      You might be more than half a Jew. You want the recognition in bragging fashion like a full Jew. It just can’t be bred out, I guess. You and the ‘Ellie entity’ have bragged about donations. Two of a kind. Jew scum.

      Not to worry, though You are still an Israeli citizen even at half a Jew just for being alive anywhere in the world… Law of Return says so.

    2. merc,

      i am an honest goy.

      i promise not to hate you and jews (and surely you know how hard that must be for a human) as long as you keep the donations running, on “you get what you paid for” principle, i am positive that jews have their secret handicap forms that tell them what the expected relationship is, you want a quality shabbo, you gotta go into the counting house and dig a bit deeper.

      for a lot of money i will hate you only a little bit and vice versa.

      look at the best among us, the all star shabbos team of obama, bush, cameron, blair, harper, rumsfeld, john paul ii, boris yeltsin, oliver cromwell, did they not deserve every penny you paid them and returned the love and trust, not to mention true friendship in spades?

      and i, lobro, have every bit as much potential as them, 6’2″, ramrod upright, ruler straight nose, not to mention a fairly high iq for a goy, took online backstabbing test and was pronounced psychopath material (hey psst, i can spill the beans on lasha, we were at the same rehab center).

      and i can bring my good buddies max bilney and grettir, born killers both, sardonicus who coats his fangs in curare poison every morning … not pat, even we are scared of him.

      drop a line at lasha’s email and show me the color of money.

      1. Pat

        A lobro novel without you would weaken the overall character plot. All hands on deck needed to make it best-seller material

        Oh, I forgot who owns all the major publishing houses that would make that possible.

      2. @ lobro

        “sardonicus who coats his fangs in curare poison every morning”

        You have a way with words… 🙂

  50. Lasha seems bent on redirecting the thread of discussion to the sewer of contrived tragicomedy around the virtual creature of someone’s rich imagination – Ellie Katsnelson a.k.a Willy Fucksnelson. Why? Is blabbering about the relationship between anonymous, Lasha Blackwhole, with a play of imagination, Ellie The Willy, is an issue of importance?

    Lasha does not come across as someone who is interested in problem solving; she seems rather interested in problem regurgitating, which, in the final analysis, amounts to nothing but distraction.

    1. Circassian –

      You could be correct. No one but Lasha knows. All we can do is ‘seems so’ and guess.

      Lasha did mention a while back that the stories by the ‘Ellie entity’ and the best comments might be part of a novel. That is an interesting concept. It ‘seems’ plausible.

      Guess, again. 😉

    2. @ Circassian

      How can you blame Lasha if this entire thread has been hijacked by Ellie K and her gang of admiring Jews? Lasha is not the comment monitor. She doesn’t even own the website.

      If you want a serious discussion, try the most recent thread: Th Jewish takeover of Canada.

  51. For Lasha. for whom the Vieille Barque is now slowly fading away, with the sailor alone, with the stars. When she comes to her site, will she deign put a bouquet of mistletoes and fine heather? or will she only bring her autumn self wrapped in a tamarind shell? She whom she now seeks is no longer a port filled with sails and life, darling, and no longer neither glistens nor shines. Ram blow after ram blow may make a monotonous and dull sound, but the oftener they ram, the surer are they to nail a coffin. Still, you will love me, won’t you? You will be my mother, won’t you? If not, let me be your shameless ingrate anyway, a scorched and black limb, an awful dead piece, a charred corpse, a rotting petal, a reeking breath, an absolute nothing. Come to think of it, that’s what I am. I am nothing. A frozen inferno, no longer hearing really, only making sound after sound after sound after sound, now speaking, now regretting the syllables I have just uttered, sometimes before they have even been uttered, like someone who frequently makes mistakes and regrets the future because he knows what foolishness he will commit in it.

    But I know something you don’t and never will know. I know the secret art of bringing to life happy and long gone moments, small confessions, quick smiles, delicate touches, thoughtful frowns, passionate kisses, deep feelings – spiritual souvenirs, some of which I thirsted for and drank when alone, not too long ago, nestled, in every meaning of the word, between a boat and the bottomless sea, far away, between a rude rudder and the softer part of the Cosmos, but was too cowardly to jump in and end it all, and prayed instead for a mighty wave to come and settle the affair for me once and for all, to put an end to the sad waltz of me and life, and to finally arrest that blood for all eternity which I was too afraid to make run, like my Corday did, in the best part of her life, and who thought nothing of the Jewish axe that awaited her white and delicate neck.

    Some people are like the mimosa flower, darlingest, you know: every single affliction that hits them, be it of the most trifling and inconsequential nature, is enough to turn their breeze into a violent whir, to so painfully shake their inner stem as to cause them to murmur to themselves whether indeed it is worth raising the next step and support life, whether this life which they had thought so worthy is actually worth the effort, whether they ought not, perhaps, to renounce all their wealth, to gift all their Watteaus and Haases and Rembrandtses, to shower the first stranger they come across with wealth so great as to probably cause him to die before her who was meant to do the dying before him, since such a being knows that for all its worth a Rembrandt cannot offer love, a Haas cannot grasp a sinking hand, a Watteau cannot cut the hanging rope which greedily awaits to envelop a neck, but can only offer the possibility of mulling over the happinesses and unhappinesses of the hands which once made them, which caused them to so hardily mix the nectar and the mud and the egg wherewith they could earn but a crust of bread and support whatever life they still had in them, something which may be enough to provide pleasure for the eye, no doubt, but is not enough to sustain inwardly a life, since inwardly life needs love, it wants a blessing which no masterpiece can offer, a sun that never sets, a light which can never be extinguished, a nectar which is not plucked because it cannot be, and a warmth which can melt the Sun. This is love, darlingest, this and no other.

    I wonder how many people can understand this? I wonder, too, how many of your wonderful readers whom I have so rudely cursed and spat and accused and hated understand what it means to have everything in life save love? I wonder, too, how many of them have tried to close their lives early, and not so much wait for the cold grave to take them as to prepare one for themselves, and that in the full flower of their lives? I wonder, too, to how many of them has the green verdure and sweet nature seemed like a yellow dying foliage, as bitter honey, as black poison and as a sharp cutting blade? I wonder, too, how many of them can recognize a hurt soul in a crowd, how many can recognize a man in the street who can no longer smile, who no longer really wishes to raise that next heavy step which may make his life one step happier, one coin richer, one conquest nearer, and how many of them have the power and strength and the will to convince him for whom the Sun is setting that in reality it is full of life, and warmth, and beauty and joy? I wonder, too, how many know how important is the quickness of apprehension, how to restore health, how to hug, how to look in the eye, how to dry tears and how to halt a death? I wonder how many know what music is? How many know that no manufactured scent can ever be sweeter than the perfume produced by the heat of two people in love? And finally, I wonder how many people know what happiness actually is? Perhaps, being solitary in the crowd is not always such a bad thing after all, since the light within causes us alone to see what others cannot. The Poet said that life is pure and sweet, only none but me can smell it.

    Too many questions, darling, which the last farewell cannot even hope to answer, but which death may finally resolve. I want to see you, darling, I really do, but you forget one thing: just as the painter loves his canvass more while he is painting it than after he has finished it, and just as a mother, whose grown up daughter may bring her many comforts and joys but who, whilst small and little known to her brought her sweeter and deeper love, so I will love you the more if I know you but little, and for the remaining days on earth, satisfy myself by revolving in my mind and heart that brief happiness which you once gave me. Never toy with a wounded heart.

    The future may hold great and unexpected riches in store for you, just like our stranger in the street above, but my Haas can never love you, and my Watteau can never hug you: this, only a soul can do.

    Ellie K

    Shall we cast anchor for one day more?
    And pull our boat to a newer shore?
    Or shall we hurl ourselves in the darkness eternal?
    And call our home bowels internal?

    1. That is a beautiful lament, Ellie, but please don’t take life so SERIOUSLY! It’s bad for you; and – despite what the naysayers and detractors, here, might screech – you add a warm presence to the society. If you are, indeed, as PRIVILEDGED and fortunate as you represent, you are in a position to help poorer souls – physically and spiritually – and thereby lighten the burdens only you perceive plague you. It works!

      This ‘life’ is so brief, anyway, there is no fulfillment in accelerating its demise. Love you.

    2. Ellie, why are you trying to obstruct the gushing spring of your life? Why the rush? Are you feeling your life time sleeping away? There may be people double your age on this site, yet none of them seem to worry or be in a hurry. You seem to be willing to catch your shadow up while the sun is behind you. As I came to the end of your comment I found myself panting because of the tempo you impose upon a slow reader. However don’t get me wrong for I can feel your long-suppressed pain which finally burst but your chest is still stuffed with untold words and unexpressed emotions . Every body here knows that human emotions and experiences can’t be cast off anywhere. They have to seek a consenting recipient able to allow them in as is, and to understand them as well. So, go meet Lasha if she’s willing to meet you: a woman can better understand another woman.

  52. Putin and Russia can find common language with the Chinese, Indians, Muslims, Blacks, South Americans, French, Germans, even with the eternal parasites – the Jews. The only exception to this rule is the English and the English world. Think about it.

    Today is Putin’s birthday. I wish all the luck to the man for he needs it.

    So you think you know Putin?.

  53. Folks

    At the end of the day this is between Lasha and Ellie. I hate to repeat myself but I really people- leave them alone and let’s get back to the issues at hand. Why?

    This is a huge distraction and while one can understand why these two must settle their dispute it does no good to throw gas on the fire by relentlessly taking sides and stirring up issues already touched on previously.

    Ok, so a person thinks Ellie is a Rothchild’s planet sent here to do what? Expose the plans of the elite Jews? Ok, lets assume for a moment this is correct. Let’s assume Ellie is here to gain your trust to become a false opposition op. If that is true she is failing miserably. What false op would fight those who constantly stir up trouble- doubt within our ranks? What false opposition op would take the position of a wounded soul who craves intimacy as a way to heal herself? Sound like leadership qualities to you? What false op would lay bare those wounds so the hyena can sniff the aroma of the injured to surround and attack the fallen thus putting to end to all hopes of her supposed mission against us?

    Merc is right. Ellie has done nothing thus far but expose the evil “Jews” and this my friends is not sufficient reason to convict her of guilt concerning your suspicions. Did she accuse Lasha of something she is not guilty of? Maybe so. Did Lasha rightly accuse her of lying (which is knowingly stating falsehoods)? Maybe so, but i tell you this. Neither I nor you can be 100% certain given the contexts of their correspondence we have read. Let’s not attack in mass until such evidence is clear and folks, it simply isn’t.

    It looks like Lasha and Ellie will be meeting soon so lets simply hope the best for them and let sleeping dogs lie.


    Sorry to have shot back at you so harshly. I’m not perfect and it’s hard for me to remain silent when those of my brother nations attack my fellow Americans based on their nationality and not solely upon the content of their individual character.

    1. Tyron –
      ALL Jews squeal kol nidre……

      Netanyahu was correct when he said his beautiful sister, Esther, lives even today.

      Shame. You young people STILL do not ‘get it.’

      1. Please dont count this as a post today;

        Sorry for the typos etc folks. When I am in a hurry or if I’ve had a couple beers, my grammar and typos make me look retarded…lol

      2. Tyr0on –

        I wondered about Rothschild’s ‘planet’… ‘Planet X’ is actually Planet XX (Dos Equis)

    2. Ellie’s first posts on here mainly consisted of her gloating over the power that her tribe had and how the axe was going to come down on all of us soon. Only recently has she tried to portray herself as sympathetic to us, and now, in typical Judaic fashion, she is feigning victimhood.

      And I don’t give a shit. Fuck her. If the revolution ever happens she’ll be considered no different from any other Jew.

  54. Pat –

    There is NO way NOT to “get it”. It permeates all society. Yet, it never hurts extending the Olive Branch when one is strong enough. There is nothing we can do about what is past. Maybe we can transform the future by simple awareness and personal, individual responsibility. Certainly, I would not care to be persecuted for the “sins” of my OWN ancestors any more than I believe most jews want to be persecuted for the sins of their own. Someday, it must stop. It needs begin with those of us who are strong enough to make a difference.

    I can ride into the mountains and hide-out and shoot a lot of enemies from a distance. I know how it’s done – and I know how to do it. I’d rather NOT. Life can, still, be more lovely than that! Meanwhile, we need to try and not give-in to the weaknesses which have harnessed and enslaved our people THROUGH OUR OWN DOING.

    1. Gilbert-

      The kol nidre singing Jew has vowed to NOT extend the kindness to you that you would extend to him/her. They sing the prayer to allow them to lie. They are sworn to lie to you, as they do on this site.
      They do not consider YOU to be a man. Only Jews are human…to them.
      You are a goy…cattle.
      You still do NOT ‘get it.’ And that is HOW they get back into countries which have kicked them out.
      That’s all I know to say.

      Maybe you will believe the rabbis:

      Rabbis support a demand to kill non-Jews and OK to kill Jews who do not obey the demand.

      Leading fundamentalist rabbis gather in Israel to defend the publication of a book, Torat Ha’Melech, that attempted to provide halakhic justification for the killing of non-Jews, including innocent children and families. The gathering exposed not only the ferocious racism of a swath of Israel’s pro-settlement rabbinate, but the powerlessness of the government to stop them.


      1. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_LxpCY2G8”

        It’s like watching termites.

        If only our leaders weren’t insane, we’d just send a cruise missile into that meeting.

      2. It’s like watching termites.

        what have termites done wrong?

        i got septicemia watching these sub-primates.
        it is a simple question of what proportion of a jew is human.
        wasn’t much in evidence there …

  55. i also agree that it is between lasha + ellie and take no further interest.

    besides their stuff is way over my head, me no comprende nada, except something about “thoughtful frown”.

    been practicing thoughtful frown in front of mirror, sort of like yoga asana position.

    failed miserably, so i am settling for a thoughtless frown, hope to progress rapidly.

  56. Then let us not DEAL with them, Pat. Yes, I understand it is now THEIR ‘money system’ – but it can be worked in our favor if we DISCIPLINE ourselves, and UNDERSTAND the mechanations of it (and teach our children properly!). NOBODY should have a guarantee against scam… It comes with Life. Vigilance and responsibility should be ingrained into our children, by us, and things like this wonderful blog site can certainly HELP. However, I do not want to teach callousness and hardness to my progeny, either. It must be balanced. I know Jews with whom I have been friends since I was a boy, and before I ever knew the dark side of Jewry. Even then, though, I sensed the ‘difference’ between us, but it did not prejudice the good times we have had, together. It is always good to be aware – but it is NOT always good to intentionally bring about the negative. People learn on different levels (just like I am a neophyte compared with the intellect of some of you). Then we die and forget it all! 🙂

    1. Gilbert –
      Too late to back up here…
      I have already taught callousness and hardness, not PC, to my children and grandchildren, tempered with the good judgement of knowing when to apply it. I trained them to handle the abuses from the thugs. It has served them well.

      Compromise, a Jew term, is not an option. Compromising is settling for less than the best. You would not ‘compromise’ your health or wealth.

      My youngest grandson kicked a bully’s ass just yesterday at high school. Showed me on his phone.

  57. Means nothing, Pat. Both you and I have kicked-ass of some who swaggered. So??? It has not made us better men – just ass-kickers.

    1. Gilbert –
      Soo??? I’ll answer that…
      All people want intelligent ass-kickers to lead them in ALL battles. Coaches know that. Jews understand and FEAR physical force.

    1. Tyron –

      WOW!! Outstanding group and music. Makes me want to go to the pool hall, drink and play 8 ball and dance with all the honeys til 3 am!!

      Lead axe-man looks like a cross between Keith Richards and George Harrison both 40 years ago.

      Here is another unique group:


    2. Great ensemble those Travelling Wilburys

      Nice touch putting the late Roy Orbison’s guitar in the rocking chair.

    1. Nice to see happy people

      What, me worry?

      Looks like the guy with the kazoo and hand organ wanted to have a little private smoke for himself after the song 😉

      1. Yep – had his ‘bowl’ warmed up. They have a unique presentation with many props. Travel all over the world. The girl and guy next to her in long hair are married.
        ‘Happy’ was my answer to the theme that was presented when someone left us for good. ‘End Of The Line.’ 🙂

    1. hp –

      Maybe you can help me.
      I always wondered… If the ‘creator’ does not want animals killed…why would that same ‘creator’ create carnivores?

      1. that same creator created fungus bacteria and viruses too … maybe it is your choice if you want to be an animal or something more … if you no longer exercise choice, you will no longer need it

      2. “There is nothing to be lamented if a tiger eats a weaker animal, including a man, because that is the law of the Supreme Lord. But although the law states that a human being must subsist on another living being, there is the law of good sense also, for the human being is meant to obey the laws of the scriptures. This is impossible for other animals.”

        Paramahamsa: If God is all-good, why does He permit so many wars to go on?

        Prabhupada: Because you want to be finished. You create war to be finished. God does not create. Just like you have created this weapon. In the name of finishing your enemy, you’ll be finished, also. Is that very good credit? And God has created like that? You have created. Why don’t you understand this?

        Yogesvara: Well, why has God permitted me to do such a horrible thing?

        Prabhupada: Yes, that is your little independence. God does not want to touch any… By your independence, go to hell or go to heaven. That’s your choice. God says that “Don’t use your independence by malpractice.” Sarva-dharman parityajya mam… [Bg. 18.66]. God, that is God’s statement. “You surrender to Me. I’ll guide you.” But if you misuse your independence, that’s your business. You go to hell or heaven. That’s your business. (pause)

        SB 1.13.47

      3. Cossack-

        I know that humans choose their gods they worship and MANY place themselves in their own mental conditions.

        In particular, I was requesting from HP, since this was mentioned in the link HP provided:

        “The mission of Lord Buddha was to save people from the abominable activity of animal killing and to save the poor animals from being unnecessarily killed. When pāṣaṇḍīs were cheating by killing animals on the plea of sacrificing them in Vedic yajñas, the Lord said, “If the Vedic injunctions allow animal killing, I do not accept the Vedic principles.” Thus he actually saved people who acted according to Vedic principles. One should therefore surrender to Lord Buddha so that he can help one avoid misusing the injunctions of the Vedas.”

  58. hp –

    It would seem to me to make more sense to create ONLY vegetarian animals. No restrictive law needed.

    I want a perfect god. Not one with flaws like that.

    1. “create ONLY vegetarian animals”
      (and then)
      “No restrictive law needed”

      Isn’t ‘ONLY’ the epitome of restriction?

      Hard to believe humans could and do wreak so much misery and suffering of themselves and others via willing and unwilling misuse of their minuscule independence..

    1. Darwin, himself, admitted there is no proof of his theories of evolution of species:

      “Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain;and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.”

      Darwin notes others against his theories:
      “The several difficulties here discussed, namely our not finding in the successive formations infinitely numerous transitional links between the many species which now exist or have existed; the sudden manner in which whole groups of species appear in our European formations; the almost entire absence, as at present known, of fossiliferous formations beneath the Silurian strata, are all undoubtedly of the gravest nature. We see this in the plainest manner by the fact that all the most eminent palaeontologists, namely Cuvier, Owen, Agassiz, Barrande, Falconer, E. Forbes, &c., and all our greatest geologists, as Lyell, Murchison, Sedgwick, &c., have unanimously, often vehemently, maintained the immutability of species.”

  59. Hah! What a good sport you are, Kublai? And how imaginative, too! You’ve gone from a mysterious X, to a smaller Titan, to a mighty ruler! Perhaps your next moniker should be an amalgamation of all three and make yourself a god! And me a cretin? Mon Dieu! Pourquoi? I never called you stupid? I only said you have stupid friends, and you have. And you lied when you said you love me. You know how I know this? YOU MISSPELLED MY NAME! We never misspell the names of those we love! And you seem to be astonishingly good at losing things, or is it friends? which to you must appear as things, no doubt. Perhaps a lifetime of losing has inured you to the fact that you no longer even feel it. Or perhaps long engrossing with your subject is to blame. My father used to say to us children, he who occupies himself with Jews too much, with time becomes like them, just like a pig breeder with time assumes some piggishness in his features. C’est vrai! ‘Tis a common defect, your Coleridge used to say, of those who do not know what soul is to pass off as soul doctors. I happen to know someone who once esteemed those she didn’t know, for even princesses need and confide to a male companion at times. Perhaps you should accompany us at Morton’s in Mayfair? Don’t worry, sweetheart: if status distinguishes us, at least our hatred for the common enemy will bring us together. And who knows? Once you and the fair lady part, I could demonstrate to you some deeper principles of the forgotten art, if you know what I mean, as I too mistook (it just shows how much I really loved my wife, doesn’t it!) as I am a single man now, and should have really spoken of Shivi M_in the past tense! Me, you won’t mistake if you come, though I did retain a feature or two of the Hebrews, but only the astuteness and the generous part; the other three-quarters consist of Nordic qualities, which I think makes for a rather gorgeous amalgam. As for sacrifices, I myself will never offer to be your black limb, nor a charred corpse, but can wonderfully employ mine, as well as yours, provided you consent, of course. The man of money is only unscrupulous towards the Jew; those of the kinder sort, however immature and innocent they may be, he treats well and with compassion. Not all high financiers are the same, you know. I don’t think you will not like me, since those of the same cast are exact copies of each other, though if you refuse me too, I shall gift you a scarlet shawl, and if you are at all a Romantic, as your latest moniker suggests, than you should know the meaning of such a gift. Don’t despise what you don’t know, O great Khan, for there are some warblers who lose their sight but inwardly never lose the object of their affection. Be nice, and be smart. Don’t refuse too many good offers in life. Three may easily be reduced to two. Shed your doubts and absurdities and come. Come…

    (Please note new email).

  60. Well Dear, if there is not growth, there is decay, and most would agree ’tis better to rise from a pauper to a king than the reverse.
    Amalgamation no doubt is the force of nature, but Nietzschian ambition is for the fools and the wicked. That you properly spell misspell is evidence of your erudition, and being of such intellect, you should remember that the inhabitants of the ancient Steppes know first hand that status belongs only to those stout of heart and strong of arm, and to nothing else. Moving away from the sea of grass to a sea of brine, a message in a bottle may be cast in the ocean. But you should know, courtesy of a certain Mary, I fear parlours with winding stairs. And a city with a tamasic river, is a parlour with very long, winding stairs. No matter, a Khan’s intentions are nothing short of empire, and big things have small beginnings… but small beginnings are delicate things.

  61. Nice one, but no real message in it, only a great attempt to better and outshine. This, you did! Bravo! Here’s your new moniker, and you would show disrespect if you did not at least once use it: YAMA! Come now, there’s no shame between friends in being discovered; you lose in falsity, you win in erudition. Even enemies do not withhold applause, richer than us though they may be. And what admirable exempla you take for guides! The Angles never had a heart, sweetheart, and their strong arms were always smart enough to receive a coin or two. Do away with your conceit, and instantly will you love and even be loved the more. Who knows, one day you may even have a mini empire of your own! Word is, you know, Fortune is considering you, and one day you may well, a la Hiero, cry, ”What God it was that loved me so much?!” Yes, yes, O mighty Kublai, you will then quickly absolve yourself by declaring that you never asked for it, but what matters? then it will be all yours to keep, tint and lustre, and name me one that built an empire without money? Hah, don’t try, sweetie, as your imagination can only take so much battering, and your English pride hates a richer specimen. Did you know that the English instituted flogging at Konghelle at the mere sight of a house more splendid than that of the English Governor? Dumb beast! Evil brute! Had he gone over to France and then returned to his paltry little isle, there’d be no one left alive! And besides, don’t forget: I merely concealed a truth, whereas you’ve been false, hence no English hatred, please. I wonder if one can draw a conclusion by transferring the knowledge from the parts to the whole? And lastly, speaking of length and parts, I wonder where one’s hand would end if one gently ran it through your longest part from the top to the bottom? You are terribly selfish with what belongs to others too, you know. What for? Words and articles may do much, but one craves for more, more, more… Well, at least you now know where to find us first, and then just me. Should Mademoiselle deign to mix herself with that hated 1% but for a little time, we may even prove to her that Lady L_ may be hurried… La-la-la…

  62. Oh, you would crown me a king? The King of Righteousness, the legendary King of the Aryans, the King of your netherworlds no less? A crown is a wonderful thing, but it stiffens the neck and shackles the spirit when not earned. So anything of value must be earned. As for messages, there may eventually be one in a bottle. No, not the song of your compatriots. Turning to scientific matters, yes, the experiment of length is far more satisfying than the measurement of length. But if we are delving into physics, the conundrum of time and space, is a mystery not easily solved. Neither is the Eye of Sauron easily deceived. So randomness, randomness is what may save us all. And why one city above another? The world is an oyster. Or mine? Where are your oysters? Now, as the once and future king of netherworlds, I may have to retract or hide, just a while.

    1. …Mais, Lasha, ma chère, je vous te dire, lorsque deux auteurs ont également excellé en divers genres, on n’a pas ordinairement assez d’égard a la subordination de leurs talents, et Despréaux va de pair avec Racine: c’est la est injuste, ma chère, très injuste! On discerne aisément la vraie de la fausse étendue d’esprit!

      Il faut de grandes ressources dans l’esprit et dans le coeur pour goûter la sincérité lorsqu’elle blesse, ou pour la pratiquer sans qu’elle offense. Peu de gens ont assez de fonds pour souffrir la vérité et l’amour, et pour la dire. Croyez-moi!

  63. Alan dit vrai. Il faut un fond inépuisable et des fonds profonds pour souffrir la vérité et l’amour. Mais hélas, comment distinguer le vrai du faux? Et de quelle matière est fait le fond? Peut-être non de matière, mais d’esprit. Et n’est-ce l’esprit infini? Mais que cause ta souffrance, Alan/Alau (am I dyslexic if the n is upside down… and/or might be missing a letter?) ? Ils sont peu, ces gens du même moule. Et où sont tes huîtres?

  64. MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: I was tempted to delete this off-topic comment and took the liberty of changing the word “Lasha” to “Kublai” in the first line. At no time did Lasha address you, as you know very well. The person who addressed you did so in French and this person was called “Kublai”. Which is either one of Ellie K’s numerous sock puppets or else a member of the “Ellie K. Admiration Society”. (As indeed you yourself are, Mr Merc, being one of the most prolific of the Ellie K gang of Zionist trolls to infest this site).

    I am allowing this post to go through, but please take note that we are a serious political forum, not a venue for the publication of love letters and other irrelevant chatter intended to give publicity to the narcissistic Ellie Katsnelson.

    If you wish to tell “Kublai” how much you love her/him, this is NOT the place to do it. Write to her/him privately. I will give you Kublai’s email address if you wish. You will then be able to conduct your love life with “Kublai” in private!

    You are cruel, Kublai, cruel indeed! My oysters, you ask? My pain? Well, the former are scattered in three departments, one of which is physical and well provided; the other two being metaphysical and thus out of your area of expertise. But my pain is not mine – well, I at least don’t feel it as much as someone else does. I myself am a happy man, though I must say that my chief unhappiness consists in not having a woman in life. And speaking of pain, you know, some people feel pain by simply contemplating it, without necessarily having been pained themselves at all, just as that Egyptian woman whom Herodotus wonderfully describes for us that dropped dead at the mere contemplation of her best friend’s having lost her only son in a battle though she herself had never been married or had children! And who was it that said, ”Frequent excursion in the realm of imagination often gives rise to painful feelings more often imagined than experienced?” And was it not Dryden that accurately warned that, ”None dares descend into himself, lest he meets with monsters he has never met.” Come now, you glorious little goddess, utter something nice about me. If you knew what thoughts I lavish on you in my private moments, you would imagine yourself long taken and even celebrated! Why, what moral agent prevents me from possessing you at least in my mind? Who, God? But even he errs, doesn’t he? After all, who was it that created the Jews? Listen to Socrates: ”The great fault of women lies in not knowing to which man to surrender themselves to!” Leave your abstruse religion aside and plunge yourself in real life, O you! Stop struggling against the Universe! Man is too little to even apprehend it, let alone to know it. Excessive contemplation was never meant for man, let alone for the delicate and sensuous mind of the woman! A woman needs a man, sweetheart, someone who can dress and undress her, someone who can raise her and make unceasing love to her. A-ha, now that’s a most unbecoming ambition: to make love to you. I want to be the one and only one who does this. I want to actually do, what your male readers only think. And after that, you may be the Black Widow that quickly dismembers him who so much as deigned get near her! Why, was it not Chilo who said that, ”We ought to consider it a welcome death which comes right after a dream has been fulfilled.” On ne peut être juste, ma chére, si on n’est humain!

    Sweetie, you have grown big within a small circle of… good people, and yet sometimes you are more wrong-minded than that entire circle that applauds you. I strongly believe that, for all your goodness, you still do not possess sufficient courage to escape from your imagination, and this not because you are a weak soul – no, this never! – but because uncertainty and fear has long ago rendered you in your mind unfit for reality, and so have found addiction in precisely that portion of the mind to which one ought to be the least addicted. Common laurels bestowed degenerate quickly, sweetest of sweethearts, and unless those who truly know what love and honour is reward you with some, soon you will be hunting for more precisely there where you ought not to be hunting.

    And where exactly did you learn the art of Elegance? Surely, not in England! England is not elegant, and the English character is very much like the vile weather of the paltry little isle they inhabit: treacherous. I know I spoke highly of them earlier, but in truth I don’t like the English. My father used to say, ”…When you have finished hating the Jews, don’t stop, but begin immediately with hating the English, and after that, you may stop. Love the Italians, adore the French, but emulate only the Germans.” Smart father!

    Speaking of hate, you have got to be the first person I have ever known to malign without knowing, a la Anglaise, peut-être?, though I don’t think you do this out of pleasure, cruel though you can be, but simply because you like to raise yourself above the level of a maligned soul and thus to acquire for yourself that respect and domination over him which you wrongly imagine to be the only way of being esteemed. In English, I believe you call this wrong!

    Similar aspects of different people to the keen mind immediately taste differently, and it is said that only the fool does not know the difference between the same and the identical. The power to accurately perceive – hah, ma chère, now that is something! Have you that? Believe me: that it is which lends dignity to the mind.

    Anyway, I must go now. By the way, and I hope I am not mistaken, as in the midst of your nebulous crowd it is not difficult to be mistaken, but I believe there was a string of rather interesting comments written by that Julius or Julian: wherever did they disappear?! I am so happy you are so liberal! An awful thing, censorship, is it not?

    The Sun shall no sooner set than I shall ship you hither,
    And with all my majesty and skill shall I you of lovelessness deliver.
    (Consider this.)


    1. Atlantis, to answer your question, but the truer answer is in the lost pages of greater minds than I. I hate and malign no one. Least of all, the Jewish people, whom I love. They are brothers and sisters to me and to the chagrin of the multitudes here, I defend them. In truth, and deeply, I love all peoples, for I love humanity… even the English. Even them.

      But of evil… there is a foul beast with many disguises. The ability to care for the pain of another, like the tale of Herodotus, is a shield against it (as an aside, why do you think he thought the Ethiopians and Indians having black semen? This is very curious, but I digress). Care is the foundation of human civilization. Therefore by caring, by truly caring, we protect civilization; the true civilization of the noble hearts, dear, not Corruption and Decay and (worst of all) Mediocracy that wear the perfumes and garments of civilization.

      These words may comfort your instincts, but sate you not, no doubt. Here, I will appeal to your intuition. In the meantime, while I search for a bottle, Atlantis is sinking once more, and few dare to prevent it. Public chimeras are surely not the ideal form of sharing, but that fault is mine. Those of the same cast are rare. Those of the same caste are rare. They need also be wise.


    This is an excellent post, Alan. I unreservedly apologize if I wound you up the wrong way. I am in two minds about you and the charming Ellie (for whom I have the deepest respect), but my better nature tells me that you are not only a highly intelligent and cultivated man but a man I could easily warm to, if I met outside somewhere beyond the narrow confines of this website. So feel free to have your say here.

    Lucy Skipping,

    I understand, and I apologise. Things like that ought not to be written in forums like this. Actually, I am slightly embarrassed too, to be perfectly honest, as you are a serious website and you deserve all the respect which an honest man can show you. However, you err greatly when you call me a Zionist troll, as well as when you refer to me as being a part of a gang and an infester.

    First, a Zio troll I am not. Second, I may form a part of a clique, but that is only a small group of people here who actually love her whom you and your… other and bigger group seem to hate for no reason. And third, an infester? Come now. Whilst I admit that it was wrong of me to utter such nonsense about Lasha, to whom I duly apologise also and whom I much respect, I will not accept the charge of being an infesting Zio troll. I merely stood up for her who, in every intelligent man’s estimation, is the best writer ever to appear in your site. When Seneca wrote to Laellius, he reminded him that one day he will bring him immortality just by having exchanged letters with him! Why should Ellie K’s brief appearance here be seen in a lesser light? I mean, didn’t Alexa’s rating jump from Daily Page Reviews from 1.40, to 1.75, to 1.90, and to 2.10 respectively each and every time Ellie made an appearance here? And didn’t the bounce rate drop from 64.90 to as little as 33.80 and 2.90 respectively? And didn’t the countries of visitors expand to include those nations which hitherto had never bothered to visit you at all? Yes, it did, so what’s the problem? Facts are facts, and you may check them for yourself, if you doubt my words.

    By the way, in case you have missed it, has it never occurred to you that there may be people here who speak ill of her just so they may turn your like of her into the dislike of her? Evidently they have succeeded. If a person presents himself to ourselves, the last thing we should care about is what others may think of her or of him, because, after all, we do have such a thing called Judgement, something which I believe you too have it but which occasionally becomes inoperative.

    Just look at the imagery: ”One man milking another woman!” Who speaks like this? Someone who knows how to speak, that’s who. And what do you do? You jump in where you don’t belong, and immediately take sides. And the result? Well, others too jump in and begin to take sides as well, and THIS then for you is proof of one being a Zio troll, an infester, and I don’t know what else not! Lucy, there is such a thing as a difference of opinion, you know! But, is Ellie K., narcissistic? Probably, (a little). But so was Chopin, who for the last 20 years of his life refused to shake other people’s hands, and this simply because he thought that HIS hands were of superior quality and ought not to touch those of others, and yet, I AM CERTAIN that this does not prevent you from enjoying his beautiful music. Or does it, Lucy Skipping?

    Therefore, to infer from a person’s one or two annoying qualities her entire worth, is no different than thinking one of the world’s greatest composers a worthless narcissist; and to jump, as you have done, in the bandwagon with those jealous back stabbers, (jealousy works unconsciously, hence our vehement denial of it, remember?) AS WELL AS THOSE REAL ZIO TROLLS WHO WROTE ILL OF HER WHOM MANY OF US LIKE, JUST SO THEY CAN EFFECT HER REMOVAL FROM HERE, is to prove, in this case at least, that you cannot think independently of a group.

    I have made my mistake and I have apologised. I am ashamed for what i wrote! You have made yours and you are yet to apologise. Also, I believe my last post asked a question?

    With respect,
    Alan Merc
    That poster Lobro said that he is an impartial man. One wonders how impartially he would judge this time!

    1. monsieur merc, since you entrusted the judgment to someone as challenged as me, i will judge you first, then read your post in its entirety.

      this could reflect on you better or worse than the fine balance requires, let’s leave some to luck of the draw but isn’t that how tai-chi works?

      judging others is passing a negative judgment on oneself, because none of us have either ability to look into the motives or power to implement the verdict – except on ourselves.
      i truly believe that no man is a harsher and fairer judge of himself than … ahem, himself.
      feel free to correct me but this is english as she is spoke, afaic.

      so, you are quite forgiven, given that you did not forgive yourself, how is that?

      and sotto voce … i prefer an intelligent, nasty poster to a dumb, well meaning one.
      nastiness can be an effective crank that gets my engine rumbling.

      on the subject of multiple identities, sock puppets and the like.
      i have absolutely nothing against them, someone wants to use them, i say go ahead help yourself to as many as you like, maybe we are all nothing but figment of lasha’s rich and fervid imagination, i for one would instantly consent to that, a sock puppet back in mother’s womb, as long as she doesn’t assign me the role of the resident moron, clown yes, moron no.
      because i have this special talent that never misfires until someone catches me in the act, to know excactly who is who and recognize ellie wearing the groucho glasses, nose and mustache saying in nasal tones, cluseau, inspector clouseau and i like my absinthe all shook up not stirred.
      a bunch of you guys are men from SWIFT, qui?
      qui, fine by me.
      and you should support ellie, it is your honorable duty because she deserves it, fierce yet fragile that she is.

      so the next time you are challenged herein, show ’em your passport with lobro’s visa in it.
      (that will be 5,000 euros or 10 of ellie’s deadbeat father’s best cigars … stolen, not bought, it shows the true appreciation)

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