The high cost of looking the other way

When government breaks its own laws,
why should anybody obey anything?

We expect public officials to tell the truth. When they don’t, there is no basis for either law or order. The U.S. government is supposed to prevent crime, but instead it facilitates crime. And not only that. It commits crime.

The attorney general sells guns to Mexican drug gangs.  His assistant fails to prosecute Wall Street execs and gets a $4 million payout. We live in an utterly lawless world. And you are the victim.

The crimes our government commits often include sending our soldiers into harm’s way, where they commit the most bloodcurdling crimes against humanity, and yet are celebrated as heroes when they return home. TV robots laud the courage of those with artificial limbs, like it is something to be desired.

What kind of demented psychopaths have we become when we applaud the ruthless murders of foreign leaders and ignore the thousands killed by what is now callously called collateral damage? Have we become so anesthetized to the violence it no longer has an impact on us?

And even as our required adulation of troops when they come home is mandatory, how much thought do we give to how many of them commit suicide after they remember what they have actually done. How many of our returning veterans actually figure out that what they were ordered to do was terribly wrong?

And what about the ultimate insult, the ultimate betrayal of love of country, when the government declares returning veterans to be the major threat to national security? What is the government admitting? That all veterans have a score to settle against the U.S. government for sending them to war for no good reason?

After all, ordinary Americans have not benefited a single penny for all these wars since 9/11. Only the rich people who sent Kissinger’s “dumb, stupid animals” to murder others in faraway countries have reaped the huge rewards.

Happy Veterans Day, you grunt suckers, if you’re still alive and not whacked out by PTSD, deluded by Dilaudids or ready to suck a gaspipe in some scummy tenement.

If you’re still semi-functioning, the time is ripe when you can become a cop on steroids somewhere, where you can continue to wreak collateral damage or live out your Iraq fantasies on the street of some suburb, and riddle a welfare mother with bullets as you flash back to your time in Fallujah.

We used to expect the cops to protect us. No more. Now we expect the cops to abuse us, if we’re not part of the monied elite who can buy their way out of any crime.

We expect lawyers to defend us, but they don’t. Instead they make deals with their opposition to see how much money they can make and split between them.

We expect judges to be impartial, but they’re not. The receive their decisions from high above their stations and manipulate cases to make sure they turn out right, always in favor of the rich people running the operation.

I’ve been saying this for ten years. Every cop in America is guilty of treason and perjury for not blowing the whistle on the numerous crimes of 9/11/2001. From condoning destruction of evidence to keeping quiet on Israeli suspects released without adequate interrogation, any cop who overlooked these obvious glitches on their own beats would be fired for incompetence or corruption by their own chiefs.

But virtually every single cop in America has kept their mouths shut and let the crimes continue (as we saw so pathetically in Sandy Hook, Connecticut).

And since that time, or perhaps long before that time, cops have looked the other way when the perps committing the crimes were either super rich or key cogs in the political power structure, when following either the truth or the law would mean the end of their careers, so it became tradition to let the big boys go and keep America corrupt.

Now the cops can legally steal your property without even charging you with a crime, and it will cost you thousands of dollars you probably don’t have to ever have a chance to get it back. This is not what I call a free country. Nor is it what I call a lawful country.

While we can easily say there are thousands of American politicians and government functionaries — right up to the level of presidents and members of Congress — who are easily guilty of treason, accessory to mass murder and obstruction, all deserving of major prison sentences if not execution over the issue of 9/11, perhaps the more relevant observation is to say there are millions of Americans who are guilty of these same crimes — treason, accessory to mass murder, and obstruction of justice — for not having the courage to stand up for what is right and telling the government and the politicians to go to hell, and have them arrested.

Because our failure to announce the guilt of our leaders has led to an incomprehensible number of subsequent crimes — the needless wars, the instances of torture, and the utter corruption of our government.

And today these lies are what we teach our children, and then we feign ignorance when they rise up, addled by antidepressants and antipsychotics, and kill their parents, their classmates and their teachers.

We wonder what is wrong when the obvious fact is staring us right in the face — that we are wrong! Everything about us is wrong.

There is a whole spate of TV commercials now trying to teach us to venerate our military personnel. None of these commercials ever mentions the crimes our military personnel have committed, nor the illegal orders they have blithely followed, resulting in the criminal murders of millions of innocent people worldwide.

The horrendous consequences of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons — the official promotion of inhuman torture on prisoners who were known by authorities to be innocent — are all swept under the rug by sadistic Jewish media, and we are taught to idolize our criminal “heroes” who have won their medals by raping innocent teenage girls and blowing families to bits from thousands of miles away.

Claiming to have followed legitimate orders does not absolve you of responsibility from committing illegal acts resulting in despicable crimes. The U.S. military has killed more than a million innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. Its mindless soldiers have tortured people whom their superiors clearly have known have been innocents.

The United States has been turned into a sewer of perversion by those who regard people and faceless numbers to be raped and murdered without a second thought.

The blowback nobody has ever thought about is that a military that behaves in this way creates a citizenry that behaves in this way, which is why we have the Knockout Game in which overgrown black children vent their frustration on innocent white people and white people thrive on demonic video games that trumpet slaughter for laughs as the game of the day.

Horrific Hollywood movies and barbaric video games trivialize murder in the minds of alienated teenagers in broken homes run by drug addicted parents, and still we wonder why that in most parts of the country it is simply not prudent to leave your house after dark.

The Jews in control of the world sit back and rub their hands with glee, and sing along with Netanyahu, “all this is very, very good for Israel”.

If the criminals don’t get you then the cops will, and fact of your being innocent of anything will not matter one bit if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, which today is virtually every single square inch of the putrefying American landscape, which was brought to you by the destabilizing machinations of the demented Jews combined with the senseless, self-centered greed of badly educated American morons.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

68 thoughts to “The high cost of looking the other way”

  1. everybody had to quote hafiz since kindergarten, ja?
    So, in the Libyan Khazarian fable it is told
    That once an eagle vulture, stricken with a dart,
    Said, when he saw the fashion of the shaft,
    “With our own feathers, not by others’ hand
    Are we now smitten.”

    as long as the titanic brain dead moron wallows around, fully weaponized, jews must cling on for the ride (“titanic” not chosen accidentally).
    they are chained to the printing pre$$, cranking out evermore absurdist amounts to cover the evergrowing naked butt, more and more obvious to the rest of the world.

    they cannot dump the dollar and run, as much as i think they’d like to.

    because look at who is left behind, their shabbos doberman colonels and generals and how are they going to maintain upper hand on killer cops and grunts and all those death squads roaming the umma crescent in blackhawks and apaches once there is no meaningful money to pay for their upkeep?
    they will have enough gas in the tank to flatten the jew, undo his dna strands forever.

    so stay on for the ride, kyx and search the protocols for the lost happy ending chapter.

    this is why they absolutely must have their war with russia and china and very soon.

    1. ——The Srewtop Thread——-

      SANTA says

      @ alicesfriend

      What’s going on up there? I was talking to screwtop. He was blabbering about beans and shit being spilled or something? He’s in a state! Asked LRH. Yes, he has heard of Brownhawk! Oh, and he’s thrilled about what your doing. asked if you knew wot perspicasiosd meant. Remember. Get’em on MSM FFS. Make sure no-one asks questions about why tellies free. Just no questions! Help out that ‘only willing subject’ stuff, too, its all over the telly FFS! Who’s running that outfit? you must have noticed hypno shows

      The main thing though… make sure they never find out that the single most greatest power that one human being has over another is to get their idea into the others head, most especially if that other does not know. Got it? Oh, careful with the canadian chicks, you know what they’re like.

      Um, saddam says hi… and when will you be in? I’ve got to put the brocolli on. thsnk you shorty street and southpark

      P.S. This new space lizard teleporter things fucked., they wont go for it.

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      @screwtop HERE, NOW!!!

      Oh sorry, wrong site. Got lost. Nice site tho… Oh, by the way, space lizards are real… and they believe in global warming too… its on the web, look. Thank you. Bye.

      1. Ravings of a madman…

        Uuuuum…mised out gil and sard and soory if forgot more…heres some more stuff alrerady done…honestly belive me i not miss out believe on purpose in shit news its just everything seems to layer and laye but end up with more stuff but i hve to just say in anyway i dont know wots going but whoknows…oh and hevent reda here for days so dont have i clue just tryin to sort some stuf tie some threads arrrrgggghhhh!!!!!


        The Attraction of Maxes Genetalia. Lets see then. 7 Times. 4 Written. And one here, now. Not as good as some of the commentators here. I’m no pro, I admit. And I see I have made more mistakes because I wasn’t reading others posts carefully enough. Max is too clever by far. I apologize to all.

        What a wonderful morning! Sun shining, birds singing… just had the best crap I’ve had for ages… Sometimes I just don’t notice how good a crap can be… That feeling of Freedom…

        …But wait! Wots that? Responsibilty? You bastard… So the cold, hard, dark mechanics of Satan beckon me… I enter the forbidden zone… Burger King. Wifi? Yeah. Okay, really this time. I enter the forbidden zone… WTF?!? “Adult/Mature Content”,”Political/Social Advocacy”.”Forbidden”. My replies!!! Anti-anti-semitism?

        At work, discussion poolitical. Cleaner to CEO. “Our ruler’s, I think, a Jew. Banker, too.” “You sound like Hitler.” True. Dedicated to Ruth. i leave tyhis in oh and i enjoyed your post lobre.. yes i am acleaner all true

        Anti-semitism is a definition of disrepute, right under Hitler, and right opposite Jew. Using your enemies words and definitions is folly. Its War!!! ffs!

        Satan owns confusion.

        This is the thing. Messenger. Method. Message. Must be treated separately.

        Rough rule of thumb. Value of message is inversely proportional to quantity and quality of personal attacks on author. Probably partly because of, what I believe, Max is perceiving. oh yes then i spose thid will be intresting then wont it

        Oh, just noticed, Christ could be the unique example of where messenger, method and message are the same thing. Ideas? honestly just made that up imean seen it in havent looked to hard yet but you know ..looks obv too start anyway

        @anyone. Play the ball, not the man. Can’t you see it leads to distractions? Ha. hahahahahahahahahahahah

        @lobro. I’m afraid your wit goes over my head sometimes! I am not as clever as you! Loved reading your posts, though. gd i dsoundlije aprat

        @SPQR. Fake post? mite have got idea here. Wots going on? How can I tell? Always thought Jim was a poet. I’m not qualified to say if he is. Remasters are very different. Uncut. ‘Got’ the blues to ‘Cars Hiss By My Window’ with Lucy (not monitor) one day. Unforgetable. Imagine? Yes, a bit sugary, but I remember falling for it. NWO Anthem! Hendrix? I am a guitarist FFS! I cannot not like him! Beach Boys? Only recently discovered full Pet Sounds album!!! I know! Trippy, percussive, always nice harmonies with those guys. Joplin? (Janis) Acquired taste, eventually. I like the honest passion. Same with Barrett, always liked Barrett. Seems honest. I’m probably really saying, “Bring back my youth!”, rather.

        @Gilbert. Thanks for that. Handy info.

        @Brownhawk. I really don’t get the idea of making something up, then looking for evidence. Seems upside down to me. Like what exactly is a space lizard? I AM a standing, speaking and thinking Being. Human. Nothing else on the planet like it. Flashest thing in the known universe. And you want a space lizard? I shall write space lizard one more time. Love it.

        @Max Bilney. Bastard. this is you fault!!! ha! hshaaahhaha

        @Pat. You are fairly sane. Definitely read Velikovsky, at least Earth in Upheaval

        @lobro. What about, “To be humane, one must be human.” True, yes? Do we really need the ‘e’? Human-ness IS so-called humane-ness. Word play. Constructs. Satanic. I’m surprised Max hasn’t had a go at ya. smit it hte words girly. but yuou from canada so i forgive!

        They want you to think you’re an animal. your not btw

        Ah yes, space lizard, love it. Interesting topic. Future Dinosaur. Thanks again, Brownhawk.

        But have I been distracted? I am here to preach Christ’s Gospel.

        “I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life”.

        Heil Hitler.

        oh ans some more

        if yor past imagination filled and you futire image filled dinousour realmontser . space udfo fute jetsions fulling up mind take up spac. its made up just ideas not real…

        oh and most important!!! revelationsardis.but igotta go for a bit therycoming…arrrgghhh. no aonly kidiing got that fron nercronimaicom thning, seeya.

        thanks for the poos

        oh yeah ojbvously some cosed there on porpose ask lober and as for poolitiacal stuff bout un nwo pootin et al etc tahx pat no waffles good i think the answers are in judgment stuff…ynow law etc oh i not looking at physical btw…you work that out you expertrs not me…oh and diont think i thinnk missing beleived act worked just didnit want onyone to think i wasnt playing fair


      2. okay, it appears im on a roll… yes we’re all super well adjusted here, like normal people… ee gad. we like to be different characters too. we have something to say if we do. some of us are here to preach. be honest. i will point out that there are three f**kups we our making that our enemy is using against us. 1. Dived and conquer, I believe its on page 1. (no i cant really remember, im being sarcastic, its my f**cked humour, but there is an actual book in case you didnt know) race, religion, nation, etc ie everything under global, which (no hang on. why the hell does everyone keep forgetting this one? arrgggg! ok) brings us to 2. a whole lot of global type stuff thats got to do with international government and law and judgment are approaching. no, havent got a clue. but religiousy type people will misinterpret scripture. they will believe in anti-christ. don’t, please. (sorry, i know its serious, its just me.) it will be painful for all of us. so thats misinterpretation of biblical scripture. lastly. 3. the way we look at the world now will become a superstition. this view allows for dinosaurs and ufos, past and future fantasy we think is real. its not. this is the hardest thing to believe. (veli readers note uniformitareianism in physics. not true either).

        why didn’t i say that in the first place?

        um, please DON’T BELIEVE ME!!! DONT! if you want you can try to find out. don’t you think i feel some some sort of responsibilty? wot if im wrong? wot if i make things worse? i have taken a risk. it was a sense of responsibilty that led me to post here. i dont know wot ive done, tho. im trying to help, but its for me too, thats why i said im on a journey turned into story with you all. thank you all, and specially the monitor and moderator and everyone behind the scenes who id like to make clear to everyone that i have no idea who any of you actually are execpt scag who i told to come here to look at my shit joke. he made one wot i dont think is funny as mine and im being hinest thought id get more laughr sorry to go on about it know i got warped sense of humor. hopefully will come back but i need get more cars on gran tourismo and stuff. try not to lose bookmark, dont matter, what matters is what happens after we are dead. what we are doing here, now, effects our future. it will be unsealed. and do i actually have to write gather threads? its embarrassing FFS.

        Are we asking for judgment? From Whom?

        for more information, visit your local library (no see im not actually being sarcastic there but it sounds like a good joke to me if i do but wot, oh, yes i was actually being sarcastic there but it is a good idea to visit your local library for lots of reasons, see why i get confused?) no no see it happened again. Get info from the library that was the point the sentence in the first place. only got that on reread. bye.

        oh, yeay, i am here to preach the gospel of christ, so the one about if anyine ays there he isa not believe them seems appropriate.

        The End.

      3. @AF

        Yeah, perspicacious; from the latin, perspicere – to see through, prompting the question, “THEN what is seen?”

        Sorry if I sent you scrambling for a dictionary with that one. I’m mindful of keeping the big words to a minimum, but I like to use ’em every so often if for no other reason than to avoid coming down with the dreaded disease of dumbanddumberitis 😉

        Words have become a passion the last few years

      4. Let us know when you’re ready for that gospel, AF. And don’t trouble yourself over space lizards. I see what I see. It’s evident to me so I’m not making anything up. Many people I know with indigenous ancestry see it too, no big deal to us.

        Now, making sense of it all is of course where THAT rub lies, now isn’t it? 😉

      5. Snnnnifffff!

        Doncha just love the smell of burning rubberized hair in the morning?

        I am one of Camus’ dancers, dancing my truth amidst the plague-ridden corpses of a false dream.

        The perspicacious one who sees through and out of his mind to see the happy meta-comedian who’s been there all along

        We are truly blessed…..and grateful

  2. NOT China!!
    China was brought into the cadre last year, November, 2013. S. Africa is there also.
    Russia will follow within a few years. And Brazil… and India…oh.. BRICS??? Yes. That’s the ticket.

    “In November 2013, FinCoNet was formalised as a new international
    organisation of financial consumer protection supervisory authorities.”

    World Bank, IMF, BIS, EU… etc. Same supporting cast…all there:

  3. The weak and stupid get fucked over. That’s the way it’s been in all of history. Americans are a bunch of oblivious peasants, so of course the country was ripe for plunder by the juden when they started washing up here in the late 19th Century.

    How many times does it need to be said? The Jews exploit a weakness in how Aryans’ minds are programmed, namely our openness to others. When you have one race of people whose entire existence is built on deception and manipulation (Jews) and another race of people who can’t think in terms of what benefits them (Aryans) then that’s a recipe for disaster for the latter.

    1. @ SPQR

      “The weak and stupid get fucked over. That’s the way it’s been in all of history. Americans are a bunch of oblivious peasants, so of course the country was ripe for plunder by the juden…”

      For a relatively young man, you are extremely well-informed and realistic. You are also, I note, very pessimistic and do not hold out much hope for ordinary Americans.

      Assuming your attitude is the correct one, shouldn’t you now proceed to the logical conclusion that the Jews DESERVE to succeed and be our masters, because of their superior intelligence, and that the goyim should accept their role as slaves because of their all-round inferiority?

      After all, SPQR, if you believe in the survival of the fittest, isn’t it only right that the Jews should be our Masters and we their slaves?

      This is a serious question which I address not only to you but to Lobro.

      1. I don’t have hope for anyone or anything, including myself. Hope is one of the most vile concepts known to man. You can hope for whatever you want, but life is only going to unfold in one way, regardless of what you hope for, Hope is pointless at best, destructive at worst, for it swells the emotions and prevents one from taking action.

        I don’t think the Jews deserve to be our masters because that’s a moral judgment. To say that someone “deserves” something because he/she has behaved in a good or bad way is a moral perspective, not a realistic one. I’m simply saying that there’s a reason why Jews are where they are: because they’re motivated and utterly ruthless, while we’re a bunch of pussified faggots who believe in stupid shit like “human rights” and “equality.”

        Nor do I think that we should accept our servitude. I’m saying that weak Whites will accept servitude, because they are weak, and strong Whites will not accept servitude, because they are strong. The same goes for all races and individuals. Degenerate races and individuals- that is, those who are biologically and spiritually depleted- will accept servitude because it’s easier. Healthy races and individuals will assume the role of master and fight for themselves.

        Survival of the fittest? It’s not about that. Look at the global population and you’d find that the unfit far outnumber the fit, the dumb outnumber the intelligent, the ugly outnumber the beautiful, and the degenerate outnumber the healthy. This problem is exacerbated by humanistic idiocy and White morons who feed worthless negro rape machines who are no smarter than retards so they can live on and breed more worthless negro rape machines who are no smarter than retards.

        In the end it’s about how far you are willing to go, how pure of heart you are, and how courageous you are. A solution to the Jewish problem that leaves out the eradication of the Jewish race is not a solution. The National Socialists found that out the hard way, and by then it was too late. The war was the lost and they stupidly had kept the Jews in the camps alive, only so they could then accuse those very National Socialists of trying to exterminate, using a few thousand bodies of starvation and disease victims as “evidence.”

        Hitler was of pure heart and courageous, but he wasn’t willing to go far enough. That’s a huge problem with Aryan in general. We always turn the other cheek when our enemies don’t. That’s why we’re here today, about to be annihilated. It’s not that we’re “to blame.” This is just what reality is. Aryans are weak, Jews are strong. There’s little more to it than that. If we’re going to beat them, we’re going to have to become every bit as ruthless and impervious to moralizing as the Jews are.

      2. @ SPQR

        Brilliant post, SPQR. Though I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say, this is one of the most thought-provoking comments I have read on this website. So much so that I seriously recommend to Admin that they make it the centerpiece of a mini-article.

      3. I second your motion, Sardonicus

        As I stated in my comment just a few minutes ago, SPQR is bringing everything to bear with thoughts in his last two posts

        Can we get a third, etc.?

        Lobro? Gil? Max?

      4. I disagree with the premise that hope is pointless.

        Hope is the seed of goal setting.

        Goal setting is needed even by the legions to be victorious.

        Plan the work and work the plan.

    2. Kevin MacDonald would have much to say on this question.

      Point 1: Jews have an average IQ of 110-115, whereas white Americans have an average IQ of 100. In any average situation therefore, Jews ought to get the better of white Americans.

      Point 2: Jews form only 2% of the population, so that the number of high IQ americans (over 130 IQ) outnumber high IQ Jews by a factor of 7 to 1. In other words, there are SEVEN times as many white super-intelligent Americans around as there are Jews of a similarly high IQ. At an Ivy League university containing 100 Jews of genius there OUGHT to be 700 white Americans of similar genius.

      Point 3: In actual fact, we learn, the average Ivy League university contains Jews and White Americans in roughly EQUAL proportions. This is manifestly unfair, MacDonald points out. Because of their numerical superiority, there ought to be SEVEN times as many white Americans as Jews in these universities.

      Point 4: Because of their networking skills, Jews are CHEATING and getting into Ivy League universities out of proportion to their numbers. Harvard has now become a little Jewish colony, with roughly one in 3-4 students and teachers being Jewish.

  4. A person can’t walk out their front door without committing a local or national crime.
    Government: “We’re from the government and we’re here to do you harm.
    Victim: “What do you mean do me harm”?
    An honest government answers: “We’re here to do you physical, mental and monetary harm.”
    Victim. “But what did I do?”
    Government: “You are breathing. Government policy is zero CO2 emissions in order to
    save the earth from global warming. You can not exhale CO2. If you say anything you will be arrested for exhaling. If you hold your breath and say nothing that is an admission of guilt and you will be arrested.”
    Victim: “May I call a lawyer…opps?”
    Later in the gulag inn of diverse delights with CO2 scruppers in the ceiling, the keeper of the keys says to victim: : “We have a lawyer for you”.
    Honest Lawyer: “You are obviously guilty. How much money have you in the bank?”
    Victim: “About 20 thousand”
    Lawyer: “That’s my basic retainer. Can you get more?”
    Victim: “I don’t Know.”
    Lawyer: “Do you own a home?”
    Victim: “Yes”
    Lawyer: “Here, sign this power of attorney for me.”
    Victim: “I don’t understand. All I did was walk out my front door while breathing.”
    Lawyer: “Makes no difference. We are all here do to you harm. Welcome to the United
    police states of America.”

  5. This is only the tip of the UPSA in action.

    Epileptic woman calls 9-1-1 for help, beaten when seizures mistaken for ‘resisting arrest’
    “I am not a criminal… The police just assumed I was on drugs and was psychotic.”

    Here a real honest attorney explains.

    Marc Victor examines the American police state at the Casey Research Conference
    “There’s nothing that’s off limits. They can watch, listen to, spy, search, seize virtually anything for virtually any reason.”

  6. SARDONICUS questions: “Shouldn’t you now proceed to the logical conclusion that the Jews DESERVE to succeed and be our masters, because of their superior intelligence, and that the goyim should accept their role as slaves because of their all-round inferiority?”
    Well, if I was a Man from Uranus, freshly arrived on this planet, I would assess all the facts and totally AGREE with the concept of Jews being the superior form of human life on this rather tiny planet.
    In effect, 1.96% (JEWS) of 6.73 billion people (planets pop.n) CONTROL the money system; most of television; the cinema; educational institutions; governments, porn, etc, etc. THESE FACTS cannot be disputed!
    And they have achieved this EVEN though the majority of them are rather ugly specimens of the human collective, possessing short statures, bent backs, wrap-aroun’ mouths and odd looking noses! And they lick dogs’ anuses and such!
    If “they were better looking”, as one writer mentions from time to time, they might be too diverted from establishing their natural superiority over the cattle-like GUYS!
    It follows that they have vastly SUPERIOR MINDS than those lesser human examples they call the GUYS or GOYIM. IT IS THE POWER OF THE MIND, my dears! 115 IQ compared to 99.5 points! Fortunately I am in the highest human percentile – over 170 IQ points! That is why I have so much fun exploiting my knowlege of your Jewish Masters’ world! That is why LIFE in the Goyim West is juz one big joke! Most of ya commets are so FUNNY!
    Have FUN! Ya Masters lerv it! They have created a super-sensory world! Anything goes!
    JEWS don’t worry about so-called history and the miniature status of pliebian-like past anecdotes. They don’t worry about bitchy Goyim sheilas! The Dead Kennedys have sung their song and gone! Jews don’t waste time on emotional remorse, etc. They get on with the job of RULING you all! This, by the way, can be plain hard work.
    I would conclude that for this 1.96% to achieve this END IN ITSELF , bespeaks OF A VASTLY SUPERIOR FORM OF HUMANITY! Maybe we should be thankin’ them, rather than pretending we hate ’em! After all you will watch THEIR TV tonite, use THEIR money and eat THEIR products. Your whole world view is defined by THEIR parameters; in the United States of Jewry more than anywhere else! Yeah, send ya sons off to fight for ’em! Eat more super dogs and fries! BUBBAS!

  7. Sardonicus! Yes, yes, yes! YES!!!!!:::::
    “Harvard has now become a little Jewish colony, with roughly one in 3-4 students and teachers being Jewish.”
    Here is the basis of sheer JEWISH POWER, staring you bubbas directly in the face!
    We need more facts like this; and not all these crappy old anecdotes, etc.
    No one will EVER be charged over the Kennedys, 9/11, etc. It is long PAST history! It is now relegated to conspiratorial conjecture! THE INTANGIBLE! The UNTOUCHABLE! The UNPROVABLE! Whistleblowers will be shot!
    The teacher/student ratio at Harvard is NOW!
    Your Jewish led Congress is NOW!
    Israel’s genocide is NOW!
    Janet Yellen’s COMMAND is NOW!
    Get with the NOW and start RESISTANCE, NOW!!!!
    (Altho yor collective bubba-generated brainpower does NOT hold you in good stead, and don’t your Jewish Masters know this precise FACT! Even I know about it, ye of the great dumbed-down, unwashed and hairy-underarmed masses!)

  8. Juz one more, to prove a point! Conspirators, action bubbas, or whatever you bubbas call ya-selves!
    I liked SPQR’s : “Americans are a bunch of oblivious peasants, so of course the country was ripe for plunder by the juden…” (Watch out Noor will point out that USA citizens are not peasants, or bubbas, etc!)
    Also his/her: “This is just what reality is. Aryans are weak, Jews are strong.”
    THIS IS REALITY, given the state of our planet, re; the POWER CONTINUUM, my dears/little lambs! Get out from under your sacrificial rocks! ACCEPT REALITY!
    Juz imagine a major false flag happening TOMORROW! Say, a large part of a suspiciously JEW-absent New York underground/subway is wracked with major explosions/ maybe even mini-nukes. 139, 000 commuters are dead. The site is sealed off, and as in the movie V For Vendetta (or 9/11; Sandy Hook) the DISINFORMATION and false trails are launched! The “media IS the message” (Marshall McLuhen) and that is the only “TRUTH” you are told! Then a few note their suspicions, but they are no more NOW than the 9/11 Truthers, etc. For the media brainwashed majority they are NUTTERS!
    THE JEWS WIN AGAIN, because they OWN you!
    Too clever for your small bubba minds to comprehend! Of course it is!

    1. @ Max Bilney

      You can be quite brilliant when you want, you old scoundrel! These reflections of yours are in a way as pessimistic as SPQR’s. In fact, I think you are far more defeatist than SPQR. Though SPQR’s assessment of our situation is a pretty grim one and rooted in reality, I don’t think he has quite “given up” the struggle. Though he does not set much store on hope, I don’t think he has yet reached the point of catatonic despair.

      You on the other hand, Mad Max, appear to express here an almost gloating delight in the subjugation and defeat of the goyim. I can almost hear you crowing, “Serve ’em right, the dumb bubbas! The goyim have got what’s coming to them for being such depraved and brutalized neanderthals! Good luck to the Jews! The Jews deserve to rule over us contemptible cattle because they’re smarter than us!”

      So this is what it all boils down to, it seems: the survival of the fittest. Winner takes all.

      Game, set, and match to the Jews.

      1. Pope Leo X (1513-1521) aka Giovanni de’ Medici:

        “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State”

  9. I agree that the hero worship and the groveling performed for our military is sick. The good news, however, is that it is fake and fragile. This is a prime example where one can enlighten the masses with relative ease if a grassroots campaign were to develop. Allow me to offer a case in point. It has to do with professional sports but I will mostly limit it to observations of Major League Baseball.

    The propaganda inherent in MLB is really over the top. Everything from wearing pink clothes and using pink bats and gloves on Mother’s Day, to wearing special caps on Memorial Day and over the 4th of July weekend. But all that is nothing compared to the everyday promotion of the military and by extension war itself.

    If you attend a game in person, the PA announcer will let it be known that we have a “hero” with us today and that everybody should stand and clap. I never stand and neither do my boys. The “hero” is introduced at least twice during the game. They have also taken this concept to a new level where servicemen become shadow players during the National Anthem. Yes, they actually stand next to the baseball players at every position.

    It is at the least a two-tiered strategy. Not only is it promoting and justifying the endless Wars [sic] on Terror, but it is very much a recruitment strategy. You’re not good enough to be a baseball hero and where a Cubs uniform? No sweat, you can be a hero in the military and get a uniform and you too may even be able to line up with the players one day! What makes it more nefarious is that the US Military is one of MLB’s most lucrative sponsors. At the end of the day all the fuss on the field and at the game is just part of the advertising campaign.

    How many “Be all the you can be” commercials are broadcast in these games? I can’t even count them. In addition, we are paying for these media buys through our Federal Income Taxes and the money allotted obviously comes out of the Defense Budget. Go the MLB’s website and you will see many more ads for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines plus you will see officers and NCOs in short little films, often made in Major League dugouts and on the field, where they promote the value of teamwork and leadership in the service, obviously tying the concept to what goes on in professional baseball.

    Each team also has one day dedicated to military families coming to the ballpark. And during the TV broadcast they interview wives, children, and yes even husbands of military personnel in various theaters of operation. They will even link them up via Skype so they can talk!

    Another troubling aspect of all this is that Major League Baseball has always been exempt, by a special privilege granted it long ago, from Anti-Trust Regulations. They have a monopoly. Back in the day when I still had cable, I saw all the games listed throughout the League. Unfortunately, I could only select the game that was in my market. In other words the team that owned my eyeballs based on my geographic location. Because I happened to be in their territory. For instance, the Chicago Cubs are legally known as the National League Ball Club of Chicago. You can even appeal to people as to how nonsensical it happens to be that in this highly technological world you are limited to which team you can support based on your location.

    OK, I understand this is not a very exotic post. In fact it is quite pedestrian. However, with what I have just mentioned you can start to nibble away at the mindset of these fanatics and maybe even get the scales to fall from their eyes. You may start by just telling a Cub fan he has a raw deal being limited to seeing them play on a a daily basis on their local TV stations. Ask them why we have to jump up and applaud every monkey that happens to be in a nice uniform. And why does MLB seem to promote all this war?

    In short I am offering a practical approach to meet people where they live and start the deprogramming process. We know that everyone who stands and applauds the military “heroes” is just doing it because the people around him are standing. Monkeys see, monkeys do. Point out to them that MLB is on the receiving end of lots of revenue trying to recruit your boys and girls into fighting the Wars [sic] on Terror.

    Putrid and liberal media outlets like the Huffington Post and Slate that just might run stories or commentary which brings up these kind of points. No, we would not mention the perfidious Jews here. But start chipping away at the war propaganda in professional sports, and you might just have a chance at converting all the Joe Six-Packs out there.

  10. Thomas Jefferson once stated that he thought the people would lose their republic because it would become so prosperous they’d forget the price (vigilance, etc.) required to keep it. They did. They have.

    It is only right and natural for a people to lose that which they haven’t fostered well – like a family loses their farm if they get too rich and LAZY from its bounty. It is only proper. It is only proper and natural that a poor steward is dispossessed from that which he was assigned to steward if he gets slack in his stewardship. I could go on. I hope you see my aim, here. We can blame it on Jews all we want – but, ultimately, the blame lies with OURSELVES.

  11. Despite all my purposeful offensiveness and ridicule of the cartoon Family Man bubba, in relation to this article from the great John Kaminski, I am reading some of the best comments ever on
    People are indicating a willingness to accept reality and do something about it. I hope this is the start of a great ground swell. John Kaminski, Lasha and SPQR have firmly set the ball rolling. SPQR: “This is just what reality is. Aryans are weak, Jews are strong. There’s little more to it than that. If we’re going to beat them, we’re going to have to become every bit as ruthless and impervious to moralizing as the Jews are.”
    The “moralizing” that the JEWISH hegemony have transfixed/hypnotised us guys/bubbas/peasants with is their Left wing Marxism! Everything changed from the late 1960’s when the LEFT of the Jews and the Left of our Goyim academia took over the minds of the American Family Guy/bubba! Retributional feminism was a product of this Left wing; so are the Greens. The new “moralizing” is the Political Correctness that is the hallmark of our eductional systems, academia and politics. You would be too scared to put on a simple “JEWS RULE!” T-shirt because of this vile schema of political correctness. Thus JEWS are the protected species – protected by THEIR laws and penalties. You are Winston, existing in O’Brien’s politically correct hell-hole of 1984. (Orwell) Canada is probably the most captured under the curse of the JEWISH trance!
    A writer above speaks of a genuine grass roots resistance emerging. Should not that now be happening? How much more can you/we take?
    Finally I will repeat SPQR’s prophetic words of absolute TRUTH: “Hitler was of pure heart and courageous, but he wasn’t willing to go far enough. That’s a huge problem with Aryan in general. We always turn the other cheek when our enemies don’t. That’s why we’re here today, about to be annihilated.” …. And annihilated we Goyim will be if we keep sitting on our hands and watching the JEWISH televiewer for our commands. ARYANS ARISE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

    1. ‘The writer above’ could stop patronizing the damn stadium games with his money, for starters, Max. I realized it a long time ago, when I read the ‘Iron Mountain Report’ and how it suggested the hyper-promotion of spectator sports in order to influence [a] society toward a desired, mass behavior. Even though I enjoyed playing football and baseball in high school, I would NOT get into the hysteria of NFL or pro-baseball enthusiasm to the point of it even NEARLY dictating the schedule of my Friday night or Sunday afternoon. I fact, I purposefully avoided it – still do. (I am not intimidated by the pseudo macho behavior of bubbas, because I can whip most of their asses, anyway. 🙂 )

      So, (white) men have to ‘man-up’ before they can hope to have any sway with their plight. Always bellyaching about how ‘the joos’ have screwed us will not UNscrew the situation. It’ll just reinforce it. JUST STOP PATRONIZING AND CONDONING THOSE THINGS YOU PERCEIVE AS HELPFUL TO THE ENEMY. It’s easier than mortal combat, for starters.

    2. No word of a lie, Max. We ARE a bunch of Winstons floundering in a PC hellhole.

      Hitler WAS a courageous pureheart who ultimately failed. His victory, and in a wouldacouldashoulda tandem with Stalin, as lobro and Circassian have been indicating, would have spread like wildfire and created, call it a blend of a Pax Romanus and true American Republic umbrella under which all the juden-free world’s cultures could live in peace. The simple quote from Christ of “giving unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” reflecting a simple practical reality of paying for its upkeep in basic gestures of materiality

      So you know you’re a Winston and you keep sayin’ “shit” cause you got a mouth full of it. But then there’s this little matter of great armies on the move because of this thing called the “mark of the beast”, and who would resist it.

      Sorry Pat, if you think this is just business as usual, then you’re lookin’ at one little ol’ sapling in a giant ancient forest.

      And at this point, old Tom Paine would probably agree.

      1. B-Hawk –

        This IS just business as usual.
        Same ‘business’ was given to the redskins in Maine and Massachusetts… and south..and westward.
        Paine is gone. He cannot guess with us anymore.

  12. Jews excel intellectually above whites in only one area – verbal skills. As I recall, Jews score a full point above the mean deviation in this category. Essentially Jews run their mouths better than anyone on the planet. This explains why they excel in politics, law and the media. This in turn serves as an explanation why the salaries of these professions are so far out of kilter with the rest of societies skilled professionals. But this stands to reason, Jews wrote the Bible, a book that was originally a collection of oral stories. Yet people still believe those oral fabrications as fervently as they believe the”eye-witness” lies about the Holocaust.

    Like the Holocaust, Einstein’s genius is largely accepted not because of factual evidence, but because we have been continually told he was one of the greatest minds that ever lived. See here:, here,, and here: Of course there is the other side as well: Like Obama’s birth certificate, theories abound – you decide. No matter the case, one fact is undeniable, like the Holocaust, constant media hammering about Einstein’s genius has been in the forefront for decades.

  13. In relation to Rich’s comment, JEWISH billionaires OWN most of your major gridiron and basketball teams!~ So expect them to be conduits for JEWISH-MARXIST political correctness and “the Jewish-American way.” The same billionaires, or their close associates, own just about everything else, including the FED and your contemptible politicians.
    It is NOT religion – as I keep saying “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” It is all about WHO controls your money and GOLD! The “fittest” in the survival race OWN the POWER bequeathed by money! TODAY everyone has a price and can be easily bought.
    We in the West dance along to the commands of our JEWISH puppeteers, with our children listening to Jewish produced, nigrah gangsta-rappa “songs”* (*jungle beats) about “Hey nigger… gonna fuck my bitch! … nigger youse a gettin it?” (actual words from 2 top 40 hits)
    So, don’t be offended by my wording, after all, they are heard on your video hits and your kids’ radios every minute of the day! Attack your radio stations instead of me! Protest outside the next Sarah Silverstein concert!
    THINK LATERALLY, my dears! Expand your horizons! Stop being a dumbed-down, overly sensitive bubba!

    1. @ Max

      forgot this cupala daze ago

      Amazingly enough, I’ve got five seven-week old kittens here, now. And I tell ya wot, not eating these little bastards. Shitty little buggers! Na, I actually love em’ ta bits. Saw them being born. Well, I was mid-wife FFS They’re always fighting and stuff, or sleeping, and I wish you could see ’em.

      (It has just been pointed out to me that by mid-wifing, I mean pacing up and down with congac and ciggies, thank you, alice.)

      I don’t want to be in the position Pat was talking about starving and stuff, but then there’s the ol’ being provided for better than the birds or sumink bit in the Bible.

      I’m not going to shout everything i say is true. But it is. …Another bit about not swearing an oath but just saying yes, …aaaaand,


      P.S. Someone said something about spare wives? (poke).

      P.P.S Our Fair Lady in the Diamond Sky seems pretty tolerent, eh?

      P.M.S. Sometimes I take certain liberties. No disrespect is ever intended. Humours my main device to get into peoples skulls, irrelevant of thickness. I appreciate your tolerance, girly word that it is.

      1. and how could i forget his, im not even a canadian chick, dated now

        The Attraction of Maxs Genetalia.

        The phenomenon of Maxs genetalia being so frequently and fragrantly displayed on this site contains so many increasing layers of irony it makes my head spin. It distracts us from the real issues. Like spreading righteous hatred around the world. Galatians, tried some hate, didn’t work. Some say Maxs genetalia attracts the wrong sort of crowd, or that clowns should not be tolerated. Ban the clown! They look scary! They are useful then? The presence of Maxs genetalia has allowed a valuable health tip to be shared. Ill-health is a major distraction to many people. Distraction from what? Ill health can increase family bonds. Also, Maxs genetalia may have distracted many from a load of shit. (okay, okay) It may only be 10 inches long, but its effects are immeasurable.

        Humour is a tried and trusted method for political advocacy. Unfortunately the only political satire anymore on TV is the News. From what I remember. Don’t watch it. My opinion. The most useful health tip of all DON’T WATCH TV!!! I rarely shout. Stick your infinitives.

        Maxs actual message??? Is it really that important? Probably, he gets so much shit.

      2. AF –

        “P.S. Someone said something about spare wives? (poke).”

        Translators 2000 years from now will deem you to be a botanist….expert in (poke).

        ‘Poke’ is a delicious edible plant. Sometimes referred to as pokeweed. The name comes from ‘pocan’ meaning blood.

        The common name ‘pokeweed’ originates from the Native American word for ‘blood’, referring to the red dye that can be made from the fruit (however, the color is difficult to fix). Some of the other common names, such as ‘inkberry’ and ‘inkweed’, refer to this use.

        Juice from pokeweed berries was once used to ‘improve’ the color of cheap red wine.

        Supporters of President James Polk wore pokeweed twigs instead of campaign buttons during the 1845 campaign.

  14. Since the Western culture (last year Joe Biden claimed it’s a Jewish gift to America) is full of myths, therefore, Western politicians should be excused for lying to public and to each other.

    The American Atheist group headed by Zionist Jew, David Silverman, traditionally, has been running anti-Christmas billboard campaign in December since 2010. In 2012, the group have put up a billboard in New York City’s Time Square that read, “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!“

    On the billboard, “merry” is accompanied by a picture of Santa, while “myth” sits below a picture of a Jesus statue.

    Just imagine the reactions of Pope Francis and John Hagee had such billboard had been posted by some organization headed by even a non-practicing Muslim.

  15. Now that’s my gal, Alice’s Friend! Who is this Alice sheila that is ya friend? She sounds like a sweety!
    On the one hand you play down my natural asset as an alpha male, by stating,”It may ONLY be 10 inches long” – ONLY 10 inches? And then you compliment me with “its effects are immeasurable” and “Maxs actual message??? Is it really that important? Probably, he gets so much shit.”
    I don’t wish my member to distract us “from the real issues. Like spreading righteous hatred around the world.”
    Instead, I do not want you to EVER think of my manhood and that henceforth you see me as a serious writer – not a sex object with a large appendage. I write poems for small children like: “The Jews are rampant, they’re after your fingers and toes, and all thru the night the gay litt’l demons are working where no Goyim knows!” The Fed’s printing presses work all night and the bills are never audited! FACT!
    My storylines are far meatier than Madonna’s kabalistically-oriented children’s books. She advocates being real close to your dogs! But she got Jewish publishers!
    From now on I want to be taken seriously, juz like a good ‘ol boy! I will never mention Sarah Silverman’s licking dogs or my many paramors and how they use me. I am going celibate for a time so that I can get into some serious RESISTANCE chatter. For eg, I have always said that the smartest of the Goys should use reverse Protocols’ “illogic” on the Jewish fiends. In my line of thought was the fella that advocated Jewish-designed AFFIRMATIVE ACTION policies to be implemented on the Jewish POWER-MEGALOMANIACS! (On VT I think!) Yeah, let’s give ’em a break (a well deserved rest) from running the FED, Congress and all the major financial houses. Let us advocate their concept of affirmative action/equal opportunity on them~! Their PC affirmative action speaks of proportional representation, as per the general popn. That means only ONE Jew in the Fed and about 65 white fellas, 8 nigrahs, 6 hispanics, 4 asians and 3 gay persons!~ Ditto for Congress! No dual citizens who are sending all trhe FED’s spare bills over to their real HOMELAND! Talk about the sheer irony of the Jewish-concocted “Homeland Security”!
    Maybe Michael Obama could be put on the FED to give transexuals a seat!
    Alice, sounds like ya house now has lots of pussy; what with those kittens! Don’t get frustrated.

  16. David Silverman and Sarah Silverman? Related? Wot about all the Cohens and Sterns? Related? Of course, my dears, all the head-honcho JEWS are related in their big family Mafia! (Okay, I lerv talkin’ like Fagan!)
    2 days ago DR Alan Greenspan said “gold is the only REAL currency” on this planet! PERFECTLY TRUE! Always has been! Dr Greenspan once said the ME wars are “all about the oil.”
    There has only been enuf gold so far discovered on this planet to three-quarter fill an Olympic-size swimming pool. FACT! And guess what my litt’l lambs? It has been estimated that 65% of the gold in this pool is in JEWISH hands! This is THE SOURCE OF POWER! “Gold doeth shine eternal like the great sun’s rays; giving its owner the POWER of LIFE and total POWER over the hapless, barbarian goyim.”
    My g-grandfathers were Ballarat gold miners and my matriarchal-lineage GGgfather – a wealthy mining magnate – grew infatuated with the chick from the USA (sang at a dance hall in Ballarat) called Lola Montez (of Calamity Jane fame) and courted her all the way up the coast to Sydney. He was a randy man, which I used to be – but not now! (A true story!)

    1. “….gold is the only REAL CURRENCY on this planet. PERFECTLY TRUE.”

      Whose “truth” you talkin’ bout kimosabe? Why, the jews of course. Only jew indoctrination would refer to gold as “real currency” – that’s THEIR reality that we take into our bosoms as THE religion in this world at present. What shall we call it? I know, “Mammomism” (gotta have an “ism” suffix doncha know)

      How bout instead we think in terms of “true currency” – as in getting used to the idea of a post-jew reality that would emulate, say, the ancient Macedonians who GAVE until it hurt. Talk about getting Christ, eh?

      Whose reality is it gonna be anyway?!

      Redefine “currency”
      Change perception

      1. B-Hawk –

        OK. Redefined…

        Freshwater and food are the ‘real’ currency.

        Folks dying from lack of food and water do not cry out for… “Gold!”

      2. B-Hawk –

        Gold and platinum ‘creation’ technology has been around for many decades. Countries with nuclear reactors can make their own.
        KITCO reports on a company which announced transmutation successes over 10 years ago.

        Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Creates Gold and Platinum
        Thursday March 06, 2014 13:03

        The transmutation from lead to gold has been mankind’s dream for millennia. Lattice Energy LLC, a company from Chicago, IL, claims to have developed a process for energy production, utilizing a low-energy nuclear reactor (LENR) that, as a byproduct of neutron captures on tungsten, will create a mix of precious metals.

        To learn more about the technology, Tech Metals Insider spoke with Lewis Larsen, president and CEO of Lattice.

  17. i just want to say that i got nothing to say but that won’t stop me from saying stuff, like the ameromorons that insist on dragging their asses in the passing lanes, i got my online rights and am not moving aside.

    i like rich’s post about how the sporting events and tv coverage are like giant electrodes aimed at gathering into a giant blob, ionizing, reheating, stirring, pattycaking and coagulating the pitiful boogers that pass for the remnants of the bubbas’ brains into the judaic cookie matzocutter mindforms – 10 million retards cannot be wrong, goes the singular thought while the f-16 formations spray heroically choreographed chemtrails over the stadiums as the herds of goy momentarily pause in grazing astroturf and look up.

    no amount of deprogramming will help reformat a misshapen zero into a nice round one, it is still a zero with a facelift.

    the effort should be aimed at the high school kids, protesting and resisting the mind management should be made cool, like “which newly discovered neural static generator did i successfully block today?”

    i actually think that at least in some situations, experimenting with mind altering substances may be beneficial towards loosening up and dislodging the mind shackles that jew has been erecting in children’s heads practically from birth, brain circumcision for the goy.

    in my final year of high school and the uni frosh (gave myself a Christmas gift by quitting, restarting several years later, much wiser) i did lots of quality acid and while i may not have picked any actually intelligent ideas, it did hypersensitized me to bullshit slagheaps that the civilization has been turned into, i grew extra olfactory buds so that in addition to salty, sour and sweet there are ones for detecting bullshit molecules.

    my previous obsession with sports scores evaporated with the first half a dozen acid drops, never to return, tv treated with disinterest alternating with heavy suspicions of deviancy.
    funnily, i can still recall a bunch of basketaball players from back then: earl (the pearl) monroe, chet walker, wilt the stilt chamberlain, bill russell, bill bradley (the senator), gus johnson and tons of others.
    how many do i know today? maybe one or two nba farmhands, not a single nfl player nor do i want to.

    remember how in ww2-for-jews flicks when testing for spies, the standard question was who “won the world series in 1938” or something?
    the army-pro sports hookup goes a long way back and traps young, testosterone soaked minds.
    later on as the testosterone gets bleached out, the programming remains to ensure that the iq 65 limit is never breached, especially en-mass.

    1. lobro –

      No matter what YOU say…. with a plethora of very fine syllables…
      ameromorons (yours) have 500 million guns and russomorons (mine) have 5..!!

    2. Tell me about it, lobro

      Twas a definite health benefit to weed out superfluous brain material.

      Why, one mushroom experience alone was sufficient for the weed-whacker job to be completed in me.

      Young people today of course got it tough when it comes to those experimentations. The need for proper mentoring is much greater.

      I’ve got an excerpt from my book that might be useful to whomever. This particular one has to do with the illusion of time – “….Successfully navigating the contouring synapses of the brain, with or without ingesting in anything in particular means you won’t be late, for a very important date…”

      In the spirit of “good to know, good to go”, after having one of these ‘breakthrough’ experiences, I’m at a point where I feel that sheer intuitive thinking will get you on your way in activating the pineal, and keeping it active.

  18. Last evening, and this morning – just a few minutes ago (it is 7:45am, here) – I switched-on TV long enough to hear Fox News broadcasting some huge disinformation about ‘the Navy Seal who shot bin Laden’. I have to wonder: Are there really so many Americans who still believe that nonsense – or are TPTB just testing the waters to find out how STUPID most Americans have become? Or, maybe, is it a strategy to try to gain some credibility for the current misAdministration (Obongo’s) because he presided over that ‘great feat’ (then murdered the Seal Team 6 to keep silence)??

    I know Americans have been largely dumbed-down – but I have to wonder if our people have become so overwhelmingly STUPID that there is no HOPE….

    1. Or maybe it’s just a reinforcement of the lie, hoping that if it is repeated oft enough, it becomes Truth in the minds of the sheeple…

    2. in case you were wondering, gilbert, i am the navy seal who shot bin laden.
      but i did not shoot the deputy

      (or, i have as much right to say that as anyone else)

      1. Haha, Lobro. Really, though, it’s hard to tell what was offered that sonofabitch for posing as ‘the one who shot bin Laden’. He might even be too stupid to understand that he is probably going to ‘disappear’ soon after the point is made – which (termination/disappearance) will be blamed on ‘Al Quaida’,, for consumption of the sheeple…

  19. In Australia we are undergoing a 2 year Royal Commission into trade union corruption, largely centred on the Austalian Labor Party and its huge complement of Fabian Socialists and Communists. Of course, JEWS are prominent in all this; and as retiring Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, said “the Zionist lobby controls Australian Foreign policy.”
    Ex Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (ex- secy of the Australian Communist Party, a Fabian Socialist and retributional feminist/extreme pro-Zionist) is up to her neck in the crimes and acted as the gangstas’ legal whore.
    Why cannot a major enquiry on the sheer POWER of the USA’s JEWISH HEGEMONY, be engaged in?
    The facts are more than obvious; and most people with half a brain realize the POWER of your 1.92% JEWS is out of all proportion to their slender numbers. Yet, you are totally beholden to them and you allow them to run your administration, treasury, the FED, your financial houses and entertainment/educational and information institutions. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION should be the aim; pointing out how inequitable it is that such a small % of your popn has such POWER! This is a VERY safe RESISTANCE option; as it utilises legislation created by the JEWS themselves! Do you understand this Protocols-like reversalism? Play their games back on them! Be smart Goyim! Survival of the fittest! BE FIT!
    This simple message could easily make sense to your masses, so used are they to affirmative action/equal opp regulations in their own work placesforces! The MESSAGE is simply: TOO MANY JEWS IN POWER! It’s UNFAIR!!!!!!!
    The only other alternative is to storm their barricades!

    1. The problem is, Max, that Jews get to be a religion OR a race – whichever is convenient for their purposes. If one cited ‘affirmative action’, they’d play the Minority Card. If one cited their religion, they’d play the Religious Discrimination Card. No one else enjoys that versatility. (For instance, if I were to designate myself ‘Native American’, it doesn’t work for ME)(I’m a white bloke! 🙂 )

      Coons n’ kikes n’ wetbacks have (jewmade) versatility. White man PAYS. (We’re going to stop that, though… Atlas will SHRUG.)

      1. Gilbert, you say that: “If one cited ‘affirmative action’, they’d play the Minority Card. If one cited their religion, they’d play the Religious Discrimination Card.” This is a reflection of HOPELESS determinism on your part! I will explain why:
        This is precisely where I keep saying the white Gentile HAS to be many degrees smarter and much more decisive – in this ongoing battle for the “survival of the fittest”.
        Okay, let the JEWS try to negate the imposition of Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity on, for eg, the upper-tier management of the Federal Reserve, by citing their so-called “Minority Card.” In effect, they are trying to win (which they presently do, given the hopeless state of our present resistance) by using their WINNING “illogic” of their diabolical DIALECTICS! … ie. They would argue that it is okay for them to be represented out of all proportion to their slender numbers, because we are a protected minority; and if you oppose us, you are discriminating against a minority; which is a crime!
        What I have just said is an example of the JEWS’ control of the language; and if you have any creative intelligence at all you can see that in arguing as you do Gilby, you are arguing in terms of their imposed schemata. Immediately, you have adopted a losers’ mentality!
        But let intelligent, committed Gentiles argue that one step further and insist that other minorities and even proportional majorities get an equal opportunity in the Fed as Jews! This could hardly be called
        “racist” or “anti-minority”, as in JEWSPEAK!
        Get my point! By PROTESTING loudly you would be doing only what is right and proper. ie. It is unfair to have a tiny minority possessing so much POWER! We want equal representation as a basic democratic right! Hence, the need to develop an EQUAL REPRESENTATION movement as an altruistic venture, serving the freedom and fairness of the American Republic. A LEGITIMATE, bullet-proof RESISTANCE!
        What I am saying is the kind of utter LOGIC I have stated before (which most of you are too brainwashed in Jewish paradigms to understand) ; and as in the past, I will stress my point with an analogy: Imagine if the 87 or so members of your Congress who are dual-citizen JEWS, were Russians, or any one group of: Mormons, Scientologists, Irishmen, or Hindus! You would be in up-roar! EG: Hindus running your FED would be obvious! Why not JEWS running your FED????????? Too many heads are in the sand!
        Imagine if the Russian mafia, or Italian Mafioso ran your FED like the mafioso of the JEWS currently run it! Imagine them running your major financial house with NO auditing facilities in position! INCREDIBLE!
        As far as Jews playing the “religious” card, most of them are non-religious; and significant sections of world Jewry, such as the True Torah Jews should be asked for their highly relevant and totally correct religious determinations on the worthiness of the majority, non religious Zionist Jews.
        AGAIN, I am trying to tell you all to think in a new manner, without the Jewish prejudices and paradigms that you have been taught!
        IT IS REALLY QUITE ALL SO SIMPLE! But remember, it is hard telling the Goyim brianwashed because they are brainwashed.
        What I have just written is reverse Protocolism/reverse Talmudism. DIFFERENT, aint it???????

      2. of course max is right, gilbert.
        look, we can and should insist on proportionalism in every damn aspect of control.
        for instance, i am a gentile, it so happens that by birth or few days after, i became a catholic.
        so, i insist on equal representation of gentile catholics everywhere, including the chair of holocaust studies in every damn university in the world, so that out of let’s say, 3,000 such departments of shoah, 1,200 chairs are gentile catholics and by further procedural refinement, 350 of those will be gentile catholic national socialists.
        and i will be one of them, fully qualified on all counts.

        the rest of you pick your specialties and go after them, no need to mention the K (J) word.

      3. @Max. & Lobro

        Of course, gentlemen, but it is a matter of STRATEGY and PATIENCE. Right now, as far as organization and entrenchment and PLAN go, the enemy has the upper hand. So, he must be given the the line, and we must be patient (like letting a hooked bass play deep and wear himself down). He took the bait, now he must exhaust. Fighting against (other predators like himself) will consume him. The strategy is born of our own past mistakes in our underestimation of the opponent – or even realizing he WAS an opponent. He has become strong. (Sun-Tzu said NEVER attack a superior force head-on)(which has been Jew strategy against US for centuries). We are talking in terms of the WORLD, not the USA or Europe or Russia. The world.

        The tables will turn. The best way to oppose a superior enemy is to deprive it of sustenance. It takes patience – and cunning. Remember, he cannot eat if we don’t

      4. While I appreciate Max’s thoughts, I have to wonder how much of it is just more jousting at windmills?

        Given your context, Gil, sustenance is provided by what we’re cookin’. So the obvious solution would be to stop cookin what we’re cookin. But time’s runnin out, making patience a luxury. Our cunningness therefore better get up to speed in how we might keep the food in the cupboards.

        Keep it rolling gentlemen. I feel as though we are convening in a cyber-constitutional convention (which I suppose is what we’ve been doing all along)

      5. B-Hawk –
        Cooking destroys nutrients needed for an active mind. To not cook is cheaper and free. More freedom. Less dependence.

      6. OK Pat

        Elaborate per my post responding to Gil’s post responding to lobro’s post responding to Max’s post that you responded to…….I just made myself dizzy

      7. Pretty simple.
        More freedom. Less dependence.
        Bypass Jew provided resources and currencies.
        Jews own all meat packing facilities. Boycott and strike a blow for nutrition.

      8. True enough, Pat

        While I can’t resist prognosticating, I WILL resist the dreaded chip – what it’s all boiling down to.

        And excuse me now while I go off to make myself a delicious raw salad 😉

  20. “All men are free peoples under Holy Spirit – and Satan is only and always the symbol of a god of the weaklings. Amen and amen!

    Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: God or Mammon. God is eternal, Mammon is last night’s squandered huckstering.

    Every last one of us (is) in this body to learn grace under pressure. If the pressure were lacking, so too would be (the) incentive. The prayer of every truly valiant person should be, Lord, make my future hard.”
    William Dudley Pelley, from his Soulcraft Teachings

  21. The Jewish orchestrated perversions of the TRUTH are first employed at the very top echelons of the POWER continuum. Thus a protected minority of 1.92% of your population hold POWER in directly inverse proportion to their slender numbers.
    Via the use of such brilliantly evil Talmudisms/Protocolisms (ie. A minority holding the powers of RULERSHIP in a “DEMOCRACY of the free and the brave”) they have fooled you all; and even transferred the same Talmudic “illogic” into the much lesser important areas of POWER. Thus in the state of Victoria, Australia, Jewish-designed “Women in Leadership”/”Affirmative Action for Women in the Victorian Teaching Service” programs soon saw the wholesale loss of males from the teaching saervice, such that the current teaching service is almost an all-female affair with over half the schools not having a male teacher. And using Protocols’ design they covered this grave crime against natural justice in brilliantly concocted PC language; such as “women have faced glass ceilings” and “male bias.” Thus they were able to destroy the careers of many male teachers, inc mine!
    My point? Again we have been drowned in the evil trickerey of the Jewish Protocols’ language. We have NOT been able to cope with the imposition of the Talmudic DIALECTIC, across the board. We Aryans/WASPS/whatever, JUST cannot get our stupid, dumbed-down heads around the meanings of the great Talmudic confidence trick. We are suckers and slaves to their televiewer control! Every TV programme uses the Talmudic DIALECTIC on you, which is the inversion of the truth! Your PBS Newshour, etc. are complete lies!
    Yes, you/we are frustrated Winstons living firmly in Orwell’s Big Brother world. THE JEWS ARE THE ENDLESS SOURCE OF YOUR BIG BROTHER RULERSHIP, and don’t you forget it!

  22. Wiil add: And what was Jesus’ purpose in travelling a long way to the Second Temple at Jerusalem? Why did he enter it with anger and frustration?
    Answer: Because he saw ALL that I, lobro, Lasha and John Kaminski SEE in the present hegemony of the very same JEWS – Jews still espousing their Talmudic “illogic” and perpetrating the same crimes against humanity.
    Nothing has changed one iota in 2,000 years, other than the JEWS have a much bigger stage in which to spread their evils. Hitler’s writing said exactly this!
    Question: What would Jesus do today?

  23. I agree with your article and have had the exact same thoughts and outrages. You are totally right. What is going on is wrong. But I will go a step further Mr. Kaminski and say it is a sin and absolutely, morally wrong.

    The conclusion I have come to is that Amerika has always been this way. We have benefited by hurting or abusing other people, and assumed it was our “Manifest Destiny” (godless rubbish), goodness, religion, and work ethic that made us great. This is hubris and extreme/ dangerous patriotism that blinds even those with the best intentions.
    Unsavory men have and still do use these “techniques” on the ignorant and the gullible.
    Now the heretics preach “American Exceptionalism” and every true patriot must believe this nonsense which is nothing more than a mind control technique just like “The Pledge of Allegiance” and the “Star Spangled Banner” ( It pains me as a Christian that most in the churches are blind to what is going on around them and even willingly participate).
    It is time that Amerikans face the facts: we have allowed evil men (e.g. Zionists, favored Corporations, televangelists, educators, government officials, Wall Street, the Media, etc.) to control us, to lie to us, to exploit us, and to hurt “the least of these”, and all for personal benefit and/or personal comfort. We are also responsible as well for turning a blind eye or even for participating in the criminal enterprise (e.g. military service). The only way to stop it is to stop it, and also to tell the truth ( thanks Lasha Darkmoon and others).
    It may be too late when you consider the numerous, obvious, and poorly “staged” events (e.g Sandy Hook, Aurora) are believed by valid by so many.

    SHORTEN SAIL BY George Bubb Dodington, Lord Melcombe (FIRST VERSE) “Love thy country… wish it well… not with too intense a care… ‘Tis enough that …when it fell..thou its ruin didst not share.”

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