Humanity fails the belief test — by John Kaminski

The Jews’ secret weapons for control of the world are Christianity and Islam

Why has our society failed? Because in general, it doesn’t tell the truth. Children are brought up understanding that there is a double standard, that people don’t say what they mean, and that the rules society insists it follows do not apply to everyone, particularly the very rich and powerful, who may break any law they like at any time because they essentially own the justice system.

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91 thoughts to “Humanity fails the belief test — by John Kaminski”

  1. if there were any true Christians they would be incredibly
    enthusiastic about putting SIX MILLION “JEWS” in
    the OVENS of TRUTH….first thing in the morning…

    the word Nation defined for “Israelites” {europeans} is not
    a MULTI-CULTURAL MOSHPIT – “JEW” worshiiping

    STOOOOPID will never change true…Zephaniah 3:9


  2. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura wrote, “The idea of an organized church in an intelligible form marks the close of a living spiritual movement. The great ecclesiastical establishments are the dikes and the dams to retain the current that cannot be held by any such contrivances. They, indeed, indicate a desire on the part of the masses to exploit a spiritual movement for their own purpose. They also unmistakably indicate the end of the absolute and unconventional guidance of the bona fide spiritual teacher.” (The Harmonist, January 1929)

    1. The truth of what Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura wrote is unmistakable in the history of most religious developments!

    2. But is the Hare Krishna movement itself not an organization? How can you spread a message and keep it intact over the generations without organization anyway?

      1. The Hare Krishna movement is for sure an organization and very cult-ish. I’ve met many in India. They are mostly crazy, but nice at least.

        “How can you spread a message and keep it intact over the generations without organization anyway?”

        Very difficult. Almost impossible. The original insight of the founder of a religion/movement almost always gets distorted very quickly.

        True religion or any ideology is a live, moving spirit. That’s what this quote is saying – that you can’t put something alive in a book and make a system out of it. It kills it, usually, and makes it a dogmatic system. What you can do is for the master to transmit that spirit to his disciples, and so on and so forth. This is what they do in old Zen traditions. They transmit their lineage from mind to mind, transmit the energy of what they represent/are talking about. We’re always transmitting something to one another. For example, if you watch/read Hitler or, say, George Lincoln Rockwell, they are transmitting to you some beautiful, fanatical ideas that can get into your system and change you.

        So to keep a good message in tact, you need for the followers to fully absorb the living message and you need for the jews to not meddle.

        1. “they are mostly crazy, but nice at least.”

          haha – crazy like a fox, eh hp? just not the jew fox that gets into the goyim henhouse!

          And speaking of crazy, some musings on possible works of intervention:

          “the anti-clockwise swastika symbolizes the restoration of fallen man, the return of super to natural.”

          Put another way:

          “Spiritual awakening isn’t being progressed TO. Rather, the places for its unfettered experience have been regressed FROM. Now, Life on this planet is in the end-time of an imposition that finds it in the contrariwise time-puzzle of preceding ‘BACK’. (Precession)

          In trying to make sense (i.e.; “sense” on a very abstract level) of “cycles of time” paradigms such as the Mayan long-count with their “precession of the equinoxes” (and who, btw, may not have known the entire portent of what they were seeing), I came up with a definition of equinoxes to go with the idea of what “precession” is. The goal being to integrate the two within a context of a time conspiracy.

          “The engineering in this nefarious arrangement used two ‘resistors’ called “equinoxes”, key components in the centrifugal dynamic of its system, where all mathematical science bowed before its formulaic supremacy, and all of Life was transfixed under its spell.”

          Perhaps this illustrates the purloining of Sat-Kona in a certain cosmological understanding. It’s interesting to note that when you remove the lines making up the 2-triangles of “above” and “below” that form the star, leaving only the 6-points and then connecting them, you have a circle.

          No beginning. No ending.
          No time. No money.
          No jews. No problem.

        2. I saw the possible need for clarification of my theory

          The “nefarious arrangement” pertains to the equinoxes, as they exist in the “centrifugal dynamic” – this dynamic being responsible for the transfixed state.
          “Precession” is the work of intervention. But would it be that entirely? Perhaps on some level of consciousness waiting to bloom, mankind is cooperating with the “interveners”.

      2. Maybe SBST is referring to organized churches in the forms of certain ecclesiastical establishments, implying as he later goes on to explain, a desire “to exploit a spiritual movement for their own purpose”.

        What is the nature of intent behind the purpose?

        Could hp find some elaboration in this “Harmonist” article, or elsewhere?

        1. BrownHawk

          As far as I have been able to tell, the Swastika was an old Pagan symbol used by the Northern Israelites for good luck. Its meaning was “eternity in motion.”

          When the northern tribes with many Judaites were conquered by the Assyrians between 945 and 921 BC, they were sent east and went as far as India. After flooding Europe through the Caucasian Mountains, these people came upon other Israelites pagans who had migrated there through Greece, Italy, from Sparta, Phoenicia, Medians, Scythians, Parthians etc, by way of the Khazar and Black Sea. Still others shipped themselves there settling in the English Isles, Spain, France and Scandinavia. Soon after these the arrival, the tribes would fight, mix and then separate into Pagan Kingdoms, still practicing forms of the paganism they adopted in the land that got them booted from that land. Later, all would be converted back to the prime creator/savior through belief and faith in Jesus Christ, forming the many Christian Nations that are in total decline today.

  3. it seems to me that the vitality of a living spiritual movement is inversely proportional to the influence of all external authority.

    thus, spiritual life should not only be endogenously generated but also match the spiritual needs, no point either denying or forcing the issue, otherwise you end up with unhealthy imbalance and consequences as with other requirements such as food, overeating and starving produces malnourishment either way.

  4. what is the downside to knowing the truth,
    as Jesus admonished…

    other than all religions hate truth because they were contrived by the
    TRUTH HATERS….who hate Jesus….!
    Joe Blow:
    You’re not going to hear it either, since they are NOT “Christian”….
    Perhaps, we should all stop calling them “Christian.”
    kenny :
    You’re right.
    Maybe we should always clarify the term with ‘alleged’ or ‘so called’ ….
    {where did falafel come from…?}

    curiously, there were never any so-called “Jews” in the old Testament.

    1. The term “Jew” is an 18th century invention. This is about the time the Sephardic and Ashkenaz of Judaism started lying, claiming they were of the tribes of Judah/Israel.

      The first Judaite was Judah, the 4th Son of Jacob. Later, after the Kingdom/Republic of Israel split, Judah was a term used for these southern Kingdom tribes (Judah, Levi, Benjamin) as the term Israel was reserved for the 10 northern tribes.

      These authentic Israelites/Judaites were relentlessly attack by the offspring of Esau. Esau was the eldest Son of Isaac who’s Dad was Abraham. Esau was to have both the dominion and fruitfulness blessings handed down from Adam to Noah to Shem to Abraham because he was the first born.

      Esau lost those blessings to his younger brother Jacob by way of the prime creator’s will. The first portion he sold to his brother because Esau had murdered Nimrod who’d had Adam’s cloths (animal skins) that denoted planetary ruling authority. The other portion was tricked out of his hands by Jacob’s mother ordered Jacob to fool Isaac. She didn’t want Esau to get the other blessings. Most believe it was because Esau married a Canaanite (who’re out of the race/bloodine to Messiah and had mixed with the fallen one’s).

      This is called the Controversy of Zion because Esau had a rightful claim to those blessings- he had a right to rule out of Zion (this is where Messiah is promised to rule from) and he believed that Jacob had stolen his blessings and ruling authority. Out of pity for Esau, Isaac gave him a “token blessing” that basically said that when he would break the yoke of his brother Jacob from off his neck, he would rule over his brother and all other races of the planet by way of murder, thievery and war. From this point out, at the very end of every earth age, Esau usurps Jacob creating massive tyranny that is always overthrown by Jacob (with the Lord’s help) to establish the next earth age.

      In the last earth age, before Christ’s first coming, Esayu would end up making certain nations comprised of vicious warriors who later became adept at murder, trading, stealing. When the Israelites from Jacob’s loins came out of Egypt, they were immediately attack by those of Esau because they didn’t want to see Israelites of Jacob going into Canaan and establishing their Kingdom.

      So around 125 BC, these people of Esau had a nation just to the south of Judea. It was called Edom or Idumea. The last ethnic King of Judah, the House of David was John Hycranus. He conquered Idumea and absorbed Esau-Edomites. Soon thereafter, Esau’s kindred called “those who resemble Judaites” took over the entire nation, controlling the priesthood, opening their borders, flooding it with minorities and foreign cultures genociding the authentic Judaites. They imposed the Talmud on authentic Judaites an abolished their Hebrew law (that is partly the basis for Common/Natural/Christian law). They erected their own “Kings” whom at the time of Jesus was Herod. He slaughtered authentic Judaite children in Bethlehem to try and stop the Messiah from being born because he knew he was destined to rule.

      Jesus the WHITE MAN opposed these impostors, establishing his new law (that is the basis for modern Common/Natural/Christian law). And as we all know he (Jesus) was eventually murdered by these people of Esau (now called Sephardics) but it was his murder that Jesus’ victory was established, entering into the inner realm of the earth, conquering Satan’s throne, defying death through his resurrection as he now awaits the time that the father will over throw the present “Jews” JWO, establishing his physical presences and planetary Kingdom on top of the present unlawful- fraud.

      So as you see, Esau “Jews” have usurped Jacob Israel/Judah again but WE are destined to take it back over. We are destined to rule from the true Zion thereby establishing the real New Earth Age where real law, peace and love will once again reign to the benefit of all nations and races of this earth.

  5. Charlie Guiliani is doing a brilliant and much needed job lately of completely crushing Christianity (and religion in general frankly).

    Its nothing more than jewish psychological warfare…… and it works obviously!!

    Charlie has a great style of cutting through the crap and getting to what the phrases in the bible are really saying. Its clear its not his interpretation but rather what the sentences are actually saying vs what we are being told to believe they say.

    The only mystery to this stuff is how anyone could fall for it.

    The one thing I will give the jews is they sure are dead on about the goyim being
    gullible and stupid.

    The combination of Charlie’s and John Kaminski’s work on religion is the one/two punch the topic really needs.

    People who adhere to religion these days are really revealing themselves to be among the most gullible fools on the planet.

    1. Charlie Jew-Lee-Ani is simply performing a new form of Sola Scriptura. He is obviously angry at himself for being some kind of Evangelical dope in his not too distant past. Of course he is going to make sense to people who don’t know anything. It is not exactly a hard task to cut and paste Scripture and make it look ridiculous in this cynical age.

      Of course there are going to be mysteries and paradoxes in Christianity. Perhaps John Kaminski and Charlie Giuliani ought to read a little Chesterton. I would advise to read The Everlasting Man, and then Heretics and Orthodoxy.

      It seems to me that the Church, and yes there is only One, managed to create Christendom and that it thrived for about 1500 years in which white Europeans had there own kingdoms and their own countries. They even warred with one another. Even to this day, when the Church is very weak due to 500 years of constant attack by Jew loving Prots aided by Jews, She still has almost 30 different Rites that are loyal to Rome. And these Rites are often ethnic in scope.

      Thanks to the Protestant Revolution, the entire thing began to become unhinged. Enter the Jew to take advantage of the disunity. Beginning with mocking of the Eucharist and all other things Catholic. It is the same story told over and over again. Now he wants to revive Germanic Paganism? Laugh out freakin’ loud!

      This article is complete tripe. Always easier to blame the Church, right, John? Right, Charlie? We have it going on in the Church as well. We have people who call themselves Traditional Catholics who follow people like Father Gruner and Malachi Martin who believe that our popes have not properly consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They blame the Church first as well. For them it is the last refuge of not having to name the Jew for any of our troubles.

      Timothy Fitzpatrick had a couple of good articles on Charlie Giuliani.

      Here is part one:

      Here is part two:

      Either way, the Unity of Christendom was always the Eucharist. It was attacked and thrown in the mud by Protestants who wanted to conquer indigenous peoples rather than convert them in the Colonial or Maritime Era. This led to White Europeans settling Masonic America and giving up their identity.

      We had a repeat situation when poor immigrant Catholics who lived in their ethnic neighborhoods in the big cities were moved to the suburbs at the same time that Vatican II came along with a new Mass. The original White Flight was out of a divided Europe into America. The job was finished, as of this time, when our Ethnic Catholic neighborhoods were destroyed. For more info on this read E. Michael Jones’ masterpiece The Slaughter of the Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing.

      The only solution is a strong Church. And yes, given that fact as true we do have quite a bit of work in front of us. When Jews are strong the Church is weak and vice versa.

      1. Charlie Jew-Lee-Ani?

        Really Rich?

        Just can’t handle that ultimate truth can you …. Christianity is a jew psychological warfare fraud.

        I do fully understand most of you just don’t have the strength to face the fact you have been had on such a fundamental level. It would be like discovering your parents really hate you or something similar.

        Try to be strong though, you can face it.

        1. Try to be strong though, you can face it.

          You have all the condescension of a Jew. I don’t think you can prove your manliness and courage just by thumping your chest and saying, “Hey, I’m an atheist! Ain’t I courageous? Fuck Christianity!”

          What proof do you have that “Christianity is a jew psychological warfare fraud”?

          None whatever.

          Guys like you don’t argue, nor are you amenable to logic. If Christianity were a bogus Jew-created religion, how would you explain the fact that Jesus is the most vilified man in the Talmud? Among the Jews, Jesus is hated mare than any other man in history — even more than Hitler.

          Why? Ever thought of that? No, you don’t think. You come here just to posture and advise others to start arming themselves and killing Jews indiscriminately.

          How many Jews have YOU killed so far, you who are so courageous in advocating the mass murder of Jews?

          To me, you sound more like an agent provocateur than anything else. You have only string to your violin and you play only one tune. Hey man, we gotta start killing Jews!

          Wow. What an original mind you have. Thanks for the tip. Okay, so I’m a pagan now and I wanna kill Jews! So tell me, what’s the next step? I go into a synagogue and start shooting, huh?

          You wanna join me in a killing spree?

  6. Kaminski

    Good article and lot’s of truth in it.

    The problem with modern Christianity is what you said but it is more than that. Here is a partial list of what Christians should consider because believe me, a true one will never abandon their belief in the prime creator/savior- Jesus Christ.

    1. True Christianity is not destroyed because one has sin. We seek the state of sinlessness which when found, perfection is achieved, and normally is accompanied by death shortly after, that bring eternal life and a return to our original Adamic bodies.
    2. Christians need to STOP believing anything they hear from their pastors/priests and STOP worshipping these fake “Jews”. They must confirm everything said to them and this can only be done if they go back to the original Greek Septuagint, NT and include the many books excluded by the early councils. If they do so, they will find, most every time, a completely different narrative then what is being propagated. They must get rid of their Masoretic fraud texts and the rest of those rewrites published over the centuries getting back to the authentic texts.
    3. Christians must realize that almost all of these Churches are Corporations and as such, under Natural/Common/Christian law are DEAD entities. They must understand that their body, itself is a church/temple and that THEY are Priests and Kings/Queens.
    4. Christians must realize that the Law is written in their DNA, hearts, minds and that this Universal Law has jurisdiction over the angels even and overrides the Judaic/Babylonian mercantile legal fiction codes global system.
    5. European white Christians must come to realize that they are of the authentic stock derived from the 12/13 tribes of Israel/Judah and that the so called “Jews”/Israelites” are impostors from Esau and Ashkenaz.
    6. Christians must realize that their nations at the four corners are the real Israel/Judah and that the ruling and fruitfulness mandates/authority were transfered to Ephraim and Manassah (sons of Joseph) from Levi and Judah when Christ came the first time.
    7. Christians must realize that “Judeo- Christianity” is APOSTASY.
    8. Christians must not fear death, almost wishing to be murdered as learn to love their suffering for truth which is where all learning and true rewards come from.
    9. Christians must prepare to defend their ethnic and national group from the enemies of all min kind and the prime creator/savior himself. They must embrace their racial brethren while recognizing in other racial groupings the same rights they exorcise. They must come to understand that there is no such thing as equality and that all individuals and ethnic groups have both superior and inferior qualities. They must realize that the only equality that can be found is within those who have inherent rights. They must recognize that all individuals and groups have a place to operate that was prepared for them to flourish within.
    10.Christians must prepare to refuse the global mark system (chip in hand or forehead).
    11. Christians must learn to operate under natural/common/Christian law, learn the difference between de facto and de jure, real and illusion, and deprogram themselves from the illusions they have swallowed
    12. Christians must prepare the for the main anti Christ’s coming, get ready to literally and metaphorically overcome it. They must prepare to be separated into their authentic Israelite tribal affiliations again to take over the JWO as it’s their RIGHT extended to them since the foundations of the universe.

    If they don’t, it wasn’t theirs anyhow.

    1. Parsons,

      You put it so well, and right (except you’re a little ambiguous about the Septuagent, for its ONLY version is the Old Testament, as far as I know). ??

      Thanks for pointing out the difference between ‘belief’ and ‘religion’. Those who cannot see that do not have it ‘written on their hearts and in their minds’ are a different breed of cattle, as you say…

      As for the preceding rant by Lonnie – he just illustrates the resultant confusion of the two. Most of us have gone through periods when we were furious with all the sects (RELIGIOUS world) of so-called ‘Christianity’. I still am, but for the very reasons you (Parsons) suggest. It has not shaken my ‘belief’ – or my admiration of the Bible – but driven me further to understand it. When I have to take up the rifle (the sword), I will do so with the writ of the Most High – not some ‘ism’ or to please some petty tyrant (and don’t think that’s idle talk, Lonnie – I am proficient with both, and more). King David is my favorite biblical hero.

      To everything there is a season. When you come to an understanding of duty and honor and who you are in His Plan, you will understand the profound and universal application of that statement.

      1. Huntley

        Thanks again for the kind words.

        Yes, the Septuagint is the Greek OT. Some claim it was originally translated from authentic Hebrew to Greek (where some northern tribes were at this time) just before the remainder of the Judaites in the land and their house of David went into Babylon (the other Davidic house traveling to the English Isles at this time). This was done around 600 BC so it could be reverse translated back when they returned 70 years later. The other Greek translation was completed around 250 BC; Greek being the dominant language in Palestine- only a few people speaking Aramaic. The reason why the NT was originally written in Greek is because probably 90% of authentic Israelites didn’t speak Hebrew or Aramaic then. Most were paganized living in Europe where Greek and later Latin where the universal language of our related kind. From what I understand, only the book of Hebrews was done in Aramaic and Greek and this was for the tiny remnant of authentic Judaites still in Palestine (Most all living in Galilee).

        Thanks for expounding Huntly. Glad to a true Christian here 🙂

        1. I don’t think you have it all correct here. The Gospel of St. Matthew was originally written in Hebrew and translated to the Latin by St. Jerome. This same Saint translated the entire Bible into Latin known as the Vulgate.

          I don’t think Greek was the dominant language in Palestine. It was Aramaic. Greek was the language of the scholars at the time and that is why the New Testament was written in Greek. No one was reading the Bible among the common people until Gutenberg made his movable type and Luther wanted to use this new handicap of the people, i.e. literacy, to provoke them into becoming their own Church and their own Pope.

          And no, that is not a typo. I believe literacy can certainly be an intellectual handicap as we see clearly that the first readers among the Northern Europeans managed to begin to destroy Christendom in short order. They certainly were able to immediately destroy Unity.

          Look, we can all agree on some of its content without debating heretical doctrines. “the first shall be last”, “a child shall be born of a virgin”, “to save your life you must give it up”, etc. As I said earlier, Scripture is full of paradox.

          But when you combine a) all levels of readers with b)no authority in how to interpret it, you are going to have trouble. Very easy to play word games and find so called inconsistencies due to linearity and attack the Church. Now this Sola Scriptura is used to take one into any place or level that flight or fancy will allow. The only impediment is one’s imagination.

          And even among the very intelligent readers of that era, or any era, the problem comes when man places himself at the center of the universe or he begins to judge whether God is being consistent. Peasants before they knew how to read text, were pretty darn good at reading Icons and stained glass windows. In this, modern man is illiterate.

          Scripture, Tradtion (with a large T) and the eternal Magesterium of the Church is the only way to begin to understand our Omnipotent and good God. And what the Protestants never did understand is that for the common man the most important thing of the three is Tradition and within that is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. And that is why the Canon of the Mass was always silent and why those in attendance never even needed to understand it. All they had to know is that God is present on that Altar and they were going to receive Him. It is very simple.

          Now of course all three are equal, but I am talking about what was most important in communicating the Faith to the common man. I was going to say the man in the pews, but those did not come around until after the Reformation.

        2. Rich,

          Spoken like a true Catholic. Look buddy “we” can disagree on everything but the truth remains and that is what will separate us if consensus on truth is not achieved. On one side, people will claim x, and on the other, z , but truth is christ and christ jesus is truth thus in the wash, when he comes to truth, that lies oppose it will be exposed for what it is. Anyone can verify that Greek was dominate then, and yes scholars used greek at that time just like American Universities use English today, even though there are many languages used in America as we go through this repeat of fake jews persecution of real Israelites/Judaites here, and in Judea some 2000 years ago.

          I am not putting things up for debate, although i encourage any to do so if they believe they have a more accurate truth. I am putting up what I know with the knowledge that I am not perfect and that I will invariably have some correction down the road, yet the main course of what I dispense, is easily defended as infallible truth from the authentic truth, from the source that is Christ Jesus, who will give permission for the destruction of the 3 Corporation city states which includes the Vatican City Corp.

  7. Gilbert,

    Don’t take what I said as idle talk either.

    “Believers” are really starting embarrass themselves at this point. I don’t care what version of the book you hold dear.

    1. Lonnie,

      Your tactics will always be the same as the fake Jews- slander, demonize, marginalize but NEVER prove the contention of your opposition wrong and that alone should tell you something about the quicksand you’re standing on.

      1. Just can’t handle the truth that you have been so had can you?

        Prove what? Its proven itself to be jew created a fraud !! Its getting boring to even discuss !

        It never ceases to amaze me how people can be seriously interested in truth, some even become jew wise and all the painful truth that comes with it but……. DON’T TOUCH MY JESUS !!!

        The people who adhere to this stuff are ones on very shaky ground.

        1. Jesus is a fraud?

          Jesus wasn’t even a “Jew”. There are over 25,000 copies found dated back to the first century from all over the ME that testify to his existence. Even the so called “Jews” admit he lived in their Talmud, how he opposed them and was murdered by them. Roman secular records record from 3 separate sources his physical appearance that shows without a doubt he was a WHITE MAN. This “non entity” turned the entire world on it’s head- upright again. Only a total fool, a complete buffoon, an historical illiterate would try and argue against his existence because if one takes these people’s arguments as legit and then applies the same criteria to other historical figures, George Washington, Caesar, Plato, Aristotle and any other significant figure wouldn’t have exist either.


  8. Hopefully this new shithead of a pope repels more Whites from the Christian religion. We don’t need any more flabby White faggot do-gooders going to Africa and giving food and medicine to naggers who will go on to breed future naggers who eventually find their way into Europe to rape, murder, and breed with White women.

    Christians were the biggest Jew-lovers in NS Germany. Catholics were largest demographic to vote against Hitler. That idiot traitor Stauffenberg was a staunch Christian. A Christian wrote that moronic “first they came for the Jews” poem. And these same Christians would have been tortured and murdered by Bolshevik Jews for fun in the USSR.

    Christianity is useless and Christians are fucking stupid.

    1. “Christianity is useless and Christians are fucking stupid.”

      Its the hard truth isn’t it SPQR.

      I used to believe in live and let live yet no longer do. PEOPLE BELIEVING IN THIS IS THE VERY REASON WE ARE IN THIS MESS.

      The jews are loving’ you guys !!!

      1. “Christianity, growing from Jewish roots and comprehensible only as a product of this soil, represents the reaction against that morality of breeding, of race, of privilege – it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence: Christianity – the revaluation of all Aryan values, the victory of Chandala values, the evangel preached to the poor and lowly, the collective rebellion of everything downtrodden, wretched, ill-constituted, underprivileged against the ‘race’ – undying Chandala revenge as the religion of love ”

      2. But that’s the thing. Live and let live doesn’t work. To live often means depriving someone or something else of life, similar to how a race must deprive other races of power in order to expand its own. Everything gained comes at a cost to someone or something else.

        The liberals/Christians/moralists/communists/egalitarians, etc. don’t understand this. They believe that all peoples can come together in harmony and, through what they call “reason,” can live in a unified world without struggle, where no one seeks to have power over anyone else. This is, as Nietzsche correctly called it, “the turning of mankind into cattle.”

        That dickhead John Lennon said it all in his insipid “Imagine” song. Imagine there’s no nations, no religions, nothing to kill or die for, etc. Wow, what a world that would be! Nothing to kill or die for? Then what the fuck is there to live for? The next dinner? The next paycheck? The next episode of Glee?

        But that’s what these people want: a world of cattle. That to them is “good.”

        1. Dead on SPQR. Agree with everything you said there.

          Like I said, I USED TO believe in live and let live. I too realized it doesn’t work.

        2. @ Lonnie
          @ SPQR

          So you don’t think much of Christianity and opine that everyone who believes in it is a cowardly fool. Bully for you! I guess you are intelligent enough to know that an opinion is not a fact.

          SPQR quotes Nietzsche in support of his argument that Christianity is a slave religion, a religion for chandalas or losers. I guess you are are intelligent enough to know that this was merely an opinion held by Nietzsche. Not a fact. And I guess you also know that Nietzsche went mad soon after he wrote the Antichrist in which he gave rein to his anti-Christian diatribes.

          I agree with Sardonicus that both of you guys are condescending fools who mistakes opinions for truth. I hold your opinion in contempt, as Sardonicus does. It is not fact-based. I think people like YOU are the problem. Not people like me and Sardonicus. You let the entire movement down. You actually weaken it by playing into the Jew’s hands, for there’s nothing the Jew likes more than Christ denial.

          That’s what Lonnie and SPQR are: Christ deniers. Exactly as the Jews would like them to be. Not as smart as they think they are, but dupes. Duped by the Jews into rejecting Christianity. The religion the Jews hate more than anything else, they hate it also, aligning themselves with the Jews.

          Jew-duped, deluded idiots!

          So Nietzsche is your prophet and standard bearer? Big deal! What about Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pascal? They were all devout Christians. Do you dare to patronize them and feel sorry for them? They have ten times your intellect and are certainly as brilliant as Nietzsche!

          Another thing. They had one thing Nietzsche didn’t have: sanity. They remained sane. Nietzsche went mad. SPQR conveniently forgets that he holds the same opinion as a man who lost his wits!

          By the way, I understand that Lasha Darkmoon and her cousin Montecristo are both passionately sincere Christians. It’s much to their credit that they should allow you Christ bashers to use this website to spout your puerile and half-baked anti-religious propaganda.

          Maybe it’s time you moved on to another website.

        3. @ Dr David Green: “That’s what Lonnie and SPQR are: Christ deniers. Exactly as the Jews would like them to be. Not as smart as they think they are, but dupes. Duped by the Jews into rejecting Christianity. The religion the Jews hate more than anything else, they hate it also, aligning themselves with the Jews. Jew-duped, deluded idiots!”

          That was well put. While appearing on the suface to be Jew haters, both Lonnie and SPRQ sound suspiciously like Jews themselves. Christ denial and Christ bashing would endear them to the Jews. They are saying exactly what Jews would like to hear.

          What’s the difference between these two guys and Sarah Silverman who said, “If I could kill Christ, I’d fucking do it again — in a second!”

          No difference.

          Both SPQR and Lonnie also preach Jew extermination. They remind me of those Jews who scrawl swastikas on walls and vandalize Jewish cemetries. They have the distinct air of agents provocateurs.

          I could be wrong about them and they could be genuine. If so, they are loose cannons. Not assets to the movement but liabilities.

          Anyone who promotes Christ denial plays into the hands of the Jews, given that the Jews are the biggest Christ deniers of all.

        4. Dr. Green —

          Nietzsche went mad most likely from a physical ailment of the brain, not from his philosophy. Of course no one really knows why he had his breakdown, and there are a lot of theories (syphilis, etc.) but I can’t think of any philosopher who went mad because of his beliefs.

          That being said, I don’t agree with everything Nietzsche said. Maybe around 65% of what he said I something I support. And BTW there were plenty of NS thinkers like Rosenberg who were also anti-Christian; I suppose they were Jew-dupes in your opinion as well?

          How does rejecting Christianity make me a jew dupe? You’re the ones who believe that a Jew was the savior of humanity!

        5. SPQR and Lonnie

          First, Hitler was a control opposition agent of the City of London Jews who’s role it was to “oppose” the Jewish controlled allies while facilitating the creation of the “Jewish state” of so called Israel. He was to make all the right moves at first and then make crucial “mistakes” to lead the German people to their own demise and what a GREAT job he did at that.

          Judeo-“Christianity” is a fraud and if you people had even the slightest clue of the original scriptures, of actual LAW you would understand that these scriptures and Jesus Christ himself testify against this Apostasy called “Judeo Christianity”.
          Judeo- “Christianity” is biggest oxymoron that can be imagined. It’s like saying “I’m a Satan-Jesus worshipper”.

          You’re mistake, where you’re being fooled by the “Jews” is that because you THINK authentic Christianity is represented by this massive oxymoron , this APOSTASY, that this means that Jesus Christ is invalidated. You conclude that the self evident fact that was and is Jesus Christ and his law, doesn’t exist. You somehow conclude that because there are these walking, talking oxymorons called Judeo-“Christians” that the LAW (Common/Natural/Christian) doesn’t directly oppose this planetary Jewish Babylonian Mercantile Legal fiction code system.

          So what do you do? You adopt the MAJORITY belief system of the “Jews” (95% of them) which is atheistic, human secularism based opn evolutionary theory that is supported by ZERO actual science.

          In short, you think you oppose the “Jews” when you’re really only their cannon fodder, doing their bidding, whether you know it or not.

        6. Tyron —

          You are ignorant effluvium. Hitler was many things, but to say he was controlled opposition is simple idiocy. The reason why Hitler supported Zionists early on is because they wanted the Jews out of Germany just as he did. Tactically he committed very few mistakes; he conquered all of Europe, North Africa, and almost took the USSR. At the end of the day Germany did not have the manpower to fight a two-front war, but given Stalin’s aggression and Molotov’s increasing demands, the invasion of the USSR was a necessary gamble.

          Me a secular humanist? Are you kidding me? Do you not read ANY of my posts here?

          Christianity was invented by the Jew Saul of Tarsus (you call him “Paul”) to poison the minds of the Romans. Whereas before Christianity the Romans valued good breeding, strength, beauty, and power, after Christianity they abandoned these virtues and became cuckolds whose primary concern in life was to be “morally good.” But since morality is hostile to the life-instinct (and the race-instinct!) what the Christian moral system always results in is decay and degenerating life.

          The West is where it is today because it adopted this virus called Christianity. Westerners went into Africa to convert naggers to Christianity so they could all be one with Christ. We did the same with the South American savages. Love your enemy, coddle the weak, turn the other cheek, etc. Can you not see that Christianity was the original liberalism? Can you not see that the Jews invented it to limit the ruthlessness and power of Whites?

          We not only need to jettison Christianity as a religion, we also need to jettison its humanistic values. Otherwise we’ll die.

        7. Hitler wasn’t a control opposition agent huh?

          Maybe you can “clarify” some things then.

          1. Why was Hitler in that Jew Mason’s house in Vienna in 1909 playing chess with Lenin, of all people?

          2. Why did he spend so much time just outside of the Tavistock Institute in England after WW1?

          3. Why did Hitler let some 350,000 English soldiers go at Dunkirk where had he not, had he simply captured them England would be been out of the war, leaving ONLY the Soviet Union to contend with? Are we to believe he couldn’t grasp military tactics 101?

          3. Why did Hitler screw Rommel every single chance he got where had he actually supported him, Rommel could have easily walked in and taken Palestine thereby dashing the “Jews” global, Zionist ambitions. This would have been the death blow to the Allies. Had Hitler not screwed Rommel continually, Palestine would have been in Germans hands allowing for the linking up with the Japs, splitting the world into two camps, opening up a southern flank into Russia to boot.

          Could Hitler been so stupid to not have understood the Protocols that he quoted all the time, where the Jews admit over and over that their plan was to rule the planet from there? Could Hitler have so incompetent or couldn’t he comprehend simply written admission?

          4. Why did Hitler relieve Rommel of command at the beaches of Operation Torch in West Africa where his replacement REFUSED to take the high ground, demoralizing the French no much they didn’t even resist the American landings? Did his replacement lack military tactics 101 knowledge too?

          5. Why did Hitler not capture Gibraltar that every military man knows is the key to bottleneck the Mediterranean which had it been done Allies’ ships wouldn’t have been able to enter.

          6. Why did Hitler not employ the French Navy, how could he lose it and not see that was the French Navy was the only navy on the planet in place to take on either the British or the Americans?

          7. Why was Hitler first move as Chancellor to send SS men to capture his birth records in Austria?

          8. Why didn’t Hitler employ the ME 262 which had a kill ratio of 500 to 1, instead ordering almost all of these Jets to be converted into bombers? Why did it take a literal revolt by German pilots to even employ the ME 262? Could Hitler have been so inept to not see that the ME 262 could have and would have completely destroyed the entire Allied combined Air forces, thus securing air superiority for the Germans?

          9. Why did Hitler not take the German Military Intelligence reports seriously saying that they knew that the Allied Invasion was going to come by way of Normandy because German Subs had just attacked the British and Americans practicing this invasion on the cliffs of England’s coast which was a replica of Normandy ?

          10. Why didn’t Hitler simply walk in and take Moscow when it was completely undefended? Why would he wait until the next summer where huge numbers of German soldiers would die because they lacked winter attire? Why wouldn’t he simply walk in and take Moscow instead of allowing the Russians fortify Moscow, allowing them to regroup and counterattack the following spring thus destroying the German Military on the eastern front.

          11. Why would Hitler send the first batch of Jews to Palestine in 38 instead of sending them to say, Madagascar?

          12, Why would Hitler loan money to the “Jews” he transfered to Palestine, building their early infrastructure for the JWO headquarters? Furthermore, why would Hitler round up the Jews only to allow them to fly the “Jewish States flag”, allowing them to be forced programmed with the Jewish Zionist ideology?

          I don’t know about you, but isn’t it funny that since Hitler didn’t mass murder the “Jews”, that they were all in place for another mass force transfer to Palestine after the war?

          As for me, I know military tactics and because I do I know that Hitler was either a control opposition agent of the “Jews” or the biggest military retard the world has ever known.

        8. SPQR

          Furthermore, Paul was NOT a “Jew”. He was a Benjaminite of the southern tribes of Israel called the Kingdom of Judah.

          Authentic Christianity did not make the white man weak. It made him both physical strong and moral. It is the basis for the white man ruling the entire planet from one nation or a combo of nations for the last 2000 years-until recently.

          The entire reason for the decline of the white man is “Jew” infiltration of Christendom. Sorry if I classified you as human secularist if you weren’t. How would you describe yourself? Pagan?

          Dr David Green

          WELL SAID SIR!

        9. @ SPQR

          Nietzsche went mad most likely from a physical ailment of the brain, not from his philosophy…. I can’t think of any philosopher who went mad because of his beliefs.

          Sounds good, but it lacks common sense. I’m simply saying that mad people tend to have mad beliefs and sane people sane beliefs. Is it so hard for you to imagine that when Nietzsche wrote the Antichrist he was already in an “unbalanced mental state”?

          Also Sprach Zarathustra is a masterpiece and I adore it. But be honest. It sounds “manic” in many places. N was clearly a neurotic or neurasthenic all his life.

          How does rejecting Christianity make me a jew dupe?

          Rejecting Christianity makes you a Jew dupe in the sense that Jews hate Christ and would like to persuade everyone else to reject Christ’s teachings — and YOU have succumbed to their mass hypnosis. You have bought their message. You have become their messenger boy.

          You’re the ones who believe that a Jew was the savior of humanity!

          This is so childish. First, there is no certainty that Christ WAS a Jew.

          Second, even if he was born a Jew — which I accept is a possibility — how am I duped by believing in Christ’s message if it is an authentic one? I am only duped if the the message is a false one. Which you are unable to prove.

          I don’t believe, as you seem to do, that every single word that comes out of the mouth of a Jew is a lie. Einstein, Niels Bohr, Robert Oppenheimer, Feinstein were all brilliant scientists (and Jews). Am I “duped” if I accept their physics?

          Third, if Christ is the Son of God — which you are incapable of disproving, since you have never been touched by the Christian God yourself like Pascal was who had a mystical experience — if, as I say, Christ really IS divine, don’t you think such a Man-God can transcend his human DNA?

          Give thought to these things, Doubting Thomas, and cease to be so offensively arrogant. I don’t knock your beliefs. I am tolerant of them. And so is Sardonicus. If we attack you, it is because you attack us first. We are quite happy for you to be a Christ denier. So why can’t you recipriocate and be mature enough to exercise tolerance for OUR beliefs?

          It’s not as if you could PROVE your opinion. You cannot. You are on shallow ground. Pascal’s faith was founded on PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. You have not been blessed with a similar experience. And Pascal was no nutcase. He invented the calculus and was a brilliant philosopher. I bet he could have beaten Nietzsche in any argument. As could have Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

          Not all Christians are the fools you take them for. Many of the most brilliant men in history have been Christians. Remember that.


        10. Tyron- a lot of those “mistakes’ by Hitler are only mistakes if you buy into the Jewish narrative that he was out to conquer the world and eradicate the Jews. He wasn’t. Hitler never wanted war with France or England, and he wasn’t interested in North Africa. His primary conflict was with the USSR. He was a German nationalist and what he most wanted was Germany being the economic and cultural center of Europe.

          I do agree that Hitler was not ruthless enough. Yes, he should have wiped out the British at Dunkirk, he should have exterminated the Jews, and he should have been more aggressive overall, but he wasn’t. Ironically he was too much of a humanist and egalitarian. He thought he could fight the war “honorably” against dishonorable and genocidal enemies. He was wrong; that was his main mistake.

          But that doesn’t make him a Jewish puppet, like you claim.

        11. Green- Jews reject a lot of things. Am I supposed to define myself by what they reject, or do I make my own decisions in terms of what I reject? By your logic you might as well be a Muslim, since Jews hate them too.

          Can I prove that Jesus wasn’t the son of God? Of course not. I also can’t prove that invisible elephants don’t live in Antarctica. You can’t prove that Jesus was the son of God, either. Is there any reason to believe that Jesus was the son of God?

          What makes the Christian message authentic to you? What do you mean by authentic?

          As for Jewish science, yes, I have my doubts about it. So did Tesla. And yes, it is extremely hard for me to believe anything a Jew says, but how can you blame me, when their entire culture is based on lying?

        12. Damn you legionnaire!

          Jesus wasn’t a “jew”! You get it with the apostrophes?

          Everything we associate with “jew” is the antithesis of Christ. Your mistake is in confusing “Christianity” with the true Christ. This has totally clouded your understanding.

          The “jews” hated Christ. This makes Christ the enemy of my enemy which makes him your friend. His warning to mankind went unheeded, he’s on your side and you call him a “jew”?

          What the hell is wrong with you?

        13. I have to agree with the legionnaire about Hitler in this regard.

          Without going point by point, and in conjunction with SPQR, I’ll simply say that military tactics are one thing, and the reality of the Intelligence game another altogether. As in BAD Intelligence being received. I’ve said in many posts that in my view Bormann was the control opposition agent, not Hitler. It was Bormann the Fuhrer shadow and complete confidant whose interception of Abwehr information and the misleading which followed that screwed up the whole war effort for the Germans. That and the Enigma code-breaker, which many people seem to forget about.

          When I was a kid my father had as a dinner guest a man who was high-up in the hierarchy of the Benchley Park code-breakers in England during the war. They broke virtually ALL the German codes and knew so much of what they were up to that a big part of the cat ‘n mouse game had to ensure that the Germans wouldn’t expect that their cover was blown at the very outset of the war.

          My father, who was in one of Patton’s Engineer battalions has some fascinating recollections of that dinner conversation. Not bad for a 91 year old man.

        14. Einstein’s physics was/is a hocus-pocus. And to add insult to injury, he was a plagiarist to boot of this theory of relativity witchcraft. This whole “jew science” is not to be trusted.

          The whole thing runs deep. Very deep indeed. “Their” cosmology is a deception. Exposing it, I believe will be a major feature of the Truth to be revealed in general. Truth that will contribute to characterizing a new Earth Age – when the “super” is back in the “natural”.

          And oh yeah, ask Henry Ford about who sidled up to Edison in besmirching Tesla, if you get my drift.

        15. SPQR

          I already said I don’t buy the Jewish narrative and that no one could make all those “mistakes” I listed unless they were a military tactics RETARD or intentionally making those “mistakes” to lose the war on purpose.

          On the western front Hitler didn’t capture the 350,000 English soldiers (no need to murder them) thus losing that front on purpose. There is absolutely NO excuse for this.

          On the North African southern front he screwed Rommel over and over so he couldn’t take Palestine. It was akin to a football game in the 4th quarter with 1 minute left to play being. The team is down by 4 points so the coach directs his star quarterback on 1st and goal at the 1 yard line to down the ball 4 times in a row to throw the game. What was the result? Germany lost on that front where again, there is NO excuse for this.

          On the eastern front all Hitler had to do was allow the German military to WALK INTO UNDEFENDED MOSCOW AND WIN the eastern front war. But nope, he refused to give this order that resulted in mass deaths of German soldiers by freezing over the winter so the Russians could regroup, defend Moscow and counter attack in the spring. Again, absolutely NO EXCUSE for this.

          Again, why did the German pilots have to literally revolt to be allowed to fly the ME 262 with a kill ratio of 500 to 1? Who on God’s green earth could be so stupid not to deploy the best fighter on the planet that can easily destroy the armada of allied prop driven planes that were bombing the snot out of your nation day and night? Mistakes? Bull! This was INTENTIONAL and this is why Hitler was almost assassinated by German nationals some 9 times. Who always provided Hitler with info on suspected assassination attempts against Hitler? British Intelligence is who!

          The things Hitler did wasn’t “mistakes”, these are the actions of a control opposition agent, much like Obama is toward America right now.

          Hitler intentionally threw an easily winnable WW2 on every single front and if these specific examples don’t prove it, then that person is either a military tactics and historical illiterate, or a Jew agent them self, playing their own version of a control opposition agent role on these boards.

        16. Tyron

          None of what you’re saying proves anything

          As SPQR said, and I’ll paraphrase, Hitler made mistakes regarding CERTAIN military tactics. But you underestimate how the depth of duplicity in the Intelligence arena can make “mistakes” look so egregious as to have you conclude that Hitler just HAD to have been a control opposition agent himself.

          But cognitive dissonance can be a bitch. ESPECIALLY when methods for incorporating it are crafted by the duplicitous masters of “British” Intelligence.

          Big difference between an agent and a dupe, and Hitler was the latter

        17. BrownHawk

          It proves to ANY rational non-bias mind that isn’t programmed by the “Jews” that Hitler was a control op agent or the MOST STUPID MILITARY MAN IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET. Take your pick…

          If you were quarterback for a football team and your Coach told you OVER AND OVER to throw the ball directly at the ground, he told you OVER AND OVER to intentionally fumble the ball, causing your team to lose EVERY SINGLE GAME YOU PLAYED- this wouldn’t “prove” that the coach wanted your team to lose those games? What in the hell are you people smoking for God’s sake?

          You people (those who worship Hitler) are either as STUPID as Hitler had to be, boneheaded dolts who don’t know the FIRST THING about military tactics or Jew agents yourself.

          NO ONE can be this stupid. I don’t buy it. Even a RETARD wouldn’t have done this crap. Even a zit-faced overweight teen with low esteem issues would have captured the British, supported Rommel, taken Palestine, walked into Moscow undefended, defended the high ground at Torch, deployed the most lethal jet in the history of mankind to win the war.

          Paleo Christian nations booted the jews some 109 times in 2000 years but when we get to the Pagan NS of Germany, all they succeeded in doing was to FACILITATE the creation of the Jews superstate while presiding over the utter destruction of the ONE PEOPLE in place to stop them- the Germans.

          I can’t “prove” grass is green to your likes either, but the FACT is, it is.

          Nuff said…

          Sorry, but there is no in-between

    2. Haha!
      As Srila Prabhupada honestly and humourously once said – ‘You brought them out of the jungle to live with you and now you’re afraid of them’ (haha!)

      Or very near thereabouts.

      1. Very sage observation, hp; but I understand the legionnaire’s frustration – although any ‘righteous indignation’ is morally prohibited by our own (we whites’) complicity in our own demise as a race. (Doesn’t mean I have to like it.)

        Each of us can only take care of the sphere over which we have dominion – which is mainly ourselves and our immediate environs. Without Faith and an earnest effort to please The Grand Designer, we lend ourselves out as useful idiots to base contrivance, and ultimately die frustrated. Killing is easy. Living can be far more difficult. 🙂

  9. SPQR is basically right. There’s simply no time for religion these days, not for it to solve the problem at least, or at least not the kind that asks people to forgive evil and makes them into total whimps! You never forgive evil! It’s your enemy number one and you crush it with no doubts. That doesn’t mean there’s no truth in religion though, and that it can’t come later on.

    SPQR, just like you fully believe in the idea of ruthlessly destroying the enemies of the world and advancing the White race, believe it or not, there are religious ideas that represent a higher truth. But that’s point Z and we’re at point A, a long way off from getting there.

    You all aren’t atheist are you? Please say you aren’t. They’re the absolute worst kind.

    1. No atheist here, LSPM. But I think a lot of you want your killing done for you by somebody else – or you have some Hollywood version of it hung in your minds.

      After the killing (unless you get to be a sniper, and can shoot and move), there needs to be a cleanup. That can get messy and dirty and disgusting unless you have an excavator or backhoe handy, with fuel and a place to bury bodies. They stink. They’re disease-fostering. They make you want to puke.

      If you’ve ever hunted much, you know the work begins just as soon as you pull the trigger or loosed the arrow. Etcetera, ad nauseum…

      Among others, for years I have kept a copy of The Man In The Golden Helmet hanging near my desk. It reminds me of a man who always had to do the dirty work. He doesn’t look one bit happy.

    2. “SPQR, just like you fully believe in the idea of ruthlessly destroying the enemies of the world and advancing the White race, believe it or not, there are religious ideas that represent a higher truth. ”

      What’s “higher” than supporting your own people?

      “You all aren’t atheist are you?”


  10. Ephesians 6:12
    King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  11. all this arguing back and forth about jesus versus the jews is boring, pointless and useless, if you ask me.
    even a two-dimensional object has 2 sides, doesn’t it.

    yes, christianity can work in jews favor.

    yes, christianity can be the most effective weapon against the jews (just about every pogrom, expulsion and purge was done in the name of jesus).
    fact is beyond argument that jews fear, loathe and hate jesus above everything on earth, so from this perspective alone, it should suffice to make me christian (“i am a christian because i hate jews”).

    as to theo-meta-physical arguments about bible miracles and angels jiving on a pin, i don’t have even 1 minute to spare.
    some say it is b/s, some swear by it.
    i say that neither side can prove itself to be right and the opposite one wrong, so let’s go back to the reason we are here in these threads.


    as a vegetarian, i must agree with gilbert: killing is easy, cleanup is disgusting and besides, what do we do after slaughter, go back to being civilized mozart listeners?
    or continue against anyone who gets on “our” nerves and as the pool of available victims shrinks, where do we get the new ones unless we prune this “our” group and isolate a few that are not really “ours”.

    “spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” was famously translated two-ways by a russian program into “vodka is good but the meat stinks”.

    let’s get real and deal with the real issue before the “jesus yes-no” thing drives me back to sleep.

    the easiest, most obvious solution is unfortunately the hardest: us.
    quit all truck and trade with bloodsucking, shapeshifting parasites and this alone constitutes a real holocaust, bacteriologically speaking, since they cannot live in open air and sunshine without host.
    maybe there are those who are addicted beyond measure to providing hosting services to jew, maybe eliminating them is the first step … quarantine yourself from them even if they are your closest family, sneer, spit, insult, try non-violent methods first.

    build a firewall.

    1. Lobro,

      What do you think about what John Kaminski is saying in this article, basically that the youth of today live for nothing and believe in nothing? I can attest to this. I’m in my mid-20s. The social programs of the jews/anti-christ have basically made a mockery out of what it means to be a man or a woman, and the kids of today live for nothing worth living for and their brains are shut off. We’ve been robbed straight up of anything sacred about being a person. The sad thing is most people seem to like it; they wallow in their egotism. If it weren’t for the occasional shining feminine angel I see or the beautiful little kids, then I wouldn’t be visiting these sites.

      Basically this shows two things to me. One, humans were never really that civilized or evolved to begin with. And two, this is a battle between good and evil, inside and outside of us. I’d go back to Brownhawk’s idea up there about that, on some level, we’ve subconsciously agreed to be enslaved; otherwise it could never have happened in the first place. We’ve given in to the lower self that is super lazy and that self which runs away from the responsibility that comes with freedom, and the jews have played that to the fullest.

      This brings me to what you said. The jewish problem: how can it be changed at all when they’ve so successfully destroyed the goodness on a mass scale and people have become corrupted caricatures of what a man or woman should be? I just don’t see people waking up and uniting. They’re so thoroughly asleep that I can’t see it happening.

      That brings me to another question, please anyone 🙂 Tyron Parsons said that there are plans to invade mainland America from the south. Maybe I missed it, but what is pointing to that and why would they do that? Some actual physical invasion or lack of food is the only thing that I see jolting people out of their comfy comas, so why would the jews do that and risk everything?

      1. P.S. I don’t mean to be too negative about my fellow Americans. They still have good intentions and are mostly kind. But as a whole, they’re walking children without brains and without strong self-respect, and will react arrogantly and emotionally violently if their worldview is challenged. Therefore, I don’t see a clear way for them to be affected without their survival being threatened.

      2. lspm: first as to tyrone’s suspicion.
        i don’t buy it, which doesn’t in itself mean anything or invalidate his suspicion.
        but i lived in mexico for 6-7 years and i know their character pretty well.
        an average mexican is not very patriotic, it is a confederacy of mutually distrusting tribes who all equally despise and loathe the white spaniard bossing over them.
        sure they dislike americans and why not?
        americans brought nothing but conquest, exploitation and misery to mexico.
        american tourist is one of the world’s ugliest, most ignorant, soulless and disgusting beasts, the famous complaint is when visiting a mexican beach resort that there are too many mexicans (cooks, cleaners, maids, guards, waiters …).
        what is there to like?

        but they wouldn’t bother invading and occupying usa even if they had a chance, maybe a bit of looting, sure but to join some expeditionary force – not happening, “no hay!”

        nobody wants to invade america, everybody just wishes america would stay the hell out of their country, that’s all.

        but of course, the jew has other plans, decrees otherwise, so we come (or return) to the main theme.

        1. Whether or not the Central American natives detest Americans doesn’t matter much. (I agree with you, btw; the mass of them just want a chance at living better.)
          What is at issue is the dissolution of borders; and don’t forget that COSCO operates the Panama Canal, now (Chinese Overseas Shipping Company), and is OWNED by the People’s Republican Army of China…

          That our borders/identies are being dissolved WITHIN as well as WITHOUT is likely of some diabolical (jewish/Bolshevik?) design. For a relatively young man, LSPM seems to be of higher quality and mindset than most of his contemporaries (whose dispositions he well-describes). Hopefully that quality and mindset are becoming more prevelant among our potential enemies, too. 🙂

          It’s like (rev cited) in Ephesians 6:12.

      3. they’ve so successfully destroyed the goodness on a mass scale and people have become corrupted caricatures

        the mass scale is composed of many smaller units, isn’t it?

        if the building is sagging, decaying, smelling bad and on verge of collapse, maybe time to look at the typical building material (meaterial 🙂 my typo just got corrected), the bricks, tiles and such.
        the missing rebar …

        i would tell people like yourself to stop feeling powerless by strengthening themselves internally and then start infecting others with your conviction, cure can spread through the same networks as the disease.

        and most importantly, you are doing something, not spinning wheels helplessly which contributes to defeatism and decay.

        this by the way, is the message of jesus but i don’t consider it my job to proselytize his message, only my own.
        he arrived at his first but i earned mine independently, tested and found to be true.
        truth cannot be instilled, you must dig out your own after shutting out the outside racket.

        and that’s the way, do it and you won’t feel any guilt due to inaction.

        1. Thank you, Lobro. It’s very good advice, and you too, Brownhawk, a very good reminder.

      4. I’ll simply concur with lobro and others in saying that we are in this mess because the message of Christ didn’t hold sway. And that you can’t instill Truth FOR anyone else, but only instill information whereby others may arrive at that lightbulb moment which will truly empower them.

        You can only “prove” it to yourself.

        And insofar as doing something about the problem, I’ll use this post to say that Lonnie and the legionnaire are simply being sore losers more than anything else.

        Christ hated “them”. Hitler hated “them” and gave them one helluva run for their money. So when are you two gonna stop moping around? Just what IS the nature of your participation?

        As lobro suggests, while “the jews have plans and decree otherwise”, it’s not far-fetched at all to see “spetsnaz” mercenaries funneling up through Mexico in coordination with like-minded fools who already have boots on American ground.

        Tyrone Parsons paints a picture of how the upcoming dozen or so years MAY play out, and which features various forms of physical combat around the World. So simultaneous to seeing how the “jews” may be rendered irrelevant that would, hope of all hopes, prevent another world war, the least you two can do is distinguish yourselves by telling us you belong to some organized militia outfits.

        Put YOUR money where YOUR mouths are.

        1. BrownHawk

          The American People, we the people, excluding a couple Constitutional Officers ARE the militia by definition.

          We are the most heavily armed and numerically large army on planet earth.

          When the SHTF, when the perfect storm hits (economic collapse, Jew controlled Gov in cahoots with foreign troops and a massive military invasion of America directed at genociding all whites/Christians, all at the same time) happens, there will be total confusion- total chaos.

          The cities will erupt in massive violence, most burning to the ground.The minorities will target whites/Christians for food, to steal from and to mass murder because they blame us for everything, including this perfect storm event.

          Because these minorities are incapable of self sufficiency and because most of their natures are purely destructive now, the cities will be inhabitable as whites flee to the Northern States and rural areas, to the mountains etc to survive.

          Here is where and when organization will come about. Why? Because if we don’t, we will ALL DIE.

          When we win this war against all odds, the focus of whites/Christians will be lethally focused on those who did this to us, hence, our survivors, our victors will make a planetary alliance with other survivors and victors in all white/European/Christian Nations. Then we will make coordinated moves to INVADE “Israel” and the “Jews” will have NO choice but to allow us in. Why?

          Because by this point the Chinese/Asian/Arab alliance will have made moves to take over “Israel” too and if they succeed, ALL the “Jews” will be dead whereas if they allow us in, they know only the criminals among them will be held to blame.

          At this point, the power of the 3 City States (Vatican-City of London- DC/US) will be transfered to “Israel” and we will act as ONE, lead by the Common Law Throne of England to take on the eastern threat which when fully and finally dealt with, will usher in a NEW EARTH AGE.

          There is a massive trick at the very end of all of this that all should be aware of. The first one who sits where he ought not (On the Ark of Covenant with Jacob’s stone as it’s footstool) claiming he is “God” is the Main Anti Christ. If you align with this person inhabited by Satan himself, any hope that you can be a part of the real new earth age will be lost.

    2. if we are honest we know it is impossible to change the jew-status quo.

      we had our chance but we failed and with all these sheeple it is over!

  12. everyone who is against christ is a jew, christ is spirit against the jew-flesh, against the
    jew-material, against the jew-money.

    1. Rev

      It ain’t over. We of Jacob/Israel-Judah (white/European Christians) are guaranteed to take over this JWO and not only physically, but completely upon the second coming of our Kin, Jesus Christ. This is foretold in both the Septuagint and also Revelation.

      Esau “Jews” cannot rule at the beginning through the body of the next earth age, because that is Jacob’s right.

  13. Tyron said:
    “We are the most heavily armed and numerically large army on planet earth.”

    Correct, but you have been completely mentally disarmed to actually use them.

    How many more reason do you need before you take the bastards out?

    No, you will sit and wait until its too late on your sofas drinking beer and watching football until it collapses and then kill each other with them….. and that just so happens to fall right into the hands of the jewish depopulation agenda.

    No courage mental courage what-so-ever to defend yourselves now from jewish aggression.

    1. Lonnie,

      I already laid out how it will go down. It takes BRAINS and COURAGE to wait for the all out genocide attack, the perfect storm, the military invasion, to make defensive moves, to be in the right and not act before hand, which is EXACTLY what the “Jews” want.

      1. Covert action is the key at the moment.

        We can no longer just sit back and wait.

        1. lonnie,

          Then do as the Jews want and be a real life Tim McVeigh.

          You think that will help? LOL

          One can ONLY act if they have the moral right- the moral high ground. The moral right requires that we have to act in self defense against a clear and present war, their genocidal plan.

          Yes, I know, one can argue “look at what they have already done etc”, but regardless, we cannot get the whites, mostly Christians to buck “Jew” power unless they know they are morally right to physically act.

          So again, because we are in this unfortunate situation it would not be wise in any way shape or form to physically act UNTIL and an all out physical genocide attack commences and this WILL happen with the perfect storm, the military invasion of America coupled with our economic collapse.

          The Corporation Governments in America are thoroughly corrupted and it can’t be fixed from the inside. America is FATED to have these events happen so when it does happen is when we will finally see white/European Christians awakening to who’s tricked them into this disastrous position.

          Only then will we see whites/European/Christians rise up. Why? Because they will no long be able to deny the self evident truth of their do or die predicament.

  14. lonnie

    I USED TO believe in live and let live

    meanwhile i believe in believe and let believe
    (whatever your beliefs are, including lack thereof).
    because an atheistic dogma is still a dogma, like a cowboy trying to get off the horse but with spurs caught in the stirrups and ending up dragged through the dirt instead of riding.

    watching jew’s reactions can be a valuable learning experience, being neurotic, paranoid cowards their radar is always scanning for danger and when they freak at something, time to pay attention.
    say what you will about christ but the fact that they have hated him above every single thing in the entire cosmos should be a flag for you – worth finding out what gets under their skin so much.
    since you like most of us here devote so much time to the problem of jews (and no amount is inordinately too much, in my opinion until the disease has been cured), then also study their ways.
    i never tire of directing people to ariel toaff’s blood passover (pascua di sangre), downloadable from internet … take a week or two to acquaint yourself with it, not only to discover that yes, jews are evil, because we are all perfectly aware of that but to realize how profound is their fear and hatred of christ – they are, all of them, every single jew, as anti-christ as you and i are anti-jew.

    “enemy of my enemy is my friend” is not a bad guiding principle here.

    another little thing i would highly recommend to everyone facilely writing off christ as just another product of rabbinical bullshit factory, just another jew pulling our leg …
    do yourself a favor and spend an hour with this video.

    no need to come out christian but it will make you think twice about him having been a jew.
    the historical christ is as white and aryan as they come, tall, strong, masculine, not a single jewish feature in him.
    he did not look like woody allen or henry kissinger, that’s for sure.

    1. No Lobro,

      People believing in whatever fairy tale “religion” they want vs the real truth is the very reason we are in this mess.

      Sorry, not buying it.

  15. @ SPQR

    What makes the Christian message authentic to you? What do you mean by authentic?

    Personal experience. As Pascal had. A mystical or supernatural experience that could be described as “miraculous”.

    In the Middle Ages, for example, no one had been to Cathay (China). Then Marco Polo went and wrote a book about it. Now if a guy like you had been alive at that time you would have been perfectly entitled not to believe in the existence of China. You could have quite rightly said, “How do I now this place China exists? I mean no one’s been there except this one guy called Marco Polo who claims to have been there. How do I know he isn’t lying?”

    You see, SPQR. You wouldn’t have had an “authentic” experience of China and so you’d be quite right to be skeptical about the reality of China. As you are skeptical about Christ right now.

    Marco Polo however has had an “authentic experience” of China. He has actually been there. So he’s right. And you are wrong. The only difference is you don’t know you are wrong, because you insist in believing (a) in the non-existence of China and (b) in Marco Polo being a liar.

    Now Pascal and thousands of others like him have been to the religious Cathay. They have experienced it at first hand. You haven’t. They have had mystical and supernatural experiences which leave them no longer in doubt. You lack these personal experiences and so you doubt.

    You are like a tone-deaf man who thinks music must be nonsense. Or like a man who has never been in love and so dismisses love as a fantasy.

  16. All this talk about Christ. Outside of the “”stories” in the New Testament there is not one solid irrefutable shred of proof he existed. There really isn’t.

    Guess thats why your called “believers”.


    1. @ Lonie

      You and SPQR have two things in common with the average Zionist troll: (a) a need to undermine Christianity by constant Christ bashing, so typically Talmudic; and (b) trying to con people into thinking you are genuine Jew haters by constantly preaching extermination of Jews, so typical of the Zionist troll agent provocateur.

      Dr David Green has said this before and I will say it again: even if you two guys are on our side, you are preaching stuff that most Jews love to hear.

      Yes, you are both, without knowing it, the useful idiots of the Jews. You are the Jews’ unpaid messenger boys.

      1. I fail to understand how a wholesale rejection of Christianity by Christians would suddenly enable Christians to deal adequately with Jews.

        There are millions of Christ haters in the world, guys just like you. So how come you guys have failed to sort the Jews out?

        I agree with Aldous Huxley that hostility to religion stems from the fact that religion is incompatible with sexual license in general and masturbation in particular.

        Dr E. Michael Jones also pointed this out in his book Libido Dominandi: that masturbation and the religious life are incompatible. You can’t do both, you have to choose one.

        Hostility to religion, especially in the young and hotblooded, springs subconsciously from the need to go on wanking.

        1. Sardonicus,

          Nice deflection from the actual point I made about there being no hard evidence…

          How come “we” have failed to deal with the jews?

          You have answered your own question ! Simple: NUMBERS. The fact that you believers live in fantasy land instead of reality. If your head was in full reality we would have the numbers and get the job done.

          So in real truth YOU’RE doing the work of the jews and don’t realize it. SPQR knows EXACTLY the point I’m making here.

          You couldn’t tell the deference between a real fighter against jews and a real jew troll if your life depended on it…….

          …… AND IT DOES.

    2. Lonnie

      What did I tell everyone here? If we apply Lonnie’s critters for belief in Jesus even being a real man 2000 years ago to practically all other historical figures, NONE of them existed either. So, using Lonnie’s logic, Caesar, Plato etc etc, never existed either.

      1. Using my logic?

        I’m using EVIDENCE and there is none for Christ.

        I guess this is the real reason children are taught Santa Claus, the

  17. ……. and since you asked the question of failure Sardonicus, Christians have had TWO THOUSAND YEARS to stop the jews. MASSIVE FAILURE. Look where we are now !

    Yeah yeah yeah, pull out several examples where the Christians have stood up. There will always be a few in ANY group who get it and stand. COLLECTIVELY Christianity has failed to stop the jews. I’m not going to debate the instances where a handful of Christians stood up because it distracts from the big picture. If the entirety of Christianity instead of a few of them stood up we would get this done !

    you said:
    “I fail to understand how a wholesale rejection of Christianity by Christians would suddenly enable Christians to deal adequately with Jews”

    THATS THE ENTIRE POINT !!!!! People like SPQR and myself KNOW you fail to see it. Thats the entire motive behind our our “Christian bashing” as you call it. Its not the wholesale rejection of Christianity !! Its the whole sale rejection of the fantasy of ALL religion !! Now the first thing your gonna do is point the atheist finger at me, and you couldn’t be more incorrect. I’m not going anywhere near that discussion because it distracts for the whole thing….. and thats the intention of the debate!

    At this stage in the game Christianity has one real purpose and thats to PROTECT THE JEWS. This is what you cannot see.

    We do not have to sort through the dogma (or have and came out the other side). We just cut through the crap and get right to the point. The intentionally confusing ideal of the so call “Christian ethic” , or “higher Christian ideal” or whatever you want to call it or believe it is…… is the very stumbling block thats makes you fail to understand.

    Anyone with their critical thinking intact is going to end up where we are, back to the basic understanding that we are being attacked by a ruthless gang who are sworn to kill us off and that has a self evident realization. Cut through the crap and thats when you finally see the real picture.

    Then and only then will you finally understand……… and this understanding has a 100% foundation built on REALITY and EVIDENCE.

    The quicksand cones not fall in our camp.

    1. Lonnie

      Again, you put forth a false description of white/Christians when you say “and handful have stood up over time”.

      That is historically untrue and quite frankly a bold face lie. White/Eurpean Christian nations have booted the Jews 109 times and THEY SUCCEEDED every single time. Did NS-Pagan Germans succeed? No, they were the ONLY one’s who didn’t succeed. The only success they can claim is facilitating the Jewish Zionist state’s creation while presiding over the utter destruction of the German people as a whole.

      Try again….

      1. Tyron,

        Clearly I meant they have failed to end this ONCE AND FOR ALL.

        109 times IS a handful compared to the massive list of jewish crimes against humanity.

        The Germans didn’t lose due to lack of Christian cohesion or belief.

        They lost due to not FULLY understanding their enemy and therefore doing what they should have done instead of what they are accused of.

        You try again..

        1. Lonnie,

          The NS pagans lost, FACT! The only thing they succeeded in was advancing the establishment of the Jewish Zionist headquarters in “Israel” while presiding over the destruction of the Germany people.

          Paleo Christianity 109 Pagan NS 0 fACT

      2. Sorry Tyron, your logic is weak here.

        All those previous 109 times the jews were booted out pales in comparison to the advent of Zionism per the stated aims of the protocols.

        It’s like being outdoors on a humid day and the inevitable mosquitoes are on to your scent. They swarm and attack you for your blood. You swat and kill some, brush away others, put some repellent on for as long as that works, but never ‘draining the whole swamp’ as Christ warned.

        But when the late 19th and 20th Century rolled around the ramifications for not having drained the swamp, for letting loose the jew devil, aggregated to a point that befell upon the NS an enormous task in defeating the Satanic legions for whom the end-game has exponentially ratcheted up.

        Now, ALL the denizens of the swamp – mosquitoes, horseflies, deerflies, alligators, deadly spiders, pirhanas, poisonous snakes, et al are swarming en masse.

        1. Tyron

          “NS Pagans”

          Give me YOUR definition of “pagan” within a context of National Socialism.

    2. the people sardonicus, lobro ecc are full of crap, and Lasha of course. They like to hear each other talk for the talk, knowing all too well there will never be a solution. For a solution you need power!! and the jew will never give it back.

      I think rev was right when he said that this is a jew-site, always talk but never in detail about solutions. The way agent provocateurs act, by way of deception, Ostrovsky.

      The fact that we don’t even know who this so called Lasha, is a big flag. We know Kaminski, we know Bollyn, we know Campbell, we know others but who is this Lasha?

      Things will never change as long as we are all writing comments anonymous.

  18. Brownhawk

    My logic is weak? Did or did not Paleo Christian Europeans BOOT the “Jews” 109 times?

    This is a YES or NO.

    Any answer besides a resounding YES shows you’re a control op agent on these boards.

    Next question.

    Was not the National Socialist a Pagan, Socialist Movement?

    This is a YES or No question and any answer besides a RESOUNDING Yes, proves you’re a control op agent on these boards.

    Score Board to Date:

    Paleo European/white Christian 109

    Pagan Europeans 0

    Can’t get this logic? LMAO

    End of Story

    1. Its mind blowing to me how Christians can make themselves believe anything.

      Oh right, Germany’s loss had nothing to do with simply being overwhelmed buy shear numbers and firepower… was because they weren’t Christian !! BLAH !!!!!!!

      Really glad you cleared that up for me.

      And you truly disgusting psychos have the nerve to point a finger at so called Muslim fanatics? When for the most part they have been just trying to protect themselves from YOU !

      As far as I’m concerned the bible belt can just fall into the ocean…. and if you keep going with this garbage thats essentially what is going to happen. Problem is your insanity will take us down with you otherwise I wouldn’t care. I’ve really had enough of you nut jobs. The world is a mess because of people like you. The jews are EASY, no problem figuring them out, but you Christians are a whole other problem.

      Not to mention the Pagan origins of Christianity….. not getting into that because I’ve learned once this retarded Christian BELIEF gets into someones brain this fictional character Christ himself could be standing right in front of you, tell you from his own mouth the entire thing is a con job and you would STILL BELIEVE in it !!

      Oh yes, its actually the Christians that have f***ed up this world under the control of the jews.

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