Heroism Required

An extract from JB Campbell’s latest article, Heroism Required

Any American who enters another country carrying a weapon with intent or readiness to kill is a criminal. Anyone who actually kills someone is a war criminal. Anyone who now regrets committing crimes for the DC gangsters has to deal with it in his or her own way. If you’re going to do any more killing, don’t kill yourself. Kill the ones who took advantage of your youth and ignorance and sent you to kill for them. They need killing, not you.

The vets who do not kill themselves are marked for destruction by other means. The shocking case of Brandon Raub reveals the extent of this practice. His experience must be understood and contemplated every day because it shows exactly what faces us whenever a fed appears at the door or a cop is in the rearview mirror. The threat is called “civil commitment,” a bland-sounding term for demonic rendition and chemical lobotomy. Brandon Raub’s terrifying experience revealed that this happens to an average of 20,000 people per year – mostly veterans – not in the state of Virginia but in just one county: Chesterfield County. What this means for the whole country is not known to this writer, but it suggests a staggering number of people are being rendered to snake pits for psychiatric mutilation and disappearance.

Brandon Raub was arrested and rendered for mutilation under Operation Vigilant Eagle, a Homeland Security program that monitors veterans and active duty members of the armed forces. This was done to him due to “private” political rhetoric with family and friends on Facebook.

Brandon Raub was picked up by the FBI, the Secret Service and local cops. Not arrested – picked up and disappeared. There never was an arrest or a charge. They took him to the psych ward of a local hospital where he got a fifteen-minute bogus evaluation. Then he was renditioned to the VA psych ward in Salem for a thirty-day evaluation. On his third day there he was told by a panel of shrinks that he would be “brainwashed – medicated forcibly.” That’s a quote, not a paraphrase or exaggeration.

His attorney, John Whitehead, obtained a court order for Brandon to be released. The panel of shrinks told Brandon that they did not have to obey the order. Probably considering the bad publicity that John Whitehead could create, they did decide to release Brandon.

However, many are not released. Some are released but in altered mental states. Brandon Raub might have eventually been released but he would have been a different person. Possibly he would have been turned into a homicidal time bomb, a mass shooter. Many just disappear after being picked up by police. This fact makes police our most dangerous enemies in America. What happened in Ferguson, Missouri was bad, but it was like a big storm that eventually blows over. What happened to Brandon Raub is the psycho-nightmare that threatens us all. We are all subject to being picked up on no charge whatsoever.

Then there are the disappearing homeless. Many cities have “outlawed” the homeless, who are being picked up and disappeared. We do know one place where some of them are sent: Ft. Lyon, Colorado. This place has been in its long history a neuropsychiatry facility and a prison. It is next to the town of Las Animas (the souls), which is short for “the city of lost souls in Purgatory.” What a coincidence! Today, Ft. Lyon is a purgatory for lost souls, that is, a prison for the homeless. It’s the Roach Motel, where you can check in but you can’t check out.

Detroit, for example, has lost a lot of people. No one seems to know where they all went. Detroit today has less than 700,000 people but it used to have almost two million. Obviously the jobs dried up. But jobless people can’t just up sticks and relocate. To relocate, you need a new job. Most people just stay put for as long as possible and slowly lose everything and join the homeless – in the Roach Motel?

Today, the police admit they are picking up the homeless and giving them the choice of going to “the shelter” or to jail on the charge of vagrancy, meaning homeless. The condition is, if they go to “the shelter,” they have to stay there. They can never leave! A life sentence for being homeless.

This is the police state. It’s not approaching – it’s here. We’re in it. Cops will pick you up for what you wrote on Facebook or for losing your home or for being a veteran, who is now public enemy number one. Veterans, “the militia” and “sovereign citizens” are at the top of the FBI’s list of suspected terrorists. Anyone with guns and an independent streak is the enemy.

So, what is the answer? How is all this to be handled? The answer is heroism. Heroism is the great enemy of Jewish Rule. Only heroism can defeat Jewish Rule.

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  1. JB

    Excellent article. You are correct. “Sovereign citizens” (who are really American Nationals- State Citizens– not US 14th Amendment “citizen” slaves) are now being called “terrorists”. Forget the fact that the elite Jews and their criminal pawns in DC have left the entire southern border wide up for real terrorists to destroy America and genocide whites- Christians- patriots, DC must attack American Nationals- a designation every single living soul is born with in America.

    US “Citizenship” is a Corporation fiction attached by way of fraud and unlawful contracts to American National- State Citizens by way of “birth certificates” and Social Security numbers, drivers licenses etc. This is so they can claim Admiralty jurisdiction (another fraud) on the land treating you as if you their property since you have “officially” been declared dead or lost at sea.

    If a living soul in America is white, male, Christian; if that person is a Veteran and understands the MASSIVE FRAUD being committed against his people- his nation, then the Israeli controlled DHS considers you at the top of the list of “terrorists”. Doesn’t matter if you have not harmed, damaged another living soul. Doesn’t matter if you have not stolen, murdered, assaulted nor violated anyone’s life, liberty or property. What matters to them is that you are neutralized because you’re their enemy by way your race, your belief system, your military training and the fact that you know how to beat them at their own game (legalise fictions vs Law).

    The so called “Jews” are stepping up their genocide game against us and are VERY close to collapsing the dollar, the US Corporations (US Inc-State Corp, County Corp,City Corps) and the LAST thing they need is people standing up against their criminality when the SHTF coupled with a foreign military invasion of the united States of America (mainland). Last I heard, NESRA is being released and the “Fed Reserve” is going, money creation power know being transferred to the United States Treasury (I assume this is the US Company (not Inc) created by Franklin in 1754. You can read about this at the Maine Republic Email Alerts. Also check out how the “Gov” is trying to go after the Maine Republic “legally”.

    Everyone should read these links.

    Administrative Law vs Private Law


    The truth about Trusts and the Courts


    Btw, I am going into the ratings board at the VA on the 3rd (for back) and the 8th (PTSD claim). If I am missing after these dates you know why.

  2. This is a great essay, J.B. Campbell. Inspiring – in its way.

    To put in a good word for some of America’s constabulary, I must relate a recent episode of a sheriff friend who addressed a large political gathering here, in Virginia. He assured them that ‘any’ federal or state infringements on our guns would be met with his rally at the county courthouse of a thousand of his constituents, duly deputized as an auxiliary force (read: MILITIA) to oppose WITH ARMED RESISTANCE the perpetrators or their ‘enforcers’. I happen to know he means it. I also happen to know there are others like him throughout our commonwealth – and that they are not just blowing hot air. They have the means and the backing. Virginia is one of the most well-armed populations in this country, as well as a place most strategic to the enemy’s foothold. It will probably be a bloody battleground, once again.

    I certainly agree with you on the U.S. Constitution. Having been involved in – and privy to –
    pertinent litigation, I know that ‘Rule of Law’ (as per ‘The Constitution’) is a fantasy. All of it is AMENDABLE to the highest bidder (read: the Oz establishment). Human frailties will cause many who sympathize with you and me, today, to go against us, tomorrow. It’s just a fact. Once a wide-scale revolt arises, most of us will never live long enough to see its end. (I suppose we could, rather, call it an ‘attempt to restore’ [our republic?], but that would imply an honoring of the document/constitution you have so accurately exposed.)

    Methinks we’re just screwed. Might as well try to be a hero.

  3. Operation Vigilant Eagle
    Veterans a Focus of FBI Extremist Probe (2009)


    A Feb. 23 (2009) draft memo from FBI domestic counterterrorism leaders, obtained by The Wall Street Journal, cited an “increase in recruitment, threatening communications and weapons procurement by white supremacy extremist and militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups.”
    The FBI said in the memo that its conclusion about a surge in such activities was based on confidential sources, undercover operations, reporting from other law-enforcement agencies and publicly available information. The memo said the main goal of the multipronged operation was to get a better handle on “the scope of this emerging threat.” The operation also seeks to identify gaps in intelligence efforts surrounding these groups and their leaders.
    The aim of the FBI’s effort with the Defense Department, which was rolled into the Vigilant Eagle program, is to “share information regarding Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans whose involvement in white supremacy and/or militia sovereign citizen extremist groups poses a domestic terrorism threat,” according to the Feb. 23 FBI memo.
    Michael Ward, FBI deputy assistant director for counterterrorism, said in an interview Thursday that the portion of the operation focusing on the military related only to veterans who draw the attention of Defense Department officials for joining white-supremacist or other extremist groups.
    “We’re not doing an investigation into the military, we’re not looking at former military members,” he said. “It would have to be something they were concerned about, or someone they’re concerned is involved” with extremist groups.

  4. Pat –

    If I didn’t believe we have SO MANY friends presently in uniformed services, I wouldn’t bother discussing this. They are ABUNDANT. The enemy has problems far more immediate than monitoring our discussions on sites like this. Each human component of his chain of command has as many weak links as any other. It is good to remember this when things seem bleak. 🙂

    1. Things will never get bleak for me. I have accomplished all I want in life.

      I posted the info about Operation Vigilant Eagle – Veterans a Focus of FBI Extremist Probe (2009) – as an addendum to the article in case no one knew of it or believed it to be ‘theory’ by JB.

      That was my way of supporting JB.

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      1. REHMAT, again you exhibit pure, unadulterated ignorance!
        Max is a fine Western European name. Mine is “Maxwell” of the Welsh spring.
        “Bilney” is one of the oldest English names, tracing back to my great ancestor Thomas Bilney, who was “the Father of the British Reformation”; is included in the Book of Martyrs; and Inspired Latimer and Wycliffe to produce the first English Bible for the English peasants to read. I was greeted as a true hero at Cambridge Uni last year, where Bilney was a law student, like me!
        But I am now in Mexico, awaiting our attack on the American bubba. I recently converted to Islam, having been an Anglican and a Jewish convert for a short period of intel work!
        Campbell states: “The answer is heroism. Heroism is the great enemy of Jewish Rule. Only heroism can defeat Jewish Rule.” The rabid Islamists know me simply as Muhammad of the Norse Gods and Allah, and adore my Nordic looks and tall, muscular physique . (As do women!) What they don’t know is that I am the HERO who will turn on them when I take command of the Million American Guns and Brownhawk’s single tomahawk! I will be your leader!

        SO, FOOL, NOT A JEW!

  7. I take it that Bruce wrote the following: “We are witnessing the result of the Judaization of the American police – the early stages – in Missouri. The cold-blooded murder of a black teenager, who with his hands up was reportedly begging a cop for his life, is exactly what we see daily in Israel. Just as in Israel, the murders of teenagers are pretexts for the police state.”

    It’s my understanding that the dead teenager was anything but begging for his life but had attacked the cop. Can someone please enlighten me on this?

      1. Yes REHMAT, Lasha told you idiots, “You are under Jewish rule.” (Keep her essays and picture under your pillow like me and suffer the wrath of my jealous wives! That’s heroism for you!)
        Surprise, surprise! Tell us something we did not know!

        1. Well, Maxy, it just goes to show that if ‘Jewish rule’ is replaced, it’ll most likely follow that some asshole like you will aspire to the the position. I’m sorry to hear that Lasha champions you.

        2. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Well, Maxy, it just goes to show that if ‘Jewish rule’ is replaced, it’ll most likely follow that some asshole like you will aspire to the the position. I’m sorry to hear that Lasha champions you.

          Lasha has never made a single reference to Max Bilney on this site, let alone “championed” him.

          Lasha has a respectful attitude toward Islam and is utterly against the rampant Islamophobia promoted in America by the Jews, starting with the 9/11 false flag attack which was an attempt to demonize all Muslims.

          I can tell you that Lasha is most unlikely to be amused by Max Bilney’s pathetic attempt to pass himself off as a radical Muslim who is anxious to introduce sharia law into America and make the US a new caliphate! 🙂

          Yes, Max is a humorist and an entertainer, and the last thing Lasha would wish is to restrain his exuberant high spirits. But understand this, Gilbert. Lasha has the deepest respect for Islam, she has many Muslim friends and has lived in their lands, and there was a period in her life when she was seriously thinking of converting to Islam. She would read the Qur’an every day and say three short suras as prayers.

          So any attempt to diss Islam and to demonize Muslims is unlikely to meet with Lasha’s approval. Anyone who disrespects Islam on this site and tries to make it look cheap and ridiculous is spitting in Lasha’s face.

        3. “Anyone who disrespects Islam on this site and tries to make it look cheap and ridiculous is spitting in Lasha’s face.”

          Well said, Lucy. But I find it hard to understand why Lasha should flirt with Islam and regard it as a viable alternative to Christianity. I mean, no two religions are so unlike each other! To make matters even more complicated, it appears that Lasha is equally in love with Hinduism in its Vedantic form.

          Christ, Mohammed, Krishna — they all seem to pull at Lasha’s heartstrings in equal measure. Only a woman — a very strange woman at that — could believe in so many different religions at the same time.

          I once wrote to Lasha about this and asked, “How can you believe in so many contradictory things at the same time?”

          She was evasive and fobbed me off with the flippant answer: “The only thing that matters to me right now is making dinner. If I can survive until dinner time, I will have achieved nirvana.”

        4. The fact of the matter is…

          Jesus is mentioned in the Quran over 2 dozen times.
          Muhammad is mentioned in the Quran less than 5 times.

        5. With Lasha, I don’t think it’s the religion, per se, Sardonicus. I see it more as a case of simply seeing beauty wherever you may find it. Any religious import notwithstanding, given how “religion” can be such a great tool of division for those harboring mal-intent – which is the bottom line.

          All in keeping with the general rule of thumb for the inhabitants of this World – You’re either in the vast majority of those who simply want to live and let live, or ones occupying what are various levels of psychopathy who seek to control the former.

          The Ages-old strife

        6. Gilbert

          You make excellent points. Sometimes people in their travels for truth stray far from it’s path. Many whites/Europeans adopt foreign belief systems because they see the mass hypocrisy in the Corporation “Churches” who have joined with the whore (Jew controlled city states- Talmudism). Because of their apostasy, people reject Christ not understanding that Christ is opposed to their apostasy.

          Me? I have my sin- no doubt (like all peoples do or they are pathological liars) and I am assured I will be delivered from it one way or another by my creator/savior. I hope the same for everyone, including Lasha- in that she and others not only clean the inside (purge internal sourced sins) but that they are part of the process to clean the outside (culture/Governments) by way of re-establishing our victorious- our triumphant law (Common/Natural/Christian-authentic Israelite law) that is not only slated to be implemented the planet over when we take what is ours by RIGHT- by LAW (Zion-World Gov-Land of Israel), but who’s source is the Great I AM (Jesus).

          Talmud is the Jews law and it’s internal source is Satan.
          Islam is the Arab’s from Ishmael law and it’s internal source is partly sourced by the Great I AM.
          The New Contract (NT) Common/Natural/Christian law (Anglo-Saxon Law) is the authentic Israelites (12 tribes) internal law source who’s source is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


          Just because Jesus is referenced doesn’t mean anything. Jim Jones of poison cool aid mass murdering fame also mention Jesus all the time.

          Jesus is considered a prophet by Islam and this is their fundamental, deadly mistake. Both Islam and Judaism call for the death (murder) of all worshipers of Jesus because to Islam this makes one an infidel- to Judaism an idol worshiper. Here is where both Islam and Judaism conspire with one another against whites/Europeans (authentic Israelite) and thus, the GREAT I AM (Jesus).

          Jesus is one and the same as the Lord walking in the cool of the day in the garden of Eden. Jesus is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus is the Great I AM.

          Think of it this way. The great I AM is a compound oneness just as we are- being his still pure Adamic creation. As the body has a heart (son) a mind (father) and spirit (mother)- so it is with the Great I AM.

          John 18:4-6 (my comments in brackets)

          4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye? 5 They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth (Corporate fiction name). Jesus saith unto them, I am he (Living Soul name)). And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them. 6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, (The GREAT I AM) they went backward, and fell to the ground.

          Btw- I still see your subversions.

          The power of the Grand Jury


    1. Yes, Arty Topham, the young nigrah was a gangbanger and gangsta rappa, so typical of your youth! END OF STORY!
      His mouth was foul and almost unintelligible (I have read the police recs and seen the tapes) and he was riding for his fall!
      Now they take him to his grave in an expensive southern carriage with Jewish, theatrical precision. Such is the JEWISH dialectic!
      The boy was a typical nigrah monster and not deserveth of life.
      In the new Muslim caliphate of the Jewish-Islamic State, most nigrahs will be shot on the spot as they are beasts of burden. And then the WHITE Infidels will face their slow deaths!

    2. If that small frightened shopkeeper whom Brown was threatening to kill whilst manhandling had pulled out a pistol and shot him dead right there, it would have been business as usual and everyone knows it.
      What more needs said?

  8. I, under my pseudonym, Muhammad the Norse, issue you American bubbas a firm warning:
    Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has PROMISED that the Islamic State will be operational in the USA in 2 months! His groundtroopers are already in your major cities, and I stand as a tall leader amongst tens of thousands here in Mexico.
    In one month the Islamic State will invade Europe. ( Agence France Presse reported.)
    King Abdullah is eyeing up your NEW replacement for the WTC buildings he and the JEWS blew to smitherrenes!
    Can history repeat itself? This time the JEWISH and Saudi landlords are insured for over 2.3 $trillion! Chicken feed to what Silverstein and co received! You buba taxpayers will pay the bill!
    All hail VICTORY to the Islamic state! Once again the Babylonian and Ottoman empires will rule! The JEWS will become the NEW Babylon, centered in New York and Jerusalem and we Muslims will restore the Old Babylon and its beautiful Hangting Gardens; as well as commencing our Tower/Stairway to Heaven. Surely the virgins that await them in Heaven will give our forces great courage; as it is Allah the Magnificent One’s desire!

    1. Because of 3 years plus a day formula, virgins are in as short supply as brains.

      World is rapidly running out of hymens and grey matter, it’s a race to the final exit.

      Heroism will be wasted on leftover dumb whores.

      Lately I’ve been forcefed American TV fare, especially Maxie’s recommended favorites, like Sex and the City and Bachelor something or other and this is what they are and who they cater to: dumb whores, cheap, diseased, unclean.

      Standard of Judah beauty, barracuda faces, mouths fit to pleasure a buffalo, zero brain, subzero heart and morals.

      Do I want to waste my heroism, already in short supply, on that?

      1. Yeah, lobro you are spot on!
        Yeah, watch Sex and the City, Big Bang Theory, Californication, Ellen Degeneres, The Goldbergs, the Fockers, etc, and realize the human excreta they feed the American bubbas and whores! You become sexually deprved monsters just right for their picking. Lasha wrote brilliant essays on this theme, as does Henry Makow.
        That is why my friends in the Afghani Taliban hung their American televisions from lamp posts and smashed their Sony boom boxes!~
        And then once again the skeletal TRUTH is escaping from Pandora’s Box! Joan Rivers spoke for most of Hollywood the other day when she spoke about Barack Obama as your “gay president.” This is not news for those who knew him in his uni days. She also revealed what many of us have known since his inaugaration – that Michelle is really a “transvestite” (Rivers, etc) and Barack’s gay lover. Michelle was formerly Michael – a 6 foot 1 inch, gridiron player.
        So you bubbas have been fooled all the way to the ultimate altar of JEWISH, theatrical LIES! Your presidency!!!!!
        This is why the door is open to Islam and the Babylonia of the JEWS!
        Re: Islam and for Lasha’s sake, I am more Islamic than I am JEW; and I am “Christian” of the Dr Luther school ONLY!
        Lasha, Islam kept the “lights of Western civilization” alive during the Roman Catholic-induced Dark Ages; but as both the heretical Pope and his Aussie Archbishop Pell said: The Koran is full of violence AGAINST the non-believer in Allah’s Magnificence and call the rest of us Infidels. This is indisputable FACT, as I have the Holy Koran in front of me right now, as I wait in Mexico for the command.

  9. @Lucy Skipping

    Glad that got a rise out of you – as I intended. It is good that you declare your position, as there are many Americans, here (like me) who, while we deplore the invasive actions of Washington under our flag – we are more than ready to defend our homeland AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. (Right now, we seem inundated – so it’s not really a laughing matter. 🙂 )

    While it has been my experience to be favorably and amicably impressed with Muslims I have met, here, it is no more my desire to be persecuted by them than it is their desire to be
    persecuted by me. Like any other man (if he calls himself a ‘man’), I will defend my home. No apologies.

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly: “Glad that got a rise out of you – as I intended. It is good that you declare your position.”

      You talk as if Lasha were now your “enemy” for speaking up for Muslims. But she is speaking up for Muslims AS Muslims, preferably in their OWN countries, not as Muslims invading OTHER people’s lands and imposing sharia law on them.

      You forget that Lasha is a White Nationalist. She cut her teeth on Kevin MacDonald’s site. Like MacDonald, she is against multiculturalism and unrestrained immigration and has made that clear many time. She believes passionately that America and Europe, the homelands of the White race and Christian civilization, should REMAIN white countries and should resist all attempts at “invasion” by other races. She is also against miscegnation and mixed marriages because this results in a mongrelized race with lower IQs.

      These are all respectable White Nationalist views which Lasha happens to share with Kevin MacDonald.

      You will therefore approve of what Lasha says here:

      Multiculturalism is a deadly weapon against Western civilization — a WMD of truly devastating lethality that in the long run will destroy Christianity, traditional moral values, and traditional nationalist cultures in North America, Europe, and Australia. It will also result in the dispossession and disempowerment of the white race, with the significant risk of brutal mass rape of white women in future ethnic conflicts — as happened to 2 million German women after World War II.

      These are not the fanciful fears of a “racist” . . . but the predictions of a pragmatic realist historian. For if multiculturalism were so desirable, why do the Jews promote it so assiduously in all countries except Israel?


      1. Lasha and you have always had my kindest regards, Lucy. Please do not think otherwise. Things must sometimes be said, though, to clarify and maintain direction for simple men like myself. I am your friend.

  10. Folks

    Whether you take Max’s statements as fanciful funning or an admission of truth- KNOW that he has been being exposed as an enemy to the people of the united States of America and thus all White-European peoples and authentic Christians wherever they live. This being done FOR MONTHS ON THESE BOARDS.

    Max’s solution to the Corporation fraud and criminality in America is EXCLUSIVE to Americans. He doesn’t rail against the Islamic Corporation states. He doesn’t desire to end the Israeli Corporation, City of London Corp or Vatican Corp. He doesn’t even desire to make nix the Corporation fictions in Australia that are enslaving, raping and murdering them. Max’s only desire is to GENOCIDE whites/Europeans-Christians and this is why he hides behind the cover of being ” a Nordic” while attacking the ONLY just and viable solution to these Corporation fictions while advocating instead, mass murder of everyone you love– including your children.

    Max, as the typical Jew agent (something he has fully admitted to) is doing the work of his racial fake “Jew” cohorts, using Islam as a divide and conquer strategy, to exterminate the JEWS enemies.

    So while you may have been pissed at me for exposing him continually as you praised his “entertainment”. While you may think me a jerk because I shoveled the same sh-t he was spewing down his rotten Jew throat- KNOW- he not only deserved it, he STILL DESERVES it.

    Max is no champion of freedom. He is no defender of the English peoples. He is no righteous warrior- he is a JEW pretending to be Noble in order to push the cause of authentic Christianity, white peoples and common law’s destruction.

    What he doesn’t get (evidently) is he is a pawn of the devil and his fate (if he is in Mexico) will be to DIE on our land- never again seeing his many wives and children that he gloats about beating to keep in line.

    Anglo-Saxon law is Common/Natural/Christian law. It is AUTHENTIC ISRAELITE law. Why? Because we are ETHNICALLY AUTHENTIC ISRAELITES of the promises made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (12 tribes) and in particular, Ephraim-Manasseh WHERE THE LAW WOULD BE WRITTEN IN OUR HEARTS, MINDS (DNA-SPIRIT).

    A major reason why we MUST return to Common Law


    fascinating history of Anglo-Saxon (authentic Israelite) common law vs civil law (Vatican Corp)


    1. Very good – and I’m completely with you on that, Tyron. You are spot-on, IMO.

      Despite what Lucy might think, I am no ‘enemy’ of Lasha Darkmoon. Never was. It is just that people modify their thinking (as do I, from time-to-time) as they’re fed new facts and figures. That Lasha is far more educated in these things than I has been an asset to my thinking – and I am very grateful to her (and you, too, Lucy – as well as to your cousin John), and have somewhat modified my own prejudices as a result. (That is what you are – TEACHERS! 🙂 )

      It is always good that we remember WHO and what we are, though. While I do not agree with many things done in the name of my country, it IS my homeland, and I AM an American.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        While I do not agree with many things done in the name of my country, it IS my homeland, and I AM an American.

        Yes, America is your country, Gilbert. And you are an American. But why do you say that as if Lasha or I were in some way disagreeing with you? Remember this. You have lost your country to the Jews. The Jews have helped to make America a polyglot stew, a country of foreigners. You don’t like that. But who is to blame that America is no longer the White man’s exclusive dominion that you would have loved? You, Gilbert! You and your white ancestors! You and your white ancestors let yourself be bamboozled by the Jews into making America the multicultural menagerie it now is. Why didn’t you stop them? Why were you quite happy to buy the black slaves the Jews brought over from Africa and sold to your ancestors?

        Now you crib there are too many nigras in the country! But your ancestors relied on slave labor. Your ancestors gave in to the Jews over immigration and allowed legislation that swampred America with foreigners you cannot stand!

        This is the big question: why did you and your ancestors let it all happen? Why didn’t you STOP the Jews? 🙂

        1. I cannot disagree with you, Lucy. All I and my contemporaries here can do is begin from this present time to try to keep things at an even keel, protecting what is left of it. It is still a good piece of ground, you know.

          I’d have responded sooner, but took an afternoon walk in the hills with my rifle and dog. We are having August heat in September, now, and not a leaf was stirring this evening. Thinking a lot about what it’d be like when and if we must resort to guerilla warfare in this country, and I know it won’t be pleasant – though I am game and trained for it. Many of us have been halfway expecting it to have to happen, eventually, anyway. Too bad for us. Yes, we and our ancestors are to blame – but, hell, we don’t have to LIKE it, do we?? 🙂

          As for other races, one of my closest boyhood friends was a half-blooded Sioux (mother was white, father was Sioux) who had learned woodcraft in the Dakotas from his grandfather. We stayed in the woods a lot, hunting and exploring, and I began learning a lot alongside him, which I have finessed and expanded through the years. I grew up working alongside boyhood blacks, too, who are STILL my friends. Being ‘separatist’ is more of a bloodline thing with me than not being able to ‘get along’ with other races. As you said: America has become a ‘polyglot stew’, and I might add, POORLY COOKED. Only recently have most of us learned it was BY DESIGN. Thank you for your efforts, dear lady – and give my love to your sister! 🙂

        2. My point exactly Lucy Skipping and always my point: Why didn’t the American bubbas listen to Washington, Franklin and Jefferson re the insidiousness of the JEWS? Part Answer = The American bubba is represented by such weaklings as Tyron, Gilby and the crazy injun!

        3. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Yes, we and our ancestors are to blame – but, hell, we don’t have to LIKE it, do we?? 🙂

          As you said: America has become a ‘polyglot stew’, and I might add, POORLY COOKED. Only recently have most of us learned it was BY DESIGN. Thank you for your efforts, dear lady – and give my love to your sister! 🙂

          Thanks for these kind words, Gil. I’m glad we’re in total agreement on all the important issues. The thing to remember is never to trust the Enemy of Mankind. This is a leopard who never changes his spots. Unlike all other races, this is a race essentially dedicated to demolition rather than construction — the demolition not only of cities and houses, as in the Middle East and Palestine, but also in the demolition of traditional moral values and all the norms of decency.

          Not for nothing do we see the bulldozer so active in Palestine. The bulldozer should be their national symbol, along with the Star of David. They probably import more bulldozers per capita than any other nation on earth. As one of their kind actually admitted, “We are the Destroyers.”

          Lasha sees all this in metaphysical — almost cosmic — terms. As the struggle between Good and Evil, between God and Satan. She is unfortunately very much tempted by the lures of Manichaeism. Her admitted weakness. “God is Light,” she tells me, “and yet the Universe is mostly darkness.”

          Evil certainly reigns on Planet Earth. Lasha is haunted by the fear that Evil may triumph in the end. “Don’t underestimate Satan!” she once hissed in her boyfriend’s ear. She never saw him again. He took fright and ran! Not that she regretted his departure. She was displeased with his childish assumption that the battle between Good and Evil had already been fought and won.

          Myself, I hold to the New Testament’s view that this world is the Devil’s fief. Christ himself said so, when he referred to the Devil as “the Prince of this world.”

          — Lalara Pandora
          (aka Lucy Skipping)

        4. The last lines of William Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence”

          God Appears & God is Light
          To those poor Souls who dwell in Night
          But does a Human Form Display
          To those who Dwell in Realms of day

      2. Lucy S.

        I would say Lasha’s “unfortunate lure” to Manichaeism doesn’t represent a misguidance, I would proffer the opposite in that it represents an understanding of the True light.

        That this World has become the devil’s Fief there can be no doubt, and in my view, (d)evil, as the ultimate parasite it is WILL completely consume the host, insofar as THAT goes. But whither the worldly “host”?

        Therein lies the temporal rub

        For what is the true nature of what we call the “world”, where Christ commanded His followers not to be OF? In effect, evil can only consume itself, which is to say that IT, as WE, are the host

        The “World” is parasitic BY DEFINITION

        In a manner of speaking, and for the purpose of making an important distinction, this “world” is referred to as such because it is a dwelling place for Beings who, along with the place itself (Planet Earth) has been commandeered by evil. And from this are we by and large ‘symptom treaters’ who joust at windmills.

        Evil has purloined what was IN ORIGIN a true celestial state, created its OWN format called a “solar system”, and where we are presently is circumvented Earth, aka, the “World”.

        Evil invented the “Hereafter”, meaning what we call “death” is ALSO its invention

        Death: Call it, say, a ‘distr-action’ perpetrated by evil. There is nothing “necessary” about evil, rather, it is what results from having SEPARATED from the Divine.

        None of what I say is to suggest being in a position of what some would perceive as ‘doing nothing’ but pray and sit around waiting for a Divine Intervention to save the day. On the contrary, true believers know they all have a ‘role’ to play in the great drama unfolding. For that matter, hp’s quote of W. Blake about dwelling
        in the day reminds us of that whether we realize it or not,

        There IS no “some where else”. A process of purging this place of its worldly cloak is already going on. A “world” may be destroyed, but places of True Creation can never be. And insofar as acts of heroism are concerned, it isn’t ALL about the physical, but it IS all about matters of the heart.

        Wahi Kalu


    2. Hang on, you village idiot Tyron Parsons: Here you go again with your vain CRAPOLOGY: “Anglo-Saxon law is Common/Natural/Christian law. It is AUTHENTIC ISRAELITE law. Why? Because we are ETHNICALLY AUTHENTIC ISRAELITES of the promises made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (12 tribes) and in particular, Ephraim-Manasseh WHERE THE LAW WOULD BE WRITTEN IN OUR HEARTS, MINDS (DNA-SPIRIT).”
      You mention Terah’s son, Avram or your “Abraham”. Now according to your CRAP, the great Abraham, whose WHITEY DNA such a hero as you and the moon-struck, naive Gilby Huntly carry, undertook sexual intercourse with a “slave girl of unknown race” and thus progenated the first Arab! Fool, the whelp was 50% Abraham for starters! This was not a new RACE, you idiot!
      And then you have your CRAPOLOGY about Ishmael (another Arab), etc and the first WHITEYS! And then you have false theories about the JEWS! Utter CRAPOLOGY! The words of a raving lunatic, and a total waste of our time and space!
      What you don’t undersatand is that IF you believe in cretinous biblical mythology ALL the big 3 – Christian- WHITEYS, Islam and JEWDOM originate out of Noah, then Shem, then Terah, then Abraham (and ya slave gal) and so on! What billious CRAP! According to your CRAP we all carry Noah’s genes and his great grandson’s Abraham’s genes. And then your ancestor, Jonah, lived in a sperm whale and was coughed out! And so on! And Allah stood near the Dome of the Rock and ascended into Heaven!
      Yeah, such is the COMMONALITY of the human organism, ALL originally “out of Africa”! That is why Jesus, the most brilliant of men, discriminated against NO man! “All MEN can cum unto Christ”!
      Lasha, the absolute TRUTH is that both JEWDOM and ISLAM discriminate HEAVILY against their fellow Man on this planet: Islam has created the loathsome “Infidel”; Jewdom = We of the “chosen.”
      To find that out, Lasha, spend a fortnight with a typical, moderate, Islamic family group in in Australia, and you will learn ALL about Islam as a MEN’s WORLD! Yes, you are not allowed into the mosque proper; you are told what to wear; and your man controls YOU and his other wives! He might not let you parade under the name “Lasha”, which is of biblical origin!
      Jesus allowed the female relative freedom as EQUALS, but, via Paul and his “letters”, issued some restrictions on female behaviour! Paul: “Women must NOT teach!”
      Yes Islam can be very PEACEFUL, IF you are a Muslim! TRUTH AND FACT! But be an Islamic woman and commit adultery of ant sort and woe be unto you! It’s okay for us blokes though!
      Only Christianity DOES NOT discriminate the TYPE of human organism! Think about it!
      Tyron, go and stick your fundamentalist, white supremacist head in a bucket of shitzum!
      As I said, I wait in Mexico and will soon enter and relieve you of your sins and your Jewish-induced crapology!

      1. “All men can ‘cum’ unto Christ”

        Did you think we would miss that, Max? And what kind of idiot are YOU, oh blackened pot?

        You quote Paul and expect readers to believe in his veracity, while I would advise giving thought to the deceptive nature of “Paul”,

        For that matter, of “Max”.

        1. Brownhawk, wash your filthy mouth out, you runt!
          What do you mean, you idiot? “You quote Paul and expect readers to believe in his veracity, while I would advise giving thought to the deceptive nature of “Paul”, For that matter, of “Max”.
          Oh Yeah, Paul’s 50% of the New Testament is DECEPTION according to a crazy injun!
          Paul’s words are synonymous with Jesus’ words, you blasphemous, uneducated fool!
          Go and drink more fire water!

        2. The problem with Paul, and the primary reason why his representation of Christ is disingenuous, lies with his intimations that Jesus was/is OF this world.

          This is key, and when you consider the ramifications of this, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that any associations of Christ having direct lineage to any “Fathers” of the OT renders that book FALSE, for all intents and purposes as it would concern keeping the faithful right on course towards the True Light.

      2. Max

        Like I said, Ishmael (Arabs) and whites (Isaac- Jacob- Israel’s 12 tribes of whites/Europeans) are partly related through Abraham but this doesn’t make them the same race and any blubbering idiot can plainly see.

        I have posted English dictionary defintions of Arabs coming from Ishamel and also Islamic dictionary defintions that plainly match. I have proved on these boards using many different Encylopedia Judaica defintions of “Jews” admitting out right that they are from Esau and as everyone knows, the Ashkenaz who make up the majority of their identity theft are from Japeth- not Shem or are you that foolish to think the Ashkenaz made up their racial groupings name as it “just happens” to match with the Ashkenaz of Genesis 10:3?

        What have you produced? NOTHING- absolutely NOTHING but your Satanic drivel as you do the Jews work, as the good “Jew” you are and have outright ADMITTED TO!

        Noah had 3 sons and they all had preflood wives. Noah’s wife was white. Shems wife was white. Japeth’s wife was not white and Ham’s wife was non white. Noah’s son Shem and his white wife continue on the Adamic race (whites). Japeth and his non white wife produce Asiatic stock peoples. Ham and his non white wife produce blacks peoples. So, since Abraham came MUCH later, how could “we all” come from Abraham? We don’t. Only whites and Arabs can make this claim while Sephardic “Jews” being a maternal remnant of Esau can partly claim to be of Abraham’s loins but they mixed outside of the seedline with Canaanites who mixed with the fallen ones hence Jesus’s words..you are of Abraham but your father’s the devil.

        The out of Africa atheist theory has already been proven a FRAUD. Science does however admit that DNA results show that all humans come from ONE FAMILY (Noah, his 3 sons and their wives).
        Who said Jonah was preserved by a sperm whale? Maybe it was a Carcharodon megalodon.

        DId I say that only whites can come to Christ? No I didn’t. I have plainly said that whites are authentic Israelites but all can come to Christ and even serve in the REAL New World Government.

        Max, you are a JOKE. You have admitted you’re Mom’s a Jew by race. You have admitted to converting to Islam while falsely claiming “I am a true believer in Jesus”. You have admitted your desire to mass murder and enslave whites- Christians in America. And then when I speak the truth about Christ, about whites, about Arabs and Jews, you slander me as a “white supremacist”.

        What exactly separates you from the “Jews”. ZERO- ZILCH, NADA!

        Tell us Max, do you have any sin inside of you? If not, throw that stone but if not, you condem yourself.

        You decide to throw that “stone” coming into my land and you’ll find a 45 jammed “straight down Sancho’s throat”, so bring it on Jew.

  11. JB Campbell like J Kaminsky has shattered the paradigm walls and clearly sees the monster. Great men, both of them.

  12. It’s basically impossible for the average American to be anything more than a contemptible scumbag. It’s been that way for a long time now. The average American wakes up and falls asleep thinking the thoughts that the Jew wants him to think. The same goes for most Whites, but it’s especially bad with Americans. You can forget about any kind of revolution ever happening in America. America can never produce an Adolph Hitler.

    1. Harsh words, SPQR. But all too true! So what’s to be done, eh? Tie the noose and jump off the chair?

        1. Yeah lobro, plenty of rope and plenty of nooses! I will enjoy hanging the elite American-Israeli Jews and theit Goyim henchmen. I might even throw in Tyron, Brownhawk and Gilby Huntly for good measure. How they will sqeal like pigs!

    2. SPQR, the average American is a brain-dead bubba!
      Been tellin’ you for months and silly Gilby Huntly does not like being called one – which he is!

  13. Thanks lobro, yes Falcon Dam is a good spot for a clandestine crossing! Will try it out tonight! Standing on Mexican shore right now, enjoying the sunshine and my new AK47 and rocket launcher! US made, via Home Security!
    Will drift across on brush and check out the USA side in the dark of night; or “like a thief in the night!” .
    You and I are men of the world and I identify with your version of Jewish beauty queens: “Standard of Judah beauty, barracuda faces, mouths fit to pleasure a buffalo, zero brain, subzero heart and morals.”
    As I’ve said, went out with many Jewesses in my life and they all have hooked noses, wrap-around-the-chin mouths and a gargantuan sexual appetites. They eat like ravenous barracoudas!

    1. Shithead Maxy – I hope I may be looking forward to having you in the sights (crosshairs) of my Mdl. 70 300 H&H someday. (Same rifle Carlos Hathcock used in killing shitheads at 1500 meters – till he got the .50). Don’t stand too close to your bimbo wife(s), or the lingering cloud of pink mist will stain their fake burkas… 🙂

      (They’ll probably be happy when your ass is GONE!)

      Of course, I could lend you to my friends who wish to make hot-dog meat out of the likes of you, and feed it to our captives. (I tell them it’s barbaric – but I am MERCIFUL – WTF do I know???!)

      I will take no captives. Your ears MIGHT be strung on the sinews I cut from your
      hamstringing, after I disembowel you with a razor-sharp K-Bar. You’re such a pathetic shit.

      1. Of course, Maxy, I could HUNT you anytime. Remember that story (by a Richard Connell) called ‘The Most Dangerous Game’??? I read that when I was about ten. It made an impression! It’s exciting to hunt men – but it would/might even be GRATIFYING to hunt YOU.

        I opened cornfields today, so we could begin chopping corn tomorrow to fill silos. The old Grange Hall adjacent to one field is owned by us. Mennonites have leased it (for nothing but maintenance), and they have a school there. Today, when I went by on a tractor, they were having recess, and I stopped and pitched ball with some of the little boys. The teachers are pretty, white women dressed demurely and modestly – net caps too – and all the children, boys and girls, are POLITE and WHITE. IF THE LIKES OF YOU EVER MOLEST THOSE BABIES, I WILL LET MY NIGRAS NECKLASS YOU WITH A BURNING TIRE.

  14. Lucy,

    Wherever you are, you lost your country to the Jews too. We don’t want an
    exclusive white man’s America. We want a strong majority with small peaceful, assimilating minority groupings that we might shares our blessings with. We tried to stop the “Jew” but all the minorities, duped whites and other races and nations around the globe applauded the “Jew” to victory over us just as they are doing today.

    Only 1% of northerners and 3 % of southerons owned slaves (while the ENTIRE PLANET WAS STILL PRACTICING SLAVERY). 20% of all black slaves were owned by free blacks. Per captia, Jews held slaves in MUCH higher percentage than whites did. It was the WHITE MAN-Christian who freed the black slaves and put a stop to the Arabs and Jews international slave trade in the western world. Also, slave labor HURT the white man because the poor white couldn’t compete against those who could produce their products with FREE labor.

    We lost control because we were tricked, fooled by them just as the whole planet has been also. Then they intentionally dumbed us down through “education” and corrupted use through their films, movies industry we created for nobel purposes and they STOLD from us. We do stand guilty of losing control to the Jew as Gilbert said, but at LEAST we admit it and will do something about it. We have our sin but it seems like those who oppose us, REFUSE TO SEE THEIR OWN aiding the Jews to elimate their NUMBER 1 THREAT (whites/Christians)!

    Blacks in Africa, Jews and Arabs STILL HAVE SLAVES in their nations but people still try to blame whites who don’t. how’s that for JEW PROGRAMMING? How’s that for uber hypocrisy?

    So we might be guilty LIKE EVERYONE ELSE of losing out to Jewish control- but know this, we are the ONLY ones who can beat them and beat them we will by the will and grace of the Great I AM (Jesus)! Against all odds, just as David defeated Goliath, just as Greece and the Spartans (fellow Israelites) defeated the Persians, just like Washington defeated the British and just like Christ defeated the world- so shall we!

    Anyone who’s anti white or anti authentic Christianity is ON THE JEWS SIDE whether they know it or not.

    First slave owner in America was a BLACK MAN!

    According to colonial records, the first slave owner in the United States was a black man. Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants.


    95% of British polled say multiculturalism is not working



    All that is required in America is for the collapsing to being with the roundups and invasion. Then whites will see they have absolutely NO CHOICE but return to I AM (Jesus) and STAND UP or DIE. And we will as the “Jew” and cohorts lose here and then their world Gov in “Israel” also.

    1. Thanks, Tyrone. Good post! You have made some excellent points here as to the distribution of slave labor. It came as a surprise to me to learn that blacks owned large numbers of black slaves themselves. And that Jews owned far more slaves than the average White. It is also refreshing to know that it was the White man’s basic sense of decency that gave the final impetus to the abolition of slavery.

  15. A great article by Mr. JB Campbell. And thank you Darkmoon for posting it. He errs, of course, when he says that the reason Jews demand interest on the money borrowed, is so they can make profit from the borrowers. This simply is not the case. Jews do not need to do this. They simply print money. The reason why interest is demanded, is just so that borrowers are forced to bury themselves in never-ending work, and thus reducing their own capabilities to affect any real change, save the apparent improvement of their lives. Constant work kills slowly. And I don’t know why he uses the term ”bankers.” There are those who are in banking (non decision making specimens), and then there are Jews, the real decision makers.

    In vindication of his input though, he speaks correctly about the Constitution, for it is old, ugly, and atrophying, which I think is a perfect description of it, since he himself says, ”… it has destroyed our immune system.” All careful readers of it ought to be able to detect its low merit, and whatever public benefit it promises to confer, it can never even approximate to good, hard, American common sense, which really is what it ought to have been founded on in the first place.

    But, it is in his destructive, albeit painfully brief, critique of Christianity, that Mr. JB Campbell most admirably shines, and, in my opinion, it was imprudent of the operators of this website to omit it from their presentation, since it is Christianity, and nothing but Christianity, that has forced all its followers to condescend to the level of slaves – Jewish slaves, that is. If those who would do honour to Christ wish his memory to be eternal, all they need do is remember Him and love Him, that is all. Beyond that, any honest observer of this awfully sick faith cannot but justly conclude that Christianity is the most perfect weapon of the Jews against the world, of course, the Christian world, since superior though its creed may appear to be, dogmatically speaking it is nothing but Aristotle badly recycled, and spiritually speaking, it is nothing less than Judaism in cloak and dagger – against the gentiles! Those who find pleasure in its book, called the bible, (always lower case), ignore the opportunity offered them by experience, and yes, common sense, since both unmistakably tell us that through it our instincts for the Jews have been deadened, our will to liquidate them on masse has been lost, and any and all progress towards building a healthy, virile, and enduring civilization(s) has been retarded, since by inverting the will towards contemplating what is sinful, sick and wretched, it has also succeeded, both directly and indirectly, in making us feel for the Jew, to despise our own selves, and instead of helping bury in the heap trash of history those whom Cosmos itself has designated as unwanted, tells us that salvation is from the Jews!

    Now, immature thinkers and blind believers are never slow to pounce on this saying by invoking the false idea that it was not the today’s Jews that the bible refers to, that not all Jews are the same, that this, and that, and the other… But, what they forget to remember, is the fact that the limited intellect of those Christian Zionists and Baptists who, as a matter of fact, are the real enablers of the Jews, hinders them from penetrating deeper into this awful book, and so literally believe every word of it, as I can personally attest from the conversation I not long ago had with a fine Christian American girl in Florida. When asked by me what she thought of Israel, her soul breaking response was: ”Don’t get me wrong: I love America; but, if I were asked to choose the country for which I would rather die, I would choose Israel.” This, in a nutshell, is the opinion of many, many Christians around the world, and all this simply because this deadening religion never fails to remind its spiritually diminutive followers the Jewish roots from which it has really sprung, and the eternal debt it owes them.

    Thus, for those few who know, the ultimate enabler of the triumph of the Jews is the disease known as Christianity. Tasteless and cruel as it may sound, if we could but kill off this evil tumour, the Jews would, as an old wit puts it, ”die of themselves;” and those who are infatuated by their own biblical geniuses and refuse to see the Jews on real terms, as the really are, will, in vindication of the claim that Christianity is the first and real enemy of America, soon find themselves be summoned not before a Jewish judge of death but before a Christian one. It’s all happened before, good people, it’s all happened before…

    ”For the mistaken love of Christianity and the Jews, I have long ago quitted being a fighter for my race and for my nation.” So goes an old, suppressed Italian warning.

    1. Good point A. Merc.
      Christians have enabled the Jewish religion for centuries. Most would call themselves Judeo-Christians, an oxymoron, to say the least.

    2. “The reason why interest is demanded, is just so that borrowers are forced to bury themselves in never-ending work, and thus reducing their own capabilities to affect any real change, save the apparent improvement of their lives. Constant work kills slowly.”

      Precisely, the Jews are not stealing your money – they are stealing your life. Like the death of a thousand cuts, the Jewed society chips away at every facet of one’s allotted time on this sphere. Have you ever noticed how nothing works anymore? Whether it is a toaster, TV, or government office, everything is broken and in constant need of repair. Why? It consumes time, effort and money (which simply equates to more of one’s time and effort) to correct these constant irritations. At the same time these irritations often express themselves in socially destructive tendencies like “road rage” alcoholism, drug addiction and other debilitating addictions that allow a temporary escape from the constant din of a devolving, inoperable social structure. When one is consumed with constant repairs and attempts at circumventing non-operating social systems, they have far less time to address and act on the truly crucial problems and events shaping their lives.

      Thus, the multitude of complexities and distractions presented by the modern social structure are designed to consume one’s life. Voting and politics are perhaps the most grievous examples of broken systems that accomplish little or nothing of real value. As some wag once said, “If voting worked it would be illegal”. However, voting serves the enemy in numerous ways. One, it consumes the time and concentration of the concerned voter who must continually review the various politicians and their platforms. Then one must look at the issues and the political stance of the candidates on those issues of greatest concern to them. Finally one must take the time to physically cast their vote. Perhaps most detrimental, comes the idea that one has actually done something to correct the broken corrupt system. One has made their voice heard, applying their ballot band-aid. Now they can sit back for a while to watch and see if the bleeding stops, at least until the next election cycle. Ask yourself how much of my day is consumed by the useless task demanded of me by the Jewed state? They are stealing your life!

      1. Voting in political elections is useless, as long as he ballots are secret.
        Since men and women have died for the privilege of voting, the remainders should be willing to display their choices in public, at any and all costs.

      2. Part 2

        A Merc

        3. I am attached to the “Jewish” bible

        That is a false charge. The “Jews” bible is the literally Satanic Talmud. Their OT is a FRAUD, a rewrite with glaring omissions and additions of words, sentences, paragraphs and books. It’s called the Masoretic texts and was written around 900 years AFTER Christ.

        4. Calling you an Israelite.

        First, I am making that claim by way of DNA-Race based on not only the authentic scriptural narrative but historical records, archeology, linguistics, customs, heraldry, pagan religions matching those of the Israelites and even DNA evidence. Second, one isn’t a true Israelite least they possess the externally and internally sources definitions of which you lack the former. If you don’t believe that authentic Israelites ever existed, and thus refuse the Greek Narrative as “Jewish”- then I cannot prove this to you like I couldn’t prove the sun rises to a blind man. Proof is in the eye of the beholder and this often apart from truth. If you are willing to have an open mind and examine the evidence, I will provide it.

        5. Jews are demonic plagiarists

        I agree, have I not? And since you believe in good and evil and since all common sense shows that all things have an ultimate source, why do you chastise me for pointing people back to the source of all good while exposing the frauds and their criminality? btw,Jesus wasn’t a “Jew”. He was a white man with blue/grey eyes, blond/red hair and rosy skin tanned by the sun according to the totality of the 3 eyewitness Roman records.The Esau impostor “Jews” ( Sephardics today) had black hair/eyes, tawny (orangish/brown) colored skin not due to sunlight.

        6. Christians have been enabling the “Jews” for centuries

        The “Jews” infiltrated Christianity first by way of the Jesuits. This precipitated the Protestant Revolutions. By way of taking over the City of London Corp they took over the modern House of David (Common Law Crown) by acquiring the birthrights of the King of England. Thus they usurped the throne, just as they did with the Esau Herodian dynasty over that of last King of ethnic Judah– Hycranus. This allowed them to take over the Priesthoods of both Protestantism and Catholicism (BAR attorneys)- an exact replay of what they did from 125 BC to the time of Christ. Like before, they then slowly implemented Babylonian economic Talmudic principals-multiculturalism,egalatarianism, persecuting whites based on their race and authentic religion; enforcing legal fictions in place of Anglo-Saxon–Common/Natural/Christian law.

        There is nothing new under the sun, and just as Christ and his Apostles spelled the end of them- so shall we by I AM’s will and grace.


        Thanks for the kind words. If you desire more evidence about slavery in America- I will provide it

    3. A Merc- Part 1

      Let me start by pointing something out. Either one believes in a prime creator or they don’t, and if not, by default they are being played by the “Jew” by way of holding and sharing their majority belief system; 95% of “Jews” are atheist- human secularist- evolutionist. If one does believe in a prime Creator, the question becomes, which one? The narrative, the spirit and law that is preached by the different belief systems often contradict and since it is scientifically self evident that everything has a ultimate source and everyone of these claims contradict one another (in certain places) all cannot be totally correct.

      My personal experiences have shown me who that source is. It is internal, where the law is written in our hearts, minds, DNA-spirit, and it is also external, where he resides in both spirit and flesh (his kingdom come- the authentic scriptural narrative). The scriptures truthful historical narrative can only be found inside the Greek Septuagint- Greek NT and the many books/letters hid from us by the “Jews” and their co-conspirators to confuse, thus lead us astray over the ages. Examples; Books of Eden- Enoch, Testimonies of the Patriarchs- Maccabees- Barnabus-Clement etc.

      In order to have enough knowledge to judge this narrative correctly and come to the conclusions I have, one must read them ALL, having an open mind. They must throw away everything they have been programmed with (including what “Churches” taught them), and work from a blank slate, reprogramming themselves from their previous brain-washings. One MUST be a seeker of truth and follow it where-ever it goes. If one doesn’t do this then they are judging things they haven’t fully investigated which automatically disqualifies that person from being an impartial judge because of a preformed bias.

      Having said that let me address your contentions

      1. I would never lift a finger against a “Jew”.

      Why would you say that? It was authentic Christianity- before the great and present Apostasy that booted the “Jews” from our white nations 109 times in some 1,400 years. No race, no belief system comes remotely close to our record for standing up to them. Authentic Christianity (the way) has always been the bulk-ward against the “Jews” as it stands alone as the “Jews” number 1 enemy- especially in the hands of true Israelites (white peoples). I advocate for not only arresting, trying, sentencing and expelling all dual citizen “Jews” per the lawful 13th Amendment, I also look forward to when we take our land in Israel, trying by Anglo-Saxon law all their criminal elite as we take over Zion (World Gov) prosecuting all “Jews” who knowingly engaged in their massive identity theft that started in 1860. What’s your plan?

      2.Why does it matter who’s from who in scriptures- where the races comes from?

      To quote Sun Tzu truthful observation:

      “So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.“

  16. Mr. Tyron Parsons,

    As someone who has only recently passed by this site, whilst, without knowing you, I respect you, it is implausible to even think that I would ever recommend you as being one who would ever lift a finger against the Jews, though I would never doubt that you would meet with much more success in being a biblical scholar. This latter opinion of mine is reflected by your evidently deep reading of the bible, but the former by your claiming as fact that which evidence does not support. And who really cares about Ishmael or Shishmael? Abraham or Shmabraham? or whether Japeth’s wife was this colour, or that hue? If you could but diffuse your theoretical knowledge of the Jews into the practical knowledge of them, you would awaken in your keen mind two glaringly powerful reflections. First, that the vast majority of those characters which you with so much invisible aplomb mention are nothing but imaginary appearances, fictitious characters, whose names every intelligent man ought to work hardest to eternally forget; and second, that the Jewish bible, to which you appear to be umbilically attached, is nothing but a frightful exposition of death, of countless medleys of barbarisms, and of indescribably dirty injunctions. And for you to call me, a white man, a descendant of Israelites?! I tell you: smart people are excellent practitioners of character assassination, and so unless you can prove with hard facts those awful claims which you with the help of your awful bibles make, I will not recommend that you ever again demand of me to hear what you have to say.

    Dissimulation, an art of which the Jews are the most competent practitioners, has this drawback, Mr Tyron Parsons, namely, that it derives its energy from itself, meaning that, unless you know that Jews are the Cosmos’ biggest liars, you run the risk of self-imposing their will on you, since even the most cunning and suspicious reader of the bible, like myself, unless he insists that his knowledge of the Judaic vermin is derived solely from knowledge and experience, runs the danger of exposing his imagination to the inexplicable lures of those very characters and personalities you mention, and the Jewish psyche, being so dementedly twisted by the Creator, is utterly desperate for anyone who pays it undue attention, like you, since it knows that once it takes possession of a mind, however detached, will, through its false and borrowed biblical riches, impose upon it a distinctive Jewish character, and will make a writer like you, expostulate to a reader like me, every refutation as false which you claim to be true.

    If there were two Tyron Parsons in the world, one I would preserve and would even enhance his beautiful qualities, but the other one, the one whose intellect has been fooled by Jewish biblical traps, I would so thoroughly beat, that even his own mother would find it difficult to reclaim him as her own dead son, that’s the extent of the damage I would visit upon his head! The Jewish bible is thievery on the grandest scale, Mr. Parsons: not divine seers, but demonic plagiarists wrote it, hoping, as they seem to have succeeded with you, in attaching equiponderant value and worth to fictitious excellences that one would attach to real divine truths. Wonderfully wrapped frauds, Mr. Parsons, cannot pass for truths for men like me, and if you were to ask me, ”Mr. Merc, what is the definition of happiness,” I would answer, ‘Mr. Parsons, burn your bibles, both of them, and let’s go and kill some Jews.’ After all, are not Jews our unhappiness?

    Bye Mr Parsons, and do reflect on what I said, won’t you?

      1. An inspired guess. I thought so too at first. But I’m not so sure now. There are differences of style here: much shorter sentences and far less verbosity.

    1. Thankyou, A Merc, you have used my words: “The Tyron whose intellect has been fooled by Jewish biblical traps, I would so thoroughly beat, that even his own mother would find it difficult to reclaim him as her own dead son, that’s the extent of the damage I would visit upon his head!” My feelings exactly about this vain, semi-literate impostor with the lunatic, fundamentalist mind! Gilby lervs him!
      A moron and bigot like him despises the TRUTHS I have knocked up telling him. He, indeed, needs to be “thoroughly beaten,”
      Gilby Huntly go back a few months and read every bit of CRAP (often Tyron’s) that you have written and then read my humour which cryptically hides the absolute TRUTH! Wash your filthy, aggressive mouth out! I would beat you to a pulp in single battle!
      And as for Lasha or Lucy Skipping, now you seem to just love Tyron! Oh yeah, gals do you love such repeated, ad nauseam lies as his latest?
      Tyron: “Like I said, Ishmael (Arabs) and whites (Isaac- Jacob- Israel’s 12 tribes of whites/Europeans) are partly related through Abraham but this doesn’t make them the same race and any blubbering idiot can plainly see.” CAN READERS UNDERSTAND HIS LOW INTELLIGENCE OFT-REPEATED, JEWISH-LIKE CRAP?
      Actually STOP and read his comment several times and think!~ He says: “Partly related through Abraham”? Oh he has suddenly understood part of what I have been telling the ignoramus! And then he libels me: “this doesn’t make them the same race.” Oh no, simpleton Tyron thinks Abrahams relatives (or his slave girl) made the 1st Arab! He calls that a RACE! And then his WHITES came from Abraham’s other relative Jacob!
      As I’ve WARNED this cretin is destroying this site. He is a LIAR and A Merc can see right through him, as I have for months! And now he is released again and Lucy lervs the monster and praises him!
      I give up!
      Unless this moron is stopped I will leave this site forever; and you will be without the 5 months of absolute TRUTH I have been telling you!~ Oh, never MIND, you can read Tyron and the idiot Gilby Huntly!

  17. Heroism alone might not work with ‘Government Motors’ and their Jew-borne these days.

    General Motors (govt. motors), the largest US auto manufacturer by sales, is preparing to launch the world’s first mass-produced cars with eye- and head-tracking technology that can tell whether drivers are distracted, according to people with knowledge of the plans.
    Seeing Machines, an Australian group listed in London, has signed an agreement with safety-goods maker Takata to supply GM with tracking devices for up to 500,000 vehicles over the next three to five years.

    The spying gadgets will start by measuring the rotation of the head so they can alert drivers if they are not spending enough time looking in certain areas such as the road ahead or the rear-view mirror.


  18. I have serious doubts about Mr. Campbell. His vitriol goes far beyond what is normally permitted without a violent backlash by the established authority. While I agree his observations are spot on, I can only wonder why he is still able to publish such views publicly. His style is reminiscent of Harold Covington and his “Combat 18” alliance. Many websites have been attacked and shut down for far less. When I look at what they did to “Ingcogman” and Alex Linder, along with many other far tamer web presences calling the Jews into account, I can only wonder why Mr. Campbell is permitted to call for open warfare against Jews and the government; unless of course he is an agent provocateur working to bring about more Robert Matthew, Randy Weaver and Timothy McVeigh scenarios. I urge caution when dealing with this type of material.

    1. I urge caution when dealing with the likes of Arch Stanton.

      Half assed verbiage is not going to win this war, nor are half assed actions. Jew wise like Mr. Stanton, and there are many of them, mentally disarm us jew wise with overly cautious thinking. I’m in no way trying to imply Mr. Stanton or some others are doing this on purpose (unlike his obvious implication of suggesting JB Campbell is setting people up). Some appearing to be jew wise ARE doing this on purpose, its an obvious jew control tactic. Anything to subvert the really pissed off of the jew wise.

      I do not believe this is Mr. Stanton’s intention. None the less THE END RESULT IS THE SAME.

      Ok Mr. Stanton, publicly it MIGHT not be wise although I seriously doubt it given all the data basing/profiling. The obvious reason for this is to suss out who’s serious vs just debating. However, if you really think your hiding your seriousness with cautious online wording your fooling yourself.

      Now there is the possibility you are cautious online and are hardcore offline because you know thats our only option but somehow I very seriously doubt your any different in real life Mr. Stanton.

  19. (I guess, unintended) Jew humor.
    Heard on the car radio this morning:

    “if you suffered a brain injury, you need to choose your lawyer wisely, we at Pretzel, Jew and Jew have your best interest at heart“.

    You got to have brain injury before aspiring to YHWH’s wisdom … since time immemorial and immoral.

      1. La Raza will catch up to the parade…

        …as soon as they can steal a set of jumper cables for the van.

  20. Dear Mr Tyron Parsons,

    Thank you for your response. As someone who thinks for himself, I can tell you that nothing is read by me with greater interest than the attempt by another at refuting me, and if there exists one awful and rare species of cruelty which I hate being visited by, it is intellectual duels, particularly since it is here that one gets to feel the full magnitude of another’s learning, as well as its concomitant phenomenon, his human nature. But, attempt to refute me you did, and it is only fair that you now put up with me as I did put up with you.
    Let me, therefore, be cruel to you right from the start, since I find that misfortune is easier to bear if it comes quickly, early and unadorned.

    Point One: You say, ”…It is scientifically self-evident that everything has an ultimate source…” without enlarging on it, more specifically, without telling us what that source is. Now, Mr Parsons, if you recollect distinctly the past moments of your intellectual life, you will no doubt remember how, with scientific veracity, this was explained us as being nothing other than the blind Will, a force in fact so unbelievably blind, all-pervasive and great, that no religious absurdity, including Christian absurdities, ever could deny. This blind will which, so far as we are concerned, has no regard neither for the past, nor for the present, nor for the future, nor for the spirit, nor for the body, just is, it simply is, and if you attempt to confirm or deny its existence by extrapolating some religious fallacy or another, the only thing you will succeed in doing is to seduce yourself with the very same allurements which your dear old and new testaments have evidently long ago succeeded in seducing you. If you can erect yourself to an acceptable degree of intellectual height, which I know you can, believe me you will find it far below the dignity of your now-enlightened self ever again to point to anything other than the Will as the primum mobile of everything in the Universe, from stones, to plants, to animals, to man. Essentially, what moves the stone, moves man. No spirituality whatsoever here involved: just blind Will. This is the essence, and this is the source.

    Point Two. ”…You say I would never lift a finger against the Jew…” Exactly! You never would! Peruse carefully your own writing, and return here with the candid report, and you will find that whilst you do say that you are willing to arrest, try and sentence the Jews, nowhere in your text do I see the unbelievably beautiful word KILL. Could this be, I wonder, because the prolonged perusal of your wretched bibles has succeeded in instilling in you the fear of some hard, invisible celestial retribution?, or is it because your own personal dread of conscience prohibits you from uttering that very expedient which I so very much exhort you in practising towards the Jew, namely, killing him? May I please invoke the aid of a writer in order to justify my opinion? Here is Douglas Reed, in Chapter 17, in his great The Controversy of Zion:

    ”The study of hundreds of volumes, during many years, gradually brought realization that the essential truth of the story of Zion is all summed-up in Mr. Maurice Samuel’s twenty-one words: “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever . . . nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands”. At first hearing they sound vainglorious or neurotic, but increasing knowledge of the subject shows them to be honestly meant and carefully chosen. They mean that a man who is born and continues to be a Jew acquires a destructive mission which he cannot elude. If he deviates from this “Law” he is not a good Jew in the eyes of the elders; if he wishes or is compelled to be a good Jew, he must conform to it. This is the reason why the part played by those who directed “the Jews” in history was bound to be a destructive one…” et cetera, et cetera…

    Why then identify, arrest, question, imprison, threaten, beat, beat some more and deport the Jews? Why not, my dear Mr Parsons, skip these awfully tedious and rather perplexing formalities and simply liquidate them? Why not, as I in my very, very clear English pronounce KILL THE JEWS? Why not? I will supply my own answer, for I fear I have already mortified you: because, Mr Parsons, the otherwise good individuals like you have for too long indulged themselves with the fables of the Hebrew and Christian bibles, and, for reasons which you are not willing to disclose, though I know exactly what they are, you have been lovingly seized by the thoughtless reflections of some thoughtless Judaic scribbler to such a great and woeful extent, that you have forgotten that the very, very, very essence of the Jew is to kill. Jew kills. Jew murders. You, Jew, wants dead. Do you understand? Or am I being absurd? Indulge in these wonderful thoughts like me daily, and I promise you that within a week not only will you have cured yourself of your love for the wretched old and new testaments, but you will also find that every other pleasant and loving feeling which you may have formerly felt for the disease called Christianity and its diabolical birthgiver Judaism will have irrecoverably vanished, and in their awful Judaic stead, two things and two things only will remain: Christ and Cross, and nothing else. Don’t be inclined to pine over bad losses, Mr Parsons, and view the death of Christianity and Judaism with melting sorrow; for, believe me, in Christ and Cross alone lies the medicine of the soul; everything else is Jewish instilled grief and soul murder. If Christianity could yield but one consolation, it is the fact that it mentions Jesus so often, and that’s it.

    Point Three: ”…Why does it matter to you who is from who in scriptures…?” It doesn’t, for if it did, my eyes would not be repelled by those wretched books. All it matters to me is the origin of my race, and they are Celtic and Germanic. If you would like me to confer some proof to you against your glaring errors, perhaps I could point you towards Bryan Sykes, the famous English geneticist, who will, and elegantly so, prove to you that all your life long, you have been in the wrong. I have nothing to do with the Israelites! Nothing! The very vowels of the word Israel offend my English tongue! I hurt veritably and badly so when the hideous word Jew is mentioned, I mean it. But you I understand, since your American fields, having long ago been infiltrated by the demonic Jews, you now find it impossible to conceive of anything that has ever had to do with you as being non-Israelitish, non-demonic, non-vermino/judaic, and so you remark, with the persuasive confidence peculiar to the Americans, that if only we travel so far in the entrails of the hideous bibles, there shall we find our origin, our kernel, our fountain, our selves, not knowing, or perhaps knowingly so, that all such cunning exhortation can do, is to bond us even more closely to the Jewish vermin than the wretched Christianity already has.

    Intellectual eminence abhors authority, Mr Tyron Parsons, and if you wish to confirm the accuracy of my thought, just observe the faces of those who are wedded to the bible, no matter what it says, to those who have seen through its diabolical designs and have stripped it to its bare essentials: Christ and Cross. The former are impaired, and the latter are invigorated. Consider yourself excellently hardened if you contribute to the death of the Church, and think of yourself not at all deficient if you can help in extending for all eternity but one thing: His name. Christianity no longer represents Christ. It has become the fiery wall that protects the Jew.

    Till next time, respectfully,
    A. Merc

  21. A. Merc(enary??) –

    Well said, beautifully written, etc. It would not surprise me if Mr. Parsons shares your basic sentiment of the temporal ‘church’ and its opportunistic wolves. Often, I think the same (though you articulate it much better than I am able!).

    Like throughout the comments on this thread, though, we can pick from out the Bible the duality of man. We pick what suites us. Sometimes it suites us to be kind; sometimes our
    proclivities are more toward the bloody. Unlike almost any other compilation of stories and
    literature, there is something in there for everyone. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it will open.

    What I’d REALLY like for you to consider, though, is whence comes the spark which animates your life. What is it’s ‘Source’? Where does it go when your flesh is torn, your blood is let, and your body wilts away?? Consider that for us in your eloquent words, please, M. Merc.

    Here is what I believe: ‘The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.’ – Psalms 14:1

    1. A man speaking the plain truth and standing up with powerful disdain to the greatest liars in history. Farrakhan is truly inspirational.

      Glad to hear from you Circassian. I hope you post with more frequency 😉

      1. Brownhawk, you come across as a decent man. We all feel the pain of living in the world fucked up by professional liars, whose very survival hinged on their ability to lie.

        Like Bobby Fischer – another great man engaged in heroism all his life – said in his Last Words: Nothing eases pain like a human touch. I am happy, if I have eased the pain of a single decent being with a human touch.

  22. A Merc- Part 1

    I hope this post find you well. It is not often that I engage others like myself. Forgive me if this seems presumptuous or boastful- I simply mean in the category of free thinkers who appreciate one another. Thus, allow me again to refute your response; refute meaning to disagree as it is up to everyone whether or not one or the other is correct. Besides, at the end of the day (earth age) only truth reigns supreme.

    1. The question of unfettered supreme will (that, that is)

    As I stated before, the prime creator (I AM), the one who created all, created even the chief fallen one (evil) who mimics his will through totalitarian control of this planet. I AM’s label denotes a parallel of sorts of exactly what you put forth as “is” (or as Grey’s have claimed “IS-BE”). And here is the difference between the grand paradigm of “is-be” will and “I AM’s” will.

    IS-BE’s spirit, their blind will is “a force in fact so unbelievably blind, all-pervasive and great, that no religious absurdity, including Christian absurdities, ever could deny. This blind will which, so far as we are concerned, has no regard neither for the past, nor for the present, nor for the future, nor for the spirit, nor for the body, just is,”

    2. Spirituality vs Blind Force

    I need not the Greek OT/NT etc. It simply confirms the law written in my heart, mind, my spirit, soul but as for the question of will; this is where the battle lies between my corrupted flesh and that good will that my conscience bares witness too ( I AM-Jesus-inside me). Just as the inner earth has two chambers (good/evil) and is likened to the human heart, just like the sun rises and the moon marks the darkness, my flesh body “is” corrupt and so is it’s will. Whereas I AM-(Jesus) inside me, is the only good will therein and this is what moves me to move against the blind will of the dark powers and principalities of this thoroughly corrupt world. If knowing what I do, I stood idol, I would have no recourse- my conscience, my creator, assures me.

    This battle isn’t only internal, it is external in that the blind will is presently acting exactly as you suggested above. It acts without regard to all those things listed which shows that it has no true, no good, no noble purpose, However, the great I AM who’s will works from the foundation of love, reason, logic and good purpose is echoed in all of the patterns and observable purposes of living creatures aligned with him. This includes undefiled nature itself. Here is also where we find the chief cap stone (the true all seeing eye “I AM”) the builders rejected, and reject yet again–for they build their JWO for another unwittingly.Although I am nowhere near the talent you are as a writer, please allow me to give you a number of articles I’ve written to support my contentions.


  23. A Merc – Part 2

    3.”I would never lift a finger against the Jew”

    I could and would kill the “Jew” but only if it was lawful and it cannot be lawful without the law of nature (imminent threat giving way to actions toward the right of self preservation) and/or Common/Christian law behind me.Outside of those conditions and outside of a lawfully declared temporal war, due process of Anglo Saxon law must afforded the “Jew”.

    Killing denotes a lawful taking of ones life. Murder is unlawful, so no, I would never murder a Jew but yes, I would kill a “Jew”. True Israelite law (as I mentioned) is the polar opposite of the “Jews” law and here we find the divide again between blind will (Jew law, Satan’s law- do as thou wilt) and I AM’s will with purpose, reason, logic with total thought and regard to the past- present and future lives (Anglo Saxon law).


    4. Why not simply liquidate the “Jew”?

    As I put forth above, its a matter of law vs lawlessness. It’s a matter of Good vs Evil. It’s a matter of will with good purpose and blind will without reason. And finally, it’s a matter of waiting for the right time to make sure the will of “I AM” is executed perfectly because evil has deluded itself into thinking it’s independent of the will of it’s creator- the prime creator- not the one who leads it in blind will. Ultimately, it’s a matter of the impostors finishing their JWO where darkness masquerading as light.


    5. Judaism gave birth to Christianity

    On the contrary, the way came first with Adam and Eve and then came ones own way (The enemy). Paleo authentic Christianity is a return to the original way where Judaism is ones own way taken from Babylon via the fallen ones.

    6. I do agree with you about the “Church” apostasy. I AM (as I do myself) tell my fellow kinsman- come out of those dead Corporation structures for they are infested with Judaism-Talmudism. They are dead– you are a living soul!!!

    7. Here is a link to provide evidence to the un-bias mind the authentic roots of the Celto-Saxon-Anglo-Germanic-Scandinavian and related races. This is a very deep subject that requires one to investigate all of the disciplines and evidence thereof (as I spoke about) so please allow this to suffice for now. If this link is met with intrigue, I will present more.


    8. Intellectual eminence abhors authority

    Agreed but this only toward man’s presumed, de-facto authority over man. For there is only one true authority, one true will and he is ” I AM”. His law is expressed in Anglo-Saxon law where if one doesn’t harm anothers life, liberty or property- if one doesn’t murder, steal or kidnap (force another against their will)- they are un-prosecutable and if prosecutable, it must come by way of a sign complaint by another living soul where if found guilty by his own peers in a common law court.

    With kind regards,


  24. Here’s a FINAL one for the girls, Lucy and Lasha, re their haranguing me because I mentioned the USA as a future Muslim caliphate!
    Girls, YOU, like Mr Parsons (read A Merc) and stupid Gilby Huntly Are WRONG! Here is the TRUTH from another Australian source, journalist Larry PICKERING:
    ” With an eye on mid-term elections in November and the possibility of losing the Senate as well as Congress to the Republicans, will Obama take up arms against his favoured faith? It’s doubtful.

    Confrontation with the Islamic State will be left to other NATO members suffering the Islamic scourge. But is it too late for Europe too? Islam thinks it is.

    Almost all major European cities are slowly but surely being taken over by Islam’s Sharia law, including Amsterdam 14% Muslim, Antwerp (17%) Stockholm (20%) Birmingham (15%) Blackburn (30%) Belgium (16.9%) Brussels (15%) and that’s only up to “B”.

    You can continue on through the alphabet past London and Paris ‘til you get to Utrecht (13.2%) and Vienna (10%) and you begin to see why Islam’s prophesy of a Sharia-ruled Europe within 20 years makes real sense.

    The world says in unison that Obama is asleep at the wheel but Obama is far from asleep, he is wide awake and resisting confronting his beloved faith since childhood… Islam. And just in case you might think that statement is an overreach:


    Islam’s tentacles now have an iron grip on European electorates ensuring Parliaments will not act against them. They are using the sceptre of our democratic process (the system they hate most) to destroy their hosts and install the razor-sharp, bloodied sword of Sharia.

    You would think such a subversive plan would be veiled in secrecy, but no:


    …such is their confidence.

    But never mind, we should be okay down under in good ol’ Oz, but again the answer is no! Islam’s Sharia has been able to pervert our electoral integrity with a decisive Islamic influence of up to 20% Muslim representation in twenty Federal seats.

    Forty per cent of children of school age in many of those electorates are now Muslim.

    Eighty per cent of Australian Muslims were born here and ninety eight per cent of Australia is now at the mercy of a superbly well orchestrated two per cent.

    As one Muslim says, “I suppose you lot can get four wives too but it’s all too late now.”

  25. Perhaps you are right, Max. Perhaps we should leave the otherwise wonderful owners of this fine site and seek and awaken some others elsewhere. For I have just posted a wonderful and long thought out comment which appears to have frightened them, for I again used the words KILL THE JEWS.
    Don’t hate them, Maxy, don’t: the fear of the demonic Jew does strange things to people’s minds.
    Have a lovely day and an even better life, Darkmoon et al..
    Alan Merc

    1. More accurately, what you’ve said is “Let’s you and him go kill some jews unless you’re pussies”. I first saw this campaign at the Hal Turner show in 2007. Hal Turner was a bold man, we all thought. But as it turns out, he was protected and encouraged and paid by his handlers to do these things. I’ve yet to see an anti-Christ WN or any other anti-christ go out and kill some jews.

      Here’s about how that dialogue has gone:

      WN: Let’s you and him go out and kill some jews, unless you’re pussies.

      You: What jews? Where are they?

      WN: I dunno. let’s you and him go kill some jews, unless you’re pussies.

      Him: Would you be there?

      WN: I’ll be supporting you

      You: Supporting us, like suppying us with the food and weapons and ammo and such?

      Him: How would you supply us? With mules packing it in?

      WN: yeah

      Him: Do you have any mules?

      WN: no

      Him: Do you have any supplies?

      WN: no

      You: Do you have any money or any resources at all?

      WN: No. Let’s you and him go kill some jews, unless you’re pussies.

      Him: What are we supposed to kill these jews with?

      WN: Used golf clubs. No ammo needed.

      Him: Hold the phone. Don’t jews have everybody brainwashed to defend them and bottomless funds to hire armies?

      WN: Yes … maybe… no. I dunno. Let’s you and him go kill some jews, unless you’re pussies.

      You: Say, we got through their protection, by some miracle. Would you know where to find the jews after?

      WN: Probably maybe. I dunno. Let’s you and him go kill some jews, unless you’re pussies.

      Him: So, a whole lot of people would get killed and not one jew. That sounds like the results of a jew plan.

      WN: Let’s you and him go kill some jews, unless you’re pussies.

      You: Do you have a doctrine, like a Declaration of Independence, spelling out our grievances and the future laws of the land? A reason we fight, in hard copy?

      WN: We’ll do that after. Let’s you and him go kill some jews, unless you’re pussies.

      They’re getting more desperate in their campaign to fire up the emotions of poor suckers and provoke them to do something stupid.

    2. Good intentions, bad tactics, like leading the charge against hellfire drones mounted on a white horse.

      An example of sound tactics:
      don’t KILL THE JEWS

      Further improvements are possible.
      Monty, can we please have choice of font size?
      I want to make “don’t” really huge and “ KILL THE JEWS really tiny … really, really, really.

    3. A MERC, you too, have a lovely day.
      I agree with your words: “We should leave the otherwise wonderful owners of this fine site and seek and awaken some others elsewhere.”
      Yes, the “fear of the demonic Jew does strange things to people’s minds.”
      Most of the writers on this site fit into this category – absolute weirdos, the weak-minded and fundamentalist religious freaks.
      Now that the madman Tyron Parsons has been given free rein, it is my turn to depart.
      A MERC, I will look for you on other sites.

  26. In my hometown of Matajudio we never use such language.

    For 2 reasons:
    a) we don’t speak English, and
    b) there are none left.

    Where there are no Jews there is no antisemitism either.

    Mothers still use ancient folk tales of Judaic ogres kidnapping Christian boys and those not raped, bled and roasted are shipped north to great slave market of Narbonne to be castrated and sold off to rich Moors in Andalusia, Morocco and Algiers.

    We however laugh at such fables and know from BBC, PBS and other channels that while yes, Jews exist but are no bloodthirsty ogres, on the contrary, they are kind, peace loving species, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in dire need.

    We greatly miss Jews and are considering changing the name of our town to Invitajudio to encourage their resettlement.

  27. Max

    ” With an eye on mid-term elections in November and the possibility of losing the Senate as well as Congress to the Republicans, will Obama take up arms against his favored faith? It’s doubtful.”

    Yes, exactly- Obama who’s Mom’s a Jew JUST LIKE YOU have, is going all out to destroy lawful America thus doing the work of the elite Jews of the 3 city states and “Israel”. Obama, the one you love, is the one funneling arms to your Marxist paramilitary cohorts south of our border. He is the one opening that border where you and your kind will be slaughtered when you think you are going to genocide all of us whites/European Americans- Christians.

    Thanks for the admission- yet again.

    “But never mind, we should be okay down under in good ol’ Oz”

    This statement is one of the most pathetically nonsensical lies you’ve ever told. Oz Corp is doing business being married to the City of London Corp just as US Corp is. All of them are doing evil in Europeans/whites-Christians name falsely so that they can use people like you to do their bidding to try to kill us all because they know only we can defeat them.

    Good job “opposing the “Jews” there Max. Why don’t you shoot all of the Palestinians too because after all, Hamas (another Jewish creation) shot a couple bottle rockets the other day at your kinfolk in Tel Aviv.

    A Merc,

    If your words “kill the jews” frightened me, pray tell I said I would kill Jews because killing denotes a LAWFUL taking of another’s life. All that I oppose is murdering Jews which is a lawless method of taking another’s life.

    What you and Max propose is lawless MASS MURDER and there is NOTHING therein that separates your desires from the “Jew”- NOTHING! To advocate what you two are is to become the enemy. To use a sci fi analogy, it’s equivalent to becoming the Borg to defeat the Borg. It just doesn’t work that way.

    I think it’s fair to say that it is fear that motivates you A Merc- not me. Fear of even trying to further challenge the logic, reason and truth written in response to your statements above. Does it surprise me? Nope, the mark of the “Jew” and their dupes is to project their sin upon those who oppose their MO in hopes of killing two birds with one stone. 1. Hoping the projection of their MO upon their opposition covers their evil desires in the naives eyes who are witnessing the dispute. 2. If the “morality” of mass murder (genocide) is adopted by their opposition- their opposition no longer holds their superior moral high ground thus dragging them down in to their sewer where one cannot speak against their evil without engaging in hypocrisy.

    With Kind Regards


    1. Lucy

      Please don’t count this as a post today. I already did my two but as you can see the link to the most inspirational and tear jerking song I know didn’t link right for people to simply click on. Because of this I’m taking a chance and posting it again cause I think these lyrics, these words, this composition and the emotions it summons sums up everything that is good, right and truly beautiful..

  28. Will do, Maxy, will do, mate, though know that this site, with or without you and me, will not long remain silent without finding someone or another to hate, even if those hated ones really know their stuff, like me and you. Just recall the harsh invectives I got for merely thinking that my long comment had been censured! One, like you and me, Maxy, brings literature and insights and honesty and well wishes here, and these poor little Judaized American fellows call it a RANT! Just imagine if I had ranted?! They have no hope of ever, ever gaining the victory over the you-know-who, Maxy, never! Just listen to their words! Theirs isn’t the perfect chemistry of thought and language, but a stunted amalgamation of opinions and confused mixture of letters, such as anyone can churn, that’s all: hardly the stuff of which good writing is made. Forgive them, Maxy, do forgive them, won’t you? Long Judaic rule tends to depress the mind, and infuse the entire being not only with deep distrust of others, but also of itself. The owners are not bad, actually, Maxy, though Lucy has an inordinately big mouth and a temper to match!

    As for Sardonicus, hah! this pretty girl is still at the entry level of literature, and her struggle with words can easily be detected, though she is careful to give her productions a most excellent polish, like Jews do to their own hideous nature. She confuses her analysis of me with her protection of darkmoon, since she must presume that this anonymous fraternity to which she seems to have been long attached will also render her lovable to the latter, for watch with what vehemence she jumped to the defence of it, even if when I said the word ”censure” it really was in half jest. And then she calls me names! She, me! I think apart from the disease of the face, Sardonicus also suffers from that of misaligned personality, you know, for at one times she is a he, at another he is a she, and at yet another he/she is Sardonicus/Sardonica, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, not having the courage to call him or herself by his/her real name, like me. In America, Maxy, such specimens are not difficult to find, you know, types who are habitually in opposition to anyone who outdoes them. Fatal, in my opinion.

    Gilby disappointed, very, very unfortunately, though he doesn’t actually sound like a bad soul, only someone who is easily swayed. He, too, called my modest input a rant, and this hurt, since I never sided with anyone when they, (pretty much everybody), treated him as a mere boy, and at least two posters even thought him slightly impaired, something which I could never compel myself to do. Maybe he has not yet had time to complete his thought structure, or maybe the good Gilby just works too hard – who knows? In any case, him I liked, though I know YOU hated him.

    Tyron, too, is inwardly good, I mean it, despite what you may think of him, Maxy, only he is irretrievably enmeshed in his Esau/Shmesau business. Problem is Jews. Period. Not Caananites/Shmananites, Israelites/Judahites, Abrahams/Shmabrahams, this or that: JUDEN! One day he will succeed in warming himself to my view that wholesale practical solution to the problem is needed, only by then you and I will not be around to see that magnificent moment. Him, too, I liked.

    Maxy, I visit sites like, Real Zionist News, I Am The Witness, Judeofascism, Veterans Today and Zion Crime Factory, and I post with my real name, too. On another note, being from Australia myself, I could always relate to our Aussie slang, like the sheilas, ha ha ha! Nice.
    See ya, and keep well, matey,

    With respect,
    Alan Merc

    In a lonely room lying,
    I stayed up and crying,
    Cruel are those who increased my pain,
    Crueller still the one I loved in vain.

    Who shall mourn me?
    Who shall remember me?
    Who shall bring the tender light?
    Who shall make my life again bright?

    So calm, so eloquent tried to be did I,
    To remove the clouds from the gorgeous clouded sky,
    But the dark ravens in the end did succeed,
    Mine tender little heart to hurt and make bleed.

    When we harshly part in silence and tears,
    Pale we grow in face and we increase the fears,
    Cold is our last kiss, and colder still our words,
    Whither we are going, no one, darling, knows.

    But this you must remember, O you whom we all love,
    You really are an angel, really are a dove,
    Your spirit did betray me, but my heart will soon forget,
    For to you I owed my time, to you I owed my debt…


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