The Heart of the World Bleeds for the Master Race [*POEM*]

. . . by Michael Hoffman

"THE BEST OF THE GENTILES  DESERVES TO BE KILLED!" — Rabbi ben Yohai, the Talmud's most venerated sage
— Rabbi ben Yohai, the Talmud’s most venerated sage

Today the heart of the world bleeds;
Indeed, it wears its heart on its sleeve,
It seems that four rabbis could not flee
The bullets of Palestinian terrorists you see,
Pogrom! Holocaust! Headlines! Weeping!

Twenty years ago in Hebron it had not at all been so,
A settler from Brooklyn, Goldstein by name
With his machine gun in a mosque blasted to and fro,
Butchering 40 Palestinians, he earned his fame,
He wore a yellow star, victimhood was his claim.

The media slashed the death toll to 29
And mourned the dead for a few seconds,
Then turned toward their perpetual shrine: Auschwitz crime.
Four dead rabbis, Jerusalem synagogue, November 2014,
Forty dead Palestinians, Hebron mosque, February 1994.

No equivalence between the two, decrees the media whore,
Jews are Jews, and Arabs, well, who wouldn’t shoot a goy?
FOX News O’Reilly and the Murdoch gang
Speak of Israeli rights to avenge: that’s their supremacist ploy,
They’re amnesiacs when it comes to rights of retribution by the Arab boy,

2100 Palestinians murdered this year alone,
East Jerusalem auctioned by “holy” real estate dealers,
Goldstein’s heirs stripping Arab land to the bone
The never-factored crimes of the Talmudic stealers,
Their thefts modulated to the lowest possible tone,
As Palestinians are shot, jailed, robbed and reduced to stone;

When they resist, the western world starts screamin’,
Popes and Presidents cry crocodile tears,
How dare Arabs obstruct faux Israel’s dreamin’?
There’s no real concern for Palestinians’ fears
Of being killed at will and without a trace, while
The heart of the world bleeds for the Master Race.


Copyright©2014. All Rights Reserved

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72 thoughts to “The Heart of the World Bleeds for the Master Race [*POEM*]”


    — Rabbi ben Yohai, the Talmud’s most venerated sage

    with motivation like this, i might as well be the worst of gentiles
    (worst in the sense of “is it good for jews?”)

  2. Clicked to read a few articles that were linked to Drudge. Unbelievable reaction in the com boxes of the Jew papers that are receiving commentary from the brainwashed around the world. One gem suggested that Israel should caught off water and food to the Gaza Strip! I couldn’t find one reaction that was pro-Palestenian, or even one that might give them a fair shake.

    And the reaction to Netanyahu wanting to bulldoze their homes was also met with astounding approval from all these same lemmings. At the end of the day it seems that Netanyahu is just a thug who controls the world’s most unreasonable Multiple Listing Service. Brilliant strategy on the part of the Jew. This justifies past bulldozing operations and future demolitions of homes that belong to those that are completely innocent.

    Either way, word on the street, as far as I can tell, is the only solution is that all Palestinians and Arabs must die. I guess that is their Final Solution. God help us all.

    It’s bad enough that these atrocities go on endlessly. But the level of “thinking” and “analysis” out there is more depressing the the thuggish behavior of these goons.

    1. But you were at Drudge, so of course that’s what you found. In the broader culture things ARE changing in our direction.

  3. MONITOR: Your posts will be sent for automatic monitoring if you keep changing your name. Please make up your mind what you wish to be called.

    Could this be a false flag? As I have heard,

    Zionists will sacrifice their own children or at least other non Zionist Jews children (non club members) for the dirt lots of Izrael. Why not a few rabbis? Remember the cause trumps the means. That’s Zionism.

  4. MONITOR: Is this the comment you tried to post? I have just found it in the SPAM folder and approved it! You see, there’s a rational explanation after all. The computer decided you comment was “spam”. Not our fault.

    Maurice Pinay observed the following yesterday.

    “Har Nof” (where four rabbis of genocidal Judaism were killed today) was built upon the ruins of ethnically cleansed Palestinian village, Deir Yassin where 107 Palestinian men, women and children were massacred by ‘Jews’ Then he links to this little gem.

    [url=]Der Yassin Remembered[/url]

    1. This was mentioned on Press TV`s The Debate a couple of days ago, by their arab guest. The other guest was Millet, a disgusting pro-zionist/pro-Israel pos out of London, claims to be a journalist, lies constantly, but it is getting harder for ratbags like Millet to whitewash the “jewish state”..

  5. It’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty that the incident took place at all in light of the fact that it’s been getting loads of top-billing coverage in the lying jewish-owned newsmedia. A more likely scenario is that the said “incident” was staged in Herzliya and was produced for western consumption. This “incident” (which is the latest in a long series of similar incidents) has the effect of making the Palestinians look bad while making the jews appear as victims, so in all likelihood the “story” is nothing more than a big stinking pile of cynical p.r. that will be cited by the jews as a justification for even more jewish bloodlust.

    1. If it was indeed a false flag operation then one always has to look at the timing. Is there something going on in the world of which the public perception needs to be changed? Yes indeed there is! At this moment many countries are recognizing the Palestinian state : the UK, Sweden, Spain. Other countries are also considering. Presumably Israel feels the need once again to depict the Palestinians as ruthless terrorists. That could be the motive.


    NOAH HIDE !!!


    NOAH HIDE !!

  7. here is a question that should be posed to world’s anchormen while they are replacing tear buckets:


    please answer with a simple yes or no, don’t tell us about how you are child of holocaust survivors

  8. The crux of this poem is the line: “How dare Arabs obstruct faux Israel’s dreamin’?” Of second importance: “Today the heart of the (Western)world bleeds (for the lervly Israeli Jews).”
    The greatest RIGHT bequeathed by the Goyim/Gentiles of the Western world in the last 100 years is the RIGHT for the faux Jews to have their beloved Homeland in Palestine. We just lerved givin’ it to them and pay for their genocide of the pesky Arabs. We all bleed in our hearts of hearts for these poorly treated people to reestablish their lervly Homeland.In fact lets help em on their glorious way by handing them our FED, Congress and Hollywood. Then they can tell their good story and we can all shed tears for ’em. Lerv ya local Jew! Be KIND to a nice JEW!

    1. just realized, this is the same mike hoffman from idaho whose book, judaism and its strange gods i downloaded on my kindle – a read beyond my meagre capabilities, got somewhere, got stuck, switched to turney’s trilogy or quadrilogy of ceasar’s gallic campaigns.

      hoffman is a true christian, wants to help out bro judas out of the pit.
      not me, a terrible christian who wants to toss him back into the satan’s hearth that would serve no purpose judenfrei.

  9. In this episode of “the Adventures of Brownhawk” –

    Brownhawk loses his marbles…..

    While joyfully and serenely playing a game of clearsies with his young hawkling friends, suddenly, and with great stealth appeared a swarm of dilapidated vultures to swoop in and rob them of the innocent pleasure, of their wonderful treasure.

    Vowing then and there to retrieve the precious objects of his happiness, little did young Brownhawk know of the long and tragic journey that lay ahead. Fraught with peril, and recurring landmines of mortal terminators strewn in his path, he would soldier on in search of the rascals of debilitation prompting his righteous scorn.

    Mired in a desultory haze, yet buoyed by the light of a distant beacon, his guide through the grinding gauntlet of an ancient tunnel.

    In Episode 2, Brownhawk finds himself marooned in the quarantine of a strange land.

      1. You made my day, hp

        a true heart and wild imagination is a pair that beats a full house every time 😉

  10. Yeah, HP, great bloke Mel Gibson. Lived near me at Yackandandah, NE Victoria, Australia. Knew his dad and did he have a mouthful about the vile JEWS who rule in the USA! Lervly people, the Gibsons.
    Mel can be a naughty boy and chases the young chicks in his old age; instead of coming back to a quiet life in beautiful country Oz. We miss him in our pubs and his shouts. But his $billions make for a lot of Yankee and Russian chicks who are willing to sell their wares!
    Mel’s dad’s influence shows through when Mel is pissed (“jews cause all the wars!”) and in his movies, part’y The Passion (of Christ) and Apocalypso.
    Watched the latter again the other night and lerv the way Mel always ridicules the JEWS’ PC messages about the “Noble Savage.” You know that 18th century “Romantic” notion advocated by the JEWS and their kept Goyim academics about the innocent greatness of a mob of mysoginist savages. Yeah his savages are rapin’ all the women and cutting off heads and rollin’ ’em down the Mayan temples’ steps! Great spectator sport! I Reckon your nigrahs would lerv to do this sort of thing! Crowds clappin’ and cheerin’, just like the Israeli citizens sittrin’ above the Gaza carnages.
    How, Brownhawk, did the Iroquois and such treat the sheilas? Were the squaws given lervly equal rights and a 50/50 vote in picking leaders juz like the recent G20 Summit advocates? Did ya really have a chief called Two Dogs F—–?
    In Oz, the only reputable diaries of the 19th century show the Oz abos as highly MALE-CENTRED (juz like the current forces of Islam) William Buckley and Daisy Bates draw pictures of womenfolk who are “less important than the camps’ dogs!” Yet our Leftist intelligensia paint our pre-whiteman, stone age savages as “noble custodians of the land,” Worked in our Northern Territory where you can buy a gin (female abo) for a glass of beer.

    1. Here’s something for ya, Max

      When the Iroquois tribes came together with the Great League of Peace, fifty chiefs attended, selected from each tribe by its leading older women, the clan mothers. Ultimate power, both within the longhouse and beyond it, rested with the leading older women. Clan membership passed through the female line. A woman who was a member of the Turtle clan had children who were Turtle clan. A husband generally moved into the longhouse of his wife’s clan, where the senior clan member held sway. Women named the male delegates to clan and tribal councils and also the tribal represenatives to the leagues Grand Council at Onondaga.

      I remember my Grandma and I can attest to the great deference we showed her. Societies in general that recognize the worth and wisdom of grandmothers are the healthiest of all.

    2. Max –

      I spoke with Hutton Gibson more than a few times on the phone, when he lived in Florida. He and Mel were born in USA. He was WWII vet and moved to Oz to keep Mel out of Viet Nam War, as did many back then.

      He is Catholic, first and foremost, and his main concern, then, was Jew take-over of his church. He held back no harsh words and expletives for Jews…. as you know.

      Ironically, he moved to Oz using Jew money he won from Jeopardy, the Jew game show. He had close to a dozen children.

  11. PS: The ONLY “Noble Savages” in the ZIO-JEWS fairy tales of life are themselves.
    Bibi Netanyahu (the Askenazi, Jewish leader) claims he is a direct line descendant of the Arab-Israelite savages who genocided all the people (“left none breathin'”) in Canaan! For this, our bleedin’ heart Christian-Zios and Jesuits claim: “Bibi is a NOBLEMAN, pursuing a noble cause!” As I said, we are trained to LERV the noble Jew!
    This populist view relegates the true Arab Semites of the Middle East to the status of ignoble savages. Bibi Netanyahu once described them as “blood-lusting, barbarian savages.” Lord Balfour called the Arabs “animals”! Hence his infamous Decalaration which set all the ME savagery going! ie. Blame the drunkards and paedophiles in the British Home Office and the House of Windsor – the JEWS!
    TRUE DIALECTICS in ACTION: Noble savage versus ignoble savage = lervly Israeli positive genocidists who deserve your Western support! Juz lerv ya JEWS! Tis a CRAZY world!

  12. STOP PRESS!!!!
    Stop writing endless CRAPOLOGY, repeated ad nauseam! So boring! Semantic wafflings!
    THIS WILL TEST YOU ALL – buffoons, pseudo-intellectuals and bubbas alike! STOP trying to be smart! This site is becoming sickening in its present form. Every litt’l arsehole wanting his/her pennithworth! Jewish subterfuge by 5 or 6 writers!
    I thought the VERY BEST I had read on the Jewish Question included Lasha Darkmoon’s items, John Kaminski’s articles and Henry Ford’s offerings in his Dearborn newsletters.
    But I have just read the ultimate in state of the art RESISTANCE writing! THE ULTIMATE!!!!
    Forget about everything else, other than you could assemble all my scribblings into one whole and you will get much the same message as Preston James PhD offers on Veterans Today, November 16, 2014. (But he does it much better than me; except for my yet to be published book which is the complete story)
    Distribute his essay – “It’s Time to Strike at the Root” – everywhere! Make its contents standard NON-JEW-NEWSPEAK for the planet’s non-JEWS! No-one could offer any better and no-one has EVER offered any better solution!
    Here is THE RESISTANCE language I have longed for! THE TRUTH and what to do! This involves resistance/political action at the grass roots level; and cannot include any present politicos! Be ready for instant Jewish converts and traitors!~ Stop being so gullible! Even ONE Jewish infiltrator can DESTROY you! They will try anything! Remember their DIALECTIC!
    READ JAMES and think! Drop your petty Jewish-educated thoughts and criticisms (and ADDICTION TO ENDLESS FOOTNOTES) and read in the purely WHOLISTIC sense!
    Read as if you have only one more day of life left in order to make a decision! No procastination allowed. This is the URGENCY/the Shock value (lobro) I try to inform you about; in Preston’s words!
    The REVOLUTION MUST START NOW OR IT IS TOO LATE. For 100 years we have been treading water and the JEWS keep on growing and growing, murdering and murdering, raping, pillaging and enslaving. Yes the Rothschilds and their comrades need, at least, to be thrown into inescapable dungeons! Your banksters and politicians arrested ASAP! Nuremberg-like trials initiated. Same penalties.
    No use crying about 9/11 anymore, or anything else. Waste of time! USELESS! No JUSTICE will be served until JEWS are totally proscribed and banned from our planet! Every last one of them! They have disassociated themselves from the human family. THEY WANT YOU DEAD!! They have the option to drop once and for all the vile team name JEWS!

    1. Take a good hard look at the picture of this rabbi-d dog piece of filth and ask yourself if you would match his hatred by pounding a stake right through his alleged heart and then ask yourself if Christ would do no less.

      If your answer is not an emphatic YES! then you know what you can do with your gnosticism (i.e.; 1st things 1st)

      You KNOW you’ve done the right thing, and if this is not a component of knowledge, then nothing is.

      No guesswork there

  13. In my humble opinion, whatever the Darkmoon site gains from its articles, it loses by the quality of its posters, as the raving fools like Max Bilney, and foul-mouthed louts like Circassian, really are to no one’s taste, save to those equal fools who cheer them on perhaps. The Darkmoon crew, if it wishes to retain a modicum of real respect from those of us who look forward to hear what they and their genuine and serious posters have to say, should screen their posters not so much for their approval or disapproval of them and their articles, but rather for their seriousness and intelligence as readers, as it seems to me that many posters here, instead of commenting to an article and replying to their fellow posters with relevance, use this forum as a saloon spitoon and a show off circus, and thus more often than not utter nonsensical verbiage completely irrelevant to the point(s).

    So far as I have been able to see, eight such posters from whom one would like to hear more often are: Dr David Green, Kapoore, Karen T, Ingrid B, Brownhawk, HP, Pat (when the good fellow does not bore and bore holes), and Lobro. Apologies if I have have missed one or two others.

    Mathew Armitage

    1. @ M. Armitage

      “In my humble opinion, whatever the Darkmoon site gains from its articles, it loses by the quality of its posters…. So far as I have been able to see, eight such posters from whom one would like to hear more often are: Dr David Green, Kapoore, Karen T, Ingrid B, Brownhawk, HP, Pat (when the good fellow does not bore and bore holes), and Lobro. Apologies if I have have missed one or two others.”

      Well said, sir. I agree with your general criticism that the darkmoon site would gain a higher degree of “respectability” if certain posters who lower the tone could be be excluded. The commentariat here is a lively one but it is often more like a social chitchat club than a forum for the discussion of serious ideas. The site is plagued by a lot of time wasters and trivia merchants who ought to be excluded.

      I am not sure that your sweeping condemnation of Max Bilney, however, would meet with universal approval here. I am in two minds about Max. He is what I call a “serious joker”. He provides the site with comic relief in the same way as Seymour Zak does. When Max is bad, he is very, very bad; but when he is good, he is very, very good. His incessant jabber about his 60 “wives” and his “ten-inch cock” certainly do not add to this site’s respectability but they do elicit a weary smile from those who think that every site should have its resident clown.

      You are right, of course, in your belief that no respectable site — let’s say the Occidental Observer — would put up with Mad Max for more than 10 minutes. In a way, it says much for this site that it does not attempt to make itself a clone of the Occidental Observer and is prepared to offer its readers far more freedom of speech.

      Almost anything can be said on this site. Within reason, of course. Even the administration can be attacked and the site called a “filthy latrine” and a “shithouse” (Circassian). And Lasha Darkmoon herself, the star of the site, can be held up to shame and vilification on almost every thread. I have now lost track of the number of abusive comments addressed to the longsuffering Lasha. The mere fact that she puts up with it with such saintly equanamity is a remarkable tribute to her as well as to this website. Truly, I know of no other website which would allow its readers to pour such scorn upon it.

      I wrote to Lasha once and asked her if she was some kind of masochist. Her reply surprised me.”Not at all,” she said. “But I really do believe that such insults serve a therapeutic purpose, both for me and my insulter. My insulter obtains relief and I am strengthened by his abuse. Because doesn’t Nietzsche say, “What does not destroy me makes me stronger.”

      Hmmm…. something to think about there.

      1. Lasha most wise
        We make honorary Iroquois
        Hope she find nice bloke
        Have kids
        Be grandma
        If she no marry
        we make her honorary grandma

    2. Mat –

      Points noted.

      I have been a part of several very successful political campaigns in the 60a and 70s. I held elected office, myself. That’s where I found that the person who attempts to please everyone is outright lying to most of them. And fact tellers always lose the important elections.

  14. reading the comments section of james’ strike at the root is quite instructive and interesting.

    what’s your take on this leo wanta issue, max.
    it seems to me that it is at the center of it all, along with karen hudes and yet i never heard of either of them.
    dean+duff involved up to armpits, it seems.

    1. Thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, the Banksters Evil World Agenda has now been completely uncovered and is now in the Public Domain for all to study and know for the first time ever.

      my reading of the situation: real action will start with insurrection within government, no use fooling ourselves otherwise, military, enforcement and intel agents, whistleblowers (not cia limited hangouts like greenwald, snowden and assange who harm brics countries like brazil more than jew-pit) with legal skills, access and knowledge of where the bodies are buried.

      and they will get encouraged when there is a groundswell of popular anger, when they realize that people know what’s up, otherwise they won’t move for the sake of own and families’ security.

      so, our job here at darkmoon is to aid and abet that groundswell as per above quote.
      people are watching, reading, thinking, becoming convinced in ever greater numbers, the critical mass when things are openly spoken on the street is approaching, may have already arrived on many streets outside the usa.

      to charge out on the street waving axes and pitchforks right now is worse than the height of lunacy, it actually helps protect the kabbalists, lubavitchers and frankists in power, because we end up shot, hauled off to mental institutions and ridiculed by the standard jews stewart and maher on tv.
      even animals know that, ever seen one of your big crocs max, running full steam into the water on the opposite bank, grunting, hissing, barking (whatever racket they make)?
      no, they approach stealthily and calculate the right moment of launch.
      are we stupider than the crocs?

      1. moreover and by no means of secondary import.
        resistance is growing at a much faster rate outside the states dumbed down by ignorance doubled by the drunken dreams of imperial reach.

        russia is for real, at the forefront, vlad and fsb cabal are for real, whatever pat may say, iran islamic council is for real, south american resistance at all levels is for real and i believe that chinese and maybe even indian elites know the score at least to some extent.
        in addition, i sense (whoever dimly and error prone) that jungle drums are beating in germany, that merkel is sneaky enough to be exchanging signals, by proxies if necessary with putin, getting ever closer to the point when jumping the jew titanic becomes a workable option.

        and what do you know … laugh if you will but i also predict that obama may pull something if the serious opportunity presents itself.
        why do i say that?
        watch the jews, netanyahu, adelson and all … they don’t like him or trust him one bit, for all his sweettalking, he is dragging his feet strategically, slowing the juggernaut down.

        imagine a quadriplegic man, bedridden but slowly regrowing nervous synapses, at some point they meet and interlace into a functional network and slowly the control and retraining of muscles (military, nat guard and cops forces) takes place.

        www is the magic antidote to the protocols, they never saw it coming, what for uncounted centuries jews have done underground in their stinking shtetl synagogue and yeshiva basements we can do openly, right here – declare war.

      2. No laughter here, lobro. Obama has no serious dog in the fight. He’s just wetting his finger and holding it up to the wind like Merkel and the rest, as you’ve indicated. But while I DO think his feet are being dragged for him, in their slow manner, if he sees an In he COULD act for the Resistance in some fashion.

        And I agree about the WWW. Its Controlled Opposition intentions are backfiring. If and when it gets shut down would signal the rolling out of the cannons

      3. a hooker turns tricks for money, not love.

        don’t the jews know it, corrupting and pimping is their national artform extending way past the common brothels into the highest reaches of government, turning sovereignty to iscariot’s excrement.

        we should remember it too and by offering amnesty in return for full restitution and cooperation use it to our advantage rather than threatening to lynch her.

    2. lobro –

      I am surprised that you have never heard of Hudes. She is the whistle-blower(not) who tells us the Fed was a product of people like Morgan and Schiff. Ho-Hum.

      The greatest irony of all….is that… all of today’s conveniences, including the internet, would not be available without fiat currency and ‘petro’ dollars. No metals standard based currency could produce the goods and services today.

      BTW – Gutenberg’s press stopped nothing. The internet has stopped, and will stop, nothing. The internet advances fiat currency banking.

      1. i am no economist and i don’t follow what you just said, pat, care to explain?

        The greatest irony of all….is that… all of today’s conveniences, including the internet, would not be available without fiat currency and ‘petro’ dollars. No metals standard based currency could produce the goods and services today.

        you are saying that had nixon not decoupled dollar from gold, “conveniences” (what conveniences exactly, aside from internet) would have remained undiscovered and undeveloped.
        sorry, i just don’t see it.

        what about the previous conveniences, like alternate current, lightbulbs, diesel motor, airplanes, radio-tv-telephones, x-rays (aside, worth checking out the tomatobubble story about how wilhelm roentgen, the discoverer and the 1st recipient of the nobel physics was shunted aside by jews and X-ed, so now they are called x-rays) why did they become available in the age of the gold standard?

        internet has stopped nothing

        more mystery … all of us here, you included would have had the exact same information available, would have been just as jew-wise had there been no internet.
        how is that?
        financial times, boston globe, reader’s digest (they sure were advanced had holocaust ovens baking 6 million jew soapbars about 6 months before auschwitz was even built), laugh-in, twilight zone, brinkley-twinkly-lehrer report, they would all have told us about rabbi shapira-ginsberg-yehuda-yahoo’s love of the gentiles, elizabeth dilling’s translation of soncino at our fingertips … my father who heartily disliked them got into a political argument with his boss, a “dutch” by name of ben de-jood and it never occurred to him that maybe he wasn’t dutch 😉

        i guess lasha would be sending us individual postcards with the latest information downloads, no problem.
        (hey, somebody tell pat about tongue-in-cheek technique, willya)

        … when did i realize with 100% certainty that holocaust was a naked lie, every single word?
        maybe in 2003, give or take a year, after stumbling upon codoh, even though i was well aware of the martyrdom of ernst zundel in my own town … i just assumed that jews had inflated the numbers, that’s all.

        i say internet is our biggest gun and until a bigger one is available, i also say, let’s fire it often and accurately.

      2. lobro –

        I stated, “No metals standard based currency could produce the goods and services today.”

        The fact is that there are not enough precious metals produced each year to keep up with the TOTAL WORLD GDP, which is almost $100 Trillion and expanding each year. Both gold and silver, combined as an alloy, would have to be valued at over $100,000/ounce. Then there are transportation problems, which leads to receipts and IOUs…. then, back to fiat currencies…..and internet banking.

        Tongue-not-in-cheek. 😉

      3. the numbers are inflating but the underlying worth remains the same, just like weimar and zambia.
        i remember when my parents bought a house for $10,000 (my father had annual salary that much, he was a highly paid senior engineer).
        today, this same house is around $1.3 million of fiat/petro dollars … so what, still the same house.
        my first full time job, after i dropped out of university, 1st year, gold vault in hq of what is today cibc down on king st, gold was $35/oz (couldn’t buy it in the states but you could walk up to the wicket 3 or 4 floor u/g and buy as much as you wanted, a silver $1 or $1/2 cost you exactly that much, nice big coins, face value.
        i was a lowpaid flunkey and i could buy 2-3 oz gold with weekly take, think about it, show me a burger flipper who can do that today.
        annual car insurance, <$100, brand new vw beetle, $1,800, etc, etc.
        me and a buddy rented 1/2 a house downtown next to the campus for $60/mo … be around 3-4k today, so how did fiat bring us special conveniences?

        i'd say, just the opposite, fiat was a scam to impoverish all of us, usa, canada and the world in favor of those who rule by fiat ("i say, you are utterly worthless! moreover, i say that i deserve to own everything and because i say so, so it shall be")

        you had to look hard to find a homeless person on the streets of toronto, it was headcases who obstinately chose such life, the rubbies sprawled in back alleys, other nuts were housed in nice institutions (clarke, guelph, etc) for free, out of sight instead of pestering people at every step.

        1 in 30 children in the us are homeless now … by fiat, i guess just another convenience.
        this is the measure of the society, not the share price of google, whose russo-jew owner has a 400 ft yacht in every posh harbor.

      4. Those are all factual stories. History lesson. I lived them.
        That does not change the fact that there are not enough metals to use as currency in the world.

      5. Maximum Bil-o-ney –

        You are proving to be nothing but 10 pounds of baloney crammed into a 5 pound bag…. with an IQ to match… and it REALLY shows..!!

    3. lobro

      A few things I take away from Preston’s article and the comment thread:

      from the comment thread:

      The most portentious being where he says, “there may have been some systemic changes already made at very high (i.e. military) levels”

      Also, as a premise – we’re ALL “id-iots”, with potential usefulness, per the Jesuit’s “CMMM”, as Preston intriguingly puts it. I see K. Hudes as one who is proving to be useful. Whereas Wanta is one resisting it. With this business of his earning “real USdollars”, while it can’t help but be in the form of Fed notes, it is his INTENT behind how they may be used that is the important factor. (after all, it’s the only “money game in town”)

      from the article:

      “Taking back” a truly free land, would in reality be having it the FIRST time, and would stop the JWO dead in its tracks. But I’ve come to the conclusion that BRICS can be seen as incidental to the bigger picture, which is the take-down of Russia. And let’s not kid ourselves about China. If push comes to shove with any shit hitting the fan, for them there would be no military alliance with Russia, as there is an economic one now. I even wonder if the primary purpose for BRICS all along was to build up China with an eye towards it being strategically important in any global conflict. China would turn on Russia, and it wouldn’t come as a stab in the back to Putin. And If Ziggy B. would have you believe otherwise, remember, for him as with all of them exists the pyramidal structure of “on a need to know only” useful idiocy basis.

      Yet, who can Putin really trust?

      A Putin-led Russia and true American patriots represent the only meaningful bulwark standing against the legions of hell.

      Pat knows what I’m talkin about here. Him clever injun. Him glib. Him trick Brownhawk over “ineffable” 😉 But here’s where our guesses differ:

      Anyone who thinks this is all a set-up SOLELY for the purpose of creating, say, a new quadrant of economic order for the World, which Putin IS solely advocating, is whistling past large expanses of goyum boneyards.

      Only war can suit their plans to their fullest extent.

  15. and let’s not rag on maxy, he is the real deal and i want him beside me when i face phalanges of drunken macedonian miners in some back alley.

  16. There will be no revolution, the resistance is and maybe always was a corrupted and rotting corpse. We blabber and feed our egos on web sites but it’s empty and we’re fooling ourselves as we’ve always fooled ourselves. We need a clean slate.

    1. Karen T says = “The resistance is and maybe always was a corrupted and rotting corpse. We blabber and feed our egos on web sites but it’s empty and we’re fooling ourselves as we’ve always fooled ourselves. We need a clean slate.” (My suggestion was: Use Preston James’ truths as your “clean slate.”)
      That is my exact point Karen T, and one that goes straight over the heads of sanctimonious idiots like this vile Matthew Armitage character. He (or a PAT-sy) might not like my language – eg. “Drop your petty Jewish-educated thoughts and criticisms (and ADDICTION TO ENDLESS FOOTNOTES) and read in the purely WHOLISTIC sense!” – because he has not enough intellectual acumen to understand it!~ But I know he does understand it and his English name hides a Jew! If PAT is not a Jew he does a damn good job trying to be one!
      There is absolutely NOTHING on this site that is really new, as I have over 100 years of similar info in my library. Read Australia’s Eric Butler, from the 1950’s and it is essentially no different; and so much of the stuff you quote (Khazars, for instance) has long been covered by better and more intelligent writers than any of you. Adolf Hitler brilliantly covered the Jewish monstrosity in the 1930’s! He has been the only person capable of mounting a Resistance!
      But your miniscule egos do not like to be challenged! The JEWS would be laughing at your utter ineffective CRAP and childish anecdotes!
      Karen T is correct: your so-called resistance is “a corrupted and rotting corpse.”
      If you read Preston James you get the only SOLUTION possible in this ROTHSCHILD (meaning RED SHIELD) world of ours. As I quoted long ago. George Washington related his nightmarish visions of a dreaded “red cloud” drifting across the Atlantic from Europe. He was talking about the RED, Jewish disease. Similarly Jewish media supremo, Red Rupert Murdoch, placed a RED symbol of Australia on his flagship newspaper The Australian, which he purchased from the kingpin Zionist-Jew Lady Fairfax. BUT this goes totally against Little Lord Armitage’s genteel tastes! He hates the TRUTH. I know lobro can see my truths and understands. The oafish PAT-sy is of the ego-driven lost.
      I repeat Karen T’s words: “We blabber and feed our egos on web sites, but it’s empty…” EMPTY it certainly is!
      As I have said often enough, the Armitages and such read this site with their half-baked mentalities and love to pick fault! They also cannot read and comprehend and jump at straws and their wild imaginings. Morons!
      Truth was explained by lobro: “Maxy is the real deal.” Thankyou lobro and the writer who acknowledged my “consummate genius.” Too much for the genteel, lowly endowed!
      Lobro and myself are too smart for most of you pliebians, who are not worth an ounce of sh……..!
      Keep feeding your useless, incapacitated egos you bubbas! I only skim read your crap anyway! It has no intellectual worth whatsoever! lobro stands head and shoulder above the lot of you!

      1. I repeat….

        Maximum Bil-o-ney –

        You are proving to be nothing but 10 pounds of baloney crammed into a 5 pound bag…. with an IQ to match… and it REALLY shows..!!

  17. It is so typical for the Israelis to go completely bonkers over one Israeli death. They love their dead, their dead are iconic. Their equivalent of veterans day is the most somber of all days where everything stops, and moments of silence so momentous that you could hear a pin drop throughout the land. This fact was pointed out to be by none other than a tiresome priest who in his Veterans Day sermon had to compare us to the Israelis who are so much more respectful of their dead.

    Well, yes, we Americans don’t seem to be that respectful or shocked by rampages like when some irate employee goes nuts in a postal office and kills four or more people. But maybe that is because we are so lied to that we have no way of making sense of these events that are designed to shock us but now no longer do. So… instead of sharing in the shock (and awe) of this event that has grabbed headlines in the Zionist controlled press, we muse philosophically about the gory rampage that Israel did on Gaza this summer, which managed to shock not just the numbed out Americans but the whole world.

    So this Rabbi (this settler Rabbi) who was some kind of saint is suppose to draw out our sympathy when children horribly injured (with injuries from which they will never recover) are not suppose to reduce us to tears. The fact that nothing that happens to Israel can squeeze out any sympathy shows how thoroughly despised Israel has become. I don’t care, don’t care, don’t care. Nothing that ever happens to the Israelis will matter to me ever again because I really don’t care. The whole place could slip into the sea for all I care or get dismantled by an invasion of ants or roaches. It doesn’t matter.

    1. @ kapoore

      The fact that nothing that happens to Israel can squeeze out any sympathy shows how thoroughly despised Israel has become. I don’t care, don’t care, don’t care. Nothing that ever happens to the Israelis will matter to me ever again because I really don’t care. The whole place could slip into the sea for all I care or get dismantled by an invasion of ants or roaches. It doesn’t matter.

      This is a shocking comment and reflects your descent into inhumanity. If you go on in this vein, you will never get your work published in the New York Times. Please try and be more sensitive and careful how you express yourself or you will scare away many of Ms Darkmoon’s devoted Jewish admirers.

      1. zak, please use smileys because many readers may not get your unique brand of humor.

        as for the danger of palestine being dismantled by roaches, isn’t this precisely what has happened already?
        what happens when we swap ig farben zyklon-b with monsanto roundup, to which this subspecies of roach seems to be resistant.

    2. re. israeli jew dead (for some reason sounds more solemn and respectful than dead jews)

      any of you seen the yarmukaed teams of morbid gerasers in yellow emergency vests scraping jew molecules off pavement and walls, there must have been 8 of them in one photo.
      rabbi law says every jew molecule must be packaged together with the rest so that satan can piece them together (he cannot create, only assemble, dissemble and destroy, does not posses creative tech)

      my eternal question: how come not a single of the $6 million holocausted jews was repatriated to the jew cemetery for proper burial.
      not one.
      (of course, the answer is that there isn’t even one)

    3. Yes, Kapoore, every time I hear of a Palestinian attack on jews, I think, “good”, and I don`t care what anyone thinks..

  18. Intellectuals explain simple and obvious things in difficult ways and intelligent people explain difficult and complex things in simple ways. Max Bilney is no intellectual. The jews for almost 2 thousand years wanted their own nation and now after 2 world wars, millions of deaths, assassinations, bribery and blackmail and destruction they have that nation, that “Light Unto The World” and they are hated throughout the world, and in less than 100 years…that’s a record and doesn’t say much for them. Sad, sick sick people, even in the diaspora they are losing credibility. their machinations becoming more obvious as we become more savvy and that in this dysfunctional world is one small ray of sunshine.

      1. YESSS, but even the diaspora is small potatoes

        Sacrificial slaughter goes ALLL! the way to the top

      2. You suck Pat! ……. “YESSSS”! you say!~ A typical YES man of the Jewish hegemony!
        And what is Karen T’s meaningless little point that you say YES to? What a SUCK!
        Karen T never says anything real or informative. She only criticises! Her wild, disordered imaginings are like a small child’s! They are blinkered and ego-driven. Yours’ PAT-SY are the same! Meaningless NOTHINGNESS! An old, senile, frustrated man in a wheelchair, living with his sad, purile imaginings! People like you form the Goyim factions of the counter-resistance! Born reactionaries! End Times blessed in dappled (Jewish sunglasses) sunshine for you!
        Compare both your nothingness to a real piece of information. Lobro: “By following jew’s slimetrail of lies and deceit that he spins into a hypnotic web, you can actually arrive at the truth.” So lobro provides much valuable, up to date info to back up his claim, just like I do!
        You 2 idiots are still in some Jew-imposed trance”! You have not even reached the cellar level of the TRUTH!
        Karen T is like Blyton’s Noddy walking around in “small rays of (imagined) sunshine” when the TRUTH is Big Ears can’t stand the simpleton, little faggot!
        Just read the comments on the next article, “The Sleeper Awakens.” Took about 25 secs to read the lot with my 170 plus IQ! … What a lot of utter codswallop from a team of pseudo-intellectuals, totally caught up in the Jewish trance! Read the lot and you learn NOTHING! Little children trying to sound like intellectuals! Why do they bother to even write? What are you of the “half-baked” and blinkered ACTUALLY contributing to the RESISTANCE?
        On the David Icke site you can read about REAL LIFE and how Obama is nothing but an insidious tyrant bypassing all parliamentary and democratic processes. A government official is actually predicting open “rebellion.” The USA’s total ENSLAVEMENT TO THE JEWS is imminent! Why don’t you pillow-huggers and wannabees talk about current happenings, as I do?
        Lobro is relevant as he does not plagiarise text books and mags like you simpletons! You are living retrogrades, only quoting from things long past! Icke provides the proof, so does truthseekers, brietbart and many other sites. Lasha and John Kaminski provide the TRUTH of the PAST and the PRESENT. Or on Icke you can view Jim Carrey displaying the Illuminati sign and actually utilising the dialectic as a complte joke, as in Liar Liar. Instead. you’ve got some new idiot sucking in the Pats and co who are always more than willing to exhibit the same old, pathetic drivel! And Gilby, you are just not smart enough to understand the evil PAT-sy’s dialecticism which is on show in everything the charlatan writes, so shut up! Karen T is simply a feminist fool!~ Is it Ruth B who quotes? “Men are evil, but women are BAD!” As I have said, the JEWS have had their way with our weak Western women who are traitors to their men! Sarah Silverman’s audiences of Jane Fonda-clone-empowered, Goyim women are the BAD! The JEWS’ BAD in the real sense!!!! Ellen Degenerate disciples! Actively working for the destruction of Western civilization.
        Don’t bother commenting PAT-sy, as it is over your dung head! Oil ya wheels son!

      3. Maximum Bil-o-ney aka ’10-in-5′ –

        THE original ‘Maximum Bil-o-hard’….never says anything real or informative.

        You hate me… I’m happy. 🙂

        Go smoke a rope!!

      4. hahaha

        You’re a classic, Max – codswallop indeed!

        Hey, how’s this work for the M.A.R.? (Max Approval Rating)

        My “diaspora” comment was meant to convey how the “Big Jew” will see to it that ALL are slaughtered, if need be

        “Diaspora” = inhabited by all humans who are in the way if not projected to be of service in future useful idiocy capacities.

      5. Pat clever injun
        But him wise injun?
        Him no see smoke signal
        Him see mirror
        Think it smoke
        No see fire
        Him think only eel
        or stick finger
        in light socket
        can shock
        Him need…convincer

  19. if anyone doubts that jew is putting all the effort into ww3, here are some of the headlines on today’s generic yahoo:
    1. Russian War Games Spill Secrets, Spur Neighbors; ‘Scared the Hell Out of NATO’
    2. The Russian Army’s Secret Weapon: Enter the Armata Program
    3. Ex-finance minister warns Putin against populism, conservatism
    4. Could Russia’s New Nuclear Weapons Win World War III?
    (Russia certainly thinks so. It’s only been 25 years since the Wall came down, but in Russia’s mind the Cold War didn’t end.)
    5. Surge of Russian aircraft seen over Baltic Sea
    6. Putin Says Russia Must Prevent ‘Color’ Revolution
    7. Russia warns U.S. against arms to Ukraine as Biden due in Kiev
    8. Pakistan, Russia sign ‘milestone’ military cooperation pact
    9. Hungary’s Orban: We’ll Choose Our Own Path in Ties With Russia

    [this is the interesting one to me, mossadniks and their farm team cia are currently trying to stage a color revolution in hungary]
    10. US Plane Flying Over Russian Skies Spotted; Vladimir Putin Ready For ‘Practical Cooperation’ With US
    11. Corruption saps enthusiasm for east Ukraine rebels

    [say porkochoppo and kolomoisky, paragons of integrity]
    12. Can Russia Pay $45B in Debt Due By February?
    13. Ukraine Clash Shows Azeris Who’s Boss as Russia Ties Bind
    14. Kasparov likens Putin to Hitler, urges West to act
    (Kasparov said at the Warsaw Security Forum.
    … now lives in New York and is the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation … should not try to appease Putin in a search for strategic ground with him on issues such as Iran’s nuclear program and the fighting in Syria and Iraq … also said that Putin considers it a sign of weakness that Western leaders have stressed that they will not consider military solutions.)
    15. Russian Jet Fighters Give NATO Intelligence Bonanza As They Buzz NATO Nations In Record Numbers
    16. Russia’s lackluster economy means Putin simply can’t afford a new Cold War
    17. Putin greets new U.S. envoy with demand not to interfere
    18. Tiny Baltic States Prepare to Hit Back at Mighty Russia
    19. Russia ‘preparing for sanctions’
    20. Construction According to Putin’s Model, from Bosnia to Europe?
    21. World War 3? West Accused Of Provoking Russia
    22. Russia says U.S. arms supplies to Ukraine would destabilize situation

    the way jew shake+bake operates is to stir up anxiety, panic, contempt, ridicule and patriotic fervor into an emotional maelstorm, so the reader feels electrocuted and overwhelmed into frozen inaction while the jew stealthily puts his diabolic plans into action.

    but here is an interesting side note:
    White House disappointed as TVs snub Obama speech

    was that truly an individual decision on part of each broadcaster based on commercial reasoning (while they go on with traitorous jew kasparov’s grandstanding at “warsaw security forum”, like he is the world’s foremost security expert)?
    recall what i said the other day about obama being hated and distrusted by jews and there may be a secret reason for it, invisible on surface, namely that he is more sympathetic to putin than to jews.

    by following jew’s slimetrail of lies and deceit that he spins into a hypnotic web, you can actually arrive at the truth.

    1. lobro –

      WW3 already happened. You must have missed it…. and at least 4 and 5 as well…. maybe even 6.

      1 thru 22 are great satirical political issues. Funny.

      The Executive’s (not the ‘o’ word) speech was planned so that it would be sure to be pitted against Thursday Night Football.

      1. Are those the moths of hubris I see fluttering around your head, Pat?

        Gotta be. Max is at the top of his tongue-in-cheek game when calling you a jew.

        You don’t seem the diabolical type.

      2. at least 4 and 5 as well…. maybe even 6

        not too sure about how many world wars happened?
        must have coincided with thursday night football.

      3. B-Hawk –

        “Are those the moths of hubris I see fluttering around your head, Pat?”

        Of course, ya’ silly redskin. (tongue-in-cheek like the one you mentioned)
        ALL commenters muster up their style of hubris to post publicly. Without hubris they would just read the articles and comments.

      4. lobro –
        “must have coincided with thursday night football.”

        It DID!!
        Raiders beat Chiefs..easily…. just like in 18th and 19th centuries. 😉

      5. “Raiders beat Chiefs easily. Just like in 18th and 19th century”

        Them got big sticks go boom
        Them not play fair

  20. That does not change the fact that there are not enough metals to use as currency in the world.

    pat, you are not thinking clearly.
    it is not the question of gold tonnage.
    let’s say that there are only 10 metric tons of gold in the world.
    this is 10,000×1000=10 million grams.
    so what?
    you then subdivide grams down to single atoms if needed, until you have a one-to-one mapping between everyday physical units of value, eg, loaves of bread (eg, 1 hr of elementary teacher’s time is worth 9 breadloaves, the world’s wealth is equivalent to 22 trillion loaves of bread) and atoms of total gold on earth, eg, if there are 11,000 trillion atoms of Au, this means that each loaf of bread is worth 500 Au atoms.

    and there you have it, businessman, the total worth of earth’s goodies (minus the gold, of course) in 1-1 relationship to gold.
    or we could have chosen anything else in non-increasing supply instead of gold, siberian mammoths frozen droppings, i don’t care, same math applies.

    and this is how it was (more or less) until jew proposed his “final solution”.
    in fact, it is kind of similar, the current equation basically says that jew’s word is gold.
    the meaning of fiat (the only problem being that you can’t say that supply of jew’s word is non-increasing, but that is our problem, not his).

    1. lobro –

      Your tongue-in-cheek (satire, fable) is amusing. I have several atomic units of gold around here somewhere. I am just not sure which isotope it is. And I am not sure of the alloyed ingredients or the percentages of the alloys either.

      I mentioned having the ability to trade currencies for the GDP of the whole world. That would not include land and raw materials purchases, which would be even more.

      Then there is the ‘off books’ purchases with fiat currency which may be as much as the GDP. That figure will never be known.

      But, you said you were no economist. I accept that, satirically. 😉

  21. hey max

    karen paid you a compliment, read it again but a bit more carefully.
    she dumped on “intellectuals”, presumably like myself, who needlessly complicate, as opposed to intelligent people, who keep it simple.

    so by saying, you are no intellectual, what she meant was that you are intelligent.
    don’t let an intellectual steal your lunch maxy, 😉

    and be a gent, make up to karen.

  22. I said I’d try to read some poetry. Maybe this was bad place to start. Don’t know nuthin’ ’bout poetry, but rhyming rense headlines don’t do nuthin’ for me.

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