God bless you, President Putin! by Dr Kevin Barrett


To many in the West, Putin is seen as a shining light and a beacon — one who will hopefully deliver the world from the evil clutches of the New World Order.

Presented with pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon


In the wake of Crimea’s independence referendum, Hillary Clinton says Russian President Putin is a “new Hitler.”  Zbigniew Brezezinski, former National Security Advisor agrees, calling Putin not just another Hitler, but also a thug, a menace, a Mafia gangster, and a Mussolini. The Western mainstream media echoes this childish name-calling.

Why is the whole Western foreign policy establishment so afraid of Putin? Because Putin is standing up against Western aggression – not only in Ukraine, but also in Syria and Iran. Ongoing Western attempts to destabilize these and other countries are just the most recent examples of a decades-old pattern of aggression.

The long-term goal: Total destruction of traditional nations and their values, and the creation of a New World Order global dictatorship.

Since the 1953 CIA-MI6 coup in Iran, the West has been using the same formula to overthrow legitimate but uncooperative leaders.

First, sabotage the country’s economy. Then bribe corrupt military officers and thugs and pay rent-a-mobs to create chaos in the streets. Next (this step is optional) incite violence by paying snipers to fire into crowds – and maybe set off some bombs. Finally, send the corrupt military units and gangsters to overthrow the target nation’s legitimate leader, murder or imprison his supporters, install a Western puppet in his place – and announce that “order has been restored.”

The CIA did it to Iran’s democratically-elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953, to Indonesia’s President Sukarno in 1965, and to Chile’s Prime Minister Allende on September 11th, 1973. They did the same thing to Ukraine’s legitimate president, Viktor Yanukovych, a few weeks ago.

Neocon regime-change apparatchik Victoria Nuland (The assistant US secretary of state,) got caught admitting that the US had spent five billion dollars to overthrow Ukraine’s democratically-elected government; and EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton was heard on tape discussing the “news” that the Maidan Square snipers were part of the US-sponsored coup.

The people of Ukraine should be worried. US-sponsored coups can turn very bloody very quickly.

The CIA’s 1965 Indonesia coup was one of the biggest holocausts in history. According to Princeton history professor Bradley Simpson, as cited by the Jakarta Globe: “The US and British governments did everything in their power to ensure that the Indonesian army would carry out the mass killings” of more than one million people following the coup against Sukarno.

Most of the victims were tortured before they were murdered. The list of names of people to be tortured and murdered was provided by the CIA to their hired Indonesian thugs.

While this was going on, five-year-old Barrack Obama was living in Indonesia with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, who was working for the American mass murderers. That’s right. Obama’s stepfather was a holocaust perpetrator.

In 1971, following the CIA’s coup in Chile, the American stooge Pinochet murdered 3,000 people and tortured 30,000. These actions were fully supported by Pinochet’s American sponsors, who trained and paid the thugs and torturers.

The hecatomb in Syria, too, is best understood as yet another US-sponsored coup attempt.

The NWO-driven Americans and their Western allies have killed tens of millions in these coups, interventions, destabilization campaigns, and undeclared wars.

According to André Vltchek and Noam Chomsky’s book On Western Terrorism, the total number killed is over 50 million since World War II.

If we add to this the number of people tortured, brutalized, falsely imprisoned, forced to become refugees, or who had their lives ruined by Western terrorism, the number of victims reaches the hundreds of millions.

Today, the American terrorists and their NATO allies seem less interested in installing puppet governments than in reducing entire nations to chaos.

The CIA-NATO coup against Gaddafi has destroyed Libya as a modern nation-state. Western-backed false-flag terror in Iraq is splitting up that country. Syria is being decimated by a Western-backed attempt to overthrow Assad. Venezuela, too, is being destabilized by a CIA-backed coup effort.

In short, the New World Order – a shadowy group of global banking oligarchs bent on establishing a one-world dictatorship – is trying to overthrow every leader on earth who resists. Russian President Putin is resisting.

That is why the Western propaganda machine is calling him names.

It is worth noting that Russia and Iran – the two nations most successfully resisting NWO regime change – are doing so in the name of God.

According to Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones, the 1979 Iranian Revolution was the opening salvo of a global backlash against secularism’s destruction of traditional values. Like the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan (driven by Americans’ disgust with the so-called sexual revolution) and the rise of Poland’s Solidarity movement (which opposed communist atheism), the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran was a landmark event signaling an end to the 20th-century wave of militant secularism and atheism – and a revival of traditional religion.

AYATOLLAH KHOMENEI "Anyone who says that religion is separate from politics is a fool;  he know neither Islam nor politics."
“Anyone who says that religion is separate from politics is a fool;
he knows neither Islam nor politics.”

Lasha Darkmoon comments: Contrary to the wishes of the neo-Bolsheviks who run America, Iran wanted to bring God and traditional values back into the lives of its people. That’s why the  mullahs were contemptuously described as “the Mad Mullahs” and were so bitterly hated — because they dared to espouse religious values that were diametrically opposed to the secular values so dear to the Jew-controlled American media: godlessness, homosexuality, rampant feminism, the slut culture, pornographic sleaze, and the Hollywood obsession with sex and violence.

President Putin enjoys overwhelming popularity in Russia due to his defense of traditional religious values. In his State of the Nation address last December, Putin said: “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan.”

Putin’s reference to Satanism was a pointed rebuke to the New World Order elites, those who – though they push militant secularism on the societies they are trying to undermine – are closet Satanists.

Anyone who doubts this should run the name “Lt. Col. Michael Aquino” through a search engine. Aquino, an avowed Satanist and credibly-accused mass child abuser, was rewarded for his crimes against children with an appointment as Chief of Psychological Warfare for the US military.

For background on the satanic international banking elite, and its near-total control of Western institutions, read Nick Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal alongside the work of Canadian scholar Henry Makow.

The shock troops of the NWO’s war against religion and tradition (and Russia and Iran) are the neoconservatives. Operation Gladio terrorist Michael Ledeen explains:


Lasha Darkmoon comments: Ledeen is also known to have formulated the infamous “Ledeen doctrine”, so typical of those Jewish supremacists who purport to speak in America’s name and help to make it the most hated nation in the word after Israel: “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” Ah, if only America would do just that to some “crappy little country” in the Middle East living on stolen Palestinian land!

Putin is stopping New World Order “creative destruction” in Syria and Ukraine. He is part of a growing coalition opposing the NWO – not just religious traditionalists, but also progressive anti-globalization forces, including Hugo Chavez inspired anti-imperialists in Latin America.

We are facing an epic struggle between those who espouse sacred values such as justice and decency versus those who wish to destroy all values.

God bless President Putin, who is putting the fear of God into the New World Order!

Putin as President

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  1. Oh, that we Americans had such a President! (If you are for real, Mr. Putin, I hope you have vigilant guardians!)

  2. Putin had better double the number of his bodyguards and get himself a team of food tasters. His days are probably numbered. He should watch out for the sniper on the rooftop and the poisoned omelette. Like Stalin, he should beware of Jewish doctors — in fact, he should beware of any guy with a smile on his face and a hypodermic syringe in his hand.

  3. Kevin Barrett is a piece of garbage.

    Thanks KB for confirming Putin is controlled opposition.

    You “jew wise” keep on believing this stuff.

    1. You have “Zionist troll” written all over you, Lonnie. Every post you make confirms it.

      1. Sardonicus,

        You wouldn’t know a real one if your life depended on it….. and it does.

        Barret has said some very suspect things over the years. Frankly I now longer pay attention to the guy.

        Maybe you just need to get your head out of your ass just that little bit more and realize some of us are extremely de-programmed on the jewish issue and no longer fall for their games.

        1. OK, keep your shirt on! I already apologized in case I got you wrong. Trouble is, you make a lot of wild statements but never — not once — back them up with any evidence.

          For example, you write : “Barret has said some very suspect things over the years.”

          Care to name a couple of those “suspect things”?

          (With links, so that we know you are telling the truth).

      1. It is hardly fair to identify Lonnie as a Zionist troll. Most likely he is a genuine article, i.e. he is a Jew doing his best to protect Jewish values by Jewish methods.

        In any case, it is doubtful that ADL would pay this bum a penny for his unprofessional and poorly executed efforts.

        1. OK Circ, you’re probably right. To tell you the truth, I was about to ask the monitor to remove my harsh comments about Lonnie when you stepped into the fray. I’ll have to let them stand now.

          I don’t like being uncharitable, so I’ll give this guy the benefit of the doubt and apologize to him if I hurt his feelings. If it’s a gal of course, apologies doubled. Chivalry toward the gentler sex and so on…

      2. Kevin Barrett, founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.

        Need I say more?

        1. How else is he ever gonna get a 911 truth movement past the zionist gatekeepers?

          There are already enough “jews did 911” websites.

    2. Well, we will see, Lonnie. The recent bank sanctions imposed with the signature of (Barry Soetoro) are certainly real, and will cause Putin immense unpopularity among his own. What is beginning to materialize is a hint of The Real McCoy in Mr. Vlad. Now I am inclined to give him benefit of doubt. What can it hurt??
      We already know the “Samson Option” will be employed – either financially or otherwise, at some time or another. Might as well root for SOME team…. 🙂

      1. will cause Putin immense unpopularity among his own

        i don’t think so, in fact i would assume just the opposite.
        when wermacht rolled into ussr, it didn’t cause immense unpopularity for stalin … just the opposite.
        this is the healthy human nature that when someone attacks a friend or a family member, you rally to their side.
        you don’t dump them unless you are the lowest psychotic sum, right?
        and anyway, russia and china own over 30% of america’s external debt, so what happens if they start calling in some of that debt?
        most unwise for a debtor to threaten the creditor.

        1. Putin, true to his joyful style, mocked US sanctions imposed on Russia, saying he will open an account at US-sanctioned Rossiya Bank.

          Kind of Putin’s way of saying “Go ahead punk, make my day”.

          It looks like our president is having good time at the expense of our American “partners”, nothing wrong with that. It’s payback time, cowboy. Or, as the Russian proverb goes – долг платежом красен – the beauty of a debt is its payment.

        2. lobro,

          you provided a link to Israel Shamir’s excellent article on Putin and the Russians. Anyone with even the slightest feel for what’s being presented in it should be able to get a sense of the real deal going on there.

          Preconceived conclusions that darkens the brain and stops any potential for common sense.

          Hence of course the brain-darkening ziotroll presence.

      1. asap,

        Isn’t it disappointing how many jew wise are not really that wise at all to jewish games?

        Just can’t believe how many are falling for this Putin thing.

        1. asap/Lonnie duo reminded me of an anecdote that was popular in good old days back in the USSR:

          A door bell buzz at the Moscow apartment.
          – Who is there?
          – It’s KGB.
          – What do you want?
          – We want to talk.
          – How many of you out there?
          – Two of us.
          – Well, then you don’t need me, you two can talk to each other.

  4. Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

    He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009).

    His website is http://www.truthjihad.com.

    1. yes… he seems ok to me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Barrett

      A university professor who devotes classes to the “War on Terror” and teaches “antisemetic” (according to the ADL!) 911 theories. I also watched him getting attacked by the Satanists on FOX (666) news a while ago.

      But it’s good that we begin with a review of his credibility.

      1. Barret may still be wrong about Putin… but it will be an honest mistake. One has to ask why, if Putin is a NWO agent, did he “waste” so much time and effort opposing the war in Syria.

        Was the NWO plan to build his credibility for the legitimised break up of the Ukraine and resources grab in Crimea?

        Let’s not give them too much credit.

  5. In many ways Ms. Clinton’s observation is correct – Dr. Putin is indeed the new Chancellor Hitler.

    Chancellor Hitler, after all, created a miraculous improvement in the German economy, eliminated the cultural decadence that had overtaken the country, sought to protect the German people, and returned their self-respect lost largely as a result of the Versailles Treaty. Not surprisingly, Hitler was exceedingly popular.

    Dr. Putin might take her intended slur as a compliment instead.

    (Both my parents-in-law lived in Germany during WWII and have a very different impression of Chancellor Hitler than that presented to my generation in America. Unfortunately they are both deceased. I would be very interested for their reaction to this book: “The Myth of German Villainy” by Benton Bradberry, which I feel is a must-read for anyone interested in history. Also see: https://mythofgermanvillainy.wordpress.com/)

    1. Even if you admire Hitler and Putin equally, it’s silly to compare them by saying “Putin is the new Hitler.” They have almost nothing in common — not even a toothbrush mustache.

      I admire Beethoven and I admire my dog, but I would be silly to compare them by saying “My dog is the New Beethoven.”

      Please try to be more logical.

      1. now you got me all confused ruthie.

        my deaf rotweiler has a mustache (no toothbrush, refuses to brush) … at least i think it’s a “he”.
        i could have easily called him adolph or ludwig but i chose leona because he ate my wife.
        the only thing i am sure of is that it’s a dog, he barks, he bites, he urinates on carpets but i love him because of loyalty, if mossad ever comes after me, leona will go for their throats.

      2. Ruth, I sought to compare some common characteristics, namely, economic reform, cultural reform, protection of citizens, and regeneration of national self-respect. Perhaps I was too oblique, but I’m afraid I cannot find the silliness in the comparison of these characteristics, while at the same time finding a kernel of truth in Ms. Clinton’s slur.

        1. John, Can I suggest you do some real in-depth research into this Clinton bunch they’re are one very evil scumbag family good place to start ‘ Moriah and The Mormon Leadership – 13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati’
          Also watch this video ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ it shows you just what Billy boy was up to when he was Governor of Arkansas and especially the Mena airport!

      3. >> Please try to be more logical.

        I’ll try my luck in exercising the art of logic with strict Ruth.

        Logical premise:

        Slobodan Milošević is the new Hitler.
        Saddam Hussein is the new Hitler.
        Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler.
        Hugo Chávez is the new Hitler.
        Vladimir Putin is the newest Hitler.

        Logical conclusion: Maybe the old Hitler wasn’t that bad after all!

        1. Your logic is flawless. You get an A-plus.

          Actually, these people who keep comparing every new hate figure to Hitler can’t be very bright. By doing so, they are helping to reinforce the notion that Hitler can hardly be the ultimate icon of evil.

    2. the myth of German villainy is a very good book the best as of now but there is one more try to get it at amazon or http://www.barnesreview.com
      Russian Populist The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin
      bu author Matthew Raphael Johnson PH.D
      the author puts all the dots together of what makes Putin so popular and hated by the west a most read book if you wand to understand america to Siegfried

  6. An excellent aricle and, if I may say so, most timely. I can understand why Darkmoon chose to republish it and give it the full treatment on her site. Dr Barrett clearly possesses all the literary qualities that Darkmoon herself admires and strives for in her work: fact-based, well-sourced and documented, crisp and clear in style — in short, not a word wasted anywhere and always easy to understand.

  7. putin, hitler, mussolini … the world needs more such gentile champions, fewer brzezinskis, cheneys, clintons, harpers, blairs and an overflowing dumpster of putrid shabbos whose only qualification for office is that the jew has massive files on their pedophile snuff adventures and got them all by their short and curlies.

  8. Not sure myself about this situation, if that turn in Russia is for real, but at the moment it seems to be. We’ll have to investigate how the politics of the bankers go. If Russia and China own over 30% of america’s external debt, then it is a clear difference to the situation Hitler found in 33. The NS did have an economic programm based on Gottfried Feder’s writing but not only, because the Volk, the Social life was coming back to life.
    Not so easy to compare.
    Just came across this other article there by Jonas E. Alexis
    Marx and Freud’s Faustian Pacts–and the Cosmic War Against the West (maybe “faustian pact” is not so accurate)
    Was Marx also a satanist? one of his poems:
    “Ruined! Ruined! My time has clean run out! The clock has stopped, the pygmy house has crumbled. Soon I shall embrace eternity to my breast, and soon I shall howl gigantic curses at mankind…If there is a Something which devours, I’ll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins—the world which bulks between me and the abyss, I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses.” Karl Marx[1]
    (in case one of Präs.Putins aides is reading here, they have to find out the truth about Bolshevism and Zionism, if they want to become independent)

    1. I don’t think there’s any question, Fritz. Marx was a hater through and through. An exemplar for his master.

  9. I really like Kevin Barrett’s writing and almost always agree with his point of view.

    Not all Russians are for Putin. After all, the Russians haven’t recovered from the trauma of Jewish Bolshevism and they have a hard time trusting their government with the oligarchs still so powerful. I think, though, that this particular situation with the Ukraine should be clear to see since the perps got themselves caught in the act doing their coup. The Russians definitely understand sneaky coups. It’s hard not to be on Putin’s side. I think that is why the U.S. media is not covering what is going on in Russia–the neocons are too visible and too bad. What happens to the Hiliary Clinton Presidential Campaign when people know that she put the neocons into positions of power in Ukraine where they spent 5 billion American tax payer dollars to bloody the streets with the murder of innocent people. I seriously do not understand the “end game” of all this killing–50 million, while the folks back home were clueless.

  10. Heh!

    Don’t you’ll jump in with both feet!

    Putin was – after all- KGB. He has one hand behind his back, no one knows what he’s about, YET!

  11. Your knowledge of the “conspiracy” is incomplete…Revolutions dont happen “just because” and the Iranian one is no different. Search for the facts about the Iranian revolution or the very candid words of the Shah about the Zionists, their power and who was behind the revolution, there are even videos on Youtube showing that the Shah was nobodies puppet.

    And you also dont seem to understand how the Islamization of the West is part of the conspiracy and how most of Islam is controlled “by them”.

    You dont seem to grasp how far the Conspiracy goes…

    1. YAWN! Boring.
      When all fails, bring up the ”islamization of the west” boogie boogie out. This we can scramble some bigoted brains while buying some time to seek a new evasive maneuver.

      1. Who owns the Sunni-Arab branch of Islam? Saudi Arabia. Who owns Saudi Arabia? The Jews.

        Who owns the governments who promote the Islamization of the West? The Jews.

        Jews work by “thesis-><-antithesis". They even created the Nazis. Again, many "jew aware" people dont have a clue how far the Conspiracy goes.

      2. PS – And you have no clue about how obnoxious and anti-white most Islamits are in Europe. You, Darkmoon, etc…live in a totally isolated World when it comes to this issue. You are so desperate to find a “light at the end of the tunnel” that you miss the Big Picture.

  12. The argument is very clear (and very true). Defeated only by the stupid inclusion of one Lasha Darkmoon’s extreme views on other people’s sexuality, religion (or lack of it), liberty in general and basic human rights.
    Putin is right in standing up against yet another American bullying of helpless countries, but he can only lose support if he surrounds himself with bigots that think religions, sexual orientation and “values” should be imposed to citizens.

    1. At least 70% of Russians agree with him on almost everything and I would assume a larger proportion of people have higher support for him on individual issues you raised up. So there you go.
      Do you think our government is seeking support for the stance they take on their own version of religion, sexual orientation and value they are trying to impose on the west?

    2. @ Buiça

      “The argument is very clear (and very true). Defeated only by the stupid inclusion of one of Lasha Darkmoon’s extreme views on other people’s sexuality…”

      I disagree with you. Lasha Darkmoon was simply expressing a moderate and traditional view of sexuality, not an “extreme” one. She was doing no more than endorsing the traditional view of Vladimir Putin who is anxious that homosexuality should not be rammed down the throats of Russian children.

      I guess you regard any attempt to crack down on homosexual propaganda in schools as “extreme”?

      Please note that it is not Lasha Darkmoon but President Putin himself who said:

      “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan.”

      Why don’t you denounce Putin for being “extreme” in refusing to recognize the sanctity of same-sex partnerships and for talking about “Satanism” in the same sentence?

  13. Putin…

    -supports multiculturalism and Muslim immigration
    -opposes “racism” and “fascism”
    -is surrounded by billionaire kikes
    -called the fall of the USSR the greatest calamity in history

    Yeah, what separates this tool from every other POS leader in the West?

    National Socialists who support Putin are fucking retards. No wonder this movement never gets anywhere.

    1. Exactly SPQR.

      The supposed ‘jew wise” often disappoint me more than the stupid sheeple.

      Far too many of them still fall for the oldest jew tricks in the book.

      One thing is for certain, one is no where near truly jew wise until they fully accept the only solution to them is violence. They have given us no other option but to defend ourselves.

      If a jew wise person hasn’t realized this conclusion they are not wise at all.

      It never ceases to amaze me how many call me a jew simply because I’ve really had enough of them.

      1. OK, so now it’s THREE kgb guys at the door. Lonnie, asap and SPQR.

        Getting crowded out there.

      2. @Lonnie. Hasn’t violence already been tried many times over the centuries? It’s just an intellectually lazy (and ineffective) solution for the slow witted… and actually playing right into their hands.
        “Jew wise” indeed.

  14. “Fear of God”?!?!? I presumed God was loving, oh, I get it, you mean the Jewish Jehovah, the jealous and vindictive god.

  15. @ SQPR I think you are right. Putin is a marrano, closet jew, the person the jew-west needs for the scenario of WWIII. Don’t forget social orders, especially, the Jew world orderneeds war to change the status quo. No war means, status quo remains the same.

    Barrett if this is his real name sounds jewish to me!

    1. Like I posted above:

      “Kevin Barrett, founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth”

      If anyone doesn’t suspect this their jew radar needs focusing.

    2. @ed et all. Anyone can say anything.
      Let’s see some links justifying your claims.

      Maybe we are all jewish : ) … if u go back far enough… which means that being jewish may not be the problem.

  16. @ Lonnie, Barrett is jewish all the way. Do not forget that the jews play both sides of the conflict.

    1. Barrett is a popular Anglo-Irish surname. Kevin Barrett himself has said in one of his programs that he is of Irish descent. He has converted to Islam, that’s why he includes Muslims. That he also wants to include Jews in his “truth jihad” only shows that he is broad minded. I can only say that he makes a thoroughly sincere impression on me. Just watch him on Iranian Press TV debating a Jewish neocon and then decide whether he “works for the Jews” or not.

      And please let’s stop with this nonsense that Putin is a Jew or “works for the Jews” (as part of a secret over arching global conspiracy). Putin is an honest and sincere Russian nationalist who wants the best for his people in a constructive way. I consider him to be the greatest statesman of our time.

      1. and ahmedinejad comes close, other quality ones (none from the so-called west, a jew slave plantation by any other name) were qadaffi and chavez, also mujica (uruguay), whatssisname ex-prez of malasia, heck even fidel castro although completely incompetent as an economist.

        1. Sayed Hasan Nasrallah is a superlative Muslim, possibly an Acharya, or will be deemed as such in the near future.

      2. Wow, really know nothing of jewish history I see…let alone Russian history.

        Russia has been completely jew controlled for a long time now. Did they suddenly give up this control recently?

        Seriously Franklin, face the facts. How many more Russian lives must they destroy before you start paying attention?

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        “Putin is an honest and sincere Russian nationalist who wants the best for his people in a constructive way. I consider him to be the greatest statesman of our time.”

        Hear, hear. Good to see that all of the most intelligent posters on this site agree with you. I note that Darkmoon has republished quite a few of Barrett’s best articles on this site and she is clearly one of his admirers.

        I don’t know which idea is the more ridiculous: that Barrett is a Jew or that Putin is one. There’s only one idea more ridiculous than this, often pushed by extreme loonies on this site — the conspiracy theory that Hitler was a Jew.

        1. Yes Hitler “was a Jew” with the task to persecute the Jews in order to have them emigrate to Palestine (the Zionist project) destroying Germany (and himself !) in the process.

          Some time ago there was a theory circulating on the internet that Ahmedinejad is a Jew and that his task was to cause a war between Israel and Iran in order to have Iran destroyed. Fortunately that proved to be nonsense too.

          Some people claim to possess a “Jew-radar” and they imagine to be able to feel exactly if someone is a Jew. What such people need is a “reality-radar” instead of concocting ridiculous conspiracy theories.

    2. Ed,

      I have not looked into whether Barret is an actual jew or not but I really don’t need to. By dancing around identifying them he reveals himself. Not to mention his 911 alliance. What a scam.

      At this point in the game your either directly naming the perps or your working’ for them. The vast majority of these writers are suspect.

      Your saying jew and your saying what we have no choice but to do or your working for them.

      No more grey zone.

      1. @ Lonnie

        Seriously Franklin, face the facts. How many more Russian lives must they destroy before you start paying attention?

        So tell me, Lonnie, if Putin was a Jew, why didn’t he team up with the six Jewish oligarchs who raided the Soviet Union of its wealth?

        Why did he claw back the wealth these Jewish crooks had stolen, thereby making himself universally hated by all the Jews of the world?

        Any ideas?

        1. never said he was a jew, said he was working for/with them.

          This is obviously political theatre. Jews go to get lengths to stage their events. Haven’t figured that out yet?

          So Russia has been completely jew controlled for a very long time and now suddenly its not? Really now, your not that naive are you?

        2. That won’t do. You evaded the question. Even if Putin isn’t a Jew but is “working for them”, as you state, the same question applies.

          If Putin is “working for the Jews”, why did he attack the Jewish oligarchs who were plundering the Soviet Union? If he was working for the Jews, why didn’t he join the Jewish oligarchs and share in the plunder himself?

          Answer the question — or shut up!

  17. I wonder why Putin said, “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level…a faith in God and a belief in Satan.” Christians and Muslims believe in Satan, but they don’t profess allegiance to him. It would have been more correct to say, “…a faith in God and worship of Satan” or “worship of God and worship of Satan.”

    1. Don’t split hairs, Darrell. We all know what Putin was saying and don’t need lectures on semantics. Otherwise, good to see you back! 🙂

      1. sorry to disturbe, but: lectures on history in Russia:
        Isaak Josephovich Kalina, jew, born in 1950 in Orenburg region.
        From 2010 till now – Head of Education Department of Moscow government.
        In 2009-2012 – Deputy Chairman of the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation to counter attempts to falsify history to the detriment of Russia.
        Known for the promotion in Russian schools of history textbook which says that Stalin was effective manager of XX century and mass repressions were nothing but “costs”.

  18. Dr. Barrett is wrong comparing Putin with Ayatullah Khomeini. They’re both pole apart. Imam Khomeini lead his nation to get rid of the US-Israel poodle, the King Reza Shah. He became the symbol of freedom for other nations. Fidel Castro called Khomeini the world’s greatest “Revolutionary”. Khomeini never preached his countrymen to be colonialists.

    President Putin has always been part of Russian colonialism; from KGB top operative to Butcher of Chechyna to president of Russia. Putin is a nationalist and only concerned for the Russian Empire even if means to sleep with the Israeli Jewish imperialism.

    “Today the war between truth and falsehood; the war between the rich and the poor; the war between the weak and the arrogant – has started. I kiss the hands of all who have stood up to fight throughout the world in the path of Allah and in the path of giving dignity to the Muslims. I give my sincere greetings to the free sparrows, to the dear nation…,” – Imam Khomeini.


  19. jews, being a very practical sort (how else would they qualify as devil’s troops?), fully realize the depth of revulsion with which they are regarded by decent people and go to great lengths to use this revulsion to their advantage, in fact they nourish it.

    so, once they identify their greatest, most lethal enemies, one of their most effective weapons of smear is to squirt their own stink at them, ie, paint them as jews:

    i remember very well when they went so far in spraying jew stigma on gaddafi that the israeli papers were full of stories about how one of gaddafi’s sons married a jew hooker and fathered her children and so on, bring out gaddafi’s fake family trees, etc, etc.
    and look what they did to him.

    this is part and parcel of their stock in trade, just like color coded “spontaneous people’s” revolution.
    like starting artificial fights and arguments over bullshit among people, pussy riot, racial hate, islamophobia (haven’t heard the islamofascist tag for a while, wonder why, it was very popular in everyday msm usage a couple of years back).
    sow confusion while plundering the folks blind.

    so when i see an article come out in support of any of these historical figures from jesus 2000 years ago to putin today, figures that struck existential fear into jew’s diseased soul and threatened his talmudic project for world enslavement, all these specialist detractors come out of woodwork with their forged evidence about hitler’s great aunt and rabbi great-grandfather and his satanic bar-mitzvah and with a few changes to wording, names and places the same sludge is then applied to the others, gaddafi or putin.
    anyone remember gabreal jones who just wouldn’t stop gnawing this corpse with his disgusting fables of how hitler had eva braun defecate on his face (braun=brown=excrement ref), his pure khazarian blood etc, etc.
    until this administration belatedly banished him from these pages.
    but they never give up, do they?
    a jew is well adjusted to instinctive repulsion with which he is regarded and it perversely pleases him, so he keeps returning for more.

    1. but they never give up, do they?
      a jew is well adjusted to instinctive repulsion with which he is regarded and it perversely pleases him, so he keeps returning for more.

      This is an insight into Jewish behavior the importance of which can hardly be overestimated. Many bright gentiles fall into folly that they can win the debate with a Jew simply by presenting huge amounts of undeniable facts in combination with strict logic. This folly rests on the false premise that an intellectual dispute gets won by facts and solid arguments. Not so with a Jew.

      There are different ways to win the debate. One of them is ridicule, which, when done well by mixing it with a subtle sophistry and few lies, can surpass in efficiency all other means. Jews excel in this art of ridicule.

      Watch this to see what I mean: Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Obsessed With Shirtless Putin.

      1. Jon Stewart (real name : Jonathan Stewart LEIBOWITZ ) is a clown. But because he is a Jewish clown he subtly mixes Jewish propaganda in his jokes ( which are for the most part of dubious funniness anyway). There are no Jews with any public function who do not take into account “what is good for the Jews” into their public performance. Jew-wise critics have already figured out long ago that Hollywood is not about entertainment but about mind control of the Goyim.

      2. @ Circassian

        “This folly rests on the false premise that an intellectual dispute gets won by facts and solid arguments. Not so with a Jew.

        There are different ways to win the debate. One of them is ridicule, which, when done well by mixing it with a subtle sophistry and few lies, can surpass in efficiency all other means. Jews excel in this art of ridicule.”

        Beautifully put. The assumption that arguments are won by a combination of hard facts and superior logic is indeed untenable. Schopenhauer wrote an entire book about this subject which has been translated into English as The Art of Always Being Right: Thirty Eight Ways to Win when You Are Defeated.

        Ridicule and the ad hominem attack feature highly in this presentation. Sophistries and fallacious arguments win every time over sober fact and impeccable logic.

        I have this book in front of me right now. Here are a few chapter titles. This will give you an idea of “Jew Logic”:

        1. Postulate what has to be proven.
        2. Make your opponents angry.
        3. Claim victory despite defeat.
        4. Interrupt, break up, divert the dispute.
        5. When your opponent makes a strong point, dismiss it at once as factually incorrect, inadequately sourced, or logically fallacious.
        6. Or quickly change the subject, implying that the point made is not worth consideration.
        7. Accuse your opponent of exaggeration.
        8. Persuade the audience, not your opponent.
        9. Appeal to authority rather than reason. To back up your claims, invent statistics and fabricate quotations.
        10. When your opponent makes a good point, say “This is beyond me”… or “You mustn’t simplify, this is an extremely complex issue!”
        11. Bewilder your opponent and audience with technical jargon and impressive obfuscation.
        12. Become personal, insulting, rude.

        1. BTW, I am not Jewish. It amuses me to use the name “Ruth Bernstein” as my nom de plume. 🙂

        2. we know by now you are not jewish, ruth.
          but even when i thought you were, i sensed a streak of decency and good breeding, very unusual for a jew.

          you didn’t trip the jewdar.

        3. all very true, ruth.

          truth is eternal, kol nidre must be renewed every year, vampire needs frsh blood infusion to keep decomposing corpse animated.

          in rejecting truth as the basic operating principle, jew has renounced eternity, immortality and continuation of existence even as a possibility.

          he rejects the entire bundle: truth, justice, logic, permanence, stability and health in exchange for short term gains of quick and cheap victories, apparent rather than real, neuroticism, materialism, glamor and bling of temporal existence.

          in the end he is obliterated by the devil’s deal, buried under an avalanche of moral refuse, gone under in the swamp of own making.

        4. thanks- it was translated only in 1989 or 2004 and in German it has the title “Eristische Dialektik” so not so easy to find.

  20. some thoughts on the nature of ugliness.
    most jews are repulsive looking to most people, something unholy and unclean about them, so why is that.
    one reason could be their presumably neanderthal ancestral component, given that neanderthals were evolutionary enemies of homo sapiens – just a theory as far as i am concerned, maybe true, maybe not.

    but much more to the point is this.
    a jew is instructed from his earliest days in the ways of satan, suckled on the cloying juice of evil, all his hermetic eductaion, closed-in group camps, fraternizing with rabbis and indoctrination specialists in shuls, yeshivas and so on, the holidays of orgiastic hate and cannibal bloodlust like purim, yom kippur and so on.
    lying, deceit and treachery is his holy of holies as seen in kol nidre.
    sadism and perversion are promoted enthusiastically.
    he is taught to promote abhorrence and to revel in it, a jew well liked by gentiles is considered suspicious among his tribalists.
    so it all leaves indelible tracks on his face, perpetual hate, lying and injustice brnads it with asymmetry, lopsidednes, the faces are caught in a frozen, twisted sneer.
    see this example and think of so many more, who do you want? golda meier, madeleine albright, shedon adelson, larry silverstein, stephen spielberg, sergei taruta, arseniy yatseniuk, igor kolomoisky among the new discoveries and on and on, thousands upon thousands of them, practically all of them, wearing the permanent brand of cain, the assassin, the devil.

    now look at hitler’s face.
    it is open, symmetrical, in keeping with his basically loving nature, he loved animals, was a sworn vegetarian, he loved his people and his people loved him back, that was his greatest strength, the german nation trusted him without exception because they knew that he lived only for them.

    look at lives of stalin and castro, they never went for rothschild style opulence, the chandeliers glowing with gems, the lavish parties of the debauched set, they lived in modest digs in natural surroundings, same as hitler in his mountain retreat.
    gaddafi lived in a tent and swore never to leave until every libyan citizen had his house.
    ahmedinejad never scammed the iranian treasury for a single dinar (or whatever their currency), lives in a modest apartment.
    i don’t know how putin lives but i always see pictures of him outdoors, riding horses, checking on siberian beasts, bears and tigers, out on zodiac whale-watching and so on.
    i have never seen a single photo of a jew doing this, even for propaganda purposes.
    why should he?
    he is an enemy of nature, his comfort zone is in the bowels of monsanto, pfizer, genentech, anthrax labs and so on, where his ugly visage seems of a place.

    1. Yes, good observation. What all Jewish faces have in common is the expression of cunning deception. There exists of course a wide variety of Jewish faces, but they all are variations on this common theme. Deception is the way of life of these parasites. It is significant in this respect that their yearly celebration of Kol Nidre, the ceremony in which they declare that all promises they will make in the next year will be invalid, is their most popular religious festival.
      Think of it that there are still millions of gullible Christians who revere this ancient Middle Eastern bandit tribe as “God’s chosen people”.

    2. ts eliot’s immortal poem, burbank with a baedeker nails it perfectly, his power of analytical observation is divine, got them down to a t.
      and if rats are underneath the piles, indeed he is underneath the lot, just look at the inescapable ratiness of the faces in that iraq warmongers cluster mug shot, all of them cartoonishly nasty-sneaky.

      so now look at that piece of intended slander on the cover of time: no matter how hard they try, even spreading the telltale mustache putin-ward, their faces look normal despite all the cosmetic trickery and deception.

      even if i was a total spaced out political naif, the score would be clear to me, just going by the visual clues.

  21. How many times has the “(blank) is the new Hitler” been used in the past?

    Can’t they find another boogieman to trot out and scare the huddled masses?

    Just don’t try that now, too many bets being managed on March Madness.

  22. The U.S. military is being used to kill thousands, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, etc etc, and who’s kvetching about Putin taking back Crimea (which Kruschev– a Ukrainian himself, gave to Ukraine in 1964)? When hypocrisy reaches this scale– the truth becomes suspect. Just tell somebody about this and get branded a conspiracy theorist and/or an anti-semite.

  23. the truth is that only the chosen ones, the real jew-watchers, the elite, know the vices and the uglyness of the jews. The masses don’t want to know the facts about them. The masses does not care that they are cattle for the jews as long as they can buy their new iphone and watch football or soccer. So screw the masses. They deserve their situation which they lament and their situation in which they ravel but they certainly do not want to change the situation. The masses need psychological to be led even if their jewish shepherd does not act in the interest of the masses. Screw the goyim-masses they deserve their destiny and situation because they are not willing to resist!

    1. this may be a valid point you made.
      in the past, they were more closely attached to the land working serfs and free peasants, they were usurers and cattle traders, tax collectors, trade unionists, so the common man learned to fear and hate them.

      since then they climbed quite a few rungs upwards and are now mighty judges, bankers, political advisers and lobbyists, so that intimacy with the working class is gone and thus the ignorance of the ignorant.
      their only exposure is to kardashian trollops and it doesn’t bother them.

  24. About the jewish name Barrettt:

    Short List of Jewish Surnames, selection

    This is not a complete list of Jewish surnames, but it does contain some of the most popular surnames associated with this particular set of people. When researching a surname, look for variations of the name. Surname meanings are sometimes available too. The Jewish surname may be preceded by the word “bat” which means “daughter of” or “ben” which means “son of.” For example, Petra bat Guiron would mean “Petra, daughter of Guiron.”

    The following variations are common:

    Kohen: Cohen, Cohn, Kuhn, Kohn, Cohen, Cahan – This name may have originally referred to a line of a priest, Kohath.
    Reznik: Reznikoff, Reznikov, Reznikof
    Fleischer: Fleischman, Fleishchmann, Fleischhacker
    Guttman: Gutman, Gutmann, Goodman, Goodmann
    Schur: Schorr, Schurr, Schor, Shore
    Matus: Matusoff, Matusowitz, Matusor
    Segal: Sagan, Shagal, Siegel, Spiegal, Segalis – This is a Levitical priest name.
    Schuler: Schul, Shulton, Schulerr, Schuller
    Hirsch: Herz, Hersch, Hertz, Hertzfield, Hershfield
    Rosen: Rosenberg, Rosenburg, Rozenburg, Rozenburgh, Rosner, Rose, Rosemand
    Horowitz: Horovitz, Horwitz, Hurwitz, Hurewicz, Gurvich
    Baron: Baronstein, Barron, Baran, Baren, Barret, Barrett

    1. silver, sterling, silber, silverberg, silverstein, diamond, safire, rubinstein

      they like names associated with gems and precious metals, also their original ghtettoes and shtetls: warshawsky, berlin, moskowitz, prager, litwinsky, kagan, kogan

      colors red, blue, white (rothschild, blue, blaustein, weiss, white, green, greenberg, greenspan), certain heraldic animals like wolf, lion, eagle (but not rat, their genetic relative): orlowitz, eagleburger, levsky, lev, leviev, lyon, volpe, wolfowitz …

      deception never stops, they have no compunction of stealing perfectly good gentile names, i met jews with surnames like smith, baker, o’neil (or was it macneil), sullivan, the reptile sheds the skin but the venom stays forever.

      1. The whole thing is sort of a great spectator sport for us, isn’t it, lobro? Or a great novel – with many characters and twists. (Trying to figure our one’s part in it can be daunting, though! 🙂 )

      2. gilbert, it seems that they go to some length to keep a smudge of their khazaric tribal history in the name.

        they were gypsy-like steppe nomads, tinkerers and brigands who organized in clans, i suppose such as “black bear” or “green crow”, “silver wolf”, stuff they painted on their pennants and gear loaded onto camels to identify in case of theft, which must have been endemic.

        what distinguishes them from the true desert nomads is complete aversion to honest work and wonderful talent for parasitism, cajoling, moaning and whingeing until they hit on some sympathetic fool and take him to cleaners.

    2. Go to the following sites to see how wrong you are :

      1) Wikipedia : Barrett (surname).
      2) 4 crests.com, Surname meaning A-D : Barrett.
      3) Wiki-answers.com, Is the surname Barrett Jewish?

      Even if some Jews have adopted this name, it doesn’t mean that every Barrett is a Jew. An American with a Catholic-Irish background who converts to Islam and then keeps on attacking Jewish power and Jewish deception is not very likely a Jewish agent. Common sense, my friend, common sense.

      1. correct, slander by proximity.
        many jews misappropriate gentile names, anything new there?
        in many cases because of some phonetic similarity.
        a cohen may become cahill or levy a lewis and many other cases, eg, davis, mitchell, frazier all stolen and polluted goods.
        the worst is that the innocent christians may now feel tarred with talmudic brush.

      2. Don’s logic: “Barrett” is a derivative from “Baron”, a Jewish name. Therefore everyone called “Barrett” has to be a Jew. What an idiot!

        And how how about the name “Baron”, huh? Are all “Barons” Jews? Of course not!

        Check out this list of famous Jews and you will find Jews with names that could not be more gentile: Allen, Walters, Porter, Green, Ford, Lewis, West, Robertson, Fry, Brooks, Taylor and Copperfield.

        “Robertson” is a very common name in Scotland. Millions of Robertsons exist all over the world. According to Don’s absurd logic, they would all have to be Jews — because a few Jews here and there have decided to adopt the name!


  25. “The CIA’s 1965 Indonesia coup was one of the biggest holocausts in history. According to Princeton history professor Bradley Simpson, as cited by the Jakarta Globe: “The US and British governments did everything in their power to ensure that the Indonesian army would carry out the mass killings” of more than one million people following the coup against Sukarno.

    “Most of the victims were tortured before they were murdered. The list of names of people to be tortured and murdered was provided by the CIA to their hired Indonesian thugs.

    “While this was going on, five-year-old Barrack Obama was living in Indonesia with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, who was working for the American mass murderers. That’s right. Obama’s stepfather was a holocaust perpetrator.”

    Good job highlighting key history of the criminal-in-chief.

    “In short, the New World Order – a shadowy group of global banking oligarchs…”

    Failure to name the kikejew and its shabboz goy jewthink lapdogs!

    RESIST !!!

    1. Please stop this “kike” jew crap Bob.

      ALL of them are a problem.

      Every last damn one of them.

      1. Then there’s this:

        “No president, not even Bill Clinton, has traveled so widely in Jewish circles, been taught by so many Jewish law professors, and had so many Jewish mentors, colleagues, and friends, and advisers as Barack Obama (though it is true that every so often he appoints a gentile to serve as White House chief of staff).”

        Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic Magazine, March 11. 2012.


    2. I agree it was pretty bad in a whole bucket of bad. But by far what Jacob Schiff of Kuhn/Loeb, the West in general, (remember the “white Russians” that tried to stop the Bolshevik Jew horror in Mother Russia? well, the weapons they were promised somehow got misplaced and they were annihilated), Russia alone lost 60,000,000, Ukraine another 7,000,000 Germans in Danzig were horribly tortured slaughtered, (60,000) plus tens of millions more Christians/Muslims in Eastern Europe could have been saved had the West been blessed with honorable Christian leaders rather than a bevy of marranos.
      All perpetrated by the Bolshevik Jews. And they call Hitler a madman… Now THAT’S Chutzpah!

  26. I love that they make Putin out to be Hitler! Hitler created one of the most amazing Economic Recoveries in the History of time! He loved animals, Children, was the first Vega and built Beetle car.
    He also was really first Rock star with everyone loving him. He tried with all his might to stop WW2 all the way till the end.
    He was an amazing Artist. He was an incredible Leader.
    So yes Putin is like Hitler. He had the Nazi sign which is an older sign for Peace and the Sun(Higher Vibration of love)
    To learn more about amazing Hitler and the lies of the NWO
    go here: http://www.tomatobubble.com

  27. Dr. Kevin Barrett, Professor of Islamic Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison – is the founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth . He was denied a tenure-track position at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, hounded by Rep. Steve Nass and 61 other pro-Israel state legislators, and handed a death threat by CNN’s Islamophobe Bill O’Reilly – all because of his political opinions and religious identity (he had converted to Islam in 1993).

    Kevin Barrett in his autobiography, entitled Jihad in Islam has talked about his life as a student, as a young graduate, then as a writer, married man, his conversion to Islam, father, professor on Islamic history, and – becoming a prominent figure in debunking the lies about Muslims being involved in the tragic event of September 11, 2001.

    Dr. Barrett lives in Wisconsin with his wife, two sons and a dog named Salman Rushdie.

    On April 2, 2011 – Allan L. Roland, former US Navy pilot turned psychotherapist, wrote on his blog ‘A Fearless Wisconsin Truth Teller – Keven Barrett‘, saying:

    It is Dr Barrett’s strong assertion, along with myself and millions of Americans, that after nearly a decade of reviewing all publicly available forensics evidence, 1450 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are formally questioning the government’s official story about what destroyed the three high rises at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and calling for a new, independent investigation. Their concerns are based on strong evidence for explosive controlled demolition of the buildings.


    1. A and E are what is known as shills. They are experts in misdirection and procrastination, as you are. It is abundantly clear that explosions in 1/4 mile high buildings do not leave piles of rubble behind that barely cover one’s shoes.
      Although he seems to imply that middle-easterners were responsible for 9-11, and thus he is almost certainly in bed with the zionists, it is very worthwhile to check out Jonathan Cahn’s “Address to the Presidential Prayer Breakfast” on YouTube. This, at the very least, asks questions, and points in directions, which architects and engineers can only marvel at.

  28. That’s what i thought also: look at their faces, deceivers and oligarchs, but then if it is so as lobro says about Putin, then we have to consider the environment in Russia. Also the iraq-war-neocons, good photos ( an idea to print a poster of them). Then, Netanjahu with the bomb-picture at the UN – i had in memory he showed an even face, nothing to suspect, but look at that collection:
    clear it is triumph to mislead gojim? If comparing with Powell showing the pictures of Saddams poison-gas- laboratory-waggons, -possible he was misled himself.
    Before German zionist and war-monger Joschka Fisher (the greens and friend of Mad.Albright and pedophile CohnBendit) demonstrating something like “Auschwitz in Jugoslavia” here his squeeking scratching voice is an indicator of false intention.
    …to Schopenhauers treatise: written probably to defend himself and to help others – but he later said “”that such a detailed and minute consideration of the crooked ways and tricks that are used by common human nature to cover up its shortcomings is no longer suited to my temperament and so I lay it aside.” (Wikipedia) – and also what can be done, is to stay calm and equal- minded so to say. May be better to focus on people whom you can trust.

  29. Putin is way much too mysterious. Who was his mother/his father? his grandfathers?
    grandmothers? How did he enter the KGB and of course his career? Who helped him?

    He never mentions the jews!

    1. Yep, Putin has me spooked. He never mentions Mars, which I think highly suspicious. Who taught him to speak fluent Russian? Enquiring minds wish to know.

    2. According to Wikipedia Putin’s father was Vladimir Spiridonovitch Putin (1911-1999), while his mother was Maria Ivanova Putina, nee Shelomona (1911-1998). Putin’s paternal grandfather was Spiridon Ivanovitch Putin (1879-1965). However : “The ancestry of Vladimir Putin has been described as a mystery with no records surviving of any ancestors of any people with the surname “Putin” beyond his grandfather Spiridon Ivanovitch.”
      The following article might solve the mystery :
      pravda.ru : the mysterious genealogy of Russisn president Putin.
      Putin’s grandfather might have been the illegitimate son of a nobleman who was given a shortened name of his biological father, a practice not uncommon in the Russia of that time.

  30. @ ruth bernstein. the names Allen, Porter, Green, Lewis (levis), Fry, Brooks ecc are indeed jewish names with a jewish descent. It is for many on this site not fine to hear the factsbut they are jewish names!!!

    There are more people of jewish descent than you think,. That is the problem. They have changed their religion in protestant, catholic etcc

  31. Pete you are right when you write, I quote: ” You dont seem to grasp how far the Conspiracy goes…”

    I think many commentors on this site believe too much in fairy tales. Putin is a jew
    and plays his hegelian role of thesis ant-thesis. Putin is not the messiah and the fact that many commentors adhere to this view gives me the impression that there are more jewish commentors on this side than seems on this site.

    It is correct when there is doubt about the ancestry of Putin like the ancestry of Obama. Nothing is sure and we can not verify it. His advisors are jewish and many bueaucrats in his administration and he never critics Israel and the jews. Why?

  32. All that is happening between the Russian Federation Corporation and the DC/US Corporation is that Russia is now playing the role of a Christian Constitutional Republic as DC/US takes on Russia’s old Commie role.

    Both DC/US Corporation and the Russian Federation Corporation are own and controlled by the City of London “Jews” via their central banks- debt. “Ex” KGB Putin and KGB trained, Jew, Obama are best friends behind the scenes. They are simply playing their perspective roles to put the final nails in the coffin of whites and their common culture in their perspective countries which stand in the way of the JWO being completed out of “Israel”.

  33. this site is suddenly flooded by about dozen commenters never heard from before who to a man repeat the mantra that putin is a jew/shabbos goy and every bit as bad as the jew echo chamber nyc-washington-telaviv-london-paris make him out to be.

    side1 says he is a jew, side2 say hes is hitler reincarnate (same thing to side1), both totally agree on how bad putin is.

    hm … the bottom line is that side1 and side2 are in complete agreement: we hate hitler, we hate putin.

    with that kind of unanimous agreement i feel much reassured.

    just one question: since putin and russia are jew’s goods and chattel s, what are we doing here babbling?
    back to work, master’s champagne needs chilling.

    or do you think to go home, grab that flintlock, tire iron and crossbow and overthrow the jew, with his armies in the usa, russia, uk, germany, israel, all of nato and arab peninsula at his disposal, able and ready to destroy the planet at jew’s command?
    i am collecting rocks to throw, been a while since little leagues but i am game, how can we lose?

    1. Hahahaha! I once escaped from a man with a gun by tagging him in the knee (ouch!) with a rock as he pulled it out. I then dodged between cars,
      periodically popping my head up to tease him while he limped around basically… (haha) crying. Another highlight!

      It started when I beat his mother playing pool and cracked a joke. He tried to hit me from behind with a pool cue. My cue-dar was working well and he missed.

      He was very lucky I didn’t have a shovel on me..
      I did though have two rocks and a pocketful of nice loose dirt. (boy scout)

      Has he been a Jew, I would have gone home and got my trusty shovel.

      1. How easily people forget the hard learned lessons of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

        When it comes to the jews we will use whatever we have at hand because we have no choice.

        No mercy for them and no mercy for their protectors/minions.

        1. Jews, traitors, arsonists, killers, assaulters, rapists and one or two others definitely need the old shovel.

          Aleksandr and I have the same birthday.

        2. No mercy for them and no mercy for their protectors/minions

          i agree with that.
          but how to get to the point where we are asked for mercy.
          i see zero strategic mentality here, just big brave talk.

          solzhenitsyn escaped to the west when it suited the cold warriors to give him protection and jews were no longer in control in the ussr.
          as soon as he opened his mouth against jews, the curtain came down on him, no more big network interviews, no more translations, he suddenly became a “crazed hermit orthodox monk” and stuff, publishers walked away.
          for all i know they killed him too.

          who do we have?
          not even americans who care more about march madness than survival of civilization – what scraps are left of it.

          i say, the last hope is in the russian east, if that’s not the case, man the barricades and pray for the second coming, nothing is real anymore unless our own officer class and army wakes up – and they won’t too comfortable with sweetheart deals with military-industrial complex, contractor kickbacks, early retirement then join the blackwaters mercs to kill your own people.

          look at the afghans, pashtun, the world’s natural warriors who learn from the age of 3 the ways of guerilla and all they can do is dodge the drones and robo-fighters from the terminator nightmare.
          what are overfed-on-walmart-poison lardasses who can’t run a city block without collapsing going to do?
          een if they wanted and they do. not. want. to. do anything.
          effen davy crockett is a myth, john wayne was a jew creation too.
          stop dreaming and give russia-iran stand whatever hand you can.

        1. This is how you do it lobro,

          from James Laffrey’s site:

          Kill the jews now. Do it carefully. Tell no one. Do it again and again until our ultimate victory. (in self defence of course-added)

          Realistically, this is the way its going to be done. Its already started actually if your REALLY paying attention.

        2. Haha! Yes. I wasn’t always the perfect gentleman.
          When I misbehaved, I misbehaved extravagantly.
          Same as I now do behave! (live and learn)

          What? You never filled a handy pocket with dirt?

        3. yes lonnie, i get it.

          they call it “price tag” over there in the occupied hellhole, as they kill, spit on priests and raze centuries old churches, all because (bds) we refuse to buy their shit-soaked products.

          suits me in whichever form.
          what’s sauce for goose is sauce for gander, if you get my meaning.

    2. Loboro

      Here are my specific contentions. lets see you show different.

      The Jews of the City of London Corp have cryptically controlled the UNITED STATES Corporation through the Federal Reserve Corporation since 33 via debt. They are doing the same thing in regard to Russia who has now switch roles with DC/US. Now Russia is playing the Christian Constitutional Republic as DC/US takes on the old Commie aggression role. They are doing this to manufacture a full blown WW3 scenario to destroy what is left of whites and our common culture in our perspective nations which is really the only thing that stands in the way of their completing the JWO out of “Israel”.

      To support this, I specifically contend that..

      1. Putin is fully onboard with Jewish Multicultural aims against ethnic Russians.
      2. Put is very close to the Jewish community in Russia and helped open Synagogues all over Russia.
      3. Putin has jailed 10s of thousands of ethnic Russian Nationalist patriots who oppose Jewish multicultural aims in Russia.
      4. Putin answers to the Jews of the City of London Corporation who own and control the Russian Federation Corporation via Russia’s central bank and debt
      5. The Russian Federation is a Corporation just like DC/US is a Corporation hence it is not a lawful entity but a legal fiction.
      6. BRICS nations are controlled in the same fashion western nations are via their central banks, debt, by the City of London Corp and by extension, their IMF.
      So please show the follow….

      1. Putin is against Jewish multiculturalism in Russia
      2. That he did not help open synagogues all over Russia
      3. He has not jailed 10s of thousands of ethnic Russian Nationalists for opposing Jewish multiculturalism
      4. Does NOT answer to the Jews who control Russia’s central bank
      5. That the Russia Federation is NOT a Corporation controlled via the Jews central Russian Bank via debt.
      6. That only Syria and Iran don’t have a central bank controlled by the above out of all the nations on the planet, including the Russian Federation Corporation.

      1. ok.
        let’s try to deal with the issues you raised one at a time.

        first of all, let’s skip the holocaust model of debating.
        if you say “he did this, prove that he didn’t”, i cannot nor want to go about proving NON-existence of something.
        i don’t believe in tinkerbells and fairy dust but i have a damn hard time proving their non-existence, where do i start, in a galaxy far, far away?
        can i prove that “every single one of alleged 6 million dead jews” is a lie?
        no, all i can do is challenge the accusers to provide their own evidence, show me the bodies, the official source docs, census data, the ways and means.

        putin did not establish russian federation, so whether it is a corp or not, it is not his fault.
        putin did not establish russian central bank nor let the werewolves to loot and pillage russia, he did his best to stop them, kick them out and roll back the losses suffered under gorbachev and yeltsin.

        now we come to the meat of the discussion.
        i’ve now been hearing about “Putin has jailed 10s of thousands of ethnic Russian Nationalist patriots who oppose Jewish multicultural aims in Russia”.
        show me those tens of thousands of jailed ethnic russians.
        no, show me 5 of them.
        who or what do you consider an ethnic russian patriot, is he a slav, orthodox believer, defender against pussy riot and gay pride takeover?
        i don’t get it mr. parsons, what are you saying here?
        as far as i can tell, putin is the only person in the world, in the history who had the guts to jail a jew oligarch.
        show me another.
        even hitler’s reich was forced to release scamming banker julius rothschild after he did a year in german slammer under the absolutely intense, unrelenting pressure form every world leader starting with british government and royalty who were baying at their doors, “let our people go”.

        so show me those jailed ethnic russian patriots.

        do you actually mean chechen murderers who operate under control of bandar’s saudi terror network, directed by mossad and cia?

        i guess i must have slept through this bit, never heard of a single true blue russian patriot jailed by putin.

        we have circassian here, he is an ethnic non-russian muslim, neighbor to checnya and dagestan in transcaucasus and he wholly supports putin.
        i bet you that if free referendum were held today, all of this terror riven region would prefer russia over khazar owned georgia, chechnya included.
        i repeat, crimea voted nearly 100% for joining putin’s russia over sticking with corrupt and defiled west, and the ethnic russian there were a small minority, less than 20%, so who else chose russia?
        muslim crimean tatars and russians.
        for all i know even jews who don’t buy into talmud project and there are quite a few of them, people like israel shamir.

        give us the goods mr parsons.

        1. Brilliant. I am speechless. Only one flaw in your argument which Tyron will probably spot and which you ought to deal with.

          Shamir is a multiculturalist and the whole second half of his article — the one you mentioned with such approval — hammers home the point that Putin is a multiculturalist too and is all for Russia’s ethnic diversity.

          Now if this is true, then it’s clear that Putin is pushing a Jewish agenda that no White nationalist could support: the mongrelization of the White race. I think you must reject the thrust of Shamir’s argument in order to be consistent.

          Putin cannot be a Russian nationalist AND a multiculturalist. These are clearly incompatibles. In order to win your argument, in other words, you must insist that Putin is a Russian nationalist and NOT a multiculturalist — for if he IS a multiculturalist, then he is marching to a Jewish drum and fulfilling a Jewish plan… which is the destruction of the White race by multiculturalism.

          If you reread Shamir’s article, you will see that the entire second half is devoted to praising Putin for being a multiculturalist.

        2. well ruthie, we are dicing it too fine maybe.
          i like shamir, he is a christian and a big opponent of the jewish plan for the world dominion.

          in fact, there are dozens of ethnic groups, many languages and religions operating all over russia.
          it is true that russia is an empire but an enlightened empire may well be the best of human societies so far.

          romans, byzant, caliphates, mughals in india and china, ottomans, austrians, russia before october jew takeover, even the reich were enlightened empires that left their groups to their own devices so long as they paid their taxes, sent their ons off for military service and minded their own business.
          they are missed today by former subjects, all of them spoken well.

          are all these groups now supposed to become orthodox christian russian speakers, all the samoyeds, inuit, laps, tatars, huns, mongols, the hunter gatherers of the tundra …
          no, the core of russia is russian people but they must and do respect other cultures within the realm.

          an empire does not need to emulate the criminally insane gangsters of the “jewish state”, which would be the other model.

          i think we are splitting hairs here ruth, because i am sure you agree with my thesis.

        3. after all, i am no russian nor orthodox, don’t speak the language.
          were i to move there, must i pretend to be a full russky, quaff vodka, go for polar bear swim in frozen neva river, kiss bearded priests 3x on cheeks and participate in dog sled races?

        4. Loboro

          1. Putin is FOR Jewish multiculturalism in Russia

          On this link are many links supporting my contention. Putin has opened Russia’s boarders like Obama did in the US, allowing in millions of non ethnic Russians, mostly Muslims.


          2. Putin helped open synagogues all over Russia supporting Chabad.


          3. Has jailed 10s of thousands of ethnic Russian Nationalists for opposing Jewish multiculturalism

          Putin’s top law making appointee is a Jew who wrote up Russia’s anti Nationalist laws that has jailed 10’s of thousands of Russian Nationalists including Putin’s number 1 political opponent.


          4. Putin answers to the Jews who control Russia’s central bank.

          A Corporation is a fictitious entity. It is not lawful and it is not a Government. It is a de facto entity.

          Crimea just incorporated and Russia brought them into Russia’s Corporation.


          5. The Russian Federation is a Corporation controlled by the Jews Russia central Bank via debt

          Russia is in DEBT just like the DC/US Corporation is and their central bank control’s the Russian Federation Corporation is just like the “Fed” controls the DC/US Corporation. When someone is in debt, they are a SLAVE to the LENDER and DC/US has been a SLAVE to the “Fed” that is owned and controlled by the City of London Jews since 1933. The IMF is an extension of the City of London Corporation and was created out of the Bretton Woods agreement. The Russian Federation Corporation is in DEBT to the IMF.


        5. tyron, it is a big and murky subject, one link leading to another to another.
          so, my quick search led me from leejohnbarnes which you link extensively to occidentalobserver article by
          Pyotr Antonov a member of RONS whose leader is (sic) Igor Artemov decrying the fortunes of RONS (All-Russian-National-Union) prosecuted/persecuted under putin.

          a sample from that article:
          Russian Nationalist leader Konstantin Krylov, who is a prominent and very influential Russian intellectual and writer as well as the chief editor of the magazine Voprosy , Nationalizma, was sentenced to 120 hours of correctional labor (Article 282) for his words during a public speech at a rally in 2011 against paying what amounts to de-facto governmental tribute to Muslim republics of the North Caucasus (Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia).

          so he gets 120 hours (5 days) of joint for what may well amount to public incitement of ethnic hatred against the muslim groups native to sensitive caucasus regions where putin is campaigning for civilized inclusion into the empire.
          hm, tens of thousands of gulaged ethnic russians …

          further digging unearths this interesting bit.
          The Russian National Union was first formed in 1993 as a hardline splinter group of the nationalist Pamyat organisation.[1] Based in Moscow, the party was jointly led by Konstantin Kassimovsky and Aleksei Vdovin.[2] The new group was supported by Aleksandr Shtilmark and his influential far right journal Chernaya sotnya (Black Hundreds)

          shtilmark, huh? let’s see further:
          Black Hundreds is moronic organization run by a Jew, Alexander Robertovich Shtil’mark. It doesn’t represent any significant or meaningful force for Russian nationalism. This Jew in the past made hateful comments about real nationalistic leaders, claimed that all “nazis” (read: racialists and nationalists who don’t like this Jew and his BS ideas) must be killed first if he comes to power, so I wouldn’t expect from him anything but lies, hateful and vitriolic comments about the Russian march.

          what do i take away from this brief investigation?
          these “great ethnic russian patriots martyred by putin” are just another bunch of brain dead skinheads organized and directed by jews, exactly like the right sector goons were led and organized by jews in kiev.
          same difference, probably with the same end in sight, hey look who is visiting the town, our savior lady victoria “fuck ec” nuland-nudelman to free the long suffering ethnic russians from the putin yoke.

          yeah right.
          tyron, bring something a bit more substantial to table if you want your anti-putin allegations to be taken seriously.
          as for him occasionally hanging out with chabad and lighting their menoras, that’s what diplomats do, no indication of their true intentions, just a song and dance.
          they all do it just the same.
          watch what he does, not the photo ops.
          and he is doing quite alright, imo.

          locking up violent, mindless retards drooling with pig irons in hands, ready to follow a masked jew is something i would do too in a heartbeat.
          we don’t need another kiev east of don.

        6. loboro

          You addressed 1 out of 5 contentions to which I provided links as evidence.

          Humm, 1 out of 5? What about the other 4 contentions?

          Lets take a look at the ONE issue you did address citing one guy who got 5 days while IGNORING the other links inside the link I provided showing a SUBSTANTIAL number of Russian Nationalists Jailed by Putin. I do admit I cannot find the article I was thinking of from about a month ago that detailed the 10’s of thousands but this will have to do for now. Also, I NEVER said “Martyred”. I said JAILED. There is a difference right? So please, let me represent myself. Its not your job to misrepresent me.

          Putin puts a JEWISH OLIGARCH as the top law maker for their Constitutional body to draft legislation to OUTLAW ethnic nationalism. Why do you ignore this?


          Antonov notes that “when reporting about the problem of political prisoners in Russia, mass media in Russia and abroad almost exclusively focus on Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the late Sergei Magnitsky and the “prisoners of May 6, 2012. “This creates an impression that the list of victims of political persecutions in Russia is limited by these people. However, in truth this is only the tip of the iceberg. Many, many others have been imprisoned during last several years for the sole ‘crime’ of being publically active Russian Nationalists.” So, it seems I HAVE BACKED up my claim, maybe not perfectly, but it shows he is jailing MANY active Ethnic Russian Nationalists and not the ONE you cite.

          After the amendment to Penal Code was passed, the so-called “public calls to carrying out extremist activities” (Article 280) — that is, the public propaganda and promotion of one’s political views — is punishable by up to 4 years in jail. Likewise, “establishing an extremist circle” (Article 282.1, part 1), that is, for building up a political organization or a group of like-minded people, one can be jailed for up to 6 years.

          Putin’s lawyers have thus secured the ability to incarcerate (without concern for legality) the leaders of political organizations which were legally established long ago and functioned openly, with an official license of the Ministry of Justice, but were later outlawed. Since such leaders are usually activists, they can now expect the maximal possible sentence of 10 years in prison (Article 282.2, part 1).”

          Furthermore “Multiculturalism (‘multinationality’) is the official Putin ideology. Ten years ago there were virtually no alien migrants in Russia. Now there are 15 millions of them, mostly Central Asians — 10% of the total population. Most of them are males of military age. In Moscow they commit around a half of all violent crimes. ”

          Sound familiar? Comrade and KGB Obama is doing the SAME to American whites!!

          So, we take the 1 ISSUE you decided to focus on and we see you are wrong and I am right. Add this ONE issue to the other 4 I backed up and you ignored and where does that leave you now? Up sh-t creek without a paddle is where.

      2. If Putin “works for the Jews” then why is he supporting Syria and Iran against the wishes of the Jews? Destroying Iran is top priority for the Jews. Both Israel and AIPAC want it.

        This idea of a super global conspiracy where Jews control all nations of the world and therefore all conflicts are in reality fake, serving a higher purpose for the Jews, is utterly far fetched. Some times the simpler idea is the truth.

        1. Franklin Ryckaert

          Captialism/Corporatism and Communism are two sides of the same Jewish coin. The “Cold War” was BS. The Commies and Capitalists would fight over Sovereign nation after sovereign nation ultimately destroying that nation and making it a slave to the IMF through their controlled conflict.

          This same thing is going on in regards to Iran and Syria except now the roles of commie and capitalist have changed. These are the only two nations left on the planet who’s central banks are NOT controlled by the Jews of the City of London Corp-IMF extension of themselves.

  34. This is a fantastic site. The level of debate is the highest I’ve seen anywhere. Pity the commenters can’t agree about anything and keep obsessing about whether Putin is a Jew or not. All seem to agree that the Jew is a dangerous enemy, but I don’t see anyone here with a plan to do something about it. Lonnie talks big, but what is his plan? He’s not telling.

  35. Come to think of it, I don’t think JB Campbell has any plan either. You can’t organize a revolution in the Comments section of darkmoon.me.

    You can bet someone’s monitoring the comments here and building up dossiers.

    Each of you guys probably has a bunk assigned to him in a FEMA camp.

    1. Winston,

      JB does have a plan. It was in place long before his American Defence Party move last Dec. That move is clearly to appeal to some of the sheeple who are beginning to wake and the more active truth seekers who haven’t faced the fact that they actually need to DO something.

      You really need to go back through his writings. His plan is really the only and obvious plan. Those that get it will implement it. Those that don’t will point fingers in comment sections.

    2. As for your FEMA camp comment you really don’t get it.

      All the NSA stuff is nothing more than PRIORITIZING. Your very much on the list too.

  36. We cannot judge a politician by what he says, but rather what he does. That goes for Mr. Putin, as well as Obongo and the other Zionist stooges in the West. And past performance is not indicative of what future plans are, except for for those who follow the agenda of the New World Order and the teachings of the Talmud.
    Comparing Putin to Hitler is a bit naive, but some similarities exist non-the-less.
    Vladimir Putin must have studied Hitler, so he doesn’t want to repeat the latter’s mistakes and fall into the traps set by the psychopaths who control the West. Letting the Crimeans decide in a plebiscite to become part of Russia again sure made those self-appointed proponents of “democracy by a brainwashed mob” seething with anger.
    If anybody at this time follows some principles of democracy, it has to be Mr. Putin.
    I am sure he would be willing to negotiate on reasonable terms concerning the Ukraine, but expecting reason from the West that wants to encircle and destroy Russia must be something Putin has long ago realized. He will not likely attend a Munich-like conference stacked with perfidious opponents, like Hitler did, and then fall into the same trap.

  37. we don’t have to agree on everything here, because what would that help? The insides of Russia are bot easy to get a picture from, there can be conflicting interests, the oligarchs play a role… I’m glad to read this and that aspect.
    For a people it’s history is it’s understanding of it’s self, as is culture. One thing is to refuse falsified history as by the media, because with that people can be manipulated and led into wrong directions. Example: After the first Worldwar there was almost no one in Germany believing the dogma of the Versailles dictate about the sole guilt for that horrible war. Versailles was led by the bankers and their horrendous demands for payments.
    In the last years politicians, media and those court-historians have increased their propaganda of the war guilt of Germany. (this may have to do with the situation in the EU and finance). For me it is clear that the rational Genral-staff and the Kaiser could not have wanted a war on two fronts and more (Italy-US).. and Russia had mobilized first: 25.-30.July 14. Established historians are trying to present thai theories, like John C. G. Röhl (GB) and the Merkel and Gauk travel around to accuse our ancestors and lie about the war. At least this is not what soldiers who have fought and fallen for their Heimat have deserved and it hides the black game bihind it then and going on until today?
    It is surprising that some historians have published books to this date: 1914-2014 that show another view. Christopher Clark, some Germans, Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor
    although the say the war was wanted to make the empire of the anglo-saxon race bigger, we know the financial powers behind it (see East India Comp) – it goes on much about the case of the “neutral” Belgium, that was a trap set up and that they had a plan B: they shipped thousands of old German rifles to Ireland, so they could eventually claim, Germany had wanted to arm the Irish resistance….

  38. The heroic Putin is walks a thin line, treads on thin ice with thin options which he deploys like the military and political genius he and his comrades truly.

    There is one thing the hero Putin(Russia) possesses which sets him apart from all others and all nations on this earth. Those 10,000 nukes and the ways and means to employ them.

    He must be very careful, strategic to a fault even as he also must be willing to set the world on fire, rigid to a fault, as well.

    Imagine his position. The most unique position of anyone on this planet.

    Who believes OBarnum has anything like the power Putin has? That’s ridiculous.
    He isn’t capable of being trusted with such a degree of world destiny. OBarnum is just that, a showman, a skinny legged, skinny brained, skinny little shit who doesn’t even possess the personal power to quit smoking.

    It’s Putin versus who? No one really knows, except him and his men. They know.

    Putin is literally destiny personified.
    For something so profoundly earth shattering, it’s simply a matter of (if)how willing the demons are to die for this earth which they covet beyond all else.
    How will they savor their riches if they’re dead?

    A regular Catch 22 for them, innit?
    BadVladPutin will kill them, of this there is no doubt. I certainly do not doubt this.
    I also have no doubt Putin’s Catch 22 strategy/tactics extends beyond himself.

    Quite a heroic historical figure for as long as there is history.

    1. well said homer, what i don’t get is why nobody else gets it.

      out there in plain sight.

  39. By the way the FBI has released the records and guess what they say he escaped to Argentina with the help of Dulles.

    This is not exactly breaking news as even the FBI has opened their files on the matter and yes is says Hitler left with a bug out bag to Argentina. He seems to have a rock solid fan club in some arenas that simply will not accept any facts on the matter. To change the story now days implicates the EU, UN, the church and the crowned heads with some fancy footwork. That is why you will see some throw out the facts and embrace the party line until they are blue in the face. Russia and the immense resources is what they wanted and they got it. Germany was bombed back into the stone age, lucrative contracts were awarded to rebuild it, Israel was established and the elite were happy as they were not bombed. The peasants were rewarded with a high tech drama for decades and some cling to the (Hitler was a great guy, he built roads and revived the economy razzle dazzle.) Once those neural pathways are established, they are hard to reroute. By their fruits you shall know them.

    Authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons have described Allen Dulles “as one of the worst traitors in American history, an economic version of Benedict Arnold.” They suggest Dulles was instrumental in financing Nazi Germany, according to these authors, created a financial network among Nazi corporations, American oil, and Saudi Arabia. Some feel he was involved in the Kennedy murder also.

    1. hey dublinmick, you remember that film of Hitler in the garden of the Reichchancellry (or the area where there used to be a garden) shaking hands with members of the Hitler Youth? It was the last known video clip of him, just a few weeks before the final page of Gotterdamerung. Hand shaking uncontrollably, vestiges of all the ‘new pharmaceuticals’ pumped into him by the Bormann- appointed evil Dr. Morell, looking like death warmed over as he shuffled along the line of young idolizers who had to have been shocked at what they were seeing. Do you really think there was any coming back to the land of the living for him after seeing him in this state?

      Can you say cognitive dissonance?

  40. @Ruth

    >> Putin cannot be a Russian nationalist AND a multiculturalist. These are clearly incompatibles. In order to win your argument, in other words, you must insist that Putin is a Russian nationalist and NOT a multiculturalist — for if he IS a multiculturalist, then he is marching to a Jewish drum and fulfilling a Jewish plan… which is the destruction of the White race by multiculturalism.

    So much confusion in a single paragraph! I want to believe, though, the confusion is not deliberate here, but rather honest on behalf of Ruth.

    Putin is NEITHER a Russian nationalist NOR a multiculturalist, in the sense of that word common in the small community of so called white nationalists. Putin is a Russian patriot AND a Russianculturalist.

    As an ethnic Russian, Putin’s main concern is not the fate of English, or Germans, or French, or even the white race in general. Neither is his main concern about Tatars, or Chechens, or Circassians, or Muslims in general. Neither is his main concern about the Jews. His main concern is about the ethnic Russians; it would be strange and unnatural if it was otherwise.

    But the ethnic Russians cannot survive by themselves as a nation in the modern world, with the unholy Judeo-Christian alliance (the orthodox Christianity is not part of this) hell bent in subjugating the entire world, without the other dozens of ethnically nonrussian Russians surviving. These same dozens of ethnically nonrussian Russians cannot also survive without the core of the Russian world, i.e. the ethnic Russians proper, surviving. The clear realization of this simple fact is the key to understanding the phenomenon called Putin.

    The word Russian has a content in it that is much bigger than its narrow ethnic meaning. Putin is not for forced mixing of different ethnic groups even within the confines of the Russian Federation. Neither is he for prohibiting by law that mixing. Putin is for the Russian Federation shining with jewels of all the dozens of ethnic identities on the vast territory from Crimea to the Far East, all surviving, all living in harmony and piece alongside each other, each on its own territory, reinforcing each other within a single nation-state that is hinged and anchored on the ethnic Russians as the core and the custodian of the Russian world.

    That shall not be confused with the multiculturalism enforced by the Jew. There is nothing in common between the two.

    1. @ Circassian

      I am not so stupid that I am going to say, “I am right and you are wrong.” In fact, I am so passionate about the truth that I commend you for your honest and illuminating reply. You have given me a new way of looking at this complex issue and so I accept that what you have to say sounds convincing.

      My fault is this: I am by nature a great simplifier. I like to see things in simple, clear-cut terms. This is all very well when things are simple. But it doesn’t work when things are complex.

      OK, I accept what you have to say. I was wrong.

      1. Ruth, winning is not everything to me. I am honored and humbled. Feeling an affinity with decent souls that’s what counts most to me. And I feel affinity with you.

    2. Bingo, Circassian.

      And I hope detractors are getting this. Those who can’t get past seeing jew stooges everywhere throughout history are convinced, as in the case with Putin, that all the circumstantial evidence (as e.g.; itemized by Tyron) simply HAS to point to him being the latest one, occupying the greatest role of ‘stoogedom’.

      “Circumstantial” is the key word here regarding much of the present Russian scenario inherited by Putin. But if he were merely the most recent in a long line of historic stooges, then where would be the history? Even though you could look at history being one vast interminable dance of the puppets (called the human dance, btw), not all puppets in these positions of national leadership are mere automatons. If that were the case then you couldn’t even CALL it history. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel all day every day. So long as you didn’t shoot em all and end up with no more to shoot. The “fish” (humanity) aren’t always in a barrel, that being the ultimate goal of evil, but are in a dynamic World of movement where there are true adversaries with various shadings of intent on both sides in this ongoing play of good vs. evil.

      This is the end of the play, ‘playing out’, and it is the “West” that is pushing for its “3rd time’s the charm” World War. The ‘role’ of the other side is to genuinely resist it.

      1. Brownhawk

        I listed 5 contentions above and you have not addressed ONE of them. A decade ago Moscow was all white. Now it is unrecongizable due to mass immigration. Putin Jails Ethnic Russian Nationalists and has let in 15 million mostly central Asian Muslims into Russia. One can now get 10 years for simply organizing politically to oppose this.

        Putin is FULL ON BOARD toward Russian white genocide through Jewish multiculturalism. He appointed a JEWISH Oligarch to lead Russia’s law making body to outlaw Ethnic Nationalism. He presides over a fictitious Corporation entity (Like the US/DC is) which is owned and controlled via debt by the IMF which is an extension of the City of London Jews financial center that control EVERY central bank on the planet save Iran and Syria. Putin is “ex” KGB and was recommended by a Jewish Oligarch to run Russia. He opened up Synagogues all over Russia and fully backs Chabad. Yea, he “opposes” the Jewish agenda, RIGHT…..

        You all can believe this BS Jew narrative but those who study who controls what and understand the prevailing the power structure and know the end goals of the elite Jews aren’t fooled by Putin False Opposite role.

        Look at Ukraine for God’s sake. Real Ukrainian white nationalists are murdered by muticulturalist as “neo Nazi” so called Nationalists are sent in, by the Jews, to lead them toward the Coup. Ukraine will now just be in debt now to Russia, but the IMF, just like Russia and this is ALWAYS the game just as this false, switching roles (Commie vs Capitalist) ploys are used again as they were used during the cold war to enslave Sovereign nations to the Jews international Banks (IMF). And THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN, in regard to Syria and Iran and as mentioned, Ukraine, which is now ripe for jew raping.

        As Syria and Iran seek funds- assistance (the only two nations left on the planet not controlled by the Jew bankers) from either Russia or the IMF that controls Russia’s Federation Corporation, those nations, in order to defend themselves will go into debt and then guess what- WHAMMO, they are enslaved, and or destroyed, a SLAVE to the Jew. This is how the game has always worked and this is how it still works.

        If Putin was REALLY against the “Jews” he would pay off all debt to the IMF, drop the Corporation fiction and erected a REAL authentic a lawfully sovereign money system apart from BRICS (which is also controlled by the IMF-City of London Jews). But don’t hold your breath. You would think that people ought to know that just because a Politician claims something and even makes some moves which appear like he opposes something, doesn’t mean that’s the case. How many examples does one need to prove this?

        Why do you people always buy this BS they continually lay out in front of you? Ignoring everything else and just knowing that the Russian Federation Corporation is controlled by the IMF should be enough to know who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes.

        1. “…he opened up synagogues all over Russia and fully backs chabad.”

          Song and dance. singin and dancin. Oy! Oy! Oy! Oy!

          He’s the top politician in the land playing the craftiest of all games. Of COURSE he’s going to present himself as being all things to all people. Glad handin is high on the job description list. (And you can’t beat KGB training for ANY politician who wants to stick around)

          And as far as erecting an authentic sovereign money system. Good luck with that one. At this late date in the game that’s a luxury which could only come in the aftermath of a vanguished foe. Hitler never really did it. He COULDN’T and he knew it. Only a final military victory could have made that possible. Hell, look what happened to Kennedy on that score. He was blowin so many whistles they couldn’t kill him fast enough, abolishing the Fed system being his stated intent.

          Best advice a consultant can give any politician came from the great Don Corleone: “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

  41. this is the refrain i keep seeing from several commenters here:
    Capitalism/Corporatism and Communism are two sides of the same Jewish coin.

    while on the face of it, it is true, namely the jew harnessed both to his ends, cranking up the strife, conflict and war for the vultures feast in the end, it misses an important point.

    certain leaders were and are above all, nationalists and this is anathema to jew, all his work over the last 2 millennia was to sicken, corrode and abolish notions of any group’s internal cohesion and resilience except his own.
    this is the blueprint laid out in protocols.

    watch what jew did, from internal takeover of the britain with the cromwell re-invasion, using them as stormtroopers for world dominance, india, africa, slavery, poisoning the chinese empire with enforced opium habit, flooding the central europe with khazar carpetbaggers, suborning the american republic through corrupting the founding fathers and subsequent congresses, takeover of the czarist empire and orgiastic bloodletting that showed his true nature, the dissolution of turkish empire, the massacre of armenian christians, on and on … rats are underneath the piles, jew is underneath the lot.
    his enemy is european social integrity and tradition, christian tradition, strong nationalism.
    this is the way to put an end to this affliction that has made the planet a stinking mess.

    and who are and were the nationalists in power, what was jew’s reaction to them.
    this should be the object of your study before you can say you understand the game.
    all else is spouting useless cliches, mindless buzzwords.

    foregoing all else, understand that putin is a nationalist of the most sophisticated, civilized sort, not the demented evil of the messianic swarm that wants palestinian natives killed and ethnically cleansed … no forget ethnically cleansed, killed, every man, woman, child, their dogs, cats and cattle too, their orchards and vineyards bulldozd and salted over, memory erased, in keeping with this very very holy bible, the old testament, such a sweet book.
    putin doesn’t want that because he understands that in order to establish respect for yourself, you must respect others, which doesn’t make him a multi-kulti wimp.

    hitler too nourished and encouraged the health of non-german communities, fins, hungarians, croats, romanians, ukrainians, italians, bosnian muslims, they all marched in their own units under their own flags, singing their own fighting songs and what a fighting force they were, like none seen before or after.

    but i think putin is even smarter than hitler and as some poster (rolf?) said, he does not want to repeat hitler’s mistakes.
    adolph was too much of an idealist and philosopher, an excellent observer of jew’s ways but putin is a practical warrior, a counterpuncher par excellence.

    to equate him with the pack of worms crawling in jew’s employ is simply idiotic and does you and our cause a great disservice, it sows confusion where the ranks should close solidly.
    you can’t preach white man’s cohesion and then knock down the prime exemplar of that cohesion, putin, the nationalist and the gentile above all.
    among many coins that jew is greedily slobbering over in his counting house, none bear the faces of nationalism except his own, jealously guarded talmudist shekel.

  42. I realize fully how preposterous it is for anyone in a blog comment to advise Americans, English, Germans, or any other Western nation what they should do, or what they should not do as a nation.

    Nevertheless, the Western nations will be well-advised not to count on the omnipotent Putin coming to save them from potentially fatal spiritual disease called Judaism, while they sit and wait in the comfort of doing nothing to save themselves. Putin is not a messiah, and it doesn’t seem that he pretends to be one.

    There are millions of reasons why the West is not, and cannot become a part of the Russian world. More to the point, there is neither reason nor need for that. It is high time for every Western nation to assert itself on its own. Otherwise they run the risk of being left in the dust in the post Jewish world, for no one has repealed yet the natural law of competition among the nation states.

  43. Here is an email I received this morning from Fredrick Toben. Readers will find it of great interest:

    1. Israel has closed all its embassies and consulates worldwide. [“Why? What’s going on,” Toben seems to be asking. “Is something afoot?”].

    2. What is going on with MH370, the missing Malaysian plane? Is this another 9:11…?

    2. Malaysia has been targeted because for over 30 years it is a holiday haven for Iranians, and the recent Malaysian War Crimes Tribunal decision has attacked Israel and its politicians, branding them war criminals.

    3. Now Iran’s Supreme Leader again pulls out the Holocaust card, after it was determined two years ago to give it permanent rest, and joins in the fray – and Syria will not rest for the West.

    4. The second George Sorros’ Orange Revolution in Ukraine develops into a mess. Putin is labelled a new Hitler. Remember, when all else fails, fall back on evil Hitler and the Holocaust. Again ask: Cui Bono? Adolf Hitler is beginning to look more like one of the greatest Freedom Fighters of the 20th Century.

    5. Stay tuned – we live in interesting times.

    Fredrick Toben

    1. Let me add here an email I received yesterday from political commentator and Rense correspondent Dick Eastman. He suggests that the sudden closure of ALL Israel’s embassies, everyhere in the world, can only mean one thing: an Israeli/US attack on Iran is imminent.

      Eastman writes:

      “Israel is about to strike Iran and Syria – and Iran retaliation will bring the US into war, followed by Russia and NATO.

      It is impossible that all Israeli ambassadors would walk off the job over a pay dispute — impossible. They are being called home for their protection — because Israel is going to war. And it intends to knock out all nations that in any way have been a threat capable of standing up to them with force.”

      Eastman seems to think all hell is going to break loose in the next five days.

      Well, we’ll have to wait and see…

      1. Xanadu

        If you are right then look for the sudden collapse of the dollar and a sacrificing of America’s best in their military overseas to both Russian and Chinese forces.

        The so called Jews recently called for extending citizenship to all “Jews” worldwide without them even applying. Why would they do this unless they expect a massive influx of Jews running to Israel because they fear retaliation for the hell they have created.

        With the advent of the collapse of the dollar and America’s overseas forces destroyed, look for a full out military invasion of America by way of the southern border. I have been trying to warn people about this for a long time. The Chinese have been trickling in troops to south and central America since the 90s and China controls every American Naval port in California, save one. They also control both ports to the panama canal. Chinese military have been witnessed marching with Mexican troops in the last years Cinco De Mayo Parade. The Mexican’s are notoriously anti white and pro communist/socialist and have fully functional military bases all over their northern border where Obama has dismanteled US border Patrol. Add to this that those Mexican paramilitary outfits the Jews call “drug runners” were armed by comrade Obama and Holder, trained initially by the US military out of Ft Benning, and that they control entire southern counties in America. Consider that we have found massive stashes of military grade weapons buried in the SW that belong to these Marxist paramilitary outfits and most importantly, Obama shut down our Southern Air defenses indefinitely and you have the makings of the perfect storm for America.

        Now add to this that DHS has erected an internal military force as our traditional Military is exhausted, demoralized and all over the planet. That this internal force has millions and millions of weapons and ammo and their flyers leave no room for doubt that WHITE PEOPLE (men, women, children and even old folks are now the “terrorists”) and what do you have?

        Consider that Obama has brought in Russian Spetznas troops into America as Russia has now deployed for the first time, the other day, in many decades, bomber fleets and other Jets to central American nations—-are you starting to get the picture who is the real target here?

        So if the SHTF soon, don’t keep fixing your eyes overseas. Look inside America and to our southern border. After we win we can look to the ME because then it will be time for all those elite “Jews” who are in one place, to pay for the destruction they brought upon us.

      2. If Israel is really about to attack Iran then they’ll have to attack Lebanon first to neutralize the tens of thousands of rockets Hizbollah would use in retaliation. Since Hizbollah has well hidden those rockets Israel would need to invade Lebanon with many troops. Unless you see a mass concentration of Israeli troops at the Lebanon border there will not come a war with Iran.

        We are talking here about closure of embassies due to a pay dispute. There is no talk about the mass return of embassy personel to Israel, let alone an urgent call to all Israeli citizens abroad to return to Israel.

        Ergo : there will be no war with Iran.

    2. >> Israel has closed all its embassies and consulates worldwide.

      Is that a fact? It doesn’t make sense to me for it would be like flashing your card before the move. Possible, provided the imminent move is already known to the parties that are not supposed to know about it, but not likely.

      1. the only reliable way to deal with jews is to distrust them 100%.
        therefore, nothing will come of this alleged closure, given that they are advertising it.

        just more judaic vaudeville, i ain’t buying.

        1. “The Lords of War are busy planning the commemoration of World War I. It will be so huge that it forced me to use capital letters for its description. Nothing will be good enough for the occasion, except a larger war that will bury the memory of the original event with a fresher pile of corpses.”


          This guy, Tov Roi, I believe is his name, gives you a fascinating picture of Jew think and talk. Apparently, many of the Hebrew words have a double or hidden meaning which when translated into English is not obvious. So, us dumb goyim can’t really think around enough corners to understand what the sweJ (h/t BMan) are telling us.

          He also said :
          “For now it seems everyone (of the diplomats and staff) are still in their respective countries.
          Time will tell, meanwhile watch over Israeli diplomats. If they run away quietly, war will start the next day.”

  44. i am thinking about you said, circassian and don’t have a sensible reply, if there is in fact one.
    i agree that we outside russia should not squat around and await handouts by way of some cavalry riding to the rescue.
    maybe there is something we can do concretely to get rolling toward freedom from judaic infirmity that has us in its grip, i just don’t see it yet, need to think hard on this issue.

    but from your standpoint, i see the following scenarios in balance presently.

    1. through some decisive action, brics break judaic stranglehold so thoroughly that it encourages widespread rebellion in the west and overthrow of the verminous elite,

    2. brics go under due to miscalculation or weakness and the spawn of devil rules,

    3. world coalesces into 2 opposing polarities: sino-rus-indian-iranian alliance versus the global judaic farm, the two camps vying for ultimate supremacy because don’t doubt for a second that jew will rest on laurels with the messianic job only half done, the final showdown is inevitable – and for rus to ignore the potential alliance with the billions of downtrodden people uselessly struggling to get free of imposed slavemasters might be a fatal mistake.
    it will be cold war on steroids and the last one didn’t end well for ussr, russia’s renascence was a stroke of gigantic good luck due to putin and kgb stalwarts that teamed up around him.

    spontaneous remissions from fatal cancers are exceptionally rare.
    chopping out individual tumors only invites more intense metastases later.
    the disease must be dealt with down to its genetic roots, the best is of course to reactivate body’s natural immune response, how to do this is the big question beyond my ability to answer alone.

    jb campbell has the right attitude and enthusiasm but the roadmap is too sketchy to be of any use, tossing up some right sector-like barricades can only lead to greater trouble.
    our native elites must wake up and organize resistance from the top down involving the military – in fact it should start with military and related spook agencies, just like kgb did in russia.

    1. >> for rus to ignore the potential alliance with the billions of downtrodden people uselessly struggling to get free of imposed slavemasters might be a fatal mistake.

      No doubt about that, lobro. The problem with that is: there is no way Rus can impose an alliance with someone who, for whatever reason, does not see, or not ready for that alliance. I am reasonably sure though that Putin would not miss such an opportunity for anything in the world provided one existed in reality, not in the dreams.

    2. “sino-rus-indian-iranian” vs. global judaic farm”

      it’ll probably distinctively evolve to that anyway, lobro. A matter of when push comes to shove. i.e.; the moment when pushing Putin moves towards the logical progression of shove.

      Think Barbarossa?

    3. others (numerous others) may be chewing the same cud:
      Britons rate Russia more positively than EU, poll shows

      despite recent tensions with Moscow over Ukraine

      despite? what “despite”.
      “because of”, i would say.

      people saw what i saw, orderly, civilized elections where people massively voted with their feet to get away from kosher neanderthal murderers and join an orderly, civilized country that applied no pressure, political, military or economic to sway the outcome.
      for those unused to the true meaning of the term, it is called democracy, which the west brags about the way a prostitute brags about her virginity.

      if extraterrestrials landed, how many would sign on for a transfer to a judenfrei planet?

    4. Lobro

      I do commend you for realizing that BRICS will eventually break from Jew control (IMF and by extension City of London) but they will not be in a position to do this until America’s ME forces and those surrounding both China and Russia are taken out of the way. This can be accomplished a number of ways which will include the following.

      1. Russia will have to mass troops, go south through Georgia region linking up with Iran and then eventually make a move, through or over Turkey to link up with Syria which puts “Israel” literally in their sights for a full scale invasion. A gun to the head is all the “Jews” respect so if you’re right or even if I am right, I would think these moves will be carried out if they even hope to survive.

      In order for Russia to accomplish this, they MUST secure their front door– that being Ukraine. So if they make a move south, they will take out or take over Ukraine (So much for the millions of whites there- huh?)

      2. China built a HWY through Iran long ago. This HWY is huge and handle massive amounts of Chinese soldiers and vehicles. China would have to use nukes to take out US bases that surround them, securing their back door before they could concentrate on moves through the ME. As it stands, militarily speaking, surface Navies are sitting ducks today. One nuke in the water can decimate an entire armada so expect China to use these nukes to secure their back door and they and/or Iran do also in the straights of Hormuz which would destroy American Fleets in the area and also facilitate the collapse of the dollar since the fiat currency is currently pegged to oil. Now, I ask, how would America resupply all our troops in the ME let alone, those in the Afgan area that surround China to the west and north and Russia’s under belly? They are screwed, case closed

      3. Such a combined scenario would bring down the US military to be on par with both Russia and China making practically any moves by patriotic officers in America’s military to bring troops home to protect America’s mainland, virtually, impossible.

      So, in conclusion, I do agree with you that BRICS wants to break from the IMF but they cannot do that until all eastern forces secure their collective- adjoining areas to have physical control over oil, minerals etc and military superiority over those areas. Then it would be imperative for them to make moves to take over “Israel” because after all, that anti Christ state already has a large amount of planetary control systems in their nation. With the advent of the destruction of the City of London, DC/US and Vatican City Corp, the major control apparatuses will be transfered to Israel which makes taking over that crappy state, a must for all parties involved, ESPECIALLY us whites/Christians who survive this hell because if the eastern powers take it over before we do, we are finished as a race, a people, a culture, forever subject to a total genocide or total slavery to eastern races.

  45. The Hebrew University professor Nachman Ben-Yehuda also claims the portrait of Jewish heroism at Masada was never provided by Flavius Josephus. “On the contrary,” Ben-Yehuda writes, “The narrative conveys the story of a doomed (and questionable) revolt, of a majestic failure and destruction of the Second Temple and of Jerusalem … of different factions of Jews fighting and killing each other, of collective suicide (an act not viewed favorably by the Jewish faith) by a group of terrorists and assassins whose “fighting spirit” may have been questionable.”#***~)
    Horsley says the Sicarii employed three methods, symbolic assassinations, plundering the property of the wealthy and kidnapping leaders for ransom.
    Horsley claims a proper reading of Josephus reveals that the Sicarii captured Masada in A.D. 66 and …

    1. you will find most disturbing results by putting: ““King of the North” will soon invade Israel” into search box

  46. Your article is outstanding, and as many have posed before you, appears to be conclusive enough to hang people on, the issue is WHICH people! As you read this bear in mind that I am Hebrew, with a long lineage of Hebrew scholars before me, as I have been for 40 yrs.

    The problem with all these types of articles, even though the evidence is damming and this issue protracted, no one writing these articles has done the rest of us “Hebrew lineage people” the great service of at least LEARNING that there exists a MAJOR difference between “JEWS” and the other 12 ORIGINAL HEBREW tribes! The Christian population is not a SCHOLARLY population outside of their own highly “Papacy corrected” writings and dogma historically. The loss of Hebraic language and cultural details needed for them in order to understand so many important historical points of fact, and make good decisions from those facts, has been dire. These types of articles, although their information may be absolutely spot on as yours is, only LUMP all of us into ONE single “JEW” pile! A totally one dimensional pile that will at some future point after all the unintentional, and even intentional brainwashing is done, lead the rest of us who are actually the MAJORITY of “Non-JEWS”, directly into the newer, technologically advanced gas oven systems!

    All one has to do is read the many comments after editorials such as yours on just about every news site and blog available publishing info like this, and you will very quickly see how the Christian sentiment “lovingly” derides “ALL JEWS” as the tribal entity who is behind all such evil events through history. NOT THAT I AM DISAGREEING! What I attempt to inform everyone on is the TRUE identity of those you know as “Jews.”

    Now, do not get me wrong, I have published books on this exact issue of identification, and they are not making me popular among this evil sect, even Christianity’s Yehshua/Jesus told you WHO those false JEW Scribes and Pharisee’s were, as they remain to this very day backed by several Nation States, as we all know. HOWEVER, because of the ongoing actions of the FEW-JEW, who originate from but only ONE blood lineage out of (3) LINEAGES of Judah that existed and still exist today, as the Hebrew Tanak and English bibles clearly depict; the media such as yourself continue in their ignorance on this MAJOR issue of identity, adding fuel for the next round of extermination fires.

    There are 12 tribes that still exist to this day, not one, and they are many. Even many of you reading this have had the blood of Abrahim mixed into you as that promise clearly stated would occur, although most of you as also the prophets clearly stated, have lost your identity. “Judah”, would be representative of ONLY one tribe! However, the Judah who behaves in this evil predictable manner as you and many others for many years have exposed, IS NOT and NEVER WAS a true Hebraic bloodline entity. In fact, with little research you will find that even their own Jewish Encyclopedia states that fact exactly! As does their Talmud! In fact, another major point that few understand is, that virtually all of the holocaust victims from the Spanish Inquisition to our modern times, were NOT THESE FALSE JEWS being murdered, it was all original Hebrew tribal bloodlines being exterminated by the ones who PRETEND to be Hebrew!

    THEY used to have a much better handle on where our tribes migrated to and intermingled, and they followed those people, took over countries as they have done since they took over Darius’s Babylon, through commerce and law. They pretend outwardly to be Hebrew to aid their efforts in identifying the true lineages among them, as well as their extended families in other European countries via synagogue enrollment, and then they use the might of that nation to exterminate us. WHY, because just like the runner/messenger on the battlefield, as long as he lives, the truth lives! And that gets in the way of their long term plans as you have pointed out here.

    Being understood and identified as Hebrew by birth, I am the worst enemy for them, because I have great credibility among both Christians and other sects of Judaism. GET READY Christian’s, because the false Shelanite-Judah knows that Ephraim and Jacob, and their companions are among you with a high degree of density. THIS is why you are already seeing their next move, to exterminate those who believe they are Christian. If only all of you would wake up to who you truly are, as clearly expressed within all the prophets, no force on earth could undo us! I CANNOT exert pressure on this single point hard enough, or long enough. STOP feeding the stealthy opposition through your churches. The largest Christian evangelists have been totally assimilated, they are feeding the monster that will eat them soon enough, and most likely they are beyond help now. How can you fight an enemy when you have been brainwashed (religion wide), to always fight for, and save “the Jews”. Because of course “Jesus was a Jew right?” Well yes, he was born out of the tribe of Judah, BUT NOT their false “Shelanite-Judah” sect, he was born out of the Pharez line, same as King David! HUGE difference!

    I only ask all of you reading this to put aside what you believe you know about our shared history, and take my comments here into very serious and extended consideration. Because now Christians will be up against an enemy that is so cunning, and so invisible, that their losses (without Messianic aid), will be unknowable.
    If you or anyone else would like to learn the true verifiable history of this 3rd entity known as “Shelanite-Judah”, in the hopes that more good people like yourselves who search for the truth in all matters, will begin sharing that line of important information; the following link and corresponding book will do wonders for your knowledge base on this subject, as well as many other related subjects.


    Shalom to all, and The Eternal One be with you in the coming struggle.
    Dr. S. Asher

    1. Dr Asher

      Concerning you post above, I invite you to read my 4 part series on this subject of “Jew” and “Gentiles”, and modern Apostate “Christianity” etc.

      Here is a link to all 4 parts at the Christianity section at therebel.

      Then when you are finished, I would be more than happy to address this topic of your because I maintain that the “Jews” are practically to the man, women and child, IMPOSTORS -FRAUDS and the white/European populations at the four corners of the earth are true Judaites-Israelites, AT LEAST physically speaking, if not spiritually speaking. It ain’t hard to prove this either.


      1. There’s nothing more pathetic than an Aryan making idiotic arguments about who the “real” kikes are.

        You might as well be arguing that Whites are the true niggers.

        The sooner our race abandons Christianity the better.

        1. 100% agreed SPQR.

          Christianity has been the most damaging tool used on us. Never ceases to amaze me how many fools embrace this garbage.

        2. SPQR

          You say this because Christendom is in Apostate status, Judaized infested, and used to control whites for a long time. The advent of the WHITE MAN, Jesus Christ was the CENTRAL event that led to Jew destruction and subjection for some 1900 years by whites-Christendom.

          Whether you like it or not, the true Israelites/Judaites are whites/Aryans, Europeans. Read my 4 part article that proves this, beyond a shadow of a doubt to anyone who’s not ignorant of archeology, ancient history, linguistics, genetics, heraldry, religions (both pagan and monotheistic).

          It doesn’t matter what others want to believe. The fact is, this JWO will be taken over by whites who believe in Jesus Christ and the future will prove this the case.

        3. @ Lonnie

          >> 100% agreed SPQR. Christianity has been the most damaging tool used on us.

          It never occurred to me that I would agree with Lonnie on anything. But here it goes: 100% agreed Lonnie; true Christianity, indeed, has been the most damaging tool used on you, Jews.

        4. i adhere to a simple formula in this case, notwithstanding that i was baptized as a baby in a catholic environment without my approval:

          jew hates and fears christ?
          jew hates and fears christianity?

          then i am a christian on that score alone even if it held no other attraction for me and i was too intellectually lazy to figure out the reasons for this fear and hatred – which i am not, but neither am i in the mood to proselytize nor be preached to.

          this fear and loathing are richly evidenced today and through history, so christ must have done something right to earn it.

        5. Lobro

          You make undisutable points. Thank you for expressing them. Why anti Jew “gentiles reject authentic Christ and Christianity can be summed up, at least in my view my the following

          1. Most of Christendom is Judaized and Apostate
          2. The Scriptures have been corrupted by the Jew and they are completely ignorant of the authentic
          3. A lack of the love of truth which would drive them to find out the truths to these issues
          4. Immoral behavior by those who believe in Christ which I know I have been guilty of at time.

          In the end, these ignorant may be shielded by way of not knowing but they will not be exempt from their sloth or rejection of the law which is inside their mind, heart and conscience.

          Hence, best move for a non believer is to AT LEAST investigate these realities.

      2. I will read this and Christendom is our culture and in the greatest musical compositions up to Richard Wagner, don’t forget. And germanic peoples moved through the Easten parts of ME, as also lived in Palestine already.

        1. Fritz

          Saxon comes from the title ISAAC sons. The Romans named then Germans which in their language means “authentics” meanings- RACE of those who inhabited the entire area. You are right Germanic people came from the ME. The Nazis only traced them to India but if they would have publicized their findings further, others would see those ‘Aryans” were northern Israelites brought east by the Assyrians. Then they with other white Israelites broke free, and ended up in Europe. For a more detailed and authoritatively cited account, please see my 4 part article at therebel.

  47. Jews were never subjected in Christian Europe. Stop listening to their own propaganda. Jews were rich and privileged throughout European history due to their role in slave trading and other lowly pursuits that the Church was always too weak to control. Jews always enjoyed special status granted to them by the corrupt kings, queens, and aristocrats. It was only when the kikes did really bad shit like kidnap and murder White children that the populaces rose up and demanded action from their otherwise corrupt governments.

    1. Subjected = subjugated.

      Furthermore, if we re-adopt Christian values, centuries from now the White race will find itself in the exact same position, because Christianity is a degenerate religion, like Islam. The goatfuckers had their golden age too, like we did with Christianity, but look where they (and we) are now. A religion that doesn’t place racial hygiene at the forefront is useless to us.

      Aryans must reject all universalist belief systems, Christianity included.

      1. SPRQ

        I see, so do unto others as you would have them do to you must be thrown out. To apply law equally, between individuals or Sovereign nations, has to be thrown out. To give mercy must be thrown out. To do good even to your enemies, must be thrown out. Marriage between a man and a women, only, must be thrown out. Do not steal, don’t lie about others. Don’t desire what your neighbor has etc, must be thrown out. What you propose is supremacism and race based, not merit based.

        I am all for races controlling their own realms and I also for certain people (races even) ruling over others based on merit and subject to their own laws but what you propose is lawlessness and immorality equating “goat f-cking” with universal truths and standards of morality that should be equally applied to all people, races and nations.

        1. Why do you need a book of Jewish fairy tales to tell you that stuff? What do you think, the pagan Romans and Greeks (still the height of White civilization, barring the Third Reich) were a bunch of lying, degenerate slobs without laws, morality, art, faith, or government?

          And yes, you’re damn right my proposal is supremacist and race-based because Western man ceases to be himself when he believes anyone else is his equal.

        2. SPQR

          You’re ignorant of BOTH greek and roman history. Both civilizations were formed by northern WHITE Israelites who went into paganism. Instead of being monotheistic, they adopted pagan ways (mutual fallen angel “Gods”). You don’t know your time lines nor ancient history that well. It is true any monotheistic religion or pagan religion can fall into unethical ways. But NO ONE compares to the morality expressed within authentic Christianity which even the early Romans attested to as superior.

          Consider the follow which can be found in the Library of Congress in DC


          A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent Him. At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! Unwilling to interrupt Him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to Him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews — not the poor but the rich and powerful.

          Later, I wrote to Jesus requesting an interview with Him at the Praetorium. He came. When the Nazarene made His appearance I was having my morning walk and as I faced Him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit, though he was calm. For some time I stood admiring this extraordinary Man. There was nothing in Him that was repelling, nor in His character, yet I felt awed in His presence. I told Him that there was a magnetic simplicity about Him and His personality that elevated Him far above the philosophers and teachers of His day.

          Now, Noble Sovereign, these are the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth and I have taken the time to write you in detail concerning these matters. I say that such a man who could convert water into wine, change death into life, disease into health; calm the stormy seas, is not guilty of any criminal offense and as others have said, we must agree — truly this is the Son of God.

          Your most obedient servant,
          Pontius Pilate

  48. SPQR

    Yes, all those “Jews” as a whole, were so privileged in Christian Europe, they got booted 108 times in some 1900 years. Go peddle your BS elsewhere.

    1. Again, they were only booted out when they did really awful stuff like child murder. Otherwise they had it good in Europe getting away with usury and slavery. And of course after they were expelled you know that they always ended up coming back due to their relationships with the elite.

      Anyway why did Europeans bother expelling them for all those centuries? Why not just kill the bastards wholesale and be done with it? Imagine if the situation was reversed and a hostile race had plagued the jews for 2000 years; you can be sure the jews would have exterminated them without mercy.

      That’s our problem as a race: we’re too nice, especially towards those who hate us. Why the fuck do we even allow them to live? Forget expulsions or laws against them. When are we going to END them for good?

      1. Sounds like you had an elite problem of your own doings.
        Your masters of the world leaders were back stabbing you all.

        Hey, we kicked the Jews out, again.
        Anything else we might do to make sure they don’t return?
        Let’s not miss anything, or forget something important.
        Like Duh, our own master race elite keeps inviting them back in.
        What to do.. What to do. C’mon man!

      2. @ SPQR

        “Why not just kill the bastards wholesale and be done with it? Why the fuck do we even allow them to live? Forget expulsions or laws against them. When are we going to END them for good?”

        You sound just like Lonnie the Jew. I’m very suspicious of people who go on anti-Zionist websites and start shrieking, “Kill all the Jews!”

        I think guys like you have a hidden motive of some kind: (1) to bring websites like this into disrepute and get them shut down. Or (2) To make all anti-Zionists look like White Supremacist psychos.

        You sound disreputable, sir. You sound like a raving loonie. Good try! Trying to give the impression that all of us on this site are like you and Lonnie, a bunch of drooling psychopaths shrieking “Kill ’em Jews! Skin ’em alive!”

        Sorry, no dice. And I’m not even a Jew. I’ve just taken a Jewish name. And I can spot an agent provocateur anywhere.

  49. unreal. I’m white and goyim, extremely jew wise to the point of knowing they need to be 6 feet under and am fully aware of the fraud of religion….. yet many of you constantly call me a jew.

    One thing I will agree with is the is site is infested with jews string things up.

    Have your fun, we will get to you eventually.

    jewish pogrom anyone?

    1. “I’m white and goyim, extremely jew wise to the point of knowing they need to be 6 feet under and am fully aware of the fraud of religion…..jewish pogrom anyone?”

      If only you know how Jewish you sounded! You have all the Jewish inflections, the Jewish traits. The hatred of religion, so characteristic of degenerate Jews. The open calls for violence against Jews, which Jews are so good at, playing at being agents provocateurs.

      One doesn’t need much of a “jewdar” to suss you out, Lonnie. You have *JEW* written all over you!

      Yeah sure, sign me on for a pogrom. Where do we start? Brooklyn?

      1. Good observation Ruth. I was smellin a rat from the get-go and you’ve articulated the signs

  50. SPQRthese arguments are known, but one of them is: no one has centuries to find a new belief, and of the “new age” isn’t much to trust. Christendom, when it came to Europe was accepted by our anchestors. Not so much by force as many claim. Together with the germanic warrior-spirit, knights, dames, ladies, farmers and town-people and folk-ways to live – evolved in the medieval culture. This had many wars and conflicts and tragedies but we cannot nor want to eradicate all that. It’s our culture.
    In the time of the NS there were different opinions but Christendom was not very much repressed. Christian values are the highest to today, especially in these times of materialism and moral decay, I think.

  51. Lonnie

    Your level of scholarly dispute is so impressive, you set an “awesome” example for critical analysis and thought. Keep up the good work. You’re helping more than you know..lol

    1. Honestly TP, you CI types disgust me so much I find it very difficult to stomach your crap.

  52. SPQR

    No, you have it backwards. Our kindness, slow to rage and violent action, our mercy is what has sustained us and made us WORTHY and BETTER. Back in the days of authentic Christendom all we could do is boot them. There was nothing else there to do unless you think murdering people, becoming like the enemy with no due process is something to copy? One must not become like their enemies or the enemy wins by default. This is why they seek to make us immoral like them through porn etc. How can one fight against the evil that is them and still maintain their superior moral stance if they have become like the enemy? It is VERY difficult and one cannot claim superiority except in doing something they don’t do; admitting our faults but this is not a fully superior position. It is a winning one, by default, which is UNDER those who are not polluted and still oppose them which is the position every white man must seek.

    Let me let you in on a little “secret”. When we take over, they will have an ACTUAL fair trial. Many of those convicted will be put to death. Others will be put in the place they unlawful sought to put us. We can and will do this worldwide because the ‘Jew’ is digging their own grave and soon they will all be in one place do deal with which ALWAYS stopped our forefathers from finding a more permanent solution to this problem before.

    1. TP,

      You have a does of reality coming toward you if you think white unity (which is getting nowhere) is going to stop judaism by itself.

      Common enemy to all is the only thing going to work worldwide.

        1. Lonnie

          Unity will come by way of the trials of fire that are descending upon all whites- all Christians- our nations. It will be painfully obvious, soon enough, that we either unite or die. We will unite and we will win. it is that simple.

    2. What has our mercy and kind nature brought us? We’re on the verge of being wiped out by a genocidal race of semitic fanatics who’ve tortured us for 2,000 years now.

      And here’s the thing: yes, we DO have to become like our enemy to beat them. If Jews are cruel and merciless then we must become a thousand times as cruel and merciless to beat them.

      This is not a game of cricket. There are no refs or rules in this game. While you blather on about morality the Jews are murdering our civilization.

      So what if we “become like them” for a brief of moment in time? What does it matter? We have to do what’s necessary to win. If we don’t, we lose. It’s that simple.

      Nature doesn’t care about fairness, it cares about who prevails.

      In a thousand years I want our Aryan descendants to THANK us for giving up our kindness and mercy and ridding the world of Jews so that they can live in a world without them.

      The end justifies the means.

      1. The ends DOES NOT justify the means. Our fight, our struggle, our very survival depends upon the virtues that are fixed to our internal inherent rights that cannot be transfered, taken or contacted away.

        Its is our INHERENT right to exist and to be free hence this is what justifies our actions against the “Jew”.

        Those who survive will get a FAIR trial and a JUST sentence.

        1. There are no such things as “rights.” Healthy races don’t talk about what rights they do or don’t have, they only seek to expand their own power or at least maintain it.

          Fair trials, you say? Why? What for? To make yourself feel “moral?” Show trials are a better idea. An Aryan version of Nuremberg would be ample revenge.

        2. SPQR

          I can already see what your end will be if you don’t change your ways. Could you get anymore Jewish in your thinking- in your spirit?

          Sheesh, why don’t you just join them openly? What makes you different from the “Jew”. I can’t see anything that separates you from their ways. If one doesn’t have rights then the “Jew” has EVERY RIGHT to do ANYTHING they desire to you. They are JUSTIFIED in all of their mass murders, thefts and destructions. If you don’t have rights, you have NO RIGHT to bitch, to resist, to war or to be free.

          Buzz off- I surely don’t want people like you ANYWHERE around me.

        3. Healthy races don’t talk about what rights they do or don’t have, they only seek to expand their own power or at least maintain it.

          a healthy race (or group for that matter) is not worried about power.
          power obsession is for the mentally sick, look no further than jews.
          what is this power you are talking about?
          power to conquer, subjugate and oppress.
          this is the power of the parasite who is unable to live off his own labor, the decadent and sadistic colonialist who spreads himself on deceit and manipulation, fake treaties and broken promises.
          it is exactly this type of disease vector that we aim to extinguish in future, a criminal race or ethnic group.

          for this we only need sufficient power to make him pay too high a price so that he never tries his dishonest stunts again.
          a healthy nation takes care of its own and does not covet the property of others.
          otherwise another group will take up the mask of the yid and it’s back to square one, devil laughing in the background.

          jews have made “do not oppose jews” the supreme law of the land but i say opposing any force as evil and destructive as that is our sacred obligation as men and not only that, ensuring that such disease never rears its horned head again.

  53. @ tyron Parsons You mention about a library in Washington and a story about Jezus.
    Can you be more specific because what you write about this story, must be invented. Is it a book? Who wrote it? etc
    By the way jezus was a jew even if you do not like. The reason jezus was a jew is that the jewish tribe was/is the tribe who needs the most a righteous man instead of the other peoples/tribes in the world.
    Complete nonsense that the germanic people are/were israelites. You are brainwashed by jewish fables.

    1. Carli

      The letter can be found in the library of congress. Jesus was NOT a “Jew”. The so called Jews were from Esau-Edom-Idumea that became absorbed into Judea about 125 BC. They murdered the last ethnic Judaite King, took over the Priesthood, instituted the Talmud and opened up the boarders flooding the nation with foreign races and religions making the Southern Kingdom of Judea into a region under Esau “jew” (which means IMPOSTOR)- Roman control.

      Jesus was a WHITE ethnic Judaite who’s mother was from Levi and who’s adopted Dad was from the tribe of Judah. Jesus looked like a typical Scot.

      1. Carli

        I have all the proof you need in my 4 part series at therebel under the Christianity section. NO ONE with even a cursory knowledge of genetics, linguistics, archeology, history and religion (monotheistic-pagan) can deny the proofs presented.

  54. oh noooo!!!
    another one qualifies as the new hitler

    trembling in existential fear, israeli embassies shut down worldwide, all jews recalled to yhwh’s cave

    1. Hilarious!

      Mother Nature’s sense of humor never ceases to amaze. The details are spot on, conveying that unmistakable fierce countenance.

      But maybe the cat’s out of the bag. Maybe der fuhrer has reincarnated and is overseeing the secret Nazi submarine fleet that’s been in the works all these years. Now if someone spots a fish that looks like Doenitz then the jews are REALLY in trouble!

  55. ok so what i am hearing.

    hitler is a jew or their agent. why. because he lost the war

    jesus is a jew invention. why. because genocide was committed in his name, eg, south american indians (read new testament where he preaches genocide, he wrote it while in tavistock institute)

    putin is a jew or their agent. why. because russia’s banking is run by jews.

    ok, so let’s continue on this theme.
    jim bowie and davy crockett were mexican turncoats and drug runners. why. they lost alamo to santana.

    guns are jew tools and should be avoided at all costs in favor of baseball bats. why. many gentiles were killed by them and jews used them extensively in israel to kill children.
    hold it! forget baseball bats, sandy koufax was a jew.
    and jb campbell likes guns, proof that he is a jew.

    now that we got it all figured out, the victory over jew is in sight.

    1. Lobro

      Hitler was a Jew agent because among other proofs he was protected in Argentina living out the rest of his life, by the OSS, as released FBI files prove. No one other than a RETARD could have lost such an easily winnable war and Hitler was no retard. He funded the Zionist Jews in Palestine, transfered the first 60,000 Jews there, allowed Zionist Jews to train Commie Jews in the camps and even allowed them to fly the star of david flag. He facilitated the Jews creation of Israel KNOWING FULL WELL, they planned it to be their future headquarters for their world government. Or do you think Hitler couldn’t comprehend the Protocols which he touted all the time, which ADMIT THIS was their goal?

      Putin is a Jew agent because ANYONE who leads a Corporation fiction nation (like most the nations of the earth) controlled by an independent, Jewish run bank, that prints their money and has them in debt, which is owned by the IMF, that is an extension of the City of London- IS IN BED WITH THEM! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this.

      Jesus was NOT a “Jew” (Impostor of Esau or Ashkenaz). He was a WHITE MAN, a ethnic Judaite (looked much like an average Nordic Scot) as eyewitness official records, genetic, linguistic, archeological, historical and religious evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt. Jesus physically ATTACKED the “Jewish” bankers. Jesus exposed them as ETHNIC and Spiritual frauds. Jesus prophesied against them, told them about their impending utter destruction which was carried out by the Romans by 135 AD and Jesus, the white man, DENIED them jurisdiction over his body, spirit and soul, willfully went to the Cross to sacrifice himself for HIS PEOPLE (white people of the 12 tribes of Israel) so they might NOT be destroyed, but be saved and flourish, which we have until about 100 years ago when the IMPOSTORS of Esau and Ashkenaz, broke the yoke we had around their neck and again, TOOK OVER our nations as they seek YET AGAIN, to murder us all.

  56. “What makes you different from the “Jew”. I can’t see anything that separates you from their ways. ”

    uh the fact that I’m White and they’re not? You think I’m jewish in spirit because I want to use their tactics against them? WTF?

    Guess what: their tactics WORK. Ours don’t. I would have thought history was proof of that.

    ” If one doesn’t have rights then the “Jew” has EVERY RIGHT to do ANYTHING they desire to you. They are JUSTIFIED in all of their mass murders, thefts and destructions. If you don’t have rights, you have NO RIGHT to bitch, to resist, to war or to be free.”

    Complete idiocy. If there are no rights then jews aren’t justified in their actions, either. It’s not about justification; stop trying to appeal to some external moral agent. Either Whites win the evolutionary struggle, or they lose.

    1. If there are no rights then all that is left is will and if will is left alone, anyone’s will is “justified” hence you believe you will be justified in any and all things you do to anyone else (whites- blacks-Asians-Jews) and the jews, asians, whites, blacks are justified in ANY actions they have done.

      You speak completely oxymoronic- self defeating and contradictory “principals”

      Just because you’re white (whether its true or not) doesn’t separate you from their upcoming fate.In fact, anything the jew does to you will be justified by YOUR own words.

      1. “If there are no rights then all that is left is will and if will is left alone, anyone’s will is “justified””

        No. If all that’s left is will, then nothing is either justified or unjustified. “Justification” is not even part of the equation. There’s only what people do, or don’t do, and that’s it.

        Get it?

        If you are representative of how the average WN thinks, then this whole movement is doomed. Do you not understand that jews are out to exterminate us?

        Here’s a bit of jewish philosophy for you, from uberkike Ilya Ehrenberg:

        “”The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime … If you have already killed a German, then kill another one – there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! … – Kill the Germans! Kill!””

        Trade “German” for “White.” That’s what we’re up against.

        Now, how do you deal with a race of people who say shit like that? You want to give them fair trials? You want to take their “rights” into account? Fuck that.

        1. Oh, I get it. You’re completely oblivious to law, rights, evil and good. You’re basically a Satanist as was Nietzsche and Satanism root belief system is found in the Talmud which allows the “Jews” to do anything they want to anyone else, except for other “Jews”. This is your template for your belief system except you exchange “whites” for “Jews” and seem to advocate above and beyond that thinking you can do anything to other whites you wish, to boot.

          Don’t post to me anymore- please

          I am not into whites who act just like the “Jews” do.

        2. “Now, how do you deal with a race of people who say shit like that? You want to give them fair trials? You want to take their “rights” into account?”

          You deal with them by using LAW. You hand down true bills of indictment upon them through common law Grand Juries. And then when they are arrested and brought to trial, if found guilt, you punish, expel them or even handing down death sentences if need me.

          Later, after you have purged the nation and Governments of the criminals, traitors and tyrants, the new congress votes and declares war against their safe haven because of their countless crimes against whites, Americans and all other peoples on the planet. Then you invade their nation arresting those responsible as you have another trial(s)- imprisoning, expelling, executing or rendering any other just judgements upon them through ACTUAL law, Common/Natural/Christian law- courts.

        3. No you cannot put Nietzsche near “satanism”; he made so many often contradictory statements, some anti-christian, but e.g. when he was writing about a religion of Zarathustra, to me it’s more heroic, do to say. When he went insane, 27.12.1888, the famous incident occured, on a street in Turin he couln’t bear seeing a coachman beating his horse and helped the horse by showing his empathy.

      2. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v08/v08p507_Weber.html
        Until his death in 1967, “his support for the Soviet state, and for Stalin, never wavered,” the Canadian Jewish News notes. His loyalty and service were acknowledged in 1952 when he received the Stalin Prize. In keeping with official Soviet policy, he publicly criticized Israel and Zionism…
        “ … The recent disclosure that Ehrenburg arranged to transfer his private archives to Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem library and archive, while still alive, comes as a stunning revelation. …

        1. Fritz
          Nietzsche basically believed the strong should dominate the weak and that all abilities one possesses should be employed toward whatever it is they want. Want, is like desire hence he rejected self evident morality- LAW- that is written in our DNA, our hearts, minds in favor of which can be summarized in Satanism “law”; that being, the whole law is “do as thou wilt”- for anything and everything is “justified” by action of will toward desire.

          Actual law, actual morality is expressed in restraint against inherently self evident unethical behavior. It does not advocate the will’s desire to whatever it pleases. It advocates for the protection of the weak against the unbridled will of the strong. It advocates and establishes the root of the law that being that the law is applied equally to all- where there is no hypocrisy. It recognizes inherent rights in one’s self (like life, liberty, property) and in all others within its jurisdiction which is UNIVERSAL. It does not allow for one to damage another life, their liberty or their property just because someone wants to or has the power to.

          The “Jews” (especially the elite) are LAWLESS and psychotically- habitual breakers of the universal self evident law but the LAW will be their judge and will render onto them that are found guilty, a DOUBLE DOSE of everything they did, they thought they could do to others without regard of the law.

        2. thanks, hp; they seem to understand what Nietzsche wanted to say. For me it is difficult at the time, not having much of his writing in the head. So we can say, this with the Ubermensch is often misunderstood and the anti-christ was more against what the church lectured. He didn’ say “do what you want” I don’t think so (it was Crowley).
          So I have to leave it at the words of Srila Prabhupada

        3. Yes fritz, most all of them (philosophers) are understood only to the degree necessary for those who would wish to use them for their own purposes. To extract desired bits and pieces. But as we can easily see, when these are held in comparison to fact or even logical reason, the usurped bits and pieces are often askew, crooked.

          Such is the predicted and predictable course of materialistic endeavors.

        4. A perfect example of this being “God is dead”

          The honest delivery of the meaning, seen via the whole philosophy is clearly at odds with what the prominently propagandized (selfish) meaning(s) are held to be.

          When heard in the proper context of “the last Christian died on the cross” such ‘high philosophy’ actually becomes quite proper, simple enough for even a low caste such as myself to understand and sympathize with.

        5. yes, hp. Though I remember, that myself didm’t understand or wrongly, at the time i read it. There is certainly an aspect to it, that he was revolting against the road civilisation had taken – if we think life has to be comfortable only. His followers were not so much atheists, but the socalled life-movement, youth- nature movements at the time of the turn of the century. He made so many short statements, aphorisms that really are true and make one think. Maybe it wasn’t a complete system he wanted.

        6. Tyron is definitely confusing Nietzsche with Crowley. It was Crowley who said “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. In essence this is kol nidre. He was a Satanist charlatan, Crowley. Not remotely close in intellect nor spirit to Nietzsche. Basically a nincompoop.

          Sometimes I think you’re spreading yourself out too thin, Tyron.

  57. lobro: life itself is exploitation, domination, and expansion of power. All this talk about rights, obligations, etc. is nonsense. This is the talk of a slave. A master isn’t concerned with rights or obligations, only with his own well-being.

    Do you think the Romans took the “rights” of the Carthaginians, the Gauls, etc. into consideration before subjugating them? Did the American colonists consider the “rights” of the Indians before conquering their land? No.

    All great Empires act like criminals. This is a brutal fact of history. Kikes understand this, but they’ve made us Whites forget.

    1. a while ago someone recommended Francis Parker Yockey: Imperium. ( to be found by search or at archive.org) -haven’t read all of it, but it seems an enlightened view.

      1. I haven’t read it myself. Most of my thinking comes from Nietzsche. I’ll have to check it out.

    2. “Did the American colonists consider the “rights” of the Indians before conquering their land? ”

      Yes, initially. Before 1871 their rights were considered and treaties respected. After 1871, all that went out the window because the Jews of the City of London gained control out of DC via their fraudulent Corporation Government. They ignored all the treaties (practically all of them) and herded the Indians onto Reservations.

      Now, these acts have come back to HAUNT whites. Of course, most of early white Christian America didn’t know this. They believed the papers and their Government officials who told them lies so they wouldn’t oppose their actions. But now, due to these immoral acts, the “Jew” who used whites to commit these crimes, uses it to instill a false guilt complex into whites/Christians.

      So in short, you advocate CRIMES that can later be used against whites.

      What is the sense of that? I will tell you. It makes NO SENSE at all.

        1. Tyron makes some convincing arguments for me.

          That Ilya Ehrenburg was one wily character. Anyone who survived that period doing all that he did must have had some elite “protected status”.

          A warning to those who support mass genocide of jews (or any other group): Inciting hate crimes is also a crime and you are incriminating yourself – unless you also have elite “protected status”…

      1. There’s no reason why those “crimes” should haunt Whites. If Whites were psychologically healthy they wouldn’t give two shits about a savage race that routinely raped and murdered White women and children on the frontier. The past only haunts Whites because of the kikes who run the media and academia.

        But even then, if we were a healthy race we never would have allowed kikes to enter our lands to begin with, and we certainly wouldn’t listen to any bullshit they have to say about us.

        Our problem is that when kikes run their big fish-lipped mouths, we listen. Why do we listen to them? These people are our enemy. We should never, ever listen to what they have to say or take their opinions seriously.

        BTW what you call “crimes” is simply tribal warfare. Whites wanted to move West, so they came into contact with the Indians. Naturally, conflict brewed, and Whites won the day. Is that a crime, in your mind?

        Stop being such a moralizing little wuss. You never see kikes apologizing for their history of mass murder and genocide, do you? And that’s why they always win.

        Take the holocaust for example (regardless whether or not it was an extermination of Jews, or if Jews simply died from disease and starvation in the camps). Do you think a bunch of dead jews is a crime? If so, why?

        I place no value on the lives of our enemies. If the holocaust actually happened, then it was a good thing. How many Lazar Kaganoviches, George Soroses, Bernie Madoffs, Tim Wises, Susan Sontags, Ilya Ehrenbergs, and Sumner Redstones did it prevent? Think about it.

        1. SPQR

          “There’s no reason why those “crimes” should haunt Whites. If Whites were psychologically healthy they wouldn’t give two shits about a savage race that routinely raped and murdered White women and children on the frontier. The past only haunts Whites because of the kikes who run the media and academia.”

          Did I not say “false guilt complex”? Yes, our wars against the Indians in America were race wars, actually started by them from the outset, but when we ended wars with particular tribes, we made agreements. You keep spouting the term “Aryan”. The term means NOBLE and it is NOT noble to break agreements, treaties and then shove whole peoples onto mostly crap land where they can eat grass and drink dirt!

          The US Corporation, through trickery and usurpation, “justified” the breaking of those treaties because those treaties were made under the lawful Government, not the Corporation fiction. As a “New entity” they thought, they were not bound by such agreements so even after they tricked whites and Indians in this regard, they used our people, lying to us about what was going on, as we herded them onto reservations. Then, they even broke those treaties, over and over. So, we have shame here. We have some shame for being part of this but in our defense, we were clueless to the truth of the matter and we TOO got screwed. We just didn’t see how bad, until now. So I am not saying the early wars were unjustified. I am saying how the “Jews” used us afterwords was not. The mark of a man is when he can ADMIT his faults and then make them right. I believe the Indians deserve to have their OWN nation(s) on GOOD land. Maybe like, they can take all of Oregon or something. Indians numbers are about two million so I think something like would be fair.

          Lastly, what you said about letting the “Jew” in is correct. Absolutely stupid and yes, we should never listen to this BS but it is NOT “wussy” to ACT like a Aryan, as you put it. That is our strength not our weakness. We can NEVER match the “Jew” in their evil ways, their lies, their lawlessness. It just isn’t in us. We must use our stregths that the prime creator-savior bestowed upon us that have served us so well. Establish JUSTICE, MERCY, TRUTH. That is how we win- not being like the “Jew”. Being like the “Jew” will destroy us just like it is now destroying them.

          John De Nugent’s new article on this topic is a good read.

  58. So what exactly are our “strengths” then? I mean objective strengths (i.e. traits that increase power and health), not rhetoric about “justice” or “fairness.”

    We’re only going to win when we realize that kikes are a disease, like cancer. Kikes destroy civilization the way cancer destroys a body. You don’t reason with cancer, you don’t “treat it fairly.” You forcibly remove it from your body because if you don’t, it will kill you.

    Once again, in the coming century, either the White race or the kike race will die. The race that is most merciless and unrestrained by morality will win the day. It’s never been otherwise and it never will be.

  59. SPQR

    Power and health and completely fixed to our internal traits of morality, nobility.

    If you can’t figure this out then again- its a waste of time speaking to you.

    Our Power comes from our moral strength, our rightness. If one is no better than their enemy they don’t become indignant with righteous anger when they see the crimes and immorality being pushed on our people and others. How the hell can you say when you quoted the “Jew” about genociding Germans “How does one deal with such people” if your position doesn’t come from a moral one? How can you on one hand, deride the “Jew” for his immorality against us and then in the next breath, claim we should indiscriminately do the same thing to ALL of them (even the innocent)? You know what that is called? It is called HYPOCRISY and it is the MARK of the “Jew”.

    Our physical health comes largely from our moral strength. If one is immoral and lies and does things against his UNTAINTED conscience, he will suffer spiritually, often with depression, and even be victim to increased physical ailments. Doctors have know this for ever. If one doesn’t believe in their moral position, their fortitude suffers, they become DEMORALIZED thinking “What’s the point. I am not better than them so why fight them. I won’t make judgments upon them because I don’t want to be a hypocrite”?. This is why the Jew is always trying to get us to be like him because like you- he doesn’t really have a conscience and justifies anything he might do, simply because he can. The “Jew” believes might makes right. The white man, in his noble heart, knows, right makes right.

    I will say it again- what the hell separates you from the “Jew”? If one cannot see that morality is what they have destroyed in our nations so we become immoral and demoralized, then they are blind as a bat. Or do you hold that all the porn, mass indiscriminate and senseless violence pushed on whites through their education system and hollywood has no harmful affects on whites? Do you honestly think that this mass immorality they push on us is good for our children?

    Is it really your position that if whites 100 years ago, when we were FAR MORE MORAL, knew what we know now (because we are finally waking up) that our people everywhere would have not fought to their last dying breath, IN MASS, to ride this nation of the “Jews” who usurped us?

    This is STUPID. Yes, you DO treat a cancer fairly. You cut it out because it is a disease but you DON’T cut the whole limb off (the innocent) when a simple surgical procedure is needed to remove what is bad (Those guilty). That is JEW TALK. Screw em all they say. KILL them all they say. Lets not discriminate in degree, behavior, actual guilt or non guilt. Lets just wipe them ALL off the map.

    Now, when there is sickness that has the potential to spread, we don’t simply kill those infected or those who might become infected. We quarantine the sick from the healthy.

    So this is what we must do. We must use the LAW to judge the guilty (some will obviously get the death sentence) and with measure, quarantine the sick from the healthy (prison or banishment) letting the innocent go. If there are NONE that are innocent, then they too would fall into one of the two categories above- if brought to a FAIR trial.

    My Lord, this is Anglo-Saxon justice 101 for God’s sake!

    1. Correction
      The “Jew” believes might makes right. The white man, in his noble heart, knows, right makes might.

    2. If one race intends to exterminate another, then the race that is being exterminated must destroy the other race if they are to survive. Again, morality doesn’t come into play. It’s simply nature.

      I deride the jew because the jew harms my people. It’s that simple. As for innocent jews, who says there are any? Anyone who self-identifies as a jew is de facto an enemy of Europe the same way that any form of cancer is de facto harmful to a healthy body.

      I place the interests of my race first, which means that I do of course have a conscience. A race is like an extended family, so harming your own race is like harming your family. A race that is in touch with itself and knows itself would never take up arms against itself; only corrupted races (like Whites) do that.

      Your morality thing goes both ways. Liberals, commies, antifa, etc. think they are being moral by fighting their own race, because they deem their own race to be evil and morally repugnant. Northern Whites slaughtered Southern Whites in the 1860s because they thought enslaving niggers was un-Christian. Morality is what caused Judaized Americans to go oversees and “kill dem evil Nyazis,” because they thought National Socialism was immoral. If Whites had been thinking racially all along, these things would never have happened.

      Moral thinking leaves too many holes for kikes to fill with their mental poison. Morally is easily twisted and manipulated. Every time some kike-slave like Hillary or McCain pisses and moans about “the next Hitler” they are appealing to our moral sentiments. We cannot afford to think morally, only racially.

      As for Anglo-Saxon justice, I can do without it. Let’s come up with something new: Aryan Justice.

      1. * That’s “morality is easily twisted…”

        Oh, and as for what separates me from a jew? For one, I’m White, scientifically-minded, and believe in a culture of beauty. Jews are part-nigger, part-arab, part-White mongrels, religiously-minded (even the secular ones), and believe in making the world an ugly shithole, because like rats, jews only feel comfortable in filth.

        Is that enough of a difference?

        1. No, not in my book because anyone who throws out the Universal law (white or not) and believes it is ok to exterminate an entire race, innocents with the guilty, without them having a fair trial is just like the Jew and if one is just like the Jew then they will suffer the same fate of the evil Jews under Universal law and that doesn’t help the white race, it destroys them

          nuff said

  60. Guess what: jews don’t care about your book. They don’t play by your rules. Whites have adhered to your “moral” methods for 2,000 years now and look where it’s gotten us: we’re on the verge of being exterminated.

    If Whites had adopted my view 2,000 years ago…well, I’ll let your imagination run wild as to how much better-off the Aryan race would be today.

    It’s win or lose. If winning involves us momentarily abandoning our so-called Aryan “virtue” or whatever, then so be it. When you fight a dishonorable enemy, you cannot afford to fight honorably, because then you lose the fight. Do you want to win or lose?

  61. worldwide, christianity goes from a dirty word to illegal to open season declared by jews, enthusiastically taken up by pseudo-jihadis (mossad-in-bourkas).

    the last defender of christianity is putin, russia the last refuge.

    it totally makes sense, jesus was a denier engaging in hate speech.

  62. the russian front destroys another invader, the empire of talmud
    a good summary of how jew drang nach osten lost its own battle of stalingrad.

    i sometimes disagree with this writer but here he’s got it down pat.

    so far, the only blueprints showing signs of real resistance to talmud involve organization at high levels of secretly reformed shabbos.
    didn’t cheney memorably say, he is a bastard but he is our bastard.
    they are not ideal quality characters but they know how the game is played, where the bodies are buried and all that.

    i actually believe that the world of government shabbos is swarming with secret antisemites and they can be a tremendous resource because of their ability to internally disrupt and rupture the death factory of zion.
    how can they not be antisemites, being exposed to the stink of talmud at close quarters for so long?

    i repeat: no ammo should go to waste and this ammo is preciously destructive to jew project.
    russia is the prime example.

    1. @ lobro

      “i actually believe that the world of government shabbos is swarming with secret antisemites and they can be a tremendous resource because of their ability to internally disrupt and rupture the death factory of zion. how can they not be antisemites, being exposed to the stink of talmud at close quarters for so long?”

      I’d like to believe this is true, but I fear it’s no more than wishful thinking.

      Your idea is this: that the shabbos goyim working for the Jews have been exposed to “the stink of Talmud at close quarters for so long” that this has turned them into “secret antisemites”. And they will take steps, when the time is right, “to internally disrupt and rupture the death factory of Zion.”

      An attractive idea. An appealing idea. But an idea based on what? On wishful thinking, I suspect.

      I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but this is how I see it:

      Shabbos goyim who have worked in close proximity with the Jews for a long time are far more likely to be corrupted by the atmosphere in which they live and move.

      They will tend to become, in the words of Isaac Deutscher, “non-Jewish Jews.”

      Far from reacting with revulsion to the Talmudic ethos and becoming secret antisemites, the opposite is likely to occur: they will become thoroughly Jewified.

      If you think people like Cheney, Rumsfeld, John McCain, John Bolton, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have become “secret antisemites” by working with the Jews for so long, you need to marshal more evidence for this totally bizarre belief of yours.

      1. Yes, I agree with you, good point.

        Flies who live in shit usually become dung flies. Dung becomes their natural habitat. They get to like the dung and come back for more.

        I don’t think I’ve ever met a dung fly who became anti-dung! 🙂

      2. no argument regarding the a-list of high profile metastatic shabbos, they are indeed beyond redemption, devil’s prime rib.

        but i am thinking of other ones, the diplomats and civil servants, military and intel personnel, analysts and so forth who actually put their shoulder to the juggernaut wheel, maybe while cursing through the clenched teeth.
        after all, what about the vt crowd, your campbells, lonnies, duffs, the old ace ventura (whatsisname, not jesse ventura) special forces instructor.

        i am even thinking of what duff said at one point: 40 (or 60) percent of what he says is disinfo.
        disinfo but directed at whom and why.
        why say it publicly.
        could the disinfo be directed at jews and his actual message to us is quite something else, the “read my lips” kind?

        the putrid garbage like clintons and cheneys and rumsfelds are indeed hand-picked because they are born with brimstone on their breath, more jewish than jews.
        but they are an anomaly, a perversion of nature in my admittedly optimistic opinion.

        consider the senator (is he still in congress?) james webb from n. virginia, a decorated combat vet famous for his personal clashes with bush.
        he is saying nothing but he is steel, not a coward.

        anyway, even if entirely wrong, we must leave no stone unturned looking for every iota of advantage.

        1. @ lobro

          I agree with everything you say here. You always make good points. Take this:

          i am thinking of other ones, the diplomats and civil servants, military and intel personnel, analysts and so forth who actually put their shoulder to the juggernaut wheel, maybe while cursing through the clenched teeth.

          Think how angry these people are going to be if Obama caves in to the Jews and makes that scumbag Jonathan Pollard a free man.

        2. I see validity there, as well.

          No sense in pretending.. Everyone hates Jews.
          Always have, always will. To whatever degree accommodates their positions in life.

          Jews are the ultimate expression of “the boss,” who everyone hates as well.

          Everyone = 90%, give or take.

      3. @ Sardonicus

        And yet in way Lobro has a point. Maybe he’s imagining a scenario like this that could one day enfold: a man who has risen to supreme power with the help of the Jews — a bit like Stalin. Or maybe even like Putin.

        This guy does not alarm the Jews. They think he’s their man and will do their bidding. So they promote him and push him to the top.

        He controls the Army, he has his trusted henchmen all in place. And one day this guy does a U-turn, a bit like Stalin, and goes all out to teach the Jews a lesson they won’t forget!

        I think this is the kind of scenario Lobro is hoping for. And he’s placed his bets on Putin. Putin is going to come to our rescue and lead the world from darkness to light, breaking the power of the Jews once and for all and making it impossible for them to create hell on earth.

        One can’t help feeling that Lobro could be on to something. I hope he’s right. Because if he’s wrong, woe betide the world! We’re all goners…

        1. Ooops, the above post was written before reading Lobro’s post. It was in reply to Sardonicus.

        2. You should write a short story about that, ‘Ruth’. (Maybe Esquire, or The New Yorker would publish it! 🙂 )
          (gotta sign it ‘Bernstein’, though – to give it VALIDITY)

    2. I’m with you on this, lobro

      I think the real intentions of Putin and his Russian compatriots can be looked at in virtually the same vien as with Hitler and the Germans – yeah, that simple. Will they “win the day” on the field of battle? I would say in a manner of speaking.

      I see the Russian military playing a “role” (not as a “pawn”, per se, but based on a true desire to be pest exterminators) in how this will all play out that sees a final destruction of The Scourge. But who’s to say what its contribution will have proven to be? you know, this whole antichrist thing has to come into sharp focus at some point.

      But given all that, I’ll “stick to my guns” in keeping with all the shaman remote viewing stuff when it comes to the ultimate face of Armageddon and what its aftermath effects.

      The real 800 lb gorilla is Mother Earth herself’s war to be won.

      1. well, i heard of moose and related beasts migrating the heck out of yellowstone, maybe something big brewing beneath their feet.

        mother earth’s belly is solid enough to swallow this pestilence and send them to their deserved place of (un)rest.

        i know nothing of shamans or close to nothing although i had a little itsy bit of contact and there is only one word i can think of:

        they think and sense with every cell of their bodies and more.
        we need to do the same.

  63. Putin’s Russia moves to ban “Nazi” rehabilitation.


    I hope those dumb Putin-worshipping fucks over at Daily Stormer read this.

    The real Russia died in 1917; what’s existed since then is a jew-run hellhole.

    “Russia” must die. As long as it exists it will always be a threat to the West.

    1. this bill was proposed by irina yarovaya, a jew-owned shiksa if not a jew herself (at this time uncertain but she sure looks in yulia tymoshenko mold).

      see tyler’s (a canadian, good stuff) comment.
      jews are creating a diversion as usual, nothing to do with putin.
      this is the price of post-nurnberg politics when ilya ehrenburg created the holohoax monster that rode on back of the red army occupation of e. germany.
      jews built a monument to red army at yad vashem or something like that, now russians are caught in a public relations trap that is exploited by another pussy riot shiksa, irina yarovaya (just look at her, everything should be clear).

      i repeat, nothing to do with putin and nothing of real value, just like when russia complained that jews were endangered by the right sector and jews took out a full page nyt ad to deny that.
      now the word “nazi” has lost all meaning and become another political football in a jew media arena.

      the fact remains rock solid, that jews hate putin and the new russia because they are gravely threatened by what it represents and where it is going, 180 degrees opposite to intended by the protocols.
      wake up to the hard reality on the ground and quit relying on palmistry and tea leaves, don’t look to pussy riot for your truth.

      1. The problem isn’t just with Putin, the problem is with Russians as a whole. They are not an Occidental people, they’re a White/Asiatic mix who are incapable of forming a true identity for themselves due to their geographic location.

        Compounding this problem is the complete lack of Russian intellectuals today, as they were all exterminated by the kikes in the Soviet era (an era which these dim-witted, booze-fuelled Russian cunts still worship as their golden age).

        Russia didn’t become an enemy of West in 1917, it’s always been an enemy of the West. Like Spengler said, Europe ends at the Vistula. Russians are the descendants of the Golden Horde, and this was proven during WWII.

    2. rt is actually an open source, they quote whatever is quotable, right or wrong.
      witness how they fell for lisa wahl on-air resignation scam.
      it only shows that they don’t stick to a strict editorial policy, they are off the leash, unlike 100% of the western media run out of the same synagogue of satan.

  64. another example of how the term nazi/hitler/third reich has lost all objective and historically valid meaning

    so now people equate it with a mossad department staffed by useful cretins known as the right sector, ie, people see nazis as rabbinical golems.
    as far as i am concerned it is just a spitball, of no consequence.

    and i will also restate my suspicion that hitler made a mistake of not pursuing a joint action with stalin, whom he regarded as a bolshevik jew slave … it seems to me that it was not the case, another sleazy victory for the warriors by way of deception.

  65. Putin must be a jew, see the news on rt.com of today below

    Duma gives first nod to ban on Nazi rehabilitation
    Published time: April 04, 2014 10:32
    Edited time: April 04, 2014 13:50 Get short URL

    The Russian Lower House has passed the first reading of a bill introducing prison sentences for the public justification of Nazism. The sponsors would like to sign it into law before May 9 – the anniversary of Russia’s victory in WWII.

    The bill was approved unanimously on Friday.

    “Our country has not simply defended itself. We have defended the whole world from Nazism. Our people suffered the greatest casualties in this war. For us, the rehabilitation of Nazism will always be a crime against our country and our people. Rehabilitation of Nazism is not only a shot fired at the past and mocking millions of victims. It is also a shot fired at the future, an instigation for new crimes against peace and security,”one of the main sponsors of the bill, the head of the Lower House Committee for Security Irina Yarovaya said as she presented the bill to MPs.

    Earlier, Yarovaya has told the press that the urge for such a law is especially evident today in times of the violent political crisis in Ukraine launched and supported by radicals and neo-Nazis. “Ukraine is a living witness of what can be the result of such a policy, when Nazism is standing tall and manifests itself not only through propaganda but through actual crimes,” the Interfax news agency quoted the lawmaker as saying.

    Once passed the bill would make it illegal to publicly deny the Nuremberg Tribunal verdict and the anti-Hitler coalition’s effort to defend international peace and security during the Second World War. The ban is also extended to knowingly spreading false reports about the crimes of anti-Nazi armies during the war and the fabrication of proof of such crimes.

    Those convicted face fines of up to 300,000 rubles (about $8300) or prison terms of up to 3 years. The use of public office or the media raises the maximum punishment to 500,000 roubles in fines or up to 5 years behind bars with a ban from certain posts and professions for another 3 years.

    The bill was initially drafted several years ago by majority United Russia caucus. The initial version drew criticism from professional lawyers over the preciseness of various legal formulas and was recalled. The new draft was submitted for public discussion in Summer 2014 and has already received an approval from the Supreme Court and support from all four parliamentary parties.

    The new bill, however, has drawn criticism from OSCE’s Representative on Freedom of the Media, who said that the narrow application of such a law might lead to its abuse and suppress political and critical speech on issues of history. Russia’s Foreign Ministry blasted this statement as intervention into another nation’s legislative process and the bill’s sponsors said that many foreign nations had similar legislation protecting the historical truth as stated by the Nuremberg Tribunal.

    1. Putinstein’s Russia is following the same course as the West. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t a kike, he still unflinchingly supports kike interests.

      It doesn’t matter anyway. Russians aren’t having children, so Russia will be dead by the end of the century.

      Good riddance to a worthless people who never accomplished anything despite their vast territory, resources, and population.

  66. @ spqr

    here is the timeline of the so-called ukraine.
    in the names you can often read the historical context. i often wondered what “ukraine” stood for in the original proto-slavic idiom and it turns out that it means “at the end”.
    at the end of rus kingdom, so take a look at this, factually indisputable, apolitical narrative covering the period from about 400 – 1700 ad.

    The country located on the Pontic step (the flatlands north of the Black Sea) currently calling itself Ukraine has only existed for 23 years, since the failure of the August 1991 KGB-inspired coup in Moscow. Before that, to find something that corresponds to modern Ukraine, we must go back to the Kievan Rus late in the first millennium of the Common Era. This was a state set up by Vikings (called Varangians) along the Dnieper River, which was the main inland waterway between Scandinavia in the north and the Byzantine Empire in the South. It was here that grand Duke Vladimir converted to Orthodox Christianity in the year 988, thus establishing a religious tradition which continues to be decisive in Russian history down to the present day. But Vladimir’s state did not call itself Ukraine, considering itself rather the leading state of Russia, which the Latin West sometimes called Ruthenia.

    No Ukraine on Map Until 1918

    The Kiev Rus was conquered around the middle of the 1200s by the Mongols, and was thereafter ruled by a series of Mongol Khans. After the Mongol power north of the Black Sea had been shaken by the victory of the grand Duke of Moscow Dmitry Donskoi in the battle of Kulikovo on the Don in 1380, the Mongol yoke over the Kiev region began to fall away. [see here spqr, mongols only ran it for about 150 years, about the same length that present day mongols (jews) owned usa, so does that make you a jew any less than russians are non-white asiatics? russians are vikings, the whitest of white aryans]
    By 1526, much of today’s Ukraine, including Kiev, was part of the very large Polish Republic, which stretched from the Baltic to near the Black Sea. Other parts of today’s Ukraine were under Moscow, while some — including the Crimea — had been incorporated into khanates of the Ottoman Empire, and a small corner had been taken by the emerging Austrian Habsburgs. Little of this had changed by the time of the peace of Westphalia in 1648. Emmanuel Bowen’s 1747 English map of Eastern Europe calls today’s Ukraine “Little Russia” (south of “White Russia,” today’s Byelorus) with “Red Russia” (south of the city of Lvov (Lwow in Polish, Lviv in Ukrainian, Lemberg in German, and Leopoli in Italian); only a very small area astride the Dnieper is labeled “Ukrain,” meaning something like “at the border.”

    speaking of intellectuals … north america (usa, canada and mexico, basically the nafta-stan, an entire continent) has never had anything remotely approaching the intellectual grandeur and courage of dostoevsky, tolstoy, scriabin, mussorgsky, you name it, right down to present day’s chossudovsky, never mind solzhenitsyn.
    who comes to mind, the closest may be mencken and twain, nothing against them, but if americans or canadians can claim to nationhood based on whatever loose prerequisites, surely so can russians whose recorded history goes back to the late roman empire that used them as allies (goths and scythians) against invading huns.
    they are used to being a defensive bulwark against invading hordes and are doing this very same, singular duty against jews today.
    it is them and only them, allied with persians, another proto-aryan nation.

    name me somebody else who dares piss off the almighty jew today.

    JUST ONE NAME on the entire surface of the globe, gabreal jones’ nazi antarctic submarine bases notwithstanding.

    as one spartan mother said to her son, seeing him off to battle, i’d prefer that they bring you back on the shield rather than you returning alive without it (meaning, he threw it aside in effort to escape).
    russia, today as so often in the past is the shield of christianity and we should line up to support it rather than throw it away.

    1. Amen.

      And while we’re at it, to the legionnaire I will say that in addition to receiving a proper view of Russia then, and moving forward, be careful in general of who you might be alienating. Allies often come in the most unlikely shades and practices, if you get my drift.

      Always remember. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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